Sarah Palin is the “other” whom Yoda spoke about.

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Gone Viral


Fundamental Change, indeed.



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calendar   Sunday - December 15, 2013

a very conservative lady politician, the target of the conservative press and party? I think so

Hardly know where to begin if I don’t start with the beginning. OK .... some days ago I posted about a lady who is a politician. No longer happy with the conservative party cos they have not lived up the ideals of same and anyway conservative in name only, she defected to UKIP. Which made the Brit PM pretty damn angry, it has been said in the press.  So .... happily settled in her new party and a friend of UKIP leader, she is seeking to renew her political career.  Well, not so fast.

Bmews readers may recall my post wherein I reported the lady was meeting with some resistance and taking some flak due to a comment made while making a video way back when. It was some yrs ago, and her then husband was acting as the cameraman.
She used the verboten words .... send em all back .... referring to immigrants. Especially the illegal and criminal who can not be deported if it might violate their human rights.  Well as you’d expect, all hell broke loose. And mostly in the conservative (?) paper, the Daily Mail. (they do have some hard core cons at the paper and generally their editorials are on the conservative side) But do NOT support UKIP.

Well .... the old ‘R’ word was dragged out. Yeah. That one. No surprise.  So to refresh your memory, here’s the headline in this conservative (?) paper posted I think last week here at bmews.


This should look familiar.  To refresh your memory further, here’s a link.

lady speaks the truth but … hell hath no rath like an ex husband?

OK again so here we are with today’s paper and it just makes me see red big time.  They really are out to destroy this lady and make no mistake about that.
They have gone into her past and found she once (1977 ) when a student, attended functions of the National Front which did have a racial platform.  They wanted anyone who was not white removed from their country. I haven’t a clue what the rest of their platform consisted of.
But she attended.  Notice how being a member of the communist party never really does anyone in? 

Well she’s been dropped in it today and even her mom is telling a different story about her daughter’s past political activity and or beliefs. And of course, that bastard ex of hers.

She is now being investigate for a


Say what?  A hate crime.  About immigrants?  NO.

She was married to a guy (and we can only have her word on it that she did not know before marriage) that he liked dressing up. In ladies clothes.

You can read her take on things and see everything at the link HERE FOR AWFUL HATE CRIME

OK so damn it what was the hate crime all about if not that immigrant thing?

It is over this, and it is just one more sorry assed reason why I think this place is not just doomed, but I see no hope of any recovery in my lifetime which ain’t much ta go anyway.

Take a look at this.

The UKIP councillor at the centre of a racism row was a member of the far-Right National Front, it was claimed last night.

Victoria Ayling, a high-profile ‘trusted ally’ of UKIP leader Nigel Farage, joined the openly racist party and attended its rallies as a student, according to her former husband, a friend and even her own mother.

A Mail on Sunday investigation has also discovered Mrs Ayling is being investigated by police after allegedly making abusive comments about her former husband – who is a transvestite.

Her ex is Rob Ayling.

The Mail on Sunday can also reveal that Mrs Ayling and her new partner, Lord Kevin Couling – who purchased his title, the 64th Lord of Little Neasden – are also being investigated by police for an alleged hate crime against Mr Ayling.

The couple split in August last year after Mr Ayling had an affair.

Mr Ayling – who admits being a transvestite – alleges that when he was moving his furniture out of the matrimonial home,

his former wife shouted at him:

‘You’re a bad tranny I’ve seen your website.’

And that my dear bmews friends and readers everywhere ... is enough to instigate a hate crime investigation.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: ‘On July 13, a 54-year-old female and a 51-year-old male, both living at the same address, were voluntarily interviewed in relation to section 4 of the public order act, hate crime.’

Police are understood to be analysing an audio recording of the incident.

The link above will give you a large amount of reading. Gee ... wonder what next Sunday’s scandal about her will be. What? She was Hitler’s secret wife? Who knows. But take this to the bank. They really are out to get this woman, and any way they can.


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calendar   Tuesday - June 18, 2013

Crossing Over

The one remaining actual Democrat is now a Republican. His party has been hijacked by the commies, and he’s getting out.

Good for him.

Expect the Uncle Tom slurs in ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

I’ll give him a couple of months, and if he is really true to what he’s saying, he’ll soon be a member of the Tea Party, and not the GOP Old Boys Network with Boehner, McCain, Rove, and that bunch.

via the Rott


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calendar   Sunday - January 20, 2013

Molon Labe Bitches


Pro-gun activists held “high noon” rallies across the United States on Saturday to defend the right to own firearms that they say is being threatened by President Barack Obama’s gun-control proposals.

The U.S. debate over gun control erupted in mid-December after a man armed with an assault rifle killed 20 first-graders and six adults at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut - the deadliest of a string of U.S. shooting sprees last year.

“We are law-abiding citizens, business owners, military, and we are not going to be responsible for other people’s criminal actions,” former Marine Damon Locke said to applause at a Florida rally he had helped organize.

Some in the crowd of about 1,000 in Brooksville, about an hour north of Tampa, hoisted signs that said: “Stop the Gun Grabbers” and “Gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about control.”

n Connecticut, a rally for gun rights drew about 1,000 people at the state Capitol, where lawmakers have reacted to the Newtown shooting with proposals to tighten gun-control rules, including limiting access to assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

That did not sit well with gun owner Jessie Buchanan, who attended the rally in Hartford.

“They could take away the 10-round magazine today and tomorrow it would be the five-round and the next day it would be the whole thing,” Buchanan said.

In Denver, the mood was defiant as about 500 people, including families with children, gathered in unseasonably warm weather outside the state Capitol.


Sporting a shirt that read, “Girls with guns,” 31-year-old Jennifer Burk said, “My parents didn’t raise a victim and the government shouldn’t try and make me one.”

Gun-control advocates say U.S. civilians have no justifiable need for assault weapons or high-capacity magazines, and they say more background checks will help keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

The reaction has been fierce from gun supporters such as the National Rifle Association, who point to a right to bear arms that is enshrined in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and which they do not want to see watered down.

Thousands of gun advocates gathered peacefully Saturday at state capitals around the U.S. to rally against stricter limits on firearms, with demonstrators carrying rifles and pistols in some places while those elsewhere settled for waving hand-scrawled signs or screaming themselves hoarse.

The size of crowds at each location varied - from dozens of people in South Dakota to 2,000 in New York. Large crowds also turned out in Connecticut, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Washington state.


Some demonstrators in Olympia, Wash., Phoenix, Salem, Ore., and Salt Lake City came with holstered handguns or rifles on their backs. At the Kentucky Capitol in Frankfort, attendees gave a special round of applause for ‘the ladies that are packin’.

Sounds like at least a dozen rallies. Pretty good for something put together in just a couple weeks.

At the New York state Capitol in Albany, about 2,000 people turned out for a chilly rally, where they chanted ‘We the People,’ ‘USA,’ and ‘Freedom.’ Many carried American flags and ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ banners.

The event took place four days after Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the nation’s toughest assault weapon and magazine restrictions.

Republican Assemblyman Steven McLaughlin said the new law was ‘abuse of power’ by the governor. Some in the crowd carried ‘Impeach Cuomo’ signs. Protester Robert Candea called the restrictions ‘an outrage against humanity.’


n Minnesota, where more than 500 people showed up at the Capitol in St. Paul, Republican state Rep. Tony Cornish said he would push to allow teachers to carry guns in school without a principal or superintendent’s approval and to allow 21-year-olds to carry guns on college campuses.

Capitol rallies also took place in Colorado, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Vermont and Wisconsin, among other states.


The crowd at the rally in Albany NY. Looks like more than 2,000 to me

May this be only the beginning. It’s high time our elitist masters learn what “up in arms” rally really means.


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calendar   Thursday - December 20, 2012


You know I’m already far beyond tired of posting about Newtown and about the gun control “conversation” the far left is cramming down our throats. I want desperately for the media moment to pass, for the national attention span to blip and then to move on to something else. But it doesn’t look like that is going to happen this time. I think this is the wet dream moment of the Left, when they do their best to make their delusional fantasy a tyrannical reality. So we’re in the fight of our lives, and from that I will neither retreat nor surrender. And so in turn I must continue to slog through the mud, marching and turning continuously to face the moving goalposts.

We are the peat bog soldiers
We’re marching with our spades
To the blog bog.

The good news is that I am not alone, and along the way I discover other voices, other truths, and other views that parallel my own. And some of those, whether new or whether drawn from history, are well worth listening to. And so I post them.

Let’s look at what’s really going on here.

Now, there’s this about cynicism, Sergeant. It’s the universe’s most supine moral position. Real comfortable. If nothing can be done, then you’re not some kind of shit for not doing it, and you can lie there and stink to yourself in perfect peace

Miles Vorkosigan, Borders of Infinity, by Lois McMaster Bujold

This is why the Left hates guns with a screaming passion. If you and I can use a gun to make the world a safer place, then so can they. Yet people like Rosa Gill are too scared to take any responsibility for their own safety or for the safety of the children in their class. Rather than confront their own cynicism and cowardice they loudly proclaim that YOU are the problem. They demand that we accept that NOTHING can be done to cover up for the fact that they know in their hearts that THEY are too scared to lift a finger to defend their children.

We know what the Principal of Sandy Hook Elementary did. We know that she paid with her life for our calculated decision to ban her and people like her from carrying a gun. She probably never even thought of it before that fateful day. She might have even been violently against guns. But I want you to imagine that you had the ability to stop time 2 seconds after she realized what was going on in her school. If you had the ability to stop time, offer her a gun, and tell her how to use it against the killer, do you honestly think she would have turned you down? Can you imagine her saying “nope, no guns. I’d prefer that the children died and I die with them?”

Fuck no.



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calendar   Sunday - July 29, 2012

Sunday Dreaming

Hey Mitt: Do It All, And Do It Now!!

Doc Jeff sends an email, urging Romney to widen the race to unprecedented levels. It sounds like a helluva plan to me.

How about this for a Republican slate!

Here is a winning strategy that would set Obama and his Cronies way, way back on their heels.  If Romney would take this advice, it would clearly send a message to the Republican establishment that conservatives aren’t going to do business as usual any more.

It would shake the establishment, and pull together and really energize conservative voters.  Here is a little something else this would do… it would shake the Obama campaign to its core.

Rather than a leisurely march toward a VP nominee or a surprise VP announcement like we got in 2008, vet the possible VP’s NOW and stand ready to announce the running mate in a nationally televised press conference the day after the delegates are in hand.

[ Drew: vetting? My ass. If Biden can get the job, then anybody can. Announce the whole damn shootin match TODAY, and start the attack machine dial to 11 RIGHT NOW. Give ‘em Hell, then give ‘em Hell again. And again! ]

Allen West
Vice President

Having Congressman West in the VP slot makes him a TRIPLE THREAT and a VP who WILL redefine the role.  Triple threat?

1. As the Vice President he would attend to the regular duties and be a heartbeat away from the presidency.
2. Vice President West would also act as a second Secretary of State in difficult diplomatic negotiations.
3. AND… A Vice President West would work in concert with the Secretary of Defense to realign our military and redefine its role.
Triple threat.  Oh but this is just the START of the strategy!

As soon as Romney has introduced West as the running mate… ROMNEY WOULD THEN INTRODUCE HIS CHOICE FOR SECRETARY OF STATE!

John Bolton
Secretary of State

As a former Ambassador to the United Nations there is nobody with a better handle on the worlds issues or more familiar with the players.  John Bolton is tough, straight forward and not likely to appease ANYONE.

Now, you have the nominees on stage, the VP choice and the Secretary of State nominee… lets not stop there.  Next to walk onto the stage…

Sarah Palin
Secretary of Energy

Palins directive… Set us on the path toward energy independent in 10 years.  Anyone more invested in that goal?  Anyone who is more knowledgeable or adept?
Can you feel the ground starting to shake?  Next out of the wings and onto the stage…

General David Petraeus
Secretary of Defense

The nominee for Secretary of Defense.  Enter General David Petraeus.  As great as he was fighting a PC war, imagine what hell be like once he and West have pressed the reset button on our rules of engagement.  In Petraeus we will have a Secretary of Defense whose mission will be to win.  PERIOD.  When our case is just, VICTORY IS NOT A BAD WORD!

Oh… but we’re not done yet…

Pam Bondi
Attorney General

Bondi is a no nonsense fighter who has taken on the current administration over Obamacare and WILL clean out the corruption rampant in that office today.

Okay, where are we?  Who is now standing on the stage?  The nominees so far are:  Allen West, John Bolton, Sarah Palin, General Petreaus and Pam Bondi.
How about a Secretary of the Treasury?  We would need someone who has worked for YEARS in the tax field who understands the overwhelming burden of tax codes and who has, for years fought to restructure those codes.

Michele Bachmann
Secretary of the Treasury

By now, fissures should be opening in the ground, rumbling coming from the sky and the faint odor of ozone should be in the air.  We will need someone new… someone with new ideas to head up the Fed.

Please welcome Ron Paul.
Do ya’ think he’d kick butt?  Do you think the Fed would tremble?  You betcha!

Governor Bobby Jindal
Secretary of the Interior

And finally… we need someone to head up the Department of Homeland Security.  We must have someone who understands the issues we face.  Someone who has worked in federal law enforcement.  Someone who won’t take any crap from anybody.
Please… a round of applause for…

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Department of Homeland Security

Never before has a presidential nominee entered the full-on campaign with a fully assembled team.  Can you even imagine the shock-and-awe wave which would be sent through the Obama regime were the Romney to do this?  Think about it.

Instead of just Romney against Obama we would have:
Allen West vs. Joe Biden
John Bolton vs. Hillary Clinton
Sarah Palin vs. Stephen Chu
General Petraeus vs. Leon Panetta
Pam Bondi vs. Eric Holder
Michele Bachmann vs. Tim Geithner
Ron Paul vs. Ben Bernanke
Bobby Jindal vs. Ken Salazar
Sheriff Joe Arpaio vs. Janet Napolitano

**Think about that!**
Let that sink in… all of them campaigning at once.  There would be no way out for Obama as each and every key player on his team would be exposed and held to account from the wordGO.

It’s bold, brash and completely against any business as usual strategy. Imagine!  An entire assembled team of key cabinet positions.  Each one a pit-bull on a T-Bone, hammering their liberal counterparts on every issue, every day, from the word GO until November 6th, 2012.

Now, Doc forwarded this from somebody else ... and we both think that Ron Paul may not be the best choice. And I’d try to get Chris Christie for Treasury. But that’s just a minor quibble.

The point is, all these people could wind up being Romney’s appointments if he gets elected. All of them are actual Conservatives. At least half of them scare the heck out of the far left. All of them would get the base fired up. All of them could spend the next 100 days showing how our inept President appointed each of these inept people, all of whom worked in concert to make a bad situation worse.

And since it pretty much is shit or go blind time for the Republican Party - an All In moment if ever there was - why not go into the fight fighting, instead of doing another limp dick Bob Dole/Juan McAmnesty non-campaign campaign? Get all your ducks in a row for once in a lifetime, and have them quack in harmony. Hell, the Dems have been doing that for ages! And if they all go down to a loss, then form something like a shadow government like in the UK, and sit on the sidelines and second guess and double speak and naysay every single word and deed that the DNC utters ... so that when the thugs come around in another 4 years to snap on the shackles and lead you off to the camps, you’ll at least know that these people Told You So, and you didn’t listen.


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calendar   Friday - April 13, 2012

Time For A Fresh Cuppa



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calendar   Friday - February 10, 2012

Crowder In Da House

Hey, remember Steve Crowder? He’s baaaaack!

GW raps?

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Tuesday - December 20, 2011

Hero of the Day


Maria Conchita Alonso to Sean Penn: You’re a Commie Asshole!

Cuban-born, Venezuelan-raised actress Maria Conchita Alonso and actor Sean Penn had a contentious exchange at Los Angeles International airport recently, in which Alonso called Penn a “communist a**hole“ and Penn called Alonso a ”pig.”

Over a year and a half after Alonso penned an open letter to Penn asking him why he supports socialist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the two met up serendipitously (or not so) at LAX while both were waiting to claim lost luggage.

Alonso, who starred alongside Penn in the 1988 film “Colors,” described the exchange to Steve Malzberg on WMAL.

“I go ‘Hello,’ and he smiles and says, ‘Oh, you lost your bag too?” Alonso told Steve Malzberg on WMAL.  “And I’m like, ‘No, my mother (lost her bag).’ And at that moment he recognizes me because he didn’t recognize me before, and he goes, ‘Oh, it’s you.’”

Alonso says she calmly told Penn she wanted to speak with him about the tension over Chavez when Penn blew up at her.

“He goes, ‘I don’t want to talk to you.  You speak badly about me.  You insult me on TV,” Alonso said.

Alonso says the conversation escalated when Penn accused Alonso’s brother of attempting to assassinate Chavez, which Alonso says is not true.

“So I’m like, ‘You are in favor of Hugo Chavez and [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad.’ Because I also saw a picture of footage from TV where Chavez and Ahmadinejad are together and Sean Penn is next to them.  And, you know, he‘s like ’I’ve never said that about Ahmadinejad.  You’re a pig.’ And I go to him, ‘And you are a communist, Sean Penn!’”

“The second time I called him a communist I said ‘You’re a communist a**hole,” Alonso elaborated.  She claims that while she regrets using profanity she is not sorry for calling Penn a communist.

“I’m not apologizing for calling him a communist because that is what he is.”

Silly Penn, the pampered Hollywood Red Diaper Baby. Go put up a few more tents in Haiti, m’kay? He should know better than to mess with those hot blooded Latinas. First she’d chew him out. Later on, a chola could cut a bitch, chu no? Watch your step. I just happen to agree with her 100%.

Video at the link.


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calendar   Thursday - June 30, 2011

New Ann’s without nu-ance

Glenn Beck Vs. The Mob

Liberals are not like most Americans. They are the biggest pussies on Earth, city-bred weaklings who didn’t play a sport and have never been in a fight in their entire lives. Their mothers made excuses for them when they threw tantrums and spent way too much time praising them during toilet training.

Preach it sista, preach it!

Ann Coulter writes on Glen Beck’s experience the other day where he and his family were harassed while attending a free outdoor concert in New York City’s Bryant Park.

A liberal’s idea of being a bad-ass is to say vicious things to a conservative public figure who can’t afford to strike back. Getting in a stranger’s face and hurling insults at him, knowing full well he has too much at risk to deck you, is like baiting a bear chained to a wall.

They are not only exploiting our lawsuit-mad culture, they are exploiting other people’s manners. I know I’ll be safe because this person has better manners than I do.

Bullying is on the rise everywhere in America—and not just because Obama decided to address it. It’s because no one hits back. The message in our entire culture over the last two decades has been: DON’T FIGHT!

There were a lot fewer public confrontations when bullies got their faces smashed.
These liberal pukes have never taken a punch in their lives. A sock to the yap would be an eye-opening experience, and I believe it would do wonders.

And while the self-proclaimed “nomad member of the artistic underclass” tries to quickly cover up her physical assault on the Beck family (via wine throwing), her harassment of his body guards ("acrobatics" or mock kung-fu?), and her self promoting verbal and visual harassment (things said and posters quickly made and waved about), The Blaze does a bit of internet digging and gets at the truth even faster than she can close her accounts and try to wipe out her digital footprints. Because the lefty elitists really are so stupid that they have to broadcast their actions on Twitter etc in real-time. And the internet is forever.

If I were Beck I’d be thinking about a lawsuit. If you can’t punch these hippie scumbags in the face physically, you can at least kick them in the ass in court, right where they carry their wallets. And he can afford to lawyer this broad into penury. WTF, that would only be treating a liberal the way that a liberal organization treats any Conservative they don’t like. What’s good for the goose, and all that.

Stand up Conservatives, you have nothing to loose but your chains. Just make sure you go about in groups; being a Republican these days is like being a black guy in Alabama in 1947. Or a Christian in Egypt in 2011.


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calendar   Thursday - April 21, 2011

A double shot of Crowder

And in case videos don’t work for you, he went and wrote a post on it too. Except that when he writes a post, it gets published at Fox News. Well, fine. Fine!

The problem with the Sarah Palin dialogue that’s gone on in this country since 2008 is that people either want to smear and destroy her, or viciously attack anybody who doesn’t adore her. That’s exactly why I’ve steered clear of it. But once folks start bringing people’s special needs children into the mix… It’s time to start putting the stamp on some elitist bastards.

The topic of Sarah Palin has been open season to the media, entertainment industry and club comics alike. Unlike the propped up golden family in the White House, the Hollywood establishment has deemed the doggy pile-on the Palin family as both safe and acceptable. All too eager to appease the establishment, we’ve seen A to Z list stars line up to take their shots at society’s new favorite whipping post.


There’s quite a bit more at the link.

No, I didn’t post on this story. The left abuses this woman and her family all the time. They are merciless and utterly heartless in their attempt to shut down the free speech of this citizen. And complete and total hypocrites for calling out for “civil discourse”. I don’t have words harsh enough. But I rather think some seriously torture is called for. I think “woodeling” is a term that comes to mind, an act in which a rope has two knots put in it and is tied around the victim’s head. The knots go over the eyes and the rope is twisted tighter and tighter from behind.

Does it make any difference that this was done by a “nationally recognized blogger” or a known TV talking head? No. Don’t forget how Wonkette got her start ... being a whore in DC and writing about it. Wasn’t that it? Or was that her friend and roommate, out boffing Senators at lunchtime for some quick cash and she just helped with the writing? So I never expected much from there. And then she left the blog to some team and went to work for Time magazine? Or was it Rolling Stone? That had to be 7 years ago, and I haven’t paid any attention since then.


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calendar   Saturday - January 22, 2011

weekend reading

Links offered up by Rich K.

Mark Steyn considers the end of the era, as the cultural torch gets dimmed by the very people who hold it. A half hour well spent that will keep you thinking all weekend.

Not so long ago, Geert Wilders, the Dutch parliamentarian and soi-disant Islamophobe, flew into London and promptly got shipped back to the Netherlands as a threat to public order. After the British Government had reconsidered its stupidity, he was permitted to return and give his speech at the House of Lords—and, as foreigners often do, he quoted Winston Churchill, under the touchingly naive assumption that this would endear him to the natives. Whereas, of course, to almost all members of Britain’s governing elite, quoting Churchill approvingly only confirms that you’re an extremist lunatic. I had the honor a couple of years back of visiting President Bush in the White House and seeing the bust of Churchill on display in the Oval Office. When Barack Obama moved in, he ordered Churchill’s bust be removed and returned to the British. Its present whereabouts are unclear. But, given what Sir Winston had to say about Islam in his book on the Sudanese campaign, the bust was almost certainly arrested at Heathrow and deported as a threat to public order.

Making a silk purse from a sow’s ear is no trick at all to Obama. VDH writes on Teh One’s amazing bipartisan rise in the poles in the last 2 weeks. You’re being played folks.

Two, it was politically brilliant to let the Left fully vent for five days. That way they would not be furious that they had been muzzled, and the interval would allow ample time for finger-in-the-wind testing of the national reaction to their deplorable rhetoric. When Obama did at last come forward, the Left was both satiated and discredited. And in brilliant morally equivalent fashion, the stage was set to channel growing popular repulsion at the Krugmans of the world into popular repulsion at both Krugmans and those that they libeled. A sacrificial Paul Krugman could not have wished for more—as, for example, Palin’s favorables plummeted.

As you scroll down his blog and go back through time, Hanson writes more about Palin, more about Obama, more about Tuscon, and more. A whole month of great posts. This guy is tops.

Ok, time for me to get out of here and go shopping before the temps drop down to the teens. We’re down 3 degrees already and the sun is still shining. Damn. Is it Spring yet?????


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calendar   Tuesday - December 21, 2010

Read This

Yup, I’m what he calls a Constitutionalist. I would have used the terms ”Strict Constructionist” or “Originalist”, but people are so short-sighted that many can’t see that these two terms expand beyond the legal definition to embrace an entire worldview. Or nationview. And I can not disagree with the author, that the term Conservative has been both watered down and corrupted, both from within and from without. Furthermore, attaching the “Republican” political label to any of these terms is a major misnomer. “Republican” and “Democrat” are meaningless terms at this point, when the only difference between most of the elected members of the party is a matter of degree: both sides are “Progressives” but one side has less patience than the other and wants their Socialist Utopia (with them on top) right now.

At least this fellow provides us some live ammo to fire at the “living document” crowd.

When has a society ever opened a door to power that its government has not taken quick advantage of?



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Conservative Link Clearing House

A bit like Insty, only without the blended puppies.

Liberty Junkie is doing the job BlogRolling no longer does; they have a list of your favorite two or three hundred Conservative blogs. They also have links to the latest post from those blogs sorted out into 16 categories of what’s current. It’s useful, especially if you don’t want to make a huge RSS subscriber list, or plod through dozens and dozens of blogs to see what’s going on.

Vilmar’s, Theo’s, Stoaty’s, Ace’s, Steamboat’s, Cbullit’s and Lemur King’s are not on the list.  Nor are any of the other Moronosphere blogs. Nope, not Rott. No Right, Wing-Nut either. But both versions of Liberty Pundits (.com, .net) are. So it isn’t a complete list of the places I visit, but it might be useful to some of you.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 12/21/2010 at 09:30 AM   
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Vietnam Homecoming
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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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