Sarah Palin is the other whom Yoda spoke about.

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What is this Low Information senator talking about?

H/T: Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller


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this fool thinks she’s eye candy. photo below the fold.


‘My bottom is 7ft wide and I’m proud of it!’ Woman with backside so large she once broke a toilet and can’t fit through doors says she hopes to inspire larger ladies

Sarah Massey, 33, from Chicago, has a bottom that measures 7ft around
The mother-of-two weighs 32st and says she loves her unusual figure
But her record-breaking rear end has left her with limited mobility

By Daily Mail Reporter

She has to wear extra large trousers and once managed to crack a toilet bowl just by sitting on it but Sarah Massey, 33, says she is proud to have one of the world’s largest posteriors.

The Chicago mother-of-two’s derriere measures an impressive 7ft in diameter and sometimes proves too large to fit through doorways.

But despite being proud of her record-breaking rear end, 32-stone Ms Massey admits that living with a super-sized bottom isn’t always easy and receives £750 in disability benefit each month as a result of having limited mobility.

That translates into 438 lbs ppl. Yikes. And you should see this elephant in a bathing suit.

This is a gross and disgusting thing. NO way I am going to put some of the pix on our front page.  And they’re quite mild compared to the rest at the link.

Darn .... I should have sent this to Drew first to get even for what he sent me.  Maybe I can fool him. Oh Drrrrew. Come see the pretty lady. LOL.

So I’ll post what I grabbed from the article that could not be avoided, under the fold. AND .... if you visit the link you will see far worse.
Just have a barf bag handy.

Nightmares could follow.

Think I’m joking?

Take a quick look.

And if you’ve the stomach for more, this be the link to gross-out. uv been warned.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Monday - April 01, 2013

tech advances each day but not many ppl get any smarter. the 2 are not related but still …

Just when you think life’s crushing problems are driving the life outta you .... along come people with real problems. Sob.
Oh, the poor dears. (snicker)

I’m tempted to say it can not be true that there are actually people this dumb but .... hey.  You pays ur money and expect the absurd as your due.
There’s a screw loose somewhere.

Take a look.  It’s still good for a laff or two.

I must H/T my own wife for this because I missed it entirely. We both read the same papers every day but I often skip or just miss something that she will later bring to my attention. 


Ten strangest holiday complaints

Travel company revealed British cruise customers’ quirkiest complaints

One woman wanted a full refund because she saw no celebrities on board

A man on an Alaskan cruise wanted compensation because it was cold


A disgruntled travel agency has revealed the ten strangest complaints their customers made in the last 12 months.

Top of the list, compiled by, was a woman who wanted a sound-proofed room because the noise of the Mediterranean kept her awake.

She was closely followed by a newly wed husband who was furious that he wasn’t offered a private butler to bring him rose petals, strawberries and champagne.

Third place went to the woman who moaned because she wasn’t sent a text prompting her to remember her passport.

And one couple were miffed when the captain ignored their note saying they would be back two hours later than departure time – and left without them.

A young woman on a Hawaiian cruise heard Gary Barlow had once been on her boat – and demanded to know why she hadn’t seen him.

One man on a cruise around Alaska even wanted compensation because the weather was not as warm as he had expected.

An elderly couple who went on a holiday around France and Spain asked for a refund because they weren’t provided with a packed lunch every day.

And a woman on a ship called Celebrity Cruises asked for a full refund last summer because she didn’t see any celebrities on board.

Rounding off the list was a couple from Yorkshire who moaned that staff were so kind it cost them too much money in tips and a woman who wanted a sea view in her windowless cabin.

Steph Curtin, from, said: ‘The vast majority of feedback we get from holidaymakers is hugely positive, telling us what a great time they had, but from time to time we come across a few quirky complaints that we can do little to help.

‘Whilst we make sure we go back to every complaint, I’m afraid we can’t be held responsible for the sea being too loud or the lack of celebrities – as much as we wish we could put Gary Barlow on every cruise!’

There are two get my vote as dumbest and deserving of our moonbat award.

one couple were miffed when the captain ignored their note saying they would be back two hours later than departure time – and left without them.


a woman who wanted a sound-proofed room because the noise of the Mediterranean kept her awake.

What were these folks thinking?  Hard to decide which the more unreasonable and stupid. But if pushed, I’d think the couple who thought a ship could be delayed with all it’s passengers just for their convenience. I mean, they took it for granted as something quite normal.  Makes ya wonder, what sort of demands might this couple make of people in their circle?  If they have one.



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only takes one to decide for many, what community standards are

Every once in awhile I find something so silly, or so stupid and pc, I ask the same old question.
Can anything get any dumber?  And usually the answer is yes.

So it is with a story I found and it originates not here in the UK, but in my own home country. The USA!

Can things get much dumber ?

Take a look.  See how “one parent” can decide for ALL just what community standards are.  And one idiot who thinks that’s a “win-win” for the community.


Back to the 50s: US parent forces school to tone down production of All Shook Up because it’s too ‘suggestive’

· School is forced to change lyrics to 1957 classic and adapt the musical’s plot

· Show is only allowed to go ahead after school got copyright to edit the song

By David Gardner In Los Angeles

It has been 55 years since Elvis Presley’s shaking hips were deemed too hot for American TV and he was shown only from the waist up.
Now producers of a high school musical have been forced to change the lyrics of one of his most famous songs to prevent the production from being shut down.

School administrators in Utah cancelled the musical after a parent complained that All Shook Up was too racy.

In the 1957 classic, the king of rock and roll warbles about a sweetheart whose ‘lips are like a volcano that’s hot’. The song continues: ‘I’m proud to say she’s my buttercup. I’m in love. I’m all shook up.’

The show was allowed to go ahead only after administrators at Herriman High School received permission yesterday from the copyright owners of All Shook Up to edit the song. It is not yet clear what the changes are.

They are also making some plot changes to the musical, which brings a modern twist to Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. The story revolves around a female castaway who dresses as a boy to evade detection in ancient southern Europe.

The cross-dressing connotations were also found offensive by the parent who complained, who has not been named.
Jill Fishback, whose daughter worked on the production, said: ‘I’m at a loss. They’re singing Elvis songs.

‘A girl dresses up as a boy and kisses a boy. It’s not promoting homosexuality. It was supposed to be a farce.’

A spokesman for the Jordan School District said: ‘The show will go on. We wanted to make some changes to keep the play within community values. It’s a win-win for all of us.’

In August, a parents’ group got the same school district to cancel Dead Man Walking, a play about a Catholic nun who counsels a death-row inmate in Louisiana.
‘Dead Man Walking’ was scratched even though administrators said much of its profanity had been stripped from the script.

‘We want our drama to be a great experience not just for our students but the theater-goers.

‘We don’t want to offend anyone,’ bat Riesgraf said Wednesday.


Is it only one place in Utah that’s stupid?  Or is this disease spreading to neighboring states as well? 

btw, I wasn’t aware til now that anyone actually heard ALL the words to any of his songs.  Or most rock songs come to think of it.


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While Peiper takes a much needed few days off, I’m trying to cover the happenings in the whole British Isles. This is mostly new territory for me, so I’ll try not to be a total muggins. I was a little confused at first when I saw the teaser for the story (thanks for the heads up Christopher) and thought it was just a follow-up piece to the Riots Renamed Uprising we carried the other day. I was wrong. That was in Brixton. This one was in Bristol. Bristol is a city on the north coast of south west England alongside the Bristol Estuary, that pointed body of water between the English area that I always think of as Cornwall, and Wales on the other side. The estuary is actually the mouth of the Severn River, and at the east end of the estuary, 50 or so miles further on, where it actually becomes the real river is the city of Gloucester. At least one branch of my family came from this general area a long time ago, while another branch lived a bit to the south of Bristol and made their getaway from the southern port of Weymouth, where the second story (under the fold) in this post took place.

Both stories show that the minions of government over there are getting out of control. The first story shows that a fair number of the people there are out of control as well. The never ending mess in the UK that just goes from bad to worse to worser is a nasty bellwether for the USA, as every day here brings us closer to the Socialist/Anarchist disaster of a national suicide that they brought down on their own heads by deliberate action. God Save The Queen, but throw us a life ring too before we’re also swept over the falls.

Riot In Bristol: 8 Police Injured


“Eight police officers and several protesters have been injured after a riot erupted in Bristol, sparked by a raid on a squat occupied by opponents of a newly opened Tesco Express store”

An uneasy calm returned to the scene of riots in Bristol yesterday with residents and local traders fearful of more violence over the bank holiday weekend. As local people in the Stokes Croft area took it upon themselves to clear up the damage after a night of violence, there was anger at the heavy-handed tactics used by police, some of whom had been armed with guns.

A dozen police officers remained at the scene and, in a bizarre twist following the scenes from the night before, squatters were having a party on the roof of the council-owned building that had been raided just 12 hours before.

While few of the hundreds of people who walked past and took pictures of the smashed Tesco Express store on a sun-drenched Cheltenham Road condoned the violence, most believed it had been inevitable.

Similar scenes had been witnessed a year ago when protesters against Tesco taking over the site of a former comedy club in the bohemian, cultural quarter of the city were forcibly evicted by bailiffs with the help of police. When the store finally opened last Friday, those same protesters had camped outside the store offering free fruit, vegetables and cake to people passing by, in an attempt to persuade people to boycott the store.


The raided “squat”. I’d donate matches and petrol to be rid of this if it was in my neighborhood.

Some were living in the squat, known as ‘Telepathic Heights’, and as police in about a dozen riot vans turned up on Thursday night to raid the building – on a warm, Easter weekend evening, with people drinking in the many bars and cafes along the street, the latent frustration boiled over.

Gus Hoyt, the Green Party candidate for Ashley ward which includes the site of the Tesco store, said he had been terrified as the violence escalated, adding that the scenes reminded people of the riots in nearby St Pauls in the 1980s.

“I’m exhausted and disillusioned about what went on. There’s generally a positive attitude today, but people are scared about what will happen this weekend. People who remember the 1980s can’t believe this is happening again and lessons have not been learned.

“I had been cycling home and saw one of the policemen carrying a pistol. I asked him if it was a gun and he looked at me, shaking his head, and said ‘Of course it is, where have you been, mate?’

“The impression is that this was inevitable. More than 90% of people in the area who were asked whether they wanted the new Tesco said no, and they were completely ignored. I don’t condone violence in any way, but it was obvious this was going to turn ugly.”

Avon and Somerset police said their actions had been “fully justified” as they arrested four offenders who represented “a very real threat to the local community”. But Jonathan Taphouse, a photographer who lives nearby, added police seemed to be struggling to keep control of the situation.

Obviously they didn’t, and a melee ensued. Pictures here. But this may not be a case of uppity police and brainless government jobsworths doing their duty is a senseless and ham-fisted manner. According to some, the area is a festering mess of layabouts, drunks, and punks itching for a fight. The two sides to the situation:

on the left hand -

Rioters in Bristol have caused severe damage to a Tesco convenience store, following a botched operation, in which police now claim they were acting to prevent a petrol bombing of the store.
The massive police operation started around 9pm in the Bristol Stokes Croft area. Officers in riot gear and full length shields - many of them from out of town - backed up by horses, vans and the police helicopter, forced their way into the squat and evicted the occupants. The operation was very heavy-handed and no explanations were offered for the action. And despite this, it was still relatively quiet in the area by around 10pm.
What triggered the riot, however, was police with riot shields blocking off a major local junction, preventing residents getting to their own homes. A large crowd gathered, with the police facing off local people. After more than an hour of this provocative and aggressive action, elements of the crowd finally reacted and started throwing stones and bottles. A witness stated that it was almost as though the police, many of them from Wales, were looking for trouble.
It is very easy to come on, po-faced and say there is no excuse for violence. But, in fact, when the plod have lost it, and are quite obviously lying through their teeth – and we know this is the case in too many situations - then violence is an eminently reasonable response.

This is what the politicians and the plods are going to have to learn. They have been taking the mick for so long that people just don’t give a damn any more. Where you would have once seen concern and anger about disorder, you will now seen amusement at the discomfort of the authorities, and only marginally concealed sympathy for the rioters.

and on the right -

However, the Stokes Croft is an area infested with a high proportion of pseudo-Marxist “eco hippies” and anarcho-hippies, not the sort of people we would not naturally support. But the authorities seem to have inflamed the situation - intentionally or otherwise, it is difficult to ascertain - giving planning permission to a Tesco shop bang in the centre of the area. A vocal element of the community have quite clearly expressed their opposition, although the real locals, as opposed to the eco-Nazis, are probably quite in favour.

On top of the eco-warriors, backing onto the area is St Pauls, known for its social deprivation and high unemployment, where “social mobility” is a skate board. It is well endowed with nihilist scrotes who are always ready and willing to trash the occasional plod-mobile, alongside pampered, middle-class students, who seem happy to join in the fun.

But there seems to have been some anticipation here, and a quite deliberate confrontational approach. The plods have been largely caught out, not helped out by their lack of intelligence.
As for the eco-mob faction, many of their members have been afloat on a raft of public money. Furthermore, up to press, the council turned a blind eye to what has become “squat central”, a lawless ghetto for anarchists and benefits farmers, especially after the area has been blighted by development falures. Now the money is beginning to run out, the eco-mob is getting arsey. One weeps for the poor dears, as they take it out on over-paid public “servants”.
Either way, though, this has only started.

The post linked above has more to say, along with plenty of pictures and videos.

Why didn’t the residents want a Tesco’s? (Tesco is a big chain supermarket) Perhaps because they already had two Best Markets, which the new Tesco’s will probably put out of business? It’s hard to accept that the hippies and anarchists would riot to Support Your Local Business, and even harder to believe that the local people in general would prefer two such dinky little dump stores to one big fresh shiny Tesco’s. But who can say?

And the “debate” is only just starting. Is it news, or is it spin?

Police say that actions taken during their robust operation in Bristol city centre overnight were fully justified. Protestors took to the streets after police carried out an operation to arrest four offenders who represented “a very real threat to the local community” from a property in Cheltenham Road, Stokes Croft. Officers also seized a number of items following the arrest – including petrol bombs – which are currently being forensically examined. Acting on intelligence provided during the day, officers rolled out well-rehearsed plans at 9.15pm last night, closing Cheltenham Road before forcing entry into the building.

Three people were arrested on suspicion of public order offences and another person on suspicion of threats to cause criminal damage with intent to endanger life. Following the operation, which was completed swiftly and effectively, groups of protestors began to gather in Cheltenham Road and surrounding streets in the Stokes Croft area and refused to disperse when asked by police officers. As minor fires were started and bottles, bricks and other objects were hurled at police, additional officers were bought in to assist their colleagues.

More than anything, it seems Stokes Croft residents wanted the police out of their neighbourhood, perhaps the most organic recent display of the anger and mistrust that many communities feel towards officers of the law.

This anger has come to a head in recent months after repeated high-profile reports of police violence against anti-cuts protesters. Some marginalised groups across the country, who have always suspected that the police are not on their side, are now prepared to fight them, given the least opportunity.

[ There are already 31 Tesco’s in Bristol. The new store makes it 32 ] Thousands have been campaigning for more than a year to stop Tesco opening in Stokes Croft, Bristol. The reasons for not wanting a Tesco in our community range from the impact on local shops and farmers through to deep concerns that the dominance of the supermarket model creates a risk of us not being able to feed ourselves in a future when oil prices soar. More than 2,500 petition cards were sent to Bristol City Council objecting to Tesco and 96% of the 700 people surveyed said they didn’t want another supermarket.

We have painstakingly played it by the rules, ... But at a packed planning committee meeting it became astonishingly clear that the council were too fearful of the financial implications to refuse Tesco permission to go ahead. Our community is well known for having people who, if they are silenced, will act in a way that will ensure they will be heard.

The rioting in Stokes Croft last night is the result of a community being entirely ignored – there are people who are more than willing to break the law to remain true to what they believe.

The store, however, is a red-herring. Police claims are fabrications. Multiple witnesses, whose stories cross-check and make much more sense, attest to this. All claim that there had been an attempt by bailiffs earlier on the Thursday afternoon to evict the squatters from the building – with no warning, despite they having been there eight years.
The real problem, though, is that – like the politicians – the police are in the land of the fairies. Avon and Somerset Police continue to maintain that its officers’ actions had been “fully justified”, and are sticking to their story that the discovery of petrol bombs necessitated the arrest of four “offenders”, who represented “a very real threat”.

Thus, we are not even in the territory of “lessons learned”. Having provoked a full-blown riot, the police are not even aware that they have done anything wrong. So we get plod-in-chief Chief Constable Colin Port visiting the site to condemn “the attack on Tesco and other businesses”, when only the Tesco store was damaged. He then says: “It’s outrageous, completely out of order and will not be tolerated by the people of Bristol or the police”.

How do you tell the freedom fighters from the terrorists? Especially when you know the media is corrupt, often on both sides? If government is literally going hand in hand, or fist in glove, with big business, and ignoring the wishes of the people, whether they are actual taxpayers or not, is it their duty to cross the line that has already been crossed against them? Or should the laws be enforced regardless, and this neighborhood is just taking a lesson from the muzzies and other “disaffected youth” around EUrope who have built themselves “no go” zones the police will not dare penetrate? Isn’t that then anarchy? And is that a preferred state of being when government becomes violently excessive?

On the third hand, I’m inclined to side with the police, but I think they may have made a mess of things. Best to have just brought in the wrecking ball and started swinging. Or to hired ninjas and sent them in at night.

Meanwhile in Weymouth, a story to upset any true Englishman, or any pet owner ...

See More Below The Fold


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Moonbat of the Week

Welcome to the Iron Dojo Blog.

Two posts enter. One post leaves.

They post.  I link. You choose.





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stop. this is airport security. STICK-EM-UP

Drew has gone on at length on the very subject, stupidity being just one. In fact, he does a better job on this then I can, so I look forward to his comments, which I wouldn’t mind if he entered them right here.  Take note Drew.  This wasn’t the USA. Stupidity knows no borders or nationality.

There are not enough Moonbats for this. A million would still be short by a few million. So I’ll just enter a few and you folks can mentally multiply to whatever number you think fits the idiocy.


Airport bans toy soldier’s three-inch rifle from plane… because it’s a safety threat

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 3:04 PM on 27th January 2011


Airport officials ordered a holidaymaker carrying a toy soldier onto a plane to remove its three-inch gun - because it was a safety threat.

Ken Lloyd was stunned when he was told he could not go on the plane with the nine-inch model soldier because it was carrying a ‘firearm’.

The Canadian tourist and his wife had bought the toy, which holds a replica SA80 rifle, during a visit to the Royal Signals Museum at Blandford Camp in Dorset.

But when he tried to take the £135 keepsake through Gatwick Airport in his hand luggage it triggered a security alert at the scanners.

Officials declared the moulded gun could not go on the plane and Mr Lloyd had to snap off the model weapon and then post it back to his home in Ontario.

He said: ‘As the figurine’s SA80 rifle was pulled from the box, the security search officer contacted her supervisor. The moulded SA80 could not pass.

‘My wife asked for a “reality check”, explaining how this offending piece of sculptured moulding is a 9 inch painted model with a moulded and painted rifle that is part of the figure.

‘The supervisor was confident within the surety of the regulations and said a “firearm” is a firearm and cannot pass.

‘The rifle could not travel; she would have to return back to the main airport concourse.
The two patrolling policemen didn’t seem to mind. They didn’t even notice.

‘The numerous security people sitting around the concourse didn’t leap to their feet as she passed.’

The resin model, which cost £135, depicts a typical British army signaller dressed in camouflage fatigues.

As they returned home Mr and Mrs Lloyd packed the sculpture into its box and tucked it into their hand luggage.

After being stopped at the airport security desk, they were directed back to the airport concourse, where they bought a padded envelope from WHSmith to post the rifle home.

But the package was too big for the airport’s postboxes and eventually a customer services assistant posted it and the envelope arrived at their home five days later.

Adam Forty, curator at the Royal Signals Museum at Blandford Camp, Dorset, said: ‘The military museum takes security very seriously, especially around military installations and airports, but this does seem more than a little excessive. It is probably just as well we didn’t sell Mrs Lloyd a toy tank.’

A spokeswoman for Gatwick Airport said: ‘Items including firearms and items with the appearance of firearms are prohibited. 

‘There are lots of other reasons an item could be prevented from going through security, such as large items that do not fit in overhead lockers on the aircraft.’



I have heard that the’ve invented a plastic that can can grow 1000% by adding just a few drops of water to it?

- stud muffin, Hemel Hempstead, 27/1/2011 14:14

Ha ha ha ha!!! This is the funniest thing ever. Some people are such complete morons.

- WS, NWales, 27/1/2011 14:12

Airport “security” fascism at its very best. How I mourn the loss of common sense in this once-great country.

- Mike, Southend, UK, 27/1/2011 14:07

A spokeswoman for Gatwick Airport said: ‘Items including firearms and items with the appearance of firearms are prohibited. ..................................................... .......................................................adding, ‘I know I am incredibly stupid and incapable of interpreting regulations, but rules are rules and we must obey. ‘

- Old Tyke, S.Devon, 27/1/2011 14:06


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calendar   Saturday - January 22, 2011

why wasn’t he laughing when he got up?  some ppls idea of fun … have your sound on



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calendar   Tuesday - November 16, 2010

welcome to a new world of nothing but moonbats


Here’s a quickie test BMEWS readers.

Spot the difference?  Sure ya do.  What’s missing in that second photo?

image image

I sent Drew an email a short while ago.  He no doubt might think I was just having a reaction to a pneumonia shot I just got.

Here ya go people.  I just can’t add anything to this story to make it funny or more ridiculous. As we near year end ... I’m thinking that my previous Moonbat awards are no longer valid. Forget about them, if you even remember them. Maybe (providing I remember to do it) I should save all the stupid stories that I run across, and at the end of the year present them in some way and let you guys vote on the most insanely stupid.

Early Learning Centre bans toy pig from farmyard set for fear of offending Muslims

(but keeps sty and oink noise)

By Louise Eccles

A children’s shop has removed toy pigs from farmyard sets in case they offend Muslims and Jews.

The Early Learning Centre ditched the pig from its HappyLand Goosefeather Farm toy set after it upset some customers.

One mother realised the pig was missing from the set she bought for her daughter’s birthday when she found a pig sty and a button that made oinking noises, but no pig.

Last night, the retailer did a U-turn and agreed to bring back the pigs after disappointed families complained at such a move driven by political correctness.

The angry mother, named only as Caroline, told The Sun newspaper: ‘This is political correctness gone loopy. Surely if someone has an issue with a toy they don’t agree with then they don’t buy it.’


Just how fucking stupid do you have to be to buy this crap? It’s most doubtful there are any muslims who’d be offended by a plastic pig. WTF?  Is anyone going to eat the damn thing, as one Daily Mail commenter asks. And I can not imagine a single Jew anywhere on the planet who’d be offended by a plastic pig and besides, why do so many folks think Jews do not eat pork?  That is NOT TRUE of great many and in fact I’d go so far as to say that the majority of Jews today ignore that old orthodox stricture. But even for those who still don’t partake, can anyone imagine any of them being offended by this toy?
I guess this is what the world is coming to.  Total idiocy.  Sure, the dumb asses at the store did a U-turn.  They shouldn’t have done this in the first place so that u-turn excuses nothing. They’re still stupid!  And so far, the clear winner for the Moonbat of The Year award.

If you have anything dumber then this, I’d sure like to see it. Or maybe I wouldn’t. This stuff is nerve wracking. Give this a thought. There’s millions of kids growing up in this kind of environment and this kind of thing will be very normal to them. And then they grow up knowing nothing else and so .............
Welcome to a new world ... there’s the sign post up ahead ....  A world of moonbats.



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calendar   Wednesday - October 27, 2010

No more beef and cheese: Go vegetarian, by order of Government food police …..

Lets not get overwrought here. Ain’t gonna happen but must say I got a laugh out of it.  Although some are quite serious about this. And naturally I think they’re all batbatbatbat Moonbatty.

No more beef and cheese: Go vegetarian, by order of Government food police

By Sean Poulter

Wholesale changes to the nation’s diet, with a move towards vegetarian food and away from beef and cheese, have been recommended by Government advisers.

A report commissioned by the Food Standards Agency suggests radical changes to what we eat and even how we cook.

These include eating more seasonal produce to reduce transportation and switching to microwave ovens and pressure cookers to use less energy in preparing food.

Out would go beef, cheese, sugary foods and drinks such as tea, coffee and cocoa. In would come vegetables and pulses, together with yogurt.

The FSA says the switch is necessary as part of a move to a diet that is low in greenhouse gases (GHG), which are associated with climate change.

The report, compiled by a team from the University of East Anglia, suggests that schools, hospitals and other public bodies should be expected to lead a change in national behaviour by putting low-GHG food on their menus.

The university was at the centre of allegations last year that it had manipulated climate change data to magnify the problem.

Its report, called Food and Climate Change, will be controversial given that many people may baulk at being told what they should eat in order to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets.

a bit more here


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calendar   Monday - October 25, 2010

museum displays hidden so as not to offend pagans and other sensitives … our wacky world today

bat Well here we go again. It not only never ends, it gets worse. But that won’t surprise anyone.
I think it’s all because we have so much leisure time and so much time to dream up new dizzily stupid things that past generations might have laughed at. And then locked up the people who advanced stupidity.

A few weeks ago I was certain I’d found the Moonbat award for the year, even though the year isn’t finished yet.  I just didn’t think in the short time left, anyone would come up with a higher level of social insanity.  But hey .... leave it to the legions of the politically correct morons who sadly are in charge of things.

Mummy dearest .... why are you hiding?
So as not to offend those more sensitive souls.

Welcome to more of the world of IDIOTS! batbatbat

Hide your mummies! Museum displays of human remains are covered up for fear of offending pagans

By Sarah Harris
Last updated at 7:39 AM on 25th October 2010

Museums are hiding away mummies and human remains for fear of offending pagans and other minority groups, it has been revealed.
They are putting up warning signs, closing previously opened coffins and displaying exhibits in darkened cases.
This is despite the fact that such displays are among the most popular attractions.

The move is designed to give the skeletons and mummies ‘privacy’ and to avoid upsetting faith groups and even some museum staff, according to academic findings.

Research shows how 17 museums have drafted policies on human remains, with most advocating that signs are put up to warn visitors of their presence.
Manchester University Museum’s policy requires consultation before displaying human remains, particularly with what it calls ‘marginalised communities and faith groups’.

At the insistence of a pagan group called Honouring the Ancient Dead, it removed the head of an Iron Age bog body – the skull of Worsley Man, which was found buried near Manchester 50 years ago – from display.

It also covered up the unwrapped mummy of Asru, the partially-wrapped mummy of Khary, and a child mummy with sheets. The three mummies were uncovered only after a public protest.

Meanwhile, the Egypt gallery at Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery has changed its display of Egyptian human remains.
Instead of the previous display of mummies in open coffins, it now exhibits them with half closed lids, which it considers more respectful.

click me for more.

Here’s a comment from the source at the Daily Mail.  Kinda says it all.

More PC insanity, ancient people went to extreme lengths to claim a little slice of immortality utilising mummification and other skills handed down over generations so now PC dimwits and members of other shallow hippy new age ‘religions’ make it so the small story from the past that these ancestors have to tell is ignominiously silenced as they are hidden away at the back of museum storerooms or re-buried.

It seems totally illogical that academics have to listen to people who go around claiming to be witches or druids anyway, these loons would be far too dimwitted to survive in pre-Christian times when the the old belief systems flourished and certainly should not be involved in destroying the archaeological heritage of this or any other country on the basis of half baked, rehashed quasi-religious dogma most likely pieced together from less than accurate Victorian history books and a mish-mash of local folk tales.
- leew, Lancashire


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/25/2010 at 03:10 AM   
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calendar   Sunday - September 26, 2010

moonbat award to:  The London Borough of Barnet ….  this is one for the ages folks …


OK BMEWS ........
Only three months and some days left to the year.  Anything can happen to alter things, but by gosh and by golly this bit of MOONBAT nonsense just has to rate as the dopiest thing of year. 
Unless something even more pc and stupid comes along, and I can’t see it against this, I hereby nominate for MOONBAT of The Year the following jerks.

London Borough of Barnetbat my nominee but I might not have the final word.
If you have a link to a legitimate happening and site that reads dumber after you read this, then send it to us.  But I think this one is hard to beat.

The council has determined in its infinite wisdom, just what is and isn’t funny with regard to MIL jokes.  Here. Take a peek.

Sense of humour failure: Council slaps ban on mother-in-law jokes for being ‘offensively sexist’

By Chris Hastings

Have you heard the one about the council bosses who can’t take a joke?

Mother-in-law jokes, once the bedrock of British comedy, have been banned by the London Borough of Barnet because they are ‘offensively sexist’ and disrespectful to ‘family elders’.

In a council publication, staff are told not to indulge in the gags. 

The booklet, Cultural Awareness: General Problems, warns: ‘Humour can be incredibly culture-specific, and is very open to misinterpretation or even offense [sic] by other cultures. And don’t forget when you don’t know what people are laughing at, it is very easy to imagine that they are laughing at you.’

The guide, obtained by The Mail on Sunday through a Freedom of Information request, adds: ‘British mother-in-law jokes, as well as offensively ­sexist in their own right, can also be seen as offensive on the grounds that they disrespect elders or parents.’

The ban has been greeted with a mixture of anger and bemusement.

Dom Joly, the comedian, broadcaster and author, described the advice as ‘completely insane’.

He said: ‘All comedy is basically about taking the **** out of someone. You either ban it all and end up living in a place like North Korea or you leave well enough alone.’

Mother-in-law jokes have been around since Roman times. Satire VI, written by the Roman Juvenal in the first century AD, states: ‘It is impossible to be happy while one’s mother-in-law is still alive.’

As well as Les Dawson and Bob Monkhouse, the jokes are associated with a string of comedy stars including Peter Kay and Joan Rivers.

In one sketch, American comedienne Ms Rivers tells the audience she has just cremated her mother-in-law. She adds: ‘Perhaps I should have waited until she was dead.’

Les Dawson’s contributions included: ‘I can always tell when the mother-
in-law’s coming to stay  .  .  .  the mice throw themselves on the traps.’

The 12-page guide is used by Barnet in taxpayer-funded equality and diversity sessions for its staff

It also highlights other cultural differences and potential areas of misunderstanding. It says the ‘closed finger and thumb’ gesture, used by Britons to indicate something is good, is offensive to the French as they use the same gesture to signify worthlessness.

Staff are also told that travellers don’t like to bathe in still water and that most Britons would never eat dog or horse, even though they are delicacies elsewhere.

source, the sunday mail

See More Below The Fold


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/26/2010 at 08:16 AM   
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calendar   Friday - September 24, 2010

Tattooed woman ‘told to put bag over head by Jobcentre’.. a major moonbat award?


Or did this slag know she’d never pass muster. Look, I went looking but couldn’t get hired anywhere.  BENEFITS anyone?

How can any sane person honestly looking for work, show up like this?  And if she’s really serious, then it’s true that almost an entire generation have lost the idea of decorum, shame, embarrassment etc. Oh yeah. Common sense too.  Outside of a freak show, who would hire this disgusting creature?

A woman with 30 tattoos claims she was told to ‘’put a bag over her head’’ when she went for a job interview.


Hayley O’Neil, 23, - who also has 20 body piercings - says was also advised to ‘’stand behind a wall’’ when she asked a job centre official what post she could apply for.

She eventually left the Job Centre Plus centre in Blackburn Lancs in tears without any interviews lined up after the advisor concluded: ‘’Who would hire you looking like that?’’

Miss O’Neil, who got her first tattoo from her mother as an 18th birthday present said: ‘’I just felt so humiliated. I couldn’t believe what this guy was saying.

‘’I said I could take the piercings out but they look a lot worse when they are out.”

“The guy said: ‘on first impressions do you think anyone would hire you?’ He said: ‘look at it this way if you were to stand behind a wall - or put a paper bag over your face do you think you would have a better chance?’

“He then backtracked and tried to say that he was sorry and hoped I wasn’t offended but I was.

“He talked to me as though I was just going through a phase in my life, but this is my lifestyle choice, and this is who I am.”

However a spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions denied any inappropriate remarks had been made during the interview, adding “Job Centre Plus offers standard job hunting tips which include dressing appropriately when going for an interview or visiting a potential employer.”



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/24/2010 at 12:15 PM   
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calendar   Friday - March 26, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: North Korea ‘torpedos and sinks’ South Korean navy ship with 104 sailors on board

The nut jobs running things in the starving north and of course that’s means Kim Jong one dong whoever.  Whatcha thinks folks?  War between the two after all these years?  Prolly not. 

But a Moonbat Award to:  Kim Jong-il of N. Korea.  Jerk.



By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 4:23 PM on 26th March 2010

A South Korean naval ship with 104 on board was sinking today after a suspected torpedo attack by North Korea.


The 1,500-tonne vessel is going down near Baengnyeong island, with rescue crews fearing many sailors have died.

In apparent retaliation, the South Korean navy shot at an unidentified ship in the direction of North Korea.

The incident is viewed as a potential flashpoint which could plunge the two countries into all-out conflict.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said that it is not clear what caused the ship to sink. It is believed 59 sailors have been rescued.

South Korea’s government has convened an emergency meeting of security ministers, according to state television.

Authorities say the ship began sinking around 10:45 pm local time (1.45pm GMT) in the Yellow Sea.

The dramatic escalation between the two countries comes after North Korea has warned that it was bolstering its defences in response to joint South Korean-U.S. military drills that were held this month.

North Korea had already threatened ‘unprecedented nuclear strikes’ against its southern neighbour and the U.S over claims they are planning to topple the communist regime.


[ Drew steps in ]

I was just going to post on this one but Peiper beat me to it. Lots of links on the story everywhere.

The Winnipeg Sun is reporting that several of the sailors were killed.

Reuters is saying that the South Koreans are now saying that they are not sure that the North Koreans were involved. Politics!

Wikipedia says this ship, the Cheonan, named for a city in NW South Korea, was a member of the Pohang class of corvettes. Global Security confirms this. The Pohang class ships are about 290 feet long, armed with one or two 76mm guns, 2 30mm or 40mm rapid fire guns, and a small batch of anti-ship missiles. Mainly they are used for coastal patrol and anti-submarine duty.


These are not large ships, but they are still quite a bit bigger than the 165 foot motor gunboats pictured on South Korean television (see Yahoo News link above) and at the Daily Mail link Peiper sourced.

Stay tuned to this story. My guess is it will all blow over, and that the sinking will be attributed to some sort of accident, even though I think it was a mine that did her in.

UPDATE: That didn’t take long! Now the claim is the ship suffered a wardrobe malfunction accidentally set off some explosives onboard. Uh huh, right. Sure. Right off the Nork’s coast. I’m sure they were set off accidentally. By a torpedo or an anti-ship missile accidentally coming through the side of the ship and blowing up. Politics. Probably got a call from Obama who told them “not now dammit!” It’s such an obvious lie.


Posted by peiper   United States  on 03/26/2010 at 11:27 AM   
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