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calendar   Friday - May 15, 2015

Commencement Conflagration

Georgia Principal Fired For “Raycis” Commencement Remark

A Georgia principal was fired Thursday after making an offensive remark about black people during a graduation ceremony last week.

The board of TNT Academy in Lilburn confirmed that Nancy Gordeuk had been dismissed as principal of the school after her bizarre speech was caught on camera and widely shared on social media.
Gordeuk became upset when students began to walk out of the school building during the ceremony before the valedictorian got to give a speech. She began to yell at students and even called one man a coward.

“Look who’s leaving, all the black people,” Gordeuk said at one point.

OK, looking at the video of part of the ceremony, it looks like there was some heckler or somebody making a distracting scene, whom she called a “goober”. When that person appeared to be escorted away, Gordeuk said something like “y’all the rudest people”.  Now, I guess in small town Georgia, a “y’all” is the equivalent of a “you people”, and we know what a heinous and hurtful remark that is, especially since the principal was most likely speaking about the entire audience, a small but diverse group who were chatting away during the event and not really paying attention or keeping respectfully quiet. So the “y’all” remark was entirely true, but it got the extra-sensitive ones riled up and they walked out.

The principal by this point is incensed, having lost control of the situation and feeling totally disrespected. So she says into the mic during the first exodus, “Look who’s leaving, all the black people”.  And that was all it took to clear out the rest of them.

Gordeuk was principal of a private high school, some second-chance kind of place, called TNT Academy.  How much more perfect a name could you find?

Moron the story plus the infamous video rye cheer, y’all.

Another link.


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Freedom of speech seems to only apply when it suits the P.C brigade.

This article appeared three months ago, and here I am finally bringing it to your attention.  I have been very much occupied lately.

First, I think it’s funny and second, I believe it to be true.

OK, so perhaps there is a racist element to it.  So what?
And who knows better than the police who are out there in the thick of it?

Hey, I have a question for you all.

Is it automatic that a comment noting the racial makeup of a place is meant in a hateful way?  Disapproving?  Sure. But that doesn’t have to mean a person should have to answer for it.  Is what he said really a “slur” if what he said genuinely appears to be that way?  It may be a slur but, since so many so unfortunately look like apes, why is it wrong to acknowledge it?  And anyway, he made the comment in conversation, under stress and literally surrounded by, ape like life forms.  So what?
So a “tribunal” had to be called over a comment reflecting an observation.

Boiled down to one paragraph;

‘In early August 2011 after the shooting of Mark Duggan, there were several witnesses to DS Price in Lambeth commenting “It’s like being in Planet of the Apes” in reference to the numbers of BAME [black and minority ethnic] people around him.

Is there anyone who in the same circumstance would not feel the same, if they were a white person?  And I would not believe any die hard libtard who would say they wouldn’t think that even if they were too afraid to say it aloud.

Policeman ‘said London was like Planet of the Apes’: Tribunal hears of ‘racist’ slur after riots

· Managers failed to investigate policeman who made comment, tribunal told
· Policeman used phrase in aftermath of the 2011 London riots, it is claimed
· Black officer Derrick Quarm said the detective’s alleged comment was ‘overtly racist’
· Claimed it referred to the black and ethnic minority population in Lambeth, South London
By Vanessa Allen for the Daily Mail

Senior officers failed to investigate a policeman who compared an inner-city borough to ‘Planet of the Apes’ in the aftermath of the 2011 London riots, it was claimed yesterday.

Black officer Derrick Quarm complained the comment by a detective was ‘overtly racist’ because it referred to the black and ethnic minority population in Lambeth, South London.

But he said senior managers attempted to ‘bury the incident’.

DC Quarm said he found it ‘incredible’ that managers failed to investigate the comment – allegedly made in the days of heightened racial tension after the police shooting of Mark Duggan, which sparked the London riots and looting – for almost three years.

The plain clothes officer claimed it was investigated only after he included it in a report about his experiences of alleged racism, corruption and cover-ups within policing in Lambeth.

The force was described as ‘institutionally racist’ by the inquiry into the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence and Mr Quarm said his experiences showed it had not done enough to combat racism among its own officers.

But his attempts to force Scotland Yard to address the problem resulted in him facing a campaign of ‘detriment and hostility’, he told an employment tribunal.

The former paratrooper said his senior officers falsely accused him of incompetence and lying in an attempt to discredit him as a whistleblower, and called their behaviour ‘classic school ground bullying’.

He was treated as a ‘troublemaker’, accused of losing evidence in a stabbing case and overloaded with paperwork to punish him for speaking out, he said.

Disturbingly, he told South London Employment Tribunal in Croydon that his senior officers’ behaviour had hindered his police work and even stopped him from preventing a murder.

DC Quarm, who has served in the Metropolitan Police for 18 years, said he had attempted to raise his concerns with the force’s commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, and other top-ranking officers.


Oh ... just in case anyone forgot those riots .....


And please lets not kid ourselves. Those riots and the looting and the burning and the assaults were not the result of that one fellow who it turns out was armed, and deleted by police.  That was the cover, the excuse, the justification for all that happened by the criminals among us, as well as anarchists who care nothing for the negro except as an excuse to cause mayhem.


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calendar   Saturday - May 02, 2015

Those Racist Baltimore Cops

Just so you know ...


picture and text from Weasel Zippers. Added text by me.

from CNN:

One officer—the driver of the police van—has been charged with several counts, including second-degree depraved-heart murder.

Sgt. Alicia D. White
1) Manslaughter (involuntary) (10 yrs.)
2) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
3) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)

Lt. Brian W. Rice
1) Manslaughter (involuntary) (10 yrs.)
2) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
3) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
4) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)
5) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)
6) False imprisonment (8th Amendment*)

Officer William G. Porter
1) Manslaughter (involuntary) (10 yrs.)
2) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
3) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)

Officer Edward M. Nero
1) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
2) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
3) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)
4) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment* )
5) False imprisonment (8th Amendment*)

Officer Garrett E. Miller
1) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
2) Assault/second degree (10 yrs,)
3) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)
4) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment* )
5) False imprisonment (8th Amendment* )

van driver, Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr.
1) Second degree depraved heart murder (30 yrs.)
2) Manslaughter (involuntary) (10 yrs.)
3) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
4) Manslaughter by vehicle (gross negligence) (10 yrs.)
5) Manslaughter by vehicle (criminal negligence) (3 yrs.)
6) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment* )

In lieu of additional information I don’t have, I’ll give you my opinion.

I doubt that there were 6 cops in the van. I wonder if in truth there were only 3 officers in that van. And I wonder if knowing that half the police involved were black would have diffused the situation to any extent.

More info found ... Oh ho !!! ... a timeline from the NYT

8:39:12 a.m.  Initial Contact

Lt. Brian W. Rice and Officers Edward M. Nero and Garrett E. Miller were on bike patrol near the corner of North Avenue and Mount Street. Lieutenant Rice made eye contact with Mr. Gray, who ran away.

... and so forth - follow the link and think it out yourself - but it looks to me as if Goodson was the only cop in the van for most of it’s nearly circular journey. Porter wasn’t part of this until “Stop 3”, at which point it appears he either got in the van or followed it in his patrol car. I have no idea when Sgt. White became part of this, as she doesn’t enter the tale until “Stop 4”. She could have been one of the arresting officers at that scene, or she could have been in the van the entire time.

“Stop 1” was only a few yards from the initial pick up point, so the bicycle cops either chased down the van or called out to it as it was moving away. Did they see Grey moving around inside from outside? Regardless, they do not seem to be in the van from that point on, as Officers Nero and Miller are noted as “meeting” the van at Stop 4. Officer Porter was there too, and so was Sgt. White. Lt. Rice isn’t part of anything past the initial arrest, van loading, and the Stop 1 a few yards away.

All of which means this all boils down to ... not much in the way of stick for the charges against White, Rice, Nero, or Miller. Maybe a bit more against Porter. It’s all going to land on Goodson. 


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calendar   Friday - May 01, 2015

Baltimore Police Charged

Freddie Gray death ruled a homicide, charges filed against 6 officers


Prosecutors charged six Baltimore police officers Friday with crimes ranging from murder to assault in the death of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man whose death last month of injuries apparently suffered in police custody touched off peaceful protests that degenerated into a night of rioting, looting and chaos Monday.

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, speaking at a Friday news conference, blasted the six police involved in Gray’s arrest on April 12, during which he suffered a broken neck that proved fatal a week later. Mosby said the police had no basis for arresting Gray, who police said avoided eye contact and was carrying a switchblade. One police officer, identified as Caesar Goodson, 45, was charged with second-degree murder, while others were charged with crimes including manslaughter and assault.

“No one is above the law,” declared Mosby, who said she comes from three generations of law enforcement and has been on the job for four months. Her husband is Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby, who has spoken out about the riots and anger in the city’s African-American community.

Goodson was charged with second-degree depraved-heart murder, involuntary manslaughter, second-degree negligent assault, as well as other charges including failure to render aid and misconduct in office.

- Police Officer William Porter was charged with involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault and misconduct in office.

- Police Lt. Brian Rice was charged with involuntary manslaughter and second-degree assault.

- Police Officer Alicia White was charged with involuntary manslaughter, second degree assault and misconduct in office.

- Police officers Edward Nero and Garrett Miller were charged with multiple counts of assault, false imprisonment and misconduct in office.

The Baltimore police officers union issued a statement before Mosby’s announcement, saying the six officers are not responsible for Gray’s death.

“As tragic as this situation is, none of the officers involved are responsible for the death of Mr. Gray,” Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 President Gene Ryan said

“Depraved heart murder”?? WTF? And in the 2nd degree. How is that even possible? AND involuntary manslaughter, AND second-degree negligent assault, in case the first charges don’t stick. WTF. Pick one. I don’t think it’s legal to charge anyone with all the Baskin-Robbins flavors, unless they can show how each one is a separate situation.

CNN has a specific breakdown of which officer was charged with what offense, which shows one officer facing 4 different charges of causing someone’s death. Sounds like a big load of kangaroo krap to me, but maybe this is how state attorneys do things. Especially state attorneys married to outspoken members of the city council. My, what a coincidence.

I really, really want to see pictures of the officers involved.


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calendar   Wednesday - April 29, 2015

Obama: If I can’t blame Bush, I’ll blame the GOP

Let No Crisis Go To Waste

Obama Implies Baltimore Riots Are GOP’s Fault

President Obama addressed the violence in Baltimore, claiming his political agenda would help solve some of the problems found in impoverished urban communities, such as the one where the violence occurred.

“There’s a bunch of my agenda that would make difference right now in that,” he said, calling for more funding for early education, criminal justice reform and job training.

Obama criticized members of Congress for blocking his agenda items, but encouraged Americans to do some “soul searching” during his joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe this afternoon.

“I’m under no illusion that under this Congress we’re going to get massive investments in urban communities,” he said, adding that it was important to work to improve communities anyway.

That’s right. If only we could pump billions into that city’s education system - for a populace that scorns education. If only we could reform criminal justice - for a populace that commits 4 times as many crimes as any other group in our society, the vast majority of them committed against each other. If only more billions could be spent on job training - because the deliberately uneducated have no interest at all in working at any kind of job at any level, unless it’s being a chart topping rapper or NBA star raking in millions. If only those fat cat banksters, capitalists, and big businesses would invest in this community - after seeing that community run into the ground, businesses destroyed and stomped flat, burned, looted, and burned again.

And we all know what the “code word” meaning of GOP is. YT.

Wrong on all counts, as usual.


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Baltimore: Police Were Told Stand Down

Despite a firm denial by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, a senior law enforcement source charges that she gave an order for police to stand down as riots broke out Monday night, raising more questions about whether some of the violence and looting could have been prevented.

The source, who is involved in the enforcement efforts, confirmed to Fox News there was a direct order from the mayor to her police chief Monday night, effectively tying the hands of officers as they were pelted with rocks and bottles.

Asked directly if the mayor was the one who gave that order, the source said: “You are God damn right it was.”

The claim follows criticism of the mayor for, over the weekend, saying they were giving space to those who “wished to destroy.”

By Tuesday night, despite the chaos a day earlier, Baltimore police along with the National Guard and other law enforcement contingents seemed to be restoring order in the city, which was under a curfew overnight.

Rawlings-Blake has defended her handling of the unrest, which grew out of protests over the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody.

The mayor, in an interview with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer on Tuesday, denied any order was issued to hold back on Monday.

“You have to understand, it is not holding back. It is responding appropriately,” she said, saying there was no stand-down directive.

The animals are in charge of the zoo.

Now watch her lie her ass off - utterly typical - and deny the whole thing. She must be an aspiring rapper, turning her life around. A choir girl who was going to start at community college in the fall.

Horry clap, the BS is never ending. And it’s from the same playbook, page by page and line by line, every time. And we’re never supposed to notice.


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calendar   Monday - April 27, 2015

I thought her name was Stephanie

Room For Destruction


It might be that the mayor of Baltimore’s real name is Janice. And seeing that she’s at least slightly black, we’ll spell that J A N U S.  Janus, as in Janus the two faced god. Because, my goodness, isn’t she ever?

In case you hadn’t heard, Baltimore Maryland is going to Hell. Well, actually, it already IS Hell, but after the weekend’s riot - the one excused for and allowed “room for destruction” by mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake - rekindled again today (see Weasel Zippers for live coverage; 7 officers injured so far, 1 unresponsive, 1 journalist injured, cars and buildings aflame everywhere) it really makes you wonder.

Whose side is this woman on?

When Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake stood at a podium Saturday night in the aftermath of violent looting, she was flanked by several men, including Carlos Muhammad, a leader of the local chapter of the Nation of Islam.

That in and of itself is not surprising, since Rawlings-Blake thanked the Nation of Islam for helping quash violence that gripped the city Saturday night.

But while Muhammad stood with Rawlings-Blake as she called for peace in the streets Saturday, it was a more fiery message he cheered on at a speech at Baltimore’s Morgan State University in November.

It was there, in the aftermath of a Missouri grand jury’s decision not to indict a white police officer in the shooting death of Michael Brown, that Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan asserted that peace was not an option for blacks in their dealings with law enforcement.

“We going to die anyway. Let’s die for something,” Farrakhan told the crowd that day.

“Teach your baby how to throw the bottle if they can’t bite,” Farrakhan said, as he made a throwing motion.

Whether Saturday’s ne’er-do-wells were acting on Farrakhan’s command is unclear. But looting occurred, and bottles, chairs and garbage cans were thrown at police, local businesses and innocent bystanders. Thirty-four people were arrested in all.

During his November speech, Farrakhan held up a copy of the Koran, pointing out that the Muslim holy book includes a “law of retaliation.”

Appearing on “The Lead” with host Jake Tapper Monday, CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes slammed comments made Saturday by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

In her comments, the Baltimore mayor said that she “instructed” police officers to allow space for protesters “who wished to destroy.” She also told officers “to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters were able to exercise their right to free speech.”

Fuentes told Tapper that the comment was “so absurd, I don’t know how to respond,” while wondering if the mayor wanted to turn police cars and officers along with public buildings into “piñatas” for people “to whack at.”

“I did wonder while we talking about police tactics and, in your view of police being afraid to react or seeming afraid to react to some of this violence against them,” Tapper told Fuentes. “What do you think the mayor meant when she referred to giving protestors who wish to destroy space to do that?”

“You know, Jake, I think that statement is so absurd. I don’t know how to respond,” Fuentes said. “I would just let her clarify that. Does she want to serve up police cars, or other public buildings in Baltimore or public officials like the police, turn them into piñatas for the people to come out and whack at them so they can get their aggression out of their system? I’ve never heard a statement like that and I think it’s ridiculous.”

Maybe I’m wrong. It’s just my own stupid naive assumption that the MAYOR of a major American city would naturally be on the side of law and order. But no! She’s in favor of letting the mob burn, loot, and destroy, and she calls it “free speech”. Holy shit. And she’s in cahoots with Nation of Islam, when it was her own police department that kept the rioting somewhat under control?

Oh wait. Like I said, she’s nominally black. Therefore the police, ALL police, are the enemy. So I am wrong. No one is allowed a mindset outside their melanin. She isn’t two faced. She’s just a nigger. And as much as I despise the term and try not to use it and almost never blog it, there it is. Support for the mob of ground apes, the belief that “her people” are owed whatever they can take by violence, and the assumption that the police are at fault for Broderick Johnson’s death. They’re the cause of it. Oh, and a big Praise Allah for my pals here in Nation of Islam. Tear this motherfucker down, let it burn. She doesn’t need to say these things directly; they’re all part and parcel of making a statement about “allowing room for destruction” as if other people’s property, lives, and livelihoods, are an acceptable target for all that “pent up rage and frustration” against the system, built up since the last flash mob riot in Baltimore ... last week. 

And don’t give me that usual bullshit about “instigators brought in from out of town”, even if some of it is true. (In America, the Land of Opportunity, can ambitious black people make a tax free career path as migrant rioters and looters? Laugh now, sure, but would you bet that it isn’t true?)

I think we have reached a pivotal point here in Black Run America. The universal white hatred is no longer being hidden at all. Violence against whites is a constant, daily, every growing problem. And now we get to add government explicitly approved Category 5 Chimpouts to the mix; large scale rioting, looting, arson, and violence. “Room for destruction”. Once again, with a wink and a nod from the man in charge.

The White House says the head of President Barack Obama’s initiative for minority males will attend the funeral of a Baltimore man who died after sustaining serious injuries while in police custody. Broderick Johnson, the chairman of the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force, will represent the administration at Monday’s funeral for Freddie Gray. Johnson is also the Cabinet secretary. Gray is the 25-year-old black man who died a week after an encounter with Baltimore police left him with grave spinal injuries. He is being buried Monday in Baltimore.

Another link.
A superb link full of pictures, from the UK of course.

I am sickened.

And it just continues to get worse. Those NOI friends of hers? Here ya go ...

“We have seven officers who were injured during the course of this,” said Baltimore Police Capt. Eric Kowalczyk. “They have broken bones, one of them is unresponsive. This is not okay. Our officers went out to that situation to make sure that the people who live in that community were safe and we’re going to continue to do what we can to make sure that those people stay safe.

It’s a group of lawless individuals,” Kowalczyk said of the rioters. “What we know is that they are a group of criminals with no regard for the people in the community.”

A police source told Fox News several gangs, including Black Gorilla Family, Bloods and Crips all had “entered into a partnership to take out law enforcement officers.”

Activists from the Nation of Islam claimed responsibility for bringing the gangs together, telling reporters that they brokered a deal between the hated foes.

“I can say with honesty those brothers demonstrated they can be united for a common good,” Nation of Islam minister Carlos Muhammad told The Daily Beast. “At the rally, they made the call that they must be united on that day. It should be commended.”

That “common good” is the destruction of the police and the burning down of our civilization. Commendable, indeed.

Now I’m gonna heave.


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calendar   Saturday - April 25, 2015

TNB: Once Again, You Don’t Even Have To Read Past The HeadLine To ID The Perps

Massive Fight At Philly Train Station


Philadelphia, PA (My9,NJ) - Multiple, vicious fights broke out on the SEPTA platform at Philadelphia’s Spring Garden Station and was all caught on surveillance camera.

Groups of high schoolers attacked each other.

Some of the teens were seen stomping on each other’s heads and one teen even fell on the tracks.

SEPTA hopes the surveillance video will lead to identifying the combatants and police arrests.

SEPTA officials have talked to two of the victims and found out those involved are students from Ben Franklin High School.

Apologistas claim that this kind of mob mentality is just for kicks, a way of blowing off steam, and a way to become famous. A form of immortality, since it appears that the whole reason for fights like this is to post the thing to YouTube.

Law Enforcement officials have beefed up presence, and are getting tired of this shizz.

SPRING GARDEN (WPVI)— Officials have released new information and video from a fight involving students on the Broad Street Line.

The massive after school brawl happened at 3:00 p.m. Tuesday in the Spring Garden Station.

SEPTA says not one person, even the victims, have reported the fight. Authorities only discovered the fight after later seeing surveillance footage.

The video shows it was chaos on the platform as more than a dozen students went at it.

There was punching, there was kicking, and one teenager was repeatedly stomped in the head.

One young man even fell onto the tracks during the fight - something that could have taken a tragic turn if a train had been coming.

SEPTA says it has identified two of the victims who attend Ben Franklin High School. Now they’re working with the school district, not only to identify the other students involved, but to prevent these violent actions from happening again.

SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel reacted to the fight by saying, “It’s an outrageous event. This is so dangerous it’s not even funny. We have operating trains down there, there are passengers waiting for the train. You see somebody falls into the track area. It’s horrendous.”

SEPTA says that there are more police officers at the Spring Garden stop, and at about ten other hot spots they have identified. All of the hotspots are near schools and are trouble when students are dismissed from school.

Their officers and the school district already communicate but now their efforts will increase during what has been a busy spring of senseless after-school acts.

“discovered the fight after later seeing surveillance footage”?? Does that imply that there is no one actually watching the CCTV cameras in real time? Or that they are watched, but the watchers didn’t bother to call the po-po? Stitches for snitches, or just free entertainment for the camera watchers, who have a very high likelihood of looking just like the fighters, only a bit older?


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calendar   Tuesday - April 14, 2015

An Inconsiderate Grouping

Tough. I don’t care. Three bits of news completely unrelated except for one thing.


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calendar   Wednesday - April 01, 2015

You Don’t Even Have To Look, Part … lots

11 Georgia teachers found guilty of racketeering

Eleven former Atlanta public schools teachers accused of participating in a test cheating conspiracy that drew nationwide attention have been convicted of racketeering charges.

The verdicts in the case were announced Wednesday in a Georgia courtroom. Only one of the 12 educators on trial, Dessa Curb, was acquitted of the racketeering charge.

“I knew God had my back,” Curb told the reporters after the verdict was announced.

Eleven of the dozen accused educators were found guilty of conspiracy charges. One of the defendants, Angela Williams - who was found guilty of conspiracy, two counts of false statements and two counts of false swearing, which is lying under oath - may face the longest sentence.

Ten of the defendants were taken into the custody right away.

Shani Robinson, who is pregnant and close to her delivery date, was allowed to remain out on bond.

“They have made their bed and they’re going to have to lie in it and it starts today,” said judge Jerry Baxter.

A grand jury indicted 35 educators in March 2013. Many reached plea agreements with prosecutors. The educators said they faced pressure from supervisors including former superintendent Beverly Hall to inflate students’ scores to show gains in student achievement.

Hall was supposed to be tried along with the others, but her lawyers successfully argued she was too sick to help her own defense. She died last month from complications of breast cancer.

The long-awaited verdict comes six years after the allegations first became public, when the Atlanta Journal-Constitution raised questions about altered answers on standardized tests at number of Atlanta public schools. After six months of testimony from 164 witnesses, jury deliberations began on 19 March.

The Atlanta case is one of the largest school cheating scandals in US history.

“They cheated. They lied. And they stole,” John Floyd, the prosecutor, told the jurors in his closing statement. One teacher was acquitted.

Asked if he thought his office did the right thing in accepting plea deals from other 21 of the 35 indicted educators, Paul Howard, Fulton County district attorney, said: “Oh yeah. We absolutely did the right thing.”

The 21 plea deals helped make it clear that the accusations of racketeering were “not some fantasy created by the DA’s office” and “made it easy for people to recognize that something bad happened,” he said.

A 2011 report by two special investigators found that 178 teachers and principals at 44 schools had cheated. The 800-page report found that teachers at some Atlanta schools were erasing wrong answers and replacing them with correct ones. Better test scores on state tests resulted in performance bonuses for teachers and principals.

“The cheating had been going on so long, we considered it part of our jobs,” Jackie Parks, a former third grade teacher at Venetian Hills elementary school and witness for the prosecution, told the New York Times in 2013. According to her, cheating had been going on since at least 2004.


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calendar   Thursday - March 26, 2015


Man I am getting tired of their shit.

Give me that old toe tappin’, truck drivin’, beer drinkin’, white pride-in’, muzzie killin’, hillbilly sound

MSNBC apologized after a guest said, “nothing says ‘let’s go kill some Muslims’ like country music.” senior editor Jamilah Lemieux made the comment in regards to presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz’s remarks on “CBS This Morning” that he switched from rock to country music after 9/11.

Cruz said country music’s response to the tragedy “resonated” with him more so than other genres. Lemieux’s comments on the MSNBC program “Now with Alex Wagner” were met with giggles from her fellow guests Michael Steele and Joan Walsh.

Lemieux added, “Fresh from Lynchburg, Virginia, so he obviously doesn’t want to be a polarizing candidate, he wants to bring people together. That’s absurd.”

A few moments later, [ guest host Ari ] Melber addressed the camera telling viewers, “We have a programming note. A few minutes ago on this program, a guest made a comment about country music that was not appropriate, and we want to be clear this network does not condone it.”

Nope. Apology not accepted, not that that was one anyway. That was code word racism and we won’t be satisfied until miss phony-African-name there prostates herself before the world, gets fired, and has her weave plucked out in public. By ducks.

And I think Lynchburg VA deserves a major apology and a few hundred hours of enlightening and educational community service, don’t you?

Lynchburg was named for its founder, John Lynch, who at the age of 17 started a ferry service across the James River in 1757. In 1786, the Virginia General Assembly granted Lynch a charter for a town, which took in the 45 acres of land that Lynch owned. Lynchburg was incorporated as a town in 1805, and as a city in 1852.

The Society of Friends, or Quakers, were the first religious group to settle in Lynchburg. The city’s first house of worship was the South River Meeting House of the Society of Friends, located on Fort Avenue. The Meeting House was restored and is now part of Quaker Memorial Presbyterian Church. Lynchburg is often called the “City of Churches” for the large number and variety of religious buildings found in the city today.

Tobacco and iron were the chief products of early Lynchburg. The extensive use of Lynch’s ferry system on the James River resulted in Lynchburg becoming one of the largest tobacco markets in the U. S. The James Calloway Furnace, which operated around 1770 until 1779, and the Davie Ross Furnace, which was in business from 1781 until 1837, supplied the Continental Army with pig iron and cannon balls during the American Revolution.

Lynchburg served as a major storage depot during the Civil War, as well as a burial place for many of those killed during the war. Confederate Generals are buried here, including General Jubal Early, who commanded the Confederate forces during the brief Battle of Lynchburg. The breastworks for the defense of the city can still be seen at Fort Early. Lynchburg is also known for its proximity to Appomattox where the Civil War ended on April 9, 1865.


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calendar   Wednesday - March 18, 2015

what fred said

Another great short essay by Fred Reed is out.

Even without the (inevitable) racial hostility, togetherheid would not work well. The races have little or nothing in common. They do not want the same things. Whites come from a literate European tradition dating at least from the Iliad in 800 BC, a tradition characterized by literature, mathematics, architecture, philosophy, and the sciences. Africa, having a very different social traditions, was barely touched by this, and today blacks still show little interest. Even in the degenerate America of today, whites put far more emphasis on education than do blacks.

The media paint the problems of blacks as consequent to discrimination, but they clearly are not. If blacks in white schools wanted to do the work, or could, whites would applaud. If in black schools they demanded thicker textbooks with bigger words and smaller pictures, no white would refuse. The illiteracy, the very high rates of illegitimacy, the crime in general, the constant killing of young black men by young black men in particular—whites do not do these. They are either genetic, and irremediable, or cultural, and remediable, if at all, only in the very long run. We live in the short run.

I can’t really disagree with any of that. And yet this is about the biggest sin in the entire universe of Political Correctness.

And yet the same guy looked at a very similar situation some time ago, and ran his thoughts out in a slightly different direction ...

If black children can be educated, the question arises: Why aren’t they? The usual answer is that racism and conservatism are responsible, and much ink is spilled in exorcising these evils. But racists and conservatives have almost nothing to do with educational policy in Washington. Until recently, we’ve had a Democratic president and Congress; we have a liberal National Education Association, a black city government, a black school board, a black electorate. They, not conservatives or racists, bear responsibility for conditions in the schools.
Educationists, who have a well-developed sense of self-preservation, understandably do not favor higher standards for teachers. Hiring good teachers means firing bad ones. Any serious attempt to get rid of deadwood means bucking the powerful teachers’ unions, which, as a variety of tests have shown, would be gutted by any insistence on competence. Moreover, dismissal of incompetent teachers would mean a heavily disproportionate dismissal of black teachers. The bald, statistically verifiable truth is that the teachers’ colleges, probably on ideological grounds, have produced an incredible proportion of incompetent black teachers. Evidence of this appears periodically, as, for example, in the results of a competency test given to applicants for teaching positions in Pinellas County, Florida (which includes St. Petersburg and Clearwater), cited in Time, June 16, 1980. To pass this grueling examination, an applicant had to be able to read at the tenth-grade level and do arithmetic at the eighth-grade level. Though they all held B.A.’s, 25 percent of the whites and 79 percent of the blacks failed. Similar statistics exist for other places.

There’s really nothing new here, but it’s nice to see the thoughts and feelings kicking around in your mind put so clearly and succinctly.

Fred Reed. One of the treasures of the Internet.


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multiculturalism has become a “racket” as a black anti racist talks white angers, left

This news item is a bit of coincidence considering the post with regard to the sheboons from the standpoint that with liberal enablers, things get worse.
They will never improve.

Some of the folks one has to feel sorry for thru all our anger at what we all saw, are the people who went to war even in recent times, and who did serve our country with honor.  What must they feel like knowing that folks who don’t know their background or service, will look at them and only see niggers.  That can not be an easy thing.

Back in the 50s when the traitors known as the Rosenbergs were on trial and finally done away with, many thousands of Jews in the USA bore the brunt of the Rosenberg crime. Even those who faced no threat still felt the shame of it.  It’s very hard to explain to folks who have never been called a ‘dirty jew’ or a ‘kike’, especially after the Rosenbergs, could feel like.  It’s like you want to go out and tell people hey, that isn’t me. You want to explain you had nothing to do with them, even tho you weren’t called upon to do so. 
So yeah, I am aware that not all of the folks we see that are black are exactly like those sheboons.  The problem is, libtards are creating more of the same kind and they’re mostly still white and worse yet, far worse and far more confusing for some of us, why oh why can’t libtard Jews see thru all that?  As Dr. Jeff once pointed out with some frustration as I recall, too many Jews vote Democratic and left.  And because of the Jewish experience, they want the world to be a pretty place for the oppressed who happen to all be black. 

Well, here’s today’s dumb outrage from the left.

Bmews ,,,, This is just about as bloody F****** stupid and PC as it gets.

Fortunately in this one case, some kind of logic prevailed BUT, the dumb assed attitude remains as entrenched as ever.  The worse part of it is, and I really believe this, is that most people are wise to the BS, most don’t actually buy into it, most believe it’s fraud by another name, but most are also so it seems, powerless to stop the PC steamroller.

Oh … btw.  As an aside. A famous ( Brit) civil rights and anti race campaigner has come under liberal fire.  And a black man at that.

Former head of Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) said politicians and the media had become “terrified” of discussing race

Trevor Phillips has been accused of holding “misguided and dangerous” views about race after suggesting that multiculturalism in the UK has become a “racket” which discourages proper integration.

So it would seem that even a black “activist” and a ‘Sir’ no less, is misguided and dangerous due to his views which on the face of it, may just be too white.  Ya think?
I now present you with today’s bit of I’m offended by those words so you must not use them.

Jeremy Clarkson ruling: Travellers group objects as BBC Trust says Top Gear presenter’s use of ‘pikey’ was not racist

The BBC is facing a fresh dispute over the behaviour of its Top Gear presenters after an internal investigation concluded that the programme’s use of the word “pikey” was not racially offensive. The ruling by the BBC Trust’s Editorial Standards Committee, due to be published tomorrow, was condemned by Gypsy and Traveller organisations, which accused the Corporation of “legitimising the use of a racist word”.

The dispute comes a week after the BBC suspended Jeremy Clarkson for allegedly punching one of the show’s producers during a row over food. An inquiry has been launched into the incident, during which it is claimed the Top Gear presenter called Oisin Tymon a “lazy Irish c***”.

The complaint, which was lodged by the Traveller Movement charity, relates to a Top Gear episode which aired in February last year and featured a race of popular 1980s hatchbacks. During the programme, presenter Richard Hammond’s choice of a Vauxhall Nova is ridiculed, before Clarkson is seen erecting a placard at the start line bearing the words “Pikey’s Peak”.

In its ruling, seen by The Independent, the BBC committee acknowledges the fact that the word “pikey” derives from “turnpike” and is therefore related to Travellers.

However, it said there had been “no intended racist reference” by the Top Gear team. “The committee believed the word ‘pikey’ had evolved into common parlance among a number of people to mean ‘chavvy’ or ‘cheap’ and … viewers would not necessarily associate it with the Gypsy and Traveller communities,” the committee stated.

Refusing to uphold the complaint, it also noted that the use of the word “pikey” on Top Gear was the continuation of a “running gag” between Clarkson and fellow presenter James May about Hammond’s perceived cheap style. The placard was also a pun on the famous US racecourse Pike’s Peak, it added.

Reacting to the ruling, a spokesman for the Traveller Movement said the BBC Trust had made an “absurd” decision, adding that the charity would be taking its complaint to the media regulator Ofcom.

“We are horrified by the BBC’s green-lighting of the use of the word ‘pikey’ by the Top Gear presenters. The claim that it has evolved a new meaning and that most people do not realise it has any reference at all with Gypsies and Travellers is absolute rubbish,” he said.

There’s a lot more but you get the picture.

article continues

I must have led a very sheltered life.  I never heard the word pikey or pike used as a slur or in any other mean way against the vermin who break the laws and make otherwise peaceful folks erupt in anger and hate at this one group of misfits.  And a person would have to be blind or stupid or both not to know the many examples that have made them so unwanted in anyone’s back yard. Or within a mile of them. Make that 100 miles.


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TNB: Not Even Your Small Children Are Safe

How Much White Guilt Are You Feeling Now?

Gang of sheboons attacks two little white kids for no reason, records the whole thing because it’s just so funny.

Indianapolis Playground Beating: Girl And Her Little Brother Brutally Attacked In Park, Video Uploaded To Facebook

A young girl and her brother were brutally attacked in a park in Indianapolis, and video of the possibly racially motivated beating has gone viral after the perpetrators uploaded it to Facebook.

The disturbing video starts with a group of people running through a park toward a playground, then surrounding a young girl who was there with a much younger brother. By the time the camera person catches up the group already has the girl surrounded, and while the victim appears to explain something another girl from the group punches her in the face.

The victim then fell to the ground, yelling, “What did I do? What did I do?” while the assailant continues to throw punches.

As the victim pleads with her attacker to stop, another young man finally pulls off the attacker and the victim gathers her younger brother to leave the park. But as she leaves the camera person continues to follow, and the girl who originally attacks strikes again.

This time the victim’s younger brother, who appears to be somewhere around 5 or 6, tried to defend his sister by pushing away the attacker. But the attacker then turned her attention to the young boy, striking him and knocking him to the ground.

The group continued to mock the victim as she walked away and shouted an apology to her attackers.

The Indianapolis playground beating may have been racially motivated. The victim and her brother were white and the attackers appeared to be black. As the victim was asking why she was being attacked, one of the boys in the group appeared to answer, “You white, b***h.”

Punched, kicked, stomped on. By a mud cow 4 times her size. A little girl of maybe 9 or 10 (update 13 actually, but tiny). For no reason at all, other than being there and being white.

What, not even a tweet from Obama?

Link to the video here if the one above or at the first link isn’t working.

UPDATE The Blaze has TV news interview with the father of the victims. This appears to be just the latest episode in a long recurring bullying situation. The mud cow has been arrested, but not for this, not yet. Some other charges. Dad looks a bit dark and nappy for his kids to be white, but he must be since a) he’s around to begin with, b) he’s going to sue the snot out of the school system, c) he’s going to make sure “Stompy” the sheboon mud cow is fully prosecuted.


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