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calendar   Saturday - August 03, 2013

UPDATE!  on dinner lady article ….  appease,appease,appease and for what?

This is an update to the dinner lady story of yesterday, and part of it came as a surprise.

Note to LyndonB.  I was mistaken. They apparently are not converts but muslims to begin with. Reads that way.

Yesterday I posted a story about a lady called a dinner lady.  These are folks who serve lunch for young kids at school. This story involved a woman who in error put ham on the plate of a 7 year old muslim girl.  She pointed at it when asked what she wanted and the dinner lady put it on her plate.
The head teacher spotted the error and immediately took the plate away from the child, and gave her something else.
But not being happy with that, she told the kid’s family what happened.  They in turn demanded that the school sack the dinner lady, which they did.
As LyndonB so aptly put it;

This sacking of the dinner lady is likely to cost them (ie us) dear as I bet she sues for unfair dismissal. Typical councils run by bed wetters who think pandering to the mad mullahs is what people want. If muslims send their kids to state schools then they should give them packed lunches or expect to be served “dirty” pork. Don’t like it? Then sod off back to to pisspotistan.

Which, it has now been announced, the family is doing.  But first, the vermin just had to demand the dinner lady lose her job.  Which she says, she would not take back if they offered. She is sorely disappointed and I’d say, pretty damn angry.

Here’s the update.

And have a GOOD read on what daddy had been up to.  Not exactly an upstanding citizen even by muslim finance rules according to the koran.

Brits will be better off without this scum living among them.

Family who got dinner lady fired after she accidentally served their child gammon are emigrating to Muslim country

Zahid and Rumana Darr asked for Alison Waldock to be dismissed

Miss Waldock accidentally served pork, forbidden by Islam, to their daughter

The Darrs are now moving to the conservative UAE


The parents involved in the sacking of a school dinner lady who mistakenly served gammon to their daughter are to emigrate to a Muslim country.

Alison Waldock, 51, was accused of gross misconduct and says she lost her job after Zahid and Rumana Darr asked that she be dismissed.

Today it can be revealed that Mr and Mrs Darr and their three children are emigrating to the United Arab Emirates later this month. The family have chosen to move from their home in Cambridge to Sharjah, where alcohol is banned and there are the strictest decency laws in the emirates.

Mrs Darr, 33, wrote on her Facebook page: ‘So we’re leaving the country end of August for good … We’re moving to Sharjah. We want to go relax in a nice hot Muslim country where the kids know their identities as Muslims.’

The move comes after Mr Darr’s recruitment firm was closed down in June when he was found to be working as a company director illegally.

Following an investigation by the Insolvency Service, he was banned from holding company directorships after he was caught pocketing over £500,000 owed in tax in 2008.

His firm Interecruit (UK) went into liquidation after Mr Darr, 36, ‘diverted’ money owed to the taxman in VAT, income tax and national insurance to another of his companies.

The nine-year ban was imposed in February 2011 but in May this year he was found to be operating a similar company named Interecruit (GB), which supplied agricultural workers.

As well as working as a director when disqualified, Mr Darr was not paying staff the minimum wage and failing to provide holiday pay. He had his gangmaster’s licence revoked by the licensing authority.

Yesterday Miss Waldock said she does not want to return to the canteen at Queen Edith Primary School in Cambridge, where she had worked for 11 years, even if she is reinstated by Lunchtime UK, which runs the service.

She told the Mail: ‘I’m just hoping to clear my name. I wouldn’t want my job back – look at the way I have been treated. I could not work for that company again and could not be in the school environment. It would be uncomfortable.’

see more


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calendar   Thursday - July 11, 2013

a sign of the politically correct times

A very sad sign of the new times.

Where’s the insult?  What a dirt bag the complaining woman is.  Of course, as you read the article you will find she’s a member of the Labour Party.  The all hail diversity, there’s never any losers and multi culture crowd of political correctness.  So it doesn’t surprise me.  Maybe she’ll die soon. Make the world a better place.

Take a look at this one.

Politician, 71, given warning after commenting on young councillor’s figure when she offered to open a door for him

Hailey Townsend offered to hold door for Mel Winter in Bridgend council

Grandfather said: ‘With a figure like that, you can hold the door all day’

Mrs Townsend said: ‘no place for sexist comments within the workplace’

By Anna Edwards

A veteran politician has been rapped with a warning for making a ‘sexist’ joke about the figure of a female Labour councillor.

Mel Winter, 71, was carrying a cup of coffee in each hand when Hailey Townsend, 29, asked if he wanted her to open the door at a council HQ.

A grinning Mr Winter replied: ‘With a figure like that, you can hold the door all day.’

But his racy remark backfired when Mrs Townsend reported it to senior council officials.

The grandfather was summoned to see council legal director Andrew Jolley for a warning about his behaviour.

Aggrieved Mr Winter, an independent councillor in Bridgend, South Wales, for 30 years, said: ‘It is a sad day when you can’t make a compliment to a lady.

‘I think of myself as a gentleman and I get on with most women, young and old.

‘I was passing her a compliment in good faith and in a light-hearted manner. I’m very sorry she has taken it in the wrong way.

‘I felt quite annoyed that it had happened to me after 30 years working on the council. The saying that it is political correctness gone mad come to mind.’

Mel later apologised to mother-of-two Mrs Townsend who was elected last year as a new Labour member of the council at Bridgend, South Wales.

Mrs Townsend reported Mel for saying: ‘With a figure like that, you can hold the door all day’ - although Mr Winter remembers it as ‘With a body like that...’

He said: ‘Whether it was body or figure, if I say something and I’m wrong, I will apologise.

‘But you have to be so careful how you even look at people these days.

‘You just can’t have a bit of a fun anymore. The whole atmosphere at the council has changed for the worse over the past 20 years or so.

‘You would never believe the stuff that used to go on in the good old days!’

Mrs Townsend, who is vice chair of Bridgend Labour Party and an executive member of the National Union of Students, defended her complaint.

She said: ‘Elected members should be role models and champions for equalities and diversity.

read more and see photos here


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calendar   Saturday - June 22, 2013

NY human rights commission. please drop dead you rank M*****F******

Well if this doesn’t beat all I hardly know what does.

And btw ... it isn’t just the idiots in New York (and you make fun of Ca.?) but our entire country that is F***** up.  This could have happened in any state in the union.  What makes us screwed up is that it is allowed at all.
Surely the pub owners here were not mean spirited people but ...  well read this for yourself.  Then tell me if our country isn’t every bit as fouled up as Europe in this mad drive to label everything as racist. 

Sometimes I wish I could grab a gun and start killing all those politically correct ass wipes that approve of and have anything to do with things like this.
Well, ok.  More than just sometimes.  All the time.  What the hell.  Even if I could, it’s far too late to save the country here or the USA.  How come?
Because our countries have been lost for a long time, and both have been lost in the classrooms from kindergarten to university.  The left got the kids very early on, and they went on to teach the following generation who in turn ..... 

New York’s only Welsh pub to pay $2,500 after asking for British job applicants

The owners of New York’s only Welsh pub have reluctantly reached a deal with the city’s Human Rights Commission after they indicated a preference for British applicants for a bar job.

By Philip Sherwell, New York

Michael and Jennifer Colbert, who run the Longbow Pub and Pantry in Brooklyn, agreed to pay a $2,500 (£1,600) settlement and to undergo anti-discrimination training.

The advertisement that landed them in trouble with the zealots at the HRC was placed on the website Craigslist.

“Energetic and enthusiastic men and women with an appreciation of craft beer, good food, whisky and real football (a k a soccer),” it read. “Being British definitely works in your favour.”

Mr Colbert, who is from Wrexham, and his wife, an American, made clear that they were happy to hire a non-British bartender as long as they understood certain key cultural differences.

As Mrs Colbert wrote to the commission: “It is essential to know that Wales is not where the Princess is from, why Everton v Liverpool is an important match, that ‘knocking someone up’ is not about being pregnant, a banger has nothing to do with gangs, black pudding is not a dessert and that the Old Firm has nothing to do with attorneys.”

The couple noted that owners of thousands of other ethnically-linked New York businesses recruit on the same principles.

But the Commission insisted that there could be no wavering from a ban on advertisements in which employers refer to national or ethnic origin.

The case dragged on for a year before the Colberts were advised by lawyers to accept the deal to avoid more punitive penalties and costs.

The couple are now looking to return to what they love - serving customers in an oak-paneled British oasis, a Welsh national rugby jersey framed by the bar, Old Speckled Hen on draft, fish-and-chips on the menu and football (not “soccer") on the television.

They remained defiant, however.

“Free speech is not so free after all it seems,” they said. “Please note that the payment of the fine is NOT an admission on our part that we are guilty of the charges.

“The anti-discrimination training clause? Vindictive retaliation for talking to the press, nothing more.”



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calendar   Monday - June 17, 2013

Wasn’t Me

Window washer dangling from Trenton high-rise is rescued

A window washer was stuck hanging in the air between the 8th and 9th floors of an office building in downtown Trenton for more than half an hour this afternoon before being rescued.

The man was washing windows on the Mary Roebling building at 20 W. State St., at the corner with North Warren Street, when his rigging failed, Battalion Chief Ron Kosztyu said. Fire crews were called just after 4 p.m. and found him suspended on the outside of the building.

With a small crowd watching from the sidewalk below, firefighters first extended a ladder toward the man, which was not quite long enough to reach him.

The crews went in through the building to a roof ledge on the 9th floor, above the spot where the window washer was hanging, and were able to pull him to safety, Kosztyu said.

And this is why I don’t do the high wire jobs. IMO, no matter what kind of rig you have, no matter how many safety lines, if you don’t have a spotter up top you just aren’t safe.

Why he had no ascender, even a manual one, is beyond me.


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calendar   Wednesday - May 15, 2013

work day

Yep. Spring must be here for real. I’m off to do a window job. Yay money!

And summer bowling league starts tonight.

George Formby and his banjo ukelele, 1936

In my profession I’ll work hard
But I’ll never stop
I’ll climb this blinkin’ ladder
Till I get right to the top

The blushin’ bride, she looks divine
The bridegroom he is doin’ fine
I’d rather have his job than mine
When I’m cleanin’ windows

The chambermaids’ sweet names I call
It’s a wonder I don’t fall
My mind’s not on my work at all
When I’m cleanin’ windows


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calendar   Sunday - April 07, 2013

overdue rights?

Yup ... if America can only follow the sterling example of Europe, you2 can have more freedom.

Oh wait .... from things I read from time to time and from what some of you write about, the US might not be too far behind.
But then ... everyone has a born right to be equal. Right?

Can things get dumber and even more politically correct?  Sure thing.

Just stay tuned.

New human rights rules tell employers to give VEGANS and druids the same rights as Christians in the workplace

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has released new advice

Says deeply held beliefs by vegetarians, vegans, atheists, ecologists and druids should be taken seriously by bosses

Comes after series of judgements by the European Court of Human Rights

By Becky Evans

Vegans, vegetarians and druids should have the same rights at work as mainstream religious believers, according to new guidance released to bosses.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) says that vegans could be provided with a non-leather chair in the workplace and vegetarians can legitimately refuse to clean out a fridge with meat in it.

The commission has issued the advice to help bosses avoid getting sued by staff after a series of judgements by the European Court of Human Rights.

It says that genuine beliefs held by vegetarians, ecologists and druids should be treated the same as religious beliefs by bosses.

Employers should also consider giving time off to druids and pagans for a pilgrimage to Stonehenge or Glastonbury.

The EHRC guidance comes after British Airways check-in clerk Nadia Eweida won the right to wear a cross at work in January after a six-year battle.

The commission said although the cases were brought by Christians ‘the implications of the judgment apply to employees with any religion or belief, of none.’

It says employers should ‘consider seriously’ adapting an employee’s duties at work to fit in with their personal beliefs.

more at the source


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calendar   Monday - April 01, 2013

policing in the modern era

Looking at the pix one might think the cop was Mister Jones shown on the right.
However …

`WPC Jones has hired a London firm to sue Mr Jones, claiming he failed to keep her safe` < < < < < = He probably had the idea being an adult and a copper she could keep herself safe stepping over a kerb. Obviously not, and as such she is a danger to herself and members of the public.
TG-3323 , LIVERPOOL, United Kingdom

What’s this all about?  Well, it’s a law suit of course but I believe even more.
It’s proof if any were needed, that barely qualified and unfit people of a certain favored gender, have been hired by the authorities to protect the public based on quotas.  We have a term for that in the USA but I forgot what it’s called.
But you get the idea.  Just thought of it.
Affirmative Action.  ??  Is that right? 

Take a look at this cow.  Does she give you the feeling of trust and confidence to “protect” anything but her stomach, with which she appears to do all her thinking.

I guess this is what the culture and policing have come to.

Damn upsetting especially when we all of know this slag should never have been allowed into the force to begin with.

We can be also be sure tests were made more compatible to fit the lower orders of humanity so that all could be judged, equal.

I wish the Mail had published the letter from the cow’s lawyers in larger print on line. I read it all in the hard copy on Sunday.  Outrageous hardly describes it all.


Police in £20million injury claims bonanza as backlash grows over WPC demanding £50K from burglary victim for tripping over kerb

The Police Federation are encouraging officers to make the claims

Much of the £42million paid out over the past two years is taxpayer-funded

WPC Kelly Jones is suing burglary victim Steve Jones

She is seeking five-figure sum for tripping over kerb at his garage

By Chris Greenwood, Crime Reporter

Police officers are pocketing more than £20million a year in personal injury claims.

They are instructing ‘ambulance-chasing’ lawyers to sue over mishaps on duty such as slips, trips and animal attacks.

Officers are being encouraged to make the claims by a hotline run by the Police Federation. Much of the £42million paid out over the past two years is taxpayer-funded.

In a case that has caused uproar, a policewoman is suing the man who dialled 999 to report a burglary because she tripped over a kerbstone at his property.

Kelly Jones, 33, is seeking a five-figure sum for injuries to her leg and wrist last August. She was well enough however to carry on the search for the suspected intruder.

Steve Jones, the garage owner who made the 999 call, said: ‘How can anyone feel safe calling the cops if they size you up for compensation while they’re fighting crime?

‘Surely policing has elements of both public service and risk. Isn’t that what officers sign up for when they put on the uniform – chasing villains and keeping us safe?’

Recalling the incident, the 50-year-old businessman said: ‘I thought nothing of it – other than she must have been a bit embarrassed – and I helped her up. Then we carried on with the search.’

Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons home affairs committee, demanded urgent Home Office guidelines on the issue.

‘This civil claim will have huge implications for every citizen if they call police out to their premises to help them in an emergency,’ said the Labour MP.

‘It is in the public interest to know where exactly people stand in circumstances like this. If there are going to be cases like this, then people will feel reluctant to call the police in case they are sued.



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calendar   Tuesday - January 01, 2013

islamist killers murder 5 women to discourage teachers.

I’m really trying to find the words and as always, I can’t find the right ones.  Sure, I can curse the scum and swear a lot but my computer has heard all that since forever.
But there is something so damn horrible about the way these vermin view and treat woman.  I think part of it is if women get much education, the islamist lice might lose some control.  And to them, that what women are all about. An object to be controlled.  They see nothing at all wrong with that stone age thinking, and us being over there for another year or two is not going to change anything.  Not a bit.
But this is what women who want to get an education have to face.
It isn’t a new year for them.
It’s just an extension of the same old, same old.

Islamic militants massacre five women teachers travelling to primary school in protest at female education in Pakistan

Two health workers also murdered in the ambush on a van taking them home from work today

By Martin Robinson

Five female teachers in Pakistan have been slaughtered by Islamic militants bent on keeping women and girls away from education.
They were murdered in a New Year’s Day ambush on the van carrying them home from their jobs at a community centre and primary school in the north-west of the country.
The teachers and two health workers - one man and one woman - were killed this afternoon in the conservative Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.
It was in this region that a Taliban gunman shot 15-year-old Malala Yousufzai in the head last October for criticizing the militants and promoting girls’ education. She is currently recovering in Britain.

The attack was a reminder of the risks faced by educators and aid workers, especially women, in an area where Islamic militants often target women and girls trying to get an education.
Many militants in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province oppose female education and have blown up schools and killed female educators as a way to discourage girls from getting an education.



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calendar   Friday - December 28, 2012

getting away with being a bother

See? Now this is exactly the kind of shit I’m on about so often. People put up with this crap without getting violent over it.
Small change? I don’t think so.  And the old farts age make no difference.  Break a few facial bones, knee cap the old shit and when he recovers, lets see if his phoney Druid beliefs still hold water.

The huge problem we face these days, is that folks like this firstly know they’re safe to indulge their annoying playacting.  Make em feel a bit less safe, do some serious bodily harm, and maybe the problem would solve itself. 

It’s like that guy who wanders all over the country, naked. He gets arrested and goes to court, naked. No kidding. They keep arresting him, he goes to jail for short periods and continues doing what he likes.  And guess what?  They no longer jail him. Smart guy?  Maybe. He just waited till the authorities gave up first.

People are so worried about rights, even disagreeable and troublesome folks whose main interest in life is making things difficult for others, they are allowed the questionable freedom to continue doing so. Why?  Why should the average person or someone in the workplace be so easily taken advantage of with NO price paid by the offender?  And quite often, the offender isn’t some youthful street thug.  It’s those who are much older, who have no mental illness worthy of the name, who take it into their heads that they suddenly have new rights based on something they often make up.  And this is a great example.
What’s with this old fruity faced fart?  Break his nose to start and see if his new found non English speaking religion will protect him.

Even the newspaper refers to the jerk by an official like title. Who made him arch jerk anyway? Is there a school of divinity for these 21st century druids?
Calling him by a title he gave to himself, only promotes and continues the problem of like minded idiots and troublemakers.

And look here, an officer calls for a Welsh speaker?  Like the old goat doesn’t speak English? Oh good. Tie up another policeman. On the other hand, I bet ya a good jab to the gut would have this ding-a-ling speaking English very well.

Police called to Welsh village corner shop after druid customer refused to pay because the cashier asked for money in ENGLISH

Former Archdruid Robyn Lewis refused to pay at the Spar in Pwllheli, Wales

Police were called in after a store manager was unable to appease Dr Lewis

An officer had to call for back up because he didn’t speak Welsh

Dr Lewis eventually paid for his shopping and left the store

By Steve Nolan

A row over a customer’s refusal to pay for his shopping at a village store in North Wales saw police called in - all because he was asked to pay in English.

Officers were called to the Spar store in Pwllheli, North Wales, after former Archdruid Dr Robyn Lewis, 83, was left unhappy by a shop assistant’s refusal to tell him the price of his shopping in his native Welsh tongue.


Bosses at the store said the situation had been ‘completely blown out of proportion’ after Dr Lewis, former Archdruid of the Gorsedd - a group that promotes Welsh language literature, poetry and music, refused to cough up the £58.62 total or leave the store.

Dr Lewis became disgruntled when the cashier spoke to him entirely in Welsh until it was time to pay.

He had expected her to ask for ‘Pum-deg-wyth punt, chwedeg-dau’, but instead she told him the figure in English.

He said: ‘I asked her to repeat it in Welsh but she said it again in English.

‘I told her I’d asked her to repeat it it in Welsh but she said it (in English) for the third time.’

The supermarket manager was called in an attempt to appease Dr Lewis and resolve the situation, but when Dr Lewis refused to pay or leave, police were called in.

A non-Welsh speaking officer then arrived and had to call for back-up.

Dr Lewis said: ‘It was sorted out by me being given another Welsh-speaking cashier whom I spoke entirely in Welsh.

‘I paid and left. Honour was satisfied.

The article never explains why the cashier who did speak the language, wasn’t able to give the price in Welsh. But why should she?  Anyway, the Brit pound is legal tender.  Every Welsh person I’ve known, and there have been a few including a former neighbor, speak English quite well.  Many Welsh don’t speak that language at all.  Why would they want to?  Pum-deg-wyth punt, chwedeg-dau’ ?????????????????? huh? 


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calendar   Thursday - December 06, 2012


Bungling builders bulldoze entire historic French chateau by mistake… after its millionaire owner told them to demolish a small outhouse on its estate

· Chateau de Bellevue, near Bordeaux, once boasted 140,000-square-feet of grand reception rooms, ornate fireplaces, winding marble staircases
· Then its new owner, a Russian millionaire businessman, employed a team of Polish builders to renovate the manor to its former glory
· But the workers apparently misunderstood the instructions and pulled down the castle, leaving the outhouse completely untouched

By Matt Blake




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calendar   Thursday - November 29, 2012


This is a gas people. Some very clever stuff.

I do not want to take the time to place any photos here. See them at the link AND BE SURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO AT THE END.

Entry level jobs: The German career website with some of the weirdest ads ever

German job agency’s unusual bid to encourage people to switch jobs include images of what really goes on inside vending machines and ATMs has been running the campaign ‘Life’s too short for the wrong job’ since 2005

By Sara Malm

A German job agency has devised an unusual advertisement campaign to encourage people to switch jobs - by depicting humans as doing the works of ATMs and vending machines.

Using the slogan ‘Life’s too short for the wrong job’, the posters show what ‘really’ goes on inside a number of everyday machines from washers to jukeboxes.

One particularly bizarre poster shows a man’s naked behind with the grammatically incorrect tagline ‘There are better ways to make career’ with a crowd directed to walk through a strategically placed hole in the poster.



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calendar   Wednesday - November 28, 2012

it’s one very good way to deal with the scum among us.

I really wish the old boy had not said he was sorry.  Sorry for what?  He should be sorry he wasn’t doing 40 when he ran into the verminous shit who tried to rob him.  The court should NOT have taken his license for a year. It should have struck a medal for him.  There should be a special issue stamp for him. And a cash reward.  Of course none of that will happen, unfortunately, and so it’ll be business as usual for the criminals in our midst.  What? Me worry?


By Suzy Gibson

Leicester Mercury

A shopkeeper jumped into his van and knocked down a teenage shoplifter making off with three stolen bottles of beer, a court heard.

George Palmer (64) saw red after the boy called him an insulting name and helped himself to the alcohol in the shop in Woodhouse Road, Coalville.

Leicester Crown Court was told Palmer, a grandfather, mounted the kerb and struck the teenager from behind.

The act was described as “wholly out of character” for Palmer, who has never been in trouble before.

Alan Murphy, prosecuting, said that after the boy ran off with the beer Palmer followed him in his transit van onto Woodhouse Road, Coalville

“He veered to the right hand side, mounting the grass verge onto the pavement and collided with the back of the complainant’s legs.

“A witness described the complainant’s legs as appearing to buckle and him being thrown into the air and dropping to the floor.

“Other motorists estimated that the van was travelling at about 15mph.

“The Crown say it was a deliberate act of the defendant as a result of what went on in the shop.”

Mr Murphy said Palmer got out of the van and told the youth: “You won’t do it again, will you?”

However, Palmer disputed saying that.

He claimed it was not a deliberate act and that he lost control of the vehicle.

Mr Murphy said the shoplifter was drunk at the time.

The court heard the boy’s mother arrived in a car and he went to hospital suffering from concussion.

He suffered a lump and minor cuts on his head.

A CT scan revealed no abnormality.

Afterwards, Palmer returned to the shop, which he had left unmanned.

A group of about 20 gathered outside and he locked himself in the store until the police arrived.

Palmer, of Grove Road, Whitwick, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving at 6.30pm on August 23.

He was given a six month jail sentence, which was suspended for a year and was banned from driving for 12 months.

The court was told that Palmer had been the victim of numerous thefts and burglaries in the 33 years he had owned the shop in Woodhouse Road, Coalville.

He had been assaulted on the night before the dangerous driving incident. In 2004, he was attacked by a robber and lost an eye.

Judge Simon Hammond said: “The background is very sad.

“I can see he’s lost an eye and I can understand why he was angry.

“But to go after him and knock him down – he could have killed him and that’s the gravity.”

Elizabeth Power, mitigating, said Palmer had been targeted by a number of burglaries and thefts with no action being taken.

She said: “A crowd of people went to the shop after this incident.

“He hasn’t worked in the shop since.”

Losing his licence would affect the running of the business as he would be unable to visit the cash and carry to stock the store.

Leaving court, he said the judge had been “fair”.

He said: “Of course, I’m very sorry for what happened.”

I hope by ‘sorry’ he only means he’s sorry the brat tried to rob him and not that he’s sorry he ran the scum down.  I guess after all he’d been through, he had had more than enough.

Good for Mister Palmer.  Bravo.


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calendar   Thursday - November 22, 2012

sorry, english not spoken here

Some days ago and not for the first time, I mentioned foreign doctors and language problems and the havoc some had caused.
They were working for the NHS and I wondered if were just the nature of a national service that would do that. Can’t recall what else I may have said.
Well, this came up today and it is a hum dinger. This goes way beyond insanity because if the fellow in this story had that much of a problem, then how in the world did they allow it to go on for years?

Take a look at this one. It could make a pretty good sit com. You know, guy working in hosp. setting and confusion over language etc. Might be funny. Except in real life, no so funny.

And speaking of not so funny.  We’ve been getting gale force winds almost all day and now into the night.  Brrrr. Have some very, very large trees close by.

Indian radiographer who could not speak English worked at cancer hospital for SIX YEARS before being sacked after string of complaints

· Ramani Ramaswany was dismissed from The Christie cancer hospital in Manchester
· He has also been suspended from the national radiography register for a year
· The Health and Care Professions Council heard that he showed ‘a lack of competency’ in a number of areas while working at the hospital
By Steve Nolan

The Health and Care Professions Council found that Mr Ramaswamy had showed a ‘lack of competence’ in a number of areas while working at The Christie.
The panel heard that patients and staff had difficulty understanding him, with his command of English said to be getting worse by managers at the hospital despite extra English lessons after taking a job there.

He was also slammed for failing to demonstrate competent handling of equipment and setting up a bed so badly that a supervisor had to step in to stop a patient getting injured.

Mr Ramaswarmy had asked a patient to confirm their name four times before a colleague was forced to intervene because neither the patient nor the member of staff could understand what he was saying.

The radiographer, who lives in Moss Side, also failed to consistently ask patients to empty their bladders before procedures were carried out.
A senior colleague described his practice as being ‘a bit of a hit or a miss’ and he often read out numbers incorrectly.

Because of concerns over his communication skills, he was at first restricted to a role where he had no contact with patients.
He was moved on to the treatment floor in September 2009 for a three-month trial but this proved unsuccessful.



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Just to show you, as if you need proof, what a weird world we live in.
Four or five words on a personal blog and the man is demoted and gets a reduction in salary.
Hey, you wanna voice Christian thoughts in public?  Then be prepared for the consequences.  Free thought and speech?  Sure thing.  But not if you just happen to belong to a politically incorrect religion.  Or one that doesn’t have race and minority privilege. 

Take a look at this.

Vindicated - but ruined: In a historic victory, a Christian demoted at work after writing on Facebook that he opposed gay marriage in church tells how his battle has come at a terrible price

By Andrew Pierce.

Adrian Smith was disturbed to read a report that gay marriages may be permitted in church.
So he went onto his Facebook page and posted four words summarising his own position.

‘An equality too far,’ he wrote.

But those four words, even though they were seen by only a few dozen friends and work colleagues, triggered a major battle over freedom of speech which finally ended yesterday.
Mr Smith, a tireless charity supporter who works for Trafford Housing Trust, had become a victim of the increasingly aggressive war against so-called hate crimes.

After a work colleague complained that his comment was offensive (despite having not seen the post), Mr Smith, a family man and lifelong Labour voter, was disciplined, had his job downgraded and his salary cut by £14,000. But yesterday, after a bitter and protracted court fight to overturn the decision, the married father-of-two won a landmark victory.

His triumph comes in the wake of a series of recent claims by Christians that they have been discriminated against for expressing their beliefs.
In Mr Smith’s case, his employers claimed he broke their code of conduct by expressing religious or political views which might upset co-workers.

But Mr Justice Briggs, in London’s High Court, yesterday ruled that the housing trust did not have a right to demote Mr Smith as his Facebook postings did not amount to misconduct.

He said the comment about gays marrying in church was not — viewed objectively — judgmental, disrespectful or liable to cause upset or offence, and was expressed in moderate language.
As for the content, it was a widely held view frequently heard on radio and television, or read in the newspapers.



The thing that actually surprises me most is that our victim here has been, the article states, a life long supporter of the Labour Party. Which as most of you might know, is left. Some are very left.  I have not seen any conservative call for the public hanging, in a manner of speaking, for people who reject religion.  But it seems to be the case that the left willingly plays the race and offence card whenever possible.  One whack job took offence at a few words and look at the cost to this man.  The nutter who complained would surely NOT have been a conservative.
Maybe Mr. Smith should start looking at another political party to support tho lord knows, most of them are bananas in one way or another.



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