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calendar   Friday - April 18, 2008

Gossip Blogging

Ask a stupid question:

“So, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, what do you see in a 24-year-old, sensationally beautiful gymnast with a penchant for posing semi-naked that you don’t see in your lovely, middle-aged, matronly wife Ludmilla?”

imageHa, look at that sly old dog! What could he possibly be thinking? Uh, yeah! Some thoughts don’t need translation, they don’t even need to be said out loud. Some things are just about universal.

This sudden frenzied interest in a woman who, until yesterday, was frankly a rather obscure Russian athlete, comes after a Moscow newspaper reported that Mr Putin recently split with Ludmilla and is preparing to marry the young and very pretty Miss Kabaeva.

Mr Putin today appeared to relish being linked to a beautiful gymnast less than half his age as he gave a press conference alongside Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi - himself no stranger to allegations of womanising.

Denying the claims of a divorce and marriage plans, 55-year-old Mr Putin seemed to enjoy playing up the image of a ladies’ man.

“In other publications of the same type, the names of other successful, beautiful young women from Russia are mentioned,” he said. “I think it won’t be unexpected if I say that I like them all - just as I like all Russian women.”

He called women of his homeland “the most talented and beautiful” in the world - adding diplomatically: “If anyone can compete, it may be only Italian women.”

There is added piquancy in the fact that, despite her youth, Miss Kabaeva has recently been made an MP. The gymnast is one of a number of young and beautiful Russian dancers and athletes who, under Mr Putin’s patronage, have lately become deputies in the Duma - Russia’s lower parliament.

Vlad ... you da dawg!!

Neither the Kremlin nor a spokesman for Miss Kabaeva were prepared to comment. Some even suggest the story has been deliberately leaked by the Kremlin to allow them to impose further restrictions on Russia’s mass media.

It’s said that power is quite the aphrodesiac. I guess the proof is in the Putin.


So much for freedom of the press in Russia. The paper that ran this story has been shut down. Guess old Pooty was pissed the word got out!

A newspaper that defied the Kremlin by reporting that President Vladimir Putin was planning to marry an Olympic gold medal-winning rhythmic gymnast half his age was shut down Saturday.

The closure of Moskovski Korrespondent, whose editor Grigori Nekhoroshev was forced to resign, was a sharp reminder of the perils of invoking Kremlin displeasure.

Rumors of a romance between Putin, 55, and Alina Kabaeva, 24, who is also an MP in his party, have been circulating in Moscow for months, but until last week no one had dared to print them.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Thursday - April 17, 2008

North Korea can’t feed itself, as usual

Oh noes!! The Krazy Korean Kommies under ‘lil Kim me so ronery Jong Il are running out of food. Again! Just like they do every year for nearly two decades!! What shall we do, what shall we do? Oooh, the poor and starvin’!!!

Anybody got that recipe for Rock Soup?

North Korea faces a looming food crisis due to floods last year, the U.N. food agency said.  Food prices at North Korean markets have doubled while state rations are dwindling, the World Food Program said Wednesday.  Key donors such as China and South Korea are not expected to send as much direct assistance to the North as they have in the past.

“The food security situation in the (North) is clearly bad and getting worse,” Tony Banbury, WFP Asia regional director, said in a statement. “It is increasingly likely that external assistance will be urgently required to avert a serious tragedy.”

Jean-Pierre de Margerie, WFP’s country director in North Korea, said by telephone from Pyongyang that North Korean officials were admitting for the first time that the state ration system—already erratic in providing food to the country’s 23 million people—was breaking down.  “It’s a bit of a perfect storm shaping up,” he said.

Prices of staple foods have doubled in the past year in the capital. A kilogram (2.2 pounds) of rice now costs about a third of a typical worker’s monthly salary of 6,000 won (about US$2), WFP said.

Well pardon me if I don’t give a damn. Maybe if they allowed a bit of free enterprise people would grow more food. Maybe if they invested a bit of their money in farming instead of the military they’d have something to show for it. Maybe if they weren’t trying to destabilize the rest of the world by shipping nuke material anywhere they could people might have a little bit of concern for them. But no. Lil Kim-chee has to spend all his money on his army, as if anyone would want that desolate frozen overflowing outhouse of a country.

And you know what else? Rice costs more here. A kilo for a third of $2? That’s not even 31 cents a pound. Shut up, that’s a great deal in my opinion!! But 3 kilos of rice as your entire monthly salary? Hey ... I see a solution!!! Kick out the friggin Mexicans and let’s get the whole damn country over here as illegals. They’d work harder and only cost a tenth of a percent as much! Woo hoo, recession avoided! Everybody could afford to hire 10 or 20 of them. Homeless guys could have servants!

In another blow to the food situation, direct aid from North Korea’s two top donors—China and South Korea—is also expected to decline this year.

Due to rising food prices, China has restricted its exports and is not expected to send as much to its communist ally as in the past, de Margerie said.

South Korea has a new conservative president who has said he expects North Korea to reciprocate for aid, a change from the previous decade of liberal South Korean governments. The new policy has angered Pyongyang, which has claimed it does not need Seoul’s help.

So this means less handouts from the neighbors. And CNN and the UN seem to be Ok with that. Guess who will get the Guilt Guns turned on them now? That’s right, Tibet! Um, no, sorry. Not Tibet. It’s gonna be the USA again, as usual, as always. And you know old spineless will not only send them food, he’ll give them oil. And probably more. And they’ll keep right on being our steadfast enemies, only with full stomachs now.

Since the 1990s North Korea has suffered regular food shortages caused by natural disasters, mismanagement and the loss of the country’s Soviet benefactor. As many as 2 million people are believed to have died from famine.

Remember how the CCCP had food shortages every year for 50 years because of bad weather? Uh huh, I think that cloud system has moved to the South East and is stalled. Don’t send them a grain of rice. Let them fall. Let the axle of the Axis of Evil grind to a rusting halt. Next. But what about the pore n starvin? Hey, maybe they’ll use their last burst of energy to have a revolution. Or maybe they’ll just die. North Korea is a secret closed world. Nobody knows what goes on there and they ain’t tellin. Let’s let them stay closed, forever. It will be our little secret.


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calendar   Wednesday - April 16, 2008

Chinese Army in Zimbabwe?

Odd things are going on over in Mugabe’s alternate dimension. And not just the mess of an election. Now it appears that a large arms shipment has been recieved from China. Complete with Chinese soldiers. Not that many of them, but hello? Just what the heck is going on?

Armed Chinese soliders police Mutare streets

By David Baxter

HARARE - A general strike called by the MDC to pressure the Zimbabweans government and the Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) to release presidential results appeared to have faltered in all major cities despite the despair within the majority over the lack of results, almost three weeks on.

People were seen going about their usual business, maybe due to fear the weight of the state security officers deployed ahead of the strike could descend on them or because the economic crisis does not allow people to drop earnings at all.

Soldiers and police fanned out across Zimbabwe early in the day with army trucks, some equipped with water cannon, moving through opposition strongholds around the cities. The riot police and other officers even set up checkpoints.

zimbabwejournalists’ correspondent, David Baxter, reports from Mutare that it is calm in the city as the MDC stayaway failed to attract many people.

“Residents are going about their normal business despite a call by the opposition to stay at home. Businesses were operating as usual but there was a heavy police presence in the city centre and in all the high density suburbs,” he said.

The police are armed with AK rifles, teargas canisters and baton sticks. Water cannons were being driven throughout the suburbs. There were no incidents of violence as of mid-morning. However, says Baxter, there was a surprise presence of Chinese soldiers armed with revolvers in the city.

You would think, after the protests we’ve seen with the Olympic torch procession, and the recent crackdown on Tibet, that they would be a lot more circumspect about actively getting into bed with an aging despot, never mind lending support to his repression.

I can’t offer deep insightful political analysis on this, but my layman interpretation is that they must be there to protect their economic interests.

Remember Mugabe’s ‘Look East’ policy?

Zimbabwean’s joke, bitterly, about how Mugabe is allowing the Chinese to colonise our country. They refer to the Chinese products flooding our shops as ‘zhing zhong’. ‘Zhing zhong’ has now become a term used to describe anything that breaks or doesn’t work when you buy it.

Chinese traders are given more advantages by the Zanu PF government to do business in Zimbabwe than locals do.
But if the Chinese government is actually sending in soldiers, and actively lending some level of military support - advice or otherwise - to Mugabe’s efforts to subvert democracy and cow the population, then their involvement must be exposed.

The world is a pretty small place these days. It’s getting harder and harder to hide things, even in Africa. The word just gets out. So what is going on here? Is Mugabe arming up just in case the election results go against him? Is this just a typical arms shipment - 6 or so shipping containers worth really isn’t that huge a pile of weapons - or is it something special? And why on earth are armed Chinese soldiers patrolling the streets of the city? Perhaps they are just there as “advisors”. Perhaps they are just there to provide security for the arms shipment. Perhaps. But it is still very odd.

thanks for the tip and the pre-post, DWMF.

As word gets out, the protests start. Looks like quite a few people believe these arms will be used by Mugabe against the people:

A large arms consignment bound for Zimbabwe remains on board a ship at the South African port of Durban after running into a political row.

South African dockworkers are refusing to unload the Chinese vessel, which is anchored off the port.

And a local lobby group has asked the High Court to block the shipment in case it leads to human rights abuses.

South Africa’s government says it cannot legally prevent the arms being transported through the country.

The row comes amid continuing tension in Zimbabwe over the failure to publish election results.

Critics say Zimbabwe’s Zanu-PF government will use the weapons to further suppress democratic rights, as accounts continue to emerge of the beating of opposition supporters.

Another reason is platinum. Just like nickle, copper, and molybdenum, China wants a slice of this precious ore too, and Zimbabwe is the world’s #2 producer.


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calendar   Monday - February 25, 2008

Don’t bet on it

CNN: “North Korea lifts nuclear veil”

CNN Editor’s note: CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour recently toured North Korea’s nuclear plant. CNN was one of only two U.S. news organizations at the facility.

So before the article even begins I have 3 major reasons not to believe it: It’s from the Norks, it’s CNN, and the reporter is the Persian princess socialist/terrorist sympathiser Christiana Amanpour.

YONGBYON, North Korea (CNN)—The North Koreans haven’t seen this many Americans since the Korean War, but they are pulling out all the stops.

CNN was one of only two American news organizations ever allowed to visit the main nuclear facility at Yongbyon.

For a nation President Bush labeled as part of the “axis of evil,” it was not an impressive sight: a dilapidated concrete hulk, built with few resources back in the early ‘80s.

Isn’t that cute? And oh, of course, look how BUSH LIED.

But it did produce plutonium, enough to make a few bombs and to test-fire a nuclear weapon 18 months ago.

But it was only a couple little bombs. They couldn’t hurt hardly anybody! And let’s ignore that it’s uranium that gets used for an atomic bomb, while it’s plutonium that gets used for the much more powerful hydrogen bomb. Nothing to see here, move along.

Today is a very different story though. North Korea shut down Yongbyon last summer under an agreement with the United States and four other nations in the nuclear disarmament negotiations. We were shown the extraordinary sight of heavy metal pipes, chopped down and laid on the ground: They had been part of a coolant loop that sent steam to the turbine generators to produce electricity.  We saw the distinctive bell-shaped cooling tower, just a shell, the inner guts of the system cut out. We saw the vital nuclear fuel rods being removed and neutralized under 20 feet of water.  And we even were shown the reprocessing plant where plutonium was extracted from the rods, plutonium that was used for nuclear weapons, the chief engineer admitted. Parts of the plant are now dismantled, wrapped in plastic and put into storage.

Idiots. You saw exactly what the NorKs wanted you to see, and believed whatever they told you. It could have been anything wrapped in plastic, and that could have been an old plant they took you too. When dealing with these guys “trust, but verify” becomes “assume it’s a scam until you can absolutely it prove otherwise”.

And there are American technicians from the Department of Energy on-site helping with all of this. It seems a far cry from the hostility conjured by the axis of evil.

Maybe merely hearing about the wonders of Obamamessiah have healed their broken souls, and now they’re our best buddy-buddies. Yeah right. As for the technicians, check their bank balances and their voter registration cards. Sah-ree, but the bullshit does run that deep.

For all of this, North Korea expected a million tons of heavy fuel oil, a lifting of sanctions and removal from the U.S. list of terrorist sponsors. This has not happened yet, so North Korea has slowed down the disabling process at Yongbyon.

Holy crap, you mean Bush did something right? Not a grain of wheat, not a drop of oil until a geiger counter stays dead flat over the entire country.

CNN, the most gullible name in news. When it suits our purposes of course.


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calendar   Tuesday - February 19, 2008

castro retires


He isn’t yet completely dead, but the old bearded bastard has finally stopped even pretending he can still run Cuba. He has passed the baton of tyranny to his brother Raul. Raul is said to be a reformer, but I suggest a serious wait-and-see approach before anyone changes their attitude towards Cuba. But we can allow ourselves one or two small grains of hope. Just one or two.

We take you now to our non-affiliate Free Cuba blog on the spot, Babalu Blog:

**BREAKING NEWS** fidel castro “retires”

To my dearest compatriots, who have recently honored me so much by electing me a member of the Parliament where so many agreements should be adopted of utmost importance to the destiny of our Revolution, I am saying that I will neither aspire to nor accept, I repeat, I will neither aspire to nor accept the positions of President of the State Council and Commander in Chief.

Read it in Granma, and below the fold, in Spanish, followed by the English version.

Right now, at this late hour, my emotions are in turmoil.


One would imagine that news of the official retirement of the beast who ruled an island nation ruthlessly for almost half a century would be announced with a little more ceremony. Instead, Granma slipped the announcement into their online edition in the wee hours of this morning as if it were filler. Ziva, who has the advantage of being on Pacific Time, caught it immediately, however.

Now will begin the new barrage of castro puff pieces—the wonderful, benevolent, tenacious freedom fighting bearded devil.

Prepare yourselves, my friends; it is going to be a love fest of epic proportions, which will be topped only by the orgy that will take place when the dictator finally kicks the bucket.

The news trucks have already lined up and raised their satellite thingies in front of Versailles. Local reporters are already shoving their microphones in front of mouths in search of opinions. The experts have been called and their take has been taken. The news is spreading like wildfire - all over the radio airwaves, on every TV station, scattered about the internet like spam.

fidel castro has “officially” stepped down.

I certainly dont want to rain on anyone’s parade, there is, after all, a little bit of happiness buried deep down inside because of the news, but, at the risk of sounding cliche, this is a tempest in a teacup.

We’re going to hear hopes that this is the beginning of change in Cuba. We’re going to hear arguments for the lifting of the embargo. We’re going to hear wishy washy eulogies and praise for the bearded bastard. We’re gonna hear a lot of crap today and in the next few days. Cuba experts will be coming out of the woodwork with their own particular theories and there will most certainly be editorials galore.

A commenter said it best in this post:

Much ado about nothing. What does this change? Nothing. Cubans are still oppressed, the island is still a hell hole and the man in command still bears the last name (c)astro. All this means nothing.

I wholeheartedly agree. This changes absolutely nada. For all intents and purposes, for the past year or two, fidel castro has been but a blurb in the book of Cuba’s political leadership. The man who held the world in terror in the sixties reduced to writing editorials for a mouthpiece “newspaper.”

There is very little that I can say about this news that Val Prieto over at Babalu can’t say better, and hasn’t said a million times before. But if you do see some useful idiot wearing a Che shirt today, feel free to give them a nice punch in the face. Stay tuned to Val’s blog for any and all updates.

Cuba is not going to turn into a free country overnight because of old Fidel stepping down. His little brother Raul has been with him since the beginning, and is just as much a repressive, murderous thug as he is. You will be able to play “spot the leftist” very easily for the next few days, as the MSM and various political candidates wax orgasmic over how wonderful Fidel was, how marvelous Cuban health care is, how all the little brown Cubans now know how to read, et cetera et cetera ad nausium. The raw truth is that Cuba is the shithole of the Caribbean soley because of nearly 50 years of marxist rule by a bloodthirsty dictator. The people have no freedom. The people have no rights. The people have no opportunity. The people lack damn near everything and the world has passed them by. Whoop-de-do, they can make some really nice cigars. Too bad smoking is about the worst politically incorrect activity going these days.

A free Cuba would be almost Edenic. It’s a great big island with good soil, a really nice climate, and a population eager to get ahead if they would be allowed to. Plenty of room for agriculture, plenty of room for industry. Given a free Cuba, I would like to see the USA’s Sugar Act disemboweled. Given a free Cuba, I would like to see a whole lot of industry currently sending zillions to communist China redirect to a much more local place, like this one. It is abhorent that so much of our goods are made by our enemies. Sure, Mexico could be a viable alternate, but the corruption there is just epidemic. A free and democratic Cuba could make trillions. But this is not going to happen under communism, nor under anyone named Castro.  Switching one Castro for another is not going to change much of anything. Raul needs to go too, along with the entire thugocracy that runs the place. Until that happens Cuba will remain a paradise in potentia.

The South African newspaper Pretoria News quotes the Prime Minister of Denmark, who has a realist view on the whole Fidel situation:

Copenhagen - Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Tuesday hailed Fidel Castro’s decision to give up Cuba’s presidency, saying he would not miss him on the political stage.

“There is reason to hail with great satisfaction” Castro’s decision to renounce power in Cuba, which “can only be a step in the right direction,” the head of Denmark’s centre-right ruling coalition told reporters.

Rasmussen said he hoped Castro’s departure would lead to “the beginning of reforms in Cuban society and gradual liberalisation for the population.”

The former leader of the island nation “will not be missed politically,” he added.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said Castro’s departure gives rise to the possibility that the island nation will shift towards democracy.

“Even if the switch to his brother Raul Castro probably won’t lead to any immediate large changes, we hope this will introduce a shift towards democracy,” Bildt said in a statement.

“Fidel Castro’s resignation marks the end of an era that began with huge hopes but ended with oppression,” he pointed out.

“The people of Cuba have the same right to freedom and democracy as all other people,” Bildt said, adding that “our great hope is that new possibilities to develop in this direction will also create new possibilities for cooperation between Cuba and the rest of the world.”

Alexis Gainza Solenzal, a Cuban exiled in Sweden who edits the magazine Miscelaneas de Cuba, said “I don’t expect any development towards democracy."”

Associate Press


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calendar   Saturday - January 19, 2008

Great, now I’m disenfranchized too.

Virginia is for lovers,


Silly me, I don’t watch the local news much, or buy the local paper. I didn’t know the people of NJ have been disenfranchised from the presidential election for amost a week now. Did you know this? I didn’t hear anyone screaming. Maybe they’ll save me time, and save the GOP and DNC lots of money, by not even letting people vote. Why bother? Your vote no longer counts FOR ANYTHING in NJ.

you can find more coverage over at Kim’s and Geek’s.

NJ went and passed a law that says the state’s 15 electoral votes are going to be given to whatever presidential candidate gets the most votes nationwide.
Doesn’t matter who you voted for, doesn’t matter how the votes totalled in NJ. Whoever gets the most nationwide, gets all 15 NJ electoral votes.

And it’s completely legal - the Constitution gives states the power to cast their electoral votes any way they choose.

NJ joins MD, who already has this kind of law. Illinois is expected to follow shortly.

I guess this will be called the “me too” law. After all, being popular is all that people want right? What a friggin load of shit.

This horseshit law is brought to you by the morons at the National Popular Vote Movement, who are still pissed off about Al Gore losing the 2000 election even though he won the popular vote. They just can’t wrap their pinhead sized brains around the concept of the Electoral College, and refuse to see that it balances voting power among the states, and actually gives each individual voter the most relative power. Nope, uh uh, get rid of it, cuz my first grade teacher told me “one man, one vote” and that’s all I will ever know. Glue sniffing asshats.

Hey sports fans: The NY Yankees play the Boston Red Sox for the World Series. Baseball, best of 7 games, right?

The scores for the games are
game 1: NY 85 Boston 2
game 2: NY 3 Boston 8
game 3: NY 1 Boston 4
game 4: NY 1 Boston 2
game 5: NY 0 Boston 6
game 6: NY 1 Boston 4
game 7: NY 1 Boston 3

If you applied the NJ law to baseball, the Yankees have won the series. That’s what the Electoral College is all about: winning the most GAMES, not getting the most RUNS. It’s that simple.

You know how long this law will last? It will last until the day after NJ gives it’s 15 Electoral Votes to a Republican candidate, at which point the nanny-state pinkos who make up most of this indigo blue state will scream like raped apes at the top of their shrill little voices ... that THEY were disenfranchised. What a bunch of leftist fucktards.

UPDATE Maybe NJ is just screwing with me?

From the official synopsis of the law:

The agreement becomes effective only after it has been enacted by
enough states to collectively possess the majority of the electoral votes
required to decide a presidential win – currently 270 of the 538
electoral votes.

So in other words, NJ passes a law that won’t take effect unless most (in an Electoral sense) other states also pass such a law. Pussies. Too fearful to boldly stand behind their own legislation, Governor “Seatbelts” Corzine and his Korrupt Krew of Kleptocratstm don’t even have the balls to follow the lead of Maryland. Nope, they’ll just wait around until all the other cool kids are playing, then they’ll jump in. Once again, the most important thing in life is being popular. Scaredy little cow teats {udder cowards}.

By enactment, New Jersey joins the efforts in other States to
reform the current system of electing the president and vice president
of the United States, as supported by approximately 70% of all

Yeah right, by replacing one “70%” system by another “70%” system (see above link to Geek With a .45).  Or are they trying to say that 70% of all Americans feel that the EC should go bye-bye? Hey, 40% of that crowd of chowder chuckers think 9/11 was an inside job, and 32% are sure they’ve seen Elvis ... driving a UFO.

This agreement ensures that all states are competitive in
presidential elections, makes all votes important and equal, and
guarantees that the candidate who received the most popular votes
nationwide wins the presidency.

What bullshit. What it does, as expressly mentioned on the NPVM website linked above, is come up with a plan to “force” the candidates to come visit the state. Waa waa waa, we’re such diaper rash suffering little crack babies we’re incapable of watching a debate on TV, reading an article online, or perusing a newspaper. We have to have the candidates come visit us personally, or else we’ll hold our breath until we turn blue. Um wait, NJ already IS a blue state. Is that why?

“Makes all votes important and equal”. Eww, what’s this stuck to my shoe? It smells like more NJ Bullshit, and it is!! Currently, each state (and DC) gets 2 Electoral votes, and one more for each Congressman. Among the 10 most populus states (and NJ is wall to wall people), NJ actually has the 2nd lowest number of people per Elector Vote ... which means my vote in NJ counts a little bit more than some voter in California. So in the interests of “equality” NJ is downgrading the power of my vote. Gee, thanks a lot you lechers. In order to take back power from the eviil Federal Government by making a chicken-shit endrun around the Constitution, you’ve managed to give away the infinitesimal power advantage your citizens may have held compared to citizens of 8 other states. The other 41 state’s citizens already have more power, and they ain’t giving it up. Thanks again nitwits.

From the law itself:

(7) If, for any reason, the number of presidential electors
in a member state in association with the national
popular vote winner is less than or greater than that state’s number
of electoral votes

This makes sense ... NJ puts in a clause to play CYA just in case they forget how to count all the way to 15. Holy shit.

, the presidential candidate on the presidential
slate that has been designated as the national popular vote winner
shall have the power to nominate the presidential electors for that
and that state’s presidential elector certifying official shall
certify the appointment of such nominees. The chief election
official of each member state shall immediately release to the public
all vote counts or statements of votes as they are determined or

Yup, if the NJ folks are truly THAT FUCKING RETARDED, then somebody else should do the picking for them. Hell, somebody else should be wiping their asses for them, then putting them back in their little soft, white, padded, quiet rooms and carefully locking the doors as they leave.


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calendar   Friday - November 02, 2007

Re-Education Camp Dumped


Victory at University of Delaware
University Dumps Thought Reform Program
November 1, 2007

Late Thursday, University of Delaware President Patrick Harker released on the school’s website a Message to the University of Delaware Community terminating the university’s ideological reeducation program, which FIRE condemned as an exercise in thought reform. He stated, “I have directed that the program be stopped immediately. No further activities under the current framework will be conducted.” Harker also called for a “full and broad-based review” of the program’s practices and purposes. While concerns remain about the University of Delaware’s commitment to free expression, FIRE commends President Harker for his decision to immediately terminate the Orwellian residence life education program. FIRE will have more on this development tomorrow. President Harker’s message is reproduced in full below.
A Message to the University of Delaware Community

Nov. 1, 2007

The University of Delaware strives for an environment in which all people feel welcome to learn, and which supports intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, free inquiry and respect for the views and values of an increasingly diverse population. The University is committed to the education of students as citizens, scholars and professionals and their preparation to contribute creatively and with integrity to a global society. The purpose of the residence life educational program is to support these commitments.

While I believe that recent press accounts misrepresent the purpose of the residential life program at the University of Delaware, there are questions about its practices that must be addressed and there are reasons for concern that the actual purpose is not being fulfilled. It is not feasible to evaluate these issues without a full and broad-based review.

Upon the recommendation of Vice President for Student Life Michael Gilbert and Director of Residence Life Kathleen Kerr, I have directed that the program be stopped immediately. No further activities under the current framework will be conducted.

Vice President Gilbert will work with the University Faculty Senate and others to determine the proper means by which residence life programs may support the intellectual, cultural and ethical development of our students.

Patrick Harker

More coverage at:
Gateway Pundit
Michelle Malkin


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calendar   Monday - October 29, 2007

Moonbats on Parade

Charles had one of his operatives at the Los Angeles Moronic Convergence.  With pictures!


So get ready folks, Farsi is going to be our next “official language” if this lady has her way.  Sheesh.


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calendar   Tuesday - October 02, 2007

PM Pooty-Poot

Via Right Wing News.

Before you read this, cue the Imperial March from Star Wars so that you’ll have appropriate background music,

President Vladimir Putin, in a surprise announcement, opened the door Monday to becoming Russia’s prime minister and retaining power when his presidential term ends next year.

The popular Putin is barred from seeking a third consecutive term in the March presidential election, but has strongly indicated he would seek to keep a hand on Russia’s reins after he steps down.

Putin’s remarks Monday at a congress of the dominant, Kremlin-controlled United Russia party hint at a clear scenario in which he could remake himself as a powerful prime minister and eclipse a weakened president.

Putin, 54, told United Russia that his name will top its ticket in Dec. 2 parliamentary elections — a huge show of support from a president who has always sought to remain above the grit of party politics.

He called a proposal that he become prime minister “entirely realistic,” but added that it was still “too early to think about it.” For him to consider it, he said, first United Russia would have to win the elections and Russia elect as president a “decent, competent, effective, modern person with whom it would be possible to work in tandem.”

Putin’s name on the ticket will make the first task much easier. Laden with top officials who can use the media, law enforcement and other levers to pressure opponents and influence voting, the party already has a huge advantage. And Putin’s powerful support could ensure it retains the two-thirds majority needed in the State Duma, or lower house of parliament, to approve changes in the constitution.

Putin’s move points to the possibility that the constitution could be changed to shift power from the presidency to the government, which he would lead as prime minister.

“The most logical way for Putin’s team to fulfill its main goal — to step down but stay in power — is to change the constitution” to strengthen the prime minister and his Cabinet, political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin said in an interview. “The president would become a decorative figure.”

Like John says, the Russian people, after a generation of communist rule, don’t have the spirit of freedom in them yet.  WIll this get a fight?  It doesn’t look that way.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/02/2007 at 05:42 AM   
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calendar   Wednesday - June 20, 2007

That’s Inconvenient

See on RightWingNews.

China has overtaken the United States as the world’s biggest producer of carbon dioxide, the chief greenhouse gas, figures released today show.

The surprising announcement will increase anxiety about China’s growing role in driving man-made global warming and will pile pressure onto world politicians to agree a new global agreement on climate change that includes the booming Chinese economy. China’s emissions had not been expected to overtake those from the US, formerly the world’s biggest polluter, for several years, although some reports predicted it could happen as early as next year.

Well, that’s problematic, isn’t it?  Are the patchouli-drenched watermelons now going to turn their angst toward China and away from the U.S.?  Of course not.

The whole Kyoto “treaty” was designed to pusnish and hamstring America.  It has nothing to do with actually helping reduce “greenhouse gasses” at all.  Plus, in the words of John Hawkins:

China doesn’t care what a bunch of Earth hippies think about anything and they’re barely even willing to go through the motions to pretend like they do. So, whining about them will tend to be distinctly unsatisfying.



Posted by Drew458   United States  on 06/20/2007 at 09:46 AM   
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calendar   Monday - March 19, 2007

After Action Report

Here’s a good report from our friend CWO about the “Gathering of Eagles” counter-protest in DC. 

I was proud to attend today’s “Gathering of Eagles” (GOE) counter-protest to the large anti-war march to the Pentagon and was pleased find the attendance by many loyal veterans and Americans. Those carrying American flags and backing our men and women in uniform arrived and participated in very large numbers. I was impressed and pleased.

The dingbats were also in very large numbers and behaved shamefully. They didn’t do so without direct, loud and clear commentary from the assembled patriotic souls and faced a sea of American flags flying stiffly in the cold wind. The “moonbat” crowd did shameful things to the few American flags that they had - including altering the to stars and replacing them with dishonorable symbols and later - dragging the American flag on the ground.

The voices and messages of those of us flying the American flag with pride were numerous, loud and gave absolutely no quarter. I was proud to raise my voice with them. The event began with the dingbat anti-war protesters assembled near the State Department giving their shrill speeches.

Go thee hence and partake of the event by proxy


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/19/2007 at 10:57 AM   
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calendar   Wednesday - March 07, 2007

Trouble Afoot

Lt. Smash is worried about the punks.

FOUND on DC Indymedia, a post by “A”:

Anti-authoritarian bloc on the 17th?
About the demo on March 17th:

People who are planning a black bloc, youth bloc, SDS bloc or something like that should announce it so more than 10 people can join in and make it worthwhile.

And this reply, by “dylan”:

bring some paint so we can spray the wall.

For those who haven’t been following along, the demo “A” refers to is ANSWER’s “March on the Pentagon.”

And the wall “dylan” wants to spray paint is the Vietnam Memorial.

I loved this comment by one of his readers:


I’ll be in Washington on the 17th, with my cane and my resolve to protect the monumnents (all of them) from desecration.

More than 30 years ago, I was one of those who was covered in paint and blood by the local SDS chapter, all because I was wearing the uniform of my country. I never forgot that day, and i have never forgiven those who comitted that act. payback is a bitch.

I truly hope that some smart-ass punk tries to vandalise the wall, or whatever monument I am helping to defend. I’ve waited decades for this time. I could care less hat happens to me. I’m older, and in failing health, my kids are grown, and I’ve got time enough to spend supporting my comrades in arms.

Go ahead punks, make my day. For decades, you’ve been given carte blanche with your pansy-assed protesting and chic marxist dribble. Now you’ll come up against some folks who’ve had enough of your crap.

Time to face reality, boys..... I won’t throw the first punch, but I’ll damned sure throw the last one.

If you’re in DC on St. Paddy’s Day, I might suggest a visit to the memorial.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/07/2007 at 04:02 PM   
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calendar   Friday - January 19, 2007


I sense a great disturbance in the Force, Obi-Wan. The Chinese Commies are up to no good and we’re all about to be in deep kimchi if they keep this up. It is becoming obvious that the ChiComs want to be the dominant power in Asia and the Pacific. There is an inevitable showdown coming. It’s too bad Bill Clinton sold them all of our military secrets.

It’s time to fall back on Plan B. Begin construction of the Death Star immediately. We have no time to lose. Powerful they have become. I sense the Dark Side in them ...

Chinese Missile Destroys Satellite In Space
(TELEGRAPH-UK) - 7:50am GMT 19/01/2007

The prospect of “Star Wars” between China and the West loomed last night after Beijing used a ballistic missile to destroy a satellite in space. The missile, which hit a 4ft-wide obsolete Chinese weather satellite 530 miles above the Earth, is thought to have been launched from the Xichang space centre in China’s Sichuan province.

It suggests that the Chinese have developed a major new capability that underscores the communist regime’s desire to use its military might as well as burgeoning economic power to expand its influence.

“The US believes China’s development and testing of such weapons is inconsistent with the spirit of co-operation that both countries aspire to in the civil space area,” said Gordon Johndroe, spokes-man for the US National Security Council, yesterday. “We and other countries have expressed our concern regarding this action to the Chinese.” It is understood that Australia and Canada have also protested to China.

The ability to destroy satellites with such precision could undermine the US National Missile Defence programme, a network of rocket interceptors, computers and satellites intended to protect America and its key allies from nuclear attack. It became known as “Son of Star Wars” after President Ronald Reagan’s so-called “Star Wars” programme proposed in the 1980s.

The test heightens tensions between Washington and Beijing, which increasingly see one another as long-term strategic rivals in the Pacific. China’s navy is undergoing massive expansion that could threaten the independence of its neighbour Taiwan, which is backed by the US.

Taiwan was particularly alarmed at yesterday’s announcement because it relies on satellites to monitor cruise missiles pointed towards it from the Chinese mainland. China is seeking to challenge American military strength in the Far East, including its vital trade routes in the South China Sea and Straits of Malacca.

Short- and medium-range ballistic missiles have been developed with the potential to take on American aircraft carriers. There has also been investment in new nuclear submarines. The People’s Liberation Army Navy has launched as many as 60 ships in the past five years and last March announced that it would build an aircraft carrier. Chinese military spending more than doubled between 1997 and 2003 and is now estimated to be second only to the US as a percentage of GDP.


- More ...

(Hat tip to Drudge for finding this)


Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 01/19/2007 at 04:24 AM   
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calendar   Monday - January 15, 2007

Through The Looking Glass


Newly elected President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega celebrates with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, President Evo Morales of Bolivia and Cuban Vice President of the Council of State Jose Ramon Machado. The four Commies got together to sign the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, which is a proposed alternative to the U.S.-sponsored Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), differing from the latter in that it advocates a socially-oriented trade block rather than one strictly based on the logic of deregulated profit maximization. In other words, they want to create a Worker’s Paradise right here in our own backyard. Some people just never learn ....


Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 01/15/2007 at 11:38 PM   
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