Sarah Palin is allowed first dibs on Alaskan wolfpack kills.

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oh darn

Barack is very disappointed with me!

I only scored 24 on the Obama Test


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My reply to Peiper

Hi again Peiper!

Liked your pilfered post from Vilmar

You chose 1812… talk about a hanging curve ball…

Only time I’ve seen the War of 1812 on ice!


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Recent unclassified files show…

Recent unclassified files show the disproportionate influence that the Captain and Tennille have on the future…


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The Most Awesome Solar Eclipse You’ll Ever See

Saturn eclipses the Sun

Bonus: Earth is in the picture. Can you find it?

This is pretty awesome wallpaper. My wife approves. She didn’t like my previous wallpaper of Sarah Michelle Gellar. I can’t imagine why? We both enjoyed Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Back to Saturn. This picture has resulted in the discovery of several new rings around your an ... er… Saturn.


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Taliban power grows the with killing of ‘dancing girl’ in Pakistan.  Dancing is un-islamic.

Bet you aren’t seeing this in the LA Times.

Nice peaceful folks those Talibanskies. 

What stone aged uncivilized lice ridden unwashed scum they are. 

Taliban underlines its growing power with killing of ‘dancing girl’ in Pakistan
Pakistan’s celebrated dancing girls are fleeing in fear of their lives as Taliban militants increase their strength in Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province.

By Dean Nelson and Emal Khan in Mingora
Last Updated: 4:51PM GMT 11 Jan 2009

Taliban kill local dancing girls including Shabana, one of Pakistan’s celebrated dancers. The bullet-ridden body of Shabana left in the centre of Mingora city’s Green Square sent two clear messages to the locals in the Swat Valley’s largest town: ‘unIsla
Taliban kill local dancing girls including Shabana, one of Pakistan’s celebrated dancers. The bullet-ridden body of Shabana left in the centre of Mingora city’s Green Square sent two clear messages to the locals in the Swat Valley’s largest town: ‘unIsla

The bullet-ridden body of Shabana in the centre of Mingora’s Green Square sent two clear messages to the locals in the Swat Valley’s largest town: “un-Islamic vices” will no longer be tolerated, and the Taliban is now effectively in control.

Shabana’s body was found slumped on the ground, strewn with bank notes, CDs of her dance performances and pictures from her photo album. In case anyone had not grasped the message the local Taliban commander Maulana Shah Dauran broadcast a warning on one of its FM radio stations in the valley: his men had killed her and if any other girls were found performing in the city’s Banr Bazaar they would be killed “one by one”.

This weekend the last of the bazaar’s dancing girls, many of whom had trained under Shabana’s wing and lived in her house, were seen loading their belongings on to trucks and fleeing to the relative safety of Karachi and Lahore, where their talents remain in great demand.

The banishment marks a key turning point in the battle for the Swat Valley between Taliban militants and the Pakistan Army. It followed recent orders to close down girls’ schools in the valley, shut shops selling music CDs and films, and edicts on barbers to stop shaving beards.

The performances of the dancing girls in Banr Bazaar had been one of the city’s last “vices”, but in the narrow street where, until last week, they plied their trade, signs were posted on doors stating: “We have stopped dancing, please do not knock on the door.” The street now closes at 8pm and only those who live there can leave or enter.

More than 1,000 girls have now fled, though some who remained told The Daily Telegraph that Shabana had paid the price for publicly defying the Taliban’s radio mullahs and that she had ignored personal warnings to stop the performances and the training of young dancers in her home.

“On the eve of January 2, some men knocked at the door and asked for a dance party,” said Shabana’s father Qamar Gul. “She instantly agreed and opened the room and asked the men to wait while she prepared herself.” When she returned the four men said: “Let us start.” They seized her at gunpoint and told her they were going to slit her throat.

Shabana begged repeatedly while crying for help but they dragged her out of the house, took her to the Green Square and shot her.

Fayaz, a Banr Bazaar resident, said he had now moved to a safer part of the city, and only arranges dance events for selected known clients.

He said dancing could earn about 50,000 rupees (£415) a night, but the business was now finished. The Taliban had denounced the dancing as prostitution, he said, but only 1 per cent of the community was involved.

Farzana, a Banr Bazaar dancer who has moved to Peshawar, said: “We are here for a temporary period. We entertain only selected people and not everyone because we are threatened even in Peshawar. Several of our colleagues have already shifted to Lahore and Karachi, but Banr Street is where we opened our eyes, passed our youth and have acquaintances and fans.”

She tearfully broke into verse: “This street, this house, don’t come here again - now I have left the place, so there is no one for you.”



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A very well done video presentation.

No reason not to boot tonight I suppose and so I paid a visit to Vilmar and grabbed this link.

Thought if you folks hadn’t seen this, you might want to.
I used full screen and the quality seemed okay, but it was easier on the eyes small screen. At least for these old eyes.

15 August 2006

The United States has had to defend itself and help its neighbors for 230 years, I figured the 1812 would be a quick way to cover most of it up to this year.(NOTE- this video is best viewed on the smallest setting,located bottom right of viewer). If you know your history well then the photo montage will appeal much more.


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calendar   Saturday - January 10, 2009

No kidding

Overcrowding not a problem in North Korean prisons

Gee, I wonder why not?

Camp Rules: The 10 Commandments

1. Do not attempt to escape. The punishment is death.

2. Never gather in groups of over three people or move around without the guard’s authorization. The punishment for unauthorized movement is death.

3. Do not steal. If one steals or possesses weapons, the punishment is death. The punishment for failure to report the theft or possession of weapons is death.

4. Obey your guards. If one rebels or hits a guard, the punishment is death.

5. If you see outsiders, or suspicious-looking people, report them immediately. The punishment for abetting in the hiding of outsiders is death.

6. Keep an eye on your fellow prisoners and report inappropriate behavior without delay. One should criticize others for inappropriate behavior, and also conduct thorough self-criticism in revolutionary ideology class.

7. Fulfill your assigned duties. The punishment for rebelling against one’s duties is death.

8. Men and women may not be together outside the workplace. The punishment for unauthorized physical contact between a man and a woman is death.

9. Admit and confess your wrongdoings. The punishment for disobedience and refusal to repent is death.

10. The punishment for violating camp laws and rules is death.

No wonder these guys get along so well with the Iranians. They’re the exact same kind of scum, only the NorKs are godless scum, which might be even worse.


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Let It Snow!

So the big storm that’s hammering the northern part of the US has reached NJ. Actually, it’s been snowing all day, but not too hard. But it started coming down hard a couple hours ago. And starting to pile up. In theory it’s supposed to change over to an ice storm later. Great. Just what I wanted. So this afternoon the phone calls went out, the decision was made: bowling league got canceled tonight. My God. I never thought that would happen. Now all I have to do is figure out how to push this week forward a week in the bowling software. It’s in there somewhere, I just have to find it.

But we had to go out in the mess anyway, to fight our way up county and up Mt. Kipp so my wife could get her fingerprints taken too. Not bad. Heavy snow is one of the few times I’m glad I have an underpowered little Saturn with a stick shift. Chug chug chug, and off we go. Having a set of the best all season tires doesn’t hurt either. I’m running the Goodyear Assurance TripleTred and I can’t recommend them highly enough. These are superb tires in the rain and snow. They ride well, and they handle pretty good too. Ok, they don’t handle as good as the Continental SportContact 3s do, but those are summer tires. The Contis suck in the snow, as my wife found out this morning. Wheee, and around she went in circles. Accidentally. Lucky she avoided piling into anything.

We stopped off and picked up some meat, chips, and beer, so it can snow for a week for all I care. We got the Leinenkugel variety pack. I’m sure all my Wisconsin readers are laughing at this, but Leinies are new to NJ. It’s rare and unusual beer here! And I’ve got to say that several of their varieties are really nice. Their Sunset Wheat is smooth drinking. The Red is pretty nice too, as is the Honey Weiss. But the flavor king of the whole bunch is their Fireside Nut Brown. Wow! It actually tastes like it was made with toasted nuts. And since it’s a Leine, there’s actually beer in the beer. We’ve been drinking the various Sam Adams flavors for a few years now, and while they are quite tasty, they seem to have little or no punch. Leinenkugel beer: the other thing Chippewa Falls is famous for.

I hope you are all home warm, dry, and safe. This might turn out to be the big storm of the season. Damn that Al Gore and his rotten Global Warming!


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No, it’s not an official “Family Circus” strip. I found this out on the net somewhere.



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Speaking of getting a bigger boat

USS George H.W. Bush Commissioned Today


“Freedom At Work”


Hampton Roads Virginia - President George W. Bush is aboard the USS George H.W. Bush, a new aircraft carrier named after the president’s father — the ultimate honor for a decorated Navy pilot from World War II.

With just days left in his presidency, Bush joined his father, now 84 years old, and other Bush family members at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia for the commissioning on Saturday.

The steel-gray vessel is more than three football fields long, one in the Nimitz class of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers that are the largest warships on the world. Its price tag is just as hefty: $6.2 billion.

The elder Bush paid an unexpected visit to the warship on Friday to tour his namesake.

The president’s son, President Bush, will speak as the Navy commissions the 1,092-foot CVN-77, which will be named the USS George H.W. Bush.

“The president is honored to participate in the commissioning of the USS George H.W. Bush both as the commander in chief and as a proud son,” White House spokesman Carlton F. Carroll told The Washington Times.

On Friday, workers finished the last details on the nuclear-powered carrier, which towers 20 stories above the waterline and has a flight deck width of 252 feet. More than 10,000 people are expected to attend the 11 a.m. event Saturday, according to Navy officials.

Dorothy “Doro” Bush Koch, the former president’s daughter, will give the order to “man our ship and bring her to life,” following tradition.

God Bless this ship and all who sail upon her.

Gosh, ten thousand plus people went to see this event. Nearly six and a half billion spent on this ship. Both the President and his father in attendance. Was I sleeping? Because I didn’t see a thing about this on TV. I would have thought it would get live coverage, seeing as it’s a moment of intense national pride. But no, it’s snowing. So that’s about all that’s on the news. Fox has a story online, but it is more about the former President and some other guy named George he served with in WWII. Not what I’d expect.


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Now even police can’t object to gipsy camp in picturesque village…because it’s racist .

First of all and most important my sincere thanks to Drew and all you other nice people for the kind words of support.  My wife has read all, and has asked me to convey her thanks as well.  It all surprised us very much.  I had no idea Drew was going to do that.
It’s funny how empty a small space can be.  A large weight has been removed but ..... just but.
Thank You All.


I can’t stay away for long when I see a headline like the one here.  I had no intention of doing anything today.  But this bit of continuing total lunacy just begs posting about.  Don’t mean to bore Americans with a problem we haven’t faced yet, but I want to keep what the Brits are living with at the forefront.  You can’t begin to know without living here, how serious this is. 

Brits who have always worked, paid all their many taxes, bought their houses and obeyed all the laws, take a look at their country and see the following.
People who have done NONE of those things and most likely will not ever do those things, demand and get special treatment and expect health care and schools and God only knows what else is on their list. This is ALL of it, the work of the left wing in this country.  And I won’t even get into immigration which Lyndon has covered so well in his comments on another post.

Click on the link for photo site at the bottom.  Take a look at the site they want to use.  Kiss the place goodbye.

Last updated at 10:38 AM on 10th January 2009

Police have been told they cannot object to a planned gipsy camp in a picturesque village.

Council chiefs have ruled that the local force’s professional opinion ‘breaches the Race Relations Act’.

The decision meant that councillors considering the planning application were not told how officers had been called to another local camp 109 times in just two years.

The row centres on the tiny village of Bletsoe (population 281) in North Bedfordshire.

Early last year residents learned that the owner of a farm on the edge of the village had applied for permission to build four ‘gipsy and traveller’ pitches on his land.

They formed an association to combat the plans and were delighted when Bedfordshire police joined them by writing a letter of objection to the council.

The police’s hard-hitting letter detailed their dealings with three other gipsy sites in the county.

Over a two-year period to January 2008, officers visited the three sites a total of 210 times. One site was visited 109 times.

The police were called out to deal with reports of fights, arson, assaults, stolen vehicles, violent disorder, anti-social behaviour, theft, child abduction and use of weapons.

Chief Superintendent Andy Street wrote: ‘The numbers, and nature, of incidents are not atypical for traveller sites. The likelihood of such sites causing problems for those living in close proximity is highly probable.’

However, Bedford Borough Council refused to take the letter into consideration when deciding whether to approve the site. Officials claimed that including it in the summary given to councillors would leave the authority open to a prosecution for racial discrimination.

So they returned the letter to the police and refused to let councillors see it. As a result, the police were forced to withdraw their objection.

Bletsoe resident Colin Deas, 72, a retired businessman who grew up in the village, said: ‘It seems to me that there are some things you simply cannot say if you are talking about travellers.

‘I am sure that the police would be allowed to say there was fear of increased crime if they were talking about a new housing estate. So what’s the difference?’

Bedford’s act of censorship is the latest illustration of how politically- correct councils appear to be appointing themselves as our ‘thought police’.

Only last week the Mail revealed how nearby Mid-Bedfordshire council labelled more than 3,000 local residents of the village of Stotfold as racists when they objected to a gipsy site.

They had simply expressed worries that the site could increase traffic, cause property prices to fall or increase noise levels.

Although councillors rejected the Bletsoe traveller camp plans last year, the landowner has now appealed and the case will be heard again next month.

A spokesman for Bedford council said: ‘The police objection was treated very seriously.

‘Legal advice indicated that the objection was not a material planning consideration and should not be reported to committee. In the light of such clear advice it was considered appropriate to return the correspondence to the police.’


See More Below The Fold


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Ain’t no stopping us now

IDF just getting started

Israel tells Gazans to brace for war escalation

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Israeli forces pounded rocket-launching sites and smuggling tunnels in Gaza Saturday and planes dropped leaflets warning of an escalation in attacks, as Palestinian militants fired at least 10 more rockets at Israel.

Egypt hosted talks aimed at ending the violence.

Flames and smoke rose over Gaza City amid the heavy fighting. The Israeli threat to launch a “new phase” in its two-week-old offensive that has already killed more than 800 Palestinians came in defiance of international calls for a cease-fire.


“The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) will escalate the operation in the Gaza Strip,” the leaflets said in Arabic. “The IDF is not working against the people of Gaza but against Hamas and the terrorists only. Stay safe by following our orders.”

The leaflets urged Gaza residents not to help Hamas, the Islamic militant group that rules Gaza, and to stay away from its members.

Israel launched the offensive on Dec. 27 to halt years of Palestinian rocket attacks on southern Israel. A week later, ground troops moved in.

The dropping of the leaflets appeared to be partly a psychological tactic. Israeli defense officials say they are prepared for a third stage of the offensive, in which ground troops would push much further into Gaza, but are still waiting for approval from the government.

The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were discussing classified information, said the army also has a fourth stage planned that calls for a full reoccupation of Gaza and toppling of Hamas.

I’m beginning to be impressed. Everyone expected Israel to back off after a couple of days. Then they expected Israel to back off after a week. Then they expected Israel to honor those calls from the Useless Nitwits for a cease fire. Even though Hamas continues to shoot missiles at them. And then they were expected to respond properly to another one of those UN resolutions. And they aren’t. At all. They just continue to pound Hamas. They just continue to ratchet up the pressure. They just continue to keep blowing up their enemies. The nerve. The gall. The audacity. I think there may be some Hope here for some actual Change. It’s about time. Keep up the push Israel. All the way to the Suez Canal. Been there, done that, doing it again.

clap  clap  clap  clap  big_israel_flag  clap  clap  clap  clap


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Not the best planning

Shoulda Bought A Bigger Boat

5 Somali Pirates drown after boat capsizes, ransom money lost

Five of the Somali pirates who released a hijacked oil-laden Saudi supertanker drowned with their share of a reported $3 million ransom after their small boat capsized, a pirate and port town resident said Saturday.

Pirate Daud Nure says the boat with eight people on board overturned in a storm after dozens of pirates left the Sirius Star following a two-month standoff in the Gulf of Aden that ended Friday.
Saudi Arabian oil minister Ali Naimi said Saturday that the crew of the Sirius Star was safe and that the tanker had left Somali territorial waters and was on its way home.
“We are very relieved to know that all the crew members are safe and I am glad to say that they are all in good health and high spirits,” said a statement by Saleh K’aki, president and CEO of Vela. “This has been a very trying time for them and certainly for their families. We are very happy to report to their families that they will be on their way home soon.”

K’aki added that the “throughout this ordeal, our sole objective was the safe and timely release of the crew. That has been achieved today.”

U.S. Navy photos released Friday showed a parachute, carrying what was described as “an apparent payment,” floating toward the tanker. The Sirius Star and its 25-member crew had been held since Nov. 15. Its cargo of crude oil was valued at US$100 million at the time.

You don’t suppose there was anything tricksy in that bundle of ransom money do you? Something that could have caused the pirate’s boat to founder? Like an IED perhaps? Nah. Couldn’t happen. It would take a real evil bastard [ like me! ] to think that one up. I mean, come on. Once these guys get the money, it goes in their boat, they release the crew, and away they go. What’s to stop that Navy photographer from taking one final picture ... through the lens of a Hellfire missile? Or, since it’s such a little boat, perhaps they temporarily ran aground. On the top of an inconvenient submarine. With a big saw blade accidentally mounted on top. Anything is possible at sea.


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calendar   Friday - January 09, 2009

And so it begins

Obama ready to talk with Hamas

Barack Obama is reportedly prepared to open communication with the Islamist organistation Hamas, in a sharp break from George W Bush’s policy of isolating the group.

The move could be initiated through the US intelligence services, sources close to the transition team have said.  Reaching out to Hamas, which has been branded a terrorist organisation by the state department, would represent a definitive break with the Bush ­presidency’s ostracising of the group, the Guardian reports. In 2006 Congress passed a law banning US financial aid to the group.

The Guardian spoke to three people with knowledge of the discussions in the Obama camp. It reports the president-elect is being urged by advisers to initiate low-level or clandestine approaches, as Washington fears existing policy of ignoring Hamas has backfired.  Richard Haass, a diplomat under both Bush presidents who could become Mr Obama’s choice for Middle East envoy, supports low-level contacts with Hamas but only if there is a ceasefire.  Another potential contender for a foreign policy role in the Obama administration told the paper that the president-elect would not be scared to break with the Bush approach.

“This is going to be an administration that is committed to negotiating with critical parties on critical issues,” the source said.

Experts said Mr Obama could avoid negative fallout from contact with Hamas by keeping the talks low-profile. This could involve using secret envoys or multilateral talks.  But one Middle East expert close to the transition team said: “It is highly unlikely that they will be public about it.”

The only way you talk with these animals is through a crystal ball. After they’re dead. And then you only say “Gee, too bad. Guess you made the wrong choices.”

Meanwhile in this very Egypt*, thousands turned out on que to protest Israel. BIG YAWN. Muslime outrage! Death to the jooooos! Death to Amerikkka! Snore. Tell me again how much we give Egypt each year? For what?

Also meanwhile, but back at the UN, resolution 1860 passed. It calls for an immediate cease fire, dammit! Neither Israel or the hamashole goat violators are paying it any attention.

This conflict is now being fought on a new front. A virtual front. In cyberspace. YouTube videos, MySpace, Twitter, and the SIMS-like alternate world of Second Life. So far it’s just protests and propaganda videos. No actual cyberwar has broken out, no servers brought down. Just a battle for public opinion. And that matters a great deal these days. Maybe this front is nearly as important as the real one? After all, recent reports say that more people are getting their news from the net than are getting it from newspapers. I expect the net to overtake TV inside a decade.

* do we have any Wilbur Smith fans here?


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