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calendar   Monday - December 20, 2010

Harry Potter actress threatened with honor killing for dating a non-muslim. rop. uh huh. right.

Why do these medieval creeps insist on immigrating to a western country that does not abide by their backward , controlling religion.
She’s too frightened to go to court and so the slimy scum will simply get away with their abuse. Figures.

These folks will NEVER change. Ever. That’s ok except, they’ll keep coming here bringing their twisted thinking with them.

Harry Potter actress was ‘beaten and branded a prostitute by her family after dating man who was not a Muslim’

By Daily Mail Reporter

A Harry Potter actress was beaten, called a ‘slag’ and threatened with death by members of her family after she met a young man who was not a Muslim, a court heard today.
Victim Afshan Azad, 22, played Padma Patil, a classmate of the teenage wizard, in the blockbuster Hollywood films based on the children’s books by JK Rowling.

She was assaulted and branded a ‘prostitute’ after meeting a young Hindu man, a relationship which brought anger from her father, Abul Azad, 53, and brother, Ashraf, 28, Manchester Crown Court heard.

The frightened star, who has featured in four of the popular films, later fled through her bedroom window after threats were made to kill her.
But despite attempts to get her to come to court for the trial of her father and brother, Miss Azad, who is believed to be living with friends in London, would not attend voluntarily, the court was told.

‘The father, having been awoken from his slumbers, with his son shouting: “Sort out your daughter! She’s a slag!”
He continued to further assault her, in disputed Bengali, shouting, “Just kill her!”

‘The assault continued. There was a discussion where she was being called a prostitute.’
The threats to kill her apparently continued, the witness told police in a statement.

Reading from the victim’s statement, Mr Vardon added: ‘My father began saying he would do it, a reference to kill her, as he did not want his sons to have her blood on their hands and he would do time for it.
‘Then she began to feel very scared.

more plus photos


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slow but sure, the french are waking up and don’t like what is happening in their country

Let me count the ways I HATE the left. I’ve got to a point I don’t think I even like my left hand except I need the damn thing for typing.
Yes, it’s the season of good will towards men and all that.  Well ... not from me it isn’t.  I am not that civilized and not sorry about that either.
In fact, I despise the left in all seasons. 

So here we have a group of people who recognize the menace presented by militant islam. But the left objects to them even having an opinion much less a conference on the subject. 
I do not wish them well and do not have good will towards anyone who is even blushing left.

Paris conference targets ‘Islamization’ of Europe

PARIS (AP) — About 150 people protested Saturday outside the site of a conference in Paris organized to criticize the “Islamization” of Europe.

Protesters held banners reading “United Against Islamophobia” and “Fascists, get out of our neighborhoods.” Socialist Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe had asked police to ban the conference, but police allowed it to go forward under surveillance.

The conference was organized by several French groups, including nationalist political group Bloc Identitaire, that frequently complain about what they see as Islam’s growing influence over traditional French values. France has Western Europe’s largest Muslim population.

Several hundred people attended the conference, which also was broadcast over the Internet.

“Resistance against Islamization is alive. Nothing can stop it!” Bloc Identitaire wrote in a statement about the conference on its website.

Several speakers came from outside France. Oskar Freysinger, a lawmaker with the nationalist Swiss People’s Party, arrived wearing a bulletproof vest and accompanied by bodyguards. Freysinger had campaigned last year to ban the construction of minarets in Switzerland — a law that drew international condemnation when voters approved it in defiance of a government recommendation.

At the lunch break, organizers served wine and pork sausage — typical products of France that are shunned by many Muslims. Alcohol and pork are forbidden by Islam.


Well at least some French are waking up and have noticed something smells quite bad. A few million unwashed muzzies. GAK!


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bmews thanks at christmas, to those away and those never returning.

While I do sincerely wish all here at BMEWS a Merry Christmas and Happy/Healthy New Year, I got to thinking about a few people who may have been left out.


original image design by ZWANI.COM

Our thanks as well to many soldiers of the coalition who have paid the ultimate price.  In some cases it may be that their home country was shamed or talked into joining the effort in a war against folks who barely rise to the level of human beings.  But the fact remains that mothers and fathers lost sons and in some cases daughters as well. And so our thanks is due.  As well, we need to give a thought to the many who have returned home minus parts of them they had when they left home.



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calendar   Sunday - December 19, 2010

London has become the “tuberculosis capital of Europe.

Temperatures set to hit record low of -26C in England as forecasters predict freezing countdown to Christmas

By Daily Mail Reporter

· Mercury could plunge to -26.1C this week
· Christmas getaway chaos as Heathrow stays closed
· Transport carnage as petrol tanker topples on M25
· Coalition accused of not being prepared for big freeze

Forecasters are predicting that the lowest temperature ever recorded in England could be broken this week.
They suggest that the record low of -26.1C could be topped as the snow and bad weather caused air and road chaos across the country.
While they say that their prediction is a cautious one, the winter solstice this coming Tuesday is said to increase the chance as the sun is at its lowest point in the sky.

And that’s the GOOD NEWS.

Take a look at this scary report.

London ‘the TB capital of Europe’

London has become the “tuberculosis capital of Europe” due largely to immigration, according to a paper published today in The Lancet.
By Stephen Adams, Medical Correspondent

Britain is now the only Western European country with rising rates of tuberculosis, according to the paper, with more than 9,000 cases now diagnosed annually.

Four in 10 cases are diagnosed within London, with cases rising by nearly 50 per cent since 1999, from 2,309 to 3,450.

Doctors suspect these numbers underestimate the true extent of the problem by almost a third.
“Victorian” living conditions among migrants are behind the rise, said Prof Alimuddin Zumla of University College London, a tuberculosis expert.
Prolonged, close contact with a person with “active” TB is generally required for infection to occur.
Prof Zumla wrote: “The increase in the number of tuberculosis cases in the UK has largely been in non-UK born groups; in 2009, these were black African (28 per cent), Indian (27 per cent), and white (10 per cent).”
But it appears many people are now becoming infected here, rather than bringing it in from their countries of origin.
“Interestingly many of these cases were not in new migrants; 85 per cent of individuals born overseas had lived in the UK for two or more years,” he said.
Tuberculosis was “common in London boroughs that are relatively deprived”, he noted.
“Poor housing, inadequate ventilation, and overcrowding —conditions prevalent in Victorian Britain —are causes of the higher tuberculosis incidence rates in certain London boroughs.”
Tuberculosis was known as “the white plague” during Victorian times, as it causes a deathly pallor in its sufferers.


It’s late and I’m knackered as the Brits say ....
Bye for now but Stay Tuned ....


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the larry king replacement and a touch of eye candy

I may as well start with this cos it’s a kind of mix between eye candy and entertainment news.  The news part prolly will not interest BMEWS readers except that I found a tie in to the one of the eye candies and the subject of ...

He’s the guy replacing Larry King who, to be very honest I hardly ever watched. On occasion I used to depending on who he was interviewing. I know King became a kind of iconic figure but I always thought he fawned a lot and just couldn’t get into his program.

So ... Piers Morgan is a Brit who once was an editor of some newspaper here. I don’t think it was a major one .... can’t now recall.  He got canned as I understand it, for publishing something before he had the facts at hand and it caused some kind of bru-haha. Shows ya how interested I am.
He has a column, I guess you can call it a column, in one of the Sunday supplement magazines that come with one of our papers.
Mr. Morgan likes to write about the celebs he encounters.  I met, I spoke to, I had lunch with the fabulous, etc.  I understand he’s a likable chap however. But I wouldn’t know not having ever seen him.  Read him now and again and haven’t a clue why as I’m really not interested in his subject matter. It’s not a personal thing but an age thing. Mine. I’m well past the demographic he writes for.

This is he.  And he is recently married to this doll, who is Telegraph journalist Celia Walden.  I think he also bought her dad’s mansion btw. She is an excellent writer but I mostly read her on occasion cos she’s so damn pretty.


This is Piers and Celia for a Harpers Bazaar spread a while back.


Now it happens boys and girls that Piers is a huge Twitter fan. I know that cos he wrote about it today.  He also mentioned that he wanted to interview a lady I’d never heard of, which won’t surprise you, since I never heard of most of the ppl I run across in the news.  My last pin up girl was Goldie Hawn so all these new ladies are a real treat.  Tho I think Goldie in her prime was sexier simply because she didn’t slap you in the face with her appeal. Oh right. Ann Margaret. Hafta mention her.

OK ... here’s the lady he mentioned in today’s column. He said he tweeted that he would love to have her on his new show in the USA and she saw it and answered him saying yes.  Ain’ the net wonderful?





Be all that as it may .....  I wasn’t even looking for this when I tripped over it on the way to someplace else.

-Piers Morgan the “Obnoxious Brit” to Replace Larry King

At first glance it doesn’t make sense, to replace integrity-driven, iconic Larry King with Piers Morgan. But give it a minute and it all sinks in. The days of truth and integrity are past - oh, they had a good, long run, but Americans have told broadcasters they want something more up-to-date and reflective of these new times on their plate: British sarcasm. Hey, it worked to jump-start American Idol so it might work with “Piers Morgan Tonight”, debuting in January. Sure, Piers has over 20 years of journalism under his belt, but he’s got something else that doesn’t take any experience - it comes with the package as it pops out of the womb: nasty, tacky sarcasm. He’s sure to attack most every guest to step into his show, but unlike Larry King the attacks will not be intellectually driven. Piers will just simply disagree for the sake of disagreeing , and hope it will start a fight with his naive guest and boost ratings. After all, it would be rather boring to watch a reality-based, intellectual interview that while very informative lacked the entertainment value of insult and conflict. Good luck, Piers. We don’t think your show will make it to summer 2011.

Mr. Morgan I am given to understand, makes a point of answering his critics.
If any of you folks happen upon his new show when it starts, drop me a line here and tell me if the critic above had it right.


Check out this adorable full figure blond I just discovered! Her name is Jessica Simpson.



WOW!  There really is a Jessica Simpson. 



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calendar   Saturday - December 18, 2010

Christmas Greetings To All

Hope you liked the cards!

Peiper got me started on them, and I kept the subscription going.

If you didn’t get a card, it only means you haven’t posted a comment recently. I just sifted through my Inbox, which I do empty out every once in a while. So forgive me if I missed you, and have yourself a wonderful Christmas anyway.

I do not know if I will get much chance to blog this coming week. Busy busy busy as the season crescendos. But I’ll try. Now I have a party to go to, work to do tomorrow, 2 nights of bowling coming up ... blah blah blah ... and I’ve got to whip that mouse into shape and get it going on some online shopping.




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Now That’s Hot

Vindaloo, Baby!

Remember that Vindaloo recipe video I posted a while back? This one?

4 bay leaves
1 tsp black mustard seed
1 tsp fenugreek seed
1 tsp black peppercorns
1 tsp green cardomom seed

grind these together into a fine powder

4 chopped green chilis
2 tsp salt
2 tsp coriander pwdr
1 tsp cumin pwder
1/2 tsp ground clove
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp tumeric
1 tsp hot chili powder

mix it all up, then add the other powdered spices

add 4 tbs white vinegar to moisten the mixture

4 breasts o chicken, cut up in 1/2” cubes. Or 1.5lb pork
spread paste on meat, cover and marinate

2 onions rough diced
3 chopped tomatoes or 1 big can?
boil 3 chopped potatoes until tender

fry onions in 2tbs ghee or sweet butter for 5 minutes until golden

more ghee in pan. Stir fry meat for 5 minutes. Add tomatoes and onions. Add 150ml water, stir, boil, cover and simmer for 20 minutes.

I made the recipe again, only this time with fresh spices from Penzey’s.  It was fine when I made it last time, but it seemed a little thin, and a little mild. So I made a double recipe, except that instead of 4x2=8 green chilis, I used 2 rather large jalapenos, seeded and mashed. And instead of 1x2=2 tsp hot chili powder, I used 4 generous teaspoons of freshly ground cayenne. This is not the lame weak kneed stuff McCormack’s sells in the grocery store. It’s the real deal.

And the spice mix was too damn hot. So I added in another generous teaspoon of tumeric, coriander, fenugreek, cardamom, and mustard seed to balance it out. And just a little more salt. And then a little more fenugreek. Then a little more tumeric. That seemed right. The spice paste was looking a bit dry at that point, so I wet it down with about a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. And I used olive oil instead of ghee for browning the onions.

I used 2 typically gigantic American skinless whole chicken breasts with back meat, so I’m guessing that was at least 2 pounds of meat. Maybe more like 3. Guess they smaller chickens in the UK. The meat got 4 hours marinading along with 1/2 chopped onion, then into the pan with the leftover onion juices and oil. While that was warming up and starting to sizzle, I quickly parboiled most of a bag of frozen okra slices, 2 sliced zucchinis, half a pound of halved carrot medallions, a rough diced yellow onion, and a julienned red pepper, green pepper, and a yellow pepper. Add a can of drained chick peas and a whole bag of frozen stir fry vegetables. Throw it all together, get it simmering, and add a large can of diced tomatoes with their liquid. Then 2 cans of coconut milk along with 1 1/2 cups of water.

This makes a really large pot of curry; my biggest chicken 12” frying skillet was filled right to the brim. For once, it’s a Drew dish that isn’t just meat and spices. There is plenty of veg going on. I should have used my giant pasta/lobster boiling pot. Simmer for about 45 minutes until it reduces somewhat, then serve over rice. Spice gruel will stick to the bottom of the pot, so stir often and scrape it up.

imageRemember this pic of Al Gore breathing fire? (I can’t find the animated one with the puppy) I know what he had for lunch! This is very potent curry, about as hot as I want to go. And I’m a Thai food junkie. But it isn’t just hot. There is a significant depth of flavor here because of the larger quantity of fresh spices. The coconut milk adds a note of sweetness too. It makes curry for 10 or 12, so I guess I know what I’ll be eating for most of the coming week!

Woo doggies, it’s hot though. Makes my cheeks sweat! And goes great with a couple bottles of Blue Moon white ale. Yumm! I gotcha Globull Warmin right here Al: say Ah!

PS - once again, the entire house smells like an Indian restaurant. Wow. Nearly 24 hours later, just walking in the front door is almost like a physical assault. Love it!!

Yes, I guess shy, retiring, sensitive tastebud types could go with less cayenne. 1 spoonful maybe. And only 1 jalapeno. And you’ll get a really rich Vindaloo without killer heat, which most people will find more enjoyable. But I like the fire along with the flavor.


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Version 5 of the DREAM act is up for a vote in the legislature today. It’s not too late to make a phone call and send an email to voice your opinion.

Michelle Malkin is all over this, so go to her blog and read.




Senator Reid has filed cloture of the House-passed version of the DREAM Act, setting up a vote this Saturday as the lame-duck session continues. Stunningly, it is fifth version introduced in the Senate in just over 2 months. Not one of the versions has received committee process. In fact, the House bill was introduced just one day prior to passage. Further, Senator Reid filled the tree, and won’t allow any amendments to the bill.

Though the DREAM Act would grant mass amnesty, the lack of hearings and committee process means the public and the Senate have not had time to analyze the proposal. The Congressional Budget Office says that the DREAM Act is expected to add more than $5 billion to the federal deficit—a figure that will grow given that the CBO fails to take into account a multitude of factors, such as the resulting litigation, fraud, and chain migration.

In addition to immediately placing an estimated 1–2 million illegal aliens on a path to citizenship (a number expected to grow since the bill has neither a cap nor a sunset), the DREAM Act will give them access to federal student loans and federal work-study programs. The bill allows illegal aliens to get legal status indefinitely by simply claiming they have a high school diploma or GED, and even opens eligibility to those with multiple criminal convictions.

This is bad news. Really bad news.

If you don’t know who or where to call, you can get the numbers HERE. This bill is in the SENATE, so your state’s TWO Senators are the folks you want to contact. If that link is overwhelmed, you can GOOGLE up your Senator’s contact info: “[your state] senators contact information” works great. They all have homepages with phone numbers and email addresses.

This is a dirty bill, a venomous last minute lame duck bit of nasty from Harry Reid. Get it defeated ASAP.


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calendar   Friday - December 17, 2010

Horry Clap

You won’t find this one in WikiLeaks.

Kosovo. Remember the Bosnian Conflict? Remember how the beautiful city of Sarajevo, home of the Winter Olympics just a few years before, was destroyed in a 3 year sieige? Remember how Clinton started bombing the day that the Monica thing shifted into high gear?


remains of Olympic Village in Sarajevo after the seige

Remember how we had to go over there and fight - don’t worry, our troops will be Home By Christmas™ - and support those poor muslims who were being murdered in wholesale lots ethnically cleansed?

Heck, a couple years later I even read a work of fiction by a famous author on the whole conflict that agreed with that meme, so it must all be true. Right?

Well ... funny thing. Gates of Vienna says that, not only were the muzzies the guilty parties who started it, they were all part of the sickest and cruelest kind of organized crime group ever, dealing in drugs, slaves, guns, and human organs. And now, decades later their leader has been elected to Prime Minister. GoV also says that every top person in our government knew exactly what the situation was then.

They — our government — knew the KLA were criminals running the drug, slave, and weapons rackets throughout Europe. They knew the KLA was supported by Osama bin Laden (with whom Thaçi met personally in Tirana in 1998 to plan the jihad in Kosovo, according to the former head of Albanian intelligence), the Iranians, the Saudis, the Turks, and other supporters of an Islamic re-re-conquest of the Balkans. And we supported them anyway, shredding every rule of law and decency in the process.

One can’t help but wonder how many times we have to be hit over the head before it begins to sink in that America’s intervention in Kosovo was based on a pack of lies from the start. The “accepted” narrative of Kosovo as the great success story parades under the headline: U.S. and NATO Allies Nobly Stepped in to Stop Genocide by Evil Serbs. The reality was U.S. Dragged NATO Allies Kicking and Screaming Into Support for Muslim Mafia Committing Genocide Against Christian Serbs.

Go read the rest, and follow the links. Pretty damn scary.

More than a decade later, our troops are still there. Hey Mr. President, since you now have Clinton talking for you, why don’t you return the favor and fulfill his promise? Make this Christmas that Christmas.


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No Tickee, No Santa!


Chinese police break up a group of nearly 100 foreigners taking part in SantaCon - a worldwide event that sees people don Santa’s familiar red suit and white-brimmed hat and make merry in cities around the world - in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China on December 11, 2010. The Santas were ejected from Tiananmen Square. (STR/AFP/Getty Images) #


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New Stevie!


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update on yestyerday’s update … illegal scum allowed to stay

I recently did a ranting post on justice or lack thereof, in regard to a couple of cases here in the UK.

I can’t let go of this story. It bothers me that much.

And just for the official record.
I would hate this miserable and worthless pile of useless shit if he were a WASP.  The crime isn’t worse because he belongs to a protected minority, it’s sadder and it’s worse because it did not have to end with the painful, lingering death of a 12 year old girl.
The more I see this kind of thing, the more convinced I am that nothing short of a police force with the powers of a Gestapo will bring relief and order and an end to this sort of madness.

There needs to be wholesale slaughter of the left.  Examples made publicly to reinforce the idea that criminality will not be tolerated, nobody will be called Mister in jail, the reinstatement of the death penalty with NO appeal in cases like this one.  Lawyers wanting to defend scum like this shot dead.  The closing of borders to more immigration except for highly skilled.  Current prisoners being held for violent crimes to be eliminated. 
An END to political asylum.  ALL illegals deported or shot. Choice is theirs and only five minutes to decide.  Churchmen who think hiding illegals a good thing, eliminated.  It’s a start.  But of course we all know full well it won’t happen. Well, maybe if some libtard judges and politicians become victims, but what needs to be done will not be done and so look for more stories like this very sad and depressing case.

I was and like many others here, am still angered and outraged that an originally illegal immigrant with a long criminal record, has been given the freedom to settle in this country.  As bad, he killed that little girl and received only four months in jail. Four months for a man who wiped out the future of a little kid.

He was not even supposed to be driving in the first place, having already been in trouble for unlicensed driving, driving minus ins. and other offenses.
But the miserable muslim bastard took no notice of course because no doubt western infidel laws don’t apply to him.

Well anyway, as already reported his human (?) rights have to be protected and so he won’t be deported. I can not help but wonder if he’s now on benefits.

After leaving jail he was right back to his old tricks again. And why not?  He’s beaten the system thus far, and the system has been found to have no teeth.

Here’s a partial update to my update and the rest is at the link as always. My blood still boils over this case. Read the Prime Minister’s letter at the link as well. It won’t make anyone feel any better. The gremlins really do have the upper hand, and as Pat Condell points out with regularity, these bastards are on a roll.
Take a look at this.

It actually starts in 2001 when the slimy muslim filth snuck into this country as an illegal.


2002:  Caution for criminal damage.

Jan. 2003:  Fined for driving without insurance, license or vehicle registration.

June 2003: Six month ban for the same offenses.

Oct. 2003:  Banned for further nine months for driving without ins. license, and bad tire tread.

Nov. 2003: Driving while banned, he kills girl. He is sentenced to four months in prison.

2004:  Convicted of possession of cannabis.

2005:  Caution for burglary and theft.

2006:  Convicted of driving while disqualified and without insurance. Given two year supervision order, banned from driving for three years and given a curfew.

2009:  Convicted of harassment.



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Now What?

Some Expensive Spending Bill Passes

Oh thank goodness, the federal government won’t have to shut down.

Yay!!  Evil Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich® Saved

Yay!!  Inheritance Tax cut off line doubled

Boo!! Bill will add another trillion in debt

Change You Can Believe In™: NADA!!


The measure would extend existing tax cuts for families at every income level, renew jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed and enact a new one-year cut in Social Security taxes that would benefit nearly every worker who earns a wage.

The bill was passed just before midnight Thursday in a remarkable show of bipartisanship in the House, despite objections from some Democrats, who wanted to impose a higher estate tax than the one Obama agreed to. The vote was 277-148, with each party contributing an almost identical number of votes in favor—the Democrats 139 and the Republicans 138.

In a rare reach across party lines, Obama negotiated the $858 billion package with Senate Republicans. The White House then spent the past 10 days persuading congressional Democrats to go along, providing a possible blueprint for the next two years, when Republicans will control the House and hold more seats in the Senate.

The extended tax cuts include lower rates for the rich, the middle class and the working poor, a $1,000-per-child tax credit, tax breaks for college students and lower taxes on capital gains and dividends. The bill also extends through 2011, a series of business tax breaks designed to encourage investment that expired at the end of 2009.

Workers’ Social Security taxes would be cut by nearly a third, going from 6.2 percent to 4.2 percent, for 2011. A worker making $50,000 in wages would save $1,000; one making $100,000 would save $2,000.

“This legislation is good for growth, good for jobs, good for working and middle class families, and good for businesses looking to invest and expand their work force,” said Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

Some Democrats complained that the package is too generous to the wealthy; Republicans complained that it doesn’t make all the tax cuts permanent.

Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, R-Fla., called it “a bipartisan moment of clarity.”

The bill’s cost, $858 billion, would be added to the deficit, a sore spot among budget hawks in both parties.

“I know that we are going to borrow every nickel in this bill,” Hoyer lamented.

At the insistence of Republicans, the plan includes an estate tax that would allow the first $10 million of a couple’s estate to pass to heirs without taxation. The balance would be subject to a 35 percent tax rate.

Ok, I’m a little bit confused here. Malkin is crowing that “omniporkulus is dead”. Really? Than what is this bill that got passed? Is it not the 2000 page fattened kine that was loaded down with thousands and thousands of earmarks that had everyone up in arms over the past week and a half? Same message at Hot Air and at NRO. So the earmark crap was an extension to this little spending bill?

Great, the Pomeroy Amendment failed. That’s the one that would have raised estate taxes sky high. Good. Estate taxes are evil, and purely wrong. Outside of Chicago, “no taxation without representation” should apply, and the dead aren’t represented. Besides, whatever money they have accrued has been taxed at least once already. Probably thrice already if they’ve got anything in capital gains. But what about the rest of the bill? Where is the austerity? Somebody - was it DeMint? - was threatening to read the whole thing out loud. Would that be the first time it’s been read? Does anyone know what’s in this measure? I sure don’t.

On the other hand, the the happy one, the far left must be going apoplectic right about now. Obama pushed really really hard, and got his lame duck Democrats who still control the House and Senate, to not only extend the Bush tax cuts for another year, but to hold the line on estate taxes even after their endless class warfare harangue on those who have made it. So in a nutshell nutroots, here is the Change You Can Believe In:  NOTHING AT ALL. When it comes down to the wire, The great Lord Obama, his holy ONEness, is actually BUSH III. Suck it, hippies. Even your radical progressive narcissist in chief statist, that Kenyan illegal alien, The Voice of Something New, is just business as usual in DC. Next thing you know, he’ll start bombing Bosnia.

And I hear there is something in this bill about We The Little People being allowed to direct the investment of 2% of the money we’ve ponzied into Social Security? Or is there just a “tax holiday” on SS for a year? Not up to speed on that aspect either.

But it looks to me like those wins still came with another huge loss: this entire spending package, whatever it is - is it a budget, a stimulus, an emergency carry-over spending plan??? - is going to be paid for with money we don’t have. Which will push the nation further into debt. Doesn’t anyone in Washington, DC listen? STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DO NOT HAVE!

DREAM ACT and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell up for vote on Saturday

... and around we go again!


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calendar   Thursday - December 16, 2010

muzzie prayers on the streets of poor le belle france, and pat condell on america. worrisome

I thought I was oughtta here an hour ago but ..... funny thing happened on the way to bed and book.  I got sidetracked and read this site,

Sharia Isn’t Creeping Anymore. It’s Galloping!

Eurabia Watch Special Report and saw a video there > muslims at prayer in Paris street which is 4 and a half minutes long.  Not too much happening, a bit boring and the video a little jerky in places.  So why am I leaving a link to it here?

Because in spite of the few flaws I mentioned, it isn’t intended as entertainment. But it is damned well instructive.

I mentioned this lady the other day and posted .... but you might want to read some more.

H/T Family Security Matters

Sharia Isn’t Creeping Anymore. It’s Galloping!

Eurabia Watch Special Report
Paris, 14 December 2010

Muslim Street Prayers in France: From Secret to Sacred

How did Muslim prayer in French streets go from a well-kept secret to a cause célèbre in less than a week? Maxime Lepante has posted some 40 videos of outdoor Muslim prayers in France. Streets are blocked, often with the help of law enforcement, prayer rugs are stretched out, and the prostration begins.

Lepante traces the swift expansion of these open air mosques that encroach on the rights of citizens to walk or drive down a public street, enter and leave their buildings, hear themselves think in their own homes or, we might add, feel like they are living in Paris, France!

On the latest video, posted on the 11th of December, we learn that loudspeakers have been added … the better to broadcast the call. After tallying 28,000 hits in 55 hours, the YouTube video was branded “hate speech” and removed.

With one rare exception, mainstream French media never even mentioned these weekly illegal prayer meetings in the streets of French towns and cities. Suddenly (“A vous de juger,” France 2, December 9) Marine Le Pen--daughter and hopeful heir apparent to the leader of the Front National—broke the sound barrier. The snarling Jean-Marie Le Pen somehow fathered an intelligent, personable young daughter who apparently hopes to lead the crotchety old “far right” down the reformist path followed by similar movements in other European countries. Is she sincere?

Concluding a rundown of her program for a new improved Front National—withdrawal from the European Union, the eurozone, and the global economy—Marine Le Pen called for résistance against the Islamization of France. Stockholm’s Christmas shahid didn’t ignite one tenth of the indignation provoked by Marine Le Pen’s analysis of creeping sharia, encroaching niqab, and in-your- face prayers in French streets. Political figures big and small, right and left, lined up to take a shot at her. Quoi? She likened the street prayers to an “Occupation”! Aha! She’s a branch from the father’s rotten tree.

We had the veil, more and more veils; then the burqa, and now prayers in the street. “Of course they didn’t come with tanks and soldiers, but it’s still an Occupation

The link at the top will take you to the site and the video. Meant for a French audience, there is even a Pat Condell video with French subtitles.
Here’s the YT version minus the sub titles and I don’t think I posted this before.  At first I thought it looked familiar. But as it played, I wasn’t so certain.
About half way through or maybe less, he addresses his remarks towards America and oh boy.
If you haven’t seen this one yet .... pay attention to his warnings for us.


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