When Sarah Palin booked a flight to Europe, the French immediately surrendered.

calendar   Friday - December 29, 2006

Red Ken Loves Fidel

If you thought Dhimmi Carter was the lowest form of commie-loving, canine feces on the planet then you’ve obviously never heard of “Red Ken” Livingston, the Lord High Mayor Of London. Red Ken keeps getting re-elected thanks to his pandering to the homosexuals and Muslims in London, two groups that if they ever met would not get along.

The Brits try their best to keep Red Ken out of the spotlight, just as we Yanks try to keep Dhimmi Carter from opening his mouth. It never works because both of these jerkoffs just keep on keepin’ on. Red Ken may have trumped Carter with his latest idea though. He plans on throwing a big bash in Trafalgar Square to celebrate .... “fifty years of Fidel Castro”. Yep, you read that right.

Read Red Ken’s remarks below (and enjoy the recent picture of him with Yugo Chavez). Our Brit friends will probably be cringing in terror and hiding out today. Be nice to them, please. After all, they haven’t rubbed Dhimmi Carter in on us. It’s just not sporting, old boy.

Ken Plans Trafalgar Square Street Party To Celebrate 50 Years Of Castro
(DAILY MAIL - UK) - 28 December 2006 13:05pm

imageimageKen Livingstone is planning a “massive festival” across London to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Fidel Castro’s Cuban revolution.

The event, to be staged in 2009, will involve street parties, sports venues and some of London’s leading museums as well as the closure of Trafalgar Square.

Although the Mayor’s office refused to provide budget estimates, it could cost up to £2 million. The festival was agreed on the Mayor’s controversial trip to Cuba last month.

But Mr Livingstone’s lavishing of public money to honour one of the last dictatorships in Latin America was condemned today.

“Forking out to celebrate a totalitarian regime is a choice that most Londoners will find bizarre,” said Angie Bray, leader of the Conservative group on the London Assembly.

“The Mayor associates himself with some of the most odious people around and it’s Londoners who are being asked to pay out. Sooner or later, there will be a reckoning.”

Speaking at a recent public meeting at Central Hall, Westminster, Mr Livingstone said: “We’ve got the backing of the Cuban government for a massive festival to celebrate 50 years of justice in Cuba.”

Mr Livingstone said: “The Cuban revolution of 1959 was an extraordinary event not just for Cuba but for the region as a whole and I have never concealed my support for this fact.

“There is no reason why Cuba should be singled out for controversy except for people coming at international issues from a very Right-wing perspective.” The Mayor pointed to Cuba’s “excellent healthcare”, high literacy rate and “Cuban sporting prowess” as reasons to celebrate.


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calendar   Saturday - November 25, 2006


What f**king “riddle” is the Slimes talking about? Has everyone at that paper gone completely stupid all of a sudden? That was a rhetorical question. Of course we all know the entire staff of the Slimes not only made the kool-aid but drank every last drop and sent out for more a long time ago.

Notwithstanding the Slimes ignorance, let me give you all a clue .... PUTIN ORDERED IT! This is classic KGB crap and bears all the hallmarks of that nefarious organization that Putin once headed way back in the dark old days before the US and Russia decided to stop scaring each other’s citizens and started faking everyone out by pretending to play nice.

You just ain’t going to give Putin a hard time and get away with it. Period. Look what happened to Viktor Yushchenko when he tried to defect the entire country of Ukraine over to the West. Putin said, “Get him” and the next thing you know ol’ Vik is poisoned and scarred for life. Make that scared for life. The Ukraine ain’t going anywhere in the near future. End of story.

No, ol’ Pooty-poot don’t play and folks better wise up to that fact. Of course you all realize by my saying this, I may have to go into hiding and be extra careful about what I eat or drink. His Pootness may decide the blogosphere needs to be thinned out a little. Stay tuned. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, call the St. Louis police department and inquire about any recent massive gun battles in West County. I ain’t goin’ down without a fight, Pootman ....

London Riddle: A Russian Spy, a Lethal Dose
LONDON (NY TIMES) — November 25, 2006

imageimageRadiation poisoning killed Alexander V. Litvinenko, the former Russian K.G.B. officer and foe of the Kremlin, authorities here said Friday, further complicating a case that has taken on all the mystery and menace of a political thriller.

From his deathbed, Mr. Litvinenko’s family said, he had accused President Vladimir V. Putin of being behind his poisoning. Outside the hospital where he died late Thursday, alarm spread across London after the police found traces of radiation in three places the former spy had been: a sushi bar, a hotel and his North London home.

Scientists were astounded at the use of the rare and hard-to-produce substance, polonium 210, which is dangerous when breathed, injected or ingested. All the while, diplomats scurried to prevent the case from becoming an international incident.

The cause of his death was so unusual, so baffling and so chilling that a senior British official called it “unprecedented.” The government called a high-level meeting restricted to the most senior ministers — codenamed Cobra — and the Russian ambassador was summoned to the Foreign Office. Rebutting the accusations of foul play, Russian officials hinted at a devious conspiracy to discredit President Putin.

The former agent’s family, citing what they called a statement dictated by the dying Mr. Litvinenko, accused President Putin of a “barbaric and ruthless” murder — a charge the Russian leader promptly rejected. Mr. Litvinenko’s father, Walter, also accused Russian authorities of responsibility, and said his 43-year-old son, who had been inquiring into the killing of a journalist in Moscow last month, was “killed by a little, tiny nuclear bomb.”

But the British police said they were treating the case as an “unexplained death” — displaying some caution about calling it a murder inquiry. Photographs of the dying Mr. Litvinenko showed him hairless and gaunt, wearing a green gown and lying in a hospital bed. Friends who visited him before his death said he had looked ghostly, far removed from the fit figure he presented just weeks ago. Developments in the case over the past week have tantalized Britons, confronting them with the notion that their land might have been used as a theater for sinister machinations more familiar in a James Bond movie.

Mr. Litvinenko’s slow and inexorable death was among the most bizarre since Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian dissident, was murdered in London with a jab from a poison-tipped umbrella in 1978.

It is not the first time that modern-day Russia has been suspected in a prominent poisoning in a foreign land. Doctors said that the Ukrainian president, Viktor A. Yushchenko — who campaigned in 2004 to move Ukraine away from Russian influence and forge closer ties with the European Union — was poisoned with dioxin when he was running for office, leaving his face badly disfigured. Russia, as well as an array of Mr. Yushchenko’s political adversaries, was suspected in the poisoning, but the matter was never resolved.

Word of a possible radiation attack, using what officials identified as polonium 210, a highly radioactive isotope, raised fears of contamination, though many Londoners seemed to take word of the official alert with a degree of stoicism, or even indifference, on a damp Friday evening.

“Spy Radiation: Major Alert,” said a banner headline in The Evening Standard. Still, inured to such scares by acts of terrorism in their city, including the bombings in July 2005 by Islamic militants, many seemed to shrug off the news.

The police searched several locations that Mr. Litvinenko had visited in early November— the Itsu sushi bar on Piccadilly, his home in the white-collar Muswell Hill neighborhood of north London and the Mayfair Millennium Hotel near the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square — and said they had found radioactive traces at each of them. Television showed plainclothes officers carrying away a metal box and several tote bags of evidence from the Itsu restaurant.

At the Mayfair Millennium Hotel, where the lobby and bar were chock-full, the health and safety manager, Brian Kelly, seemed to play down the alarm. “If we had a radiation problem here, do you think my restaurant and bar would be so full of people?” he said.

The authorities said they were also trying to find nurses and other medical staff who had treated Mr. Litvinenko since he began to complain of an unspecified illness on Nov. 1, in case they had been contaminated.

- More ...



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calendar   Sunday - October 15, 2006

A Complete Failure?

I think I’m going to go off somewhere and cry .... NOT! Poor old Gorby’s head tatoo has poisoned his brain after all these years (or is that a map of the Crimea - inquiring minds want to know).

Everyone’s a critic nowadays. As if we didn’t already have enough asshats criticizing the US, now we have old, retired commies harassing us. Sore losers are everywhere nowadays ....  from Massachusetts to Moscow ....

imageimageU.S. Wasted Chance To Improve The World: Gorbachev
BERLIN (WAPO) - Friday, October 13, 2006; 12:07 PM

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, who played a key role in ending the Cold War, said the United States had squandered an opportunity to improve global politics after the Cold War, a paper said on Friday.

In comments that were among the harshest he has made about the United States, Gorbachev compared U.S. foreign policy to one of the deadliest diseases on the planet—AIDS.

“Today our American friends are suffering from an illness worse than AIDS. And I would say this is the victor’s complex,” Gorbachev was quoted as saying in an interview with the Netzzeitung.

Unable to extricate itself from its Cold War mentality, the United States was playing a dwindling role in world politics, while Russia, China, Brazil, Europe, India and Japan were becoming stronger, Gorbachev said.

North Korea, which said on Monday it had successfully completed a nuclear test, was an example. Only China and Russia were in a position to handle Pyongyang, he said. Washington will in future have to act less on its own and get used to a position of diminished importance, he said.

“The Americans will have to understand that in future they will have to cooperate and make decisions jointly, instead of just always wanting to give orders,” Gorbachev said.

He said the United States and other Western countries had missed an opportunity to make the world a better place after the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 ushered in the end of communism.

“At that point, the West focused more on its geopolitical interests,” Gorbachev said, adding that Western countries had been more interested in cashing in on the “unbridled burst of globalization” that followed the end of the Cold War than in improving the international political climate.


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calendar   Friday - August 11, 2006

The Real Cuba

Enough of Iran, Lebanon and nukular war for one day. Let’s take a look South Of The Border and see what’s going on in Castro’s Cuba, the home of Jimmy Carter and Dan Rather’s favorite Commie - who is wheezing his last breath by now - if we’re lucky.

Bill Steigerwald takes in in depth look at what life is really like in this “worker’s paradise”. Workmen of the world, UNITE! Throw off your chains - at least that’s what Karl Marx decreed. It’s too bad those laborers’ chains were merely exchanged for chains of another, more miserable kind ...

Mike Keefe - The Denver Post

What It’s Really Like In Fidel’s Cuba
By Bill Steigerwald

Your average income is $15 a month. Your meat ration is 3.3 pounds a month. Owning a car is forbidden unless you are among the ruling elite. Computers are illegal. So is Internet access. The prices of the basics you need to live on are low. A decent-size urban apartment rents for $10 a month. But everything is also extremely scarce—food and gasoline to bicycles and bank loans. To get by, you must supplement your income by moonlighting, working in the black market or getting remittances from relatives abroad. Bath soap, shampoo and chicken are luxuries.

Welcome to the Republica de Cuba, the 1950s police state and time warp that Fidel Castro and his fellow goons have spent the last 47 years “perfecting” for the 11.3 million souls who’ve had the misfortune to be born there.

Welcome to the politically abused country American leftists have slavishly adored, defended and given excuses for since Fidel took absolute power in 1959. One of only five communist anachronisms left on Earth, Cuba today is a nice place to visit but unless you subscribe to The Nation magazine or belong to the Communist Party you don’t want to live there.

One political party, Partido Comunista de Cuba, runs the government, owns everything of importance, sets wages and prices, controls all the media, makes all the plans, writes all the rules, puts up all the candidates, wins all the elections and kills or jails the dissidents.

Fundamental human freedoms—to speak, act, own property and trade—are paper promises or nonexistent in Fidel’s paradise of government-coerced equality and shared misery. In a form of apartheid, Cubans are forbidden to mingle with tourists. Cuba’s command economy is overtaxed, over-regulated and pathetically unproductive. The Cuban peso—equal to about 4 U.S. pennies in Havana—is worthless beyond Cuba’s shores.

Fidel and his fellow travelers in America blame Cuba’s sorry state on the trade embargo the United States slapped on the country in 1959. And they never fail to point out that though Fidel isn’t perfect, at least he’s made sure everyone gets free health care and a good education. And that’s more than any U.S. president has done, the casual socialist sniff.

Last week, when word broke that Fidel was sick and had handed off control to his brother Raul, Cuban exiles in Miami were dancing in the street and planning their returns. If the Cuban people get lucky, by now the favorite dictator of the American left will be dead.

But unless the Bush administration’s neocons have prepared an expeditionary force we aren’t privy to, Fidel’s death isn’t likely to immediately bring freedom or capitalist prosperity to Cuba. Some experts think it’s more likely that Cuba under Raul will slowly evolve into a communist-free market hybrid like China or Vietnam.

Anything would be better than what Fidel has created—an impoverished, crumbling, living museum to the evils, idiocies and inefficiencies of unfettered Soviet socialism. The more you read about daily life in Cuba, the more obvious it becomes that it is a victim of too little Yankee imperialism, not too much.

Unfortunately, Fidel’s demise may not be enough. What Cuba’s beautiful people desperately need to liberate them and vault them into the 21st century—political and economic freedom, billions in American investment capital, Nike factories, Wal-Marts, a Major League Baseball franchise in Havana—may still take decades to arrive.

Bill Steigerwald is a columnist at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
E-mail Bill at ©Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, All Rights Reserved.

Notice: this cartoon and editorial are Copyright © by the cartoonists and editorial writers above and are published here with permission. Reproduction or copying without permission is prohibited. Contact CagleCartoons for reprint information.


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calendar   Thursday - August 03, 2006

Hurry Up And Die!

If Castro isn’t already dead, I predict he will be within the week. The decrepit old Commie has hung around long enough. Millions of Cuban-Americans are already rejoicing. Of course, Dan Rather and Jimmy Carter will lose a close friend but they’re both has-beens anyway.

Castro’s brother Raoul is just a temporary fill-in. He is 75 himself and won’t last long. Look for a coup d’etat by Cuban army officers not long after Castro kicks the bucket. I’ll wager $5 it’s already in the planning stage. The only question is who will grab the reins of power and how they will rule. Remember, you heard it here first ....

Larry Wright - The Detroit News

Cuba Mum On State Of Castro’s Health
HAVANA (AP) - Thu, August 3, 2006

State television gave no news about Fidel Castro’s condition yesterday, rerunning a government statement that his health was stable after surgery, his spirits good and the defence of the island guaranteed. Despite the affirmations that all was well, there appeared to be an increase in police patrols in some working-class neighbourhoods and in coastal areas that have seen civil disturbances in the past, like during power blackouts last summer.

The committees for the defence of the revolution, the government’s neighbourhood watch group, stepped up volunteer night patrols. The pro-government rapid action brigades, used in the past to handle civil disturbances, were placed on standby. Castro’s brother and acting president, Raul Castro, remained out of sight, issuing no statements of his own.

“The important thing is that in the country everything is going perfectly well, and will continue to do so,” read a statement signed by the elder Castro, who temporarily handed over power to his brother Monday night after surgery. It was the first time in 47 years that Castro, the world’s longest-serving leader, was not in control of his country.

It was unknown when or where the surgery took place or where Castro was recovering. No images of the leader were shown. State department spokesperson Sean McCormack said the United States had no independent information about Castro’s health. “This is a pretty closed decision-making circle and it’s very opaque as to what is actually going on,” he said.


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calendar   Thursday - July 27, 2006


It never rains but it pours. Hugo “Fidel” Chavez is on a roll, sucking up to the Arabs one week and dropping billions on the Russians to buy arms the next week. Like “Mini-me”, he is posturing and strutting on Dr. Evil’s leash.

Meanwhile, back here in America, Howard Dean is in Florida calling everybody names, spitting and screaming ... and then saying he wants to end divisiveness. Where is Fook Mi? I need to talk to her ...

Michael Ramirez - Investors Business Daily

Chavez To Boost Russian Arms Orders To $3 billion
Thu Jul 27, 2006 4:00am ET139

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will sign deals on Thursday for fighters, missiles and guns worth $3 billion during his visit to Russia, defying a U.S. arms blockade, a newspaper reported.

Chavez, set to cement ties with Russia at a Kremlin meeting with President Vladimir Putin, has hailed Russia for defying pleas from the United States to reconsider the sales.

Venezuela, the world’s No.5 oil exporter, was expected to sign arms deals worth about $1 billion with Russia. But Sergei Chemezov, head of Russian state arms trader Rosoboronexport, said Venezuela would finalize deals worth $3 billion, the Vedomosti business daily reported.

On top of an expected deal to buy at least 24 Russian Sukhoi-30 jets to replace Venezuela’s U.S. F-16s, Venezuela will buy helicopters, surface-to-air missiles and possibly even a submarine, Vedomosti said, citing Russian defense sources.

Washington has banned U.S. arms manufacturers from selling to Chavez. The United States says the populist leader, who proclaims socialist ideals to unite South America against U.S. influence, is destabilizing the region.

U.S. officials said they hoped to talk Russia out of the arms deals. But senior Kremlin officials say they see no reason to take advice from the United States.

- More on the story here ...

(Note: If you didn’t get the reference to “Fook Mi” above, then go watch “Austin Powers: Goldmember”. All will be explained.)


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calendar   Saturday - July 01, 2006

Comedy Central: Pravda Edition

No doubt, the former Commies at Pravda are having a field day with President Bush. They read the liberal media here in the US, drink a few gallons of vodka and are off to the races. Every week they provide me with more entertainment than all of Hollywood put together. What is amazing is the similarity between the Commies at Pravda and the Commmies at the New York Times. They practically echo each other. Hmmmm. There may be something there. What if the two Commie groups are one and the same?

As you read this insightful analysis by the Commies at Pravda, be warned: do not drink hot liquids while doing so. There is high risk of spraying your keyboard and monitor in dismay at the conclusions the Reds make. Keep your eyes open for the next to last paragraph. This is a Monstrous Irony Alert. The key quote to look for is: “[President Bush] has made explode the hatred of most of the countries throughout the world against the USA, the best loved nation after WW II.”

WHO KNEW? The Soviet Commies loved us all along and we never caught on. Duh!? I guess Kruschev was expressing undying admiration when he jokingly said, “WE WILL BURY YOU!!” What a joker Ol’ Nikita was. I’m just glad we got all that Cold War silliness cleared up after all. Read on ...

imageimageWill George W. Bush Surpass Hitler?
June 30, 2006 (PRAVDA)

George W. Bush was not elected president of the USA, in the year 2000, by the majority of US-voters. He was elected with one vote of a so called Supreme Court of the USA with the vote of one single judge, put in charge byGeorge Bush I, father of the later. A court that functions like a right-wing think tank is as useless for a nation as a kettle with a big whole in the bottom for a household….

But the destiny was friendly with the most stupid politician of the world ever… Provoked by a supremacist state that advanced always the interest of Israel over the rest of the whole Arab region and the Palestinians in special, some eager minorities in Arabia decided to shorten two towers in New York. Not a good idea, but very efficient, just as efficient as the biggest US-companies, when they decided to shorten the chances of people living in poor areas of the world. Comparable to the tumbling down of a rotten regime opening all chances to Hitler, the tumbling down of towers opened George W. Bush all opportunities he wished to have and that the one judge in Washington alone could not guarantee him….

Now he found good reasons for a war in Afghanistan, some other in Iraq and some possible future war against Iran, whose population was however already shortened with the assistance of the USA in Saddam Hussein’s gas war some years earlier. When his army entered Afghanistan, they found some crazy chaps that were not destructing three million Vietnamese but studying terrorism against the ones who see capitalism, neo-liberalism and new-borness as the one real thing on Earth. Unfortunately, many of the people brought to Guantanamo proved to be rather marginal terrorists or even totally innocent.

But George W. changed the whole USA in a McCarthy-camp, terrorised his own population and violated all international human rights and courts laws. And Russia, who gave away the whole wealth of Ex-Soviet-Union to a handful of oligarchs, China gave away all chances for developing a reasonable program to cure the situation of its population, especially of the peasants on the country-side, and favoured instead a funny mass-Milton-Friedman-capitalism, and Europe continued to dream its dreams for growth, to the disadvantage of all future generations, all these nations just looked over the two oceans and applauded George for his heavy-metal Hollywood-behaviour. It is easier not to interfere, if the own limits of growth, feasibility and financing bubbles by debts will prove to have been rather unrealistic.

No doubt, Adolf Hitler was a bad, bad guy, indeed. Let’s face it: The nation of culture of the Germans made him dictator by democratic votes, exactly like George, and they accepted all crimes against Jews, and many must have known about the “Wannsee-Konferenz”. Without the help of millions of Nazi-Germans, never six million Jews and about hundred million Russians, Poles, Americans, English, French and other nationals could have been killed or tortured to death. Here we have some parallels with Pinochet’s and Videla’s torturing to death of its youth and their final killing, assisted by later USA and its CIA and even worse the extermination of some three million Vietnamese for capitalistic ideology and many other nationals being killed since 1950 to this very day for the same purpose - with the assistance of CIA and some other crazy conspirators and blood dictators.

But Bush has not only invested in Guantanamo, this heroic monument for the criminal energy of the US-politicians since 50 years, no, he has in addition made explode the state indebtedness of his country that will make tumble down stock exchanges, banks and old age insurance, he has made explode the hatred of most of the countries throughout the world against the USA, the best loved nation after WW II, he has convinced that a terrifying war against environment with a stupid growth and the exposure of billions of tons of poison spread out by huge cars, planes, power stations etc., helping therewith the future generations to “survive”, and with the neo-liberal theory of Friedman and Greenspan he helped to enrich his greatest US-Companies and, at the same time, to destroy all hopes of the weaker states in South America, Africa and Asia.

Final conclusion: George W. Bush has put a time-bomb in the world that could kill in the long run billions of human beings from now on. Has anyone opened the question if Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Putin, Blair, Chirac or George W. Bush are to be recognized the greatest criminal figures of all times? The historians of the year 2100 will know.

- Read the full text of this literary masterpiece at Pravda ...


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calendar   Wednesday - June 21, 2006


On the same day that our enemy in the war on terror dumps the tortured, mutilated bodies of two US soldiers in a ditch in Iraq and scurries off to hide under their rocks, the ACLU steps out and accuses the US or torture, abuse and violation of human rights. There are days like this that make me wish I were a bomb-throwing anarchist with a closet full of molotov cocktails. If I were I’d have blown the ACLU’s headquarters to hell and gone by now.

What kind of group hides in a free country with all the human rights available to them and the freedom to do whatever they please and spends its time attacking the very insitution that allows them to be free? This is the same organization that seemingly does not care at all about mutiliated, beheaded terrorist captives or the bloody suicide bombers who have murdered innocent women and children in Iraq.

The ACLU are COWARDS! They pick an easy target in the US and harass us to death. Why don’t they go overseas, get together with Amnesty International and try to stop the barbaric behavior in Gaza, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia? There are subhuman tortures and outright genocide going on over there. The ACLU had rather scream at the US to adjust it’s coat and polish its shoes while ignoring the savages running around in loincloths and covered in blood. That sucks the big one ...

imageimageACLU Condemns U.S. for Failing to Uphold Civil and Political Rights

NEW YORK—The American Civil Liberties Union today released a report to the U.N. Human Rights Committee condemning the U.S. government for failing to comply with its treaty obligations to protect and preserve a range of human rights protections at home and abroad. Drawing attention to some of the most vulnerable members of society, including women, children, minorities, immigrants and the accused, the ACLU offered detailed recommendations to bring the U.S. in line with universally recognized human rights standards.

“America should be a beacon of freedom throughout the world, not a country that violates the basic human rights of its own people,” said Ann Beeson, Associate Legal Director of the ACLU. The report, Dimming the Beacon of Freedom: U.S. Violations of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, documents the U.S. record on human rights in five areas: national security, women’s rights, racial justice, immigrants rights and religious freedom.

The Human Rights Committee is the U.N. body of experts charged with monitoring countries compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), the primary human rights treaty. The United States ratified the treaty in 1992. The committee will review the official submission of the U.S. government on July 17 and 18 in Geneva. The ACLU will send a delegation to present the report and monitor the proceedings.

Dimming the Beacon of Freedom provides a detailed description of human rights violations in the United States. In addition to the impact of these rights violations on other vulnerable groups in the U.S., the report highlights how in the wake on September 11, 2001, Arabs, Muslims and South Asians, and to some extent all immigrants, were victims of discriminatory targeting by the government. It draws attention to the erosion of the right to privacy, discussing expanded surveillance and the government’s growing use of the states secret privilege to avoid accountability for abuses.

- More ACLU bulls**t at their site ...


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calendar   Monday - June 19, 2006

Here We Go Again

Kim Jung Il is one sick, insane madman. He is racheting up the saber-rattling another notch with a new missile that is capable of reaching the US. Japan is worried and has already issued a warning about any missile overflight. The NOKO’s also reportedly have nukes. It’s enough to make you tear your hair out.

All Kim wants is a payoff of some form or another. He has starved his people to build these blackmail weapons and he thinks the Bush administration will cave in like the Clinton administration did. That’s the problem with asshats like Kim. As soon as you pay them off once you establish a precedent and only encourage them to scream for more. This is Clinton’s “legacy” and we’ll be paying for it for a long time ....

North Koreans Said to Be Near a Missile Test
June 19, 2006

WASHINGTON — North Korea appears to have completed fueling a long-range ballistic missile, American officials said Sunday, a move that greatly increases the probability that it will go ahead with its first important test launching in eight years. A senior American official said that intelligence from satellite photographs suggested that booster rockets had been loaded onto a launching pad, and liquid-fuel tanks fitted to a missile at a site on North Korea’s remote east coast.

While there have been steady reports in recent days about preparations for a test, fueling is regarded as a critical step as well as a probable bellwether of North Korea’s intentions. Siphoning the liquid fuel out of a missile is a complex undertaking. “Yes, looks like all systems are ‘go’ and fueling appears to be done,” said the official who discussed the matter only after being promised anonymity because he was addressing delicate diplomatic and intelligence issues. A second senior official, who declined to speak on the record for similar reasons, also indicated that the United States believed the missile had been fueled.

A launching would be a milestone in the North’s missile capacity and effectively scrap a moratorium on such tests declared by the North Koreans after their last test in 1998. Moreover, a launching would have enormous importance for American security because it would be North Korea’s first flight test of a new long-range missile that might eventually have the capacity to strike the United States.

- More on the story at the NY Times...

As if the missile test launch isn’t enough, Dear Leader is also threatening Armageddon and “wipe out US troops” and blah-blah-blah. I say we give the go-ahead to a few of those sub commanders just off the Korean coast. Kim has already laid waste the entire country with his sadistic methods. Nuking it will be a mercy killing. Besides, it will certainly quieten things down on the Korean peninsula for a long time ...

North Korea Threatens To ‘Wipe Out’ US Forces
6/19/2006 4:48:50

PYONGYANG—North Korea yesterday threatened to “mercilessly wipe out” US forces in case of war during a national meeting to mark leader Kim Jong-Il’s 42 years’ work at the ruling party. The threat, in a ruling party report carried by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), came as North Korea was reportedly preparing to test-fire a long-range missile despite strong protests from the United States and its allies.

Choe Thae Bok, a ranking Workers’ Party official, said Washington was “hell-bent on provocations of war of aggression” in the report to mark the 42nd anniversary of Kim’s start at the party, KCNA said. “If the enemies ignite a war eventually, the Korean army and people will mercilessly wipe out the aggressors and give vent to the deep-rooted grudge of the nation,” Choe was quoted as telling the meeting.

South Korea, which seeks to reconcile with N Korea after decades of hostility since the 1950-1953 Korean War, has urged Pyongyang to abandon any plans to test-fire the missile. But South Korea maintained its usual level of military alert yesterday despite the news reports about an imminent missile test launch. “The military is on the same level of alert as usual. There has been no upgrade in the military alert yet,” a defence ministry spokesman said.

- More insane saber-rattling here...


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calendar   Thursday - June 15, 2006

The CommieSphere

Welcome to the “CommiSphere” - formerly known as South America. What Leon Trotsky and Che Guevara couldn’t succeed at is today being brought to fruition in that large chunk of land to the South of us. Old Fidel is getting long in the tooth and won’t be among us much longer (hopefully) but he has two new disciples in Venezuela and Bolivia.

The really strange part of this story is that Bolivia is where Che Guevara met his demise at the hands of the Bolivian Army in 1967. You may recognize Che’s picture. The Liberals and Leftist asshats in America adore him and his hairy puss adorns millions of their t-shirts. A commie thug, no less. Nowadays it seems the new President of Bolivia, having nationalized all the country’s energy resources (read: stole from foreign investors) is absolutely in love with Commie Che.

Between the drug lords and the Castro puppets, South America is going to the dogs real fast. Don’t people ever learn? Communism failed miserably, Castro has literally enslaved millions of Cubans and revolutions never change anything - except who is on top ... the misery remains the same - especially in the CommieSphere.

imageimageBolivian President Pays Tribute to Guevara
Thu Jun 15, 2006 1:28 AM BST

LA HIGUERA, Bolivia (Reuters) - Bolivian President Evo Morales pledged solidarity with Cuba and Venezuela on Wednesday as he paid homage to Ernesto “Che” Guevara at the spot where the legendary leftist guerrilla was killed in 1967.

Clutching double-sided Cuban-Bolivian flags, white-coated Cuban doctors joined Morales and hundreds of local residents in the remote eastern village La Higuera to mark the 78th anniversary of the Cuban revolutionary leader’s birth.

Morales, who has hung a large portrait of Guevara in the presidential palace, defended his leftist alliance with Cuba and Venezuela and said he would be willing to take up arms to defend them in the face of any U.S. attack.

“If they did it in Cuba, in Venezuela or Bolivia, we’d be willing to take them on with arms to defend the nation, natural resources and social reforms,” Morales said.

“Ten years ago, I said there’d soon be many Cubas in Latin America and I now feel I was right ... . Now we’ve got another commander, our comrade (Venezuelan President) Hugo Chavez. We’ve got two freedom-fighting commanders ... whatever the empire says,” added Morales, who often dubs Washington “the North American empire.”

Morales has formed close ties with Cuban President Fidel Castro and fellow leftist Chavez since being elected six months ago on pledges to increase state control of natural resources and fight poverty in South America’s poorest country.

He is the first Bolivian president to pay homage to Guevara in the mountainous area where the Argentine-born medical doctor was captured and shot to death by Bolivian soldiers as he sought to spread communism to Bolivia.

Guevara was Fidel Castro’s lieutenant in the 1959 Cuban Revolution. His attempt to spark another movement in Bolivia in 1967 was stopped after seven months of fighting in the subtropics.

He was captured on October 8 and taken to the school building in La Higuera, where he was executed the next day at the age of 39. Finishing off his speech in La Higuera, Morales shouted “Viva Cuba! Glory to Che!” before Cuban doctors took the stage to sing “Happy Birthday” to Guevara around an enormous birthday cake bearing 78 red candles.


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calendar   Saturday - June 10, 2006

Commie Comedy

Les Fwench Commies are outraged that their Russian counterparts discriminate against Les Pacquiers du Fudge. They claim the Russkis have “betrayed the ideals of Marxism.” Sacre Blew! Some stories just seem to write themselves.

imageimageFrench Communists End Relations With Russian
Communist Party Because Of Gay Scandal

June 9, 2006 (PRAVDA)

The world communist movement is currently facing a major scandal. The relations between the Russian and the French communist parties have been practically ruined. The reason of the conflict lies in the negative attitude which the leader of the Russian communists, Gennady Zyuganov, expressed against the recent gay pride parade in Moscow.

The outcome of the “free love parade” in Moscow is history now. Young communists and patriots violently attacked the homosexuals and defamed them. Delegates of the French Communist Party, who took part in all events organized by the Moscow gay movement, did not hesitate to express their reaction to that.

The French communists harshly reproached their Russian colleagues of being homophobic and betraying the Marxism-Leninism ideology. The Socialistic Party of France (the country’s second largest party) supported the communists of France too. Unlike for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the struggle for social justice implies the protection of class interests, as well as people’s rights and freedoms, including the right to choose a sexual orientation.

That is why the French communists described the Russian Communist Party as a homophobic and anti-communist organization. A member of the political bureau of the French communist organization Richard Sanchez said that they simply could not make up with such an idea. “It is nonsense for European communists. Being a communist and a homophobe at the same time is so typical of the Communist Party of Russia,” said he. Another spokesman for the French communist party said that the CPRF was a non-communist party, which still had the communist rhetoric, but betrayed the ideals of Marxism.

“The French comrades” also criticized Russia’s communists for their aspiration to form the real opposition in Russia. “The Russian Communist Party has actually been the government of the country for almost 80 years. Therefore, they simply do not know what it means to be a real opposition. They think of themselves as the opposition, but they do nothing that an opposition organization would do. It’s all about declarations, that’s all,” Sanchez said. Richard Sanchez thinks that Russia needs to have the real leftist movement, but not the CPRF which views itself as an opposition organization.

- More Commie Silliness At Pravda ...


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calendar   Wednesday - May 24, 2006

Vlad’s Shack

Dirty, rotten Commies are finally returning what they stole after WWII. Although it’s anybody’s guess what they’ve been doing with the castle that belonged to The Original Moonbat. Perhaps they were using it as a blood bank? Regardless, you all better lock up your virgin daughters who sleep in filmy negligees with large open windows in their bedrooms. Especially if your next-door neighbor bears a striking resemblance to Christopher Lee and works for the IRS. Bloodsuckers, I tells ya ...

imageimageRomania Gives Dracula’s Castle Back To Owners
May 23, 2006, 5:31 PM EDT

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP)—More than 60 years after it was seized by communists, the Romanian government is to hand back one of the country’s most popular tourist sites, the fabled Dracula Castle, to its former owner, the culture minister said Tuesday.

The castle, worth an estimated $25 million, was owned by the late Queen Marie and bequeathed to her daughter Princess Ileana in 1938. It was confiscated by communists in 1948 and fell into disrepair.

It will be transferred on Friday to Dominic van Hapsburg, a New York architect who inherited the castle from Princess Ileana decades after the communists seized it, minister Adrian Iorgulescu told a news conference.

Van Hapsburg is a descendant of the Hapsburg dynasty which ruled Romania for a period starting in the late 17th century. The hand-over ceremony will take place Friday at noon in the 14th century castle’s museum deep within the fortress in Transylvania, Iorgulescu said.

Restoration work began in the late 1980s and was partially completed in 1993. It is now one of Romania’s top tourist destinations. Under the agreement, the owner will not be allowed to make any changes to the castle for the next three years, Iorgulescu said.

While known and marketed as “Dracula’s Castle,” it never belonged to Prince Vlad the Impaler, who inspired Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula character. But the prince is thought to have visited the medieval fortress. The Gothic fortress, perched on a rock, has appeared in numerous Dracula movies.

At the gates of Bran Castle, peasants sell Dracula sweaters hand-knitted from the thick wool of local sheep, cheesecloth blouses, and Vampire wine. The castle is the most famous of 15 citadels and fortresses in the area, which were built by peasants to keep out marauding armies of Turks and Tartars and cruel local medieval lords.

Another former royal property, the Peles Castle, built in the late 19th century in the mountain town of Sinaia, will be returned to former King Michael. He owned it before it was confiscated by the communist regime in 1948.

Romania passed legislation earlier this year to return property to its former owners and establish a “property fund” to pay damages for assets that cannot be returned. The fund includes stock in state-owned companies that are being privatized.


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calendar   Tuesday - May 16, 2006

One Very Busy Fascist Dictator


Our unfriendly fascist fiend in Venezuela has been one very busy boy lately. I’m reminded more and more every day of Benito Mussolini when I look at this cretin and watch his mad takeover of Venezuela. The peasants down there see improvements mainly due to this dictator grabbing property and socializing everything into what will eventually become a communist dictatorship. History has recorded that the Nazis made the trains run on time too while they were grabbing power. Chavez is no different. First he goes to Cuba and stirs up the rabble with a venomous anti-democracy tirade ...

Chavez Points To Socialism As The Only Way to Stop Barbarism
May 14, 2006


Socialism is the only way to thwart barbarism and bring the humankind to a turning point in its fateful history, said Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in London, Sunday, May 14. Chavez spoke during an encounter with British personalities and groups who support the Venezuelan government. The meeting was held in the Camden Center in North London, reported Prensa Latina news agency.

“Let’s take on socialism; let’s debate it and build it. I believe that its mistakes were in the economic analysis, there should be social praxis, and 21st century socialism should be based on solid human values,” he stressed. “We are facing the threat of global challenges stemming from the genocidal, immoral, sick, and corrupt elite currently governing the United States, which appear to have no limits,” he added.

The Venezuelan president warned about Washington’s threats against Iran and he said that if that aggression materializes, oil prices could reach 100 dollars a barrel. “The outcome of such aggression is unknown, but the Empire is going to find itself inPa worse position than the one they have currently in Iraq, where they do not know what to do with the civil war that has erupted there and can’t find a way out,” he noted.

Chavez called US President George W. Bush a murderer, guilty of genocide, who supposedly fights terrorism, while his country is a sanctuary of terrorists.

Then El Dictator turns around and decides to sell high-tech US jet fighters to Iran

Venezuela Weighs Selling U.S. Jets to Iran
May 16 12:53 PM US/Eastern


Venezuela is considering selling its fleet of U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets to another country, perhaps Iran, in response to a U.S. ban on arms sales to President Hugo Chavez’s government, a military official said Tuesday.

Gen. Alberto Muller, a senior adviser to Chavez, told The Associated Press he had recommended to the defense minister that Venezuela consider selling the 21 jets to another country.

Muller said he thought it was worthwhile to consider “the feasibility of a negotiation with Iran for the sale of those planes.” Even before the U.S. announced the ban on arms sales Monday, Washington had stopped selling Venezuela sensitive upgrades for the F- 16s.

Chavez has previously warned he could share the U.S. jets with Cuba if Washington does not supply parts for the planes. He also has said he may look into buying fighter jets from Russia or China instead.

Then he flies off to Algeria to visit with OPEC and finally to Libya to hang out with Khadaffi Duck and compare notes on striking out at America ...

Venezuela’s Chavez to visit Libya
Monday, May 15, 2006 Posted: 1536 GMT

TRIPOLI, Libya (CNN-Reuters)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, whose socialist course has won him few friends in Washington, will visit Tripoli on Tuesday for talks with the Libyan leader who once bore the brunt of U.S. disapproval.

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has in recent years toned down his fiery anti-American rhetoric and opened Libya’s industry to Western investment. The U.S. announced Monday that it plans to restore normal diplomatic relations with Libya. Libya, like Venezuela, is a major oil producer.

Chavez, a self-styled socialist revolutionary, has led a campaign to tighten state control over the energy sector. Libyan officials said Chavez would arrive in Tripoli after a visit to Algeria, a close ally and fellow OPEC member. Chavez will meet with Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Tuesday morning before heading to Libya, they said.

Analysts said the Libyan talks were likely to focus on energy industry knowledge sharing but that, with oil producers pumping as much as they can and oil prices near records, collaboration on output quotas was unlikely to top the agenda.

So what kind of man is El Dictator? His former mistress sheds a little light on the man. It seems that Lord Acton was correct in his assessment of human nature when he said “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” There is no more perfect example than the Chavez Chihuaha barking at the Western world ....

My Lover, The Great Dictator
The ex-mistress of Venezuela’s dictator, Hugo Chavez, has a word of caution about her former lover—beware!
Sunday, May 14, 2006 3:48 p.m. EDT


Speaking fondly of the would-be Fidel Castro clone and darling of the Hollywood liberal community as a tender lover, Herma Marksman, Chavez’s mistress for 10 years, also told the Times of London that Chavez is dangerous and not to be trusted.

“I keep the best memories of him close to me,” Marksman told the Times. “He’s the kind of man that showers you with flowers and chocolates, serenades you with romantic songs and never forgets your birthday. People say he is a violent man, but he never raised a hand or his voice to me.”

Marksman has a different opinion of Chavez as Venezuela’s president, however. “Now you can’t trust him,” she said during what the Times called her first interview with any foreign media. “He is imposing a fascist dictatorship. A totalitarian regime is coming because he doesn’t believe in democratic institutions. Hugo controls all the powers.”

Described by the Times as anything but “an angry ex-bimbo” determined to denigrate a man who dumped her, the 50ish professor of history has written two books about Chavez’s politics. During the interview with the Times, she called Chavez “sweet” and “kind” as a lover. But as a president, she added, “he’s the caudillo (strongman) you have to say yes to. At the rate he’s going, his end can only be violent.”

For almost a decade in the 1980s and 1990s, Marksman recalls encouraging her lover, then an army officer who used her home to plot a coup against Venezuela’s civilian government. The couple shared a dream, she said, of “a prosperous Venezuela where justice would reign.” That dream, for her at least, is shattered. “Now you can’t trust him,” she told the newspaper.

Emerging as a champion of the Venezuelan underclass, he was surrounded by adoring women. The Times reported that he split with both his wife and his mistress; later a second marriage also ended in separation. He once disclosed his far leftist political beliefs when he told Castro “Capitalism leads us straight to hell, Fidel, I think you were always right: it’s socialism or death”


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calendar   Saturday - May 06, 2006

Most Ridiculous Headline Of The Day

imageimageAccording to Pravda, we’re all going to die ...

“USA Executes Its Citizens Every Ten Days”

Hmmm. Would this be similar to the 20 million Russians that Stalin murdered?


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