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paedophile pounded to pulp in Florida ….

I might be wrong in saying this, if I am, LyndonB will correct me. I hope.

This story is from Florida but .... had the same thing happened here .... I suspect the father would have been charged with assault and face jail also.

Anyway ,,,, it isn’t here but in the state of Florida where we can hope that 25 years will mean just that.

Europeans constantly point at the USA and say we have more of our citizens in jails than anywhere in the world.
I don’t know how our critics know ALL of the incarcerated are actually US citizens but there seems to be quite a bit of sympathy for them among the lefties here.  It doesn’t occur to the idiots that perhaps in America, we are somewhat more serious about locking away baddies. 

Now if we could only employ the death penalty and not take 20 years to do away with useless scum, it might not reduce future crime, but would put an end to the more violent low life vermin the state must support.  After all, if the victims are damaged or dead, why should the cause of the crime be allowed to continue breathing?

So here’s to the dad in this article.  Saaaaaalute!
And the Chief too.  Salute!

Paedophile beaten unconscious by child’s father handed 25 year prison sentence

Raymond Frolander, who was 18 at the time, was found by officers lying in a pool of his own blood

A man who was beaten by the father of a child he was caught sexually abusing has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Raymond Frolander, from Daytona Beach, Florida, was beaten until he was unconscious and left with clear facial injuries after he was found abusing the 11-year-old boy last year.

The father called police after administering his own punishment.

Frolander, who was 18 at the time, was found by officers lying in a pool of his own blood.

According to a 911 recording, the unnamed father told the operator: “I just walked in and found a grown man molesting (my child) and I got him in a bloody puddle for you right now.

“Send an ambulance. He is going to need one.”

The father ended the call by saying: “I did whatever I got a right to do, except I didn’t kill him.”

Frolander was charged with sexual battery on a victim under 12.

Speaking to investigators after the attack, the child said that he had been playing games with friends at the property; however, once those friends had left, Frolander began to sexually assault him.

The child also said that this had not been an isolated incident, and that Frolander had been abusing him since the age of eight.

According to Daytona Beach police Chief Mike Chitwood, Frolander was “almost like a family member” to his alleged victim and he had groomed his target for a period of time, having sex with the victim on multiple occasions.

The father was not charged with any crime.

Chitwood said the man was just “acting like a dad”, and he didn’t see anything to charge him with.

Asked whether he had any issues with the father’s actions, Chitwood said: “Not as a police chief and not as a father.”

Frolander took a deal to prevent a mandatory life sentence. However he will be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life and will have to wear a GPS monitor upon his release, NBC News affiliate Wesh reported.

After the sentence, the father told reporters at the station: “He’s going to learn in the next 25 years why I let him live.”




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calendar   Monday - February 10, 2014

And There Was Much Rejoicing!

Good news today, my fellow BMEWSd, several wannabe suicide bombers successfully completed their suicide bomber training!

A group of Sunni militants attending a suicide bombing training class at a camp north of Baghdad were killed on Monday when their commander unwittingly conducted a demonstration with a belt that was packed with explosives, army and police officials said. …

… Twenty-two ISIS members were killed, and 15 were wounded, in the explosion at the camp, which is in a farming area in the northeastern province of Samara, according to the police and army officials. Stores of other explosive devices and heavy weapons were also kept there, the officials said.

Eight militants were arrested when they tried to escape, the officials said.

The militant who was conducting the training was not identified by name, but he was described by an Iraqi Army officer as a prolific recruiter who was “able to kill the bad guys for once.”

That’s one successful teacher! trophy

Full story here.


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calendar   Thursday - November 21, 2013

When President Obama told business owners, “You didn’t build that!”

When President Obama told business owners, “You didn’t build that!” this was just one passing skirmish in the war on achievement.

I was reading Thomas Sowell long before his hair turned grey.  Over time and getting involved in other reading and things personal, I’m sorry to say he got lost in my grab bag of hold to read later things.  So I was grateful to an old friend who sent this to me.

It should be required reading here in the UK also because what he writes about sure applies here. In spades as the saying goes.

I have often wondered why we can’t have people like Mr. Sowell in public office, instead of the deadbeats of both parties we are saddled with now.
I don’t have the same cozy, warm and especially trusting feeling I once did.  And if I were a Brit and a voter here, I wouldn’t feel any better about those who
Having said that ... if I were a voter here, I think I could trust Nigel Farage and UKIP.

Anyway ....  take a look at this if you have not already seen it.

H/T dear friend Lynne

Source for article is Town Hall . com

The War Against Achievement

Thomas Sowell

A friend recently sent me a link to an inspiring video about an upbeat young black man who was born without arms. It showed him going to work—unlike the record number of people living on government payments for “disabilities” that are far less serious, if not fictitious.

How is this young man getting to work? He gets into his car and drives there—using controls set up so that he can operate the car with his feet.
What kind of work does he do, and how does he do it? He is involved in the design of racing cars. He sits at his computer, looking at the screen, with the keyboard on the floor, where he uses his toes as others use their fingers.

His story recalls the story of Helen Keller, who went to an elite college and on to a career, despite being both deaf and blind. Her story was celebrated in books, in television documentaries and in an inspiring movie, “The Miracle Worker.”

But our culture has changed so much over the years that the young man with no arms is unlikely to get comparable publicity. Helen Keller’s achievement was seen as an inspiration for others, but this young man’s achievement is more like a threat to the prevailing ideology of our times.

The vision on which the all-encompassing and all-controlling welfare state was built is a vision of widespread helplessness, requiring ever more expanding big government. Our “compassionate” statists would probably have wanted to take this young man without arms, early on, and put him in some government institution.

But to celebrate him in the mainstream media today would undermine a whole ideological vision of the world—and of the vast government bureaucracies built on that vision. It might even cause people to think twice about giving money to able-bodied men who are standing on street corners, begging.

The last thing the political left needs, or can even afford, are self-reliant individuals. If such people became the norm, that would destroy not only the agenda and the careers of those on the left, but even their flattering image of themselves as saviors of the less fortunate.

Victimhood is where it’s at. If there are not enough real victims, then fictitious victims must be created—as with the claim that there is “a war on women.” Why anyone would have an incentive or a motivation to create a war on women in the first place is just one of the questions that should be asked of those who promote this political slogan, obviously designed for the gullible.

The real war—which is being waged in our schools, in the media and among the intelligentsia—is the war on achievement. When President Obama told business owners, “You didn’t build that!” this was just one passing skirmish in the war on achievement.

The very word “achievement” has been replaced by the word “privilege” in many writings of our times. Individuals or groups that have achieved more than others are called “privileged” individuals or groups, who are to be resented rather than emulated.

The length to which this kind of thinking—or lack of thinking—can be carried was shown in a report on various ethnic groups in Toronto. It said that people of Japanese ancestry in that city were the most “privileged” group there, because they had the highest average income.

What made this claim of “privilege” grotesque was a history of anti-Japanese discrimination in Canada, climaxed by people of Japanese ancestry being interned during World War II longer than Japanese Americans.

If the concept of achievement threatens the prevailing ideology, the reality of achievement despite having obstacles to overcome is a deadly threat. That is why the achievements of Asians in general—and of people like the young black man with no arms—make those on the left uneasy. And why the achievements of people who created their own businesses have to be undermined by the President of the United States.

What would happen if Americans in general, or blacks in particular, started celebrating people like this armless young man, instead of trying to make heroes out of hoodlums? Many of us would find that promising and inspiring. But it would be a political disaster for the left—which is why it is not likely to happen.

Thomas Sowell, Town Hall dot com


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calendar   Tuesday - November 19, 2013

really serious eye candy

Oh how I do love this kind of thing!

Wish I were one of the lucky monied.  Yeah. I can see spending money on this. Never had model planes like this baby when I was young. Of course, it would not have mattered if they did. I couldn’t own one. 

Watch the video at the link.

The not-so-jumbo jet: Remote-control model Airbus A380 looks so realistic it could be mistaken for the real thing

The remote-controlled plane was filmed flying at an air show in Germany
With an 18ft wingspan it is 14 times smaller than the full-sized Airbus A380
The model plane is powered by jet engines said to cost around £1,800 each

By Victoria Woollaston

It may look and even sound like the real thing, but this Airbus A380 is actually a scaled-down model of the jumbo airliner and is flown using a handheld remote control.

A video has appeared online that shows the plane being flown at an air show and hobbyist event in Germany.

The remote-controlled plane has an 18-foot wingspan, weighs 150lbs and is powered by four jet turbines.

Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away



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calendar   Saturday - November 02, 2013

neighbor pushed beyond barking dog limits, takes out family and dogs. Good!

I kinda think that many of you reading this, perhaps all of you, are more civilized than I am.  I never made any great claim to being such.
On the other hand, I guess it all depends on what one means by ‘civilized.’
The reason for me saying this, is a short story I read in a morning paper a couple of day ago.
Since it happened in the USA and as far as I know, we’ve never read about this sort of thing or at least not been reported.
Anyway, I fell compelled to share it but mostly my personal thoughts and opinion on the subject.
It’s doubtful anyone will agree with me, and that’s okay.  No harm done. My wife doesn’t either and I still love her.

I guess because I have been through this more than once, and one time worse than anything I can describe, I will tell you.

Had the shooter here been taken alive and gone to court and had I been on his jury, there is no way on God’s green earth I would vote to convict.
In fact, I would suggest a tax free life and a medal and a cash reward.
The way I see it is .... as bad as it appears, if it give even one dog owner pause for thought, and I have been a dog owner and love the damn things as much as I do cats, if only one got the message this guy left I say well done.
He’d been pushed to his limits and boy do I personally understand that. 

My wild ass guess is that it’s possible the victims here knew why it was happening and their last thoughts might have been, “god damn those fuckin dogs”.  Naturally, being the type of owners they were, they would not think to blame themselves for being inconsiderate turds who cared only for their own comfort and convenience, neighbors be damned.

Ever had a dog owner say to you ... “my dog doesn’t bark” when you know damn well it does?
And it never stops?

And then people are surprised when a poor guy like this, driven to the wall, grabs a gun.
Well, bravo and good for him.  I’m sorry he killed himself though. A good lawyer might have gotten him, if not off, a low sentence for diminished responsibility after having been driven to it.  This guy who is the real victim here, did not wake up that morning and ask himself what he should do to break he boredom. Oh, I wonder if I should shoot someone today. No. Not at all.  You can bet ur boots this extreme annoyance had been going on for a long time.  And sometimes some people can take only so much abuse.

Sgt. Steve Martos said authorities can only speculate on a motive for the killings.

Huh?  Is this maybe the deputy from the old Andy Griffith show?

Barking dogs suspected to have triggered killing spree in Arizona

by Arun George

Phoenix: For months, Michael Guzzo complained to neighbors about incessant dog barking, even putting up fliers on doors throughout his Phoenix townhome complex, advising people of pet ordinances and fines.

This weekend, police say, Guzzo went on a rampage, methodically killing four members of a family and their two dogs that lived next door before killing himself with the same shotgun. While his motive died along with him, neighbors and family members of the victims say he was becoming increasingly unhinged over dog noise.

Neighbors in the complex of two-story townhomes where a central courtyard looks like a tree-laden park said Guzzo made no secret that the barking dogs were irritating him. He often left printouts of the city’s dog barking ordinance on doors throughout the community, said Joni Flood, 27, who lives a few doors down from the victims. “He hated them. But everyone here has dogs,” Flood said.

Killed in the Saturday shooting were Bruce Moore, 66; his daughter, Renee Moore, 36; her husband, Michael Moore, 42, who used his wife’s last name; and Renee’s son, Shannon Moore, 17.

Family members of the victim were in shock Monday as they walked into the crime scene for the first time since the killing, standing amid pools of drying blood on the home’s back patio where the two men were apparently killed first. “It’s angering beyond belief,” said Patrick Riley, 41, Michael Moore’s brother. He found his brother’s silver necklace amid the blood. “It just angers me looking at all this because I just feel for my brother. The helplessness.”

Police haven’t given specific details of the attack, but Riley said he thinks Guzzo shot his brother over a 6-foot (1.8-meter) cinderblock fence while he worked on a car engine. “He had no idea what was coming,” Riley said. He said police told him Guzzo, 56, killed the two men first, then walked through the family’s unlocked front door and shot Renee, her son, Shannon, and the dogs. Phoenix Sgt. Steve Martos said authorities can only speculate on a motive for the killings.

“If he had left a note, maybe, but nothing like that occurred in this case,” Martos said Monday. Michael Moore’s mother Jacque Alderman, 70, said Renee “told me all the time the man was crazy. He just couldn’t stand the dogs.” Libni Deleon, 26, said that just a few months ago he returned home from work to find Guzzo standing by his back gate where his two dogs were on the patio barking.

“He said, ‘Your dogs are barking. I’m here to live in peace,’” Deleon recalled. Deleon says Guzzo tried to kill him on Saturday, too. Moments after the shooting, Guzzo walked across the courtyard and began kicking on their front door. Libni Deleon’s wife, Vanessa, had just gotten out of the shower, grabbed their two children and ran upstairs to hide in the bathtub. Libni went toward the door as Guzzo blasted two holes through it, sending about 20 shotgun pellets into the walls at the back of their home. He ran upstairs to get his own gun, opened the window and began to yell at Guzzo, who opened fire again before walking back to his home to turn the gun on himself. “I feel pretty darn lucky,” Libni Deleon said.

H/T First Post


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calendar   Friday - May 03, 2013

no good deed goes unpunished … the state of things today …

There’s a story been doing the rounds the last couple of days, and if I had been up to it I should have shared this bit of insanity with you yesterday.  This is an example of what this once great country has come to.  What makes things worse yet, there are young Brits bleeding and dying and not just on the streets of their local communities.  Young fellows in far away places leaving a little bit of England etc.  It bothers me a lot, and does so even more when I read this sort of thing, which convinces me that this place is finished and doomed, because there are far too many people like one of those in the story I should have posted.  And too many like the city council involved.
For all that I post about the crumbling justice system and teen killers, it is a good feeling to hear about one young kid who without thought to reimbursement or even thanks, does something good quietly on his own. At age 15 he actually was able to get a city to commit thousands for the restoration of a neglected war memorial.  A memorial he had been tending in his spare time, from the age of 7.  A memorial he spent spare pennies on buying stuff for it to make it presentable.
Jeesh.  You have to wonder about some people.  And trust me, you won’t figure them out.  They all fit one kind of mold.
I’ll let Richard Littlejohn pick up this story, he tells it better.  And all of the rest of it is, as usual, at the link below. Don’t miss it.

Richard Littlejohn
Daily Mail

Some stories make my blood boil. You won’t always find them on the front pages or leading the television news bulletins. But they tell you more about the condition of modern Britain than most of what passes for ‘news’ these days.

Take the case of 19-year-old Kurtis Green, from Dersingham in Norfolk. For the past 12 years he has been lovingly tending the war memorial opposite his parents’ fish and chip shop.


It began when he was just seven. Kurtis saved up his pocket money to buy gardening tools and started clearing litter and planting bulbs.
Over the years he has devoted hundreds of hours of unpaid time to his task. When he was 15, he mounted a successful campaign to persuade councillors to spend £20,000 restoring the memorial with new flowerbeds, railings, seating and block paving.

Kurtis won a Norfolk Young People’s Role Model of the Year award and was congratulated by the Queen.

Thanks to his efforts, the local branch of the British Legion collected a prize for Norfolk’s most improved war memorial.

But Kurtis wasn’t content to rest on his laurels. Deciding the plants and flowers could do with more irrigation, he tapped into a nearby water supply, which had been installed as part of the restoration programme.

Together with a fellow villager, 65-year-old John Houston, he went about the work in a professional manner. At the insistence of the council, he took out public liability insurance and coned off the area where the trench was being dug.

Once the work was complete, the trench was filled in and new grass seed planted. ‘It actually looked better than when we started,’ said Kurtis proudly.
But this is where it all began to unravel. No good deed, as they say, ever goes unpunished.

His grandfather served in World War II and Kurtis says he started his clean-up campaign because it ‘was not in a fit state’ to honour those who had fought for their country.

While Kurtis and John were carrying out the work, along came a councillor and started taking photographs on his mobile phone. ‘The next thing we knew we were reported to the police.’

Not so fast folks. There is more right here Oh boy, is there more.

Because the insanity continues with ice cream vans being banned to save on carbon emissions. It’s all at the link. And none of it is funny.


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calendar   Wednesday - April 03, 2013

On Sir Terry Pratchett

It’s a pretty sad event but I am not aware if some of you, who know this guy, know about this.

He has been interviewed on radio and spoken in the newspaper interviews as well, on assisted suicide.

I wish the folks who produce videos would stop believing that every fucking thing they present to us, just god damn HAS to have music of any kind in the background.  And most especially draggy crap that sounds more like a funeral dirge which in this his case is still a mite premature.

He will in all likelihood go to Dignitas, unless he does it himself while he still can. 

If Dad wants to end his life, it’s his choice. I’ll support him

Terry Pratchett’s daughter talks with raw honesty about the Alzheimer’s that’s led the man she idolises to fight for assisted death

By Amanda Cable

Rhianna Pratchett was in a taxi in a North London traffic jam when her father phoned. The date, she recalls, was December 6, 2007, and she thinks she was coming back from the gym.

The conversation which followed was so shocking that, five years on, it remains the most traumatic memory of her life.

Unknown to his only child, author Sir Terry Pratchett had just been having hospital tests after finding difficulty typing. ‘From the second I answered his call, the detail of everything I’d done that day — all the hours minutes and seconds preceding that conversation — have been wiped from my mind,’ says Rhianna, 36.

‘The whole thing is a bit of a blur. He’d been having tests, he said. It was a rare form which affects spatial awareness. “We’re putting out a Press release next week,” he said. “I wanted you to know beforehand.”

‘I went into shock. I’d had no idea anything was wrong. At that moment, the taxi driver turned and snapped at me — he was irritated the journey had got him stuck in a jam — and I burst into floods of tears and said: “My Dad’s just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.” The driver just shrugged.

‘I could hardly breathe. All I wanted to do was just get out of that car and back to my flat. I was flying to the U.S. the next day to work for two weeks and I remember telling Dad that I’d cancel it, but he told me there was no point. “There’s nothing you can do about it,” he said. “If you stay, it isn’t going to change anything.” ’

‘Dad calls it ‘The End Game’. It’s his life, his death and his decision’

A week later, Sir Terry’s office released the Press statement, and his battle with Alzheimer’s, having been diagnosed at the age of 59, made headline news around the globe.

As the second-bestselling author in the UK (behind J.K. Rowling), Sir Terry has a cult following of millions. His fans reacted with genuine emotion — and many contacted Rhianna directly.

‘Doctors believe he had Alzheimer’s for a while before he was diagnosed, which means he probably wrote two bestsellers before his illness became official’

Terry Pratchett was the UK’s best-selling author of the Nineties. He has sold more than 70m books worldwide in 37 languages



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calendar   Sunday - February 24, 2013


I give the hippo a ‘10’ for reverb and sustain:


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calendar   Monday - October 22, 2012

girl 12 shoots intruder …. cops take the creep to hospt. should have dumped in a ditch somewhere

H/T RichK
Rich posted the link in comments but I didn’t have time yesterday. Worth the wait.
Happy things turned out well for the young girl. 
Bet the media won’t be very interested in a story about a kid who managed to save the day because she had a loaded weapon and was ready to use it.

No kid should ever have to be in this position. Especially a young girl alone. Or any female. Of any age. Her mom should have trained her better though, so that she’d feel more comfortable shooting some creep in their home. Anyway, this is just another good reason why we will ALWAYS have guns in homes in the USA.  Don’t quite understand why the cops took the time to send the vermin to a hosp. ??? So what if he died?  What loss to society? And judging by his size, I kinda doubt that he was starving and looking for food. Yeah right. There’d be food in the bathroom the girl was hiding in. Sure. That’s where ppl always store grub.
I hope now her mom trains her that one shot is never enough.  Aren’t we supposed to keep firing til the clip was empty?  Seems I read that someplace. ??

Here’s a 911 clip. No way to embed.


Kendra St. Clair, 12, said she was just doing what she had to when she shot a home intruder Wednesday in Durant.


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calendar   Thursday - June 21, 2012

a very different kind of post for me. and a different sort of eye candy.

I don’t think I have ever done this sort of post before.  Don’t know why. I guess I just never thought of it. In fact, if I hadn’t come across a photo card in this room that I thought I had already given to an artist friend we saw only yesterday, I wouldn’t be doing this now.  So I’m glad I found it. I think some of you may be impressed with the work and talent it takes to produce what this lady does.

When we visited our former home in Palm Desert six months ago, we made the rounds as we always used to do, of the various art galleries.  Some of the things on display are eye popping.  It really is on the masochistic side to roam these places because there is no way we could afford much of what we see.  Were I wealthy, I’d be tempted to buy one of the galleries and then live in it.  They have some very nice galleries in PD. They line both sides of the main street, El Paseo. And in between are some pretty good restaurants. Not all and more’s the pity considering how much they charge. You don’t visit that area if you’re on a diet. Or a budget. 

Well, on that last visit we saw this and I think the price was over $1,000.00. I just can’t remember how much.  If we were still in that wonderful and much missed tech, dot com bubble, I might not have given the price any notice.  But things have a way of changing quickly and those days are gone. All I could do was look at all the ‘stuff’ and drool.

I don’t even have the ability to write a letter and keep a straight line with lined paper.  In other words, I simply do not have the eye or talent.
But I admire those who do.

Take a look.


The artist is SILVIA DAVIS.






This is her work space.


When she was about four years old, Davis would sit under a tree all day and …“make things.” “I would go down to the dime store and buy a model. I couldn’t read yet, but I’d look at the picture and figure it out. It might not be right, I might make a mess of the glue, but I would work on it, and put something together. I was constantly tinkering and making things from paper, mud, sticks and clay, and looking at things and making animals, just making, making, making—painting, drawing, building.” When she took the required sculpting class in her art program at the University of Utah, she realized that what she’d been doing as a child had a name: sculpture. She immediately knew who she was. After finishing her bachelor degree Davis continued with a Masters of Fine Arts and has been sculpting ever since.



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calendar   Wednesday - May 16, 2012

how’s this for a do it yourself project?

Wow .... take a look at what this fellow has done.

Talk about a do it yourself project.  Brilliant.

It started with this.

An old (130 years) rail coach which wasn’t allowed to be moved. So, his ex FIL built a home around it and got this.

But apparently the coach his FIL bought needed lots of restoration and lots and lots of work. Which this man took on.

Is this the strangest home in Britain? The bungalow that’s built around a 130-year-old railway carriage

Jim Higgins’ ex father-in-law had to build around the carriage because bizarre planning rules said it had stood for so long it could not be moved

Mr Higgins is now restoring the former Great Western Railway carriage to possibly open to the public


When it comes to building a comfortable bungalow, Jim Higgins has got the inside track.

The retired transport manager, 60, has one of the most unique houses in Britain… because it is built around a real railway carriage.

The property in Ashton, Cornwall, is a fully functioning house but bizarrely has the fully restored 130-year-old Great Western Railway car within its walls.

Mr Higgins, 64, originally from Buckinghamshire took over the property from his former father-law Charles Allen who was forced to build it around the railway carriage because bizarre planning regulations meant the train could not be moved.

Mr Higgins said: ‘The railway carriage was lived in by a local woman Elizabeth Richards from 1930.

‘It was known as Lizzies Place to when she died in 1966.

‘It then stood empty for a number of years until my ex-father-in-law came down looking for somewhere to retire.

All the other photos are HERE and I think you might be impressed. 


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calendar   Tuesday - April 24, 2012

genius at work …. take a look at this. how do ppl do it? lots of patience to start

If you see nothing else today, you have to see this, with much thanks and H/T Doc Jeff.

There are enough great photos and info to keep you busy for awhile. This is really outstanding and I’d say genius at work.

A miniature functioning replica 1932 Duesenberg that took ten years to build, and it runs guys. He made the engine too. WOW!
Yeah, the date says 2011 but hey .... it’s the very first time I’ve seen or heard about this so maybe it’s your first time too.
One of my favorite cars from the past.

A multi-year project in process to build a complete 1932 Duesenberg in 1/6 scale

Louis Chenot
Joe Martin Foundation Metalworking Craftsman of the Decade, 2011


Every year for the past five years or so at the NAMES show in Detroit and now Toledo, one of the first things many people who attend the show each year want to see is how Lou Chenot is coming along on the Duesenberg project. Most of us, therefore, see the project in one-year jumps with new major components showing up each time. We have to keep in mind it took a year of work on Lou’s part to bring the car to the next stage. As the project continued to take shape with the engine near completion and the bodywork beginning to take shape, we thought it would be fun to bring the rest of you up to date on Lou’s work and then to follow along as he completes this ambitious project.  Like the other projects featured in the “Model Engineering Masterpieces” section, this is not just a model car, but rather a complete car in miniature. The engine has now been successfully run and just about every feature that worked on the real car will work on the miniature version. A project like this requires the mastery of so many skills that we have created a special category for them.

2011 UPDATE: The tiny straight eight, 32-valve Duesenberg engine ran for the first time in March, 2010 and the model was declared finished. All that remains is to re-install the engine in the chassis. Read on to see what it takes to create a miniature masterpiece that is quite possibly the finest model automobile ever built..


The bodywork is all metal, not fibreglass. Here is the car in Lou’s shop before the brass coachwork was primed or painted. Lou is not adverse to remaking a part that doesn’t meet his standards. He started over on the especially difficult brass radiator shell nine times.



See this link for a huge amount of info and tons of photos and the story of this project.


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calendar   Thursday - March 08, 2012

3 cheers for pupils at Zwelihle High School in Umlazi, South Africa. Well done kids.

Here’s something of real interest from the morning papers.
This is how it’s done by school kids, who’ve been pushed that one bit too far.

I’m certain they’re black because too many white kids in this situation would first look to make sure nobody’s rights were being violated. Plus if it happened here in the UK they’d have had to get the folks from Health and Safety to approve, which they might provided the bad guys got a head start and were wearing head gear like construction helmets.  Then some ass wipe civil rights group would get their licks in finding that the bad guys were disadvantaged growing up and you know the rest.

So here’s three cheers and three cheers more, for those wonderful kids who took their school back and eliminated a couple of gremlins in the process.

For the pupils at Zwelihle High School in Umlazi, South Africa


South African schoolchildren stone to death two teenage robbers (who were chased by FIVE HUNDRED pupils)


South African schoolchildren aged between 12 and 14 have stoned to death two teenagers who allegedly stole from them in class.
The pupils attacked the gang of three youths, believed to be aged 15, after their money and mobile phones were taken at gunpoint.
About 500 pupils from Zwelihle High School in Umlazi, on the outskirts of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal region, chased the thieves, who had apparently entered the premises through a hole in a fence.

After catching up with them, some of the schoolchildren then pelted them with stones.
Two gang members died while a third suffered life-threatening injuries.
The incident is a shocking extension of the country’s vigilante culture.

Many of the country’s poorest areas as so ill-served by police that locals routinely administer ‘street justice’ against alleged criminals.
So common are vigilante attacks that the Zwelihle lynching, which happened on February 24, has passed almost unremarked upon locally.
The local Daily News newspaper was one of the few media organisations to cover the story.

It quoted a unnamed female pupil who witnessed the 10am attack.
‘We know these guys. They bully the schoolchildren all the time and steal their money and other valuables. They are known to attack pupils inside the school too’, the pupil said.

The pupil explained that during the course of the robbery, some of the schoolchildren started to suspect that the robbers’ gun was not working.
‘They confronted the robbers and asked them if their gun was working. They started running. This did not stop us. Everyone gave chase. We were all sick and tired of their bad habits’, she said.

It was as the gang ran towards a nearby township, the pupil told the paper, that some children started to throw stones.
‘Some of the pupils eventually caught them at the settlement. They started hitting them and pelting them with stones. More than 500 children were there.’
She added: ‘We are very happy they are dead. At least now they won’t worry anyone.

‘It is also a warning to other robbers. We are not afraid of guns. They will feel fire if they rob us again.

‘We are sick and tired of being terrorised by criminals and bullies in the area.’


On the other hand, here’s how things are done in a socialist nanny state where nobody wants to hurt the feeling much less anything else, even of criminals.  The headline reads,

Three teenagers from “ respectable” families who carried out a series of gunpoint street robberies walked free from court after a judge said their criminal records would be punishment enough.

Hey-hey. That’ll teach the little bastards okay. Bet they’re quaking in their boots but more from laughter then fear.

Then there’s this from last week’s Mail.

Fergie’s killer aide could be freed from jail within weeks

By Ian Drury

A former royal aide who is in prison for murder could walk free within weeks.

Jane Andrews, 44, once one of the Duchess of York’s most trusted members of staff, will appear at a parole board hearing as early as mid-March.
Andrews, who spent nine years as Sarah Ferguson’s dresser, could be recommended for release if the panel thinks she has been rehabilitated.
A parole board source said: ‘If she is successful, it is possible that she will be released back into the community next month.’
Andrews was jailed for life in 2001 for killing her wealthy boyfriend Thomas Cressman.

The builder’s daughter from Cleethorpes murdered Mr Cressman at the house they shared in Fulham, West London, after he made clear he would not marry her.
In a cold-blooded revenge attack she clubbed him unconscious with a cricket bat before stabbing him in the chest with an 8in knife and fleeing the scene.

read more


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calendar   Tuesday - February 28, 2012


This is one heck of a dramatic, hold your breath story.  It was for me anyway.

Not much text here, it all photo and I couldn’t let this go by.

BTW..... For those not familiar with the Brit weights.  There are 14 pounds to one stone. So we’re talking over a thousand pounds here.

Race against the tide: Bravery of young mother who stayed by her horse’s side for THREE HOURS after getting trapped in mud ‘like quicksand’

Panic as 78-stone show horse is ‘swallowed-up’ by mud
Mother freed her daughter and another horse before returning to trapped animal
Astro was freed just minutes before the tide closed in


This was the terrifying moment a brave young mother battled to keep her beloved horse calm as sea water closed in on the animal after he became trapped in mud ‘like quicksand’.

Exhausted and mud-splattered, Nicole Graham clung to her trapped horse Astro for three hours keeping his head high in a race against the tide.

The 78-stone show horse had sunk into quagmire-like mud and was facing the prospect of drowning as the water rose around them.



there are a total of 14 pix


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