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how convenient for the lawyers, update on mau mau accusations.

Here’s a follow up to an article posted a few days ago.  Has to do with Mau-Maus if you recall.

Well wouldn’t ya know.  Some no win no fee lawyers have managed to find a white guy they could lay a rap on. Problem is, poor fellow suffering from Alzheimer’s
and won’t be in court to defend himself against charges of torture, for which some former murderous and savage swine are hoping for build a fortune on.
Why the Brits would even allow this crap after all these years is beyond understanding.  Mau-mau got what they deserved when caught.

Anyway ... here’s the latest installment of this lawyer driven soaper.

The Putney pensioner named in court papers as a Mau Mau torturer

Last updated at 11:53 PM on 10th April 2011

An elderly man living out his retirement in London has been named as a torturer by a Kenyan seeking compensation.

Terence Gavaghan, 89, was awarded the MBE for his work during the Mau Mau rebellion in the 1950s, when Britain moved to crush a Kenyan uprising.

He now appears to be the only living individual accused of human rights abuses in a multi-million pound court case being presented at the High Court in London by four ageing Kenyans who claim they were tortured in detention camps set up by Britain.

image image

The claimants are represented on a no-win no-fee basis by British lawyers, and if they win compensation, thousands of other Kenyans could claim too, as well as other alleged victims of the Empire, costing taxpayers billions.

One of the four Kenyans in the High Court case, Wambugu We Nyingi, directly blames Mr Gavaghan for abuse he alleges he suffered.

Mr Gavaghan, who lives in Putney, South-West London, is no longer able to defend himself against the allegations because he has Alzheimer’s.

But before his recent decline he denied previous more general allegations, and yesterday his wife Nicole, 77, insisted that the lawyer at the centre of the compensation case simply wanted to make money.

Mrs Gavaghan said: ‘Terence got a decoration from the Queen for the work he did in Kenya.

It was through Terence that 20,000 detainees were released. There’s never been any evidence he maltreated anyone.

‘The solicitors’ game is that they are going to make money out of this.’

Mr Nyingi’s High Court testimony is key to claims that Britain authorised extreme brutality in Kenya, where the Mau Mau terror group killed around 100 white settlers and troops, but at least 11,000 Kenyans died.

Mr Nyingi claims he was detained for nine years without being charged, and that early in 1957 he was transferred to a camp where Mr Gavaghan was an officer.

The document submitted to court says: ‘Immediately, he was beaten with 25 stokes of the cane which caused him to lose consciousness.

‘After this for five days Gavaghan made the detainees, including Mr Nyingi, dig trenches to a depth and width of eight feet. They would then be required to fill them up again, rendering the work pointless.



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wow, I’ve never had so much respect for the French. Mighty britain that once had an empire which covered over 1/4 of the earth, now look at us.. lol
- Dan, telford, 11/4/2011 14:43

Well what that’s all about?

Burka ban in France?  Not exactly.  The scummy lice infested sub species are raising hell HERE! Figures.

By the by.  A member of the BNP (Brit Natl. Party) has burned a koran.  He’s been arrested.

OK, I expect to be flamed for this but ... these animals, if we want to think of them as that high on the evolutionary scale, need to be rounded up and placed in special camps where they can earn their freedom thru working. After which ..........  you get the picture.
They are truly a world threat.  They should be entirely eliminated.  If that’s a bit OTT, then they should be deported from every western country they inhabit.
Which of course would leave more of them free to do their worst.  In a world gone pc and utterly illogical and where the left can rule even when they aren’t a majority, well sometimes unpleasant methods must be adopted to fit the unpleasant threat. We all know it won’t happen, but it is pleasant to dream about it.

So why can’t we do this here? Just two arrests as France brings in burka ban (and the only real demo is in LONDON)

Last updated at 3:03 PM on 11th April 2011

* Two women wearing veils arrested today at Paris protest

* Muslim tycoon encourages women to flout ban

France’s controversial burka ban became law today sparking a protest in Paris during which two women wearing full face veils were arrested.

The demonstrations, however, were on a relatively small scale with the handful of protesters being outnumbered by police, reporters and tourists.

Ironically, the biggest protest was actually in London where a group of women in full black burkas gathered outside the French Embassy.

Anger: Muslim women in full burka demonstrate against the new law outside the French Embassy in London today

Shouting slogans and bearing banners with the words Shariah 4 France, Nicolas Sarkozy Burn In Hellfire and Niqab: Honour For Women, they were the most vocal opponents to the new law.

Hateful preacher Abu Izzadeen, who has previously been jailed for incitement, spoke during the protest.

The burka ban has been dogged by controversy until becoming law in France today.

Women who break the new legislation could face fines of 150 euros, or £132, as well as citizenship lessons.

But officers involved in today’s arrests in Paris said they were likely to be released shortly after being questioned about an illegal gathering.

‘They should not be here demonstrating against anything, least of all the face veil ban’, said one officer, who was wearing full riot gear as he stood outside Notre Dame.

‘Women officers will be dealing with the offenders, and the matter will be dealt with as sensitively as possible.’

Alexis Marsan, a public order official who also attended the scene, confirmed that the rally in front of the cathedral was unauthorised, and that others taking part had also been arrested.

Rachid Nekkaz, a Muslim activist who organised the demonstration, said it opposed the ban, which is the first of its kind to be enforced in Europe.

Also preparing to take part was 32-year-old Muslim convert Kenza Drider , who said she would be prepared to contest the legislation at the European Court of Human Rights.

And here’s another thought. That european court and law should be entirely dismantled, all civil rights lawyers should be re-educated and those not capable of that should be shot out of hand.  Judges sitting on that lefty court need re-education and those not capable ... work it out.

Immediate dismantling of all civil and human rights orgs. and elimination of leaders as they won’t be fit for re-ed.

‘This law is an attack on my European rights’, said Mrs Drider, the daughter of Moroccan immigrants.

Police admitted they were enforcing the ban extremely cautiously because of fears of provoking violence.

They fear Muslims extremists will use the law to provoke fights with officers, while rich visitors from countries like Saudi Arabia will also cause trouble .

The law will be very difficult to apply on certain estates, said Patrice Ribeiro, of the Synergie police union.

Referring to two Paris suburbs where riots regularly break out because of alleged discrimination against Muslims, Mr Ribeiro said: ‘I can’t see police going to book dozens of veiled women doing their shopping in Venissieux or in Trappes.

‘It will be the same when a police officer is about to arrest a veiled Saudi who is about to go into Louis Vuitton on the Champs Elysees.

‘In all cases, the forces of order will have to be measured and cautious in their behaviour.’

Synergie has already instructed its members to view the ban as a low priority, and Mr Ribeiro said there would inevitably be incidents.

Mohamed Douhane, another Paris police officer and Synergie member, said he and his colleagues also expected provocation by a minority.

Mr Douhane added: ‘Fundamentalist movements are eager to raise the stakes. The police know they will be held responsible for any public order disturbances.’

Police have already been warned not to arrest women in or around mosques, and citizens de-veilings are also banned.

The strict instructions, from Interior Minister Claude Guent, are contained in a nine page circular issued to officers.

With tensions running high within the countrys six million strong Muslim community, officers have been told to look out for members of the public taking the law into their own hands.

Instead they will have to call the police, who will in turn have four hours to consider whether an offender should be fined.

This will apply to all garments which cover the eyes, although scarfs, hats, and sunglasses are excluded.

As well as a mosque, Muslims will also be able to put on a veil in the privacy of their own homes, a hotel room, or even a car, as long as they are not driving.

Police have already complained that they will have to waste time on burka-chasing, with Denis Jacob, of the Alliance police union, adding: We have more important matters to be dealing with.

The new ban will mean France is officially the second country in Europe, after Belgium, to introduce a full ban on a garment which immigration minister Eric Besson has called a walking coffin.

While French women face the fines and civic duty guidance if they break the law, men who force their wives or daughters to wear burkas will face up to a year in prison, and fines of up to 25,000 pounds.

Posters have already gone up in town halls across France reading: The Republic lives with its face uncovered.

Belgium introduced a full ban last year, although it has not been enforced with any vigour. A ban also looks likely in Holland, Spain and Switzerland.


Did you catch that one sign in the pix above that reads, The Veil. Liberation from man made law.
These life forms are medieval and they want it here, in your country, in your cities.  And by golly they do mean to have it.

Will they eventually get their way?

Stay Tuned.  That is, if they let ya live long enuff.


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calendar   Sunday - April 10, 2011

A Sex-Ed story

I was just reading Dennis Prager’s column The $50,000 Orgasm. For some reason it reminded me of my first time...the first time I was introduced to ‘Sex Ed’.

You see, I never had to take ‘Sex Ed’. I took Health and Anatomy in high school. My sisters weren’t so lucky. They had to take ‘Sex Ed’.

Now BMEWS and BMEWSetts, I’m pretty certain that we could all figure sex out in the back seat of a Chevy. Especially if the movie sucked. No pun intended.

Back to my story.

So, there I was, sans a date, at a high school dance in 1977. My health teacher was one of the chaperones. We were standing together watching the action and drinking the sadly un-spiked punch. My health teacher asked me:

“Do you have a younger sister?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Is she in my Sex Ed class?”

“I think so. Why?”

“I’m still chuckling over an answer she gave on today’s test.”

“Oh?” Note how non-committal I was…

“The question was ‘what is the average amount a man ejaculates during orgasm.’”

Mind you, I’m a) 17 years old, b) we’re talking about my sister, c) who measures these things?

I fell into it. I had to ask. “What was her answer?”

“She put down ‘a half-pint’.”

I thought about this possible view into my sister’s thoughts. How could I use this? But I finally answered: “That’s my sister, always expecting more than a man can give.”

For some reason my health teacher doubled over in laughter. I was saved from further conversation by a hot cheerleader who decided she was drunk enough to dance with me.


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I stole it


from Moonbattery because it was just too good to leave behind.


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Hypocrite! Thy Name is Democrat!

“Opposites attract. If two people just alike get married, one of you is unnecessary.”
— Larry Burkett

The hypocrisy of the Democrats constantly astounds me.

On one hand, they advocate ‘diversity’ as what made this country great.

On the other hand, they eschew diversity, especially within a family.

Democrats support, condone, and lobby for ‘homosexual’ marriage.

Think about that. Homosexual marriage. Tell me, where is the diversity in a so-called homosexual marriage?

‘Homo’ is from the Greek for ‘same’. Think ‘homogenous’.

In a homosexual ‘marriage’, one of you is unnecessary.

So, Democrats, do you want ‘diversity’? (aka, normal, historic marrige, one man, one woman.)

Or do you want perversity? (aka, homosexual marriage, two men, or two women.)

Diversity? Or Perversity? Democrats lose either way.


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Eviscerating Lindsey Graham…burning a Koran thrown in for free!

If I’ve learned one thing from these two YouTube posts is that ‘jackass’ is semantically equivalent to ‘Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-INO)’. I’m posting the rest below the fold due to language and violence committed upon a book. Yes, my fellow Americans. You too can witness the burning of a Koran. It’s a shame she doesn’t do the obvious and follow-up by flushing the Koranic ashes down a toilet.

See More Below The Fold


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cops,queers,diversity and a crumbling culture

Trust me, the hard copy looks worse.

What the hell has gotten into what was a saner world?  And please lets not blame all of this crap on the fags. Not all of them are over the top and dumb and self seeking. Nope.  It’s the otherwise very straight enablers among both left and even right, who are more concerned about political correctness.
It’s the people who while they may be straight enough, just threw in the towel and found it easier to accept this kind of thing then fight it.
The schools don’t help either of course, because there’s a generation now being schooled to accept diversity and the inclusion of all things and to accept homosexuality as just another normal activity.  One not to be challenged or criticized.
This is not a police dept.  It’s fairyland.

I assume the same is true stateside in some places.

Army medals out, Gay Pride badges in, and theft blamed on badgers to cut crime rates: How political correctness is crippling my police force

Writing anonymously, for very obvious reasons, a police inspector reveals to the Mail how the force he loves is being crippled by political correctness and the (often dishonest) pursuit of government targets

Diversity is sacrosanct: One police officer improves community relations at a Gay Pride march

The suspect stared at me with hooded eyes, devoid of any emotion or conscience. His emaciated figure was so wrecked by heroin abuse that he could barely raise his arms.

‘Hello, inspector, it’s me again,’ he said, his voice dripping with disdain.

He had every reason to sound cynical, even contemptuous. He was a one-man crimewave, a prolific offender whose miserable life was dominated by violence, drugs and thieving, yet in all his years of delinquency he had never been properly punished by our laughably misnamed justice system.

When he was brought into the station last week, on a charge of stealing from a 94-year-old woman, I had a look at his record. It was a lengthy indictment of the incredible leniency of our courts.

Aged only 23, he had been arrested 80 times and convicted of an incredible 140 offences.

Among his crimes were assault, aggravated burglary, blackmail, theft and possession of Class A and Class B drugs.

His behaviour has long been out of control, showing respect for neither the law nor the rights of others. But despite his lengthy catalogue of offending, he has spent just 12 weeks in prison.

The only lesson he has ever learned is that he has nothing to fear from the courts. No doubt he will receive another ineffectual slap on the wrist the next time he is up before a judge.

As a long-serving police inspector, I despair of the reluctance of the state to deal vigorously with serious criminals such as this thuggish drug addict. This soft, destructive stance not only weakens public faith in the fight against crime, but also undermines the morale of the police.

What drags down our effectiveness, however, is not just the useless courts system that so often undoes all the effort we put into building cases, but also the highly politicised, target-driven, dogma-fixated culture of the police hierarchy.

Instead of allowing us to focus on the real task of tackling criminality, police chiefs and politicians have bogged us down in bureaucracy, much of it driven by fashionable obsessions with multiculturalism and meaningless performance statistics.

Official determination to manipulate crime figures has reached new heights of idiocy. Data is no longer a reflection of performance, but an exercise in deceit of the public.

In this brave new world of propaganda — conjured up by a string of directives — a vast array of crimes are reclassified by ‘crime managers’ to lessen their seriousness.

Badger damage: Potting shed break-ins are blamed on the animals to keep crime figures down

So burglaries of potting sheds become ‘badger damage’, broken windows are blamed on ‘frost’ and stolen handbags are listed as ‘lost or misplaced’.

Even vandalism to vehicles can be ascribed to ‘stones thrown up by speeding cars’.

The warped priorities of this culture are also reflected in the ridiculous amount of time we have to devote to the creed of diversity.

At times it seems as if the modern police force is seen by senior managers as a vehicle for social engineering rather than deterring crime.

My internal office phone directory lists no fewer than 32 officers with ‘diversity’ in their job title, all of them working nine-to-five in desk-bound jobs, while we slog it out on the front line. I was half-hoping that, given their irrelevance to the battle against crime, they might be made redundant in the public-sector cuts, but that was far too optimistic.

Diversity is sacrosanct, its commissars are protected and its influence is all dominant.

So in our training, for instance, just one day a year is devoted to practical instruction in officer safety, dealing with procedures such as correct use of handcuffs, Tasers and batons, or how to put a violent suspect in a van or cell.

Yet the effort devoted to diversity is far greater. We have to carry out two days of diversity training a year at headquarters, another day at our divisions, go through an eight-hour ‘e-learning’ package on our computers and, in our annual performance appraisal forms, show that we have accomplished three separate objectives ‘to raise diversity awareness’.

In addition, during weekly individual meetings with our supervisor, we have to explain what we have done to promote cultural diversity.

The minutiae of Hindu festivals, details of Black History month and the rituals of gypsy culture are all drummed into us. The whole pantomime is idiotic, especially in my neighbourhood where the ethnic minority is tiny.

Once, as one of my personal ‘diversity objectives’, I stated I had listened to some Indian sitar music in a Manchester park.

Such absurdities can be found everywhere in the police. So we were told recently that former servicemen like me were no longer allowed routinely to wear medal ribbons on our uniforms, as had previously been customary, because such insignia might be deemed offensive to Muslims and Irish people. However, we have been encouraged to wear Gay Pride badges.

Similarly, Welsh and Scottish police forces are allowed to wear their national badges on their uniforms, but the St George’s flag appears to have been banned by English forces, as if our national identity is an embarrassment.

The neurosis about diversity is also reflected in the requirement to cater for every type of inmate, so our custody suites have a menu of no less than 16 choices, include low-carb, vegetarian, fat-free, kosher and halal.

The ideology extends to the front line. When visiting a Muslim household, we are instructed to remove our shoes, but I have refused to obey that edict because I believe it is disrespectful to my position as British police officer.

Political correctness has destroyed the moral self-confidence of senior managers

On one occasion, I had to call on a Muslim family and the daughter refused to let me in until I had taken off my boots.

I simply told her that, while on duty, I was not prepared to remove any part of my equipment, footwear included. So she went off to her father to report my non-compliance, only to find he did not object at all to me keeping my boots on.

When I reported this back to the Diversity Unit, the officer implied that I must have intimidated the father, which was nonsense.

This diversity officer was indulging in just the kind of stereotyping he condemns in others, clinging to the belief that every Muslim adheres devotedly to religious custom.

On another occasion, I was given a reprimand because I told a family that their son was a drug dealer. The mother had made a complaint that we were harassing him.

When I turned up at her home, which appeared to be well-equipped with the proceeds of his drug crimes, I told her frankly: ‘We keep arresting him because he’s a dealer.’

Such honesty prompted another complaint from her, and I was told I should have shown more ‘tolerance and politeness’ in my language towards the family.

Eco-friendly: The new four-wheel-drive cars for firearms officers were discovered to be simply not big enough

New four-wheel-drive estate cars for firearms officers, which were discovered to be simply not big enough for four armed officers with all their equipment.



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a pearl among the swine … rip mike campbell

A tribute to a brave and unknown man.

I don’t generally post the entire obit but there are times of exception. This is one.

The farm is derelict now of course, but it’s the white guy who’s at fault.

I’m wondering just when the UN will start bombing this part of the world to protect real civilians.  Not the white ones of course. They invite trouble by insisting on holding on to what is theirs.  How dare they?

Mike Campbell RIP

Mike Campbell, who died on April 6 aged 78, of injuries sustained during torture by Zanu-PF militants in 2008, was a white Zimbabwean farmer who dared to challenge President Robert Mugabe’s “land redistribution” policy in the courts — and won.

Mike Campbell and son-in-law with some of their workers

A documentary film about the case and its tragic aftermath, Mugabe and the White African (2010), made by the British film-makers Lucy Bailey and Andrew Thompson during clandestine visits to Zimbabwe, brought the plight of white Zimbabwean farmers and their farm workers to world attention, winning numerous awards.

Michael Campbell was born on a farm at Klerksdorp, South Africa, in 1932 into a family which had farmed in Africa since 1713. After leaving school he served in the South African Army and was involved in the early 1970s in the bush war between Rhodesia’s white rulers and black independence fighters.

He decided to move to Rhodesia in 1974, attracted by its excellent hunting and fishing. He bought Mount Carmel farm in the Chegutu district and, after the country became independent as Zimbabwe in 1980, purchased a neighbouring farm.

Together with his son-in-law, Ben Freeth, he worked hard to make it profitable, planting mangoes, citrus trees, maize, tobacco and sunflowers, establishing a herd of Mashona/Sussex cattle and dedicating a large area to a wildlife reserve, complete with herds of giraffe, impala and other animals. Their Biri River Safari Lodge became a popular tourist destination.

Campbell was described as a model employer, and by the end of the 1990s Mount Carmel farm was the largest mango producer in Zimbabwe, helping to generate much-needed export earnings. The farm sustained the livelihoods of more than 500 people, and in 1999 it was legally transferred into a family company by a “certificate of no interest” from the Mugabe government.

In 2000, however, after losing a referendum called to approve a new constitution that would entrench his power, Mugabe began encouraging the violent invasion of the country’s white-owned commercial farms, presenting the policy as a “redistribution” of land to the poor and as a triumph over greedy white imperialists.

In reality the policy, spearheaded by a ragbag army of armed thugs — the so-called “war veterans” — was a ruse to cement Mugabe’s hold on power through the distribution of patronage. It thus became a scramble for the plum, mainly (though not exclusively) white-owned, estates among the country’s elite, most of whose members had little interest in farming. Beneficiaries have included Mugabe’s relatives, along with generals, judges, provincial administrators, ministers and MPs — and even MPs’ girlfriends.

The consequences have been disastrous. Zimbabwe was once one of the most agriculturally rich countries in Africa; now more Zimbabweans rely on international food aid than in famine-struck Ethiopia.

The “war vets” arrived at Mount Carmel farm in 2000. “About 20 or 30 turned up and I gave them a shed to live in because I told them I don’t want you chopping my trees to build your huts,” Campbell recalled. After a year with Campbell refusing to leave, they moved off on to adjoining land owned by his son Bruce. From there they made regular forays to Mount Carmel. The safari lodge was burned down, wildlife was poached or slaughtered and cattle stolen.

After getting no redress from the Zimbabwean courts, Campbell made legal history in 2007 when he decided to challenge Mugabe’s land seizures in the region’s highest court, the inter-governmental Southern African Development Community (SADC) Tribunal which sits in Namibia. The following March an additional 77 white farmers joined the case.

In November 2008 the tribunal condemned the seizures as “racist” and theft on a grand scale. The farmers could keep their land, it ruled, because the redistribution programme was discriminatory and was not being implemented according to the rule of law.

But before the judgment, on June 29 2008, just two days after the Zimbabwean presidential run-off election, Campbell, his wife and his son-in-law were abducted and taken to a remote militia camp where they were tortured for nine hours. Campbell sustained severe head injuries, broken ribs and damage to his lower limbs caused by “falanga” (a method of torture which involves beating the soles of the feet).

His wife Angela was forced to sign a piece of paper promising the family would not continue their court battle. Then they were driven off again and dumped on the roadside, from where they were rushed to hospital.

Despite their injuries, the Campbells refused to throw in the towel — though Mike Campbell was so badly battered he could not attend the tribunal’s final hearing. Ben Freeth, whose skull was fractured, attended in a wheelchair, his head swathed in bandages.

The ruling, when it came, was a Pyrrhic victory. Constant attacks on their farm workers, theft of farm equipment and the destruction of crops drove Campbell and Freeth to return to the tribunal in 2009 to obtain a contempt order against the government. Although President Mugabe had signed the treaty establishing the tribunal, he has dismissed its findings in the white farmers’ case as “nonsense”. A government document distributed soon after the ruling promised that the evictions would continue.

Campbell, a gruff, dignified man who described himself as a white African, remained phlegmatic in the face of danger. In one memorable scene in Mugabe and the White African, the Campbells are seen enjoying a sundowner in their farmhouse when news comes through that an armed militia gang has been spotted by farm staff. As he lifts his whisky glass to his lips, Mike tells his wife there is no point getting excited. “I’ll go out there when I have finished my drink.”

In April 2009 the Campbells and Freeths were driven from Mount Carmel Farm by a rampaging mob led by Nathan Shamuyarira, an octogenarian member of Mugabe’s politburo. The farmhouse was subsequently burned to the ground, along with the homes of 60 workers and a small linen factory set up by Mrs Freeth to provide employment for the farmers’ wives. The Campbells, aged 76 and 68, decamped, penniless, to what they hoped would be temporary accommodation in Harare.

In the documentary, Peter Chamada, the son of Nathan Shamuyarira, is seen arriving on Campbell’s farm in his shiny new luxury Toyota Prado, taking photographs on an expensive mobile phone. “This land is now my home,” he declares into the camera. “The government has taken it from you people to redistribute to the poor black majority. This land belongs to the black peasants.”

Campbell clung to the hope that he might recover his land, and last month — with an elderly black farmer Luke Tembani, who had also been dispossessed — he lodged an application with the SADC Tribunal for an order that would ensure the Tribunal would continue to function, after the SADC heads of state decided last year to suspend its operations pending a review of its role. This move was widely seen as a response to the tribunal’s ruling in Campbell’s case and thus a show of support for Mugabe by governments in the region.

Mike Campbell is survived by his wife, Angela, and by their son and two daughters.

His farm, meanwhile, is derelict, the land reverting to African bush.


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calendar   Saturday - April 09, 2011

I’d be getting slapped all the time

Two little Dr. Who video shorts put together for Red Nose Day 2011, one of those Comic Relief efforts.

Very cute, and slightly naughty, and a bit of a cheat but just for laughs. What happens if the Tardis materializes inside the Tardis? Rory gets slapped, that’s what. Because he knows how to make lemonade when life hands you lemons. Oh hell yeah!!! LOL

New Dr. Who episode coming April 24 ... no telling when it will be shown in the USA.


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2 True, Even In Kenya Indonesia Hawaii

When you think about it, isn’t “Present” just the same as “President”, only without the “ID”?


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Your Foreign Aid Dollars At Work

Hey, this is actually good news for once! And at the core, we have Ronald Reagan to thank for it. It took 20 years of R&D, but it looks like the system works just fine even in small scale.

Iron Dome defeats Grad yet again


Happy Snap™ picture of the day

What’s with the picture? It’s a photograph taken of Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system at work, intercepting a hamas launched Grad missile. Star Wars SDI, on the battlefield scale. It’s similar technology to the now combat proven tank defense system I wrote about a couple weeks ago. About half the funding for the Israeli R&D came from the USA, along with close working relationships with Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.  Iron Dome is a C-RAM system, an acronym that stands for Counter Rocket Artillery and Mortar. What it does is shoot down incoming threats, but it does it intelligently - high speed computers analyze the flight path of the threat, and only respond if it’s going to hit something important. Naturally, the Iron Dome system is also hooked into a counter battery network, which can accurately shoot back at the source long before their shells or missiles have hit. Pretty damn good. And not insanely expensive for once either.

Iron Dome does it again; Gaza rocket intercepted

Assault on southern Israel continues; anti-rocket system intercepts missile fired at Ashkelon

Tova Dadon Published: 04.09.11, 18:20 / Israel News

South under relentless fire: The Iron Dome anti-rocket system intercepted yet another incoming missile Saturday afternoon, this one targeting Ashkelon, as Palestinian terrorist in Gaza continued to target southern Israel.

Iron Dome’s latest successful interception, at around 5:40 pm Saturday, marks the eighth time the highly advanced system shoots down an incoming rocket over the weekend. Another rocket exploded near a kibbutz in the Shaar Hanegev regional council. The council’s security chief, Yoav Peled, told Ynet Saturday that terror groups have been directing barrages into the same areas in recent days.


Iron Dome intercepts first rocket

Residents in Ashkelon reported Thursday seeing Israel’s new Iron Dome defense system intercept a Grad rocket fired towards the southern city from the Gaza Strip. IDF officials called the interception a “historical moment”, saying it was the first of its kind in the world. Two intercepting missiles were fired at the rocket, but the first succeeded in hitting it, an army official said.

Eyewitnesses told Ynet they saw the rocket explode in midair and realized that the system had intercepted its first rocket. Moshe Ben Hemo, a resident of Ashkelon, said, “I was in the street and I heard a strange sound, like someone pushing the gas pedal of a car. Then I saw the rocket fly through the air and explode. Immediately I realized that it was Iron Dome, that’s what has been said here.” He added that the rocket alert had not been set off. “The rocket was apparently supposed to explode in Ashkelon. In any case I’m glad the system works,” he said.

After hitting a student bus traveling through Shaar Hanegev Regional Council Thursday, critically wounding a 16-year old boy and lightly injuring the driver, terrorists in Gaza fired some 45 rockets and mortar shells at Israel. No further injuries were reported.

The Multi Mission Radar (MMR) operating in the area detected the launch of rockets fired from Gaza toward Ashkelon and triggered ‘code Red’ alert sending the city to the shelters. Simultaneously, ‘Iron Dome’ went into action, Assessing the projected impact point of some of the rockets to be within the protected area, the battery launched its interceptors to defeat the specific rockets posing a potential risk, scoring direct hits. Identifying the Palestinian rockets’ launch point, the IAF conducted an air attack targeting the location. The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has escalated in recent weeks, as Palestinians fired rockets at the city of Beer Sheva.

Earlier this week Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak requested the Israeli Government to allocate funding for the acquisition of five additional Iron Dome batteries. Funding for seven batteries was apporved last year by the U.S. Congress but the actual funding was not allocated yet.

Today, the Palestinians further increased the level of fishes, firing an AT-15 Kornet anti-tank missile at an Israeli school bus transporting children back from school, wounding the driver and one passenger on board, a 15 year schoolboy. The attack was followed by intensive Qasam (improvised rockets) and mortar fire throughout the region. By introducing such precision weapon against a civilian target, the attack triggering an escalated Israeli response by firing artillery and direct fire by helicopter gunships.

image image

image While the Iron Dome launcher looks somewhat like the Grad launch system - both have racks of tube mounted missiles - the Russian Grad launchers are mere tube artillery - unguided rockets. The Iron Dome system uses small, very high speed guided missiles. What makes this thing so darn boss is that it uses radar and computer power to find, track, and analyze very small flying threats in real time. A 122mm artillery shell is maybe 2 feet long at the most, and they come at you at bullet speeds - Mach 2 in airplane terms. Given enough launchers, Iron Dome could easily knock falling bombs out of the air. Why not, since those are much bigger and slower than artillery shells?

My favorite feature on the Iron Dome system is also shared with the IDF’s Trophy vehicle defense system, and that’s the ability to analyze the incoming threat. Read the speed and the trajectory, plot the impact point, hit the map database and see if anything in that spot is valuable, and if so, defend against it. Why waste money intercepting Kassam rockets that are only going to blow up in a farm field? Why shoot at the RPG fired against your tank if it’s going to miss? And this is all done in real time, which means they’ve got some really good computers running these things.

Now I wonder if Iron Dome is good enough to stop guided missiles that change course? And whether the interceptor missiles can take a booster stage for some extended range? Because if they can, it looks like this thing will make a dandy defense against cruise missiles AND be a decent SAM system against enemy jets. Let’s hope they have a waterproof version too, that can be ship mounted to defend against those super high speed Iranian and Chinese anti-ship missiles we keep hearing about.

More info on EAPS and C-RAM
Source for the “how it works” graphic, with small article
Meanwhile, given the situation in the rest of the Middle East and across North Africa, Time wonders if this “escalation” isn’t two steps forward on another March To War.

And of course, over in Jew hating England, the Telegraph runs the story that only emphasizes the collateral damage done by the IDF’s counter battery, where the pali’s known use of human shields is merely reported as an “Israeli accusation”. D-bags. Yeah, and Glen Beck is the anti-Semite. Right.


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The One True Voice, Silenced By Soros

Fox News is canceling the Glen Beck show. This was news 2 or 3 days ago, and I just could not bear to write about it. Sorry. There are some news stories that I can hardly even listen to or read, much less sit down and compose something coherent. Go see if EddieBear wrote a post on it, because his usual writing style ( he has a 1 word vocabular ) reflects my feelings on this.

The Fox article sugar coated everything, calling it an opportunity for new creativity for Beck, blah blah blah BS. But what network in their right minds would cancel a 5pm show that pulls in viewer numbers greater than many prime time shows? Beck gets more than 2.2 million viewers a day; his show is the #3 program in all of cable news. He is (or was) making Fox a fortune, and enormously upping their viewership. No way on God’s green earth any network would let that slide.

But they did. George Soros and the left wing silencers killed the show by writing hundreds of thousands of letters full of lunacy to the advertisers. You can look it all up. There are web pages that PROUDLY proclaim what they’ve done, and run a list a mile long of the companies they frightened away. Boycott Beck because he’s a lying liar who lies, he’s a Nazi, he’s a Klucker, he hates the Joooos. And it worked. Damn shame the sponsoring companies never bothered to even watch his show, because he was on every day talking about the Founding Fathers, the American Ideal, the perils of Communism, Socialism, and Progressivism. And how Israel is our one true ally that we must never turn our backs on.

Ok, sometimes Beck was kind of preachy. Sometimes he’s a little mushy. Sometimes he gets weepy. But he does that over the proper things, like the Gettysburg Address. It’s not like he’s friggin’ Geraldo. And he can’t resist mentioning how God was a huge part of the big picture that was in the roots of our nation.

So of course he had to go. Stupid Fox.


If you don’t recognize “Spooky Dude” as a nickname for George Soros, then you haven’t been watching or listening to news commentator Glenn Beck. Beck has been condemned as an antisemite and portrayed as a whacko conspiracy theorist. He is neither.

I am shocked that, like the Jewish State, he has been boycotted, demonized, and has had sanctions used against him. That his voice is being silenced in America’s Main Stream Media is shameful. Here in Israel, I, and many others have in recent months begun watching Beck’s TV shows online. Judge for yourself. Watch a few of his TV shows at:

Maybe he’ll still have his radio show. If so, I’m going to have to find it. I might have to break down and buy an actual AM radio for the house if it’s on that band.

I had the TV on Fox yesterday afternoon and heard the guest talking heads say that they were on the last iteration of Kelly’s Court; Meghan Kelly has the mid-afternoon slot at Fox. She’s smart, firey, takes no crap from anyone, and is a quick thinking lawyer. Oh, and of course - this is Fox News you know - she’s drop dead gorgeous. Is her show getting the axe too? I don’t know. But I’m getting the feeling Fox is moving more “to the center” ... my opinion is that they’ve always been slightly Left of center. They’ve never been an actual Conservative news outlet. If they are making such a move, then it is towards a Center that is considerably to the Left of Center. Which means we lose. Again. As always. And Socialism and Progressivism triumph, which is what Beck warned about every day. So yeah, he had to go.



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calendar   Friday - April 08, 2011

Please Just STFU

Oh noes! We are just minutes/hours/days/months/years/decades away from the first government shutdown since the Clinton year!!

Yeah, and?

I don’t give a damn. Close the whole damn thing. I don’t care. It will not impact me for a long time. I’m not on any kind of federal assistance (or state either). I don’t know anyone who works for the government. What’s going to happen - the fed closes the doors for a week or two, and that means the IRS can’t cash my tax check? Oh, the agony that will cause me.

The neurotic yammering faces on TV are on this endlessly. Ever two or three minutes we’ve got Harry Reid or some other left wing imbecile going on about how this is all the Republican’s and Evil Tea Party’s fault - even though we all heard the tape of Schmucky Schumer talking with his boyz the other week about how this was exactly the plan. And the fear mongering is just beyond belief. Old people will die on the spot by the millions. Kittens will implode. Darkness will cover the land, and fire will rain from the sky. Tens of thousands of children will turn into puddles of mush. Blah blah blah blah bullshit. CNN reporting how the military won’t have the death benefit paid ... right now. And it’s all gonna be blamed on the GOP, as per Schmucky’s plan, which most of the media is only too happy to go along with.

Golly. I might not get my mail delivered for a week or two. So what? We pay all our bills online. Everything else that comes in the mailbox is junk, except for those awesome envelopes full of news clippings Peiper sends me. And I just got the last one Tuesday, so I’m not due for awhile.

It’s not the end of the world. In fact, it could be the beginning of a new one. Shut the feds down for a month, and agree that there won’t be any back pay whatsoever. How many billion will that save us?

So don’t compromise Mr. Boehner. Stand up straight for the first time in your otherwise worthless life and stick to your guns. And if the fed closes, those of us who aren’t leaching off of society will be just fine.

In the meantime, I do wish the media would take a damn chill pill.


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win a trip to kenya … for real … and we all wanna go …

Got an offer from our grocery store tonight.  Tesco is a huge company, and they are even going to start selling cars. Imagine that. But how would you get one in a shopping cart?

Bet you deprived folks in the states don’t get this sort of thing.

And I weally,weally wanna go ..... 



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