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calendar   Wednesday - March 25, 2020

Go Mike Go

My Face Mask, Dot Com?

You can’t watch TV for an hour without seeing an ad for MyPillow Dot Com. “Hi, I’m Mike Lindell, inventor of My Pillow ...”

They have now switched production to making face masks for health workers. Not to sell them, just to give them away.

Well done MyPillow people.

Now what they need is a a push that the masks are made from “Giza cotton.”

And new mask lyrics for their song. “For the best night’s sleep in the whole wide world ... “


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Too Many Rats Sink The System

“We’re all in this together”, right comrade??

NJ Rat Fink Reporting Phone System Overwhelmed

Gov. Phil Murphy ordered non-essential businesses to close this week but many people in New Jersey say not all retailers have gotten the message.

Very, very many people, apparently.

A phone number that the state set up for people to report violators became overwhelmed with calls.

Murphy gave the number out during his daily briefing on Tuesday as a way to report violations of Executive Order No. 107.

“Let me be clear if I could. My executive order is not a polite suggestion. It is an order. No one, and I mean no one who can do their job from home should be going to work in an office. We must have 100% compliance. This is about public health and it’s about people’s lives, your employees’ lives, their families’ lives, and your life,” Murphy said during the media briefing.

The number is assigned to an investigator in the state Department of Homeland Security, according to a state office phone directory. reported that State Police requested the number be removed from their news article because the calls were interfering with a line used for “law enforcement sensitive calls.”


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Best Thing To Ever Happen To TV

We have Comcast Xfinity cable TV. In the past year or three it has been upgraded to a voice actuated remote, which is pretty awesome. The package comes with a huge DVR built into the cable box. It also has On Demand, a service that lets you watch whatever show you want whenever you want it, simply by speaking the name into the remote. Pretty awesomer. Recently they have added “Smart Resume” to some of the shows. And this is the bee’s knees. Awesome-ist! Smart Resume lets you skip over the commercials with the 4X Fast Forward, and comes back to your show at the exact proper spot. So a 4 minute block of ads burns by in just 1 minute. This really helps the continuity of the shows you are watching. Beyond excellent; this is how TV should have been since the beginning. On the other hand, you quickly become really aware of just how big a chunk of your 1 hour show is dedicated to commercials. Something like a quarter or a third. Crivens.

Stuck in lockdown, we’ve been binge watching the show Manifest. It’s a bit far fetched, a bit beta-squishy; another one of these “a bunch of lost people miraculously show up and have unknown powers that they use to help people, but the evil government is after them” kind of shows. Like Lost, or the 4400, or Continuum, and so on. We watched the first season in real time, then sort of forgot about it. Season 2 has been broadcast since January, but we just got back to it yesterday. This year, the wife character has been rewritten to be much more involved and supportive. She was far too “Skyler” last year. (Skyler was the annoying wife of Walter White in Breaking Bad, and nearly everyone hated her.) Manifest is a sci-fi soap opera, but it’s something to watch. At least it’s not another doctors/firemen/cops/beautiful evil rich people drama show like all the rest of them are.

I hear Homeland is still running. We watched the first 3 seasons until the Marine guy Brody apparently got killed. It’s now in season 8. So many shows have had a great first season or two, then run on inertia for the next bunch of years. It’s hard to stay a fan when that happens. 


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Jerks Knee Jerking

Nevada Gov: No “off label” HCQ treatments for you. Because Tropical Fish?

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak has restricted the prescription of two malaria medications that President Trump named as potential remedies for coronavirus, after a man died and his wife was hospitalized for using a fish tank cleaning additive with a similar name as a substitute.

Sisolak, a Democrat, issued an executive order Tuesday prohibiting prescriptions of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus patients after the president mentioned the two drugs during a press briefing.

“While the two drugs have necessary medical purposes, there is no conclusive evidence at this time among COVID-19 experts or Nevada’s own medical health advisory team that the drugs provide treatment for COVID-19 patients,” Sisolak said in a statement.

While addressing reporters, Trump mentioned both drugs as being fast-tracked for use as treatment, touting their likelihood of being effective despite the FDA still testing it for coronavirus use.

The order also limits a prescription to a 30-day supply to ensure it’s available for “legitimate medical purposes” and so that people cannot find a way to stockpile the drug.

Sisolak faced a backlash from Trump allies over the order, as the drugs are in fact being used in trials. They are among a select group of possible therapies the World Health Organization is currently looking at as potentially treating or preventing COVID-19, though the effectiveness of the drugs remains unclear.

The WHO originally did not have the two drugs as part of their trial, but high interest led them to reconsider.

I didn’t post on yesterday’s story about the two idiot senior citizens in Arizona who poisoned themselves by taking fish tank stuff. Because chloroquine and because Trump. Most of the news was about the news; how the various DemMSM media outlets had used this as a cudgel against the President. I did look into it quite a bit, which not one of the media sites has done.

First, the stuff is not fish tank cleaner. It is aquarium antibiotic. HUGE difference.

Second, this stuff generally uses a different kind of chloroquine (the sulphate variant), and often has some other kinds of really strong medicine mixed in with it.

Third, it is really hard to find in the USA in consumer sized amounts, and not all that easy to locate in professional bulk either.

Fourth, in Australia and other areas around there on the far side of the world, prices have been skyrocketing for a week now.

So these two winners in AZ aren’t the only people thinking along these lines. And unless they were major tropical fish enthusiasts, I have a whole lot of doubts about their story. Like, maybe they bought it from eBay in panic. Or maybe this is a perfect murder. He’s dead. She survived. Blame Trump.

There have been media stories about hoarding HCQ, although whatever kind of hoarding that might impact the distribution channels would have to be done at the drug warehouse level to make any difference.

Very little news front page coverage that the Isreali pharma company TEVA has given the USA six million doses. That would be positive news and the DemMSM exists only to fuel the panic in order to bring down Trump. However the story is out there, but it didn’t fit the agenda.

And now we have the Governor of Nevada banning the HCQ / Z-Pack treatment. Because OF COURSE he’s a Dem.

However, the entire chloroquine angle is being denigrated by the Left, simply because President Trump mentioned it. I admit, I’ve spent far too much time digging into this whole coronavirus situation since the very beginning. Aspects of the disease, it’s origins, victims, tests, and treatments. While various forms of chloroquine have been being used for this with pretty good effect around the world for quite some time now, it is not a perfect panacea. Nothing is. But the moment our President mentioned it as a ray of hope, it was instant anathema to a large part of our media who then ran all kinds of negative stories about it. And Governor Sleestak is playing the same tune. Remember this, Nevadians.

[ If you want to stay abreast of the latest news about treatments, trials, and other COVID R&D, the investor pages are your best bet. They put these stories out there without political bias and without drowning you in medical terminology. ]


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happy tails

UK Dog Sprains Tail From Too Much Wagging: His People Are Home All Day Now Because Quarantine

Rolo, a 7-year-old dachshund in the United Kingdom, is so happy his owner is staying home during the coronavirus pandemic that he sprained his tail from wagging it so much.

On Friday, Emma Smith of Essex posted on Twitter that her happy-go-lucky wiener dog — who loves a good belly rub and has a predisposition for tail-wagging — couldn’t contain his excitement about the sudden constant companionship.

Unfortunately, Rolo’s rudder quickly went from wagging to sagging.

“So my dog has been so happy that everyone is home for quarantine, that his tail has stopped working,” she writes of her perky pup, adding, “so we went to the vet and the vet said ‘he had sprained his tail from excessively wagging it.’ ” She included a string of laughing and broken heart emojis in the post, which was shared more than 140,000 times and liked by more than 1 million people, including “The Morning Show” and “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston.

“For those asking, he is currently on pain relief and the vet said he should be healed within a week,” she noted in a second-day post, which included a video showing Rolo’s appendage in the downward dog-tail position. “He is super happy and there is now movement from side to side but he is struggling to lift it up in the air.”

On Saturday, Smith followed up with thanks to Twitter well-wishers for their concern, saying, “I’m sure he will be back wagging like this in no time” and included a prior, undated clip of Rolo’s tail-wagging self as he ran and frolicked outside in the grass.

Smith also set up Rolo with his own Instagram account — rolo.thehotdog — so that interested pup lovers can “follow my journey getting my wag back.”

Our two kittehs are in a similar situation. With us both home now, they’re not getting their usual 17 hours of sleep. However they are getting much more attention and mommy lap time. Stuck to her like Velcro. And thank God both of them are no longer in heat. 


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calendar   Tuesday - March 24, 2020

Must Be A Coincidence

Today’s News:

New York City has nearly half the Wuhan virus cases in the country

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a sobering warning to residents on Tuesday as he said that the coronavirus curve hasn’t been “flattened,” and “is actually increasing.” He then cautioned that the apex of the virus could be as many as 14 to 21 days away.

“We projected an apex at 100,000 hospital beds needed, the new projection suggests as high as 140,000 hospital beds will be needed,” he said, adding that New York has 25,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Six Weeks Ago:

image   image

Tens of thousands gather to celebrate Chinese New Year in New York City

[ February 9, 2020 ] NEW YORK (AP)—Signs of support for the Chinese city at the center of a global virus outbreak marked floats at the Lunar New Year parade in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

Brightly colored puppets made their way through the New York City streets Sunday in front of crowds of onlookers.

A banner on one float read “Support Wuhan! Let’s fight the virus together!” Another urged, “Wuhan stay strong.”

The coronavirus outbreak that started in China in December has killed more than 800 people and infected more than 37,000 people around the world.

No cases have been identified in New York City.

“If you’re not here, you’re missing out!”

Nearly 3/4 million Chinese live in the NYC metro area; more than half a million of them live within the 5 boroughs.

The news only gives us numbers. It does not say what groups those numbers belong to. Once in a while we hear about one identified person’s story, or some celebrity who has caught it.

Northern Italy also has a tremendous population of Chinese laborers; nearly half a million of them all told. And they’ve been hit really hard too. That’s probably another coincidence. Nothing to see here, move along.


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Ringer Golf Is The New Thing.

Hey, some good news for a change.

Golf: The Allowed Activity

USGA temp rule: no more lip-outs; cups lifted 2” to eliminate contamination contact

Well, until all the courses shut down, obviously

As recently as a week ago, recreational golfers flocked to the fairways of public and private golf courses as a respite from stay-at-home guidelines and lifestyle prohibitions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Golf, with its wide open spaces, still seemed safe.

In New Jersey’s Somerset County, the five municipal golf courses recorded 6,501 golf rounds in the first 19 days this month, a 300 percent increase over the number of rounds played in all of March last year. A similar surge in play, with players observing social distancing and other limits on close interactions, was happening all over the United States.

“The turnout almost overwhelmed us,” said Matt Kammeyer, the director of golf for Salt Lake City’s seven courses. “Just a lot of happy, grateful people enjoying a round.”

This week, it increasingly appears that golf’s reprieve was short-lived. With stricter measures on public gatherings, our games, like everything else, live in realms of past and present.

Over the weekend, dozens of cities and counties overseeing hundreds of golf facilities closed or indefinitely suspended play on their courses, usually at the direction of government agencies. That included the courses in Somerset County and in Salt Lake City and at some Trump resort properties. Scores of courses remain open, but every day the roll call of shuttered golf complexes mushrooms.

For a while last week, the pandemic had spurred a few notable changes in the recreational golf world that would have been unimaginable a month ago. For example, golfers seemed less prone to grumpily bemoan their poor shots, cruel bogeys and heartless bounces.

“Complaints are way down,” Bob Ransone, the deputy director of the Somerset park commission’s golf division, said Saturday before his operations were closed. “People are just too appreciative to be out in a beautiful environment.”

Walking the course instead of driving a golf cart had become a new norm, something many in golf have advocated — to no avail — for decades because of the health benefits.

And the customarily rigid United States Golf Association, warden of golf’s laborious rule book, even went out of its way last week to make the game, and its rules, easier.

To minimize contact between golfers, most courses had closed clubhouses and snack bars, removed bunker rakes and ball washers, gone caddie-less and encouraged the use of online payment options. But one unsanitary condition of play remained: After putting out, golfers had to stick their hands into golf holes to retrieve their ball, after dozens of golfers had done so before them.

Solutions proposed by golf superintendents soon abounded, including foam hole inserts that kept the ball near the top of the hole. Many golf courses even began raising the white liner cup, which is normally inserted into a hole, to about two inches above the ground. That way, an approaching ball could not fall into the hole but would instead bounce off the cup.

On Friday, the U.S.G.A. temporarily amended its rules to say that a ball bouncing off a cup in such a manner would count as a sunk putt for official scorekeeping.

Golf without close putts that pitilessly lip out? For a week, golfers had a new reason to smile.

So I guess ringers now count in golf, just like in horseshoes. What else could they do? Um, how about one of those grabber sticks on a pole? Some kind of thing with 3 spring steel graspers, like the small parts picker tools only longer? Or a plastic claw that attaches to your putter?


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calendar   Monday - March 23, 2020

Living In Lockdown

Stuck here at home not just by the Official Mandate but also by it being a cold wet crappy day, I went through my bookshelves and found something I hadn’t read in quite a few years.


I escaped into Pompeii, a fictional adventure from 2003 by Robert Harris. It’s a story set against the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, along with Augusta the aqua duck. Just kidding. Aqueduct Augusta. I read the whole 350 page book in one sitting. It’s a pretty good read. It was either that or do housework. And it’s still raining. Crivens.

Anyway, some of the characters in the novel were real people, known to history. One of them, Gaius Plinius Secundus, is better known these days as Pliny The Elder. He was a naturalist and historian. He recorded the eruption in prolific detail from across the Bay of Naples as it happened, but when he lead a group of Navy ships over to try to save some people, the conditions eventually killed him. He was old and corpulent, but he was no coward. When thousands fled from the disaster, he ran (sailed) towards the fire. His extensive notes on the eruption survived, and this specific kind of volcanic explosion was named Plinian in his honor.

Anyway, near the end of the book are a couple of paragraphs describing his death scene as the eruption hits him that I think might be rather relevant right now:

Men mistook measurement for understanding. And they always had to put themselves at the center of everything. That was their gravest conceit. The earth is becoming warmer - it must be our fault! The mountain is destroying us - we have not propitiated the gods! It rains too much, it rains too little - a comfort to think that these things are somehow connected to our behavior, that if we only lived a little better, a little more frugally, our virtue would be rewarded. But here was nature, sweeping towards him - unknowable, all-conquering, indifferent - and he saw in her fires the futility of human pretensions.

It was hard to breathe, or even to stand in the wind. The air was full of ash and grit and a terrible brilliance. He was choking, the pain across his chest was an iron band. He staggered backwards.

Face it, don’t give in.

Face it like a Roman.

The tide engulfed him.

While thousands and thousands of people died in the eruption, many more thousands of people lived. While Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae were destroyed and buried, many of the other towns in the area were spared. Even a few people who were on the good side of the volcano lived through it.


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calendar   Sunday - March 22, 2020

Another exciting bread recipe

I know, you’ve all got your mixers on standby, waiting for my next baking post to drop.

Here you are. This makes a damn good loaf of bread. With gentle dough handling it makes a decently open crumb.  A big blop of sourdough starter gives it a nice rich flavor without having to sit around for nearly a day, and the taste of rye flour adds a bit of complexity. This is my 4th loaf with this recipe, applying minor variations in ingredients and process. Autolyse really helps smooth out the dough; it mixes better and rises sooner. Adding salt to the autolyse does slow it down a bit, so I extended the original 60 minutes to 90 minutes. It’s plenty; 45 minutes is probably enough even with the salt. An ounce of all purpose flour gives a better crust and helps the crumb. Letting the dough have two actual rises is a better approach than a single unspecified time of “overnight” in the fridge. Baking it while the dough is a little young - not risen to the maximum extent - gets me better oven spring, and a bloody hot oven with a fully pre-heated Dutch oven does the job so much better than the original cold oven baking method. So there you go. You could substitute more AP flour if you don’t have rye flour. Or use Pumpernickel for a stronger rye taste. A marked dough bucket really helps the rising process. No guesstimation at all.


This is what the recipe looks like from my end, all weights in grams:

autolyse no-knead slightly rye bread

200 bf
75 ww
25 ap
25 rye
100 starter @ 100% hydration
8 salt 2% of total flour
375 ttl flour
281 75% hydro including 50 in starter
231 net hydro; add this much water

autolyse 90 minutes:
225 80F water

mix and rest 90 minutes:
6 80F water

Combine in mixer then a couple minutes of mixer kneading

No retard, did a few S&F turns in the bucket first hour, it took 6-8 hours to double at 80F, then another 1-2 to form up in the banneton. Will take longer at room temperature.
Dutch oven bake at 500 lid on for 5, reduce to 450 for 15, lid off for 20, cure 20 in cooling oven.


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Back To Work

No more isolation, woo hoo.

We’ve been self-quarantined for 10 days now, waiting on the coronavirus test results for one of her co-workers. We got the call today that her results came back negative. 11 days after her test. Crivens.

So I can go do my few hours of cleaning again. And get paid. Woo hoo!!

Yeah, I know the state is in lockdown. I’m doing medical office cleaning and sanitizing. If I get pulled over, I’m sure they’ll give me a pass.


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Y’all Ok Out There?

I haven’t had a comment from anybody in a long while. I hope you’re all Ok, and just sick and tired of me blathering on and on forever about this damn virus BS.

Or maybe my blog isn’t letting anybody comment. And I can’t find out about it, because the blog email hasn’t worked in months either.

So maybe Vilmar or one of you with my home email could try, and let me know if it fails.

Now go wash your hands. Because. Virus.


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good one



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calendar   Saturday - March 21, 2020

Shoot Them. Up Against The Wall, And On Live TV

President Trump essentially closed the border with Mexico. Mexico has essentially closed the border with USA, to keep this damn virus up north. But any number of junior Border Patrol supervisors told the worker bees to ignore the posted Presidential Directive, and they’ve now let hundreds and hundreds of cars full of Mexicans into the US, all of whom are up here for non-essential purposes.

These are government employees. We are having a national emergency that our President has likened to war. This ought to be a capital offense. Drumhead trial followed by immediate televised execution of the low level supervisors. Direct and knowingly disobeying orders, putting the nation at risk. Shoot them.

Border officials allow hundreds of Mexican vehicles to cross despite Trump ban

Customs and Border Protection officials are defying the Trump administration’s directive to block all nonessential foreign travel into the United States from Mexico, allowing noncitizens claiming to be on shopping trips to continue entering, according to two officials involved in the implementation of the order.

CBP employees in Arizona told the Washington Examiner Saturday they were instructed Friday night at the start of the executive order and again this morning not to turn around noncitizens who said they were coming in to shop, visit family, or for medical appointments. By Saturday morning, “hundreds” of vehicles that should have been blocked at the port of entry had been allowed through, two officials said.

“We’re letting them through. And that’s pretty much the gist of it,” one official said. “Nobody’s enforcing it. It was put up — the president put it out. The chief patrol put it out. And we’re just not doing it.”

“In plain English, it was a giant shit show,” said a second official. “Nobody followed the directive, a plain and simple directive. You’re trying to keep the coronavirus from going north ... yet you just let it bleed through anyway, so you’re not doing the job you’re directed to. That’s what’s aggravating.”

CBP’s Office of Field Operations officers who inspect vehicles at the border crossings were supposed to begin at 9 p.m. PT Friday turning away all noncitizens unless they had a permit to work in the U.S., are a legal permanent resident, or are a student. However, officers were told by supervisors not to do so, according to sources.

Border Patrol agents familiar with operations at highway checkpoints located north of the ports of entry said employees at checkpoints were caught off guard late Friday when cars with Mexican license plates continued arriving since they should have been blocked at the border.

Agents continued to see vehicles with plates from the Mexican state of Sonora, which runs up along the entirety of Arizona.


As of Saturday morning, port of entry officers were still sending through noncitizens entering for nonessential travel, the officials said.


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calendar   Friday - March 20, 2020

Things Have Changed

I could have written this short post pretty much at any time over the past 5 years, but I’m doing it now because today was the worst of it I’ve ever seen.

We have one grocery store in town. We used to have 2, but the A&P went out of business.

I had my first real job, actually my first real career path, in the grocery industry. I started out as a cashier, eventually went full time, became a manager, and spent 13 years there.  But when I was a cashier, way back in 1977, we had to be fast. And I was the fastest. There were no scanners; you pretty much learned the prices of everything, even though in those Carter days of wild inflation they changed constantly.

Now there seems to be a rule that whoever is the slowest, most dimwitted, most nearly dead employee they can find becomes the Express cashier. WTH?


We raced in to the grocery store to get a card because her sister is getting married this afternoon. That’s another FUBAR I don’t want to go into, but there have been tears, yelling, phone calls, constantly changing plans and venues ... and the bottom line is, that wedding will take place on the deck in their backyard with just a couple guests, because you can’t have even a small crowd not even in a church, the Justice of the Peace is closed over at Town Hall, and the preacher they did manage to get at the last second is having and Abundance Of Caution and won’t even go in their house. And us, the other 2 guests, but with my wife’s coworker out sick and waiting for EIGHT DAYS now on her coronavirus test results from CDC, neither of us knows if we were exposed. And her dad will be there and he’s in his 80s with various medical conditions. Oh yeah, it’s been so much fun here. A regular stress factory for over a week, with the dial turned up to 11 24-7.

So we’re in the grocery store, got a card and a few things while we’re there, and we go to get on line. But there’s a line director (!!!) who shunts us off to the back of the remote line. Which starts in the dairy aisle, wraps across the frozen food zone, down the far side, across the back, up the other side, back out of the dairy zone, and then all the way down the nearly empty bread and toilet paper aisle. Had to be at least 100 customers, all doing Social Distancing. We’d be there for hours. And the front end has just 3 registers going and no baggers. Because it’s 1:30 in the afternoon and that’s the slack time usually.

To Hell with this.

So I was a good former grocery store boy and put the meat back. We left the rest in the cart and went across the lot to Walmart. Which wasn’t very busy because 1) they have almost no food in their mini-grocery area, and 2) while they had NO cashiers on duty, they’ve converted the front end to have about 16 Self Check stations. She got the exact same card and was out in 3 minutes.

And now the rumor is that NJ is going to shut down the liquor stores like PA did yesterday. What fun!!

At least I have time to grab a shower and get my clothes through the dryer. Then we can drive an hour, go watch the ceremony while wearing masks and gloves, toast the bride and groom from a distance, and then drive home. In rush hour.

[ hours later ] And we’re back. Actually we were there for 4 hours. It was very nice. The sun came out and the weather was perfect. We had a couple of pizzas delivered for the wedding feast and washed it down with champagne. It was just the 5 of us, and we had a great time talking - well, nearly yelling - as we all stayed a good distance apart on their large deck. And J and G are now happily married, so three cheers for them. We got back, changed clothes, and took a nap.


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Not that very many people ever read this far down, but this blog was the creation of Allan Kelly and his friend Vilmar. Vilmar moved on to his own blog some time ago, and Allan ran this place alone until his sudden and unexpected death partway through 2006. We all miss him. A lot. Even though he is gone this site will always still be more than a little bit his. We who are left to carry on the BMEWS tradition owe him a great debt of gratitude, and we hope to be able to pay that back by following his last advice to us all:
  1. Keep a firm grasp of Right and Wrong
  2. Stay involved with government on every level and don't let those bastards get away with a thing
  3. Use every legal means to defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and, most importantly:
  4. Keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere
It's been a long strange trip without you Skipper, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction and giving us a swift kick in the behind to get us going. Keep lookin' down on us, will ya? Thanks.


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