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calendar   Wednesday - January 26, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it … NO !!!

Here we go again. Another major snowstorm crawling across the Northeast today. Heavy snowfall all morning, all day, into the evening. Predictions of 6"-10" even for my dry corner of the state.

Wife’s office is closed, all the local schools are closed. This is the second time in a week. It’s either been seriously sub-freezing, or snowing, since ... before Christmas? Which seems ages and ages ago, even though we’re still in January.

Most towns in this part of the country, from DC up to northern Maine, are reporting more snow so far this season than they usually get all year long. I’m know I’m tired of it, that’s for sure.

Radio was saying last night that NJ has already used up it’s entire winter snow plowing budget and will have to take extra funds from other areas. We had a similar situation at our condo park last year, which wasn’t all that snowy. Everybody had to pay a few hundred extra to the Association in the Spring.

I’m having the thought that we’ve become too ... sensitive? ... to the snow. And too used to those warmer years we had where not much snow fell. My mother always tells me about the winter of 1960, when there was so much snow piled up that cars had to have tall flags on them so that other drivers could see them at intersections. And how it snowed every week. I certainly remember the winter of 77-78 when the cold came so early we were ice skating by early November. I don’t remember schools and businesses being constantly closed. Seems that people managed a little better in those days somehow.

Not that I’m suggesting that everyone should be out there risking their lives to get to school and work. But is there that much risk in just muddling through? I recall my first boss yelling at me on the phone to put on skis or get out the dogsled, whatever was necessary, just get to work dammit!  And I did. And the store was just about empty the whole day, but that’s beside the point. I got there, through half a foot of unplowed snow. Looking back, I’m kind of proud of that. Was that stupid? When I lived up in Binghamton NY, 4” of snow was just weather; we got about our business. The tri-state metro area seems to go belly up over the smallest amounts of the white stuff ... but consider the population density before reacting to that. I think about 15% of the national population lives in the Philly-NJ-NYC zone. This is the most densely peopled part of the nation, and there is only minor public transportation outside of the biggest cities. Come to think of it, even though this whole area has always been rather built up, there wasn’t this kind of population in 1960 or in 1978. So maybe this is the best approach?

There can’t be many snow days left for the school kids. If it keeps snowing like this all season, I guess they’ll be giving up their Spring Break and going to class until mid-July.


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blast from the past? Che Guevara and a doggy image and legal action. funny stuff

Am I alone on this one?  I don’t see a problem or copyright theft.  I see humor.

British photographer sued for jokey Che ‘Growler’ image

By Daily Mail Reporter

A greetings card designer is being sued for copyright infringement over one of her cards, which features a dog dressed up to look like Che Guevara.
Kate Polyblank, whose husband Mark took the picture of a friend’s pet in the couple’s West London home, created the image for her popular range of ‘Famous Faces’ cards using Photoshop.
But the daughter of photographer Alberto Korda, who took the iconic 1960 picture of Che Guevara, has failed to see the funny side of the greetings card range.

image image

There’s bunch more of course but I didn’t think it necessary to post the whole article. The pix speak for themselves but I would suggest you read the story at the link.



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More roots - Watkins’ Ale

Drew, this is not my favorite version. My favorite is done by Música Antigua de Albuquerque which I have on CD. The singer is much more ‘naughty’.

UPDATE: My bad. It was The Baltimore Consort, not the Música Antigua de Albuqerque. Both deserve your attention and dollars if you like Renaissance music.


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calendar   Tuesday - January 25, 2011

Just going through my files…

I was just going through my graphics files. I download them from alt.binaries.(insert whatever) and I occasionally go through them to pitch the crap and save the gems. Here’s a gem:

Civility According To Democrats


Hehehe. Then I found Sarah Palin joking with Obama:


I dunno. The ‘Bamster doesn’t look happy.


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natural tones



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calendar   Monday - January 24, 2011


Terror Bomb In Moscow Airport Kills 35


Here we go again.

An explosion ripped through the international section of Moscow’s busiest airport, killing 35 people and wounding 168, officials said. 

The massive blast, with an explosive force of seven kilograms of TNT, was caused by a suicide bomber, Russian officials said.

Sergei Lavochkin, was waiting in the arrivals hall for a friend to arrive from Cuba, when he heard the explosion.

He said he heard a massive bang, saw panels fall from the ceiling, then heard people screaming, and saw people running away.

British Airways passenger Mark Green had just arrived at the airport.  He told BBC television that after the explosion he saw people streaming out of the terminal, some covered in blood. A British citizen and several other foreigners were among the dead, Russian news agencies reported

The website said many victims had metal fragments embedded in their bodies and that the explosive device was packed with bolts, nuts, nails and ball bearings.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said U.S. President Barack Obama called the bombing “an outrageous act of terrorism against the Russian people,”

A witness to the massive explosion that killed at least 35 people at Moscow’s busiest airport Monday says he saw a man carrying a flaming suitcase seconds before the blast.

Artyom Zhilenkov, a 35-year-old driver, told The Associated Press he was just a few yards away from the explosion and saw a man who may have been the bomber.

“I saw the suitcase, the suitcase was on fire. So, either the man blew up something, or something went off on the man’s body, or the suitcase went off.” said Zhilenkov, whose clothes were soaked in blood.

“The guy standing next to me was torn to pieces,” he added.

The explosion took place at 4:31pm Moscow time, which is 8:31am in New Jersey.

Video HERE.


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Off Again, On Again

Here Again, Gone?

I wish

Rahm Emmanuel Pulled From Chicago Mayor Ballot

“You Don’t Really Live here” Illinois Appeals Court ruling implies

Jan. 24 (Bloomberg)—Rahm Emanuel, the former chief of staff for President Barack Obama, is to be “excluded” from the Chicago mayoral ballot, a divided state appeals court ruled, after saying he failed to satisfy residency requirements.

The Board of Election Commissioners for the City of Chicago ruled last month that Emanuel met the requirement of having lived in Chicago for one year before the Feb. 22 election. That decision was confirmed by the Cook County Circuit Court. The appeals panel, voting 2-1, reversed that ruling today.

Opponents of Emanuel’s candidacy say he has no permanent home in Chicago. The former Chicago congressman vacated his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives to accept his White House appointment. Emanuel, 51, and his family moved to Washington in early 2009 and rented their home on Chicago’s north side. He stepped down from his White House post in October 2010.

The court agreed with Emanuel’s contention that he met Chicago’s voter residency standard but added that wasn’t enough to allow his run for mayor.

“A candidate must meet not only the Election Code’s voter residency standard, but also must have actually resided within the municipality for one year prior to the election, a qualification that the candidate unquestionably does not satisfy,” the appeals court majority said.

All three judges on the panel are Democrats, according to the Illinois State Board of Elections. Ruling against Emanuel were Shelvin Louise Marie Hall and Thomas E. Hoffman, who wrote the majority opinion. In dissent, Justice Bertina E. Lampkin called the majority’s reasoning “indefensible.”

“How many days may a person stay away from his home before the majority would decide he no longer ‘actually resides’ in it?” Lampkin asked. “Would the majority have us pick a number out of a hat? A standard which cannot be defined cannot be applied.”

Spare us the willfully blind deliberate dumbass bullshit Lampkin. Your use of the double negative tells the truth: a standard can be defined and can be applied. Even a child could figure this one out: the lowest applicable standard is “more often than not”. That means 50.000000001%. That means 183 out of 365 days.  The Chicago election is on February 22. That’s 53 days into 2011. 183 days before that would be 130 before the end of 2010, which would be the 235th day of the year, which was Monday, August 23rd. By not declaring his intent until October, he missed it by more than a month. From everything I’ve read, he did not spend a night in Illinois before that in 2009 in any domicile he owned or leased. Hotel rooms don’t count, and he was hardly there in one of those either. Next case!!

Emanuel predicted the Illinois Supreme Court will reverse today’s ruling.

“I have no doubt that we will, in the end, prevail at this effort,” Emanuel said at a news conference today. “As my father always used to say, nothing is ever easy in life.”

The appeals court majority declined to certify the case to permit the state Supreme Court to review the decision “in the most expeditious manner possible,” according to Lampkin.

“nothing is ever easy”?? Which means what exactly, Rahmmy baby? That it’s going to take you another couple suitcases full of unmarked bills to buy them off? Maybe that’s why the appeals court didn’t certify it, to keep you from such a temptation. Now shut up and go away.

This is what you get for following the wrong candidate. At least Hillary knows how to be a proper carpet bagger. The Clintons bought that house in NY just hours before the deadline. And then she got herself elected (Bill’s pardons and lots of $$$) This guy not only isn’t that slick, he’s not smart enough to pay attention. Nobody cares if you’re still eligible to vote there. That was never the issue. Stop building strawmen.


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At the rate the press keeps coming up with new Berlusconi Babes, I’m beginning to think it more resembles Bartholomew and his 500 hats.

Hey ... rank and MONEY have some privileges. The longer this goes on the funnier it gets.  I really think (just based on what’s available here that I read) that there just may be a few ladies who are getting on a bandwagon and never even met the guy.  Reason I think that, there are a few that are really bow-wows and I can’t imagine a man in his position and with his fortune, that could not do better if he wanted to.
Anyway, a couple of the ladies do fall into EYE CANDY.
Here’s the very latest till the next one shows up.

btw ... some of the girls deny there were any parties of any kind. none of my business. I just enjoy the better looking ones. like who cares? ok, a few opposition politicians and his ex, who has no room to cast any stones herself.

A glamorous TV weather girl was paid more than £100,000 by Silvio Berlusconi after attending his infamous sex parties, it is claimed.

Prosecutors have discovered bank records which show that he gave Alessandra Sorcinelli money last Monday – three days after the latest sex scandal surrounding him broke.

But despite the constant flow of lurid stories surrounding the Italian Prime Minister, polls show he is more popular than ever among voters.

Alessandra Sorcinelli


Have no idea who this is but liked her looks.



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Learning New Things Each Day

A Musical Whatsit

I ran across this thing while thinking about the song from the previous post, and looking up a few songs that I thought had bits in common. I found this instrument in a Scottish rendition of one of those songs. Now, I have heard the name of this thing a few times in my life. Is it also sometimes used as a synonym? But what I did not know was that this device has been around since the early Middle Ages and is still made today.



It’s a cross between a violin, a guitar, and the bagpipes, driven by a crankshaft, with keys to play chords like an autoharp. And then mated to a half coil of rusty barbed wire. So “mechanical droning nasty violinitar” describes it, but that’s not it’s real name. You have heard this instrument before, and probably not realized it. It’s still popular in the near east, and thus part of the musical themes that we recognize as Greek, Gypsy, and maybe Arabic as well. 

When I found out what this was, my first reaction was “But aren’t they bigger?” which was a correct one; sometimes these devices are nearly as big as an upright piano. A bit more searching and listening showed me another odd thing: the 60s song written about a guy who plays one of these things does not contain a single note created by one of them of any size.

Listen: it comes in at about one minute, after the ethnic techno rhythm is established, but near the end it takes over the sound in all it’s rough-edged I-stepped-on-the-cat glory. Truth be known, this instrument can be tuned and played to have a lovely sound. This bit was an experiment in extremism.


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roots are glue too

American folk music has it’s strongest roots in the Irish and English tunes that arrived here in the middle of the 19th century. Before today I had never heard this tune, but I can hear parts of several other songs that I do know within it. Sometimes songs like this get called sea chanties, sometimes they’re labeled “celtic” or “traditional”. It’s all the same really. But if it’s a moderately happy or lively tune with sad lyrics, or a sad tune with happy or comical lyrics, then it’s folk music.

On a more personal note, and another dose of glue, the tune dates back to the early to mid 19th century, my favorite era of history. And if you’re really Aching to know, Nanny Ogg knows the words too. It’s not all just hedgehogs with her.

For all I know, my UK readers are having a great laugh at my naivety here. I found loads of versions of this song over at YouTube, spanning 70 or more years, recorded in pubs where the crowd joins in, or in cathedrals for that wonderful ambient sound, to the point where I’m beginning to feel the whole bunch of you know the words to dozens of these things and are are liable to burst out in song at your local after a few pints. Believe me, spontaneous group song simply does not erupt in bars in America. Not unless it’s Irish night at some old guys bar in Boston. Almost none of our sports teams have songs either. And the schools no longer teach the old songs to our children; all that has been lost. So I’m not the only Yank who’s in the dark on this one.


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by 2020 the U.S. govt.will be paying between 15 and 20 percent of its revenues in debt interest.

For your consideration ....

The cartoon is from the Telegraph ...

Mark Steyn.

Decline starts with the money. It always does. As Jonathan Swift put it:
A baited banker thus desponds,
From his own hand foresees his fall,
They have his soul, who have his bonds;
‘Tis like the writing on the wall.
Today the people who have America’s bonds are not the people one would wish to have one’s soul. As Madhav Nalapat has suggested, Beijing believes a half-millennium Western interregnum is about to come to an end, and the world will return to Chinese dominance. I think they’re wrong on the latter, but right on the former. Within a decade, the United States will be spending more of the federal budget on its interest payments than on its military.
by 2020 the U.S. government will be paying between 15 and 20 percent of its revenues in debt interest—


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What have mathematics, geography or science to do with homosexuality?

Drew posted a link he got from Rich K, which I read with great interest and am now using part of that link from the ever brilliant Mark Steyn for a posting here.

So, from Rich K to Drew to me and now to you folks again.

Reads like Tinkers to Evers to Chance.

AN HOUR WELL SPENT cause I’m a slower reader then Drew.

If you haven’t read it yet, do so now.

Steyn says:

if the cream of British education so willingly prostrates itself before ahistorical balderdash, what then of the school system’s more typical charges? In cutting off two generations of students from their cultural inheritance, the British state has engaged in what we will one day come to see as a form of child abuse, one that puts a huge question mark over the future.

Take a look at what I found in our papers yesterday and today.

Gay messages built into school maths lessons for children as young as FOUR

By Kate Loveys

Young children are to be taught about homosexuality in their maths, geography, science and English lessons, it has emerged.
As part of a Government-backed drive to ‘celebrate the gay community’, maths problems could be introduced that involve gay characters.
In geography classes, students will be asked why homosexuals move from the countryside to cities – and words such as ‘outing’ and ‘pride’, will be used in language classes.

The lesson plans are designed to raise awareness about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual issues and, in theory, could be used for children as young as four.

They will also mean youngsters are exposed to images of same-sex couples and books such as And Tango Makes Three, which tells the story of two male penguins raising a chick, which was inspired by events at New York’s Central Park Zoo.

more at the source

And the following brief quote comes from today’s column by

Melanie Phillips
who I would encourage you read as well.  The lady knows what she’s about although I know some of you won’t agree with her comparison to McCarthy. Nevertheless, her point is well taken.

What was once impermissible first becomes tolerated and then becomes mandatory.

And the other side of that particular coin, as we are now discovering, is that values which were once the moral basis for British society are now deemed to be beyond the pale.

What was once an attempt to end ­unpleasant attitudes towards a small sexual minority has now become a kind of bigotry in reverse.

Expressing what used to be the moral norm of Western civilisation is now not just socially impermissible, but even turns upstanding people into lawbreakers.

The bed and breakfast hoteliers Peter and Hazelmary Bull — who were recently sued for turning away two homosexuals who wished to share a bedroom — were but the latest religious believers to fall foul of the gay inquisition merely for upholding ­Christian values.
For people such as the Bulls, George Orwell’s famous observation that some are more equal than others is all too painfully true. Indeed, the obsession with equality has now reached ludicrous, as well as oppressive, proportions.

Catholic adoption agencies were forced to shut down after they refused to place ­children with same-sex couples. Marriage registrars were forced to step down for refusing to officiate at civil unions.

Christian street preacher Dale McAlpine was charged with making threatening, ­abusive or insulting remarks for saying homosexuality was a sin to passers-by in Workington, Cumbria. In the event, the case against him was dropped and he won a police apology and compensation.

It seems that just about everything in Britain is now run according to the gay agenda.

Many different groups are involved in promoting this crazy, upside-down world of the equality agenda. But the seemingly all-­powerful gay rights lobby carries all before it. If it isn’t careful, it risks turning gay people from being the victims of prejudice into Britain’s new McCarthyites.


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RIP, Joe Gores … chance are you never heard of this guy … well, read this American story

Not that I need to go looking for obits of people both famous and not so.
Can only do so many and so I land on the ones with a bit of a story or military derring do from the past.

The Joe Gores story is interesting as to his background.  He must have been a ‘wild and crazy guy.’ Imagine taking a girl on your first date to an auto repossession. Of a car owned by a guy named, Jimmy “The Weasel” Fratianno. 

I’m almost tempted to think I might have run this obit for that alone. But no.

My wife got the Telegraph before I did today and went through all of it as she always does.  But not often does she draw my attention to an obit.  Well actually, it wasn’t the obit itself but a very small bit within it.  I thought perhaps she misquoted or misunderstood something cos it seemed so dumb, so unreasonable and so bizarre.
But then … No. Not at all. Once you realize that after all, this bit of moonbattyness took place in LaLa Land, among arty types and most likely of left wing sympathies, well.  Do I have to say more?

Take a look.

Joe Gores (RIP)

Joe Gores, the crime-writer who died on January 12 aged 79, was best-known as the heir to the legacy of Dashiell Hammett.

Like Hammett, Gores initially worked as a private detective before becoming a full-time writer. His 1975 novel, Hammett, made into a film by Wim Wenders, draws on his own experiences in its portrayal of the struggling pulp writer solving a crime involving an old friend from his detective agency days. Gores would return to Hammett’s own work with his 2009 novel Spade And Archer, a sort of “prequel” to The Maltese Falcon, written with the permission of Hammett’s daughter, which captures with remarkable fidelity the tone of the master’s own stories.

Gores was adept at almost all forms of detective fiction. He served a long apprenticeship, once admitting to papering his bathroom walls with publishers’ rejection slips, before selling his first short story to Manhunt, one of the last of the so-called “pulp” magazines, in 1957.

It was at this time he began 12 years with a San Francisco detective firm specialising in skip tracing (finding missing persons) and repossession. He was hired only after succeeding in a dummy assignment – spending two days tracking down a suspect long-since dead. Eventually, that experience would be turned into a short story, as would many of his investigations. He once compared writers and detectives, saying each “digs around in people’s garbage”.

His own writing breakthrough came when Time Of Predators (1969) won the best first-novel Edgar award from the Mystery Writers of America, and he won best short story at the same time. His next book, Dead Skip (1972) would be the first of seven about “Daniel Kearney Associates”, a detective agency based on the one where he worked. After a second “DKA” novel, he wrote Interface (1974), a classic of crime fiction, whose relentlessly cruel hard-boiled tone is inverted by a brilliant final twist.

Born Joseph Nicholas Gores at Rochester, Minnesota, on Christmas Day 1931, Gores originally wanted to be a comic strip artist. After taking a degree in English Literature from Notre Dame University in 1953, he moved to San Francisco, supporting himself as a labourer, logger, motel clerk, and lorry driver while enrolled at Stanford University.

Initially he was denied a master’s degree in Creative Writing because his stories “read as if they were written to be sold”. Then he was refused a master’s in Literature because the novels covered in his thesis (by Hammett and Raymond Chandler), were “not literature”. In 1961 he finally received an MA, writing his thesis on the literature of the South Seas. By then, however, his best writing was to be found in the field reports he composed for his detective agency, which were so good that they “made clients want to pay their fees”.

After the success of Hammett, Gores also wrote screenplays for television detective shows, among them Remington Steele, Magnum P.I., TJ Hooker, BL Stryker, and Mike Hammer. He won his third Edgar for a script for Kojak, making him only the third writer to take the award in three separate categories. One of the other two writers thus honoured was his friend Donald Westlake; Gores and Westlake inserted each other’s series characters into books, and Gores’s DKA novel 32 Cadillacs (1992) contained a chapter shared with Westlake’s Drowned Hopes, but told from different points of view. 32 Cadillacs and Come Morning (1986) were both nominated for best-novel Edgars.

Gores is survived by his second wife Dori, whom he took with him on their first date to repossess a Cadillac owned by the mobster Jimmy “The Weasel” Fratianno.



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calendar   Sunday - January 23, 2011

Sex after 50

I’ve a huge backlog of bloggable stuff I’ve not posted. Why? I’ve been busy. The usual excuse is ‘sh*t happens’. Well, my excuse is ‘life happens’, then you die and no one cares.

I spent the week before Christmas in the hospital, so I know what I’m talking about.

This has been in the hopper for some time. Enjoy.

CAMDEN, Maine — Dr. Dorree Lynn would like everyone to know that sex and intimacy after age 50 is a natural and important part of life.

I have to admit, didn’t know sex was my birthright. I always thought I had to convince some clueless female into having sex. Now that I know sex is my birthright I’m gonna insist…

“Sex is your birthright,” the psychologist, sex educator and author said Friday afternoon in a presentation at the Camden Public Library.

“It keeps you healthy. It’s the juicy vitamin. Instead of reaching for the arthritis pills, why not reach for your partner?”

Mainly because she says ‘bugger off’? Guess she didn’t get the notice that sex is a ‘juicy vitamin’.

Anyway, go read the rest of this mindless drivel.


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