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calendar   Thursday - December 12, 2013

deyfon he be trying to get into house thru winow but boom go de home owner bye defon

H/T Raffs for sending this to me. I have just been able to check inbox, which as usual is overloaded.

Well done Eddie and thanks.

So now Texas is short one dark criminal. Lots of others waiting in line.

The guy did the shooting is coming into some heat from the family of course. This is Raff’s take on the story which says it all.


“That’s certainly true, Lakesha. He could also have invited him in and given him a beer, then helped him cart the TV out to the curb.

“Unfortunately for Deyfon, Texas is a Castle Doctrine state, and the homeowner chose to shoot Deyfon, as is right and proper to do in Texas.

“For that matter, Lakesha, you could have warned Deyfon.

Why didn’t YOU tell him: ‘Deyfon, yo’ needs to quit breakin’ into those peoples’ houses and stealin’ they shit. Someone is goins to pop a cap in yo’ ass.’”

God must love stupid people; He made so many.


A homeowner fatally shot a man as he climbed through a window and into his home Monday afternoon, Dallas police say.

The shooting took place at a home on the 2200 block of Morrell Avenue at about 4:15 p.m.

Police said the homeowner heard a noise inside his residence and shot a man, later identified as 33-year-old Deyfon Pipkins, aka BJ, as he climbed through the window.

“The homeowner heard a noise. He came around the corner, saw the individual trying to climb into the window and according to the law, the castle doctrine, he used deadly force,” said Sgt. Calvin Johnson, with the Dallas Police Department.

According to police, the homeowner then called 911. When police arrived, officer’s found Pipkins’ body lying lifeless in the window.

Pipkins mother, Catherine, said she had been called to the scene by her daughter-in-law and said the crime sounded like something her son would do.

“Yeah, it’s something he would do ... Somebody called me and said my son got shot that’s the reason I’m standing here,” said Catherine Pipkins. “Somebody called her [her daughter-in-law] and told her he had got shot. She said, ‘Momma you need to sit down, they said BJ just got killed.’ That’s the reason I’m here.”

The woman said her son did not live at the home.

Pipkins had a lengthy criminal history in Dallas that included numerous charges for theft, trespassing and possession of a controlled substance.

Police said the shooting is a Castle Doctrine case and the Dallas County Grand Jury will decide whether or not the homeowner faces any charges.



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calendar   Friday - May 25, 2012

On The Edge Of A Milestone African-American Achievement

Dragons In Space


the dragon capsule, photographed from the International Space Station

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — The privately bankrolled Dragon capsule approached the International Space Station for a historic docking Friday after sailing through a practice rendezvous the day before.

The unmanned SpaceX Dragon was on track most of the morning to deliver a half-ton of supplies and become the first commercial vessel to visit the space station. But as the capsule drew within 100 feet, flight controllers commanded it to retreat.

The capsule backed off to 230 feet as the SpaceX company worked to resolve a problem with the on-board tracking sensors. Stray reflections from the Japanese part of the space station were interfering with the Dragon’s laser-based sensors, officials said. SpaceX mission controllers quickly fixed the trouble and resumed the docking operation.

On Thursday, the capsule came within 1½ miles of the space station in a practice fly-by. It returned to the neighborhood early Friday so Kuipers and U.S. astronaut Donald Pettit could capture it with a robot arm. First, the capsule went through a series of stop-and-go demonstrations to prove it was under good operating control.

NASA ordered extra checks of the Dragon’s imagers as the capsule drew ever closer to the space station, putting the entire operation slightly behind schedule. Given that the Dragon is a brand new type of vehicle and this is a test flight, the space agency said it wanted to proceed cautiously.
This is the first time a private company has launched a vessel to the space station, an achievement previously reserved for a small, elite group of government agencies.
The California-based SpaceX — officially known as Space Exploration Technologies Corp. — is one of several companies vying for the chance to launch Americans from their homeland. That ability ended with NASA’s final shuttle flight last summer. To get to the space station, NASA astronauts must go through Russia, an expensive and embarrassing situation for the U.S. after a half-century of orbital self-sufficiency.

SpaceX’s billionaire maestro, Elon Musk, who helped create PayPal, said he can have astronauts riding his Dragon capsules to orbit in three or four years. His Falcon 9 rockets lift off from Cape Canaveral, Fla.


right back atcha! The International Space Station, photographed by the dragon capsule

latest live blogging updates -

FRIDAY MORNING - Final Approach, Dragon Grapple

Around 2:00 AM Pacific/5:00 AM Eastern NASA will decide if Dragon is GO to move into the approach ellipsoid 1.4 kilometers around the space station. If Dragon is GO, after approximately one hour Dragon will move to a location 250 meters directly below the station. Dragon will then perform a series of maneuvers to show systems are operating as expected. If NASA is satisfied with the results of these many tests, Dragon will be allowed to perform the final approach to the space station.

Sometime around 6:00 AM Pacific/9:00 AM Eastern, astronauts on the space station will grapple Dragon with the space station’s robotic arm and the spacecraft will attach to the station.

Bayou Rocketry Blog has been following the Falcon 9/Dragon story since the beginning, and has some of the story of uber-geek Elon Musk:

It was bad SA television that gave Elon Musk part of his mysterious edge. As a 10-year-old he read whole volumes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica after emptying the family bookshelves — anything to avoid another episode of ChiPs or Die Man van Intersek.

Avoiding sports and bullies just as keenly, he sat alone in his boy cave at home in Pretoria, reading Jules Verne and playing Space Invaders. Now, 29 years later, Musk is still playing video games alone into the late hours of the night.

These days it is in a basement man cave in a leased mansion in Bel Air, California, where Musk, who sold his online payment system PayPal for R11bn in 2002, is plotting the future of the human race.

Sixteen months ago, the SA expat accomplished something only ever achieved by the governments of the US, Russia and China. He sent a spacecraft into orbit and then recovered it.

This Monday, he plans to change space flight forever, becoming the first entrepreneur to dock his own orbiter, Dragon, with the International Space Station.

And it literally is his spacecraft. Beyond founding his private SpaceX company in 2002, Musk likes to remind people that he is also the self-taught “chief designer” of the Falcon launch rockets and their Dragon capsules.

CrunchBase provides more info about Musk:

Elon Musk (born June 28,1971) is an entrepreneur and a co-founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors and Space Exploration Technologies. He is chairman/CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, and chairman of SolarCity.

Musk was born and grew up in South Africa, the son of a South African engineer and a Canadian-born mother who has worked as a New York City dietitian and modeled for fun. His father inspired his love of technology and Musk bought his first computer at age 10 and taught himself how to program; by the age of 12 he sold his first commercial software, a space game called Blaster.

He immigrated to Canada in June 1989 at age 17. He left Canada in 1992 after getting a scholarship to study business and physics at the University of Pennsylvania. He earned an undergraduate degree in economics and stayed on another year to finish a second bachelor’s degree in physics. Musk then considered three areas he wanted to get into that were “important problems,” as he said later. “One was the Internet, one was clean energy, and one was space.

In 1995, Musk moved to California to enroll in a graduate program in high energy physics at Stanford, in which he stayed exactly two days before dropping out to start Zip2, which provided online content publishing software for news organizations. In 1999, Compaq’s AltaVista division acquired Zip2 for US$307 million in cash and US$34 million in stock options.

Genius, entrepreneur, billionaire, super geek, Silicon Valley legend, and maybe even the real Iron Man. Perhaps the greatest success story to come out of Africa in the 21st century, if not the 20th as well. A genuine African-American success story, one of almost literally stellar magnitude. You would think he’d be an inspiration to everyone, everywhere, and a real hero within the community.

Elon Musk and one of his privately owned rocket ships

Oh. OH. Um, never mind.


Earlier this morning, the SpaceX Dragon capsule was successfully captured by the International Space Station Expedition 31 crew, making SpaceX the first commercial company to send a spacecraft to the ISS. The station’s robotic arm captured the Dragon at 9:56 a.m. ET after a journey that took three days, six hours, 11 minutes, and 23 seconds.

Dragon was later securely bolted to the Harmony module of the ISS at 12:02 p.m. ET.

Michael Suffredini, manager of the ISS program office, said he has talked many times about historic events and “this rates right at the top.”

“Having a contractor, relatively independent of NASA, design on its own a spacecraft that [they] tested and flew ... has been remarkable,” Suffredini said. “The spacecraft performed nearly flawlessly.”

Holly Ridings, NASA’s lead flight director for the SpaceX demo flight, added that it was a “really great day in space.”


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calendar   Wednesday - May 16, 2012

how’s this for a do it yourself project?

Wow .... take a look at what this fellow has done.

Talk about a do it yourself project.  Brilliant.

It started with this.

An old (130 years) rail coach which wasn’t allowed to be moved. So, his ex FIL built a home around it and got this.

But apparently the coach his FIL bought needed lots of restoration and lots and lots of work. Which this man took on.

Is this the strangest home in Britain? The bungalow that’s built around a 130-year-old railway carriage

Jim Higgins’ ex father-in-law had to build around the carriage because bizarre planning rules said it had stood for so long it could not be moved

Mr Higgins is now restoring the former Great Western Railway carriage to possibly open to the public


When it comes to building a comfortable bungalow, Jim Higgins has got the inside track.

The retired transport manager, 60, has one of the most unique houses in Britain… because it is built around a real railway carriage.

The property in Ashton, Cornwall, is a fully functioning house but bizarrely has the fully restored 130-year-old Great Western Railway car within its walls.

Mr Higgins, 64, originally from Buckinghamshire took over the property from his former father-law Charles Allen who was forced to build it around the railway carriage because bizarre planning regulations meant the train could not be moved.

Mr Higgins said: ‘The railway carriage was lived in by a local woman Elizabeth Richards from 1930.

‘It was known as Lizzies Place to when she died in 1966.

‘It then stood empty for a number of years until my ex-father-in-law came down looking for somewhere to retire.

All the other photos are HERE and I think you might be impressed. 


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calendar   Thursday - March 08, 2012

3 cheers for pupils at Zwelihle High School in Umlazi, South Africa. Well done kids.

Here’s something of real interest from the morning papers.
This is how it’s done by school kids, who’ve been pushed that one bit too far.

I’m certain they’re black because too many white kids in this situation would first look to make sure nobody’s rights were being violated. Plus if it happened here in the UK they’d have had to get the folks from Health and Safety to approve, which they might provided the bad guys got a head start and were wearing head gear like construction helmets.  Then some ass wipe civil rights group would get their licks in finding that the bad guys were disadvantaged growing up and you know the rest.

So here’s three cheers and three cheers more, for those wonderful kids who took their school back and eliminated a couple of gremlins in the process.

For the pupils at Zwelihle High School in Umlazi, South Africa


South African schoolchildren stone to death two teenage robbers (who were chased by FIVE HUNDRED pupils)


South African schoolchildren aged between 12 and 14 have stoned to death two teenagers who allegedly stole from them in class.
The pupils attacked the gang of three youths, believed to be aged 15, after their money and mobile phones were taken at gunpoint.
About 500 pupils from Zwelihle High School in Umlazi, on the outskirts of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal region, chased the thieves, who had apparently entered the premises through a hole in a fence.

After catching up with them, some of the schoolchildren then pelted them with stones.
Two gang members died while a third suffered life-threatening injuries.
The incident is a shocking extension of the country’s vigilante culture.

Many of the country’s poorest areas as so ill-served by police that locals routinely administer ‘street justice’ against alleged criminals.
So common are vigilante attacks that the Zwelihle lynching, which happened on February 24, has passed almost unremarked upon locally.
The local Daily News newspaper was one of the few media organisations to cover the story.

It quoted a unnamed female pupil who witnessed the 10am attack.
‘We know these guys. They bully the schoolchildren all the time and steal their money and other valuables. They are known to attack pupils inside the school too’, the pupil said.

The pupil explained that during the course of the robbery, some of the schoolchildren started to suspect that the robbers’ gun was not working.
‘They confronted the robbers and asked them if their gun was working. They started running. This did not stop us. Everyone gave chase. We were all sick and tired of their bad habits’, she said.

It was as the gang ran towards a nearby township, the pupil told the paper, that some children started to throw stones.
‘Some of the pupils eventually caught them at the settlement. They started hitting them and pelting them with stones. More than 500 children were there.’
She added: ‘We are very happy they are dead. At least now they won’t worry anyone.

‘It is also a warning to other robbers. We are not afraid of guns. They will feel fire if they rob us again.

‘We are sick and tired of being terrorised by criminals and bullies in the area.’


On the other hand, here’s how things are done in a socialist nanny state where nobody wants to hurt the feeling much less anything else, even of criminals.  The headline reads,

Three teenagers from “ respectable” families who carried out a series of gunpoint street robberies walked free from court after a judge said their criminal records would be punishment enough.

Hey-hey. That’ll teach the little bastards okay. Bet they’re quaking in their boots but more from laughter then fear.

Then there’s this from last week’s Mail.

Fergie’s killer aide could be freed from jail within weeks

By Ian Drury

A former royal aide who is in prison for murder could walk free within weeks.

Jane Andrews, 44, once one of the Duchess of York’s most trusted members of staff, will appear at a parole board hearing as early as mid-March.
Andrews, who spent nine years as Sarah Ferguson’s dresser, could be recommended for release if the panel thinks she has been rehabilitated.
A parole board source said: ‘If she is successful, it is possible that she will be released back into the community next month.’
Andrews was jailed for life in 2001 for killing her wealthy boyfriend Thomas Cressman.

The builder’s daughter from Cleethorpes murdered Mr Cressman at the house they shared in Fulham, West London, after he made clear he would not marry her.
In a cold-blooded revenge attack she clubbed him unconscious with a cricket bat before stabbing him in the chest with an 8in knife and fleeing the scene.

read more


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calendar   Sunday - February 26, 2012


In no shape to be at a computer. not sick, but have a few aches to cope with. BUT

With an ice pack on my left neck and upper shoulder and ribs (I think it’s that) on the left that just won’t quit aching, and chair in a slight recline, I was reading one of our Sunday newspaper magazines.  LIVE, from The Daily Mail.

Not too easy keeping the small pack in place and pound a keyboard but when I saw this I just knew I couldn’t wait for Monday. It HAD to be today.

I LOVE this.  Believe it or not, there was a time, once upon a time, when I could have bought this and not missed a penny of it. That was before the tech bubble burst.  So when I see something like this it just makes my gut churn, my head spin and it’s another reminder where greed leads us. Darn. Being greedy and stupid sure has a high price tag.


The £150,000 desk that dreams it’s a Bugatti

(more then $200,000.00)


Inspired by the Bugatti Type 35 racer and equipped with a set of its blueprints, Midlands furniture-maker Luzzo Bespoke spent 3,000 hours designing this desk

To raise its height, you turn the ‘starter crank’, which drives a mechanism scaled up from old Winfield carburettor synchronisation quadrants. The drawer fronts use the same honeycomb grille as the Bugatti, and the aluminium undersides are based on the car’s oil sump, which is finned to aid cooling

The men who designed and built the Bugatti Type 35 racer of the Twenties approached their work with enthusiasm and panache.
Chaps who design desks aren’t necessarily known for that. But what if you made a desk the way Bugatti made the car?

Inspired by the Bugatti Type 35 racer and equipped with a set of its blueprints, Midlands furniture-maker Luzzo Bespoke spent 3,000 hours designing, machining, joining, riveting and polishing sheet aluminium into a workstation worth nearly as much as the car itself: a Type 35 goes for about $396,887, the desk costs $201,707

Tan leather finish (left); each desk is numbered, and the builders credited (centre); and drawers are locked with an ‘ignition key’ (right)
The racing-blue finish is actually seven layers of paint and lacquer and the tan leather writing area is based on a shade used in the car.
Oh yes, and the iMac slides out of sight at the touch of a button.




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calendar   Saturday - February 11, 2012

What a comeback! Eleven months after the tsunami .

Long day, late, hafta go but first ....

Take a look at this. And there’s about 30 more photos on the link.

When Japan was hit by both an earthquake and tsunami in quick succession in March last year, the images of devastation gripped the world.

And now after 11 months of tireless rebuilding, these pictures reveal the amazing progress made since those tragic events.

Photographers returned to the scenes of desolation to take these stunning shots that capture the way in which the areas most severely affected have changed.



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calendar   Friday - May 13, 2011

Feat Of Clay

Achieving the American Dream, Accidentally

Once upon a time there was an artist who worked with clay. He made cups. He made bowls. He made pitchers and bottles. He made little pots. He made big pots. He really like making big pots, and he learned the secrets of making really big ones. In a perfect world his name would have been Harold, so I could call him Harry Potter, but alas, his name is Ron Levy. And he lives in New York City.

So let’s set the scene. He’s an artist, so therefore at one point he was starving. That’s the narrative imperative; artist is to starving as jazz musician is to substance abuse problem. You can’t have one without the other. And I’m sure he was his mother’s heartbreak; she wanted him to go to medical school and become a doctor, but no, not him. He had to follow the American Dream, mk 1, which is to figure out how to get paid to do the stuff you like doing. And of course that barely worked. But unlike his soi-disant cousins portrayed in such sitcoms as Seinfeld and Friends, when Chance showed him the way to turn mud into gold he didn’t sit around and whine about it. No, he seized the brass ring through hard work and research, and achieved the best American Dream, the mk 2 model that defines the perfect job: it is now his job to cash the check and spend the money, while other people earn it for him. And now he can go back to making pots for fun, whether they sell or not. Ok, I’m embellishing like mad here, but that’s what makes a story a story. You need the setting, a bit of back story, and one of the three accepted forms of conflict. Then when you have that and add on the happy ending, plus lots of details and insightful comments, it becomes worth telling. The story exists on its own, never changing over time; it is our job only to fit the latest players to their parts and to spin the tale once again.

RON LEVY never intended to become a tandoor mogul. In fact, he had never heard of tandoors — Indian clay cooking vessels that are part oven and part barbecue pit — until 1986, when a New York gallery exhibited six-foot pots he had made, inspired by amphorae on Crete. A man with an Indian accent called, wondering whether Mr. Levy, a ceramic artist, could make a large pot with a tapered mouth, no bottom and no glaze: a tandoor.

After it was installed at a Columbus Avenue restaurant called Indian Oven, word spread through the Indian community, and orders began to pile up.

“It came to the point where I had to stop doing my ceramic artwork, and focus on tandoors full time,” Mr. Levy, 63, recalled.


a tandoor: your basic raincoat for a campfire, and you can cook on it too

So he converted his studio on Mulberry Street in Little Italy into a tandoor factory. Over the past three decades, he has built more than 2,000 for restaurants across North America ...
The traditional tandoor that Mr. Levy set out to copy 30 years ago was typically an unfired vessel, the clay walls strengthened with straw and animal hair.

“It was very unsanitary,” Mr. Levy said, adding that ovens shipped to the United States “often arrived from India broken, or would crack with extended use.” The tandoor’s shape, a cylinder with sloped clay walls, has remained essentially unchanged for 5,000 years.

Mr. Levy’s first innovation was to fashion the body from a blend of earthenware and stoneware, the former chosen for its modeling and expansion properties, the latter for its ability to withstand high heat without cracking. For porosity (an essential quality so that flatbreads can cling to the oven’s inner walls), he added finely ground fired clay, known as grog.

So he filled a market niche that had a pre-existing demand, and started making money, but he didn’t stop there. Keeping a great clay pot red hot takes a lot of heat, so he found a way to improve the ancient design by covering it up in fireproof insulation.


1st upgrade in 5000 years: an insulated tandoor

For insulation and extra strength, he developed a clay and vermiculite mixture that could be baked onto the exterior of the pot.
A unique cast-in-place light weight insulation is bonded to a 100% clay tandoor, pre-fired to 1,000 degrees C. This provides extraordinary strength, durability, and heat retention.

So it’s a better, stronger product that lasts longer and costs less to operate. Done yet? Time to rest on those laurels? Not hardly. Now he had to make it “professional”, and please those pesky government regulators at the FDA and come up with a version that could get NSF (National Science Foundation) approval, which is the stamp that everything used in a restaurant should have. Some say NSF stands for Nominal Sterilization Factor, because you only see this stamp on food related products that can survive a trip through the autoclave or a serious treatment with Clorox. So he made that innovation as well, and the marketplace loves it.


the stainless steel commercial model

Finally, he devised a sturdy stainless steel housing, so the tandoor could be sold and installed as a movable, freestanding unit.

“We’ve been using Ron’s tandoors for the last 20 years,” said Vicky Vij, an owner of Bukhara. “They outlast any Indian clay tandoor. They’re masterpieces.”

Nice. The stainless steel model comes with wheels so it can be moved around in the commercial kitchen. It has even more insulation than the insulated clay model. And keeping it clean is a breeze. And to keep costs down and the EPA happy, you can get it with a gas burner instead of a charcoal burner. All Ron’s tandoors come in two sizes, regular and jumbo. It’s pretty easy to see how the stainless steel model is an upgrade put over the insulated model, which itself is an upgrade over the standard bare clay model. So the ultimate modern commercial tandoor is a double improvement over the traditional one. Hey, those laurels are starting to look mighty comfy. Is it time to have a seat yet? Hella no! There’s a whole new market segment to exploit! Now we’ve got all these Indian people coming over here, being a success, making lots of money, buying homes in suburbia and trying to assimilate as much as they can yet still hold dearly to tradition. Everybody else in the neighborhood has a backyard barbeque, but what a poor desi to do?


a mini tandoor for the home, the “home door” aka homdoor

Now Mr. Levy has developed a tandoor for home use, the Homdoor. It starts at $1,200.

And now there is a new cooking gizmo for all the “foodies” to buy. Nice going Ron. But it sounds like he’s still working hard at all of this. Let’s get to the happy ending part ...

The final challenge was production. Mr. Levy made his commercial tandoors in small batches as orders arrived. His business plan for the Homdoor, on the other hand, calls for 500 units to be built the first year. Last year, he joined forces with a ceramics company in Uhrichsville, Ohio.

“It turns out, they were using the same press molds and virtually the same ceramic blend for their fireplace components and chimney flue liners that I use in my tandoors,” Mr. Levy said.

Following Mr. Levy’s specifications, the company has built 50 Homdoors, tweaking the shape, propane burner and casing.
The first commercial unit rolled out in March. He was so pleased with the result that all of his tandoors are now made in Ohio.

There ya go. Cash the check and spend the money. The perfect job. The American Dream, mk 2. And he lived happily ever after.

Oh sure Drew, sure he did.
Oh, you doubt me? How’s this then for the money quote, in our current rotten economy? Don’t you wish your business was forced to say something like this?

Currently demand for Tandoors by Ron Levy is exceeding production. With the recent NSF Approval of Tandoors by Ron Levy demand is anticipated to further grow. In order to meet demand, Tandoors by Ron Levy, LLC are now being manufactured by Superior Clay Corp, Urichsville, Ohio.


See More Below The Fold


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