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calendar   Tuesday - February 23, 2010

the UK. tough on crime. tough on the causes of crime. yeah right. psst. hey. wanna buy a bridge?

There was something in the papers recently that said there had been as many as 80,000 criminals on early release and a large number of re-offenders among them.  Which came as no surprise to many. Day after day it’s the same old story.  Many with unpronounceable names btw, the result of immigration out of control. Or no. Wait. Not so out of control because it’s also being reported that the govt.  (under Labour) has intentionally flooded these shores with ppl from other places in order to make England more “multi-cultural.” The govt. also tried to release and then thought better of it, a document accusing people of racism who were critical of immigration.  You could not make that up. I’ll try and find the article.  This place has gone bananas under the present government over the last 12 or 13 yrs. 
Things do not look like they will get any better or change too much under a conserv. govt.  People hope things will change but the polls are reporting the con numbers slipping. I just can’t imagine the folks here returning the left Labour Party to power.

A member of the robbery gang that killed a shop manager was on police bail for a previous fatal stabbing,

The Times

He took part in the deadly raid at a Matalan store five months after knifing a teenager during a mobile phone robbery.

Jamie Simpson, a popular shop manager, 33, was stabbed in the neck with a 10in kitchen knife during the botched Matalan raid in March 2008.

He was at large for 15 months, during which time he took part in the killing of Mr Simpson as well as being caught with a knife, cannabis, crack cocaine and heroin, before finally being charged in January last year over the earlier death.

The full extent of his violent criminal history, which began at the age of 14, was kept from the jury in the Simpson case.

Yesterday the Matalan gang were convicted: Kobina Essel — known as “Aggro”, 19, of east London, was found guilty of murder while Maina, of Canning Town, east London, and Randy Osei-Owusu, 17, of Poplar, east London, as well as Simeon Jumah, 25, were found guilty of manslaughter.



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calendar   Tuesday - February 09, 2010


“A man walked into a Dublin bar and saw a friend sitting with an empty glass.

‘Paddy can I buy you another’, he asked, to which Paddy replied - ‘now what would I be wanting with another empty glass?”


Councillor ordered to pay compensation for ‘racist’ joke

A Conservative councillor has been ordered to pay compensation to a union rep after telling a “racist” joke about a dim-witted Irishman.

By Nick Britten

Cllr Ken Bamber, who sits on Medway Council in Kent, was chatting with Brian Kelly, a Unison rep, when he made the joke.

He told Mr Kelly: “A man walked into a Dublin bar and saw a friend sitting with an empty glass. ‘Paddy can I buy you another’, he asked, to which Paddy replied - ‘now what would I be wanting with another empty glass?”

Mr Kelly, who was born in Ireland, said Cllr Barber had used the word “Paddy” offensively and was being “racist with intent”.

He lodged an official complaint and took the matter to an employment tribunal, which referred the case to the conciliation service Acas.

Mr Kelly is believed to have been awarded several thousand pounds compensation, some from the council and some from Cllr Bamber.

Cllr Bamber, 79, said that although the judgement had taken “a long, long time” it had not affected his job.

The councillor, who chairs the business support overview and scrutiny committee and sits on five other committees, said: “I could make a lot of comments about this case, but I can’t I’m afraid.

“The council have now decided to draw a line under the matter and it is finally over and I can get on with my job.”

Speaking previously about the case, Mr Kelly said: “I couldn’t believe my ears - we were in the midst of a racial discrimination hearing.

“If there’s ever a more inappropriate time to start telling racist jokes that would have been it.

“This man was directly responsible for deciding whether the employee in question had a racial discrimination claim and he was telling racist jokes himself.

“I am proud of my Irish heritage and family and I felt deeply offended.”

A spokesman for the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “This case has taken too long to settle and looks like it will cost a lot of money.

“It distracts staff from doing what they should be doing - providing essential services for people.

“These sorts of matters need to be resolved as quickly as possible and any cost should be borne by the offending party, not the taxpayer.”


I really think the guy who claims he was “offended” is a lying sack of shit!
Could not the joke be interpreted as the Irishman at the bar being clever enough and funny enough to reply he didn’t need another empty glass?
And even if not.  So what?  How bad and is that joke from a standpoint of racial insult?  What if Paddy just happened to be his real name?
Yeah I know, I know.  This crap is way outta hand.
The court should have thrown it out.


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calendar   Tuesday - January 26, 2010

Britain is the one sinking ship where all the rats have stayed!  -

This is not the first time I have posted that remark by a Brit now living in France and happy to be there.
This will not be the last time I use his (or her?) quote either, as long as there are judgments made like this one.  At the very least, the very least, this animal should have had his eyes removed minus any pain killer. And oh yeah, he should have been fixed so that his victim would be the very last female he would ever enjoy again. Ever!  Read this and if you are one who really thinks three years is any sort of punishment, then you’re no better then his fuckin lawyer. Who btw, I hope the very same happens to.  We’ll then see how quick she is to take on a like case and defend vermin like this.  Vermin like this have NO need of lawyers. 

Boy, 13, who raped woman in front of his friends is jailed for just three years… because he said ‘sorry’

26th January 2010

A boy of 13 who overpowered a woman then raped her in front of his two friends will spend just three years locked away for his crimes.

Balal Khan - thought to be one of the youngest convicted rapists in Britain - targeted the 20-year-old as she walked home.

He subjected her to a severe beating then screamed at her ‘Do what I say or I’ll kill you’, before putting her through the ordeal of a terrifying sex attack.

Then he stole her bag and phone and even took a call from his victim’s boyfriend to whom he bragged about what he had done.

But after pleading guilty to charges of rape and robbery the teenager was sentenced to just three years because of his age - and because he said ‘sorry’.

A judge at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court lifted a restriction preventing the publication of Khan’s identity after hearing details of the horrifying attack.

The judge heard how Khan ran up behind his victim and grabbed her around the neck as she walked through a secluded area near Cobridge, in Stoke-on-Trent one evening in September last year.

He punched and kicked her as she lay on the ground before raping her.

Robert Price, prosecuting, said: ‘She started screaming and attempted to get to her feet.

‘He responded by punching her in the mouth and knocked her back on the ground.

‘He stood over her and kicked her to the side of her face. He started shouting at her and warned that if she struggled he would “kill” her.’



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calendar   Monday - January 25, 2010

can’t deport killer to homeland as he would be a threat to folks there. well how about here?

I have to be gone in about a half hour but can’t leave without sharing this lunatic decision.  Seems some idiot Brits in positions of some authority are bound and determined to screw this country up even more then it is. You’d think they couldn’t do more damage, but apparently not as there’s always room for more mayhem and more ways to, “sock it to fellow Brits.” And hey, when it’s done in the name of Allah ... well ....

Iraqi who killed two doctors must stay in Britain to safeguard HIS human rights

By Chris Brooke

A crazed immigrant who stabbed to death two doctors has won the right to stay in Britain - because he would be a threat to the public if deported to his homeland.

A judge has ruled that sending Laith Alani back to Iraq would also be a breach of his human rights.

Alani, 41, is likely to be released in the near future.


Oh good. After all, we wouldn’t want to breach his rights or the rights of anyone in his homeland.  Naturally not.  Now then.  About the rights of the citizens of this country. 

Been a hard day , yesterday too.  Can’t find passport.  Not lost. It’s here.  In fact, in a very small room.  But I moved it some months ago and now can’t find the damn thing.  Why didn’t I simply return it to where it had been stored for five years where I always knew where I could lay hands on it?
Answer. Because apparently I haven’t the brains god gave a tennis ball. Aaaaggghhhhhh!


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calendar   Tuesday - January 19, 2010

Get the gun for friend who kills girl while you watch then get outta jail free. Almost. Close to it.

Right you are. This story is all about what’s carried out in the name of justice.  Authorities need to replace that word with something else.
Meanwhile and for the foreseeable future, this seems to be England’s answer to crime, even when a death is involved.

Rehab?  Sure thing. No problem.  Soon as the gremlin finds a way to bring back the dead victim we can talk all about rehab. What total BS this is. The powers that be should be ashamed but that’s part of the problem. Isn’t it?  Nobody has a sense of shame anymore.  Not even guilt. And just where is the punishment and the deterrent in this article?  I don’t see it but if you do let us know.  Maybe I missed something.

Killer freed to chat up girls in clubs during four-week ‘break from prison’

By Ryan Kisiel

He is having a great night out and has found himself a pretty girlfriend to snuggle up to - and all while serving time for manslaughter.

It has emerged that Briggs, 23, has been allowed out of prison for up to four weeks at a time under a controversial government release scheme.

He is just three-and-a-half years into his nine-year sentence for helping to arrange the death of a teenage girl.

The revelation of his easy lifestyle has shocked and horrified the grieving family of victim Carolyn Lemm.

Last night her father Timothy, said: ‘It makes me feel sick that he has been allowed out to enjoy himself so soon into his sentence.

‘I’ve seen pictures of him on the internet smiling and having a good time and it’s heartbreaking. We will never forgive him for what he’s done and for helping to take Carolyn away from us.’

Briggs has even been able to start a relationship with Chrissy Foster, the young student in this photo.  She is said to believe that he was given an ‘unfair’ trial.

Yesterday critics called for a clampdown on the ‘overnight stay’ scheme, which they say is a desperate attempt to tackle prison overcrowding.

Briggs was jailed in July 2006 after being convicted of manslaughter for his role in planning the killing of 16-year-old Carolyn with his friend Lee Smith.

The previous December he helped Smith - who had recently been jilted by the teenager - to get a shotgun and saw off the barrel.

He then drove with Smith and Carolyn and another girl to woodland near Sheffield.

Smith, 20, shot Carolyn in the head before killing himself. The other girl was able to run off. When police arrived at the scene the next morning, they found Briggs asleep in the car.

Mr Lemm said last night: ‘He did everything to contribute to Carolyn’s death bar pull the trigger.’ Last summer, when Briggs was moved to an open prison, he became one of thousands of offenders deemed suitable for the resettlement overnight release (ROR) scheme.

It is usually available to Category D inmates - those in open prisons - in the last two years of their sentence. In many cases this includes murderers and violent attackers. Those like Briggs who are doing a community service placement can stay at home for up to four weeks at a time.

During the six months he has been at Kirklevington Grange open prison in Yarm, Cleveland, Briggs has twice spent four-week stints at his mother’s three-bedroom home in Sheffield.

There, his freedom was virtually unrestricted aside from a weekday community placement. He has also been allowed to visit towns near his prison, and it was on one of those trips that he approached Miss Foster, 21, at Yarm railway station.

The pair have since enjoyed nights out in Sheffield and Middlesbrough, where she studies health and nutrition at Teesside University.

The revelation has horrified her parents, who did not know about Briggs.

Her father, Chris Foster, who runs his own IT firm, yesterday described his daughter as ‘vulnerable’ and ‘gullible’, but said he was ‘ashamed’ she was seeing the young man.

‘Everyone has the chance to rehabilitate, but not so soon after helping to kill someone,’ he added.

A friend of Miss Foster said: ‘She’s been brainwashed into believing he’s innocent and it was a miscarriage of justice, which just isn’t true.’

The couple describe themselves as ‘in a relationship’ on social networking website Facebook.

Unfortunately for them, that relationship led to Briggs’s freedom being abruptly curtailed last year. On December 16 he was sent to the secure Durham Prison for skipping a counselling session to spend time with Miss Foster.

But she has vowed to wait for him until he is due to be released at the end of this year.

Last night Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley in West Yorkshire, condemned the decision to let Briggs enjoy life outside prison.

‘It’s no wonder people have lost faith in the criminal justice system when convicted killers who have been sent to prison are simply let out again like this,’ he said.

A spokesman for the Prison Service said ‘rehabilitating’ inmates in this way had cut adult reoffending by a fifth over the last seven years.

cut adult reoffending by a fifth:  Yeah. Either that or they just aren’t being caught again.


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calendar   Wednesday - December 23, 2009

Boy George loses court case over right to be on TV, and a justice system minus the justice.


This is not how I planned to start the blog day. I had planned on making public how Drew managed to burn a pot on the stove here in Winchester, England, while sitting at home in the USA. However as often happens when reading all the morning papers, I had to stop because I found something that (to me) just screamed ...  stop everything else and post this NOW, before you forget.  As if I could.

We often joke about loony tune law suits and how quick ppl are to insist on their day in court.  Well folks, we need to stop joking cos things stopped being funny long ago.  This post concerns a fellow who calls himself Boy George.  I don’t care that he’s queer.  It’s his life he has to live, and his life isn’t our business.  Unless he makes things public and we’re drawn in.  By drawn in in my case means, he looks totally disgusting to me. He really does. And decadent. And going to court, which is after all, very public. So naturally ppl like me are gonna make comments.

Two of the things I fail to understand are, how is it that he can’t look in the mirror and fail to see just how stupid he looks? How can he not see?
The other thing I fail to understand, is how in the world someone so bizarre looking and so creepy looking, found a large following. I also wonder about that other loony tune in the rock world, Ozzie Osborne.  Although to be honest, while I’m no fan and think he was nuts in his behavior, he has often shown a funny side in sober moments, and has managed to show a weirdly friendly side. You could even say likable, which is trying things a bit I know.  But this is all about the man who calls himself “boy.”

Apparently, he believes he has a right that none of us mortals possess.  A right that certainly no conservative would ever dream was his or hers.

Boy George thinks he has a RIGHT to be on TV, and specifically he has a RIGHT to appear on Big Brother. And so he went to court to somehow prove his case for this very human right.  He lost the case but it made the news.

His sort of people seem to find “rights” in all sorts of places. 

Boy George loses Big Brother legal battle

Boy George has been told he cannot participate in the final series of Celebrity Big Brother, a judge at the High Court has ruled.

The star’s legal team had been trying to lift a Probation Service ban on him appearing on the Channel 4 show.

The singer - real name George O’Dowd - was released on licence from prison early for imprisoning a male escort.

Mr Justice Bean said the Probation Service was within its rights to refuse the star permission to appear.

He added that somebody who is out on licence and the restrictions placed on their freedom are part of their punishment.

Public confidence

A spokesman for the Probation Service said they were “pleased” with the judgement.

“We believe we made a common sense direction and this has been endorsed by the judge.

“We expect offenders to keep to their licence conditions which are in place to protect the public, punish offenders for their crime and aid rehabilitation,” he added.

The 48-year-old former Culture Club singer and DJ went to the High Court to quash a decision by the Probation Service banning him from appearing on the show.

On Tuesday Richard Clayton QC, representing the Probation Service, said O’Dowd’s participation would pose “a high level of risk” to the service’s reputation.

The former Culture Club star is currently on licence and wears an electronic tag.

Mr Clayton argued that if he used the show to promote his status as a celebrity and earn “a lucrative sum of money” it could undermine public confidence in the criminal justice system.

I kinda think the public lost any confidence in the system a long,long time ago. For example, do you folks recall only a few days ago about a homeowner who caught one of the robbers who threatened to kill him and his family?  He and his brother chased and caught one of the gremlins, broke his jaw etc.  They were both jailed for their “assault” of the burglar, who it was claimed was now brain damaged and could not appear in court to answer to criminal charges. The public is outraged over the judge’s call to put the homeowner and his brother in jail, while setting free the gremlin.  Well BMEWS, here’s an interesting update on that one.

The brain damaged would be burglar recovered from his physical injuries it would appear, because after recovery he went on to commit a string of crimes bragging btw that the cops couldn’t touch him.  He didn’t seem to be too brain damaged to commit further crimes.

Sorry BMEWS, I can’t let it go here. One more choice example of how things don’t work.  Guy assaults his girlfriend. He’s a big bruiser and a former bouncer.
She wants to leave him and calls police to press charges.  He’s arrested threatening that if he couldn’t have her, then nobody else could either.
So he’s jailed for assault and after a short time he is released with “warning” and ordered to stay away from her, in fact, he was even banned from the town she lived in. I guess a restraining order.  One month after his EARLY release from jail, he caught up with her returning home from work, and stabbed her 13 times and killed her.  She had already told authorities she feared for her life and that he was not the sort of man to make idle threats.

So yeah.  I’d say the public has zero confidence.

But Alison MacDonald, representing O’Dowd, told the court his Probation Service licence was designed to monitor his behaviour, protect the public and rehabilitate rather than punish him.

O’Dowd’s lawyers could now take the matter further to the Court Of Appeal and ask the Lord Chief Justice if he will consider hearing the case.

It is not yet clear whether the star’s legal team will do that.

The singer was convicted of false imprisonment after admitting handcuffing Norwegian Audun Carlsen to a wall in his London home in April 2007.

Previously O’Dowd had been given permission to perform at Brighton’s Gay weirdo Pride event in August.



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calendar   Wednesday - December 16, 2009

Who will go in to bat for crime’s victims?  A question from a liberal?  Yup. Wonder of wonde

You may recall a story I posted yesterday, with some anger as usual, about a homeowner sent to jail after braining a gremlin who with others, broke into his home, tied up the family, threatened to kill them and then proceeded to rob them.  Homeowner chases gang, he and brother catch one and wack him with a cricket bat.  Idiot judge says he went beyond self defense once he chased the bad guys away. 

So I was reading The Times today which has the reputation of being liberal altho more and more some of their correspondents seems to be taking a somewhat conservative approach to things.  I am referring to the Times of London.  Not N.Y.
Well, what to my wandering eyes should appear, but an editorial comment from a liberal which reads as, well, reasonable.  Good gosh. Reasonable? From a liberal?  Could be.  You decide.  Although I do not agree that it may be “just” to jail anyone who beats up a burglar.  But the public sure does feel betrayed.

The majority of citizens in this country want the rope back.  Fat chance of that with the left in charge of everything.

It may be just to jail a man who beats up a burglar, but don’t be surprised if the public feel betrayed

Antonia Senior

Three masked men break into your home. They tie up your family and threaten to kill you and your children. They force you to crawl from room to room, as they rob you and ransack your house. You escape and find yourself in possession of a cricket bat. What would you do?

Munir Hussain, a businessman from High Wycombe, chased the burglars down the street with his brother, Tokeer. They caught the intruders and beat them. One, Walid Salem, was hit by a cricket bat with such ferocity that it broke in three pieces, and he was left with brain damage.

Justice was meted out. Then the law intervened. Hussain and his brother were sentenced to 30 and 39 months respectively for grievous bodily harm with intent. Salem escaped jail with a two-year supervision order. Salem, a career criminal, left hospital after two weeks, and was subsequently arrested for an alleged credit card fraud.

The law decided that it is one thing to strike when you are being struck; it is quite another to chase your attacker down the street and beat him senseless. Morally, as well as legally, the distinction looks clear. Hussein’s family were no longer in danger, and neither was he, when the cricket bat came down on Salem’s head. Justice must be measured by the thump of a gavel, not by the thwack of willow on skull.

So why, then, if law and morality agree, does this case cause such consternation?

A man we can identify with — a businessman, with a family life and no history of violence — is confronted by the criminals who stalk our middle-class nightmares. We all wonder what our reaction would be. We all know there are depths of our own soul we have never plumbed, and we are terrified and curious in equal measures.

We are attacked, and the first response is an extreme physiological reaction to our environment that cannot be faked. Charles Darwin, in describing the symptoms of fear, talks of the crouching, defensive- aggressive posture of the terrorised. Fear shakes us out of complacency; readies us for the fight. After the fear, sometimes, comes rage.

There is the absolute fear and incandescent rage of the victim, which can spill over into violence. But we all suffer from a low-level fear and a simmering rage that we are reminded of by this case. We are scared of career criminals like Salem; he is a modern bogeyman. The unfairness of his lenient sentence feeds our rage, as does the failure of the police to catch his accomplices.

But what do we do with this fear and rage? The first option is to think through the morality of vigilantism and conclude that, if a society has any aspirations to civility, the demands of the law must outweigh the desire for revenge. The second option is to think, screw the morality — Salem deserved it and Hussain is a hero.

The second option is the eye-for-eye, tit-for-tat logic that appeals to the supporters of capital punishment. It’s the old “How would you feel if your child was killed?” argument in favour of state-sponsored execution. It puts personal, individual instincts ahead of a sober, impersonal reflection on the State’s powers.

Public opinion is firmly in favour of capital punishment; a referendum would bring back the noose tomorrow. I would expect a similar public response to Hussain’s imprisonment. Put it to the public vote, just after X Factor or I’m a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here! and Hussain would be free, while Salem would be subjected to a series of bushtucker-trial equivalents.

“Dial 03 now,” shouts the cheery presenter, “and watch this career criminal be hit for six! Dial 04, and watch him eat a kangaroo’s anus, to win four stars’ worth of public forgiveness.” The court of public opinion would act very differently to Reading Crown Court.

There is an increasing dissonance between the views of the majority and those of the minority who frame and police the laws. On crime and on immigration the gulf is at its widest. Many in the majority would be justified in believing themselves to be citizens, not of a democracy, but of a liberal oligarchy.

A small band of the liberal elite makes the laws, disputes them in court, writes about them in papers and chatters about them on the box. It makes me both relieved and squeamish — relieved that my nice, liberal view of the world prevails, and squeamish that its execution is so inherently illiberal and anti- democratic. It’s a “we know better” political philosophy whose only defence is a plaintive cry, “But we do!” What’s the logical, intellectual justification for our stranglehold on this democracy? There is none that I can think of; I’m just glad to be on the inside, looking out.

But those who disagree with us are, much to the bafflement of many liberals, not stupid. They recognise the gulf, and feel unrepresented, There is a belief that the criminal justice system and the police are not interested in the victims of crime.

This environment makes vigilantism more likely, not less.

If you work on the automatic assumption that the men who threatened your family will escape justice, how tempting to reach for the cricket bat. What would you do?



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Meanwhile, criminal justice (?) in the UK means sending thugs on taxpayer boat trips and holidays.

Yeah ... folks can see how well the softly,softly approach works on criminal punks. 

There isn’t much to add here as the article says enough about “rehabilitation.”

These kind of thugs should be deported to Guatemala, where apparently those folks understand how justice is suppose to work.

‘Canal Boy’ sent on three-month boat trip to help rehabilitate him is locked up for five years for burglaries

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 2:00 PM on 16th December 2009

A infamous robber dubbed ‘Canal Boy’ when he was just 13 years old after he was taken on a three-month narrowboat holiday to stop him committing crimes, has fallen foul of the law again.


The 1997 cruise caused a national furore, but clearly failed to rehabilitate Clinton Bowen - for he is now starting a five-year jail term after targeting elderly people for a series of burglaries.

Bowen, 28, was on parole from an earlier jail term when he committed 22 burglaries between March and July this year to fuel his drug addiction, Gloucester crown court was told.

He stole family heirlooms and left elderly victims frightened and anxious after a string of raids on homes, the court heard.

In the late Nineties Bowen was one of a number of young offenders who appeared to be rewarded for their crimes by being taken on holiday at public expense or given excessive pocket money in a bid to steer them away from crime.

‘Safari Boy’ Mark Hook, who was taken to Africa and Egypt for 88 days, and ‘Pocket Money Boy’ Casey Bowen, who was given £60 a week by social services, have both also been jailed this year for their latest crimes.

Clinton Bowen spent three months cruising on a canal boat at public expense to try to break his pattern of offending in Cheltenham.

He spent the time with the organisation ‘Care Afloat’ on the canals of Liverpool.

Bowen, admitted three charges of house burglary and asked for 19 others to be taken into consideration.

Derek Ryder prosecuting, told Judge William Hart that on March 2 at 6.30 pm he broke into the home of two 80-year-old men in Cheltenham while they were eating a meal.

Once a thug, always a thug: Casey Bowen is led away in handcuffs in 1996 (left) and yet again in September after robbing a shop at knifepoint

‘They had no idea they were being burgled, but a neighbour saw the defendant coming from their house and suspected something was wrong,’ said Mr Ryder.

‘They found a number of items had been taken out of their home into the garden and parts of the house were in disarray.

‘A number of watches were taken, one of which was well over 100 years old, and had belonged to the father of one of the occupants.’

He said the next offence occurred when a woman of 79, who lives alone, returned to her home and found a kitchen window had been smashed.

‘The house had been searched and belongings scattered around,’ he said.  ‘A pocket watch, a long service medal belonging to the lady’s father, a diamond pin and other jewellery were taken.

‘The third offence on the indictment was discovered on July 3 when a 58-year-old woman returned to her home in Tewkesbury to find the house disordered and items worth £2,395 missing. These included bracelets, a ruby ring and two emerald rings.’

In a victim statement, he said the 79-year-old woman told police she did not have the money to repair the damage to her home or to replace the items which had been stolen.

And the 58-year-old woman, who lives alone, said she had been unable to sleep since the burglary and felt jumpy every time she heard a noise.


(Punk in his younger days. Always smiling. And why not? He doesn’t live in Guatemala. Unfortunately)


Sorry for the goof up BMEWS.  That smiling idiot you see here is not the younger version as I said originally.
The shit is the brother of the guy above.  Runs in the family I guess.  He was given thousands of dollars and a foreign trip in the hope he would pay for the things he was stealing.  Apparently didn’t work as he was at it immediately upon his return here and has been in and out of jail (like his brother) ever since.

That’s how crime is dealt with here in the people’s socialist hand wringing paradise.
dec 17


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calendar   Monday - December 14, 2009

businessman who attacked armed thug for taking his family hostage is jailed.

This will more then likely be my only post for today.  Wish it were otherwise.

This HAD to be posted today.  Sure, I understand that “excessive force” was used but the idea of jail for this guy makes me see red. Yeah. RCOB again.

I suppose the fact that the homeowner is very wealthy will now be hit with a law suit. If he is, he should plan very carefully, even if it takes a couple years.
Then take out the lawyer who represents his accuser, and take out the suing family too.  But first, he should send his own family away and then go where there isn’t any extradition with the UK.  If he can still hold on to his money, he should be ok almost anywhere.

This article had been edited for space and I have not included photos.  See the link below for both.

Millionaire businessman who attacked armed thug for taking his family hostage is jailed… but the intruder walks free

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 4:09 PM on 14th December 2009

A millionaire businessman who fought off knife-wielding thugs who threatened to kill his family was jailed for 30 months today - while his attackers remain free to walk the streets.

Munir Hussain, his wife and their three children stumbled on three intruders, wearing balaclavas, in their home when they returned from their mosque during Ramadan.

The family were ordered to lie on the floor of the living room with their hands behind their backs.

As four of them were tied up, Mr Hussain’s teenage son escaped through a window.
Munir Hussain

Two of the raiders fled when they realised the youngster had gone.

Mr Hussain then threw a coffee table at the third man, 56-year-old Walid Salem, hitting him in the face.

He then enlisted his brother Tokeer in chasing the offenders down, bringing one of them to the ground in a nearby garden in the street in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

What followed was described in Reading Crown Court as self-defence that went too far, leaving intruder Salem with a permanent brain injury after he was struck with a cricket bat so hard that it broke into three pieces.

Judge Reddihough noted Mr Hussain’s ‘courage’ but said he had carried out a ‘dreadful, violent attack’ on the intruder as he lay defenceless.

Salem was the only intruder caught after the incident on September 3, 2008, but his injuries meant he was not fit to plead after being charged with false imprisonment.

Salem, who has a string of 50 past convictions, was given a two-year supervision order at a court hearing in September this year.

The brothers, described as family men at the heart of the local community, were found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent after a trial earlier this year.

The prosecution alleged two other men took part in the so-called ‘revenge attack’ with them.
The Hussain family home in High Wycombe

Munir Hussain was given a 30-month sentence, because Judge John Reddihough decided he had been subjected to more provocation than his brother, Tokeer, who was jailed for 39 months.

Judge Reddihough said Munir Hussain’s family had been subject to a ‘serious and wicked offence’ and praised the bravery of his teenage son who escaped to raise the alarm.

The judge told them: ‘It may be that some members of the public, or media commentators, will assert that the man Salem deserved what happened to him at the hands of you and the two others involved, and that you should not have been prosecuted and need not be punished.

‘However, if persons were permitted to take the law into their own hands and inflict their own instant and violent punishment on an apprehended offender rather than letting justice take its course, then the rule of law and our system of criminal justice hand holding , which are the hallmarks of a civilised society, would collapse.’

What the fuck is this ass wipe talking about?  It collapsed a very long time ago.  Where has he been all this time?  In some fuckin ivory tower or on another planet?  And what’s this total and absolute nonsense about justice taking its course? Huh?  As in, dragging out for years and then the gremlin gets another ASBO?  WTF ... What the hell does 50, five fuckin oh, FIFTY convictions say about justice taking its course?  Where’s the justice when some creep is still free after 25 convictions?  Well, if the gremlin is really brain dead then maybe there won’t be a 51st conviction. At least this one criminal career is at an end. And it wasn’t the “System” that brought it there.  NO.  It was one outraged home owner.  Kudos and Bravo and Well Done!

Sentencing the brothers, whose mother had died just before the incident, the judge added: ‘This case is a tragedy for you and your families.

‘Sadly, I have no doubt that my public duty requires me to impose immediate prison sentences of some length upon you.

‘This is in order to reflect the serious consequences of your violent acts and intent and to make it absolutely clear that, whatever the circumstances, persons cannot take the law into their own hands, or carry out revenge attacks upon a person who has offended them.’

The brothers, who live near each other in High Wycombe, did not react as they were sentenced, but members of their family watching from the public gallery tearfully shook their heads.

Michael Wolkind, defending, argued that his client was the ‘real victim’ in the case.

Mr Wolkind said the case had similarities to that of farmer Tony Martin, who shot a teenage intruder, noting there was public support in both cases.

He told the court: ‘The public surely do not want Munir Hussain to receive imprisonment. I don’t seek a medal, I seek justice for him.’

Munir Hussain, usually a controlled man, had simply acted in the heat of the moment in ‘extreme circumstances of stress’, he added.

The prosecution said the Hussains were not being convicted for apprehending Salem, but for the ‘excessive force’ they used on him.

Hilary Neville, prosecuting, said: ‘What started as reasonable self defence by Munir Hussain then turned into excessive force by virtue of a sustained attack by Munir, Tokeer and at least two others.’

The court heard sentencing would have an impact on the local economy, with 10 members of staff losing their jobs at Soundsorba, the company run by Munir Hussain, who employs his brother as a technical director.

The firm, which produces sound-absorbing material, has an annual turnover of £2.5m.

Munir Hussain feels he let down his wife Shaheen Begum and sons Awais, 21, Samad, 15, and 18-year-old daughter Arooj, by failing to defend them against Salem and his gang.

His wife had suffered a stroke prior to the incident, and had since had a mini stroke.


ps: have water and all working BUT.  electrician coming tomorrow late morning to change some kind of box that should have tripped and didn’t, when my hand got a tiny tingle in the water last week.  something to do with something Drew and others mentioned. I think.  rdf? rfd? I forgot. Stay Tuned


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calendar   Saturday - December 12, 2009

Baby P Torturer Floored By Fellow Inmate … GOOD!  Sorry he didn’t cripple the bastard. Or kill him

I hadn’t intended this to be an early Saturday post but found it when I went to my inbox.

Some of you may recall I went somewhat ballistic on this story and all of our readers who took time to comment, were not far behind me.

The baby mentioned was only 17 months old.

So the scum is jailed and .....

Steven Barker, the boyfriend of Baby Peter’s mother who was jailed for his part in the child’s death, has been attacked in prison.

The 6ft 4in lifer was punched to the floor by a fellow inmate and needed hospital treatment at HMP Wakefield.

The attacker - who has a history of prison violence - was ready to continue the assault when guards intervened, prison sources told Sky News Online.

Barker was knocked to the floor with a “single blow” and no weapons were used, the source added.

It is understood the attack was part of a planned ambush.

A prison service spokesman told Sky: “We can confirm that a prisoner at Wakefield was assaulted by another prisoner.

“Thanks to the prompt and professional action of officers at the prison who intervened the situation was brought under control almost immediately.

“The prisoner who was attacked was provided treatment at the medical unit and the assailant is in the segregation unit.”

Barker - who was the boyfriend of Baby Peter’s mother, Tracey Connelly, 28 - was first jailed for his part in the death of 17-month old Peter Connelly in Tottenham, North London.

He was later given a life sentence for the rape of a two-year-old girl.

Baby Peter died in August 2007 after suffering 50 injuries including a broken spine.

Connelly, Barker and his brother Jason Owen, 37, were all jailed in May.


People like this exhibit violent criminal behavior loooong ,long before it gets to this pass.  So why aren’t they taken out sooner?  Why does a baby have to be raped and another tortured and killed before anything is done?  This creep and his brother should have been taken somewhere and shot early on.


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calendar   Tuesday - December 08, 2009

Here’s the deal. Torture an elderly lady for two days, choke her to death, have baby, FREE at last.

This is NOT the average Brits idea of justice BUT god damn it there is something so fuckin rotten with what passes for justice here it’s appalling.
Shit!  WHT are ppl in power thinking? The victim here was 71.  Damn. I’m 72. I hardly even know what I’m trying to say. I’m just so frustrated and so angry reading this today with the morning coffee.  No doubt things as bad in USA but for now I don’t live there.  I’m beginning to wonder what living in Singapore might be like. ??  NO. I’m not trying to be funny.  I’m beginning to wonder seriously how much worse things are gonna get, and if there isn’t some place better then here and the states.  I’ll probably settle down in a few hours I guess but right now I find this absolutely impossible to deal with rationally. Wait a minute. Rationally?  How can this be dealt with that way?  Justice would demand the very same treatment be given the criminal responsible. But no.  Got to be humane even to those who by their own actions forfeit that kind of consideration.  Oh the left says, but then we sink to that level. Can’t allow that.  Oh yeah? Why not?  I’ll volunteer to sink there so libtards don’t have to.  But they won’t even allow me that pleasure.
Meanwhile ... the tortured victim remains quite dead and unavenged while the shit,scum worthless piece of garbage responsible has a baby, and will live with mommy and daddy and baby a free person with a new ID and protected by ..... who the fuck else?  The state with the compliments of the taxpayer.  Too - too much BMEWS.  Just too fuckin much.  And that isn’t even the only RCOB story making today’s headlines.

Killer with new ID who got pregnant behind bars wants to live in her old home

By Tom Kelly
Last updated at 9:40 AM on 08th December 2009

A murderess who became pregnant while a prisoner is to be given a taxpayer-funded change of identity - even though she is returning to live in her family home.

Lisa Healey, who was 15 when she tortured and killed a lonely pensioner, is due to be released on parole later this month after serving 11 years.

She gave birth to a daughter earlier this year after being seduced by an inmate from another open jail, whom she met at a Ministry of Justice forum on prison reform.

Now taxpayers face footing the bill to provide Healey and her child with new identities when the killer is freed.

But astonishingly, the 26-year-old is due to move back in with her parents - who are not changing their names - at their family home near Manchester, less than two miles away from where they lived at the time of the murder.

A prison source said: ‘It’s a crazy situation. They must be spending a fortune on this plan which won’t protect her at all because everyone in the area will know who she is.

‘Her parents are very well known around there, so it will be no secret. She’s already spent lots of time at her parents’ house during home releases from her open jail.’

Healey will follow in the footsteps of a string of other criminals who have been given new identities on their release, usually for their own protection.

Social Services rather than the Prison Service is understood to be behind the move to change Healey’s identity.

Tory MP David Davies, a member of the home affairs select committee, said: ‘The whole situation is appalling. First she was allowed to have sex and even have a child while serving a jail sentence for a brutal murder.

‘Now taxpayers’ money is to be spent giving her and her baby a new identity when they are released. It is a damning indictment of how soft the criminal justice system has become.’

Although the cost of changing Healey’s name is likely to be relatively small, social services are expected to spend public money protecting this new identity.

Healey became pregnant after meeting Michael Dent in February last year at a ‘Service User Forum’ run by the Ministry of Justice at Askham Grange open prison in York, where she is serving her sentence.

Dent, then an inmate of Moorlands Open Prison in Doncaster, had been given a four-year sentence for running a cannabis factory in his home.

The 40-year-old former public schoolboy was asked to attend the forum as a ‘prison representative’ to discuss jail reform.

Even though he and Healey were in different jails, they continued to see each other when they were on day release.
Lily Lilley

Victim Lily Lilley was tortured for two days

Their daughter was conceived in the Ibis Hotel in York city centre, where they regularly checked in during their days together.

Healey gave birth in April and is bringing up her daughter in a mother-and-baby unit of her jail.

Dent said Healey ended their relationship soon after the birth. In 1998, Healey and a friend, Sarah Davey, 14, murdered Lily Lilley at her home in Failsworth, near Manchester.

The girls befriended the lonely 71-year-old widow and, after being invited in for a cup of tea, tortured her for 48 hours before choking her to death.

They placed her body in a bin and trundled it through the streets before pushing it into a canal.

The pair were found guilty of murder and ordered to be detained indefinitely.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: ‘A change of identity facilitated by Government agencies is extremely rare and granted only when the police assess there is clear and credible evidence of a sustained threat to the offender’s life on release into the community.’



See More Below The Fold


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