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calendar   Monday - August 01, 2005

Sudan For Dummies

Attention, class! Today’s lesson will be about a country in Africa. The country in question is Sudan. It lies just to the South of Egypt. Sudan is divided along racial and religious lines into three main sections. The Muslims control the North of the country and the capitol of Khartoum (regions 1,5,16,17,18 on the map below). The Christians control the South of the country (regions 19,20,21 on the map below). The Western part of the country is mostly black African tribes (region 7 below) and is called Darfur. You may have heard of Darfur recently. The Muslims in the North, who control the government and the military, have employed militia gangs of Muslim gunmen to practice genocide on the West Sudanese in Darfur. They are killing these people off because their skin is black and they are not Muslims.


The Muslims in the North do not like anyone who is not a Muslim. They have employed every means possible to eradicate the people in the Western part of the country. The United Nations has helped them by doing absolutely nothing and ignoring the mass murders. No one has an accurate count of how many black Africans have been killed in this genocidal war. Estimates are that as many as 2 million have died. Condaleeza Rice visited the Sudanese capitol last week and she and her entourage were roughed up and manhandled by the Sudanese security police but the Sudanese government issued an apology afterward so that makes it alright, right?

What you may not know is that the Muslims in the North engaged in a 21-year civil war against the Christians in the south that only ended last year. The Muslims in the North and the Christians in the South fought to a standstill and declared a truce, offering to share the government. Part of the agreement was that there would be a Muslim President and a Christian Vice President. The office of President was given to Omar el-Bashir, an ugly looking Muslim thug. The office of Vice President was given to John Garang, who had been the leader of the Southern Sudanese Christian rebels fighting the Northern Muslims.

Now we come to the part of our story that the Brits would call a “sticky wicket”. Two days ago, John Garang went missing as he flew by helicopter to his home in the South. It turns out Garang’s helicopter crashed in the mountains, killing all on board. Christians in the South are naturally suspicious and angry at the Muslims, suspecting foul play. I don’t blame them. Muslims cannot be trusted, believed or relied on. Especially in Africa. So it looks like Sudan may be on the verge of another civil war between the North and the South. The Christians and the Muslims. Meanwhile the black Africans in the West continue to starve and be murdered by roving bands of Muslim thugs. Now you know as much as Kofi Annan & the UN as well as Jesse Jackson and all the “African-Americans” know. They are doing nothing to stop this. This murder and genocide of “their people”. Millions more will die this year as Africa spirals back into darkness and the Muslim invaders purge the continent of all non-Muslims ....

KHARTOUM, Sudan—Rioters burned cars and threw stones in Sudan’s capital Monday after a helicopter crash killed the country’s vice president, who until recently was a southern rebel leader. Sudanese leaders appealed for calm and said the nation’s peace process would remain on track. But some southern Sudanese were suspicious about the circumstances of the death of John Garang, who was a key figure in the fledgling peace deal between the predominantly Arab Muslim government and the Christian south.

Anti-riot police were deployed to several areas of Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, where crowds pelted passers-by with stones and smashed car windows. At least 10 private and government-owned cars were set on fire. Khartoum’s governor ordered a 6 p.m.-6 a.m. curfew and the city’s streets were empty of people and traffic an hour before the order took effect. Witnesses reported at least two people had been killed during clashes in the capital. There was no official confirmation.

The U.S. Embassy in Khartoum said there were reports of violence in southern Sudan and issued a reminder of its warnings to Americans to avoid nonessential travel to the country. There were no details on the southern violence. The violence and widespread grief surrounding Garang’s death forced most in the capital to lock themselves inside their homes. Shop owners shuttered their stores.

“Murderers! Murderers!” yelled some southern Sudanese protesters who alleged the Sudanese government, which had battled Garang’s rebel force for two decades before this year’s peace deals, might have been behind the crash. “We lost Garang at a time when we needed him the most, but we think that we have made great strides toward peace and we believe that that peace process should continue,” said Garang aide Nihal Deng during an emergency Cabinet meeting.

Garang’s longtime deputy, Silva Kiir, was quickly named to succeed him as head of his Sudan People’s Liberation Army and as president of south Sudan, Garang spokesman Yasser Arman told The Associated Press. Kiir said he called a meeting of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement top decision-making body to assemble for an emergency meeting. The SPLM became part of the national unity government in July, when Garang became vice president.


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calendar   Friday - July 29, 2005


Now this late-breaking news story is really interesting. President Musharref of Pakistan has been cracking down on militant Imams but his government just announced a whole step up in the process of cleaning out the pestholes of radical Islam - they’re sending all foreign “students” of the madrassas home. Personally, I’d feel better if he’d just shut the bloody places down ....

Madrassa Foreigners ‘Must Leave’

(BBC)—Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf says all foreign students at madrassas, or religious schools, some 1,400 pupils, must leave the country. “Any [foreigners] in the madrassas - even dual nationality holders - will leave Pakistan,” Gen Musharraf said. This is the latest in a series of measures the president has announced in a renewed clampdown on extremism.

Madrassas have been in the spotlight after one of the London bombers was reported to have studied at one. Gen Musharraf told foreign journalists in Islamabad: “They must leave. We will not issue visas to such people. “We will not allow madrassas to be misused for extremism, hatred being projected in our society.”

He also told journalists that action would be taken against any of the madrassas that did not register with the authorities. Pakistani forces have detained hundreds of clerics and suspected militants since President Musharraf announced a new crackdown on 15 July.


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Help Your Sisters

I just finished reading this story in the Washington Post and immediately wondered where are all the feminists in the US? Shouldn’t they be going over to Afghanistan to help women achieve the unprecedented right to have their voices heard in government? Why isn’t N.O.W. (National Organization for Women) issuing a call to members to help their sisters overseas? Instead of running around America in an air-conditioned bus protesting against the war to set these women free, Jane Fonda should go over there and be a human shield for the women who are trying to run for office.  I am issuing a challenge to all the Liberal, bra-burning feminazis out there: go to Afghanistan and help your sisters .... or admit you’re the cowardly hypocrites I think you are ....

imageimage(WASHINGTON POST) CHARKH, Afghanistan—The note slipped under Mahmoud Shah’s front gate was written in a tidy, graceful hand. But the message brimmed with venom: “If you don’t stop campaigning for Noorzia Charkhi, your life will be in danger. Also tell Noorzia Charkhi that she should give up her candidacy. Aren’t you ashamed to put up posters of your family’s women in the bazaar?”

Charkhi, 36, is a journalist based in the capital, Kabul, who is campaigning for a seat in Afghanistan’s new parliament. But in this mud-walled village in Logar, the home province she hopes to represent, Charkhi’s candidacy is such a challenge to tradition that she and her relatives, including her cousin Shah, have faced repeated threats.

“I’m not going to quit, because I want to show people that a woman should be able to do these things. But definitely I fear for my life. . . . The people who did this already have blood on their hands,” Charkhi said during a visit to Shah’s home, 50 miles south of Kabul. “I’m even more afraid that they will smear my reputation,” she added. “That would be worse than death.”

Charkhi’s situation underscores both the difficulties facing female candidates running for office in the Sept. 18 parliamentary elections and the determination many have expressed as they embark on an unprecedented bid for political power.

Even though many Afghan families still prohibit wives and daughters from showing their faces in public, 328 women are running for the lower house of parliament, where 68 of 249 seats have been set aside for female representatives. An additional 237 are running for seats on provincial councils that will in turn appoint a third of the upper house. Despite the traditional restrictions on women, the guaranteed quota of legislative seats for them has given political parties, tribal leaders and powerful families an incentive to promote female candidates whom they might otherwise have ignored—or even banned from running.

“There is quite a bit of support for women running in the parliamentary elections—much more than we expected,” noted Rina Amiri, a U.N. political affairs officer who is monitoring the elections. Yet female candidates in provinces across the country have complained of receiving phone calls and letters threatening them with death if they don’t withdraw.

In southern Helmand province, U.N. officials are investigating reports of letters circulating that offer a $4,000 reward for killing female candidates. In southeastern Zabol province, unknown gunmen tried to hijack a car belonging to Zarmina Pathan, a candidate and employee of a local aid organization. Afghan and U.N. officials said they are investigating whether the attack was a routine crime or an attempt to intimidate her.

In Logar, Charkhi is not the only female candidate to face threats. Zobaida Stanekzai, 52, a school supervisor running for parliament, said she has little doubt about the motives of whoever set fire to the door of her mud-walled home several weeks ago. “They were trying to scare me into dropping out,” said Stanekzai, whose home was also attacked with a grenade last year when she took a job registering women to vote in the presidential election. “But my decision to be a candidate is unshakable.”


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Backlash In Britain

It has already begun .. the backlash against Muslims in Britain. The number of racial incidents has tripled in recent weeks, especially in Wales. The Muslim community is paying a price for shielding militant Imams and encouraging young men to attack their host country. I’m not saying what is happening is right, just that it should have been expected. The Muslims in Britain have no one to blame but themselves. If the bombings continue, I predict there is a good chance Britain could experience a modern version of “Kristellnacht” (go look that one up in your history book) ....

(BBC)—There has been a significant increase in the number of racial incidents in Wales since the 7 July bombings in London, new police figures have shown. The largest rise came in the North Wales Police area, where there were 64 reported cases from 7-28 July compared to 20 in the same period in 2004. Gwent Police has dealt with 49 cases, up from 30 in 2004, and Dyfed-Powys has had 17 incidents (up from 12). South Wales Police also said there had been an increase in cases in its area.

North Wales Police: 64 incidents (up from 20)
Gwent Police: 49 incidents (up from 30)
Dyfed-Powys Police: 17 incidents (up from 12)

Members of the Muslim community in Wales have expressed worries that the attacks in London would see them targeted. Last week, a rise in incidents of abuse was also recorded by the South East Wales Race Equality Council (Sewrec). It said the rate of abuse had risen from 10 incidents a month to more than 30 in just two weeks, with most happening in Newport. Last week in Cardiff, police investigated after animal parts were left at a mosque which was also targeted with a racist letter.

Members of Newport’s ethnic minority community said they had suffered verbal abuse since the London attacks. One man said: “The other night, I was walking through town and someone started calling me a bomber - a group of white boys. “We’re not bombers though, we’re just normal people.”

Chief Constable of Gwent, Mike Tonge said there had been a rise in tensions. He added: “It’s not really attacks, it’s verbal abuse. But for the Muslim community particularly, this causes them to have fear.


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calendar   Tuesday - July 26, 2005

Eye Of The Storm

Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) has generated a storm of controversy with his comments that we should nuke Mecca if the Islamofascists detonate a nuclear device here in the US. Now Muslims in Colorado are up in arms over his remarks. Joining the MOOS-LIMS in making asses out of themselves are Hispanics. Who gave these dumbasses permission to jump in bed with the Islamofascists? Especially when most of them are in the country illegally anyway. It’s time for a little STFU ....

DENVER—Hispanic and Muslim groups called on Rep. Tom Tancredo to resign Monday, saying he has embarrassed Colorado by suggesting that Americans bomb Islamic holy sites if terrorists launch a nuclear attack on the United States. They also criticized the GOP congressman’s staunch advocacy of tougher immigration controls.

“Enough is enough. We’re here to say ‘Stop,’” Hispanic activist Manolo Gonzalez-Estay told a crowd of about 200 people at the state Capitol. Abdur-Rahim Ali, imam of the Northeast Denver Islamic Center, said Tancredo’s statement that “you could take out” Islamic holy sites in a retaliatory attack was unacceptable.

“What would happen if a prominent Muslim made that statement about Catholic holy places like the Vatican?” asked Ali.

Tancredo’s spokesman, Will Adams, said the four-term congressman would not comment on the rally, but has no intention of apologizing or resigning. “They are a lot more upset about what he stands for, our nation’s security and border policy, than anything else,” Adams said. Leslie Hanks went to the rally with a sign supporting Tancredo for president. “I’m very proud of him,” Hanks said.

Do you still think we need a “guest worker amnesty program”? I sure as hell don’t! If Manolo and his gang of Mess-Cans want to join up with the MOOS-LIMS and gang up on us, there’s a major ass-whuppin’ coming soon. They better all high-tail it back across the Rio Grande before the shootin’ starts. Open season starts in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 ....


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calendar   Saturday - July 23, 2005

The Root Of Evil

Robert Ariail, The State, South Carolina


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calendar   Wednesday - July 20, 2005

They Never learn

1944: “Germans citizens of Britain condemned Churchill’s foreign policy today: Claimed the PM should do more to address Hitler’s polite request for living space (lebensraum) and that Churchill is partly to blame for recent V-2 missile attacks”

Does that sound silly? Outrageous? Insane? No more insane than this ....

imageimage(DAILY TELEGRAPH - UK) Critics of Tony Blair’s policy in Iraq and Afghanistan claimed yesterday that Britain must share some of the responsibility for the Underground and bus bombings in London. While moderate Muslim leaders agreed to try to dissuade disaffected youths from turning to terrorism, radical clerics blamed the Government - and even the public for re-electing Mr Blair - for making the country a target.

Imam Ibrahim Mogra said that, as Muslims, they felt the “pain and suffering of our brothers and sisters around the globe every day”. The war had been a “successful recruitment sergeant for people who wish to preach hatred for our country and our Government”.

Sir Iqbal Sacranie, the secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, condemned the bombings as an “act of criminality” but said the leaders had made clear that Mr Blair could not “simply shun the issue of foreign policy”.

Radical Muslims who did not take part in the talks said they would not be silenced by warnings of new legislation making it a crime to glorify or condone terrorism.

Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed said that support for America over Afghanistan and Iraq and the re-election of Mr Blair had all contributed to the attacks. I blame the British Government, the British public and the Muslim community in the UK because they failed to make the extra effort to put an end to the cycle of bloodshed which started before 9/11 and on July 7 was devastating for everybody,” he told the Evening Standard.

Anjem Choudary, the British leader of the militant Islamist group al-Muhajiroun, said that Muslim leaders should not meet Mr Blair for talks while Muslims were being “murdered” in Iraq. Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, he declined to condemn the London bombings, which killed 56 people, and said there was “a very real possibility” of a repetition. “The British Government wants to show that they are on the side of justice and of truth, whereas in reality the real terrorists are the British regime, and even the British police, who have tried to divide the Muslim community into moderates and extremists, whereas this classification doesn’t exist in Islam.”

Read that last sentence again and tell me exactly why we shouldn’t just kill them all and let Allah sort them out. These sand-monkeys have just gotten on my last nerve. Exterminate ‘em!


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calendar   Friday - July 08, 2005

Important Middle East News

At the Middle East Daily today the bombings in London are covered in a short paragraph about halfway down the page while the top story is about how Saudis are deeply offended and angry at Oprah Winfrey ....

Cairo - US talk show presenter Oprah Winfrey has generated a wave of outraged protest in Saudi Arabia with a report on Saudi television presenter Rania al-Bas, who was almost beaten to death by her husband last year.

The Saudis are particularly enraged because Winfrey called out to her viewers at the end of the June broadcast: “Thank God we live in America.”

The journalist Essam al-Ghalib, who had helped Winfrey’s team last year to secure an interview with Al-Bas, wrote on Thursday in the newspaper Arab News: “Oprah, please don’t call me again.”

Al-Ghalib accused the star of using both him and Al-Bas to create a false picture of Saudi society through the show, which is generally seen by Saudis through the MBC network with Arab subtitles.

He said Oprah’s producers had led both of them to believe the theme of the show would be victims of family violence all over the world.


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calendar   Thursday - July 07, 2005

Murderers And Cowards

With a little bit of research, I have located the web site of the jihadist organization that is claiming responsibility for today’s bombings in London. The group calls themselves Al-Qal’ah (the Fortress). Their web site is here. Unfortunately, it is all in Arabic. Any translators out there?

In London, Muslim leaders are urging their people to stay inside and hide until this blows over.

Racial profiling, be damned! From now on, within my domain, any Muslim or person of Middle Eastern descent will be considered guilty until proven innocent. I see no reason why we shouldn’t just kill them all and let Allah sort them out.


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calendar   Wednesday - June 15, 2005

Change Of Venue?

Bill Schorr, United Media


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calendar   Tuesday - June 14, 2005


The good news: there is going to be a war crimes trial over the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan.

The bad news: the trial is being held by the Islamic government of Sudan .... which has been behind the mass killings of black Africans.

The Sudanese government is doing this to head off the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague and put on a pretense of seeking justice for the millions of black Africans murdered by Sudanese Muslims. This is a travesty and a total farce ....

Sudan’s War Crimes Court To Open

(BBC) 14-June-2005 - A special war crimes court is due to open, with charges against some 160 Sudanese from the Darfur region, the justice minister has said.

Lobby group Amnesty International has said the court “lacks credibility”.

Justice Minister Ali Mohammed Yassin said the court would be an alternative to the world court which has started to investigate alleged war crimes.

More than two million people have been forced from their homes in the conflict in which at least 180,000 have died.

Mr Yassin did not give any details about the suspects’ identity, beyond saying they were from Darfur.

The court is due to sit in Nyala and al-Fashir, capitals of south and north Darfur.

The BBC’s Alfred Taban in Sudan says that he does not expect the court to charge the 51 alleged ringleaders of the atrocities but instead to concentrate on the “small-fry”.

“The court will be an alternative to the International Criminal Court (ICC),” Mr Yassin said.

The ICC last week officially began its investigations of 51 war crimes suspects, whose names were handed over in a sealed document by a United Nations panel of investigators.

“We fear that the establishment of the special court may just be a tactic by the Sudanese government to avoid prosecution” by the ICC, said Kolawole Olaniyan, the director of Amnesty International’s Africa programme.

“On the one hand, the Sudanese government is claiming that it is able to punish the crimes it is accused of condoning for the last two years,” he said in a statement.

“On the other hand, it continues to crack down on those who expose or criticise such human rights violations.”

Oh-ho! Amnesia Internationale says the court “lacks credibility”, as if AI has any idea what credibility actually is, itself. This is totally ridiculous. This is Islamic justice for you. Practice genocide, then hold a kangaroo court, throw a few small-fry to the wolves and declare justice has been served. I don’t know who is stupider, these idiots for passing off this farce as “justice” or the idiots who will believe this was really justice (and there will be plenty of morons at the UN who will)?

Somebody pass me a screwdriver and pair of pliers. My bullshit detector just exploded.


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calendar   Monday - June 13, 2005

It Might Cause Bad Press?

imageimageA Pakistani woman who was brutally gang raped has been placed on a list of those not allowed to leave the country by the Pakistani government. The reason given was they were afraid it would hurt their country’s ”image”. What “image”? We already know these people engage in barbaric abuse of their women. This woman was gang raped as punishment for a crime committed by her brother, for God’s sake.

Her brother did the crime so his sister gets balled by the local “good ol’ boys club”. These people are an abomination on the face of the Earth, a human pestilence that should be eradicated as quickly as possible. They have had thousands of years to grow a society that is civilized and all they have to show for it is human scum. Those policemen standing behind Ms. Mai have good reason to cover their faces. This monstrous act is shameful, indeed.

The Pakistan government has confirmed that a victim of a notorious gang rape is on a special list of people who are not allowed to travel abroad.

Mukhtar Mai, raped allegedly on the orders of a tribal council in 2002, has demanded the restrictions be lifted.

“We want her case to be processed and resolved first,” junior interior minister Shehzad Wasim said.

On Friday a court ordered that 12 men imprisoned in connection with the case must be released by Monday.

Ms Mai’s name suddenly appeared on the “exit control list” earlier this month.

Immigration officers in Karachi say they have received instructions to stop her if she tries to travel abroad.

Ms Mai has been invited by human rights group Amnesty International to visit the United States.

Pakistan’s opposition says that she is being prevented from travelling abroad because the government believes any such visit would hurt the country’s image.

Ms Mai was gang raped allegedly on the orders of a tribal council to punish a crime attributed to her brother.

Need I remind you that in the world of Middle Eastern madmen, Pakistan is our friend? You have no idea how much worse things are in the countries of our enemies. Believe me. They are much worse than this and this story above tips the scale somewhere between hideous and outrageous.


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