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calendar   Thursday - February 25, 2016

Since when did CIA stand for Central Inclusion Agency?

Sorry for the delays. But I’ve been busy for more or less the past week and a half with family stuff, helping someone with travel prep, and getting ready for my Birthday (which is tomorrow on the 25th). So I’m just coming back out of my shell now. But it seems like the news keeps outpacing me. I began working on this analysis on Scalia’s funeral and Obama’s priorities (or lack thereof). Then I received news of a death and started work on an obituary. But now… Now...... I learn of THIS. THIS damn mess.

Yes, apparently the CIA has a “Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.” Heck, not only that, but an ANNUAL one. You want to read all that? I sure don’t. But I think the money quote is really on the first page, coming from John Brennan- the CIA Director HIMSELF. And what does this fine defender of America and secretive public servant go out and write when he comes out to justify the tax dollars he’s been given?

Embracing and leveraging diversity through an inclusive culture that fosters innovation, new ideas, and new insights which is at the heart of what we are charged to do and will drive mission success.”

Soooooo..... see a bit of a problem with this?

The CIA is a damn spy agency. The heart of what it is tasked to do is conducting covert operations against our enemies, try to keep our own stuff secret, and interdict operations and other threats against us. It is meant to Spy. In that line of work, diversity and especially inclusiveness are NOT virtues.

Why? Because spying and intelligence gathering are ultimately based on a bedrock of exclusiveness. Terms like “Need to Know” and “Security Clearance” are inherently exclusive and the very basis for the world these groups operate in, in large part because they need to. From the very start they are dependent on EXCLUDING those who Do Not Need To Know from those who Do. Excluding people who cannot be trusted with given intelligence from those that can. Exclude the people who might be vulnerable to external pressure or compromising things from those who are. On any given issue or operation the former categories will include the VAST MAJORITY of the people on this planet, including the country the agency or operation in question is working for. And all of this is before those select few who people do decide to trust are further shuffled and compartmentalized with their own, even more finely grained “Need to Know” restrictions, security clearances, and other dividers; all so that if there’s a break in one compartment the entire ship doesn’t go down.

This is not merely useful for these organizations, they are integral parts of what they are and what they need to do in order to Survive At All. Now, since we got here by asking why being inclusive and diverse is not always a good thing in the spook business, it’s only fair to ask “Why?” again. Why is this pervasive secrecy and exclusion needed for intelligence services?

Well, I decided to start this off with a snippet of this fascinating alternate history article from the BBC, dealing with a centuries old case. Namely, The Gunpowder Plot. Now, this was not an intelligence operation or something conducted by a government authority. It was in fact a highly murderous terrorist plot devised by people who wanted to utterly destroy a significant chunk of London and thousands of people just to get at the King and Parliament to (regardless of what the average Fawkestard or 4Chan apologist would have you believe) establish an even more repressive and absolutist government. But not only is this the kind of terrorist threat that modern intelligence organizations are supposed to per-empt, but it also featured people operating as spies, planning military (Emphasis in following is mine)

As history actually turned out, there are two very good reasons why the Gunpowder Plot had to fail. The first was that the plotters were caught in the double-bind of most early modern conspirators: in order to make a rebellion work, it had to involve a lot of people, but the more people who knew about the plot, the more it was likely to leak.

In the case of this one, the means of effecting it, by murdering most of the English political élite, was so sensational and so morally disturbing to most people, that the chances of somebody blowing the whistle on it were unusually high.

That is exactly what happened; one of the people brought into the plot in its later stages (probably the unstable Francis Tresham) told an opportunist peer, Lord Monteagle, who tipped off the government.

Whoever sent that letter to Baron Monteagle most likely was not disloyal to the plan or the cause (of establishing a tyranny more in line with the likes of 17th century Spain over the ashes of London). If he had been, he probably would have sent it to someone else. A player in the well-oiled Elizabethan network of spies and informants that James inherited, or actual authorities of the Crown rather than Lord Monteagle. Someone actually in the government rather than just standing in Parliament. The Monteagle Letter (as it’s called now) was probably sent by a sincere, loyal terrorist who wanted to avoid killing someone he thought could be an ally because Monteagle was a fellow Catholic.

So in many ways the Gunpowder Plotters were perversely lucky compared to a lot of modern spy rings, planners, and other operatives. And it still did them in. The letter was the crucial straw that led to the end, and within two weeks of the letter’s delivery the plan had collapsed and most of the group accounted for, and in less than two and a half months all the known conspirators were arrested or dead. 

This example helps demonstrate one of the key concepts of intelligence work, or really using any kind of lie or deception. That you should have as few people in the know as possible in order to make it work. Enough that (hopefully) whatever you have planned should be successful, but no more to avoid the risk that somebody will write something, say something, get caught, or otherwise expose it. It’s the reason why care must be taken in who investigates even the absolutely, gobsmackingly criminal security breaches Hillary made in her private server (which some investigators do not even have the authorization to look at, or didn’t).  In the case of the Gunpowder Plot the result was that Western Civilization and constitutionalism dodged a very nasty bullet, but these kind of breakdowns do not always work in favor of the good guys. All one has to do to see that is observe the resistance martyrs- like those of the World Wars and Cold Wars, but also people as far back as Nathaniel Hale- to see that. Here is just one sobering example out of countless thousands we know about and God only knows how more we do not.

Now, I can understand that overwhelming uniformity also can be a major problem. All I have to do to see that is observe how the Japanese spy rings in North America, the “White Dominions” of the Commonwealth (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc), and India crashed and burned during WWII. * . Part of the reason why the massive “Cambridge Ring” of Soviet spies within the higher echelons of the British Government happened was because the Brits tended to recruit too much from a upper crust students of a handful of “Ivy League” schools, who were the demographic most likely to be radicalized by Communist propaganda or student politics, were the most likely to be able to radicalize others in their orbit, and were likely to have even non-traitors who would defend them. 

But I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that being too diverse or inclusive would be the even greater risk for an intelligence organization, precisely because it runs against the very grain of what it is meant to do. Spying is about trying to manipulate and uncover the enemy without being manipulated or uncovered by them. Having a rainbow coalition of security risks just for the sake of inclusion or diversity will only undercut the ability to try that in a game where there are incredibly high stakes and the slightest trip up could tip the balance. I would hope our spymasters and intelligence dons and donas would understand that. But then, I am just an uninitiated civilian. However, one of my friends who decidedly Wasn’t one of that did have something to say about this, and gave me permission to quote him.

You do want diversity in intel analysis, but moreso diversity of THOUGHT than anything else. Now from a HUMINT** perspective, you do need diversity of race, to whit you need trusted and capable agents of the races which you need to infiltrate.
Beyond that, race is irrelevant.

That is broadly my thought as well. Intelligence is a field where it helps to be able to think outside the box and have a lot of different thoughts and methodologies working together( though with caveats that there is a limit to the use of diversity of thought when you start employing enemy sympathizers like Kim Philby, leader of the aforementioned Cambridge Ring). But I would argue that the explicit focus on diversity and inclusion is a good sign that- like in universities- diversity of thought is going out the window. And in particular trying to intentionally jigger with the race/sexuality/gender quotas is defeating the purpose.

He also had this to say.

Well sure, in that sense yes, if the existence of any restriction at all becomes definitively what can fairly be called “exclusive” then yeah, it’s exclusive. Except that logic doesn’t make sense. Or rather… If the existence of any restriction immediately disqualifies you from being able to be characterized as inclusive, then yeah, it’s not inclusive. Except, see, it doesn’t. You can be inclusive and not be all-inclusive.

And on some level I can understand this. I’m sure that if you ever wanted to spy from within the genocidal Islamist-Arab Supremacist nightmare ruling out of Khartoum you probably wouldn’t want to use a Black agent. Likewise if you wanted to deal with some genocidal Baptists or Transsexuals who want to murder all the “Heretics"/"Cis-Gens" it would probably help if you had somebody who could pass off as the former or was an actual transsexual.

But let’s be clear here. the differences and diversities of these people (no matter how vastly different they might seem in their private lives or as individuals) are not nearly as important in recruiting them as what they have In Common. Bravery, loyalty, discretion, and willingness to answer the call of duty is the common thread that we will rely on.  There have been many, very colorful and diverse heroes, heroines, and martyrs have served the cause of freedom. Take Neil Munro “Bunny” Roger, the camp, publicly gay fashion designer who served through WWII in glory.  Take Julia Child, the very het, very ‘50s celebrity chef who joined the OSS and served for years from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Take my Grandfather’s quasi-namesake “Garbo” the straitlaced, booky Spaniard anti-Communist and anti-Fascist who was turned down by the British and then decided to go work for German intelligence and sell them a line of bull in order to get SIS’s attention.

Are these people diverse enough for you? Yes, in many ways they are. But what makes them noteworthy is not what makes them diverse but what makes them SIMILAR. It is what made them all trusted agents and heroic figures.

Intelligence gatherers must be exclusive because the cost of failing to do so tends to be paid in blood and worse. And there must be limits to their diversity in order to avoid inviting enemy sympathizers, mercenaries, or other untrustworthy vessels into places where they can do incalculable, often irreplaceable damage.

Diversity and inclusion for the sake of diversity and inclusion alone is the death of serious intelligence gathering. When that is our first line of defense against another 9/11 and a new dark age (in whatever shape) that is something we CANNOT afford. I’d like to hope that this is just a PR stunt by the CIA Director while continuing on doing their work, but in this age of Obama I do not trust it. Would you?

Footnotes/snark below the fold. I’ll try and get back on my posting schedule now.

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Posted by Turtler   United States  on 02/25/2016 at 01:35 AM   
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calendar   Wednesday - February 24, 2016

whacky winter

This has been the damnedest winter. After a toasty warm Thanksgiving, we had a couple of weeks of sharp cold. But by the end of December it was Spring-like again. The flower bulbs were starting to come up. I was out on Christmas afternoon grilling a steak without a shirt on. January was fairly mild at first, then it turned cold. Then we had the biggest snowstorm I’ve ever seen here, dropping 30” of the white stuff in one go, with hellish winds to boot. Several freezy days after that, but by a week later it had warmed up enough to rain a little. Days of dark grey overcast and fog. February hasn’t been all that cold but it has been depressing; we got a break in the gloom for Groundhog’s Day which was bright and crisp, then went right back to the gloomy Eeyore weather. And now here at the end of the month we’ve got a real turn up for the books. I swear it’s 70° out. Well, maybe 63. But ridiculously warm for February. And we’re having a thunderstorm. It’s pouring down, and the lights are blinking and dimming as the sky lights up and rips off another peal. I’d better cut this post short and hit the Submit button. I hope my patio kats are warm and dry in their new hotel.

I’m just wondering if it’s actually going to be Spring this time, or if old Mother Nature isn’t just messing us about again.


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calendar   Monday - February 22, 2016

Xanax EU: Xanadu

In Sønderberg the other day
A teenage girl used pepper spray
To rout a randy “refugee”
From somewhere far across the sea
Who threw down and molested her.
The cops arrested her.

A poem written by a white guy about the fall of civilization in the EU, caused by the combination of near-easterners and PC. Meter closely borrowed from a famous poem written by a white guy about the situation inside a dream, caused by an opium pipe and fragmented memories of history about a fallen civilization in the far-east.

The falling, set to the tune of the fallen. The East, near and far.

The insanity of PC’s dreamworld denial of reality as a reflection of a far older dreamworld.

Outstanding. Juxtaposition in the modern world. I envy such skill as much as I applaud it. Playing with Lewis Carroll would have been far too easy.

Please read the whole thing at Front Page Magazine.

And all who heard should see them there,
And all should cry, Beware! Beware!


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I want Candy


Does right clicky embiggen massively? Of corset does!


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backwards thinking

Oh, Canada!


This Thursday, February 25, 2016, the city of Ottawa will be holding a public event celebrating the hijab, Islam’s physical repression of women.

The City for All Women Initiative (CAWI) organization, backed by the City Council of Ottawa, is hosting the Ottawa Hijab Solidarity Day celebration, also called “Walking with Our Muslims Sisters,” at City Hall. According to CAWI, the main purpose of this event is to encourage non-Muslim women to wear a hijab to understand life as a Muslim woman.

The outrage is that such an event will be taking place under the auspices of the City of Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Under Islamic Shari’a law, the hijab is an expression of the suppression of women and is used as a tool to persecute women by their male counterparts.

For many secular and former Muslim women, the hijab is anything but a symbol of freedom. The hijab serves as a physical daily reminder that they, women, are second-class citizens in the eyes of Islam.


While critics of CAWI’s event, including myself, have been wrongfully characterized as “Islamophobes,” this could not be further from the truth. A woman in Canada has the right to wear what she chooses—but why celebrate the hijab, any more than the crucifix or a skullcap? It is not the place of government to do that.


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calendar   Sunday - February 21, 2016

cheezy riddle

What do porn stars and the GOP presidential primary campaign have in common?

No Bush!

Jeb Bush Bows Out of Campaign, Humbled and Outmaneuvered

(Nothing like the NY Times to rub salt in wounds it helped create!)

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Jeb Bush dropped out of the presidential race on Saturday, ending a quest for the White House that started with a war chest of $100 million, a famous name and a promise of political civility but concluded with a humbling recognition: In 2016, none of it mattered.

No single candidacy this year fell so short of its original expectations. It began with an aura of inevitability that masked deep problems, from Mr. Bush himself, a clunky candidate in a field of gifted performers, to the rightward drift of the Republican Party since Mr. Bush’s time as a consensus conservative in Florida.

“I’m proud of the campaign that we’ve run to unify our country,” Mr. Bush said, his eyes moist, in an emotional speech here Saturday night after his third straight disappointing finish in the early voting states. “The people of Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina have spoken, and I really respect their decision.”

Mr. Bush’s campaign had rested on a set of assumptions that, one by one, turned out to be flatly incorrect: that the Republican primaries would turn on a record of accomplishment in government; that Mr. Bush’s cerebral and reserved style would be an asset; and that a country wary of dynasties would evaluate this member of the Bush family on his own merits.

So Christie is gone, and now Bush III is gone. Who will be next amongst the “big debaters”? I’m assuming that all of the “little debaters” will soon drop off and go home.


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calendar   Saturday - February 20, 2016

PatioKat Spa And Resort Open For Business

"If you build it, they will come.” Ok, I built it, so now I’m waiting.

It’s only a slightly kludgy rig; things fit together pretty well, I did the whole job without cutting the tarp, and as soon as I started playing with the paracord all my old knot skills learned in Boy Scouts came back. Bowlines, clove hitches, taughtline hitches. Cool. Of course I had to use a bit of duct tape. And because of all the insulation and padding on the ground, I elected not to put the heating pad up on a platform. It will stay perfectly dry, and any waste heat is going to keep the whole thing snug as a rug in which bugs hug.

A photo essay on the build. Each picture enlarges greatly when you click on it.

  image  image
two layers of heavy duty tarp.  putting together the foam board insulation from scraps

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calendar   Friday - February 19, 2016

natural wonders


Lava, come back to me? Nope. It isn’t lava. It’s water. Plain old cold water at that. At just one special time each year the setting sun is aligned just so, and illuminates Horsetail Falls in Yosemite Park in a way that makes the rocks and the water glow as if they were on fire. Which is why the phenomena here is called “firefalls” and is a big tourist draw. Of course, it helps when there’s enough water in the river to actually go over the edge, and the weather has to be clear enough at sunset to get enough light. And this year it all came together. See more here.

And don’t go all Georgia O’Keefe on me.  I can see it too; sometimes a waterfall is just a waterfall. Even though ... the refrigerator joke.


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calendar   Thursday - February 18, 2016

must be going stir crazy

Work began today on the all new PatioKat hotel and spa, a five star feral effort coming soon to a back steps near me.

The Ginger Gang (Harry, Big Ginger, Ginger Junior) has been suffering pretty badly this last cold snap. Literally, they’ve been under the weather. The nice chaise lounge up the sidewalk, in it’s weather protected niche and with it’s fluffy old down comforter, has been claimed by their parents Scowler and Brutus. And those are kittehs you don’t mess with. As they say on the street, they’re PWA (pussies with attitude) who protect their turf. As many a midnight scream fest and thumping about outside our windows has proven. So the young guys have no place, other than to all cram together on one plastic garden chair that has a big plastic storage container upside down on top of it. Pretty pathetic.

I looked online for some How To info on feral cat shelters, and most of them show designs made from cardboard boxes lined with foam blocks. Barely enough space for one, much less three, and these cats won’t go into any enclosed area that doesn’t have at least 2 exits. They are the most frightened young cats I’ve ever run across. The slightest noise or movement and swoosh, they’re gone. Panic! Run away!! So I gave it a fair amount of thought, and figured out how to make a kitteh shelter that would sleep anywhere from four to a dozen cats without constricting their personal space too much. And then I figured out how to make it weatherproof. And with central heating. With several ways in and out. And it has a handsome stealth design that fits right in on the patio and even coordinates with the color of the siding on the building. Yeah, I had to spend a little money. But only a little; everything I got was marked down at least 50% for off-season sales, or was a factory inspected return. To finish the project, I need to drive 4 nails, drill 4 small holes, drive 4 drywall screws, and play around with a few short lengths of twine. Oh, and make one saw cut across a 1x6. I’m already thinking of how to build the restaurant ramada. Heck I already have that, I just need to get some scrap lumber to make legs to stand it up on.

These cats. So spoiled. What a bunch of softies the two of us are.

And we’ve gone crazy, I’m sure.

I’ve got the thing assembled in the den here behind me, and it’s impressive. It’s big enough for a homeless guy to sleep in, just. Thank G_d we don’t have any feral humans around here. The cost in kibble would bankrupt us!

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calendar   Wednesday - February 17, 2016

day’s end



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calendar   Tuesday - February 16, 2016

dad’s pub?

One of my father’s favorite jokes is a classic that goes by the name of The Golden Saloon:

A guy comes home completely drunk one night. He lurches through the
door and is met by his scowling wife, who is most definitely not happy.
“Where the hell have you been all night?” she demands.

“At this new bar,” he says. “The Golden Saloon. Everything there is golden.
It’s got huge golden doors, a golden floor and even the urinals are gold!”

The wife still doesn’t believe his story, and the next day checks the
phone book, finding a place across town called the Golden Saloon.
She calls up the place to check her husband’s story.

“Is this the Golden Saloon?” she asks when the bartender answers the
“Yes it is,” bartender answers.
“Do you have huge golden doors?”
“Sure do.”
“Do you have golden floors?”
“Most certainly do.”
“What about golden urinals?”
There’s a long pause, then the woman hears the bartender yelling,
“Hey, Duke, I think I got a lead on the guy that pissed in your
saxophone last night!”

Well, I followed one of Vilmar’s links last night, and took one from where that sent me ... 

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Monday - February 15, 2016

happy president’s day



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Bernie’s Kids

This Must Be Their First Time Voting

Sanders supporters upset at back room DNC business-as-usual wheeling and dealing. Superdelegates. Yeah, the DNC game is rigged. Did you children just notice that?

Bernie Sanders lost by a hair in Iowa and won by a landslide in New Hampshire. Yet Hillary Clinton has amassed an enormous 350-delegate advantage over the Vermont senator after just two states.

Outraged by that disconnect – which is fueled by Clinton’s huge advantage with Democratic superdelegates, who are not bound by voting results – Sanders supporters are fighting back.

Pro-Sanders threads on Reddit have been burning up with calls for action, with some supporters even reaching out to superdelegates (who are typically Democratic governors, members of Congress, and top state and national party leaders) to lobby them on the Vermont senator’s behalf. Progressive groups are also taking a stand: There are currently two petition campaigns designed to urge superdelegates to reflect the popular vote, rather than the sentiment of party elites.

In one of them, activists are targeting undecided and committed Hillary Clinton superdelegates with a clear message: wait until all the votes are counted before throwing support behind a candidate.

The effort, which will begin this week after polls its supporters to pick which superdelegates to petition first, comes amid growing criticism from Sanders supporters who complain that the game is rigged in the former secretary of state’s favor.

As of Sunday, the petition had 112,107 signatures with a goal of 125,000 signatures.

It is to laugh.

OTOH, if they can change the system and make it honest and fair, then more power to them. Well, within what they will have remade the Democrat Party to be ... the new Commie-Lite.


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I’ll look around for some content while thawing out after my guard shift ... ga dang, it’s 11°F outside. Oh sure, the weather channel says it’s 15 here. Riiiight. Come on up to my exposed little peak and we’ll compared thermometers. Assuming I can unfreeze mine first. BRRRR.


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