Sarah Palin is the only woman who can make Tony Romo WIN a playoff.

calendar   Wednesday - March 04, 2020

Valerie Powers Makes Her Groovy Move


Valerie Jarrett: Dem VP Pick Should Be Woman Of Color

Because, you know, Valerie is a Woman of Color. Yeah ... white. She so white she make Corey Booker look like Kanye.

Former President Barack Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett on Tuesday urged whichever 2020 Democratic presidential candidate emerges as the leader after the conclusion of Super Tuesday to “break with conventional wisdom and announce a running mate that’s a woman of color,”


“Tonight?” asked host Gayle King.

“No, not tonight,” Jarrett replied. “Certainly before the next primary. Woman, person of color, someone who reflects the diversity of our party. And yeah, that’s not usual, that’s not what they normally do, but these are not normal times. And I think it would send an important signal going into the next round of primaries to do so with a running mate.”

Maybe Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is available?

I have no interest in this at all, but I couldn’t resist putting up a picture of her in her Austin Powers outfit. Compare her tone to the three white folks she’s on the video with.


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calendar   Thursday - February 13, 2020

Color Me Shocked

Two unrelated news stories about pigmentation attitudes. I wonder if “white privilege” means living your life without noticing your skin tone, while large parts of the rest of the world fret about it constantly?
I’m not kidding. Awareness of my own race is something I never think about. And while I might notice yours, I really don’t care one way or the other, until you start throwing it my face all the time as an excuse and motivation for everything in your life. At which point I write you off.

Gorgeous Indian Actresses Take Stand Supporting Government Ban On Fairness Advertising


Tapsee Pannu is super cute

At first glance I found this confusing. Why would anyone be against advertising fairness? Although I’m not sure exactly what that means.

The Indian Government is coming with a lot of changes in the advertising sector. The Health and Welfare Ministry has proposed an amendment for Drugs and Magic Remedies under objectionable Advertisement Act, 1954 with a strict punishment that goes up to five years of imprisonment as well as a fine of 50 lakh. However, this step by the government has been applauded by the people on social media. Bollywood celebrities too praised the great step initiated by the government.

Some celebrities like Tapsee Pannu, Dia Mirza and many others have not only praised this act but also welcomed it with great response.

Speaking about the same, Tapsee told the media that she hopes that it impacts consumers and they stop buying these fairness creams and realise that there are no standard of beauty. According to her, it is a very personal matter to any human being on how he or she wants to look. She further said if she is asked to endorse any fairness cream or product, she would never do it.

Dia Mirza who is known for her stands on matters of importance like politics and environment has spoken on the same and said, “We evolve in our understanding of what kind of advertising perpetuates stereotypes, gender discrimination and falsehoods, we must collectively take responsibility to ensure this ends as soon as possible.”

There is some level of hypocrisy here; all of these actresses have very light complexions; many other similar celebrities have endorsed these “whiten up” products.

PS - A lakh is 100,000, so a 50 lakh fine, 5 million Rupees, is around $70,000.


UVA’s New Multicultural Center Is Too White??

The University of Virginia on Wednesday reminded those on campus that its newly opened Multicultural Student Center is open to everyone after a viral video emerged of a student making a “public service” announcement that there were “too many white people” using the facility.

The video was posted on Twitter by the Young America’s Foundation with a caption that said “leftists” at the school were “dictating who is and who isn’t allowed” at the center.

The unidentified woman in the video begins by saying “public service announcement.”

“If ya’ll didn’t know, this is MSC and frankly there are just too many white people in here and this is a space for people of color,” she said. “So just be really cognizant of the space that you’re taking up because it does make some of us POC uncomfortable when we see too many white people in here.”

She argued that white students already have plenty of recreational facilities on campus, while minority students have very few. She was cheered by what sounded like a handful of students at the end of the announcement.

The Cavalier Daily, the student newspaper, said it reached out to the student in the video but she did not immediately respond for its report.

The school recently opened new student spaces to support a diverse student body, the report said.

The paper reported that the new MSC facility replaced the Center for Cultural Fluency that was located inside a basement on the campus. The old location was created in 2004 after a mixed-race female student running for Student Council was assaulted by a man who made a racial slur.

Well kudos to the Young America’s Foundation for bringing this to people’s attention, but you’re spitting into the wind. Learn to decode understand the word games PC plays. “Multicultural” means the same as “diversity” means the same as “cultural fluency” and all of them mean “anybody but whites, and not too many Asians either”.

Interesting how every single recreational facility on campus is open to all students always. Not segregated in the slightest. Yet this video’s author feels there should be even more spaces set aside for “minority” groups. Because being around white people makes POC students “uncomfortable”. Go figure. That sounds like blatant hard core racism to me.

30 years ago I argued against any and all enclave areas on campuses, whether they were religious or ethnic driven. If you really feel the need to self segregate, go back to your dorm with your friends from your group.


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calendar   Friday - February 07, 2020

Ferals In The Subway: Lazy Racist Chicago Cops

11 “teens” Rob And Beat Elderly Man On Chicago Subway

I’m really peeved about this story. I’ll try not to go all “raycis” but no promises. Not only is this totally out of control, it’s totally common. “Dog bites man” is hardly even news, but this time it was a whole pack of dogs.

•  68 yo white man falls asleep on Chicago subway

•  feral teen girl tries to pick his pocket but he wakes up, tells her to buzz off

•  she comes back with 10 more ferals and they take turns beating him to a pulp

•  entire incident captured on CCTV

•  dozens of witnesses, but only one came forward

•  Chicago cops say they can’t prosecute

•  witness’s name released, but refused to give interview to news

CHICAGO—The brutal beating of a 68-year-old man by 11 teens on a passenger train here Monday was captured in a disturbing, graphic video obtained by Fox News.

The Chicago Police Department told Fox News the beating is under investigation, but no one is in custody because the victim “was unable to identify his attacker(s) due to his injuries.”

A police source told Fox that the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office “wouldn’t touch” the case if the victim can’t identify those accused or is unable to cooperate.

When reached about prosecuting the case, state’s attorney’s office responded: “We are unable to comment.”

The footage shows one of the female teens first trying to pickpocket the victim while he’s asleep. The man awakens, tries to fend off the teens, but the woman drags and beats the man.

She then appears to run to another car, and returns with a group of teens including five men and two women. They surround the man seated on the train.

One man pummels the victim, even lifting himself up on the train’s bars to repeatedly kick him in the upper body and face. The video also appears to show many bystanders failing to intervene.


A single witness is listed on the police report. Fox News has reached out to the witness and has not received comment.

Let’s see: 11 assailants but 5 of them are male and 3 of them are female including the pickpocket. I guess the other 3 were transgendered? Whatever.

And the beaten man, hospitalized, can’t ID the perps, so the cops won’t do a thing. Even though the entire thing is on CCTV. So what’s the point of having CCTV? And what about murders - the victim can’t identify the killers, so the cops can’t prosecute? That explains the insanely low arrest and conviction rate for murder in the Windy City.

The law has obviously failed. I think it’s Charles Bronson time.


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calendar   Tuesday - January 21, 2020

Not Just Killing And Theft

A little “crime stoppers” sidebar story in the local news. It shows a certain truth, therefore it must be racist.

Newark Public Safety Director Anthony F. Ambrose reports that police are seeking the public’s help in locating the below pictured suspects wanted for outstanding domestic violence warrants.

In the 3 screens of Wanted pictures shown, 44 people appear. 36 of them are black, 6 of them are hispanic, 2 of them are white/asian. That’s 82%, 13.5%, and 4.5% respectively. Does that tell you anything?

Each picture is captioned with the crime. How white am I? I had to look up “VRO” because I’d never heard of it. I guessed it meant “violating restraining order” but it really means “violent repeat offenders”, which is the same thing, only worse.

But this is a report just from Newark NJ, so maybe it only reflects a highly local temporary situation. Certainly not indicative of a permanent national trend. Oh noes, never ever.



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calendar   Friday - August 05, 2016

Meanwhile in the UK

It’s A Crisis!!

BLM UK stages Day Of Rage or something. Blocks traffic and runways, creates headaches for commuters.
Lie-Ins, Die-Ins, protest marches, etc.

Very few actual black people involved.


“Right-o then, all you golliwogs, front and center! You too, Miss Tranny Thang”

Black Lives Matter UK campaigners blocked roads leading to London’s largest airport as part of a series of nationwide protests Friday.
Some transport routes in other British cities came to a standstill, with demonstrators chaining themselves together in Birmingham and Nottingham. More protests were planned in Manchester.

The UK-wide protests mark five years since 29-year-old black man Mark Duggan was shot and killed by police in north London. His death sparked riots across the capital and other British cities.
“In the UK, families have in some cases been waiting decades to find out what’s happened to their loved ones who have died in custody, or to get a straight answer—even where wrongdoing has been found to be by police officers,” Black Lives Matter UK spokesman Wail Qasim, 23, told CNN.
“So this demonstration comes after a decade-long struggle and it’s to highlight what’s happening.”

Starting around 8:20 a.m. (3:20 a.m. ET), several demonstrators began chaining themselves together and lying across the M4 motorway leading to Heathrow Airport beneath a banner reading: “This is a crisis.”
Ten people were arrested, said London’s Metropolitan Police.

Between 200 and 300 people gathered in Altab Ali Park in the London neighborhood of Whitechapel to hear calls for unbiased treatment for people of color.
Transit was not shut down. Police maintained a discreet presence in the park but several police vans were parked on nearby streets with reinforcements if necessary.
The park was named after a Bangladeshi man killed in a 1978 racially motivated killing.


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damn, dawg


SFPD Pic is big insult to BLM

The union representing San Francisco police officers published a photograph of two dogs in its monthly newspaper that critics say belittles the Black Lives Matter movement and raises questions about the police force’s commitment to repairing its relationship with communities of color.

The picture, which appeared on the back page of the August issue of the San Francisco Police Officers Association Journal, shows a pair of Labrador retrievers, one black and one white. The black dog has a sign around its neck reading, “Black Labs Matter,” while the white dog sports a sign reading, “All Labs Matter.”

The photo, submitted by a union supporter, is accompanied by a plea from the union: “Maybe it’s time we all just sit back and tone down the rhetoric,” a reference to many months of heated national debate over police shootings and, recently, the targeted slayings of police officers.

The photo weighs in on a controversy that has flared on social media and has animated political debates. Some people have countered the phrase “Black lives matter” by saying, “All lives matter,” and they in turn have been accused of objecting to a simple request that black people be treated fairly.

People in the Black Lives Matter movement have sought to explain that the focus on black lives is appropriate because black people are disproportionately profiled and killed by police.

The dog photo “once again shows a severe lack of understanding,” said Sgt. Yulanda Williams, president of Officers for Justice, an organization within the San Francisco police force representing African American and other nonwhite officers. “It’s so inflammatory, and they still don’t get it. They still choose to inflame situations, and it’s just really insulting.”

Good. Anything that belittles this bunch of uppity racist shits is a good thing. The whole thing is inappropriate and poorly named. Because it isn’t #BlackLivesMatter. At best, assuming they are honest in their intentions (doubtful) it ought to be #EndPoliceViolence or something. Because black lives don’t matter to other blacks at all; they have abortions left and right, and they wound and kill each other constantly. How many thousand just this year so far in just Chicago? Please. It’s just the ones that get shot by cops because they didn’t heed the officer’s instructions (usually while committing some other crime)? And that’s a load of cobblers. The whole movement is a disingenuous attempt to lever PC to allow criminals to run rampant. Fuck that.


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calendar   Monday - July 11, 2016

these lives don’t matter


Balloons and candles were strewn across the sidewalk after those attending a candlelight vigil in west Baltimore were forced to run for their lives.

“Here we are again investigating a senseless crime,” said Detective Donny Moses. “A heinous crime.”

Investigators say 20-30 people were gathered at the corner of North and Fulton avenues Monday evening to honor 24-year-old Jermaine Scofield, who was killed early Sunday morning. As the vigil was underway, someone in the crowd started firing.

“We’re trying to celebrate where one person lost his life, trying to pay him respects and someone maliciously and foolishly walked into the crowd and opened fire,” Moses said.

Five people were hit by the bullets, four of them women. The gunman got away.

Community members are disturbed by the constant violence.

“I see how things are happening in the neighborhood,” said Rev. Keith Bailey, Fulton Heights Community Association. “People are losing their lives over small, little things.”

Scofield was among three people killed early Sunday morning. [several more were shot or stabbed but lived] His mother begged for no retaliation.

Doreen Scofield said she has forgiven whoever killed Jermaine and told her family she wants no retaliation.

“It’s not going to bring my son back,” she said. “I just want to bury my son.”

She had a plea for those committing violent acts like the one that took her son:

“I’m tired. I’m human. You human. Just stop hurting people.”

147 or more killings so far this year, and all they can say about it is “well, it was worse last year at this point.” Wonderful.

Here’s an eye-opener [no, not really] from last week where almost all the victims have something in common.


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calendar   Friday - June 10, 2016

There isn’t a woodpile tall enough

A community of thieves, grafters, and gibbs addicts

Obamaphone Fraud: Half a Billion Every Year

And the FCC just added broadband internet to that gibbs bag

But don’t worry, YOU’RE PAYING FOR IT.  So prepare to pay more. Three times as much.

The federal subsidy known as the “Obamaphone” or “Obamanet” program could be losing nearly $500 million to fraud annually, according to a top Republican on the Federal Communications Commission.

Commissioner Ajit Pai made the accusation Wednesday in letter to the Universal Service Administrative Company, referring to the FCC’s Universal Service Fund, which provides a monthly $9.95 subsidy for telecom service to low-income consumers.

The subsidy is limited to one per “independent economic household,” or IEH, but telecom companies have the ability to override that restriction if applicants check a box stating they represent a separate household, even if they have the same address.


Pai wrote that data obtained by the FCC last month revealed carriers had enrolled nearly 4.3 million subscribers using the IEH override process between October 2014-April 2016, or 35.5 percent of total subscribers for the period. “It is alarming that over one-third of subscribers — costing taxpayers almost half a billion dollars a year — were registered through an IEH override.


The program was originally established to help low-income consumers in rural areas obtain access to 911 services. It was expanded to include cellular devices in more recent years, and expanded in March to include Internet service.

Right. Free cell phones for all my peoples. And now, free internet. And not some lame slappy internet. Broadband baby, the good shit.

Not that this is anything new, nor is it even the full story or even the real number of the cheaters. This is just the number of NEW cheaters, more than a third of all new signees. Old cheaters are still in the system ...

Last year [2011], a federal program paid out $1.6 billion to cover free cell phones and the monthly bills of 12.5 million wireless accounts. The program, overseen by the FCC and intended to help low-income Americans, is popular for obvious reasons, with participation rising steeply since 2008, when the government paid $772 million for phones and monthly bills. But observers complain that the program suffers from poor oversight, in which phones go to people who don’t qualify, and hundreds of thousands of those who do qualify have more than one phone.
an FCC audit of the program last year showed that many participants in the program were taking more than their fair share. According to Businessweek:

269,000 wireless Lifeline subscribers were receiving free phones and monthly service from two or more carriers.

Right. All of those accounts got squashed. But that was 4 years ago. How many million more accounts are there? 12.5 million in February 2012, about 12 million new ones from late 2014 to now, figure in at least 8 million new accounts from 2012 to 2014? That’s 33 million phones. More than one person in ten has free telephone service, courtesy of the government, aka your wallet? What the flippity fluck? Who the frick is paying for all this ??????????

Oh, you are. I am. And it’s about to get worse. All the little gibbs grabbers just got a service increase. Nice fat internet. With wi-fi I’m sure. So free porn and online games! Now let’s give them top end big screen name brand “phablets” so they don’t feel “out Jonesed” by the Joneses who actually work for a living and spend $800 hard earned dollars on a shit-hot smart phone (pretty stupid if you ask me, but I’m a Luddite, and it’s their money so it ain’t my business).


FCC commissioner: Expect a broadband Internet tax

The federal government cannot afford the subsidies being poured into telecommunication services, unless it’s planning to impose a new tax on broadband Internet Service, a member of the Federal Communications Commission said on Wednesday.

“It’s telling that the agency is already spending money in anticipation of getting a greater amount of revenue from the Universal Service Fund,” FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai told a Senate panel.

“We boosted the E-Rate budget by $1.5 billion per year last year. By all accounts, next month we’re going to expand the Lifeline program to broadband without any meaningful budget or cap. That money is already being spent, and it has to come from somewhere. I would respectfully submit to you that ultimately, it’s going to be in the form of a broadband tax,” Pai added.


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calendar   Sunday - May 29, 2016

another log in the woodpile

NBA player Bryce Dejean-Jones fatally shot

New Orleans Pelicans player Bryce Dejean-Jones was shot to death early Saturday in Dallas, with his agent saying it happened because the player mistakenly entered the wrong apartment.
A Dallas resident told police he heard someone enter his apartment by kicking open the front door, police spokesman DeMarquis Black said in a statement. The resident said “he called out to the individual, but was not answered,” and when the resident’s bedroom door was kicked open, the resident fired his gun, police said

Dejean-Jones collapsed in the breezeway, police said. He was transported to a local hospital, where he died from his injuries, Black said.
The basketball player’s agent, Scott Nichols, said Dejean-Jones was in Dallas to visit his girlfriend for his daughter’s first birthday.
This was the first time Dejean-Jones visited her new apartment, Nichols said. Later that night Dejean-Jones came back to the apartment complex but went to the wrong unit on the third floor, just below his girlfriend’s fourth-floor apartment, Nichols said.

Sure, right, because kicking open the front door, and then kicking down the bedroom door is the preferred method for paying a visit to your brood-sow to celebrate your child’s birthday.


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calendar   Tuesday - April 05, 2016

yesterday’s woodpile

Double Arrest Over Crab Legs Battle

A man and a woman were arrested on Saturday after a dispute over crab legs at a Connecticut restaurant turned physical.

Fox 61 reported police were called to Royal Buffet in Manchester at around 8 p.m. Saturday after a 21-year-old man was punched in the face.

Police said the victim’s mother used pepper spray on his assailants, but not before her son suffered a cut lip and a broken front tooth. It was not immediately clear what exactly caused the dispute.

Police arrested Clifford Knight, 45, and Latoya Knight, 38. Clifford Knight was charged with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct and released on $5,000 bail. Latoya Knight was charged with disorderly conduct and threatening and was released on $2,500 bail. Both are due in court April 14.

Neither the victim nor the victim’s mother will face charges over the incident. Investigators determined the mother used pepper spray in self-defense.

This is just one of the reasons I willl never go to a Golden Corral.


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calendar   Tuesday - March 08, 2016

it always has to be about race for some. and if it isn’t, they will make it so

Much of this sort of insanity it now occurs to me, has been learned before young folks ever got to college, and were taught in grade school by the very authorities who make decisions and think this way by the time those kids arrive here. While story originates in the USA at a private college in Maine, the very same is also taking place on the very same topic here in the UK.
There really is, to quote various conservative thinkers, “a mood of censorious political correctness sweeping university campuses”.
What?  Are they just waking up now?  This kind of thinking while getting worse it must be said, has been going on for quite some time.


You betcha.  In this brave new world, even the Mexican hat is racist when worn by an Anglo.

An American college in Maine is offering “counseling” to those students who may have been “injured and affected” by classmates who wore small sombrero hats to a tequila themed birthday party.

What happened was, photos of party goers ended up as these things are want to do, on social media.  College authorities immediately upon being made aware of this latest outrage against the common good, sent out emails notifying students about an “investigation” into a possible “act of ethnic stereotyping”.
And .... while that was happening in the USA, not to be outdone by the colonists, Brit college authorities followed suit on the very same issue.
So what else might cause offense? 
Well ... there’s always something ppl can find to build a cause around. Like this, from March of 2015.

H/T The Federalist Papers Project

University Bans Hoop Skirts Because of Racist overtones

By Jason W. Stevens

The issue for the university is not whether the hoop skirt is racist. That question had nothing to do with their decision, and was never considered. What was most important when weighing the ban was whether people perceive the hoop shirt as racist, which is a different issue entirely.
The self-professed object here is to keep students from feeling “uncomfortable.”

This means that the appearance of anything potentially, or even remotely, offensive can and will be banned. It seems that no one on or off campus ever complained about the hoop skirt in the first place. The university took preemptive measures to ban the thing before anyone actually complained, because it was thought that someone might complain at some point in the future.

I don’t care about the hoop skirt.
And I really don’t care that it was banned from campus.
But what I do care about is the reason WHY it was banned, because the same logic might be used to ban just about everything.

The University of Georgia’s Student Affairs officials met with fraternity and sorority leaders this week to discuss the perceptions of Greek life after a video surfaced from a Sigma Alpha Epsilon party at the University of Oklahoma that featured members chanting about lynching and exclusion of black students from the fraternity, reports. …

UGa officials met with members of the university’s chapter of SAE and Kappa Alpha, both of which have deep ties to the Old South. Students and administrators discussed appropriate attire for Kappa Alpha’s “Old South Week” and SAE’s “Magnolia Ball,” events at which students have been known to dress in costumes that include hoop skirts and other period wear, according to the new site.

“The discussion was about more than dress, but about how to present yourself, and dress was a part of that,” Victor Wilson, vice president for student affairs, told
He said students decided for themselves that hoop skirts send the wrong message.
Ashley Merkel, president of the student Panhellenic Council, issued an emailed statement Tuesday with Alex Bosse, Interfraternity Council president.

“A standard aspect of event planning for Greek organizations is that costuming for events must be evaluated as to its appropriateness,” the email read. “The student leadership, staff and advisors agree that Antebellum hoop skirts are not appropriate in the context of some events. We will continue to review costuming and themes for future events to ensure their appropriateness for our organizations.” …

Wilson believes the hoop skirt is far more dangerous than a historical fashion, and likened the Old South attire to Confederate solider uniforms that were worn by fraternity members on special occasions until around 2006, when the college ended that tradition.

“We’ve made a lot of progress,” Wilson said. “This is just one more step. We applaud our students for being courageous and making a tough call.”

The following is impossibly long which does not mean it has no value.
So for those with a lot of patience and want to read for a week, I offer this link.


Here’s a newer race issue.

I never heard a Brit use the expression “Spic and Span” but apparently the term was used in a promotion to clean up the country and some dim light saw the word SPIC and immediately tied it to a slur used against Mexicans and ppl from South and Central America and the Caribbean.  I had always accepted that it only applied to Mexicans, as those are the folks most prominent where I’ve lived. And btw, I guess I have managed to live all these years without actually knowing how the word ‘spic’ was actually spelled.  Really.  All I recall was Spic and Span laundry powder. I never actually saw the word in print any other way. Anytime I ever saw it used away from the laundry product, it was always spelled spic. Never spick. But apparently the Brits do spell it with a ‘k’ and so any other way can only be, a racist slur.

Here’s part of the current outrage and what has some Brit knickers in a twist. 

‘Clean For The Queen’ Campaign Poster Confuses ‘Spic’, A Racial Slur, With ‘Spick’

· Posters and T-shirt used the spelling ‘spic’ instead of ‘spick’
· It is used in the US as an offensive term for Hispanic people
· Clean For The Queen is backed by MPs including David Cameron
· Was created to mark Queen’s 90th by cleaning rubbish blighting our towns

It is a wholesome campaign to clean up Britain for the Queen’s birthday – but last night a race row erupted over an unfortunate gaffe.
Posters and T-shirts designed to advertise this weekend’s Clean For The Queen drive mistakenly included a racist slur.
They were meant to show the slogan ‘Spick And Span Ma’am’ but instead used the spelling ‘spic’ – used in the US as an offensive term for Hispanic people.
Twitter users noticed the error last week. One asked: ‘Are you aware you’ve put a racist term on your asinine posters? You’re missing a k.’
Sam Taylor, editor of The Lady, said: ‘If they’re going to go around cleaning up the country they should start by cleaning up their language. It’s an unfortunate mistake and whether or not people are offended, they’ve used the wrong word.
‘I wouldn’t suggest they put it on a commemorative tea towel.’



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calendar   Saturday - March 05, 2016

Sneaker Riot

Excited Customers Force Mall To Close Over New Sneaker Release


Frenzied sheboons mob sneaker shop. Fearing a “no more McNuggets” riot when limited numbers of new Air Jordan shoes are sold, management decides not to open.

Security closes whole mall. Shoe shop around the corner absorbs human tidal wave, sells out quickly.

Black Friday has been over for months, but you would never know it if you went to Eastland Center in Harper Woods on Saturday morning. [Black Friday? Hey, is’n dat a raycis remark?]

The mall was forced to close after rowdy crowds piled in for a chance to buy the newly-released Air Jordan Retro 12 “Vivid Pink” sneakers.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the mall opened at 8 a.m. and quickly closed after the crowd rushed the gate and broke a lock. Police got control of the situation and tried to open again at 10 a.m., only to see the same result.

“Both times, it was shut down by the police for public safety — all over a tennis shoe,” general manager William McClure told the Free Press. “It’s frustrating. It got unruly, the police shut it down.”

There were no reported injuries. The Kids Footlocker location selling the girls shoes, which have a retail price of $140, stopped selling the sneakers on Saturday due to the crowd’s behavior.

A $140 pair of sneakers, this week’s must have fashion accessory for young ladies on generational welfare in a city so broken they can’t even make clean water.

Erica Bailey, 39, of Detroit, was one of the few lucky buyers who was able to buy the Jordan Retro 12 shoe today at Eastland.  She had been at the mall since midnight, waiting for Kids Foot Locker to open at 8 a.m. When the store shut its doors after the crowd got unruly, Bailey went around the corner to Champs, and waited in line until just after noon. By 12:30 p.m., she had her pink and white tennis shoes.

“I just got my shoe!” Bailey said, flashing a big smile. “I’ve been here since 12:30 in the morning, all night long I stood outside the door.”

Bailey was upset at the unruly customers who made for a longer day than necessary, she said. But it was worth it.

“They’re for my granddaughter!” she said, smiling.

Erica B and her 23s

PS - Did you catch that? Did you see the size of the sneaks she bought? The woman is 39 and has a granddaughter big enough to wear what look like girl’s size 4 shoes. So the kid is probably 10 or so?

PPS - And if this isn’t enough, in 2 weeks the guy’s version, in French Blue, comes out.

PPPS - You didn’t think this was all going to end in smiles did you? This kind of marketing comes with a target audience that is a REAL target audience. As in, you knew this part was coming ...

This Weekend’s Air Jordan Releases Lead to Two Men Getting Shot

Two people were shot Saturday morning outside of Brooklyn Center Foot Locker where people were lined up waiting to cop the Air Jordan 2 “Wing It” and the Girls Air Jordan 12.

According to CBS Minnesota, dozens of people were lined up outsole the store waiting to scoop up the latest Air Jordan releases when multiple shots were fired. The officers that arrived to the scene found the victims lying on the ground. The two injured males were taken to the North Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries and are both expected to make a full recover.

As of right now the Police have yet to find the shooter or shooters as they are still searching.


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calendar   Thursday - February 25, 2016

So What? She Was Right

  #BlacksBeingUppity   #BlackLivesMatter confronts Hillary at a private fundraiser. Wants an apology over her labeling a group of black thugs - lifeless, stone cold criminal killers with rap sheet miles long by their teen years, who commit violent crimes and felonies at a truly frightening rate - labeling them as “super-predators” TWENTY YEARS AGO.

God almighty, I can’t wait for niggatime to be over. I have simply had it the fuck up to HERE and then some.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Black voters are the linchpin of Hillary Clinton’s strategy for winning the South Carolina Democratic presidential primary, and as a result, her campaign has put racial justice issues at the forefront of her agenda. But at an event on Wednesday night, Clinton was vocally confronted by an activist questioning her past support for policies that had a disproportionately negative effect on African Americans.

Uh huh, I saw dat. Ritin bout blax, usin the word “linchpin”. Linchin? Tawk bout usin code words. What next, “hang our problems out to air”? Raycis!!

Ashley Williams, a 23-year-old activist from Charlotte, interrupted Clinton during a private fundraiser in Charleston on Wednesday night. Williams stood and demanded an apology from Clinton for the high incarceration rate for black Americans, and confronted her with the words of a speech Clinton delivered 20 years ago voicing support for the now-debunked theory of “super-predators.”

Course, maybe if blacks weren’t committing 80% of the crime and “keepin it real” by living as lawlessly as they can on purpose, then just maybe they wouldn’t be arrested so much. It’s all very basic: don’t walk around with pockets full of drugs; if you have a car, keep it in decent condition with the proper papers, pay your bills, and don’t live a life of roadhouse criminality. Try and gain a little bit of emotional maturity; arson, rioting, rape and barbaric murder aren’t justified because someone disagreed with you today. Basic stuff. Seems to me that everyone I know lives this way, and I’m pretty sure that no one I have ever known has gone to jail, and darn few of them ever even arrested.

Williams, who is from Charlotte, North Carolina, said she was motivated to protest because policies during President Bill Clinton’s administration led to an increase in mass incarceration that mostly struck black communities. She pointed to the three-strike federal laws, the elimination of rehabilitative programs and an emphasis on prison construction that were part of the Clinton legacy on crime.

Clinton has distanced herself from these policies and recently issued a detailed agenda on racial justice. But Williams wants more.

Hillary Clinton has a pattern of throwing the Black community under the bus when it serves her politically,” Williams said in a statement before the event. “She called our boys ‘super-predators’ in ’96, then she race-baited when running against Obama in ‘08, now she’s a lifelong civil rights activist. I just want to know which Hillary is running for President, the one from ’96, ’08, or the new Hillary?

The Clinton campaign didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

The answer to that last question is “whichever one you vote for”.


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calendar   Saturday - December 19, 2015

Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide

Secret Government Integration Continues

I’d heard about this in the digital wind some time ago, but this is the first article I’ve seen where it’s spelled out in detail.

To be blunt: IMO the government considers whites to be the enemy, and is hell-bent on destroying white culture, white civilization, and even white enclaves. White flight? Not anymore. The government digs into it’s massive database and finds the areas where all the white folks have moved to. The nice towns with no crime, happy people, well cared for yards and cars, places where folks sometimes don’t even lock their doors. And then they use an agent to buy up a bunch of houses here and there and act as landlords - not enclaves, but a good number of homes spread around - and then they move in the feral urban breeders and all their illegitimate offspring, giving them huge rent subsidies and more kinds of aid and assistance than you could even dream of. Like I wrote the other day, if you’ve got EBT the government will pay to have your cat fixed.

I guess the idea in the Liberal’s mind is that the new environment will (ahem) civilize them, but you and I know it works the other way around. Let one rat find a way in to the corn silo, and others will follow. And pretty soon you have no corn, but a million very fat rats. And now it’s your job to feed them. There’s an old old raycis saying about you can takie someone out of the jungle ...

This is a long article, and it is written from a Left perspective, trying hard to focus on the good intentions. But just read between the lines; eg Richardson’s story about how at 22 the government moved her out of the ghetto and into a suburban townhouse. Nice, right? But then she had her third child, so the gov had to get her a bigger place. So now she has a 4 bedroom house and a yard. And still no husband. And is going to school on your dime, working her way up to a Master’s degree in some silly discipline that will all but guarantee her a government job for life.

But the real kicker is that this has been going on for years. And not just in Baltimore. Heck, some builders just built a block of apartments/condos down at the end of our street after decades of haggling with the township. And we hear that 6 of the 24 units are going to be low income housing. And that’s all that anybody here talks about. We don’t want it. None of us. Even the professionals who happen to be non-white don’t want it. Property values are tenuous enough.

And the government has been doing this all in secret. Hmm, sounds a lot like the UK’s secret Browning Of England program from a few years ago, doesn’t it? All hush-hush until the lid came off, then it was all puffed up self righteousness about Diversity and Political Correctness. And now the UK is going to hell, straight down with no brakes.

This is the link.

Hill’s family is among nearly 10,000 black women and children who have moved into overwhelmingly white, prosperous suburbs through a court-ordered relocation program designed to combat the intense inner-city segregation and poverty forged by decades of discrimination.

That relocation program — one of the nation’s largest — has been discreetly rolled out to avoid the political and community opposition that routinely arises to defeat proposals for building subsidized housing in Baltimore’s suburbs. Hill’s Cockeysville townhouse, for example, was purchased by the city through a nonprofit organization based in the suburbs, with little notice to elected Baltimore County officials or the public.

“We did it very much under the radar,” Amy Wilkinson, fair housing director for the Housing Authority of Baltimore City, said of the home purchases. “We met very early on with the county executives. They understood we had to do it. Their request was to make sure [the homes] are really scattered and make sure we do it quietly.”

Discrimination? I wonder. But it sure seems like it’s time once again to punish Whitey.

While local officials in the Baltimore area — one of the most segregated in the nation — have ramped up collaborative efforts to meet federal fair-housing standards, they concede that more needs to be done to provide more affordable homes in prosperous neighborhoods. The need is obvious: More than 100,000 people are on waiting lists for subsidized housing in the region, with Baltimore bearing the biggest burden.
Nearly 3,100 participating families, headed almost entirely by single black mothers, have relocated with special subsidies that are designed for high suburban rents; about 1,300 other families will join them over the next three years. Nearly 50 families, including Hill’s, have moved into houses owned by the city housing authority in prosperous county communities; 110 more will soon move to houses in strong city neighborhoods.

Participants in the mobility program receive counseling and other advice on issues ranging from household budgeting to clothing. And despite the large number of families who have moved, the fears most commonly expressed by opponents — rising crime, plummeting property values — have not materialized, research shows.

You just wait. Now that the word is out, the real estate market is about to take a bullet between the eyes. And once the numbers of “refugees” hits a certain small percent, then I absolutely guarantee you that the rest of the jungle behavior will follow.

In 2005, at age 22, Richardson found herself sleeping in her mother’s basement in a house in Southwest Baltimore. Her first two sons, ages 3 and 5, slept upstairs with four other relatives. The cramped confines, dampened with every rain, provided a wake-up call: “It was time for me to get my own place,” she recalled.

Richardson and her children are one of about 3,100 families who have moved through the highly selective mobility program run by the Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership, a nonprofit established out of the Thompson settlement in 2012. It resettles participants in so-called “opportunity areas” — communities with low levels of subsidized housing, poverty and minorities; most have moved to Baltimore and Howard counties.
Still, when Richardson moved to Laurel under the mobility program, her lingering connections to Baltimore led to problems. Her sons were enrolled in day care in the city, she attended classes at Baltimore City Community College and continued to see her city doctor.

When her car broke down, so did her life. “It takes two hours by bus to get from Laurel to Baltimore,” she said. “It was a nightmare.”

She stayed in Laurel, though she was desperate to move back to the city after her third son was born and space got tight in the townhouse. “My mom wouldn’t let me,” she said. “She said, ‘You’re not coming back here.’”

When Richardson moved to a larger home in Columbia, she landed on a street framed by tall trees and broad yards. Her three-bedroom single family house backs up to woods with squirrels and rabbits.

The program also positioned Richardson for a job that will eventually allow her to give up the government rent subsidy. She got her GED and a bachelor’s degree thanks to her ability to be a stay-at-home mom.

Richardson is now working on a master’s degree in public health at the University of Maryland, College Park. She says her personal goals are clear: “Go to college, get married, get the house and the white picket fence.

“But I’m working backwards. Had the kids first, got the house through this program, and am now going to college.”

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, thanks all the same. The point is, your own government is doing this to you. Free association, like every other law and right, works only one way. And it ain’t your way.


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