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calendar   Tuesday - July 07, 2020

You Are Not Welcome In NJ

Governor Murphy has extended his list of quarantine states again. Nearly half the country is on his “stay away” list.

Murphy said Delaware, Kansas and Oklahoma now meet the state’s metrics to qualify for the advisory. A total of 19 states are now included in the advisory, which asks travelers to quarantine for 14 days.
Here are the states:  Alabama Arkansas Arizona California Delaware Florida Georgia Iowa Idaho Kansas Louisiana Mississippi North Carolina Nevada Oklahoma South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah

New Jersey expects that people will follow the public health advisory to self-quarantine; it’s not required.

It’s just too easy for him to blame his failings on everyone else.

This kind of thing is sure to make New Jersey even more popular with the rest of the country than it already isn’t. 


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The Pause That Kills

Well DUH. Lockdown and public fear is killing retail.

NEW JERSEY — Retailers were expecting a difficult year even before the coronavirus outbreak. But with COVID-19 shutting malls and stores for months, coupled with record unemployment, the results have been even more devastating than anticipated in New Jersey.

Among the national chains that have recently filed for bankruptcy are J.Crew, Neiman Marcus, Modell’s Sporting Goods, Pier 1, GNC, Chuck E. Cheese, Roots USA, True Religion, and Bluestem Brands. Sears, Kmart, JoAnn Stores and David’s Bridal reportedly could be nearing bankruptcy.

The effect of the retail calamity is being felt across New Jersey, although J.C. Penney, which also filed for bankruptcy, says no stores in the Garden State are closing.

Gov. Phil Murphy also said he’s planning to hit “pause” on reopening New Jersey since the state has backslid on controlling the virus. Murphy said New Jersey’s coronavirus rate-of-transmission has hit its highest level in 10 weeks.

According to “Red” Murphy, this whole spike is the fault of crowds in 2 bars at the beach, and 1 crowd at a bar in the northern part of the state. And people from Florida and Texas. Not a single word about any of the thousands of young fools who were out protesting and rioting a couple weeks ago, and we’ve heard a billion times how this virus takes a week or three to show itself once you’re infected.

And frankly, the “expecting a difficult year” is probably nonsense. Retailers had their greatest holiday sales ever this past December, and the opening of a new super mall etc was supposed to draw in high numbers of shoppers. Not to mention that any brick and mortar store with any brains also has an online outlet, and probably a fulfillment contract with Amazon. So get real. Like farmers, retailers are always crying poverty and disaster, until they suddenly admit they’re drowning in cash at the end of the year.

And here’s a bit about our “Janus”, our two faced governor who speaks out of both sides of his face with a forked tongue. He says Yes and No at the same time, all the time. Very aggravating.

NEW JERSEY — Gov. Phil Murphy said New Jersey has backslid now that the coronavirus rate of transmission has hit its highest level in 10 weeks. He made the statement Monday as he announced 216 new cases and 20 more deaths, which remain among the lowest daily numbers in the nation. [ So even “really really good” isn’t good enough. Perfection or else. What a maroon. ]

The update comes as the number of cases has risen to 173,611, and 13,373 confirmed deaths have been reported. [ well over 11,000 of those deaths happened during the peak of the epidemic ]

Murphy also said he’s planning to hit “pause” on reopening more parts of New Jersey since the state has backslid on controlling the virus.

Murphy said the rate of transmission exceeded 1.0 for the first time in 10 weeks, almost 20 percent higher than last week. The current rate is 1.03.


Murphy said there were several outbreaks in New Jersey over the past week, and South Jersey communities and Jersey Shore towns have shown some of the highest increases over the past month. Read more: New List Shows Town-By-Town NJ Coronavirus Cases, Deaths, Spikes

Some bars in Jersey Shore towns have been violating social distancing rules, and they’ve been caught on video. Murphy noted those incidents to re-emphasize his point that everybody should wear a mask, especially indoors, if they are not around immediate family.

Murphy said an outbreak in Hoboken and one caused by a wedding in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, also led to outbreaks in North Jersey.


Murphy said he doesn’t believe that reopening New Jersey’s economy has had much to do with the rise in the transmission rate. He said it points more to individual flare-ups, much of it caused by out-of-state travelers from “hot spots” such as Florida.

Murphy also said that reopening the state’s beaches and the economy probably didn’t contribute much to the rate-of-transmission increase. He said the problem is “an indoor reality,” and that the disease spreads more easily when people are inside.

Murphy said he would like to reopen indoor dining and he has “nothing but sympathy for the small-business community.” He made another plea for the federal government to provide direct cash assistance to those businesses.

There you go. Blame the out-of-staters. Because the whole country wants to come here. As if. Meanwhile businesses can go squat. Where does this commie idiot think the tax money is going to come from?

At least our governor makes sure all his minions dance to the same tune. Here’s our state health commissioner, who really hasn’t been heard from much at all up to this point:

Health Commissioner Judy Persichilli announced “another concerning pattern” during a coronavirus update on Tuesday: an increase in cases among young people.

In April, individuals between 18 and 29 years old made up 12 percent of COVID-19 cases in the state. Now, in June, that number has risen to make up 22 percent of cases. [ June, fin. It’s now July. Whaddya got for July? This is “news” right, not “olds”. ]

More than 640 residents between the ages of 18 and 29 have been hospitalized due to complications from this virus, Persichilli said. There have been more than 50 deaths among the age group.

“People of any age can get severe illness from COVID-19,” the health commissioner said.
The update was also preceded by a weekend of non-socially distant gatherings across the state, including large crowds at bars in Belmar to Morristown that have recently reopened. [ a weekend? This damn virus takes at least a week to incubate. ]
Crowding at bars may be contributing to this trend, and the governor said he will take action against establishments that are not following social distancing guidelines.

“While we know that some of this increase can be attributed to an increase in access to testing, we are still concerned about this trend,” said Persichilli. “We are especially concerned after gatherings we saw over the weekend at the Jersey Shore, and another bar in Northern New Jersey.

“Individuals were packed together at these locations, which raises the risk of spreading COVID-19 to one another, and then onto a wider community.”

Right. THREE bars in the entire state had crowds of young people 4 days ago. That explains the uptick perfectly. And if it doesn’t, we can also blame visitors from NYC and Philly. Oh, and the 22,000 tests we’re doing every single day.


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calendar   Wednesday - July 01, 2020

We’re All Immunologists Now

Dammit, I thought I could go a whole day - one damn day - without being driven to make another COVID specific post. I can’t. The BS triggers me and I can’t put it down. Sorry.

Sensationalist journalism comes at us from both sides. While not necessarily “fake news”, the level of bias can bend an interpretation of events into surrealism. I think you know what I mean. I read it every morning in the over-the-horizon-leftwing NY Times Daily Briefing that shows up on my cell phone.

So I’m online (still super speedy and stable, yay!!) and I go over to Gateway Pundit. This is not a news blog that I visit too often, but I’ve found some good articles there lately, so I’m now stopping by routinely.

“BSA". Big. Scary. Articles. Evil Government Is Out To Get You, Because OrangeMan Bad and Freedom Worse!!!

Now Even The COMMON COLD Is Being Counted As A Positive COVID-19 Result, CDC Says reads one headline.

HUGE: MASSIVE CDC FRAUD UNCOVERED – CDC Grossly Overcounting Active China Coronavirus Cases Causing States to Keep Their Economies Closed Indefinitely reads another headline.

I’m losing it. WTFF?? After all the screw ups they’ve done, after all the flack I pray they caught over adding the untested “probables” and the “COVID associated” deaths to the soul destroying TOTAL COVID DEATH COUNT UNDER TRUMP numbers they throw at us, now they’re counting the common cold as COVID, and they’re counting recently discovered recovered cases as new and active cases, just to enable tyrannical governors to keep you frightened and under their thumbs even longer? This can’t be. OK, it can be, but I won’t accept it. I’m fed up and pissed off, tired of being pissed on.

But let’s hold on a minute. Let’s not just accept anything I read as clear fact. Let’s look into things a little bit. Education and illumination. And that means a ton of links, a bunch of reading, and another endless blog post by me that no one will read because TLDR.

There are several kinds of COVID tests out there.

There’s the PCR test, also known as the nasal swab (nasopharyngeal), also known as the viral test, also known as the antigen test, also known as the diagnostic test. This same test can also be done with a throat swab, which makes that one the oropharyngeal test. Different swab location, same test. It’s looking for the presence of the actual virus, also generically called a pathogen.

Then there’s the antibody test, also known as the blood test, also known as the serology test. This one is looking for antibodies; evidence that your body is fighting the virus.

Then there’s the saliva test, developed by Rutgers and not yet widely disseminated. It works pretty much the same way as the PCR swab test.

Lastly, there’s the test you’ve probably never heard of unless you or someone close to you has been sick enough with this to be admitted to the hospital. They run a test called the C-RP, which stands for C-reactive Protein, which they can use to determine just how sick you are. They already know you’ve got it before you get there; this test helps them figure out how bad it is.

It’s confusing that these tests have so many different names.

So generally, there are two kinds of test available to us out in the world. The 3 kinds of PCR test, and the antibody test. And while all of them look for COVID, they look for different aspects of the disease.

The CPR test can ONLY tell you if you have the disease active in your system. Am I sick with COVID, right now? Yes or No.

The antibody test tests for antibodies. Antibodies are what your body creates to fight off antigens. Antigens are foreign baddies in your body. Like SARS COV-2 virus particles. And now it gets a bit complicated. At this point two main COVID antibodies are being looked for with this test. One, the immunoglobulin M, commonly called IgM, are produced by the body early in the infectious stages. They don’t stick around long, whch is probably what those 4 international studies I blogged about last week were referring to. If they aren’t enough to beat the virus, your body starts making immunoglobulin G, commonly called IgG. These are the long term antibodies that can stay in your body forever. [ Should that not be enough to win the day, your body can then activate some aspect of white blood cells, called T cells, that can rip the infected cells right out of your body. In severe cases they can go haywire, totally overreactive, leading to this cytoskine storm thing you’ve heard about. This is bad. In children this is extremely rare, but it’s called the Kawasaki Syndrome, even though it’s proper name is Paediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome. Everything to do with COVID-19 has multiple names!! ]

So what does the antibody test tell you? It tells you that your body is fighting, or has fought, the SARS COV 2 virus. This is not the same thing as “you have the COVID”. It can mean you’ve had it to one degree or another, or it can mean that you still have it and are fighting it. Given that it often takes a few weeks for your body to produce these antibodies, the test is not at all a useful indicator of recent infection. And this is why every single source that describes the antibody test says it should never be used to definitively say that you have the virus.

Ok, that wasn’t too bad. Now let’s muddy the waters further. No test is perfect. All tests need to strike a balance between sensitivity and specificity. Huh, what?

A good test needs to be sensitive enough to find what it’s looking for, even if there are only small amounts of it in a sample. Tests that are too sensitive will give too high a rate of false positives. Tests that aren’t sensitive enough will give too high a rate of false negatives, and are essentially worthless.

A good test also needs to be fairly specific. SAR COV 2 is a variation of the SARS disease that was around 17 years ago, and it’s also a coronavirus. Sure, you hear on the news people talking about THE coronavirus, because that’s easy to say. But there are quite a number of them. SARS is one, duh, and there are at least two other kinds that cause the common cold. No doubt there are millions of different coronaviruses, but they aren’t germaine to this diatribe of mine. The point is, a good test needs to be specific enough to be able to tell one coronavirus from another, and only trip on this particular SARS COV 2 one. But it can’t be too specific, because the virus is known to mutate. But in order to be broad enough to react to the mutated versions, it might also trigger on non COVID coronaviruses. Like the common cold. Obviously that leniency has to be pretty small; if even 5% of the tests found a common cold virus and called it COVID, then the test wouldn’t be very reliable. So I’m sure the FDA/CDC has some kind of tolerance limit - damnation they had better!! - but some small percentage of other viruses will trigger some of the tests. That’s just the way it is. No test is perfect.

It’s important to note that some tests can mistake IgM antibodies from other coronaviruses, such as common cold strains, for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.

However, to pounce on that long known lack of perfection and make headlines out of it, COMMON COLD now counts as COVID-19, is sensationalist journalism. Yes, there are a few. Damn few, but a few. So what?

Let my lack of medical professional study and training make a guess ... I wonder if the early stage IgM antibody is somewhat generic. Like, the same antibody could work against SARS COV-2, or “regular” SARS, or the common cold. And that the IgG antibody is more specific, aimed just at SARS COV-2. Just a guess on my part. Any doctors, virologists, or immunologists, feel free to correct me in the comments.

I wonder this because the antibody test tests for both of them. And if it comes back showing ONLY the IgM antibody, that could mean you’ve got some kind of coronavirus. Or it could mean you’re in the early stages of the COVID-19 illness. Or it could mean that you had one of these coronaviruses, but not severely, and you got over it recently, fighting it off with only IgM. See why the antibody test is useless as an indicator of current infection?

And now, FINALLY, to the second post, about CDC cheating the new case numbers in a massive fraud against freedom. Well, eventually. We’re getting there, I promise!

It seems obvious to me that anyone testing positive in any way to the antibody test should immediately have the PCR swab test done. If you’re not symptomatic and just curious to know if you have, or have had. this annoying disease, then the PCR test is a good first step, but that comes back negative and you’re still curious you should take the antibody test.

Now that I’ve thought about it a bit, it would probably be the best idea to give everyone being tested BOTH tests at the same time. Maybe even the saliva test too. That’s such an obvious idea that my county has a special graphic to help people interpret the results from getting both tests.

Put in my simple, slightly sarcastic terms, they say:
PCR positive, Antibody positive: you’re sick, and you’ve been sick for a while.
PCR positive, Antibody negative: you just got sick.
PCR negative, Antibody positive: you were sick but you got better.
PCR negative, Antibody negative: why are you wasting our time? You’re a COVID virgin. If you’re sick, it ain’t from COVID. Go away.

So if the CDC is lumping newly found cases found by the antibody test in a generic category called NEW CASES, causing the totals to spike and the media to freak, then they are doing us a gross disservice. At this point it is pretty inexcusable to NOT have a category for recovered people, or to make secondary PCR testing mandatory for these people, delaying tabulating those cases as NEW until that result is back. Because until they decide that everyone who ever had this is infectious FOREVER so stay in your house quivering in fear until you die!!!, the rest of us don’t have to worry about anyone who had it before but is over it now. They aren’t infectious, so who cares? Herd immunity and all that. Lumping those results into one big mish mash and then using that as a policy sledgehammer is a dirty rotten thing to do, and the CDC themselves admits this is what they are doing. This is pointed out by both The Atlantic and Forbes, two fairly well respected magazines. It is really hard to believe this is not politically motivated. Investigate, fine, fire, execute.

Ok, so maybe the 2nd post at GP isn’t overly sensational.

The CDC is over counting the number of China coronavirus cases in an apparent effort to keep the country shut down throughout the summer.  This fraudulent activity was uncovered by the far-left Atlantic proving even a dead clock is right twice a day.

On May 21, 2020, the Atlantic reported that the CDC was over counting the number of cases of individuals with the China coronavirus:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is conflating the results of two different types of coronavirus tests, distorting several important metrics and providing the country with an inaccurate picture of the state of the pandemic. We’ve learned that the CDC is making, at best, a debilitating mistake: combining test results that diagnose current coronavirus infections with test results that measure whether someone has ever had the virus. The upshot is that the government’s disease-fighting agency is overstating the country’s ability to test people who are sick with COVID-19. The agency confirmed to The Atlantic on Wednesday that it is mixing the results of viral and antibody tests, even though the two tests reveal different information and are used for different reasons.

This is not merely a technical error. States have set quantitative guidelines for reopening their economies based on these flawed data points.

Or maybe it’s just sensational enough.

Hell, the CDC themselves says not to use the antibody test as an indicator:

Except in instances in which viral testing is delayed, antibody tests should not be used to diagnose a current COVID-19 infection.

This is statistical sleight of hand by the bean counters. And it was brought to their attention weeks ago, yet they’ve done nothing to correct it. Like I said, no excuse for not having an Active category and a Recovered category. And yeah, it’s political.
It leads directly to more stupidity by Fauci and more governors pulling the rug out from under us again. And it spreads fear, and hurts the economy. When will heads finally roll at the CDC? It’s long overdue.


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Tweedledee, Tweedledum and Tweedledumber

DeBlasio And Cuomo Blindly Follow Murphy, Nix Restaurant Indoor Dining

Because Cases Are Spiking At The Other Ends Of The Country

New York City will not allow indoor dining to resume next week as originally scheduled due to growing coronavirus outbreaks in other parts of the country, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday.

“We see a lot of problems and we particularly see problems revolving around people going back to bars and restaurants indoors. Indoors is the problem more and more, the science is showing it more and more,” de Blasio said at a press briefing.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday he would consider delaying the city’s reopening of indoor dining areas and would make a final decision on Wednesday. The governor is scheduled to hold a press briefing later.

De Blasio said outdoor dining, which was allowed to open on June 22, has “unquestionably” been a great hit and “outdoors has been working.” The city will allow its beaches and some outdoor pools to reopen starting Wednesday, he said.

The percentage of people testing positive in the city has remained steady at around 2%, which is a “very very good number,” de Blasio said. The figure has remained below the city’s threshold of 15% since early May.

New York has allowed regions of the state to reopen in phases. New York City is expected to begin its “Phase 3” reopening on Monday.

Personally, I don’t buy it. This smacks of punishment for even thinking about not obeying their almighty authority. And I’m getting really tired of it. Who wants to bet that fellow tyrant Wolfe over in PA does the same thing next?

Remember how the whole point of the lockdown was to flatten the curve, to delay the onset in as many other places for as long as possible? It wasn’t to prevent anyone from catching it ever. Well, that delay happened. And now it’s those other places’ turns.

I’m sorry for them, but I doubt that their cases came from people visiting from the former hotspots, and I doubt that their spikes came from a few hundred young folks going out to bars for a night. But it might be very insightful to see who it is who is getting sick now, and whether they were some of the thousands involved in any of those massive protests (a question these contact tracers are NOT allowed to ask), or if they just got back from a trip to Mexico (or just snuck over the border from there). And let’s get some age data for a change too ... because if the vast majority of these new cases turn out to be healthy people under 45 years old, then STFU. They’re in the really low risk zone, and 99% of them will be better in a week or two.


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calendar   Monday - June 29, 2020

King Murphy The Ultimate Karen

NJ Gov Murphy Reverses On Restaurant Opening Set For Thursday


UPDATE: The New York Times Daily Briefing says he did this because new cases are on the upswing in the South and Southwest. Yeah, right, that makes sense. Because everyone from Mesa Arizona gets on a jet (which aren’t even hardly flying yet) and comes to NJ to have lunch at Bennigan’s. What a load.

Gov. Phil Murphy, speaking during a Monday news conference, said he has to “hit pause” on the reopening of indoor dining in New Jersey. He made the announcement as he said New Jersey has 156 new cases of the coronavirus and 18 more deaths (you can watch it here, below).

Murphy said indoor dining will reopen “at a later date,” but he didn’t specify. It was supposed to resume on Thursday.

Murphy said the spikes in other states were largely driven by the reopening of indoor dining and bars. He also cited the scenes at the Jersey Shore and elsewhere, where people have been congregating in close proximity, as a reason to step back.

“We do not believe it is prudent with what, is in effect, a sedentary activity,” Murphy said.

Murphy appeared to be referring to videos of bars and restaurants in Sea Bright and Belmar that have shown people partying and drinking while not practicing social distancing.

There were only 149 reported new cases today. The daily number has be at or under 250 for 23 days now, and averaging well under 500 since May 23.



For more than 5 weeks, NJ has had fewer new cases per day than we did two weeks BEFORE the early lockdown here. BS from the governor much?

When the restaurants got the green light for indoor dining, they all went out and bought fresh supplies, spent wads of money cleaning and sanitizing, rehired staff, and so forth. But now the King of NJ has waved his Imperial Hand, and they can go pound sand ... but it’s OK for thousands to protest something that doesn’t even exist, while not wearing masks or doing social distancing or using hand sanitizer.

He sux.

PS - don’t tell anybody, but a certain seafood chain restaurant in South Plainfield NJ has been doing sit down dining for a couple weeks now. Their customers are almost exclusively black. Maybe they were having indoor protests or something. Yeah, that’s it.


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calendar   Thursday - June 25, 2020

Fudging The Numbers

An Abundance Of Caution Tyranny

NJ Governor Murphy Now Padding COVID Death Numbers With “Probable” Cases, Jacking Death Totals 14.2%


New Jersey is now reporting probable deaths as part of its regular updates amid the coronavirus crisis. The report became public as Gov. Phil Murphy announced 406 additional coronavirus cases and 26 more deaths during his Thursday news conference (you can watch it here, below).

New Jersey reported 1,854 probable deaths since the outbreak began in March. Added together with confirmed deaths, it means as many as 14,872 people have died in New Jersey because of the coronavirus.

Just under a third of the probable deaths are associated with a long-term care facility, said Edward Lifshitz, medical director for the state Department of Health.

Murphy said his administration has been examining death certificates to identify residents, with “great reliability,” whose passing probably happened because of the coronavirus.

For many of these people, tests were never performed even though they had the underlying symptoms of the illness, Murphy said.

Murphy said the numbers “represent the toll this pandemic has had on our New Jersey family.”

“We report this out of nothing other than a solemn sense of duty,” he said. “For many families, we hope these determinations will provide a sense of closure.”

What a load of turnips. He’s doing this to pump the numbers to keep his reign and his “emergency powers” running as long as he can. And to grab federal money I’m sure, and to Get Trump.

King Murphy sux.

Note: The “Confirmed” death count stands at 13,018. The new “Probable” death count is 1,854. This adds 14.24% to the grim stats.

This sleight of hand nearly doubled the number of deaths in my county, taking us from a very low 67 up to 122. This is a scam.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Wednesday - June 24, 2020

The Three Little Hitlers Of Hypocrisy

Cuomo, Murphy, Lamont: You MUST Quarantine If You Come Here From Hotspot States

Shoe is on the other foot now, but it’s still crusted with dog poop.

NEW JERSEY – Traveling from high-infection states to New Jersey, New York and Connecticut? You “must quarantine,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo says.

Cuomo appeared with New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and Ct. Gov. Ned Lamont on Wednesday in announcing “a joint travel advisory” for people coming in from states with a high infection rate.

Cuomo said those travelers “must quarantine for 14 days.”

Constitutionally, Murphy said, “were not able to put up border checks around New Jersey” and physically usher people into quarantine. But he did say the advisory was “more than a recommendation.”

It’s not clear how the measure will be enforced, but Murphy said the state Health Department will be responsible for dealing with flagrant violations of the advisory.

Murphy said he’s “asking” people from high-infection states to “do the right thing for themselves as well as their families and communities.”

What a hypocrite. Remember when NY was the COVID capital of the world, and Rhode Island said they’d quarantine drivers playing Escape From New York? He pitched a total fit, threatening lawsuits, waving the Constitution around etc. And now?

I guess we’re really not “all in this together”. No kidding. Just ask Italy.


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calendar   Monday - June 22, 2020

the battered barber

Shave And A Haircut, Screw This

NJ has another Big Re-Opening today. woo woo. You can actually go to the barber and get a haircut, but the list of rules is insane. Also, our Governor is pushing anybody who has been anywhere to get a COVID test.

For getting a haircut, barbers and hair salons must:

•   Install physical barriers, if feasible, to minimize client contact with staff in the reception area.

•   Utilize floor markers (such as signs or tape) to designate 6-foot distances in common areas of the premises, including the reception and/or waiting area, client service stations, bathrooms, and employee break rooms.

•   Seating in the reception and/or waiting area shall be rearranged or removed to ensure that people are seated at least 6 feet apart.

•   Reconfigure the premises to ensure that staff-client pairs maintain at least 6 feet distance between any other staff-client pairs at all times, unless separated in private closed-rooms or by physical barriers.

•   Utilize pre-payment or remote, contactless payment options, when possible.

•   If the exchange of cash is unavoidable, cash should be placed on the counter and not exchanged hand-to-hand.

•   Staff accepting cash shall wipe the counter between each transaction and wash their hands with soap or utilize hand sanitizer after each transaction.

•   Establish an isolated area for delivery of supplies and materials.

•   Clean all surfaces at the premises with hot soapy water or cleaning wipes prior to reopening and before disinfecting.

•   Hard non-porous surfaces, such as glass, metal, and plastic, as well as all tools should be disinfected even if they were cleaned before the premises was closed.

•   Remove items that are intended to be used by multiple people, such as magazines/books/newspapers or other publications.

•   Install hand sanitizers for use by clients and staff.

•   Decline to provide services to any clients without a pre-scheduled appointment that has been arranged by telephone, text messaging, or online.

•   No walk-ins shall be permitted.

•   Screen no more than 24 hours prior to the appointment all clients scheduled for appointments.

•   The screening must be done via a telephonic or online consultation or questionnaire that includes the screening questions.

•   Clients are required to submit to a no-contact forehead temperature check.

•   Clients must wear, at a minimum, a cloth face covering at all times, except where doing so would inhibit the person’s health or the person is under 2 years of age.

•   Space appointments to allow adequate time for cleaning and disinfecting all nonporous surfaces.

•   Those with a temperature exceeding 100.4 degrees, along with anyone accompanying them, should be denied entry.

•   Stagger work hours of staff or adjust operating hours to limit the number of people on the premises at any given time, and accommodate social distancing.

•   Require all staff immediately prior to the initial re-entry after the reopening of the premises to respond to screening questions.

•   Require premises owners, managers, staff, clients, and anyone else in the premises to wear, at minimum, a cloth face covering at all times before, during, and after performing services.

•   Provide clients with, at minimum, cloth face coverings, if they arrive for an appointment without a face covering, or decline to provide services.

•   Direct staff to wear gloves when required to handle dirty linens or laundry.

•   Allow for break time for repeated hand washing between clients throughout the day.

•   Staff must maintain an appointment book with contact information regarding clients served, as well as a daily log of staff, and submit such information if requested to the Department of Health or the local board of health.

•   Notify the local health department immediately if it is suspected that any person who is known to have contracted COVID-19 was on the premises while COVID-19 positive, and cooperate with contact tracing efforts.

My barber is right down the street. He and his wife run the place. There’s one hair chair area for him, and one for her. The waiting area has 4 chairs and some magazines. I finally couldn’t take it any longer, and had my wife cut my hair 2 weeks ago.

( Remember magazines? That’s another thing you’ll probably never see again in any waiting room for anything anywhere. Because, eww, viral contact. So buh bye. )

If this is what barbershops have to go through, I can’t imagine what bowling alleys will be forced to put up with. It just doesn’t work. Or maybe our commie governor wants to put them out of business entirely.


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calendar   Monday - June 15, 2020

Yu Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Massive WuFlu Outbreak In China !!!

Beijing On Lockdown

All Infections Linked To Food Market

How do you even start a post with a face palm and a double eye roll?  rolleyes  rolleyes

Beijing is battling an Ƣexplosive outbreak” of the coronavirus, with health authorities reporting 36 new local infections in the city in one day – all linked to a food market.

As scientists try to track how the latest outbreak in Beijing emerged, the capital and neighbouring regions have stepped up emergency measures, including renewing lockdowns.

The capital has had 79 new local cases since last Thursday, all of which are linked to the Xinfadi wholesale market in the city’s southwestern district of Fengtai.

Covering 112 hectares, the centre is the biggest of its kind in Asia and supplies food to northern provinces.

Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist with the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, told Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily on Monday afternoon that the situation was very serious.

“Beijing is facing explosive and concentrated outbreaks even though the national epidemic has basically been blocked,” Wu said.

Naturally they blame those damn foreigners.


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calendar   Friday - June 12, 2020

Yeah, about like that


But if it stops just one mosquito, then it’s worth it!



That’s a honey of an idea. Except I’d whip up a stencil and label the boxes “Caution: Murder Hornets Inside”


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calendar   Friday - May 29, 2020

Fighting The Good Fight

Dr. Zelenko prepares for the final battle.

I have been preparing for the final battle in this war. The major counteroffensive is beginning. The whole world will hear us and be turned upside down.

Just released today, this 20 page medical document might be one of the nukes he’s planning to drop.

Early Outpatient Treatment of Symptomatic, High-Risk Covid-19 Patients that Should be Ramped-Up Immediately as Key to the Pandemic Crisis
More than 1.6 million Americans have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 and >10 times that number carry antibodies to it. High-risk patients presenting with progressing symptomatic disease have only hospitalization treatment with its high mortality. An outpatient treatment that prevents hospitalization is desperately needed. Two candidate medications have been widely discussed: remdesivir, and hydroxychloroquine+azithromycin. Remdesivir has shown mild effectiveness in hospitalized inpatients, but no trials have been registered in outpatients. Hydroxychloroquine+azithromycin has been widely misrepresented in both clinical reports and public media, and outpatient trials results are not expected until September. Early outpatient illness is very different than later hospitalized florid disease and the treatments differ. Evidence about use of hydroxychloroquine alone, or of hydroxychloroquine+azithromycin in inpatients, is irrelevant concerning efficacy of the pair in early high-risk outpatient disease. Five studies, including two controlled clinical trials, have demonstrated significant major outpatient treatment efficacy. Hydroxychloroquine+azithromycin has been used as standard-of-care in more than 300,000 older adults with multicomorbidities, with estimated proportion diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmias attributable to the medications 47/100,000 users, of which estimated mortality is <20%, 9/100,000 users, compared to the 10,000 Americans now dying each week. These medications need to be widely available and promoted immediately for physicians to prescribe.

I read the whole thing. You have to open the .pdf link at the above site to get to it.

Pointed out in this paper is the deeper truth that while Dr. Zelenko may have seen 1456 patients that were symptomatically declared to have COVID, he actually used his HCQ treatment plan on “only” 405 of them. The rest were so mildly ill that they didn’t merit treatment.

Here are a few parts I found noteworthy. The original document is unedited, tending towards run-on sentences and a rather high level of insider terminology and acronyms. Well duh, it’s a medical research paper, not a news story in USA Today.

[ on the MSM pushed fear of HCQ causing irregular heartbeats therefore heart attack danger!! ] This arrhythmia issue is a real, physiologically measurable effect of the use of these combined medications (HCQ+AZ), but fatal arrhythmia outcomes are so rare that they are of much lesser clinical significance than the hospitalization and mortality that the drugs prevent.  This fact is also clear from the lack of any cardiac arrhythmia events or arrhythmia mortality noted in the 405 Zelenko patients or the 1061 Marseilles patients or the 412 Brazil patients.Patients were not enrolled in these studies if they had known histories of QTc prolongation.  History of cardiac arrhythmia or other possible contraindications for use of HCQ orAZ or doxycycline is a normal part of workup and clinical judgement in physicianchoice to use these medicationsand how to monitor the patients


[ the Oxford study looked at more than 600,000 patients who had taken HCQ over the years ] The maintenance HCQ dose in the Oxford study patients, 200 mg/day, gives as large or larger plasma drug levels as five days of HCQ at 400 mg/day, the recommended dose for outpatient Covid-19.  These very small numbers of arrhythmias, as well as the null results in this very large empirical study should therefore put to rest the anxieties about population excess mortality of HCQ+AZ outpatient use, either from cardiac arrhythmias, or as mortality from all causes.

This discussion thus shows that the FDA, NIH and cardiology society warnings about cardiac arrhythmia adverse events, while appropriate for theoretical and physiological considerations about use of these medications, are not borne out in mortality in real-world usage of them. Treatment-failure mortality will be much higher, but even that pales in comparison to the lives saved. 

It would therefore be incumbent upon all three organizations to reevaluate their positions as soon as possible.  It is unclear why the FDA, NIH and cardiology societies made their recommendations about HCQ+AZ use now, when the Oxford study (41, 42) analyzed 323,122 users of HCQ+AZ compared to 351,956 users of HCQ+amoxicillin, i.e., that the combination of HCQ+AZ has been in widespread standard-of-care use in the US and elsewhere for decades, use comparable to HCQ+amoxicillin as if it just involved an alternate antibiotic choice, this use predominantly in older adults with multiple comorbidities, with no such strident warnings about the use given during that time. 

I note that since doxycycline is believed to cause even fewer cardiac arrhythmias than AZ, in patients where that is a concern(43), the long-term care-facility evidence suggests that HCQ+doxycycline likely will work about as well.


The extrapolation from laboratory theory to empirical use also seems to underlie resistance to the idea that combined HCQ regimens could work for early outpatient use.


The clash in scientific worldviews is that basic and clinical scientists seem to feel that biological and drug-development evidence for medication use in non-human and non-outpatient contexts can be extrapolated to recommendations for outpatient use without benefit of RCT [ randomized controlled trial; ie “official” and not anecdotal ] evidence but don’t accept epidemiologic evidence without RCTs, whereas epidemiologists have had career experience with laboratory and animal evidence that did not hold up under epidemiologic study, but do reason by including all types of epidemiologic study designs and derive causal conclusions in the standard way following Hill’s Aspects (26) on the basis of strong totality of evidence, sometimes even without RCT evidence.  There are contexts where each approach is valid.


However, it is not my point to say that remdesivir has little evidence to support its potential outpatient utility, only efficacy considerations that have not been addressed and that could lead to lack of efficacy under general use, but that HCQ+AZ has been directly studied in actual early high-risk outpatient use with all of its temporal considerations and found empirically to have sufficient epidemiologic evidence for its effective and safe employment that way, and that requiring delay of such general use until availability of additional RCT evidence is untenable because of the ongoing and projected continuing mortality. No studies of Covid-19 outpatient HCQ+AZ use have shown higher mortality with such use than without, cardiac arrhythmias included, thus there is no empirical downside to this combined medication use


HCQ+AZ has been standard-of-care treatment at the four New York University hospitals, where a recent study showed that adding zinc sulfate to this regimen significantly cut both intubation and mortality risks by almost half.

[ remember, any medicine works better earlier in the illness. To be intubated, you’ve got to be sick enough to be in the hospital, and then get even worse. So this is a Death’s Door kind of scenario. See her as well ]

But for the great majority, I conclude that HCQ+AZ and HCQ+doxycycline, preferably with zinc can be this outpatient treatment, at least until we find or add something better, whether that could be remdesivir or something else.  It is our obligation not to stand by, just “carefully watching,”as the old and infirm and inner city of us are killed by this disease and our economy is destroyed by it and we have nothing to offer except high-mortality hospital treatment.  We have a solution, imperfect, to attempt to deal with the disease.  We have to let physicians employing good clinical judgement use it and informed patients choose it.

Pretty amazing (not really) how NYU is just now finally seeing that zinc helps? WTF have you fools been??

PS - set up to fail? I read elsewhere today that the NIH suggested HCQ dosage is FIVE TIMES HIGHER than what Dr. Z and the international medical community has been doing. The likelihood of arrhythmia goes up as the HCQ dosage increases. 

The awareness of the pushback and paranoia against this treatment plan is gently mentioned in this paper. It is very apparent towards the end of one of the links I posted before about Dr. Z. And it is spelled out in no uncertain terms by the link I put up last week to WattsUpWithThat.  Ruin the world economy, let millions get sick, let millions die, all because a) OrangeManBad, and b) Global power grab by “elites” to push world Socialist tyranny.


Somewhat related, somewhat sarcastic update: This same bunch of researchers at NYU Langone are going to try to prove a negative. They’ve got a big Official Study coming up, RCT and everything, in which they’ll try to prove whether HCQ works as a prophylactic. I want to see how that will work while being ethical. Sure, you could give half the subjects the drug, and half a vitamin pill, and then expose the whole bunch heavily ... which is the Nazi approach, and the worst No-No in medical research. “First do no harm”, right?

Clinical Trial Tests Efficacy of Common Antimalarial Drug to Prevent COVID-19 Infection

[ April 1, 2020. Coincidence, or April Fool’s stunt? ] < a href="">YU Langone Health researchers are co-leading a major clinical trial to determine whether the common antimalarial medication hydroxychloroquine can help prevent 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infections. The drug, marketed as Plaquenil®, has attracted considerable media attention, but definitive evidence is lacking on whether it can thwart infections in people who have been exposed to the novel coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2.

The new study, which is being led by the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle in collaboration with NYU Langone, may help answer that question. “Currently, there is no proven way to prevent COVID-19 after being exposed,” says Anna Bershteyn, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Population Health at NYU Langone and the study’s co-principal investigator. “If hydroxychloroquine provides protection, then it could be an essential tool for fighting this pandemic. If it doesn’t, then people should avoid unnecessary risks from taking the drug.”

Hydroxychloroquine, used widely against malaria since the 1950s, is effective against autoimmune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis as well. Past research has suggested that the same drug might block the SARS-CoV-2 virus from invading human cells in a lab setting. Other modeling studies have hinted at the drug’s potential to prevent an infection or reduce the length of time that people shed viral particles and remain infectious. But these hypotheses have not been specifically tested in humans.

To do so, the new study is enrolling 2,000 adult volunteers at 6 sites. Specifically, researchers are recruiting people who lack any COVID-19 symptoms but have been in close contact with others who have a confirmed or pending diagnosis. On a random basis, the trial participants will receive either hydroxychloroquine or a placebo pill (vitamin C) every day for two weeks. Each day during the 14-day period and then again on day 28, the participants will swab their nasal passages and send the samples to researchers so they can detect any new COVID-19 infections.

I have to wonder if zinc is part of the prophylactic approach too. Good luck finding 2,000 people willing to take a 50/50 risk on getting a placebo, knowing that they’ve been exposed to a virus that can kill them. Especially now that the virus is declining. Maybe the Nazi approach is the only way to be sure ... so that means this study isn’t going to happen. Oh wait: I gather if you give them a couple dollars it becomes a “challenge trial”, and that’s now ethical?? Crivens. Maybe next week it will be Ok to dose prisoners without telling them. Or maybe use those illegals that ICE is always corralling? WTF, if you’re flushing ethics down the toilet, might as well jiggle the handle a couple times to make sure.


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The New Normal

I might have to make a category for this kind of stuff. We live in a different world right now. Whether we stay there, or go back to the old way ( January ) remains to be seen.

Email from my local grocery store: we now accept SNAP payments for online orders for pick-up or home delivery.

Isn’t that nice?


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calendar   Wednesday - May 27, 2020

what a hoser

NJ governor “Red” Murphy says he’ll allow live graduation ceremonies ... in July.

High school ends in early June.  College ends in mid May.

What a dick.

TRENTON, NJ — New Jersey school districts will be permitted to hold outdoor graduation ceremonies with social distancing beginning in July, Gov. Phil Murphy announced Tuesday.

Murphy made the announcement on Twitter, saying the ceremonies, which can begin July 6, must “comply with social distancing – ensuring the health and safety of all in attendance.”

The order permitting outdoor graduation ceremonies applies to middle school and high school graduations, as well as colleges/universities, a news release from Murphy’s office said Tuesday. Specific guidance would be released by the state Department of Education and the Secretary of Higher Education on Wednesday.

That guidance could mean multiple graduation ceremonies at different times or spread across multiple days for instances where graduating classes are “too large to accommodate a crowd within the restrictions in place for outdoor gatherings,” Murphy said.


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Taking The Measure Of Life During Lockdown

Many weeks ago, before this whole virus thing took off, we had a nice sunny day in the early spring. After the long dark of winter, we had actual daylight down in the living room. And we realized that the carpets were in God-awful condition. We have cats. Cats make a mess. And they throw up. All the time. It’s what cats do. And the carpet suffered. So we figured it was probably time to get rid of it, and we thought that maybe carpet wasn’t the best way to go. So we thought about putting in wooden floorings. So we traveled to the other end of the county and found a Lumber Liquidators store, and found some flooring there that we liked. And we paid to have one of their subcontractors come and measure our place.

Then the virus maelstrom hit, and life shut down for two months. Several phone calls with the measuring people over that time, and we finally scheduled to have somebody come and do the job yesterday. He got here at 11, after we both got up real early and did furious amounts of housework to make the place presentable. The job was only supposed to take 25 minutes. And we were all wearing our masks and gloves, being good little sheep and following Teh Rulez. But we got to talking, and talking, while he worked slower and slower. He finally finished 2 1/2 hours later. So now we have the precise measurements for every room and closet in the unit, and the exact number of square feet, and even how much overage will be required to put in wooden floors or tiles in each room here.

But he was here forever, and we talked and talked about all sorts of simple benign stuff. Dog stories, different home construction methods, the state of the internet, remember when Carter was president, and so on.

This was the longest, and nearly the only, face to face conversation I have had with anyone other than my wife since Friday the 13th in March. It’s now almost the end of May. Ok, we did see a few friends and relatives at her sister’s microscopic outdoor wedding on March 20, with all 7 of us in masks keeping great distances apart out in their backyard. We went home after about 90 minutes of that. It was nice, but it was very awkward. We haven’t seen my mom or her dad since Christmas. Right now I’m not even sure if it’s legal to drive out of state to do such a thing.

We’ve been living in nearly solitary confinement since about March 7; we were voluntarily self-isolating for more than a week because of the possibility one of her co-workers had the virus. That didn’t pan out, but we didn’t have that info until after the wedding.

I guess I’m rather starved for human interaction. 


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