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Once Again, The One And Only Post

September 24, 2020

Oh Sure, You Can Believe In Mail-In Ballots. And in the integrity of the USPS, whose union has come out for Biden. And that all the election workers are scrupulously honest, even when nobody is looking. Um, yeah right.

Thrown Away Ballots Discovered In Luzerne County PA: Every Single One Of Them Was A TRUMP VOTE !!

An FBI investigation found that a number of discarded mail-in military ballots from a county in Pennsylvania were cast for President Donald Trump.

U.S. Attorney David Freed announced on Thursday that a “small number of military ballots were discarded.”

On Monday, an investigation was opened into “potential issues with a small number of mail-in ballots at the Luzerne County Board of Elections” at the request of county District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis, a Republican.

After conducting numerous interviews and reviewing physical evidence, Freed confirmed that all nine of the ballots recovered were cast for Trump.

Freed added that the investigation remains ongoing and that it is “the vital duty of government to ensure that every properly cast vote is counted,” in his official statement. Up-to-date findings are expected to be shared later Thursday.

The only voters in Luzerne County who have received mail-in ballots at this time are civilians and military personnel overseas, an official told the Times Leader. The election bureau plans to begin sending out mail-in ballots during the first week of October.

This means the ballots were mailed out, filled out, mailed back to Pennsylvania AND THEN discarded. Which means it was either someone in the Post Office or someone in the elections process.

“Two of the discarded ballots had been resealed inside their appropriate envelopes by Luzerne elections staff prior to recovery by the FBI and the contents of those 2 ballots are unknown.”

Ok, we can rule out the Post Office for this one. Fire the entire election worker staff and start over. With CCTV and angry hungry guard dogs.

This is BAD news. How many other ballots got tossed that nobody has found??

Luzerne County went for Obama both times, but went for Trump over crooked Hillary in 2016.

Ok, this one was only 9 votes. But it’s also “only” the first instance found.

Vote in person. If you have to do the paper remote ballot thing, hand your ballot over to a poll worker and watch it go in the lockbox if you can.

same story here, , everywhere. Even at the DeMSM.

Nor is this even the first time mail in ballots have been misplaced.


We must be post ‘rona

Fauci Gives NJ’s King Murphy The Green Light

Open ‘er up!!

image  image  image

King Phillip looks a bit annoyed that his endless tyranny may soon come to an end.

Dr. Anthony Fauci told Gov. Phil Murphy on Thursday that New Jersey has made enough progress to safely and “competently” reopen its economy and schools, and he addressed why
Fauci has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and he has worked with — and often clashed with — the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force.
Fauci said New Jersey’s baseline of cases and community spread — despite getting “hit really very badly” in March and April — is so low that the state’s situation is “positioning you well to do a number of things.”

New Jersey’s daily case number has hovered in the 400-500 range, but Fauci noted that the number is small compared with the rest of the country that, in total, is seeing 35,000 to 40,000 new cases a day .

But go slow, carefully, carefully!

Fauci said his office has color designations for areas of the country — with red and orange indicating that states are in rough shape, and dark green meaning they’re good shape. He said New Jersey is dark green because its rate of positive cases, based on testing, is lower than 3 percent.
Unlike much of the country, Fauci said, New Jersey should also be well prepared to handle a possible second wave of the virus when people move indoors as the weather gets colder. He noted that New Jersey’s infection rate has sunk to around 1.1 and should be able to handle possible case increases and hospitalizations. [ the hospitals are empty. only 34 Covid people in ICU/ventilator in the entire state. Just TWO patients in hospital in the whole Central Zone ( east + west ) I gotcha second spike, riiight here! ]

Murphy has also been stockpiling PPE, rubbing alcohol, ventilators, etc. “Just in case”.

the state of the state Central East is just 0.38 over the line in the Percent CLI category

And while Fau Chi’s office may have the color designations, the above map comes from the CDC algorithm that all the states have been using the past 5 or 6 weeks.

The chat came as Murphy said he’d like to consider expanding indoor dining — from 25 to 50 percent capacity — as long as there is “a sustained period of time without spikes or incidents.”

“Even at 50 percent, it’s hardly nirvana,” Murphy said during a news conference Wednesday.

Murphy said he realizes that New Jersey restaurant owners are at a crossroads now that the weather is getting colder, and outdoor dining may not work so well.

For restaurant owners, he said, they have to make a decision: Should they buy more space heaters if they’re still forced to continue having seating outside, or should they order more plexiglass so they can expand their indoor capacity?

Murphy noted that reopening indoor dining earlier in September “is a step that we took with great trepidation” because it led to outbreaks in other states. [ no it didn’t, it was just an assumption and an excuse ]

Since reopening indoor dining and gyms earlier this month, however, New Jersey has had no problems, Murphy said.

And he can’t stand it. Because this means he was bass-ackwards with all his rants and fears.

The real ways I can tell that it’s over, over here, is that the customer counting people at the grocery store door have been gone for more than a month, and the Serve Yourself buffet table inside by the deli is now stocked again with trays of open antipasto and olives. It was all prepackaged stuff until a day or two ago.


“The Days Of Blindly Supporting Democrats Are Coming To An End”

Kim Klacik, a Maryland congressional candidate, spoke on the first night of the Republican National Convention on Aug. 24, 2020. The party planned a mix of virtual and in-person events in North Carolina and Washington, D.C., for its nominating convention after the coronavirus pandemic interrupted plans for a traditional nominating event.


Big mess in Louisville. At least two police officers shot. Shooter arrested. Big protests. National Guard standing by. Federal courthouse closed a couple days ago as a precaution before the Breonna Taylor investigation released.

And what the result of that investigation? Let’s see ... DA says it wasn’t a no-knock warrant, city paid Taylor’s family $12 million, 10 times more than she’d ever earn in an entire lifetime, no murder or manslaughter charges against the police, no charges against the boyfriend for shooting the cops, multiple witnesses who were outside who say the police announced themselves, and 3 charges of reckless endangerment against one of the cops who apparently was shooting all over the place, some of his bullets entering neighboring apartments. In other words, no harm no foul pretty much, make the best of a bad situation.

And that’s probably cause for the paid and imported thugs to riot and destroy once again. Multiple arrests made in the crowd. U Haul vans seen delivering shields and weapons ahead of time.

Once again the enemy media, the Dem-SM, deliberately told the story wrong to create divisiveness and anger. You’d think they were actively working against the nation, against peace, against law and order. And you’d be 100% right.

Here’s a nice quick read on that very subject: Breonna Taylor: Yet Another Grand Jury Defies the Fake News Narrative

Yet again.

We have a nationwide Fake News syndicate who blow stories out of proportion and shamelessly distort facts to incite civil unrest and racial disharmony. A Black person dies at the hands of a police officer, whether White or Black, and the media narrative promptly becomes a lamentation over “systemic racism.” The streets fill with peaceful protesters. Soon, they are shoved aside by agitators, inciters, anarchists, and some paid provocateurs. Fires are set. Businesses are burned down. Homes are destroyed. Lives are ruined. In the background, the chants are heard: “No Justice, No Peace.”

I’d like to point out that this essay kind of mislead me too. I don’t watch CNN, so I really don’t know who Don Lemon is. A mouthy idiot from what I gather. I didn’t even know he was somewhat black. So I see the essay, and I hardly notice that it’s written by “Dov Fisher”, with a tiny B&W charicature drawing 3/8” high on the side. But under the title is a great big picture of some young black man in a suit and tie. Almost invisible, in a pale gray font, under the picture it identifies this person as Don Lemon of CNN. I thought it was the author of the article. The essay details how the media has lead us wrong, knowingly, purposely, on nearly every one of these situations for quite some time ( although he doesn’t mention the granddaddy of them all, the carefully edited Rodney King beating video and story ). The gullible and intellectually lazy are taken in, encouraged to act up, used as tools to create dissent, and then forgotten about. And when the situation gets to the courts, where justice is done and facts are revealed, it comes out exactly backwards to what the DeMSM has portrayed. Time after time. And Teh Stupids never wise up. They never realize or admit they’ve been played. No, their only reaction is that the justice system is rigged, and that The Man is covering up for all his peeps. And around we go again next time.

Gee whiz, wouldn’t it be amazing if the next time some black person was shot by the police, if the “mostly peaceful” rioters burned down ABC and and NBC and CBS and CNN and MSNBC and NPR news headquarters for biased false reporting? If wishes were fishes ...


Meanwhile in Portland, the city of anarchy
... Similar crappy situations elsewhere all around the country. Because we are all Louisville? Not even hardly. It’s engineered mayhem.

Portland, Oregon, rioter reportedly threw a Molotov cocktail at a group of police officers on Wednesday night as law enforcement declared the demonstrations in the area a riot.

Reports say that rioters also set fire to the city’s justice center. [ wait, isn’t that now the “People’s Center"> I thought they took that building over ages ago. ]

Demonstrations in the city continued following the announcement of a criminal indictment of one officer involved in the death of Louisville, Kentucky, resident Breonna Taylor. You can read more on the indictment here.

Following the announcement, riots erupted in cities across the country.

Since it would be bad form to gun these criminals down like dogs, why not get out a bunch of snowplows, up-armor them a bit, and use them and some bulldozers to herd these vermin into the sea? Even if a proper Lemming-cliff isn’t immediately available. Oh, is it 4 miles to the ocean? Better get extra plow trucks then. Some firetrucks to hose down the crowds, or the streets afterwards.


bowling blogging We actually won one game at Old Guys League. And I had a bag full of epiphanies. I threw some really great balls during warm up, but my bowling for score was awful once again. I kept trying this, that, and some other dumb thing, none of which worked. The alley has these “entertainment monitors” between the scoring screens, which are usually tuned to the sports channels. Sound off but closed captioning on. A bunch of millionaire black guys where on talking football, and one of these “woke” kneelers mentioned the Breonna Taylor thing, and how the results were pretty much as he expected them to be. No justice, so no peace. And I got mad. I’m FS&T of this UNBS. So I took a splayed finger grip, index finger pointed straight in line with my arm, and threw my ball real hard. Ok, not real hard, but I wasn’t holding back at all. Good ball speed has never been my problem. And it zipped down the lane, revving like mad, went out to about the 4 board most of the way down, took a hard left, and smashed high into the pocket for a strike. Holy cats. So I did it again. Same power smash hit, another strike. Once frame more. This is working!!!  And then old habits bubbled up, and I clenched the ball, came around the ball, and screwed it up. Time after time.

So that’s my epiphany. I am a thumb squeezer. I have to stop this. I took a rough emery board and ground down the callous on the inside of my thumb. That helped a little, but not enough. I squeeze the ball because I’ve never trusted the ball to stay on my hand, because way way back in the early days sometimes it fell off my hand on the back swing. Embarrassing and dangerous. Sometimes in those days I’d be gripping the ball so hard my throw would go straight up in the air. But it’s wrong. It’s not necessary. Slight finger tip pressure, along with a firm wrist, is all that’s needed. I have to learn to believe in this and trust it. It also takes a little bit of strength in the forearm to keep the ball from rolling off the side of your hand. So now I know that “stay behind the ball” really does work ... except you do need to twist your forearm and hand a little to the inside as you finish the release. But no more than that, ever!!!  And “come up through the ball” using just finger pressure to make it spin, once you’ve completely relaxed your thumb or even flipped it out of the ball. And then the whole coordinated fingertip snap, bicep curl, arm lift motion to “answer the phone” .  And the ball revs like mad, in a vertical plane, and goes out, turns, and comes back hard. Skid flip. It’s what it’s all about, and now I know that I can actually do it. And I got there by NOT slowing down, by NOT going gently. Put some oomph behind the ball, and then let the ball do the work. Happy me.

Now all I have to do is practice this a few million times until it becomes second nature. And I think I need to do some arm exercises. Finger strengthening, forearm workouts, curls, shoulder work. I’m not as strong as I was at 23, and some more muscle would give me better control and stamina.

Another minor epiphany is that I have 3 different useful releases and at least twice that many lines ( throwing paths for the ball ). I think this comes from trying to relearn bowling from the beginning every couple of years. But I can do a “luggage throw” either Down and In or Out and Back, and a flat wrist throw with only slight rev, and a slack wrist throw too.  ( Not to mention nearly useless releases which generate a reverse roll or an accidental side spinner throw. And I will pretend I don’t have the “rare” skill of throwing a Gump ball, which slides down the lane without hardly even turning. ) And they all work better with a relaxed thumb. No kidding. Duh. It only took me 18 years to learn this. Now I have to put it into practice.


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September 22, 2020

Give Us This Day

image  image

A crazy simple bread recipe that makes nice looking bread with a nice flavor and a crust that doesn’t break your teeth. Really nice crumb (air bubbles). Makes one smallish loaf. No fancy techniques, no artistic scoring, no expensive stand mixer, no fancy flours, no twitchy sourdough starter.

•  either 450gm bread flour or 70gm whole wheat flour plus 380gm bread flour. If you don’t have bread flour use plain old unbleached all purpose flour. I used King Arthur brand, which has more gluten and protein than most other flours.

•   375gm water at no more than 100°F ( this is 83.3% hydration, very wet, so this is another “no knead” recipe )

•   11gm salt

•   6gm instant yeast ( about 2 teaspoons, which is less than a whole packet of yeast )

Whisk together the flour, salt, and dry yeast in a medium bowl. Add the water. Stir it together with the handle end of a wooden spoon.  It takes about 3 minutes of casual stirring to get it evenly mixed and moistened. Dough will be quite sticky and very moist.

Tightly cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Leave it on the counter for 2 hours. Now either bake it, or put it in the fridge overnight or for a day. Chilling the dough, called “retarding” gives it a better flavor.

Dust a small area of your countertop with plain flour. Use a plastic spatula to dig the dough out of the bowl and onto the counter. Be gentle with it, don’t tear it up or smash it down flat. Slightly dust the blob of dough. Use the spatula to gently pull the edges up and over, forming a roughly round blob. I folded in 8 “edges” and got a mostly round shape. Use the spatula to loosen the dough from the counter, and flip the dough over onto the middle of a square foot of parchment paper.

Preheat the oven with your Dutch oven and lid to 450 for half an hour.  When hot, lift the paper and the dough into the Dutch oven. Cover and bake 30 minutes. Remove cover and bake it another 15 minutes. Remove bread from oven and let it cool.

recipe comes from here

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September 21, 2020



And I don’t give a rat’s ass what Ruthie’s Last Dying Wish is conveniently said to have been. It doesn’t matter a damn bit. And honestly, I think she died at least a year ago and has been on ice or a machine ever since, her DNC handlers waiting for just the worst time to make yet another “October surprise”. Surprise, this one is at the end of September!!

Anyway, Hillary is a hypocritical dog faced lying pony soldier. As if that’s news.


Balitmore going red? After generations of failed Democrat “leadership”, what other options are Left except the Right approach?

Another Super Campaign Ad From Kim Klacik


Kim Klacik, the GOP congressional candidate from Baltimore, has attempted to do something that Hollywood executives often try, but seldom succeed: make a sequel better than the first.

Klacik, who hopes to fill a vacant seat left by the late Rep. Elijah Cummings, the legendary Democrat, posted her first campaign video in August on her Twitter account, which propelled her to be embraced by top Republicans and interviewed by some of the most influential shows in the country, including ABC’s “The View.”

My goodness. A good looking Black woman talking common sense about urban renewal, school choice, trash collection, jobs, investment, etc. Put the charm back into Charm City.  And she looks killer in a nice dress. And in this ad, she get joined by a diverse army of ladies in red, who aren’t gonna take it no more. Great strategy. Rise up and do, build, heal, and love, not rise up and destroy, complain, and demand a bigger handout.


Newsie things I didn’t get to over the weekend:

Piggy-pocolypse !

Wild crossbred “super-pig” population soaring across the South, millions and millions of them ruining agriculture and forests

The U.S. wild pig population is soaring and rapidly multiplying, which experts describe as a ticking ‘feral swine bomb,’ according to a report on Saturday.

There are roughly nine million feral swine running rampant across the U.S. The invasive species already costs the U.S. an estimated $2.5 billion each year in damages and control costs, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). As their numbers continue to rise, the damage will only get worse.

In fact, the wild pig population has expanded from 17 states to at least 39 over the last three decades, The Atlantic reported.

Sounds like they need every Southerner to get his big rifle and go a-huntin’. Doesn’t matter if the meat gets eaten or sold or left to rot. Ok, left to rot isn’t the best approach, but sometimes what can you do?

Since the hogs travel in packs, group hunts with large capacity magazines sounds like a good idea.


China brucelosis outbreak infects more than 3,000; lab leak at vaccine factory. From using out of date disinfectant. China too cheap, China don’t care, China is asshoe.

More than 3,000 people in China have contracted the bacterial disease known as Malta fever following a leak from a lab last year, health officials said.

The outbreak originating from the Zhongmu Lanzhou biological pharmaceutical factory left 3,245 people sickened with brucellosis, the Health Commission of Lanzhou said
People can contract brucellosis — also known as Mediterranean fever — by coming into contact with livestock such as sheep, goats, cows or camels infected with the Brucella bacteria
The lab leak occurred last year between late July and late August when the factory was producing Brucella vaccines for animal use, the Health Commission said. The factory was using expired disinfectants and sanitizers and not all bacteria were killed in the waste gas, CNN reported.


China: Fish Thieves Of The Galapagos. Rules? Waa? China AGAIN caught red handed doing heavy fishing in protected waters. Fines don’t stop them. Jail time doesn’t stop them. How about torpedoes?

A marine conservation group published an analysis on Wednesday, revealing that an armada of Chinese fishing vessels carried out more than 73,000 hours of illegal fishing in the Galápagos between July and August, pulling thousands of tons of squid and fish up in the process.

The analysis, carried out by the marine conservation group Oceana, found that around 300 Chinese vessels were involved in “pillaging” the waters of the Galapagos Marine Reserve in search mainly of squid. The report pointed out that squid are “essential to the diet of iconic Galapagos species such as fur seals and hammerhead sharks, as well as for many commercial and recreational fish species, including tuna and billfish, that contribute to the local economy.”

“Oceana analyzed data from fishing vessels found near the Galapagos Islands from July 13 to Aug. 13, 2020. During this one-month period, Oceana documented the Chinese fleet, which was primarily fishing for squid, logged more than 73,000 total hours of apparent fishing,” the analysis explained. “In fact, 99% of the visible fishing activity off the Galapagos Islands during this one-month period was by Chinese-flagged vessels.”
Chinese vessels have long been caught illegally fishing in and around the Galápagos Islands.

Protected water! You no fish! You fish, you die!

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September 19, 2020

Bowling blogging

We got totally smeared at Cheap League on Friday. My bowling was terrible, and the rest of my team did even worse. After it was over, Jason, the anchor on the other team gave me some tips and explained them in a way that actually made sense to me. I’ve known him for at least a decade, and not only is he a very good bowler ( he threw a 270 in game 3 when his knee was in great pain ), he’s also a very smart and analytic person. So while what he said was really the same as the “get ‘er out there” and the “come up through the ball” advice the alley guys have been telling forever, the way he that he said it was clear to me. That getting the ball to hook is not a matter of turning your wrist at all, coming up the side of the ball at the moment of release, but a matter of holding your fingers at a certain angle in the ball relative to your index finger and your wrist’s lateral position. That way when you do do the release, it’s the fingers that are pulling the ball around at an angle, a hopefully vertical angle, as the ball both comes off your hand in a forward direction and falls off your hand to the side because of the unbalanced weights within the ball. With your arm swinging straight and the ball tilting off to the inside, it merely looks like your hand is coming up the side of the ball. But it’s actually the ball spinning off your hand the other way. So it was a huge Ah HA!! moment for me.

The Mrs and I had a big discussion about it this morning, and we’re going to try his way. Why not, as I try to reinvent my bowling nearly every year anyway. So with any luck, we’ll get everything done here today early enough to get up to the lanes and do some training and practice tonight. Because, as Jason told me years ago, practice makes persistent; training makes perfection. So we’ll leave “getting under the ball” for another time, and focus on “staying behind the ball” and not “coming over the ball”, with me also trying to stop squeezing the ball with my thumb. That’s a bad thing, and I’ve done it forever. This new awareness/approach may not gel completely the first time. So more training will be needed. But we ought to be able to see right away if his thesis is at least a little valid. We will wear our wrist braces to keep our wrists straight, and eventually try to do the full follow through movement which combines a finger snap ( the result of curling your fingers strongly against the ball ) with a bicep curl and raising your arm all at the same time, hand finishing up next to your ear, upper arm nearly horizontal with the elbow pointing forward. Which is what the alley guys call “answer the phone”.

There are an infinite number of ways to bowl wrong and still meet with some success. But there are only a couple ways to bowl properly, and those meet with much greater success. A 270 game with an aching knee sounds like success to me.


[ some posts don’t make it past my first review. this is one of them. ]

I really do miss good old Steamboat McGoo. His blog was a lot of fun and the comments were witty and energetic.

Sometimes he would post these funny pictures that had less than obvious content. “When you see it, you’ll sh*t bricks !”. He also had this manic way with words creating wonderful pseudo-scientific word salad to explain everything.

So here’s to you Steamy, wherever you may be. Take a peak over at The Feral Irishman. Could this be the hallway at Jack Sprat’s corporate office?

[ the tiny picture at Feral’s made me think that this place had bariatric bathrooms, as the one door is much wider than the other. I couldn’t see if the signs were also marked Men and Women, and that other subliminal methods were used. Because Science!!  But digging up much larger versions showed that the gender subtleties were the result of some minor digital editing compared to the original. But the message is still there if you let your brain work, kind of like the Setters | Pointers signs. Whatever. Not the best idea for a post, first cup of coffee and all that, and I analyzed all the fun out of a slightly naught picture while not even showing it. Lame. So ... moving on ... ]

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September 18, 2020

Snakes On A Bus !!

UK man goes on a bus ride wearing a boa constrictor as a face mask. Nice try. But no.

A man boarded a bus using a snake as a face covering. The commuter and his reptilian mask, which was wrapped around his neck and mouth, were seen on a bus from Swinton to Manchester on Monday.

One passenger said she thought the passenger was wearing a “funky mask” until she spotted it slithering over hand rails.

Transport bosses in Greater Manchester confirmed a snake was not a valid face covering. ... the animal did not seem to be bothering any of her fellow passengers. She said: “No-one batted an eyelid.”


Using a face covering on public transport is mandatory, except for children under the age of 11 or those who are exempt for health or disability reasons.

A Transport for Greater Manchester spokesperson said: “Government guidance clearly states that this needn’t be a surgical mask, and that passengers can make their own or wear something suitable, such as a scarf or bandana.

“While there is a small degree of interpretation that can be applied to this, we do not believe it extends to the use of snakeskin – especially when still attached to the snake.

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September 17, 2020

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 87

Out of respect for a Supreme Court justice I will not say anything negative about her politics at this point.

But I do hope President Trump can get someone bold and strong, a Christian with intense Originalist views on the Constitution, both nominated and approved by the Republican majority Senate several weeks before the election. And I would want the nominating committee, all of whom are Republicans up for reelection, to do the right thing for the preservation of America, without regard to their personal campaigns.

And while we’re at it, I think it’s high time for a new Amendment, stating clearly that no more than 9 justices ever be serving on the Supreme Court.


Covid Running Hot and Cold

It takes a degree of latitude. Or quite a few degrees actually.

Murmansk Russia May Be Reaching Herd Immunity

The far northern Russian region believes it is about to get group immunity against the virus. A new study finds that 31,8 percent of local participants have developed immunity, the regional government informs.

The researchers found that 972 of the 3,117 participants were antibody-positive. That is among the highest numbers in the country, a representative of the regional Consumer Control Authority (Rospotrebnadzor) says.

In other Russian regions where similar studies have been carried out, the immunity rate is between 4,3 percent and 50,2 percent, the government official says.

The Murmansk area has hit pretty hard, way up north in the land of cold and dreary.

Meanwhile, testing of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine shows 14% side effects, which is actually pretty good for these rushed vaccines.

Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said more than 300 out of the announced 40,000 volunteers have been vaccinated so far, according to the state-run TASS news agency.

“Approximately 14% have small complaints of weakness, muscle pain for 24 hours and an occasional increase in body temperature,” TASS quoted Murashko as saying. Murashko said the symptoms “level off” by the next day.

Covid Case Growth In India At Exponential Rates, Now Over 5 Million Cases

One day after crossing the 5 million-case threshold, India has reported yet another record single-day jump in coronavirus cases, with 97,894 reported in the last 24 hours, bringing the country’s total to 5.12 million, as the world is roughly one day away from topping the 30 million case mark.

Indian cases are now climbing at roughly double the rate of the US.

Death rate is actually dropping though, currently hovering around 1.64%. Maybe all that HCQ and Ivermectin is helping?

For months, India has been struggling to control the coronavirus pandemic with limited success.

The country of 1.3 billion people has the second-highest number of cases globally (more than 4.4 million), and the third highest number of deaths (over 75,000), according to Johns Hopkins University — and the outbreak shows no sign of abating.

But India’s reported mortality rate — calculated by the number of deaths per 100 confirmed cases — is surprisingly low compared to other countries with high infection rates.

India’s Covid-19 mortality rate stands at 1.7%. For context, the same rate is about 3% in the US, 11.7% in the UK, and 12.6% in Italy, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The Indian government claims India’s lower death rate is a sign of its success in handling the crisis, and has used the figure to support its decision to lift some coronavirus restrictions.

“The average fatality rate in the country is … continuously going down,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a press release in August. “The target of bringing down the fatality rate below 1% can be achieved soon.”

It took almost six months for India to record 1 million cases on July 17. Then, it took another three weeks to hit 2 million, 16 days to reach 3 million, and only 12 days to pass 4 million in early September. [ and then just 5 or 6 days to hit 5 million ]

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Thursday said the government was aiming to bring down India’s Covid-19 mortality rate to less than 1 per cent from the current 1.64 per cent, which is still the lowest in the world.

As I’ve written before, pandemic viruses hit the northern latitudes first and hardest, and then get around to the southern latitudes much later, often at lower severity. This has been known for well over a century.

And try as you might, a virus is going to do what a virus does. There’s no stopping any of them.

India has long had big problems with medical reporting though, so these numbers are at best an educated guess. There’s just too damn many people there. No matter what system they have, it’s always totally overloaded from the get-go.


Much Ado About Nothing ... perfect phrase for Joe Biden

Saw some little bit on Insty about deciphering Biden-speak. While the comments focused more on an episode of Stark Trek TNG, the link was to a goofy music hall song that made me think of Gilbert & Sullivan. Which of course made me look up Modern Major General, one of the best patter songs ever.

And now I do know the difference between mamelon and ravelin. I guess I’d always assumed they were Jabberwocky words.

A mamelon is one of the three little bumps on a newly emerged human tooth that soon wears away. Probably a bit like the egg tooth that baby chickens use to get out of the shell.

A ravelin is a triangular walled, detached extension of an old style fortress, used as a strong defensive platform, placed a short distance ahead of the gates. The idea is that attackers would have to fight past that to even get near the gates. Implied in the concept that ravelin duty could be completley sacrificial, and kamakaze - ish. Oops.

So one helps you break out, and the other hinders you from breaking in.

Of course, the whole satirical point of Modern Major General, is that even large amounts of useless knowledge don’t prepare you at all for the job at hand. However, the reference in it to Aristophene’s The Frogs might be rather applicable to the media “coverage” of Biden; it is a comedy of errors and ineptitude.

And The Quartermaster’s Song referenced at the Insty link, a silly song for kids, points out that countless major problems can’t be seen if you’re not wearing your glasses.

Oh well. Not every Insty post is a work of genius.


Stupid Kid Should Have Said “I Can’t Breathe”
Another hoodrat gets payback for passing funny money

According to a media release from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Johnson called a taxi for a 25-mile ride in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Because of the long journey, the unnamed taxi driver requested that Johnson pre-pay for the trip. Johnson reportedly handed over his cell phone to the driver as collateral.

When the driver arrived at Johnson’s requested destination, Johnson reportedly handed over a counterfeit $100 bill as payment. The driver, according to the release, immediately spotted the fake and confronted the 18-year-old over payment.

At that point, Johnson allegedly pulled out a gun, pointed it at the back of the driver’s head, and began shouting. The driver was able to engage the suspect as he was yelling, and a struggle over the weapon ensued.
Local residents spilled out of their homes to discover the source of the gunshot and, seeing the scuffle, phoned authorities.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived on the scene a short time later and discovered a wounded Johnson, who was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Following his release from the hospital, authorities charged the 18-year-old with robbery in the first degree, assault in the fourth degree, menacing, unlawful use of a weapon, criminal possession of a forged instrument in the first degree, and possession of a controlled, schedule IV substance.

Tip to taxi drivers everywhere: if it’s the middle of the night and your fare has a face covered with tattoos, keep driving.

At this point, no spontaneous riots are planned, as the police weren’t involved in the actual shooting part here.


early week bowling blogging
I bowled terribly at Old Guys League last night. While it’s not actually a senior league - those are usually in the late morning, after the breakfast crowd leaves the Country Crock Senior Breakfast Buffet, I am by far the youngest person on my team. And I turn 60 on Veteran’s Day. G is 67, V is 74, and G is 85 - just a couple months younger than my mother. So let’s just say that they aren’t in the spry, athletic, competitive phase of their lives. We lost all 3 games again, 3 weeks in a row I think. The other team wasn’t even trying in games 2 and 3, which seemed like a good reason for our guys to try even less. A race to the bottom? G didn’t break 100 in game 2, and managed an 89 in game 3. I have to learn to use this league as practice time, and focus on me. Bowling with lousy bowlers can bring your bowling down. I barely made a 400 series last night. Barely. not 600, not 500. Barely 400. Egad.


Out With The Queen !!

Barbados moves towards fuller independence, soon to eliminate Elizabeth II as mascot monarch

Barbados announced plans Tuesday to remove Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state by November 2021 and transition into a republic.

The Caribbean island nation, which achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1966, said it will now “take the next logical step toward full sovereignty and become a Republic by the time we celebrate our 55th Anniversary of Independence.”

“The time has come to fully leave our colonial past behind,” Governor-General Sandra Mason said before Parliament Tuesday, reading a speech written by Prime Minister Mia Mottley. “Barbadians want a Barbadian Head of State. This is the ultimate statement of confidence in who we are and what we are capable of achieving.”

Barbados gained independence from its colonial ruler decades ago but stayed connected to the monarchy, with Queen Elizabeth II as its legal and practical, but non-political, ruler, according to UK’s The Independent. After establishing its own head of state next year, the nation, like many other former territories in the British Empire, is expected to become a republic within the Commonwealth.

Baby steps. 55 years as a post-colonial and now they’re going “full independent” yet still remaining part of the UK Commonwealth. Maybe in another 100 years they’ll be ready to be an actual country on their own? In the meantime, I think they’ll still get UK social services support, and have their navy on standby if a Falkland Islands situation ever crops up.

So good for Barbados I guess, but they’re mighty slow about going it completely on their own. Maybe if they had some industry, or agricultural production or something. Something more than just tourism and rum.

Honestly though, I would like to see most of the Caribbean islands get some low polluting industries going. Like how Costa Rica makes baseballs. Sure, you might have to build the factories half underground because of hurricanes, but it’s better than sending the business to China, even if it drops the profit margins a little bit. Come on Uncle Sam, help out your neighbors for a change. China is asshoe.


Related to baseball part of the above story is a perfectly American NJ success story that crosses the generations. There’s even a kid’s book about it. Now on hold due to Covid of course.

Step 1: Collect Mud   Step 2: Sell It For Big Profit   Step 3: Successful Business For Generations


4 pounds of mud for $100    1/2lb for $25

For nearly three quarters of a century, a special variety of Jersey muck, Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing Mud, has been removing the sheen from baseballs for just about every professional baseball team in the country.

It all began in 1938 when an umpire complained to Lena Blackburne, a third base coach for the old Philadelphia Athletics, about the sorry condition of the baseballs used by the American League. Back then a ball was prepped simply with mud made of water and dirt from the playing field. The result? The ball’s cover was too soft, leaving it open for tampering. Something was needed to take off the shine but not soften the cover. Blackburne took on the challenge.
Soon the entire American League was using the amazing gunk. Later, the National League took to using it. Before Blackburne’s death in the late 50’s, his baseball rubbing mud was being used by every major and most minor leagues in the United States.

Baseball’s disappearance amid the coronavirus crisis has hurt untold thousands of Americans. In the headlines, it’s millionaires vs. billionaires as players and owners battle over money and heath worries. Then there’s everyone else – team employees taking pay cuts, out-of-work stadium staff waiting on unemployment checks, fans just dreaming of when they’ll be able to watch Yankees star Aaron Judge crush another 500-foot home run.

But don’t forget about the New Jersey family that’s been literally the closest to the actual baseball than anybody since 1938.

The owner of the Longport company that has supplied the one-of-a-kind mud MLB rubs on every single baseball to improve pitchers’ grip says it’s taken a beating in recent months.

This time of year, Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing Mud would be selling thousands of dollars of product a week. Now? Nada.

“We’re not getting any orders,” owner Jim Bintliff said. “It’s a little bit troubling.”

He said he estimated that business was down “about 80%.”

“We haven’t gotten any phone calls in two months on the business phone,” he said. “That’s not normal. We get three or four a day in the normal season.”

Where the company’s mud comes from is a closely guarded family secret, but it’s not far from the Delaware River.

It started when Lena Blackburne, a former infielder and manager, discovered the stuff near where he grew up in Palmyra. Not long after word spread of Blackburne’s mud, the rest of MLB caught on, using it to de-gloss its baseballs. Blackburne eventually passed the business on to Bintliff’s grandfather and the business has stayed in the family.

What makes it special, Bintliff said, is that is has a high concentration of a feldspar, a quartz-like material in the mud that’s “abrasive enough to take off gloss without being so abrasive that it harms leather.”

Will There Be Sanitary Changes Coming To Baseball In This COVID Era? I hope so. For starters, how about $1000 fine every time you spit? In this day and age, AYFKM???

Speaking of spit ...

Chris Van Zant earns part of his paycheck with his spit. An assistant manager for the Braves, Chris is the team’s only baseball rubber. Before each game, he mixes spit with the mud and rubs the factory gloss off of each new ball.

In his 10 years with the club, Van Zant estimates over 40,000 baseballs have passed through his hands.

“It seems kind of funny,” he said. “When you see fans fighting for a souvenir ball that goes into the stands, you’re like, ‘Well, that ball has my spit on it.’ There’s a little kid somewhere with a baseball on his nightstand and I spit on that ball.”

Surrounded by pictures of his kids, stacks of paperwork and articles clipped from newspapers and magazines, Van Zant sat recently in his office at Turner Field plying his trade.

Working up the spit to rub up nine dozen baseballs a game is no easy task, so he makes sure he has plenty of gum and soda on hand.

According to Van Zant, pitchers like the balls darker and hitters like the balls lighter, so the baseballs can vary from stadium to stadium.

“Every guy who does this has his own way of rubbing the baseballs,” Chris explains. “But no matter what, you have to spit.”

Baseballs are covered in cowhide these days, no longer horsehide. And every one of those bits of leather is alum tanned by the Tennessee Tanning Company in Tullahoma TN. Very likely there is no saliva involved at all.

Wonder how bad they’re hurting right now as well?

rolleyes  LOL  rasberry crazy

September 16, 2020

Michelle Malkin: “Masks off. Fight on. This is the American way.” And The Paving Stones Of The Road To Hell

Good news: The anti-mask mandate movement is gaining steam. Americans yearning to breathe free are waking up from their pandemic stupor. Common sense and constitutional principles, now more than ever, are vital to a sovereign nation’s health.

On Monday, a federal judge rescinded Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s shutdown orders restricting gatherings, forcing “nonessential” business closures and directing citizens to stay at home to combat COVID-19. U.S. District Judge William Stickman determined that the sweeping measures violated “the right of assembly enshrined in the First Amendment.” He noted Wolf’s hypocrisy in severely limiting indoor and outdoor fairs, festivals, concerts and other gatherings and condemning a small anti-lockdown protest of small-business owners (whom he called “selfish,” “cowardly” and “unsafe")—while marching with thousands of non-socially distancing Black Lives Matter radicals in Harrisburg in June.

Moreover, Stickman ruled [PDF], Pennsylvania’s stay-at-home order—a sweeping population unlike any “in the history of our Commonwealth and our Country"—violated the 14th Amendment’s due process rights to travel, association and privacy. Similarly, Wolf’s extreme and open-ended power grab designating and closing “nonessential” businesses undermined due process protections “against arbitrary government action.”

While Wolf’s measures may have been “well-intentioned,” Stickman concluded that “good intentions toward a laudable end are not alone enough to uphold governmental action against a constitutional challenge. Indeed, the greatest threats to our system of constitutional liberties may arise when the ends are laudable, and the intent is good—especially in a time of emergency.”


No, I didn’t post much today. I’ve been too wrapped up in this news story with Chinese escapee Dr. Yan and her claim that the ‘rona was made in China on purpose.

While I think it was too, to be fair, I’ve been trying to read her paper, and several other ones, and frankly, genome sequencing and all that is waaaay over my head. But the holes in the genome remind me too much of that group from India that said something very similar early on, thinking that some HIV DNA had been snuck in there. They were totally shut down by the Wuhan batlady virologist Dr. Shi Zheng Li, the same one from the 2015 Gain Of Function project UNC Chapel Hill lab run by Prof Ralph S. Baric and funded by Anthony Fauci’s NIAID. ( look it up at nature dot com ). The same one who claimed this year to have miraculously found a nearly identical strain in nature years ago, but kept no samples after mapping it, even though collecting bat coronaviruses is totally her thing,and neglected to register this magical anomaly until this year. But as time went on, a whole lot of people looked closely and figured it was a smokescreen.

Dr. Yan’s story is just another layer on story many of us have known about since around Valentine’s Day. Even famous Italian professor Dr. Tritto wrote a whole book on it this Spring, connecting all the dots.

Nothing really new there for me, except for the hard science and genome map graphics. Oh, and the very interesting tidbit ... Dr. Shi Zhengli seems to have been disappeared.

Is it still a paranoid conspiracy theory if it turns out to be true?

But sadly, Hillary’s old quote really does seem to apply; “At this point, what possible difference could it make?”

rolleyes  LOL  rasberry crazy


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