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wow, I’ve never had so much respect for the French. Mighty britain that once had an empire which covered over 1/4 of the earth, now look at us.. lol
- Dan, telford, 11/4/2011 14:43

Well what that’s all about?

Burka ban in France?  Not exactly.  The scummy lice infested sub species are raising hell HERE! Figures.

By the by.  A member of the BNP (Brit Natl. Party) has burned a koran.  He’s been arrested.

OK, I expect to be flamed for this but ... these animals, if we want to think of them as that high on the evolutionary scale, need to be rounded up and placed in special camps where they can earn their freedom thru working. After which ..........  you get the picture.
They are truly a world threat.  They should be entirely eliminated.  If that’s a bit OTT, then they should be deported from every western country they inhabit.
Which of course would leave more of them free to do their worst.  In a world gone pc and utterly illogical and where the left can rule even when they aren’t a majority, well sometimes unpleasant methods must be adopted to fit the unpleasant threat. We all know it won’t happen, but it is pleasant to dream about it.

So why can’t we do this here? Just two arrests as France brings in burka ban (and the only real demo is in LONDON)

Last updated at 3:03 PM on 11th April 2011

* Two women wearing veils arrested today at Paris protest

* Muslim tycoon encourages women to flout ban

France’s controversial burka ban became law today sparking a protest in Paris during which two women wearing full face veils were arrested.

The demonstrations, however, were on a relatively small scale with the handful of protesters being outnumbered by police, reporters and tourists.

Ironically, the biggest protest was actually in London where a group of women in full black burkas gathered outside the French Embassy.

Anger: Muslim women in full burka demonstrate against the new law outside the French Embassy in London today

Shouting slogans and bearing banners with the words Shariah 4 France, Nicolas Sarkozy Burn In Hellfire and Niqab: Honour For Women, they were the most vocal opponents to the new law.

Hateful preacher Abu Izzadeen, who has previously been jailed for incitement, spoke during the protest.

The burka ban has been dogged by controversy until becoming law in France today.

Women who break the new legislation could face fines of 150 euros, or £132, as well as citizenship lessons.

But officers involved in today’s arrests in Paris said they were likely to be released shortly after being questioned about an illegal gathering.

‘They should not be here demonstrating against anything, least of all the face veil ban’, said one officer, who was wearing full riot gear as he stood outside Notre Dame.

‘Women officers will be dealing with the offenders, and the matter will be dealt with as sensitively as possible.’

Alexis Marsan, a public order official who also attended the scene, confirmed that the rally in front of the cathedral was unauthorised, and that others taking part had also been arrested.

Rachid Nekkaz, a Muslim activist who organised the demonstration, said it opposed the ban, which is the first of its kind to be enforced in Europe.

Also preparing to take part was 32-year-old Muslim convert Kenza Drider , who said she would be prepared to contest the legislation at the European Court of Human Rights.

And here’s another thought. That european court and law should be entirely dismantled, all civil rights lawyers should be re-educated and those not capable of that should be shot out of hand.  Judges sitting on that lefty court need re-education and those not capable ... work it out.

Immediate dismantling of all civil and human rights orgs. and elimination of leaders as they won’t be fit for re-ed.

‘This law is an attack on my European rights’, said Mrs Drider, the daughter of Moroccan immigrants.

Police admitted they were enforcing the ban extremely cautiously because of fears of provoking violence.

They fear Muslims extremists will use the law to provoke fights with officers, while rich visitors from countries like Saudi Arabia will also cause trouble .

The law will be very difficult to apply on certain estates, said Patrice Ribeiro, of the Synergie police union.

Referring to two Paris suburbs where riots regularly break out because of alleged discrimination against Muslims, Mr Ribeiro said: ‘I can’t see police going to book dozens of veiled women doing their shopping in Venissieux or in Trappes.

‘It will be the same when a police officer is about to arrest a veiled Saudi who is about to go into Louis Vuitton on the Champs Elysees.

‘In all cases, the forces of order will have to be measured and cautious in their behaviour.’

Synergie has already instructed its members to view the ban as a low priority, and Mr Ribeiro said there would inevitably be incidents.

Mohamed Douhane, another Paris police officer and Synergie member, said he and his colleagues also expected provocation by a minority.

Mr Douhane added: ‘Fundamentalist movements are eager to raise the stakes. The police know they will be held responsible for any public order disturbances.’

Police have already been warned not to arrest women in or around mosques, and citizens de-veilings are also banned.

The strict instructions, from Interior Minister Claude Guent, are contained in a nine page circular issued to officers.

With tensions running high within the countrys six million strong Muslim community, officers have been told to look out for members of the public taking the law into their own hands.

Instead they will have to call the police, who will in turn have four hours to consider whether an offender should be fined.

This will apply to all garments which cover the eyes, although scarfs, hats, and sunglasses are excluded.

As well as a mosque, Muslims will also be able to put on a veil in the privacy of their own homes, a hotel room, or even a car, as long as they are not driving.

Police have already complained that they will have to waste time on burka-chasing, with Denis Jacob, of the Alliance police union, adding: We have more important matters to be dealing with.

The new ban will mean France is officially the second country in Europe, after Belgium, to introduce a full ban on a garment which immigration minister Eric Besson has called a walking coffin.

While French women face the fines and civic duty guidance if they break the law, men who force their wives or daughters to wear burkas will face up to a year in prison, and fines of up to 25,000 pounds.

Posters have already gone up in town halls across France reading: The Republic lives with its face uncovered.

Belgium introduced a full ban last year, although it has not been enforced with any vigour. A ban also looks likely in Holland, Spain and Switzerland.


Did you catch that one sign in the pix above that reads, The Veil. Liberation from man made law.
These life forms are medieval and they want it here, in your country, in your cities.  And by golly they do mean to have it.

Will they eventually get their way?

Stay Tuned.  That is, if they let ya live long enuff.


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calendar   Saturday - March 19, 2011

France Over Libya

French Lead The Way

Enforce Air & Ground No Fly Zone / Ceasefire In Libya

Obama & family take vacation in Brazil

Brink of war? Are you kidding? Everybody samba!!

French fighters jets soared over Libya on Saturday to counter Moammar Gadhafi’s military forces who were intent on destroying the opposition as they pushed into the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

“Our air force will oppose any aggression by Colonel Gadhafi against the population of Benghazi,” said French President Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking after an international, top-level meeting in Paris over the Libyan crisis.

“As of now, our aircraft are preventing planes from attacking the town,” he said. “As of now, our aircraft are prepared to intervene against tanks.”

The international show of force is much-welcomed by besieged rebel forces who have called for backup to help them stave off a government offensive against their positions in Benghazi and other rebel-held enclaves.

Latest developments:

* French jets have entered Libya’s airspace to prevent Muammar Gaddafi’s forces from attacking Benghazi, President Sarkozy has announced.

* Sarkozy’s statement to the press came after world leaders, including British PM David Cameron, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and various Arab leaders, met in Paris Saturday to hold crunch talks on the crisis in Libya.

* Reports emerged this morning of a fighter plane being shot down over Benghazi. Photos and video show the jet above the city falling through the sky in flames.

* Rebels in Benghazi say the government has been bombing roads and areas around the city. The regime has denied any involvement, saying its air force has remained grounded and the cease-fire is being upheld.

Obama “the leader of the free world”, made a speech yesterday in which he talked tough but essentially told the world “let somebody else do this.”

Asked whether the decision to carry out bombing against Libyan forces could begin immediately after Saturday’s session ends, a senior State Department official said: “In terms of when the bombing starts, I’ll leave that for others to lay out at the appropriate time.”

Such leadership.

Fearless Reader then got on his airplane and began yet another vacation embarked on a vital 5 day trade mission to South America with his family.

Obama departed Washington just hours after endorsing military action against Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi, leaving an array of military might at the ready and raising the prospect that he would have to authorize military action from a foreign land.

For Obama, the visit represents a chance to engage with newly elected [ Brazilian ] President Dilma Rousseff and get a firsthand assessment of what administration officials believe is her practical approach to governance and foreign relations after eight years of the flamboyant Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
Obama arrives bearing no major policy gifts. And he’s not likely to deliver on two of Brazil’s top wishes—an endorsement for Brazil to become a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council and a relaxation of tariffs on Brazilian ethanol. The United States and Brazil are the world’s largest ethanol producers.

And after promising question and answer news conferences with these South American leaders, Obama’s first presser was no questions asked. Yeah, because that’s what Rouseff wanted, right.

Obama’s “press conference” with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was abruptly shrunken down to just statements from each leader and no questions from American and Brazilian reporters, though U.S. officials have been quick to point out that they wanted questions from the media but the Brazilian side blocked it.

Wonderful. Brazil abstained from the Un Security Council No-Fly vote, and has in the recent past been willing to engage in talks with Iran.

PRE-POSTING UPDATE: BATTLE IS JOINED In the time it took me to write this post, it looks like war has broken out in the skies over Libya. I was going to do a sidebar piece about the French flying their new Rafale fighter, which is their slightly smaller, less expensive version of the Eurofighter Typhoon, that has not yet been in any real combat ( a few bombing runs in Afghanistan is all ), but this takes precedence:

Allied Powers Declare Military Action Against Libya
PARIS—Top officials from the United States, Europe and the Arab world have launched immediate military action to protect civilians as Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi’s forces attacked the heart of the country’s rebel uprising.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said after an emergency summit in Paris on Saturday that French warplanes are already targeting Qaddafi’s forces.

The 22 participants in Saturday’s summit “agreed to put in place all the means necessary, in particular military” to make Qaddafi respect a U.N. Security Council resolution Thursday demanding a cease-fire, Sarkozy said.

“Our planes are blocking the air attacks on the city” of Benghazi, he said, without elaborating. French planes have been readying for an attack in recent days.
British Prime Minister David Cameron said after the summit: “The time for action has come, it needs to be urgent.”

Obama sambas, while Libya burns.


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calendar   Monday - February 28, 2011

muzzie filth …. and they insist they be treated as normal folk. just like us. uh huh. wrong

I caught this a few minutes ago ... It came round about but Gates of Vienna I think were the first to post it. Not clear on that.  I got from Europe News.
Whatever ...

This looks for real to me and frankly I wouldn’t know a way to vet the thing and Snopes has nothing that I could find, so I’m posting it for all to see.

The video is dated but the attitude and the threat is strong as ever.

Poor France if this kind of thing is real and still occurs. 


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calendar   Thursday - February 24, 2011

a proud frenchman speaks his mind honestly. a proud frenchman faces day in court on charges


OK ... I know.  My source for this one is the N.Y. Times. Dare I say this on BMEWS?  T’was a link in an interesting story that held my attention. But that link turned out to be the Times.  Which guys, does not make this article all bad. Although I think some of you with quicker tempers then mine will think the Frenchman being written about might be anti American. No. I don’t see it that way. A proud French national? Yup. Over proud? Well, aren’t we sometime?
But that is not the issue here.
The subject is free speech in the form of someone speaking about taboo subjects like - - gasp. Minorities in a less then positive light. So like Wilders in Holland, this fellow is being taken to court on a suit brought by a civil rights group. So ... no matter that he believes his country may have too many Americanisms, and in fact it’s me saying what I think he believes, the fact is that the guy is being railroaded.  And if you read it ALL, you will find as I did, or I think I did, it’s a matter of semantics as well. 

Here. Take a look and let me know how you read this guy.
Oh yeah ... make note of the last paragraph or two here. Are his critics splitting fine hairs?

“When you describe reality, you’re treated as a criminal.”


HE is perhaps France’s best-known professional provocateur, as much adored by the xenophobes of the far-right as he is reviled by immigrants, women and gays. But Éric Zemmour might also be misunderstood by his allies and enemies alike, a sort of hopeless intellectual whose nuance is lost in the sensationalist jumble of the media world he inhabits.

A slight man with a quick tongue and a fearsome intellect, Mr. Zemmour, 52, has made a career of speaking on the edge in a culture where the ideal of social harmony often takes precedence over freedom of speech. He can be heard daily on French radio, read weekly in the news media and seen all over television; he is routinely accused of racism, sexism, homophobia, fear-mongering and narcissism, or some combination thereof.

“I’m reviving the ‘French polemic’ in a world that’s on the one hand Americanized, and on the other, that people want to see sterilized by antiracism, by political correctness,” Mr. Zemmour said over coffee at the back of a dark Paris cafe. “That it is to say, where you’re not allowed to say anything bad about minorities.”

In comments that his critics have parsed and denounced and parsed again, he has spoken of a “white race” and a “black race,” decried what he sees as the feminization of society and called homosexuality a social disorder. Last month, though, his pronouncements for the first time brought him before a court, on charges of defamation and “provocation to racial discrimination.”In a televised debate last March he argued that blacks and Arabs were the targets of illegal racial profiling by the French police “because the majority of traffickers are black and Arab; that’s how it is, it’s a fact.” The same day, on another channel, he suggested that French employers “have the right” to deny employment to blacks or Arabs.

The comments surely do not rank among his most incendiary, and, however uncomfortable, the first point might well be true. Even the rights groups that brought the case acknowledge that France’s poor, immigrant populations account for a disproportionate amount of crime, if not a clear “majority,” in a country that does not keep official racial statistics.

MUCH to Mr. Zemmour’s delight, his three-day trial in January drew droves of supporters, including several prominent politicians, along with hordes of critics and a crush of reporters and photographers. His comments had already fueled months of controversy and hand-wringing; he was nearly fired from his post as an editorial writer at Le Figaro Magazine, and Canal+, the television station that broadcast his statement on traffickers, received a warning from the French audiovisual authority.

The intense reaction to Mr. Zemmour’s case — and more broadly, to Mr. Zemmour himself — seems a measure of the tensions in France around race, Islam and integration. And it speaks to the difficulty of discussing those issues in a nation that is committed constitutionally to treat every person simply as a “citizen,” with no acknowledgment of ethnicity, color or religion.

“When you describe reality,” Mr. Zemmour said at his trial, “you’re treated as a criminal.”
His critics say it is less a question of pronouncing realities than how they are pronounced.

“If he had said that there is an ‘overrepresentation of the immigrant population,’ there wouldn’t have been a trial,” said Alain Jakubowicz, a lawyer who heads one of the rights groups that brought suit. “There are the words that are said, and the words that are received, the words that are understood by listeners.”



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calendar   Tuesday - February 15, 2011

Sarkozy ends multiculturalism, speaks on Islam .


Took this so many yrs ago.  Feels like another lifetime.

Caught this via Europe News with a YT link. Since it’s the French president, I just thought I’d include my old photo.  Sure wish we had digital cameras back then. This wasn’t even shot in auto cos my camera then was only manual.  I had my own darkroom back then and doing print from slide film was time consuming. But the photo came out well, although you wouldn’t know that seeing this.  Lost the original print I think. Or else it’s still stored somewhere tween Ca. and Tn.

So then, I found this interesting but wish he wasn’t being so reasonable.  Eventually I’m almost sure, it will have to come to violence. Not that I’d look forward to that. But these folks are determined to immigrate and then demand the host country change to what they left behind.  And with their birthrate well, do the math.
The west should have banned muslim immigration at least a generation ago. 

Oh, an aside. Tunisia.  Lots of those folks leaving their country according to the news I hear on radio 4. (BBC)
Wonder where they’ll head. Any guesses?


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calendar   Wednesday - February 02, 2011

Quick Posts, Part 1: Our Side Just Got Better Looking

Carla Confesses: ‘I no longer feel left wing’

The supermodel-turned-singer’s reputation as a “luvvie Lefty” has been cited as a major handicap to Mr Sarkozy’s re-election, and her political change of heart is an attempt to boost support for her unpopular husband among his core Right-wing electorate.

Only two years ago Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy had claimed that she was “instinctively left-wing” after at one stage supporting her husband’s Socialist rival in the 2007 presidential elections. She had also publicly opposed Mr Sarkozy’s plan to conduct DNA tests on immigrants.

In 2008, she told the Libération newspaper: “Nobody has to be joined at the hip in politics or with one’s husband”. A year earlier she told a British newspaper: “I would never vote on the Right.”

But in Monday’s interview with Le Parisien newspaper, she said her previous political persuasion was only due to her belonging to a “community of artists.” “We were bobo (bourgeois bohemians), we were left-wing but at that time I voted in Italy (her native country).” I have never voted for the Left in France and I can tell you, I’m not about to start now. I don’t really feel left-wing anymore,” she said.

[Drew assigns Peiper a terrible and odious task] JD, do you think you could find a nice elegant pic of Mrs. B-S to go along with this post? I know they’re hard to find and there are so few to choose from. Thanks!

You’re more then welcome but this is a darn hard job I’ll tell ya. Looking at photos of pretty Italian women, jeesh. At my age too.
OK, time to nap now.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Wednesday - January 12, 2011

america’s newest best friend. one frenchman, as president obama shoots us in the diplomatic foot.

Hardly know where to begin.

OK, President Sarko of France is very pro American. He really likes us. I’m not certain about his wife, but he does like America. So I guess President Obama had to be kind, and why not?  Thing is, I’m not too certain Sarko speaks for most French ppl with regard to the USA. Please don’t read anything sinister in that remark. I have no certain way of knowing. Hell, I’ve only ever spent two days in France so I’m not to be relied upon on that score.  Actually, I’ve always had this gut feeling that the French don’t like the French too much either, it’s just that they dislike foreigners more.
On the plus side and only according to what I have read, lots of Brits who have left these shores for La Belle France are happier there. They write back in glowing terms about France. And one thing really stands out in everything these ex-pats write.  The French will accept you over time if you try to fit in. Learn their language and don’t try and get them to favor your culture over theirs.  Not long ago in fact, Drew alluded to much the same about the French.  So then, this is not a rant against France or the people. Rather ...  it might be gentle slap upside the head (verbally) of our own president who has managed to shoot our own beloved USA in the foot, and has I think possibly offended the Brits.

Brits have been fighting along side us since 9/11 and I think we owe em a bit more respect then that shown, if I can believe the press, then he has to date.
True, there’s a strong loony tune left here that’s anti-US and they are maddening. But we still owe some respect or at least not make these folks feel the way Stephen Glover describes things in his article.

Take a look.

Obama’s right. There is no special relationship… and the sooner we realise that the better

By Stephen Glover

President Barack Obama will have caused more than a few palpitations in Whitehall by suggesting that France, not Britain, is the United States’ most important ally. ‘We don’t have a stronger friend and stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy and the French ­people,’ he told the French President on Monday.

Not America’s best buddy? The best brains in the Foreign Office will be ­trying to persuade themselves Mr Obama did not really mean it. They will say he was only trying to be nice to Mr Sarkozy during the French ­President’s visit to Washington.

But what if he really meant what he said? During visits to the U.S. by ­Gordon Brown and David Cameron, Mr Obama has had every opportunity to say Britain was America’s ­strongest ally, but did not take it. Indeed, he seemed to go out of his way to snub Mr Brown by refusing to meet him.

There are other bits of evidence that Mr Obama does not cherish the ­‘special relationship’ so dear to the hearts of policymakers in Whitehall. As soon as he entered the Oval Office, he removed the bust of Winston Churchill that had been loaned to George W. Bush by the British government.

During Britain’s stand-off with Argentina over the Falkland Islands, the Obama administration has been at best neutral, at worst pro-­Argentine. And throughout the Gulf of Mexico oil spill last year, the American President was keen to emphasise the British provenance of BP, the chief ­perpetrator, and to make it pay.

Despite what the Foreign Office Johnnies may argue to themselves, there is enough evidence to suggest that Britain is not greatly valued by Mr Obama. And although there might be personal reasons for this — the American President claims his grandfather was ­tortured by the British ­during the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya — I would ­suggest his standpoint is shared by more American politicians than we might care to admit.

For most of the time we are regarded with indifference: an ally at once so loyal, depend­able and uncritical that we can be taken for granted. The ­special relationship, about which our politicians obsess, is scarcely ever mentioned even by Britain’s friends in the U.S.

If France is more important than Britain to Washington, might this be because French policymakers have robustly pursued a line independent of the U.S. and the British have not? After the Suez debacle of 1956 — when America pulled the plug on the militarily successful Anglo-French invasion of Egypt — the two European countries responded in ­diametrically different ways.

While Britain grew ever closer to America, relying on American technology to produce its supposedly independent nuclear deterrent, France increasingly went its own ­separate way. It developed its own nuclear arsenal — admittedly never proven — called the force de frappe, because it did not believe it could always rely on America to defend it from the Soviet threat.

There’s a lot more at the link and it makes for some interesting reading. See what you think.



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calendar   Wednesday - December 29, 2010

defend France from creeping “Islamisation” … Hourra, Marine Le Pen …

image HOURRA Le Pen. Bravo!

It’s all up hill for the lady but give her this. She has the brass where the men are supposed to.

Maybe she has nothing to lose by saying out loud what many feel deep inside.  She has a further problem ... the sins of the father being visited on the daughter.
Her dad it has to be said, has given the impression that he’s a bit further to the right then many find comfortable.  I think (but not sure) he’s questioned the Holocaust numbers. Not exactly something that will endear a politician to enough voters to win the day.  He has appeared anti-semitic from what I’ve been led to believe.  Honestly though ... I have never paid that much attention to him because I’ve had other things to do and think about. And he isn’t really that much in the news anymore. At least not over here.  I haven’t read or heard any of his speeches, only whatever the press here may have reported on.

So the lady will have a battle on her hands no doubt.  And even if it’s true that her dad is not exactly someone who would want to be my friend, that doesn’t mean he has everything wrong.  And it doesn’t mean he has no sincere worries about and love for his own country, given the rate of immigration that swells French cities and disrupts the social order.  Only a left wing liberal loony tune would believe that the vast majority of islamists truly want to become French, and accept the laws and the traditions and customs of that country.  Not at all. They’d like if possible, to over run France, introduce Sharia law and put women where they believe women belong.  Always pregnant, always covered head to foot and always walking behind whatever man is controlling her. That’s their natural law, their natural custom and their tradition. Oh yes, and so are ‘honor killings’ and arranged marriages. That’s what islamists would like for the west. All of the west.
Miss Le Pen is apparently unwilling to dig her own and her country’s cultural grave.  She may lose any election she runs in but she will not be silenced. She will be heard. BRAVO MARINE Le PEN!

National Front’s Marine Le Pen to prove formidable rival to Nicolas Sarkozy

Marine Le Pen has promised to defend France from creeping “Islamisation” days before she is expected to take over from her father as head of the National Front party.

By:  Henry Samuel in Paris

The 42-year-old is seen as a potentially dangerous threat to President Nicolas Sarkozy if chosen to succeed Jean-Marie Le Pen in a mid-January party congress almost 40 years after he founded the party.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Miss Le Pen, said: “The progressive Islamisation of our country and the increase in political-religious demands are calling into question the survival of our civilisation.”

“We are fighting against Islamism, not Islam”, she said.

“Islamism is the will to impose Shariah for all as civil, political and religious law. We Western societies are fighting against Islamism all around the world. We have sent our kids to Afghanistan to be killed to fight against Islamism, and we don’t have the right in France through words and political action to fight it? That seems totally absurd to me,” she said.

Miss Le Pen said examples of creeping Islamisation included pork being taken off the menu in certain French schools, the fact that 22 Quick fast food restaurants were offering exclusively Halal burgers. She also claimed that Muslim communities were receiving hidden French government funds to build “increasingly ostentatious mosque-cathedrals” or ones funded by Saudi Arabia.



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calendar   Thursday - December 23, 2010

bad day at black rock? no, just the usual witch hanging in haiti.  send more money? yeah, sure.

They’d do the world a world of financial good if they just wiped out each other. What’s their purpose anyway?

I’m sure if only the white folks would do more and not hold em down .... yawn. Where’s Sharpton on this?

Haiti lynch mobs murder 45 accused of spreading cholera with sorcery

By Daily Mail Reporter

23rd December 2010

Lynch mobs have murdered 45 people in Haiti after accusing them of spreading cholera by using sorcery.

Most of the victims have been hacked to death with machetes or stoned in the streets before their killers set fire to their corpses.

The savage scenes have occurred across the earthquake-ravaged island over the last week.

Prosecutor Kesner Numa said that the dead were accused of spreading the disease in regions which had been unaffected by the outbreak to date.

‘We have had cases every day since last week,’ he said ‘People really believe that witches are taking advantage of the cholera epidemic to kill.’

Forty of the murders have been in the Grand Anse region, in the far south-west of Haiti.

While 2,500 people had died across the island since cholera broke out in mid-October, the area had been the least affected to date.

Despite millions of pounds of aid pouring in from around the world, very little has been done to either clear the devastation or begun reconstruction.


Meanwhile, idiot Frenchmen are seeing to it that their culture will be further diluted and forgetting something called genes.

Hundreds of Haitian children given chance of fresh start with adopted French families

By Oliver Pickup

These are the heart-warming pictures that show Haitian children being granted a new chance to make the most of their lives.

For these 318 youngsters are the lucky ones who will not be spending Christmas in their crisis-hit home country, but getting to know their new adopted families… in France.

The first two flights left Port-au-Prince, the Haiti capital, for Paris yesterday, after French Foreign Minister Michele Alliot-Marie sanctioned the adoptions on Saturday.

Really stomach turning, disgusting photos of white women kissing tar babies. Yuk. What are they thinking?  In time these things will turn on them. They will eventually regret this stupid bleeding heart do good addition to France, increasing the trials and troubles they already have. Stupid people. Like there aren’t any white babies in dire need anywhere in France?



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calendar   Monday - December 20, 2010

slow but sure, the french are waking up and don’t like what is happening in their country

Let me count the ways I HATE the left. I’ve got to a point I don’t think I even like my left hand except I need the damn thing for typing.
Yes, it’s the season of good will towards men and all that.  Well ... not from me it isn’t.  I am not that civilized and not sorry about that either.
In fact, I despise the left in all seasons. 

So here we have a group of people who recognize the menace presented by militant islam. But the left objects to them even having an opinion much less a conference on the subject. 
I do not wish them well and do not have good will towards anyone who is even blushing left.

Paris conference targets ‘Islamization’ of Europe

PARIS (AP) — About 150 people protested Saturday outside the site of a conference in Paris organized to criticize the “Islamization” of Europe.

Protesters held banners reading “United Against Islamophobia” and “Fascists, get out of our neighborhoods.” Socialist Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe had asked police to ban the conference, but police allowed it to go forward under surveillance.

The conference was organized by several French groups, including nationalist political group Bloc Identitaire, that frequently complain about what they see as Islam’s growing influence over traditional French values. France has Western Europe’s largest Muslim population.

Several hundred people attended the conference, which also was broadcast over the Internet.

“Resistance against Islamization is alive. Nothing can stop it!” Bloc Identitaire wrote in a statement about the conference on its website.

Several speakers came from outside France. Oskar Freysinger, a lawmaker with the nationalist Swiss People’s Party, arrived wearing a bulletproof vest and accompanied by bodyguards. Freysinger had campaigned last year to ban the construction of minarets in Switzerland — a law that drew international condemnation when voters approved it in defiance of a government recommendation.

At the lunch break, organizers served wine and pork sausage — typical products of France that are shunned by many Muslims. Alcohol and pork are forbidden by Islam.


Well at least some French are waking up and have noticed something smells quite bad. A few million unwashed muzzies. GAK!


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calendar   Thursday - December 16, 2010

muzzie prayers on the streets of poor le belle france, and pat condell on america. worrisome

I thought I was oughtta here an hour ago but ..... funny thing happened on the way to bed and book.  I got sidetracked and read this site,

Sharia Isn’t Creeping Anymore. It’s Galloping!

Eurabia Watch Special Report and saw a video there > muslims at prayer in Paris street which is 4 and a half minutes long.  Not too much happening, a bit boring and the video a little jerky in places.  So why am I leaving a link to it here?

Because in spite of the few flaws I mentioned, it isn’t intended as entertainment. But it is damned well instructive.

I mentioned this lady the other day and posted .... but you might want to read some more.

H/T Family Security Matters

Sharia Isn’t Creeping Anymore. It’s Galloping!

Eurabia Watch Special Report
Paris, 14 December 2010

Muslim Street Prayers in France: From Secret to Sacred

How did Muslim prayer in French streets go from a well-kept secret to a cause célèbre in less than a week? Maxime Lepante has posted some 40 videos of outdoor Muslim prayers in France. Streets are blocked, often with the help of law enforcement, prayer rugs are stretched out, and the prostration begins.

Lepante traces the swift expansion of these open air mosques that encroach on the rights of citizens to walk or drive down a public street, enter and leave their buildings, hear themselves think in their own homes or, we might add, feel like they are living in Paris, France!

On the latest video, posted on the 11th of December, we learn that loudspeakers have been added … the better to broadcast the call. After tallying 28,000 hits in 55 hours, the YouTube video was branded “hate speech” and removed.

With one rare exception, mainstream French media never even mentioned these weekly illegal prayer meetings in the streets of French towns and cities. Suddenly (“A vous de juger,” France 2, December 9) Marine Le Pen--daughter and hopeful heir apparent to the leader of the Front National—broke the sound barrier. The snarling Jean-Marie Le Pen somehow fathered an intelligent, personable young daughter who apparently hopes to lead the crotchety old “far right” down the reformist path followed by similar movements in other European countries. Is she sincere?

Concluding a rundown of her program for a new improved Front National—withdrawal from the European Union, the eurozone, and the global economy—Marine Le Pen called for résistance against the Islamization of France. Stockholm’s Christmas shahid didn’t ignite one tenth of the indignation provoked by Marine Le Pen’s analysis of creeping sharia, encroaching niqab, and in-your- face prayers in French streets. Political figures big and small, right and left, lined up to take a shot at her. Quoi? She likened the street prayers to an “Occupation”! Aha! She’s a branch from the father’s rotten tree.

We had the veil, more and more veils; then the burqa, and now prayers in the street. “Of course they didn’t come with tanks and soldiers, but it’s still an Occupation

The link at the top will take you to the site and the video. Meant for a French audience, there is even a Pat Condell video with French subtitles.
Here’s the YT version minus the sub titles and I don’t think I posted this before.  At first I thought it looked familiar. But as it played, I wasn’t so certain.
About half way through or maybe less, he addresses his remarks towards America and oh boy.
If you haven’t seen this one yet .... pay attention to his warnings for us.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/16/2010 at 06:37 PM   
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calendar   Monday - December 13, 2010

lets have more of the same kind of immigration so the whole country turns into rat’s nest.

And speaking of vermin …. Have any of you seen what she’s referring to?
I once posted the video here at BMEWS.  Crowding the sidewalks and parts of the road with backsides raised to the heavens, which also looks so damn stupid. Why don’t they realize that?  Anyway … they crowd ppl off the walkway and during prayer times some folks who live in the area who aren’t vermin, can’t get in or out till the vermin slither away at prayer’s end. You’ll ask, why don’t they move?  Well, some just can’t afford to. Others are pissed saying asking why they should move. They were there first and anyway, are native to France.  Oh but the grimy left can’t tolerate that.  As for her socialist opponents, they’re happy to give away their country to a foreign occupying group of venomous vermin.  When the crunch comes some day in the future, and at this rate you can bank on it, I sure hope the socialists there don’t call on us in the name of Lafayette.  Let em stew in the muck they make for themselves. All in the name of multi-culture, diversity and the third leg of their policy, appeasement. 


Marine Le Pen: Muslims in France ‘like Nazi occupation’

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French far-Right, drew heavy criticism after she said Muslims praying outside were like Nazi occupiers.

The daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the outgoing leader of the National Front, told a rally that ten to fifteen places in France where Muslims worshipped in the streets were occupied territory.

“For those who want to talk a lot about World War II, if it’s about occupation, then we could also talk about it (Muslim prayers in the streets), because that is occupation of territory,” she said at the gathering in Lyon.

“It is an occupation of sections of the territory, of districts in which religious laws apply. It’s an occupation,” she said at the rally that was part of her bid to take the party leadership when her father steps down in January.

“There are of course no tanks, there are no soldiers, but it is nevertheless an occupation and it weighs heavily on local residents,” the 42-year-old noted.
The comments sparked condemnation from politicians from President Nicolas Sarkozy’s ruling UMP party and from the opposition Socialists and the Greens.
“This is the true face of the far right which has not changed in the slightest, and Marine Le Pen is just as dangerous as Jean-Marie Le Pen,” said Socialist Party spokesman Benoit Hamon.


PS: I have heard Brits say they no longer recognize their own country. I have had some tell me that trips to London felt like a voyage to another totally foreign country.  And things are not getting any better.


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calendar   Friday - November 19, 2010

french police chased by squatters, or muslim squatters?  hard to tell except who owns the streets

I happened on this from EuropeNews, the clip isn’t the best and too much is shot at waist level. Let it play out, even though the beginning might not grab ya.
I guess I can understand why the cop didn’t shoot dead that negro with the bat. Paperwork and riots etc. I would have. You’ll see what I mean.
The headline said French police chased from Muslim zone, but it mentions squatters and I didn’t see anything here that looked muslim like. What I mean is, the dirty looking beards and silly little caps. But then again, the video is far from perfect.

Seems like the cops and the law abiding lost the streets a long time ago.  Thank libtards for that.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/19/2010 at 10:14 AM   
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calendar   Sunday - October 24, 2010

de devil made me do it …. dark ages meet the 21st century … not that some know the difference

Yeah. We’re expected to accept these life forms as, just folks I suppose. 

See what happens when you take the wrong specimens out of their natural habitat?

The white man’s burden. Forever.

Turning our attention now to Haiti ... or maybe not.

11 Hurt In Plunge ‘Fleeing From Devil’

Eleven people have been injured jumping out of a second-floor flat window after apparently thinking they had seen the devil.

Police are investigating the incident which took place in the early hours in the small town of La Verriere, west of Paris.

Officers said some of the injured were children including a four-month-old baby, who is in a serious condition in a children’s hospital in the French capital.

“Thirteen people were in an apartment on the second floor when, at around 3am, one of the occupants heard his child crying,” said Odile Faivre, the deputy prosecutor in Versailles.

“The man in question, of African origin, who was completely naked, got up to feed his child, at which point the other occupants took him for the devil.

“He was seriously wounded in the hand after being stabbed with a knife before he was thrown out of the apartment, via the door.”

The 30-year-old man then tried to force his way back into the room.

“That’s when the other occupants tried to escape by jumping out of the window, panicked by a fear of the devil,” said Ms Faivre.

Police are questioning the naked man as well as another man who jumped from the window with a two-year-old girl in his arms.

Seven of those injured - who were African, possibly from Angola - were taken to hospital for emergency treatment.

Detectives are trying to find out if the group jumped voluntarily or were forced to jump.

black magic


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