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up in smoke

The Ultimate “Dear John” Message

‘He walked out of a building, got in the car… we took the shot’: US military chiefs reveal how Jihadi John was ‘evaporated’ in the street in midnight drone strike

U.S. counter terrorism officials have told of the moment Jihadi John was killed with a ‘flawless’ drone missile strike the moment he stepped into a car in ISIS’s de facto capital of Raqqa, Syria.

Pentagon officials are ‘99 per cent’ sure that the world’s most wanted man, who was eventually unmasked as Mohammed Emwazi, was ‘evaporated’ near a clock tower where ISIS staged public executions.

Colonel Steven Warren said Emwazi, 27, who beheaded several Western hostages on camera in ISIS propaganda videos, was ‘a human animal and killing him is probably making the world a little bit better place’.


Oh well. Another one down, another million to go.


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I find this story interesting, not exactly sure why.

Oh, an after thought.
Drew ... this is the guy you mentioned in an email, and I wrote to you about last night.

As I mentioned to Drew, I do not understand why we held him for 13 years if he wasn’t finally charged with something.

I’m always to be found defending or cutting tons of slack to our intel agencies, even tho of course they can make deadly mistakes.
But guys, who else aside from the help of our regular police depts. stands between us and the bad guys?
And on an international level especially when dealing with the threat of terror groups, shouldn’t we assume our ppl at the FBI and CIA and NSA have information on various groups and individuals that we just can’t even imagine?  While we all want an open society, and I am not always sure what that is, as it seems to change a lot.  But there are just things those agencies have access to that for reasons of state safety, if we were allowed to know, then the scum that want to destroy us and our way of life will know as well.
I think it comes to the fact that a general won’t send word of his plans to his foe. 

OK so, this guy has been held for a long time, and some papers here and most especially the Daily Mail, have been on a holy crusade to free.
They keep harping and banging on about America’s poor image and how our system is violating intl. laws, blah,blah and blah.
He has been called the last Brit to be held by the USA at Guantanamo. Well friends, he is no more a Brit than I am.  He was a resident of this country just as I am.  But the Mail likes to make things local and what better way than to claim he’s a Brit.

Last week he issued a statement, thru his lawyers of course, that if he should die before release, it means the Americans have murdered him. And he wants the world to know that.

To listen to this guy, or read his statements, you’d think his life was lived in a cage with no access to other humans. Ok, the cage perhaps. The thing is, based on what’s been coming out of Guantanamo, he sure as heck has someone speaking for him or passing on his statements.

Another thing ... the Mail is taking lots of credit for his coming release.  Through their efforts they would have the gullable believe, they shamed the USA
or Obama in particular, into freeing this guy, who says he is being held because the Americans are afraid of the secrets he knows and afraid that word will get out how badly treated prisoners are. All of them.

He is also saying that the Americans tortured him in the presence of British agents.  So all along he claims, the govt. here knew about the torture and
maltreatment of prisoners by the Americans.  If British agents like say MI5 or 6 knew, the government had to know.

Look for a future lawsuit against the UK, once he is finally let go.  I can believe torture was used at some point. But why do we hold on to a prisoner, give dates of release and then backtrack.
If he really is innocent as he claims, wow. 13 years is a long time to be held a prisoner.  But then, wouldn’t he say he was innocent anyway?

MI5 agents watched as I was tortured: British spies implicated as Londoner held for 13 years in Guantanamo speaks out

Shaker Aamer says British officer was in room while he was being tortured
The 48-year-old also claims a young British officer visited him in a ‘cage’
The incidents are alleged to have happened in US bases in Afghanistan
Londoner has been held at Guantanamo Bay for 13 years without charge

By Sam Greenhill In Washington For The Daily Mail

The last ‘Briton’ in Guantanamo Bay has given the first detailed account of how he was tortured in the presence of British agents.


Shaker Aamer says his head was repeatedly slammed against a wall while a British officer was in the room.

On another occasion, a young British officer in a red beret visited him in a ‘cage’. Both alleged incidents took place on US bases in Afghanistan shortly after his 2001 capture.

Mr Aamer’s account is one of the most serious allegations levelled at the security services for ‘complicity’ in the CIA’s notorious torture programme.

Lawyers for Mr Aamer – who has been held at Guantanamo Bay for 13 years without charge or trial – say the 48-year-old British resident is being denied freedom to keep a lid on his claims.

But he was allowed to tell his story to a doctor who examined him last year and she has quoted him extensively in her medical report.

He was allowed to tell his story to a doctor who examined him last year and she has quoted him extensively in her medical report.

Californian independent psychiatrist Dr Emily Keram describes how Mr Aamer was beaten, shackled in painful ‘stress’ positions, deprived of sleep, given frostbite and mentally ‘destroyed’ by interrogators who tormented him by saying they would rape his five-year-old daughter as she screamed: ‘Daddy! Daddy!’

Mr Aamer’s medical report was commissioned by his lawyers and lodged with a federal court in Washington in April last year as part of a motion calling for his release due to his ill health.

Mr Aamer has been cleared twice for release from Guantanamo but has yet to be allowed back to South London where his 40-year-old wife and four children live.

Born in Saudi Arabia, he moved to London in 1996 and worked as an Arabic translator. Granted UK residency, he married a British woman, Zin, who was pregnant when Mr Aamer was captured in Afghanistan in 2001.

The child, a boy named Faris, was born on the day Mr Aamer arrived at Guantanamo in 2002. By 2007, a classified US military report had concluded Mr Aamer was a ‘close associate’ of Osama Bin Laden and a ‘recruiter, financier, and facilitator’ for his Al Qaeda terror network.

He says he was simply in Afghanistan doing charitable work, and was sold by locals to the CIA who were offering $5,000 bounties. Mr Aamer claims he confessed to being a jihadi to end his torture at a CIA ‘black site’ on the Bagram US airbase in Afghanistan.

Previously, alleged British complicity in torture has led to payouts of £1 million each to other Guantanamo inmates such as Binyam Mohamed, who was released in 2009. 

But Mr Aamer has festered at the notorious camp longer than any of them. President Barack Obama pledged to ‘prioritise’ the case in January, but nearly six months on he is still behind bars.

The Daily Mail has long campaigned for the closure of the inhumane Guantanamo prison and has championed the release of Mr Aamer.

The Mail has described Mr Aamer’s incarceration without trial as an affront to justice and called for his release as a matter of principle in a right-thinking democracy.

In a comment article last month, we said: ‘This paper has always accepted that Aamer may be a bad man.

‘But every day that he remains in Guantanamo without having his innocence or guilt tested in a court is a grotesque affront to justice.’


You’ve got me crying for you
And as I sit here and sigh,
Says I, “I can’t believe it’s true.”

I’ll tell my mama on you.
The little game that you played
Has made her baby oh so blue.

( Carmen Lombardo )


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calendar   Sunday - September 13, 2015

a small explanation


Not that I’m angry or anything.

And now we have the constant, mostly unreported air attacks on ISIS. Spend a fortune, spies in the sky, hi-tech death from above ... total waste of billions. This approach will never get the job done, or hardly even slow it down. This is the best we can do? Like hell.


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calendar   Saturday - August 22, 2015

Oh Hella Yeah

Gotta love the Brit papers ... they give you the whole story in just one massive headline. And then you get a slew of pictures. Oh sure, there’s well written text too, if you feel like reading it.

Semper Paratus, Semper Intenti

Two U.S. servicemen and their student friend who disarmed Moroccan terrorist and beat him unconscious in train aisle as he opened fire on Paris-bound passengers with his AK-47

Air Force airman Spencer Stone ran at the gunman when he opened fire on the high speed service to Paris
Was travelling with Oregon National Guard member Alek Skarlatos, 22, who was travelling through Europe
With the help of Anthony Sadler, from California, and British national Chris Norman, they stopped the attack
Stone was cut in the neck during the confrontation and is in hospital - although his injuries are not life-threatening
The 26-year-old Moroccan national, who was known to security services, got on the train in Brussels
He came out of the toilet brandishing the gun and opened fire. Fortunately, the hero passengers overpowered him
Three people were wounded in the attack, including Stone. French police hailed the bravery of the bystanders
The gunman was taken into custody by French police at a train station in Arras. He is in custody in hopsital


Bound for gory? Next stop oughta be teh guillotine for this dirtbag

A US airman who foiled a terrorist attack on a France-bound train was knifed in the neck while disarming the crazed gunman.

Spencer Stone, who is part of the U.S. Air Force, spotted the 26-year-old Moroccan acting suspiciously and heard him trying to load his weapon in the toilet of the high speed train between Amsterdam and Paris.

He was travelling with Oregon National Guard member Alek Skarlatos, 22, who was on leave and traveling through Europe at the time after returning from a tour in Afghanistan.

With the help of their friend Anthony Sadler, from Pittsburg, California, and fellow passenger British IT consultant Chris Norman, they managed to wrestle the attacker to the ground, stopping what could have been a deadly terrorist attack.

Video footage of the aftermath has emerged, showing what appears to be the gunman lying on the floor, moaning with pain, with his hands and feet tied up with t-shirts after he was beaten unconscious.

The camera then pans around to the Kalashnikov resting on a seat surrounded by blood stains on the windows.

The 26-year-old Moroccan national, who was known to security services, got on the train in Brussels and attempted his attack soon after crossing the French border.

He came out of the toilet brandishing the gun and opened fire, wounding two people on board. Fortunately, the hero passengers were nearby and overpowered him.

The terrorist, named in reports as Ayoub el-Qahzzani, had at least nine full magazines of ammunition holding almost 300 rounds. He was arrested by police at a train station in Arras and taken to hospital where he is now in custody.

‘We heard a gunshot, and we heard glass breaking behind us, and saw a train employee sprint past us down the aisle,’ Sadler said from France. They saw a gunman entering the train car with an automatic rifle, he said.

‘As he was cocking it to shoot it, Alek just yells, ‘Spencer, go!’ And Spencer runs down the aisle,’ Sadler said. ‘Spencer makes first contact, he tackles the guy, Alek wrestles gun away from him, and the gunman pulls out a box cutter and slices Spencer a few times. And the three of us beat him until he was unconscious.’

‘The gunman never said a word,’ he added.

Skarlatos described Stone’s heroic actions to ITV News in the aftermath of the attack.

‘Spencer ran a good ten metres to get to the guy and we didn’t that his gun not working or anything like that,’ he said. ‘Spencer just ran anyway and if anybody would have gotten shot it would have been Spencer for sure and we’re very lucky that nobody got killed, especially Spencer.’

He added that he was in ‘good spirits’ in hospital, but was still shocked by what unfolded. 

Pentagon spokesman Commander William Urban confirmed that one member of American military had been injured, but declined to formally identify him.

US President Barack Obama praised the ‘courage and quick thinking’ of the men.

‘The president expressed his profound gratitude for the courage and quick thinking of several passengers, including US service members, who selflessly subdued the attacker,’ a White House official said.

‘While the investigation into the attack is in its early stages, it is clear that their heroic actions may have prevented a far worse tragedy.

‘We will remain in close contact with French authorities as the investigation proceeds,’ the official added.

more info 1
more info 2


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calendar   Tuesday - August 04, 2015

Finally We Have An Answer

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

To kill the evil infidel!!!


ISIS now using ‘suicide chickens’ to kill enemies

The barbaric terror group is using bomb vests strapped to poultry in an effort to blow up enemy strongholds.

Commanders can detonate them via remote control in a sickening addition to the murderous regime’s arsenal.

But experts said the crude devices show the chaotic state of the group who, despite its murderous bravado, is having to deal with supply issues.

The group is running low on ammunition as forces target delivery lines leading to Syria and Iraq.

Fighters are now resorting to making their own bombs and mortar shells using gas canisters and fertiliser smuggled over the border from Turkey.

Photos also show the terrorists using shopping trolleys and arming them with deadly machine guns.

It is believed fighters have no heavy lorries available so have to improvise to transport the weaponry.


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calendar   Wednesday - July 08, 2015

Custer Had Better Odds

US Spending Vast Fortune To Train Syrians To Fight ISIS

Obama’s plan was to start out with 5,000 recruits per year. And then ramp up from there.

Problem is, nobody brought the ramp. So how many Syrians are we actually training? 60.

60 thousand? 6 thousand? No. Just 60. Five dozen.

Ouch. Such a plan. You sure can tell Obama’s in it to win it.

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter confessed In testimony before the Senate armed services committee on Tuesday that the Pentagon is training only around 60 Syrian rebels in the fight against ISIS, a number “much smaller than was hoped for at this point,” The Guardian reported.

This number is significantly lower than the number of soldiers the Pentagon had announced in 2014 that it intended on training. They had initially proposed a training program consisting of 5,000 soldiers per year over a period of three years.

In response, the Obama administration explained that the low number was due to the rigorous selection process, which narrows the pool of new recruits. Selection first involves a screening program which ensures that the potential fighters have no history of atrocities and are willing to campaign in a way which complies with the laws of armed conflict.

“We know this program is essential. We need a partner on the ground in Syria to assure ISIS’ lasting defeat,” Carter reiterated.

Carter’s statements were made during a hearing in which Republican senators questioned the Obama administration’s Middle East policies.

Right. No wonder. Against the most evil and atrocious fighting force the world has seen since the Nazis, you’re forcing these guys to play by Marquess of Queensbury rules, in a land where fair play, compassion, and military honor are all seen as weaknesses.  Hey, how brilliant is that?

The president, says John McCain, is delusional:

“President Obama’s comments today reveal the disturbing degree of self-delusion that characterizes the Administration’s campaign,” McCain, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, said in a statement. “None of the so-called progress that the President cited suggests that we are on a path to success, and when you are not winning in warfare, you are losing.”

His remarks come after Obama was briefed by top defense officials, including Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey. Obama spoke at the Pentagon, providing an update on the U.S. and global campaign to defeat the terrorist organization.

“This will not be quick. This is a long-term campaign. ISIL is opportunistic, and it is nimble,” the president said. “Our mission to destroy ISIL and to keep our country safe will be difficult; it will take time. There will be setbacks as well as progress.”

John McCain is wrong, as he so often is. Obama is NOT delusional. He’s illusional. He wants to make it look like he’s fighting ISIS and all the other factions of loonies over in sandland, but all he’s really doing, at best, is kicking the old can on down the road. Let somebody else deal with it once he’s finished  playing golf   being emperor  pretending to be  present  president. Right, president. At worst, and arguably, he’s just a sham who is enabling his jizzlamic pals as fast as he can.


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calendar   Monday - May 11, 2015

Another Web of Lies From Ospider

Obama lied About Bin Laden Raid

Well of course he did. Not only did we all realize it at the time, almost instantly, but it was to be expected for that kind of secret squirrel spy-guy and SEALS operation. What’s news is that the lies were done so poorly. Wait, is that news either? We all know he’s a lousy liar already. Right, but this one took the cake.  No, it took the steak; there was no cake. Cake is all in your imagination. Yeah, it’s that kind of thing.

Short version is here.

Long version, a half hour essay by Seymour Hirsch, is here.

Not everyone agreed. Robert Gates, the secretary of defence, was the most outspoken of those who insisted that the agreements with Pakistan had to be honoured. In his memoir, Duty, Gates did not mask his anger:

Before we broke up and the president headed upstairs to tell the American people what had just happened, I reminded everyone that the techniques, tactics and procedures the Seals had used in the bin Laden operation were used every night in Afghanistan … it was therefore essential that we agree not to release any operational details of the raid. That we killed him, I said, is all we needed to say. Everybody in that room agreed to keep mum on details. That commitment lasted about five hours. The initial leaks came from the White House and CIA. They just couldn’t wait to brag and to claim credit. The facts were often wrong … Nonetheless the information just kept pouring out. I was outraged and at one point, told [the national security adviser, Tom] Donilon, ‘Why doesn’t everybody just shut the fuck up?’ To no avail.

Obama’s speech was put together in a rush, the retired official said, and was viewed by his advisers as a political document, not a message that needed to be submitted for clearance to the national security bureaucracy. This series of self-serving and inaccurate statements would create chaos in the weeks following. Obama said that his administration had discovered that bin Laden was in Pakistan through ‘a possible lead’ the previous August; to many in the CIA the statement suggested a specific event, such as a walk-in. The remark led to a new cover story claiming that the CIA’s brilliant analysts had unmasked a courier network handling bin Laden’s continuing flow of operational orders to al-Qaida. Obama also praised ‘a small team of Americans’ for their care in avoiding civilian deaths and said: ‘After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.’ Two more details now had to be supplied for the cover story: a description of the firefight that never happened, and a story about what happened to the corpse.

The whole thing is just a rolling avalanche of lies. The only one consistent point is that Osama bin Laden is dead. And that will have to be enough.


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calendar   Wednesday - May 06, 2015

First Prize

The best drawing in Garland was outside the Draw, Mohammed art show itself.




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Finding The Will To Fight

Goodluck Jonathan Gaining In Fight Against Boko Haram

Outgoing Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan isn’t acting like a lame duck when it comes to going after Boko Haram, the murderous Islamist army that has terrorized the northern part of Africa’s most populous country.

In recent weeks, government forces have taken the fight to the terrorist army, rescuing hundreds of women and girls held captive in Boko Haram’s forest stronghold in Borno state. Amid the cheers for Jonathan, who lost his bid for re-election to Muhammadu Buhari on March 31, some critics are wondering what took so long. As welcome as the new offensive is, some say it reeks of last-minute legacy gilding.

“Boko Haram is the big blemish on Jonathan’s legacy, so it’s understandable that he’d want to crack down and score some successes on his way out to improve his record,” Ryan Mauro, a national security analyst with the Clarion Project, told

In the last year, Boko Haram has abducted an estimated 2,000 mostly Christian women and young girls, selling some into sexual slavery and killing others. In the past week alone, the Nigerian military, along with coalition forces from neighboring countries Chad and Cameroon, has advanced on Boko Haram strongholds and rescued nearly 700 of the captives. According to reports, more than 200 of the rescued women were pregnant.

What the government forces have found as they fought their way deep into the Sambisa forest where Boko Haram is based, is a force that could have been reckoned with long ago. Some captured militants even said they lacked guns and ammunition, and were often reduced to fighting with sticks.

The recent offensive, as well as the tragic plight of women held in horrendous conditions for months, has left some in the international community wondering why these actions couldn’t have been taken sooner.

Gee, I dunno. Maybe because Obama put the nix on it? You know, denying them weapons shipments, supplies, threatening them with war crimes at the UN over using barrel bombs. That kind of thing. And now, perhaps with sanctions lifted since O’s pet won the election, old Goodluck is making hay while the sun shines. There is a lot more to this story than this little news article is aware of. 


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calendar   Monday - May 04, 2015

ISIS Don’t Speak Texan

It Wasn’t A “Draw Mohammed” Contest

It Was A “Draw, Mohammed” Contest

And ISIS Lost

ISIS Claims Credit For Attack At Texas Art Show

Both gunmen instantly shot dead

A former terror suspect has been named as one of the gunmen shot dead by police after two attackers blasted an unarmed security guard in the ankle during an anti-Islam art contest in Texas on Sunday night.

Two heavily-armed men, who are believed to have been carrying explosives, were killed by police after opening fire outside the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Dallas, at around 7pm during a controversial event where caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad were being displayed. Followers of Islam deem that any physical depiction of the prophet - even a positive one - is blasphemous.

A senior FBI official has identified one of the men as Elton Simpson, who was previously the subject of a terror investigation, according to ABC News.

He had been convicted of lying to federal agents about his plans to travel to Africa five years ago, but a judge ultimately ruled it could not be proved that the was heading there to join a terror group.

After his identity emerged, FBI agents and a bomb squad swarmed Simpson’s apartment in north Phoenix, Arizona and used a robot to carry out the first sweep of his home, the channel reported. The second gunman’s identity is not yet known. 

Followers of ISIS had been calling for an attack online for more than a week after learning that the competition in Garland would feature a ‘draw Muhammad’ art contest, with a prize of $10,000 for the best caricature.

After the attack, the SITE Intelligence Group reported that an Islamic State fighter claimed on Twitter that the shooting was carried out by two pro-Isis individuals.

In a series of tweets and links, a jihadist named as Abu Hussain AlBritani, which SITE said was British IS fighter Junaid Hussain, claimed that ‘2 of our brothers just opened fire’ at the Prophet Muhammad exhibition in Texas.
The contest was just minutes from finishing when multiple gunshots were heard.

The two suspects had pulled up in a vehicle with with explosives, before getting out and firing at a security officer, 57-year-old Bruce Joiner, who was employed by the independent school district and wearing a ‘police-style uniform’. He was later taken to hospital in a stable condition and was released on Sunday evening.

Garland Mayor Douglas Athas toldCNN that the first suspect was shot immediately while the second was wounded when he reached for his back pack, and then shot again.


Geert Wilders and Pamela Geller award the prize to the winning artist

The event featured speeches by Pamela Geller, president of the AFDI, and Geert Wilders, a Dutch lawmaker known for his outspoken criticism of Islam. Wilders received several standing ovations as he quoted former President Ronald Reagan and Texas founding father Sam Houston.

“Muhammad fought and terrorized people with the swords. Today, here in Garland, we fight Muhammad and his followers with the pen. And the pen, the drawings, will prove mightier than the sword,” Wilders said during his speech.

Geller said during the event that her group had spent thousands of dollars on private security guards, several of whom could be seen standing on stage. Wilders left immediately after his speech, and Geller was not seen by an Associated Press reporter inside the hall after the shooting.

After the shooting, about 75 attendees were escorted by authorities to another room in the conference center. A woman held up an American flag, and the crowd sang “God Bless America.”

And what was the winning entry? UK’s Daily Mail is too chickenshit to publish the picture. We’ve got a long way to go, and this war is only just beginning.


Garland police guarding the artwork

God bless Texas.


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calendar   Wednesday - April 29, 2015

The Wrong 300

Nigeria Rescues 300 Kidnapped School Girls From Boko Haram

Oops, they weren’t the 300 the world was looking for

An army spokesman told the Associated Press and Reuters that the 200 girls and 93 women rescued Tuesday by Nigeria’s Armed Forces did not include any of the schoolgirls kidnapped from Chibok by Boko Haram militants last year.

In a tweet on its official account, the Nigerian Armed Forces said: “FLASH: Troops this afternoon rescued 200 girls & 93 women from #Sambisa Forest. We cannot confirm if the #ChibokGirls are in this group /1.”

Army spokesman Col. Sani Usman told the AP that 293 people were rescued Tuesday “but they are not the Chibok girls.” Reuters also cited Usman as its source.

In April 2014, Boko Haram kidnapped nearly 300 schoolgirls near the northern village of Chibok. Dozens escaped, but 219 remain missing. Their kidnapping sparked a worldwide outcry, creating the social movement “Bring Back Our Girls.”

In October, the Nigerian government announced a cease-fire deal with Boko Haram that included the release of the girls. Two weeks later, the terrorist organization denied the reports and said the girls had been converted to Islam and married off.

In a follow-up tweet Tuesday, the military said: “#Sambisa Forest: The freed persons are now being screened and profiled. We will bring you details later. /3 #NeverAgain.”

The military said its troops captured and destroyed three terrorist camps during the operation in Sambisa Forest, where Boko Haram is believed to have many camps on a game preserve eight times larger than Yellowstone National Park.

Boko Haram, whose attacks on schools have forced thousands away from an education, loosely translates as “Western education is forbidden” in the Hausa language that is spoken by about 40 million people in Nigeria and neighboring Niger.

In March, the leader of Boko Haram pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, making the Nigerian terrorist organization the largest group yet to agree to fight under the Iraq- and Syria-based extremists.

So these were the nearly 300 that the West wasn’t even aware of. Nice. Makes you wonder how many other hundreds ... thousands?? ... of people are held prisoner by this ISIS spin off group.

Because #BlackLivesPeopleDon’tEvenKnowAbout


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calendar   Thursday - April 23, 2015

Sometimes I can taste her


New Poster For NYC Buses And Subway Trains

New Yorkers are used to aggressive advertising. Banners for breast implants. Billboards for condoms. But a federal judge’s ruling has opened the door for far more controversial posters on buses and subways across the city.

“Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah,” reads one such ad next to the image of a young man in a checkered headscarf. “That’s His Jihad. What’s yours?”

The poster is at the center of heated legal debate over public safety and free speech. On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge John Koeltl ruled that New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) cannot stop the controversial ad from running on scores of subway cars and buses.

The MTA has argued that the ad could incite violence against Jews, but Koeltl rejected that idea.

MTA officials “underestimate the tolerant quality of New Yorkers and overestimate the potential impact of these fleeting advertisements,” he ruled. “Moreover, there is no evidence that seeing one of these advertisements on the back of a bus would be sufficient to trigger a violent reaction. Therefore, these ads — offensive as they may be — are still entitled to First Amendment protection.”

In your face much? Could they make a clearer statement about their beliefs and intentions if they tried?


Except they didn’t make this statement. Well, not in New York City and not in English. The quote is from some big-cheese mullah, and is a direct translation from Arabic of what he said on a Hamas sponsored TV show in Israel/Gaza.  It’s the kind of statement that people like him make all the time in that corner of the world. It’s the kind of statement that the vast majority of US media ignores. Nearly all of them. Such things do not exist! This breaks the “religion of peace” meme we must all swallow with a smile, therefore it can not be. It doesn’t exist if we never report it, so we make sure we never report it. ( If a tree falls in a forest, it makes no sound, because the MSM goes to great lengths to hide the fact that the forest is even there! )

As if you couldn’t tell, this is the work of Atlas Shrug’s “radical Zionist” Pamela Geller, and her group AFDI. The posters are a reality based push-back against the extremely soft “#myjihad” campaign being driven by CAIR, trying to water down the public’s perception of the concept. Granted, CAIR is not actually wrong; it is my understanding that “jihad” really can mean “personal striving” or “personal goal”, but what they portray is NOT the jihad being waged on the world theater.




A new ad campaign by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) is being rolled out and being met with quite a bit of resistance. What’s the problem? Apparently it’s the exposure of what Islam means by the term “jihad” and the person behind it all is contributor to Freedom Outpost Pamela Geller, who is the founder of AFDI. The ads target the soft peddling of the now popular My Jihad ad campaign.

Geller’s new ads are a response to the #Myjihad ads that are sponsored by the Chicago branch of CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) which depict several presumed Muslims who are describing their “personal jihad.”

“The purpose of our campaign is to show the reality of Jihad, the root causes of terrorism. Using the exact quotes and text that they use,” Geller said.

Geller’s AFDI has already won two lawsuits under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, including those which referenced Islamists as “savages” back in September 2012.

Each of the ads includes the tagline “That’s his Jihad. What’s yours?” Again, this is simply a response to CAIR’s ads which have similar tagline.

You go Pam.


And a Happy Independence Day to Israel, 67 years young this morning. Yom Haatzmaut they call it, with lots of parties and parades.



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calendar   Tuesday - April 14, 2015

Sure Am Glad Bush Built The Border Fence

ISIS Camps Just South Of The Border

ISIS is operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas, according to Judicial Watch sources that include a Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector.

The exact location where the terrorist group has established its base is around eight miles from the U.S. border in an area known as “Anapra” situated just west of Ciudad Juárez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Another ISIS cell to the west of Ciudad Juárez, in Puerto Palomas, targets the New Mexico towns of Columbus and Deming for easy access to the United States, the same knowledgeable sources confirm.

During the course of a joint operation last week, Mexican Army and federal law enforcement officials discovered documents in Arabic and Urdu, as well as “plans” of Fort Bliss – the sprawling military installation that houses the US Army’s 1st Armored Division. Muslim prayer rugs were recovered with the documents during the operation.

Law enforcement and intelligence sources report the area around Anapra is dominated by the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes Cartel (“Juárez Cartel”), La Línea (the enforcement arm of the cartel) and the Barrio Azteca (a gang originally formed in the jails of El Paso). Cartel control of the Anapra area make it an extremely dangerous and hostile operating environment for Mexican Army and Federal Police operations.

According to these same sources, “coyotes” engaged in human smuggling – and working for Juárez Cartel – help move ISIS terrorists through the desert and across the border between Santa Teresa and Sunland Park, New Mexico. To the east of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez, cartel-backed “coyotes” are also smuggling ISIS terrorists through the porous border between Acala and Fort Hancock, Texas. These specific areas were targeted for exploitation by ISIS because of their understaffed municipal and county police forces, and the relative safe-havens the areas provide for the unchecked large-scale drug smuggling that was already ongoing.


And here we are with such a porous border. By decree.

Perhaps, in more normal times, there wouldn’t be much doubt that this whole JADE HELM was going to be anything other than a Blackjack Pershing style raid down across the border, a la Pancho Villa, to wipe this ISIS bunch off the map. And any cartel clowns that got in the way ... too bad. Unfortunately, these are not normal times, and this is not a normal government. They’ve armed the cartels. They sure seem to support “radical islam”. And there’s been a severe purge of so many of the old line, old school officers in the military.

I’d be pretty darned concerned if I lived within a thousand miles of this.


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calendar   Thursday - March 19, 2015

This One Shouldn’t Count

US Planes Kill ISIS Drone

Woo hoo, we got one!

In the virtual reality world back behind my eyeballs, I’m seeing a small but heroic dogfight. F15s come swooping in, eager to blast the offensive ISIS beastie from the sky. Billion dollar radars flailing at the sky, they try in vain to get a lock. Racks of million dollar missiles line their wings, eager to deal out precision hypersonic death from long range. But to no avail! The drone is too small; it doesn’t have enough cross section for a good radar reflection. So as the sporadic anti-aircraft fire from ISIS starts to bloom in the brilliant desert sky, the decision is made to do it the old school way.  Back and forth over the burning dunes our heroes fly, “mowing the lawn”, hunting desperately while frying their eyes in the roasting sun looking for something hardly bigger than a bird, while their fuel dwindles and the enemy litters the sky with everything they have; bullets, RPGs, dozens and dozens of those MANPAD things stolen from Libya or ‘inadvertently’ supplied by Hillary via Qatar. Finally, amid the blooming red and black clouds of fragmented death, a chance reflection that seems out of place. Target! But it swoops and dives and loops, climbing and falling like no normal aircraft as the fighters make pass after pass, draining hundreds of rounds of 25mm autocannon ammo. But our boys have done this before, and they know the game and how to win it: flight leader and his wingman come in hot and blazing, forcing the drone to evade wildly and lose nearly all airspeed. And there it sits, quack quack, momentarily stillborn in the air as the second wave glides in slowly, full flaps and air brakes out, landing gear deployed, barely above stall speed. One quick burst and the spybird is a smoking shred falling burning through the sky. Tally ho, and time to get the hell out of Dodge!

Dan Brown has nothing on me.

Would that this was the case. Eh, err, um, no.

Washington (AFP) - US warplanes have bombed a small drone used by Islamic State extremists in Iraq, marking the first time American-led forces had targeted an unmanned aircraft flown by the jihadists, officials said Wednesday.

The strike took place on Tuesday near the western city of Fallujah, destroying “a remotely piloted aircraft” and a vehicle with the IS forces, according to a statement from the US military command overseeing the campaign against the group.

The drone, used for battlefield surveillance, was “small-scale” and not a sophisticated aircraft equivalent to some US-made robotic planes that can fly at high altitudes or launch missiles, US defense officials said.

After flying the drone for a short period, Islamic State militants placed it on a vehicle. American aircraft then struck the vehicle near Fallujah, officials said.

They dropped a bomb on the carry truck. Good job, sure, great. But how lame is that?

PS - ISIS has drones? Who knew? Well, at least now they have one less.


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