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calendar   Saturday - December 19, 2015

Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide

Secret Government Integration Continues

I’d heard about this in the digital wind some time ago, but this is the first article I’ve seen where it’s spelled out in detail.

To be blunt: IMO the government considers whites to be the enemy, and is hell-bent on destroying white culture, white civilization, and even white enclaves. White flight? Not anymore. The government digs into it’s massive database and finds the areas where all the white folks have moved to. The nice towns with no crime, happy people, well cared for yards and cars, places where folks sometimes don’t even lock their doors. And then they use an agent to buy up a bunch of houses here and there and act as landlords - not enclaves, but a good number of homes spread around - and then they move in the feral urban breeders and all their illegitimate offspring, giving them huge rent subsidies and more kinds of aid and assistance than you could even dream of. Like I wrote the other day, if you’ve got EBT the government will pay to have your cat fixed.

I guess the idea in the Liberal’s mind is that the new environment will (ahem) civilize them, but you and I know it works the other way around. Let one rat find a way in to the corn silo, and others will follow. And pretty soon you have no corn, but a million very fat rats. And now it’s your job to feed them. There’s an old old raycis saying about you can takie someone out of the jungle ...

This is a long article, and it is written from a Left perspective, trying hard to focus on the good intentions. But just read between the lines; eg Richardson’s story about how at 22 the government moved her out of the ghetto and into a suburban townhouse. Nice, right? But then she had her third child, so the gov had to get her a bigger place. So now she has a 4 bedroom house and a yard. And still no husband. And is going to school on your dime, working her way up to a Master’s degree in some silly discipline that will all but guarantee her a government job for life.

But the real kicker is that this has been going on for years. And not just in Baltimore. Heck, some builders just built a block of apartments/condos down at the end of our street after decades of haggling with the township. And we hear that 6 of the 24 units are going to be low income housing. And that’s all that anybody here talks about. We don’t want it. None of us. Even the professionals who happen to be non-white don’t want it. Property values are tenuous enough.

And the government has been doing this all in secret. Hmm, sounds a lot like the UK’s secret Browning Of England program from a few years ago, doesn’t it? All hush-hush until the lid came off, then it was all puffed up self righteousness about Diversity and Political Correctness. And now the UK is going to hell, straight down with no brakes.

This is the link.

Hill’s family is among nearly 10,000 black women and children who have moved into overwhelmingly white, prosperous suburbs through a court-ordered relocation program designed to combat the intense inner-city segregation and poverty forged by decades of discrimination.

That relocation program — one of the nation’s largest — has been discreetly rolled out to avoid the political and community opposition that routinely arises to defeat proposals for building subsidized housing in Baltimore’s suburbs. Hill’s Cockeysville townhouse, for example, was purchased by the city through a nonprofit organization based in the suburbs, with little notice to elected Baltimore County officials or the public.

“We did it very much under the radar,” Amy Wilkinson, fair housing director for the Housing Authority of Baltimore City, said of the home purchases. “We met very early on with the county executives. They understood we had to do it. Their request was to make sure [the homes] are really scattered and make sure we do it quietly.”

Discrimination? I wonder. But it sure seems like it’s time once again to punish Whitey.

While local officials in the Baltimore area — one of the most segregated in the nation — have ramped up collaborative efforts to meet federal fair-housing standards, they concede that more needs to be done to provide more affordable homes in prosperous neighborhoods. The need is obvious: More than 100,000 people are on waiting lists for subsidized housing in the region, with Baltimore bearing the biggest burden.
Nearly 3,100 participating families, headed almost entirely by single black mothers, have relocated with special subsidies that are designed for high suburban rents; about 1,300 other families will join them over the next three years. Nearly 50 families, including Hill’s, have moved into houses owned by the city housing authority in prosperous county communities; 110 more will soon move to houses in strong city neighborhoods.

Participants in the mobility program receive counseling and other advice on issues ranging from household budgeting to clothing. And despite the large number of families who have moved, the fears most commonly expressed by opponents — rising crime, plummeting property values — have not materialized, research shows.

You just wait. Now that the word is out, the real estate market is about to take a bullet between the eyes. And once the numbers of “refugees” hits a certain small percent, then I absolutely guarantee you that the rest of the jungle behavior will follow.

In 2005, at age 22, Richardson found herself sleeping in her mother’s basement in a house in Southwest Baltimore. Her first two sons, ages 3 and 5, slept upstairs with four other relatives. The cramped confines, dampened with every rain, provided a wake-up call: “It was time for me to get my own place,” she recalled.

Richardson and her children are one of about 3,100 families who have moved through the highly selective mobility program run by the Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership, a nonprofit established out of the Thompson settlement in 2012. It resettles participants in so-called “opportunity areas” — communities with low levels of subsidized housing, poverty and minorities; most have moved to Baltimore and Howard counties.
Still, when Richardson moved to Laurel under the mobility program, her lingering connections to Baltimore led to problems. Her sons were enrolled in day care in the city, she attended classes at Baltimore City Community College and continued to see her city doctor.

When her car broke down, so did her life. “It takes two hours by bus to get from Laurel to Baltimore,” she said. “It was a nightmare.”

She stayed in Laurel, though she was desperate to move back to the city after her third son was born and space got tight in the townhouse. “My mom wouldn’t let me,” she said. “She said, ‘You’re not coming back here.’”

When Richardson moved to a larger home in Columbia, she landed on a street framed by tall trees and broad yards. Her three-bedroom single family house backs up to woods with squirrels and rabbits.

The program also positioned Richardson for a job that will eventually allow her to give up the government rent subsidy. She got her GED and a bachelor’s degree thanks to her ability to be a stay-at-home mom.

Richardson is now working on a master’s degree in public health at the University of Maryland, College Park. She says her personal goals are clear: “Go to college, get married, get the house and the white picket fence.

“But I’m working backwards. Had the kids first, got the house through this program, and am now going to college.”

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, thanks all the same. The point is, your own government is doing this to you. Free association, like every other law and right, works only one way. And it ain’t your way.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 12/19/2015 at 09:44 AM   
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I missed the 5 pin

Crap. I lost Game 2 for us last night at Fun League.

I’m the anchor this year. It was my turn, the last bowler in the last frame. We were down by 8 after my first ball took out 9 pins. But I had a strike in the 9th, so I could pick up 2 by making the spare. That would put us 6 down and I’d have another throw, where I was practically guaranteed at least 7. I threw, and the ball went just a hair to the right. So I left the open. Grrr. We won the first game by a little bit, and lost the third game by a big bit, so we lost overall wood too.

Oh well.


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The last weekend before

Ok, Insanity Saturday now begins. We’re having somewhere between 6 and 12 people over here for Christmas Day. We still don’t know how many for certain. So prepare for 14 and be happy if 6 show up I guess.

Right, so now it’s time for a cleaning frenzy, a bunch of secondary shopping - extra dishes, cups, flatware, a bunch of folding chairs, a new holiday tablecloth - and on and on. I’ve got to clean up outside too, and finally put away all the gardening tools, buckets, and what-not that’s been out on the patio all summer.

And I must remember to go visit the butcher. Got to get my meats. And cheeses, chips, veg, sauces, and taters. I’m going to make a nice creamy cheesy potatoes Au Gratin to go with the tri-tips. Yum. And extra onions!! And, OMG, much booze.

And away I go.


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calendar   Friday - December 18, 2015

Germany in control. Again. Don’t much like the uniforms tho.

Is it my isp, my computer or web sites that seem to take forever to load?
Seems like crawling thru mud sometimes.  Whatever.  I’m due for a new puter and have been pre occupied with things like, bills.
Oh ... I got another request (more demand really) to pay my share for ... Obamacare.  WTF.  That’s the 2nd time in 5 months. 

So anyway ... after the new year provided I make it that far, I want a laptop to replace my old desktop. Takes up too much room, too many wires and I can make better use of the space.  I don’t know why, you’d think I’d be looking forward to a new pc.  But I’m not. Not in the same way I used to.
But I do need new and faster, even tho I am not a gamer and don’t do videos and photos much anymore.

Ok .... on to important stuff.
It’s a given far as I am concerned, that this place and all of Europe is in or headed for, the sh*****.  Just a matter of time.  Merkels million step children are already in her country.  There appears to be some resistance among some groups to the migrants.  Nowhere near enough however, to make a difference.  And, there still are a number of bedwetters happy to welcome the virus that will eventually be their end. So be it.

Here in the UK I saw an example last night, young white and liberal ladies, not too articulate but very presentable, well dressed for TV and one of em even very pretty, no longer kids, spewing the usual bullshit about Brit colonialism in the past being the cause of muslim frustration.  Words to that effect.  Then a couple of folks who mentioned Trump with the usual racist charge.  Someone tried to point out (I thought) that he had not made any racist remark in his call for a muslim travel ban.  One fellow who could have been a muzzbot but didn’t look the part, thought the Brit call for a travel ban on Trump not right.  Nobody seemed to be talking about what I thought was way more important.
The meetings going on with the Brit PM vs the other members of the EU.
Bottom line guys. 
Merkel still rules.  Wholdda thought all those years ago after such a nightmarish defeat, that Germany would be calling the shots again.
Odd too when I recall that Hitler said they would.  After the fall he predicted, with Germany at Europe’s center, they’d rise can control things again.  Of course, not exactly in the way he dreamed it.  Russia and the west didn’t start shooting at each other or bombing cities etc.

The Brit PM has made an issue over benefit payments to migrants. Any migrants. He want a hold of 4 years before anyone can make claims. But she and many members of the EU say no to that, especially if the migrants are members of the EU already.  There are things Cameron hasn’t made a point of so far, or not that I read or heard about.  It’s a royal mess.  That said ... somehow and someway, I do not think the UK will as threatened, leave the EU.
Even Cameron, the PM, really does not want to leave.

Here’s a couple of examples in pictures via the front pages of newspapers.





Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/18/2015 at 06:40 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - December 17, 2015

Double Vision


The model is Jordan Wentz. She definitely catches my eye. Great smile. Great everything!

image image

See More Below The Fold


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I miss Glenn Beck from when he was on Fox in the afternoons. Ok, the guy might be a bit whacko, but he gets it right more often than not. Here’s a choice plum ...

Lamenting the president’s recent focus on climate change at the COP21 summit in Paris,

Glen Beck addressed Obama on his radio program in the wake of the deadly massacre in San Bernardino, CA.

“Mr. President, I say this with as much respect as you deserve,” Beck began.

“Screw global warming.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” he asked.

“If you actually believe that global warming is the biggest problem we face, with terror all over the world, and 18 trillion dollar debt––nine of which is yours––no real allies left that trust us,

riots in our streets, riots on our university campuses, race relations worse than I’ve seen since the 1960’s, and a distrust of our fellow Americans unlike anything I’ve ever seen,

you, sir, are either delusional or you’re the dumbest son-of-a-bitch on the planet.”

“Which is it?

Because it IS about Islam.

So was Boston. So was Benghazi. So was Fort Hood. So was a half dozen others that you failed to address; and, quite frankly sir, so was Ahmed the Clock Kid. It was a timer. Not a clock. “


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calendar   Wednesday - December 16, 2015

It’s Been Too Long



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Top Row Seating

I’m King Of The Sky!!

New Blister Canopy For Airliners adds extra excitement to flying. And that means extra income for the airlines.


The company says SkyDeck will transform in-flight entertainment.

Windspeed Technologies, a private aerospace engineering services company, has set out to transform in-flight entertainment with SkyDeck, a bubble-style window.

The company’s website describes SkyDeck as a “semi-external location” that gives passengers a view infinitely better than they’d get from a regular window seat. They’ll be enclosed in high-strength materials similar to those used for supersonic fighter jet canopies that will let them observe the plane’s surroundings.

The goal of SkyDeck is to provide a new in-flight entertainment option for the airline industry and “VIP aircraft owners.” As the website states, “Current in-flight entertainment offerings have not changed much over the decades. We wanted to come up with a product that would provide a higher level of entertainment to reduce the boredom of long flights.”

Passengers access the seats, either via an elevator or staircase. Once inside they can rotate the twin or single seats through 360-degrees, enjoying incredible sky vistas.
While the SkyDeck patent is still pending and has yet to be subjected to practical testing, Windspeed says its design is viable and won’t interfere with an aircraft’s handling.

It says the canopy would be made of materials used in supersonic fighter jets—strong enough to withstand birdstrikes and other stress factors.

An aerodynamic “teardrop” shape will help reduce the drag factor.

Anti-condensation film will be applied to stop it fogging up and a UV-protection coating will stop passengers being frazzled by the sun.

No timescale yet on when—if it gets approval—the SkyDeck might begin punching its way through an airplane fuselage near you.

Until then, we can only stare glumly at the seat-back in front of us and dream.

Pretty neat. But something seems to be missing ... like a pair of Browning M2s and a big belt of ammo? Let’s face it, this is just an unarmed top turret from WWII, modernized and made swanky. But who wouldn’t want a ride in one of those?

Maybe I should think of it as an observation deck. But when I do, I think of that other famous airplane with an observation deck ....

The installation cost is estimated somewhere between 7 and 25 million. So, maybe, maybe not. Nifty graphics at the links.

Personally, I think the airlines could give every passenger 85% of the thrill at no additional cost whatsoever. Every seat has a data screen in it these days, and all of them have at least some bit in them you can watch for free. Why not install a nose cam, a belly cam, and a wide angle tail cam, and let the passenger flick through them? No inputs, no wires connected to anything. But now everyone can see where they’re going, what’s forward and below them, and the big sky ahead and above them. Seems pretty amazing they don’t have this already. 


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we all be doing great I guess

FED Finally Jacks Interest Rate ... From 1/4% up To 1/2%

WASHINGTON (AP)—The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates from record lows set at the depths of the 2008 financial crisis, a shift that heralds modestly higher rates on some loans.

The Fed coupled its first rate hike in nine years with a signal that further increases will likely be made slowly as the economy strengthens further and inflation rises from undesirably low levels.

The central bank said in a statement after its latest meeting that it was lifting its key rate by a quarter-point to a range of 0.25 percent to 0.5 percent. Its move ends an extraordinary seven-year period of near-zero borrowing rates. But the Fed’s statement suggested that rates would remain historically low well into the future, saying it expects “only gradual increases.”

Still, the action reflects the central bank’s belief that the economy has finally regained enough strength 6½ years after the Great Recession ended to withstand higher borrowing rates.

9 years of may-as-well-be free money and this is the best the economy can do? Crivens on a cracker, somebody is doing something wrong somewhere, doncha think???

And the MSM / .gov is still trying to BS us that the recession was OVER even before Obonehead took office. Give. It. Up. Already.

The recession officially ended in June 2009. But unemployment kept rising, peaking at 10 percent before starting to fall. The jobless rate is now at a seven-year low of 5 percent, close to the Fed’s target for full employment.

They just won’t stop the lies, will they? Man, that smells worse than the litter box after two cans of Funky Fish Buffet. Full employment, for sure. For a nation the size of Madagascar maybe.


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another double debate

OMG. we sat through both debates last night. National security, immigration. What to do about ISIS.

My top takeaway? I really, really don’t like Wolfgang Blitzer. What a prick.

“So, Mr. Republican Candidate, how many thousand innocent babies and grandmothers are you planning on tearing to shreds and napalming in your carpet bombing plan to get rid of ISIS?”

And I get the feeling that Donald Trump has reached his nadir. It may all be downhill from here, as the empty platitudes sift out into detailed plans, and we see whether he brings any steak to the table, or just some aromatic sizzle. Nice of him to promise not to run as a third-party spoiler.

Dr. Carson has no fire. He’s the Prozac Candidate. Nice guy, but way too mellow.

Pataki? Not a hope. Total JV.

Paul? The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, and I think his family crazy is starting to shine through.

I think it’s gonna be Cruz.

What were your favorite moments from last night’s double fiesta?


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calendar   Tuesday - December 15, 2015

middle of the night again

Up for a pee, up for a tea. And a purr.

Now back to sleep.

Don’t ask me how I’m going to corral both these little cats into one carrier for their trip to the vet in the morning. It’s time for their next bunch of shots.

UPDATE: well, isn’t that special? Did you know that Welfare extends to dogs and cats too? I didn’t. But apparently you can get your pets spayed or neutered for $20 or less if you are on various kinds of public assistance in most states (Example here ) . ... and no, don’t go there with your reaction. It’s too easy. And only Ruth Vader Ginsburg and other far left Marxists support Eugenics these days. Like ISIS, which simply kills them all.

The Islamic State has reportedly issued a fatwa ordering the elimination of children with Down[’s] syndrome and other congenital disabilities, reminiscent of Hitler’s infamous “Aktion T4” program, which administered forced “euthanasia” on an estimated 300,000 disabled persons.


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calendar   Monday - December 14, 2015

It’s Getting Crude Out There

Oil Drops Below $35, Gas Prices Down 7¢

[Mostly Islamic] OPEC vows no ceiling on export volume

Oil rebounded after prices dipped below $35 a barrel in New York for the first time since 2009, prompting traders to buy back some of their record bearish bets.

West Texas Intermediate futures rose for the first time in seven days. U.S. Senate negotiators are nearing a deal to allow unfettered crude oil exports for the first time in 40 years, though differences remain on renewable-energy tax credits that Democrats are demanding in return, according to people close to the discussions. Prices fell earlier on remarks from an Iranian oil official who said there’s “absolutely no chance” his country will delay its plan to boost shipments, even as prices slip.

“We’re seeing short covering after an impressive run lower,” said Bill O’Grady, chief market strategist at Confluence Investment Management in St. Louis, which oversees $3.4 billion. “WTI has the bigger move because investors believe that a deal to lift the export ban may be close.”

Oil slumped last week to levels last seen during the global financial crisis, while speculators increased bets on falling U.S. crude prices to an all-time high after the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries effectively abandoned production limits. The supply glut will persist at least until late 2016 as demand growth slows and OPEC shows “renewed determination” to maximize output, according to the International Energy Agency.


NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. crude rose nearly 2 percent Monday, recovering slightly after moving within a hair of 11-year lows, but analysts and traders said it is still too early to declare the market has reached its bottom.

Both U.S. and global benchmark Brent crude have been tumbling downward since an OPEC meeting Dec. 4 at which the oil-producing countries removed their production ceiling, exacerbating global crude oversupply. Monday’s close marked the first significant rebound since the meeting.

Early in the day, both Brent and U.S. crude futures fell by as much as 4 percent to their lowest levels since the start of the 2008 financial crisis, before turning around midday in the United States.

Brent futures for January delivery settled down 1 cent at $37.92 a barrel. U.S. crude rose 69 cents, or 1.94 percent, to $36.31.

The two benchmarks began to converge - a step toward eliminating the once-deep discount for U.S. crude - in an indication that the market is shifting structurally.
“Crude cannot sustain any kind of significant rally until we see the fundamentals begin to shift,” said Matthew Perry, partner with Kronenberg Capital Advisors. Crude may fall further before the macro-economic changes needed for a recovery occur, he said.

“Rebounds off $35 overnight aren’t necessarily bullish or a structural change,” said Phil Thompson, vice president of market analytics at Mobius Risk Group in Houston. Because the market remains dominated by traders with short positions, the rebound does not necessarily indicate a macro-reversal, he said. “The market’s really sore. It’s very, very oversold.”
“The hedge fund community is extraordinarily short right now,” said Perry. “The fundamentals have not changed for crude oil. We are still expecting an overabundance of supply going into 2016.”

Right. Dead economy, huge oil glut, and our supplier “frenemies” doing their bit in global jihad by trying to undersell the world so that everyone else’s oil industry (like fracking in the USA) goes out of business.

Time to wise up.

Or as Bugs once succinctly put it,


“You realize, of course, that this means war.”


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 12/14/2015 at 04:46 PM   
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That would explain a lot. If only it were this easy.


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Pat Condel video ….

Turtler, Whatcha think?

From June of this year.  Copy this link bmews viewers.
A God Bless America from Pat.

Goodbye to the First Amendment


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/14/2015 at 03:13 PM   
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