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Britain’s voodoo killers. Warning. This isn’t a pleasant read.

There isn’t any doubt this will be the most disturbing and gruesome post I have ever done.  In my wildest imaginings of the evil ppl do, until sometime last year when I first became aware, I still didn’t know it had gone this far and for so long a time.  Reports say at least ten years.

I have done some editing but, due to the nature of the subject, this is not a short post. And oh btw:

Lets hear it for multi culture and diversity folks.

Remember that very old story about a farmer inviting a pig into his house and clothing it etc.?  It was still a piggy and it still crapped wherever it wanted to even though it was the smartest animal in his barnyard.  Something like that. 
Another way saying something about a leopard’s spots.

Well, this gruesome story reminds me of that.  I love cats, but if I dressed a cat up in a suit and tie, it would still be a cat and it would still, we would hope, use the damn litter box.
But this is a very different sort of animal. An almost human one.

They’ve been taught to read and write and given opportunities to better themselves which some have for sure.  But the life forms that have been coming out of some of the backward places mentioned, are not quite the same.  They may look it and act it when it’s necessary, but once on their own, where no one can see, they quickly revert to what they actually are.

Savages, and vicious ones at that.  They are NOT capable of integrating and a thousand years from today, they will be exactly as they are now, which is what they were a thousand years ago.  Savages.

This is without a doubt the most disturbing article I have ever posted here. And it is not done for shock value, although it may shock a few.  Mostly I think, this won’t surprise many as it’s pretty much expected.

This isn’t for the squeamish.

he was found licking blood from the man’s injured face.

the louder the victim screams, the more potent the magic.

Britain’s voodoo killers: This week a minister warned of a wave of child abuse and killings linked to witchcraft. Alarmist? This investigation suggests otherwise


They appeared to be upright and decent members of our society. She dressed smartly, and had worked for Marks & Spencer. ( a major dept. store chain)

He drove a top-of-the-range Mercedes and spent his spare time coaching a local women’s football team.

But unbeknown to their neighbours and friends, this couple living in their suburban London flat led a terrifying secret life.

They practised African black magic or voodoo, and on Christmas Day in 2010 they murdered a teenage boy in the belief he was a witch.
To rid the 15-year-old of his ‘demons’, the couple attacked him with knives, sticks, metal bars, a hammer, pliers and a chisel until he begged to die.

After three days of torture, Kristy Bamu was put in the bath and hosed down with cold water to get rid of the blood on his body. Horribly injured, he slid under the water as the bath filled up, and drowned.

Details of Kristy’s murder were revealed at a trial at London’s Old Bailey which ended earlier this year.
Football coach Eric Bikubi, 28, and his partner, Magalie Bamu, 29, Kristy’s sister, were each sentenced to life imprisonment for killing him at their eighth-floor apartment in Newham, East London.

The case was a shocking reminder of how witchcraft, with its roots in Africa, South Asia and the Caribbean, is now practised in the heart of our multicultural cities and towns.

more than 130 dreadful injuries on his body. His face was unrecognisable and pounded to a pulp.

Nine days before Kristy’s death, a mother disembowelled her four-year-old daughter to ‘exorcise evil spirits’ at her home in Hackney, London.

Shayma Ali strangled the child before stabbing her 40 times with a kitchen knife because she believed she was possessed by a spirit referred to in the Koran.

She had removed the eyes from the little girl’s toys to stop them ‘seeing’ the child’s evil ways.

Particularly prized are the genitalia of young boys and virgin girls. Cut from a live child they are thought to add more potency because of the victim’s screams

Last month, four family members were found guilty of murdering a pregnant 21-year-old woman whom they claimed was ‘possessed’ by ‘evil spirits’.
Mohammed Tauseef Mumtaz, 25, and his parents and brother-in-law were found guilty of killing his wife three years ago.

And just this week a Nigerian couple were sentenced to seven years in jail after abusing their children — who they believed to be possessed — for ten years.  Their crimes were only uncovered after their eldest daughter threw a note into the street outside her window, begging for help.

Oh great. Abuse for 10 years and serve 7 for the abuse.  That’s what passes for justice in today’s fracked up world where if justice ruled, they’d deserve life at the least.

Police are investigating a tide of violent acts, often against children, by those who believe in witchcraft practices known as voodoo, kindoki, and juju. But a government minister has warned that political correctness is hampering their ability to prevent such atrocities.

Such horrors are barely credible yet detectives fear they are only scraping the surface of this hidden and abhorrent crime wave. They have linked witchcraft to huge money-making operations in which parents pay wads of cash for ‘deliverance’ ceremonies to stop their children being witches.

Horrific exorcism videos promoting the vile practice are on sale in Britain and I was able to buy them myself. Scotland Yard is now so alarmed at the rise in witchcraft ceremonies that it has established a special unit to investigate the ritual abuse of children in the name of religion and culture.
But these detectives are being hampered by a culture that is endemic throughout the state apparatus and conspires to hide the true enormity of what is happening.

The modern-day creed that immigrant communities must be free to follow their own cultures and customs, without questions or criticism, has allowed witchcraft and various rituals to flourish.

In June, it emerged that social workers at Islington Council, North London, considered sending an African boy back to his native land, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), for an exorcism at the taxpayers’ expense because his mother claimed he was possessed by ‘kindoki’ or evil spirits and needed ‘deliverance’.
Astonishingly, the council paid Dr Richard Hoskins, an expert in African religion, £4,372 to travel to Kinshasa, the capital of the DRC, to investigate how and if the ceremony should take place, because social workers were worried the family’s ‘sensibilities might be affected’ if they didn’t obey the mother’s wishes.
Dr Hoskins met the grandparents in Kinsasha, who claimed the boy had been ‘infected by sorcery’ in Britain which would ‘destroy them all’. Church officials in the city also claimed that his evil spirits would lead to ‘strife, illness, divorce, hardship, poverty and death’ if not dealt with by the ritual. It would have involved depriving the boy of food and drink for three days to ‘cast out’ the bad spirits.

On his return, Dr Hoskins told Islington Council that the ceremony would leave the boy ‘disturbed and traumatised’. The extraordinary plan was dropped and the child is now in the care of the local authority.

However, as Dr Hoskins told a conference, the case highlights how ambivalent British officials can be towards tackling child abuse when it is committed under the guise of religious or cultural ceremonies and ‘masked by multiculturalism’

According to witch doctors, to kill a living person for medicinal purposes is the most empowering form of sacrifice and, the most potent form of all is to kill an innocent child.

At its heart, this abuse is rooted in the belief that a misfortune befalling a family can be blamed on their child being a witch.
The failure of an immigration appeal, a shortage of money, the loss of a job or an on-going housing problem have all been cited as reasons for a son or daughter being deemed to be ‘possessed by evil spirits’.
Even a misdemeanour such as bedwetting can put a child at risk of being labelled a witch — indeed, as we shall see, it was the fact that he wet himself that sealed Kristy Bamu’s terrible fate.

Likewise, girls from strict religious backgrounds who bring shame on their family honour by adopting Western attitudes have also been forced to undergo exorcism ceremonies where they are beaten and shouted at until they faint with terror.
Dr Hoskins, an academic who has studied witchcraft for 25 years, gave evidence at the Kristy Bamu murder trial, where he said: ‘Even among educated people in London, I’ve met those who believe in kindoki, as witchcraft is known in central and western Africa , and that it has powers.’
This first caught public attention with the death of eight-year-old Victoria Climbie more than a decade ago in 2000. Victoria was killed in London by her great-aunt and partner, who said the sweet little girl was a witch.

A year later the torso of a five-year-old Nigerian boy, named Adam by police, was found in the River Thames after he was sacrificed. Police believe he was smuggled into Britain and his body parts used in a ritual medical ceremony to save the life of someone in the migrant community who was dying of an incurable disease.

In some forms of African witchcraft, heads and other body parts can be buried in front of homes to keep bad spirits at bay. A cup of human blood is said to boost vitality. A powdered concoction made from pieces of brain is believed to lead to riches.

Particularly prized are the genitalia of young boys and virgin girls. If these body parts are cut from a live child they are thought to add even more potency because of the victim’s screams.

That such practices take place overseas has long been known. But now they are happening here after being imported from other countries — and in truth they have been going on for years.

He is alleged to have cut off his daughter’s head, legs and arms during a ritual to bring him luck.

The headless torso of a black baby girl was found hidden in bushes in Epping Forest way back in 1969. Scotland Yard are now reinvestigating her murder and think it may have been the earliest case of a killing linked to African witchcraft on British soil.
The girl’s father, from north-west Africa, quickly became the chief suspect, but fled the country before he could be arrested and questioned. He is alleged to have cut off his daughter’s head, legs and arms during a ritual to bring him luck.
According to police and migrant advisory services, witchcraft ceremonies are spreading because of the increasing number of unregulated back street churches and mosques that have broken away from the mainstream places of worship to cater for millions of new immigrants from Africa, South Asia and the Caribbean countries, providing a link to their birth countries, cultures and customs.
Many of these horrific events are filmed and can be found on videos selling for a couple of pounds in ethnic shops and market stalls in London. What they show is terrified children, accused of witchcraft, being freed of ‘demons’. In one video I bought, a white-robed pastor is shown hitting a five-year-old boy with a long stick as the congregation chants approval.
His mother cries, but is held back from freeing her son because it is thought — by the prayer goers — to be the best thing for the family and their child. They are scenes which police believe are being repeated week after week in cities such as London, Birmingham, Leicester and Manchester.

And, worryingly, Detective Superintendent Terry Sharpe of Scotland Yard says that witchcraft-linked crime is ‘far more prevalent’ in this country than official figures suggest.

‘Children have been physically beaten and forced to drink unknown liquids in rituals to rid them of evil spirits. They have been starved and deprived of sleep.

‘Children have been blindfolded and had their hair cut off. They have had liquid poured on their genitals and been murdered,’ he said after the Kristy case.
So what of this innocent boy’s killers, the couple who appeared to be pillars of their local community? At the time Eric Bikubi and Magalie Bamu were busy renovating their London flat and would talk on the stairways to neighbours who thought they were a perfectly ordinary and loving couple.
Five years earlier, Bikubi had even served as a community adviser on child protection issues in the London borough of Camden.

To his family and friends, he was a talkative man, mad about football, who had trials for Arsenal and claimed to have played alongside John Terry. As for Magalie, she tied back her long hair, dressed with some style and had loved her job at Marks & Spencer.
But behind closed doors, the couple could not have been more different from this presentable image.

His belief in witchcraft was so deeply ingrained that once, when he was in prison awaiting trial, he picked a fight with another inmate and was found licking blood from the man’s injured face.
It was to this murderous man’s home that an unwitting Kristy Bamu and his siblings were sent by their parents from their family home in Paris for a few days over Christmas in 2010.

His sisters, aged 20 and 11, were beaten along with Kristy, but escaped further attacks after ‘confessing’ to being witches. Two other boy relatives, aged 13 and 22, were made to join in the torture.

A nervous teenager, Kritsy wet himself during the visit and suddenly he was accused by Bikubi and Magalie of being a witch and bringing voodoo in the couple’s home. 

Bikubi forced Kristy to pray for deliverance for three days and nights without food and water.

The boy had a metal bar shoved in his mouth, he was struck in the face with a hammer and his teeth were knocked out. One of his brothers was forced to stand guard so he could not escape, while some of his siblings were made to mop up his blood.

He begged for forgiveness during his ordeal, and even confessed to being a witch to try to save his own life. All to no avail. When Kristy died he had more than 130 dreadful injuries on his body. His face was unrecognisable and pounded to a pulp.

Savagely killed by an evil couple in the name of witchcraft, it seems certain he will not be the last child to be maimed or die.

Photos at the link. Not pleasant.



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calendar   Monday - July 02, 2012

why wait? why not leave and then nuke the bastards?

I’m really bothered by this and I’m fairly certain American troops are still targets as well.  But here is where I am and here is where I get news concerning this place and most especially what’s happening to those brave young kids in a god forsaken and worthless place populated by people we’ve not a thing in common with.  Not even our humanity.
I am of course referring to the wasted lives and wasted resources lost by the UK in Afghanistan.

As an aside.  It’s only in the past week that I have finally, after all these years, got my hands on a copy of Pat Buchanan’s book, “The Death of the West.”
It’s a chilling read and a sad one and a maddening read as well.  I don’t always agree with every single thing he may believe to be true.  But pretty much I do buy his general outlook.  And it is scary. I also think it’s all of it true.  And what Pat writes about America is equally true of Europe and the UK. 
So that beings me back to the reason for this morning’s post.

Since our Commander in Chief is a military genius and along with the Brit top man have announced the time table for withdrawal, why must we wait?
Every death is pointless. Wasted. What good are we doing?  If anyone knows, please don’t keep it a secret. Cos I very honestly do not know.
How many more time does this have to be repeated?

Three British soldiers killed by Afghan policeman after argument

Three British soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan by a local policeman following an argument, the Ministry of Defence has said.

Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent, and Ben Farmer in Lashkar Gah

As relations with local forces continue to deteriorate the deaths mean that a quarter of all British fatalities this year have been caused by Afghans soldiers with seven murdered at the hands of allies.
The soldiers, two from the Welsh Guards and one from the Royal Corps of Signals, are understood to have become involved in an argument with one of the Afghan policemen.
The officer opened fire, probably with an AK47 machine gun, and hit three of the soldiers. It is unclear if they were wearing body armour at check point Kamparack Pul in Nahr-e-Saraj in Helmand. A fourth British soldier was wounded but is thought to be stable.
The Afghan policeman was then shot and wounded. He is now in custody.
The deaths bring the total number of British fatalities in Afghanistan to 422.



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threats to the west and the usual starving somalia

I guess this is about as bad as it can get short of some kind of nuke devise those miserable shits would prefer. Scary stuff and I believe those folks will try something like this.
What I don’t understand is this.

If we could nuke two Japanese cities knowing there’d be collateral damage, in order to end a war and save a million lives.  Why can’t we nuke areas our intel knows those lice ridden filthy sub human scum are in? Whoosh, bang and who’s next?  I guess not.  There’s all that human rights stuff and the left would be angry cos heaven knows saving western civilization isn’t one of the things at the top of their hit parade.

Well, way I see it, either we manage to shake off this silly thinking about agreements and conventions on how a country goes about defending itself, or just give up now and let the enemy pick us off piece meal.  Cos they will ya know.  Why shouldn’t we blow em off the planet before they develop or manage to buy the stuff that’ll do it to us first?  Are we waiting for another Pearl Harbor?  Cos another one of those with the technology available today, could be far more catastrophic then we can imagine right now.

What the hell, it’s late and I know I’m ranting while whistling Dixie and pissin into the wind.  Thing is, I really believe what I say.  I can’t see (yet) where I’m wrong.  The enemy the west faces today is far different then anything we’ve experienced in a hundred years and more.  And we aren’t facing an enemy we can talk to. Heaven help us all.

Al Qaeda operatives in Yemen ‘planning deadly ricin attack’ on US, Obama warned

By Daily Mail Reporter

Intelligence officials have warned Barack Obama that a dangerous regional arm of Al Qaeda is trying to produce the deadly poison ricin to use in attacks against the United States.

Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen is believed to have been trying to acquire large quantities of castor beans, which contain the toxic rich protein.

It is thought the poison would be packed around small explosives which could disperse the white powdery substance on detonation.

It is so deadly that even a speck of it can kill someone if inhaled or taken into the blood stream.

The poison was used in the 1978 assassination in London of Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov and, in 2002, police raided a facility said to be plotting its manufacture in the UK capital.

Al Qaeda intend on detonating the explosives in enclosed areas like shopping centres and airports.

But there are limits on ricin because it loses its potency in dry, sunny conditions, like those in Yemen, and is not easily absorbed through the skin like other nerve agents.

America has been bracing itself for a backlash from terrorists after Osama Bin Laden was killed earlier this year.

Mr Obama was briefed by top security aides about the latest threat last year but was told by that an attack is not imminent.

Senior administration officials said ricin was among the threats being tracked by a secret government task force created after printer cartridges packed with powerful explosives were found in cargo bound for Chicago in October 2010, according to the New York Times.

It said the task force was working with Saudi officials and with the remnants of Yemen’s intelligence agencies to counter the threat.

It said regional Al Qaeda affiliates, especially in the Arabian Peninsula, were seen as a menace to the United States and U.S. interests abroad.

The virtual collapse of Yemen’s government has enabled Al Qaeda to widen its control in the country and strengthen its operational ties with al Shabab, the Islamic militancy in Somalia.

The US government is working with what is left of Yemen’s intelligence agencies and those of neighbouring Saudi Arabia to try to root our terror plots early.


Meanwhile, speaking of Somalia and pirate central ....
Another appeal from another guilty white media type who wants to tug at our heartstrings.  Yawn.
Let em eat cake. Make that mud, cos I don’t care.  I just see any that survive as a future verminous species that will forever and ever be a burden.

Liz Jones in a Somalian refugee camp: ‘The tiny girl scrapes her teeth with a twig to make herself pretty for me. A tooth falls out into her hand. Her very being makes a mockery of the world I have come from’

By Liz Jones

I have come to Dadaab to see for myself the vast refugee camp on the border between Kenya and Somalia which has become the magnet for victims fleeing the drought and famine in the Horn of Africa. Millions are facing starvation, and more than 29,000 children under five have died in the past 90 days alone.

It’s early morning, but already 40 degrees and the wind makes it feel as though I’m inside a giant hairdryer. I am surrounded by children — there are 300,000 of them here, none of whom has even the basic means to wash themselves or owns a pair of underpants. These children, when they have the strength, use twigs to clean their teeth.


Liz is so soft hearted, she was feeding rats in her barn organic food and didn’t want to do harm to them.  And guilt comes somewhat easy to her. So good. I’ll let her take my guilt if there is any and have a nice snack. Maybe I’ll send her an empty candy wrapper. burp.


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calendar   Thursday - April 07, 2011

Brits give savage mau-mau boo-boo. mau-mau now want com-pin-say-shun

Yeah. Like those savages didn’t bring it on themselves. They were doing these things to each other long before any Brits dreamed of the place. So now these innocents want to sue.

Mau-mau deserved everything they got.  There is not one example where they showed anything but the savage cavemen they were. Piss on em. I hope their lawyer gets hit by a bus. These sub-humans look pretty old. Maybe they’ll croak before any court can screw the country any more then has been done.
Get a load of some of the names. Ndiku Mutwiwa Muta?  Wambugu wa Nyingi? Oh yeah ...
Hussein Onyango OBAMA????  Scrambled alphabet names for scrambled sub species.  Take a look at some of the pix at the link.

Castration and conspiracy: How British government covered up torture of the Mau Maus for 50 years
Last updated at 9:55 AM on 6th April 2011

‘Torture victims’ in court for landmark claim against British government
Files exposing abuse were flown out of Kenya on eve of independence
50 year cover up as damning papers languished in Foreign Office
Successful case could open floodgates from claims around world
A Government ‘cover-up’ of one of the darkest episodes in British colonial history emerged yesterday on the eve of a High Court battle by veterans of Kenya’s independence war.

Around 300 boxes of documents ‘lost’ for almost half a century have been unearthed as four elderly Kenyans claim compensation for torture carried out against Mau Mau rebels.

The Kenyans say they suffered ‘unspeakable acts of brutality, including castrations and severe sexual assault’ in British-run detention camps during the rebellion against colonial rule between 1952 and 1960.

The 1,500 files – documenting efforts to put down the Mau Mau guerrilla insurgency – were spirited out of Africa on the eve of Kenya’s independence in 1963 and brought to Britain. The missing documents, with material that ‘might embarrass her Majesty’s Government’ removed, were thought to have been lost or destroyed.

But after a High Court judge ordered the Government to produce all relevant evidence, the files – which filled 110ft of shelving – were found in the Foreign Office.

They are expected to play a key role in the court action beginning tomorrow by Kenyan claimants who want a statement of regret from the Government and a welfare fund for victims. With at least 1,400 other former Mau Mau detainees still alive, Britain could face a multi-million-pound compensation bill if the Kenyans win their case.


I don’t suppose their victims can claim any com-pin-say-shun.  Course not. Those that aren’t dead are mostly white. No hint of a pay out for them.


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calendar   Wednesday - November 03, 2010

al-Qaeda terrorists ‘threatened another Lockerbie’.

More of the same but getting a bit intense I think. No panic button but I sure am tired of these grizzly bearded sub human bastards.  OH, like you aren’t. But I almost feel like we’re on some kind of front line.

By now I’m certain all of you are aware and know about the latest foiled bomb plot. Explosives in printers and printer cartridges. Seems Yemen has become a hotspot for terrorist activity and training.  Yemen?  Would anyone miss it?  And Somalia? Would anyone miss it?  We might have to take a very much closer look at Pakistan as well.

My solution to both problems and no joke intended.  Doesn’t mean there won’t still be islamic terrorists. But damn fewer and an unexpected nuke attack on both places would surely reduce the problem by a hundred fold. Then in the aftermath we send in clean up units of a newly formed death head div. to mop up and rid the world of anything remaining.  Anything short of that will not work. It can’t because their numbers are growing. They have a higher birth rate, think insects. Same thing.  These are very evil life forms, many of whom really do these things only because they enjoy the exercise, and now have a religion to use as an excuse.  Join them to the many who are true believers, all of em spawning, and you see the problem.

I do not subscribe to the argument that we can not use methods that put us in their moral grouping. Why not? If we can rid the world of the scum, who’ll question the methods later?  And those that do can be sent off to places like Afghanistan (if there’s much left) to see how they’d like living in another century.

Here’s my time honored solution.

Suspect linked to al-Qaeda plane bomb plotters arrested in Britain

A member of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was arrested in Britain for allegedly plotting an attack in this country, the Home Secretary Theresa May has said.

By Tom Whitehead and Caroline Gammell

The suspect was an “associate” of the terrorist group, which was linked to last week’s cargo plane bomb plot in which ink printer cartridges were loaded with enough dangerous explosive to blow up aircraft.


In her first speech on security, Mrs May warned such threats will continue against the country and that the police and security services were working to disrupt al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) operatives in this country.

Mrs May also warned that the threat of AQAP and its capability in Yemen was increasing.

Mrs May said: “An AQAP associate was arrested here earlier this year.

“He is alleged to have been planning a terrorist attack in this country. Threats such as these are likely to continue.”

During her speech, the Home Secretary also warned that Somalia will become a terror hotbed if “left to its own devices” plotting attacks on the UK.

She said: “Where necessary we will enhance our protective security measures; we will invest in conflict prevention and stopping terrorist plots overseas; we will refocus the strategy for preventing radicalisation in the UK; and we will strike a better balance between our liberties and our security.

“There is much good work under way to tackle the terrorist threat.

more here. read it and know your enemy

Strike a better balance, the lady says. Right. Here’s a better balance. It’s been tested and found to work when applied.

I tend to take the threat to us very seriously. And personally.


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calendar   Wednesday - September 22, 2010

Turning Fire Green

SoS Clinton Pledges $50 Million to Turd World

To Buy Them “Green” Stoves

because in 5,000 years they’ve never developed past rocks

Clinton to unveil US funds for clean cookstove push

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will announce on Tuesday a U.S. contribution of more than $50 million toward providing clean cooking stoves in developing countries to reduce deaths from smoke inhalation and fight climate change.

The U.S. funding, which will be spread over five years, is part of a Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves being started to combat a problem officials equate with malaria and unclean water in terms of their health impact worldwide.

Some 1.9 million premature deaths, mostly among women and young children, occur every year due to smoke inhalation from rudimentary stoves, which in many cases consist of a few stones and an open fire inside or outside a shelter, officials said.

Smoke from such cooking methods can lead to childhood pneumonia, lung cancer, bronchitis and cardiovascular disease while contributing to climate change through emissions of carbon dioxide and methane—two major greenhouse gases—and black carbon.

“This is something that touches on climate, on health, on women’s empowerment, on deforestation and on poverty,” Reid Detchon, vice president for energy and climate at the United Nations Foundation, said in an interview.

He said the group would seek to create a market for cleaner, less-polluting stoves and fuels to supply some 500 million households worldwide now using inefficient and dangerous cooking methods.

India, south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa were areas in which the problem was most acute.

“You’re not going to solve this problem with aid alone,” he said. “You’re going to have to create a thriving cookstove industry that can supply both stoves and fuels that people want and need.”

Talk about your White Man’s Burden. Those poor benighted natives, cooking their food over a, um, a ... a campfire. A fire! One that burns wood. Or peat. Or dried dung. Or anything they can scavenge that will hold a flame. It’s so primitive. So ethnic. ( And so portable, especially for nomadic populations! All you need is 3 decent sized rocks to balance your pot on, and you build a fire around them. Presto, hot food! And you can find rocks everywhere, so you don’t have to bring any with you. )

Now class, since this is a Democratic Initiative, let’s completely ignore that bit of history wherein John D. Rockefeller created Standard Oil in the 19th century and made zillions by practically giving away kerosene lamps all around the world, that ran on the kerosene his company produced. No, that was an example of evil capitalism, enslaving the natives, and taking advantage of the Lesser Races. It had nothing to do with improving the lives of billions of people, giving them cleaner, safer light and better air quality than the smoky old tallow lamps or burning torches that they’d used before.

This initiative is completely different. Because it will replace their primitive fire and cooking apparatus with more modern Fire™ and give them something bulky and dirty to carry with them everywhere they go. And just think, by enhancing Fire™ with Air™ the things they burn will burn cleaner and hotter, resulting in less smoke and wasted fuel and therefore less Environmental Impact. It’s a win-win situation all around, especially for the pet companies who will eventually have a Clean Stove to sell to the government for distribution, and the other pet companies who will develop and then market Burny Stuff™ for those Clean Stoves to run on! Look how much better the lives of those poor and starvin’ women and children will be, having been subject to the enlightened beneficence of this Democratic Initiative that changed their way of life from cooking over raw campfires to cooking over raw campfires with a thingy on top!!

Clean cooking solutions in the developing world

4/1/2010 // The Norwegian ambassador Wegger Chr. Strømmen participated in the conference Reducing Emissions, Saving Lives: A global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves on Monday March 29, 2010. One of the things he mentioned in his opening remarks was the importance of thinking about diversity when forging the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. – One size won’t fit all. The diversity of this project needs different types of models.


Primitive cookstoves are the primary tool for heating and cooking for nearly three million people in the developing world. Poor households use the classic three-stone cooker to prepare their food, while using wood as the basic fuel. These cookstoves creates a smoke that is highly damaging. The smoke causes health problems like cancer, asthma and tuberculoses and the smoke is also the cause of two million premature deaths annually. Women and young children suffer the most.

The use of wood as fuel creates black carbon that in addition to damaging people’s health also is an important driver of climate change, at both regional and global level. The use of wood as fuel also causes deforestation in many regions.

Wait a second ... if 3 million people use this primitive method, and 2 million a year die because of it ... isn’t this one helluva way to keep those abo populations in check? This is better than abortion!

The participants discussed the health and environmental benefits of improved stoves and fuels during the conference. They also mapped out the technical, financial, and commercial opportunities to reach global scale and how to seek agreement on collaboration around an action plan to support large-scale deployment through the creation of a Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

Back when I worked in an office we had a game we called Buzzword Bingo. I think we have a winner here!

The Norwegian ambassador Wegger Chr. Strømmen was one of the speakers at the conference. - It is important to think about the diversity this problem. The gender issue, climate, development and finance issues. The cookstoves are used by three million people from different countries. It is important to have in mind the need of different designs for different populations. It is not only the cookstoves that needs diversity. This project also has a lot of different donors. One size won’t fit all so it is important that we use different types of models.

So the universal solution for Clean Stoves is that a universe of solutions will be necessary. Because you have to respect the fact that different cultures cook in different ways, so we will needs dozens, if not hundreds, possibly thousands, of different models ( and infinite R&D funding ) to solve this problem. Because 3 rocks and some fire are so unadaptable.

This post is getting a bit long, so for those interested, the details of the new wonder stove and it’s new and improved Fire™ are below the fold. With pictures!

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Saturday - June 26, 2010

rural renewal region

What A Dump

If you live in Afghanistan, this is the mall.


Horry Clap.

Hey Ophony - Get to work over there. Find our enemies, kill them, their friends and their families, and then bring our troops home. Anything else is a waste of blood and treasure. I take it back - you can bomb Afghanistan back to the stone age; all it takes is a single firecracker. The only reason they aren’t chipping stone knives out of flint is because they’ve forgotten how.

picture from Theo’s of course


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calendar   Monday - June 07, 2010

In India Your Life Is Worth $1.74

India: 7 Convicted For Bhopal Disaster

Talk about lengthy court cases! The Bhopal disaster happened more than 25 years ago, when Union Carbide accidentally released poison gas that killed 4,000 people. Lingering effects raised the death toll to about 15,000 within a couple years. And the lawsuit has been tied up in court ever since.

An Indian court Monday convicted seven former senior employees of Union Carbide’s Indian subsidiary of “death by negligence” for their roles in the Bhopal gas tragedy that left an estimated 15,000 people dead more than a quarter century ago in the world’s worst industrial disaster.

The former employees, many of them in their 70s, were sentenced to two years in prison and ordered to pay fines of 100,000 rupees ($2,175) apiece. All seven were released on bail shortly after the verdict.

The subsidiary, Union Carbide India Ltd., was convicted of the same charge and ordered to pay a fine of rupees 500,000 ($10,870). Union Carbide eventually sold its shares in the subsidiary company, which was renamed Eveready Industries India.

India’s Central Bureau of Investigation, the country’s top investigative agency, has said the plant had not been following proper safety procedures before the disaster.

Early on Dec. 3, 1984, a pesticide plant run by Union Carbide leaked about 40 tons of deadly methyl isocyanate gas into the air in the city of Bhopal in central India, quickly killing about 4,000 people. The lingering effects of the poison raised the death toll to about 15,000 over the next few years, according to government estimates.

So there you go. 7 X $2175 + $10870 = $26,095. Divided by 15,000 leaves you $1.74.

This math does not include the $470 million settlement that Union Carbide paid the government of India in 1989. The $1.74 number is punitive damages levied against the convicted parties. But even taking that larger amount into the calculation, the final result is a mere $31,335 per person. Life is pretty cheap in the Turd World.


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calendar   Friday - June 04, 2010

Moonbat Island

Today Is World Environment Day

Haitian Farmers Have No Seed Stock Left To Grow Crops,

So They Plan To Celebrate This Holiday

By Burning 475 Tons Of Seeds Donated To Them

Moonbat Money Quote: “People in the US need to help us produce, not give us food and seeds. They’re ruining our chance to support ourselves” because, you know, actually giving somebody some seeds so that they could, like, totally grow their own crops, and then sell them, or at least hand out the food so that nobody starves, is NOT helping anyone support themselves.

But the seeds are evil!!!

Four months after a devastating earthquake ripped apart their country, the people of Haiti are still suffering, so you’d think a multi-million-dollar donation of vegetable seeds would be welcome news. But two Haitian groups, backed by the activist group Grassroots International, are urging farmers to do the unthinkable: burn the donated seeds.

This evil campaign puts politics ahead of humanity, and it is sad that charities like the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the New York Community Trust are funding Grassroots International’s perversely named “social justice” campaign.

The two groups, the Peasant Movement of Papay (MPP) and the National Peasant Movement of the Congress of Papay (MPMKP), argue that the hybrid seeds donated by Monsanto will somehow undermine the “food sovereignty” of Haiti. They also assert, without any scientific basis, that the donated seeds are somehow unsafe. Nothing could be further from the truth, as seeds like those donated have been used safely for generations.

It isn’t the crop they’re against, it’s the corp — they just don’t like private companies. They’re convinced that “agri-business” is a bad thing, as if private companies shouldn’t be in the business of innovating and selling agricultural products to people trying to grow food.

Right. Economies of scale is just one more thing that Haitians have no awareness of. I guess every person on earth is supposed to walk down there and hand over a kernel of corn.

“A new earthquake” is what peasant farmer leader Chavannes Jean-Baptiste of the Peasant Movement of Papay (MPP) called the news that Monsanto will be donating 60,000 seed sacks (475 tons) of hybrid corn seeds and vegetable seeds, some of them treated with highly toxic pesticides. The MPP has committed to burning Monsanto’s seeds, and has called for a march to protest the corporation’s presence in Haiti on June 4, for World Environment Day.

In an open letter sent May 14, Chavannes Jean-Baptiste, the executive director of MPP and the spokesperson for the National Peasant Movement of the Congress of Papay (MPNKP), called the entry of Monsanto seeds into Haiti “a very strong attack on small agriculture, on farmers, on biodiversity, on Creole seeds ... and on what is left our environment in Haiti."(1) Haitian social movements have been vocal in their opposition to agribusiness imports of seeds and food, which undermines local production with local seed stocks. They have expressed special concern about the import of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

“We’re for seeds that have never been touched by multinationals. In our advocacy, we say that seeds are the patrimony of humanity. No one can control them,” said Doudou Pierre, national coordinating committee member of the National Haitian Network for Food Sovereignty and Food Security (RENHASSA), in a recent interview. “We reject Monsanto and their GMOs. GMOs would be the extermination of our people.”

A march is being held in Haiti today for World Environment Day, called by at least four major national peasant organizations and one international one. The march’s purpose is to protest the new arrival of Monsanto seeds. The day’s slogans include, “Long live native seeds” and “Down with Monsanto. Down with GMO and hybrid seeds.”

Several U.S. organizations are planning simultaneous events to protest the entry of the controversial multinational in Haiti.

Last month, Haitian citizens learned the news that the giant agribusiness Monsanto will be “donating” 60,000 seed sacks (475 tons) of hybrid corn seeds and vegetable seeds. While the seeds are free this year, peasant organizations see a Trojan horse, with Monsanto seeking to gain a foothold in the Haitian market. Hybrid seeds typically do not regenerate, so that farmers would have to buy them again each year, and they generally require large quantities of fertilizer and pesticides (two products that also fill Monsanto’s annual coffers).

So far, Monsanto has said that the donated corn seeds are not genetically modified but are hybrids, which means that they may not be suitable for replanting in the subsequent seasons. By cultivating Monsanto’s corn, Haitian peasant farmers will be forced to make annual purchases of seeds.

After the earthquake, much of Haiti’s rural seed stocks were used to help feed people who fled to rural areas from devastated towns and cities. In a message to Haitian farmers, Chavannes stated, “Monsanto is taking advantage of the earthquakeŠto open the country’s doors to this powerful company. We cannot accept this.”

Somewhat famous Moonbat Queen Jill Richardson agrees:

In the past few days since I’ve returned from the Land of No Internet, there’s been much buzz about Monsanto’s “generous” donation of hybrid seeds to Haitian farmers. I have just witnessed agricultural success in Haiti’s nearest neighbor - Cuba - and I saw firsthand that in most cases, farmers use open-pollinated (not hybrid) seeds, and they save their own seeds from one season to the next. I’d imagine it may be different on large sugarcane or tobacco operations, but those places would be growing crops for export. The places I saw grew food to feed their communities, which will be of the utmost importance in Haiti.

I must admit I’m quite pleased to see this headline: “Haitian Farmers Commit to Burning Monsanto Hybrid Seeds. Hybrid seeds cannot be saved, and saved seeds have a limited shelflife, particularly in a humid, tropical environment. Thus, a donation of hybrid seeds can be like a donation of an addictive drug from a drug dealer. You get your first bit for free, and then you’re hooked. You need to buy the next batch yourself. Of course, Haitians can accept the donation and then buy open-pollinated seeds the next year, but that doesn’t negate the fact that hybrid seeds are a very short term gift because they don’t produce seeds you can save.


Thus, Haiti’s Peasant Movement of Papay has called on Haitian farmers to burn Monsanto’s seeds and march in opposition to Monsanto on June 4, World Environment Day. All I can say (besides hallelujah!) is that I hope Haiti’s next door neighbor Cuba comes through with agricultural help, both open pollinated seeds adapted to the local climate and technical expertise. Haiti is truly lucky to be located next door to one of the world’s best example of food sovereignty in the making.

Yeah, that’s it. The ultimate leftist fantasy. CUBA is going to save the day. Because the people there are all so damn fat from all the food they grow themselves that the country can just give it all away. And look at how much help Cuba has been to Haiti with this earthquake disaster relief! Hardly any other country on earth has had to come to Haiti’s aid, no donations from anywhere have been needed, no volunteers, no military presence to keep the peace, no non-stop airlifts of the sick and wounded to Florida and other places with terrible oppressive health care. Fidel and Raul did all themselves!

Whadda SLAG. Whadda maroon.

So ... Haiti’s farms were devastated by the earthquake, and in the aftermath everyone ate up all the seeds that had been set aside for planting. So Haiti has NO remaining native seed stock. And nothing growing in the fields. And no fertilizers or pesticides. So some EVIL corporation donates them a whole bunch - literally a small shipload - of seeds that will grow now, grow fast, and grow there, which are pretreated to resist bugs, maybe even pre-fertilized, etc. Which means they will allow Haitians to feed Haitians this year. No, this doesn’t give them a permanent solution, but it would keep people from starving. Next year maybe somebody else will donate some more seeds. Or maybe what little seed stock Haiti has left can be grown purely to produce more seed stock, on a small bit of land, while this supercrop grows on the rest and feeds the people.

So of course it gets rejected. Because you have a right to remain on welfare unless you are offered an easy job that pays $15 million a year. Same logic. Naturally, a bunch of protesters and various other dirty hippies will be burning Monsanto seeds today in commiseration. All on World Environment Day. Because all that extra smoke and CO2 in the air is good for Mother Earth! Plus it’s always a great idea to get rid of pesticide coated seeds by burning them. Toxic vapors? Whatchu talkin bout Willis?

“Genetically Modified” always makes me laugh. Because it’s ever so much more evil than plain old hybridization, which has been going on for 10,000 years, ever since wheat was a 6” tall variety of lawn grass and corn grew ears 2” long. And cows were these big nasty critters in the forests called Aurochs, which would kill you in an eye-blink whenever they got the chance. The wheat, corn, and cows we have today are all products of the slow method of genetic modification: selective breeding. Hybridization. Same thing, just slower. Science merely speeds up the process. And let’s face it, not all hybrids are sterile, or even first generation. Those tasty Beefsteak tomatoes you grow in your garden were hybridized decades ago ... and then the ones that bred true were selected. Repeat that a few times and you get “heirloom” seeds that make the same plant every generation!

Monsanto has a statement ...

First, Monsanto had to identify seed from its inventory that would be well-suited to Haitian growing climates. That was perhaps the simplest part. The seeds include corn (field, not sweet), cabbage, carrot, eggplant, melon, onion, tomato, spinach and watermelon. Contrary to some online reports (sparked by this erroneous blog posting), these seeds are not derived from biotechnology (GMO). They are conventionally bred, hybrid seeds. Also, Monsanto is not donating herbicide or fertilizer, as those reports falsely state.

Though hybrid seeds were widely grown 30 years ago in Haiti, we were sensitive to the fact that hybrid seeds are not widely used in Haiti today. Hybrids have been in use for decades in other countries, including the Dominican Republic. Given the choice, farmers generally select hybrid seeds because they generate more food and grain per acre or hectare. Monsanto personnel consulted with the Ministry of Agriculture in Haiti and heard very clearly the ministry sees the opportunity for increased yields that hybrid seed creates for Haitian farmers.

and also a spokeperson, Mica, who patiently answers all the attacks aimed at them. Gosh, because HuffPo got their facts wrong about the pesticides and the fertilizers and so forth. Yes, to continue to grow very high yielding crops, the Haitian farmers would need to buy fresh seeds every year. Just like every other commercial farmer on the planet. Subsistence farming with heirloom seeds and no soil management grows less and less food every year. All of which means that Monsanto gave these island farmers a chance to climb up out of the mud and join the rest of the world. Of course they rejected that!


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calendar   Friday - April 02, 2010

Then Let Them Starve

Haiti Back To Being Haiti

food aid shipments delayed because border guards want bribes

After six days of waiting at Haiti’s border, Mario Polanco was losing patience with the red tape holding up his truck full of earthquake relief supplies.

Polanco drove the equipment for the International Committee of the Red Cross 11 hours from a port in the Dominican Republic, only to have the Haitian customs agent find one problem after another with his paperwork. As he waited in the shade of his truck’s cab in this dusty border town, dozens of others were lined up behind him.

“I don’t know why they are making it so difficult on people,” Polanco said.

For more than six weeks following the Jan. 12 earthquake, Haiti left its border with the Dominican Republic open to speed the delivery of aid. As the government now reasserts control, the return of bureaucracy is leading to delays as trucks idle for days.

One day this week at the customs office at Malpasse, the Haitian town across from Jimani, a single agent was processing a caravan of trucks, including Polanco’s, that stretched for two miles (three kilometers). In the line were rice, beans, canned food, construction materials and ambulances — all desperately needed in Haiti.

“We haven’t been able to distribute food for two weeks,” said Paloma Rivera, an official with Quisqueya in Action, a nonprofit Dominican organization that is feeding some of Haiti’s homeless quake victims.

Haiti’s bureaucracy was famously sluggish even before the earthquake shattered government agencies. Businesses could wait months for supplies from the U.S. to clear customs at seaports.

Corruption was also a problem. Haiti regularly ranks among the worst in Transparency International’s annual ranking of perceived corruption. Haiti ranked 168th out of 180 countries in 2009 on a scale where low scores mean most corruption.

At the border, drivers without other options have had luck with bribery.

Customs agents have been arbitrarily charging trucks $40 for entry, Reyes said. He said agents threaten to demand passports or visas that many drivers do not have.

One driver, Jose Lorenzo, was held up for four days before he was allowed to cross the border with a load of canned tuna for the SOS Children’s Villages organization.

When the Haitian agent demanded that he present a passport, Lorenzo said: “Here is my visa,” and handed over 150 Dominican pesos — about $5. He said the agent let him pass without further hassle.

Somebody please tell me why Haiti even has border guards? They have nothing. Zip, zilch, zero. Nada. They need everything. Nobody wants to live there. What on earth is the point of even looking into the bundles, bails, and barrels of free goods the world is sending them in their time of need? Drugs? Who effin’ cares? Nothing is getting out of Haiti, and the people there don’t have 2 cents to rub together. You think they can afford recreational drugs? Pssst - hey, you wanna trade that bag of heroin for this shovel full of mud? How about for this moldy old yam?


But if they want to put roadblocks in the way, it’s their country. Fine. If they want to slow the flow of badly needed supplies to a crawl so as to get a few dollars in bribes, let them. It can all go back on the ships, back on the planes, and go away.  Forever.

Fuck it up, even once, and you lose. Bye bye.


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calendar   Monday - March 01, 2010

If only you people could learn to be reasonable and accept sharia law, this too could be yours.

I searched till I was blue, or at least the air around me was. Couldn’t find these on line. So once again I used a scanner but since these come from a magazine, the quality isn’t bad. Caution
Somewhat gruesome.

The religion of peace in action under sharia law. This is exactly the sort of thing they want for the world people.  If you do not believe that, you are not living on planet earth.  I think what makes it even worse is are the people vermin who appear to be enjoying this. But then, of course they are.
They’re from Somalia and they’re muslims.  Human and Somali do not belong in the same sentence as we already know from our own experience there.



This appeared in the Sunday magazine of The Times. The Spectrum, Feb. 28, 2010


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calendar   Monday - February 08, 2010

Mau Mau claims of British brutality are the reverse of the truth. By a man who was there.

Many of you may recall the vermin known as the Mau-Mau many years ago.  If you don’t, you’re quite young.
The left and especially and most unfortunately in America, began to see these murderous butchers as freedom fighters. But then, the left would. Wouldn’t they?  They (the left in America and even some who weren’t left) didn’t approve of “empire” or colonial possessions and so for many, the killings were you might say, the price paid for colonialism.  Well maybe. But NOT on the scale and in the manner as practiced by the stone aged verminous Mau-Mau. 

Now, all these years later in an age of political correctness and diversity and multi culture crap along with easy litigation, some of the stone age veterans have discovered the 20th century and want to sue the Brits claiming their “human rights” were violated by England.

In order to have those kind of rights one would necessarily have to be a human to begin with.  Vermin may have some of the attributes of a human but you don’t have to look very close to find they are not that at all. 

If the Brits had a failing, it was the failure to exterminate the entire tribe to the last living or near living life form.

It’s a long article but well worth your time. Also please see the comments after the article.

That’s all for me for tonight. 

Why Mau Mau claims of British brutality are the reverse of the truth, by a man who fought them

By Tim Symonds

To have survived so long - avoiding people like me, determined to hunt him down - meant he was immensely resourceful. I fired a shot about four inches above his head. Prodding the prisoner forward, I showed him where the bullet had passed clean through the trunk of a large tree.

‘Next one goes through your skull,’ I said. He began to shake uncontrollably. ‘Kill him,’ my Masai askaris, or ‘soldiers’, chorused. ‘Kill him. He’s Mau Mau.’

‘Please, believe me. I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ he pleaded.

My principal Masai tracker shook his head and drew his finger across his throat. ‘He’s lying, Effendi. Kill him.’

I lowered my gun level with his head and slowly began to squeeze the trigger…

It was 1955 and the ‘Kenyan Emergency’, which began in 1952 and lasted until the end of the decade, was at its height. The Mau Mau were rebels against British rule. Most of them were drawn from the Kikuyu, Kenya’s biggest tribe, and they practised primitive sacrifice and murder.

n October 1954, about 60 Mau Mau guerrillas had attacked the famous anthropologist Louis Leakey’s cousin, Gray Leakey, strangling his wife in front of him and then hauling him away to the Mt Kenya Crown Forest to sacrifice to their fearsome and demanding god.

We heard later that they cut open his stomach, yanked out his intestines and buried him in a pit upside-down, alive, facing the jagged peak of Mt Kenya where their deity lived.

I thought of myself as the perfect foot-soldier of the Empire, hunting the Mau Mau. When I crossed the forest verge I entered their twilight world - a world outside of civilisation, in which different rules applied.

Looking back over half a century, from the perspective of the modern world, those rules seem stark, even brutal. But this is what I experienced as a young man in the dying days of Empire.




Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 02/08/2010 at 02:02 PM   
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Haiti’s blood sport, besides rape and killing people, isn’t a sport at all.

Be sure and donate lots of money to these folks as those cocks can get pricey and besides, YOU own them. uh huh.

Sorry but there’s something grotesque about the need to make some living thing suffer in order for somebody to gain pleasure.  Pleasure through blood and guts. Literally.  Hang on a minute.  I’m not sorry for saying that.  It is grotesque. It’s barbaric. It’s less then human.

I saw a headline in the paper recently about the wonderful crowning achievement of a teen age bull fighter who killed 6 bulls in a day. Oh what a splendid thing to aspire to. NOT!  I’m most happy when the bull manages to gore the tormentor.  The youngest btw is 12 years old.  He got hurt last week and was carried off crying for mommy.  Good.  I hope it still hurts.  I’m just sorry they aren’t graveyard dead.

If people really have a great need for blood sports, and there is nothing at all sporting about them, then why not bring back duels and legalized fights to first blood or death between willing combatants who know what they’re about.  Make it professional combatants.  Why not? 

Haiti’s earthquake survivors turn to cockfighting to raise spirits

They have come to forget their troubles,” said Gabriel Theagene, 83, the rheumy-eyed, gold-toothed, second-generation owner of this particular pit in Plaine, a wretched township on the northern edge of Port-au-Prince.

“People need this as a distraction to forget the earthquake,” says William Cherry, 40, who said that his house had been crushed.  In truth, they would be here anyway.

On this particular afternoon more than 100 men had gathered for the thrice-weekly fights, and by the time The Times arrives halfway through the afternoon the pit is already spattered with blood and feathers.

Cocks in various states of health or distress are tied to posts or bicycle wheels around the yard’s perimeter. One man hawks an evil-smelling moonshine called bois cochon from two filthy plastic containers. Another takes bets on a card game.

People Cavemen vermin urinate against the walls.

The excitement builds as the next contest approaches.



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