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Peiper will be taking a few days off

After a long and slow decline, Peiper’s mother in law has passed away. She was 93. He and his wife cared for her at home, and with some help from visiting caregivers they did their best for her. But time runs out for all of us eventually. I have no details at this point, and I am not expecting any, but I gather the frail old dear just went to sleep and slipped away. In a way that’s a blessing. God rest her soul.

So I am expecting we won’t be hearing from him for a bit. Well, he ought to, he’ll be busy enough, but you never know. He might have the urge to blog for a bit of an escape, one that he’s fully entitled to IMO. But if I were he, I’d stay off the PC for a few days.

JD, I’m sorry for your loss. My condolences to you, and especially to your wife.


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Family of Afghan rape victim cut her open and removed foetus without anaesthetic .

Yes, and these sub humans have human rights I want ya to know.

Can’t blame them right?  Only trying to protect family honor.  Good muslims all.

The mother and brother of a 14-year-old Afghan rape victim face charges after they cut her open and removed her foetus without anaesthetic, it has been reported.

By Ben Farmer in Kabul
Last Updated: 8:49PM GMT 08 Jan 2009

The girl is critically ill in hospital after her family sewn the girl up themselves and said she had been bitten by a dog to cover their crime.

A man accused of raping the girl, from the central Afghan province of Bamiyan, is under arrest.

The rural family apparently decided to perform an abortion when the girl was five months pregnant to protect the family’s honour.

Rape victims face extreme social stigma, imprisonment and abandonment or murder by their own families in Afghanistan.

Dr Ghulam Mohammad Nader, head of Bamiyan hospital, told the BBC that the girl had been able to explain what had happened but was in a critical condition with infected wounds. She is now being treated in the capital Kabul.

“The girl stayed at home for three or four days in her condition until her father took her to hospital,” he said.

“He said a dog had bitten her so that people in the area wouldn’t know what had really happened.”

Habiba Sarabi, governor of the province, said the girl had been bound and taken to a stables for the abortion. Police are now trying to arrest her family.

muslim scum and family honor

How many billions have been spent on this place over the years?  Is it worth it?  Has anything changed in the last 1,000 yrs? Does anyone really think this place will ever be any different?


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I guess you folks back home already know about this.  It’s just made the news here.

At first I was tempted to just write it off as a bad joke.  Or maybe a funny one.  Nah .. this’d never fly.
But then I started thinking about it and .... hmmmm.  Considering the world as it is today, maybe it could happen. 
Be a crime itself if it did.  But it could.

US porn industry seeks multi-billion dollar bailout
Porn baron Larry Flynt is seeking a $5 billion bailout from Washington to rejuvenate the industry, which he says is suffering because of the economic downturn.

By Catherine Elsworth in Los Angeles
Last Updated: 8:57PM GMT 08 Jan 2009

The Hustler magazine founder has teamed up with fellow adult entertainment mogul Joe Francis, creator of the Girls Gone Wild video series, to approach Congress for the same kind of financial assistance recently approved for car manufacturers.
The pair have asked the 111th Congress, which convened on Tuesday with the economy at the top of its agenda, “to rejuvenate the sexual appetite of America” with a bailout.

“Congress seems willing to help shore up our nation’s most important businesses, (and) we feel we deserve the same consideration,” Francis said in a statement.
“In difficult economic times, Americans turn to entertainment for relief. More and more, the kind of entertainment they turn to is adult entertainment.”
“The take here is that everyone and their mother want to be bailed out from the banks to the big three,” Owen Moogan, a spokesman for Flynt, told CNN.
“The porn industry has been hurt by the downturn like everyone else and they are going to ask for the $5 billion. Is it the most serious thing in the world? Is it going to make the lives of Americans better if it happens? It is not for them to determine.”

In an interview with entertainment news website TMZ, Francis admitted the move was more of a “precautionary measure” than an emergency rescue, “but as long as the government is handing out money, we want to be there to take it.”
The pair acknowledge that although DVD sales and rentals have dropped 22 per cent over the past year, online traffic has continued to grow.
“The 13-billion-dollar industry is in no fear of collapse,” they say. “But why take chances?” Francis, who was last year freed from almost a year in jail after pleading no contest to child abuse and prostitution charges in a plea deal, told CNN they planned to deliver the request “to our congressmen and (Secretary of the Treasury Henry) Paulson” by the end of Wednesday.

“With all this economic misery and people losing all that money, sex is the farthest thing from their mind,” Flynt said in a statement. People were “too depressed to be sexually active”, which was “very unhealthy as a nation. Americans can do without cars and such, but they cannot do without sex.” He said the only way Congress could “rejuvenate” America’s sexual appetite was “by supporting the adult industry and doing it quickly.” There was no response from Congress to the request.


There was no response from Congress to the request.

Yeah, I bet there wasn’t. They’re working hard enough to hide what needs burying. They don’t want this. Right now.  Maybe later?  Pssst. Hey Senator .....Congressman, psst .. over here. “ Wanna buy a Duck?” (Joe Penny)


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News Roundup

See, that was easier than twitter. I’m still not convinced about that thing. But I don’t bother with MySpace or any of that either. Hell, I don’t even own an iPod or a Blackberry. So what do I know?


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Bye bye Blagojevich

114 To 1
Illinois House Votes To Impeach Governor Blagojevich

Breaking News

SPRINGFIELD, Ill.—The Illinois House has voted to impeach Gov. Rod Blagojevich, an unprecedented step in state history.

The decision was nearly unanimous with a vote of 114-1.

The action sets the stage for a Senate trial on whether he should be thrown out of office for corruption and abuse of power.

House members found evidence that the two-term Democrat had abused his power, including improperly spending tax money, adopting programs without legislative approval and violating state hiring laws. He’s denied wrongdoing.

The House began impeachment proceedings after federal authorities arrested Blagojevich Dec. 9. He’s accused, among other things, of attempting to sell an appointment to fill President-elect Barack Obama’s vacant U.S. Senate seat for political favors.

The governor seemed to acknowledge the inevitable when he issued a statement Thursday night that looked past the House vote and predicted a different outcome in the subsequent Senate trial. His statement criticized the hearings leading up to the House vote as unfair and biased.

A House committee has been studying the possibility of impeachment since shortly after the governor’s arrest on federal corruption charges. On Thursday, the 21-member panel unanimously recommended impeachment, saying Blagojevich has abused his power and mismanaged the state.

This comes as no surprise. From what the media tells us, the feds got this guy stone cold. He’s yet another crooked Democrat, yet another crooked Governor, yet another part of the same crooked Illinois Democratic Machine that’s been corrupt for generations. Don’t fool yourself that this will be a wake-up call for the people of that state. If they wanted honest politicians they would have voted for them. It’s not like they haven’t had 70 or 90 or 120 years to do that.

So Blago will be tried, found guilty, and tossed. Maybe he’ll join the former Governor in the pokey. The only real question is, which “honest” politician will rise up to replace him? The lieutenant governor? Dollars to donuts he’s just as big a crook. Lift the rock and let some sunlight expose all the worms underneath, and watch him wriggle with the rest of them. I have zero faith in the integrity of this group.


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Whoa, does this mean war?  The frogs say Britain has an ‘inhumane’ immigration policy.

I guess misery really does love company.  Not bad enough the French have wrecked their own country and the Brits haven’t been a lot kinder to theirs, now the Fwench want England to dig even deeper into that self destruct mode.

Why not?  Maybe England should also import a yearly car burning event.  Make it an olympic event and compete against France.

French condemn Britain’s ‘inhumane’ immigration policy
A senior French politician has condemned Britain’s “inhumane and illegal” immigration policies, blaming them for causing “utter misery” across the Channel.

By Peter Allen in Paris
Last Updated: 3:32PM GMT 09 Jan 2009

Etienne Pinte, a former minister and veteran member of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s governing UMP party, said the UK is solely to blame for the build-up of thousands of migrants in northern France.

He said almost all of those trying to illegally board ferries to Dover are from former British colonies.

“So why are the British now rejecting them while at the same time they’re welcoming thousands of citizens from eastern Europe and in particular from Poland?” said Mr Pinte, MP for Versailles, near Paris.

“They don’t want to stay in France. They have a common history with the British. Most of them speak English. They often have family members who emigrated to Great Britain at a time when being part of the Commonwealth entitled them to do so.

“Why are the British forcing us to keep them in utter misery in our territory?

“Why are the British, in spite of international laws and, in particular, the directives of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, organising charter flights aimed at deporting immigrants towards war-torn countries like Afghanistan

“It’s up to Great Britain to find a dignified and humane solution to a problem which solely concerns it.”

Mr Pinte, who made his comments in an open letter to immigration minister Brice Hortefeux, said Britain should, initially at least, accept all the northern France migrants.

It would then have to consider all asylum claims on British soil, before accepting the migrants, or repatriating them at the British taxpayers’ expense to ‘safe’ countries.

Mr Pinte decided to speak out following Wednesday night’s murder of an Afghan migrant in a notorious camp close to the ferry port in Calais nicknamed ‘The Jungle’.

The 30-year-old was stabbed to death during a gang fight between some 30 young men battling to board lorries heading for Britain.

[a gang fight? oh great. just the kind of folks the Brits need here. like they don’t have enough with home grown thugs on the streets.]

The victim had been hoping to start a new life in the UK which, Mr Pinte claims, is viewed by migrants as an â Eldorado’.


Sure. Of course it’s an Eldorado.  Just ask all the others and even the illegals and plane hi-jackers who are collecting benefits.
It’s just a good thing ALL Brits are so wealthy they need ways to get rid of all their excess cash.  jeesh.


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calendar   Thursday - January 08, 2009

Thinking Vs Linking - Blogging Vs Microblogging

When I was helping out The Skipper with this blog, I was always the “Linker” while he was the “Thinker”.  I could pump out many quick articles linking to what others had written, while he would write long essays on many different topics.  We complimented each other well.

When I started looking for someone to take over this blog, I was glad Drew threw his name in the hat because he is a “thinker”.  You’ll notice that when I post a story, it is typically a quick note and a link to another blog or news site.  That style works best for me.

For about a month, I’ve been playing with Twitter, the “social networking” site that has become so popular.  As I wrote before, I never really got the whole idea, but then I started to look at it from another angle.  If bloggers and nes agencies are “tweeting” links to their stories, or if I come across something interesting, maybe this would be a fit to my style of blogging.

Microblogging is in.

I saw the term “microblogging” used somewhere to describe what Twitter has become for many users.  You link up, or “follow” other users with similar interests and all of the sudden you have a news network better than any RSS feed you could imagine.  Plus, when posting a “Tweet”, you are limited to 140 characters.  That keeps everything small and managable.  If something looks interesting, you click on a link and get the whole story.  If you think your followers would like it too, you can “re-tweet” the message and it goes out to your community.

If you want to see what its about, go over to and sign up, then follow me by clicking on the link to the right.

Now, I wonder if there is a way for my “Tweets” to show up here as posts?


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Hey, it’s the American Way

Hot For Words: Hot For Teacher

Lovely Russian immigrant imagegets rich and famous online by teaching English ... or at least by telling people the etymology of certain words in YouTube videos and running her own website.

How does she do it? Well, she sits on her rumpled bed or on the floor, dressed in sexy outfits, sometimes holding her little white dog, and tells you about words in her liquid sexy Russian accent. Plus she’s kind of funny, and seems like a real sweetheart. A couple little special effects on the videos, and it’s an instant winner. Plus she really puts out. 5 to 7 videos a week that is. Natasha Fatale, eat your heart out!

She is Marina Orlova and you’ve probably seen here already on TV. She’s done interviews on O’Reilly, on CBS, NBC. She’s won teh Sexy Geek of the Year award at least once already. She’s made the cover of the latest issue of Cool! English magazine. I didn’t know there even was such a thing, but I gather it’s popular in other countries. Her YouTube videos have been watched over 155 million times. Wow. She has her own channel there, and it’s #1. She has a biweekly radio show on Maxim Radio on Sirius satellite radio. And of course, the website: More than a million registered members.

Is she making money off of this? I hope so. And from more than just the ad revenue from her blog. Her website registration is free. She’s got a calendar for sale. Today’s word is “Gun" . (not that this is her first firearms related video)

I like the concept: intelligence is sexy. The woman has 2 degrees in philology, so she must be quite sexy intelligent herself. And as the English language approaches 1 million words, there has to be somebody out there to tell us what they mean and where they come from. Too bad the one place this concept doesn’t fly is America.  Here, brain power is way down the list. That’s a shame.

Now, I’m wondering how she can parlay this into some real money. Maybe she’ll take some acting lessons and become a new tech on CSI. I could see it. Heck, I’d be tempted to commit crimes just to here her describe them. Or maybe a gameshow host. Alex Trebek will have to retire sooner or later. If she keeps showing up on O’Reilly as part of his rotating eye candy squad, she’ll wind up working for Fox. That’s my bet. I’m actually amazed that they haven’t discovered already how mesmerizing women are if they have the right kind of foreign accent.



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Fresno collectors uncover rare 1869 baseball card.  DARN, WHAT A FIND. AWESOME! LOVE IT!

OK, I won’t go into a long routine about how dippy I get over stuff like this. You know already. 
So thanks and H/T to a friend, Thorolf who somehow managed to find this and send it to me.


The front of the very first baseball card, an 1869 Peck & Snyder Cincinnati Red Stockings card, features a sepia-toned, gelatin-silver photographic print of the first professional baseball team.

By Mike Osegueda
The Fresno Bee

Bernice Gallego sat down one day this summer, as she does pretty much every day, and began listing items on eBay.

She dug into a box and pulled out a baseball card. She stopped for a moment and admired the picture. “Red Stocking B.B. Club of Cincinnati,” the card read, under a sepia tone photo of 10 men with their socks pulled up to their knees. The card itself was dirty and wrinkled in a few places.

It was definitely old, Gallego thought. As a collector and seller, it’s her job to spot old items that might have value today, to find the gems among the junk.

The front of the very first baseball card, an 1869 Peck & Snyder Cincinnati Red Stockings card, features a sepia-toned, gelatin-silver photographic print of the first professional baseball team.

The reverse side of the 1869 Peck & Snyder Cincinnati Red Stockings baseball card features an ad from Peck & Snyder, a sports equipment manufacturer.

It’s what Bernice, 72, and her husband, Al Gallego, 80, have been doing since 1974 at Collectique, their Tower District antique store full of old jukeboxes, slot machines and records.

This card, she figured, was worth selling on eBay.

She did what she does with most items: Took a picture, wrote a description and put it up for auction. She put a $10 price tag on it, deciding against $15 because it would have cost her an extra 20 cents.

Later that night she got a few odd inquiries—someone wanting to know whether the card was authentic, someone wanting her to end the auction and sell him the card immediately.

Hmm, she thought, this could be something special. It could be worth $50, or even $100.

Or, as Bernice Gallego came to find out in the following weeks, it could be worth a lot more.

The card is actually 139 years old. It, and a handful of others like it, are considered the first baseball cards.

Sports card collectors call the find “extremely rare” and estimate the card could fetch five, or perhaps, six figures at auction.

And Bernice was worried about 20 cents.

Instead, just like that, she is the least likely protagonist ever for a rare-baseball card story.

“I didn’t even know baseball existed that far back,” Gallego says, between puffs on her cigarette. “I don’t think that I’ve ever been to a baseball game.”

Spooked with all the questions she was getting on eBay, she picked up the phone at 9:30 that night and called her good friend George Huddleston and asked his opinion.

“I never make phone calls after 8 o’clock at night,” Gallego says. “My mother taught me never to do things like that.”

Huddleston’s answer was simple: End the auction now. Figure out what you have and what it’s worth before selling it. Her husband, Al, agreed: “Get this thing off the Internet.”

So the next morning—with no bids yet on the card—she canceled the auction. She wanted to find out more about the card.

Huddleston directed Gallego to a friend who would know what to do: Rick Mirigian, a local concert promoter and card trader who sold a rare basketball card in 2004 for $62,100.

In the meantime, Gallego didn’t want the card to get lost, so she put it in a sandwich bag and push-pinned it to her laundry room wall.

“If it fell off the wall, the cat would have ate it,” Gallego says. “Well, or the dog.”

When she met with Mirigian, she found out what the card was—an 1869 advertisement with a picture of the first professional baseball team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings.

“When I came to meet her and she took it out of a sandwich Baggie and she was smoking a cigarette, I almost fainted,” Mirigian says.

“They’ve uncovered a piece of history that few people will ever be able to imagine or comprehend. And it comes out of Fresno,” he says. “That card is history. It’s like unearthing a Mona Lisa or a Picasso.”

Mirigian’s first question to Bernice was what you might expect: Where did you get this?


I still don’t understand why she didn’t get help even before trying to sell it.  I mean, hey. A baseball card dated 1869?  And they sell old stuff to boot?
Oh how I’d love to own that card.

See More Below The Fold


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Hiroshima and Nagasaki taken by a British serviceman a month after the atom bombs were dropped.

True we’ve all seen photos of the aftermath many times.  Don’t recognize all of these but then again, it all looks so much the same after the bomb that one shot looks much like another.

Gee… all those civilians, murdered by Yankee imperialist monster killer war criminals.  Bush did it!

“The damage in Hiroshima was very different in that while Nagasaki was spread along a valley, Hiroshima was situated on a flat, open plain”


HMS Speaker, an escort aircraft carrier, which was directed to Nagasaki for the purpose of transporting hundreds of British POWs to Okinawa



“it’s frightening to think that the atom bombs of 1945 weighed several tons, but today bombs with the same destructive power could be reduced to such a small size that they could be carried in a back pack”

And you can bet it’s what the muzzies would love to achieve here in the west.  Just wish we could turn their landscape into this before they do it to us.


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Terrorists cheered as they heard the Mumbai attackers shoot innocents over live phone line.

With no comments from me because this says it all.  These are the sub human life forms the West faces.  Sure hope my homeland (USA) is awake and watching.

I am posting this because I’m not sure if it gets much play at home.  If not, please read and share this article.

Mumbai dossier reveals chilling celebrations of Pakistani masterminds
Pakistani terrorists cheered as they heard the Mumbai attackers shoot innocent hotel guests live over an open satellite telephone line, new evidence has revealed.

By Dean Nelson
Last Updated: 10:52PM GMT 07 Jan 2009

Transcripts of their conversations and a confession statement of the lone surviving gunman reveal how Lashkar e Taiba leaders, a group which was once sponsored by Pakistan’s intelligence services, carefully managed the slaughter from afar.

The transcripts are part of an Indian government dossier which claims the plot was planned and remotely controlled from Pakistan by LeT chiefs using live television news coverage and continuous satellite phone conversation with the gunmen.

In one section, the gunmen are told to kill all but two Muslim guests in the Oberoi hotel.

“Everything is being recorded by the media. Inflict the maximum damage, keep fighting, don’t be taken alive,” says one handler.

“Kill all the hostages except the two Muslims. Keep your phone switched on so we can hear the gunfire,” says another.

When one of the gunmen says “we have three foreigners, including women, from Singapore and China,” his handler orders “Kill them”.

The transcript then records the voices of the two gunmen lining up the hostages, ordering the two Muslims to stand aside, and the sound of gunfire followed by cheering from the handlers.

But within seconds of the killings, the gunmen are quickly ordered to move downstairs to continue their attack.

Throughout the attacks, the Pakistan-based handlers spoke continuously to their volunteers at the Oberoi and Taj hotels and the Jewish welfare centre at Nariman House, driving them on to more killing and relaying media comments to them to raised their spirits.

In one conversation, just before the Chinese women were murdered, the handlers told one gunman:“Brother Abdul, the media is comparing your action to 9/11.”

In a conversation with one of the four gunmen stalking the corridors of the Taj Mahal Hotel, one of the handlers orders him to search for several government ministers they believed were staying there and says they should “set the place on fire”.

When he is told four rooms had been set ablaze, the handler replies:"People shall run helter skelter when they see the flames. Keep throwing a grenade every 15 minutes or so. It will terrorise.”

In a conversation with their gunmen at the Nariman house Jewish centre, Chabad Lubavitch, the handlers said they wanted to seriously damage India’s relations with Israel by killing Israelis being held hostage.

“Keep in mind the hostages are of use only as long as you do not come under fire because of their safety. If you are still threatened do not saddle yourself with the burden of the hostages – immediately kill them.

“Israel has made a request through diplomatic channels to save the hostages. If the hostages are killed, it will spoil relations between India and Israel,” one said.

Later, Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his pregnant wife Rivkah were murdered along with other hostages.

According to the confession of Mohammad Amir Qasab, the sole surviving gunman, he was first told of the target in September, two months before the attack, but his training had begun shortly after he joined the LeT in 2007 in Muridke, Pakistan.

He told interrogators he was selected for a military training programme run by LeT leader Abdul Rahman which included weapons training for AK47 machine guns and Uzi submachine guns.

Two months later he was selected for an advanced combat course in Pakistan-administered Kashmir where he learned to handle explosives and grenades and fire rockets and mortars.

Of 32 volunteers, 16 were hand-picked by Zaqi ur Rehmnan, the LeT’s military commander, for a confidential mission, which required new specialist training in seamanship. “During the training we were given lectures on India, and its security agencies. We were also given training on how to evade the chase by security personnel. We were strictly instructed not to make calls to Pakistan after reaching India,” Qasab told his interrogators.

It was in fact their own calls to the gunmen from Pakistan which were traced and recorded and now form the spine of India’s charge that the attacks were planned and directed from Pakistan, and that such an audacious attack could not have been carried out without support from state agencies.

The Pakistan government on Wednesday night acknowledged that Qasab, the only surviving gunman from the Mumbai attacks, is a Pakistani national, but later sacked its National Security Advisor who was believed to have led moves to make the admission.

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had sacked Mahmud Ali Durrani for “his irresponsible behaviour (of) not taking Prime Minister and other stakeholders into confidence and lack of coordination on matters of national security,” said an official.

It is believed that Mr Durrani had lobbied other officials to make the announcement as a concession to American pressure but failed to clear the move with the Prime Minister’s office.

His dismissal is seen as a part of a series of recent moves to bolster the standing of the prime minister’s office and the authority of Yousuf Raza Gilani himself.



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calendar   Wednesday - January 07, 2009

Still No Kim

There’s this hole in the blogosphere left by Mr. DuToit’s retirement. Not just the full throated opinions or the guns, but the uses of both. You can find your own B&W pictures of old women to look at. I like the younger ones better, and in color.

Reader Guitar Teacher (I think that’s what the acronym means) sends this one in. I guess we can establish a dead goblin count here too, though I was thinking of some more subtle name ... tax saving iteration? ... IQ raiser? ... gene pool filter? Help me out. Regardless of a name, our count now stands at 2. That’s the same number of tours of duty that Guitar Teacher did in the Army, back in ‘66 and ‘70. Thanks for going over GT, twice, and thanks for coming back.

Man fatally shot in gun battle

[Cincinnati Ohio] COLERAIN TWP. - One of two men who broke into an apartment was shot and killed in a gun battle with the homeowner, the Hamilton County sheriff’s office said Wednesday.

The sheriff’s office said two armed men forced their way into an apartment in the Burgundy Court Apartments in the 3200 block of Rocker Drive about 11:19 p.m. Tuesday. The homeowner and suspects got into a gun fight with several shots fired.

One of the suspects was shot several times. He was taken to University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later. The other man ran away and is believed to have been shot and may try to get medical help.

The homeowner was not injured during the gun battle, the sheriff’s office said.

The name of the person shot and killed has not been released. There is little information about the other suspect, other than he is a male black who may have gunshot wounds.

No charges have been filed.

Of course they weren’t. What, you think this is London or something? Puh-leaz.

Now, the thought provoking part of this article is that this home defense situation occurred in an apartment complex. I live in a condo park; if I ever had to use a gun inside here, it would go right through my walls, through my neighbor’s walls, through her neighbor’s walls, and maybe even through his. Plus whatever else might be in the way. That leaves too much to chance. I don’t know if it’s what I’d call a fully responsible action. Obviously, you save your own life and your family first. But ... what kind of weapon can do the job and not go too far? Soft lead low velocity wadcutters? .79 caliber lead musket balls in a little blackpowder derringer? Forget bow and arrow, spears, machette, swords, axes. We are talking some kind of gun here. I’d say shotguns, maybe, but there is that website ... whazzit called again? ... oh yeah, Box o’ Truth ... where some guy tests various ammunition against drywall and water jugs and stuff. [his webpage is dangerous. It will pull you in and suck an hour of your life away before you even notice] And so far, all he has found was ammo that was either not enough, or way too much. So there is no right answer right now ... but I did notice that Mr. Box O’ Truth there only tested scatterguns with #8 shot and 00 Buck, and there are lots of shot sizes in between. Like #4 and #2. And he never tries low velocity rounds either. So maybe ...


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Nothing To Eat

I’m sure you’ve been a bit hungry sometimes, and at odds about what to make. Perhaps your cooking skills are just as poor as mine. So you look around the kitchen and all you find is leftovers. A bit of this, half of that, a few things that will soon go bad. But nothing that’s really appealing all by itself. That’s where I was today, so I made this stuff up. Also, I wanted to find something I could make with all these cans of Spam. My brother found that Spam now comes in flavors, so he bought me half a dozen different ones, and a plastic case to store the can in, in case of leftovers. Awesome! [/sarcasm]

So I came up with this. You probably have most of the ingredients already.

Southwestern Toss Up

(aka Hurl)

1 1lb can black beans
1 1lb can “Hot ‘n Spicy” Spam
1 cup rice
2 cups of water
about half a bag of frozen corn
part of a red pepper
part of a green pepper
part of an onion
part of a jar of salsa
about half a pound of ground beef
some spices: chili powder, ground cumin, epazote
hot sauce

Put the water in a small pot along with a splat of oil and a few shakes of salt. Boil it. Take the pot off the heat, add the rice. Stir. Put it back on the heat, stir it until the water boils again. Reduce heat and stir for one minute, until the rice foam goes away. Turn off the heat. Stir the rice for another 30 seconds, then cover the pot and leave it alone.

In a medium pot, pour in the entire can of beans, sauce and all. Add a spoonful of epazote (this is the herb that Bean-O is made from. It cuts the wind. It really does.) Add a spoonful of cumin powder. Stir it all up and leave it to simmer gently.

Take the peppers and the onion and cut them up into little bits. Add them to another small pot along with the corn and about 1/2 cup water. Add half a dozen shakes of hot sauce. Boil it, covered, for about 5 minutes until the corn is softened.

Take a really large frying pan. Open the Spam and cut it into 6 slices. Fry the Spam. Take a big knife and a cutting board, and cut each slice into thirds lengthwise, then into quarters crosswise. That way you get 12 bite sized bits per slice.

Wipe out the frying pan and cook the hamburger. Break it up as it cooks. Add a few shakes of cumin and a few shakes of chili powder. When it’s cooked, drain off the fat. Pour the salsa over the meat, stir it up, and let it simmer for another few minutes.

Give the beans a stir. You want to simmer them for at least 10 minutes to get the epazote working. The rice is done when the pot has cooled enough so that you can hold it with your hands.

When the corn is done, pour it into the pot with the beans. Stir. Add in the hamburger and the Spam. Stir. Transfer the cooked rice from the little pot to the big frying pan. Set the heat to medium and break the rice up. Pour on the bean mixture from the other pot and stir the whole thing up. Serve it. There is enough here for at least 4 people, maybe 6.

Ok, it isn’t very pretty. The alternate name is accurate but not appealing. But it’s got a lot of protien, a lot of carbs, and enough flavor to not be bland. A bowl full will fill you up. You can add some to your eggs in the morning. Instant South West omelet. You can wrap some up in tortillas and bake them with some cheese on top. Instant enchiladas.

The only downside is that now you have several pots and pans to clean up. Here’s some more hair porn.


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