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While Peiper takes a much needed few days off, I’m trying to cover the happenings in the whole British Isles. This is mostly new territory for me, so I’ll try not to be a total muggins. I was a little confused at first when I saw the teaser for the story (thanks for the heads up Christopher) and thought it was just a follow-up piece to the Riots Renamed Uprising we carried the other day. I was wrong. That was in Brixton. This one was in Bristol. Bristol is a city on the north coast of south west England alongside the Bristol Estuary, that pointed body of water between the English area that I always think of as Cornwall, and Wales on the other side. The estuary is actually the mouth of the Severn River, and at the east end of the estuary, 50 or so miles further on, where it actually becomes the real river is the city of Gloucester. At least one branch of my family came from this general area a long time ago, while another branch lived a bit to the south of Bristol and made their getaway from the southern port of Weymouth, where the second story (under the fold) in this post took place.

Both stories show that the minions of government over there are getting out of control. The first story shows that a fair number of the people there are out of control as well. The never ending mess in the UK that just goes from bad to worse to worser is a nasty bellwether for the USA, as every day here brings us closer to the Socialist/Anarchist disaster of a national suicide that they brought down on their own heads by deliberate action. God Save The Queen, but throw us a life ring too before we’re also swept over the falls.

Riot In Bristol: 8 Police Injured


“Eight police officers and several protesters have been injured after a riot erupted in Bristol, sparked by a raid on a squat occupied by opponents of a newly opened Tesco Express store”

An uneasy calm returned to the scene of riots in Bristol yesterday with residents and local traders fearful of more violence over the bank holiday weekend. As local people in the Stokes Croft area took it upon themselves to clear up the damage after a night of violence, there was anger at the heavy-handed tactics used by police, some of whom had been armed with guns.

A dozen police officers remained at the scene and, in a bizarre twist following the scenes from the night before, squatters were having a party on the roof of the council-owned building that had been raided just 12 hours before.

While few of the hundreds of people who walked past and took pictures of the smashed Tesco Express store on a sun-drenched Cheltenham Road condoned the violence, most believed it had been inevitable.

Similar scenes had been witnessed a year ago when protesters against Tesco taking over the site of a former comedy club in the bohemian, cultural quarter of the city were forcibly evicted by bailiffs with the help of police. When the store finally opened last Friday, those same protesters had camped outside the store offering free fruit, vegetables and cake to people passing by, in an attempt to persuade people to boycott the store.


The raided “squat”. I’d donate matches and petrol to be rid of this if it was in my neighborhood.

Some were living in the squat, known as ‘Telepathic Heights’, and as police in about a dozen riot vans turned up on Thursday night to raid the building – on a warm, Easter weekend evening, with people drinking in the many bars and cafes along the street, the latent frustration boiled over.

Gus Hoyt, the Green Party candidate for Ashley ward which includes the site of the Tesco store, said he had been terrified as the violence escalated, adding that the scenes reminded people of the riots in nearby St Pauls in the 1980s.

“I’m exhausted and disillusioned about what went on. There’s generally a positive attitude today, but people are scared about what will happen this weekend. People who remember the 1980s can’t believe this is happening again and lessons have not been learned.

“I had been cycling home and saw one of the policemen carrying a pistol. I asked him if it was a gun and he looked at me, shaking his head, and said ‘Of course it is, where have you been, mate?’

“The impression is that this was inevitable. More than 90% of people in the area who were asked whether they wanted the new Tesco said no, and they were completely ignored. I don’t condone violence in any way, but it was obvious this was going to turn ugly.”

Avon and Somerset police said their actions had been “fully justified” as they arrested four offenders who represented “a very real threat to the local community”. But Jonathan Taphouse, a photographer who lives nearby, added police seemed to be struggling to keep control of the situation.

Obviously they didn’t, and a melee ensued. Pictures here. But this may not be a case of uppity police and brainless government jobsworths doing their duty is a senseless and ham-fisted manner. According to some, the area is a festering mess of layabouts, drunks, and punks itching for a fight. The two sides to the situation:

on the left hand -

Rioters in Bristol have caused severe damage to a Tesco convenience store, following a botched operation, in which police now claim they were acting to prevent a petrol bombing of the store.
The massive police operation started around 9pm in the Bristol Stokes Croft area. Officers in riot gear and full length shields - many of them from out of town - backed up by horses, vans and the police helicopter, forced their way into the squat and evicted the occupants. The operation was very heavy-handed and no explanations were offered for the action. And despite this, it was still relatively quiet in the area by around 10pm.
What triggered the riot, however, was police with riot shields blocking off a major local junction, preventing residents getting to their own homes. A large crowd gathered, with the police facing off local people. After more than an hour of this provocative and aggressive action, elements of the crowd finally reacted and started throwing stones and bottles. A witness stated that it was almost as though the police, many of them from Wales, were looking for trouble.
It is very easy to come on, po-faced and say there is no excuse for violence. But, in fact, when the plod have lost it, and are quite obviously lying through their teeth – and we know this is the case in too many situations - then violence is an eminently reasonable response.

This is what the politicians and the plods are going to have to learn. They have been taking the mick for so long that people just don’t give a damn any more. Where you would have once seen concern and anger about disorder, you will now seen amusement at the discomfort of the authorities, and only marginally concealed sympathy for the rioters.

and on the right -

However, the Stokes Croft is an area infested with a high proportion of pseudo-Marxist “eco hippies” and anarcho-hippies, not the sort of people we would not naturally support. But the authorities seem to have inflamed the situation - intentionally or otherwise, it is difficult to ascertain - giving planning permission to a Tesco shop bang in the centre of the area. A vocal element of the community have quite clearly expressed their opposition, although the real locals, as opposed to the eco-Nazis, are probably quite in favour.

On top of the eco-warriors, backing onto the area is St Pauls, known for its social deprivation and high unemployment, where “social mobility” is a skate board. It is well endowed with nihilist scrotes who are always ready and willing to trash the occasional plod-mobile, alongside pampered, middle-class students, who seem happy to join in the fun.

But there seems to have been some anticipation here, and a quite deliberate confrontational approach. The plods have been largely caught out, not helped out by their lack of intelligence.
As for the eco-mob faction, many of their members have been afloat on a raft of public money. Furthermore, up to press, the council turned a blind eye to what has become “squat central”, a lawless ghetto for anarchists and benefits farmers, especially after the area has been blighted by development falures. Now the money is beginning to run out, the eco-mob is getting arsey. One weeps for the poor dears, as they take it out on over-paid public “servants”.
Either way, though, this has only started.

The post linked above has more to say, along with plenty of pictures and videos.

Why didn’t the residents want a Tesco’s? (Tesco is a big chain supermarket) Perhaps because they already had two Best Markets, which the new Tesco’s will probably put out of business? It’s hard to accept that the hippies and anarchists would riot to Support Your Local Business, and even harder to believe that the local people in general would prefer two such dinky little dump stores to one big fresh shiny Tesco’s. But who can say?

And the “debate” is only just starting. Is it news, or is it spin?

Police say that actions taken during their robust operation in Bristol city centre overnight were fully justified. Protestors took to the streets after police carried out an operation to arrest four offenders who represented “a very real threat to the local community” from a property in Cheltenham Road, Stokes Croft. Officers also seized a number of items following the arrest – including petrol bombs – which are currently being forensically examined. Acting on intelligence provided during the day, officers rolled out well-rehearsed plans at 9.15pm last night, closing Cheltenham Road before forcing entry into the building.

Three people were arrested on suspicion of public order offences and another person on suspicion of threats to cause criminal damage with intent to endanger life. Following the operation, which was completed swiftly and effectively, groups of protestors began to gather in Cheltenham Road and surrounding streets in the Stokes Croft area and refused to disperse when asked by police officers. As minor fires were started and bottles, bricks and other objects were hurled at police, additional officers were bought in to assist their colleagues.

More than anything, it seems Stokes Croft residents wanted the police out of their neighbourhood, perhaps the most organic recent display of the anger and mistrust that many communities feel towards officers of the law.

This anger has come to a head in recent months after repeated high-profile reports of police violence against anti-cuts protesters. Some marginalised groups across the country, who have always suspected that the police are not on their side, are now prepared to fight them, given the least opportunity.

[ There are already 31 Tesco’s in Bristol. The new store makes it 32 ] Thousands have been campaigning for more than a year to stop Tesco opening in Stokes Croft, Bristol. The reasons for not wanting a Tesco in our community range from the impact on local shops and farmers through to deep concerns that the dominance of the supermarket model creates a risk of us not being able to feed ourselves in a future when oil prices soar. More than 2,500 petition cards were sent to Bristol City Council objecting to Tesco and 96% of the 700 people surveyed said they didn’t want another supermarket.

We have painstakingly played it by the rules, ... But at a packed planning committee meeting it became astonishingly clear that the council were too fearful of the financial implications to refuse Tesco permission to go ahead. Our community is well known for having people who, if they are silenced, will act in a way that will ensure they will be heard.

The rioting in Stokes Croft last night is the result of a community being entirely ignored – there are people who are more than willing to break the law to remain true to what they believe.

The store, however, is a red-herring. Police claims are fabrications. Multiple witnesses, whose stories cross-check and make much more sense, attest to this. All claim that there had been an attempt by bailiffs earlier on the Thursday afternoon to evict the squatters from the building – with no warning, despite they having been there eight years.
The real problem, though, is that – like the politicians – the police are in the land of the fairies. Avon and Somerset Police continue to maintain that its officers’ actions had been “fully justified”, and are sticking to their story that the discovery of petrol bombs necessitated the arrest of four “offenders”, who represented “a very real threat”.

Thus, we are not even in the territory of “lessons learned”. Having provoked a full-blown riot, the police are not even aware that they have done anything wrong. So we get plod-in-chief Chief Constable Colin Port visiting the site to condemn “the attack on Tesco and other businesses”, when only the Tesco store was damaged. He then says: “It’s outrageous, completely out of order and will not be tolerated by the people of Bristol or the police”.

How do you tell the freedom fighters from the terrorists? Especially when you know the media is corrupt, often on both sides? If government is literally going hand in hand, or fist in glove, with big business, and ignoring the wishes of the people, whether they are actual taxpayers or not, is it their duty to cross the line that has already been crossed against them? Or should the laws be enforced regardless, and this neighborhood is just taking a lesson from the muzzies and other “disaffected youth” around EUrope who have built themselves “no go” zones the police will not dare penetrate? Isn’t that then anarchy? And is that a preferred state of being when government becomes violently excessive?

On the third hand, I’m inclined to side with the police, but I think they may have made a mess of things. Best to have just brought in the wrecking ball and started swinging. Or to hired ninjas and sent them in at night.

Meanwhile in Weymouth, a story to upset any true Englishman, or any pet owner ...

See More Below The Fold


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how about an anti-west week at a university? in the cards?  already here.

Why oh why oh why are there idiot Jews like this Finkelstinker kike running around free?  Yeah,yeah I understand about freedom of speech. OK, I suppose that includes the right to be a traitorous scum bag idiot.  But does it have to be a Jew also?  Or least one in name. Why can’t he change his name to Abdolah Jones or Machmood Smith so nobody will know he’s a Jew. What a total embarrassment he is. Non Jews look at fool like this and too many will say, and I know they will. Well, what do you expect from a Jew?  From Jews like this one in particular, I’d have to say exactly what he’s doing. He plays right into the stereotype.
There were a number of Nazi supporting Jews in Germany in the 30s, who also ended up dead. What a surprise.

Where’s the Mossad damn it?

UK university hosts ‘anti-West’ week under ‘justice’ guise

Jerusalem Post

Organized by Islamic Society at Imperial College London, “Justice Week” described as forum “to highlight Islamic perspective of injustices.”
Talkbacks (4)

LONDON – One of the world’s most prestigious science- based universities is this week hosting an anti-West week accused of peddling “jihadist propaganda” in which controversial American anti-Israel activist and author Norman Finkelstein will appear, alongside Islamists accused of influencing perpetrators of terrorist acts.

Organized by the Islamic Society at Imperial College London, “Justice Week” is described as an “exciting new project…to educate ourselves about some of the injustices found in the world” and a forum “to highlight the Islamic perspective of injustices at home and abroad.”

The event is being publicized through the Islamic Society and the Imperial College Union websites, and on Facebook.

On Thursday, Finkelstein, a Hamas and Hizbullah supporter, will give two talks – one titled “Truth of the Gaza Invasion,” the other “Consequences of the Gaza Invasion” – to promote his new book on the subject.

Wednesday sees a screening of Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story, followed by commentary from former pan-Islamic group Hizb-ut- Tahrir [liberation party] chairman Jamal Harwood.

Currently subject to a “no platform policy” by the National Union of Students (NUS), which blocks it from participating in any NUS event or standing in an NUS election, Hizb-ut-Tahrir is set to be banned by the British government. The group aims to unify Muslim countries as an Islamic caliphate ruled by Islamic law and has been accused of terrorist links.

The week will also include an event with Asim Qureshi, who will discuss “injustices in recent wars and policies,” particularly the case of Aafia Siddique, jailed earlier this year by a US court for 86 years for the attempted murder of American personnel in Afghanistan.

Qureshi represents “Cage Prisoners,” a London-based group set up to raise awareness of “the plight of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and other detainees held as part of the War on Terror.”

According to reports, the group campaigns on behalf of Muslim prisoners, including convicted terrorists. It has been accused by commentators in the counter-radicalization field of having links to Anwar al-Awlaki – the radical Yemeni cleric accused of influencing the Christmas Day bomber and former University College London student Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab.

Campus counter-radicalization campaign group Student Rights has questioned why an event “dedicated to jihadist propaganda” is being allowed to take place on a university campus.

“Justice Week appears to be dedicated to jihadist propaganda on taxpayer-funded university campuses,” said Matthew Walker from Student Rights. “The presence of those who have previously been banned and endorsed the likes of Anwar al-Awlaki proves that despite recent publicity regarding radicalization on campuses – these events are still being approved by university authorities.”

The director of the Londonbased think tank Center for Social Cohesion, Douglas Murray, said the week is more about injustice and hate.

“This is not a week that has anything to do with justice,” Murray said. “It is only to do with injustice and hate.



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The Perpetuation of Stupid

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is an IDIOT

Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is an even BIGGER IDIOT

Megyn Kelly and James Rosen of Fox News are lazy reporters at best

This is why I can’t watch the news. I just can’t. The level of stupid out there is overwhelming. It’s me against the millions. I can’t take it anymore.

from Politico, but posted everywhere else as a news item:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Tuesday night argued that the 14th Amendment no longer serves the purpose it was designed to address and that Congress should reexamine granting citizenship to any child born in the United States.

The 14th Amendment was passed following the Civil War out of fear that southern states would try to find a way to deny citizenship to freed slaves.

Pointing to that history, Graham said during an interview with Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren that birthright citizenship should not be applied to babies born in the United States to parents who are illegal immigrants.

“I’m looking at the laws that exist and see if it makes sense today,” Graham said. “Birthright citizenship doesn’t make so much sense when you understand the world as it is.”

“You’ve got the other problem, where thousands of people are coming across the Arizona/Texas border for the express purpose of having a child in an American hospital so that child will become an American citizen, and they broke the law to get there,” he said. “We ought to have a logical discussion. Is this the way to award American citizenship, sell it to somebody who’s rich, reward somebody who breaks the law? I think we need to look at it really closely.”

To further justify having that “discussion,” Graham also pointed to tourists who, he says, come to the United States on 90-day visa during the later stage of pregnancy in order to give birth to a child with U.S. citizenship.

“You come to a resort, you have your child at a hospital within the resort [and] that child is an American citizen,” Graham said. “That, to me, cheapens American citizenship. That’s not the way I would like it to be awarded.”

Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell has called for “taking a look” at changing the 14th Amendment as well.

The line in question in the amendment reads: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States …”

70 or more people commented on the post at Politico, and NOT ONE saw any error in Graham’s “understanding” of the 14th. Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, bless her blond roots, said that the 14th does give citizenship to anyone born here, then the camera went to Rosen out in DC who instantly parroted that remark.

I surrender. My nation has drowned in stupid.

Hey Graham, you dumb cracker: READ THE GOD DAMNED AMENDMENT:

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Didn’t I just post on this two weeks ago? Why, yes I did. I guess “reading comprehension” must be subject to majority rule that the plain and simple words that I read in the first section of the 14th DO NOT MEAN WHAT THEY SAY, and that millions and millions of people have turned the meaning INSIDE OUT because they only repeat what they are told, understand things the way they want to, are just plain lazy and/or stupid, or at least have never spent one whole minute making the smallest of efforts to try and think and understand what the Constitution ACTUALLY SAYS.

So, I’ll post it again.

The opening section of the Civil Rights Act of 1866:

An Act to protect all Persons in the United States in their Civil Rights, and furnish the Means of their Vindication.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That all persons born in the United States and not subject to any foreign power, excluding Indians not taxed, are hereby declared to be citizens of the United States; and such citizens, of every race and color, without regard to any previous condition of slavery or involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall have the same right, in every State and Territory in the United States, to make and enforce contracts, to sue, be parties, and give evidence, to inherit, purchase, lease, sell, hold, and convey real and personal property, and to full and equal benefit of all laws and proceedings for the security of person and property, as is enjoyed by white citizens, and shall be subject to like punishment, pains, and penalties, and to none other, any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, to the contrary notwithstanding.

Note the “and not subject to any foreign power” part. This one paragraph grants full equal rights to all, regardless of color or gender.

This Act was vetoed by President Andrew Johnson (D-TN), but the veto was overridden by the Radical Republicans in Congress. This Act is still alive today, as 42 U.S.C. § 1981. Because the actions of this Act were not specifically empowered by the Constitution as it then existed, the ideas of the Act were quickly duplicated by the 14th Amendment. That’s a bit of a chicken-egg thing, but it worked.

Amendment XIV
Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

While the 14th is most famous for overturning Dred Scott it also overturned Barron v. Baltimore, an 1833 decision wherein the Supremes ruled that the Bill of Rights did not apply to the States. [ Barron was also the Kelo of it’s day, and that decision was just as wrong as Kelo regarding property rights. ]

So it is blatantly obvious that the later Slaughterhouses decision was wrong because it was over-focused. Slaughterhouses specifically only “incorporated” those rights that the federal government had granted, not those rights that it “merely” recognized. And this started the nation down the long slow road of incorporation. At this point in time, Amendments 1 through 9 have been incorporated, although the 3rd Amendment (quartering soldiers in your home) has only risen to the 2nd and 10th Circuits; it has never come before SCOTUS. The 10th Amendment deals with the States themselves, and thus it’s incorporation would be redundant. So in effect Slaughterhouses has been mostly nullified even if it hasn’t yet been explicitly overturned. I’m waiting ...

But back to that “and not subject to any power” bit from the Act. That’s the same meaning as the “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” language in the 14th. It takes an act of willful blindness to not see the real meaning, and that meaning is this: foreign nationals who are in our country and who give birth do not magically bear American citizens. They are “subject to any foreign power” because they are citizens of that other nation; they are “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”.  This means that the “anchor babies” thing is bass-ackwards, dead wrong, and always has been.

Hey, that’s not just my opinion. The smallest bit of research shows that this was the original intent. Here are the words of the author of that part of the 14th Amendment, Senator Jacob M. Howard (R-MI):

The first amendment is to section one, declaring that “all persons born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United State and the States wherein they reside.” I do not propose to say anything on the subject except that the question of citizenship has been so fully discussed in this body as to not need any further elucidation, in my opinion. This amendment of which I have offered is simply declaratory of what I regard is the law of land already, that every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons. It settles the great question of citizenship and removes all doubt as to what persons are, or are not, citizens of the United States. This has long been a great desideration in the jurisprudence and legislation of this country.

Talk about your “original intent” - it’s all in the congressional record, the whole debate, right here.

You want audacity? I’ll give you audacity. I’ll stand up against the entire United States population, the bleach blond lawyer/reporters on Fox News, the whole House of Representatives Lindsey Graham included, and even the 9 old codgers on the Supreme Court. I am right, and YOU ARE WRONG. ASS BACKWARDS in fact.

It sucks being alone sometimes though.

Oh, and Bob Menendez? What’s he got to do with this? He was asked to comment on Graham’s statement. He said that if we stopped giving citizenship to all the children of foreigners born here, then this would result in millions of children having no citizenship in any nation at all.

Horry clap.  banghead  crazy  banghead  crazy  banghead  crazy  banghead  crazy

Hey, Ann Coulter agrees with me! She even traces it all back to 1982. Michael Zak writes me that there will be an article up at Grand Old Partisan tomorrow. So I am not alone. But I still fear we [the VRWC] are a choir standing in a circle, singing to ourselves. Isn’t anyone else listening?


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calendar   Saturday - October 31, 2009


Drew’s very disturbing post yesterday with regard to the gang rape and ppl taking pictures, shows just how far the left has carried us as a culture.
With hand wringing libs, the aclu and every other ‘rights’ group that scream “RACE” whenever a favored minority is injured or arrested, nothing surprises us anymore.  We’re all disgusted, of that there is no doubt.  But surprised?  Not likely.

This past week two 10 year old boys were arrested for the rape of an eight year old girl.  Outraged? Sure. Surprised? Nope.  And worst of it is those boys will learn nothing and receive NO retribution.  You can bet they’ll do it again at some point in the future.

Yet another man with a record of crime and who was supposed to have been watched, somehow managed to entice a young and very foolish girl of 17 to meet him. They met of course on the net. He killed her.  He should have been in jail long ago and never released.  His victim would still be foolish but perhaps alive.  And how often have you heard that line?  But they say the prisons here are crowded to overfilling, many have been let loose but the authorities say they don’t represent a danger to the public.  HA!  How often have we heard that in the past?

This past week the story about a man killing his cheating wife came to light.  And this is one of two cases like it.
Married 21 years, he had problems (don’t they all?) and after putting up with him for a long time, his wife said she wanted a divorce and that she no longer loved him.  Meanwhile, he somehow found a note or email that she sent to another man who she claimed she was in love with.
So, using more then one knife he repeatedly stabbed her, something like thirty times, in front of the kids.

The courts here accept the “driven to it by adultery excuse) and so there is no murder charge.  It’s manslaughter and he’ll be out in three years.
He also claimed (as has the other guy in another case) diminished responsibility.  Bullshit!  The bastard knew exactly what he was doing 30 times.
Adultery is not a reason to take away another person’s future.  Any court that accepts that is mad.  But the age we live in makes all sorts of excuses for bad behavior.  And not just capital crimes.  And here’s another example and while not a capital crime, the reaction of the criminal’s friends and apologists is yet another sign of these sorry assed times.  There is hardly any reason at all for the gremlins to be fearful unless it’s fear of an armed citizenry.  And that would not have been an option in the gang rape case of a 15 year old girl in California.

Premier League star jailed for punching girl in face ‘will find another club when he is released’

By Sam Greenhill

Disgraced millionaire footballer Marlon King will be signed by another club when his jail sentence is finished, his agent insisted today.

The player was sacked by Wigan yesterday after being jailed for 18 months for groping a woman and then smashing her in the face after she rejected him.

But today his agent Tony Finnigan said that prison would change King for the better and that he would have good career prospects on release.

Oh right. This fugitive from a jungle where he belongs, is gonna change and be Mr. Nice Guy.  He claims a case of mistaken identity in spite of the fact that dozens of folks on the scene saw and identified him including, A MEMBER OF HIS OWN FREEKIN TEAM!
Let’s take a quick peek at Mr. Nice Guy’s past to see where he’s come from.

If you have any trouble reading this here, see the link below the story.


In a criminal career that ran parallel to his sporting one, the 29-year-old was given a succession of fines and community service orders - but only once was he actually jailed.

Yesterday he lost both his liberty and his job as a soccer player after a Southwark Crown Court jury found him guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and sexual assault by touching.

Within minutes of the verdict, he was sacked by his club Wigan Athletic.

Chairman Dave Whelan, who said he learned details of the trial only days ago, said: ‘He is absolutely sacked.

‘We will not tolerate football players who get sent to jail for 18 months.’

But the £40,000-a-week star will still earn earn another £228,000 from behind bars during a 40-day notice period.

King is now a convicted sex attacker who must sign the Sex Offenders Register.

That means that if the Jamaican international ever returned to football in Britain he would have to notify police of any intention to travel abroad for matches.

King had been on a boozy night out with friends in December last year to celebrate news that his wife was expecting their third child and to mark scoring a winning goal for Hull City, where he was on loan.

Just two days earlier he had been banned from driving for eight weeks after speeding at 106mph on a 60mph road.

Onlookers said he appeared to be drunk or on drugs as he tried to force his attentions on girls in the Soho Revue Bar in London’s West End.

When a 20-year- old student objected to him touching her bottom, King sneered: ‘Don’t you know who I am? I’m a millionaire.

‘You’re not even in my league.’

Minutes later, after the slightly-built woman tried to stop him touching her hair, he swung his fist and knocked her to the ground, breaking her nose.

The blow was so hard that two of her friends were knocked to the floor with her.

Yesterday, after the jury brought in 10-2 guilty verdicts, Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith told King to pay his victim £3,125 compensation and £1,600 prosecution costs.

The player showed no reaction as he was convicted but sat open-mouthed as the judge told him: ‘You have shown not a hint of shame for your disgraceful and arrogant behaviour’.

As King’s victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, sat holding the hand of an aunt, the judge continued: ‘You broke her nose, and that can still be seen, and you cut her lip.

‘You are 29, you are just over six feet and you are a professional footballer.

‘She is a comparatively slight woman, just over five feet tall.’

As the sentence was delivered , several of King’s supporters stormed from court, swearing at the judge.

One screamed: ‘This is a clear case of institutional racism.

‘You should not be up there… Up the National Front. Heil Hitler.’


And of course it isn’t the 6ft. bully boy buck who is guilty of anything. It’s all those white folks and a racist judge.  No mention of the jury here altho how two of them didn’t see what ten others did may speak volumes as well.


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calendar   Sunday - August 16, 2009


You may recall a post yesterday in which it’s reported that France has said NO to the wearing of full dress, being called Burkinis, in public swimming pools. It’s an issue of hygiene, say the French.

OK.  Here’s how some are facing the issue here in the land of Hope and Glory.  Rule Britannia.

Now get this BMEWS.  It ain’t the muslims making any demand here re. non-muslims. No. Apparently, appeasing, cowardly guilty white non muslim councils think non muslims in public pools should cover up so that they do not offend.  I really do not think this is gonna fly, I don’t think too many (well there’s always the odd few) will comply. What’s bothersome is that some damn fool would actually make the suggestion.
Bad as things are here, I really can not see most Brits going along. Yeah, the politically correct. But we already know how stupid they are so that would not surprise.

There’s a lot here so I’m not gonna rant on this. I’ll leave it to you. 

Swimmers are told to wear burkinis
British swimming pools are imposing Muslim dress codes in a move described as divisive by Labour MPs.

By Patrick Sawer
Published: 9:00PM BST 15 Aug 2009

UK councils running restricted swimming session for Muslims

Under the rules, swimmers – including non-Muslims – are barred from entering the pool in normal swimming attire.

Instead they are told that they must comply with the “modest” code of dress required by Islamic custom, with women covered from the neck to the ankles and men, who swim separately, covered from the navel to the knees.


The phenomenon runs counter to developments in France, where last week a woman was evicted from a public pool for wearing a burkini – the headscarf, tunic and trouser outfit which allows Muslim women to preserve their modesty in the water.

The 35-year-old, named only as Carole, is threatening legal action after she was told by pool officials in Emerainville, east of Paris, that she could not wear the outfit on hygiene grounds.

But across the UK municipal pools are holding swimming sessions specifically aimed at Muslims, in some case imposing strict dress codes.

Croydon council in south London runs separate one-and-a half-hour swimming sessions for Muslim men and women every Saturday and Sunday at Thornton Heath Leisure Centre.

Swimmers were told last week on the centre’s website that “during special Muslim sessions male costumes must cover the body from the navel to the knee and females must be covered from the neck to the ankles and wrists”.

There are similar rules at Scunthorpe Leisure Centre, in North Lincolnshire, where “users must follow the required dress code for this session (T-shirts and shorts/leggings that cover below the knee)”.

In Glasgow, a men-only swimming session is organised by a local mosque group at North Woodside Leisure Centre, at which swimmers must be covered from navel to knee.

At a women-only class organised by a Muslim teacher at Blackbird Leys Swimming Pool, Oxford, to encourage Muslim women to learn to swim, most participants wear “modest” outfits although normal costumes are permitted.

The dress codes have provoked an angry reaction among critics who say they encourage division and resentment between Muslims and non-Muslims, putting strain on social cohesion.

Ian Cawsey, the Labour MP for the North Lincolnshire constituency of Brigg and Goole, said: “Of course swimming pools have basic codes of dress but it should not go beyond that.

“I don’t think that in a local authority pool I should have to wear a particular type of clothes for the benefit of someone else. That’s not integration or cohesion.”

Labour MP Anne Cryer, whose Keighley, West Yorkshire constituency has a large number of Muslims, said: “Unfortunately this kind of thing has a negative impact on community relations.

“It’s seen as yet another demand for special treatment. I can’t see why special clothing is needed for what is a single-sex session.”



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calendar   Tuesday - August 11, 2009

Not Sporting

Slob Hunters Get Fined C$17,305

THREE Canadians who shelled ducklings on a pond, including firing at them from a vehicle and then posting their stunt on YouTube, were fined $17,305, media reported today.

The three men from Cudworth, Saskatchewan, were identified by police after a flood of tips to the province’s anti-poaching hotline.

They were charged with careless firearms use, allowing game meat to spoil, hunting waterfowl out of season and illegally hunting migratory birds with a rifle. One was also charged with firing a gun from a vehicle.

David Fraser, 30, his brother James, 23, and their brother-in-law Jeremy Rowlands pleaded guilty yesterday in court to 15 counts of violating wildlife protection laws.

“At the time that we did what we did we didn’t know it was a crime,” David Fraser said. “We had no idea that bullets ricocheted off water. And we made every effort at the time to make sure that there was nothing within eye view on the horizon of anywhere that we shot.”

In one scene, one of the three shooters unloads a hail of bullets at an unsuspecting duck, ripping it apart.

They posted the video online “because at the time we thought it was funny”, Fraser was quoted as saying by public broadcaster CBC.

It was viewed by more than 60,000 people, and provoked a national outcry.

I didn’t know that “allowing game meat to spoil” was a crime in Canada, but I don’t blame the authorities for throwing the book at these jerks. And Fraser’s “duh, I didn’t know” statement is a crock. That they videotaped it means they had planned it all ahead of time, and posting the video to YouTube is slimeball behavior. They thought it was funny. Fine the crap out of them.

I have no patience with slob hunters.


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calendar   Monday - June 22, 2009

Bloody Druids

a Quantum Mess at Solstice

Earth loving pagans sacrifice Environmental Responsibility at Stonehenge. It figures.

Stonehenge left littered with rubbish after 36,500 revellers descend on ancient site for summer solstice

Stonehenge was littered with rubbish this morning after record numbers of people descended on the site for the summer solstice.

Around 36,500 people enjoyed the carnival atmosphere at the ancient stone circle on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire - but pagan worshippers were left disappointed after fellow revellers left the site strewn with rubbish.

Druid Jim Saunders, 33, from Reading, is a member of the Aes Dana Grove order.

‘It is nice to see a lot of people here because there is no better place to learn about our culture and history.

‘But it is upsetting to see so much litter, and some people can be disrespectful.’


Earth Firsters treated Mother Gaea like a garbage bag


Is Solstice a great way to jump start a modeling career, or what?


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calendar   Wednesday - February 04, 2009

The age of the snitch: How public sector informers are creating Stasi Britain…!

This shows ya what multi-culture/diversity, anti this and anti that get you.
Even a PRIVATE conversation where someone makes an offhand remark brings the PC Police in the form of snitches. For what?
Read the article.

Meanwhile, a totally foul mouthed and tasteless personality on the Beeb (BBC) gets MILLIONS a year because he has the talent to use the ‘F’ word a lot and make public phone calls of a lewd nature to ppl. 

But Carol Thatcher did worse.  Yeah, instead of the ‘F’ word she used ”GOLLIWOG.” Now then, I did know that Wog was supposed to be the equivalent of our ‘N’ word back home.  It is used not just for Negroes but to describe ppl from India and Pakistan as well.  It isn’t a term of endearment.

I do know that a Gollywog was a minstrel doll in another age.  Kinda doubt they still make them. 
So Thatcher, with a drinky or two under her belt referred to someone as a Golliwog. In a private conversation.
BUT ... There are ALWAYS and FOREVER gonna be (white) people who will be, “offended” and “outraged” by remarks of a racist nature.
Naturally, they have to go running and shout MOMMIE - MOMMIE, Mary said this and Tommy did that.

So the result is that Carol Thatcher gets the axe for a private comment while the another ON AIR personality gets away with sleaze in public.
What logic. What a culture. How stupid!


How public sector informers are creating Stasi Britain.

Last updated at 2:10 PM on 04th February 2009


Sometimes you have to pinch yourself to remember that Britain has historically always been the cradle of liberty. For today we seem to be sliding inexorably into a culture of control which would have been very familiar to the Stasi or the KGB.

Carol Thatcher, the daughter of former Prime Minister Lady Thatcher, now faces being banned from the BBC after reportedly referring to an unnamed tennis player as reminding her of a ‘golliwog’.

Carol, who was crowned Queen of the Jungle in the 2005 reality series I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, has been a regular presenter on The One Show - a daily magazine programme on BBC One - for three years and is described as part of the family on the BBC website.

But yesterday the BBC threw her out by announcing in the wake of the ‘golliwog’ row that it now had ‘no plans’ to use her again in her regular presenting slot.

Row: Carol Thatcher’s use of the word ‘golliwog’ has seen her fired from the BBC

Let it be said loud and clear, racially offensive language is unacceptable. Ms Thatcher maintains, however, that she made merely a jokey remark.

Her friends say that all she did was to compare the player’s hairstyle to the ‘Robertson’s Golly’ which once adorned that company’s jars of jam and marmalade.


But without knowing the context in which she made this remark - and the tone in which it was said - none of us can judge what to make of it. And that surely is the point.

For the really disturbing thing about this episode - unlike that involving Jonathan Ross, who deeply offended millions in public, had to have an apology dragged out of him and kept his £18million job - is not so much the remark itself but the fact that Carol Thatcher made it in private.

Offence: Friends of Carol Thatcher say she just compared a tennis player’s hair to that of a golliwog

We can’t gauge whether or not this really is a hanging offence or a trivial aside of no consequence, because she made the remark after several drinks in the show’s hospitality room to the presenter Adrian Chiles, who is said to have been ‘outraged’ by it.  So outraged that it seems it is being used to hang her out to dry. But it was a remark made in the course of a private conversation - which has now been used to sack her after someone involved in that lighthearted banter passed it on to BBC executives in the form of a complaint.

It is the BBC’s reaction which is really shocking and offensive, together with the behaviour of the person who turned in Ms Thatcher (would they have done so if she’d had a different mother?) to the Corporation’s commissars.

It is hard to think of anything more despicable than snitching like this on a private conversation. People say or do all kinds of things which are perfectly acceptable in the context of drinks with friends or colleagues, but which would cause a very different impression if they occurred in public.

If we were all to be treated in this way, how many of us would remain in our jobs? Is there anyone who can honestly claim never to have uttered an injudicious remark when sharing a drink with friends?

This is the whole point of privacy. The very essence of a liberal society is to acknowledge the distinction between public and private, and to tolerate in private what might not be acceptable in public.

To seek to enforce codes of behaviour in private relationships is totally coercive and illiberal. Yet that is precisely what has happened in the case of Carol Thatcher.

By reporting her remark to the BBC hierarchy - and who knows whether or not it was distorted or taken out of context in the lodging of this complaint - her disloyal and sneaky colleagues took an axe to her right to privacy.

The implications are deeply disturbing. For such behaviour means that no one can ever relax with colleagues for fear that one of them might go running to the boss to complain.

It destroys the freedom to speak in private for fear that this might be used to cast you into outer darkness for having a view which falls foul of some arbitrary definition of what is acceptable.

After all, no offence could possibly have been given to the unnamed tennis player or the public at large because the remark was not broadcast.

This is, in fact, the second time in just a few days in which someone has found herself facing the sack for behaviour which has caused no actual offence but where charges have been laid by officious colleagues enforcing an oppressive code of behaviour.

Community nurse Caroline Petrie offered to pray for an elderly patient who was being treated at home. The following day, Mrs Petrie was confronted over her offer by a nursing sister.
The day after that, she was told that she was suspended while disciplinary action would be taken against her which might lead to the sack.

But although the patient had turned down her offer of a prayer, she said she was not the slightest bit offended and certainly had not made a complaint.

As with Carol Thatcher, it was this nurse’s colleagues who were offended that Mrs Petrie had transgressed codes of ‘equality and diversity’ - which apparently preclude a nurse offering the Christian solace of prayer.

And it was professional colleagues, both in that NHS Trust and in the BBC, who took it upon themselves to enforce those approved attitudes from which there can be no deviation.

Mr Ross’s offence is that in sick language he offended the elderly. Old, white, middle-class people don’t really count for much in the BBC mindset. Ms Thatcher’s alleged offence involved race - which to the BBC constitutes the most heinous crime of all.

Such political correctness is now the governing characteristic of public sector institutions such as the BBC and the NHS, along with an intelligentsia determined upon a draconian process of social engineering aimed at changing not just society but human nature itself.

Ostensibly designed to protect disadvantaged groups, it is actually all about advertising the moral purity of those who enforce it. It’s a dogma enforced with the zealotry of a secular inquisition and is profoundly totalitarian in character. Indeed, behaviour such as this has always been a key feature of police states and totalitarian regimes.

The Stasi or the KGB gained much of their power over the population they tyrannised by getting people to inform on each other, using such informers to bring forward evidence of ‘thought crimes’ from private or overheard conversations.

Such use of informers sets people against each other in a climate of permanent and corrosive suspicion.

Destroying the trust which is the basis of relationships, it is thus a principal means of controlling the population.

In Communist regimes, Stasi and KGB informers and apparatchiks designated dissidents, religious believers and other free spirits as enemies of the state.

In politically correct Britain, BBC informers and NHS apparatchiks designate jovially gabby broadcasters and Christian nurses as enemies of society, to be summarily convicted by kangaroo courts of conformist bureaucrats and banished in opprobrium and disgust.

It’s all part of a wider trend. The police ‘hate crime’ division urges the public to inform on anyone who expresses an opinion they deem hateful to the usual range of disadvantaged groups.

An energy company invites children to become ‘climate cops’, reporting on parents, relatives and friends who leave TV sets on and commit other examples of ‘climate crime’.

It is this combination of lunacy and coercion which leads one to think that the land of those great apostles of free thinking, John Milton and John Locke, is fast turning into a nightmare straight out of the pages of George Orwell or Franz Kafka.



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calendar   Monday - February 02, 2009

Cricket team told it can’t call itself ‘the Crusaders’…in case it offends Muslims and Jews. (WTF?)

I just can not believe this.

When oh when is this kind of shit gonna end.
They can’t do something “just in case.” Using Just In Case as a reason and you can ban anything.

So if I understand this idiocy correctly, there were a “couple of complaints.” As in what? Two?  So the management is changing a name after using it with no trouble for 10 fuckin years and suddenly a few crack pot scum bucket sub-human wimpy bastards just discovered a team name, a team I bet they don’t even follow, all of a sudden they find themselves “offended.” After ten years?

I would like to know since when did ANY JEW hear the word Crusader and become offended. When? Who? Where?  BULLSHIT!!!
I doubt many muslims care unless some are instructed to ‘suddenly’ care.

The article claims some Jews complained.  I find that very hard to believe. If it’s true, then fuckem. They’re stupid ppl and deserve no consideration.
What a stupid overdemanding world. Pander to any of these groups and they will make a point of going out of their way to find things that “offend them.”

No country ... no people ... no culture that puts up with and -or- encourages this kind of total crap, deserves to have any kind of future.  You are fuckin DOOMED England!  I hate to say that really I do.  But it’s all over.  You are already dead but nobody has bothered to bury the stinking corpse which is decaying and rotting all around you.  Look at the mess. Can’t you smell the stink of rotting flesh?  That’s your country.  It’s been murdered by the left and there isn’t a soul left able to bring them to book.  RIP ....  unless even that offends your enemies.

Cricket team told it can’t call itself ‘the Crusaders’ case it offends Muslims and Jews
Last updated at 11:00 AM on 02nd February 2009

A cricket team has been forced to change its name after angry complaints from Muslims and Jews.

The Middlesex Crusaders, who have played under the name for almost 10 years, will play next season as The Panthers.

Bosses at the county club acted after protests about the name from Jewish and Muslim communities, who said they felt it was a reference to the religious wars waged by Christians in Europe against other faiths.

But Middlesex members condemned the decision to change the team’s name and described the move as “batty”.

“The world really has gone mad,” one said. “It’s a real kick in the teeth and is bound to upset a lot of fans.”

Middlesex chief executive Vinny Codrington said his club “had one or two complaints from our Muslim community and our Jewish community”.

“The name was nothing whatsoever to do with the Crusades in the 11th and 12th century,” Mr Codrington said.

Middlesex, which plays most of its home games at Lord’s in St John’s Wood, won the 2008 Twenty20 Cup.



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calendar   Wednesday - January 14, 2009

DYFS to the rescue!

Give your children the wrong names and DYFS will take them.

See you in court loserman!

I posted on this idiot last month. Local neo-nazi who named his kid Adolf Hitler. Well, the state came and took the boy, and his sister Aryan Nation, and his other sister Heinricha Himmler. No real details yet, but the case hits family court down in Flemington tomorrow. (first the Lindbergh baby case, now this. Flemington can’t catch a break) But from the outside it looks like the state just might be compounding one wrong with another one. We’ll have to wait and see.

Young ‘Adolf Hitler’ and Two Sisters Removed From Home

A 3-year-old boy named Adolf Hitler and his two Nazi-named younger sisters were removed from their New Jersey home last week and placed in state custody, police said.

Adolf Hitler Campbell and his sisters, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, were taken from their Holland Township, N.J., home on Friday by the state’s Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS), Sgt. John Harris of the Holland Township Police Department told

Their father, Heath Campbell, is expected in court Thursday in Flemington, N.J., in connection with the case.

Kate Bernyk, a spokeswoman for the DYFS, said confidentiality laws barred her from commenting on the case or even confirming that the Campbell children were involved.

“I’ve dealt with the family for years and as far as the children are concerned, I have never had any reports of any abuse with the children,” Harris said. “As far as I know, he’s always been very good with the children.”

New Jersey officials said Wednesday that it is not just a matter of names.

DYFS would never remove a child simply based on that child’s name,” Bernyk said.

Maybe not. Instead, they’d watch your trashy ass 24-7 and come down on you like the proverbial load of bricks for the slightest bit of questionable behavior, then spin it to the court system in the worst possible way.


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calendar   Tuesday - December 16, 2008

The cake heard ‘round the world

Born To Play The Victim Card?

Or just a kid with the world’s stupidest parents?

And it figures ... the story originates just a few miles down the road from here. Just 5 miles past Jayson Williams’ house as a matter of fact ... you remember him, right? Shotgun, dead limo driver, cover up, hung jury and all that?

Little Adolf Hitler denied birthday cake

From Mercury, The Voice of Tasmania The father of a toddler called Adolf Hitler Campbell says it is unfair that a store denied him a birthday cake with his child’s name on it.

New Jersey man Heath Campbell, 35, has decorated his home with swastikas and says he is related to a member of the SS. But he says it is the store that wouldn’t write ”Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” on a cake that should be showing more consideration for other people’s feelings.

“They need to accept a name. A name’s a name. The kid isn’t going to grow up and do what (Hitler) did,” he told the Associated Press.

But the ShopRite store that refused the cake request says it did the right thing.

“We believe the request ... to inscribe a birthday wish to Adolf Hitler is inappropriate,” spokeswoman Karen Meleta told the Express-Times newspaper.

The store has also refused to make a cake bearing the name of Mr Campbell’s daughter, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, who turns two in February.

Mr Campbell and his wife Deborah also have a daughter Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, named for SS head Heinrich Himmler, who turns one in April.

He said he named his son after Adolf Hitler because he liked the name and because “no one else in the world would have that name”.

The story actually started here, but there are folks all over looking for odd stories to write on ...

In a living room decorated with war books, German combat knives and swastikas, a 2-year-old boy, blond and blue-eyed, played with a plastic dinner set. The boy, asked his name, put down a tiny plate and ran behind his father’s leg. He flashed a shy smile but wouldn’t answer. Heath Campbell, 35, the boy’s father, encouraged him.

“Say Adolf,” said Campbell, a Holocaust denier who has three children named for Nazism.

Again, the boy wouldn’t answer. It wasn’t the first time the name caused hesitation.  Adolf Hitler Campbell—it’s indeed the name on his birth certificate—turns 3 today, and the Campbell family believes the boy has been mistreated. A local supermarket refused to make a birthday cake with “Adolf Hitler” on it. The ShopRite in Greenwich Township has also refused to make a cake bearing the name of Campbell’s daughter, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, who turns 2 in February. Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, a girl named for Schutzstaffel head Heinrich Himmler, turns 1 in April.

“ShopRite can’t even make a cake for a 3-year-old,” said Deborah Campbell, 25, who is Heath’s wife of three years and the mother of the children. “That’s sad.”

A director for the Anti-Defamation League in Philadelphia applauded the supermarket’s decision. An Allentown psychologist said the names would cause problems for the children later in life.
Disabilities, the couple says, have left both out of work: Heath Campbell can’t landscape or pump gas because he has emphysema, and Deborah can’t waitress because she has a bad back. They live on Social Security payments.
‘They’re just names’

The Campbells have swastikas in each room of their home, the rented half of a one-story duplex just outside Milford, a borough in Hunterdon County. They say they aren’t racists but believe races shouldn’t mix.

[ No, not racist. They just believe in separate but equal ... which is only allowed these days if you’re black. ]

The Campbells said they wanted their children to have unique names and didn’t expect the names to cause problems.
[ I guess “Shaneeqa” and “Sholanza” weren’t on the short list, eh? And “Z/28” was probably already taken.]
Despite the cake refusal, the Campbells said they don’t expect the names to cause problems later, such as when the children start school.
[ Because the parents will be sending their kids to a private jewish day school, right? ]

Horry Clap. Brain dead toothless trailer trash white supremacist neo-nazis right here in my own county. They probably use their extra fingers to hold a second banjo pick.

UPDATE: And it just gets better! Mullet wearing daddy, complete with swastika neck tattoo, will be (was?) on Allan Colmes’ live radio show. Photos surfacing of the charming couple ... and their knife wielding toddlers.  ... and the story spreads wider to many blogs and news sites ... which is probably just what the parents wanted when they came up with these names. Thousands of people weighing in with one of two opinions, all over the internet.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 12/16/2008 at 11:34 PM   
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calendar   Monday - October 27, 2008

Thanks a lot, assholes

My first reaction was that this story was BS. Could white people ACTUALLY BE THIS STUPID? But then I realized these aren’t white people. These are skinheads. “Crackers” doesn’t come close. This people are the scum around the fringes, and they need scraping away. And yes, they are even stupider than this. It’s past time to purify our own race. Stones and fire will suffice.

So here’s my second reaction.

God Damn. Just what we fookin needed. Fother Mucking Jerks! You brain dead benighted pig dicks. You utter morons. You rancid little fish twats. Now you’ve really fucked it up, because this is all we’re going to hear for the next week. Thanks for throwing the election away you retarded ass biscuits. Thanks for laying a huge White Guilt trip on the whole fucking nation. Just die now please. Rip your own eyes out and then choke on them. Slowly. Then fall feet first into a big bucket of acid, bounce out of that and into a Whisper Chipper three seconds before the power fails.  You can’t suffer enough.

White supremacist ‘plot’ to assassinate Barack Obama foiled

A neo-Nazi plot to assassinate Barack Obama has been uncovered days before the American presidential election.

US government agents say they have thwarted a plan by two conspirators to kill the White House front-runner and shoot or decapitate 102 black people.

Daniel Cowart, 20, and Paul Schlesselman, 18, were arrested in Tennessee on Wednesday and charged with possession of firearms, threats against a presidential candidate running and conspiring to rob a gun store, the Department of Justice said.

The plot is understood to centre on Tennessee where Martin Luther King was assassinated exactly 40 years ago.

Details of the conspiracy were contained in court records unsealed on Monday by members of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives – America’s specialist law enforcement agency.

ATF agents said they disrupted plans by white supremacists to rob a firearms store and attack a predominantly black school.

According to the ATF, the men planned to go on a killing spree across the United States with Mr Obama, the Democratic nominee who is poised to become the country’s first black president, as their final target.

Brian Weaks, an ATF agent, told a Memphis court on Monday that the pair had men discussed a “killing spree to include targeting a predominantly African-American school”. The ATF said that the two men did not identify the school by name.

He continued: “They further stated that their final act of violence would be to attempt to kill/assassinate presidential candidate Barack Obama,” he added, as the two men appeared before the federal court.

Cowart, from Bells, Tennessee, and Schlesselman, from Arkansas, met on the Internet a month ago and have “very strong beliefs and views regarding ‘White Power’ and ‘Skinhead’ views,” Mr Weaks told the court.

He said that Cowart had bought one rifle and stockpiled two handguns, both stolen from his grandfather. They planned to steal another high-powered rifle from a gun store in Jackson, Tennessee, as well as a series of robberies to finance their bloody actions.

“Schlesselman stated that they planned to drive their vehicles as fast as they could toward Obama shooting at him from the windows.”

“Both individuals stated they would dress in all white tuxedos and wear top hats during the assassination attempt. Both individuals further stated they knew they would and were willing to die during this attempt.”

Jim Cavanaugh, special agent in charge of the Nashville field office of the ATF said the two skinheads planned to shoot 88 black people and decapitate another 14. The numbers 88 and 14 are held to be symbolic by white supremacists and relate to nationalist leader David Lane as well as Adolf Hitler.

Details of the alleged plot emerged just before Mr Obama arrived in Pittsburgh for a campaign rally after an earlier visit to Canton, Ohio.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/27/2008 at 09:47 PM   
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calendar   Monday - October 13, 2008

Because it would be evidence of a huge lie, that’s why

CNN’s Campbell Brown: So what if Obama was a Muslim or an Arab?

I guess this is another one of those daily moonbat posts. Well, maybe not moonbattery in the pure form, but a certain kind of willfull blindness seems to be in evidence.

You may find it hard to believe that this remains an issue in this campaign, but it does. The candidates, both candidates, are still getting questions about Barack Obama’s ethnicity and religion. If you are even semi-informed, then by now you already know that of course, Barack Obama is an American.image

Of course, Barack Obama is a Christian. Yet just a few days ago, there was a woman at a rally for John McCain incorrectly calling Obama an Arab

Of course? Willfull blindness much? Actually Campbell dear, he is an arab. If being 50% black allows you to be black, and being less than 50% black allows you to be black, then being significantly arabic on your father’s side allows you to be an arab. His father was, at most, the child of an arab and a black person. Or perhaps the child of two arabic black people. So daddy Barack is at least half arabic. The muslims in Kenya are black people, but they are also arabs. And they identify very strongly with being arabs. That’s why they have arabic names. The Christian blacks there have Christian names. Very simple.

So what if Obama was Arab or Muslim? So what if John McCain was Arab or Muslim? Would it matter?  When did that become a disqualifier for higher office in our country? When did Arab and Muslim become dirty words? The equivalent of dishonorable or radical? Whenever this gets raised, the implication is that there is something wrong with being an Arab-American or a Muslim. And the media is complicit here, too. We’ve all been too quick to accept the idea that calling someone Muslim is a slur.

Not true Campbell darlin. Calling someone a flea bitten, goat raping, carpet stealing, wife beating, pedophilic, 7th century dune coon is a slur. Calling anyone a jihadist is a slur, IF they’re innocent. But since you ask, so sorry to let you down, but you do remember 9/11? You do remember the 1972 Olympics? You do recall all those years in between with the endless series of terrorist acts all carried out by guys named Mohammed? Guess what? Islam - or if you must keep at least part of your so pretty head buried in the sand - “radical” or “fundamental” Islam is our enemy. And they’ve said so a billion times, for 1400 years now. It’s what violent jihad is all about. So maybe the lines have become just a wee bit blurred lately, and members of that faith are viewed with a bit of skepticism by the rest of us. Lie down with dogs, get up with a suicide vest. Smart muslims over here probably know enough to speak out against terrorism and violence, and the smartest ones know not to take their religion too too seriously. So yeah, unpleasant as it may be, we have “good muslims” and “bad muslims” in our midst. Until this thing is over, they’re going to have to walk on eggshells. But we aren’t shooting them in the street, we aren’t beating them in the dark (90% or more of these “islamaphobia” cases turn out to be self-induced, ie faked) and we have neither deported them nor rounded them up in camps. They aren’t even being fired from their jobs, and the police and other public services have bent over backwards to see that they aren’t getting unfair treatment. That’s as good as it’s ever going to get for people who share some major core identity with an avowed and active enemy of the United States.

There are more than 1.2 million Arab-Americans and about 7 million Muslim-Americans, former Cabinet secretaries, members of Congress, successful business people, normal average Americans from all walks of life. These are the people being maligned here, and we can only imagine how this conversation plays in the Muslim world. We can’t tolerate this ignorance—not in the media, not on the campaign trail. Of course, he’s not an Arab. Of course, he’s not a Muslim. But honestly, it shouldn’t matter.

I don’t know why you break those populations up, since 95% of all Arab-Americans are muslims, or at least were muslims when they came here. And honestly, they aren’t being maligned. Hardly at all. Less than us evil white males are, that’s for sure. And all the ones who might suffer a little malignment need to do is to change out of the Immigrant Pants, dress like Americans, and assimilate a little. At which point we wouldn’t be able to tell them from Hindus, which everyone knows are hard working, very well educated people with excellent family values.

But you were talking about Obama. Are you high sweetheart? Are you that naive? Or is this just more of CNN’s bias creeping in, trying to lay down some more guilt against us whiteys?

Let’s say he was, and had been up front about it:

“Hello, my name is Barrrrrrackkk Huzzzzein Obama. I’m an Arab-American Muslim who happens to be part African and part White. And I’m running for President, because I believe in a Change for Socialism, and I Hope you do too!”

He would have been allowed to campaign. But people would have somehow listened more to what he was saying. And taken a good hard look at his background, his family, and his friends. And wondered if it was a Good Thing, and likely decided it Wasn’t. And that’s all, really.

Now, let’s say he is, always was, and has been keeping it a secret. Which is what many people suspect right now, because so much of his past is locked away. This means he’s been lying to us. This means he is a total phony, a fake, a fraud, a pretender. And we don’t like that. So if these turned out to be true, believably true, then the evidence of a campaign of lies would be overwhelming. And he’d get about 8.2 million votes (your 1.2 plus your 7) at most. We’d reject him utterly. Because he tried to put one over on the whole damn country. Not because he was a member of the wrong religion or ethnic group. Because he was a liar. And maybe because he was a far left Socialist too.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/13/2008 at 09:19 PM   
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calendar   Saturday - October 11, 2008

US Election: Why top Tories are turning their backs on John McCain .

I think this falls under something like misery loves company. So does anger.  Yeah,yeah the right to opinion and all that.  I still don’t think our internal politics and especially an election this important, is any of their damn business.  So yeah, I’m a bit miffed.  And I’m not in love with McAmnasty either but he’s all we got except for Sarah Palin and countless ppl who could do the job but won’t run.
It is true sadly, that McCain is not an inspirational speaker.

US Election: Why top Tories are turning their backs on John McCain

By Iain Dale
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 10/10/2008

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All my adult life I have supported Republican candidates in American presidential elections. Like most Tory MPs and activists, I have wanted to be impressed by John McCain. I went to see him speak at the Tory conference in 2006, expecting to be wowed. Like most others, I left profoundly disappointed by his speech, which was pedestrian and devoid of inspiration. Maybe he was having an off day, I thought.

I felt McCain - as a maverick - could distance himself from the ideological zealots in his party who have done so much to turn it from a political party into a narrow sect. Many of us thought Sarah Palin could give his ticket the “wow” factor Barack Obama had given the Democrats. We were wrong on both counts.

Few senior Tories have expressed any enthusiasm for John McCain as US President.

(and I bet fewer still know anything about the supreme court and what left leaning administration would do to the USA. Well screw these ppl. Frankly, I’m bothered that foreigners would stick their unwanted fuckin noses in our politics anyway. I don’t want them showing anything for either party.  And I resent the FACT that many come to the states and work for both. It shouldn’t be allowed. )

Many Conservative MPs have travelled a similar journey over the past few months - a journey most of us thought we could never make, and a journey that has resulted in a decision to break the habit of a lifetime and declare our support for the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama.

Tory MP Richard Spring, who doubles as David Cameron’s envoy to the City of London, is one of many who have always supported the Republicans, but are now backing Obama. “It’s important for America’s reputation in the world to be improved and Obama can be instrumental in bringing this about,” he says. ”He sends out a signal of change.”

Oh that’s just peachy.  Our reputation rests on electing a left leaning socialist who belonged to a church where his preacher “God Damned America”

Spring’s colleague Andrew Tyrie agrees: “I have always been a Republican, but Bush has done so much damage to the project of the family of western nations that I feel only an Obama presidency can rectify it. We need something that is demonstrably a huge change.”

(Family of WHAT?  WTF is that all about?  Sure, if we agree with everything they (euros) decree and go sheep like along with their demands, we’re good guys. Otherwise I guess we’re guilty of the fall of western civilization.)

Richard Spring estimates that at least half the Conservative Parliamentary Party would vote for Obama given the chance, something that would have been unthinkable in the pre-George W. Bush era.

Many shadow ministers remain publicly coy about their leanings, but it’s remarkable how few, even privately, express any enthusiasm for the McCain-Palin ticket.

(Well screw them anyway. Who are they to be enthused or not? Whose election is it? What? We have to impress these asswipes?)
Senior whip Simon Burns and the shadow business secretary, Alan Duncan, have both outed themselves as Democrat supporters, but few others are willing to go on the record.

One shadow cabinet member is a signed-up member of the Obama fan club, yet believes if he were to admit to it publicly, it would damage his status within the party. He likens it to the reluctance of so many Tory MPs to sign up to David Cameron’s leadership campaign in the early days. “We thought people would think we had taken leave of our senses,” he tells me. “Cameron and Obama are both agents of change, in a way that their opponents never could be.” He adds: “The Conservative Party is always suspicious of change - until it has been proved to work.”

Few Obama-supporting Tories seem remotely bothered by his extremely liberal voting record in the Senate. Simon Burns says: “Obama is like any true compassionate Conservative. He is focusing on helping the vulnerable and the middle classes.” Another former Republican-supporting Tory MP, Ben Wallace, thinks an Obama victory is necessary to give the Republicans a much-needed jolt. “Young people on the centre-Right don’t have a home to go to,” he complains. “The religious Right has taken over the Republicans.” He cites the so-called Blue Dog Democrats, who believe in fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets, as the reason British Conservatives can feel comfortable about supporting Obama.

While Cameron remains a fan of McCain, he has been very careful to demonstrate even-handedness, as he knows only too well that Obama is closer to many of his own ideas and goals. Cameron’s trusted adviser, Steve Hilton, has wisely been give the task of developing closer relations with Obama’s entourage during his six-month stay in California. Could it be that the Tory leader himself is a closet Obama backer?


Posted by Drew458   United Kingdom  on 10/11/2008 at 09:07 AM   
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