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calendar   Friday - December 17, 2010

update on yestyerday’s update … illegal scum allowed to stay

I recently did a ranting post on justice or lack thereof, in regard to a couple of cases here in the UK.

I can’t let go of this story. It bothers me that much.

And just for the official record.
I would hate this miserable and worthless pile of useless shit if he were a WASP.  The crime isn’t worse because he belongs to a protected minority, it’s sadder and it’s worse because it did not have to end with the painful, lingering death of a 12 year old girl.
The more I see this kind of thing, the more convinced I am that nothing short of a police force with the powers of a Gestapo will bring relief and order and an end to this sort of madness.

There needs to be wholesale slaughter of the left.  Examples made publicly to reinforce the idea that criminality will not be tolerated, nobody will be called Mister in jail, the reinstatement of the death penalty with NO appeal in cases like this one.  Lawyers wanting to defend scum like this shot dead.  The closing of borders to more immigration except for highly skilled.  Current prisoners being held for violent crimes to be eliminated. 
An END to political asylum.  ALL illegals deported or shot. Choice is theirs and only five minutes to decide.  Churchmen who think hiding illegals a good thing, eliminated.  It’s a start.  But of course we all know full well it won’t happen. Well, maybe if some libtard judges and politicians become victims, but what needs to be done will not be done and so look for more stories like this very sad and depressing case.

I was and like many others here, am still angered and outraged that an originally illegal immigrant with a long criminal record, has been given the freedom to settle in this country.  As bad, he killed that little girl and received only four months in jail. Four months for a man who wiped out the future of a little kid.

He was not even supposed to be driving in the first place, having already been in trouble for unlicensed driving, driving minus ins. and other offenses.
But the miserable muslim bastard took no notice of course because no doubt western infidel laws don’t apply to him.

Well anyway, as already reported his human (?) rights have to be protected and so he won’t be deported. I can not help but wonder if he’s now on benefits.

After leaving jail he was right back to his old tricks again. And why not?  He’s beaten the system thus far, and the system has been found to have no teeth.

Here’s a partial update to my update and the rest is at the link as always. My blood still boils over this case. Read the Prime Minister’s letter at the link as well. It won’t make anyone feel any better. The gremlins really do have the upper hand, and as Pat Condell points out with regularity, these bastards are on a roll.
Take a look at this.

It actually starts in 2001 when the slimy muslim filth snuck into this country as an illegal.


2002:  Caution for criminal damage.

Jan. 2003:  Fined for driving without insurance, license or vehicle registration.

June 2003: Six month ban for the same offenses.

Oct. 2003:  Banned for further nine months for driving without ins. license, and bad tire tread.

Nov. 2003: Driving while banned, he kills girl. He is sentenced to four months in prison.

2004:  Convicted of possession of cannabis.

2005:  Caution for burglary and theft.

2006:  Convicted of driving while disqualified and without insurance. Given two year supervision order, banned from driving for three years and given a curfew.

2009:  Convicted of harassment.



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calendar   Thursday - December 16, 2010

once you grasp the idea that it’s about ‘human rights,’ you’ll feel better about the stupidity.

Right. Sure you will.

Leading off I can’t ignore the subject matter of this even tho I haven’t got a link. And lord knows I have tried every which way.
Since a previous post I did said all I had to say I’ll just give you the lunatic facts of the case.
Here’s the headline I saw in the Telegraph, but as usual for them, no on line copy that I could locate,


So here’s what essentially happened.
A professional drug smuggler swallowed 116 packages of raw cocaine.  He was arrested as he was about to go thru customs in London after arriving on a flight from Brazil.  The packets showed up clearly on x-ray. At the hospital he was taken to, he refused all food or drink for a week in an attempt to stop the drugs passing out of his system. Just after he gave up his hunger strike, he died.  Scratch one gremlin.
His name was Anthony Daniel, the paper reports. His wife is ... Ayesha Al Hassen-Daniel.  Just thought I’d add that for whatever.
Well, she and his father are now suing for a “substantial” amount, but they claim it isn’t about money.  Nooooooo.  It’s to do with “RIGHTS.” Isn’t it always?
Their lawyers say there were violations of his rights under the Euro-pee-on Convention on Human Rights.

Now then, in spite of the fact that this Daniel fella was the person responsible for his own demise, apparently the law allows for a law suit altho a high court judge say that he doubts the family can win its case. BUT, of course the Customs service will have to spend money defending itself. Won’t it?

I think in a case like this, it should be allowed but with a difference.  If the Customs people win .... then the lawyers for the family should be put against a wall and shot graveyard dead!  If the family wins .... then add the family to the wall along with the lawyers and stop their breathing also.
That might put the brakes on similar cases waiting for a hearing or trial. 

Now then .... as long as the subject is human rights, and lets please stay with the topic cos things really do get dumber ... I offer you these.
This next item is kind of a surprise because I never thought a female would approve of this. 
Take a look.

Sex offenders including paedophiles should be allowed to adopt

Rules which bar sex offenders from working with children are ‘unfair’ and even convicted paedophiles should have the right to adopt, a leading legal academic has said.

By Rosa Prince, Political Correspondent

Helen Reece, a reader in law at the London School of Economics, called on Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to relax rules which automatically ban sex offenders from caring for children, saying that this could breach their human rights.

In an article in the respected Child and Family Law Quarterly, Miss Reece suggested that reoffending rates were not high among sex criminals, adding: “despite growing public concern over paedophilia, the numbers of child sex murders are very low.”
A review is currently ongoing into the Vetting and Barring Scheme, introduced following the 2002 Soham murders, amid concerns by ministers that it is too heavy handed.

In her article, Miss Reece suggested that the review should also introduce an assumption that sex offenders including child abusers posed no threat once they had served their sentence.
She said: “There is no reason why all sex offenders should not be considered as potentially suitable to adopt or foster children, or work with them.
“The Vetting and Barring Scheme and other legislative measures single out sex offenders for unfair special treatment and they destroy the principle that a prisoner pays his or her debt by serving their sentence before re-entering society on equal terms.”

Individuals are placed on the “Barred List” and banned from working with youngsters or vulnerable adults if they are convicted of a sexual or violent offence, or one involving the mistreatment of a child.

Miss Reece criticised the rules for leading all sex offenders to be “tarred with the same brush,” saying that while “careful screening” was “important,” the issuing of a “blanket ban” violated the rights of criminals who wanted to adopt or work with young people.

She highlighted the case of a grandfather with a conviction for having sex with a 15-year-old dating back to when he was 29, who was refused permission to adopt his own grandchildren.

The ban could contravene the principle of non-discrimination enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights, and may leave the Government open to legal challenge, Miss Reece warned.


OK, before making up your mind on the issue, read the entire story.  There might be places where she may be correct. BUT ...

“re-offending rates were not high among sex criminals” and “the numbers of child sex murders are very low”

Come on. If you’re a parent, hearing that the numbers of murders are low or that the re-offending rate isn’t high, is still not reassuring. Is it? And does anyone want to take the responsibility of the risk with regard to allowing a sex offender to have kids in their care?
Pedophiles and kids somehow do no strike me as a thing to aspire to. I don’t know if it’s really a sickness but think whatever else it might be, it’s a terrible evil.  Just doesn’t sit well.

So while we’re on the subject of “human rights” even tho all too often the ppl involved aren’t human at all ... here’s an update on an older story with no surprise.  Remember now ... it’s okay cos it’s all about “RIGHTS!”

Failed asylum seeker who left girl, 12, to die after crash can stay in UK as deporting him would ‘breach his human rights’

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:46 PM on 16th December 2010

* Father says ‘criminals have free rein’ after losing battle to deport killer
* Failed asylum seeker Aso Mohammed Ibrahim had a string of convictions
* Outcome ‘may have been different’ if Iraqi didn’t have children, judges say

A failed asylum seeker who left a 12-year-old girl dying under the wheels of his car while banned from driving will be allowed to remain in the UK, judges ruled today.


Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, 33, an Iraqi Kurd, was jailed for four months over the 2003 crash which cost Amy Houston her life.

Her father, Paul Houston, 41, begged judges at a recent deportation hearing to bring ‘my seven years of hell to an end’ by sending Ibrahim back to Iraq.

Today two senior immigration judges rejected a final appeal by the UK Border Agency to have him deported. Ibrahim will now be allowed to live in the UK permanently.

The UK Border Agency said they were ‘extremely disappointed’ with the decision - and that Ibrahim should have been removed.

The Upper Tribunal of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber sitting in Manchester also heard Ibrahim, given leave to remain in the UK, had a string of criminal convictions.

Ibrahim’s lawyers argued that his human rights would be impinged if he was sent back to Iraq.

Mr Houston was left to make the decision to turn off her life support machine hours after the crash in Blackburn, Lancashire, in November 2003.

He has since campaigned to get Ibrahim deported in a tortuous legal battle.

Last month he handed in a letter to judges, containing an impassioned plea asking for Ibrahim to be deported.

Mr Houston, from Darwen, Lancashire, said he was ‘frustrated and angry’ at the decision.

‘I’m really angry. We should all be angry. It is a ridiculous state of affairs,’ he said.
Angry: Paul Houston, father of Amy, said today: ‘This is a perversity of our society.’

Angry: Paul Houston, father of Amy, said today: ‘This is a perversity of our society’

‘I’m battling away here on my own. This is a perversity of our society.

‘What are the judges saying here? They are saying it doesn’t matter what you do when you come here, who you kill, what laws you break, as long as you have a child here you can stay?

‘You work hard, play by the rules, pay your taxes and this is how you get treated. What does that say about politicians, our leaders and the legal system? It’s a joke.

‘They are obsessed with the rights of others from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Where are my human rights?

‘This man is a criminal, do we have no say who we allow in this country?

‘He’s not a life-saving surgeon or a Nobel prize winner. He was a criminal before, a criminal now and he will continue being a criminal.

‘The Human Rights Act is for everybody, not just asylum seekers and terrorists.

‘How can he say he’s deprived of his right to a family life? The only person deprived of a family life is me. Amy was my only family.’

Ibrahim’s lawyers claimed human rights laws permitted him to remain in the country, as his right to life and to family life trumped attempts to return him to his native Iraq.

Mr Houston was not allowed to address judges at the last appeal hearing.

Lawyers for the Border Agency asked for Ibrahim to be deported on the grounds that the judge who originally allowed Ibrahim leave to remain on the basis of his right to a family life did so incorrectly.

Although he now has two children, there was little evidence to suggest he was living at the same address so could not claim a right to family life, it was argued.

The judges were also told of Ibrahim’s convictions, including a further incident of driving while disqualified in 2006, harassment and possession of drugs.

But Senior Immigration Judges Lane and Taylor, in a reserved judgment made public today, rejected the Border Agency appeal.

They said the original decision should stand but added that the outcome might well have been different if the process to remove Ibrahim had begun before he had children.

more here

If you aren’t sick enuff by now, I have more I can share. I sincerely hope the idiot judges before long will personally feel what her family feels and go through the same agony. 

Here’s a few reader comments.

Time this country woke up and started voting all the parties out of office who dont care for the Britsh citizen any more.Disgusting that we cant deport a criminal from another country back home.In the real world the goverment would ignore the judges and still deport him

- british justice, edin uk,

What a marvellous country the UK is - safe haven for the scum of the world.



Even the French would not have allowed this !!!!
Anne Smith, Grey & Sad & Weary UK

Hope you human rights leftys are happy with this. This is what you wanted, this is what you got.
How would you feel if this was you or your family going through what Paul Houston has to deal with?

- mick, Glos UK

So for him it's "dangerous" to go back to Iraq, well it looks like it is "dangerous" for Brits with him as a squatter in the UK.

- Joyce, Ft Worth, TX USA


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calendar   Wednesday - December 01, 2010

A Gross Miscarriage of Justice


The Brian Aitken story bubbled up on Drudge yesterday, so lots of people are talking about it. It’s been going on for some time now, and it’s pretty disgusting. I’ve spent all morning reading every post and every comment I can find on the situation, and it stinks.

Brian Aitken was wrongfully arrested and wrongfully charged with firearms violations by the wonderful state of New Jersey. He was then subjected to more than a year and half of pressure to accept a lesser guilty plea by an overzealous DA. He refused, and went to trial. The trial was rigged: the judge, who is now off the bench, and who has some damn strange views (ie that an adult female teacher is not a sex predator when she seduces 16 year old boys, and that no crime is committed when an plainclothes policeman has repeated, videotaped, “oral sex” with cattle. That same cop is also accused of being a serial child rapist and is currently pending 48 other charges.) created a kangaroo court by suppressing evidence and repeatedly evading the jury’s request to hear the fine points of certain laws during their deliberation ... with the result that Mr. Aitken has been sent to jail for 7 years for the terrible crime of illegally possessing a couple of handguns he legally possessed, and for illegally transporting them in his car while moving from one home to another by complying completely with the New Jersey law. And also for illegally possessing hollow point ammunition, which is entirely legal to possess in New Jersey.

This is an absolute Nazi-level travesty of “justice” and indirectly points out just how blatantly unconstitutional New Jersey’s gun laws are*.

Please read all about it, have your RCOB moment, then email NJ’s wonderful governor and ask that this man be pardoned, given clemency, and have the conviction expunged.

overview from

overview from

The story from a Libertarian web site.

More at the Brian Aitkens web site.

Evan Nappen’s highlights of the facts and improprieties. Nappen is the best firearms lawyer in NJ, period.

NJ Assemblyman Carroll writes Governor Christie asking for a pardon for Aitkens.

The former judge cries Boo Hoo that the Governor didn’t reappoint him.

Too “busy” to follow the links? Here’s the story in really short form:

Get mad. Then get writing. Or calling. Politely of course. Governor Christie needs to hear from you. And in a non-threatening, non-terrorist way. And help spread the word. While Christie certainly is a fiscal Conservative, he has not yet been a strong 2A supporter. Maybe a flood of letters and emails can help change his mind?

* In NJ, all firearms are illegal. Period. Even the ones that the citizens have state issued Firearms ID cards and purchase permits for. It does not matter. NJ law ASSUMES GUILT and forces the gun owner to prove innocence (ie legal possession) based on a very small set of situational exceptions. It was one of these exceptions - moving your belongings from one abode to another - that the jury requested, and was denied by the judge, 3 times during their deliberations. In NJ, thanks to efforts by former Governor and rabid anti-gun elitist Goldman Sachs zealot “seat belts” Jon Corzine, “illegal” possession of a firearm carries the same penalty as using one in the commission of a felony. There is no Second Amendment in NJ, Heller and McDonald be damned.

NJ still has the “voluntary firearms registration” form that allows people who already own guns who are moving (or bringing them) to NJ to register them IF THEY CHOSE TO DO SO. So if the act of registration is voluntary, how can someone moving their legally owned guns to NJ be convicted of illegal possession? Forget moving, if it is indeed voluntary, and the owner voluntarily decides not to volunteer, how can any firearm legally purchased out of state be illegally possessed?


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calendar   Friday - November 26, 2010

a worthless and crappy system more concerned with human rights as long as it’s the criminal

He was termed “a risk to the public who should be deported” by the Home Office.
Nevertheless, a worthless, miserable dirtbag, an error on legs was allowed freedom after 14 yrs in prison for a deadly stabbing.  The laws being what they are here, it was deemed a violation of his human rights to deport him, and so here he is.

Freed after years in prison, he has been rearrested only four months after release for a mugging with violence.

This half breed monstrosity once led a boy gang of 8 named Venom.  Members of which once raped a tourist, and threw her naked into a canal.  For which they received 6 years. Hey, lets hear it for justice. Three cheers …. you gotta be kidding! 

After this bad excuse for anything human killed school headmaster, he was bragging about it.  But while in prison he showed such good behavior that …. heeee’s baaaack!
Justice my freekin ass. If that existed at all, those rapists would have had their privates cut off, and crippled for life so their crime could never be repeated.

The subject of this rant was 15 when he killed the headmaster in 1995.  Convicted in ’96, in ’97 his lawyers (who should by rights be shot dead, or better yet, have the killer move in with their families) launched an appeal of his sentence. It was denied.


In 2002, the widow of the headmaster, Phillip Lawrence, was asked by the probation officers to APOLOGIZE to the “upset” killer because she was critical of his lack of remorse.


Can any of you wonder why I act fuckin crazy sometimes?  Look at that sub human face. Does it look to you like it is capable of human feelings like remorse?  How can anyone read that sort thing and not get nuts?  The probation officers. Idiots.  Of course he felt no remorse.  He was bragging about it to friends after he did it. His gang was called Venom.  And those stupid assed brainless twits wanted an apology from the wife?

Born in Italy, he came here as a youngster.  His mom is from the Philippines. His father has recently been arrested in Italy for killing his girlfriend.  Runs in the family I guess. Anyway … this piece of walking filth was supposed to face deportation after jail, BUT.  Oh no. Can’t have that because it was ruled that it would violate his human rights by denying him a family life.  Can you believe that?  So now the bastard is back in jail but you know in time, he’ll be out again.  We can hope someone in prison kills the low life.

Oh what the hell. As long as I’m on the subject of right … how’s this one grab ya. How’s this for public safety and common sense and justice?

Failed asylum seeker Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, who ran down and killed 12-year-old Amy Houston in November 2003, before fleeing the scene. The career criminal has won a string of appeals against deportation on the grounds he has a wife and two children in the UK. The youngsters were fathered after he sneaked into the country illegally.

The right to family life argument is now used far more commonly than cases under Article 3 of the Act, the prohibition of torture or ill treatment.
This clause has been repeatedly exploited by terrorist fanatics, such as Abu Qatada, claiming they would face brutal treatment if not allowed to remain here. Most controversially, nine Afghan hijackers who forced a plane to fly to Stansted so they could live in Britain had their wish granted.

Cases such as these prompted Mr Cameron to call the legislation ‘practically an invitation for terrorists and would-be terrorists to come to Britain’.
However, this rhetoric was quickly abandoned to keep the LibDems on side. Six months on, as foreign criminals still walk the streets with impunity, the price of this decision is painfully clear.



The Daily Mail can reveal two of his gang members - Henry and Allan Agum - are also back behind bars.
They were just 14 when they took part in a merciless attack, which happened as the mother-of-two from Austria enjoyed a weekend shopping trip in London. Following her ordeal she was thrown naked into a canal.

It is widely considered by police to be one of Britain’s worst-ever rape cases.

Now they have each been jailed for six years for carrying out a brutal robbery together following their release.
The revelation that two of the rapists have reoffended so quickly will intensify the row concerning Chindamo’s recall to prison just four months after he was freed after serving 14 years for the murder of headmaster Philip Lawrence.


Oh surprise,surprise.  The scum pictured above offended again? No. Gee. Can’t trust anyone anymore.
And these two will again be free one day.  What a system.  So much for security and public safety. Who’ll be next?  We can wish it to be to be the lawyers who defend these useless creeps, but somehow they always manage to get lucky.


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calendar   Friday - October 29, 2010

Here we go again. McDonald’s sued in Brazil .. idiot judge finds against deep pockets of course.

Well here we go again.  It’s not my fault I gained weight eating like a damn pig. No. It’s McD’s fault for feeding me.  Jeesh.

The guy who sued isn’t actually stupid.  It’s the court and judge in Brazil who bought this bogus story. Or maybe the guy split the little he got with the judge.
I think the judge in this case should be shot as a lesson to other idiot judges and the same for the slob who brought the suit. And his lawyer. Worthless blobs taking up space and using up oxygen.

McDonald’s ordered to pay ex-employee £10,000 after he claims their food made him fat

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 11:41 AM on 29th October 2010

A former McDonald’s worker has won £10,000 compensation after claiming the free meals he ate during his 12-year employment made him fat and unhappy.

The unnamed man decided to sue after putting on four stone in weight.

A Brazilian court ruled this week that McDonald’s must pay the former franchise manager $17,500.

The 32-year-old said he felt forced to sample the food each day to ensure quality standards remained high, because McDonald’s hired ‘mystery clients’ to randomly visit restaurants and report on the food, service and cleanliness.

The man also said the company offered free lunches to employees, adding to his caloric intake while on the job.

The ruling was signed by Judge Joao Ghisleni Filho in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Ghisleni said McDonald’s could appeal the case, and the Brazilian headquarters of the chain said in an e-mailed statement Thursday it was weighing its legal options.

While even a cheeseburger Happy Meal can contain 630 calories and 23 grams of fat, McDonald’s noted that it offers healthier food choices as well.

‘The chain offers a large variety of options and balanced menus to cater to the daily dietary needs of its employees,’ the company said in the statement.

They now serve salad and fruit.



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more law and disorder and no justice but the left is no doubt happy ….

I don’t mean to offend any of our Brit friends and readers but I’m not saying anything that Brits themselves are not saying.  The Criminal Justice System here is shit!  It is screwed up beyond all belief and when you see these two stories ..... I believe you’ll agree.
I also think the first story below will sicken you.  It did me. In light of this first story ... the second makes hardly any sense at all.  And it shouldn’t considering the state of the criminal protective system in place here.

What justice? Thug who kicked terminally-ill man in attack walks free from court

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 7:56 PM on 29th October 2010

A drunken thug who attacked a terminally-ill grandfather and kicked his head ‘like a football’ has walked free from court.


Reece Kent, 19, repeatedly punched Ken Oliver in the head before kicking him on the floor after he mistakenly knocked on the 62-year-old’s door at 3.30am.

Cancer sufferer Mr Oliver - who has been given just three months to live - was left in a pool of blood on his doorstep with horrific injuries.

He spent a week in intensive care following the assault, with bleeding on his brain.

Kent admitted carrying out the unprovoked attack - which was filmed on a mobile phone by his friends - and pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm.

But Mr Oliver, a grandfather-of-three from Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, watched in disbelief as his attacker walked free from court last week with a six-month suspended sentence.

Today he said: ‘I would love to have seen him go away for a long, long time. I could quite easily have died. I was expecting him to go to jail. I am gutted.

‘Before I knew what was going on I was being punched and kicked. My head was used as a football and the whole attack was recorded on a mobile phone.

‘I am appalled at the sentence. They were swearing and laughing in my face. He should have been locked up for what he did.

‘His barrister said he feels remorse but when he turned up in court he just sneered at me. I hope he is ashamed for the rest of his life.’

wild and feral animals do not feel shame. they feel nothing but the need to indulge their desires of the moment

Unbelievably, Mr Oliver said that he and his family had been forced to track down Kent after Hertfordshire constabulary told him it was unlikely they would catch his attacker.

He said: ‘Police told me that it was most likely just a case of happy slapping because the other lads were filming the attack.

‘But when I told my neighbours that the lad had asked for Molly, they remembered that a girl of that name had lived a few doors down and had moved away.

‘My son did some detective work and tracked down the family then worked out who my attackers were from there.

‘After going to all that trouble, I was looking forward to seeing him in court and justice being done.

‘I was disgusted when he walked free. I’m still living with the injuries. It makes you wonder what you have to do to get put behind bars these days.’


I read things like this and get so pissed off it’s a wonder I don’t have ulcers or worse.  First of course I feel deeply for the victims and the lack of any real justice. And then again and again I read or hear about these god awful gun happy violent Americans with their high crime rate who also kill so many death penalty criminals in Tx and Az, that they run out of the stuff that puts the bad guys away for good. Some of the idiots here on the left actually write that kind of crap. That we’re executing criminals right and left every day. Oh if only. And then I continue to see things like these stories. 

neighbour’ who stabbed a man to death for urinating through his letterbox is jailed for five years

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:53 PM on 29th October 2010

A ‘good neighbour’ who stabbed a man he caught urinating through his letterbox on a yob-plagued estate was jailed for five years today after admitting manslaughter.

Michael Williams, 53, ‘just flipped’ after he caught father-of-one Anthony Kershaw, 25, high on drink and drugs, defiling his property.

The householder, who lived alone, had already suffered the same attack previously, and had paint thrown on his door, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Residents were too frightened to go out at night because of a gang of teenagers terrorising the sprawling Smallbridge council estate in Rochdale, it was said.

Williams, described by neighbours as ‘pleasant, friendly and keeps himself to himself’ heard a bang on the front door of his ground-floor flat, as if someone was kicking at it to break in.

He went to investigate, to see urine pouring through his letterbox, he told police.

Angry he went to his kitchen, grabbed a knife with a seven-inch blade and as Mr Kershaw urinated, swung open the door and in a ‘momentary intention’ stabbed his victim in the stomach.

He then closed the door and dialled 999 as friends of Mr Kershaw tried to attack Williams, smashing his windows and threatening to ‘burn him alive’ by torching the property.

Mr Kershaw died the next day in hospital from the knife wound to his stomach.

The court heard the estate in Rochdale had suffered years of anti-social behaviour from people drinking and taking drugs in communal areas and stairwells, and being ‘extremely abusive’ to residents.

Locals had ‘lost confidence’ in the authorities to do anything about the problem, the court heard, though Anti-Social Behaviour Orders had been handed out to some of the gang.


Good for Mr. Williams.  I hope the bastard who pissed through his door suffered. I hope it wasn’t a quick death.  He deserved it and who can fault Williams for what he did?  I sure don’t.
But the punk who beat the hell out of that guy in the first story walks free .... Williams goes to jail as though there were no extenuating circumstances.
Punks who beat the crap out of an old man in yet a another story at the first link above, get anti social behavior orders. Oh woo-fuckin hoo. That really puts the fear of god in them as we all see.

But Americans are violent gun happy nutters.


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calendar   Tuesday - October 19, 2010

less law, more disorder on planet stupid ….

Man is this crazy er what? batbat

This creep is dangerous but the judge sets him free. Even the judge acknowledges future problems. When will they lock up the bastard? After he’s he’s killed a few ppl?  Unbelievable?  Nope.  Par for the course.

He has a learning problem. Awwww ... So do I. I can’t figure out this damn computer.  That’s a learning problem.

Thug branded ‘lethal human cocktail’ for drunken attacks spared jail despite fears he will re-offend for decades

By David Wilkes

A drunken and violent robber was spared jail ­yesterday – despite a judge calling him a lethal human cocktail likely to reoffend for decades to come.


Rory Fagan left a teenager traumatised after mugging him and attacked a supermarket worker during a theft.

After hearing the 21-year-old thug had learning difficulties and an alcohol problem, Judge Peter Moss said: ‘Put the two together and he becomes a lethal cocktail.

‘He can appear very frightening.’

He went on: ‘I can envisage you in 21 years’ time still drinking and committing this sort of offending again and again.’

But despite this, the judge gave Fagan a community sentence, saying: ‘He’s not a well lad.

‘Prison is just the wrong place.’

The judge added that he was ‘taking a leap of faith’ and that he hoped his prediction for Fagan’s future did not come true.

more here

uh huh ... So judgey-wudgy is willing to risk public safety in the grand hope judgey may be wrong but really doesn’t think so.
I can live in the hope that judges like this will be the next victim of a violent crime, but we know that isn’t in the cards.  Just doesn’t happen.

The answer is and always has been ....

EUTHANASIA!  Because it works

And how about this one?  Oh boy. Talk about sever punishment. 

Freed, yobs who beat up commuter and laughed

Byline: Ryan Kisiel

THREE young professionals who celebrated after launching a ‘shocking’ drunken assault on a train passenger have been spared prison.

Frederick Doe, Michael Tebbutt Michael Tebbutt and Samantha Vander subjected their victim to a ‘volley of punches and kicks’ and repeatedly stamped on his head after he asked them to keep the noise down.

Vander even used her stiletto shoes as a weapon during the attack, which was captured on CCTV.

The trio were handed a four month suspended sentence and 300 hours’ community service at St Albans Crown Court.
A sentence given after the formal conviction of a crime that the convicted person is not required to serve.

The court heard Doe, 25, Tebbutt, 24, and Vander, 25, pounced on the 38-year-old man after an alcohol-fueled night in London.
‘Doe and Tebbutt floored the man and then assaulted him with a volley of punches and kicks.

‘Vander joined in and stamped on the victim’s head and body using the stiletto heels she was wearing - laughing as she did so.’ The assault, on a train from Liverpool Street to Hertford East, continued until another passenger came to the victim’s aid.

Doe, an estate agent, Tebbutt, a financial officer, and Vander, a personal assistant, were caught on camera laughing and congratulating each other. Detective Sergeant Ghersinich said: ‘The level of violence that these people directed towards their victim was shocking.’ Doe, from Ware, Tebbutt, from Stanstead Abbotts and Vander, from Hertford, all in Hertfordshire, admitted violent disorder and causing actual bodily harm.


EUTHANASIA!  Because it works


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calendar   Thursday - October 14, 2010

law and total dis-order, the criminal system hard at work while victim numbers grow.

This is something even beyond depravity, but I can’t think of the word.
No surprise. Just look at the creep.  Hunting for words and can’t find the right ones.  The same for the second article.  This sort of thing just drives me up the wall. It’s so easy to correct and yet the hand wringing fools won’t see it, thus creating future victims.  Even if this country didn’t have strict (for law abiding) gun control, these women would not have stood a chance. Possibly the younger of the two might but it’s doubtful.  Not many 90 yr old ladies in need of care would have one.  So it’s up to the state I think, to remove forever the sort of walking filth like this nigger and the vile white trash in the 2nd article.

Only a week ago, Justice Secretary Ken Clarke went to great pains to reassure critics who feared his apparently soft policy of jailing fewer criminals would mean allowing even violent thugs to remain at liberty.

In unequivocal language, he spelt out to the Tory conference: ‘For serious criminals, prison is the best and only sentence. It is the punishment for serious crime that society expects and accepts.’
And to remove any shred of doubt, he added: ‘Career criminals and violent, dangerous criminals should be in prison – not roaming our streets.’
What a difference a week makes.
Today, the Sentencing Council turns those fine words on their head, issuing draft rules which will mean – you’ve guessed it – thousands more violent thugs will be free to roam our streets.
Incredibly, attackers may avoid jail even after a conviction for causing permanent disability or disfigurement.
For under the guidelines, expected to come into force next year, judges and magistrates will be instructed to look leniently on a wide range of mitigating factors, including the assailant’s youth or immaturity.
What difference does a thug’s age make to the victims of a vicious attack – or didn’t anyone think of asking them?

Why oh why do judges inform the criminals what they’ve done and make a speech about it. The rats don’t wanna know and care less.
There are crimes where there is no doubt about guilt. Yet this sub human scum had a lawyer, making excuses for him.  Someone who does this kind of thing really needs to be dead, and his defender along with him.

He warned his victims that killing held no fear for him. Of course not. They don’t have a death penalty here. Read is all at the link.

‘Depraved’ gang leader who forced 91-year-old woman to perform sex act on her carer jailed by horrified judge

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 2:39 PM on 14th October 2010


A depraved gang leader who forced a 91-year-old woman to perform sex acts on her elderly carer at knife-point was today jailed indefinitely by a judge who branded the case one of the most ‘sickening and harrowing’ he had ever heard.

Michael Lewis, 21, recorded the violent and humiliating ordeal on his mobile phone as a ‘trophy’ to show members of south London’s Brixton Hill Blood gang.

Passing sentence, Judge Roger Chapple said the attack showed there were ‘no limits to the depths of depravity that some will descend to.’

Known as ‘Joker 187 General’ - the number referring to the American code for murder -, Lewis cut the phone line and threatened to kill his terrified victims.
The carer was making her way into the pensioner’s home when Lewis, who had pulled his hoodie down over his scarred face, approached and forced his way in.

He then subjected the pair to the humiliating attack, forcing them to perform a series of sex acts until he fled warning he would return if they called the police.

‘The reasons for your behaviour are to me entirely unfathomable,’ the judge said.

‘The ordeal suffered at your hands by these two women has properly been described as horrific.

‘The emotional scars you have inflicted upon them are deep and permanent. I am faced with a defendant who, for no reason I can begin to understand, has committed behaviour of the utmost gravity.

‘You were not affected by drink or drugs and have no disability. What you did fills me with utter revulsion.

nigger alert source

Send fewer thugs to jail and save £20m a year, judges and JPs told

By Steve Doughty
Last updated at 2:44 PM on 14th October 2010

Judges and magistrates were yesterday ordered to send fewer violent thugs to jail.

New guidelines mean those guilty of grievous bodily harm or beating up a police officer will remain on the streets rather than going to prison.

And courts will be told to count the youth or remorse of an attacker as a mark in their favour.

Freedom Pass

The guidelines could mean:
- Between 1,000 and 2,800 fewer offenders jailed each year for common assault.
- Between 300 and 900 fewer jailed each year for assault causing actual bodily harm.
- Between 200 and 700 fewer jailed each year for assault on a police officer.
- Between 15 and 50 fewer jailed each year for assault with intent to resist arrest.
- Between ten and 30 fewer jailed each year for causing grievous bodily harm.

There’s at least one judge who doesn’t agree ...  Justice Leveson said guidelines were being ignored and longer sentences handed out

HOWEVER ......  Take a look at this story and see if you really believe that.

Evil teenagers who ‘tortured’ autistic boy, 17, for three days free to roam streets after judge fails to lock them up
By Jaya Narain

A family has reacted with horror and disbelief after a gang of teenage thugs who subjected an autistic boy to a terrifying three-day ‘torture’ ordeal walked free from court.

The gang used a mobile phone to film themselves carrying out depraved assaults on their 17-year-old victim.

During a sickening spree of violence the three thugs kicked and stamped on his head, repeatedly punched him in the chest, beat him with a tennis racket and then threw him down a steep embankment.

Mobile phone footage showed the yobs laughing and joking as they made him endure other abuse and, in a final humiliating assault, they applied adhesive tape to his genital area before ripping the tape off.

But Jack Bolton, Andrew Griffin, and Nathan Marshall, all 18, walked free from court.

Last night the teenager’s family, senior police officers and an MP branded the sentence ‘a joke’ and called for it to be reviewed.

His aunt, with whom he lived, said: ‘The things that these boys did to him were awful and disgusting. In my book they could have killed him and need to be jailed. The sentence is a joke. I can’t believe they have got off so lightly.’

there’s more on this story HERE


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calendar   Friday - October 01, 2010

seems like the only things that changes is, the stories get more bizarre and more maddening

See if this doesn’t make ya see red.  Good grief.  How the hell could any authority allow this to happen.

I can’t help but wonder if there’s more we don’t know about but .... after all.  The property is hers.

As for the squatter ... when you see the words ‘council house’ be sure and read it as, “welfare housing.”

Squatters do not need the protection of any law.  They need to be shot.  But hurt em first.  No one shot one kill.  Make em very sorry first, that they made their last mistake and stole their last property. 

Homeless and penniless, the mother-of-two forced to spend £50k to get squatter evicted from her house

By Daily Mail Reporter

A mother-of-two has been left penniless after spending £50,000 fighting a 15-month legal battle to get a squatter evicted from her home.
Dy Maurice, 50, was homeless for a year after a tenant secretly sub-let her house while she was out of the country.
The new tenant then declared squatters rights on the £250,000 property and refused to move out.

She had to hire a lawyer to obtain a civil court order before the bailiffs were called in to evict the squatter, while renting some place to live.
The house, in Cheshire, has sustained £20,000 worth of damage and the property value has been reduced by £80,000 to £170,000.
It is believed the squatter is now living in a three-bedroom council house.

Ms Maurice said: ‘This law on squatters rights is totally and utterly disgraceful and damaging, soul-destroying, and it’s time MPs realised this.
‘I will not stop until this law is removed and the police have every right to remove any squatter who has not got a contract for the property in question.
‘I will commit all my power as long as it takes to rid the country of squatters’ rights. It’s so illegal. It’s ridiculous.’

Ms Maurice had bought her home in 2001 but moved to Dublin in June 2007 to run a beauty salon, renting her house to a local businessman.
But when she called to check everything was alright, she was informed that the man’s business partner was now living in the property instead.
Ms Maurice, who has two sons, immediately flew home but the new tenant refused to let her in her own house.
She called police who told her there was nothing they could do. She then began legal action.

Ms Maurice, who is currently unemployed due to ill health, said: ‘I was furious. I was livid, angry, distraught. I flew back to Dublin extremely upset feeling helpless dealing with the police, solicitors, trying to work at the same time here basically exhausted physically and mentally, but determined to win my home back.
‘It cost me a fortune because eventually my rent contract came up so I had to go to a B&B because I couldn’t come home. I was desperate to come home and get my life in order.
‘Then the squatter told police he was going to move out. I gave up my job and flew home. But he still refused to leave. I was homeless.’
She eventually won a court order at Macclesfield County Court to have the man evicted.
Bailiffs forcibly removed him a month later.

When Ms Dyson returned to the house, she found that wires had been sliced on the alarm system, stains around the fire and ruined soft furnishings.
All the kitchen equipment had been removed.

‘This has been devastating and cost me my life savings. I have even been visited by debt collectors looking for this man,’ Ms Dyson said.
‘They came to collect items to the value of his debts, they thought I was his wife and I had to show them my passport to actually basically say to them you must be joking I’m not this squatters wife. I’m the owner of my property.

‘It’s impacted the value hugely because everyone knows in this area that this place has had a squatter and it’s had debt collectors at the door. It’s put a bad mark on my property.
‘If I would have been five years older I would have had a heart attack.’



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calendar   Thursday - September 23, 2010

Lithuanian squatters ‘snatch ANOTHER home while owner is out’ ….

America, this is what happens when lefty hand wringer, bleeding heart, pc. bed wetting liberals take control of your country and your borders. With the help of course of the EU because it is open borders we have that helps drive this.  Of course, just so you know, “squatters” here are nothing new and are always hard to dislodge.  It’s a maddening thing that brings down that curtain of red mist.

For many years, almost 20 in fact, my wife’s mother lived in fear that somehow squatters would learn of the house next door, and that it was empty all that time.

She used to keep flowers in baskets on the front porch, flowers in the windows inside, and had lights on timers in the house to make it look lived in.

The owners who lived in London were very wealthy (the daughter of the house married a Harley Street Heart Surgeon) and they kept the heat on yr round and all utilities.  The MIL would collect the mail and forward on any bills that came.  The lawn was taken care of every two weeks by a landscape service and hedges trimmed as needed.  In the winter the MIL used to take her washing next door to hang and dry as the old place had central heat.
Squatters could easily have taken the place over had they known.  And damn little to be done about it.  My wife says that in the ‘80s it was even worse. Her description is epidemic. 

The property was sold and the house shown here demolished. Very sad to see the old place go. It would have been a squatters delight had they but known.
Very large modern and ugly house now occupies the space.  All brick with stainless steel gutters and no character.

Gang of Lithuanian squatters ‘snatch ANOTHER home while owner is out’

By Daily Mail Reporter

Mother-of-one Angie Belalij, 37, claims squatters moved in to her home after she moved out to allow renovation work to go ahead

A gang of Lithuanian squatters are moving into people’s homes and changing the locks while they are out.

George Pope, 72, took his dogs for a walk and returned to find a family had moved in and changed the locks.

And now it has emerged Angie Belalij, 37, also lost control of her home when illegal tenants allegedly moved in after she left to allow renovation work to go ahead.

Police and the council say they are powerless to act unless they have a court order requiring the squatters to be evicted.

The deadlock leaves the authentic residents in limbo and facing a potentially costly court battle to reclaim their own home.

They fear bogus estate agents are watching their homes and waiting for them to go away before moving in illegal tenants.

Mrs Belalij, a mother-of-one, was having her home in Barking renovated and so moved out.

But when she returned, she says she found a family of Lithuanians had moved in. They have now been living there for five months.

‘I went round to see the builders and we found squatters in the house,’ she told the Express.

‘When I said to them “Why are you here, this is my house”, they got in my face shouting at me that they had rented it and they had rights.’

A picture taken outside the property yesterday showed a young woman clutching a sharp kitchen knife, leaning over the gate.

Mrs Belalij says the squatters claimed they were paying £600-a-month to live there.

A printed notice stuck to the window cites the Criminal Law Act 1977 and threatens to prosecute anyone who enters without permission.

Because the squatters have refused to leave, they can only be evicted if the residents go to court.

Would you not call it a home invasion robbery? Is this place fuckin crazy er what? 


Landlords cannot legally evict squatters without going to court. Police and councils have no power to act so even though squatters have no legal right to stay, you cannot physically remove them.

Landlords will have to pay up to £1,500 in legal fees to fund civil action.

Homeowners can go to the country court and apply for an interim repossession order if they do so within 28 days of their home being taken over.

A judge may grant an order which must then be served on the illegal tenants. If they refuse to move within 24 hours, they can be arrested.

The order is not permanent and a hearing will then be held before a judge to decide rightful ownership.



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calendar   Tuesday - March 30, 2010

immigrant rapist dumps victim …. judge says sorry but he can’t be deported. he’s getting married.

Just another one of those things I could not make up.

Jeez ... it’s this sort of thing that makes the blood boil.  It’s this sort of thing that Littlejohn at the Mail has written a book about. It’s lunacy.
How damn far should some vermin’s rights extend?  Rope + Tree = justice done.

Surely this could not happen in the states. Not this.  It only happens here in PC World, and I don’t mean the magazine by that name.

The whole story is here at the link.  Unbelievable and outrageous and stupid. 


Rapist who dumped victim on rubbish tip escapes deportation after judge says he ‘has right to stay and marry in UK’

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:48 PM on 30th March 2010

A convicted rapist facing deportation has won a High Court battle to be allowed to stay in Britain so he can get married.

Alphonse Semo, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, threw his victim on a rubbish tip when he ‘had finished with her’.

But last night he won the right to remain in the UK for his wedding, just hours before he was due to board a plane back to Africa.

A judge said it was difficult to have any sympathy for Semo, who was jailed for eight years, but he must be allowed to stay.

Mr Justice Collins said the Home Office had at first agreed to let the 53-year-old, from Deptford, south east London, get married to his long-term partner, a German national.

Then the wedding was effectively cancelled by a subsequent decision ‘by the same Home Office - no doubt by a different department’, he said.

The judge added that he was ‘very reluctant’ to intervene but said the Home Office could not be allowed to play ‘hot and cold’.

The judge said: ‘With considerable reluctance, I have to say he must be allowed to marry.

‘That means there will be a prohibition against removing him.’

The judge said the Home Secretary would have to reconsider later, after the marriage, whether to make a fresh attempt to deport Semo.

That would engage issues of EU law as his bride-to-be, Bunsana Kalonji, is a refugee from the Congo who became a German national. The pair have a long-established relationship.


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calendar   Saturday - March 27, 2010

School Daze, school days, Barking mad in Britain

School Daze, school days, Barking mad in Britain

I don’t enjoy posting articles like this, and it sure doesn’t make a country whose traditions and history I’ve admired look very good.  That’s because it just plain doesn’t look so well anymore.  The left wing social engineers and bleeding hearts and all their political correctness have wrecked this place.  Not totally, not yet, but I think they’re working hard at it.

There is absolutely no excuse in the world to tolerate this kind of crap.  It’s clear from this article and much else I’ve read, that there doesn’t seem to be enough support for the teacher in the classroom or for harsher punishment to deal with the class thugs.  Some of these little monsters are already so far out of control, that there does not appear to be any other way to deal with them except hanging.  Basically they’re bullies and cowards and I believe that if a few executions were to take place and watched by their peers, the problem might solve itself.  Or at least diminish to a point where other students and teachers will be safe in their own schools.  But there aren’t any examples being made that would deter the other punks. 

Yesterday a gang (up to 20) of black school (children?) went after one boy and caught him at a subway station and in front of a crown, stabbed him to death.

Schoolgirls in murder gang: Teenagers face quiz over stabbing that terrified commuters

There were also girls involved in that mob violence.  Turns out that they had been causing problems for some weeks before this, armed with screwdriver and knives.  The paper reported in this case that they were blacks and it just reminded me that while it was never on this horrible scale, 60 years ago in my country it was generally blacks and Puerto Ricans who carried blades and roamed in groups.  You just had to stay out of their territory.  They seldom ventured into the city center or a bus station or train station attacking news stands and destroying merchandise and stabbing anyone who happened to be there. I mean to say, it wasn’t a normal thing.  It wasn’t a normal thing in this country either, not until these folks suddenly discovered they had, RIGHTS! All sorts of RIGHTS. And the lawyers to back them up all paid for of course by the very people who are always at their mercy.  The taxpayer.  Who else has the money?

Another case came to light this week and again I simply ignored it due to the nature and it bothered us beyond imagination.  I mention it now because of the story being posted here and the one I described above.

A 13 yr old boy was caught raping a three year old baby. Come to find out, he’d abused her a few days previous to that.  He was caught by the girl’s mom.
The paper didn’t go into any great detail and nothing was mentioned as to whether or not she beat the creep up. Perhaps he was too big for her. Who knows.
Due to his tender age of course the courts don’t allow for his name or photo to be made public.  That’s a dame shame cos if anyone deserves hanging from the nearest tree, but only after having parts of him removed, this bastard does.  Again, it will never happen.  And so future victims are being created even as I type this rant.  And that’s what always gets my dander up and I lose the old temper.  Because I’m convinced beyond all doubt that future victims are out there all because a system that calls itself justice, dispenses little of that or none at all.

The unteachable pupils sent back to terrified staff despite assaults and sex attacks

By Laura Clark

It is a shocking document which lays bare the realities of teaching in increasingly unruly schools.

One teacher reports the case of a 14-year-old boy who attacked her and sexually assaulted a female classroom assistant.

Another boy, this time aged only five, threatened to stab a member of staff with a pair of scissors and threw chairs in his reception class.

Most disturbingly, the culprits have all been returned to the classroom against the wishes of teachers - often after initially being excluded or expelled.

Nine ‘unteachable’ children are described in a dossier produced by the NASUWT union. Five were expelled by head teachers only to be reinstated by governing bodies.

The union accuses governors of being more concerned with placating parents of troublemakers than protecting staff.

In the other four cases, head teachers themselves failed to take firm action, leaving classroom teachers in what they describe as an impossible position.

Chris Keates, NASUWT general secretary, said the dossier highlighted a ‘deeply worrying’ assault on teachers’ authority.

‘Governors seem to be taking the line of least resistance to placate the minority of parents rather than to protect the majority of pupils and their staff,’ she said.

‘If governors do not back head teachers’ professional judgment in these matters then staff and school leaders cannot manage behaviour with confidence.

‘Equally concerning is that, in the other cases, which were all serious incidents, the school took either no action or made the very weak response of temporary exclusion.’




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calendar   Tuesday - February 23, 2010

the face of Britain’s criminal system ……..  see how it doesn’t work ….

Another great example of the Labour promise.
Tough on crime. Tough on the causes of crime.  Uh huh.  Maybe the PM should be reading this. BTW ... why hasn’t this worthless creep been made graveyard dead after all this?  Surely someone could have accidently run him down with their car.  This creepy-crawly is for sure more trouble in the future. 
Take a look.  100 convictions?  What’s it take to convince authorities that some criminals (most in fact) choose that way of life. And it is always the law abiding taxpayer who has to pay their way.  I refuse to believe that euthanasia doesn’t have a very good place in the modern world. IT DOES! And the sooner used the safer and better off society would be.  In fact, had this one been hung at age 10 or 11, there would have been a few thousand (count em) a few thousand FEWER crimes caused by this useless bastard.  So then, what’s he get now?  Read on.

Teenager with more than 100 convictions turned town into ‘UK break-in capital’


Michael Craig has been blamed by police for turning his hometown of Burnley into the burglary capital of Britain

Their town has been burdened with the unfortunate tag of the burglary capital of Britain.

But the residents of Burnley are likely to sleep more soundly after a serial offender responsible for a large chunk of the crimes was locked up yesterday.


Michael Craig has committed 101 break-ins and other offences. Police say the 19-year-old is a key reason for the town’s unwanted title - and could be behind many more unsolved crimes.

Burnley has more burglaries per head of population than any other town or city in the country, with 2,154 in only a year, the Home Office revealed earlier this month.

Craig has regularly been committing crimes since stealing a car when he was just ten.
His record ranges from theft to public order offences as well as shoplifting, breach of an Asbo, affray, criminal damage, attempted robbery and common assault.

The latest string of offences began only four weeks after he was freed 12 months early from a two-and-a-half year jail term for what a judge described as a ‘frightening’ campaign of burglaries.

He soon broke into an 88-year-old woman’s home and stole her television as she slept, and later slashed the tyres of a witness after she called the police.

The pensioner, who lived alone, had been badly shaken up, felt vulnerable and had told police it would take her a long time to recover, prosecutor Sarah Statham told Burnley Crown Court.

Craig also broke into a local college three times to steal equipment including overhead projectors.

Finally he was arrested hiding in the roof space of a house and admitted a catalogue of crimes to fund a drug habit.

A police source said: ‘It’s very pleasing to see Craig get locked up but I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s reoffending again when he gets out.

‘The fact is he an absolute menace who has been a blight on the town for years. Even though he had over 100 convictions at the age of 19 it wouldn’t surprise if it was just the tip of the iceberg.

‘When the Home Office burglary figures came out a few people did wonder whether Craig had a hand in it. The figures certainly went down dramatically when we arrested him.’

Craig admitted two charges of burglary, one of criminal damage and asked for 14 further offences to be considered.

This took his total number of convictions to the staggering 101.

The judge, Recorder Andrew Long, told him he had an ‘appalling’ criminal record and jailed him for three years.



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the UK. tough on crime. tough on the causes of crime. yeah right. psst. hey. wanna buy a bridge?

There was something in the papers recently that said there had been as many as 80,000 criminals on early release and a large number of re-offenders among them.  Which came as no surprise to many. Day after day it’s the same old story.  Many with unpronounceable names btw, the result of immigration out of control. Or no. Wait. Not so out of control because it’s also being reported that the govt.  (under Labour) has intentionally flooded these shores with ppl from other places in order to make England more “multi-cultural.” The govt. also tried to release and then thought better of it, a document accusing people of racism who were critical of immigration.  You could not make that up. I’ll try and find the article.  This place has gone bananas under the present government over the last 12 or 13 yrs. 
Things do not look like they will get any better or change too much under a conserv. govt.  People hope things will change but the polls are reporting the con numbers slipping. I just can’t imagine the folks here returning the left Labour Party to power.

A member of the robbery gang that killed a shop manager was on police bail for a previous fatal stabbing,

The Times

He took part in the deadly raid at a Matalan store five months after knifing a teenager during a mobile phone robbery.

Jamie Simpson, a popular shop manager, 33, was stabbed in the neck with a 10in kitchen knife during the botched Matalan raid in March 2008.

He was at large for 15 months, during which time he took part in the killing of Mr Simpson as well as being caught with a knife, cannabis, crack cocaine and heroin, before finally being charged in January last year over the earlier death.

The full extent of his violent criminal history, which began at the age of 14, was kept from the jury in the Simpson case.

Yesterday the Matalan gang were convicted: Kobina Essel — known as “Aggro”, 19, of east London, was found guilty of murder while Maina, of Canning Town, east London, and Randy Osei-Owusu, 17, of Poplar, east London, as well as Simeon Jumah, 25, were found guilty of manslaughter.



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西安电加热油温机 香港盛吹“环保风” 专家指市民已从被动变主动 中新网9月29日 淮安导热油电加热炉 电 据香港中通社报道,9月29日晚由香港某环保团体举行的“无冷气夜”,吸引了5万名市民及超过60间企业承诺参加。这是香港最近环保活动不断升温过程中的大型活动之一。 进入九月,香港各界环保活动渐入高潮,层出不穷。特首高官与各界市民齐齐参与,是其中一个最大特色。…
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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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The Real Stuff
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when rape isn't rape but only sexual assault
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[...] took another century of Inquisition and repression to completely eradicate the [...]
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