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The One, The Only



Yo, I dint axe you to come in here

Michigan Medieval Reenactor whacks intruder with battle axe

OSHTEMO TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A man is alive and well after he used an ax to fend off a convicted criminal who broke into his Oshtemo Township apartment late Wednesday night.

Ben Ball, 36, used a replica battle ax to keep the intruder at bay.  The 33-year-old suspect, Alex Lavell Rawls, is now in jail facing a charge of first-degree home invasion, which could put him in prison for a maximum of 20 years.

Ball says that the suspect dated his former roommate who left to get away. The suspect showed up at the apartment around 11:30 p.m., thinking she was there.

The suspect knocked on the door repeatedly, then kicked it in, while Ball was in his apartment playing video games and watching Rick and Morty.

Ball said he had reason to believe the suspect had a firearm. “(The) door opened, (I) grabbed the ax, (then) step, step, hit.”

The ax hit the intruder at least once in the torso and then the two started grappling in the apartment destroying the place.  “There was a bloody mess everywhere,” Ball said.

Finally, the suspect gave up and made a run for it. A neighbor called 911 and police showed up. Police K-9s followed the trail of blood to apprehend the suspect.

Video at the link. Even ultra-dweebs have the ability to defend themselves. Good for him.

Article says that Ball practices a lot. He should practice more. Hit a guy several times with an axe and then he fights you and then later runs away? Dude, you need a better axe. And a lot more practice. There should have been a pile of chunks. Even a dull axe hit should have broken bones.


Neener neener neener. Write poor laws, expect people to find the loopholes. It’s called freedom.

No new “hi cap” magazines legal in Colorado. So shooters buy magazine kits and assemble their own.
The parts are legal, but buying or possessing a new hi cap mag isn’t.

Why sure officer, I’ve owned this one since 2010. Why do you ask?

A state law banning the sale and transfer of large-capacity gun magazines has not stopped the sale and transfer of magazines that hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition.

An undercover investigation by 9Wants to Know found examples of gun stores in Colorado either ignoring the law altogether or finding a loophole to get around the law.

“It’s shocking to see that people are doing this,” said state Sen. Rhonda Fields, D-Aurora.

In 2013, a Democratically-controlled state legislature passed four comprehensive bills dealing with guns, including the bill sponsored by Fields banning magazines that hold more than 15 bullets.

The bill, signed into law by then-Gov. John Hickenlooper, banned the sale, transfer and possession of a large-capacity magazine as of July 1, 2013.

“We decided that we were going to go out and take on the NRA,” Hickenlooper said during the second presidential debate July 30 in Detroit. “We passed universal background checks, we limited magazine capacity, we did the basic work, that for whatever reason, doesn’t seem to be able to get done in Washington.”

Yet, six years later, magazines that hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition are still being sold in Colorado. Legislators thought that they banned them, but gun store employees describe a loophole in the law.

Colorado’s law allows grandfathered magazines. The things don’t have a production date on them, and the designs haven’t changed in decades. So prove somebody has a new one.

Other parts of the state, bless them, have declared themselves Sanctuary Counties, and are not enforcing what they feel is an unconstitutional law. They sell the assembled magazines and the kits. So far, hardly a single arrest has been made.

A magazine generally has just 4 parts: the body (which is just a metal or plastic rectangular tube), a spring, the base plate, and a follower. The follower sits on top of the spring inside the tube and is shaped to fit the cartridges the magazine is intended for.  What, you’re going to outlaw springs? I don’t think so.


More gunny good news

About 1 in 14 adult Americans has a CCW permit. Adult citizens in 16 states need no permit. Still no CCW in Hawaii, and almost none in NJ (1/3 as many in the whole state as in Washington DC). So it’s possible that the total number might be about 1 in 10 adult citizens. And that’s just the legal numbers.

Violent crime rates continue to drop everywhere citizens can carry.

The number of concealed handgun permits has increased for the third year in a row. The figure now stands at over 18.66 million – a 304% increase since 2007. It’s also an 8% increase over the number of permits we counted a year ago in 2018. Unlike gun ownership surveys that may be affected by people’s unwillingness to answer personal questions, concealed handgun permit data is the only really “hard data” that we have. Sixteen states are missing from the data because people there don’t even need a permit to carry.

16 states ... so far. And we’re not even looking at state to state reciprocity.

h/t to Complete Colorado


Ok, stuffing Italian Style attempt 2 [ attempt 1 was already pretty good, but I wanted to amp it up a couple notches ]

This half batch got more sausage - “proper” Italian sausages with the casings removed, a good bit more sage and thyme, a couple ounces more portabella mushrooms, and a minced clove of garlic. It’s enough to absolutely pack an 8x8 glass baking dish.

8 cups of unseasoned stuffing cubes (half a big bag) I used half Pepperidge Farm and half Martin’s soft potato bread cubes
2 cups of chicken stock. not broth.
4 sweet Italian sausages
1/2 big yellow onion, roughly diced
4 oz diced celery, about 3 sticks of celery hearts
1 clove garlic, minced
10 oz package fresh portabella mushrooms, sliced and roughly chopped
1 tsp dried sage
1 tsp dried thyme
1/4 chopped fresh parsley
1/2 tsp salt
a few good shakes of ground pepper
1 egg
1/2 stick unsalted butter
3 tbl olive oil

Set the oven at 350° F

Add a splash of olive oil to a large skillet, heat it. Skin the sausages and fry them, chopping them into bit with a spatula as they cook. When mostly cooked, push them to the side, add 2 pats butter and a little olive oil, and soften the onions. After a couple minutes add the celery. Give them about 5 minutes. Push them to the side, add some more butter and olive oil and saute the mushrooms. When they’ve reduced about half and let a lot of juices go, clear a space in the middle and saute the garlic for a minute or two. Mix everything up, sprinkle on most of the sage and thyme, and 1 1/2 cups of the chicken stock. Stir, and let simmer about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, whisk an egg in a cereal bowl. Add the last 1/2 cup of the stock. Add the rest of the sage and thyme, and all of the chopped parsley. Stir.

In a really large mixing bowl, add the bread crumbs. Pour the egg mixture over them and stir them around.

Grease the inside of an 8x8 or 9x9 baking dish. Pour the contents of the skillet over the stuffing, and mix it in with a fork and the spatula. Transfer it to the baking dish. Add a few small pats of butter to the top. Cover with tinfoil. Into the oven for 30 minutes. Uncover, increase heat to 375 only if you want the top extra crispy, and bake another 30 minutes.

Now I have to figure out an alternate stuffing recipe for those who don’t like mushrooms or walnuts and can’t handle onions or garlic. I’m thinking apples and dried cranberries along with a slightly lower ratio of Italian sausage.


Ack, crivens. The littlest cat is in heat again. Opera cat. Raow roaw roaw. I gotta watch the little tramp closely, as she tries to sneak out of the house. Bad kitteh! But she’s my pal now, wanting rubs constantly. Harlot.



Whine wine whine

I had a very disappointing bottle of wine tonight. Even though it was made from the epitome of Oregon’s Pinot Noir crop, the 2016 harvest from the Williamette Valley, the wine was thin, acerbic, and nearly sour. I like richer, more robust reds, and I found the standard bottle of Argyle Pinot Noir to be a real let down. Sure, they make a far fuller variety, their Nuthouse bottling, for just twice the price. Yeah, well, this one was already at the top of my acceptable price range. Double that, and we’re into the land of “you’ve got to be kidding me”.

I read the Wine Spectator magazine in the waiting room at my dentist’s office. It’s full of glowing, superlative reviews of wines that are so esoteric that they don’t exist for us mere mortals. I read some review online today for some wonder bottle, a small batch run of just 100 cases. Dude, that’s 1200 bottles. 800 liters. A bit more than 200 gallons. That’s hobby level production. Get real. Next.

Other reviews go on an on about the wonderful terroir of this or that region. “A full 900 hectares of vines produces this wonderful blah blah blah.” A hectare is a hair under 2 1/2 acres.  So 900 of them is 2439 acres. 640 acres per square mile; 3.8 square miles. 2 miles by 1.9 miles. That’s not a “region”, that’s a decent sized field.

Vintage wine is such a crapshoot. I like it, but I hate the risk involved, and you get hosed at least half the time, no matter what the price is. It may be super awesome when it goes in the bottle, but then it gets shipped by orangutans and stored in room temperature warehouses, where it ages 10 times faster than it ought to. And then it goes on the shelf in the nice warm store until it sells. Which means anything in the bottle more than 2 years is at least half dead before you even buy it. I’ll stick to the cheaper stuff, or good bourbon and rye whiskey.



San Fran Elects Son Of Terrorists/Hugo Chavez Flunky As DA

Crivens, they’re all insane.

Progressive candidate Chesa Boudin won the race for district attorney in San Francisco on Saturday.

Boudin and opponent Suzy Loftus were neck-and-neck for days as officials tallied votes from the city’s ranked-choice ballots. (of course. how progressive.)

Boudin, 39, is a public defender who ran on a platform of closing jails, eliminating cash bail, combating racism in the criminal justice system and diverting people from jails and prisons.

Chesa Boudin is the son of Weather Underground killers Kathy Boudin, and David Gilbert. Kathy Boudin was convicted of felony manslaughter and bank robbery and served 22 years in jail for her role in the infamous 1980 Brinks Robbery in which several police and security guards were killed. Gilbert’s role in that was even worse, and he is still in jail, serving 75 to life.  Chesa was adopted and raised by “former” terrorist bombers Bill Ayers ("guilty as sin, free as a bird") and his wife Bernadine Dohrn.

Boudin calls himself a Progressive. At the very least I’d call him an anarcho-Marxist.


But wait, there’s more! Chesa was also a key player in Hugo Chavez’s regime, and possibly part of his death squads.

Chesa Boudin, who was quite literally Hugo Chavez’s trusted propagandist, translator and advisor, Cuba-groomed from the start, is now commanding an apparently unbeatable lead in San Francisco’s district attorney’s race.

That’s right, one of Hugo Chavez’s very own will soon be set to be the chief prosecutor for the California city. Yet this guy has also been photographed in Venezuela wielding an assault rifle, and getting guerrilla training, according to Venezuelan sources. He literally hung out with the Chavista goon squads known as ‘colectivos,’ the same thugs who drive around in motorcycles and shoot into crowds who protest. Those are his homies. When Boudin turns San Francisco into a Venezuela-style hellhole as a very lawless D.A., you can be sure that what he achieves will be socialism done by an expert.

Boudin can count on the support of radical black activist Shaun King - aka Talcum X (because he’s white)

YES!!!! @ChesaBoudin has now pulled into a commanding lead as votes continue to be counted in San Francisco.

He’s ahead by 5,897 first place votes and is the clear choice for District Attorney.
— Shaun King (@shaunking) November 9, 2019


Another mysterious NJ flying car accident. Junior CSI Drew can’t figure out how this happened. Police are also baffled at this point.

Two Killed In Toms River NJ Accident As Flying Porsche Hits Building On The Second Floor

image  image

Toms River NJ, Sunday morning 6:30am

TOMS RIVER – A car has crashed into the second story of a Toms River business on Sunday, police said. The Porsche remained lodged in the building at the scene.

Hooper Avenue and Indian Hill roads were closed after the 6:30 a.m. incident, according to the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department.

The crash occurred Sunday morning at EXIT Realty Elite at 1466 Hooper Ave. in Toms River, according to police. No one was apparently in the building at the time.

The car is upside down, fully inside the building, on the second floor, which is at least 12 feet off the fairly level ground. Not surprisingly, reports are that the two people in the car were killed.

There are no apparent skid marks on the road or in the parking lot. The brick marquee out by the road was not damaged. The low bushes behind it do not appear to be damaged. The phone pole wires are not damaged. I don’t see any damage to the low dirt median between the lanes on Hooper Road.

If the car was coming down Hooper Road from the right and swerved right and became airborne and hit the building, it’s about 90 feet from the curb to the corner of the building. If the car was going the wrong way on Hooper and swerved left into the parking lot, it’s about 100 feet from the far streetside corner of the driveway to the building. There is a side street across Hooper, Beatrice Ave, that nearly lines up with the corner of the building, and is long enough - about 800 feet max - to allow a fast car to get up quite a bit of speed. However, there’s that wide dirt median in the way, with a storm sewer, and there’s a phone pole and a fire hydrant by the realty building’s sidewalk too.  So none of the 3 entry angles look feasible to me, without leaving quite a lot of skid marks or furrows in the soil. And I can rule out that the car was dropped like a flat arc bomb from a fast airplane, as that trajectory would surely have hit the power lines.

So it’s a mystery. Another real NJ head scratching traffic accident. Sure, I can see there being an accident if they had to swerve to avoid a deer or some of those aggressive wild turkey assaults they’re having. But >12 feet off the ground and upside down? That doesn’t make sense at all.

Monday Update:

The sports car, a 2010 Porsche Boxster convertible, was traveling at “a high rate of speed” when the driver lost control, hit a center median and struck an embankment that sent it smashing through the building, Toms River Police spokeswoman Jillian Messina told Fox News.
Skid marks could be seen stretching across four lanes of traffic in the direction of the building, the outlet reported.
The victims were later identified as 22-year-old Braden DeMartin of Toms River and his passenger, 23-year-old Daniel Foley, also of Toms River, the department said in a news release. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

There you go. Such skid marks should have been highly visible. Obvious. Even at 6:30 in the morning. So what we have here is another case of lazy journalism; one photograph of them, or even a single sentence mentioning them, would have made things so much clearer. And though we’ll never know, I’m betting this was because of deer or turkeys in the road.


Mmm, coffee and leftover stuffing for breakfast. Oh boy!




Ok, so that sort of worked. Mostly.

I’m trying out recipes in advance (for once) for Thanksgiving. I’ve got the bread down pat, no worries there. And her New York style water bath cheesecake with lemon is the bomb. But I’m bringing stuffing too, and that can sometimes be a challenge. I made one recipe today ... ok, I made half a recipe of it because it’s just the two of us ... and while it came out pretty good, it needs quite a bit more oomph. It called for fresh thyme and sage, which are stupid expensive for the little that you get. I used their quantities but it was no where near the flavor level you’d get in a package of Stove Top. Not that 5 sprigs of runny thyme is going to make 2 tablespoonsful. No way. 1 teaspoon, maybe. So more herbs - my dried ones are probably a decade old, so time to buy fresh (forget Bell’s seasoning in the cardboard box. Cheap, but ancient, always), more mushrooms, and a stronger sausage flavor. Hatfield’s is too mild. I’ll get some good links, and maybe add some Jones breakfast links, which are quite herby. Will apples or cranberries work if added? Have to try. Thing is, even though I love it, we don’t eat stuffing more than once or twice a year other than Thanksgiving, and that’s usually a box of Stove Top. So I don’t have much experience making it from the get go.

I also found out that some of the people coming don’t like mushrooms or onions, so I might have to make a half recipe of this, and a half recipe of something else without them.

The pumpkin humus is good too, and very easy. Recipes online, but make a batch yourself, because the amounts of spice, garlic, and tahini vary a lot. Most people don’t like things firecracker sharp and hot like I do.

Guess I’ll be nibbling on leftover stuffing for the next few weeks. With some holiday humus on crackers.


Your Morning Hypocrisy

Seriously? Projection much?

( this article stems from the Kentucky governor race, which was so tight that just 5K votes separated the condidates. The Republican guy is looking for a re-canvas / recount. )

From the Washington Post, where “Democracy Dies In Darkness”. Article posted at 5:03pm when the sun has nearly set.


Boy am I out of it. There was a “gun incident” hardly a quarter mile from here a couple days ago, and I didn’t know a thing about it until somebody mentioned it at bowling league last night. Where we managed to win 1 game, but I rolled fairly Ok all night. To be fair, the story only ran online at two local news sites.

Shots Fired At Clinton Holiday Inn

Every cop in the county responded, including the state police from 3 miles down the road. Shooter arrested.

A North Carolina man fired several shots in a Hunterdon County hotel after an argument with his co-workers, authorities said Wednesday.

No one was injured when Robert Michalski Jr. opened fire around 11 p.m. Tuesday at the Holiday Inn in Clinton, according to police. The gunfire prompted officers from at least five nearby departments and state troopers to converge on the hotel.

“It was determined a group of co-workers were traveling together had an argument,” Town of Clinton Police Chief J. Cory Kubinak said in an email. “The suspect began shooting at the victim over this dispute and would not allow him to leave for a period of time.”

Kubinak said officers contained the situation and there was no further threat.

Police charged Michalski with multiple weapons offenses, aggravated assault and criminal restraint. The 37-year-old Rocky Mount, North Carolina, man was sent to the county jail, according to officials.

CLINTON, NJ – A suspect is in custody and lodged in the county jail after gunshots were reported at the Holiday Inn here around 11 p.m. last night, according to information provided to Mayor Janice Kovach by Clinton Police Chief Cory Kubinak.

The report prompted response from police here and from Clinton and Lebanon Townships, Franklin, High Bridge, State Police other surrounding police departments.

The suspect is Robert Michalski Jr., 37, of Rocky Mount, NC, Kubinak said. Michalski had a dispute with co-workers, according to police, and shot at a victim multiple times. No one was injured, police said. 

A weapon, which police did not identify, was recovered.  Michalski was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon; unlawful possession of an assault weapon; possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes; criminal restraint; possession of high- capacity magazines; and aggravated assault.

Wow, so Bubba D and his buds go on a road trip and he brings his AR with him and a bunch of high capacity magazines? To New Jersey?? Horry Clap, now that’s some genius act.



Waldo D. Whistleblower Found!

Thank you WaPo


But but how is this possible? It’s only those loving, accepting, tolerant, pro-womyn, pro-diversity, progressive types who are being polled? And there hasn’t even been one primary vote or caucus yet. Go figure.

Kamalatoe’s Sinking Ship: It’s Because Raycis !!!

instead of blaming herself, Senator Kamala Devi Harris is blaming America. The vast majority of it which isn’t supporting her. And there’s only one possible reason they aren’t supporting her. Racism.

Harris began her campaign ascendancy by accusing Joe Biden of racism. It’s only fitting that she’s wrapping it up by implying that her lack of support isn’t her fault, but the fault of an intolerant nation.

Electability, a problem caused by her own poor poll numbers, is really a sign of racial unreadiness.

enator Kamala Harris polled at 3% in last month’s Quinnipiac poll. That must make the San Fran and Hollywood donors who stuffed $11.6 million in her pantsuit pockets this quarter feel good about giving to charity.

A quarter of Iowa Democrat caucusgoers have a negative opinion of Harris. That’s up minus eleven points since June. So, Harris is making weekly trips to Iowa while claiming that she’s going to move there. Not even Democrats are stupid enough to believe that she’s going to leave her Brentwood mansion to move to a place where the temperatures are currently hovering around the low thirties.

And her Iowa stump speech is now all about accusing anyone who doesn’t vote for her of racism.

Looks like she’s taking a page from the Hillary playbook. Hey, maybe there will be a mega-million advance on a book deal for Kam? Um, no. Because raycis, right?


Oh Kentucky, The Voters Of Kentucky *

For one thing, Bevin is the most unpopular governor in the country, according to data from Morning Consult, which at last count found that just 32 percent of registered voters in the state approved of the job he was doing while 56 percent disapproved. These weaknesses were likely the biggest factor in his loss to Beshear, who had the added advantage of being the son of the man who served as Kentucky governor just before Bevin. For another thing, until Bevin’s election in 2015, Democrats had held the governorship in Kentucky for almost the entirety of the past two decades.”

So the media’s huge trumpet blowing now sounds a bit off-key, doesn’t it? Their new governor (possibly, let’s do a recount) is the son of their old governor, nobody really likes the current governor, and the state has had Dem governors for a generation. Yeah, that’s a YUGE “flip”. Knot.


There’s not much point in surfing the internet looking for new stuff before 7am Eastern. It’s all yesterday’s posts. Actually, there’s not much point in me even being awake before 6am, but the outdoor kitty is expecting breakfast, and now that 6am is now 5am I’m waking up “early” automatically. I should just go back to sleep. However, plenty of stuff to try and work on here today.



Not Made In The USA: English as she is goodly written

I got a thing delivered today that needs a bit of assembly. It was made in China, or at least the instructions were. It’s a gas. Here are a couple excerpts

The Manual Instruction of GCC-0002
4. Please keep this product away from children and pet, for safely consideration.
When you unpack our product, you will find every component. Please classify and divide all the component into groups and screw like we do in the picture first before install.

Well, that’s one way to get the customer relaxed before one of these tedious processes!


Must be an election year. And yes, it’s election day, so get out and vote, even if it’s just local candidates and issues this time around.

After Massive Public Pressure, Maryland County Rolls Back Sanctuary Rules A Little Bit

Following months of national media coverage over the handling of illegal aliens in his custody, Montgomery County, Maryland, Executive Marc Elrich has somewhat reversed a sanctuary policy he signed into law.

Elrich will allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents the ability to access certain areas of the Montgomery County jail in order to apprehend illegal aliens, according to ABC7 News. A county spokesman confirmed to the local news outlet on Nov. 1 that correctional officers have been ordered to give ICE agents clearance to “identified areas” of the jail to “ensure that transfers are conducted in a safe environment.”

News of the cooperation between Montgomery County and federal immigration authorities comes three months after Elrich signed an executive order that prohibited county officials from working with ICE.

However, Elrich’s order soon proved controversial. Authorities arrested numerous illegal aliens in Montgomery County — all of the arrests taking place just weeks after the order was signed — and charged them with rape or other sexual abuse crimes. The string of rape charges shined a national spotlight on the county’s policy toward criminal illegal aliens and its fraught relationship with the agency tasked with removing them.

A public relations battle ensued between federal immigration authorities and Elrich’s office.


In a scathing response to national criticism, the Montgomery County Council in early September accused the Trump administration, conservative media, “Neo-Nazi sympathizers” and others of spreading “a lot of inaccurate information” about the county’s criminal justice process.

Pro-ICE demonstrators held a rally in front of the Montgomery County office building on Sept. 13, demanding elected leaders end its sanctuary executive order. The rally, which drew counter-protesters, was held to highlight organizers’ argument that immigration enforcement helps keep communities safer.

It’s not clear if Elrich’s rollback of his sanctuary rules are sufficient enough for federal immigration authorities. ICE did not respond to a request for comment from the DCNF.

It is not up to local or state authorities to choose whether they will comply with federal law. Period. IMO, not only should these sanctuary areas be immediately defunded from all federal largess, criminal charges should be brought against every last one of them and prosecuted to the highest degree.


The article doesn’t say, but it doesn’t need to does it? Another day, another TNB. Guaranteed.

Rude Customer Gets Killed Over Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

A man was fatally stabbed Monday evening while inside a Maryland Popeyes following a fight over a chicken sandwich, a source told Fox News.

Prince George’s County police said they received reports of a fight at a Popeyes location in the 6200 block of Livingston Road in Oxon Hill, Md., on Monday at around 7 p.m. Oxon Hill is about 20 minutes from Washington, D.C.

When officers arrived at the location they found a man in the parking lot with stab wounds, police told Fox News. He was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

The victim’s name or age has not yet been released. Police said the suspect is still on the run.

According to police, the fight initially began in line when a man cut in front of another man and then the altercation escalated and spilled outside where one of the men was stabbed.

Rudeness? Check. Bullying? Check. Irrational violent reaction over an irritating but totally minor issue? Check.

The rest of us had learned by second grade not to cut the line. This was an absolutely senseless thing to die over, but I have zero tolerance or sympathy with bullies. Too frickin’ bad.

Update: name and photo released. Entire incident took just 15 seconds

The victim was identified as 28-year-old male Kevin Tyrell Davis of Oxon Hill, Maryland, Prince George’s County Police spokeswoman announced Tuesday.

He entered the fast food joint on the 6200 block of Livingston Road around 7pm Monday evening where about three dozen people were in line, many waiting for the newly released chicken sandwich, Police Chief Hank Stawinski said.

He then cut the line and was confronted by a male suspect. The two exchanged words and the argument escalated to the point that the two went outside the restaurant and Davis was stabbed. Cops say the entire confrontation lasted just 15 seconds.

Security cam got pictures of the stabber and his ho.


[ massive snip snip of old posts, now pasted below the fold. Sorry, I had to delete a big bunch of them too ]


See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Thursday - June 04, 2015

this gets complicated. but it’s where our world is today. no worries tho, it’ll get worse.

The world today.
Sure is different from the one I grew up in.

Words really do fail me here. 
Except to say ... I feel sorry for any child brought up in that sort of unnatural mess.  Like the Elton John love nest.  How do you explain to a kid when other kids make comments as they will, that one of these two men is mommy.

Revealed: The bizarre family tree at the heart of an extraordinary court battle over one little girl - involving two lesbian mothers, a gay sperm donor and a transsexual lover now living with a man

· Girl is the biological child of lesbian woman and gay sperm donor
· They see her occasionally and she lives with mother’s lesbian ex
· The step-mother’s former partner, a transsexual, wants contact with girl
· But judge rules said that another effective parent would risk harm

By Vanessa Allen for the Daily Mail

A transexual man went to court yesterday for the right to contact the child of his former lesbian partner.
He brought the civil case despite having no biological connection with the nine-year-old girl.
Identified only as Alice, she was born to two lesbians who used donor sperm from a man also in a same-sex relationship.


The couple – known as Rachel and Helen – split up when she was three. Rachel, who was Alice’s natural mother, was sectioned with schizophrenia and Helen entered a relationship with Matthew, the man who has brought the case.

When he met Helen he was a woman having treatment to live as a man.

They were together for four years – Alice living with them – and he claims she called him ‘daddy’ and he became her effective stepfather.
They split up in 2013 and Matthew has had no contact with Alice, who has been diagnosed with autism, for almost a year.

Having completed his gender reassignment, Matthew asked the Family Court to allow him to apply for an order for contact with Alice.

His request was opposed by both Helen and Rachel, who said Alice had started to call herself Daniel and claim she was a boy while living with

Helen was said to be very concerned that he encouraged Alice to wear boys’ clothes and told her to avoid playing with ‘gender appropriate toys’.
She told the court in London that Matthew had been ‘controlling and verbally and mentally abusive’ during their relationship, and that his testosterone treatment had made him aggressive.

Helen, who suffers from a personality disorder and has limited mobility, said she did not want Alice to stay overnight at the home of Matthew and his new partner, James.

Rachel, who had been Helen’s civil partner, said Alice already had contact with both her mothers and her biological father, the gay sperm donor.
In a statement to the court, Rachel, who is now living in the community in supported accommodation, said: ‘It is time to put the dangerous drama of the past behind her once and for all. She must be allowed to simply settle down. She has all that she needs.’

Matthew, who also has psychiatric problems, said Alice knew he used to be a woman but had only known him as a man.

His sex change had been explained to her ‘in an age-appropriate way’, the court was told. Matthew denied that he had encouraged her to call herself Daniel or say she was a boy.

He said he had played a central role in helping to raise her.

Deputy High Court Judge Clifford Bellamy said Matthew had applied to the court for permission to ask for an order for contact with Alice.
The judge said he accepted that Matthew may have become a ‘social and psychological parent’ to Alice but said his contact application could be ‘potentially damaging’ for an autistic child.

Such an order would require months of psychiatric assessments, social services reports and court hearings and would be stressful for the family, he said.

The judge refused Matthew’s contact request, saying: ‘There is a risk of Matthew’s application disrupting Alice’s life to such an extent that she would be harmed by it.

‘Alice’s story is an example of the different ways in which modern family life is formed. Modern family life can be complicated.’
None of the family can be identified for legal reasons and the judge said he had changed the names of everyone involved to protect Alice’s anonymity. 



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calendar   Friday - April 17, 2015

Signs And Portents

It’s Raining Worms!

What The Faen?

Meteorologists and biologists have been left baffled by earthworms raining from the sky over Southern Norway.

According to Norwegian news service The Local, the most recent phenomenon was discovered by biology teacher Karstein Erstad while he was skiing in the mountains.

“I saw thousands of earthworms on the surface of the snow,” he said.

“When I found them on the snow they seemed to be dead, but when I put them in my hand I found that they were alive.”

He thought they might have crawled through the snow, but rejected this idea, as the snow was over half a metre thick across the mountains.

This is not the only time an area experiencing worms raining from the sky in Norway, with other cases found in Molde and Bergen, both in the south of the country.

This rain of worms isn’t confined to Norway either, with a similar case reported at a Scottish Academy secondary school in 2011.

According to a report by STV, a teacher and his students had to take cover during a game of football after worms started falling from the sky.


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calendar   Wednesday - October 15, 2014

the sleep walker

Sleep walking? 


I have never been a drinker. No big deal.  Just never developed a taste for the stuff.
Never cared for the smell of the hard stuff, tried some once and burned my gut.

When I was much younger, I discovered I couldn’t even drink much of something I did like. Probably a good thing perhaps.  The problem has always been my gut.  I know that doesn’t read like anything believable, but it’s true.
Remember a long time ago when there was a fad for exotic rum based drinks? Or was that just in California?  Tastes great.  Until it hit the stomach and then the pain was not even describable. I can not explain the why of it. 

I remember a day when along with friends we’d get together and buy kegs of Rolling Rock Beer.  Pabst also btw.  But even then, I could only take maybe 6 or 7 at the most. Not kegs, glasses. I’d be sort of sober but not quite, and then the pains would come. Got all the way to the chest too.  No kidding.  Just beer for gosh sake.
So what I’m saying is, I was sober because drinking the smallest amount of anything really hard, cause pain and even affected breathing.
And that all brings me to the latest installment of my existence here in merry olde England.

I discovered red wine.  Late in life I do admit.  Not only that, but this summer I rediscovered beer.  Bud to be exact.  Small bottles too. 
I still can not drink the wine full strength or even a lot of it for all the reasons above.
Anyway, I discovered that sleeping pills work much better and faster if taken with wine, and beer will work too.

As mentioned already, I had this accident which was my doing cos I got lazy and didn’t want to bother going for a ladder or step stool.  It was not a very large or even a very heavy box I was reaching for and so though, this’ll be easy.  Well it wasn’t.

When the pains started, even the aspirin / codeine combo (500 mg aspirin/10mg codeine) just had no effect at all.  And the pain was even waking me up.

Out of desperation, I raided my wife’s meds and took her stronger pain killer.
Something called Tepentadol, 100mg.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to take too many for too long to cope, and as the days went by the aspirin/codeine combo started to help.

But one early morning …. after an earlier entire day and evening of head and neck pain, that night I took my usual sleeping pill, added two Tepentadol (200mg) two glasses of wine, some popcorn to watch a movie in bed and, a beer.  Which was later followed by a second beer.  Then off to dreamland and I don’t even recall what movie I thought I was watching. I even may have imagined I was watching a movie.  Which is one hell of a trick cos there isn’t any TV in my bedroom.  But I can promise you I had no pain.  Except ….

Where things get interesting and go bump in the night.

I’m usually up way earlier than the wife, driven more by hunger I think than wakefulness.  Once up that’s it.  So every morning when she gets up, I bring her morning tea.  Often I also bring her breakfast but generally she just wants toast or a biscuit of some kind.  Sometimes she like that horrid Marmite stuff but usually it’s marmalade.  Oh yeah, something else called Welsh Cakes, which are small, thin and round cake like things. Look more like soft cookies.

So into the kitchen I went one morning last week, had the darndist hard time trying to cut that stupid and stubborn cake in half so I could put an egg in it thinking I was cutting an English muffin, which over here are now sold as muffins since they really are not English to begin with.  Never mind. I thought I was cutting a muffin in half when in reality what I had on that plate was a Welsh cake.  You do not cut a Welsh cake in half. They are too thin to begin with and crumble.  And so they did. I destroyed two of them before I realized I was not cutting a muffin.
So …. with tea and her one lonely remaining Welsh cake, I woke her up with apologies for the cake, asking her how in the world she ever expected me to get an egg inside that tiny thing.  Bleary eyed she asked me what time it was.
I turned around to look at the clock …..

It was three in the morning.

And btw … head beginning to hurt now …. time for the aspirin/codeine again.
But no wine and no beer. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/15/2014 at 01:37 PM   
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calendar   Wednesday - February 12, 2014


Don’t ask how we got on this topic, but I was talking to a woman on my Facebook page and the subject of the nutritional content of semen came up. Damn me if somebody hasn’t done that work. So here is the result. (hope to never have that conversation again!)



Posted by Christopher   United States  on 02/12/2014 at 04:32 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - November 19, 2013

nuts and naked on a train

Has this received much coverage over there?  Never surprised these days at what folks get up to.  But this one is total weird for sure.
At the beginning, she was attacking this big guy who could have decked her easy, but for some reason didn’t.

Was a time long ago when loons were kept away from the rest of us, but the rights industry decided that they had rights, one of which was to get in our way and in our face.  In a perfect world, I guess she’d have been put away somewhere, where perhaps she might have been helped.

Moment a nude woman walked onto Chicago train, announced she was a goddess and headed to the front to drive

The unidentified woman, 31, jumped the turnstile on Saturday in her birthday suit
She ‘slapped and screamed’ at commuters
The woman then declared she was ‘Goddess of the Train’
Police said the woman suffers from a mental illness

By Daily Mail Reporter

A naked woman shocked train commuters in Chicago on Saturday when she jumped the turnstile and declared she was the ‘Goddess of the Train’ and planned to take over the train.

The unidentified woman appeared at the Granville station of Chicago’s Red Line, the Chicago Transit Authority’s busiest line, in her birthday suit.

She then slapped several commuters before heading to the front of the train with the intent to drive it

nuts and naked source


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/19/2013 at 01:01 PM   
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calendar   Sunday - May 05, 2013

from eye sore to eye candy for $100,000 and counting

I make no judgment and offer no opinion for myself.
I’m interested in what you think of this.
She obviously had the money to achieve her desire.

I think you might agree I have the correct categories listed.

Take a look at this.

Meet the Japanese model who has spent over $100,000 on plastic surgery to look like a french doll… and is planning even more extreme procedures

Vanilla Chamu has undergone more than 30 procedures in a bid to look like a ‘living French doll’
Her next procedure promises to be her most extreme yet as she plans to undergo height lengthening surgery

By David Mccormack

A Japanese woman has undergone a startling physical transformation that has so far involved more than 30 cosmetic procedures at a cost of 10 million yen or $102,000.

The lady, a model known as Vanilla Chamu, has said she intends to keep having surgeries until she has achieved her lifelong goal – to look like a French doll.

Photos of Vanilla prior to her first procedures reveal a rather mousy Japanese teenager whose facial features are virtually unrecognizable from the bizarre and undoubtedly more ‘western-looking’ appearance that she now possesses.


Vanilla underwent her first plastic surgery when she was 19 years old and keeps her current age a well-guarded secret.

She has become something of a cause célèbre in her native land, making countless television appearances and launching a pop career.

Her unusual appearance undoubtedly makes her guaranteed to stand out in any crowd, but she does possess a very unusual view of what a french doll should look like.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 05/05/2013 at 07:25 AM   
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calendar   Monday - March 04, 2013

NO cheers for the postal service today

DREW Posted this:

instead of using a “1” in my street address, they wrote out the word “One”. And that was more than the United States Post Office could handle.

Well dear friend .... apparently it’s even worse than we imagined because;


It was originally sent on Jan 24.


Please note folks, I have written to Drew at this address before and it’s been received. But something really weird is going on down there.
First signs of declining civilization, the mail gets screwed up.  All down hill from there.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 03/04/2013 at 01:33 PM   
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calendar   Friday - January 11, 2013

The Legendary Outback Glue Snake Strikes Again

Snakes On A Plane!!

Snake clings to plane wing during 2 hour Australian flight

Stunned Qantas Airways passengers watched out their windows as a large python clung to a plane’s wing during a two-hour flight from Australia’s northeastern city of Cairns to Papua New Guinea.

The 3-meter (10-foot) python fought to stay on the wing, pulling itself forward only to be pushed back by the frigid wind.

Passenger Robert Weber videotaped the struggle and told Australia’s Fairfax Media that the wind whipping the snake against the side of the plane left a bloody smear.

The python managed to hang on until the plane landed in Port Moresby, but a Qantas spokesman said the creature was dead on arrival.

Ok, now somebody tell me how the damn snake got up on the wing in the first place. And how the ground crew managed to miss it during the pre-flight? What, do the Aussies park their airliners under trees or something, or out in the middle of mangrove swamps? Crikey!


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 01/11/2013 at 03:26 PM   
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calendar   Sunday - August 19, 2012


Cor, Blimey! Good Grief Charlie Brown.

This woman claims she’s never had plastic surgery.  She is of course Sylvester Stallone’s mother.
My god what an embarrassment she must be to him to show up in public like this.
For gosh sake the old broad is 90.  Short skirts and trying to appear sexy as I’m certain she must else why the get up?
Look at that face and those trout lips.  That face could scare the hell out of Count Dracula.

As someone wrote in yesterday’s paper, there really does come a time when the “pursuit of youth” must end.

Hi heels and a mini and a face that has since last night’s appearance, launched a thousand unkind comments and all deserved.

I really don’t think she knows any better.  I think she looks in the mirror and says,” hello you doll you.”

Gonna have to hunt up some awfully nice eye candy to make up for this total mess.

Wonder what Drew will say.  Oh boy.  This should be fun.

The Expandables: Jackie Stallone, 90, brings her inflated trout pout to Hollywood premiere of son Sly’s film

By Chris Johnson

PUBLISHED: 17:32 GMT, 16 August 2012 | UPDATED: 00:06 GMT, 17 August 2012

Hollywood is teaming with inflated egos.

But Jackie Stallone’s lips - which have taken on a character of their own - won hands down last night at the Los Angeles premiere of The Expendables 2.

The 90-year-old astrologer, along with her indefatigable pout, joined her son Sylvester at the Los Angeles premiere of his latest action movie.


Hang on a minute guys.  Don’t go yet.

I didn’t have the heart to post the worst one. The really,really close up- close up. The vomit inducing enlarged pix



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 08/19/2012 at 10:30 AM   
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calendar   Saturday - August 18, 2012

it’s not a gag and you couldn’t make it up

I don’t think I’d forgive myself if I didn’t share this.
Not certain if it’s a German joke er what.
See what you make of this.

Caught in the early morning papers.
H/T iNews

Germany has taken steps to allow their military (if that’s what it is these days) to be used in extreme cases and only as a last resort.
The military as you may know, has been very much restricted since the last dust up that John Wayne DID NOT win but American industrial might did.
But forget that for now.  Just saying that Germans for some reason are still worried about their military getting out of hand and so the army may only use force in extenuating circumstances of a national emergency.  They may not be used against demonstrations ie. peace creeps and leftists and more’s the pity.

HOWEVER -----------> The high court has ruled that the 2006 law remains which says,

“The shooting down of a hijacked airliner remains ILLEGAL.”

The government wanted to allow the military to fire at planes that were being “used by terrorists as weapons.”
Are you people all with me so far?
Good. Because ...


Unless there’s a typo somewhere, you’d never make this one up.image


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 08/18/2012 at 07:35 AM   
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calendar   Monday - June 18, 2012

message for loco yoko. john says he’s still waiting. where the heck are you?

Past 9:30 and was planning to turn in but .... I saw this bit of S***.

What gets me is how does one convince ppl who seem rational enough, that this crap is ‘art?’ Art? Really?
Three piles of dirt? Oh yes. You see, the artist placed it there.  Oh how expressive.  GAK!

I always wished John’s killer had taken out Loco Yoko as well.  Can’t stand the bitch.

War is Over… again! Yoko Ono launches latest London exhibition with some suitably wacky artwork

Her first show in a London public institution for more than a decade


It’s been several decades since she spread the message ‘War is Over’ with her late husband John Lennon, but Yoko Ono has embraced it once again in her latest work.

To The Light, in the Serpentine Gallery, is her first exhibition in a London public institution for more than a decade.

In one work of art on display there are three identical mounds of earth labeled ‘Country A’ ‘Country B’ and ‘Country C’ in front of the classic ‘War Is Over’ poster she made with John Lennon.



Always the hat and glasses worn down her nose. I guess she really thinks she’s a style setter. Ugly slag.


Posted by peiper   United States  on 06/18/2012 at 07:34 PM   
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calendar   Thursday - June 07, 2012

hoarding couple with 30 tons of garbage

Good grief Charlie Brown take a look at this and all the rest at the link. I’m posting this mostly I guess because, lets face it, train wrecks like this are interesting even if disgusting.

Haven’t a clue how humans can even think of living like this.
Can anyone this far gone be thought to be mentally well? I understand the MILs hoarding ALL of the letters she ever got from her son and daughter. I wouldn’t do that but I understand it. But this story is way, way beyond that. But I must say, the MIL hoarded lots of other ‘stuff’ better thrown away. Which we did when we moved here. But we had to fight her from time to time and we got rid of lots more without her even knowing. But nothing close to this.

I guess there are people who once they have something in their possession, just can not let go. But it looks here like these ppl were also just collecting garbage.

And it took TWO YEARS to do anything about this. Jeesh.

Hoarding couple with 65 cats kicked out of council house as workers find three dead pets under 30 TONS of rubbish

* Christopher and Elizabeth Blore have been ordered out of their home while the council remove 30 tonnes of waste

* Brent Council will have to shell out £18,000 to fumigate and clean the property

* The couple have now been banned from keeping cats


A couple with 65 cats have been kicked out of their council home after health inspectors found it was jam-packed with rubbish - finding three dead cats underneath old bin bags.

Christopher and Elizabeth Blore were ordered out of their home in Kingsbury in Brent, northwest London, after council workers were left staggered at the mess - which reached from floor to ceiling in most rooms.

The couple were told not to return to their home for three months so the council could clear the rubbish up and fumigate the home.


Brent Council was made aware of the situation by neighbours more than two years ago after they complained of a ‘putrid smell’, and after a protracted battle with the couple they finally managed to get them out of the house last week.

The council also revealed that it had successfully won an Asbo against the couple banning them from keeping or feeding cats.
Sergeant Liam Tierney said: ‘It was only when taking statements from the neighbours that we realised what a devastating effect the Blores where having on their everyday lives.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 06/07/2012 at 02:47 PM   
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calendar   Friday - May 04, 2012

iz it april first again?  nope. just folks still being crazy.


A 78 year old is to become the oldest person to have a sex change operation on the National Health Service.


Or to put it another way, an operation compliments of the taxpayer.
Wouldn’t you think that after 78 years he’d have learned to live with it?
And if he always ‘felt like a woman’ then he surely deceived the one he married and had children by.

Now to be known as Ruth, a granddad of four and who was once James, is going to have an operation at the Charing Cross Hospital in central London in Oct. of 2013 when he will be 80.

A spokesman for the hosp. trust says that they can not and would not want to discriminate on grounds of age.

Of course not. Cos that’d be another one of those ‘isms. Ageism. Can’t have that..

And as long as we’re on the subject of the very much odd. (I’m looking for a better word and weird won’t do.)

A gay rights group wants “Parties to Marriage” to be used in place of husband and wife.
No question about it, the world is a mad green onion.
They say that ‘husband and wife’ should be erased from the statute book as part of a bill to legalize same sex marriage. 


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