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Awww is for April

Stoaty Caught Him

Stoaty the Woozle caught little Mr. Bunsy hiding in her hen house. Uncle Badger snapped a pic, and then squirmy Mr. Bunsy ... flew the coop. It was another of his Big Adventures.

Full color wallpaper, perfect for the season.



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Goodness From Haifa

Peiper - this is an extension of that email reply I sent you. Sometimes you need to look things up in IMBD or places like that, and you can do a screenshot to capture an image if you have to, and then paste that to a graphics tool, trim as needed, and export. It’s just another step in the process.


Poor little thing. So plain. So unnoticeable. You don’t think her hair is thick and glossy or anything, do you? LOL

I’d say “h/t to Theo” but I don’t think he even knew what he had.


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I didn’t dislike her on the one hand, but was never a fan on the other. In fact, I never did understand all the fuss made about her supposed beauty.

I’m referring to the late Elizabeth Taylor. 

Soon after her death, the Mail started running a serialized bio, excerpts from a new book.  Truth to tell, I found it very interesting. I didn’t think I would at first, but you know how those things work.  They catch ya with a headline and you start reading and pretty soon you’re into the story.

The papers here run stories that cover both open pages and huge photos and the intent of course is impact.  The type is pretty small though, so I often can’t go through all of something at one sitting and so I go back later. Usually though I forget it.

Well, this week the papers here published a photo of her never seen (they all said) before.  There was no way to avoid it and talk about impact.

I’m guessing, probably correctly, that many of you have already seen the only nude (so it’s claimed) taken of her. For those who haven’t, it’s pretty darn good.
And she was I suppose better looking then I gave credit for but hold on.

Still no Angela Landsbury or Ann Margaret at the same age, imho.


See More Below The Fold


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Britain more civilised by being kinder to bad people AND an EU museum

The liberal elite like to think that they have made Britain more civilised by being kinder to bad people. 

Last week, a five year old girl was shot in the chest (she’s in hosp.) and a shop owner shot in the face by a waring gang. They were shooting at each other and a couple of innocents happen to be in the crossfire.  Where do the bad guys get guns?  Gee.  Oh yeah, they were not all adults either.

This is only one event of many but the govt. is hell bent on protecting civilians in Libya.

Here’s an interesting headline.

Migrant crime wave revealed: Foreign arrests have doubled in just THREE years

91,234 arrests by half of UK forces last year, compared with 51,899 in 2008

read all the rest


Please always keep in mind that this place is, as I constantly remind, an island.

We can protect a mob in Benghazi, so why not a little girl in Stockwell?

By Peter Hitchens

Why does the British Government care more about protecting civilians in Libya than it does about protecting them in Britain?

In this week alone a tiny little girl and an innocent shopkeeper have been shot and badly wounded in the London suburb of Stockwell, within sight of the Palace of Westminster. They were caught in the crossfire of a gang war.

About 50 criminal gangs are said to be active in this area, and many of them are armed with guns, which our vaunted strict firearms laws have somehow failed to keep out of their hands.

And no help comes. The police sit on their fat backsides waiting for bad things to happen and then rush round too late. The courts strain to avoid sending wrongdoers to prison.

The prisons are run by the criminals, who get angry when warders try to deny them drugs and alcohol.
Ultra-violence and homicide are now so common that its perpetrators are often free after a few short years detained with a pool-table and lots of free methadone at the taxpayer’s expense.

The idea of protecting us – the civilians of Britain – with a proper patrolling police force, severe justice and the effective deterrent of the death penalty is rejected with shuddering horror by the comically misnamed Conservative Party that dominates the Government.

And such suggestions are regarded as positively wicked by the Liberal Democrats who sustain the Coalition.


I’m pretty sure you will note this and find of interest. It’s one of the Mail’s editorial comments.

Lawyers’ bonanza

What a great deal it tells us about Britain that today, for the first time, we employ more lawyers than police officers.

It’s no secret why barristers and solicitors enjoyed a bonanza over the Labour years, when their numbers rocketed to 165,000.

Look no further than the enthusiasm of Tony Blair (a lawyer himself and married to another) for human rights legislation and the no-win no-fee lawsuits that have fed the compensation culture.

Revealingly, the number of solicitors employed to guide businesses through the regulatory minefield has almost trebled since 1997. Could there be any more damning testimony to the stranglehold of legal red tape on our economic recovery?

Which quite naturally brings me to ......

Denying prisoners the vote makes them “non people” says human rights chief

Denying murderers, rapists and other prisoners the vote makes them “outcasts” and damages democracy, Europe’s human rights chief said yesterday.
By Tom Whitehead, Home Affairs Editor

In a clear attack on the UK, Thomas Hammarberg said to deprive anyone of the right to vote made them a “non-person” and that prisoner still have human rights.

The European Court of Human Rights has sparked outrage in the UK after ruling that the blanket ban on prisoners voting was illegal.

The Coalition is still deciding how to abide by the ruling, which David Cameron said makes him “physically sick”.
In February MPs backed a Commons motion opposing the European ruling by 234 to 22.

In his blog, Mr Hammarberg, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, said the court’s judgment “was not particularly popular” in the UK and that “even leading politicians stated they were appalled by the idea”.

He went on: “The South African Constitutional Court made an important point – the right to vote is special in the sense that it symbolises belonging.

“To be deprived of this right is to be declared an outcast, a non-person. That approach does not correspond to the European values of our times.”

Gerard Batten, the Ukip MEP, said: “The Commissioner seems to think that refusing prisoners, people who have raped and murdered remember, the right to vote is an insult to democracy, but seems to ignore that in the UK it is the democratic will of the people to withhold the vote from those convicted of crimes serious enough to merit incarceration”.

“He asks what the purpose of prison is? Well I can tell him what most people think it is for. It is to punish those who have broken the rules of the society in which they live.”

unedited version here

And as if that is not enough insult to the English public, who withstood the Kaiser and Hitler and Stalin and Mao’s little red book and heaven knows what else over the years. Oh yeah, the biggest threat still not defeated, liberals and bolshies here at home. As if they haven’t been bled white enough there is this.

English taxpayers will soon have to foot their share of a bill amounting to something like $30,000,000 for .... ya ready?

A Freekin EU museum

Hey, I kid you not. An EU museum.

‘House of European History’ cost estimates double to £137 million
The cost estimates for a euro-museum celebrating the EU’s “historical memory” have more than doubled to almost £137 million before work has even begun on the controversial project.

By Bruno Waterfield, Brussels

Two documents seen by The Daily Telegraph disclose that an initial pricing of £58 million for the “House of European History” project has increased by more than 90 per cent, with the costs of leasing a building, starting the exhibition and renovation soaring to £112.5 million.
A third document shows that calculations of running costs at £12 million a year are also more than 80 per cent higher than originally forecast, taking the total cost estimates to £136.5 million by the end of 2015.

The contribution of British taxpayers to the museum, created by MEPs “to cultivate the memory of European history and European unification”, will be £18.6 million at a time when many museums and galleries in Britain face painful funding cuts.

The rocketing costs have raised questions of a “conflict of interest” because the board of trustees running the project includes whoever is chairman of the European Parliament’s budget committee, the EU assembly’s spending authority.

“It defies both belief and logic that in this age of austerity MEPs have the vast sums of money to fund this grossly narcissistic project,” said Marta Andreasen, a Ukip MEP and member of the budget committee.

“Worst of all is that the chairman of the committee responsible for giving the go ahead to the project sits on its board of trustees. In any other parliament such a clear conflict of interests would not be tolerated.”

The House of European History, abbreviated to HEH in official documents, is expected to open in Brussels in 2014 with 4,800 square metres of exhibition space.
The brainchild of Hans-Gert Poettering, the German former president of the European parliament, it has been designed in an attempt to “promote an awareness of European identity”.

But the HEH has been forced to begin with an EU “year zero” of 1946 because squabbling MEPs are unable to agree on the fundamentals of history, such as the events in the Second World War.

Frank Furedi, professor of sociology at University of Kent, said that the name “museum of the Lowest Common Denominator” would be more suitable than House of History.

“The EU has adopted a political vocabulary that self-consciously seeks to distance it from the past. Instead of the real Europe with its age-old rivalries and disputed achievements we are likely to get an institution devoted to the celebration of empty values like ‘diversity’, ‘difference’ and ‘sustainability’,” he said.

Diana Wallis, a Liberal Democrat MEP and vice-president of the parliament, is the British representative on the museum’s board of trustees. She declined to comment on the project.



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Red By Request

This is a first for me. Reader Dave writes in - “Drew, do a redhead post on Patricia Tallman!” Um, OK. Whatever makes the BMEWSers happy.

Patricia Tallman is an actress and a stunt woman. She was in all the Star Trek series except for the original one. TNG, DS9, STV, the Star Trek: Generations film, and she had a recurring role on Babylon 5. She’s stunt doubled for lots of actresses, has done several horror films, and sometimes appears as a dead body in those crime drama TV shows like NCIS.

It’s a bit tough finding sharp pictures of her of decent size, but this is what I could come up with.

image image image image image image image image

But Drew ... we never knew you did requests!

Neither did I!

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OK so ... a very rich loony tune Egyptian who once owned one of the world’s most famous and great dept. stores (Harrods), now owns an English football club and erects a tacky statue telling the fans who do not like it they can go to hell.

This man is I believe, the country’s chief loon.
You may recall that after his son and Lady Di were killed in that car wreck, he blamed the govt. saying it was a conspiracy and murder.
Too bad he wasn’t in that car with them and no seat belt either.

I’m not posting any of the photos here so check the link.

btw .... here’s what one person making comments had to say.  Gives you an idea .....

Funny how an immigrant on a work visa who has NO BRITISH CITIZENSHIP nor will ever have, is allowed to BUILD anything except a sandcastle in this country...this guy has made a mockery of our already useless immigration system and now runs roughshod wherever he fetches up...when will his visa expire and when will we be rid of this “person”. I hope the pigeons treat this “statue” with their usual aplomb and I would seriously question the planning officials who allowed this eyesore permission.

- Arthur Dent, Englands Smoking Remains,

And here’s what he is referring to.

‘Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to hell’

Mohammed Al-Fayed defends 7ft 6ins Michael Jackson statue at Craven Cottage


A defiant Mohammed Al-Fayed has told Fulham FC fans they can ‘go to hell’ if they don’t like a new statue of Michael Jackson erected at Craven Cottage Stadium.

The Egyptian businessman, who is chairman of the West London club, unveiled the bizarre Eighties-era 7ft 6ins statue of Jackson on Sunday ahead of his team’s game against Blackpool.

Al-Fayed, 78, commissioned the statue following the singer’s death in June 2009 and originally planned to place it in Harrods before selling the department store.

Many football fans have been bemused by the placing outside the West London club, believing the so-called link between the singer and team isn’t strong enough to warrant such a statue.

Speaking at the unveiling today, Mr Al-Fayed laughed off suggestions it was ‘bizarre’.

He said: ‘Why is it bizarre? Football fans love it.

‘If some stupid fans don’t understand and appreciate such a gift this guy gave to the world they can go to hell.

‘I don’t want them to be fans. If they don’t understand and don’t believe in things I believe in they can go to Chelsea, they can go to anywhere else.’

One fan outside the stadium, Michael Tune remarked: ‘We’re a laughing stock. It has nothing to do with football.’



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The oldest TV set in Britain: Built in 1936…

Take a look at this. I think it has a high wow factor considering it still works and will work with modern attachments as described in the article.
But I’m not too impressed that few of them are still around as compared to a violin.  I don’t think too many ppl would have seen a future value in a TV set, and darn few would remain in very good condition anyway.  I think folks have a different view of a rare violin and a box that shows pictures in the home. Maybe people don’t have the same kind of attitude towards something mass produced or that comes from a production line, as opposed to something crafted by hand hundreds of years ago minus modern tools.
Having said all that .... I am impressed by this anyway.

I knew the Brits had a TV system in the late 1920’s and the war got in the way of commercial development. I also knew they were broadcasting something before we were. Or at least I read that.

Too bad our countries aren’t on the same TV system. Brits have something called PAL, USA I think is NTSC. RCA wanted to be first and so rushed out the first really successful units, the Brits wanted better quality with more dots per inch and so came in behind us.  I did notice a better picture on the sets here many years ago, but not enough I don’t think to bother complaining about with regard to our TV back home. It seemed good enough for me. But the pix here is sharper. Or it once was I should say.

Some tech advances are lost on me though. For example, I suppose in classical music there are many who have an ear I lack and so need all the extra stuff in audio to hear each and every little bitty thing that most people never hear anyway.  But my love of old Jazz starting in the teens as in, 1917 and running into the early 40’s doesn’t require any more then a speaker. And mono at that.  And that’s true too of the early R & R as well.  But that’s just my own personal choice.

The oldest TV set in Britain: Built in 1936… and it’s only had two careful owners

By Luke Salkeld

Last updated at 9:20 AM on 4th April 2011

* Only three hours of TV a day, and ONE channel in 1936
* Originally cost half the average British annual wage at £100

For £5,000 you might have expected a bigger, flatter screen.

But this television does come with 75 years of broadcasting history – and you can still hook it up to a Freeview box.

Built in 1936, the Marconi type-702 is the oldest working television set in Britain.

Classic: The 75-year-old set comes with a 12-inch screen and is contained in a walnut and mahogany case with the picture being reflected onto a mirror that opens from the top

It was bought for just under £100 only three weeks after transmissions in Britain began. And with just one channel broadcasting for two hours a day, there wasn’t much need for a remote control.

But what the television lacks in modern technology, it makes up for in reliability. Only 30 per cent of its components have been replaced during its lifetime, all with identical parts.
Rare: There are more 18th century Stradivarius violins in existence that pre-war TVs and this set has only had two owners

Rare: There are more 18th century Stradivarius violins in existence that pre-war TVs and this set has only had two owners

The 75-year-old set has a 12in screen contained in a walnut and mahogany case, with the picture reflected on to a mirror for the viewer to look at.

It is now being auctioned along with its original invoice, made out to a Mr G. B. Davis of Dulwich.

Unfortunately for Mr Davis, his viewing was cut short when the local transmitter burned down just three days after he bought the set on November 26, and his area could not receive pictures again for ten years.

Bonhams specialist Laurence Fisher said: ‘This is being sold by the late owner’s family and is the oldest working TV set in Britain.

‘Its case is made from walnut and mahogany to give a two-tone effect and doesn’t have wheels and is quite a big lump.

‘The picture is reflected on to its lid and at the time it was bought there was only one channel. Unfortunately for the original owner, three days after he bought it the Crystal Palace burned down and that was where the transmitter was.

‘His area did not receive pictures again until after the war. But at least people who visited him would know he had [a television], even if he couldn’t use it.

‘Most programmes at the time would be live and there were plays which were grand productions like you would have at the theatre.’

But as revealed by the listings above, from the day the television was purchased, the same programmes were often shown twice a day – proving that frequent repeats are not a recent invention.




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calendar   Sunday - April 03, 2011

Harry Reid makes me embar-assed to be a Mormon

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took to the floor this morning to yet again rail against the House’s 2011 omnibus bill. He listed a number of the bill’s evils.

The last few days I’ve come to the floor and explained at length the damage that this Tea Party plan would do on the short term and on the long term. Let me now just again talk briefly about a few of the things that I’ve talked about before, but I’ll talk about them again.

Here are some of the consequences. H.R. 1 will fire 700,000 Americans, 6,000 Nevadans. Our budget would create jobs, not cost jobs. It will kick 200,000 head start students, the poorest of the poor—little boys and girls trying to get started in life – it will kick them off their ability to learn to read and do elementary math. Hundreds in Nevada will suffer from that. This is a very successful early education program. Head start works. It would slash college students’ Pell Grants, financial aid so many rely on to afford to go to school.

It will eliminate job-training investment at a time we need them the most. It would pull the plug on 600 renewable energy jobs and the largest solar plant in Nevada. It would fire 600 Nevadans who work at community health centers, which hurts those workers as well as the neediest Nevadans who need this help every day.

It would arbitrarily slash programs that fight crime and keep our neighborhoods safe. It would slash homeless security investments that keep Nevadans safe and our country safe. And, Madam President, we have 55 million, 60 million people who visit Las Vegas every year. It’s important that we keep them safe also.

The mean-spirited bill, H.R. 1, eliminates National Public Broadcasting. Now, that is really saying a lot, Madam President. It eliminates the National Endowment of the Humanities, National Endowment of the Arts. These programs create jobs. The National Endowment of the Humanities is in Nevada every January for a cowboy poetry festival. Had that program not been around, the tens of thousands of people who come there every year would not exist.

Leaving aside the syntax—I’m sure those people would exist, just maybe not as tourists in Nevada—Reid is kind of walking himself into a Jon Stewart mocking here. Losing 700,000 jobs and the plight of poor children in Head Start are serious concerns that Senators must weigh in the coming weeks. The Cowboy Poetry Festival, though, isn’t a line in the sand I think most members are so concerned about. Not that I don’t love cowboy poetry. Yee-haw!

Read more:

Cowboy poetry. Wow. Federally funded cowboy poetry. Double wow. I don’t know if this counts as ‘cowboy poetry’. I still shudder at the term.

Oh give me a home
Where the FDA roam
And the deer and the cattle are all gay
Where seldom is heard
An encouraging word
And ‘brokeback’ is the word of the day.

See? Cowboy poetry. No federal funds were wasted on this bit of doggerel. 


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another veteran of the second war passes away. this time it’s close and personal.

The net is truly a wondrous place. Where else can you go and make the acquaintance of someone, in this case a guy named Vilmar, and through a few twists and turns of a conversation that did not start out as a search for any of your relatives, discover that your uncle, who you had been sadly out of touch with for too many years, had passed away only four months ago at the age of 90.


I have little family left anywhere and what I might have I am not aware of and don’t want to know. But my uncle was very different. I don’t think I was very high on his list of important ppl to know.  Nothing to do with snobbery, just different generations and also he knew me at a time in my life when I was not very responsible and surely a disappointment to almost all.  Nevertheless, he was the first real influence in my early youth, and I remember him when we all lived together.  Grandparents, mom and uncle. This was before he went into the Army Air Force as it was then.


I suppose if it had not been for Vilmar, ten years from now I would have just assumed my uncle was still alive because he was indestructible. So therefore, no need to try and reach out.  Wrong, as it has turned out.

As I told Vilmar, my uncle’s work ethic made no allowance for illness. His attitude was you could be excused only if you died, but must then return to work right after your own funeral.  I believe he got that from my granddad who passed it on to his offspring.

My uncle was a navigator on this plane. I was aboard as a child before the paint and transfer of my uncle to England. I visited him with my mother when he was stationed in San Antonio during war yrs. 
Originally, the girl on the plane had no pants, and it was politely suggested that some be painted on her. Today, she’d be in a bikini. Maybe.

The plane was badly damaged in a raid, and my uncle was wounded by flak.  The electrical connection that provided heat to the gloves was severed, and he carried the scar forever on one hand.  The plane crash landed in a Brit farm field, and he told the story of a farmer running at the downed plane with a pitch fork till he realized it was American.  The family was very happy he was wounded because the crew had already been issued with machetes in anticipation of their transfer to the Pacific theater. In fact, he brought the machete home with him. Also, I got his ear phones with that big plug and it said US Army Signal Corps, and I used those when as an adult I went into radio as a DJ.  I had them up to about 7 years ago

I once had a photo of he and his crew and it adorned my dresser all through my boyhood and right into adulthood.  Somehow, that photo has been lost. We moved so darn many times I’m not surprised it got separated from me. I don’t even have a clue as to the year it was taken or exactly what year he flew.  It could be my own bad memory but, as I recall the photo, the girl on the nose art was better then the one shown here, and I don’t recall seeing any flak bursts painted around her on my photo.
He received the Purple Heart, The Distinguished Flying Cross with Three Oak Leaf Clusters, and the European Air Service Medal. He
participated in the D-Day invasion and at war’s end became a training instructor until his discharge.
He flew in 33 missions. Born Feb. 14, 1920: Died Nov. 28, 2010, peacefully at home.

This has been cross posted at ANTZINPANTZ


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Rolling Rolling Rolling

UAE “special forces” Captures Pirates, Frees Ship

Under Sharia Law, Will Heads Roll?

UAE Special Forces stormed a hijacked Dubai-bound ship yesterday, rescuing the crew and arresting all the pirates who had seized it.

Special counter-terrorism units, with support from the Air Force and Air Defence, as well as the US Fifth Fleet, stormed the MV Arrilah-I, a bulk carrier en route from Australia to Jebel Ali, the Armed Forces General Headquarters said in a statement.

The ship was hijacked in the Arabian Sea, east of Oman, early on Friday.

The military said the vessel was now headed towards Emirati shores, guarded by UAE Special Forces. The pirates will be handed over to the Ministry of Interior once they arrive in Dubai.

The Armed Forces said the rescue showed the UAE’s commitment to acting “firmly” in the face of piracy, adding that the country would “not succumb to such threats”.

The 37,000-tonne ship is owned by the Abu Dhabi National Tanker Company and the National Gas Shipping Company, two subsidiaries of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc).
Pirate attacks are estimated to cost between US$7 billion (Dh25.7bn) and $12bn annually in losses to the global economy, according to a December study by the One Earth Future Foundation.

See, even the arabs can take down pirates if they feel like it. And muzzies have no compunction at all about killing fellow muzzies. They simply apply their “religion”, and it’s “Hassan chop!”


Meanwhile, at the other end of the continent, certain people have no compunction at all about killing anyone. As the battle for the presidency rages on in the Ivory Coast, word gets out about a head chopping massacre. At least 1000 dead in the streets, whacked into chunks by barbaric animals for the “crime” of ... of nothing really. Just being in the way I guess. Typical africa.

Machete thugs hack to death 1,000 in just one town as Ivory Coast battle rages

A thousand civilians have been found massacred in a small town in Ivory Coast amid worsening civil conflict in the West African state.

The victims were discovered by aid agency workers in Duekoue. Some had been shot and others hacked to death with machetes.

It was not clear last night who carried out the attacks, but the area is thought to be in the control of supporters of Alassane Ouattara, who won Ivory Coast’s election late last year. President Laurent Gbagbo has refused to step down.

Red Cross spokesman Dorothea Krimitsas warned: ‘There is a risk this kind of event can happen again.’

Last night 10,000 refugees crowded into Duekoue’s Catholic church, guarded by 1,000 United Nations peacekeepers.

Yeah, and?? Then what happened? You don’t ever ever hear a story out of Africa that starts “10,000 refugees hid out in a church” without the follow-on “where they were all burned to death by opposition forces while useless blue helmets stood around picking their asses”.  So far ... that news hasn’t been reported. Keep your fingers crossed.

Col. Chaib Rais, the U.N. military spokesman, told The Associated Press that nearly 1,000 peacekeepers at Duekoue “are protecting the Catholic Church with more than 10,000 (refugees) inside and we have military camps in the area.”

But he said “I have no special report of (mass killings).”

Rais said there was fighting in and around the town on Sunday and Monday, between forces loyal to the rival leaders.

On Monday, fighters loyal to Ouattara took Duekoue.

ICRC spokeswoman Dorothea Krimitsas said “communal violence” erupted there, apparently on Tuesday.

International and Ivorian Red Cross teams visited Duekoue Friday and saw a “huge number of bodies,” estimated at more than 800, she said.
Human Rights Watch issued a statement Saturday saying it had documented abuses, with the vast majority perpetrated by forces loyal to Gbagbo against real or perceived Ouattara supporters, as well as against West African immigrants and Muslims.

“The documented abuses include targeted killings, enforced disappearances, politically motivated rapes, and unlawful use of lethal force against unarmed demonstrators,” the statement said. “These abuses, committed over a four-month period by security forces under the control of Gbagbo and militias loyal to him, may rise to the level of crimes against humanity.”

Africa ... it’s where you want to take your next vacation. NOT IN TEN MILLION YEARS THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!

Oh - the bit of info that should not be lost in the story of this atrocity? The UN “peacekeepers” already control the town where this atrocity occurred. So, WTF are they good for? Why did this happen? Did they forget that they’re there to protect people, not just treat the local underage girls like whores while stuffing their pockets with whatever they can steal or extort?

JOHANNESBURG - More than 800 people have been massacred in a western Ivory Coast town where hundreds of U.N. peacekeepers are based, the International Federation of the Red Cross said Saturday, but the U.N. military spokesman said he had no information about mass killings there.

The Roman Catholic charity Caritas put the toll at more than 1,000 dead, an estimate reached by its workers who visited the town of Duekoue on Wednesday.

The REAL title that these new reports should have is UN Cowards Allow Vile Giant Massacre To Happen Under Their Noses, Do Nothing To Prevent It.

Yeah sure, “Colonel” Rais didn’t know nothing ‘bout no killings. Not a thing. Didn’t see or hear anything, even though Duekoue is a tiny town of perhaps 40 streets and covers one square mile. Pull it up on your map software and see.


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eye candy

Am working on something and trying to find a way to convert something I found that’s pdf so I can post it. I really hate stuff that comes in that format cos I can never seem to open it in Word, where it’s easier for me.
Anyway ... until I get myself sorted out with some research and text ...  you poor folks will just have to suffer with this. And I do feel your pain.




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Union vs Taxpayers moving to Congress

I’m sure we’re all aware of what the government unions have done in Madison, WI. They are currently doing the same here in Ohio. But it gets’s moving to the Federal level.

I’ll have to let you find the news articles yourself. I’ve not got time. I’ll give you the ‘Reader’s Digest’ version:

The APWU (American Postal Workers Union) recently concluded a contract. House Republicans are scrutinizing it. This is being called a ‘first’ by my union. I suppose it is a ‘first’...first time Congress has done its job in several decades.

I’m not a member of the APWU. I’m a member of the NALC. We haven’t even started contract negotiations. Yet I received the following email from the NALC:

On April 5, Rep. Darryl Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee—which has jurisdiction over the Postal Service—will hold a full committee hearing on our pay and benefits. While the hearing’s emphasis will be on the Service’s tentative agreement with the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), there is no doubt that the hearing will have repercussions on the collective-bargaining agreements of all postal employees, including letter carriers.

Your member of Congress sits on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. I need you to pick up your phone on Monday, April 4—while off the clock—and call Congressman Mike Turner at (202) 225-6465 to deliver an important message.

The script below should be used to guide you through your conversation with your member of Congress.

“Hi, my name is ______________________. I am a letter carrier from __________________ and I have worked delivering mail and packages for ______ years.

“Tomorrow (Tuesday), the Oversight and Government Reform Committee is holding a hearing on postal employee pay and benefits.

“The Postal Service provides high-quality service at the most affordable postage rates in the world without receiving a dime of taxpayer money.

“The USPS and its employees have worked together to overcome the economic crisis of the past few years, maintaining high-quality service and becoming more efficient by eliminating more than 100,000 jobs since December 2007.

“As your constituent, I hope you stand up for the middle-class pay and benefits I have earned.”

Wow! Despite April 4 being my day-off for the week, I responded with an email to Congressman Turner. It went like this:

Dear Congressman Turner,

Congressman Turner, as a 22-yr member of the USPS, and a six-year Naval veteran, I hope you stand on your oath of office, the same oath I’ve taken twice (Navy, USPS) to uphold the Constitution. A very important part of which is to oversee tax receipts and tax expenditures. CUT THE SPENDING! If I, as an employee of the USPS, take a financial hit, sobeit. Me and the wife will survive. That’s my/our problem. The country, however, will not survive. CUT THE SPENDING!

Mark Steyn read an email sent to him while guest-hosting the Rush Limbaugh Show yesterday. The emailer made the point that current government taxing and spending is the ultimate form of ‘taxation without representation.’ Generations yet unborn will be taxed for today’s spending.

I’ll close with a quote:

“The most sensible request we make of government is not ‘Do something!’ but ‘Quit it!’ “ – P. J. O’Rourke

We’ve met before, back when you ran for Mayor the first time. You and your wife visited the Upper Riverdale Neighborhood Association.

Just stand your ground. Tell the Democrats to ‘quit it’.


Fellow BMEWS and BMEWSETTES, please email your congresscritters and tell them to STOP THE SPENDING!


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 04/03/2011 at 03:05 AM   
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calendar   Saturday - April 02, 2011

So sick of this garbage

Afghan riots over Quran-burning: 2 days, 20 dead

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghans rioted for a second day Saturday to protest the burning of a Quran in Florida, killing nine people in Kandahar and injuring more than 80 in a wave of violence that underscored rising anti-foreign sentiment after nearly a decade of war.

The desecration at a small U.S. church has outraged Muslims worldwide, and in Afghanistan it further strained ties with the West. On Friday, 11 people were killed, including seven foreign U.N. employees, in a protest in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif.

The protests come at a critical juncture as the U.S.-led coalition gears up for an insurgent spring offensive and a summer withdrawal of some troops, and with Afghanistan’s mercurial president increasingly questioning international motives and NATO’s military strategy.

Two suicide attackers disguised as women blew themselves up and a third was gunned down Saturday when they used force to try to enter a NATO base on the outskirts of Kabul, NATO and Afghan police said. Earlier in the week, six U.S. soldiers died during an operation against insurgents in eastern Afghanistan near Pakistan, where the Taliban retain safe havens.

President Hamid Karzai expressed regret for the 20 protest deaths, but he also further stoked possible anti-foreign sentiment by again demanding that the United States and United Nations bring to justice the pastor of the Dove Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, where the Quran was burned March 20. Many Afghans did not know about the Quran-burning until Karzai condemned it four days after it happened.

O shut the hell up already. This is complete and utter bullshit and I am beyond sick to death of it. It’s high time that the USA, the fat stupid kid, body slam the pesky little bullying bastard, the entire jizzlamic world. And instead of walking away like in that YouTube video, fat boy needs to slam and slam and slam again until the little bastard is no more than a chunky puddle on the sidewalk.

The very next time a Christian is murdered by these shit stained goat molesters, or a Christian church is burned anywhere in the sand lands, we nuke Mecca. Period. Then we drop a big one on the top 3 cities in the country where it happened. Ok, we really don’t need to use nukes. 100 full size bombers dropping coming in behind a path clearing Alpha strike will do just as well. Collateral damage? There isn’t any. They are all incurably poisoned mad dogs that must be put down.

If nothing else can get our asshole world leaders to see that these animals are in a religious war with us, this should do it. Karzai is not a friend or an ally. He is a two faced rat playing both sides against each other for his benefit. Not a penny of aide for either shitholistan, bring our armies home and let him burn. Then drop millions of gallons of the sickest, most vile and twisted poison gas we can gin up on the whole damn area.

As for nukes ... I put $20 of gas in my car this afternoon. That didn’t even buy 6 gallons of gas. It should be enough to fill my 12 gallon tank and still leave me enough for a junior cheeseburger. Drag out the neutron bombs and tell OPEC that oil starts selling Monday for $20/bbl, and that it will stay at that price and current production rates for the next decade. Or else their entire populations will be vaporized Tuesday. Fuck, we should just vaporize Libya as an object lesson. And then Somalia, just to drive home the point. Radiation in Africa and the Middle East? Who gives a shit? The oil is all underground, nice and safe. And no people live on the surface, only barbaric animals. Exterminate them. And a few hundred MOABs on our buddy Hugo, in case the message wasn’t loud and clear on this side of the pond.

Islam is the enemy of the planet, and every nation that is in thrall to the pedophile prophet is our enemy. The only answer to the curse of this “faith” is genocide on an order the world has not yet seen. Stalin? Hitler? Mao? Rank amateurs. (Vizzini: Morons!!) George Bush was right, back in 2001. It is a Crusade. And just like those earlier crusades, ours is a defensive action taken for our own survival. It’s time to hit them back ten million times harder than they have ever hit us, and be eager to hit them that hard another thousand times in a row.

You want your welfare check? Go and work in the government bomb factory and earn it. It’s going to take a lot and our stockpiles are dwindling.

It is high time that the West go Zero Tolerance on the region of piss. Um, I mean the religion of peace. Um, no, not really. Region of Piss covers it perfectly well. 


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 04/02/2011 at 06:41 PM   
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a very short and loony post

This might be the shortest blog post in the universe. There isn’t much to it except the weird bit of lunacy but then, it originates on the left.
What else would you expect?

Silly ppl with too much time on their hands.

The animal rights group PETA, is calling on bible translators to refer to animals as he or she rather then ‘it.’

You couldn’t make this kind of thing up.

A PETA spokesman says language matters and calling an animal ‘it’ denies them something.  He didn’t say exactly what it is they are denied, but how does one assign gender to a biblical animal?

A professor at Baylor in Waco Tx. asks, “Do we need to know the gender of the lion Samson slew? What would it give us?” Good point, but of course it doesn’t satisfy the animal rights loons.

And no, it isn’t a delayed April 1st gag. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 04/02/2011 at 04:36 PM   
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