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calendar   Sunday - February 15, 2015

Their Dream, My Nightmare

“UndocuRutgers" - NJ state college holds admissions fair for illegal aliens

They can’t get federal aid, but they will get state scholarships? Our tax dollars at work, letting some beaners get degrees in Samoan LGBT Basket weaving, and Art History: The Impact of Krylon spray paint on spontaneous freelance urban building decoration. Wonderful.

Rutgers’ admission office scheduled the information session after receiving numerous requests from unauthorized immigrants asking how to apply to the state university. Many want to take advantage of a new law, the New Jersey Dream Act, signed by Gov. Chris Christie in 2013.

The new law allows unauthorized immigrants brought into the country as children — who call themselves “DREAMers” — to attend New Jersey’s public college at in-state tuition rates. Unauthorized immigrants were previously required to pay out-of-state rates, which were too costly for many families to afford.

Rutgers officials said they scheduled the three-hour “undocuRutgers” event with the goal of explaining to “undocumented” immigrants how to take advantage of the new paths to college.

“The other (goal) is to engage undocumented students and their parents, in particular, in a conversation so that we in the higher education community can better understand the challenges they face in pursuing opportunity through education,” Peter Englot, Rutgers-Newark’s senior vice chancellor for public affairs and chief of staff, said in a statement.

Demand to attend the event was unexpectedly high, campus officials said. The admissions office closed online registrations for the college fair earlier this week after receiving 220 requests, the capacity of the lecture hall.

University officials stationed police officers at the door and limited access to the building, Ackerson Hall, amid fears that protesters might disrupt the event. But police reported no problems.

Gee, I wonder. Do you think the government knows it’s doing something underhanded and wrong if they bring out the cops ahead of time? To dissuade right wing protesters at Rutgers, a bastion of leftiness? It’s not like somebody sneaky tipped off La Migra, who were waiting outside with their nets and pick up vans. Heck, for all I know they were tipped off, but damned if they want any part of that “capture and release” BS which is part of their job. Or “capture and deport”. That’s like working for a living! Who wants that crap? Share the DREAM!!

“I love it because it makes you feel comfortable,” said Rodriguez, 20, as fellow unauthorized immigrants and their families entered the event. “It’s always good to let people know you’re undocumented and you’re unafraid. We didn’t choose to be in our situations. But we have to embrace who we are.”

Yeah yeah yeah. You’re almost a victim, poor you. Here’s your card. Take your free cheese and move to the head of the line.

In addition to learning how to apply to the colleges, participants were given information about applying for the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals program, the new federal measure that grants temporary immigration waivers for young people living in the country illegally.
As more unauthorized immigrants begin to attend college, student activists said their next goal is to change the law to free up federal and state money to help students pay for college and put them on equal financial footing with U.S.-born classmates.

Though Christie has said he is opposed to granting state federal financial aid to unauthorized immigrants, Tello said he is confident the New Jersey law will eventually be changed.

“I think it’s inevitable. The tide of social change is inevitable,” Tello said.

Ayy mami, such confusión!  OK, it appears that at this very second in time, there are no official scholarship dollars available from the state for illegal alien students. There is money from private sources. How much, or from whom, remains to be seen. Or not.

I guess these kids might as well go to college then, as long as it isn’t being paid for with my tax dollars. And if they’re living here in NJ, legally or not, then it makes reasonable sense that they pay the in-state tuition rate. Actually, I’m pretty sure the two tiered tuition cost model would fail in a court of law if anyone ever pushed it. Charging out of state kids double or triple? Not fair. Besides, those kids are actually cheaper in the long run, since none of them are absorbing a dime of state scholarship money.

Right. Finishing off my cup of tea and going back to bed to restart my own Dream Act. Act 2: the late night pre-dawn hours.


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Shovels In The Night

Looks like we’re having another break in the latest snow storm. Is this one “Neptune”? Good grief.

It snowed earlier, dropping maybe an inch on us mid-day, then stopped in the late afternoon. Started up again around 9pm, and wouldn’t you know it, I had tons of extra work on my weekend job so I got to drive home in it, almost a whiteout, just before 10pm. Had to stay 3 hours extra. Snow kept right on coming from then on. It’s now 2am and the condo association shovel brigade is outside scraping away. That means the snow has at least let up. What, you think they’d not work because people are sleeping? Heck no, there’s nearly half a thousand units here, so they’ve got plenty of work to do and no time to waste. Looks like we’ve had about 4 more inches since I got home, but the wind is kicking up enough to make the trees moan and it’s a balmy 14°F. Perfect snow weather. Maybe we’ll get some drifts. So I guess I’ll get a drink, check the news, balance the old fluid levels, and get back under the covers.

We’ve got a “snow parfait” outside, multiple layers of various kinds of frozen precip from the different storms we’ve had. Somewhere under there is a layer of soft fluff, a couple inches of powder we had a few weeks ago. It’s buried beneath at least 3 layers of ice and frozen sleet. That’s not the sidewalk level layer, but it is the one you can get a shovel blade into. Shoveling open an area that hasn’t been done regularly is more like levering up big sections of snow until they break into yard long chunks than it is like pushing the stuff aside with the snow shovel. And then you have to figure out not just how to maneuver this 60lb block of crust on your shovel, but where to even put it.

And things have been comparatively very easy here.

Thank God we don’t live in Boston. Those poor sods.


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calendar   Saturday - February 14, 2015

More Fun Than Islam

Enough of the disgusting Islamists.

How about some basic, common sense wisdom from Samuel L. Jackson?  Not everyone in Hollywood is a total looney.

h/t Hickok45 on Facebook

Just in case a few of you don’t yet know Hickok45, here’s a link to his videos on YouTube.  If you don’t lose (or haven’t lost) at least 2 hours here, you don’t like guns.


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Islam Speaks Out In Denmark With A Familiar Voice

At Least 30 Shots Fired At Free Speech Debate In Copenhagen

3 Police Wounded, Cartoonist Targeted


The Flowers of Islam can bloom any time, anywhere

• Shooting at a cafe in central Copenhagen
• Three policemen reported injured
• French ambassador to Denmark inside but unharmed
• Meeting about freedom of speech was being held at the time
• Gathering organised by controversial Swedish artist Lars Vilks
• Lars Vilks caricatured Prophet Muhammad in 2007

16.49 The French ambassador, Francois Zimeray, has given a dramatic account of the attack to AFP news agency.

Quote They fired on us from the outside. It was the same intention as (the January 7 attack on) Charlie Hebdo except they didn’t manage to get in.

Intuitively I would say there were at least 50 gunshots, and the police here are saying 200.

Bullets went through the doors and everyone threw themselves to the floor. We managed to flee the room, and now we’re staying inside because it’s still dangerous.

The attackers haven’t been caught and they could very well still be in the neighbourhood.

Some are calling this meeting a “blasphemy debate”:

The event featured Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who in 2007 drew an image of the Prophet as a dog on a traffic circle.

As a result, Al Qaeda in Iraq placed a $150,000 bounty on his head, and protests broke out across the Middle East.

He now is protected by bodyguards - his security detail was increased following the Paris attacks - and was unharmed in today’s shooting.

The shooting took place during a discussion entitled: “Art, blasphemy and the freedom of expression”.

A Norwegian journalist says that Danish television is reporting that a civilian in his 30s has been killed.


Yeah, this one, probably. Vilks has a series of drawings with Mo as a mutt. Dogs are so unclean! He must die for this!

Not that the pooch has a nametag on or anything. You just have to assume it’s Mohammy.



I so miss Cox & Forkum cartoons, don’t you?

CNN covers the story too.

Flowers of Islam by our own Doc Jeff. Title by me. Fruits of Islam could work too I guess. Taken from the news from the Charlie Hebdo shootings, cropped and rotated. No matter what branch the tree takes, when it blooms it ends in bullet holes. Violence. Excellent “art from life” find Doc.


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Team Sisyphus

We Get Knocked Down, But We Get Up Again


It’s been a month since my last bowling post. And with good reason. As you know, we’ve been the 3/4 team, being one bowler short all season. And we were managing, mostly. We’d hit a few bumps in the road, but had been on an upswing, enough to get ourselves back up to 4th place in the standings, and only 6 points out from the lead.

And then I got a call from the nice guy who owns the bowling alley, who is always on the lookout for new bowlers and ways to help out the leagues. “Hey, remember R? You know him from summer league and so on. He wants to get back into bowling, so how about we put him on your team? He’s got a 200+ average, and you guys get along, so what do you say?” A fourth bowler, for us? With a good average? And somebody we already know and like? Hell yeah, bring him aboard!

So the boss man gives us R. And forgets to mention it to his employee M, who not only runs Fun League but pretty much runs the front desk. Not a lady to cross swords with, ever. So the first night R shows up, she’s pissed at us, because we didn’t tell her. Us? What about your boss? Oy. Let’s hope she gets over it. So R shows up, late. But he called! “Hey, my new job, running late, I’m going to miss the first game. Put me down as absent.” Ok. So we write him in, rework the team averages for the handicap calculation, lose all our handicap and give it to our opponents, and then take the 10 pin absentee penalty. And then we get our butts kicked. R shows up for Game 2. “Hey, I haven’t bowled in 2 years, not sure how well I’ll do, I hear this new oil they have really messes with the patterns.” Sure R, do your best. And he rolls 40 under. And we get our butts kicked. Game 3 he almost came up to his average, and we almost won. But we didn’t, so we lost all 7 that week, 0-7.

Next week we get a phone call. “Yeah, I don’t know. This new job looks like it’s going to keep me late every Friday. I won’t be able to make the first game, ever. And I asked, but we’re not allowed to pre-bowl just one game. So put me down as absent for Game 1.” Sure R, work comes first, we understand. Grrr. So we take the absentee penalty, and we lose that one. R shows up for Game 2 and bowls 40 under. We lose. He bowls 15 over in Game 3 and we just barely win, so we go 2-5 for the night. We’re now sinking into 6th place.

Last week ... you guessed it; we get a phone call. “This job man, I tell ya. It’s not fair to you guys, so I’m going to pull out. Maybe I’ll bowl in the summer. Sorry.” He quits. Fine. Ok, let’s replace him on the team list with a vacancy, and maybe we can get some handicap points. “No no no”, says M, cranky as usual, “He should have called in advance. I’ll take him off for next week, but you’ll have to use his absentee score for tonight.” I can’t argue with that. So we do our best, but we’re playing the 2nd place team and they’re running hot, so we get utterly smeared in games 1 & 2. We did our best to rally, and bowled well enough so that we just lost Game 3, thus going 0-7. Again.

Last night, oh look, we’re down to 9th place. But it’s just the 3 of us again, and a vacancy. The boss man stops by, “Gee, sorry about R, I thought he’d work out.” Yeah, we’re sorry too, thanks for trying. And I threw 63 over in Game 1, and we won. And the Mrs threw 52 over in Game 3, and we won. And when we added everything up, we were 12 up in total pins, so we got wood, and went 5-2 for the night.

So we’re going to fight our way back, but the season is more than half over now, so it’s going to be a long uphill struggle. Just like Sisyphus. Nothing like a challenge to keep it interesting, right?


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calendar   Friday - February 13, 2015

and old woman takes on isis?  video viral but not confirmed they were isis

There’s a video at the link I can not embed here.

It hasn’t been confirmed that the old lady was actually confronting ISIS fighters or some other group. But no matter who she was shouting at, it took some bit of nerve.

Here, you can make up your own mind about this.

Go to link below and then scroll down for the video.

Source is The Daily Telegraph

Elderly woman challenges Islamic State militants, calling them ‘devils’

Video of elderly woman berating Islamic State militiamen goes viral in Middle East

By Colin Freeman, Chief foreign correspondent, video source YouTube / Sonny Bend

An online video that appears to show an elderly Syrian woman berating a truck full of Isil militiamen has become a hit in the Middle East.

Unimpressed by their ruthless reputation, the woman accuses the men of dragging Syria back in time, and warns them “a bed of hellfire” awaits them for their murderous ways.

The men try to laugh off of her remarks, but seem to become uncomfortable as she ignores their orders to go away. With other people looking on, it appears that they are reluctant to issue a punishment beating or worse.

It has not been possible to verify the authenticity of the video, or whether the gunmen in it are definitely from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) group rather than some other militia faction. However, since it surfaced this week it has attracted huge traffic on the Internet, and has now also been subtitled into English.

The clip starts with the woman leaning into the jihadists’ car, and asks them about the “slaughter” of a local Kurd and various other people..

source for video


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Bringing Moslems Home

I noticed some of the stories below are about Moslems on the world stage.  Here are some Moslems a little closer to home.

A big Hat Tip to Jim T. of Texas who sent me a piece about Fatima Noor, a young, bright Muslema and her new position at the Department of Homeland Security.  This quote comes directly from Snopes and pretty much says it all.  Of course she was appointed by Obama.  You really didn’t have to be told that, did you?

“Fatima Noor will be a special assistant in the Office of the Director for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the Department of Homeland Security beginning July 28(2014).”

I added the year.

Now, I got a little curious about her and in the process, I came across

It makes interesting reading.  They’re very happy with their progress and they’re going for more.  Some of the articles are about getting more young Moslems to enter “public service” and such.  As you read the articles, you’ll either be filled with wonder and respect or you’ll be terrified at the idea of more Moslems having more power in our country.  Everyday, the headlines tell us just how well Moslem dominated societies progress.

Read it, make up your own mind.  Within the limits of a public forum I’d say you’ll get a pretty good idea of how they write their public propaganda to themselves.  It’s an amazing slice of Mom and Apple Pie with an overlay of a soon-to-be-triumphant political will.  I’m only giving direct links for three of their articles, look around, they’ve got a lot to say.

The author of this piece recently had a nice meeting with Obama, at the White House.

This one gives the party line on moral equivalency.

This last is sort of a bit of Moslem self examination.  The subject involves rights for women.  Most of it just says the women are routinely shoved aside in many aspects of life.  I don’t think the authoress expects much progress in her lifetime.

None of the pieces are very long and the viewpoints are interesting.  Put a good critical eye on them and consider ALL the implications.  The more you know about the other side, even if it’s just their public propaganda, the better.



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isis parades captives, threatens more human torches

Paraded in cages ‘to be burned alive’ like Jordanian pilot: ISIS releases video claiming to show 17 Kurdish fighters in humiliating procession through Iraqi city

Orange clad Peshmerga are driven through crowds of jeering militants

Grim echo of Lieutenant Muath al-Kaseasbeh’s public burning on camera

Procession reportedly took place in northwestern Iraqi city of Kirkuk

Reports claim ISIS now has a presence in the oil rich Kurdish stronghold

By Tim Macfarlan For Mailonline

Heads bowed in terror the orange-clad Kurdish fighters are paraded through streets filled with jeering militants in the latest horrifying video release from Islamic State.

In a grim echo of the terrible fate which befell Jordanian pilot Lieutenant Muath al-Kaseasbeh the captives, reportedly Peshmerga fighters, are dressed in orange jumpsuits and shackled in cages.

Just as Lt. al-Kaseasbeh was burned alive on camera, IS are planning to do the same with their latest prisoners, according to posts on social media.

The grim procession apparently took place through Kirkuk in northwest Iraq, an oil rich Kurdish stronghold where ISIS now has a presence after mounting repeated attacks in recent weeks.

The parade, reportedly through the Hawija district in the southwest of Kirkuk, could be seen as revenge for horrific reports of Kurdish forces dragging the bodies of ISIS fighters through the streets of the city in the Kurdistan region of Iraq earlier this month.

see video, cont. at source

Tired, turned off the light and turned on the floor heater thinking I would get a few hours sleep. First in a day or two. Then heard about this, got up, came downstairs and booted and found this.


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Not up to this today

Sorry. I’m a bit under the weather. And the weather sucks.

And I have to fix the knob on the shower. Drip drip drip. Ah crap.

So here’s a bunch of shiz I could’ve posted about ...

ugh. I feel like crap.


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Another Sunny Day

imageActually, the sun is out today, nice and bright, for the first time in a long time.

And it’s “freeze your nose hairs solid on breathing” cold out.

And the wind is picking up.

Holy smokes.

It’s cold.

5°F with 6mph breeze ... I think this gives me a wind chill of about -9°F. 

Right. Like I’ll be spending any time outside today.

I wonder if Al Gore has been seen around here. He’s still the weather Jonah, isn’t he?


I should count my blessings; I don’t live in Boston. Them poor sods.


A winter like few in Boston’s history shows no sign of ending as the city prepares for a storm that could dump another 12 and 15 inches of snow on the region over the weekend.

MyFoxBoston reported that heavy snow is expected to start falling late in the day Saturday, with a foot of snow expected by early Sunday afternoon. Forecasters have also called for winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour and possible coastal flooding with waves building up to 20 feet high offshore.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a blizzard watch for an area along the Massachusetts coast, including Boston and Cape Cod between Saturday night and Sunday night. A winter storm watch has been issued for areas of eastern and central Massachusetts away from the coast. Those areas are expected to received between 6 and 12 inches of snow.

The forecast is unwelcome news to Bostonians who have seen the city’s record for most snow in a 30-day period shattered by three winter storms in the space of just over two weeks. Bay Staters got a taste of what was to come Thursday, when a smaller weather system dropped between 1 and 4 inches on most of the area, with 3 to 5 inches falling on Cape Cod and Nantucket.

Friday wasn’t expected to bring much relief, as forecasters called for high temperatures of around 15 degrees. The NWS has issued wind chill advisories for parts of central and western Massachusetts effective Friday morning, saying that wind chill temperatures could drop as low as negative-22 degrees in some areas.


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calendar   Thursday - February 12, 2015

A Knight Of The Knit

Aww, One For The Birds


Oldest guy in Australia, Alfie Date, 109, is woolie penguin jumper knitting champ.

Wool sweaters warm dirty birdies, so oil-spill penguins can stay warm until they get their feathers back right.

After a number of oil spills off Australia’s southeastern coast left penguins in danger, the Penguin Foundation launched its Knits for Nature program and asked volunteers to knit sweaters for penguins.

Oil separates and mats penguins’ feathers, letting cold water seep in and making them cold, distressed and less effective hunters. Sweaters help warm the birds — and prevent them from preening themselves and swallowing the oil — before they’re washed by wildlife rehabilitation workers.

One of the knitters to answer the call for penguin-friendly sweaters was 109-year-old Alfred “Alfie” Date, Australia’s oldest person.

Date has over 80 years of knitting experience. He quickly jumped on board after nurses in his long-term care home asked him if he’d life to help out a few penguins.

“The girls who used to work for me, they’ll tell you I’m a sucker. I can’t say no,” Date told 9stories.

The Penguin Foundation had such a good response to their request for sweaters that it’s no longer asking for contributions, claiming to be adequately stockpiled in anticipation of future oil spills.

“We do not need any further jumpers,” the foundation’s Lauren Jones said.

“We are incredibly grateful for the donations we have received and the time and effort creating them.”

Isn’t that nice? I had no idea these even existed. A wooly penguin jumper sounds like some kind of sicko sex perv, down under or not!


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Yo Chicago, Beat This

New York City: No Murders For 10 Entire Days!

Something to be proud of I guess. Out here in the almost-sticks of Clinton, we’ve had, um, I think it was one murder in the past 35 years. We don’t have NYC’s 10 million population either, so it’s all relative.

New York City, once notorious for high crime, broke a record on Thursday with no murders reported for 10 straight days, police said.

The historic calm achieved at 12:01 a.m. Thursday comes on the heels of a notable year - murders in New York City in 2014 fell to an all-time low of 328, the fewest since the New York Police Department started keeping reliable records in 1963.

“Everybody is behaving,” said Sergeant Daniel Doody of the New York City Police Department.

It’s also cold as Hell, and their guns could be buried under ice crusted snow drifts. If that’s the reason, then Boston ought not to have another murder before July or so.


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actually, most jews are not fundamentalists but …..

From the absolutely stupid and unfathomable.

What makes these loony tunes think God sits around with a paper and pen and says to the angel Gabriel, just a minute, I’m going to jot down a few more rules to make ppl live by, and you get to enforce them.

Somehow I find it difficult to believe that their God has appointed this idiot minority , who live on a different planet and in another century, to lord it over other people not of their faith or belief.  And they really are a minority. A very embarrassing one.
And in case you didn’t know, like muslims, they too separate the women from the men in religious services.  I never understood why.

From iNews


There is an old saying that “Most Israelis don’t go to synagogue, but the synagogue which they don’t go to is orthodox.”

Indeed, the more modern branches of Judaism, which count the majority of Jewish adherents in the UK and worldwide, are unrecognized by the Israeli state. Conversions and weddings have legal force in Israel only if they are conducted by orthodox rabbis. And there is no civil marriage in the Jewish state.

This anomaly hit close to home last week when I went to register my daughter as an American citizen at the US consulate in Jerusalem, which does not recognise the validity of marriages by non-orthodox rabbis. My own marriage certificate was pushed away by the consul as if it was a worthless scrap of paper. “If you like you can make a declaration that your child was born out of wedlock and we can then process the application,” the consul said.

He volunteered a suggestion for me to avoid problems in the future: go to Cyprus, get married (again) there and then register the wedding in Israel, which recognises foreign marriages, but not those of its own “non-kosher” rabbis. This is a time-honoured route taken by many couples who need to be legally married, but it merely perpetuates the monopoly.

-30- end

Isn’t an American consulate the same as American territory?  And even if not, how does it happen that one of our consulates must follow the religious law of some medieval cult in relation to an American citizen?  I’m lost on this one. Maybe I misread it.

And from the divinely dumb to the outrageously callus.

This seems par for the course over here and from what our Wardmom writes occasionally on the subject, this kind of inhumanity is not the sole province of care givers in the UK. 

Left to die by callous paramedic: Shocking video shows ambulance man stood with his hands in pockets as patient had heart attack in front of him in hospital car park

· Carl Cope died outside A&E as paramedic Matt Geary casually looked on

· Geary was today handed eight month suspended sentence

· West Midlands Police pursued conviction after being shocked at footage

· Geary knew Mr Cope suffered chest pains since he brought him to hospital

· Mr Cope’s heartbroken family say his death has had ‘devastating effect’


CCTV footage shows the moment Carl Cope falls to the ground in agony - but paramedic Matt Geary simply watches on instead of helping the dying man.
Despite confessing he had done nothing to help Mr Cope, Geary, 36, escaped a jail term and instead was sentenced for health and safety offences for failing to examine or resuscitate him. 

continued, scroll for the video

The article also points out the dead guy would have bought the farm anyway. Apparently he was in pretty bad shape to start with.
Still .......

Since I’ve been diagnosed with heart disease, I can’t help reading something like this and wondering hey, might that be meself one day? There ain’t no gar-un-tees in this life. Cept maybe taxes and Drew’s eye candy posts. And thank goodness for those.


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calendar   Wednesday - February 11, 2015

fun flick, easy dinner

We watched The Grand Budapest Hotel tonight. What a hoot. It’s an American film (I think) starring ... what seems like almost everybody, actually ... that feels like a foreign art house movie. I found myself looking for English subtitles, it feels that foreign. It’s a comedy with spontaneous tragedies, a murder mystery, a romance, a never ending chase, a story within a flashback within a flashback within a story, and a coming of age tale, a biopic look back on a life, with a a touch of magic and more than a bit of madness. And The Fallen Madonna With Big Boobies, by Van Klump. Well, almost. It’s metaphor, allusion and illusion. Like, it’s art, dude. If you want it to be. Otherwise it’s a madcap romp.

WITH: Ralph Fiennes (M. Gustave), Tony Revolori (Zero), F. Murray Abraham (Mr. Moustafa), Mathieu Amalric (Serge X.), Adrien Brody (Dmitri), Willem Dafoe (Jopling), Jeff Goldblum (Deputy Kovacs), Harvey Keitel (Ludwig), Jude Law (Young Writer), Bill Murray (M. Ivan), Edward Norton (Henckels), Saoirse Ronan (Agatha), Jason Schwartzman (M. Jean), Léa Seydoux (Clotilde), Tilda Swinton (Madame D.), Tom Wilkinson (Author), Bob Balaban (M. Martin) and Owen Wilson (M. Chuck).

I copied it to the DVR so we can watch it again. And again. It’s that kind of film. You need to watch it at least twice more. The first time through you’re all What the heck am I watching? What did he just say? OMG! The second time you catch the other 2/3 of the jokes and jibes you missed the first time. The third time you notice the cinematography and the costuming. It’s so much more than just a movie. It’s film. It’s art, but comfortable non-confrontational art. Charming. Film-wise, it has a bigger magical sparkle than Moonrise Kingdom. It’s a Wes Anderson directed film, if that means anything to you. Some folks can’t stand him. Beats me. My bet is that, if you were charmed by Moonrise, you’ll adore this one as well. [ Ha, what do you know, Moonrise Kingdom is also a Wes Anderson piece. I didn’t know that until just now, searching up a couple “professional” reviews. ]

As much as “The Grand Budapest Hotel” takes on the aspect of a cinematic confection, it does so to grapple with the very raw and, yes, real stuff of humanity from an unusual but highly illuminating angle. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is a movie about the masks we conjure to suit our aspirations, and the cost of keeping up appearances. “He certainly maintained the illusion with remarkable grace,” one character remarks admiringly of another near the end of the movie. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” suggests that sometimes, as a species, that’s the best we can do. Anderson the illusion-maker is more than graceful, he’s dazzling, and with this movie he’s created an art-refuge that consoles and commiserates. It’s an illusion, but it’s not a lie.

As a carefully constructed miniaturized universe, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is that most Andersonian of endeavors, evincing the deadpan drolleries, screwball action and dollhouse aesthetic that have alternately charmed and chagrined filmgoers for the past couple of decades.

Set in a castlelike hotel in the fictional Mitteleuropean country of Zubrowka on the eve of World War II, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” revolves — like all of Anderson’s films — around a quirky middle-aged man and the precocious boy he takes under his wing. As such, the film fully engages one of the fascinating tensions that have always animated Anderson’s fussily decorated cinematic jewel boxes, namely how one learns to become a man within a universe of characters so stylized and artfully concocted that they seem barely human.

This is going to become a cult favorite, perhaps up there with Princess Bride or Highlander. Well, maybe not that high, but at least up there with Life of Pi and My Life As A Dog.

I have no idea if this one won this award, that award, or how many. Or none at all. Don’t know, don’t care. It was awesome.

I’m very grateful that my cable TV remote has a pause button. I made up a 3 day batch of chili while watching this 100 minute flick, so I was back and forth to the kitchen plenty of times. Plus I made up pan fried pork chops, cheese buns, and salad to use up some leftovers. Pause and Rewind are teh greatest.

easy 3 day chili recipe below

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