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Today’s musical selection…

… is Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue. Thought we needed to hear some classical music!


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I don’t know what the heck goes on here in the early mornings, but it seems like I shouldn’t even bother to try to get on the internet before 10am. In theory, I’ve got pretty much the fastest internet in the USA here. Xfinity Plus. In theory, my cable modem is connected to a top of the line dual channel high speed WiFi router from Linksys. In theory, the WiFi card in my PC is also dual channel and cable of seriously whiz-bang speeds and a super strong signal that should blast through several walls and allow me to be online with a portable device way down at the other end of the parking lot. In reality, nearly every morning the Tanda WiFi software on the PC shows me a connection link speed of 1.0Kbps and a throughput of 0Kbps. That’s a FAR cry from the 24Mbps that the low speed channel usually runs at. Since the WiFi is an order of magnitude or two faster than the ISP signal, I should get the full blast of whatever bandwidth is available to me. And that’s the problem: there isn’t any.

But around a quarter to ten in the morning, suddenly it’s alive. Of course, in the meantime I pulling out my few remaining hairs, running all sorts of system check utilities and virus scans to see what’s sucking the PC dry, and finding pretty much nothing.

Go figure.

Anyway, it’s running, so now maybe I can get some posts up. And download a couple more forms from the IRS. Oh goody.


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the curse of justice …. lack of

I honestly wish I had the ability to use words to convey in a better way, things that bother me in a major way.  My tendency is to feel and not think and lose my temper.  Or else become so muddled I don’t even understand myself.  And that about covers what I saw this morning.

I’m not even supposed to be sitting here, I was told I had to keep feet elevated for a day or two, do not exert, yadda,yadda, blah.
Well, that ain’t gonna happen.  An extra pain killer and I’ll get thru the day but I have to share this.

Why do people have a problem with the idea of revenge and the law?  Why can’t justice, depending on the offense, incorporate a healthy dose of revenge?

This originally started btw, with a post that Drew did a couple of days ago. A post in which he had:

But ... horry clap ... the way them savage English go at each other with the cutlery!

Man ‘stabbed passer-by to death after having bath-time disturbed’

Man stabs 17-year-old for giving him ‘dodgy looks’

Birmingham woman stabbed by friend in row over ring, murder trial told

Police hunting teenage boy after stabbing outside Barkingside Magistrates’ Court

So I thought, ok.  I have to add something of a non violent nature, but something that shows just how some interpret “justice.”
I’ve since lost the article which doesn’t matter.  The story concerned a burglar with at least 70 previous burglaries.
Because he said he was “sorry” his jail term was cut in half.  Well heck, nothing new in that and we now expect that kind of thing from what laughingly is referred to as the ‘justice’ system.  Which of course it is not and has not been for a long time.  People here and I suspect the USA as well, have little regard or respect for courts, judges and lawyers in general. Most civilians are I believe, left cold by the term criminal justice system. I also think it may be worse here than in the USA.  And for good reason.  Here is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.  Justice?  Uh huh. In a pig’s ass.  Just where is that to be found in this case?
Crime will never be eliminated, I’m not silly enough to believe that.  But since that is the case, then the penalties administered should damn well fit the crimes committed, and never mind the bleeding heart liberals who confuse justice and revenge and opt for ‘humane’ treatment of scum like the one in the following article.

Take a look and take in the miscarriage in this one.  And oh by the way, here’s what the defense had to say.  Look at the photos and tell me that effing lawyer shouldn’t suffer the same.

Moses Tawo, defending Hayden, said: ‘His way of explanation is his alcohol abuse. It isn’t domestic violence, it is a random assault. He would come back from prison full of problems and there would be a vicious circle.’

Any parent and especially parents of girls who do not bring them up trained in self defense to the point of using weapons and deadly force in today’s world, is doing them an injustice.

Drunken thug who battered girlfriend in the street making her face ‘explode like an airbag’ walks away with community service despite the fact he was on PROBATION

· Magistrate said NOT sending him to jail would be the tougher option

· Toby Hayden was serving suspended sentence for previous offence

· Also assaulted two police officers and had to pay them both compensation

By Claire Ellicott


A thug who attacked his girlfriend in the street has walked free from court after magistrates told him a community sentence is ‘tougher’ than prison.

Toby Hayden, 27, hit his partner of two years in a drunken rage when a cash machine told him he had insufficient funds to withdraw money.

He repeatedly punched Loretta Butterworth, 22, in an assault that ended only when passers-by heard her screaming ‘please help me’.

When police arrived to arrest Hayden, he spat in the face of one officer and tried to gouge out the eyes of another.

She said she looked ‘like a zombie’ after the attack and still has the outline of a footprint on her forehead.
She added: ‘When I found out that he had walked free my heart sank. I was shocked and angry.
‘He definitely should have gone to prison. He had previous convictions, he had been violent to people before, he was on probation when it happened.
‘He resisted arrest, assaulted two police officers, caused criminal damage and that doesn’t even cover what he did to me.
‘He punched me repeatedly, he didn’t stop – but that wasn’t enough for him so he kicked me in the back of the head as I lay on the floor unable to defend myself.’
Moses Tawo, defending Hayden, said: ‘His way of explanation is his alcohol abuse. It isn’t domestic violence, it is a random assault. He would come back from prison full of problems and there would be a vicious circle.’

Despite being on a suspended sentence for a previous violent crime, magistrates sentenced him to an 18-month community order with 200 hours of unpaid work and ordered him to complete an anger management course.

Think that’s all there is to this story?
Take another look.
At this.

The victim says that the case should have gone to Crown Court.

Magistrates are three people who aren’t legally trained.

‘At least if it had gone to Crown Court he would have been before a properly educated judge and the full story would have come out.

read/see more


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calendar   Thursday - March 14, 2013

An Extended Time Waster

I’m spending today doing my taxes. Oh joy.

Now let’s see ... take the line 64 amount from Form D and copy it to the line 37 amount on Form C, then subtract the allowable 15.392% of Form 1040W line 81 and enter that amount on Form 1040A line 87, unless you were born on an alternate Tuesday in which case use Form 198X and enter 27.19% of the amount on Form 87 line 17 on Form A and multiply it by 31/79 of the amount found by subtracting the sum of lines 53 to 68 on Form .... GAAAAHH!!!!

Here’s a pair of cute red twins. Clicky biggy.


See More Below The Fold


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a brief time waster

So my score on the very first game was 600 which ain’t so good.
Anyway ... I do not really feel up to much else and this looked like a good time waster for a minute or two.

Have fun.



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calendar   Wednesday - March 13, 2013

Knife Crime - Out Of Control In UK

While looking up a few links to respond to Peiper’s post, below, I found a news page that keeps track of Knife Crime in the UK and the US.

It’s pretty much constant. Not every entry is for a single event; what gets in here are links to stories about knifings. So the same stabbing may be linked by a number of news posts.

They have a similar page on gun crime.

But ... horry clap ... the way them savage English go at each other with the cutlery!

Over on the Gun Crime page, more of the stories are from the USA. And, as usual, the UK’s coverage of news over here is much more detailed than our own news people give us. I hate that, but I’m grateful to them for it.

Case in point: did you know there was a mass shooting today in New York? And it appears to be Rifle Violence, not just regular Gun Violence. Six people were shot, 4 died, at a car wash and in a barbershop in the little country town of Herkimer NY. Suspect drove away in a red Jeep, is still at large.

Compare how CNN covers the back-page story, here, with 1 picture and a mere 115 words, and doesn’t even mention the “long gun”, or the car wash, or the perhaps connected explosion and fire in a local building,

with how the UK Mirror does the job with 4 pictures and 251 words.

I guess the English have more time to read, since they’re all unemployed.

Newsnow seems like a decent aggregator site. Big news and small. Find out about the 38,010 cows put down in Great Britain, all with TB - tuberculosis!!! - and this is a 10% increase over last year. Sounds like they’re just as chock full of diseased livestock as China is! Maybe neither one should be turning up their noses at all that yummy horse meat. 

Actually, they’ve got news from all over the world, all in little pages of links. No ads, no pics, no nonsense. I like it.

But I do cherish the marvelously cheeky Brit news stories like this one, speaking of horse meat
Post-horsemeat, Tesco’s to buy Giraffe in bold £50m deal

That’s a whole lot of neck bones!


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Time To Larn Anudder Thang

It’s Only Straw If It Breaks The Law

Over the weekend Mark Kelly, wife of brain-damaged shooting victim former Congresswoman Kathy Giffords (D-AZ) went into a local gun shop to pick up a .45 pistol he had ordered. While he was there, he saw an AR-15 rifle for sale, and he bought that too. This guy has been quite vocal about his views that Evil Assault Weapons Should Be Banned, so it was interesting that he did so. There was some kind of Media Moment™ and the former astronaut said he’d only purchased the rifle to show how easy it was, and it was his intent to donate the gun to a local police department.

End of story? Oh hella no.

Mark Kelly, Firearms Felon! screamed the right-wing news and blogosphere. Straw Purchase! Why won’t Obama prosecute? was the hue and cry.

Mark Kelly Breaks the Law as a Strawpurchaser

Over the weekend, husband of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and anti-gun advocate Mark Kelly purchased as AR-15 at Diamondback Police Supply in Tucson, Arizona. The reason? According to Kelly, he was proving a point about the amount of time background checks take to conduct and won’t keep the AR-15. In fact, his plan all along was to give it away to the police.

When you purchase a firearm at a federally licensed dealer, you must fill out an ATF 4473 form. It is a felony to lie on the form and say you are purchasing a firearm for yourself when it’s really for someone else, but Kelly did it anyway. The Obama File has more:

If Mr. Kelly did not intend to keep the AR-15, but to give it to another, he is committing a felony by being a “straw purchaser” under current law, and he must have stated on the ATF Form 4473 that he was buying it for himself, so he committed perjury on the BATF form, also a felony.

Well done. Tards. You walked right into the Left’s bear trap. Not only stuck your dumb foot in it, but jumped up and down and danced all around until it went off. SNAP. And now your stupid arse is snapped up tight.

Conservatives, haven’t you figured out yet that the Progressives just love to yank your chain? And are you going to scream in reaction every darn time without ever bothering to stop and think for one whole entire minute? Crivens, I hate the Evil Party, but man oh man, the Stupid Party gives me fits.

Let’s all sit down at our little school desks and put on our Larnin’ Hatz™. PLEASE?

1) It is perfectly legal to give, trade, or sell a firearm that you own, to a person or an organization that is legally allowed to possess a firearm. That means you can give guns as gifts to those old enough to own them, who don’t have significant felonies in their criminal record.

2) Once you own a firearm, by purchase, there is no law that says you have to hold onto the thing for any time limit before disposing of it by sale or gift.

3) Arizona, like most states, does not have a waiting period for purchasing rifles or shotguns. If you are legally qualified, you take your money to a gun shop, select which one you want, pay for it, and leave the shop with your new gun.

4) Arizona, like ALL states, requires gun shops to run a NICS check on prospective purchasers. NICS. National INSTANT Criminal Background Check System. Get it? Instant. Ok, in the real world this NICS thingy takes a few minutes, sometimes as much a half an hour if the phone lines are busy. And sometimes, almost always because some of the databases are flagged, waiting for a status update, the check goes to a wait list for a couple of days. 86% of those waits resolve without even a phone call, and most of the rest of them can be sorted out with just a couple of calls. So generally, “instant” is a fairly accurate descriptor. If you aren’t a loony, if you aren’t a convicted felon, if you didn’t get the boot from the military, and if you don’t beat up your lady friends, then you will pass a NICS pretty much on the spot. It’s called freedom. So Mark Kelly, what part of “instant” does your astronaut-caliber intellect not understand?

5) A straw purchase of a firearm happens when a legally qualified buyer buys a gun from a retailer, and then at some future point sells or gives it to a person who is not legally qualified to own one. It also happens when an individual sells a gun to a person he knows is going to use it to commit a crime.

6) It is neither perjury nor a straw purchase to change your mind about who will be the ultimate owner of a firearm after you buy it. Even if it’s only one second after. That’s still after. You can fill out the federal forms, fully believing you are buying the gun for yourself, but halfway across the parking lot realize that you need a birthday gift for cousin Dwayne, and decide THEN to give him the gun. It is also no perjury nor straw purchase to buy an Evil Assault Rifle for own hypocritical self, and then lie your ears off about it to the media 5 minutes later in the parking lot. This also falls under the changing your mind thing. The only way to prove “straw” would be a pocket full of money traceable to an illegal buyer, and a witness willing to testify that you made an agreement to buy a gun for them. Or a copy of a letter sent to the cops last month that says you’re going to buy them a gun ... and as far as I know, no letter like that exists anywhere in Kelly’s situation.

So this story is complete nonsense. No straw purchase (two words, not one). No perjury. No crime. No story, other than a lefty being a lying hypocrite. Yeah, like that’s news.

The only fishy part of the story is that Kelly said he just happened to see an AR for sale in a gun shop. Really? What fortuitous circumstances, that Mr. AWB goes into the only gun shop in the country that has an AR just sitting there waiting for a buyer. Ever other rifle like it has been sold, and every single company that builds the things, or even the parts for them, is back ordered for at least 2 solid years. Any gun shop that can even get one can sell it before it arrives; the things will never get as far as the display rack. So that part smells a bit.

And, would that I had 2 Large to spend on “making a statement” if that is, in truth, what Kelly did. I didn’t follow the story, nor see any video, but I’ll bet some reporter caught up to him just as he left the dealer, and he had to do some fast and fancy footwork. “Duh, um, I’m making a statement! Yeah, that’s it! My plan was always to get one and give it to the cops. Right! That’s my plan!” So his quick-stepping doesn’t count as perjury either.  It’s just another wheelbarrow load of hypocrisy from the Left ... outlaw these evil guns for everyone, except me and my peeps. Which is crap, but not a crime.

Ok, skoolz over!

UPDATE: Rich K points out in the comments the latest development: Kelly does not yet possess the rifle. It turns out that a local ordinance requires gun shops to hold onto guns they take in in trade for 20 days, to give the LEOs time to trace the guns to see if they were used in crimes.  So does THIS now make Kelly a felon and a perjurer? No, it just makes him a bullshitter pulling a stunt.

Found at FARK, and backed up by several links (1, 2, etc) because “Arizona” and “waiting period” do not go together:

Tuscon has a law that all guns sold back to a gun store have to be held for 20 days before being resold so that the police can determine if they’ve been used in a crime. He purchased the gun, but he can’t pick it up until that time period expires.  That’s probably the only reason he could find one:  It was sold to the gun store probably the same day he bought it, or at most 1 or 2 days prior.  They’ve been flying off the shelves as fast as they get are stocked.

Ironically, if he turns it into the Tucson PD, it’s likely that they will be obligated to sell it to a gun store to be sold again.  Arizona has a law that requires that of guns seized and turned in, as a revenue measure.

Once the hold period is up, Mr. Kelly must then show proper identification, complete the Federal Firearms Transfer Record (Form 4473) and successfully complete the NICS background check prior to his taking physical possession of the firearm.

So that explains that. And it’s a double bucket of yucks that if he gives the cops the gun, they’ll take it right back to the gun shop and get some money for it. Where it will then be traced again, and wait another 20 days for the next left wing astronaut to come by with more cash than brains. Looks like he picked the wrong gun to make an example out of how quick and easy it is for a Grade AA+ citizen like him to buy a gun. Criminals be listening up!! NOT.


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You Go Pamela!

San Francisco, Bizarro World As Usual

Fox News, Not Far Behind


In San Fran, this direct quote from Hamas is hate speech. AGAINST MUSLIMS.

Bus ads with jihadist quotes draw outcry in San Francisco

San Francisco leaders and the local Muslim community are slamming what they call a series of anti-Islam bus ads that contain quotes attributed to terrorists.

The ads, which began appearing on at least 10 city buses Monday, contain quotes such as one attributed to the militant Islamic group Hamas that reads: “Killing Jews is worship that brings us closer to Allah.”

“San Francisco is a city that celebrates its diversity and hateful speech and discrimination against our Arab and Muslim communities will never be tolerated,” Mayor Ed Lee said according to KTVU.

Lee, District Attorney George Gascon and other elected officials joined Arab and Muslim community leaders to publicly condemn the ads Monday, calling them racist.

First off, you stupid bung hole blasters, jizzlam is a religion, not a gene code. Thus any activity against it can not now, or ever, be racist. Pedalers of the pedophile profit come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and languages. So boy howdy, are you Wun Dum Phuc.  <-- now that’s racist!

Second, pull your brains out of your Hamster Hideaway™ as well. These ads contain quotations made by jihadists, and made by Islamicists in the support of jihad. You navel gazing narcissists have spent far too long staring in your mirrors adoring your own reflection; now the mirror is what you use to see the whole world. Which means you have it EXACTLY BACKWARDS. Those quotes are hateful speech alright. Hateful, anti-Semitic speech made by Muslims against Jews, and against the West, and against Christians.

Look, we know you guys play for the other team. You’re here, too near, we’re used to it. But get over your bad, sad, last year’s Prada wearing, selves; you can play for the other team and live here but you can’t play for the other team and live here. Which means you can’t get uppity when someone criticizes terrorism. Which is what you’re doing. And the whole country wants to knee you in the knutsack for your stupid. You can be as sensitive as you want, but don’t you DARE to ever claim that accurately quoting someone is making hate speech against them. That’s beyond screwed up in the head; that’s boringly, commonly stupid. Not outre at all. Vulgate, not fabulous.

The ads are paid for by the American Freedom Defense Initiative and feature Usama bin Laden, the Times Square car bomber and the alleged gunman* in the Fort Hood, Texas, shootings accompanied by quotes about warfare and weapons that the group links to Islam.

The group ran similar ads in San Francisco in August and has also posted ads in New York City, including one in September that called enemies of Israel “savages.”

San Francisco’s transit agency believes a First Amendment court decision forces it to accept the advertising. It plans to give the $5,000 used to pay for the ads to the city’s Human Rights Commission to study the impact of discrimination on San Francisco’s Islamic communities and run its own ads against discrimination.

American Freedom Defense Initiative’s executive director, Pamela Geller, told The Associated Press on Tuesday the purpose of the campaign is to show the “reality of jihad and root causes of terrorism, from the words of jihadists themselves.”

“City officials denounce our ads, but not the actual quotes from high-profile jihadists calling for holy war and genocide,” she said in an email.

“Our new campaign focuses on how jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism.”

So I say Right On! for Pamela Gellar, the one war War On Terror who sees things like they are. She’s too scary for the paid-off faux-Conservative pussies at CPAC to have around, and now she’s taking the TRUTH out to the public. More power to her. Thank God that at least ONE public figure has the gall to stand up on the side of right. Darn shame she isn’t an elected politician or something even more public.

And her take on this panty twisting hissy fit from Backdoor Land? “The sickest news story ever” and you can read all about it in her blog right here. “The most perverse reversal of common sense ever.” Yup, that’s San Fran. Ass backwards, inside out, upside down. Dumber than fuck, but so full of their own hot air that they float along up by the ceiling.

Hindraker at PowerLine weighs in:
Hate Speech, San Francisco Style

The American Freedom Defense Initiative is a Pamela Geller-led organization that seeks to inform Americans about the dangers of Islamic extremism. Among other things, AFDI has placed advertising on buses in several metropolitan areas that contain educational messages. Many Muslims regard these posters as dirty pool, because they are so unfair as to quote the actual words of respected Islamic clerics.

Exactly. And that’s pretty messed up.

* = you know, the alleged gunman they caught red-bloody-handed at the scene when he ran out of bullets. The Allah-u-ackbar screaming psychiatrist the military had KNOWN was an armed raving jihadi for ages and was TOO FUCKING PUSSY to do anything about. The one where, TO THIS DAY, that mass murder had NOT been labeled the act of terrorism that it is. No, it’s “man made tragedy” and “workplace violence”. Also, he’s the guy who has STILL not gone on trial, either in civvie court or at a courts martial, so he STILL hasn’t been hanged or drawn and quartered or burned at the stake as he so richly deserves. And for that, I blame Obama.


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the coffee is ready.  Although I’m tempted to go right back to bed. oh yeah? wanna swap? LOL!

This is funny.  Drew and I posting health issues back to back.  I had no idea what he was working on when I hit the submit button. Well, I still haven’t had my coffee yet but plan to, and I’m not out bowling. 

Freezing feet Drew?  Ha.

Our winds last day or two, except today, have been literally straight from Siberia.  Went outside to empty trash in bin and the icy air froze my breath upon exhale and it then broke into tiny crystals which fell at my feet. I had to pick up the pieces and hurry them back into the house where they defrosted and put my breath back into my starving and depleted lungs.

And your feet were cold?



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hey old guy

Got up early this morning, feet freezing. Somehow the blanket shifted ... brrr, exposed toes.

Ankles hurt a bit this morning, lower back too, but I know that will go away in a short while.

After several weeks illness, I’ve got that cold/flu/sinus thing to the point where I haven’t taken an antihistamine in almost a week, and I just have a bit of morning coughing. Some, but not enough to throw up or pull a groin muscle. Then I’m good for most of the day. So I’ll call that good progress.

Hey, we won all 7 at Greed League last night. A miracle. Because the only team we can beat handily is ourselves. And it wasn’t easy either. We had the “bye”, which means we had no opponents to bowl against. So we had to beat our averages, minus 10%. But Bob was absent again. Great guy, but he’s missed more than half the season with his import business dragging him down to Central America all the time. And Glenn was sick. So sick that he went home. (I’m thinking he and his wife are the germ factory that’s been reinfecting everyone all winter. Thanks a lot.) So we used his absentee penalty score for games 2 and 3. Which didn’t give the 3 of us much leeway at all, but we persevered. But the first game was tough, what with Bob out and Glenn throwing 65 under. Damn, sometimes it seems that no matter what I do, the odds stack up against me. Andy was well under average that game too. So Jason and I bowled like madmen, and we pulled a win out of the jaws of defeat. By 3 pins. Phew. But a win is a win.

Hey, looks like the coffee is ready.  Although I’m tempted to go right back to bed.


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having somehow survived torture …

Last Thursday I had what usually passes for a routine exam. An Angiogram.

When they brought me into the room where the abuse takes place, I should have suspected something by the evidence of the blood spots I saw on the floor. Evidence being quickly cleaned away but alas not in time for my eagle eye to focus on.

Coronary angiography is performed with the use of local anesthesia and intravenous sedation, and is generally not significantly uncomfortable.

Yeah well let me tell you something.  Not this time.  I’ve been through it before with little if any problems.  Not comfortable of course and you have all these nurses (not male) doing stuff but you aren’t interested perhaps for the first time in your life. 

In performing a coronary angiogram, a doctor inserts a small catheter (a thin hollow tube with a diameter of 2-3 mm) through the skin into an artery in either the groin or the arm.
Guided with the assistance of a fluoroscope (a special x-ray viewing instrument), the catheter is then advanced to the opening of the coronary arteries (the blood vessels supplying blood to the heart).
Next, a small amount of radiographic contrast (a solution containing iodine, which is easily visualized with X-ray images) is injected into each coronary artery. The images that are produced are called the angiogram.
The procedure takes approximately 20-30 minutes.

Mine took considerably longer as torture was involved and oh btw, that needle is inserted where the leg and groin meet. Or thereabouts.
I ended up needing sedation. The first time I’ve ever required that for this procedure.
My groin and leg aren’t white these days but have taken on the appearance of technicolor with all shades of pretty (ugly) purple, pink,red and violet and a few colors I can’t identify.


I haven’t the linguistic ability to describe how much that hurt.  So OUCH will have to suffice.  But there’s something worse. Oh, you thought that was all?
What more could there be?  Well it still aches but ...

Try humiliation for starters.  You’re a male and there’s all these women like maybe as many as six or seven, all witness to your weakness.  And you’re an American so now national pride enters this ugly picture as all these foreigners see you and have to sedate you. That’s worse than the pain you felt because the guy (a technician, NOT the Cardiologist) didn’t wait long enough or administer enough of the medication that is intended to numb the area of injection.

A few of those nurses were really cute by the way. 

Oh, one more and final thing.

They are calling me back sometime in the next month because they couldn’t get a full picture of one side. So they’re going to do a different test.
Oh yeah?

Not if it involves needles and good looking nurses.



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an inquest into a cause of death? we know the cause, get on with the hanging.

I looked up the word ‘INQUEST’ this morning, and this is what I found.

1. a legal or judicial inquiry, usually before a jury, especially an investigation made by a coroner into the cause of a death.

2. the body of people appointed to hold such an inquiry, especially a coroner’s jury.

3. the decision or finding based on such inquiry.

4. an investigation or examination.

You wouldn’t think I’d have need to look up a word so damn obvious as to the meaning.
I mean to say, simply the word ‘inquest’ alone translates as inquiry.  Or so it has always done to me.  So why I wondered reading a blurb in the morning paper, is there any need for an inquest into the stabbing death of that unfortunate young girl of 16, on a bus in Birmingham recently?
Just what is there left to “investigate?”
She was murdered at random, by a vicious miserable piece of black filth who by all rights should be stabbed himself, so that he could experience the feeling personally, and then lynched, cut down and hung again till graveyard dead.  None of this stupid treat him human BS, as if he is one.

I have read that the Saudis are to end executions by beheading their criminals.
Shame that. They will see their crime rate increase no doubt.
Two reasons are given for the decision to make that mistake.  The opinions apparently of other countries and their civil rights industries making noise, but mostly I read that there is an acute shortage of swordsmen who are knowledgeable in carrying out the task.


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This Can’t Be Right

I read a post at SBPDL today that referenced an article at The Hill, wherein Barbara Lee (D-CA) is almost saying that the Sequester is raaaaacist because it will have the strongest impact on the Black community, because 20% of their workforce works for the government.

That got me thinking. And then I saw last year’s report from The Heritage Foundation that shows that 20% of our entire population is dependent on government handouts, and that does NOT include the people who work for the government.


Then I looked around a bit, and finally found what seems to be a fair answer to that old chestnut “How many people work for the government?” And the answer, when all is said and done, sub-contractors included, is 40 million people. And this is last year’s answer, m’kay? 40 million. 17% of the labor pool, and since Wikipedia pegs the overall population at a hair under 309 million, that’s also 12.944% of the total population. Do the tiniest bit of rounding up to bring the data up to date, and we’ve got 33% of America either working for, or getting a check from, the government. This includes the federal, state, and local levels.

But still. 33%. A solid third. 103,000,000 people. One in three. 1/3 of the American population, supported by the government in one way or another. Which means the taxes paid by the workforce that represents the other 2/3, plus whatever trillions gets borrowed from the rest of the world.

And, as you’ve heard a hundred times, half the population neither pays taxes nor is represented on a tax return by people who do.


Don’t forget that all those 40 million government workers are theoretically part of that income tax paying group NOT in the above graph. And it’s a really easy argument to posit that they don’t really pay income taxes except on their investments, since their income is derived from tax redistribution. That makes the bite that much sharper for anyone with a job that actually contributes to a real GNP.

This is all rolled together and called “Spreading the wealth around”. Every two citizens who pay income taxes are supporting a third citizen to a greater or lesser extent.

We are Greece.  Or at least we can see them from our house.

Just something to keep in mind when the Left and the Media tear into Paul Ryan for the next several days for his utter horrible intransigence in delivering a budget plan today that would eventually reel in some amount of excessive government spending. In a few years. And pay off the national debt in another 2 generations.

House Republicans unveiled an ambitious cost-cutting plan Tuesday that would balance the budget in 10 years without raising taxes, while repealing ObamaCare and overhauling entitlements—a document Democrats are sure to reject but could be used as a negotiating tool in talks with President Obama.

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., chairman of the House Budget Committee, is sticking by controversial proposals, including one to give future Medicare retirees the option of using government payments for private health care plans.

The plan warns of a looming debt crisis, and endeavors to pay off the debt by 2050. 

“We are addressing the most predictable debt crisis in this country’s history,” Ryan said Tuesday. “Our plan will balance the budget and pay off our debts.”

In response, the White House issued a statement complaining that the plan does not include tax increases for top earners and said the president believes it is the “wrong course for America.”

The wrong course for America? Hey butthole, what other course do we have left? Total bankruptcy and complete insolvency?

70% of federal spending is for handouts. Entitlements. Spreading The Wealth Around. A third of that money is borrowed from abroad.

But never mind that, you silly wage earners. It’s time to get out your 1040 forms and Pay Your Fair Share. Too bad you can’t get a deduction for your 103,000,000 dependents.

Here is some more info on the “2014 Ryan Budget”. Yes, he’s keeping Obama’s tax hike. DUH. That’s the only sane way out of this morass. “Take less, spend nothing” works, but it’s too damn drastic. “Take more, spend less” works too, and also raises the value of the money that you have left by reducing the currency supply. This is the only approach that will work, whether it’s “fine tuned” up or down a bit. But if it gets “tuned down” to the zero point, then it’s another pile of worthless crap, and the proverbial can gets kicked down the road again. Problem is, the end of the road is in sight. And it isn’t very far away. If anything, the Ryan budget needs to be made fiercer. Bigger cuts, faster. And then, perhaps in 10 years when there is clear evidence that things are improving, then we can cut the taxes severely. Granted, I would like to see two alternates, one that throws out Obamacare and ALL it’s additional taxes, and another that throws out Obamacare and HALF it’s additional taxes. Run the numbers and see where either one pushes the horizon to. Because it’s going to be hell dealing with a massive tax increase right now.

Which is EXACTLY what the Democrats are planning. Give Obama a nickel, and he’ll cry for a dollar. It’s only your fair share after all, right? That’s happened already. It’s not an anecdote. Too much is never enough for Teh Won.


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Sometimes my brain works even before coffee

I got out of bed this morning and came downstairs. My wife had the morning news on.

“Judge throws out Bloomberg’s soda ban. Rules the law ‘arbitrary and capricious’” ... and then goes on to tell the details.

“Ha!”, says I, “that ought to then nullify NY’s new gun control law.”

“Wake up sleepyhead”, says she, “this is about the soda thing, not guns.”

Here’s a link to noted smart person John Hindraker in today’s Powerline, saying pretty much the same thing.

In a closely related development, a New York judge has thrown out Mayor Bloomberg’s decree against selling “sugary drinks” in New York City in containers larger than 16 ounces. The judge, Milton Tingling, held among other things that the ban was “arbitrary and capricious,” which is to say, irrational. He explained:

The petitioners state the decision to target only certain sugary sweetened drinks is nonsensical as a host of other drinks contain substantially more calories and sugar than the drinks targeted herein, including alcoholic beverages, lattes, milk shakes, frozen coffees, and a myriad of others too long to list here.

Note how closely this reasoning applies to the Democratic Party’s effort to ban “assault weapons,” certain randomly designated semi-automatic rifles which are identified by cosmetic features.

Yeah, and the 16 ounce size limit is exactly analogous to the 10 round magazine limit. It is it is it is!

It’s good to know I’m not a complete vegetable before Mr. Coffee works his morning magic.

Bear in mind, too, that there is a constitutional right to own and carry firearms, while there is no corresponding right to consume sugary beverages, so an assault weapons ban would be judged by a more stringent standard. Judge Tingling continued:

Petitioners also point out the exceptions to enforcement of the Rule whereby certain food service establishments are exempt from complying with this Rule. The effect would be a person is unable to buy a drink larger than 16 0z. at one establishment but may be able to buy it an another establishment that may be located right next door.

Sounds to me just like that “this law doesn’t apply to cops, retired cops, soldiers, and other government employees” addendum part that New York had to add on to their stupid law later, because they passed it so damn fast they weren’t even thinking. Not that I think that any law that has any exceptions for any special class of people is even close to constitutional, but at this point I’m on my third cup of the day, so that deep thought may be clearly attributable to the beans. Of which I may be full of.


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