Death once had a near-Sarah Palin experience.

calendar   Tuesday - October 05, 2010

coming to a neighborhood near you? or maybe your neighborhood.

I have no way I can find to embed this.  I guess they don’t allow it. Never mind.  Check out this link. Scary stuff.

Heaven help America should things get this far back home. 

I wish the French much luck.  The Germans?  I don’t know. They may have become quitters over this. We do not hear much from them on the subject.

H/T Jim Miller


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calendar   Monday - September 27, 2010

French MEP Rachida Dati confuses oral sex with inflation.

I thought I should leave tonight with this very funny article.
No comments from me, taking my inconsequential cold bug to bed.

I can imagine what some of the comments on this might be.  Lets try and not be too gross. 

Ooh la la! Embarrassing faux pas for French MEP Rachida Dati as she confuses oral sex with inflation

By Peter Allen

Glamorous French politician Rachida Dati has been forced to issue a public apology after confusing oral sex with inflation.

The 44-year-old former justice minister and MEP is frequently nicknamed ‘Rachida Barbie’ because of her poor understanding of complicated political issues.

But nobody expected her extraordinary mistake on the national Europe 1 radio station on Sunday.

Asked about overseas investment funds profiteering during a period of economic uncertainty, she said:  ‘I see some of them looking for returns of 20 or 25 per cent, at a time when fellatio is almost non-existent.’

In French, fellatio – a sex act performed on a man – is ‘fellation’, which sounds a bit like inflation, which is the same word in French and English.

Apologising for the hugely embarrassing slip on her Facebook site, Miss Dati said: ‘This kind of thing happens if you speak too quickly on this kind of programme.’

The single mother of one added : ‘It is unfortunate that this is the only political message that has been received on such a serious subject.’

Miss Dati was fired from President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government last year because of her inability to do her job properly, and her frivolous nature.

She frequently appeared on the cover of magazines in designer dresses and stirred up speculation about the mystery father of her baby daughter to the extent that some still think it might be Mr Sarkozy himself.

Miss Dati was a love rival of Mr Sarkozy’s third wife, Carla Bruni, for many months as both battled for a place in the Elysee Palace bed chamber.



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calendar   Sunday - September 19, 2010

I don’t believe there’s any truth to the headline. But I couldn’t resist the photo. See why ..

Carla Bruni’s rivalry with Michelle Obama has damaged US relations with France

French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife Carla Bruni’s alleged rivalry with Michelle Obama has strained relations between the French and US presidential couples.

by Our Foreign Staff

The author of “Carla: A Secret Life” - a biography chronicling her transformation from an allegedly tempestuous man-eater into an apparent model spouse - suggests Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has become something of a political liability for her husband.

Besma Lahouri says Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy’s image of distant, well-heeled perfection has kept her at arm’s length from the French people.

At a time when the conservative president’s popularity has plummeted, and he is being criticised for raising the retirement age and cracking down on Eastern European Gypsy immigrants, having a more accessible first lady might soften his image, she said.

“The French don’t know their first lady, and her worries seem to them very far removed from their own,”

Well heck, I couldn’t run this photo on it’s own. Could I?  Or maybe I could.  ? 
This new book on Carla Bruni has been written by someone who never spoke to her, but I wouldn’t be too surprised to find a bit of truth in most of it.
However .... here’s the one line in the article that induced me to post this, aside from the photo.  Which just had to be done here.

Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy’s obsessions have shifted away from rock stars to women she perceives as rivals.  Her husband’s second wife, and Mrs Obama, described in the book as “the only one in (Carla’s) eyes able to challenge her for the title of the world’s sexiest and most glamorous first lady.”



Now lets be fair guys .... Mrs O. though many may not like her, would have approved of her had she married and been herself a conservative.  I mean folks, she isn’t ugly just because some don’t approve of her. BUT .... holy cow.  If the person who wrote the book thinks that she is a challenge for a title nobody has to my knowledge been in competition for, what does that say about the book.  If Mrs.O. is All That, what does it say about whoever else may be a first lady in other countries?  Mrs. Obama, world’s sexiest? Most glamorous?  Whoa.  I for one do not think so. But that’s just me.  And a fair number here I know.


Call me silly if you must, that’s okay. But I really seriously doubt that the woman pictured above has much to worry about from Mrs. Obama in the looks dept.
In fact, she doesn’t have anything to worry about and I very much doubt that she gives it any thought.
But it sell newspapers. And books.


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calendar   Saturday - September 18, 2010

braindead left just doesn’t seem to understand the difference between legal and not legal ..

Closer to the truth is, they don’t want to understand.  Those jerks have an agenda all their own and heaven help the countries where they hold the reins of power.  And if not outright power, then undo influence.  And anyone who doesn’t believe the left in the USA has way too much influence, well that person must be asleep and been so for years.  We have the same idiots at home as they do here.  There is no difference between them.

Since here is where I live however, here is what I report on.  Should anyone not like that, my kindest advise would be to go somewhere else. 

There is a program on the radio every week that sometimes annoys me but I listen because from time to time there are some interesting tid-bits to be found.
Because they so often have politicians on and because some of them are lefties, naturally I see red.  The program is called, Any Questions, where various questions are asked of a panel on subjects in the news that week.  The moderator is often the worst part of the program because he keeps interrupting someone he puts a question to, almost as soon as they start an answer.  Well, last night one of the questions asked was if the panel thought that President Sarkozy was right in expelling Gypsies.

There were four ppl on that panel and only one of them got it right.  Hearing the so obviously wrong headed answers from some of them helped me to understand why this country is in so much trouble.  Not one of the three who thought France wrong, not one, mentioned ILLEGALS.  Not one of the stumbling, blithering left wing idiots mentioned illegal camps or crime. Only the fourth member , and surprise, a conservative I do believe, mentioned the legal vs illegal and the camps set up that were clearly illegal.  Only he pointed out the glaring error of the EU commie-sar in comparing Sarkozy’s program with Nazis.  And only he pointed out that the Nazis didn’t pay their deportees.  They killed them. But the brain dead leftists on the panel took no note.  So I was happy to see this brief editorial piece from one of my favorite conservatives here.  Simon Heffer.  Who had this to say in far fewer words then I.

Simon Heffer

Saturday Telegraph

On the subject of tolerance, I start to feel sorry for poor old Sarko, being lambasted by the EU for his popular policy (69 per cent of the French support it) of expelling illegal immigrants who happen to be Roma gipsies.

For years, a visitor to Paris leaving the Eurostar terminal has faced the choice of running the gauntlet of Roma muggers at Gare du Nord in heading for the taxi rank, or braving their gangs of organised pickpockets on the Metro. What is gained by pretending this isn’t happening?

I know Sarko is desperate for ways to improve his standing, but enforcing the law on immigration and dealing with pernicious street crime by paying often criminal illegals to go home seems a remarkably sensible and humane way of governing.

Of course, a more sensible way and a more permanent one would be to shoot the bastards. One final thought on the subject.
France is being accused of singling out Gypsies and focusing on that ethnic group.  Well, as it happens that group is the one that has flooded France and been setting up illegal camps.  The left doesn’t want to recognize that fact. 


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calendar   Thursday - September 16, 2010

sarkizy strikes again … vive la france … vive le sarkozy …


A hundred cheers for President Sarkozy of France for hitting back and telling his EU critic to take the gypsies to her country if she doesn’t approve of France deporting the scum.
You have to like this guy, the fact aside he likes Americans.  Even if that weren’t true, I’d have to be in his corner.
How many of us have said the same with regard to the libs always moaning about the homeless being uncared for by conservative politics. And the same for race every time a conservative moans about some dead beat criminal getting off lightly.  Don’t we say, ok. Take em all to your house if you feel so warm and fuzzy about the subject.

Well how often has a major politician in office as a head of state told a foreigner to stuff it.  Not in those words. He told European Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding, who has threatened fines against France, to take the gypsies to her country.  Good for him. 
She is another asswipe bleeding heart libtard who makes the claim that France today is acting Nazi-like.  Forgetting of course that the Nazis didn’t pay their victims cash to leave and return to home countries.  They invaded those countries too.

Oh ... now the damn pope is into the Nazi act too but on a very different subject.  He’s likening Britain to the Nazis because there are so many atheists here.
Guy has his head in the clouds I swear he does.  But that’s the thing.  Every time things happen or people speak where liberals are made unhappy, it’s always the Nazi thing.  Hitler would be very pleased to know that after all this time, the world is Nazi.  Hey, if you listen to the left, it is. And naturally, popey dear is upset with France too, making essentially the same charge.  If he’s so damned concerned, why doesn’t he offer asylum to all the gypos of Europe. Come to Vatican my children.  Be my guest. Pillage and plunder. 

Kudos again to President Sarkozy.  Man of the hour for saying out loud what many think and believe.  And the ONLY head of state to do that.

France hits back at EU after accusations Sarkozy government acted ‘like Nazis’ in treatment of Gypsies

By Colin Randall

France has responded furiously to European Union criticism which linked its treatment of gypsies to the Nazi era.

President Nicolas Sarkozy’s office chose strong diplomatic language to denounce European Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding’s claim that France had broken EU law and should face legal action.

Up to 1,000 Roma gypsies have been deported from France in recent weeks, mostly to Romania and Bulgaria. Critics say the expulsions are racially motivated.

Mrs Reding said she was concerned about ethnic targeting and the possible return of the ‘darkness’ of Europe’s past. ‘This is a situation I had thought Europe would not have to witness again after the Second World War,’ she added.

On the eve of today’s EU summit in Brussels, Mr Sarkozy’s spokesman Luc Chatel said: ‘It is unacceptable to compare the situation today with a tragic period in our history. I fear that such positions will only widen the gap between the French people and the European institutions.’

France’s European affairs minister Pierre Lellouche angrily rejected the comparison, saying: ‘A plane ticket back to the European Union country of origin is not the same thing as death trains and the gas chambers.

‘I cannot let Mrs Reding say that France in 2010, in its handling of the Roma issue, is the same as Vichy France.’

Mr Sarkozy caused further offence to Mrs Reding by saying her native Luxembourg should welcome the Roma travellers.

A Luxembourg diplomat said the suggestion, made by the president during an Elysee lunch for French senators, was ‘malevolent’.

France has been rounding up Roma migrants in up to 100 illegal, makeshift camps and offering them £250 per person to return to their country of origin – and an extra £2,500 for anyone able to produce a viable business plan.

Worried by poor ratings in the opinion polls, Mr Sarkozy has deliberately linked his campaign on the Roma migrants to a general drive on security.

But he has run into fierce opposition from human rights lobbyists and the Catholic Church.


See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Monday - August 30, 2010

ok so … a couple of scum break into house, man in house opens fire , so he’s a racist.  WTF???

Frenchman in the news.  I guess the folks over there can have guns.  Now we’ll see if they’re allowed to defend themselves.  After all, it isn’t at all as though he shot anything valuable. Like a real person.  Just a couple of itinerant would be thieving traveling burglars. 

Gun-toting grandfather becomes face of racism row


WHEN Rene Galinier pulled the trigger on his old hunting rifle, he said he was acting to defend his home. Two young eastern European women had broken into his house while he was taking a siesta, and when the startled 73-year-old woke up, he shot and wounded them both.
Since Mr Galinier fired at the intruders, reverberations have been felt far beyond the four walls of his modest bungalow in a village in south-west France.

The case of “Papy” Galinier has become a cause celebre thanks to the bitter debate caused by President Nicolas Sarkozy’s recent crackdown on the Roma community in France, which has seen itinerant camps demolished and hundreds of Roma returned to eastern Europe.

On one side stand those who have condemned the expulsions as redolent of Nazi Germany - on the other are those who say Mr Sarkozy has not gone far enough. In the middle of the political maelstrom sits Mr Galinier who is in a local prison cell, charged with attempted manslaughter and denied bail pending trial.
“He was a good man, who had been pushed too far,” said 85-year- old Edouard Martin, a retired policeman and fellow resident of Mr Galinier’s village, Nissan-lez-Enserunes. “People here are scared of the foreigners. I sleep with a revolver by my bed. If someone comes into my house, then I am going to kill them before they kill me.”

Mr Sarkozy started to shut hundreds of illegal Roma camps in response to clashes between police and traveller communities last month. With more expulsions planned, and criticism mounting at home and abroad, he hopes to bolster support for his stance next week by convening a summit of interior ministers from countries facing similar immigration debates. Western European governments are split on the matter. While Italy is considering similar action, Britain will be sending a senior official to the meeting rather than the Home Secretary, Theresa May, for fear of being seen to endorse Mr Sarkozy’s policies.

Nissan-lez-Enserunes, where four generations of the Galinier family live, provides a vivid snapshot of why it has become such a charged issue in France. Not far from Montpellier, it is a picture- postcard image of southern French living, with elegant stone houses set among narrow winding streets filled with flowers. Mr Galinier has lived in the area all his life, raising two children, working for the council, then retiring to spend time with his wife and grandchildren and tend his garden.

He had been targeted by criminals twice before. In 2002, thieves attempted to break in and in February this year goldfish were stolen from his garden pond.
Among villagers, the finger of blame for local petty crime often points - rightly or wrongly - to a patch of wasteland several miles outside the village where a group of Roma recently made camp next to a motorway. The families and their wild-haired children live in ramshackle caravans among piles of rubbish.

On the afternoon of August 5, two women in their early 20s broke into Mr Galinier’s home. The unarmed pair, who speak no French and have not given police their names, were both shot at from just a few yards away. One was hit in the groin, the other in the chest. Both are in hospital awaiting identification and questioning.


Damn!  No kill shot though.  Oh well, we take what we can, when we can. Good for Mr. Galinier.


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calendar   Sunday - August 29, 2010

France continues deportation of illegals while pinko handwringer traitors cry foul ..  Vive Sarkozy!

Some idiot is comparing this to the Nazi and Vichy treatment of Jews.
Yeah right.  Like the Nazis PAID their victims to leave. Uh huh.

What’s so interesting as well are the images captured of all the wee babes crying.
Sure, the kids are innocent.  But the problem wouldn’t be here if the parents hadn’t settled illegally to begin with.  But the shutter bugs of the press continue taking kiddie shots and the weepy, bleeding heart (falsely) libtard left will continue to condemn Sarkozy and use the ‘R’ word in relation to this cancer in France and throughout Europe.

The photos they don’t bother taking are the ones showing ruined property and garbage and mess made by these ppl. 

A French spokesman last night said that while all people have a right to travel freely, they must not confuse that with a right to settle illegally in France and become a state burden.

You will not hear that from any Brit politician.

I heard that on a radio report last night but did not see the quote in any of the three papers we have read today on the subject.
But The Times had this blazing headline yesterday saying,
That’s because he blames immigrants for a “suburban crimewave.”

Meanwhile, there’s to be a meeting of various officials from different European states on the subject of immigration and the problem in France specifically.  Typically, England is NOT sending their top foreign policy official as they do not want to be seen as “approving of the measures taken by President Sarkozy.” So they’re sending a lower ranking official.

How in the heck the Mail could run this headline with a comparison to the Nazis
is beyond me.  Only a total idiot would buy the suggestion they are the same.

btw ... This headline is misleading since it’s doubtful France is expelling ALL Gypsies. Also, what’s with the term used here, “it’s gipsies?” The word “it’s” implies that these folks belong to France.  THEY DO NOT!

France expels its gipsies, is this a chilling echo of the Nazis… or just a desperate attempt to tackle crime?

By Tom Rawstorne

Dawn breaks over the outskirts of Paris, its arrival marked by the banging of fists on the locked door of a caravan.
The noise wakes 30-year-old Dana from her sleep, and when she pulls back the curtains to see what is causing the commotion, she finds a dozen uniformed
riot police, batons in hand.
‘Get up,’ one yells at her.
‘You’ve got half an hour to leave.’

He has pledged to destroy 300 gipsy camps nationwide by the end of the year, deporting thousands.
Sarkozy makes no bones about this no-nonsense approach. He claims that the Roma, many of whom arrived in France after Romania and Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007, are responsible for an outbreak of crime.
His solution? Raze their camps, round up their inhabitants and then stick them on a plane home. As a sweetener, there’s a payment of £245 per adult and £80 per child.

And as it is revealed that immigration swelled the UK population by 196,000 during Labour’s last year in power, it is a problem we, too, may one day face.

“May someday face? How about right now?  Recently, as in this past week, a traveller family won a court stay on their eviction from a site they don’t own anyway, when they applied for an injunction claiming that the town council had a DUTY to find them an alternative site due to their, CULTURAL ROOTS. It’s now expected other travellers facing similar evictions could use the same delaying tactics.

Images of Roma families being bused to airports have provoked condemnation not just in France but across Europe. Sarkozy has been accused of ethnic cleansing and of fanning racism.

Indeed, Jean-Pierre Grand, a deputy in Sarkozy’s Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), compared the President’s policy to Vichy France’s round-up of Jews during World War II.

Collaborating with the Nazis during the occupation, the French authorities deported 76,000 Jews — and thousands of gipsies. Many were killed in Nazi concentration camps.
Even the Pope has added his voice to the chorus of criticism — pointedly telling French pilgrims to accept ‘legitimate human diversity’ and asking parents to ‘educate your children about universal brotherhood’.

Maybe the pope ought to invite them all to come live with him in the Vatican.  Need to hide his gold and silver plated everything though.

Others point out the futility of what Sarkozy is doing. Because those deported are EU citizens, they have a right to return to France should they choose.
The immigrants he is sending home live in squalor and cannot support themselves. Forget the legal niceties and liberal sensitivities, that is the reality on the ground.
‘As usual, Sarkozyism is out of step with the elites,’ claims the President’s forthright Interior Minister, Brice Hortefeux, ‘but in step with society.’

As quickly as the Roma are sent back, they will return.
It is a point emphasised by the experience of the Cojocaru family.
They were kicked out of France last week. Yesterday, the Mail tracked them down.
They revealed that despite being handed a total of £740 by the French government in exchange for leaving, they intend to return at the first possible opportunity.

Mother- of - three Argent ina Cojocaru, 35, explained: ‘We left Romania a year ago for a better life. We could not afford to live here. It is so poor. We could not survive.
‘Even though we had no jobs in France, we were in a better situation than others back in Romania,’ said husband Valentin, 40.

‘When we were made to leave, we were forced to say that we would not return. But we will wait until the situation dies down - and then we will return.’


Well then, perhaps with luck when they return some stout hearted patriotic Frenchman will see to matters as in, see that they don’t return yet again. Maybe something a bit more permanent then a cash bribe.


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calendar   Wednesday - August 18, 2010

Illegals to be expelled from France … The left cries race … always race.

Viva la France ....

Good for Mr. Sarkozy for not caving in to the liberal left schmucks who try to paint everything as race. And btw ... screw the UN for being critical of France.
France is facing a problem with illegals and illegal encampments, and is doing something about it.  The Brits should follow the example being set by France.

Of course, I think there’s a faster better way but hey.  At least Sarko is acting.

The UN and the left in France always raise the race issue and have no interest in the fact that there are people whose actions turn others against them. The Romas are a good example and there are others of course. 
Why is it that when any govt. and especially here and in France, is critical of the criminal element among the many, that’s automatically an attack on “human rights.” What about the rights of the people being imposed on?  I guess somehow their rights mean less.  And if it isn’t that way, it sure seems to be based on the flack aimed at Sarko and the French voters who support him. 

France to expel hundreds of Roma on Thursday

Hundreds of Roma will be expelled from France on Thursday as part of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s summer clampdown on members of the minority living illegally in the country.
“In all, around 700 Roma will be taken back to their countries before the end of the month,” said Brice Hortefeux, the interior minister.
So far, police have dismantled 51 illegal Roma camps, he said, adding that two flights would take the Roma to Romania and Bulgaria on August 19 and 26, with a third flight set for the end of September.


President Sarkozy’s government has in recent weeks launched a major and controversial crackdown on France’s Roma, gipsy and traveller minorities, closing unauthorised camps and expelling foreign-born Roma from the country.

Last month, following a clash between Gypsies and police, Mr Sarkozy announced a raft of new stringent security measures, including plans to dismantle 300 unauthorised campsites within three months.
Critics have accused the French leader of stigmatising travelling minorities in a bid to recover votes lost to the anti-immigration far-Right in time for his re-election battle in 2012.

Last week a UN report said France was experiencing “a significant resurgence of racism” and lacked the political will to fix the problem.
But opinion polls show most French voters approve of the measures.

There are estimated to be 15,000 Gypsies and Roma of eastern European origin in France. Some live in authorised encampments, and others have moved into squatter camps or abandoned buildings.



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calendar   Thursday - March 25, 2010

Nicolas Sarkozy has said that France will ban the full Muslim veil.

image VIVE la FRANCE

I imagine there might be riots among the righteous assuming there are any real ones.  Interesting to see if this will work and how it will be enforced.

The fact is, in Western societies, seeing folks walking around masked is intimidating and is not part of western culture. Or it hasn’t been. I truly wish Sarko wouldn’t use the old saw about unfair to women which I’m sure for many it is.  For many others, they claim they like it. Who can say they are all lying?
But if it means that much to em, let them go to a country where it’s the norm.  I wish Sarkozy would say that as well. The idea that it would as he says, protect the dignity of women, reminds me of all the crap this govt. (and ours at home too) introduce and enforce because, it’s all for the kids.  (subject of a post to follow)
I think it’s done for the reason that it just plain and clearly IS NOT FRENCH.
Stay Tuned on this one.

Meanwhile, Good for France!  (I hope)

France to ban veil says Nicolas Sarkozy

Published: 7:00AM GMT 25 Mar 2010

The move would protect the dignity of women, the president added.

“The full veil is contrary to the dignity of women,” he said. “The response is to ban it. The Government will table a draft law prohibiting it.”

The president gave no further details during his address to the nation following a heavy defeat in regional elections for his ruling Union for a Popular Movement party.

Speaking from the Elysee Palace Mr Sarkozy gave no indication as to how an outright ban would be imposed and policed.

France is home to six million Muslims.



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calendar   Saturday - February 27, 2010

how do you promote a product with dropping sales? produce a girlie calendar. vive la France


No it isn’t a new version of weekend women but .... how could I possibly resist posting this?

First I want to let you know that I did the best my software and DELL scanner could, on the scan of the newspaper photo. Unfortunately, the nice pix in the hard copy were not what was on line. I used different settings and DPI etc.  Suggestions for improvements are welcome. There is a setting for scanning news print but to be honest, I can hardly tell the difference if there is one.  It isn’t that the scan is bad but I think it could be better. Maybe not.
Anyway, the French say that the calendar produced to promote their product is made up of ladies who ALL work in that industry.  Do you believe that? Doesn’t matter. None of em are exactly bow-wows.

So .. To the French we go.

Charles de Gaulle famously bemoaned the difficulties involved in running a country with 246 different types of cheese.

By Peter Allen in Paris
The Telegraph

But it seems world famous Gallic varieties including camembert, roquefort and brie are increasingly falling out of favour.

Although the average Frenchman still eats almost a pound of cheese per week, making the country the second biggest consumer of the food in Europe after Greece, it is increasingly likely to be a processed foreign variety.

Veronique Richez-Lerouge, of the AFT, said: “The French have forgotten what real cheese is like. Buying cheese has become like buying a box of washing powder.”

Snacks such as pizza and panini, which are invariably made using cheeses such as mozzarella, are particularly favoured by office workers who have adopted Anglo-Saxon eating habits.




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calendar   Monday - February 01, 2010


Take my word for it, the lady (for once) is funny.

This regards an English study that says there is NO ‘G’ spot after all.  And all those years spent looking for the darn thing.  Of course, only a woman would actually know.

Ah but ... the French say ... Oh yes there certainly is one ....

Funny contorversy.  Suzanne Moore of the Mail writes;

The G-spot? I stand a better chance of finding my Hoover

Last updated at 10:51 PM on 30th January 2010

You are extremely lucky to have me here at all as I have important things to attend to that even I can’t do in Waitrose. (Waitrose, an upscale supermarket)
Pressing matters!

A few weeks ago we got the reassuring news from British scientists that the G-spot is a myth – but last week the French stealth-bombed us with the news it does exist.

What’s worse is it’s up to women to find it ourselves.

Of course. We really have little else to do. I know that being a French woman requires an enormous effort – that’s mainly why I am not one.

All that grooming, only eating one square of chocolate, drinking politely, not minding your bloke having countless affairs, compulsory lingerie duty and now this?

Though the G-spot was originally discovered by a German, Ernst Grafenberg, it has been firmly taken back into the hands of the French.

It’s like the space race really – only er...deeper.

Instead of the Americans and the Russians competing, we now have British and French teams struggling to conquer and name that strange terrain that is the female body.

It may as well be Mars, the way our bits are spoken of. I imagine the average guy will soon need a satnav before he goes near a woman.

I am quite looking forward to it.

That and the drugs, as surely we are nearing the time when sex cannot occur unaided without chemicals, machines, manuals, instructions.

Never mind kids, we need adult sex education for the standards now required.

It’s quite a chore, but then I am English. Apparently – and I am not making this up – ‘a group of gynaecologists gathered in Paris’ have described the British approach to female sexuality as ‘totalitarian’ .

So who will own this ‘bean-sized erogenous zone’? Obviously not actual women.

The French have called British research based on genetics and observation too absolute. Theirs, of course, is much more mysterious.

We can’t find our collective G-Spot also because of our Protestant pragmatism. We have the wrong attitude towards sex.

Sure. But doesn’t it all amount to the same thing – an entirely mechanistic view of female pleasure? A button to press and then whoosh?

This is exactly the model that the drug companies are pushing, too.

The holy grail of female Viagra is funding a lot of this nonsense.

Forget foreplay, self-knowledge, skilful lovers, variety or even preferring someone who has done the washing-up – the idea that a pill could be popped that bypassed all this is the lucrative goal.

This is the reality of our sexualised culture: lots of unsatisfied women.

The fantasy remains the multi-orgasmic porn stars.

This explains the appeal of the G-spot. It’s an answer to that awkward question – and I don’t mean ‘What ARE you doing down there?’, I mean what do men and women expect from each other?

The French love ambiguity. They also expect women to want to improve themselves non-stop.

The chief organiser of this vital conference said women can only now find whether they have a G-spot if they take steps to ‘cultivate’ it.

Then it will become more and more functional. But if you can’t find it, it won’t exist ‘as a consequence’. Rather like my vacuum cleaner.

This is quite fantastic. We do need some kind of inner space probe. Women of Britain, find your mythical G-spots, rise up and let’s show the French what we are made of, even though we aren’t quite sure. We could have a war.

Or we could just lie back and think of England. And understand that the obstacles to female pleasure may involve more than location, location, location.


We’ve found the G-spot, say the French (of course)


Sorry lads, the search is back on again.

Weeks after British scientists announced that the elusive G-spot does not exist, the French have begged to differ.

A meeting of gynaecologists in Paris denounced the British study as fundamentally flawed and accused its authors of disrespecting women.

Across the channel - quick to defend their nation’s reputation as better lovers - say the Brits were just unable to find the spot.

Viv’la France?

So on this happy note ,,, I’m outta here for tonight.

Stay Tuned


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calendar   Friday - January 08, 2010

FRANCE WILL BAN THE BURKA.  An insult to fashion is an insult to France.  Vive la France!

French draft bill to fine burqa-wearing women



PARIS — Muslim women who wear the full Islamic veil in France will face a possible 750-euro (1,000-dollar) fine, according to a draft bill unveiled Thursday by the leader of the parliamentary majority.

THE STYLISH AND WELL DRESSED MUSLIM LADY OF 2010 is wearing the traditional black sheet but giving a nod to design, displays some gold pattern on her up to date dress for a casual look.  This also doubles in these hectic times as formal wear or maternity wear. A real fashion plate is our lady.


Jean-Francois Cope, who heads the governing UMP party in the National Assembly, told Le Figaro newspaper’s weekly magazine that men who force their wives to wear the burqa or niqab could face an even heavier fine.

“The law will address an issue of security,” Cope said in an interview with the magazine.

“The proposed measure would prohibit the covering of the face in public places and on the streets, with the exception of special cultural events or carnivals.”

The draft legislation will be presented in the next two weeks and should come up for debate in parliament after the March regional elections, he said.

The majority leader, who is also openly campaigning to succeed President Nicolas Sarkozy as the right-wing candidate for the presidency in 2017, said the burqa must be banned to defend women’s rights.

“We can measure the modernity of a society by the way it treats and respects women,” he said.

France’s political establishment is divided on whether to ban the burqa, with the opposition Socialists this week saying that it opposed a law even though Muslim women must be discouraged from wearing the full veil.

The burqa debate has heated up ahead of the release at the end of the month of a much-awaited report by a parliamentary panel that has conducted six months of hearings on the issue.

Many politicians from the left and right have cautioned that a draconian law banning the head-to-toe veil would be difficult to enforce and probably face a challenge in the European rights court.

Sarkozy himself has said that the burqa is not welcome in France but has not stated publicly whether legislation should be enacted.

Critics argue that a specific law enacted to ban the full veil would be tantamount to using a sledgehammer to swat a fly. Only 1,900 women wear the full veil in France, according to the interior ministry.

In the interview, Cope argued that a law would act as a deterrent by sending a “clear message” that France will not allow women to fully cover themselves.



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calendar   Tuesday - December 22, 2009

Men who put wife in burka ‘not welcome in France’


Once again, for whatever her faults, La Belle France seems to know something the rest of the world chooses to ignore.

Men who put wife in burka ‘not welcome in France’

Byline: From Ian Sparks in Paris

MUSLIM men who force their wives to wear a burka are not welcome in France, the justice minister said yesterday.

Michele Alliot-Marie said husbands who make their wives wear a full body covering do not ‘share the nation’s values’ and would have citizenship requests rejected.
She spoke out as the debate in France over the garments intensified.

A government committee is considering whether to make it illegal to wear burkas and niqabs - where the face is covered - on the streets.
A newspaper poll has suggested that almost half of the French think the beliefs of Islam are incompatible with France’s culture.

Le Parisien reported that almost 46 per cent of those questioned thought Islam was a threat to society.
Miss Alliot-Marie said that she would await the findings of the commission on the burka, due later this month. But she added: ‘There are still a certain number of basics on which we must stand firm.

‘The wearing of the niqab or burka is a problem that affects our ability to live together, the values of the republic and in particular human dignity.
‘For instance, someone who would be seeking French citizenship and whose wife wears the full veil is someone who would not appear to be sharing the values of our country.

‘Therefore in a case like that one, we would reject his request.’ It is not the first attack on burkas by French ministers.

President Nicolas Sarkozy called them ‘a sign of subservience and debasement that imprisoned women’ and said they were not welcome in France.
Immigration minister Eric Besson described them as ‘an affront to national identity’.



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calendar   Tuesday - December 15, 2009

A very easy WhatsIt

Strange Gizmo

The internet is a big place, with some strange corners. I found this thing for sale in one of them. It’s brand new, and you can order as many of them as you want. But what on earth do you do with it?

image image

It certainly is whimsical.

On a WhatsIt Difficulty Scale of 1-10, this one rates a 0. Maybe a 1. But hey, it’s Fwench! And it’s quite large too. The removable bowl is nearly 5” across and the whole thing weighs 33 pounds. Which might explain why it costs $1560 plus shipping. Mon dieu!


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