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calendar   Thursday - January 07, 2016

must go tippy toe when speaking of the unspeakable vermin invaders

Wherever they land, they bring problems.  And the folks who must confront and deal with them, must tread oh so carefully.
Notice the language used here.
“unpleasant situations”. You bet. 

Immigrants. Invaders. Trash with feet.

The story is a bit dated I confess.  It’s from late December but it still tells a tale.

Italy’s Museion Bozen-Bolzano Museum turns off free wifi for attracting migrants


A contemporary art museum in northern Italy has turned off its free wifi because the service was attracting too many migrants.

The Museion in Bolzano/Bozen, the provincial capital of the German-speaking region of South Tyrol, has faced criticism from intellectuals and left-wing politicians, while right-wingers have applauded its move.

“I stand by this decision, which I find legitimate,” Museion Director Letizia Ragaglia told dpa.

Migrants, who rely on social networks to get in touch with friends and family, started going to the museum in April and were initially welcomed, but “the situation got a bit out of hand” in December, with a series of “unpleasant situations,” Ragaglia said.

Mistaking the museum for a shelter, people started sleeping on the premises and using its toilets for their personal hygiene, the director said.

Ragaglia asked authorities to provide an alternative centre for migrants, or increase police presence at the site, but after such requests went unheeded, she said she was forced to take other actions.

She stressed that wifi services were suspended “temporarily” from December 23, to limit the chance that the reduced number of staff working during the holiday period will have to deal with more unpleasant situations.

From January 7 onwards, free wifi will be restricted to a specific area of the museum, or a password may be introduced, but “we will give it to anyone who asks, obviously,” Ragaglia said.

Bolzano/Bozen is a stopping point for migrants seeking to travel on to Austria and Germany via train.



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calendar   Wednesday - January 06, 2016

mayor says women should be ‘better prepared’ for such incidents. or what? cover up?

Most papers are on this story in one way or another.

It was just a simple matter of time.  Now we’ll wait and see where the real patriots are.
Don’t expect much though as already the weepy eyed, bed wetting bleeding hearts are showing themselves making excuses.

So far, unfortunately, no invaders have been deleted or even attacked by anyone.

One of the invader complaints heard was, that German girls out that night were dressed “inappropriately”.

Yeah ... another generation and they’ll all be covered up.


Teenage victim of Cologne ‘African and Arab’ sex mob reveals how she and her friends were surrounded by 30 men and groped as officials admit the city is a ‘no-go’ area for women

Michelle, a German 18-year-old, has described being groped by attackers
She is one of at least 90 women who were assaulted in Cologne last week
Attackers were described as looking like they were ‘Arab or North African’
Cologne town centre has been called a ‘no-go area’ by its own city council
Councillor Judith Wolter said it was no longer considered safe for women
Up to 300 protesters held demonstrations in the city centre last night

But the mayor says women should be ‘better prepared’ for such incidents

By Corey Charlton for MailOnline

An 18-year-old victim of the sex assaults in Cologne has described being surrounded by a group of 30 ‘angry’ men who groped her and her friends then stole their belongings as they fled.

The teenager, named only as Michelle, appeared on German TV to recount the harrowing ordeal she endured during the city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations last week.

Police say the wave of attacks - which has so far seen 90 women report being assaulted - were perpetrated by groups of ‘Arab or North African’ men in the city centre.

Michelle told N-TV: ‘There were 11 of us together at the time.

‘At around 11pm we were at the main train station and wanted to travel on to see the fireworks, and that was when we first noticed all these men standing around.

‘We managed to go into the cathedral and wanted to go past the Museum Ludwig to join everyone and watch the fireworks by the river, but suddenly we were surrounded by a group of between 20 and 30 men.’

Sensing danger, she and her friends then grabbed each other and started holding hands.

‘They were full of anger, and we had to make sure that none of us were pulled away by them. They were groping us and we were trying to get away as quickly as possible.’

As they fled and were groped, the men also took the opportunity to rob objects from their pockets, stealing mobile telephones as the teenage girls fled.

Later as they attempted to go home, they noticed how more men were shooting rockets and other fireworks at each other near the train station.

But the mayor says women should be ‘better prepared’ for such incidents

Plagued by months of petty crimes prior to the sexual assaults.

The city’s council has now admitted the town centre is a ‘no go area’ for women after a councillor claimed it had been plagued by months of petty crimes prior to the sexual assaults.

But the mayor says women should be ‘better prepared’ for such incidents

witnesses who have since come forward said, as they were molested by the gang the men were laughing and pulling their hair, and there were shouts of “ficki, ficki” (fucky fucky) hurled at them as they were called “sluts”.

the mayor says women should be ‘better prepared’ for such incidents

A press conference hosted by Cologne’s chief of police Wolfgang Albers this afternoon confirmed the attacks had been perpetrated by migrants, all of whom were found to be carrying official immigration paperwork by police officers at the time. Mr. Albers said “the crimes have been committed by a group of people who mostly come from from the North African and Arab countries”, and that he found the situation “intolerable”.

the mayor says women should be ‘better prepared’ for such incidents

In addition to the sex attacks, there were several brawls between migrant gangs at the railway station, and large numbers of fireworks were fired into the crowds and at the hapless police. A witness said: “There were thousands of men. Simply firing into the crowd, and as my girlfriend and I wanted to get us to safety, but they blocked our way. We were so scared! We fled from the station”.

source 1

liveleak 2

But the mayor says women should be ‘better prepared’ for such incidents


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calendar   Saturday - November 21, 2015

Terror group tells British-based fanatics to stay hidden in the UK and wait.

ISIS’s chilling new tactic: Terror group tells British-based fanatics to stay hidden in the UK and wait until they get a signal to attack

UK jihadis are being ordered by Islamic State to forget travelling to Syria

Instead, they are being told to stay in Britain and wait for signal to attack

Orders were sent over the past few days on encrypted messaging sites

Security sources confirmed they are seeing shift in terror group’s tactics

By Lucy Osborne and James Slack for the Daily Mail

British jihadis are being ordered by Islamic State to forget travelling to Syria, remain in the UK and wait for a signal to attack.

Days before the Paris massacre, UK-based jihadis were being told of plans for imminent attacks in both France and Britain, messages seen by the Mail Investigations Unit suggest.

They are being advised not to risk travelling to Syria but to stay hidden in Britain until ISIS commanders give ‘the signal’ to strike.

The orders, sent over the past few days on encrypted messaging sites, are almost impossible to verify. But security sources confirmed they are seeing a shift in ISIS tactics.

The warnings will add to growing fears of attacks in the UK following the Paris massacre eight days ago in which 130 people were killed.

The Mail Investigations Unit has been shown messages sent to a radicalised individual in the UK over the past two weeks encouraging would-be fighters to launch terror attacks in Britain.


The UK-based extremists are being asked what weapons they have and how much ammunition.

They are told to stay in contact with ISIS online, and wait for further instructions on where and when to launch attacks.

They are also being advised on how to avoid detection by security services and how to recruit other young people. 

And they are being told to take care to target only ‘kuffars’ – unbelievers – and not to kill Muslims in any attack.

This could be a sign that ISIS leadership is concerned about its image following the Paris massacre, in which a number of Muslims were killed including the mother of a young girl.

The messages will also raise renewed concerns over the use of encrypted messaging services by terrorists – which are making it increasingly difficult for the authorities to monitor ISIS communications.

And of course from the beginning, the press and others just had to let the information go public, again and again, of how our side was keeping track. And then Snowden, that rat bastard traitor leaked tons of info that has been of great help so we read, to the other side.  And I do believe that.


This year, at least 700 people have travelled from Britain to Syria to fight for ISIS.

This figure includes many young women, and even entire families.

In June, Bradford sisters Khadija, Sugra and Zohra Dawood travelled to the war-torn country with their nine children in an apparent bid to join the terror group.


And last December, Sharmeena Begum became one of the youngest British teenagers to join ISIS when she fled from her home in East London and travelled to Syria aged 15. 

Three months later, three of her closest school friends – Amira Abase, 16, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and Shamima Begum, 15 – also boarded flights to Syria, triggering an international search to rescue them. The girls are believed to have married ISIS fighters.

Neither they, nor Sharmeena, have been heard from since.


One of the most high-profile British women to have joined the terror group is Sally Jones, who abandoned her family in Chatham, Kent, to live with her ISIS toyboy in Raqqa.

It recently emerged that Jones, now dubbed ‘Mrs Terror’ and the ‘White Widow’, has been put on a government list of the most dangerous British recruiters for Islamic State.

And last month, Portsmouth brothers Tuhin Shahensha, 27, and Mustakim Jaman, 22, were jailed for six years each after helping people travel to Syria to join the group.

The siblings did not make the journey themselves in case they upset their mother.

Around half of those who have traveled from the UK to Syria to join ISIS are believed to have since returned to this country.



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Belgium on terror lockdown

It isn’t over yet.

And according to what we’ve been told, won’t be in this generation.

Damn.  I was in high hopes after Paris, I’d still be around for the end game.

Belgium on terror lockdown: Brussels metro closed and people warned to avoid public areas after ‘serious and imminent threat’ alert over Paris-style ISIS attack

Brussels’ metro network has been shut following security lockdown after terror threat level is raised in Belgium
People have been warned to avoid public gatherings in Brussels after warning of ‘imminent threat’
Decision based on ‘precise information’ of Paris style attack, according to Belgium Prime Minister
Belgian national arrested in Turkey under suspicion of scouting the ISIS target sites for Paris attacks

By Tom Wyke for MailOnline and Peter Allen In Paris for MailOnline

Brussels has been put into security lockdown after Belgian intelligence received ‘precise information’ of a planned Paris-style ISIS attack in the capital.

Belgium’s prime minister Charles Michel confirmed that the decision to raise the terror alert level in Brussels was taken ‘based on quite precise information about the risk of an attack like the one that happened in Paris.’

Service has been halted on the Brussels subway system and heavily armed police and soldiers are patrolling the Belgian capital amid a high security alert.

The country’s national security center has raised the terror threat level to Level four after fears of a ‘serious and imminent’ terror threat involving ‘weapons and explosives’.

Speaking at a news conference, the Belgium Prime Minister said the fear was that ‘several individuals with arms and explosives could launch an attack ... perhaps even in several places’.

‘We urge the public not to give in to panic, to stay calm. We have taken the measures that are necessary,’ Mr Michel added.

People in Brussels have been told to avoid public gatherings, including concerts, train stations and airports.

Belgium’s interior minister Jan Jambon said the country’s situation is ‘serious’ but under control with the nation at its highest state of alert.



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calendar   Thursday - November 19, 2015

what would you suggest for ppl like this?  no. really. any suggestions?

I know we’ve all seen examples of self serving loons and just plain idiots. But this really is in a class by itself.

Protesters.  These are folks, many lonely with few friends, who are desperate to hop on a bandwagon, any ole one will do that gives them a chance to shout at others as part of a larger crowd and just bully others from the safety of numbers.
In this case .... even picking on young girls is okay, because they are protesting ‘slavery’, and the schools’ founder who has not been of this world for for a hundred years.

Take a look.

Schoolgirls face ‘slave’ protest:

Pupils warned about wearing uniforms in public after protesters target them over link to 17th-century slave trader

Pupils at Colston’s Girls’ School in Bristol have been told to ‘walk away’
The school was founded in 1891 using a legacy from Edward Colston
Merchant and MP traded in cloth but amassed fortune from the slave trade
Bristol Mayor called the annual commemoration of the merchant ‘perverse’

By Daily Mail Reporter

Schoolgirls are being warned about wearing their uniforms in public after protesters targeted them over their school’s links to a 17th-century slave trader.

Pupils at Colston’s Girls’ School in Bristol have been told to ‘walk away’ if anyone criticises them in the street. Some may even be kept from leaving the school at lunchtime.

The school was founded in 1891 using a legacy from Edward Colston, a merchant and MP who traded in cloth, wine and sugar, but amassed a fortune from the slave trade.

Alastair Perry, the school’s headmaster, was forced to write to parents after several pupils were confronted by protesters.

He said: ‘At this time of year, celebrations and events commemorating the life of Edward Colston sometimes provoke strong reactions from some members of the community of Bristol.

‘We have noted this in particular this year, and have had incidents reported to us where members of the public have approached students to engage them in conversation about the history of the school, sometimes in a forthright manner.

‘One such incident occurred at lunchtime today [Friday]. We will be speaking with all students to remind them of our advice to keep themselves safe when approached by strangers - not engaging with the individual, walking away and seeking support from school or a nearby adult.’

Mr Perry’s warning comes after pupils had to leave by Bristol Cathedral’s rear entrance last week as protesters gathered outside the annual commemoration service to Colston, who gave the modern-day equivalent of millions of pounds to Bristol.

He added that the school was now reviewing its position on whether or not Year 11 pupils would be allowed out at lunchtime so staff ‘can be confident that our students are safe at all times’.


Is it too late to bring back the stocks?


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calendar   Sunday - November 08, 2015

muslim slag attacks israeli with knife

Nothing for me to say that hasn’t been said.
Do have a question tho.  Why on earth would the Israelis bother saving her life?  She’s nothing. An insect. Let her bleed out.

the story and more here


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calendar   Sunday - November 01, 2015

I do not wish him well, what I wish is that American Seals take this guy out along with his enabler

Health matters have kept me from posting much lately in the volume I was used to.
That said … even feeling ok but not 100%, something caught my fevered brain a day or two ago that has bothered me so damn much, to a point where here it is past 1 in the morning my time, and I just could not rest and so came downstairs and booted to post the story.

As our regulars here at bmews know and no doubt are used to by now, I react to some things with anger and spout off and pull what is left of my hair and jump up and down wishing the worst for a number of people I call life forms because I think killing them would not be the same thing as killing real humans.  OK, some of you if not all of you might see that as somewhat extreme.  Knee jerk reaction.
But there is one bit of low life vermin I hate with such intensity, my feelings so violent against the worm, that truly I would take great pleasure in ending his existence and the friend who helped him, and I would not be quick about it either.

I am of course referring to that arch traitor, that self inflated lying bastard who has done great harm to both British and American interests by leaking secret documents to our enemies.  I am referring to Edward Snowden.  Let me tell you how deep my consuming hatred for this scum goes.  I would delete those closest to him and send him their heads.  And it doesn’t end there.

Of course, none of that is in the cards.  He is protected by the Russians and is given security as you might expect.

Now here’s what got me going on the subject with such vitriol the last few days and made me boot so late to share this.  See if it doesn’t’ irk you also. Maybe not to my extremes I will concede that.

Well, here’s what set me off this time. Oh, and btw, just seeing his face in the papers has about the same effect, even without this loony tune left wing support.
Take a look at this and see if you aren’t at least a bit miffed at the attitude of the left.

For those not familiar with what an MEP is …. the letters stand for Member European Parliament.  The EU.  The same EU that officials in the Obama administration had cautioned England not to quit in the coming vote in 2017.  The same EU that Obama has spoken well of and said he hopes that Britain will remain in.

MEPs hail Snowden as human rights hero AND offer him asylum: Politicians agree by four votes to cancel criminal charges against the traitor

· Edward Snowden’s leaks have helped terrorists escape and been likened to telling Nazis about Enigma project
· Vote suggests EU member states would protect former intelligence officer who is currently living in Moscow
· But US has long-standing extradition treaties with all European countries so he is unlikely to head to Europe
· Snowden, 32, has been living in Moscow under cover of Putin regime since 2013 after he fled from Hong Kong
By Gerri Peev, Political Correspondent For The Daily Ma

US traitor Edward Snowden could be given asylum in Europe after MEPs yesterday hailed him as a ‘human rights defender’ and offered protection against criminal charges in America.

They agreed by just four votes: 285 to 281 – to drop all criminal charges against the man whose leak of secret material has helped terrorists escape and was likened to telling the Nazis about the Allies’ Enigma code-breaking project.

A motion approved by politicians in Brussels also called for the dropping of ‘any criminal charges against Edward Snowden, grant him protection and consequently prevent extradition or rendition by third parties, in recognition of his status as whistleblower and international human rights defender’.

Although the resolution is not binding, it sends a strong signal that EU member states would protect the former intelligence officer who is currently living in Moscow.

However the US has long-standing extradition treaties with all European countries so the 32-year-old is unlikely to head to the continent.
Ukip MEPs who have long been critical of the European Parliament’s anti-Americanism, abstained on the vote. Had they been present, the party’s 22 MEPs could have made a difference.

The Daily Mail understands there was a split in the party over which way to vote.

Snowden’s leak of top secret material has been likened to telling the Nazis about the Enigma code-breaking project during the Second World War.

He has been accused of helping terrorists escape capture and assisting ‘rogue’ states by revealing details of US and UK surveillance operations.

The computer specialist was working at an intelligence centre in Hawaii in 2013 when he tricked colleagues into handing over passwords so he could copy 1.7million files in one of the biggest leaks in US history. He fled shortly after.

Snowden has been living in Moscow with his girlfriend under the cover of the Putin regime since 2013 after he fled from Hong Kong over fears that he would be sent back to America.

His lawyer, Wolfgang Kaleck, said Mr Snowden welcomed the EU’s endorsement. ‘It is an overdue step and we urge the member states to act now to implement the resolution.’

Snowden said on Twitter that the move was a ‘game-changer’. He posted: ‘Hearing reports EU just voted 285-281, overcoming huge pressure, to cancel all charges against me and prevent extradition. Game-changer.’

He added: ‘This is not a blow against the US government but an open hand extended by friends. It is a chance to move forward.’

read more here


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calendar   Saturday - October 17, 2015


Well now this is quite a story.
It came to my attention along with the rest of the country a couple of days ago.
This is also the same politically correct firebrand who led demands that a statue of Cecil Rhodes be removed from Oxford because it was racist.

Theirs is no question but that she is smart and a natural organizer and rabble- rouser, though I’d hardly describe her as “brilliant”. 
But then, so was Stalin and Trotsky and Hitler and Mao and Robespierre.  The list is endless.  Different color and race but she reminds me more of Robespierre than the others.  Can’t explain why tho. Anyway ...

Over time she has caused much trouble for many an innocent, and no kidding, some fear even among a few of her followers.

Though she is now known as Annie, she was born Arafat
Oluwatoyosi Teriba, in the London borough of Waltham Forest.
Little is known about her upbringing, but given what we know about her militant feminism, it is intriguing to note that her father, Olukorede, is not thought to live with her mother any more.

Off topic so forgive the detour but …. why are folks with names like these allowed into a western country without a name change.  It was done in the USA in the early days by immigration officials in some cases, and it seems to have worked.  Of course, in the early 20th and before, many immigrants were anxious to “fit in”, and so changed alphabet soup names on their own initiative. 

Brought down by the politically correct dogma she preached: The very modern morality tale of the brilliant Oxford gay rights activist who apologised for ‘non consensual’ sex with another girl

· Annie Teriba is third-year history and politics student at Wadham College

· The 20-year-old activist was darling of Oxford University Student Union

· But she quit after she admitted sexually assaulting another woman

· She also confessed to another incident where she touched someone in a sexual manner without their consent during her first year at university
By Richard Price for the Daily Mail


Even if they didn’t know her name before this week, there are few students at Oxford University who would not recognise her on sight.

With luxurious braids hanging halfway down her back, chunky nose ring prominently thrust through her septum and loudhailer in hand, she has dedicated her life at the ancient seat of learning to making her voice heard.

Whether leading a sit-in protest outside the elite Oxford Union debating society or heading up a march demanding that a statue of the Victorian African adventurer Cecil Rhodes be torn down because it’s racist, Annie Teriba’s strident tones have proudly rung out.

Even for those with no interest in militant activism, the 20-year-old history and politics student was a familiar figure thanks to the raucous weekly dance parties she organised in Oxford.

Now, Miss Teriba has become familiar with a wider audience after she sensationally admitted sexually assaulting another woman, then resigned from all the prominent positions she had carved out for herself.

The specifics of the incident, which took place at a National Union of Students conference in May, remain shrouded in mystery. Yet Miss Teriba confessed online to a sexual liaison which the other woman involved subsequently complained had not been consensual.

Since she published her lengthy mea culpa this week — which has been given widespread media coverage — several of her erstwhile comrades at Oxford have turned their fire on her as a sex attacker.

She was elected as the Wadham College student union’s ‘people of colour and racial equality officer’.

Radical: Miss Teriba was editor of No HeterOx, a Left-wing magazine which courted controversy by purging white gay men


( Well, so much for racial equality. )

Miss Teriba had been a darling of the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) — a separate body to the Union debating society — which oversees student issues for the university.

She spoke for OUSU with considerable vigour as Oxford’s ‘lesbian, gay, bi and transsexual women’s representative’ at a countrywide level during meetings of the National Union of Students.

One of the issues she spoke most passionately about was the problem of sexual aggression against women. Indeed, she had unflinchingly asserted the wildly controversial (and utterly unproven) statistic that ‘one woman in four’ at Oxford can expect to be raped.

Establishing herself as a star pupil, she became involved with Debate Mate, an organisation which uses debating skills as a way of overcoming educational disadvantage in some of the country’s most deprived communities.

She became a poster girl for the organisation and was publicly congratulated by the founder, Margaret McCabe, when she secured her place at Oxford.

Within a year of arriving as a Fresher, through sheer force of personality she had carved out a role for herself as the undisputed voice of the university’s black, ‘queer and trans’ [transsexual] communities, to use her own fastidious terminology.

She secured a place on the National Union of Students black students’ committee, and a leading role in the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts. She gave interviews to newspapers and appeared on Channel 4 News, giving her forthright views on equality.

‘She hates the Oxford Union [debating society] and everything it stands for — which is basically white privilege, in her mind. So you’ll rarely see her here. More often, she’s outside leading a demonstration with a megaphone.’



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calendar   Monday - October 05, 2015

hungary in the crosshairs Pt. 1

It might just be me and the pc and software or…? 

Don’t know about others but since the Daily Mail changed things, it takes forever for their pages to load. And … I now get the addition of locked screens on some stories.
This one especially.

So anyway …. I wanted to post about Hungary, who have a 110 mile razor wire fence and now are closing the border with Croatia, and are much in the news. 

This is my third attempt to post this. This time I might make it. In spite of the DM or my computer.  I think it’s an important story, and Hungary is being ravaged by the media.  And not just the left.  The surprise would be if the left had nothing to say.
They are being raked over the coals because they are worried, as well they should,
about the future and the culture of their homeland.

I wouldn’t normally copy this much of a story, but I really think it’s worth it.

Read on.

Racist or just brutal realism? Hungary’s been condemned for building a new Iron Curtain to keep out migrants.

But its PM says he’s done it to avoid multicultural Britain’s mistakes… and his popularity is soaring
· 110-mile-long fence is brainchild of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban
· The 4m-high barrier spans entire length of the country’s border with Serbia
· Waiting on other side of the barricade are squads of Hungarian riot police
· 82 per cent of Orban’s citizens are in favour of tighter immigration controls

By Paul Bracchi for the Daily Mail

The razor-wire fence has become a defining symbol of the migrant crisis. The barricade — 4m high and constructed in six weeks on the back of prison labour — runs the length of the country’s 110-mile border with Serbia.
The Berlin Wall, by comparison, was 96 miles long. This hinterland between Hungary and the Balkans was once the main entry point to the European Union for the diaspora pouring out of the Middle East.

Today, on the Hungarian side, waiting for anyone who breaches the barricade, are squads of police reinforced by SWAT teams from Hungary’s elite Counter Terrorism Centre (TEC).

The role of these officers, in black commando uniforms, is to ‘capture persons that pose a danger for themselves and the public’ — a mission statement that leaves little doubt about the way Budapest views the wave of asylum seekers we have all seen on the TV news.

There is another, more fundamental, sub-plot to Hungary’s brutally effective migrant policy, though.
It is encapsulated in Mr Orban’s inflammatory public statements about ‘Christian Europe’ being under threat. ‘If you’re being overrun, you can’t accept migrants,’ he wrote in a German daily newspaper.

‘We must not forget that those who are coming in have been brought up under a different religion and represent a profoundly different culture.

‘The majority are not Christians but Muslims. That is an important question because Europe and European culture have Christian roots. Is it not already, and in itself, alarming that Europe’s Christian culture is barely able to uphold Europe’s own Christian values? The people want us to control the situation and protect our borders.’

The Crusader rhetoric conjures up an image of Muslim hordes at the gates of fortress Hungary. Indeed, to understand the psychological forces behind the hatred you need to understand how Christian-Muslim conflict is deeply embedded in the Hungarian DNA just as mutual suspicion and hatred have historically existed between Arab and Jew in the Middle East or Catholic and Protestant in Northern Ireland.

Mr Orban is both reflecting — and many, would say, exploiting — this primal fear of ‘outsiders’, especially Muslim outsiders, in Hungary.

The origins of that legacy can be found in Mohacs, a small town on the Danube, near the Croatian border. It was here in 1526 that a heavily outnumbered Hungarian army suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Ottoman invaders under Suleiman the Magnificent.

The Battle of Mohacs was Hungary’s equivalent of the Battle of Hastings; one defeat led to the Norman conquest of England, the other to 150 years of Ottoman rule in Hungary.

The battlefield on the outskirts of Mohacs is now a memorial site. An inscription inside proclaims: ‘Here began the ruination of a once strong Hungary.’
Mohacs, in fact, marked the end of the old independent Kingdom of Hungary. In the immediate aftermath, Christian churches were converted into mosques, a poll tax was levied on non-Muslims, and Hungarian landlords were dispossessed.

Children in Hungary are taught about this at school, just as British children are taught about 1066. Foreign domination, first by the Ottoman Turks, followed by Austria, then — after World War II — by the Soviet Union, lasted almost five centuries, with Hungary properly emerging only in 1989 as a fully independent republic, following round-table talks which led to the end of communist rule.

Viewed through the prism of history, recent events in Hungary become, if not acceptable, then at least more understandable.
The politician at the centre of the controversy, of course, is Viktor Orban, who insists that Hungarians have ‘the right not to live together with populous Muslim communities’.

One statistic, in particular, has been used to justify the government’s hardline position on migrants. The figure is 291,000 — the number of migrants who entered the country illegally this year before the border was fenced off. Of these, 80 per cent were single young men, according to the latest UN data.

The Hungarian authorities have no idea who these people are. They could be potential terrorists or economic migrants. But one thing is for sure, the Hungarians reason: they couldn’t have been genuine refugees, otherwise why would they have entered the country illegally?

Mr Orban has described this most recent ‘influx’ as an invasion. The figure he quotes (291,000) does not include genuine asylum seekers.

Under the EU’s controversial Dublin regulation, refugees have to claim asylum in the first ‘safe’ EU country they arrive in. Serbia is not in the EU and Greece, which would normally be responsible for registering many of those now crossing the Aegean Sea, is no longer considered a ‘safe state’ because of its austerity programmes.

So the burden has fallen on Hungary, because, geographically, it is first EU country that migrants travelling through the Balkans reach.
This, despite the fact that the country is run by an anti-immigration, Right-wing government. And this is the great irony at the heart of Hungary’s migrant crisis.

Will Hungary back down? Having spent the past week here, I can tell you that the answer to that is categorically no. The migrant crisis is a vote winner for Mr Orban.

Will Hungary be kicked out of the EU? Perhaps that question can be answered with another one. When was the last time anyone got kicked out of the EU? French President François Hollande says: ‘States that don’t respect European values should ask if they belong within the EU.’

We know Mr Orban’s response: ‘I think we have a right to decide that we don’t want to have a large number of Muslim people in our country.

I don’t see any reason to force us into a way of living together in Hungary that we don’t want to see.’ He has no wish to repeat the West’s ‘failed experiments’ in multiculturalism. In Britain, Mr Orban says, we have de facto segregation, with parallel societies in towns and cities.

Anyone who has been to Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, where even the ice cream lady wears a burka, might recognise what he is saying.

In Hungary, by contrast, less than one per cent of the population of just under 10 million is Muslim. There are a mere 15 mosques in the country. They are small, mostly based in converted homes, and are without minarets which, significantly, are not allowed.
The Muslim community is, to all extents and purposes, invisible.
The Hungarian Islamic Community (HIC) is housed in a mosque in an old pharmacy in the back streets of Budapest.
Muslim women from this mosque are reluctant to wear Islamic clothing on public transport. Two Muslim women were threatened on a bus a few days ago by a woman with a knife because they were wearing traditional headscarves.
For its part, Hungary is a predominantly Catholic country. Earlier this month, Pope Francis called on every Catholic parish across Europe to help alleviate the migrant crisis.

The tensions were laid bare in an extraordinary interview given by a Hungarian bishop. ‘They’re not refugees,’ declared Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, Bishop of Szeged-Csanad in southern Hungary.

Like Mr Orban, he called what is happening an ‘invasion’. But he went further. ‘They come here with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar’,’ he said. ‘They want to take over. The Pope doesn’t know the situation. Most of them behave in a way that is arrogant and cynical.’
Back in Roszke, Jozsef Turi, who runs the village supermarket, showed me the bushes outside his shop where migrants used to hide when they saw police.

On other occasions, they came into his store to buy SIM cards for their iPhones and other mobiles. Some female staff were too scared to start work early in the morning in case they ran into them.

Over at Istvan Molnar’s home, there is a discarded blanket near a chicken coop at the back of his house where he once found a migrant sleeping.
Almost every night, he said, huge groups would pass by. Sometimes they would knock on his window and shout: ‘Taxi, taxi.’


Hope you have no problems with the link I have posted.  Sometimes (I finally got lucky) it opens all the way without freezing up.
I suppose also it could be my connection. But then, why not everywhere else as well? 

And by the way.  Speaking of migrants and invaders.  It’s interchangeable.

Groups of 100 strong and armed with sticks and whatever else is handy, and organized by an anarchist group containing some Brits, forced their way into the Chunnel, that is, the rail link that runs under the English channel to France.  They managed to hold up rail movement for some 8 or 10 hours.  They tore down fences, ambushed trucks by throwing stones and when trucks stopped they tried to board.  So those two things were happening at the same time last week.  As usual and especially when anarchists are involved, there’s damage.
There really is a crying need for some sort of military action that should be taken against all these vermin.  Hit squads that have as targets, anarchists wherever they are found, and migrants simply for target practice to hone their skills.

Hungary has posted signs and taken out ads , some in English.  While most invaders especially the younger ones can speak some English, I wonder if they can also read it.



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calendar   Saturday - October 03, 2015

a peek into an unwanted future …

Can’t say with honesty I’ve been busier than Drew last few days, but they have been frustrating. More on that later cos it involves problem solving.

There is so much going on that tries our patience.  But of course the main focus for those of us on this side of the water, it’s migration. Both legal and otherwise.

Because Germany has what appears to be a permanent guilt complex that sees no end, that country is carrying the brunt of the invasion.
As you all know, Frau Merkel, may shit be upon her, has invited the muslim world to resettle in her country because the Fatherland isn’t worthy of survival due to guilt for something or other, done by some other generation, the vast majority of whom are old and dotty or long dead.
She has come to realize too late, her offer was a tad too broad and maybe badly worded.  I kind of doubt she meant the entire mid east was welcome.

I saw a video recently, of muslim yoots born in Germany and who speak perfect German but .... aren’t German in any way. 
Almost forgot .... the newest figure of incoming has gone up. Well of course it has. It now stands at 1.4 million.

Here’s a small example.  Watch it all, listen to what these muzzie scum speaking German, say about Germans.
When I see stuff like this, I can not help but think, Genocide isn’t really a bad idea after all, if this is the future culture of Europe. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/03/2015 at 05:59 AM   
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calendar   Monday - September 28, 2015

the signpost just ahead? you’re blind if ya can’t read it from here.

This belongs on our front page.

H/T LyndonB who posted the link in comments.

I haven’t any way of knowing if the lady is telling the truth or not. 
Maybe she’s frightened by what she sees happening in her country.  As far as I am concerned, I believe extremism in defense of one’s country is a virtue.  So if she is fibbing .... it does not matter in this case.  Europe is being overrun.  That much is fact.

Meanwhile here in the UK a mob carrying torches and paint balls and banners were protesting and breaking windows.
What was that all about?  Oh nothing much.
Some 200 anarchists were protesting a trendy very high priced eatery in a part of London that’s home to lots of poor folks.
They were protesting as well “Middle Class Hipsters” taking over east London, and showing signs that read, “Class War”. 
Of course most were wearing masks.
The only solace to be had from their breathing is that one day, the islamists will get to them and maybe cut off their worthless heads.
You know.  After the final takeover which is at the sign post just ahead.  But it won’t be make believe.  Of course by then, anarchists will most likely join that side to save themselves.

Take a look.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/28/2015 at 08:49 AM   
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calendar   Saturday - September 19, 2015

illegals held by brits complain about the menu ….

The S***s at the Mail put this behind a paywall.

So I had to do a screen shot, and then enlarge the print.  Hope anyone looking, if anyone there tonight, can see this okay.

Just shows you how well these vermin know the west, what buttons they can push etc, etc.

Take a look.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/19/2015 at 01:20 PM   
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calendar   Tuesday - September 15, 2015

invasion of the vermin …. video

H/T LyndonB again for sending me this clip.
Took me a little while to get it working on my puter and posted here. Worth seeing .

Run time is 5:52.

Migrant Crisis: The Footage the Media Refuses to Broadcast

What you won’t see on CNN…

by Paul Joseph Watson


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/15/2015 at 12:29 PM   
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migrants on hunger strike.  let em all starve.

Screw the bastards. Let em all starve. Film and then show as entertainment.
They are vermin, scum, invaders who somehow believe they have a right to be wherever they set their ass down.  And while we’re at it, F*** the UN!

H/T LyndonB for the site.

State of Emergency Declared in Hungary as Refugees Stage Hunger Strike

United Nations vows to find alternative routes allowing refugees to flood into Europe


Refugees on the Hungarian-Serbian border have declared a sit-down hunger strike in response to not being allowed to cross into Hungary and proceed to Germany and other destinations in Europe, according to Twitter posts.

Hungary has declared a state of emergency in two of its southern counties, reportedly Bacs-Kiskun and Csongrad. The government has warned refugees they will be arrested if they attempt to break through a fence erected along the border with Serbia.

Refugees have gathered along the border demanding entry into Hungary and the EU. “Open border, open border!” they demanded, according to a Reuters reporter.

The border was officially closed at midnight on Monday and refugees from Syria and Afghanistan were turned back.

Serbia has protested the border closure. “Europe has to find a solution fast before the situation escalates even further. This border crossing, one of the main ones in Europe, has to remain open,” said Aleksandar Vulin, the Serbian social affairs minister.

The United Nations is working to bypass Hungary and find other countries that will allow passage of hundreds of thousands of refugees into Europe.

“We’re definitely in touch with different countries on contingencies and UNHCR is ready to move and assist different countries as best we can. It’s going to be just as much a struggle as it has been for Macedonia and Greece,” said Melissa Fleming, the spokeswoman for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

lots more at source,info wars


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