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calendar   Tuesday - September 02, 2008

I’m not proud of it but human nature DOES sometimes make us all racist.

I posted a story on this subject yesterday and today in the Mail was another editorial on the subject by Max Hastings.

It’s very much well worth your reading and points out very well the idiocy of the left.  Make NO mistake. They are not just idiots. If they were simply that they wouldn’t be the threat they are. 

Last updated at 7:48 AM on 02nd September 2008

Under fire: Respected academic George Steiner is in trouble after making comments about having Jamaican neighbours

You may not have heard of George Steiner, but he is one of the cleverest men in Britain.

A professor of comparative literature, 79 years old, his Jewish family emigrated from France in 1940.

He lives and writes in Cambridge. And today he is in deep trouble with the multicultural lobby.

Steiner has made headlines with remarks to a Spanish newspaper, discussing his new novel.

Racism, he said, is inherent in everyone. Racial tolerance is only skin-deep.  ‘It is very easy to sit here in this room and say racism is horrible,’ he told his interviewer.
‘But ask me the same thing if a Jamaican family moved next door with six children and they play reggae and rock music all day.

‘Or if an estate agent comes to my house and tells me that because a Jamaican family has moved next door the value of my property has fallen through the floor. Ask me then!’

The usual suspects - race-relations bodies, Muslim groups, minority spokesmen - have denounced Steiner’s remarks as ‘offensive, cranky, lazy generalisations’.

Yet reading what he said, I found myself remembering a day at Heathrow more than 20 years ago.

A heavenly cockney cleaner named Elsie Elmer worked for our family for almost 40 years. Elsie was a widow, a Londoner through and through.

When she was 77, she suddenly announced that she could no longer endure life in Hammersmith, where on both sides of her little house Jamaican neighbours played music full-blast through the night, every night.

One day, I drove her to the airport to emigrate to Australia, where she had a son living.

She hated to go and wept buckets. But she felt that her street, her city, were no longer the places which she knew and loved.

That is why George Steiner’s words, which have got him into such hot water, struck a powerful chord with me.

He was making the point that it is very easy for us middle-class types, living in our cosy social enclaves with not a black or brown face in sight, to strike noble postures about race and immigration.

Too glibly, we demand from others a tolerance which costs us nothing.

Three years ago, an impeccably liberal study-group published a book entitled The New East End, which sent shockwaves through the race-relations industry.

It described the bitterness of many established white residents in East London towards Bangladeshi newcomers, who were perceived - sometimes justly - as receiving preferential treatment for housing and social services, while introducing values at odds with those of the traditional cockney community.

The book explicitly cited the follies of middle-class liberal politicians and social workers, whose own lives were safely isolated from the consequences, trying to impose make-believe ideals on others.

Nobody sensible could have supposed that the authors of The New East End were a bunch of racists.

They were merely honest researchers, describing the predicament of the white working-class, which perceived itself dispossessed by newcomers of its rights and heritage.

George Steiner is telling the same story. He knows that tribe, identity, matter to all of us.

We want to be good citizens, and most of us are determined to rub along with the new world, in which all manner of people from different cultures have been thrust upon us.  But it is not easy. The fools are those who pretend it is.

Many of us learned at school to cherish our literary and historic heritage - Dickens and Jane Austen, Marlborough, Wellington and Churchill.

There is an inevitable gap between us and those who share no part of that legacy, and in some cases do not want their children to learn to do so.

Watching Shakespeare’s history plays performed, I am a little embarrassed to admit that I struggle to believe in black actors playing Henry V or Richard III, or indeed their courtiers.

This is not, I hope, because I am a bigot, but because I cannot forget that, in the Middle Ages, Britain had no black kings or lords.

Now, the answer to that one is that all dramas, including Shakespeare’s history plays, are fictions which should transcend national cultures.

When I am thinking as a grown-up, I recognise this.

But, in the spirit of Steiner’s remarks, I must admit the need to make an effort to become colour-blind.

I am not proud of saying this - it is just the way most of us are made.

Steiner was perhaps a little careless in his choice of words, in seeming to express indiscriminate scepticism about immigrants.

In truth, I think, we are pretty good at accepting people of any race who adopt the customs and lifestyle of our tribe - which is why race relations among the young in Britain are much better than they might be.

Many of the children of immigrants talk and behave just like their white counterparts, and are accepted on equal terms.

We direct our spleen against those - black, brown, or white - who behave anti-socially.

It is as repugnant to find a white teenage girl lurching drunk down a train as to see a black van-driver deafening whole streets by playing his stereo full-blast with open windows.

Our old daily, Elsie Elmer, did not leave Britain because her new neighbours were black, but because they behaved like beasts.

She would have suffered as much from their music if they had been white.

If they had adopted civilised values - which have nothing to do with class or race, everything to do with decency - she would have died in her London home.

George Steiner must be right - indeed, he expresses a familiar truth about human behaviour - when he suggests that we are most comfortable in the company of others like ourselves.

That does not mean that we expect neighbours and fellow citizens to vote the same way, to like the same music and films, choose the same holidays or favour the same clothes.

We merely want to share a common framework of values and behaviour, and we struggle in the company of those who do not, whatever their colour.

I was talking at the weekend to one of the most sensible pillars of the race-relations industry about the case of Tarique Ghaffur, the assistant commissioner who has denounced the Metropolitan Police for alleged discrimination about his promotion.

My friend said: ‘You must remember that somebody like that goes through his whole career knowing that every time he walks into a room, most of the people in it are not hostile - but they feel a vague sense that he is not like them.’

This does not mean that Ghaffur is the victim of discrimination, simply that his relationships are fractionally different from those among white colleagues.

It is nobody’s fault. It is just tribalism at work, of the kind which has influenced mankind since the beginning of time.

Only in a world where foolish race lobbies try to force multi-culturalism down our throats could its existence be disputed.

Mass immigration is imposing huge pressures on our society, and on the goodwill of its established residents.

What is remarkable is not how badly most people behave in consequence, but how well.George Steiner has stated simple truths, and only the idiot Left could deny their reality.


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calendar   Monday - September 01, 2008

Academic says he would not tolerate Jamaican neighbours.  Here we go again. The ‘R’ word.

Well heck, read the story and see if you don’t agree.  That newspaper headline is a bit mis-leading.  But the guy’s critics are plain stupid.  Bet they wouldn’t want this next door to them either.

Why is this a “race row” anyway? 

In a sidebar not published online, one person has said;
“This country is so politically correct that it’s become scared of free speech.” Right. Unless you belong to a minority group.

Cambridge academic says he would not tolerate Jamaican neighbours
A Cambridge academic and novelist was at the centre of a race row after saying that he would not be able to tolerate living next door to Jamaican neighbours “playing reggae all day”.

By Aislinn Simpson and Jessica Salter
Last Updated: 6:14AM BST 01 Sep 2008

George Steiner, 79, said he believed racism was inherent in everyone and that racial tolerance was merely skin deep.

The playwright and critic Bonnie Greer labelled him a “cranky old man”, while Muslim groups accused him of an “offensive and lazy” racist generalisation.

But other academics defended his honesty and right to express such views, saying they were a valuable addition to an important debate.

“It’s very easy to sit here, in this room, and say ‘racism is horrible’,” he said from his house in Cambridge, where he has been Extraordinary Fellow at Churchill College since 1969.

“But ask me the same thing if a Jamaican family moved next door with six children and they play reggae and rock music all day. Or if an estate agent comes to my house and tells me that because a Jamaican family has moved next door the value of my property has fallen through the floor. Ask me then!”

Mr Steiner, whose Jewish family fled to America from Paris before the Nazi invasion of 1940, adds: “In all of us, in our children, and to maintain our comfort, our survival, if you scratch beneath the surface, many dark areas appear. Don’t forget it.”

American-born Ms Greer said: “He is wrong. People are aware of differences in other people, but being racist is being someone who sets out to harm someone based on the colour of their skin.

“George Steiner can talk about his own feelings and talk about what is specific to himself, but to talk of a Jamaican family like that, this is Britain in 2008, what is he talking about?

“He is a cranky old man and he should sit down and have a cup of tea. It’s quite clear that he doesn’t know what racism is.”

Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain, expressed surprise at Mr Steiner’s comments, saying his multicultural background and research into the Holocaust, should have made him more tolerant than most.

(I find it very hard to pay much attention to ppl who move to the west and keep names I can’t spell much less pronounce. And this jerk has an easier name then many of his kind.  Hey, I don’t even want to live next to a white family with a noise factor that causes my blood pressure to reach new highs. But it’s almost a sure bet with the folks the prof. is talking about, he has a good case and the ‘R’ word is irrelevant here.  It’s really more about culture and class. Or have I got it all wrong and if I do, how? )

He said: “Steiner appears to have made some rather lazy and offensive generalisations about entire groups of people such as Jamaicans. You would think he - of all people given his background - would know better by now.”

But Dr John Allison, a South African-born law lecturer at Cambridge, said it was important to be open about racism.

“There are subtle forms of racism and less subtle forms, but anything that provokes debate about the issues and gets them into the open is a good thing,” he said.

Dr Robert Berkeley, deputy director of equality campaign body The Runnymede Trust, said: “I think it’s good to recognise your own racism - and everyone has their prejudices - so that you can deal with it. Racism is something we struggle to talk about enough, and I am always happy for there to be a debate, provided no one is victimised as a result. But I don’t agree with his view.”

(fine. good for you Dr. Berkeley Berk.  When are you moving to a Jamaican neighborhood?)

Although Cambridge University has worked hard to shed its white, middle-class image and take on more multicultural staff and students, only 16 per cent of Cambridge students are from ethnic minority backgrounds and roughly similar levels of staff.

(right on.  we can’t have too many of those damn white, middle class taxpayers among us. lowers the tone of the school.  fraken idiots.)

The city itself is overwhelmingly white. Official figures from the 2001 census reveal that 91 per cent of the city’s population is white British, compared to 87 per cent nationwide, while the black and Asian populations combined make up little more than one per cent.

Dr Oke Odudu, a British-Nigerian law lecturer at Cambridge, said he has never encountered racism during his time there.

“The atmosphere of the university is tolerant and the student population is extremely diverse,” he said. “I never encountered any discrimination. It’s a place where, if you are judged, it’s going to be on the basis of academic performance, not your background.”

Mr Steiner’s interview with a Spanish newspaper followed the publication of his latest novel, My Unwritten Books, which is a semi-autobiographic work featuring graphic details of his sex life.

At his current home, a substantial redbrick detached 1930s house in Trumpington, the leafy suburban outskirts of the city, he is likely to be safe from noisy neighbours, whether white, black or otherwise.

All the properties on his road are set well apart, interspaced with large, well-tended gardens.

Asked by the Daily Telegraph if he now regretted what he said, Mr Steiner said: “No I do not, but I do not wish to comment further.”


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calendar   Thursday - July 31, 2008

Ok, Now I’ve Heard Everything

Climate Change Hurts Blacks More

bat3  bat3  bat3  bat3  bat3

House Majority Whip Clyburn says

African-Americans ‘disproportionately impacted’

Climate change is no longer just an environmental issue. It’s now an issue of race, according to global warming activists and policy makers.
“It is critical our community be an integral and active part of the debate because African-Americans are disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change economically, socially and through our health and well-being,” House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., said July 29.

The launch came on the heels of a separate report by the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative (EJCC), which claims African-Americans are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change. EJCC describes itself as a “climate justice” advocacy group.
Though far less responsible for climate change, African-Americans are significantly more vulnerable to its effects than non-Hispanic whites,” the report says. “Health, housing, economic well-being, culture, and social stability are harmed from such manifestations of climate change as storms, floods, and climate variability.

Horry Clap, the sun is shining, therefore blacks are victims and it’s whiteys fault. And this is from one of the top elected officials in Washington DC. And if we were having Global Cooling they’d be victims because they are more suited to warmer climates. We can’t win folks. Anything. Everything. No matter what ... blacks are victimized by it.

“African-Americans are also more vulnerable to higher energy bills, unemployment, recessions caused by global energy price shocks, and a greater economic burden from military operations designed to protect the flow of oil to the U.S,” it (the report) says.

Right, because, don’t you know, all the white folks is secret millionaires. Because we get funding on the down-low from the zionists who actually run the world. There are no white people without jobs, on welfare, or doing low paying work. Nope, we all are wealthy trust fund babies. And what’s with this “and a greater economic burden from military operations” claptrap? Is he still trying to flog the worn out bullshit leftover from Vietnam that the black man is unjustly overrepresented in the military ... that wars are fought just to get rid of extra black men? That dog didn’t hunt in 1968, and it sure as hell won’t fly today in an all volunteer military. So just what are these “military operations” you’re talking about here, horseface?

The commission Clyburn helped launch claims Hurricane Katrina’s impact on New Orleans was a preview of how global warming will affect African-Americans.
“[W]hile individual storms cannot be linked specifically to climate change, scientists warn that warmer waters may foster-more intense storms,” the background paper on the commission’s efforts, authored by Michel Gelobter, Carla Peterman and Azebuilke Akaba said. “The flooding of New Orleans still highlights the vulnerability of the African-American community to types of extreme weather events expected with global climate change.”

Oh don’t get me started on that one again. I guess this statement means that we can expect looting every time it snows? Or maybe if Tuscon Arizona elects a black mayor he’ll stand outside the front door of the CopperTone factory and cry to the federal government to get some damn sunblock over here right now because the sun is shining? This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard all week. But wait, there’s more!

But the goals of environmental and race activists don’t include allowing investors to earn the benefits of putting their money into proposed solutions.  J. Andrew Hoerner, director of the sustainable economics program at Redefining Progress and a co-author of the EJCC report, told the Business & Media Institute that solutions to climate change should be designed in a way so investors don’t reap all the benefits.

The report suggested implementing a “fee, tax or allowance auction on polluters,” which was meant to “eliminate the financial burden on low-income and moderate-income households.This would pay for efforts to reduce global warming. Hoerner said that although it would cause product costs to increase, under his policy, the revenue from the “fee, tax, or allowance auction payment” would be redistributed to consumers to offset the higher costs.

Just as I thought. Another Socialist Robin Hood scheme. Take your money and give it to others. Empty the wallet of industry and give it away to the Pore ‘N Starvintm. Funny how the race baiters, the enviro-whackjobs, and the Dems all play from the same handbook. Well, sure, that’s because those three groups are often the same people, but still. Take your money: it’s the only thing they know, and they’ll use anything as an excuse to do it again.


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calendar   Friday - July 25, 2008

Grandmother arrested on race charges after telling rowdy Asian students to ‘go home’.




July 25, 2008

After being woken for the third time in one night by a group of drunken and noisy students, Jo Calvert-Mindell was at her wits’ end.

The former policewoman got dressed, went outside and shouted at them: ‘Why can’t you go back to where you come from and make some noise there? I bet your families and neighbours wouldn’t put up with it.

‘You don’t care about us and do just as you like. What gives you the right to frighten my elderly neighbours, cause damage and keep us awake at night?’

She also reported the incident to police, who came and dispersed the eight students.

The 51-year-old grandmother was astonished when four months later she was arrested and accused of being a racist. It turned out that two Asians in the group had complained to the police.

In April, Miss Calvert-Mindell, who has never been in trouble with the police before, was charged with using racially aggravated threatening words or behaviour under section 5 of the Public Order Act.

In May, she appeared at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court in Kent, where she denied the charge.

The case hung over her until the Crown Prosecution Service decided to drop it last week, admitting there was little chance of conviction. Now she is filing a complaint about the way the police treated her.

Yesterday, Miss Calvert-Mindell, a Liberal Democrat councillor and community volunteer, said: ‘The last thing I am is a racist.

‘I have a totally inclusive attitude to different races and cultures - I don’t care if you are black, white, green or a Martian.

‘Their colour had nothing to do with it - it was their behaviour.

‘I think there is something very wrong in our society when a resident can’t go out and try and prevent crime and disorder and encourage the defendants to go back home and that they can then play the race card to completely absolve themselves of responsibility for that behaviour.

‘The authorities today are so sensitive to being criticised for being racist that any claims of racism just raises their antennae, instead of using common sense.’

The incident that led to her court appearance happened in the early hours of November 8 last year on the Hales Place estate in Canterbury.

Miss Calvert-Mindell, who has a daughter and three grandchildren, was woken three times by students from the nearby University of Kent, who were shouting drunkenly and kicking bins.

Fed up after months of sleeplessness caused by noisy students she put her clothes on and went down to tell them to be quiet.

She said that when she shouted at the students ‘all I meant was that they would not do that at their family homes wherever they had come from in England.’

But one of the students said she was being racist. Two Asians in the group later complained to police.

Assistant district crown prosecutor Carol Chastney said: ‘Following a review we decided to discontinue the proceedings against the defendant as there was no longer sufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.’

Kent Police refused to apologise. Superintendent Chris Hogben said: ‘An allegation was made that was fully investigated. A case was presented to the CPS and the decision was made to prosecute.

‘If Miss Calvert-Mindell would like to discuss our response and the conduct of officers I would urge her to contact me direct.’


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calendar   Monday - July 14, 2008

Now there are Two

I know, I’m a bit late on this story ... but only by a couple days.

Cynthia McKinney Gets Green Party Nomination


Now we have two black peoples running for president!

And with Cynthia, it sure as hell is All About Race.

The liberal environmentalist Green Party nominated former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney as its presidential candidate Saturday. McKinney, 53, held off three rivals to win the party’s nomination during its convention in Chicago, Illinois. She picked journalist and Hip Hop activist Rosa Clemente as her running mate.

Green Party spokeswoman Scott McLarty acknowledged McKinney was a “long shot” for the White House, but said, “Every vote that she gets helps the Green Party.”
“The United States needs an alternative party,” McLarty said. “The narrow two-party system we have right now has not served us very well.”

The most successful Green Party presidential candidate was consumer advocate Ralph Nader, who drew nearly 3 percent of the vote in 2000. Nader is running again this year, this time as an independent.

Earlier this year, the Libertarian Party nominated McKinney’s onetime House colleague, ex-Republican congressman Bob Barr, as its presidential nominee. Barr also represented a district in the Atlanta suburbs during his four terms in Congress.

So there you have it. It’s All About The Choicestm!! Look at the width of candidates the left can choose from: McKinney for the hard core race baiters and haters. Obama for commies and socialists. Ralphie Boy for the pouting environmentalists. And Bob Barr, for whatever the Libertarians stand for these days. I guess he could get the “centrist” lefty vote. And hey, let’s not forget good old Ron Paul, who is still in it! With a little luck and a push, maybe he could be talked into being an Indie candidate too. The loonies, troofers, and UFO believers deserve someone in their corner too.

Let’s push Cynthia. No, not under the bus, regular or Obama-model, though that’s a little tempting. Let’s push Cynthia as a real alternate. She does not waffle. She does not change her tune depending on where she is. She is true to her beliefs. And she hates white folks like nobody’s bidniss. And she’s a SHE. So the Hillary folks stuck on gender politics have a vajayjay to vote for.

And she scares the crap out of the Republicans. Truth To Power!! Right On!

“She is a racist. She bases everything on race. Everything bad that has ever happened to her is because she’s black. She’s anti-Semitic, that’s who she is.”—Rep. Tom Delay (R-Texas)

More of Cynthia’s positions and accomplishments can be found here, and her campaign platform is here at her official website

“This campaign is the opportunity the Hip-Hop generation has been working for. This is our time to address the issues affecting our communities – rising unemployment, the high cost of food and housing, a lack of quality public education and access to higher education, the prison-industrial complex, and unaccountable corporate media. These issues are not being addressed by either the Republican or Democratic nominee. “I choose to do this, not for me, but for my generation, my community and my daughter. I don’t see the Green Party as an alternative; I see it as an imperative. I trust that my Vice Presidential run will inspire all people, but especially young people of color, to recognize that we have more then two choices. Together, we can build the future we’ve been wanting.”
- Rosa Clemente

So help put the word out to your Democrat associates. As the weeks go by and Obama reveals himself to be just another politician playing the game, another part of the machine, man, remind them that there are real choices out there this time. Demand that she, and Ralphy and Bob Barr too, should be part of any and all TV debates. It’s the two party system that got us into this mess. We all know it’s a mess - that’s why congressional approval is 9% and falling. It’s time for a new way. It’s time for real change. It’s time for Cunthia Cynthia.

Cynthia ‘08 - the Real Choice for Real Change


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calendar   Monday - June 23, 2008

Aide resigns over ‘racist’ comment.  Here we GD go again!  Here’s the face of EVIL!

Jesus, Here we go again and me pissed off very first thing in the morning. I haven’t even had time for my coffee or Xanax yet.
It’s just turned 7:15am and here I am bitching. Again.  But honest folks. I read stuff like this in our morning paper and my blood pressure goes up.
Oh, that reminds me.  Have to take the meds.

This really is another one of those damn stupid moves by someone who said NOTHING that should cause his resignation. NOTHING!
But he did and then the mayor (of London) has to state that his now former aide isn’t a racist.  Why, damn it?

OK, here’s the evil white guy.  Lets get it over with.  Anyone bring the rope?

Boris Johnson aide resigns over ‘racist’ comment By Laura Clout
Last Updated: 6:54AM BST 23/06/2008

A key mayoral aide of Boris Johnson has resigned after appearing to suggest that Caribbean people should go home ‘if they don’t like it’ in Britain.


When it was put to him in an interview for a website that Mr Johnson’s victory would trigger a mass exodus of Caribbean migrants, deputy chief of staff James McGrath said: “Well, let them go.”

(Tha-Tha-Tha, That’s All Folks.  cue the looney tunes jingle.  That’s it.  That’s the evil RACIST quote. “Let em go.”)

Mr Johnson, who has previously faced criticism over allegedly racist remarks, said he accepted Mr McGrath’s resignation with regret, but added that the comments had been ‘taken out of context’.

The remarks came after Mr McGrath was asked about a critical comment piece during an interview with Marc Wadsworth, a so-called citizen

Here’s a link if you want to read the rest, but the nuts and bolts are up there:^

Yeah, there’s more. But I figured if you really had a deep and burning desire to read the rest of this, you’d click the link.


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calendar   Friday - June 20, 2008

racism over lost luggage.  (anyone else but this very spoiled cretin would serve jail time)

Here we go folks.  The ‘R’ word.  Or ‘ism’ you can take your pick.

I can’t help feeling that were the person a white one, they’d most likely be in jail.  This lady, and I use the term lightly, has had more breaks and more ppl leaning over backwards for her then I can count.  Of course, she isn’t alone in kid gloves treatment after bad behaviour.

Garbage gums here has civil rights and isn’t accountable for anything she does. She’s dark skinned & thus is entitled to a free pass. 

Naomi Campbell accused British Airways captain of racism over lost luggage
By Graham Tibbetts
Last Updated: 1:57PM BST 20/06/2008

Naomi Campbell flew into a rage and accused an airline captain of racism when he tried to explain that one of her bags had gone missing, a court heard today.
20 Jun 08: Naomi Campbell pleads guilty to assaulting a police officer after a row at Heathrow airport. ;

The model was caught up in the chaos of Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport when she was waiting to take off for Los Angeles.

After it became clear that Campbell’s bag was among a number that had failed to be loaded on to the British Airways flight Miles Sutherland, the captain, took the “unusual decision” of personally approaching her to explain the situation and apologise.

Uxbridge magistrates court, west London, heard that the model made no attempt to listen to Capt Sutherland and instead used her mobile phone, saying: “They have lost my f****** bags, get me another flight, get the press, get me my lawyer.”

She then shouted at Capt Sutherland: “I can’t believe you have lost my f****** bag. Bring me my f****** bags now.”

Melanie Parrish, prosecuting, said: “She instructed him to personally get off the aircraft and get her bag and show it to her.”

When the captain attempted to outline her options she retorted: “How dare you tell me what my options are? You are not leaving until you find my f****** bags.”

As the captain walked away Campbell shouted after him: “You are a racist. You wouldn’t be doing this if I was white.”

(No, he might not monkey face. Were you white he might have had you locked up at once)

The incident, which happened in April shortly after Terminal 5’s disastrous opening, led to the flight being delayed by almost an hour.

The court was told a cabin services director and a BA special operative trained to deal with difficult situations were called to the aircraft but had little success.

Miss Parrish said: “Miss Campbell was clearly upset and explained to them the reason why this was so awful for her was that she was contracted to wear a particular Yves Saint Laurent outfit on a US chat show and it was in the bag that hadn’t been loaded.”

She said that Campbell, who was sitting in First Class, again began to shout and swear and was told that her language was unacceptable and there were families and children on board.

Campbell, 38, continued shouting and swearing, yelling “F*** you, f*** you, Captain”, before the decision was taken that she would have to be removed from the flight.

When she refused to leave voluntarily three police officers arrived and were told: “F*** off, I have paid £5,000 for this. I have a right to be on this plane.”

As an officer, PC Eastick, attempted to grab her arm she “went berserk, thrashing her arms around uncontrollably and striking PC Eastick on the arm with her phone,” said Miss Parrish.

During a violent struggle Campbell thrust her right leg back and forward, hitting another officer.

(Now dat be ok doh because she have dem dar cibil right stuff ya’ll honkeys don’t got yet yaknowwhatImean if not axme and I splain it.)

Miss Parrish added: “At the time she was wearing formidable platform boots with stiletto-style heels.”

The only other passenger in First Class moved into the staff kitchen for his own safety, the court heard.

Campbell then spat on one of the officers and shouted at them: “It is because I am a black woman. You are all racists. I am going to sue you. I am going to f*** you.”

( Oh sure.  It’s ALWAYS race huh?  Heaven forbid it’s something to do with how they act or what they do. Oh no. It isn’t their doing. No. It’s Whitey!)

Her tirade continued later after she had left the aircraft when she claimed she was only being arrested because she was “black and famous”.

Campbell’s lawyer, Simon Nicholls, said she had not been drinking or looking for trouble.

“She has specifically told me to say she was genuinely apologetic to the police officers. I can’t say she was quite so sorry about British Airways but she is sorry she behaved in the way she did,” he said.

Campbell pleaded guilty to two counts of assaulting a police officer, one count of disorderly conduct likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress and using threatening, abusive words or behaviour to cabin crew.

The magistrates ordered a probation report to be carried out on Campbell before they decided on sentence later today.

They told the model that all sentencing options were open but that they had a community punishment in mind.

She could have been jailed for up to six months and/or fined up to £5,000 for each count of assaulting a constable.


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calendar   Wednesday - June 04, 2008

Third payout from Scotland Yard in race prejudice case.  (and ALL by the same guy!)

(Racially approved)

Cop wins third payout from Scotland Yard in race prejudice case
By Richard Edwards, Crime Correspondent
Last Updated: 3:40PM BST 04/06/2008

An Asian police officer who was twice paid compensation for racial discrimination from Scotland Yard has won a third five-figure payout - and launched a further two complaints.

Det Sgt Gurpal Virdi was this week awarded £70,400 for victimisation after he was passed over for promotion for having exposed race prejudice at the Metropolitan police.

It takes the total he has won from the force to more than £300,000 and the Sikh officer is seeking further compensation in two more tribunal claims in the next three months.

After winning the case, Sgt Virdi, 49, urged Commissioner Sir Ian Blair to take tough measures to stamp out discrimination in the force, saying that “no amount of training appears to be working”.

Mr Virdi, who joined the Met as a PC in May 1982, was awarded £150,000 by a tribunal in August 2000 for race discrimination after he was unfairly dismissed from the force. He had been sacked after being wrongly accused of sending racist hate mail to black and Asian officers at Hanwell police station.

He was reinstated in February 2002 and an internal investigation found major mistakes had been made in what was seen as a landmark case in race relations within the police service.

Sir John Stevens, then Commissioner, apologised and agreed Mr Virdi should be paid another £90,000 in an out-of-court settlement by the force for “injury to his feelings”.

On his return to duty, he worked for assistant commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, the Met’s most senior Asian officer, on community issues and policy.

In 2005, encouraged by senior officers, he applied for promotion to detective inspector at a time when the Met had a shortage.

He was endorsed by his line manager and it was agreed that he satisfied all the official criteria. But he was turned down by a review panel and his appeal was rejected.

In its judgment on liabilty, the tribunal ruled that Mr Virdi’s promotion application was treated differently to that of someone who had not taken legal action against the force.

It said the process was “shoddily operated” and noted that he was now unlikely to get another chance of promotion before he retires.

Mr Virdi’s award included £61,621 for loss of earnings and pension and £8,780 for injury to feelings.

Speaking after his latest award, Sgt Virdi said: “If Sir Ian Blair is serious about tackling victimisation and discrimination in the ranks of the Met, then he must take some form of disciplinary action as no amount of training appears to be working.

“Having spent nearly ten years fighting discrimination in the Met, I am delighted that the tribunal has once again decided in my favour. With four years left to serve, I am looking forward to continuing my career with a unblemished record.”

Mr Virdi is involved in two more employment tribunals, including a fresh victimisation claim next week alleging that he was ostracised on his return to work and his appraisal downgraded.

In September a tribunal will decide on allegations that he has also been the victim of bullying.

Sarah Drury, vice chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said: “We hope the Met will learn the lessons and treat all officers in a fair and transparent manner.”

While winning the victimisation claim against the Met, Mr Virdi failed in a claim of race discrimination. Scotland Yard is appealing the tribunal’s decision on victimisation.


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Criminals rest easy.  (don’t worry, be happy)

Yes, I know it’s an old article.  But, has anything changed since this was written in ‘05?
I think you already know the answer to that one.
I’m posting this I suppose due to all the crime related things I’ve posted here lately. I can’t help it I guess because it’s so damn prevalent and the crimes so horrific.  They stand out due to their nature.

Well, old or not, please read this because it says a lot.  In fact, it says it all.  I’m also posting it because of another story that just has to be seen and I’ll get to that shortly.

Criminals rest easy, the Met is chasing race and gender targets

By Leo McKinstry
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 09/06/2005

It is an iron law of modern civic life in Britain that the more an organisation trumpets its commitment to equal opportunities, the more it will be accused of discrimination. For the neurotic focus on equality leaves it vulnerable to vexatious and frivolous complaints.

That is certainly what has happened in the Metropolitan Police, a once proud body renowned across the world for its integrity, but now crippled by an ideological obsession with race and gender. The disastrous mismanagement was highlighted this week by an industrial tribunal case, in which three white police officers are taking action against the Met for alleged discrimination, claiming that they have been the victims of a politically correct witch-hunt.

It is fair to say that the Met has had a problem with racism but the force has now lost all sense of proportion. The three officers were investigated - and one of them suspended - after they were said to have made offensive anti-Muslim remarks in front of a female Asian officer during a race-awareness training course. After months of inquiry at the highest level of the Met, the three men were finally cleared of any wrong-doing.

Scotland Yard’s most senior Asian officer, assistant commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, who looked into the case in 2002 and gave the verdict of innocence, said that he “found it incredible that this matter was taken up”.

But in truth there is nothing incredible about the way this ludicrous case was handled. Since 1999, when the Macpherson report into the death of the black teenager Stephen Lawrence accused the Met of “institutional racism”, London’s police force has been paralysed by anxiety over the issue of diversity. Eager to prove its anti-racist, pro-gay, feminist credentials, the Met prefers to fight supposed prejudice than real crime.

One sorry result of this neurosis about discrimination is the creation of a vast bureaucracy, which does nothing but waste resources. The Met is now awash with race units and equality action plans, all geared towards heightening the climate of grievance.

So within the shambolic organisation there is a consultation, diversity and outreach unit; a diversity directorate that includes six separate diversity teams covering everything from age to sexual orientation; a diversity champion; an equal opportunities and diversity board; a positive action team; a lesbian, gay and transgender advisory group and a cultural and communities unit.

Today’s senior London coppers might not be much use in defeating criminality, but they are superb at organising meetings and generating reports. They can talk like the most fluent pseudo-Marxist academic about “contextualised learning on race” and act like the most politically correct Blairite civil servant in demanding that “performance in respect of race and diversity be measured through a corporate measurement framework” or seeking to “facilitate the change process through the establishment of the development and organisation improvement team (DOIT)”.

Increasingly the Met resembles one of those extremist Left-wing councils of the 1980s. Recruitment policies are driven by skin colour and sex, above quality of applicant. The bias towards women and ethnic minority candidates is quite explicit, with priority given for training places towards those who speak a second language or “have knowledge or experience of a community group”. The goal is to have 25 per cent of the Met non-white by 2009, but even the National Black Police Association has said that this is “a ridiculous target”, for its achievement would require 80 per cent of new recruits to be black or Asian over the next four years.

And 35 per cent of current recruits are female, hardly an inspiring thought given the soaring levels of violent crime on the streets of the capital.


Indeed, the Met is now quite explicit about its enthusiasm for social engineering. Its Confidence and Equality Strategy paper, published last month, states, “mainstreaming diversity is essentially about creating a fairer society in its widest sense, when everyone can participate and have the opportunity to realise their full potential”.

This kind of socialist utopianism is nothing to do with crime, but it now permeates the Met’s work. So, typically, the Met runs a fashion show at Tate Modern, costing £110,000 for disaffected teenagers in Southwark. In the same vein, Scotland Yard has asked Asian businesses to hire “vulnerable youngsters” from their own communities to divert them from crime, while senior Met officer Michael O’Keefe recently visited India to examine the concept of “corporate social responsibility”.

It is just as keen on gay rights, and will be one of the key hosts for “Celebrate”, a European gay police conference in London at the end of the month. The central theme is the “ability to actively celebrate difference, not merely to tolerate or even respect it”. The Met is also to be represented at the “Big Gay Out” festival in London next month.

The tragedy of all this activity is that it is severely detracting from the central job of the police in protecting society. The British public spends £2.7 billion on the Met, which now employs no fewer than 32,000 officers and 13,400 civilian staff. But, because of warped political priorities, the number of officers on patrol is minuscule, and rates of clear-up for crime remain dismally low. At September 2004, just 18.3 per cent of crimes were resolved, while the rate for burglary was 13.2 per cent and for robbery, 16 per cent.

It is no wonder that the middle-classes in London have lost faith in the police. Once the police could be regarded as their allies in the provision of security and the protection of property; today they are in the vanguard of the social revolution.

Meanwhile, the police officers’ trade union, the Police Federation, exploits the atmosphere of victimhood to entrench its position, upholding outdated working practices and systematic abuses. Where manufacturing and the private sector were forced to change over the past three decades, the Metropolitan police service remains one of the last bastions of the producer-led culture, its workforce abusing its monopoly position as flagrantly as the nationalised industries of the Seventies. That is why rates of absenteeism - currently an average of 7.4 days a year for police officers and 9.3 days for civilian staff - remain so high. And there is no sign of change.

Management is just as big an appeaser of its own failing workforce as it is of criminality. The public, which pays for this farce and has to suffer ever-increasing crime, deserves better.


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calendar   Friday - March 28, 2008

No Al, it ain’t the same

This is my contribution to the blogswarm. This story needs to be told and retold until a grassroots swell rises up and overtakes the MSM. We’re just starting to see such a thing happen with Obama and his hateful preacher. Now it looks like some people have finally had enough of Al Sharpton. Finally, finally some voices within the black community are starting to be heard that he’s gone too far. Too bad my voice doesn’t count for much. As a suburban white guy, I would have tossed his lying ass back in the Poughkeepsie gutter 20 years ago with the Tawana thing. 17 years ago I would have sent him to the scrap heap over his part in the Crown Heights affair. And there have been countless instances since then. I feel he is a rabble rouser, a race-baiter, a con man, and a hater. Another “reverend” cast from the same mould as “reverend” Wright, only with a bigger mouth and better fundraising skills. He’s a charlatan and an agitator, and his only purpose is to Keep Hate Alive because he makes money off of it.

Ok, here’s the situation. Two crimes occurred in Florida. On New Year’s Day in Boca Raton, two underage teenage girls went out drinking with 5 older teenage boys. Things “got out of hand” and now

five teens are charged with sexual battery on a helpless person because the then 13- and 14-year-old female victims had downed repeated shots of vodka. According to the teenage boys, at least one of the girls asked in her drunkeness to have sex. Asked repeatedly. Prosecutors recently amended charges so the teens cannot argue consent as a defense. The teens face of a maximum of 30 years in prison.

I’ve read in some comments that this is another case of “humper’s remorse”, which I will not comment on, but from what little I have read it does appear at least possible that this is a junior high school version of “Girls Gone Wild”. Except in Florida that’s a crime. So a hot drunken orgy becomes a statutory gang rape. I don’t even know who provided the booze. The girls? The young men involved all posted bail.

The second case, which happened last summer, is the infamous Dunbar Village gang rape. If you haven’t heard of it, this is another one of those horrendous crimes that makes you want to take a flamethrower to the entire human race, that such mental sickness could exist. A woman and her son were brutalized, gang raped by 10 thugs for 3 hours, beaten, robbed, and burned with chemicals. After cramming a bar of soap into the woman to clean up the evidence, her assailants poured household cleaners over her and her son, and the only reason they weren’t burned alive was because they couldn’t find any matches. And further horrors were perpetrated that you’ll have to go read the link to find out about. I just gave you the light stuff. What makes this horror even worse was that it happened in a Projects neighborhood, and all the neighbors heard what was going on and did nothing. For hours. Get a load of the screen clip from the MSNBC website, and read the caption - this woman gets my vote for Most Heartless Bitch of the Century:
Only half of the scumbags have been caught so far. Not only did they leave DNA evidence at the scene, along with fingerprints, they also took cell phone pictures of the crime as it happened, to share with their friends. Real pillars of the community. Those that have been caught remain in jail, waiting to be tried as adults. They range in age from 14 to 18.

The first crime I described was committed by white boys against white girls. The second crime was black on black, in a neighborhood that is almost exclusively black. The first case has a reasonable possibility of not being an act of deliberate criminal intent, the second case was perhaps 50 felonies committed as part of the same event, and was without question done on purpose. Hell, they even took pictures of themselves, to show how baaad they are.

Two weeks ago Al Sharpton pushed it too far. According to Al, with the backing and support of the NAACP, both these cases are the same, and should be treated the same, and it’s deliberate racist behavior that’s the only reason the Dunbar bunch are not free on bail.

WEST PALM BEACH — The Rev. Al Sharpton and NAACP activists stood outside the State Attorney’s Office Tuesday morning, protesting what they say is disparate handling of black teens accused in the rape of a Dunbar Village woman and her son and white teens from suburban Boca Raton accused in the rape of their drunk friends.

Sharpton said the black teens remain jailed and the white teens are free on bond, despite them committing the “same act.” “To have different reactions to the same set of circumstances is a crime in itself,” Sharpton said.

What a fuckwit. No, I take that back. He can’t have a functional “wit” to make such a statement. What a moron.

The grassroots movement has started. The Reverend Doctor Renita J Weems, at her blog Something Within posts

This mass open letter is a call to action for all black people who care about the safety and welfare of black women and children in America. If you are concerned about the recent developments about Dunbar Village, please copy the post below, and email it to all of your friends and coworkers.


and suggests that people make their voices heard:


Al Sharpton and the NAACP are banking on the belief that you and I will be just like this black woman’s neighbors. Join me by saying NOT THIS TIME. We will not turn a deaf ear to when we hear calls for help from one of our sisters and brothers who are being victimized.

Stop the NAACP and Al Sharpton’s National Action Network from committing this disgrace in our community. Just this once, let’s stand up and be counted by saying that we demand safe neighborhoods for our women and children.

Here is what you can do:

1. Spread the word. Forward this email if your conscience and concern have been raised. Send it to every concerned black citizen that you know.

2. Demand an explanation from your local NAACP chapter about this case. Cancel your membership to these organizations, and write a letter explaining that you will return when they prioritize the public safety needs of black women and children.

3. If you do not belong to these organizations, call and write them to tell them of your outrage and displeasure:

NAACP National Headquarters
4805 Mt. Hope Drive
Baltimore MD 21215
Toll Free: (877) NAACP-98
Local: (410) 580-5777

National Action Network
Rev. Al Sharpton
106 W. 145th Street
Harlem, New York 10039

If you know an African American reporter or a black radio talk show host, forward this story to them and ask them to follow up on it.

She already has nearly two dozen black blogs running with this. Feminist blogs are chiming, along with black community cultural websites:

There’s no doubt in my mind that the four teenagers who are accused of gang-raping and sodomizing a Haitian immigrant in West Palm Beach, Florida for three hours straight last June and forcing her to perform oral sex with her 12-year-old son at gunpoint need help of the psychological kind.

What they don’t need, however, is help in being sprung from the Palm Beach County Jail. Yet that’s exactly what the Rev. Al Sharpton is demanding for those defendants, who range in age from 14 to 18.

Last week, the good reverend showed up in West Palm Beach to denounce the denial of bail to the defendants, saying that they are being treated differently from five white teenage defendants from Boca Raton, Florida who are accused of raping two middle school girls after a night of hard drinking on New Year’s Eve, but who were granted bail.

Sharpton needs to choose his battles more wisely.

Regular bloggers are climbing aboard too, because this manifestation of stupidity transcends race and gender issues. Fuckin Al exists only to piss gasoline on the fire, and folks have reached their limits. In the old days it would be time for the tar and feathers. These days what we do is spread the word and convince others, convince everyone, that this fool does not speak for me. Quoth the Rachel:

those two set of circumstances are not the “same”, asshole. Deal with it. That’s why there’s a “different reaction”.

So, Sharpton and the NAACP once again prove that facts, reason, logic, and real justice are the last things on their list of priorities. The good news is that many blacks are seriously pissed off about it.

I am glad that people are finally waking up. Let’s put “reverend” Al in the same lockbox as “reverend” Wright, and throw away the key. I am overjoyed that black groups and women’s groups are speaking up about the horrors of this crime. I support them fully. It breaks my heart that such a pestilential shit hole as Dunbar Village could even exist in the US. Burn it down. It’s a little slice of Hell, right off the beaches.

hat tip to Dr. jeff


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calendar   Saturday - March 22, 2008

The Great Race Debate (GRD), round 3: Buchanan’s Essay

A Brief for Whitey, by Pat Buchanan

Americans and other impatient people may skip this part:


I would like to apologize in advance to our international readers. I am sorry, but I think you are going to see a lot of these racial posts. I’m going to give you a brief bit of background on and about America and her people that I hope will enable you to understand our mindset, and allow you to understand why this is such a Bloody Big Deal to us. I fully expect people to cuss me out, tell me I’m an idiot, and offer up countless counter-arguments that show my errors. All of which will actually show that I’m right, as “spirited debate” is one of the things that makes us Americans.

The United States is currently fixated on it’s painstakingly slow process of choosing it’s next leader. This iteration of the process is exquisitly tedious. For starters, this is the longest preamble to an election we’ve ever had. In the past we could do the whole thing in 8 to 10 months. Last time it took 18 months. This time we’re going at it for a full 2 years. And this is the Information Age, when almost literally everything is available instantly with just the click of a mouse or the flip of a remote control. It’s getting crazy. An awful lot of us are sick to death of the endless beating we’re suffering, seeing and hearing about these candidates, every minute detail of their lives, their backgrounds, their associates, their finances, every single hour of every single day FOREVER. For added angst, the selection of candidates this time has been disappointing to almost everybody. From the Conservative, Republican side of politics, it felt like a hundred guys wanted the nomination, but we didn’t really like any of them. None of them met our qualifications. Too much this, not enough that. It finally came down to John McCain, even though many of us can’t stand him. We don’t think he’s a Conservative. Hell, most of us have a hard time even believing he’s a Republican. Which really means he is a Centrist, and that’s a good position for a candidate. From the liberal, Democratic side of the aisle, another horde of people wanted the nomination. Being a Democrat has taken on a new meaning in the last two decades. The Left has shifted much further to the left. Liberalism has become Progressivism, and nobody notices that this is what the Communists used to call their policies. No, we’ve all come down with selective amnesia and decide that (thank you Tim Curry in Clue),"Communism was just a Red herring”. At this point there are two candidates left vying for the Democratic nomination. Both are major leftists; just one generation ago both would have been branded, and damned, as Socialists at best, Fascists or Communists more likely, but at the far end of the political spectrum definitions start to blur for most of us. Regardless, 25 years ago both of them would have been deemed so Far Left they’d be Left Out. Anyway, one of them is female. And one of them is black. But we also can not ignore that in those same 25 years our government has also shifted quite a lot to the left. We’ve become a Nanny State, where all goodness flows from the Almighty in Washington DC. Where the role of government has changed from one of minimal guidance to one of massive protection from every minor risk in life and has become the font of sustenance and wealth. So in many ways these two lefties are more centrist than many people want to believe. That change in philosophy is another gigantic essay, but for now I’ll just state that as a given, even though I believe that such change is wrong and should be reversed if at all possible.

We’re a funny people. We all know that the President doesn’t really have all that much power, and can at best merely guide the federal government. The federal government, and the state governments, can guide and constrain the economy and the people to some extent, but their influence is really mitigated by world events and economic realities. We are a capitalist nation, a nation of shopkeepers writ large. Business, both large and small, drives us. We like to make money, lots of money. That being said, there is another part of our psyche that is strongly concerned with social issues. We worry about the education of our children, the cleanliness of our environment, the quality of life of the less successful among us, et cetera. We also think a lot about the higher issues, the meta-concepts like freedom, equality, justice, opportunity, and so forth. I am not claiming that we are the only people that do this; I’m sure that many of these worries are shared by most other folks around the world. But in America, The Land Of Opportunity, one’s present level of social and economic success, along with everything else good and bad in life, generally gets blamed on the current President. We blissfully ignore the realities that trends exist, that policies take time to come to fruition, that change often happens slowly. No, we are impatient, hyperactive people. We want it all, we want it now, and if it isn’t happening right this second it’s the fault of the person in the White House. Oh, and we love to argue. We disagree on everything, all the time. Sometimes we disagree purely as a matter of principle; I refute what you’re saying today because I’ve disagreed with you in the past. And the beat goes on ...

Oh, one other thing. Every group, either ethnic or religious, that has come here has been hated and feared at first. They’ve all had to prove themselves in an extended trial by fire, sometimes generations long, before being accepted as True Americans. We’re a tough club to join, because we want only the best of who gets here. The rest of you can either die or go home. Well, that’s how it used to be, at least. Things have changed in the last few decades. Now anybody can get in, and immediately start crying when things get rough. And they get rewarded for it! Back in the day, it was “root, hog, or die”; a rural expression that meant you were the only one responsible for your own success and survival.

For all of our history our Presidents have always been white men. For most of our history our Presidents have always been Protestant Christian white men. Around the time that I was born we elected a President who was a Roman Catholic. People turned themselves inside out over that one, worried sick that our leader would be in thrall to the Vatican. That didn’t happen obviously. “Regular” religion has become almost a political non-issue, though we still can get excited about any “unusual” religions the candidates may belong to. We also get our panties in a twist when a candidate seems “excessively” religious, and (forgive me the applicable oxymoron) God help the candidate who might be an atheist, should we ever field one. It’s a minefield, but it’s one that can be avoided by treading lightly.

This election cycle has brought us to a unique spot in our history. We have a woman running for the office. We also have a Person Of Color ( a choice euphemism that theoretically means “anyone of any skin tone darker than a sheet of paper”, but in reality means a person of remote African descent. I know, I know; people from many other parts of the world are just as dark or darker. They can also claim the POC mantle, but usually only do so when they have something to complain about and want to convince us that they’ve been put upon. The rest of the time they’re just Americans, which means they’re too busy making money to pay much attention to skin tones. )

Ok ... the Woman Thing ... nobody really cares. Not really. We have truly “come a long way, baby”; we have women in the workforce, we have women bosses, we have women business owners, we have women in the military. We still argue a bit about “the glass ceiling” and “pay inequalities”, but we ignore the fact that women often want different things out of life than men do. But being female is no real barrier anymore to being President. Well, as long as they don’t complain “you’re being mean to me because I’m a girl” because they get asked the first question in a debate. We see that response as a cheap trick, to which the proper response is “Man Up”. It’s the old dichotomy in action again; you can’t demand full equality on the one hand, and seek special treatment because of some natural circumstance (ie being female) on the other. Swim with the big fish, as a big fish, or get out of the lake.

Right. Finally? The Race Thing. Mostly. The United States of America was founded on some lofty concepts. One of those concepts was that all of us are born equal (after that it’s what you make of it). We love the concept, but it has taken a long time to actually make it happen. We weren’t a society of complete equality at first. It is not unfair to say that it took us nearly 200 years to get even close to that point. It was within my lifetime that laws were passed that enforced true legal equality for people of all genders, races, sexual alignments, and belief systems. Laws notwithstanding, it has primarily been within the past 45 years that most of the social turnover has taken place. Changes are happening still. While a vast number of people today do honestly feel that a “level playing field” has finally become a reality, other large numbers of people feel that the “level” has quite a bit of slope left in it. So, of course, we argue whether the slope is uphill or downhill for “our side”, even though most of us are out on that field, running around in circles as fast as we can, making money. Hey, we’re Americans. Getting rich is our job.

Geez, are we there yet? I have to pee! Yes! For the past 50 years America has made enormous efforts to improve the lives of black people. We had this whole thing called the Civil Rights Movement in my childhood, and Full Equality was the supposed outcome. That wasn’t enough, or maybe the outcome didn’t really happen. We’ve had the push for the Great Society (a new New Deal). We’ve had the War On Poverty and created a vast welfare state. These weren’t enough either. We’ve had Affirmative Action, a very slick term for reverse discrimination, for many years now to force black people to have more than equal rights and opportunities in higher education and the workplace. All of these programs were meant to atone for past wrongs and to make up for past mistakes at an accelerated rate. But we’re still not there. We’ve spent billions on improving our schools, spending extra heavily in the inner cities and other areas with strong black populations. It doesn’t seem to be working. We’ve been round pegs hammered into the square holes of Political Correctness and Zero Tolerance, to the point that the pale among us suffer from White Guilt, our children suffer from Black Envy, and we have had our voices silenced to the point that black celebrities can come on the TV and tell us how some words are reserved for black people alone, and can have either a positive or negative meaning based on context, but those same words are denied to white people because, no matter the context they are used in, they will always - by definition! - be the negative meaning. And this has been not only allowed, but celebrated! And still millions of us, white and black, cry racism and inequality and discrimination and secret conspiracy theories to Kepp the Black Man Down. To many of the Caucasians living in this soup, these efforts seem to be Too Much even though they are forever derided as being Not Enough. An awful lot of us have just about run out of patience with the whole thing. We’re fed up, because we’ve got to where we are now largely by our own efforts, and it looks like the other side isn’t willing to do much other than complain and feel sorry for themselves. The olive branch has been extended time and time again, then gold plated and re-extended. Heck, it feels like the whole forest of olive trees has been extended, but it’s never going to be enough. Nothing ever will.


Pat Buchanan is known as the voice of the Religious Right. Don’t ask me why because he doesn’t speak for me. But while the man may have some views that are rather out there, it can’t be denied that he is both observant and intelligent. Giving him that respect, he has come out with his own take on Mr. Obama speech from the other day. He echoes some of the frustration felt by white people, and points out the one-sidedness to Obama non-apology apology, along with poking a few holes in Obama bubble of hot air ...

Yes, Barack agreed, Wright’s statements were “controversial,” and “divisive,” and “racially charged,” reflecting a “distorted view of America.”

But we must understand the man in full and the black experience out of which the Rev. Wright came: 350 years of slavery and segregation.

Barack then listed black grievances and informed us what white America must do to close the racial divide and heal the country.

The “white community,” said Barack, must start “acknowledging that what ails the African-American community does not just exist in the minds of black people; that the legacy of discrimination—and current incidents of discrimination, while less overt than in the past—are real and must be addressed. Not just with words, but with deeds ... .”

And what deeds must we perform to heal ourselves and our country?

The “white community” must invest more money in black schools and communities, enforce civil rights laws, ensure fairness in the criminal justice system and provide this generation of blacks with “ladders of opportunity” that were “unavailable” to Barack’s and the Rev. Wright’s generations.

Barack Obama is almost a year younger than I am. For my entire life I have seen exactly this happening in a very large way, in every way, shape, and form. Where the heck has Obama been? Oh right, I forgot. Living in Indonesia and Hawaii, and hidden in the ivory towers of the Ivy League. Pat B points out that this feels like a swindle

What is wrong with Barack’s prognosis and Barack’s cure?

Only this. It is the same old con, the same old shakedown that black hustlers have been running since the Kerner Commission blamed the riots in Harlem, Watts, Newark, Detroit and a hundred other cities on, as Nixon put it, “everybody but the rioters themselves.”

Was “white racism” really responsible for those black men looting auto dealerships and liquor stories, and burning down their own communities, as Otto Kerner said—that liberal icon until the feds put him away for bribery.

And as for The Great Race Debate, PB says it’s high time we spoke up:

Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America.  Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation. White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to.  This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and demands heard. And among them are these:

First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known.

Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American.

Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the ‘60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream.

Governments, businesses and colleges have engaged in discrimination against white folks—with affirmative action, contract set-asides and quotas—to advance black applicants over white applicants.

Churches, foundations, civic groups, schools and individuals all over America have donated time and money to support soup kitchens, adult education, day care, retirement and nursing homes for blacks.  We hear the grievances. Where is the gratitude?

Go and read the rest. I think it’s one of his better essays, though I fully expect him to be instantly sidelined. After all, he is a Religious Nut. And a White Guy. And a Right Wing Extremist. So he can be ignored. Have to keep the Silent Majority silent, you know.


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calendar   Friday - March 21, 2008

And so it begins? The Great Debate, early statements


So I guess The Great Race Debate has finally begun? Two voices weigh in today from “Crackerville”, by two of my favorite online pundits. I’ll get around to writing something myself, when and if I find something to say that hasn’t been said before. Let’s just say for now that I’m rather fed up, and then go read what others have written.

Right Wing dream Mary Katherine Ham takes the high road ...

The new revelations of Rev. Wright and the fact that Obama chose him as a close spiritual adviser for 20 years makes it nearly impossible for me to buy what the Messiah is selling.

His distancing speech was more a justification speech than anything else. Rev. Wright and other, older black citizens are understandably still angry about discrimination they experienced, he said, and those frustrations are given voice at dinner tables and in fiery sermons. This is all right, Barack posits, because white people are angry, too, for much less justified reasons, like affirmative action.

Barack Obama is uniquely positioned to talk about race in America in a new way. It would have served his post-racial aspirations to do so today. He did not take that opportunity.

He was more eloquent than most, and less overtly divisive than other black leaders would have been, but the message was the same. Black people are angry because they were mistreated, and hateful people like Rev. Wright are only guilty of not understanding that the country can change, and has changed. Obama gives Wright a pass on perpetuating the pernicious notion that the Man is keeping his parishioners down, despite the fact that one of those parishioners is quite conspicuously running for President of the United States of America and winning.

The truth is that the firm belief of preachers and leaders like Wright in the perpetual victimhood of the black community, the sheer audacity of their hopelessness, has arguably done more to injure the black community over the past 20 years than many other things, including white racism.
I appreciate the nod to personal responsibility in the black community at the end of that paragraph, but it’s overshadowed by the fact that Obama refuses to condemn those who have risen to power preaching the systematic abdication of exactly that responsibility.

and bloggy darling Rachel Lucas cuts right to the bloody bone ...

Earlier, I was bored with the whole Obama/Reverend Wright kerfluffle, but not now. Because oh hell no:

“The point I was making was not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity,” he said. “But she is a typical white person. If she sees somebody on the street that she doesn’t know. . .there’s a reaction that’s been bred into her experiences that doesn’t go away and it comes out in the wrong way.”

That’s via Ace, who also has a post about a Time magazine piece coming out about how “incredibly ignorant” white America is about black America’s rage and resentment.

For shit’s sake.

Trust me, we’re not ignorant about it, because it’s all we ever hear about. We’ve known for a long, long time, too. Ten years or more ago, slavery reparation demands were all the rage. We’ve seen Spike Lee movies. We hear rap music. WE KNOW.

You want to start talking shit about “typical white people”, fine. Talk all you want but take your lumps in turn.

Both are worth reading, though I like Rachel’s piece better. That’s the thing about them thar InterTubes; sometimes what you want to say has already been said, sometimes better than you can say it. So the best thing to do is just link it up and put in some trackbacks. Although, to be a little bit original, I’d like to point out that the Obamagranny may be afraid of some strangers not matter what color they happen to be. Older folks, especially older women, often feel a lot more vulnerable than the rest of us, and often with good reason. That’s a point that I haven’t heard anyone bring up yet. Hmm, I wonder if she carries?


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by Toby Harnden on 21 Mar 2008 at 10:10

Tags: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, US Elections, Reverend Jeremiah Wright
Full coverage of the US Elections 2008

So some genius on Barack Obama’s staff thought it would be clever to slip the “New York Times” a copy of a 1998 picture of Bill Clinton meeting the Reverend Jeremiah Wright at the White House. Doh! Kinda undermines Obama’s high-minded speech and appeal to everyone’s better natures on racial issues dontcha think? The picture, of course, proves nothing and to even suggest that a quick handshake and thank you note from Bill can be equated with the two-decade-long relationship Obama had with his minister is just plain stupid.

Obama himself made a slip on the Wright issue too. Check out the audio here from a Philadelphia radio station in which the Illinois senator describes his grandmother as a “typical white person”. Inevitably – and fairly - people are asking what would be happening if Hillary Clinton had described someone as a “typical black person”.

There’s more so check out the link and more as well in video etc.
I know the speech is days old but the subject is far from dead.  This is a report by Brit writer for the Telegraph, covering American politics.


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calendar   Wednesday - March 19, 2008

Courageous Obama?

Courageous Obama poses challenge to America

CNN Editor’s Note: Derrick Ashong is a musician, activist and entrepreneur. He recently became a You Tube “phenom” after posting a passionate defense of Barack Obama. Ashong identifies himself as an independent.

Like many Americans I watched Sen. Barack Obama deliver his speech titled “A More Perfect Union.”

I watched in a state of minor shock, not so much at the deftness with which he defused the sophomoric conflation of his call for national unity with the inflammatory rhetoric of the retired head pastor of his church—a conflation that would imply that we must each swallow whole the entirety of views expressed by our friends and associates.

It was not his repudiation of small thinking that struck me. It was the fact that here we had an American politician speaking with both candor and compassion about the proverbial elephant in our national living room.

Race is an issue that continues to confound this country. It is an undercurrent that paints our description, understanding and valuation of people in American society whether spoken or not. It is the subtext that places NBA star LeBron James and Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen on the cover of Vogue, in uncomfortable caricature of brute and ingénue.

It is in the minds of some the very reason a person of color would even be considered a serious candidate for the presidency of the nation—never mind that three centuries into the American experiment there has been to date, only one such person.

I watched Obama’s speech with a measure of disbelief that he had the gumption to come out and say what we all know—that the problem of race remains one that we as a nation have yet to conquer. To be sure we have made strides towards reconciliation. But the hard conversations continue to be harder than most are willing to deal with.

Black America has yet to come to grips with its responsibility to tackle head on the problems that plague our communities. White America has yet to acknowledge the fact that here in the “home of the free,” true liberty has evaded many for far too long.

Too often these conversations are ended before they’ve truly begun, due to the ignorance, intransigence or simple unwillingness of people to acknowledge the validity of what the other side has to say.

Who can honestly argue that black America is not today contributing mightily to its own social, cultural and economic decline?

Who can honestly argue that white America has not been willfully blind and too often complicit in the injustices that continue to be visited upon people born with darker hue or stranger accent?

Who will have both the courage and the commitment to the promise of universal justice and equity that undergirds our country, to call upon the nation to move beyond the divisive rhetoric of racial “one-upmanship” and to embrace the challenge of fulfilling that promise?

Apparently a junior senator from Illinois by the name of Barack Obama.

For days pundits have pondered whether Sen. Obama could weather the controversy over Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s racially polarizing comments. The question at this juncture is not whether the candidate will rise to the occasion, but rather, whether America will.

Is this for real? Is this guy really calling out, saying that the time is now for the Big Talk? Because it’s going to be a Big Fight at first. And it might be ugly for a while. And if the bottom line isn’t the resolution to get past skin color in all circumstances, and a nearly immediate dissolution of the nationwide system of advantages based on race, then we’ll be worse off than before we recognized the elephant and gave her a name. I’m not familiar with this guy, but if this is his goal then I’m all for it. There are only two possible outcomes: a) Peace, Love, and Granola with Civic and National Pride, and a forfeiture of White Guilt and Black Victomhood Status or b) An insurmountable divide that could lead to another Civil War. That’s a big risk. Since death is on the line and most of us aren’t Sicilians, let’s up the ante and do Left vs. Right at the same time. There will be much yelling and rending of garments, but if we can all give enough to find a middle ground AND THEN STICK TO IT we can make huge progress. I’m beyond sick of the PC and the divisiveness, but I honestly feel my side has been giving and giving and giving for years. To find the happy center things need to tip quite a bit.

And nobody gets to sit this one out. Nobody. If it’s time to redefine the nation then you will take part in the process.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/19/2008 at 01:52 PM   
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