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I bet it worked as long as the hay lasted

Roman motorboat, circa 337 AD.



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a bit of a time waster. what? you have something better to do at this very moment?

The Daily Fail as LyndonB refers to it, does silly things quite often. 
They ran a feature which really is I think rather pointless, because at least in the hard copy edition, they were implying that the daughters of famous show biz celebs had a resemblance to daddy.  Which I did not see.  On the other hand, the better looking ones must have inherited their looks from the mother.
He is the one, that imo .... stood out best. Here indeed is a Goddess in the making.
She’s being billed as a model but from what I saw she has a bit more to learn , and I’m sure she will.

This is Johnny Depp’s daughter.

She is only 15 now.  Judging by the photo, she didn’t have a pro hair stylist and I doubt makeup pro either.  Just wait awhile til they get into the act.


It might be worth your time to click the link if you’re into self fright, cos Bruce Willis offspring is exactly that. Frightening.



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There was some pretty bad news for Europe and by extension Italy and here in the UK especially.

1500 migrants were saved from the sea by the Italian navy in less than 24 hours.  bad news for Europe
I would think their navy, not having seen any action since the last great European war, would have, should have, seen an opportunity for much needed gunnery practice.  Italy can not continue to absorb the numbers, Italians by and large don’t want this alien sub culture among them, except of course the left.  And let us not be blind here. Many of those will end up in the UK. 
I rejoice when the vermin go glub-glub and meet Davy Jones, and sulk when any are saved. There are literally thousands of them in France and Italy and, although you don’t hear about it as often, Greece.  And the Greeks have had it and are they say, going to release some 3500 migrants now being held in detention centers.  I hadn’t realized before because France and Italy were getting so much attention, that the Greek coast is a major drop off point for illegals trying to enter Europe.

One thing those entering Greece or France or Italy ..... they are all aware of their ..... civil and human rights.  And it’s the obligation of the countries they invade, to provide for them. Food, shelter, clothing, medical help ......  It’s their right after all.
Things is, it doesn’t seem to occur to these folks that, nobody asked them to come. They were not invited. They are not guests. 

Greece plan to release 3,500 immigrants from asylum centres sets it on a collision course with Europe


Inside the barbed wire and fences at the Amygdaleza camp, undocumented migrants of all ages wander around the yard, tending to clothes hanging to dry outside shipping containers.

The Athens detention centre, at the foot of Mount Parnitha’s lush fir forest and a few minutes’ drive from the country’s oldest casino, is among seven migrant centres across Greece. Its occupants are among about 3,500 detainees who will be released from the camps if Greece’s new anti-austerity rulers make good on their promises.

For people like Bilal Hussein, it cannot come too soon. He was held in various detention centres in Greece, including the now notorious Amygdaleza. “It was horrible,” he recalls.

When the 34-year-old was released at the end of last month in the northern town of Xanthi, he was still wearing his summer clothes from the time he was arrested last year. “It was cold but we had nothing to wear, only a T-shirt and trousers – not even socks.”

Mr Hussein fled his home town of Sialkot in Pakistan nine years ago. He had begun a relationship with a woman whose family were outraged that they were not married. His girlfriend was murdered by her own family. He fled and sought sanctuary in Europe. But life in Greece, he said, has been “worse”. He says he watched many inmates die from illnesses because of neglect and the lack of any healthcare at Amygdaleza.

“The [camp] was very dirty. If anyone got sick, no one cared – we’d get beaten up when we asked for a doctor,” he tells The Independent. Other migrants also talk of widespread physical abuse in Greece’s detention centres. For years, Athens has repeatedly been condemned for the treatment of migrants by the European Court of Human Rights.

“There is a huge change in our government policy,” Tasia Christodoulopoulou, the Immigration Minister, tells The Independent. “We want to bridge the chasm between safety and freedom.”

But her opinion is not widely welcomed in a country that has become one of the main gateways into Europe for hundreds of thousands of migrants from North Africa and Asia, especially Syrians.

The Athens Mayor George Kaminis said: “We do not agree with this procedure, where hundreds of people are transported downtown [in Athens] without any concern about where they’ll stay, eat, or survive.” Ms Christodoulopoulou says that she’s started a debate in Europe, urging other countries to start taking on a greater share of responsibility for the unprecedented rate of migration. Greece’s stretched resources, infrastructure and bureaucracy means many applications are stymied. And refugees are denied their rights while Greece is flooded with asylum-seekers it cannot handle.



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The Christian tragedy in the Middle East did not begin with Isis

He’s a pretty good wordsmith, articulate, and knows how to use the language. But.

There’s any number of reasons why I am not a fan of this columnist. Mostly his twisted very left wing take, no. Hold on. His take may be sincere. He may believe what he says about the USA from time to time. So it may not be what he honestly believes, but how he twists things to fit his always naughty America reporting.
So I generally avoid his column because instead of informed, what I get is frustrated and angry. This column is a rare exception.
Every so often he does an article like the one below.  It deals with Christian persecution and muslims but even here there’s a slight dig at the US thru Hollywood, which he claims “demonises” muslims, and did so long before 9/11.
Of course, the ROP did nothing to earn the attention of Hollywood and it’s writers and producers.  Nah. All innocent and light they were.

The following has been edited for space. Please see link to the rest at the bottom.

A hundred years on from the Armenian genocide, and a Christian minority is again suffering

By Robert Fisk

One summer’s day in 1990, I walked into a beautiful Crusader chapel in Keserwan, a gentle mountainside north of Beirut, where an old Catholic Maronite priest pointed to a Byzantine mosaic of – I think – Saint John. What he wanted to show me was the holy man’s eyes. They had been stabbed out of the mosaic by a sword or lance at some point in antiquity. ‘The Muslims did this,’ the priest said.

His words had added clarity because at that time the Lebanese Christian army General Michel Aoun – who thought he was the president and still, today, dreams of this unlikely investiture – was fighting a hopeless war against Hafez Assad’s Syrian army. Daily, I was visiting the homes of dead Christians, killed by Syrian shellfire. The Syrians, in the priest’s narrative, were the same ‘Muslims’ who had stabbed out the eyes in the ancient picture.

I remember at the time – and often since – I would say to myself that this was nonsense, that you cannot graft ancient history onto the present. (The Maronites, by the way, had supported the earlier Crusaders. The Orthodox of the time stood with the Muslims.) Christian-Muslim enmity on this scale was a tale to frighten schoolchildren.

And yet only last year, as shells burst above the Syrian town of Yabroud, I walked into the country’s oldest church and found paintings of the saints. All had had their eyes gouged out and been torn into strips. I took one of those strips home to Beirut, the painted eyes of the saints staring at me even as I write this article. This was not the sacrilege of antiquity. It was done by ghoulish men, probably from Iraq, only months ago.

Like 9/11 – long after Hollywood had regularly demonised Muslims as barbarian killers who wish to destroy America – it seems that our worst fears turn into reality. The priest in 1990 cannot have lived long enough to know how the new barbarians would strike at the saints in Yabroud.

Note how I have not mentioned the enslavement of Christian women in Iraq, the Islamic State’s massacre of Christians and Yazidis, the burning of Mosul’s ancient churches or the destruction of the great Armenian church of Deir el-Zour that commemorated the genocide of its people in 1915. Nor the kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls. Not even the very latest massacre in Kenya where the numbers of Christian dead and the cruelty of their sectarian killers is, indeed, of epic, Hollywood proportions. Nor have I mentioned the ferocious Sunni-Shia wars that now dwarf the tragedy of the Christians.

The crimes of Islamic State are as brutal as any committed by the German army in the Second World War, but Jews who converted were not spared Hitler’s plan for their extermination. What the Islamic State and the 1915 Ottoman Turks have in common is a cruelty based on ideology – even theology – rather than race hatred, although that is not far away.

After the burning of churches and of synagogues, the rubble looks much the same.

The tragedy of the Arab world is now on such a literally Biblical scale that we are all demeaned by it. Yet I also think of Lebanon where the old priest showed me his mosaic with the missing eyes and where the Lebanese Christians and Muslims fought each other – with the help of many foreign nations, including Israel, Syria and America – and killed 150,000 of their own people.



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TRolling Stone Retraction

“Failures At Every Level”

Rolling Stone Magazine forced to retract fake gang rape story about UVA Fraternity

Great. Now, let’s see immediate firings from the top down. Or else this is all BS.

Rolling Stone magazine late Sunday formally retracted a discredited story about an alleged gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity house after an independent review dubbed the article a “journalistic failure.”

The review, undertaken by the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism at Rolling Stone’s request, produced a 12,000-word report that documented lapses in standard journalistic procedure at every level of the magazine during the reporting and editing of the story.

Two of the report’s authors, dean Steve Coll and academic dean Sheila Coronel, were scheduled to discuss their investigation at a news conference Monday in New York.

“I think the real casualty of the report is the University of Virginia’s trust in journalism,” said Abraham Axler of New York City, president of the university’s Student Council. “I don’t think any University of Virginia student going through this will ever read an article the same way.”

Oh, so this is now a teaching moment? Well I can’t say that’s a bad thing, although it was a stupid way to get there, and the lesson ought to be hammered into every student in the country, not just a few frat boys at UVA.

The report, published by the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and commissioned by Rolling Stone, said the magazine failed to engage in “basic, even routine journalistic practice” to verify details of the ordeal that the magazine’s source, identified only as Jackie, described to the article’s author, Sabrina Rubin Erdely.

On Sunday, Ms. Erdely, in her first extensive comments since the article was cast into doubt, apologized to Rolling Stone’s readers, her colleagues and “any victims of sexual assault who may feel fearful as a result of my article.”

In an interview discussing Columbia’s findings, Jann S. Wenner, the publisher of Rolling Stone, acknowledged the piece’s flaws but said that it represented an isolated and unusual episode and that Ms. Erdely would continue to write for the magazine. The problems with the article started with its source, Mr. Wenner said. He described her as “a really expert fabulist storyteller” who managed to manipulate the magazine’s journalism process. When asked to clarify, he said that he was not trying to blame Jackie, “but obviously there is something here that is untruthful, and something sits at her doorstep.”

Ach, crivens. What a load of rotten neeps. Oh noes, the poor wee professional journalists were led astray by “truthiness” but we forgive them. It’s not their fault!

Like Hell. Pay the piper. Pay the iron price. Fall on your swords.

In a statement responding to the report, the University of Virginia’s president, Teresa A. Sullivan, described the article as irresponsible journalism that “unjustly damaged the reputations of many innocent individuals and the University of Virginia.”

Mr. Wenner said Will Dana, the magazine’s managing editor, and the editor of the article, Sean Woods, would keep their jobs.

In an interview, Mr. Dana said he had reached many of the same conclusions as the Columbia report in his own efforts to examine the article, but he disagreed with the report’s assertion that the magazine had staked its reputation on the word of one source. “I think if you take a step back, our reputation rests on a lot more than this one story,” he said.

Yes, true. Trolling Stoned‘s reputation rests on the gullibility of a bunch of pot befuddled teens and twenty-somethings buying your rag and buying into your bull because it’s so cool. Plus you put hot chicks and popular musicians on the cover.

Shall the world start digging now? It’s not like back issues don’t exist, and probably most of them digitally at least for a decade’s worth of issues. How much scrutiny would all your other extreme stories hold up to, if subjected to intense investigation? And then what? Will you have to hand out papal indulgences by the bucketful, forgiving all for their “fake but not even really accurate” efforts?

Nobody takes the fall here? Nobody? Failures at every level, yet nobody is to blame? Nobody is held responsible? What are you, 3 years old?

Worthless fish wrap then. Not even good for rural toilet paper.

This is all BS.

UPDATE: And now the lawsuits begin. Good. 


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Holliday Bunny


no clicky, but the SaveAs is huge.


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read me txt

Rodger put up a link to Senator Lee’s new book, Our Lost Constitution, the same one I’ve just finished reading a pre-release copy of.

It’s information, enlightening, angering, and rather saddening.

My favorite part is how he shows how Obama broke the law dozens of times with ObamaCare, even after it was passed into law. And how Roberts legislated from the bench, changing the wording/meaning.

And FDR trying to pack the Supreme Court.

And the Second Amendment, from the blackwash that was Miller, to the idiocy of Burger and generations of willful stupidity, to the awakening that was Heller.

Even the warrant-less spying on the American people, and how much that parallels England’s hero John Wilkes under old King George. ( betcha you Yanks didn’t know that England nearly had a revolution at almost the same time we did, didja? )

Not everything is in there, but plenty is. It’s a worthy read.


Here’s the link.

Now let’s pass my copy around. Time to put the word out. Who wants to read it first? Wardmama? Send me your address and I’ll pop it in the mail.


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holiday weekend

Having an extra busy time here, getting set for another exciting double leg road trip for a holiday weekend. Moved my weekend work to Friday and Monday. Did Easter and Birthday shopping. Got a nice ham to cook up, not too big, one of those easy eating spiral sliced ones.

We had the bye at Fun League, and J was absent, so it was just the two of us. We won all 7 points, although just barely on Game 3. Good enough, and we were out of there nice and early. I’ve got to run around this morning, hit the bank, hit the gas station, maybe hit the grocery store to get a little bag of chocolate bunnies ("Don’t get any candy!” they say. But come on; it’s Easter. And I do love me some black jelly beans, and the fancy kind with all the oddball flavors). Pack a bag with a couple of outfits, then it’s time to drive. One relative’s house for an Easter Saturday dinner, then up the parkway to overnight at another’s, for Easter Sunday. And a birthday.

And I’ve got to get some tax information squared away this morning.

And I better get a pile of quarters for the Parkway ... NJ’s most famous highway*, which has a toll booth every few miles from one end to the other.

We were going to decorate some eggs, so she boiled up a dozen. I found them in the fridge. Brown eggs. rolleyes So I drew little happy bunnies on them with a Sharpie. Good enough.

Happy Easter to everyone, and a Happy Passover to everyone else if Easter isn’t your thing. 

See More Below The Fold


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paedophile pounded to pulp in Florida ….

I might be wrong in saying this, if I am, LyndonB will correct me. I hope.

This story is from Florida but .... had the same thing happened here .... I suspect the father would have been charged with assault and face jail also.

Anyway ,,,, it isn’t here but in the state of Florida where we can hope that 25 years will mean just that.

Europeans constantly point at the USA and say we have more of our citizens in jails than anywhere in the world.
I don’t know how our critics know ALL of the incarcerated are actually US citizens but there seems to be quite a bit of sympathy for them among the lefties here.  It doesn’t occur to the idiots that perhaps in America, we are somewhat more serious about locking away baddies. 

Now if we could only employ the death penalty and not take 20 years to do away with useless scum, it might not reduce future crime, but would put an end to the more violent low life vermin the state must support.  After all, if the victims are damaged or dead, why should the cause of the crime be allowed to continue breathing?

So here’s to the dad in this article.  Saaaaaalute!
And the Chief too.  Salute!

Paedophile beaten unconscious by child’s father handed 25 year prison sentence

Raymond Frolander, who was 18 at the time, was found by officers lying in a pool of his own blood

A man who was beaten by the father of a child he was caught sexually abusing has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Raymond Frolander, from Daytona Beach, Florida, was beaten until he was unconscious and left with clear facial injuries after he was found abusing the 11-year-old boy last year.

The father called police after administering his own punishment.

Frolander, who was 18 at the time, was found by officers lying in a pool of his own blood.

According to a 911 recording, the unnamed father told the operator: “I just walked in and found a grown man molesting (my child) and I got him in a bloody puddle for you right now.

“Send an ambulance. He is going to need one.”

The father ended the call by saying: “I did whatever I got a right to do, except I didn’t kill him.”

Frolander was charged with sexual battery on a victim under 12.

Speaking to investigators after the attack, the child said that he had been playing games with friends at the property; however, once those friends had left, Frolander began to sexually assault him.

The child also said that this had not been an isolated incident, and that Frolander had been abusing him since the age of eight.

According to Daytona Beach police Chief Mike Chitwood, Frolander was “almost like a family member” to his alleged victim and he had groomed his target for a period of time, having sex with the victim on multiple occasions.

The father was not charged with any crime.

Chitwood said the man was just “acting like a dad”, and he didn’t see anything to charge him with.

Asked whether he had any issues with the father’s actions, Chitwood said: “Not as a police chief and not as a father.”

Frolander took a deal to prevent a mandatory life sentence. However he will be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life and will have to wear a GPS monitor upon his release, NBC News affiliate Wesh reported.

After the sentence, the father told reporters at the station: “He’s going to learn in the next 25 years why I let him live.”




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if he has his way, the white man’s burden will become even more burdensome

I don’t know what to say.  Almost everything has been said before about these types.  Of course, to suggest they are wrong is racist. May even be a hate crime.

I can’t understand why any white folks stay there.  I guess many are stuck.  I don’t suppose they can come here to Britain and claim refugee status or asylum, being as how they are so clearly the wrong race and colour and culture.  I mean, after all.  Most have names other white folks can pronounce. Even spell sometimes. Oh right ,,,, I believe they may also be Christians so right there is a demerit. 

Julius Malema - the man who would tear down South Africa


Julius Malema is unequivocal about what he and his political party want to do with the statues of Cecil Rhodes and other imperialists dotted across South Africa.

“Those statues have to be removed; we’ve asked the state to remove them,” he tells The Independent. “If the state continues to be reluctant on this we will remove them.”

His forthright view marks him out as the one decisive leader in what is fast becoming an explosive subject in South Africa. Protesters across the country have called for the statue at the University of Cape Town to be removed, spawning the hashtag #RhodesMustFall.

Following initial calls from students to take down the statues, the current indecision over what to do with the symbols of colonialism – and, for many, apartheid – is pushing the country into a collective angst about its future after Nelson Mandela.

Into this political quagmire enters Mr Malema, who advocates the seizure of white-owned farms as happened in Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe.

With his “expropriation without compensation” position on farmland, Mr Malema is both pragmatic and incendiary. Taking literally the Charter’s calls for “land to be re-divided amongst those who work it” and that “all shall have the right to occupy land wherever they choose”, he says that he offers a fair system for farmers to reapply for land.

But he then says he agrees with the agenda of grabbing white farmers’ land in Zimbabwe, stopping short of admiring Robert Mugabe and his violent methods.

continue reading from source


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ape attack on elderly couple in their home ….  collecting reparations perhaps?

Three woolly-headed ground apes beat up on old couple in home invasion

The sub human scum were told the old folks had money in the house. So being criminals of course, they figured they had a right to it anyway.
I suppose they may have considered what little they managed to get away with was part of their owed reparation for past slavery. Which may well have ended far too soon? Ignore that. Just pissed off they did not get more time cos you know they’ll be out sooner rather than later.

Speaking of bad characters and not referring to the soldiers involved.
During the Iraq war a few so called civilians were killed by a few Brit troops. So naturally (and it’s become the norm these stupid days) the troopers faced a military court and after more than one hearing were declared innocent of the charge of murder and or war crimes. Now this little game played on for a number of years, so the threat to the guys hung over them for a long time. So it’s over?  You can’t be serious. Course not.  Now the human rights ass wipes are in the picture and there’s talk of civil action and a law suit against one of them for a killing of a man, who was trying to get the soldier’s gun and was shot in the process.

The above has absolutely nothing at all to do with the article I’m posting. I only mention it as another bit of lawyerly, left wing, bed wetting hand wringers that will eventually take down western civilization and hand it over to the ROP.
Oh, that reminds me ….

Several young muzzie girls have run off to Syria to join up with isis. One of them was a medical student.  Ages between 15 and 19 and recruited it’s said by some other female in her 20s.  All of that is no longer newsworthy, even tho the papers have been reporting more and more innocent, misguided muzzie yoot trying to go there and being stopped from leaving the country. Hell, the govt. should offer the ignorant shits a free pass to leave and take away Brit citizenship if they hold it. And take away passports. So if it isn’t news anymore, why bring it up here now?
Cos guess who’s taking some of the flak for the girls leaving?  Parents?  Family?
It’s the fault of the police for not warning the parents about their offspring.
Huh? WTF?
The father of one btw, has been found to have had close ties to a hate preacher and a banned organization.  Yeah … blame the police again. And Brit society in general. That’s the other guilty party, some are claiming. This culture has let them down apparently.

Now that’s off me chest, here’s the article dealing with some Negro scum who really should hang.  Was a time they might have.
OK ... 44 years and there were four gorillas in the mist. 

Gang of thugs who battered 81-year-old woman with metal bar as they ransacked her home jailed for total of 44 years

· Gang targeted home of Vera Fisher, 81, and her bed-ridden husband, 85
· They were tipped off the OAPs kept money in their Hertfordshire home
· Clinton Jackson, 25, was jailed for 18 years at the Old Bailey
· Jermaine Kellman, 29, and Marvin Sempler, 30, were each given 13 years
By Sam Matthew for MailOnline


A gang of thugs who battered an 81-year-old woman with a metal bar as they ransacked her home were jailed for a total of 44 years.

Jermaine Kellman, 29, Marvin Sempler, 30, Clinton Jackson, 25, and Darren Lewis, 34, targeted the couple in their 80s after they were tipped off that money was kept in their home in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

Verna Fisher, then 81, awoke in total darkness in the early hours of 31 July last year confronted by four men wearing white balaclavas and gloves.
She tried to cry out for help, but Lewis had his hand clasped over her mouth while demanding money, the court heard.

Mrs Fisher was thrown off the bed while the burglars took her purse containing £250 and a mobile phone from under her pillow.

But the men continued to demand more money before Lewis struck the pensioner twice with a metal bar, leaving her covered in blood, prosecutor Philip Evans said.

Her bed-ridden husband Mortimer, who was 85, was sleeping in another room and woke with a man standing over him, but was powerless to help his wife.

The couple were so traumatised by the terrifying ordeal that they had to leave their home.

Mrs Fisher now lives with her daughter, while Mr Fisher sadly passed away in October 2014.

The court heard a cousin of Sempler and Kellman, who had worked for the Fishers as a cleaner, told the brothers that the couple kept cash in their home.

Mrs Fisher was then thrown off her bed and the gang found a purse, containing £250 and her bank cards, and a mobile phone under her pillow.

‘Lewis continued to demand money and to reinforce his demands struck her twice on the nose with the metal bar,’ Judge Gullick said.

He also demanded she give him the PIN number to her bank cards, the court heard.

‘Despite her ordeal Mrs Fisher had the presence of mind to give Lewis numbers to cards she knew were not in her purse,’ the judge added.

more pix and text here


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Your Job Sucks

Karl Lagerfeld’s cat made $4 million last year.


What more really needs to be said?

It already leads one of the most charmed lives on the planet, spoilt with the finest food and first-class care.

Now Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, has also been confirmed as one of the richest members of the fashion industry, with its annual earnings matching even the most coveted of models.

The Siamese cat, described by the designer as “sophisticated” has earned €3-million (just over $4-million) for just two advertising jobs in the past year: a collaboration with the Japanese cosmetics brand Shu Uemura and posing for a Vauxhall Corsa car calendar.

The figure is not much lower than the reported earnings of Cara Delevingne, supermodel du jour, who was said to have made $4.4-million during 2014 from a series of high-fashion campaigns.

Choupette is known to fans across the globe for its account on the Instagram social media website, which shares photographs of the cat’s luxurious life, and rumours about its two personal maids and publicist.

So not only did the cat earn more last year than you will earn in this entire lifetime plus the next 3 incarnations, the cat did it with just 2 partial days of “work”, which was nothing more than sitting around.

Sure, sure, you want to say “Nah, it’s nonsense, just another April Fool’s Day prank” but you’d only be wrong. 3 million Euros wrong.

Now get back to work, minion. Those Walmart customers aren’t going to greet themselves you know.


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calendar   Wednesday - April 01, 2015

You Don’t Even Have To Look, Part … lots

11 Georgia teachers found guilty of racketeering

Eleven former Atlanta public schools teachers accused of participating in a test cheating conspiracy that drew nationwide attention have been convicted of racketeering charges.

The verdicts in the case were announced Wednesday in a Georgia courtroom. Only one of the 12 educators on trial, Dessa Curb, was acquitted of the racketeering charge.

“I knew God had my back,” Curb told the reporters after the verdict was announced.

Eleven of the dozen accused educators were found guilty of conspiracy charges. One of the defendants, Angela Williams - who was found guilty of conspiracy, two counts of false statements and two counts of false swearing, which is lying under oath - may face the longest sentence.

Ten of the defendants were taken into the custody right away.

Shani Robinson, who is pregnant and close to her delivery date, was allowed to remain out on bond.

“They have made their bed and they’re going to have to lie in it and it starts today,” said judge Jerry Baxter.

A grand jury indicted 35 educators in March 2013. Many reached plea agreements with prosecutors. The educators said they faced pressure from supervisors including former superintendent Beverly Hall to inflate students’ scores to show gains in student achievement.

Hall was supposed to be tried along with the others, but her lawyers successfully argued she was too sick to help her own defense. She died last month from complications of breast cancer.

The long-awaited verdict comes six years after the allegations first became public, when the Atlanta Journal-Constitution raised questions about altered answers on standardized tests at number of Atlanta public schools. After six months of testimony from 164 witnesses, jury deliberations began on 19 March.

The Atlanta case is one of the largest school cheating scandals in US history.

“They cheated. They lied. And they stole,” John Floyd, the prosecutor, told the jurors in his closing statement. One teacher was acquitted.

Asked if he thought his office did the right thing in accepting plea deals from other 21 of the 35 indicted educators, Paul Howard, Fulton County district attorney, said: “Oh yeah. We absolutely did the right thing.”

The 21 plea deals helped make it clear that the accusations of racketeering were “not some fantasy created by the DA’s office” and “made it easy for people to recognize that something bad happened,” he said.

A 2011 report by two special investigators found that 178 teachers and principals at 44 schools had cheated. The 800-page report found that teachers at some Atlanta schools were erasing wrong answers and replacing them with correct ones. Better test scores on state tests resulted in performance bonuses for teachers and principals.

“The cheating had been going on so long, we considered it part of our jobs,” Jackie Parks, a former third grade teacher at Venetian Hills elementary school and witness for the prosecution, told the New York Times in 2013. According to her, cheating had been going on since at least 2004.


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pirate candy


Actress Clara Paget in character as real life pirate Anne Bonny, from the Starz network’s drama Black Sails. The show features a mix of real and fictional pirates, set about 2 decades before Treasure Island.
Quite an improvement over the original, but you can see where the costume came from ...


See More Below The Fold


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