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Once Again, The One And Only Post

November 25, 2020

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

I think I’m there yet

Ok. Got it all done this morning. Got a haircut, got gas in the car, hit the grocery store for some last minute stuff, got the stuffing mix stuff ready to go, got the pecan pie stuff ready to go. Garbage and recycling out, laundry running. All before 10am. For me, that’s a miracle. Bread will get mixed at around 3 so I can bake it tonight after I get home from Old Guys League around 9.


Another Covid medicine passes Phase 3 trials

Study of 150 patients in Mumbai India shows that Famdisivir, an inexpensive pill, significantly cuts the replication ability of SARS Cov 2. This makes it the FOURTH inexpensive and effective out-patient usable medicine against this virus. Expect this one to be denied, ignored, and banned in the USA too.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, a prominent Indian pharmaceutical firm, reports that the oral antiviral drug originating in Japan, Favipiravir, prevents the replication phase of SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19. The findings associated with a Phase 3 clinical trial are published in the peer reviewed International Journal of Infectious Diseases. TrialSite has consistently chronicled the unfolding Favipiravir research across nations. The drug has been approved to treat COVID-19 in Russia (Avifavir) and other countries in Eastern Europe. The drug is in use in China and India on an emergency use basis to deal with the pandemic. Approved in Japan in 2014 for influenza (Avigan), the drug was intensively tested by the U.S. government in 2015 with over $200 million worth of research leading to no disclosed results.

Did you catch that one? The US spent a fifth of a billion on researching this one drug 5 years ago, but didn’t tell anyone what they found. So much for transparency and accountability in our government.

The publication of the study is titled “Efficacy and Safety of Favipiravir, an oral RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase Inhibitor, in Mild-to-Moderate COVID-19: A Randomized, Comparative, Open-Labe, Multicenter, Phase 3 Clinical Trial” authored by Dr. Zarir F. Udwadia and co-authors.

Favipiravir is an antiviral medication that works by inhibiting a viral enzyme called RdRP (RNA dependent RNA polymerase), thereby halting the virus’s replication cycle. This helps control the multiplication of the virus and prevents its spread in the patient. This mechanism of action of Favipiravir is novel compared to most antivirals that primarily prevent entry and exit of the virus from cells. Several published reports are now available pointing to at least some moderate effectiveness against COVID-19.

The trial did NOT look at severely infected patients, so I can’t tell you either way if it works on those who are in really bad shape.

The primary endpoint was time to cessation of viral shedding; time to clinical cure also was measured.

Median time to cessation of viral shedding was 5 days (95% CI: 4 days, 7 days) versus 7 days (95% CI: 5 days, 8 days),P = 0.129, and median time to clinical cure was 3 days (95% CI: 3 days, 4 days) versus 5 days (95% CI: 4 days, 6 days), P = 0.030, for favipiravir and control, respectively.

Adverse events were observed in 36% of favipiravir and 8% of control patients. One control patient died due to worsening disease.

Lack of statistical significance on the primary endpoint was confounded by limitations of the RT-PCR assay. Significant improvement in time to clinical cure suggests favipiravir may be beneficial in mild-to-moderate COVID-19.

So it gets you over this 4 - 6 days faster, which is always better, but about a third of the patients had side effects. And the overall effectiveness was limited because the PCR test is a shovel full of paddock pudding. Great.

While none of the side effects were severe or lead to any of the patients being removed from the trial, a temporary increase in the uric acid level of the blood was the most common one.


November 24, 2020

Here comes the next shortage!

Largest Medical Glove Supplier Shuts Factories; Thousands Of Slave Labor Employees Have Covid

Malaysia’s Top Glove, the world’s largest manufacturer of latex gloves, has closed more than half of its factories after approximately 2,500 workers tested positive for coronavirus.

According to a Tuesday Forbes report, 2,453 of the company’s 5,800 Malaysian workers have tested positive for the deadly virus.  All 2,453 workers have been hospitalized, according to Reuters.

At the time of this reporting, researchers at Johns Hopkins University estimate that there have been at least 58,847 confirmed coronavirus cases in Malaysia, with at least 341 deaths attributed to COVID.

“In an official statement,” Forbes writer Siladitya Ray noted, “the company said it has temporarily stopped production in 16 of its facilities in the badly hit Meru region, while its remaining 12 facilities in the area have been operating at ‘reduced capacities.’”

A report from the BBC noted that the company is set to shutter 28 of its 41 plants across the country in an attempt to tamp down the spread of the virus.

“All those who tested positive have been hospitalized and their close contacts have been quarantined to avoid infecting other workers,” Director-General of Health Noor Hisham Abdullah told Reuters in a statement on the infections.

Abdullah added that the vast majority of the positive cases in the cluster were factory workers, with 2,360 foreigners and 164 Malaysians.

[ Arrogant 1st Worlder observation: What kind of backwater country is it where your workers have to go to Malaysia to get a better job?? ]

Top Glove said in a stock exchange filing that it has temporarily stopped production at 16 facilities in the area since last Wednesday, with the balance of 12 facilities operating at much reduced capacities.

“We have completed full screening of about 5,700 workers at our hostels. We are committed to proceed with the (health ministry) recommended COVID-19 screening test of the balance (of) workers and staff at our factories in Meru, Klang,” it said.

Last week, the government ordered 14-day curbs through Nov. 30 in parts of a district about 40 kms (24.8 miles) west of the capital Kuala Lumpur, where Top Glove factories and dormitories are located.

[ foreign workers housed in “hostels” and “dormitories”. Can you say slave labor? ]

The outbreak has led to questions about working conditions for the low-paid migrant workers at Top Glove’s factories, which have been dealing with a surge in demand for PPE during the pandemic. Many of the company’s workers — mostly immigrants from Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries — have complained about 72-hour work weeks, cramped living conditions and low wages, a Los Angeles Times report found. Earlier this year, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) placed a detention order on imports from two of Top Glove’s subsidiaries. Such an action by the CBP is targeted against companies suspected of using forced labor.  The Department of Labor also issued a report that pointed at foreign workers being forced to pay steep recruitment fees to secure jobs in the rubber glove industry in Malaysia, which leads to debt and bonded labor.

Top Glove controls 26% of the global market, and has increased production this year by 48% in response to the pandemic.

Has anyone ever studied how long the virus can live on latex?

rolleyes  LOL  rasberry crazy

November 23, 2020

The thing about the end of the year is, all the holidays rush together. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Channukah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve. So it isn’t even Thanksgiving, but the Christmas season is already in full swing. Heck, Walmart started playing Christmas music the day after Halloween.

Melania Goes Blonder, Welcomes Christmas Tree To White House


Melania greets the tree, along with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in the traces, the two biggest horse’s asses in DC

A newly blonde First lady Melania Trump on Monday celebrated the arrival of the annual White House Christmas tree.

The first lady emerged alone from the North Portico of the White House around noon to accept the 18½-foot Fraser fir from a tree farm in West Virginia.

“Merry Christmas,” she told reporters, ignoring a shouted question about how the president is doing.

Her hair had a fresh look with new blonde highlights following her recovery last month from COVID-19.

Two large Clydesdale horses
transported the tree down the White House’s northern driveway as a military band played “O Tannenbaum” and “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.”


Last blooms of the season


No, it isn’t much, but it’s all that’s left. These “Johnny Jump Ups” just appeared one day very late in the season and started blooming the next. Who knows where they came from? They’ve survived a couple of short frosts already. It’s the last bit of color in my gardens.


Yeah, no blogging since Friday. I just couldn’t find the time.

• We won 1 game Friday in Cheap League. It was a position round night, with us and 2 other teams tied for 3rd. I had a bad night, and the Frustration Fairies paid me a visit. Late in the 3rd game I just stopped trying, so of course that meant I started throwing strikes left and right.

• Not exactly sure where Helena Handbasket Montana is, but that’s where our Thanksgiving plans have gone to. The NY relatives aren’t coming, as they live in a covid “Hotspot”, and while that’s bad, the infection rate in my chunk of NJ is more than twice as bad. I understand; this is a decision we all have to take. Then not even a day later we hear from the hostess that she’s sick, been sick for a week, and going for a covid test, so Thanksgiving at their place is canceled. Not sure what we’ll do, so we had our own feast last night; roast rack of lamb, sauteed mushrooms, and fluffy mashed potatoes. MMmm, awesome.

While it may be a bit inconvenient, I think running to the doctor or at least to a testing place at the first sign may be the best approach. Realizing you’re getting sick, and doing nothing about it, then going for a test that takes at least a week to get your results ... put’s you nearly 2 weeks into what could be the ‘rona. Shame we don’t have doctors that will give you a phone visit and say “sounds like it might be, so let’s get you on X, Y, and Z right away, just in case.” Especially if X = Ivermectin. Which is barely used in this country. Oh God, I don’t want to go down this road again. Millions of cases later, millions of treatments later, the whole “global initiative” and all that, and there STILL isn’t a common protocol, even though many treatments have shown great effect.  W. T. F.

So I’ve been up since 5am, and I have to do a short bit of shopping today. So maybe it’s time to go back to bed for a bit, then get up and start the day all over again.


My super pathetic life ...

Just in case, I went to the grocery store and got a Heat It And Eat It Thanksgiving “kit”. Frozen turkey pot pies with stuffing, frozen sweet potato pie with pralines, frozen squash mush stuff, some fancy peirogies, Jones sausages and some cat food. So if we wind up alone, we can at least play Thanksgiving Dinner. Ok, it looks like we’ve qualified for our free frozen turkey/canned ham/kosher chicken thing too. So we’ll choose, and pick one up tomorrow. It won’t be the turkey for just the two of us. I’ll make a loaf of bread and another pecan pie, and she’ll whip up one of her awesome cheesecakes.


November 19, 2020

This Is NOT A Good Thing


Even if two thirds of this is BS, it still puts us in a worse position than we were in during the Summer. This map is far worse than last week’s map, which was worse than the map before that, etc.

NY is no different. I haven’t looked at PA or CT or anywhere else.

Are we all just getting primed, so that we’ll be fanatic about getting the vaccines, instead of properly fearful and doubtful of them? Or is the North East going straight to Hell again?


Well of course. You didn’t really think the Big Miracle was going to actually help, or let you go back to a normal life, did you? Really??

Fauci: Vaccine Won’t Stop Transmission, So Wear A Mask Forever


Even a highly effective COVID-19 vaccine may not prevent people from getting infected with coronavirus or spreading it to others, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Thursday.

He also said a vaccine would not mean Americans no longer need to follow public health guidelines to thwart transmission of the virus.

“We have the same issue with influenza,” Fauci said. “You can get vaccinated with influenza and you won’t get sick, but it won’t necessarily prevent you from getting infected – although you won’t know you’re infected because you’ll either get mild or no symptoms.

...You’re not going to be completely protected against a degree of infection that you might not even notice that you might be able to spread to others. Which is the reason why the message you may have heard me say over the last couple weeks in the media is that getting vaccinated with a highly efficacious vaccine does not mean that you’re going to abandon completely public health measures.”

Fauci made the comments during a discussion with an organization called The Hastings Center, which is a bioethics research center.

And this is for these vaccines that claim 95% efficacy, unlike the lowly flu vaccines which are only around 70%.

We’re screwed forever if we bow down to this. The Great Reset may as well be an iron collar and a set of leg shackles. Your new name is Toby. You are not Kunta Kinte. Submit and obey.


Submit And Obey™, Part 2

CDC: Americans should not travel for Thanksgiving

The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidance on Thursday about Thanksgiving, asking Americans not to travel for the holiday.

“More than 1 million COVID-19 cases were reported in the United States over the last 7 days,” the CDC wrote in a statement. “As cases continue to increase rapidly across the United States, the safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving is to celebrate at home with the people you live with.”

The statement urges people who are thinking of traveling to consider numerous factors, including the prevalence of COVID-19 cases in their own communities or their destinations, whether hospitals in those areas are overwhelmed, whether those areas have restrictions in place, whether they will be able to stay six feet apart from other people in mass transit situations, and other factors.

For people who will travel anyway, the CDC encourages people to wear masks, maintain social distancing, use hand sanitizer, get a flu vaccine, check travel restrictions, and take other precautions.

The CDC also states that people who host gatherings should hold small events outdoors, and that attendees should bring their own dishes and food. The organization also encouraged virtual connections with loved ones instead of physical meetings.

##### similar thing. Advice for the fearful: #####

On a related note, eager slavers post tips on how to have a Zoom Thanksgiving, along with recipes for just one or two people. Panic driven submissives.


Our household has accepted the fact the holidays this year will be weird. My parents from Seattle won’t be flying in, that’s for certain. And the idea of a large group Thanksgiving with local family—even as careful as we all are—likely is a no-go.

I’m not the only one who’s uttered the words “Zoom Thanksgiving” in recent weeks, a phrase that would’ve sounded preposterous a year ago. But here we are. At first, the notion of a Zoom Thanksgiving wasn’t particularly enticing. Who would want to squint at a laptop trying to talk to grandma? But technology is amazing, and I’ve been thinking of ways to make a virtual gathering feel a bit more real.

This is my solution. I’m pleased to report I’ve done a practice run with family, and it works like a charm.
Step 1A

Let’s assume you have an out-of-town family. To make the actual dinner more cohesive, consider having everyone cook the same recipes. One week before, email the recipes game plan to everyone participating. Stick with the essentials, no more than four dishes—a main, two sides, plus a dessert. Our test cooks recommend this winning setlist:

Roast Whole Turkey Breast with Gravy
Garlic-Parmesan Mashed Potatoes
Skillet-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Mustard and Brown Sugar
Crème Brûlée for Two

This is pathetic.

On a related note, the Rt for nearly the entire country is about the same, other than in the Dakotas where it’s just above 1, and in Mississippi where it remains well under 1. Everywhere else is between 1.05 and 1.3. Which means ( to paraphrase Buckaroo Banzai ) no matter where you go, there you are. And so is the ‘rona.


Geez, any good news out there?  Ok ... ah, here’s one about “long hauler” Covid patients. 1 in 5 will freak out after getting ill, 1 in 10 continue to have no energy, a hard time breathing, and chronic pains for a long time after.
Mmm, pumpkin spice cheesecake

I never do anything “pumpkin spice”. Ever. Yeah, I know, it’s the new Fall tradition. But most of it is crap. I found a recipe today that might be worth a try. It’s for a pumpkin flavored cheesecake that also has a bit of spice in the graham cracker base crust. It’s made in a water bath.

I think I might give a small one a try; a 7: springform pan is exactly 3/5 the volume of a standard 9” pan, so reduce the recipe proportionately. Using 2/3 will work too, which often makes converting easy: 1 tablespoon becomes 2 teaspoons. Use the 9” recipe for a 10” pan; it just won’t be as high and will cook a bit faster.

The recipe is at Cook’s Illustrated, which is a membership place, so this link may not work. So here:


You grease the pan, mash down the base crust, then dry bake it about 12-15 minutes until it starts to brown a bit. Let that cool, then add your filling.

I suppose you could just substitute pre-made pumpkin pie spice for the spice mix, but I won’t because I have a billion jars of spices around here.

This recipe calls for heavy cream. You could use sour cream instead, or a mix of both, although that sourness might change the flavor a little. Sour cream works great with lemon zest cheesecakes. Buy the Breakstone’s or the Daisy brand. And Philadelphia cream cheese. That’s the good stuff.

A smaller cheesecake will cook faster, so if you make one, start using a thermometer after about 45 minutes. You want 150°F in the middle. Once cooked, leave it in the water bath in the oven for at least 45 minutes with the door held open a bit with a wooden spoon, then onto a cooling rack for an hour or two. When cool, cover and pop it in the fridge overnight.

And duh, get the long roll of tinfoil to wrap the pan in before it goes in the water. Let the foil come up at least 2” higher than the top of the pan, to keep any splashes out. I usually Pam the pan inside, and then put a disk of parchment paper down. That makes it easy to get the cake off the bottom plate, so you won’t scratch it up when you slice it.

Little cheesecakes are a nice answer to holiday events when everyone is nearly full by the time desert gets served, and they all go “Oh, I only want a tiny sliver”, and even with a dozen people there you still wind up with more than half a cheesecake left over.

rolleyes  LOL  rasberry crazy

November 19, 2020

Test Pie


Just to get back in the pie making mode, nice and early before the big T Day, I tried a honey-crunch pecan pie today. I used a frozen pie crust and pecans left over from last year, but it still came out acceptable. Added a nice splash of bourbon to the filling.

Eventually it will cool off and we can taste it, but it sure smells good. This recipe uses 4 eggs, which is a lot, and then it gets a honey glazed pile of nuts dumped on top halfway through baking. So it’s kind of a two layer pie.

If the taste and mouthfeel are what we want, I can make a nicer one with fresher nuts and a homemade crust. Pie crusts aren’t too hard but they do take a bit of effort.

UPDATE: My official taster gives it 2 thumbs up, but notes that it would be even better with fresher, name brand nuts. So time to get a couple bags of fresh Diamond brand pecans, chopped and whole. And maybe a home-made crust.


DeBlasio Gives NYC The Bird For Christmas


Shabby Christmas tree for Rockefeller Center cut down in Oneonta NY had a surprise package inside; a saw-whet owl.

The tale of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree owl was spun as a heartwarming story more fit for Disney than NBC, but the little bird’s terrifying trip was a dangerous error that should never have happened, experts told The Post.

The adorable owl — nicknamed Rockefeller — was lucky to survive after having its home cut down and then getting wrapped up in plastic for a bumpy 200-mile truck journey to Manhattan.

The brown and white speckled saw-whet — which was found clinging to a branch Saturday as the tree was unwrapped — was not removed from the tree before it was cut down even though Rockefeller Center officials claimed they “meticulously” inspected every branch.

It was forced to survive three days without food and water as it lay sealed up in a cocoon of plastic wrap and wire.

The bird is currently in the care of Ellen Kalish at Ravensbeard Wildlife Center in Saugerties, who didn’t return a request for comment. Staff plans to set him free there instead of returning him to where he was found, which isn’t the same move Runyan would’ve made.

Saugerties is 60 miles SE of Oneonta, on the other side of the Catskills. Hope the little birdo can find his way back. Hope they at least gave him a couple mice to nibble on.


An idea for election reform

We live in a radical age, so here’s a radical idea

I’ve written many times over the years in favor of election reform. Starting with rebuilding an accurate voter base: every citizen would have to re-register every 3 years, in person as much as possible, with multiple proofs of citizenship in hand, and subject to mutliple cross referencing with many government databases. I still believe in that idea, but now I’d extend it so that federal law would require every branch of the federal, state, and local governments to cooperative fully and immediately with the process. And while we’re at it, the larger corporations would have to cooperate as well. Because without a doubt Visa, Discover Card, Comcast, Verizon, State Farm, etc, not to mention the NSA, all know if you are active with them and where you live. Get the lead out, and get the dead out, and validate every single citizen at one primary address. It would be a big effort, but the computational power already exists.

Now I’ll push another idea. Absolute equality of all people. At the county level. With a moritorium law in effect for 100 years, no state can create new counties or change the borders of existing counties, but contiguous border counties can join other states if an overwhelming (75%?) number of voters want that. This lets the Greater Idaho and the New California movements move forward if they have the impetus. Furthermore, after allowing a 3 year statehood border adjustment period, there are no new states for 100 years. Washington DC becomes a virtual capital, with no people living there. Only the federal owned properties are the physical capital, and the people who live in the city are electorally associated with the states they are actually in. The rest of the daily running of DC is left to the process outlined in the Constitution. DC does not get any special electoral votes, nor does it get it’s own Congressmen or Senators, and it NEVER becomes a state. NEVER.

The really big part of this new County Equality idea is that each county in a state gets one vote towards a presidential election in their state. Population does not matter. If a state has 57 counties, then a state goes for Candidate Z if at least 28 counties vote a majority for that candidate. And each state is entirely equal to every other state in the Electoral College. They’d get 1 or 2 votes each. Regardless of land area, regardless of population. Perfect equality of all states. So no special electors needed, just have their Senators cast the votes as the citizen’s votes specified.

Given the “new normal” where cities are dying because of lockdowns, huge swaths of the office-centric working population now permanently working from home, etc, and the absolute stranglehold that a few large cities have not just on their own states but on the nation itself, I think this idea could work.

Yeah, it would be one helluva battle. And it would destroy the influence of major cities forever. And a Democrat would never be elected anywhere ever again, outside of their own limited urban enclave. See, win-win.


I was going to start this day’s posts with a fun bit of childish awareness: It’s good to be a grown up. I had peanut butter cookies and chocolate ice cream for breakfast, and nobody told me NO.

But just after I sat down at the keyboard to write this, Dizzy cat had another seizure. Flopping around on the floor, her little body thrashing, spittle flying. So it was instant Emergency Mode, and I scooped her up and held her close and tried to calm her down until it passed. I cradle her whenever she has an attack and don’t care if I get scratched up a bit or drooled on. No clawing today though. Then I had to pry open her mouth and get a half pill of phenobarbital down her throat, and wipe her face. This fit only lasted about 30 seconds, so it wasn’t a really bad one. And then I put out some extra food and water for her, as she’s always hungry after one of these attacks. Poor kitteh. She’s OK now, and this is the first seizure she’s had in 8 days. I’ve got a bottle of Keppra (levetiracetam) from the vet, but we haven’t used it yet. Once she goes on that she has to stay on it for months, 3 squirts a day; but at only 0.6cc per dose the 500cc bottle will last a long time.The side effects aren’t extreme, although with this skinny cat I’m concerned about loss of appetite.

Ok, emergency over. Check on her under the bed where she sleeps all day. Good. She’s Sphinking out. Back to blogging. ( one sphink, two sphinx. Dizzy spends hours sitting like that, half grogged out, half blinking blindly at the word. Sometimes asleep. Veg cat. The other one curls up on a sofa and sleeps all day.)



Now even rocks are racist.

U of WI: Famous boulder on campus is now raycis, so remove it

rolleyes rolleyes

The University of Wisconsin-Madison plans to remove a large rock from campus after students complained that it is a symbol of racism because it was referred to in a local newspaper in 1925 using a word regarded as a racial slur.

UW-Madison is moving forward on a plan to remove a boulder from Observatory Hill after calls from students of color who see the rock as a painful reminder of the history of racism on campus.

The 70-ton boulder is officially known as Chamberlin Rock in honor of Thomas Crowder Chamberlin, a geologist and former university president. But the rock was referred to at least once after it was dug out of the hill as a “n***erhead,” a commonly used expression in the 1920s to describe any large dark rock.

The Wisconsin Black Student Union called for the rock’s removal over the summer. President Nalah McWhorter said the rock is a symbol of the daily injustices that students of color face on a predominantly white campus.

McWhorter also faulted the Wisconsin State Journal for printing the vulgarity in a 1925 news article.
According to the State Journal, the 1925 news article is the only known instance of the offensive term being used.

The university’s campus planning committee voted unanimously to remove the rock, though it does not have another place to put it. Removal will also be complicated by the fact that the rock’s current site is near a Native American effigy mound.

So nearly 100 years ago some newspaper - not part of the campus at all - used a common term of the era for describing something round on top. And because of that, the terrible horrible stain of racism is indubitably associated with this simple memorial forever. Especially since not a single student on campus was aware of this horrible crime last week, nor had any student in the last 100 years known or cared.

What a bunch of triggered twatheads. Instead of this they should be celebrating the progress inherent: somebody had to have found this ancient reference to make people aware of it, and perhaps explain how this term was once somewhat widely used, but no longer is.

And they don’t even realize that by “canceling” this stone they are blacklisting it. Which they’d think was a racist term if they had the ability to think.

PS - don’t ever let a U of WI alum go near a marsh. Those big hemispherical grass plants - tussocks - along the verge have been called niggerheads since forever. There’s a kind of paving stone that carries the same name too. Oh noes, systemic racism is everywhere!!!



Times op-ed: Trump was right about not closing schools, Dems were wrong

“Some things are true even though President Trump says them,” Times opinion columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote

An op-ed from The New York Times offered a stunning admission Wednesday about President Trump’s strong stance on keeping schools open during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hours after it was announced that New York City schools would be shutting down amid nationwide spikes in coronavirus cases, Times opinion columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote a piece titled, “When Trump Was Right and Many Democrats Wrong.”

“Some things are true even though President Trump says them,” Kristof began. “Trump has been demanding for months that schools reopen, and on that he seems to have been largely right. Schools, especially elementary schools, do not appear to have been major sources of coronavirus transmission, and remote learning is proving to be a catastrophe for many low-income children.”

“Yet America is shutting schools — New York City announced Wednesday that it was closing schools in the nation’s largest school district — even as it allows businesses like restaurants and bars to operate. What are our priorities?” Kristof asked, later insisting shutting down schools “should be the last resort.”

Sometimes I think a bit of public flogging would be a good thing. Just a dozen lashes for being such a Cnut.


On again, off again. But hey, the power of right wing media, common decency, and public outrage.

Wayne County MI uncertifies vote, fighting back after previously caving to obscene charges of racism and threats of violence

Good. Flush the whole district. Cheating was extreme, so don’t accept a single vote. Too bad, you all lose.

The two Republicans on Michigan’s Wayne County Board of Canvassers claimed in signed affidavits Wednesday that they were bullied into siding with Democrats and have now rescinded their votes to certify.

The two Republicans—Monica Palmer and William C. Hartmann—were involved in a brief deadlock in the county’s election certification process Tuesday before initially voting to certify.

Wayne County, which includes Detroit, is Michigan’s most populous county, with more than 1.7 million residents.

Both Republicans say they were called racists and subjected to threats for raising concerns about ballots that Democrats said were from predominately Black communities

Votes don’t have color. And laws apply to everyone. I’m beyond sick of the motif that laws don’t apply to blacks. Fuck that.

And this is a cowardly news article, tiptoeing around the truth. There is no “claimed”. We’ve seen the video. The unhinged rabid mob came after them, threatening them and their children, and heaping unjust piles of vile abuse upon them.

Worse, once they fearfully capitulated, the whole Right also rose up against them for their “cowardice” ... but where was the big Right when this was going on? Pretty sure I didn’t see one vid clip of any prominent voices immediately castigating those who verbally abused them. Why not, as our world is so instantaneous these days>

Point is, the area cheated the vote. I think I heard that there was a 73% discrepancy, which means that for every 4 ballots sent out they got back 7. Blatant. But too common, and largely ignored for many years, because raycis. Because of fear of being called a bad name. Seriously? Seriously. And this kind of thing is so common, so frequent, that many blacks live under the assumption that laws don’t apply to them, and that they are above reproach or criticism. Because black. Gee, thanks Obama.

Hartmann said in the affidavit that he observed about 71% of Detroit’s 134 Absent Voter Counting Boards “were left unbalanced and many unexplained.”

He said he voiced his concerns and said if the votes did not match, there should have been some kind of explanation. Powell said she spotted the same discrepancy.

“I voted not to certify, and I still believe this vote should not be certified. Until these questions are addressed, I remain opposed to certification of the Wayne County results,” Hartmann said in his affidavit, according to JustTheNews, which was first to report on their decision to rescind.

Palmer said in her affidavit that she faced “accusations of racism” and threats to her family.

I’m sure you’ve seen the rabid, unhinged vituperatives thrown at them by their own committee members and the threats made by the feral “public”. They were all over right wing media yesterday. A total disgrace, and another point in favor of public flogging.

Sure, every legal citizen has a right to vote. And for that vote to be counted. But when your area stuffs the ballot boxes and those votes can’t be filtered out, then tough shit. You lose. And the only fault lies with you, letting - allowing - partaking - in such a scheme. So fuck off.

And I hope all these raving leftists are instantly thrown off the certification committee, and that criminal charges are brought - and prosecuted - against the people shown on TV making threats against these two. 

It doesn’t matter a damn what color your neighborhood is. You follow the law. Want your vote to count? Then make sure your local elections are ultra super squeaky clean and absolutely aboveboard. The real issue here isn’t these two people on the committee standing up for the right thing, thus being “racist” because they happen to not be black. The real issue is that (TNB) your area cheated left and right, and has been caught at it. That’s nobody’s fault but yours. Own it, because you did it. Now STFU.

And I’m beyond exhausted of anything and everything having to do with any “PoC” immediately being labeled racist and cause for anger, cries for violence, etc. Hey stupids, you know what? Drop dead. Go burn down your own neighborhood in protest. Because nobody friggin cares anymore. You killed that happy pony, and beat the dead horse until not even the flies could find the smear on the pavement.


rolleyes  LOL  rasberry crazy

November 18, 2020

On the Michigan Wayne county GOP capitulation ... county which has now certified for Biden ... GOP committee member Monica Palmer had her children threatened by DNC committee member Jihad Johnny Abraham Aiyash ... and she caught it all on Zoom. Horry Clap.

Maybe even worse, they were called racists!! OH NOES !! Somebody called me a bad name, I have to immediately fold!!




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