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In Every Generation…

These days I find the news absolutely depressing.  Right now, my big plan is to survive the next 650 and one half days until the end of the Obama admin.  With all the recent revelations of almost every sort, anyone who doesn’t understand the basic criminality of the Democrats and the utter disaster that is Obama himself, is beyond clueless.  I’m tired of ranting and education often seems useless.  Who said:  “Never try to teach a pig to sing.  It’s a waste of time and annoys the pig.”?


So here’s something a little more fun. 

In every generation there are always a few wealthy, privileged young men who set out to commit “perfect” crimes.  Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you:

Jean Wabafiyebazu, 17, (left) and his 15-year-old brother Marc Wabafiyebazu

A pair of enterprising young men who made a habit of stealing from drug dealers in two countries.  You see, their Mom is a big shot with the Canadian diplomatic corps.  Their mother is Roxanne Dube, the recently appointed Canadian Consul General in Miami.

Unfortunately, the boys ran into a little trouble in Miami.  One of their raids went wrong.  Older bro is dead, younger bro in jail.  I couldn’t make this up. 

The secret life of wealthy diplomat’s sons: Indulged Miami private schoolboys were armed and had been raiding drug dens for months when one was shot and killed

Marc Wabafiyebazu, 15, bragged to officials that he and Jean, 17, would go on raids together around Canada
The pair were ‘buying $5,000 of marijuana’ when Jean was shot dead
Marc may be charged with his brother’s murder under Florida law
Details have emerged of their indulgent life driving mother’s BMW in Miami
Their mother is Roxanne Dube, the recently appointed Canadian Consul General in Miami
They had driven to a house with friend Joshua White, 17, who also died
Gunfire erupted soon after they entered, Marc was in the car at the time
Alleged dealer Anthony Rodriguez, 19, was wounded. He was also arrested on charges of felony murder

The Daily Mail has all the gory details.


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calendar   Friday - April 10, 2015

a couple of innocents. just ordinary youths out for a lark of mayhem and mass murder

Here’s an example of the description of these ‘yoots’ as written in the ultra left Trotsky press.

This article is from the Guardian, which isn’t something I can stomach and so do not usually check.  This is the paper (one of ) that scum bag traitor Snowden gave secrets to and they happily published.

I do read another slightly less red, maybe more pinkish newspaper along with a sort of conservative often small ‘c’ Daily Mail. A very successful paper with a large readership. Anyway ….

The headline in another liberal leaning paper says these two are “Ordinary Yorkshire Lads thought to have fled to Syria”.  If these are “ordinary” this country is in far worse shape and more danger to itself than I had originally believed.

There have been a very large number of these types sneaking out of the UK and going to join IS with only one report of an ex soldier who went over to fight against them.
And can you believe many ppl are talking about simply misguided youth and the govt. should do all it could to bring em back.  Sure thing.  Bring back to your bosom and continue benefits to some who’ve by now been trained in the art of mass murder.
Misguided about what?  Mass shootings and rape as a weapon as well as their personal pleasure?  Beheadings?  They don’t know about those?

Families issue pictures of Yorkshire teenagers thought to have fled to Syria


Further plea for information about Hassan Munshi and Talha Asmal, both 17, who are thought to be travelling to join Islamic State fighters

Josh Halliday

The families of two “ordinary Yorkshire lads” who are feared to have travelled to Syria have issued pictures of the teenagers.

Hassan Munshi and Talha Asmal, both 17 and from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, are thought to have fled to the war-torn country after catching a holiday flight to Turkey on 31 March.

Earlier this week, their families issued an urgent appeal for the boys to return home and said they were gravely worried that they had fled to join Islamic State fighters.

Now the families have released passport-style photographs of the pair in a further plea for information on their whereabouts.

Hassan is the younger brother of Hammaad Munshi, who became Britain’s youngest convicted terrorist, after he was arrested in 2006 at the age of 15 and later convicted over his role in a plot to murder non-Muslims.



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calendar   Thursday - April 09, 2015

NHS Still Wasting Millions

UK’S NHS: No Cancer Treatment, No Cataract Surgery For You

But Here’s A Prescription For Toothpaste And Another For Handcream

£13million NHS bill for suncream: Millions also wasted on prescriptions for toothpaste, Yakult and Calpol

NHS gave out 404,500 prescriptions for suncream at a cost of £13m in 2014
Also handed out 4.7million prescriptions for indigestion pills costing £29m
Other items routinely prescribed include vitamins, Vaseline and toothpaste
Critics branded prescriptions ‘ludicrous’ at time of financial crisis for NHS

The NHS is spending millions on prescriptions for suncream and toothpaste, a damning analysis has found.

Some patients are even being given hangover tablets and Yakult yogurt drinks. Critics said it was ‘ludicrous’ that such items were being handed out when the NHS was rationing routine treatments.

It has prompted concern that patients are abusing the system by demanding prescriptions for household essentials which are cheaply available at their local chemist.

The figures came on the day that Britain was ranked only 27th in the world for health and wellness – below Slovenia, Spain and Portugal – and 111th out of 133 countries for obesity.

In 2014, the NHS handed out 404,500 prescriptions for suncream at a cost of £13million. Another 4.7million prescriptions for indigestion pills cost £29million, while 1.4million were written out for multi-vitamins, at £4.2million.

Other bathroom cabinet items routinely being prescribed by GPs include Calpol, Vaseline, Strepsils and toothpaste, according to the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

Roger Goss of Patient Concern said: ‘This is ludicrous. Every week we hear of patients being denied another cancer treatment or refused cataracts while others are being prescribed toothpaste. Whoever is prescribing this or authorising it must have completely lost their mind.’

I think government jobsworths are the same everywhere. The rat pushes the button and gets his cheese. The rat pushes the button and gets his cheese. The rat pushes his button and gets his cheese.  And that’s all he can do. 


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I’m just wild about Ha … never mind


See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Wednesday - April 08, 2015

I want Pluto and the Dawn Horse too

Brontosaurus, Bitches!

Now. Say my name.


You’re God damn right.*


Scientists may have been too hasty when they did away with the name “brontosaurus” in favor of the name “apatosaurus,” according to a study published Tuesday in the peer-reviewed journal PeerJ.

In 1903, paleontologist Elmer Riggs concluded that the dinosaur known as brontosaurus was actually the same as another dinosaur, the apatosaurus.

The brontosaurus name, which means “thunder lizard,” hung around for several decades longer as the popularly accepted name but faded away in recent years.

This new research claims Riggs’ conclusion was incorrect.

Scientists Emanuel Tschopp​, Octávio Mateus and Roger B.J. Benson reviewed 81 specimens of long-necked dinosaurs for 477 anatomical traits. If more than 20% of the traits were different, the researchers put the dinosaurs into their own genus, according to Wired. The brontosaurus bones were deemed to have specific enough traits to warrant its own name.

“We were very surprised when we got these results that brontosaurus was valid again,” Tschopp told Wired.


Eohippus, always and forever


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Maybe they should read more books out loud or something

Please Lord, let me get through this one without being mean. I understand that most people don’t share my love for learning, or my fascination with the roots, history, and complexity of the English language. I must also remain focused on the fact that the submissions here were worldwide, not just from England or Canada or the USA. Just remember how much you detest the French language and why.

[ Yes Drew, but you love it when Brazilian and Russian girls say “Ess kwhir el” to identify that gray tree rat, “Mooz” to point out that big deer with the palmated antlers, and “Wahl” to name the largest mammal in the sea. Yeah, but that’s what makes foreign accents so charming! ]

Reddit names hardest word to pronounce

After more than 5,000 submissions on Reddit from around the world, the word with the most votes was “Worcestershire.” Yep, like the sauce.

Now, before you get up in arms about me pronouncing the word incorrectly, even the “CBS This Morning” anchors don’t really agree on how to say it.

“The most difficult word in English is ‘Worcestershire.’ Some people say ‘Worcestershire,’” anchor Gayle King said.

“I like Worcestershire sauce,” anchor Norah O’Donnell said.

“Choir” came in second on the list, and the word “squirrel” was the third most difficult word to pronounce.

Also included on the list is the word “penguin,” a term that even Benedict Cumberbatch bumbled in a BBC documentary.

“I’m completely terrified of the word,” Cumberbatch said on “The Graham Norton Show.”

The Independent reports rounding out the top 10 were the words “isthmus,” “anemone” and “otorhinolaryngologist.” The last one’s an ear, nose and throat doctor.

Wust Er Shear

Kwhy Er

Skwirl or skwir ul. It’s almost a one syllable word.

Payng gwin. Yes, but it’s so adorable when she says “pen jew in”. Awww.

Isttth mus. It helps to be an Igor when saying this one. Yeth Marster, yeth!

An enemy? An enema? No, an emeny. Not Anna moan, not an emo nay.

Oh toe rhino lahr in gol oh gist. This one doesn’t belong here; it’s dead easy. It’s just long. If you can master supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ( ie form redresses function ), or the proper names of the folks from India and Africa you work with, this one is nothing.


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Even She Isn’t That Stupid

This Was No Accident

Hillary’s Email Server ‘a foreign spy magnet’

Hillary Clinton’s private email server was a spy magnet for the Russian, Chinese, Iranian and other intelligence services, say current and former intelligence officials.

As secretary of state, Clinton routed all her government-related email through the server, based in her house in Chappaqua, New York. She reportedly hired a Cablevision (NYSE:CVC) subsidiary to run the server, with antivirus protection from Intel’s (NASDAQ:INTC) McAfee. And she registered her domain name,, through Network Solutions.

Intelligence professionals fear that the use of the privately installed server, free of certified government defenses against foreign interception, has been a boon to foreign cyberspies.

“By using her own private server with email — which we now know was wholly unencrypted for the first three months of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state — she left this easily interceptable by any decent 21st century SIGINT service,” said John Schindler, a former National Security Agency counterintelligence officer. SIGINT is shorthand for signals intelligence, or electronic spying.

“The name Clinton right on the email handle meant this was not a difficult find,” Schindler said. “We should assume Russians, Chinese and others were seeing this.”

“In all, this is a counterintelligence disaster of truly epic proportions, not to mention that, since Clinton admitted she did not use higher-classification email systems at all” — systems like SIPR and JWICS, Schindler said — “we have to assume some bleed-over into her unsecured private email too, which makes this even worse.”

Total. Deliberate. Fail.

Is not purposeful collusion treason?

UPDATE: Machiavelli’s tinfoil hat time: ... what if? ... Knowing that there is no love lost between the Clintons and the Obamas ... what if the top aides of a certain pResident allowed a noob Secretary of State, one with known queenly pretensions, perhaps one a bit too mature to be really into the latest high-tech stuff, to somehow think that setting up her own server was OK? And hey, let’s personalize it, and give it your own name as the domain. or or similar? All the cool kids are doing it! Look how easy it is, a solution practically right out of the Microsoft box! And you get total control over who has email here, and who doesn’t! Hmmm. And then all sorts of sensitive documents get stored there, and emailed in and out. And the hackers glom onto this like flies on a fish head. Par-tay time yo!! And America, at least our foreign policy, is weakened severely in the process. And someday, when it all goes belly up, all the dirt sticks to her and nobody even thinks to look higher up the food chain. And someone’s Legacy is secure, since this dramatically cuts the chances of her getting the Big Job next time, and perhaps repairing, improving, co-opting, or even canceling some of his Great Achievements. Checkmate, cracka.


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Sharpen Your Brain: Go Fencing


A small but growing body of research suggests that fencing and other sports that require quick decision-making may improve cognition in both young and old people, and help stave off certain mental declines associated with aging.

In a study published in 2012, researchers led by Francesco Di Russo of the Foro Italico University of Rome hypothesized that sports in which participants must constantly move and adapt to changes around them might counteract age-related breakdowns in learning, memory and processing speeds. They found that fencing, “which requires fast decisions and . . . places high demands on visual attention and flexibility,” was associated with improvement of certain cognitive functions, such as attention and processing, that naturally decline with aging.

Aside from building up a good healthy sweat, fencing really does hone your reflexes and sharpen your mind. It’s like chess, only 1000 times faster, and you don’t have to wait your turn. How fast is it? The sport is hardly worth televising because it moves faster than the television cameras can capture. Even the best modern HDTV sets with 240Hz refresh rates can barely show the blades moving. Valid hits last only milliseconds. Doing it well requires such complete concentration, such immersion, that it’s a tremendous stress reliever. Nothing else exists other than your bout. Not to mention the satisfaction you get from whacking your opponent with a 3 foot long steel whip. Plus ... sssh ... it’s great for the libido. Seriously. “Survivor’s Rush” or whatever they call it; nothing like a good old fashioned sword fight to get the juices flowing.  Etes-vous prêts? Allez!


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Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Wärmer Bruder

Are we dealing with Nazis of a different kind?

Steve Crowder wonders. 


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calendar   Tuesday - April 07, 2015

is this some kind of strange euro trend?

First it was Richard III. Now it’s some German soldier.
Yes, you folks who slept through history class, when Napoleon’s French had their big battle with the English, it was the Germans who turned the tide.

Waterloo Soldier Skeleton, Bent Spine, Found Under Parking Lot


fatal lead poisoning: battle casualty and one gigantic musket bullet

A 200-year old skeleton discovered beneath a parking lot at the Battle of Waterloo site has been identified as a German soldier. The remains are the first full skeleton to be recovered from the famous battlefield in Belgium.

The soldier, 23-year old Friedrich Brandt, was a member of the King’s German Legion of British monarch George III, the Sunday Times reports. Brandt, who had curvature of the spine, known at the time as “hunchback”, was killed when a musket ball fired by Napoleon’s troops lodged in his ribs.

Recent analysis revealed Brandt’s identity after his remains were unearthed by a mechanical digger at the site in 2012. 

“It is unique. No other complete skeleton has been retrieved [from Waterloo] in 200 years,” Dominique Bosquet, an archaeologist working for the Walloon government in Belgium, told the Sunday Times.

While Waterloo claimed tens of thousands of lives, the bodies of soldiers and horses on the battlefield were used for fertilizer in subsequent years, making the full skeleton a notable find.

The 1815 battle was a decisive victory for a coalition of powers that included the U.K. and the kingdoms of Prussia and Hanover, which comprise parts of modern-day Germany. The battle was also the last military engagement fought by Napoleon.

Human bodies used as fertilizer??? Fee Fie Fo Fum ... it’s gross, but true.


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and here comes the next hat

Rand Paul is on TV right now, putting his hat in the ring to announce that he will be a Republican candidate for 2016.

He’s giving a pretty good speech. “A New America” I guess would be the theme. Tune in. Or Tube in, later.

Fock Snooze Link

“The enemy is radical Islam. You can’t get around that.” Gosh, honest talk.


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homosexual relationships to be promoted in schools as positive says union

So what happens if mom and dad tell their kid to ignore what the school says and undoes what the school will teach?
Jail?  If this does become the rule, I can see lots of parents being dragged into court. Maybe fined?

The National Union of Teachers (NUT), I didn’t make up the nut part but they are that ok.

This should be quite interesting I think. Because they are going to try and push for this in muslim schools as well.
Oh boy. Not too sure I wanna see the results of that.  Mayhem I would bet.

Christine Blower, picture below, National Union of Teachers General Secretary, has called for a ‘positive portrayal of same sex relationships’ in lessons to be made ‘compulsory’ under the next government

Schools should be forced to promote gay relationships in sex education lessons, union leaders say.

By Eleanor Harding and Steve Doughty For Daily Mail

The National Union of Teachers has called for a ‘positive portrayal of same sex relationships’ in lessons to be made ‘compulsory’ under the next government.
It said MPs had a duty to tackle ‘homophobia, biphobia and transphobia’ in schools and create a ‘positive climate of understanding about sexuality’.

But critics accused the NUT of ‘thought control’ and said the ‘intolerant’ proposals risked ‘oversexualising’ children at a young age.

Meanwhile, Christian groups warned it would compel teachers at faith schools to act against their beliefs.

However, the union said the changes were needed to tackle prejudice which was ‘still strongly prevalent in our schools’.

Simon Calvert of the Christian Institute said: ‘This motion is itself an act of intolerance towards mainstream Christians and their beliefs. It would force Christian teachers to have to choose between their faith and their job.

‘I wonder whether Christian members of the NUT who have paid their dues can expect any help from the NUT when their jobs are on the line.’

He added that Church schools already teach ‘love and tolerance’ of others without having to explicitly approve of same sex relationships.

The proposal was contained in a motion on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights passed by the NUT at its annual conference in Harrogate yesterday.

It stated: ‘Conference instructs the executive to call upon the present and future government to … make it compulsory that all schools’ sex education policies include a positive portrayal of same sex relationships.’

The NUT said only 10 per cent of LGBT teachers felt confident to be ‘out’ to students.

The law would also see teachers at Muslim and Jewish schools compelled to promote gay marriage and other issues that go against their beliefs.

The proposal comes amid a row over the government’s new requirement for schools to teach ‘fundamental British values’, which include tolerance of other faiths and lifestyles.

Sex and relationships education is mandatory for pupils at council-run secondary schools. It is also compulsory for children aged between five and 14 at council-run schools to learn about sex as part of the science curriculum.



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calendar   Monday - April 06, 2015

Enforced Equality

Your genius government at work.

Think outside the box? Not allowed. Think inside the box? Not allowed. Think like a box? Racist!!! Follow the rules, and only push the blue button when the chime sounds.  Not the bell, only the chime. And don’t ever push the red button.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) approved disability benefits for hundreds of Puerto Ricans because they do not speak English, despite the fact that Puerto Rico is a predominantly Spanish-speaking territory.


“We found the Agency did not make exceptions regarding the English-language grid rules for claimants who reside in Puerto Rico, even though Spanish is the predominant language spoken in the local economy,” the OIG said.


However, the OIG was able to identify 218 cases between 2011 and 2013 where Puerto Ricans were awarded disability due to “an inability to communicate in English.” Furthermore, 4 percent of disability hearings in Puerto Rico involved looking at the individual’s ability to speak, read, write, and understand English.

Though 95 percent of Puerto Ricans speak Spanish at home, according to the rules a Spanish-speaking nurse in Puerto Rico would be considered “unskilled,” the OIG said.

The SSA told the OIG that the rules are applied one-size-fits-all.

“SSA managers at various disability decision levels stated Social Security is a national program, and the grids must be applied to the national economy, regardless of local conditions,” the audit said.


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Tony Yote Gets Whacked

Saddle River is at the northern end of the golden corridor that runs through the middle of the northern end of the state. This is a pretty land of plenty; plenty of money. Rolling hills, thoroughbred horses, fine cars, tony shopping, unbelievable real estate prices and tax bills to match. It’s a great place to live. it’s what suburbia always dreamed of being, but rarely is.

Nature could care less.

Coyote Attacks Man In Yard In Saddle River, New Jersey

A Saddle River, New Jersey man told police Monday that he was attacked by a coyote outside his home on Monday.

The coyote has since been caught and euthanized, according to police.

The man from the Twin Brooks area said he was working in his yard when the coyote attacked. He was able to escape and was taken to an area hospital for treatment, Saddle River police said.

The man was attacked from behind by the animal and managed to escape, the police report said.

Police have since learned that the very same coyote attacked a neighbor’s dog last week, requiring the dog to receive medical attention.

Workers in the area reported seeing the coyote several times Monday acting aggressively toward other dogs, police said.

The officers found the coyote running through a neighbor’s yard in broad daylight, police said.

TYCO Animal Control and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Division of Fish and Wildlife were notified and responded to the scene, police said. The coyote was spotted in the woods and was euthanized, police said.

The body of the coyote was being transported to the Fish and Wildlife division for testing and analysis, police said. The man who was attacked had been released from the hospital late Monday and was recovering at home.

That’s pretty odd behavior for a ‘yote, so I’m sure everyone is worried sick about rabies. I hope it isn’t; I think coyote behavior has changed. They’ve adapted, and are now the apex predator in the area. They don’t need to be nocturnal any longer.

Bears? No, bears live in the low rent rural places like forests and farms and stuff. They can’t afford to live in this area, although they do visit once in a while.


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