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calendar   Friday - January 28, 2011

Looks Like A Traffic Jam On Arab Street

Jasmine Revolution spreads across North Africa and up the Levant

Islamists, leftists and trade unionists gathered in central Amman Friday for the latest protest to demand political change and wider freedoms.

A crowd of at least 3,000 chanted: “We want change.”

Banners and chants showed a wider range of grievances than the high food prices that fueled earlier protests, and included demands for free elections, the dismissal of Prime Minister Samir Rifai’s government and a representative parliament.

The protest after Friday prayers was organized by the Islamic Action Front, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood which is the only effective opposition and biggest party, but included members of leftist parties and trade unions.

Jordan’s protests, as in several Arab countries, have been inspired by the uprising that overthrew the Tunisian president.

“After Tunisia, Arab nations have found their way toward the path of political freedom and dignity,” said Zaki Bani Rusheid, a leading Islamist politician.

Demonstrations have taken place across Jordan calling for reversal of free-market reforms which many blame for a widening gap between rich and poor.

“Islamists, leftists and trade unionists”? Sounds like America! And what do they want? Less freedom and more government control! Haha, just kidding. They want the opposite of that I think. Or am I wrong?

Islamists marched through central Tunis on Friday, demanding religious freedom, while police fired teargas at anti-government protesters who have camped out around the prime minister’s office.

The march by about 200 people was the first significant Islamist protest since the fall of president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, who ran a strictly secular state in which Islamists were often jailed or forced into exile.

Some carried placards reading: ”We want freedom for the hijab, the niqab and the beard.”

Under Ben Ali’s rule, women who covered their hair by wearing the hijab, in the Muslim tradition, were denied jobs or education. Men with long beards were stopped by police.

Who writes this crap? Islamists don’t demand religious freedom. They demand an islamist state and sharia law. Just because they’re protesting, that doesn’t mean they want freedom for anything other than the power to force everyone to do things their way. Which still sounds exactly like the left here in America!

Tunisia’s uprising has electrified Arabs across the Middle East and North Africa, where many countries share the complaints of poor living standards and authoritarian rule.

Inspired by Tunisia’s example, tens of thousands of Egyptians have taken to the streets to demand an end to President Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule.

Tunisians protested outside the Egyptian embassy in Tunis, calling for the overthrow of Mubarak and other Arab leaders.
Protests have also spread to Yemen, where thousands took to the streets to demand a change of government.

Tens of thousands of Egyptians streamed out of mosques after Friday prayers and took to the streets to demand the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak after 30 years in power. They clashed with thousands of riot police deployed to crush the protest. Reports from on the ground depict ongoing fierce running battles between police and protestors in Cairo, Alexandria, and other cities.

At the upscale Mohandiseen district, at least 10,000 of people were marching toward the city center chanting “down, down with Mubarak.” The crowd later swelled to about 20,000 as they made their way through residential areas. Residents looking on from apartment block windows waved at them and whistled in support. Others waved the red, white and black Egyptian flags.

At Ramsis square in the heart of the city, thousands of protesters clashed with police as they left the al-Nur mosque after prayers. Police used tear gas and rubber bullets and some of the tear gas was fired inside the mosque where women were taking refuge.

Mubarak is Washington’s closest Arab ally, but Washington has signaled that he no longer enjoys its full backing, publicly counseling him to introduce reform and refrain from using violence against the protesters. He has not been seen publicly or heard from since the protests began Tuesday.

Friday’s demonstrations were energized by the return of Nobel Peace laureate ElBaradei on Thursday night, when he said he was ready to lead the opposition toward a regime change. They also got a boost from the endorsement of the country’s biggest opposition group, the Islamic fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood.

Hmm, are you smelling the same rat that I think I’m smelling? Could this all be islamofascists letting no crisis go to waste?

Seriously, I’m wondering. Granted that the guy in Tunisia was quite the little dictator, and he had to go. But in these other countries ... it seems the Muslim Brotherhood is behind all of this. Let’s not loose sight of an unpretty truth: the people in these countries are among the least educated in the whole world. The mullahs say “jump”, the fellahs say “how high?”. Islam has far more power of these people than even the Roman Catholic Church had over colonial Ireland.

So I’d really like to be able to figure out whether this is an honest move towards democracy and freedom across the whole region, or just an excuse seized by the extremists to try and grab power for themselves. Demanding the hijab and the beard is not calling for freedom. It’s calling for the power to oppress others. It’s a demand to bring in the Taliban under some other name.

So naturally, Oasshole has changed the USA’s stance on Egypt.

Egypt is one of the most important U.S. allies in the Arab world but as the Mideast country sees the biggest anti-government protests in years, inspired by the popular revolt in Tunisia, the public support of the U.S. has become less assured.

In an interview broadcast live on YouTube on Thursday, Obama said that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been “an ally of ours on a lot of critical issues.”

But Obama added: “I’ve always said to him that making sure that they’re moving forward on reform, political reform and economic reform, is absolutely critical to the long-term well-being of Egypt.”

Maybe that’s a good thing? I seem to recall that we’ve been feeding Egypt billions over the years, yet they seem to help out the PLO whenever they feel like it, then they turn around and collapse some tunnels under the Gaza border. Dissidents and rabble rousers get jailed, but so do bloggers and journalists. And Christians there continue to get murdered. It’s a mess.

I’m waiting to see if Libya explodes with protests. And Algeria as well. Hey, maybe they’ll all revolt and then become one giant country, united under the green banner.


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fleeting youth


Were we ever so young and seemingly innocent, yet on the cusp of confident maturity? Hard to believe. Maybe it’s just the bangs. From a Met-Art photo of course. I wonder if being one of their photographers is the best job in the world, or the most frustrating.


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Some kind of call huh folks?  More lunacy.  Sure, there are abusive men and women but from time to time most of if not all of us has raised a voice to a spouse. If not in anger then total frustration. Just happens. No? This is a partial column from Tom Utley of the Mail.  He’s a constant read for us.

I don’t shout - I sulk. But how long before a judge says that’s domestic violence?

By Tom Utley

I read Wednesday’s ruling by the Supreme Court that men and women who shout at their partners are guilty of domestic violence, and liable to stiff penalties including eviction, while those who get shouted at may have the right to be rehoused at the taxpayers’ expense.

A panel of five judges, led by Lady Hale, had been hearing the case of Mihret Yemshaw, 35, who said that she was a victim of domestic violence and, therefore, entitled to a new home under the 1996 Housing Act. Officials in Hounslow, West London, had turned down her claim after hearing that her husband had never hit her, nor even threatened to do so.
It all came down to the meaning of the word ‘violence’.

Mrs Yemshaw told the court that her husband — a 40-year-old bus driver born, like her, in Ethiopia — had shouted in front of their two children, failed to treat her like a human (whatever that may mean) and hadn’t given her any housekeeping money. She also said she was frightened that he might take the children away from her. Does this amount to violence? Lady Hale thought so.

In what strikes me as an extraordinary judgment, with worrying implications for the way we’re governed, she said the meaning of the word had moved on since Parliament passed the Act in 1996.
Violence, she said, ‘is capable of bearing several meanings and applying to many different types of behaviour. These can change and develop over time’.

But in my respectful submission, like so many judges, you’re going far beyond that fuzzy line between interpreting the law and making it up as you go along. Of course, the rot started with the Human Rights Act, enforcing in British Courts a European Convention so loosely worded that it offers endless scope for judicial lawmaking on the sly.

But the judges’ opinion of their role has become even more inflated since the inauguration of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom in 2009.
Flattered by that imported title, they seem to believe they’re as august as the Supreme Court in Washington, which stands at the pinnacle of the U.S. Constitution.

In fact, there are myriad differences. Not least is the intensive congressional, judicial and FBI scrutiny that American judges have to go through — examining and re-examining every aspect of the cases they’ve tried, their politics, business dealings and family lives — before they can be admitted to the highest court in the land.

Here, democracy doesn’t get a look-in —and it’s pot luck whether we get a toughie or a softie, an arch Tory or a staunch Labour supporter. Is this any way to run what is becoming a legislature, in all but name?

Oh well, I suppose we’re saddled with Hale’s Law for the foreseeable future — and no doubt there’ll be queues of aggrieved partners, fed up with being shouted at, demanding their right to new homes.

This is what promoted his column.

Shout at your spouse and risk losing your home: It’s just the same as domestic violence, warns woman judge

By Daily Mail Reporter

Raising your voice at a husband or wife, or a boyfriend or girlfriend, now counts as domestic violence under the landmark Supreme Court judgment.
The decision also means that denying money to a partner or criticising them can count as violence and bring down draconian domestic violence penalties from the courts.
The Supreme Court made its decision in the case of a woman who left her husband’s council flat and then demanded a new council home.
She said she left because she had suffered domestic violence – even though her husband had never harmed her.

Lady Hale, leading a bench of five justices, said the definition of violence must change so that a range of abusive behaviour now counts in law.
The decision will affect domestic violence and family law which has given the courts powers to throw someone out of their home if their partner accuses them of violent behaviour.



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an earthshaking friday question.  did prince phillip let one go?

Just a funny sent to me and just proves even the royals are after all human just like everyone else.  Except they have 100 times the money.

Anyway ... H/T Phyllis for the laff. It is funny.


See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Thursday - January 27, 2011

Sitting Duck, Plucked

Pirates Capture Slowest Ship On The Ocean

Nearest help more than 1000 miles away


MV Beluga Nomination, top speed 7.4 knots (8.5mph)

On the afternoon of 22 January 2011, the MV BELUGA NOMINATION was attacked by a skiff, with an unknown number of suspected pirates on board. Small arms were used against the vessel during the attack.

The attack took place in the Indian Ocean, 390 nautical miles north of the Seychelles. The MV BELUGA NOMINATION is an Antiguan and Barbudan flagged, German owned, general cargo vessel which was on passage to Port Victoria in the Seychelles at the time of the attack. There is no information on the condition of the mixed crew of 12 (Polish, Filipino, Russian and Ukrainian) at this time. EUNAVFOR are monitoring the situation.

MV BELUGA NOMINATION was registered with MSC(HOA) and had reported to UKMTO.

When the pirates boarded the vessel the crew went into a citadel which the pirates were eventually able to enter. I
The nearest EU NAVFOR warship at the time of the attack was over 1000 Nm away. The warship was waiting to escort a World Food Programme (WFP) vessel delivering vital humanitarian aid to Somalia, which is EU NAVFOR’s primary task within its mandated mission. The remainder of the EU NAVFORs warships were even further away carrying out tasks in the IRTC (Internationally Recognized Transit Corridor), which is their secondary task within the mandated mission.

After the crew, consisting of a Polish captain, 2 Ukrainians and 7 Philippinos, had radioed the emergency, they took shelter in the citadel. But the pirates welded open the room with professional equipment and took control over the vessel, heading west for the Somalian coast. A surveillance plane of the Seychelles Coastguard reached the ship only on Jan 25 and saw 4 hijackers on deck. A patrol boat of the CG followed the ship for some time but had to return due to bad weather. No ship of the Atalanta-forces was able to provide help in time. The German frigate “Hamburg” was in Djibouti for bunkering purposes, and it would have taken 3-4 days to reach the vessel, and also the closest navy ship would have been 1000 miles away.

Evolution in action: Ship crews have taken to locking themselves in a safe room (ie., a citadel) where the pirates can’t get at them. These rooms often contain additional controls for the ship. So now we’re seeing pirates bringing a cutting torch onboard with them. I guess thicker doors and walls for these rooms will be next, perhaps with water cannons mounted above the doors operated from inside.

The MV Beluga Nomination was built in 2006 as the MV BBC Ireland, is 132 meters long with a 16 meter beam, and has a top speed of only 7.4 knots. Less than 9mph! She is a general cargo container ship with a capacity of 9775 dwt, which means this is a pretty small ship. A coastal freighter for the poorer parts of the world. That would explain the low speed: a smaller engine uses less fuel, and you need to watch every penny with small cargo runs.  It took a couple of days before the authority types would admit that the ship was actually hijacked, but at this point it’s undeniable.

1000 nautical miles away from any other ship, putting along at 8mph. This one was a no-brainer. A sitting duck.

Hang on a second ... the one source page may have been in error. According to the builder’s page, this ship has a 5217hp Caterpillar diesel engine, and can go 14.8 knots. Which is 17mph. Still slower than a pirate speedboat, but not as totally pathetic as I was lead to believe at first. Even so ... from what I gather, the ship was bound for the Seychelles, which is 1000 miles from anywhere, and it’s smack dab in the middle of Somali Pirate waters, which have grown considerably this past year. What are they supposed to do, let the Seychelles starve? But it seems rather sneaky, perhaps ironic, that while the navy was busy protecting an aide ship bound for Somalia, Somalis were busy hijacking a ship somewhere else. It’s almost like they knew the navy would be busy. And far away.


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stop. this is airport security. STICK-EM-UP

Drew has gone on at length on the very subject, stupidity being just one. In fact, he does a better job on this then I can, so I look forward to his comments, which I wouldn’t mind if he entered them right here.  Take note Drew.  This wasn’t the USA. Stupidity knows no borders or nationality.

There are not enough Moonbats for this. A million would still be short by a few million. So I’ll just enter a few and you folks can mentally multiply to whatever number you think fits the idiocy.


Airport bans toy soldier’s three-inch rifle from plane… because it’s a safety threat

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 3:04 PM on 27th January 2011


Airport officials ordered a holidaymaker carrying a toy soldier onto a plane to remove its three-inch gun - because it was a safety threat.

Ken Lloyd was stunned when he was told he could not go on the plane with the nine-inch model soldier because it was carrying a ‘firearm’.

The Canadian tourist and his wife had bought the toy, which holds a replica SA80 rifle, during a visit to the Royal Signals Museum at Blandford Camp in Dorset.

But when he tried to take the £135 keepsake through Gatwick Airport in his hand luggage it triggered a security alert at the scanners.

Officials declared the moulded gun could not go on the plane and Mr Lloyd had to snap off the model weapon and then post it back to his home in Ontario.

He said: ‘As the figurine’s SA80 rifle was pulled from the box, the security search officer contacted her supervisor. The moulded SA80 could not pass.

‘My wife asked for a “reality check”, explaining how this offending piece of sculptured moulding is a 9 inch painted model with a moulded and painted rifle that is part of the figure.

‘The supervisor was confident within the surety of the regulations and said a “firearm” is a firearm and cannot pass.

‘The rifle could not travel; she would have to return back to the main airport concourse.
The two patrolling policemen didn’t seem to mind. They didn’t even notice.

‘The numerous security people sitting around the concourse didn’t leap to their feet as she passed.’

The resin model, which cost £135, depicts a typical British army signaller dressed in camouflage fatigues.

As they returned home Mr and Mrs Lloyd packed the sculpture into its box and tucked it into their hand luggage.

After being stopped at the airport security desk, they were directed back to the airport concourse, where they bought a padded envelope from WHSmith to post the rifle home.

But the package was too big for the airport’s postboxes and eventually a customer services assistant posted it and the envelope arrived at their home five days later.

Adam Forty, curator at the Royal Signals Museum at Blandford Camp, Dorset, said: ‘The military museum takes security very seriously, especially around military installations and airports, but this does seem more than a little excessive. It is probably just as well we didn’t sell Mrs Lloyd a toy tank.’

A spokeswoman for Gatwick Airport said: ‘Items including firearms and items with the appearance of firearms are prohibited. 

‘There are lots of other reasons an item could be prevented from going through security, such as large items that do not fit in overhead lockers on the aircraft.’



I have heard that the’ve invented a plastic that can can grow 1000% by adding just a few drops of water to it?

- stud muffin, Hemel Hempstead, 27/1/2011 14:14

Ha ha ha ha!!! This is the funniest thing ever. Some people are such complete morons.

- WS, NWales, 27/1/2011 14:12

Airport “security” fascism at its very best. How I mourn the loss of common sense in this once-great country.

- Mike, Southend, UK, 27/1/2011 14:07

A spokeswoman for Gatwick Airport said: ‘Items including firearms and items with the appearance of firearms are prohibited. ..................................................... .......................................................adding, ‘I know I am incredibly stupid and incapable of interpreting regulations, but rules are rules and we must obey. ‘

- Old Tyke, S.Devon, 27/1/2011 14:06


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Second gay couple sue B&B after being turned away by owner.

Update to an older story. Never seems to end, does it?
Why can’t these odd people simply go where they are welcome?
No. Cannot do that, as it does not prove any points. Must be very militant about it and force themselves on people who want nothing to do with them.

Last week an old couple lost their case and have to pay a lot of money to a couple of queers with hurt feelings. Well, the old man is now in hospital recovering from surgery and in bad shape (unrelated to the B&B case he and wife lost) and the hosp. switchboard is getting crank calls for him. His wife meanwhile is getting calls from ppl claiming to be homosexual and demanding rooms. The B&B is closed for the winter anyway, but it makes no difference to those calling at all hours. She is being reminded that she must rent to them or face the law again. 

Meanwhile, there is a new case brewing. Same subject, different couple.

Someday, someone with artillery will settle their hash, and maybe then these folks will stop forcing themselves on people. There are loads of places that cater to queers.
At some point in time, somebody is going to be driven to take up arms against the next in your face f****t that thinks he has a right to force himself on them.

Second gay couple sue B&B after being turned away by owner who said her ‘convictions’ didn’t allow two men to share a bed
By Daily Mail Reporter

A gay couple are suing a Christian bed and breakfast owner after she told them it was ‘against her convictions’ for them to share a bed.
Michael Black, 63, and John Morgan, 58, are claiming sexual discrimination after being turned away from Swiss B&B in Cookham, Berkshire, last March.
Their case follows that of Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy, who won £3,600 damages from the owners of a Cornish guesthouse last week for refusing them a double room.

Mr Black and Mr Morgan, who have been partners for over seven years, claimed they were ‘shocked’ when they were not allowed to stay the night or share a bed.
They have launched legal proceedings against owner Susanne Wilkinson to ‘make sure people can’t break the sexual discrimination act and get away with it’.
They booked the B&B online but when they arrived Mrs Wilkinson told them ‘it is against my convictions for two men to share a bed’, adding ‘this is my private home’.
Mr Black said that they were given a refund and asked to leave.
‘She said she was sorry and she was polite in a cold way and she was not abusive, so we asked our money back and she gave it to us,’ he explained.

and the beat goes on. and on.


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more berlusconi EYE CANDY … is there no end? Hope Not.

OK, I promised BMEWS I’d keep an eye out for new BerlBabes and this was in today’s paper.

The young lady is one of a number who say there were never any orgies as reported and in fact, Italy’s PM, Mister Berlusconi, was in fact a father figure.
cue the laughter ...
But hey, could be ya know. No guy (except Tiger Woods and the old Warren Beatty) could possibly handle this many women. But as long as they (the babes) keep showing up, I can’t resist posting. So here.

Take a look.  Her name is:



See More Below The Fold


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Oh Look

The 1954 Supreme Court decision on Brown v. Topeka Board of Education ruled that “Separate But Equal” schools aren’t. This led the way to de-segregation, and was one of the key decisions that kicked the Civil Rights Movement into high gear.

Here’s a map from Wikipedia:


Golly, that division looks pretty familiar doesn’t it? It almost looks like


from 90 years before. Note that California and Oregon were also part of the Union, and that Oklahoma was not actually a state until 1907. Also see here and here for maps of the CSA that show how Missouri, Kentucky, and the Indian Territories (Oklahoma) were claimed by the Confederacy, along with the southern halves of the Arizona and New Mexico territories. If you consider those “border states” as “indecisive” or “mixed opinion”, then the relationship from back then to the 1954 realities of segregation are quite stunning. Don’t forget that Kansas was an actual battleground over abolition even before the war started.

It would take perhaps an hour to make another map or two, circa 1964; one would show states that historically were Democrat controlled at that point, the other one would show how that state voted on the Civil Rights Acts. I’d bet you’d have at least 80% congruence.

All of this history ... and just last year the Republican Party had a black guy as chairman who said that he couldn’t find a single reason why any black person would vote for his party. Unreal.


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calendar   Wednesday - January 26, 2011

Round Two

There Snow End In Sight

It snowed all day long here. Big fat flakes from dawn until almost dusk. Then we had about 2 hours worth of break, when it warmed up and just gently sleeted instead. Then the temperature dropped, the main part of the storm system got here, and now it’s snowing like mad. Very fine flakes and the wind has picked up.

We had about 4” here today I’m guessing, and the sleet compacted that a little and put a nice crust of ice on top of it. The weather wienies are saying that that was just a warm up, and that we can expect another 8-10” from this part, which will snow all night and into tomorrow. So about a foot total.

We got out to the store around noon; the roads were fine because they’ve been heavily salted. I don’t expect that is the case right now.

Crap, I should have gone to the library too. I’m reading Triumph of the Sun by Wilbur Smith, a bit of historical fiction, probably for the 6th time. At this point Khartoum has fallen, General Gordon is dead, the dashed British relief forces never got there, and Rebecca has been taken to be a concubine for the Mahdi. So it’s all downhill from here, and my interest in the familiar old story is waning. Who wants to read about the jihadis winning? That sux.

Guess I’ll have to watch the TV. Is it Spring yet?

AM Update: Looks like the weather folks called it conservatively for once. We picked up about a foot last night alone, and it’s still snowing gently. 20” total for this storm in parts of the state; 19” is the official measurement in NYC. Reporters are calling it “Snowmageddon, Round 7”. I’m not sure they’re counting properly. It’s hovering right around freezing now, so I guess it’s time to go and dig out the car.

Commuters up and down the East Coast began the all-too-familiar task of digging out cars, shoveling sidewalks and slogging and slipping through a treacherous morning commute on Thursday after a drawn-out storm dumped more than a foot of snow in some areas overnight, heaping more misery on a region that has been hit by one snowstorm after another.

The storm started Wednesday with icy mix but overnight gave a wallop of heavy blowing snow in many places, stranding thousands of airplane passengers and leaving more than 400,000 customers in and around the nation’s capital without power.

Since Dec. 14, snow has fallen eight times on the New York region — or an average of about once every five days. That includes the blizzard that dropped 20 inches on New York City and paralyzed travel after Christmas. When the snows arrived Wednesday, the city had already seen 36 inches of snow this season in comparison with the full-winter average of 21 inches.
Through Tuesday, Boston had received 50.4 inches of snow, a nearly 270 percent increase over normal snowfalls of 18.8 inches at the same time in the season. The central Massachusetts city of Worcester had gotten 49.3 inches while the norm is 28.7 inches. Providence, R.I., had recorded 31.7 inches for the season, twice the norm of 15.7 inches.

Damn that Global Warming!

We have another storm forecast for Friday into Saturday. Oh joy.


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Stouffer’s Lasagna…

Last week my wife either insulted me or pointed out that I’ve not been cooking.

She brought home a frozen Stouffer’s Lasagna.

It’s an insult, I tell you!

So she baked it, and I tried some of it. Blahhh!!

Good if all you like is pasta, a little bit of cheese, and lots of unidentified red sauce. No meat, no veggies, nothing else. Couldn’t even taste any garlic.

If she wanted me to cook my signature lasagna, she should have just asked instead of wasting money on that crap. (A waste it was too… I just threw out the leftovers of it...1/3rd of the pan. The cats wouldn’t even touch it.)

So now I’m cooking up my lasagna. Based on the old ‘New Better Homes Cookbook’ recipe, as opposed to the new ‘New Better Homes Cookbook’. The difference? The new ‘New BHCB’ pretty much eschews things like eggs. Don’t want to promote cholesterol. The recipes therefore suck. I’m sorry I wasted money on the new ‘New Better Homes Cookbook’.

Anyway, my recipe is based on the old ‘New Better Homes’ recipe. My changes are to double the onions and garlic, add a 1/2lb of sautéed mushrooms, and green peppers. I also only use fresh ground pork. How do I know if it is fresh? I buy my pork from Jean every Saturday at the local farmer’s market. That pork was on the hoof a couple of days before I bought it.

If anyone is really interested, I’ll post my recipe. I’m just blogging about this because my wife either insulted me, or nudged me into cooking again. Or both.


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I am so dizzy, my head is spinning

Let’s Get Twisted


Here’s a link to a great little web page about spiral staircases around the world. Awesome pictures.

Need more? Another page has more modern designs, including stairs you can go up in a wheelchair, and a staircase with a slide on the side for the kids. Which is the most totally awesome idea ever!!!

Still looking to step up? 18 more here. I think the suspension stairs at “Godzilla House” are gorgeous, and the triangular ones at that house in New Zealand are nearly as impressive. Triangular tubing should make for a very sturdy stair, but I’d recommend end caps for them unless you want the birds and the bees nesting inside.

This is a post for Peiper, who had his own fun little adventure with spiral stairs, just to let him know that the video came out fine and that I’ve IDed the building.


Grove Place in Nursling, UK. Naughty Pieper sneaks up the forbidden tower stairs. Film at 11.


Lunch is served in the dining hall restaurant.

Sucks to have a castle, don’t it?


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Math Fun


Not exactly the best answer for the algebra test.


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some stupid stuff and a couple of nice photos and my usual anger.

One of those icy chill days, haven’t seen the sun in ... ?  Which is ok cos I can see photos of it if need be.
Also a pretty dull and boring day with lots I could post I guess.  Another case of some slime ball rapist who managed the system so well he collected thousands for wrongful arrest after raping a woman. Then when he got into trouble again and was let loose guess what he did. Yeah. And his victim was a five year old girl. He also tried to kill her but failed and when found in a pool of her blood, he wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Hang on, I forgot, he got 12 years for the little girl rape, came out after serving 6, and did it again to another victim.
You can see why Peiper is perpetually pissed off.  What has prison taught this low life EVIL SHIT! If you want to see the whole sorry mess that passes for a justice system.  I don’t go out looking for those things. Not my idea of fun reading. But it’s pretty damn hard to ignore when it’s in your face. And it’s sickening.

Then there are stupidities like this article although not in the same league as the previous.
Apparently, millions upon millions of dollars, the paper says TENS of millions, have been spent on initiatives that are forcing organizations to PROVE that they are not discriminating against minorities.  Imagine that. This falls under the new “equality legislation.”
Read this.  Government accused of wasting millions on bizarre equality drives

I can’t imagine how the following might work. If you were your doctor’s only patient, perhaps between tea breaks it might work. So are you supposed to wait by your computer for a reply and how long?  Take a look at this. A reminder that over here, a doctor’s surgery is an office. Not a place where surgery is performed.

Patients could be told to email their doctor after assessing their symptoms at home rather than visiting in person, under proposals to free up GP’s surgeries.
Wouldn’t that be dangerous? But on the bright side, the fall out may well keep lawyers in high cotton. Ya think?

A school in Exeter, Eng. has sent a 13 year old boy home informing him that his hair was cut too short. He would only be allowed back if he sat in an Exclusion Zone. Does that beat all? In another case at the same school, they made another boy wear a wig because his hairstyle was “unsuitable.”
It probably was seeing some of the ridiculous things some kids think are cool. But hair too short?  Unfortunately, no photos provided by the paper so who knows? But how can hair be too short for school?

A mugger has demanded that prison authorities compensate him for a lost games console worth about $1500, because it was lost when they transfered him to solitary for bad behavior. They didn’t allow him to collect all his property before the transfer. He’s suing.

There is sooooooo much more I could add but will end this with news for the USA, for a change.

A very large company (SERCO) here in the UK, with interests in it seems, everything, and who btw collects our trash every week, runs trains and prisons and god only knows what else, is in a two billion dollar bid to run US security giant, SRA International.
I just thought it interesting.

Here are a couple of photos I shot in calm weather during summer. Sort of helps and I get to share scenes of the area we live in. This being only a few miles away. Six to be closer to the truth.

The photos were shot on Stockbridge Downs overlooking the village which you can’t see much of in these pix. Lilly Langtry visited the village spending some time with a married man who at the time just happened to be The King of England. Somewhere in my files I have the pix of their meeting place in Stockbridge. Very pretty.




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