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Turkish newsreader ‘blacked up’ face during Barack Obama visit .

OK it isn’t earth shattering and do we really believe anything in Huff-Po. Whatever.

I thought this was funny no matter what message they were trying to get through.

A Turkish newsreader blacked up his face to report on US President Barack Obama’s visit to the country.

By Alex Spillius in Washington
Last Updated: 12:54PM BST 09 Apr 2009


But a rough translation of his opening remarks by the Huffington Post website suggested he was not mocking the US president but paying tribute.

“Welcome, Mr Obama. You took our hearts with your hospitality. We appreciate your kindness. We will do whatever America asks of us, as friends. Now, we ask the same of you,” he said.

It was not clear if the broadcast was a spoof or not.

The Buzzfeed blog speculated that the face-darkening was meant to be “a metaphor for the way the Bush administration ‘darkened’ the face of the Turkish public, and how the anchor hopes Obama will turn things around”.

The practice of adding dark make up to the face of a broadcaster or entertainer has been widely considered to be politically incorrect for decades.

The Black and White Minstrel Show, a long-running British television variety series which featured performers with their faces painted to appear as African-Americans, ceased production in 1978.


Right. I’ll get on to more serious stuff a little later. Just could not resist this.


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calendar   Wednesday - April 08, 2009

Gee, thanks Mom

Florida Woman Kills Son, Then Self, at Gun Range

CASSELBERRY, Fla. — A Florida woman fatally shot her son and then turned the gun on herself at a central Florida gun range, authorities said.

Marie Moore, 44, of Altamonte Springs and her 20-year-old son, Mitchell, were sharing a firing lane at the Shoot Straight range Sunday, Casselberry police said. Shooters in an adjacent lane said the mother and son seemed to be getting along fine. A security video shows Moore walk up behind her son, point a revolver at the back of his head and fire a single shot, police said. She then put the gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger.

The son died at the scene, and the mother died later at the hospital. Family members told police that Moore had a history of mental illness.

The gun was rented from the shooting range.

And the whole thing is on surveillance video, which is now on TV. Wonderful. You can see she just walks up behind him and puts the gun to the back of his head. Stone cold.

The incident took place at the Shoot Straight shooting range in Casselberry, FL on Monday afternoon. Casselberry Police Lt. Dennis Stewart said:

“Nobody knows why. There was no argument or anything before.”

So now we’ll have to run a NICS check before even renting somebody a gun? Cuz she was full blown crazy. The gore-free TV News video is here. The comments there, of course, are unhinged.


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Haha! Just Fuckin With Ya!

Fines Suspended for Bowling Alleys Cited for

Violating State Raffles Licensing Law

NEWARK - The $3,000 penalty levied against each of 59 bowling alleys cited for conducting 50/50 raffles in violation of the Raffles Licensing Law and its enacting regulations has been suspended and will not be collected.

The Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (LGCCC), which regulates raffles and bowling alleys, today voted at its monthly meeting to suspend the fines and instead issue warning letters to each bowling alley. The $3,000 fine, which is less than half the maximum $7,500 fine that the LGCCC could have imposed, will be returned to those who have already paid and not be collected from the other facilities.

The LGCCC also will conduct outreach to ensure bowling alley operators understand the raffles law.

Under state law (N.J.S.A. 5:8-51), veterans organizations, religious congregations, charities, and civic and service clubs may hold raffles in addition to educational and fraternal organizations, senior citizen associations and clubs, volunteer fire companies and volunteer first aid rescue squads.

LGCCC investigators went to all 73 bowling alleys in New Jersey between September, 2008 and January, 2009. Each bowling alley was inspected at least twice. The bowling alleys cited sold or allowed the selling of 50/50 raffle tickets to both league players and the general public.

Bullshit, all of it. Somebody must have hired a lawyer that could beat them in court, or had absolute evidence of entrapment. NO WAY the government is going to forgo $177,000 in fines. And the last line in the press release above is a crock too. I am 100% positive that my alley did not sell a single “raffle ticket” to any non-league member of the “general public”. Non of the leagues even let the substitute bowlers play. These games are entirely inside the league. 


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Pirates are believed to be holding Capt Richard Phillips

US crew members have recaptured their ship after it was hijacked by Somali pirates, but their captain is still being held hostage by the attackers.
The Maersk Alabama was taken by the pirates about 500km (311 miles) off Somalia’s coast after a lengthy battle.

The crew later fought back and retook the ship, but the captain was captured by the pirates who fled in a lifeboat, crew members have told US media.
A US warship and other vessels are speeding towards the scene.

The cruise-missile carrying USS Bainbridge is among the ships the US Navy has despatched, officials told the Associated Press.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the government was following the situation very closely and urged the world to act to end the “scourge” of piracy.
‘No injuries’


US media have telephoned members of the ship’s crew to get details of their struggle against the pirates.
Second mate Ken Quinn told CNN how the crew captured one of the pirates and kept him tied up for 12 hours.

As they attempted to negotiate the release of their captain, who has been named as Richard Phillips, they freed the captive attacker.
But the gang refused to free Capt Phillips.

“Right now they want to hold our captain for ransom, and we are trying to get him back,” second mate Quinn said.

“So now we’re just trying to offer them whatever we can - food. But it’s not working too good.”

He said the attackers had fled in a lifeboat and crew members were using radios to keep in contact with Capt Phillips.
In a statement, the ship’s owners, Maersk, confirmed much of the sailor’s account.

“The armed hijackers who boarded this ship earlier today have departed, however they are currently holding one member of the ship’s crew as a hostage,” Maersk said.

“The other members of the crew are safe and no injuries have been reported.”


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The speech by the man the UK govt. refused to allow into the country. FREE in the USA!

This is a very long speech running 27 minutes.
The speaker is Geert Wilders, who the left wing socialist islamic appeasers in the govt. of the UK refused to allow into this country.
It’s okay to let in criminals with loooong records of violent crime, it’s ok to allow plane hijackers into the country and then support them with benefits, it’s fine and okay to allow hate preaching muslims to collect huge benefits from the public purse.  They’re okay with all that.
But woe to anyone with comments that are openly negative with regard to the religion of peace.

Mr. Wilders is Dutch as most of you know.  He heads the Freedom Party in his country which has gained strength over the last couple of years.
But he is not the greatest public speaker in the world.  He is not an orator, and that’s unfortunate for our side.  But no matter. Hear what he has to say. There’s a lot you already know.  But stay with it.  It is worth listening to.

He was addressing a group in California on April 4th.

Too hot and too controversial for appeasers here in the UK.

America opened it’s doors and said welkom ! 

To whatever patriots are left out there reading this here in the UK, this is the man and the speech that YOUR government would not allow in the House of Lords or even in your country.  This is what they didn’t want the house to hear or you to get wind of.
I can’t vote but I hope that those of you who can, will remember at the next election.  And hope it might make a difference.

H/T to IFPS International Free Press Society


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Fighting Back: US Ship Rescues Itself


Captured Maersk Alabama Crew Captures Pirates


MV Maersk Alabama. And yes, that is Crimson

The crew of a U.S.-flag ship seized by pirates off Somalia has retaken the vessel, American officials said Wednesday, even as a shaken national security establishment faced troubling questions about the hostage-taking at high sea.

Capt. Joseph Murphy, an instructor at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, told The Associated Press the Department of Defense that his son Shane, the second in command on the ship, had called him to say the crew had regained control.

The ship, captured by pirates near the coast of Somalia, apparently was the first such hostage-taking involving U.S. citizens in 200 years.

“The crew is back in control of the ship,” a U.S. official said at midday, speaking on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to speak on the record. “It’s reported that one pirate is on board under crew control — the other three were trying to flee,” the official said. The status of the other pirates was unknown, the official said, but they were reported to “be in the water.”

The crew apparently contacted the private shipping that it works for. That company, Maersk, scheduled a noon news conference in Norfolk, Va, defense officials said.

Another U.S. official, citing a readout from an interagency conference call, said: “Multiple reliable sources are now reporting that the Maersk Alabama is now under control of the U.S. crew. The crew reportedly has one pirate in custody. The status of others is unclear, they are believed to be in the water.”

If this is true, then it deserves a major

big_us_flag Woo Hoo!!! big_us_flag

Fox et al is covering the story too, emphasizing that the crew was unarmed

“All the crew members are trained in security detail in how to deal with piracy,” Maersk CEO John Reinhart told reporters. “As merchant vessels we do not carry arms. We have ways to push back, but we do not carry arms.”

I don’t think the crew really had any choice. They’d never work again, being members of the first crew since Tripoli that allowed themselves to be hijacked. And on a ship named Alabama? No, they had no choice at all. They had to fight.

Anybody got a link to the original video from Team America?  LOL

UNPLEASANT UPDATE: The self-rescue was not without cost. The Alabama’s skipper is being held hostage. By 4 pirates in a rowboat. [wait a second, isn’t that one of those Agent 86 lines from Get Smart?]

The crew of a U.S.-flagged freighter recaptured their ship from pirates who seized it off the Horn of Africa early Wednesday, but the ship’s captain remained in the hands of the marauders, one of its officers said.

“There’s four Somali pirates, and they’ve got our captain,” Ken Quinn said in a ship-to-shore phone interview. Capt. Richard Phillips is being held in the Maersk Alabama’s 28-foot lifeboat, Quinn said.

The crew had a plan to make an exchange for their captain.

“We had a pirate we took and kept him for 12 hours,” Quinn said. “We tied him up and he was our prisoner.” Video Quinn describes the hijacking to CNN. The crew gave back their prisoner but the pirates reneged on the plan and are continuing to hold Phillips captive.

“So now we’re just trying to offer them whatever we can, food, but it’s not working too good,” he said.

The guided-missile destroyer USS Bainbridge, part of the allied fleet that patrols the waterway, is headed to the area to assist, the U.S. Navy reported. Quinn said his sailors were trying to hold the pirates off for a few more hours, “and then we’ll have a warship here to help us.

Meanwhile, since today the winds of change are blowing against the pirates, Secretary of State Clinton is calling for a get-tough policy ...

“We are deeply concerned and we are following it very closely,” Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, said. “We are now focused on this particular act of piracy and the seizure of the ship that carries 21 American citizens. More generally, we think the world must come together to end the scourge of piracy.”


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Mother kills son with a bullet to back of head at Florida shooting range . Photo below.

It’s more then crazy. It’s also very sad.  How could someone get into this fix.
I generally have so much to say .... ??

I can’t think of anything and especially seeing this photo.
What’s happening to us?

Cameras have recorded the moment a woman shot her son at point-blank range and then killed herself in Florida.

by Our Foreign Staff
Last Updated: 1:55PM BST 08 Apr 2009


Police are investigating the bizarre murder-suicide inside a crowded shooting range.

Authorities said the woman, Marie Moore, 44, shot her son Mitchell Moore, 20, and then turned the gun on herself.

The mother who shot her son and then herself at the Shoot Straight shooting range in Casselberry yesterday left behind several notes that may partially explain her motive for the murder/suicide - she thought the end of the world was coming.

In a suicide note left for her boyfriend, whom she calls “King,” Marie Moore refers to herself as a “failed queen,” writing, “I had to send my son to heaven and myself to hell.” She also writes “Save yourself you go to heaven with Mitch.”

Casselberry Police say Moore left behind a 3 hour tape that she says would “explain everything,” but they say it’s mostly incoherent rambling.

In one note, Moore left instructions for her boyfriend on what to do with her truck. She also writes that she left him $7900 in cash. She warns him to save himself and go to heaven with Mitch - her son - and says that she is going to hell. She ends one of the notes by saying “I’m so sorry.”

In police reports Moore’s ex-husband says she was not supposed to be allowed in Shoot Straight because of a previous suicide attempt, but an attorney for the range says it’s simply not true.



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Mother stopped buying DVD because she was with her underage children. More UK, PC

This story is a week or two old but other things have been happening so fast I just couldn’t post it earlier.

Thing about this is, the IDIOT cashier “ASSUMED” the mom was buying a racy video (No, not porn) for kids. Why and by what right does a store employee have to assume any such thing?

You’re in a market that also sells videos as many do.  So you grab it and put it in your basket and some total officious jerk has the authority with no proof, to deny the purchase?

And what really gets me about this is that even though in the end a supervisor allowed the sale, the store says the cashier did the right thing.
NO the cashier did NOT.
What the cashier did with no proof whatever, is assume that mom was guilty of supplying her kiddie with a movie that had one of those not for under 16s attached to it. 

This is another example of the country gone to the fuckin PC dogs!
And what’s really so damn frustrating when all is said and done, is that people are powerless to haul off and smack the officious offender in the chops.  Ya know, I’d be willing to bet it would only take once or 2wice and others of like intrusive mindset would become worried enough about their own well being, that you’d begin to see a change in attitudes.

Not that I am at all in favor of exposing kids to adult material.  I am not.  But this was an adult. A mom out doing her shopping and some busybody making a decision for her.  And it happens all too often.

A mother was stopped while buying a 12 certificate DVD at a supermarket because she was with her young children – but was still allowed to buy a bottle of wine.

By Nick Britten
The Telegraph

Karen Richards, 39, said she was “amazed and outraged” after the incident at her local Morrisons.

She was shopping with her eight-year-old son, Sean, and nine-month-old baby when she was stopped at the checkout trying to buy the film “Ladies in Lavender”, a drama starring Dame Judi Dench set in 1936.

The assistant said she could not buy it because she was with her young children, but then allowed her to buy some red wine.

Miss Richards, from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, said: “I could understand it if I had sent Sean in by himself to buy the DVD, but he was with me, along with my 9-month-old.

“Is Morrisons suggesting I should leave them both outside while I shop in case I want to buy something of a slightly adult nature?

“Does Morrisons not realise how totally ridiculous this is?”

She added: “The ironic thing is the staff member was quite happy to sell me a bottle of wine at the same time.

“It is further proof, if it is needed, that this ‘PC’ world of ours has gone barking mad.”

She said after talking to the supermarket’s supervisor she was eventually allowed to buy to film.

“I am all in favour of censorship and, of course if youngsters try to buy cigarettes and alcohol underage, they should be stopped.

“But with regards to films, I’ll decide what my son does or does not watch, not Morrisons.”

A Morrisons spokesman defended the checkout assistant’s decision and said customers suspected of buying an age-restricted product for a minor should be refused sale.

He said: “These rules are in place to protect our customers and their families, as well as the general public as a whole who, in the majority of cases, appreciate our vigilance.

“The DVD product in this case had an age restriction applied to it and the store followed procedure.

“We apologise if the customer felt the store was being over zealous.”

Miss Richards was eventually cleared to buy the DVD after a supervisor was called to verify her age.

Notice the “spokesman just couldn’t bring him or her self to just say they have it wrong. Oh no. That’d kill em. Schmucks.

Now then just to show ya. Here’s a short trailer.  I never saw the movie, wife did. She says it’s kind of in the same mood of Jane Austen.
NO child would sit thru this, they’d be bored.  The opening says clear for ALL AUDIENCES so I’ve no idea how it got a rating that says no underage allowed. Whatever ... take a brief view of this.


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Somali pirates seize US cargo ship with 20 Americans on board.

Yawn ... so guys. What do ya thing our country will do with this?

Any serious predictions? 

You know we aren’t gonna do as Drew and Jeff and others have suggested so forget that.

Kinda limits our options, doesn’t it?

Somali pirates seize US cargo ship with 20 Americans on board
An American-operated container ship and its entire 20-member US crew were hijacked by Somali pirates early on Wednesday.

By Mike Pflanz in Nairobi and Colin Freeman
Last Updated: 2:57PM BST 08 Apr 2009


The Danish-owned and US-flagged 17,000-tonne Maersk Alabama, was seized as it passed 400 miles north-east of Mogadishu. Its immediate destination was not known.

The brazen attack took place despite the presence of a multi-national naval task force patrolling the waters off Somalia to deter pirates.

The incident is likely to be hugely embarrassing for the United States, which has warships involved in the patrols, and may spur the piracy problem to a whole new level of confrontation

“A US-flagged and Danish owned container vessel reported that it had been boarded by pirates at 730am local time today,” said Lt Stephanie Murdock, spokesman for the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, based in Bahrain.

“The closest US Navy vessel which could have assisted was more than 300 nautical miles away. I cannot yet confirm the nationalities of the crew.”

Leslie Edwards, a British-based security specialist who has advised on a number Indian Ocean ship hijacks, said: “As far as we know, this is the first time that US citizens have been taken in this fashion, and certainly in anything like these numbers.

“It may dramatically change the dynamic of the whole piracy problem and how to deal with it. The big question is whether the US will stand by and allow a crew of US citizens to be held for two or three months in the full glare of the world media. That would be a difficult test for President Barack Obama.”

In a statement released from its head office in Denmark, Maersk confirmed the hijacking and said that the 20 crew members were “US nationals”.

Andrew Mwangura of the Seafarers’ Assistance Programme in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa said, “We have been told the crew are Americans and that they are safe”.

The raid was the sixth successful hijacking in four days by pirates operating in the lawless waters off Somalia.

A British-owned cargo ship, the Malaspina Castle, and her mostly Bulgarian crew of 24 were hijacked on Monday.

A former oceanographic research ship converted into a luxury dive boat was taken late last week just hours after its party of British tourists had disembarked in an outlying atoll in the Seychelles.

French officials said on Tuesday that they are monitoring the whereabouts of a yacht seized with five people onboard, including a three-year-old boy.

An international naval task force, including British warships, was deployed to patrol the waters off Somalia since late last year in a bid to bring an end to the pirate crisis.

During 2008, the Somali gunmen raided more than 130 vessels, mostly in the Gulf of Aden, resulting in 50 successful hijackings and a multi-million pound windfall for the pirates.

But many of the pirate teams are now venturing much further south, away from their usual hunting grounds north of Somalia and closer to the Indian Ocean islands of the Seychelles and Comoros.


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Somali pirates capture British cargo ship
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Somali pirates ‘capture’ 20,000-tonne German ship
Somali pirates capture British-owned ship
Somali pirates hijack British ship


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calendar   Tuesday - April 07, 2009

A couple of cartoons making the European rounds re. Obama and Sarkozy. Just for Laffs.





Cartoons by PETER BROOKES in the Times


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Well here’s another fine mess the Germans are in. Another ship taken by Somali pirates.

Another German freight ship hijacked by Somalian pirates

Pirates have hijacked another German cargo ship off the coast of Somalia, spokesmen for the German Foreign Ministry confirmed on Monday, adding that they had appointed a crisis team.

Details about the ship were not officially announced, but media reports say that the hijacked freighter is the Hansa Stavanger from Hamburg, sailing under the German flag with a crew of 24, up to five of whom are German.

Broadcaster ZDF reported that the ship was hijacked on Sunday approximately 400 nautical-miles from the Somalian coastal town of Kismayu. Five pirates are said to be on board the 20,000-tonne vessel.

The attack comes barely a fortnight after another German vessel, the Longchamp, was released by Somalian pirates. The Longchamp and its crew had been held hostage for two months in the Gulf of Aden. Unofficial sources said that a ransom of several million euros had been paid for its safe return.

Under the European anti-pirate operation “Atalanta,” initiated at the beginning of December 2008, the German navy has twice captured pirates off the coast of Somalia. Nine were caught by the frigate Rheinland-Pfalz in March as they attempted to hijack a ship. They were sent to Kenya for trial.


Was a time when a German navy would treated these scum as they deserved. Oh but now they have to ship em somewhere for a TRIAL.
Would anyone have known if they’d just sunk the pirate boats and made sure the apes were dead?  Jeesh.


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I used to think A Clockwork Orange was a violent fantasy. (Boys 10 AND 11 charged attempted murder)

As the saying goes, when seconds count the police are only minutes away.  Maybe that should be ‘hours away’ in the UK?

I used to think A Clockwork Orange was a violent fantasy.  Now it seems inevitable.  The rule of law is nearly dead there.
A Comment left by Guido at BMEWS


I use that quote again due to the nature of this crime. And it is that no matter the age of the miserable little bastards involved.
10 and 11 is old enough to know absolutely, right from wrong.

Police can’t name the kiddies due to age and the prosecuting atty. is saying they have to have a fair trial. A trial?  The little shits get a trial? WHY?
A trial is to determine guilt. No? 
This particular attack IS NOT THE FIRST BY THIS PAIR.  They are evil and should be burned at a stake with no more mercy then they show their victims.  There is no hope in heaven or hell that this pair of merciless turds will ever change.  They will just get better at what they do and learn over time how better to hide their violence.  Some day perhaps some good citizen will put an end to this pointless, worthless pair.  I won’t hold my breath.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ....

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said the attack did not mean children were becoming more violent.

That guy must outta his fuckin mind!

What I am posting here isn’t the entire article.  There is so much more and photos but no photos of the little darlings that caused this.
And the police questioning I want you to know, MUST be done with sensitivity. 

Brothers charged with attempted murder of two young playmates ‘slashed from head to toe’ with Stanley knife

By James Tozer, Jaya Narain and Fay Schlesinger
Last updated at 7:16 PM on 07th April 2009

Two brothers aged ten and 11 appeared in court today charged with attempted murder over an attack that left two young playmates with serious head injuries and knife wounds.

The boys were arrested after the victims, aged nine and 11, were allegedly slashed ‘from head to toe’ with a knife, burned with cigarettes and beaten with bricks before one was thrown down a ravine near Doncaster, on Saturday.

The brothers had been put in care by Doncaster Council, whose children’s services department was recently described as ‘chaotic and dangerous’ following the death of seven vulnerable youngsters. 

(too bad these two weren’t among them)

Today, South Yorkshire Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said it had advised South Yorkshire Police to charge the boys with four counts each of attempted murder and robbery.

The pair - who cannot be named for legal reasons - showed no emotion as they stood in the dock with three security officers at Doncaster Youth Court.

The older boy wore a red England shirt and his younger brother a grey Umbro T-shirt as the charges of attempted murder and robbery were read to them.

They were remanded into secure local authority care and will next appear in the same court on April 14.

The mother of the brothers has denied any responsibility for their alleged actions.

They had been living with foster parents after their mother told social services she could not control them. Yesterday, she told The Sun newspaper: ‘It’s got nowt to do with me - they weren’t even in my care.’

As the victims continued to be treated in hospital, the parents of a chorister set upon a week earlier claimed police had not taken the first assault seriously.

With detectives continuing to question the brothers over what Children’s Secretary Ed Balls condemned as a ‘barbaric’ attack, the role of the local council also came under scrutiny.

The aunt of the 11-year-old thrown in the ravine said: ‘They knew what the two attackers were capable of, but they did nothing.

‘Social services should have taken them into more secure care, not just let them roam the streets. If he had been found just half an hour later my poor nephew would have died.’
This aerial view shows where the 11-year-old was found, top, and where his nephew was found covered in mud and blood


Today, the parents of the 11-year-old thanked the people who helped the boys after the attack.

Issuing a statement through South Yorkshire Police, they said: “We would like to thank all the community for their help in finding our son and for all their continued support through what is a very traumatic time.

“We are hoping that our son will continue to recover from his ordeal and ask that the media will continue to respect our privacy.”

A police spokesman said the boy was currently “stable and improving” in Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

The younger boy is expected to have a further operation on his arm today.

Neither of the victims has yet been interviewed by detectives, the spokesman said.

He added that police were continuing to question the two boys in connection with the assault and officers were carrying out house-to-house inquiries.

Saturday’s attack in the former mining community of Edlington, near Doncaster, began when the two boys - who were riding their bikes - were set upon and ordered to hand over their mobile phones, money and trainers.

When they refused, both boys were slashed ‘from head to toe’ with a knife, burned with cigarettes and beaten with bricks, according to witnesses who saw their injuries.

During the assault, the older boy whispered to the younger ‘pretend you’re dead’ to try and scare off their attackers.

The 11-year-old victim, who is the nine-year-old’s uncle, was allegedly then pushed 30ft down a steep embankment, suffering a severe head injury, while the younger boy - himself covered in blood - bravely staggered to nearby houses to get help.

The Daily Mail can reveal that a week earlier, Callam Flett, an 11-year-old choirboy at St John’s Church in Edlington, had been lured to the same beauty spot, known as Brick Ponds, with the promise of seeing a giant toad.

There he was allegedly pounced on and beaten, knocked to the ground and kicked on the legs, chest and head.

‘I did nothing to them at all but they began beating me up,’ the traumatised schoolboy said yesterday.

‘They stamped on my chest and head and were going mad. I was really frightened. I was absolutely terrified.’

Callam fell into the pond and managed to escape only when a man out walking in the nature reserve came to his rescue. ‘He said he would hold them off for as long as possible and then told me to run quickly.’

The boy’s horrified parents, Ken and Kerry, immediately reported the attack. Mrs Flett said: ‘Callam was absolutely beside himself. He was shaking with fear and was totally terrified. He was black and blue, his lip was swollen and he had dreadful bruising on his cheek and on his legs and chest.’

A police officer came round the next day and took the attackers’ descriptions, but according to Mrs Flett ‘wasn’t very interested’.

The couple told another officer who had attacked Callam, but claim they were warned ‘we could get into trouble for bandying around their names’.

Finally, the following Saturday, the two brothers were questioned by police - just hours before they allegedly attacked again.

‘It is a total disgrace,’ said Mrs Flett, who lives in the village with her husband, a glazing foreman.

‘These two young boys could have been killed in this dreadful, violent attack. It was so preventable and if someone had only listened I think the police could have stopped it. The police ought to be ashamed.’

The couple are considering making a formal complaint. Officers took a videotaped statement from Callam yesterday - nine days after he was attacked - but South Yorkshire Police declined to comment on the claims.

Following this weekend’s attack, the elder boy was airlifted to Sheffield Children’s Hospital where his condition improved yesterday from critical to stable. He was taken off a ventilator and moved to a high-dependency ward, but it could be several days before police can speak to him.

His 16-year-old brother said: ‘He could hardly open his eyes in hospital. They were swollen shut with a slice cut running along the bottom of one eye. His face is covered in bruises and cuts. He looks like he has been battered in a boxing match. None of us can believe what’s happened. Kids get into little fights but this is something different. It’s horrible.’

The nine-year-old was taken to Doncaster Royal Infirmary where he had surgery on a severe cut to his arm.

The brothers being questioned over the attack cannot be named for legal reasons, but the Mail has established that they have spent time in the care of Doncaster council, recently condemned as one of the country’s worst authorities.

Detectives were yesterday granted another 36 hours to question them.

The interview process will have to be carried out in a ‘sensitive’ way because of the boys’ ages, with a parent or guardian present at all times.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said the attack did not mean children were becoming more violent.


See More Below The Fold


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 04/07/2009 at 01:52 PM   
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What Islamic schools teach in the UK.

As one who is a conservative and a little bit to the right (LOL, I heard that) I thought to be fair I should try and lean a little bit toward the lady on the left (no pun but funny how that works out) in trying to understand her position.

I kinda thought the interviewer wasn’t giving her enough chance and then realized wait ... I’m not too certain she’s answering the whole question anyway.  She claimed and I was ready to give the benefit of the doubt re. things taken out of context in the Koran.  She seemed like a nice person and reasonable and said you would have to hear the tale the quote comes from. OK. But she never told us what the “tale” was. 

So alright, Jews are monkeys and Christians pigs. Gottcha. But wait. No? Translation please?  Oh well, “in Arabic the words have another meaning.”
Huh?  They do? So now I’m really lost. 
And you might be too.
If nothing else people, this might hand you a laugh.  But I am not posting this under humor.  It ain’t that funny!

H/T to and europe news dk.

For people who have seen the excellent channel 4 documentary Hidden Mosque nothing in this short video will shock or surprise them. However, I think it needs reminding that despite the massive publicity on Islam and it’s teaching, Islamic schools in the UK and for that matter the rest of the western world this Islamic orthodoxy is still, and will likely always be taught. To not teach it would make it not Islam, which is what frustrates me about these interviews where UK or western persons feign shock and demand to know why these things are being taught in Islamic schools.

This is Islam. What else are they supposed to teach?

We have to start getting comfortable that merely because they call it religion does not mean its acceptable to, or miscible with, other belief systems.

If Nazism called itself a religion, and a very strong case can be made that this is exactly what Islam is, would we afford it this much protection?


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 04/07/2009 at 12:21 PM   
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NJ Gaming Commission Busts Almost Every Bowling Alley In NJ

Rotten bastards. Every bowling league in America does Strike Ball every week to put more money in the prize fund. It’s how we raise money.

The Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission, which regulates raffles and bingo, last week cited 59 bowling alleys statewide for conducting 50/50 raffles in violation of the Raffles Licensing Law.

Sparta Lanes, Rockaway Lanes, Circle Lanes in Ledgewood, Boonton Lanes, Oakwood Lanes in Washington, Warren Lanes in Phillipsburg, Plaza Lanes in Madison and Bel-Pike Lanes in Belvidere were among the alleys cited.

Each bowling alley has the option of acknowledging the violation, paying a $3,000 penalty and coming into compliance with the law. The owner also could request a hearing to contest the violations, according to a letter sent by the state dated April 2. Penalties could be higher than $3,000 if the unlawful activity is upheld after the hearing. The maximum fine for each incident is $7,500.

The bowling alleys have 15 days to respond.

Under state law, veterans organizations, religious congregations, charities, and civic and service clubs may hold raffles in addition to educational and fraternal organizations, senior citizen associations and clubs, volunteer fire companies and volunteer first aid rescue squads.

Special Rules for Special Folks. Welcome to the “Sopranos State”.

“The bowling alleys cited do not meet the requirements for holding raffles,” said David Szuchman, consumer affairs director.

Commission investigators went to all 73 bowling alleys in New Jersey between September and January. The bowling alleys cited sold or allowed the selling of unauthorized 50/50 raffle tickets to both league players and the general public, according to the commission. Jeff Lamm, spokesman for the state Department of Community Affairs, said every alley was visited at least twice.

The crackdown by the state stops a tradition for many bowling leagues, where weekly 50/50 raffles offset bowling fees or other league expenses.

“I have been in this industry for 30 years. It (raffles) is a common way to raise money,” said Stacy Karten, executive director for both the Bowling Proprietors Association of North Jersey and the Bowling Proprietors Association of Southern New Jersey.

However, he said, “We do understand and respect the law.”

Karten said the state is willing to work with the bowling alleys to possibly reduce the fines or develop a payment plan.

The associations are advising the alleys to have leagues sign a document stating the league would be liable for future fines should they decide to have a raffle.

The commission only oversees games of chance. Games of skill, such as high-game pots and card games, should not be affected by the raffle penalty because they are not based on chance, Karten said.

Bowling alleys do not sell 50/50 raffle tickets — bowling leagues do, said Ralph Ayles, owner of Shore Lanes in Neptune, which was among the bowling alleys cited.

Leagues use 50/50s to raise money for their own use, such as an end-of-the-year party, Ayles said.

“It is for the league to have a little bit of fun at the end of the year,” Ayles said. Some leagues donate the money to charity, he added.

“They just fined all the bowling centers,” he said. “What are they going to do? Go after the bowling league? I am sure it’s just about making money.”

Ok, Ayles is being a little weasely. While he is technically correct, he can’t pretend that he doesn’t know the leagues are selling the tickets. It’s hard not to notice some guy walking up and down with a bucket and an armload of tickets. And they always, ALWAYS, pick the ticket at the front desk and read the winning number over the PA system.

Yeah, my alley got busted too. I do not know if they are going to ask each league to pay their slice of the fine. But we’ve all been doing it. Forever. Hell, Strike Ball (which is the 50/50 game in question) is practically what bowling league is about. That, and Strike Poker, and Kegler’s Cash, and Super Jackpot, and Cash Brackets, ... a good bowler with a bit of luck can go home with $50-$100 every week.

I’ve got an idea. Instead of Strike Ball, (where all the players put in cash for some tickets, and if your ticket is picked and you then roll a strike, you win half the pot), we can do $2 High Game, per game. Subtract your current average from 230, and that’s your handicap. Then add your handicap to whatever you bowl for that game. Whoever has the highest total wins half the pot, and the other half goes in the prize fund. It might actually earn us more money, because not everyone was playing the Strike Ball, and some who played just put in $1 for one ticket, or $2 for $3, instead of the $5 for 13 tickets like the rest of us big gamblers did. My tickets never got picked anyway. mad



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