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calendar   Thursday - July 16, 2015

how to screw your country in one easy lesson

Just what this country needs. More vermin from the sewers of the turd world.

It isn’t my country, but I am damn certain there are enough left wing, libtard ass-wipes in the USA with visions of “closer ties” to the EU. That is, even closer than the present.  As for this country, I despair.  I don’t trust the folks who are supposed to be conservatives, I think if the majority of the population is upset and damn well worried, they aren’t making the loudest noises either.  They are not in control of their own country. I greatly fear the UK will remain in the EU after the 2017 referendum, and that folks will really be the nail in the coffin just ready and waiting to be filled.

The sort of migrants trying to get here are mostly filth. They are scum and can contribute nothing of any real value.  They will produce offspring who will generally be no better than their parents, many of whom won’t even be known to them. They will take up the careers and carry on the family traditions of rape and plunder and killing and it’ll all be the white guys fault. Those few whites that are left.
Btw …. London is no longer a white majority population.

Recently I was foolish enough to get into a debate of sorts with a lib. Yeah I know. Should have known better.  An American I’ve known for some time but just never got into these sorts of discussions with. And the thing is, the views expressed are exactly what they say here on this side of the world. 

There’s a young Pakistani girl named Malala who wanted an education and was one of several who were shot by the Taliban a few years ago.  Her claim to fame aside from I think the Peace Prize (?) was getting shot in the head and left for dead.  She somehow survived and was brought to England where she went through multiple operations and was saved.  She’s a bright kid and has become some sort of spokesperson.  Now this shows ya how outta touch even someone like her can be hanging out with libtards.

In a recent address to I don’t know exactly who, some gathering, she was critical of the violence used to combat terrorism as she says what’s needed is books not bullets.

Do I need to add anything here?

Soft EU rules let 265,000 move here: Foreign nationals from outside Europe are getting citizenship elsewhere before using laws to travel to the UK
· 78,000 non-Europeans with EU citizenship employed in Britain in 2004

· By 2015 Oxford University figures show number has risen to 264,000
· Increasing flow could become a back door to Britain, say MigrationWatch

By Ian Drury Home Affairs Correspondent For The Daily Mail

Hundreds of thousands of migrants are taking advantage of soft European Union rules to get jobs in Britain by the back door.
Foreign nationals from outside Europe who would struggle to secure a visa to work in the UK have instead got citizenship elsewhere in the EU.

Under Brussels regulations, they can then move to Britain and apply for employment.

A report has found that the number of EU passport-holders born elsewhere in the world - including Africa, Asia and South America - but now working in the UK had tripled in just a decade.

The University of Oxford’s Migration Observatory found that there were 78,000 non-Europeans with EU citizenship employed in Britain in 2004. But by the beginning of 2015, this had soared to 264,000.

The figures will be another painful blow for David Cameron who had pledged to get tough by reducing net migration – people coming in to the UK minus those leaving – to ‘tens of thousands’ a year only to see it hit nearly 300,000 in May.

Last night Lord Green of Deddington, chairman of MigrationWatch, which campaigns for managed migration, said: ‘It is significant that the numbers have almost trebled in ten years.

‘The issue of passports is the responsibility of the individual EU countries and these passports carry with them the full right to free movement.

‘It follows, therefore, that this increasing flow could become a back door to Britain. This development strengthens the case for finding some means of controlling access to the UK by EU migrants.’

The vast majority of EU citizens who were born outside Europe were given their passports in countries that joined the union before its enlargement to take in former Eastern Bloc nations in 2004.


Oh yeah, just so we’re absolutely clear here.  It isn’t just the blacks alone who are a problem and source of mayhem.  It’s a rather long list but the bottom line is ..... they are here, and many more are on their way.  Everyday.


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calendar   Friday - June 26, 2015

they’re coming and the UK will be worse off. as usual.

I don’t normally do it this way but ....

I thought one little example from the following Littlejohn commentary was worth it.
This little one minute clip should be multiplied times a thousand, because that’s how bad things are.
And some of these miserable vermin are now arming themselves, if reports are to be believed.  And they should be. Look who the authorities must deal with. Savages hardly out of their trees and caves.


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calendar   Thursday - June 25, 2015

one day europa will be known as the 2nd dark continent

The mayor of Calais is fuming angry and blames the Brits ... like they invited the filthy sub- human shits to Europe to begin with.  The mayor says the Brits should move the immigration facilities to Dover. Oh right. We can see that ok. Not.

Meanwhile, the French are building a new and “more humane” detention center on their side, after razing and clearing old migrant camp of boxes and tents.  That’s sure to discourage any more muzzies and ground apes to come.

The Brits aren’t exactly saying get stuffed to the French, but have made their feelings known. Still , nothing will change unless authorities call in army with shoot to kill orders, and rewards for highest monthly score. 

You folks back home may have seen this on the news there. I wouldn’t know. But even if you have, you have no idea how bad things have become.

There are daily reports of the migrant scum armed with pipes and knives and threatening drivers.  So far no reports of injury but ... these shits are definitely trying to get here.

The French have closed off one border thus driving more of the world’s cancer toward this end, right across the channel.

Take a look, still doesn’t say it all.

Sorry I haven’t got the video.  Some weird things happening to this damn old puter. At least, I think the problem is my old Dell.
Anyway .... I can’t embed.

There’s one video there shot from the air.

Queuing at Calais: the British hauliers on frontline against illegal immigrants
The Telegraph rides through the French port of Calais with a British truck driver who faces daily assaults on his vehicle and fears for his life

there’s lots more here, the Telegraph

David Needham knows first hand the struggle French police and border officials face in preventing illegal immigrants from crossing the Channel into Britain.

The experienced British lorry driver runs the gauntlet of desperate gangs daily as he passes through Calais on his route between Kent and Belgium.

An estimated 2,300 people live in squalid camps near the French port just waiting for the opportunity to sneak onto a vehicle such as his.

Mr Needham is one of a growing number of British road hauliers who will not stop in Calais, even to refuel his vehicle, nevermind to rest overnight.

“We all used to park on the seafront and never have any trouble, now you wouldn’t dare to stop in Calais,” he told The Telegraph.


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calendar   Friday - June 19, 2015

not to worry, it’ll get worse and forget about it getting better

Been a crowded week.

It isn’t so much here we go again as ..... here we still are .... with regard to migrants and gypsies and other euro trash but made worse by the flood of migrants from the turd world.  And they are getting more aggressive in France trying hijack trucks and cross into the UK. There are credible reports of the stabbing and beating up of truck drivers as the migrant scum try to avoid detention and get into the rest of Europe and the UK.

Meanwhile ... we are told there will be a referendum on, in or out of the EU in another year, and I have been interested by what I’ve been reading and hearing.  There are ways to put that to a vote I hear, where the stay in the EU crowd will want to word things so yes mean to stay in, not get out.

This island I believe is in for rougher time I fear.  The govt. has refused the EU demand that Britain take in ever more poor and tired and hungry, which includes those with cell phones.

France at the moment has closed off a border to them and Calais has become a war zone. And ....
I heard an interview on the radio this week, with one of the boat ppl pulled out of the water bur not allowed to travel freely. Yet.
His English tho accented was pretty good, and most interesting given that he kept referring to his, human rights. 

This photo is just a part of a London scene, in a park just yards away from Scotland Yard.
No surprise, they are from Romania including a family of 12.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of this country has caught a dressing down from the president of the European Parliament
over comments and speeches by anti EU citizens and lawmakers here.

Depending on who you listen to or read ....


Then on the other hand .....


PM’s reforms driven by lies and hate, blasts EU chief: President insists it’s ‘not possible’ for Britain to change its relationship

· Martin Schulz says there is ‘no chance’ of changing central idea of the EU

· European Parliament President to meet Cameron in Downing Street today

· Ireland has started making contingency plans for it UK leaves the EU

By Daniel Martin, Chief Political Correspondent For The Daily Mail and Matt Chorley, Political Editor for MailOnline

David Cameron’s mission to get powers back from ‎Europe is driven by ‘hatred’ and ‘lies’, the president of the European Parliament said last night.
Hours after meeting the Prime Minister, Martin Schulz said British politicians are feeding on ‘national resentment’ and the ‘scapegoating’ of Romanians and Bulgarians.

Let’s play that back one more time, shall we.

“British politicians are feeding on ‘national resentment’ and the ‘scapegoating’ of Romanians and Bulgarians.”

Ah ,,, revisit the first photo above. Or are they homeless Brits?  Hmmm ... don’t think so.  Whoever they are, lets not scapegoat them.
I think that says volumes about the EU and where they want Europe and the UK to be.  None of it sounds good.

The prime minister‎ has made restricting EU migrants’ access to British welfare payments a key part of that effort.

But his plan received a significant setback last night when Mr Schulz said: ‘There are attempts by people in Europe and also in this country to create new barriers between countries.

‘Stirring a feeling of panic over so-called benefit tourists from Romania and Bulgaria wanting to plunder the social systems of the host countries.’
The German socialist added: ‘Outright lies are told.

‘What makes me sad and angry in all this debate is the undertone of national resentment. Hatred is spread. People are used as scapegoats.’

‎He poured cold water on Mr Cameron’s plans for renegotiation, saying changes in the relationship between Britain and the EU were not ‘possible’.

Mr Schulz said Britain ‘belongs’ to the EU and said there was no prospect of treaty change to rule out ‘ever closer union’ because of near-unanimous opposition in European capitals.


Homeless ‘Romanians’ set up camp complete with double beds and comfy sofas - just metres from Scotland Yard

But lets not scapegoat anyone


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calendar   Saturday - June 06, 2015

just like the plague. they are everywhere

None of this is surprising. 
An earlier headline covering a different story read, Romania is top of the EU fraud league. 

More than a third of probes into alleged corruption involving EU cash centered on Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria.
Romania had 36 investigations opened against it last year, Hungary 13 and Bulgaria 11, according to OLAF, the European Anti-Fraud Office.
Then of course there are the gypos, I call Europe’s cancer.  We have some close friends just up the road, we visit often having what Brits call, coffee morning.
Just friends staying in touch on a fairly regular basis. Anyway, this particular couple travel a lot, and have shared a number of horror stories about travel in Europe, being confronted by gypsies.  An old story. Been going on for years but made worse by the open borders as enacted by the members of the EU. A bad idea made worse by the kind of people you do not want in your country, much less next door to you.

Folks in USA can’t have no idea how bad it can get in some places. No reason why you should know with so much going on at home and other higher concerns re. isis etc.  Just be thankful these creeps haven’t discovered America.  Yet. 

Romanian gang arrested for robbing female tourists at Alicante and Murcia airports and even following holidaymakers back to their accommodation

· Spanish police arrested nine people in connection with robberies at Murcia and Alicante airports
· Subjects had even followed holidaymaker to accommodation to rob them
· Part of a wider programme to catch criminals who prey on tourists
· Travel advice is to stay alert and keep your valuables close

By John Hutchinson for MailOnline

Holidaymakers are being warned to be on their guard after a spate of robberies in Spanish cities and airports popular with tourists.

At the end of last month, Spanish police arrested nine people in connection with a series of robberies at Murcia and Alicante airports.

The group had targeted foreign visitors, with the crimes being committed at the airport and even claims that some travellers have been followed back to their accommodation.

Alicante is a popular summer destination for British tourists, yet they will have to be on their guard following a spate of recent robberies
Spanish news agency Murcia Today report that the nine were Romanian nationals.

The arrests are part of a wider clampdown on stolen goods in the provinces of Almería and Granada and the region of Murcia.

Police officers arrested 20 people in connection with 35 robberies last month, with 13 searches discovering a raft of stolen goods.
Computers, jewellery, cars and money are just some of the items recovered.

A spokesperson for ABTA told MailOnline Travel: ‘We are really pleased to see that the Spanish authorities has brought this group of thieves to justice. Airports can represent rich pickings for thieves as they know that there will be large numbers of people carrying valuables either on their person or in their luggage.

‘People may also be distracted if they’ve arrived in an unfamiliar airport and are trying to find their bearings. So although it is incredibly easy to let your guard down particularly after a long flight, keep alert, place your wallet, passport etc in an inside jacket pocket and keep an eye on your luggage.



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calendar   Monday - June 01, 2015

and they keep coming, with no end in sight.

Don’t be fooled by a headline here and there that may appear reasonable.

Europe is doomed.  Their future has been cancelled.

France and Germany especially and of course this place that ppl continue to forget is an island.

When this place fills up I guess the excess will try and make it to the USA.

Thank heaven for guns in your hands, cos some day folks, I really believe it could come to that.  You think things are bad on the borders over there now?  Hey .... there’s billions in hard cash in people smuggling. That’s one hell of an incentive unless somehow someway you figure a way to stop them.  Without btw allowing the SOBs access to lawyers paid for by you and by not recognizing this “human rights” industry thing.

Just ranting cos I don’t see an end to this.

France and Germany reject EU migrant quota plan and say Italy and Greece need to do more to strengthen their borders

They insist the plan doesn’t take into account ‘efforts already undertaken’

Added that Italy and Greece make it too easy for migrants to enter Europe

European Commission hopes to ease pressure on Italy and Greece

Med countries are struggling to deal with thousands of immigrants arriving

5,000 migrants crossing from Libya saved from the Med in just three days

By Imogen Calderwood For Mailonline

France and Germany have slammed an EU plan to ease migrant pressures in the southern member states, claiming it doesn’t take into account their ‘efforts already undertaken’.

The emergency proposals are designed to relieve Italy and Greece, which are struggling to deal with thousands of immigrants crossing the Mediterranean from Libya.

But the interior ministers of France and Germany released a joint statement today claiming that the proposals are insufficiently ‘balanced’.

Ministers Bernard Cazeneuve and Thomas de Maiziere insisted a better balance between ‘responsibility’ and ‘solidarity’ was needed.

They added that the ‘efforts already undertaken’ by countries to admit asylum seekers should be ‘better taken into account’.


The statement pointed out that nearly three-quarters of asylum applications in the EU are made in five member states – Germany, France, Sweden, Italy and Hungary.

Spain and eastern European states have also expressed concerns.

The European Commission issued the proposal last week, in an attempt to share out the 40,000 Syrian and Eritrean migrants reaching Italy and Greece with other member countries.

But Germany and France, under the current proposal, would take nearly 40 per cent between them.

The statement said: ‘This temporary relocalisation mechanism must be founded on two principles of equal importance: responsibility and solidarity. We believe that the balance between these two principles has not yet been reached in the proposal presented by the Commission.’

The EU plan takes into account a country’s GDP, unemployment figures, population size and past number of asylum-seekers.

Hey .. some of you may get a laff outta this.  Last year sometime, or maybe it was early in this one, the EU changed something with regard to dues paid by member states. Monies based on GDP I believe.
Well ... the EU decided that the UK had to include monies earned by prostitutes in their GDP.

Now how that’s done I have no way of knowing.




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they’re just dyin to get here and I wish more of em would.

Oh F*****g joy.  Like we don’t have enough of these vermin now.

There are 7 pix altogether.  Take a look.

It would soooo easy to simply shoot the bastards. 

Well, ok.  It is not all bad news this day and I must be thankful for the good news..  Which is.

400 more of the sub human insects went to meet Davy Jones. Ha. Good.  There were even photos of upturned boats with a notation that many of those shown are not accounted for.  The bad news tho was that 50 were saved.  Gloom.
Unfortunately, there are thousands who have been rescued and wanna guess where the scum are?

Two dozen UK-bound migrants injured in huge brawl between rival African gangs clashing over routes to access ferries heading for England

The brawl broke out between rival African gangs from Sudan and Eritrea
Clashed over routes used to get on England-bound ferries in port town
Fight also saw weapons used including knives, metal bars and truncheons
Police source said some sustained injuries to their head, chests, and legs

By Peter Allen In Paris for MailOnline

Two dozen UK-bound migrants were seriously injured during a mass fight between rival African gangs in Calais today.

A brawl broke out just before midnight on Sunday as Eritreans and Sudanese fell out over the routes they use to get on to England-bound ferries.

It was still raging in the early hours, as knives, metal bars and wooden truncheons were used by the aggressors.


Two units of CRS riot police rushed to the scene, close to the Jules Ferry Centre, where a vast illegal camp stretches across sand dunes in the French port town.

‘The fighting was extremely serious, with those involved suffering flesh wounds to the head, chest and legs,’ said a police source.

‘Dozens of people were involved in the initial fight, and then smaller ones broke out all over the area.’

Makeshift tents were set on fire during the fighting, leading to many of the migrants - including women and children - to flee in panic.

The source said that people smugglers who organise passages to Britain for cash were present when the brawl first started.

Around 15 people were treated for injuries at the scene, said the source, while some ten more were taken to nearby hospitals.

There was a similar disturbance last Thursday night, after an Eritrean migrant was shot in the leg as he walked along a road near the camp.

The camp near the Jules Ferry Centre has been nicknamed ‘The New Jungle’, after another notorious camp which was razed to the ground in 2009.

The French authorities have pledged to get rid of them all, but as soon as one is destroyed, another takes its place.

Last week it emerged that British lorry drivers are boycotting Calais because they fear ‘somebody will be killed’ by illegal immigrants desperate to get into the UK.

Drivers from Maru International haulage company are avoiding the French port, where thousands have set up make-shift homes since last year.

One lorry driver who uses the cross-channel routes said he is ‘frightened for his life’ by migrants, who he saw breaking into the truck in front of him with a crowbar.

Michael Pearson, a driver for the Yorkshire-based company, said: ‘A group of maybe 20 or 30 people, crowbar in hand, broke the padlock off the truck in front, broke the security seal and opened the doors.



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calendar   Thursday - May 28, 2015

greece invaded by boat migrants as the EU demands britain take in thousands FU-EU

This is not how it’s supposed to be done.

Spent more than an hour going through this post and had my comments etc when .... I hit the wrong button and deleted everything.

Main story saved in Word thankfully.  But ... forgot to click quick save on bmews page.

I read Drews post and the time in early morning he was up.  I was up at the same time. Heck, if we were in the same time zone, I couldda called for a chat. So I’m asleep at the keyboard or I’d have clicked on the bmews quick save, and saved myself over an hour in time.

Anyway .....

Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti has called plans to axe the Human Rights Act the ‘gravest threat to freedom in Britain since the Second World War’.

Gosh. And she speaks such good English too. But at heart?  Why would anyone listen to someone with a name like hers and Cumberbatch?

Sherlock star Cumberbatch said: ‘It’s not for politicians to pick and choose when they [human rights] apply … Repealing it will mean less protection against state abuse or neglect, and weaken the rights of every single one of us – and the vulnerable most of all.’

He’s full of it and as stupid sounding as his name.
And as for that has been Redgrave, further left than Trotsky.
Anti American and all the way left.

Left-wing luvvies were lining up last night to oppose plans to scrap the Human Rights Act – as the full scale of how the reviled law is being used by dangerous convicts to avoid deportation was revealed.
Damning statistics showed the number of foreign offenders – including killers, rapists and paedophiles – on Britain’s streets has spiralled to a record high.
David Cameron will use today’s Queen’s Speech to put forward plans to scrap the Act, introduced by Labour.
That last part … keep in mind it was written yesterday. He didn’t far as I can see, “put forward” any plan.


From the left

The stars lining up to save the hated Human Rights Act have ‘lent their voices’ to the stories of ordinary people, according to the charity behind the campaign.

Luvvies including Benedict Cumberbatch, Vanessa Redgrave, and Four Weddings and a Funeral actor Simon Callow appear in a series of short films for Liberty.

The charity says they will help to highlight those who have ‘held the powerful to account using human rights laws’.
Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti said: ‘These films tell just a few of the stories of our Human Rights Act, giving a voice to some of the most vulnerable people in our country.’

She said that ‘soldiers, journalists, victims of rape, domestic violence and slavery had all found justice’ due to the legislation brought in under Tony Blair.

‘Government plans to scrap the Act play populist games with hard-won freedoms and undermine the United Kingdom at home and abroad,’ she added.

Game of Thrones star Indira Varma, who is also taking part, said: ‘Our Human Rights Act protects every one of us – young or old, wealthy and poor, civilian or soldier.

‘It is a cause for pride and celebration, not a pawn in a dangerous political game. It is ours and no one is taking it from us without a fight.’
One of the films will highlight the case of Jenny Paton, who was spied on by Poole Borough Council using anti-terror laws to check whether she lived in a school catchment area. With the help of Liberty, Mrs Paton used the Human Rights Act to take the council to an Investigatory Powers Tribunal where it was found to have had acted illegally.

10 cases that show they’re so wrong

The Human Rights Act has been used to justify many controversial rulings. IAN DRURY highlights ten of the most extraordinary:

Asylum seeker William Danga was jailed for ten years for raping a 16-year-old girl. The 40-year-old Congolese asylum seeker, who raped and molested two young girls while fighting deportation after his release, and is now serving a 15-year sentence, used the fact he has two children to stay in Britain.

Somali rapist Mustafa Abdullahi was jailed for ten years after holding a knife to a pregnant woman’s throat as he attacked her. He was ordered to be deported but immigration judges refused saying it would breach his family rights. He does not have a wife or children in Britain but his mother and other family members lived here.

KILLER: Iraqi Aso Mohammed Ibrahim left 12-year-old Amy Houston to die ‘like a dog’ under the wheels of his car after knocking her down in 2003 while banned from driving. Twice refused asylum, he was never removed by the Home Office and, after the killing, was allowed to stay in the UK after serving a mere four months in jail because he had fathered two children here, which judges ruled gave him a right to a ‘family life’.

WAR CRIMES SUSPECT: Serb Milan Sarcevic was accused of involvement in the 1991 Vukovar massacre of up to 300 men and women. The wounded Croat victims were beaten, executed and buried in a mass grave. A judge ruled evidence of his involvement was ‘not conclusive’ and did not warrant breaching his ‘strong family life’. The 62-year-old lives on a council estate in south-east London.

Why this guy is listed I’ve no idea. Does being a “suspect” make a person guilty? And if the evidence wasn’t “conclusive” then why is he here?

SEX OFFENDER: For years Mohammed Kendeh escaped removal to Sierra Leone despite convictions for robbery, burglary, arson and assaults on 11 women. An immigration judge ruled in 2007 that as Kendeh, 24, came to Britain aged six, and had almost no family in West Africa, he had effectively become ‘one of us’.

A Libyan convicted of 78 offences escaped deportation last month on the grounds he is an alcoholic. The 53-year-old man, who is protected by an anonymity order, successfully argued he would be tortured and imprisoned by the authorities in his homeland because drinking alcohol is illegal. He is now free to continue his drink-fuelled offending spree in Britain.

RAPIST: Akindoyin Akinshipe escaped deportation in September 2011 after judges said he had a right to a ‘private life’ in the UK. He was due to be sent to Nigeria after losing a series of appeals in Britain over his jailing for an attack on a girl of 13 when he was 15. But Strasbourg overruled, despite him not having a long-term partner or children in the UK.

FANATIC: In 1996, Strasbourg ruled over Karamjit Chahal, a separatist who was wanted for sedition in India. He argued that, even if somebody posed a grave threat to national security, they could not be sent back to a country where they might be ill treated. Since then, thousands of convicts and fanatics have been able to stay on these grounds.

A Bangladeshi woman jailed for five years for stabbing her baby daughter with a kitchen knife in East London in 2009 won the right to stay in Britain so she could rebuild her relationship with the child.

Wayne Bishop, 33, from Clifton, Nottinghamshire, was let out of prison in May 2011 after just one month of an eight-month sentence so he could look after his five children on the grounds their rights were more important than those of his victims.

Now that’s just 10 as published in the paper yesterday.  There are further examples in today’s paper.

Ministers reject criticism that they are doing away with human rights. A source said: ‘The cause of human rights has been undermined in the last few years because of the Human Rights Act and some of the absurd judgments coming out of it … We want to restore credibility and ensure that human rights are no longer open to abuse.’

A British Bill of Rights would allow the UK to ignore verdicts by Euro judges and give our Supreme Court the final say, as well as making it easier to throw out foreigners convicted of the most serious crimes.

Tory MP Peter Bone said: ‘If people come to this country and do something so bad they get put in prison, then they should be deported as soon as they finish their sentence … Too many foreign criminals are making bogus and spurious use of family ties to get out of being deported by citing human rights laws.

‘We should get the proper balance back where the rights of the public to be protected override those of the criminal.’ Peter Cuthbertson, of the Centre for Crime Prevention think-tank, said: ‘These figures illustrate perfectly why the Government is right to begin long overdue reform of our human rights laws.

‘Every year more and more of the most contemptible foreign thugs are abusing badly drafted legal principles to win the right to stay in Britain.’

And on the subject of immigrants and refugees etc.
I have over the last few months shared the sorry news about Italy being flooded and overwhelmed with boat life forms. Some may even be human.
Well, now it’s the turn of Greece, as thousands are reported to be landing on those folks. Be interesting to see what the govt. there, which is left wing, does about it.



Britain is under pressure from the EU to accept thousands of asylum seekers who have been forced from their homes by war and persecution.
Brussels has urged the Government to take some of the 20,000 people from Africa and the Middle East who the United Nations say urgently need international protection. These refugees are currently based outside Europe.
Under the one-off ‘resettlement plan’, the UK has been asked to house 2,309 asylum seekers – more than a tenth of the total. However, as the two-year scheme is voluntary, Britain is set to opt out – declining to have migration levels determined by Brussels.
Meanwhile, the EU has also asked nations to take in 40,000 migrants from Syria and Eritrea who have made the treacherous trip across the Mediterranean.


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calendar   Sunday - May 17, 2015

white folks burden, until no more white folks left

Well duh. Now isn’t this a surprise. Whodda thunk it?

1800 “feared”? dead.  I don’t fear that.  I’m sorry it isn’t all of them. 
What I fear is what they will do to the countries they will infest. 

The future looks bleak and frankly I do not see the white man becoming the black man’s burden.

btw .... I’ve looked really close but fail to see any humans in this photo. Therefore, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Just sink them. Problem solved.

Islamic State militants ‘smuggled to Europe’

· 5 hours ago
· From BBC


Islamic State (IS) fighters are being smuggled into Europe by gangs in the Mediterranean, an adviser to the Libyan government has told the BBC.

Abdul Basit Haroun said smugglers were hiding IS militants on boats filled with migrants.

Officials in Italy and Egypt have previously warned that IS militants could reach Europe by migrant boat.

However, experts have cautioned that it is very difficult to verify or assess such claims.

Mr Haroun based his claim on conversations with smugglers in parts of North Africa controlled by the militants.

He alleged that IS was allowing the boat owners to continue their operations in exchange for half of their income.

About 60,000 people are estimated to have tried to cross the Mediterranean this year, fleeing conflict and poverty. Since the 2011 uprising, Libya has been without a stable government, and the chaos has allowed trafficking networks there to thrive.

In an interview with BBC Radio 5 live Investigates, Mr Haroun said IS used the boats “for their people who they want to send to Europe, as the European police don’t know who is from IS and who is a normal refugee or not”.

These militants often sat separately from the other migrants, he said.

Earlier this year, the EU’s border control agency, Frontex, warned that it was “possible” that foreign fighters were using irregular migration routes to get into Europe.

Egypt’s ambassador to the UK has warned of “boats full of terrorists” if the international community does not act, while the Italian government has expressed fears of militants infiltrating the boats, while emphasising that the boats are a humanitarian crisis.

However, experts have cautioned that both countries have an interest in influencing the international response to the Libya crisis, and that it is difficult to verify the threat without evidence.

Migrants in numbers
· More than 1,800 people are feared to have died crossing the Mediterranean in 2015 so far - a 20-fold increase on the same period in 2014
· At least 218,000 reached Europe by the Mediterranean Sea in 2014, and about 60,000 have this year so far
· Italy received more than 170,000 of the 2014 arrivals, large numbers of which were from Syria and Eritrea
Source: The UN refugee agency; International Organization for Migration


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 05/17/2015 at 09:24 AM   
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calendar   Saturday - May 16, 2015

as hard to be rid of as cockroaches. oh ,,,, wait.  yup, roaches and other insects

One of so many cases just like this.  It never ends. And the civil right groups and their mouthpieces add to the state of affairs.
It can only grow ..... the public will become angrier but be helpless to do anything, because to even use the ‘N’ word, much less rightly lynch scum like this, also open them up to charges of hate crimes and hate speech.
May as well toss hate thoughts into the mix as well.  That’ll be next.

Somali rapist who should have been deported after being jailed for brutal gang rape in 2007 was allowed to stay in UK and became a drug dealer while claiming benefits

Abdulmajid Al-Amodi jailed for eight years in 2007 for raping 17-year-old

He was told by judge at the time he would be deported after he left jail

But he was freed after four years only to live on benefits and deal drugs

Home Office has refused to say why he wasn’t deported after sentence

By Amanda Williams for MailOnline

A Somali sex attacker who should have been deported after serving his sentence for a brutal gang rape was instead set free to become a drug dealer.

In 2007 Abdulmajid Al-Amodi, 26, was jailed for eight years after he was convicted of a gang rape of a 17-year-old student.

At the time, the court heard he was filmed, laughing making jokes about ‘roasting pork’ in a 50 second clip.

He was told by a judge he had behaved like an animal and his student immigration status in Britain should be revoked and that he would be deported.

Instead he was released after four years in prison and moved back to Hull – where he originally raped the teenager - where he became a crack cocaine dealer while claiming £140 benefits every two weeks.

However, Al-Amodi, from Hull, was back behind bars today after being found guilty of possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

He was told by a judge he should be deported again.

His family say they will fight the second deportation. The Home Office say they ‘are committed to deporting this individual’ – but only at the end of his sentence.

In the latest hearing a jury of five women and seven men took less than an hour to find Al-Amodi guilty of dealing drugs after a three-day trial at Hull Crown Court.

Sentencing Al-Amodi to two and a half years in prison Judge Mark Bury said the sentence meant he would be considered for deportation again: ‘You have been convicted on overwhelming evidence of street dealing.

‘Maybe you were drug running for someone. Your previous conviction is only relevant in as much as you fought a trial and the jury did not believe you then, as they do not now.

‘I make no assumptions about your national status. As far as I am aware you are Somalian national who was recommended for deportation in 2007.

‘Whether or not you were given British Citizenship after that I do not know. If you have citizenship then the under the provisions of the new UK Border Act you will now be considered for deportation.’

Crown barrister David Hall said he did not believe Al-Amodi was ever given British citizenship. He said he could not account for how he had slipped through the net and not sent back to Somalia.

The jury in the latest trial heard Al-Amodi was watched by two undercover police officer making three street deals in Waterloo Street, Hull before they moved in to arrest him on August 14 2014.

Outside court Almodi’s elder brother was anxious to find out where he would be sent to prison. He said his brother had not been granted full citizenship because he had not passed the written test. He said he had not been deported.

‘We left Somalia because of the violence there.

‘He cannot go back.

‘He has a girlfriend and a young daughter here. He will fight deportation.’

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘Foreign nationals who commit crimes in the UK should be in no doubt of our determination to deport them – we have removed more than 23,000 since 2010.

‘The Home office remains committed to deporting this individual from the UK.’

He said ‘Non-EU nationals who are jailed for 12-months or more are routinely considered for deportation at the end of their sentence.

Almodi’s older brother Mahasmoud Abi Al-Almudi, 27, was recommended for deportation in 2006 by the same judge after being convicted of attempted rape. He too remains in the UK.

So then ...... the brother as well?  Hmmmm

Is the disgusting stereotypical behavior a result of a genetic predisposition to behaving like savages?
Dr. Jeff


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 05/16/2015 at 01:08 PM   
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calendar   Thursday - May 14, 2015

german patriots labeled terrorists and nazis. some no doubt are, but that’s hard to avoid

Patriots trying to save their country, automatically labeled Nazis and terrorists themselves. That’s how I see it anyway.
OK, I concede some go a tad over the top. But after reading and seeing what I do here for so damn long, I’m less willing to accept they are all Nazis or neo Nazis or whatever else the left and the ppl in power call them.  There is a damn good reason for their hate and frustration, but the soft hearted bleeding hearts and German hating Germans just have to tag them as thugs and gangsters.
No doubt there are some of those in the crowd.  In the same way the people who want to demonstrate against something in government are infiltrated by thugs of the left, as in last weeks attack at the PM’s residence here where a number of police were injured by them. Unfortunately not one on the lefty shits was injured.  So no. I do not see the attacks by Germans who care about where their country is headed, as terrorists or Nazis.
I hope tho that in time, they will become better organized and try to keep out the ppl who will join simply to cause mayhem with no regard for their country.  And if a few hundred refugees from Africa and a few hundred more muzzies end up dead in a ditch, oh well. Yawn. Maybe fewer will make Germany their destination in future.

H/T ‘E’ Expatica


Four arrested in German raids on anti-Muslim ‘terror’ group

German police arrested four people Wednesday accused of belonging to a far-right “terror” organisation that acquired explosives for attacks on Muslims and refugee homes, federal prosecutors said.

The early-morning swoops in five states occurred with the country already on edge after authorities last week said they foiled a planned Islamist attack by a German-Turkish couple armed with a pipe bomb and other weapons.

They also came amid a rise in attacks on lodgings for asylum seekers as Germany takes in record numbers of people fleeing conflicts in the Middle East and Africa.

The raids turned up “pyrotechnics with large explosive power” that investigators believe were intended for use in attacks, said the federal prosecutor’s office in the southwestern city of Karlsruhe.

“To what extent the suspects had set targets or dates for attacks will be the subject of further investigation,” it said in a statement.

The four suspects, three men and a 22-year-old woman identified only as Denise Vanessa G., are accused of starting a “far-right terrorist organisation” called Oldschool Society with a larger group of people last November.

News website Spiegel Online said the group had an emblem featuring a tank, Germanic runes popular in the neo-Nazi scene, and two skulls with the slogan: “One bullet is not enough”.

Two of the accused, named as 56-year-old Andreas H. and Markus W., 39, are believed to be the ringleaders, using the titles “president” and “vice president”.

The fourth suspect was listed as 47-year-old Olaf O. All are German citizens, prosecutors said.

“According to the findings to date, the aim of the organisation was to mount in smaller groups attacks on well-known Salafists, mosques and hostels for asylum seekers in Germany,” prosecutors said.

In the case last week, the male suspect captured near Frankfurt had contact with the ultra-conservative Islamic Salafist community. Investigators believe the man and his wife had aimed to attack a professional bicycle race in the area, which was cancelled as a precaution after the arrests.

- Neo-Nazi violence -

The four far-right suspects were arrested based on warrants issued Tuesday by a federal judge on charges of founding a terrorist organisation.

About 250 officers from special units of police forces in five states and the federal police searched the homes of the four accused as well as those of five other suspects.

The investigation was launched based on information gleaned by agents from Germany’s domestic security watchdog, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the prosecutors said.

German investigators have been on high alert for violent far-right groups since it emerged in 2011 that a neo-Nazi cell calling itself National Socialist Underground allegedly gunned down 10 people, mainly Turkish immigrants, between 2000 and 2007.

Meanwhile violence against refugee shelters is on the rise.

Two German non-governmental organisations, Amadeu Antonio Foundation and Pro Asyl, said in a recent report that 25 such homes have been attacked since the start of the year including three with firebombings.

Activists blame the rise in attacks in part on anti-migrant sentiment whipped up by groups such as the high-profile movement PEGIDA, “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident”, which organised a series of weekly marches that drew thousands of participants and intense media coverage.

Last year, asylum requests to Germany rose 60 percent to more than 200,000, leaving many communities scrambling to house the newcomers in old schools, public buildings, mobile homes and army barracks.

Overseas Development Minister Gerd Mueller said Tuesday the number could reach up to 400,000 this year.

The EU is demanding that Britain join in taking a quota of the boat darkies arriving daily.  Hells bells, there’s enough of the wire haired roaches sneaking in here daily anyway. And some with criminal records.  England is refusing to do so under the newly elected conservative govt.  Which as you will imagine is bring down on their heads all the vile accusations the left can dream up.  Ignoring that they, the left, were defeated in last week’s election.
To make matters even worse on the immigration front.  There have been a few killings done by criminals from Eastern Europe, who came here legally.
The catch is, the police in their home countries never shared any info about them or warned of their record.  One guy served just a few years for murdering his wife and was let free. So .... here he comes with no record of that and rapes and kills a young girl. And that’s just one story lately of quite a few of like manner.  People don’t have a sense that their country is theirs anymore, and their borders are wide open.  It’s a feeling that the word borders in this case might be more properly spelled as .... boarders!

How’s this for a laugh? NOT.
The Brits are training some Iraqi troops (it could have been libyans) I can’t remember but it happened recently.
Anyway ... a few of these guys are out after hours in town where ever the training is going on, and they raped a guy.
Really.  I think the Brits may have closed the facility now. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 05/14/2015 at 09:39 AM   
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calendar   Friday - April 24, 2015

un big shot critical of how brit press writes regarding immigration, calls for censorship

Well now, so now the UN is in the business of telling civilians what to say and not say. And btw … if you take a look at most of the so called migrants who are all in total, illegal , ‘cockroaches’ is apt.

On the subject of sub human like life forms, who I am happy to learn 900 of which are now with Davy Jones, the left wing Labour Party here is blaming those deaths on the conservatives and specifically on the Prime Minister.

Anyway …. While I don’t know who this Katie is, three cheers for saying out loud what many think but are afraid to say openly.
The press, even the conservative press, continues to describe the drownings as a tragic event.  Bullshit.

They should be cause for wild and exuberant celebration. 

Katie Hopkins is criticised by the UNITED NATIONS for ‘reflecting a nasty underbelly of racism’ after calling migrants ‘cockroaches’

· UN High Commissioner for Human Rights condemned Katie Hopkins’
· Zeid Ra’ad Al Husein urged Britain to crack down on ‘inciting racial hatred’
· Compared Hopkins’ ‘cockroaches’ comment to language employed by Rwandan media outlets in the run-up to the 1994 genocide
· He also likened her words to Nazi propaganda during the 1930s

By John Hall for MailOnline

The UN’s rights chief has urged Britain to crack down on tabloid newspapers inciting racial hatred after a columnist for The Sun called migrants ‘cockroaches’.
In a hard-hitting statement, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Husein said Katie Hopkins had used language similar to that employed by some Rwandan media outlets in the run-up to the 1994 genocide, and by the Nazis in the 1930s.
He said the April 17 article in the newspaper was reflective of a ‘nasty underbelly of racism that is characterising the migration debate in an increasing number of EU countries’.


I really resent it and don’t think white folks should be ordered around or told what to say by anyone with a name like Zeid Ra’ad Al Husein, or any combination thereof.  His demand that the UK crack down on the press as they most likely do in his country, his comment regarding inciting race hatred is way off the mark.  That hatred is brought upon by the maggots flooding Europe and the UK to a point where folks born and raised here are being told how to act and speak regarding immigration. Most no longer even recognise their own country.

Here’s a prediction bmews readers.  In another thousand years and maybe less, one of your descendents will say to their kid,
Jayvon Mustaffa, did you know that way back in time one of our ancestors was white?

And finally, it’s reported today that Italy has announced they expect 5,000 a week. Think about that.

Oh yeah, maybe you haven’t heard it yet.
Although the numbers are not as large in the USA with would be fighters getting to Syria to join up with ISIS, the largest number are made up of Somalis living in America. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 04/24/2015 at 01:27 PM   
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calendar   Thursday - April 16, 2015


Good grief Charlie Brown.

From last Tues to Friday alone, 7,000 illegal migrant invaders of Europa were stupidly saved by various ship nationals.  The Italians had already given up, as I understand things, on the wholesale deployment of their small navy and coast guard. The Greeks said today they “Can not cope” after the influx had tripled.

The only good news to come out of all of this, is that some 400 more invaders drowned in leaky boats in rough seas. Good.  The pity is it could not be the 7,000 newest arrivals to darken, in more ways than one, what once was a superior culture.

Lets not kid ourselves.  Most of these invaders, and lets not call em anything else, are not skilled labour. 
And very soon, they’ll be coming to a neighbourhood near you. And maybe next door. 
Even the EU now openly say that “migrants have become a flood”.

The Greeks have appealed to the EU for help in handling the invasion of these unwanted, unwashed lice carrying filth.
What a switch.
What the hell did the Greek do when Italy invaded their country?  Didn’t they kick ass until the Italians had to request the help of superior soldiers and commanders? And even then, the Greeks fought the Germans too. 

The Greek (and Italians) do not need NATO or EU help.  What’s wrong with these people that they just refuse to defend to the death their countries?
I mean the death of those invading them.
Napalm, poison gas, machine guns, cannon.
Any of the above or a combination of all, will not stem the tide.

It will stop it dead in it’s unwashed, unwanted tracks. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 04/16/2015 at 07:26 AM   
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calendar   Monday - April 06, 2015


There was some pretty bad news for Europe and by extension Italy and here in the UK especially.

1500 migrants were saved from the sea by the Italian navy in less than 24 hours.  bad news for Europe
I would think their navy, not having seen any action since the last great European war, would have, should have, seen an opportunity for much needed gunnery practice.  Italy can not continue to absorb the numbers, Italians by and large don’t want this alien sub culture among them, except of course the left.  And let us not be blind here. Many of those will end up in the UK. 
I rejoice when the vermin go glub-glub and meet Davy Jones, and sulk when any are saved. There are literally thousands of them in France and Italy and, although you don’t hear about it as often, Greece.  And the Greeks have had it and are they say, going to release some 3500 migrants now being held in detention centers.  I hadn’t realized before because France and Italy were getting so much attention, that the Greek coast is a major drop off point for illegals trying to enter Europe.

One thing those entering Greece or France or Italy ..... they are all aware of their ..... civil and human rights.  And it’s the obligation of the countries they invade, to provide for them. Food, shelter, clothing, medical help ......  It’s their right after all.
Things is, it doesn’t seem to occur to these folks that, nobody asked them to come. They were not invited. They are not guests. 

Greece plan to release 3,500 immigrants from asylum centres sets it on a collision course with Europe


Inside the barbed wire and fences at the Amygdaleza camp, undocumented migrants of all ages wander around the yard, tending to clothes hanging to dry outside shipping containers.

The Athens detention centre, at the foot of Mount Parnitha’s lush fir forest and a few minutes’ drive from the country’s oldest casino, is among seven migrant centres across Greece. Its occupants are among about 3,500 detainees who will be released from the camps if Greece’s new anti-austerity rulers make good on their promises.

For people like Bilal Hussein, it cannot come too soon. He was held in various detention centres in Greece, including the now notorious Amygdaleza. “It was horrible,” he recalls.

When the 34-year-old was released at the end of last month in the northern town of Xanthi, he was still wearing his summer clothes from the time he was arrested last year. “It was cold but we had nothing to wear, only a T-shirt and trousers – not even socks.”

Mr Hussein fled his home town of Sialkot in Pakistan nine years ago. He had begun a relationship with a woman whose family were outraged that they were not married. His girlfriend was murdered by her own family. He fled and sought sanctuary in Europe. But life in Greece, he said, has been “worse”. He says he watched many inmates die from illnesses because of neglect and the lack of any healthcare at Amygdaleza.

“The [camp] was very dirty. If anyone got sick, no one cared – we’d get beaten up when we asked for a doctor,” he tells The Independent. Other migrants also talk of widespread physical abuse in Greece’s detention centres. For years, Athens has repeatedly been condemned for the treatment of migrants by the European Court of Human Rights.

“There is a huge change in our government policy,” Tasia Christodoulopoulou, the Immigration Minister, tells The Independent. “We want to bridge the chasm between safety and freedom.”

But her opinion is not widely welcomed in a country that has become one of the main gateways into Europe for hundreds of thousands of migrants from North Africa and Asia, especially Syrians.

The Athens Mayor George Kaminis said: “We do not agree with this procedure, where hundreds of people are transported downtown [in Athens] without any concern about where they’ll stay, eat, or survive.” Ms Christodoulopoulou says that she’s started a debate in Europe, urging other countries to start taking on a greater share of responsibility for the unprecedented rate of migration. Greece’s stretched resources, infrastructure and bureaucracy means many applications are stymied. And refugees are denied their rights while Greece is flooded with asylum-seekers it cannot handle.



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