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calendar   Thursday - September 24, 2009

UPDATE … To a story that recently appeared here and I’ll bet nobody is surprised.


BMEWS will recall that story from the other day.  Briefly to recap for those who don’t know.

Four school boys grabbed a young girl, tied her to a fence and beat her with a skip rope. Another kid saw what was happening and ran into the school and got an employee who ran out and got the girl free and also managed to get a couple of the little bastards.
The school reported to the girls parents that that their kid was hurt in a skip rope accident. Clearly a freeken lie by ppl who would normally instruct kids to be truthful.  Or they should and they might if they weren’t the same sort of shits as the boys who abused that little girl.
Well, the lady who saved the kid informed the parents of the truth, and got herself fired for her trouble.
And that brings us to this UPDATE on that story.

( A dinner lady is the person who dishes out the lunches in school cafeteria)

Bully exposed by sacked school employee revealed to be son of school governor

By Sarah Harris
Last updated at 12:30 PM on 24th September 2009

One of the bullies at the centre of a row over a sacked dinner lady is the son of a school governor.

Carol Hill, 60, was sacked for telling the parents of seven-year-old Chloe David that their daughter had been tied up and whipped in the school playground.

The school had informed Scott and Claire David she had simply been ‘hurt’ in an incident with a skipping rope.

Mrs Hill was suspended after the incident in June and yesterday it emerged that she had been fired by a disciplinary tribunal for breaching pupil confidentiality at Great Tey Primary School, near Colchester, Essex.

Angry parents are demanding the resignation of headteacher and governors at the school and some are threatening to remove their children if Mrs Hill is not reinstated.

Parents have questioned whether Mrs Hill’s sacking was influenced by the fact that a governor, who did not take part in disciplinary hearings, is mother of one of the four boys accused of tying Chloe’s wrists and ankles with the skipping rope.

Sarah Harris, 36, who has two children at the school, said the treatment of the dinner lady was unfair.

‘Maybe this would have been dealt with differently had a governor’s child not been involved,’ she told The Times.

‘You put your trust in these people not only to teach your children but to keep them safe and look after their pastoral care.

‘I am worried and very concerned as to what else may have been covered up.’


Sure does tell us a lot about our wonderful new world.  And of course we are all surprised by this. Instead of a damn good whipping the little SOB’s mommy covers up and costs someone their job. No sweat, no conscience, and no wonder her little angel is a snot faced bastard along with his friends.  And if she didn’t personally cover it up, then the school admin did. None of them should ever again be allowed to work in that sort of position.  But what are the chances of that happening?


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calendar   Sunday - September 13, 2009

The snooper’s handbook: Guide that will ensure no home improvement escapes the Council Tax

I can’t believe we’ve allowed this to happen. Why does it cost more to police, empty bins etc from a large house with en suites, conservatory etc, Gordon already gets his cut from stamp duty and eventually from death duty. We need an uprising against local and central government. Thereis no reason to work hard- earn more pay more tax, spend more pay more tax via vat, spend it on your house pay more tax. I’m no francophile but they wouldn’t stand for it.

- john, manchester, 13/9/2009

If the Councils could spend there time improving the services that we pay for instead of this snooping around on people might be a better idea.They keep telling us they have no money for this no money for that and cutting services , then they pay these people to snoop on us. I think its about time we the people who pay their salaries tell them what we want our money spent on.

- jacqui weems, southampton, 13/9/2009

Those are just two of some 121 comments made on the website of the Sunday Mail.  What are they banging on about?

‘Families face being taxed for their sash windows and en suite bathrooms. There is nothing that Gordon Brown won’t tax. These inspectors have alarming powers to enter people’s homes – and there is clear evidence that they now intend to exercise them.’

The snooper’s handbook: Guide that will ensure no home improvement escapes the Council Tax inspectors

By Glen Owen
Last updated at 2:58 AM on 13th September 2009

If you have just proudly added an en suite bathroom to your house or laid a tiled floor in your conservatory, then beware.

As part of secret plans for a council tax hike on the middle classes, inspectors have been armed with a new ‘snoopers handbook’ to ensure that no home improvement – however discreet – escapes their scrutiny.

THE BIG BROTHER MANUAL trains valuation experts how to follow up leads from ‘informants’ by undertaking ‘detective work’, including photographing properties, plundering estate agents’ details and room-by-room inspections.
Loft extension

The handbook informs inspectors how to find homeowners who have so-called ‘value significant’ features

In July, The Mail on Sunday revealed that the Valuation Office Agency is compiling a database that will give all 23million homes in England one of 100 ‘dwelling house codes’, which are expected to form the basis of a council tax revaluation if Labour wins the next Election.

Middle-income families are likely to bear the brunt of any tax increases as the Government struggles to fill the black hole on its balance sheet caused by the recession.

The handbook, complete with audio commentary, sets out how inspectors can catch homeowners who have so-called ‘value significant’ features.

One exercise reads: ‘Your office has been informed the roofspace has been converted into a fourth bedroom. Your task is to establish whether existing details [for the house] require amendment.’

Another states that ‘information has been obtained’ about a house that has been ‘extended to include another living room and two new bedrooms with en suites. It also emerges that the house has a partial view of the mountains’.
DIY Repair Replace Garden Fence Panels

Within the guide, inspectors are urged to ‘use to detective work’ to spot value-adding features on a home

The trainee inspectors then have to change their valuation to place the home in a higher bracket.

A further exercise trains inspectors to look out for ‘a garage large enough for two cars and a drive large enough for three’, a ‘hardwood conservatory with single glazing and tiled floor’, a ‘full sea view’ and recent modernisation.

The language in the manual will strike homeowners who have carried out improvements as positively Orwellian.

Alongside pictures of homes and their value-adding features – including in some cases a Sherlock Holmes-style magnifying glass on the pictures for inspecting building features – inspectors are urged to ‘use detective work’.

They are told: ‘The guide is effectively a glossary of the different types of dwellings within the country. You could even say that it’s a kind of illustrated social history.’ They are even wished ‘good luck’ on their missions.

Last night, Conservative Local Government spokeswoman Caroline Spelman said: ‘Labour Ministers have been caught red-handed training a cadre of State snoopers for a council tax revaluation.



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calendar   Thursday - September 10, 2009


H/T Tundra Tabloids and Europe News

A note about this video.  It has sub-titles of course, it is interesting as is the whole subject.
My settings made the Tundra Tabloid site near impossible to read. You may have better luck. Europe News easier and here’s their link to this story

Free Speech Loses in Finland: Helsinki Councilman is Fined 330 € For Insulting Islam

Tundra Tabloids 09 September 2009

Helsinki District Court delivers
verdict to Jussi Halla-aho:


You shall not insult Islam and its prophet!

It was to be expected. The Tundra Tabloids was asked just yesterday by someone living outside of Finland, what the outcome of the trial would be. Responding that it would be too close to tell, but the gut feeling however, was that most likely Jussi Halla-aho would receive a fine. That’s was indeed the case, as the District court in Helsinki fined the City Councilman to pay 30 day fines amounting to 330 euros.

This judgement by the Helsinki District Court violates the very essence of what “Freedom of Speech” stands for; the right to say out loud, that, what people do not want to hear. As an American who has been living in Finland for the past 22 years, I’m appalled at what just took place.

The Finnish judicial system just violated the sacred right of every Finn to speak his or her mind freely, on any given subject, no matter how polite or offensive that speech might be. From now on, and in no unclear or uncertain terms, the Finnish state makes itself the sole arbitrator of what kind of speech in Finland is permissible and what is not. Big Brother has spoken.

Prosecutor, Simo Kolehmainen, Chief Prosecutor, Jarmo Kalske, Prosecutor Mika Illman, Minster of Justice, Tuija Brax, you all are traitors to your country, and for that the Tundra Tabloids holds you all in contempt.

So, it is the personal opinion of the owner of this blog, The Tundra Tabloids, that the central figure of Islam, the person that Muslims revere and worship around the world and here in Finland, their “prophet Mohammad”, was in fact a pedophile by today’s standards, and it’s the continued intention of this blog to keep pointing out that fact, that the founder of Islam was indeed a pedophile, and that many of his faithful followers till this day, adhere to that institutionalized religious practice of Islamic inspired pedophilia.

City Councillor Jussi Halla-Aho of the True Finns Party has been found guilty of defamation of religion by the Helsinki District Court. He was ordered to pay a fine of 330 euros. However, the court dismissed a charge of inciting hatred against an ethnic group.

Prosecutor Simo Kolehmainen said Halla-Aho had publicly defamed the Islamic faith in his blog writings. Halla-Aho had also written derogatory statements about Somali immigrants on his internet site.

NOTE: Here is the video again of the Halla-aho interview just after the court trial ended on the 28th of August.


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calendar   Wednesday - September 09, 2009

A Protest Attacked; A Blogger Threatened With Execution. all in the name of anti-fascists.

H/T The Brussels Journal

Readers, this is a lengthy but VERY worthy read. I have not posted all of it here so please see the link at the end.
Not at all surprising that the ppl who SHOUT about being anti-fascist and form groups calling themselves anti this or that, aren’t anti at all. All they are about is the stifling of any opinion not their own.  Call someone, anyone, a fascist and all argument is meant to be shut down.
Anyone critical of islam in any shape or form is, a fascist.  Fine. If that’s the case then I’m a died in the wool fascist.  These folks really fool no one and I’m pretty certain they know that as well.  Unfortunately they seem to have the numbers and the power to shut down anyone or any group who see things in a different light.  And the west has allowed this cancer to grow and to multiply at it’s core.  I greatly fear there will be an awful price to pay down the road.

So then, please read ALL of this. And read the threat at the end (link) and read the claim that this is now a muslim country.

From the desk of A. Millar
Wed, 2009-09-09 09:37

Emotions are running high in parts of Britain. Only a couple of weeks ago, rumors that a “Right wing” group was planning to march through the Bury Park region of Luton were spreading through the Muslim communities of the city. This turned out to be false. When no one turned up, the Muslim youths that had congregated attacked the police, throwing missiles and hurling abuse [video]. 50 extra police had to be drafted to contain the situation.

Last week, as it became known that the so-called English Defense League (EDL) was planning to protest in Birmingham, Mohammad Naseem, chairman of the Birmingham Central Mosque, told Muslims to “vent their feelings” at the EDL march, though he apparently believed that the police would separate the protestors and counter-protestors.

Dr. Naseem had also told his followers to form alliances with other counter-protestors, including with members of other religions and socialists. Such advice was ill advised, and probably unnecessary. Socialist – and especially Trotskyite – organizations have formed alliances with Islamist groups over the last few years, and have amassed tens of thousands of demonstrators across the country, in support of the terrorist organization Hamas. Even when they face no opposition, socialist leaders stoke the passions, and their protests almost invariably end in chaos. The police are often violently confronted. Retail property is smashed up. And Jews have been threatened and even assaulted.

The main socialist street protesting organization is Unite Against Fascism (UAF). Its supporters include Labour MPs, the head of the Conservative Party David Cameron, but its tactics and alliances (for example with extremist Muslims) have been questioned, even by those on the Left. David Toube lamented in the Leftwing Guardian not so long ago, that, “with its sectarianism, silence on antisemitism and blindness to Islamist Jew-hatred, Unite Against Fascism just isn’t up to the job.” Writing about the UAF’s recent demonstration outside of the “Whites only” British National Party’s annual festival, Lucy James, a research fellow at the Muslim-run Quilliam foundation, criticized the UAF’s tactics, saying that the “protesters soon became violent,” and that “protests become ineffective when they descend into thuggery and hooliganism.”

The English Defence League is composed of working class football fans. They are mostly – or perhaps they are all – White. They are roudy, wave flags and placards, and chant “England, England, England.” By most accounts, however, they are not violent. They also claim to oppose Islamic “extremists,” rather than all Muslims. At their recent Birmingham demonstration – held in the first week of September – one man was photographed holding a sign reading “No More Mosques,” which would seem less discriminating. However, others held signs reading “Say No To London Mega Mosque,” “Islamic Extremists Out: Make Britain Safe,” and “Jihadist Choudry! Leave OUR Children Alone.”

The “Jihadist Choudry” is Anjem Choudary, a prominent extremist Islamist, and head of Islam4UK – a reincarnation of the organization al-Muhajiroun, which was disbanded after British authorities threatened to ban it, following a number of high profile terrorist attacks and attempted attacks by its followers, including the so-called “shoe bomber” Richard Reid (who attempted to blow up an American Airlines jet) and Asif Hani, who blew up a café in Tel Aviv.

The UAF contends, however, that the EDL is composed of “racist and fascist thugs” whose core members are also members of the BNP. The UAF even turned up to an EDL demonstration in August with “Stop the fascist BNP” placards. For its part, the EDL carried placards with “We are not the BNP[,] and we are not racist” and “English Defence League[:] Black and White Unite.”

One photograph published in the Daily Mail also shows a group of EDL demonstrators at the recent Birmingham demonstration holding up a large Israeli flag – a statement, surely, against the anti-Semitism of the so-called “anti-fascist” coalition. The Israeli flag is routinely burned in pro-Hamas demonstrations in Britain, organized and dominated by the same Leftist and Islamist cadre as turned out to meet the EDL protest, and who burned the Union Jack in front of them.

Burning the British or Israeli flag is not an act of “anti-racism” or “anti-fascism.” It is provocative. (One need only imagine the reaction if EDL members had burned an Islamic flag.)



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calendar   Monday - August 31, 2009

How things are done in european democracy. Keep voting till powers get their desired result.

The Irish have already voted but the power groups didn’t like the result. So I guess it’s back to the voting booth.
I hope the Irish won’t allow themselves to be pushed into anything. Cause they might regret it mightily down the road. We’ll see.
Stay Tuned.

The Irish government’s ‘Yes to Lisbon’ glove-puppets
Mary Ellen Synon
31 August 2009 11:12 AM


In six weeks’ time, the Irish government will force the Irish people to vote a second time on the Lisbon Treaty. It is bad enough that any government would try to overturn the resounding No vote the Irish gave last year, but this government is in a particularly awkward position to try to do so: never in the history of independent Ireland has any government been as unpopular, indeed, as reviled, as the present Fianna Fail-Green coalition led by Brian Cowen.

Twelve years of Fianna Fail coalitions have left Ireland with the worst recession in the European Union—indeed, the economy is so bad that it actually meets the economic definition of a depression—so the voters are seething with anger against the Ministers.  It appears some public relations focus group has told Mr Cowen and his colleagues what should have been obvious anyway: that if this much-hated government tries to lead the campaign for a Yes vote next month, they are likely to increase the No vote.

So instead the government has been choreographing a series of announcements by prominent Irish businessmen to come out and announce they will be supporting a Yes vote. In effect, the government are using chief executives as their political glove-puppets, saying what the ministers would say if they weren’t afraid to come out of their bunkers and face the Irish public.

The problem with that is, so far the only business leaders who have agreed to pay big money towards the Lisbon Yes campaign are men who clearly have a vested interest in sucking up the the European Commission.

For example, on August 20th, Jim O’Hara, the chief executive of Intel in Ireland—the company is a big employer, but one which has recently laid off hundreds of workers—announced his company will spend hundreds of thousands of euros to campaign for a Yes vote. He said he has the support of ‘the wider Intel corporation’ in this campaign.

Too right he does. Intel is a global corporation which is now appealing a €1.06 billion (£935m) fine imposed in May by the European Commission for anti-competitive practices. The money is frozen in a blocked bank account, pending an appeal by the company in the European Court of First Instance. The executives at Intel won’t ever touch any of that billion-plus again unless their appeal succeeds - or unless they can negotiate a lower fine with the Commission.

Then there is Michael O’Leary, the chief executive of Ryanair. Last week he called a press conference to announce the airline will spend €500,000 on campaigning for a Yes vote. Which you could call a kind of protection payment to the goodwill of the Commission: the routes and pricing for O’Leary’s airline are at the mercy of the unelected, unsackable eurocrats in Brussels.



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calendar   Monday - August 24, 2009


Stupid fuckin socialist dipshits!


THE public has been urged by the govt. to inform trading standards officers about shops that continue to sell traditional light bubs banned by Europe.

From Sept. 1st it will be illegal to make or import coventional pearl or frosted bulbs of any shape or wattage.

All traditional incandescent bulbs of 100watts will also be banned.  They will be replaced by energy-saving bulbs.

But it is thought that consumers still prefer the traditional type because of the apparent poor quality of light from the new bulbs.

Daily Telegraph
24 August ‘09

it is thought that consumers still prefer the traditional type
Well duh.  Who pays any attention to the consumer when the eu speaks?

note to p. BUY another hundred bulbs today.

ON the other hand.

‘Green’ Germans hoard traditional bulbs to beat ban

By David Derbyshire
Last updated at 1:34 AM on 24th August 2009

Germans have been stockpiling vast numbers of energy-hungry lightbulbs

Germany’s green credentials have long made it the spiritual home of tree-huggers across the world.

But those who actually live there seem reluctant to embrace the eco-warriors’ latest symbol - the energy-saving lightbulb.

Germans have been stockpiling vast numbers of old-fashioned energy-hungry lightbulbs ahead of next week’s EU ban on many of them.

Sales of conventional incandescent bulbs shot up 34 per cent in the first six months of this year as consumers hoarded the dwindling supplies.

In most other European countries, sales fell over the same period. In Britain, where big retailers introduced a voluntary ban on 100 watt bulbs in January, sales are down by a fifth.

Brussels is banning all pearl or frosted traditional bulbs and clear 100 watt bulbs from September 1 as part of its drive to cut carbon dioxide emissions and tackle climate change.

Stocks are expected to run out in most towns by the end of next month, forcing householders to buy energy-saving compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) or low-energy halogen bulbs.

The figures highlighting Germany’s unwillingness to switch to CFLs have surprised some in a country with such a strong green movement and which brought the world the eco-friendly repairable Birkenstock sandal.



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calendar   Monday - August 10, 2009

OH LOOK THERE … A NAZI CAR.  BNP opposition never stops even when the claim is false.

I was planning on closing for the night. Been a very long day. But then I caught this story and just had to post it as an example of the kind of BS we find so often.

The fellow in question is a member of the BNP.  Considered to be a far right and Lyndon might even call a fascist party.  I’m not questioning any of that.
But look how far the opposition is willing to go in their efforts to stifle this group.  Or make a case against one of their leaders where there is no case at all.

Attack em on their platform. Show others where and why they’re wrong.  Make public in print factual statements of the BNP if you want to show them up.
But this sort of invention of an issue is so bogus it defies description.  And it’s so typical of so called liberal critics. 

The license plate on the car this guy bought a few years ago came with the car. It is not a vanity plate.  Ah but .... an opposition councilor happened to see the plate and naturally screamed .. N A Z I !

That’s what gets me.  Where?  Where does this plate say Nazi?  Even the newspaper headline is very misleading.

Misleading ?  It’s BOGUS!

The BNP councillor who drives a car with ‘Nazi’ number plate


A senior British National Party member has infuriated his opponents by driving in a car with a number plate that resembles the word ‘Nazi’.

BNP councillor Julian Leppert arrives at meetings in his black Ford Focus with a registration NA51 ZCY.

But the rising star of the far-right wing party insists he had no idea the number plate looked like ‘Nazi’.

Cr Leppert insisted that it was not a personalised number plate.  ‘I needed to buy a car in a hurry a couple of years ago and found one for sale online.

‘The number plate was blacked out so it wasn’t until I arrived to pay that I saw it.’ Julian Leppert joined the BNP in 2003 and won a seat on Redbridge Council

He said had he known, he ‘probably would never have bought it’.

‘I am planning to sell the car now as the other councillors seem to want to make a political point. I find that pretty cheap,’ Cr Leppert told the Daily Mirror.

But opposition councillor Veronica Cole was not impressed.

‘When I first saw the number plate on his car I couldn’t believe my eyes. It is sickening and appalling,’ she told the newspaper.

Now I don’t know about you folks out there but as far as I’m concerned, I can see thru this slag Cr. Cole like a window.  She’s was looking for something and she thought she found it.  An issue.  I don’t believe she thinks it’s “sickening” or “appalling.” I think she thinks she’s discovered a club with which to batter a BNP leader. Period. 

The 42-year-old postman from Loughton, Essex, joined the BNP in 2003. He was later elected to represent Hainault ward on Redbridge Council.

In 2004 he stood as the party’s London Mayoral candidate against Ken Livingstone.

He said in a speech: ‘I don’t care about being called names or being called politically incorrect. I have to stand up and tell the truth because my country is at stake.’

When BNP leader Nick Griffin was attacked by anti-fascists throwing eggs during his visit to London in June, the loyal Mr Leppert stepped in to shield him.

Here’s what one commenter has had to say with regard to that number plate. It’s quite instructive.

N = North
A = Newcastle
51 = Year 2001

So, a large number of cars registered in newcastle in 2001, will have the prefix NA51 and most people wouldn’t have made the connection to the word Nazi. Opposition councillor Veronica Cole is an idiot.

I am not a BNP supporter.

- Matt, Sussex, 10/8/2009 11:34

If the opposition to this party can’t do better then this, if they can’t do better then throwing eggs at an elected (legally) official, and if they can’t find a better way then shouting down their opposition and not allowing them the free speech they claim for themselves, then the BNP in the end will prosper.



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calendar   Monday - August 03, 2009

Tanker driver dragged to court for smoking - even though it was a fake cigarette.

Perhaps an understandable mistake made by the council spy but heck ... all she had to do is approach the man as he suggestes here, and all could have been cleared.  But no.  This is after all England where, as my Brit wife reminds me, if there is a logical and easy way to do things, Brits will look for the hard way instead.


See the link for the photos, especially the fake ciggies.  When I quite over 20 years ago, I had to do it the hard way. Cold turkey. But I did it.
I have been informed btw, that even in the states there are stupid idiot laws that are enforceable, that says a person can not even smoke in their own freeken car once they enter the parking space where they work.  OUTRAGEOUS!  Tempted to ask what the world is coming to but fear greatly I already know the answer.
C’mon. Can’t smoke in your own car?  How bad do things have to get before ppl start saying enough, and revolting against the dictatorship of the politically correct?


Tanker driver dragged to court for smoking - even though it was a fake cigarette
By Andy Dolan

When new laws made it illegal to smoke in a company vehicle, tanker driver Chris Minihan accepted that his days of puffing away at the wheel were over.
In the two years since then he has been trying hard to kick the habit - and even invested in a fake electronic cigarette to help him.

But today the father of one will be in court to fight possible fines of up to £2,700 for smoking in a public place and dropping ash.
He claims a council enforcement officer mistook the fake cigarette for a real one when she spotted Mr Minihan during his rest-break at a picnic area.
Mr Minihan, 52, was initially issued with fixed penalty notices for £125 but elected to go to court and try to persuade magistrates he was ‘smoking’ his £38 Gamucci microelectronic cigarette.

The device contains a tiny rechargeable battery and an atomising chamber. Users plug a liquid nicotine cartridge into the chamber and their sucking on the ‘cigarette’ causes it to heat up, turning the liquid into vapour which looks like smoke.

The ‘cigarette’ lets users satisfy their nicotine craving without carcinogens or tar and without the problems of second-hand smoke associated with cigarettes.
It is exempt from the anti-smoking legislation.
Users can slowly reduce the strength of the nicotine cartridges until they have kicked the habit.

Mr Minihan, of Anfield, Liverpool, said: ‘I have been trying to quit for years, but after they made it illegal to smoke in the cab, I decided to quit for good.
‘I had heard about these devices and decided to give them a try. They do look and feel exactly like a cigarette, so I can understand why the council enforcement officer could have been mistaken.’

The officer took three photographs of Mr Minihan’s tanker at the Wigg Island nature reserve in Runcorn, Cheshire, which is managed by Halton Borough Council.
He said: ‘If she had approached me on the day I could have shown her what I was doing and the whole thing could’ve been nipped in the bud then.
‘Instead, I only found out what she had done when an official arrived at the company yard two days later to issue me with the fixed penalty notices.’
Mr Minihan claims the ‘aggressive’ official refused to accept his explanation.

He was given a fixed penalty notice of £75 for littering, which could be reduced to £50 if paid within ten days, and a second of £50 for smoking in a public place.
The driver refused to accept the penalties and was summonsed to Runcorn Magistrates’ Court. If found guilty he could be fined up to £2,700 plus costs.
Mr Minihan, who has since been made redundant from Neston Tank Cleaners in Kirkby, Merseyside, bought the fake cigarette from the online store

He will represent himself in court, but the firm has offered to pay any costs if he loses the case.
The Health Act 2006, which came into force in July 2007, made almost all enclosed public places and workplaces smoke free. It includes work vehicles and applies to staff, customers and visitors.

Halton Borough Council said last night: ‘We cannot comment while legal proceedings are ongoing.’
Last month, Cardiff taxi driver Goldeep Singh, 46, was fined £65 with £135 costs for smoking in his cab. Singh, of Llanishen, Cardiff, had refused to pay a fixed penalty notice.



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calendar   Sunday - August 02, 2009

Six Christians, including four women, were burnt alive on a rumor of disrespect to the koran.

I just came across this.  It’s happened before of course. 
Too dumbstruck for words.


Sunday August 02 2009

Six Christians, including four women, were burnt alive in clashes with majority Muslims in a town in central Pakistan yesterday, officials said.

Tension has been running high between the two communities in Gojra town in central Punjab province over allegations that Christians had desecrated a Koran.

Clashes erupted early yesterday, with an exchange of fire between members of both communities.

Television footage showed burning houses and streets strewn with blackened furniture and people firing at each other from their rooftops.

Shahbaz Bhatti, minister for minorities, said a mob “misled by religious extremists”, attacked a Christian neighbourhood and torched dozens of houses.

“We have received six bodies of people who died of burn injuries. They included four women, one man and one child,” Abdul Hamid, a health ministry official in the town said. Rana Sanaullah, provincial minister for law, who is also responsible for security matters of Punjab, condemned the attack and said an inquiry had been ordered.

However, he said, a preliminary investigation showed there was no desecration of the Koran.

“It was just a rumour which was exploited by anti-state elements to create chaos,” he said.

“I request both Muslim and Christian communities to show restraint.” He said the government would take strict action against rioters and police who failed to stop this kind of violence.

Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim nation and religious minorities, including Christians, account for roughly 4 per cent of the 170 million population.

There have been periodic attacks on Christian targets since Pakistan became a US ally following the September 11 attacks on the US in 2001.


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This popped up only minutes ago. I do believe it is tomorrow’s headline.

If the Brits put up with this shit, if they don’t riot over this, then they will deserve EVERY GOD DAMN THING that this will bring about. This kind of thing is where it really begins, isn’t it?  And what the fuck next?

So help me if I were in that position and had a sign in my home or shop and some crack pot fucked up Olympics “official” tried to take anything away, I’d use a butcher knife on em and fix em so they’d not look like anything that once walked and talked.

This is some shit people.  Powers that be say the authority to use the new law will not be used. Oh yeah? Then why’s it there jerk? Maybe for some future event? Comrade.

You in the USA should understand.  There are BILLIONS being spent on the 2012 olympics. Not everyone is so happy about that.
I don’t believe those who are against it have any particular right to stop traffic or cause mayhem.
But I’ll be damned if I think they have no right to protest the boondoggle or that any official has a right to enter their house and confiscate protest signs. 

Police given powers to enter homes and tear down anti-Olympics posters during 2012 Games

By James Slack
Last updated at 5:59 PM on 21st July 2009

Olympic protests

Police will be given new powers to stop protesters during the London 2012 Olympics it has emerged

Police have been handed ‘Chinese-style’ powers to enter private homes and seize political posters during the London 2012 Olympics.

Little-noticed measures passed by the Government will allow officers and Olympics officials to enter homes and shops near official venues to confiscate any protest material.

Breaking the rules could land offenders with a fine of up to £20,000.

Civil liberties groups compared the powers to those used by the Communist Chinese government to stop political protest during the 2008 Beijing Games.

Anita Coles, of Liberty, said: ‘Powers of entry should be for fighting crime, not policing poster displays. Didn’t we learn last time that the Olympics should not be about stifling free expression?’

The powers were introduced by the Olympics Act of 2006, passed by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, supposedly to preserve the monopoly of official advertisers on the London 2012 site.

They would allow advertising posters or hoardings placed in shop or home to be removed.

But the law has been drawn so widely that it also includes ‘non-commercial material’ - which could extend its reach to include legitimate campaign literature.

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said: ‘This is a Government who just doesn’t understand civil liberties. They may claim these powers won’t be used but the frank truth is no one will believe them.’

Liberal Democrat spokesman Chris Huhne said: ‘This sort of police action runs the risk of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. ‘We should aim to show the Chinese that you can run a successful Olympics without cracking down on protestors and free speech.’

Scotland Yard denied it had any plans to use the powers.

Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison said: ‘We have no intention of using our powers to go in and take down demonstration posters.’

But critics said that - given the powers were now law - it was impossible to predict what would happen in three years time.

Campaigners said the existence of the powers was ‘dreadful’. Peter McNeil, who is against the holding of equestrian events in Greenwich Park said: ‘It’s bullying taken to another level. It’s quite appalling that this should happen in a democracy.’

The power emerged as the Home Office and police outlined the £600million security operation for the Games, which will cost more than £9billion in total.

They said hundreds of flights could have to be diverted every day, with planes prevented from passing over the main venue for the London games.

Olympic security chiefs said they expected to have to ‘manage’ the airspace over the Olympic Park in east London.

A senior Home Office official said: ‘We do expect there will have to be some management of the airspace. We do not expect that any airports will have to close.’

The officials said they had no evidence of a specific terror threat against the Games at the moment.

But current preparations assume the terror threat level will be at ‘severe’ during the event, despite it being reduced to ‘substantial’ for the UK earlier this week. It is the lowest threat level nationwide since before the July 7 attacks in 2005.

A DCMS spokesman said: ‘The advertising provisions in the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act 2006 are there to prevent ambush marketing and the over-commercialisation of the Games, not to prevent or restrict lawful protests.

‘The measures will only apply to areas within a few hundred meters of the London 2012 venues. The Government is currently developing detailed regulations for advertising during the Games which will enable these powers to come into effect. The Government will be consulting on the regulations in 2010.’



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‘Evil destruction’ of a happy family.  Read this and watch as a blood red curtain descends

Has the fuhrer state finally come to Britain?  Should we be shouting Seig Heil now?

OK, so maybe I might be a tad over the top but wait.

See if you can read this story without becoming totally pissed off big time in sympathy with this mom and dad.
I could hardly believe what I was reading.  And why should this bother me so much?
I think the answer might be my sense of fair play and justice and utter hatred of the kind of ppl I call, Hitler’s Little Helpers!
Freeken butt-wipes.

It just festers and bother the hell outta me and similar happens here on a regular basis.
It’s beyond me how this sort of thing can happen and take so long to resolve and in fact this case is not finished yet.
Fuckin’ commie/nazi fruitcake bastards.

Time for my blood pressure meds.

‘Evil destruction’ of a happy family
A system involving social workers, police and courts took a child away from loving parents for no apparent reason

By Christopher Booker
Jul 2009
Two weeks ago I reported as shocking a story as this column has ever covered. It described how a loving family was torn apart when the parents were arrested by police on what turned out to be wholly spurious charges, so that their three children could be taken into care by social workers. As reported on another page, it now seems this awful episode has come to a happy ending.

However a new case has lately been surfacing, if anything even more shocking. This also involved the arrest of two parents and the abduction of their child by social workers, in a story so bizarre that, at last week’s Prime Minister’s Questions, Gordon Brown was asked about it by the family’s MP, Charles Hendry, who has long been concerned with the case because the mother is a vice-chairman of his local Conservative Association. The family’s horrified GP says that, in 43 years of medical practice, he has never “encountered a case of such appalling injustice”.

I first planned to describe this case in April, but was pre-empted by the draconian reporting restrictions on family cases, which, for reasons which will become tragically clear, have now been partly lifted.
The story began in April 2007 when “Mr Smith”, as I must call him, had a visit from the RSPCA over the dog-breeding business he ran from the family home. He had docked the tails of five new-born puppies – a procedure that had become illegal two days beforehand. Unaware of this, he promised in future to obey the new law.

Three days later, however, at nine o’clock in the morning, two RSPCA officials returned, accompanied in cars and riot vans by 18 policemen, who had apparently been tipped off, quite wrongly, that Mr Smith had guns in the house.

Armed with pepper spray, they ransacked the house, looking for the nonexistent guns. The dogs, released from their kennels, also rampaged through the house. When Mr Smith and his wife, who was three months pregnant, volubly protested at what was happening, they were forcibly arrested in front of their screaming five-year-old daughter “Jenny” and taken away. Two hours later, with the house in a shambles – the dogs having strewn the rabbit entrails meant for their dinner across the floor – social workers arrived to remove the crying child.

Held for hours in a police cell, Mrs Smith had a miscarriage. When she was finally set free, she returned home that evening to find her daughter gone. It was the beginning of a barely comprehensible nightmare.
Her husband was charged with various offenses connected with the dogs, including the tail-docking, but was eventually given a conditional discharge by a judge who accepted that he was “an animal lover” who had not been cruel to his dogs.

Far more serious, however, was that the social workers seemed determined to hang onto the child, now in foster care, on the sole grounds that they had found the house dirty and in a mess (the “animal entrails” played a large part in their evidence). This was despite the testimony of a woman Pc (who had visited the house a month earlier on a different matter) that she found it “clean and tidy”. Two hundred horrified neighbours, who knew the couple as doting parents of a happy, well-cared-for child, were about to stage a protest demonstration when they were stopped by the police, on the social workers’ instructions that this might identify the child.

For more than two years the couple have been fighting through more than 100 hearings in the courts to win their daughter back. From a mass of evidence, including psychiatric reports and tape recordings made at meetings with her parents (only allowed in the presence of social workers), it is clear she has been desperate to return home. It is equally clear that considerable pressure has been brought on the child to turn her against her parents.
One particularly bizarre psychiatric report was compiled after only an hour-long interview with the little girl. When she said she had once choked on a lollipop, this was interpreted as signifying that she could possibly have “been forced to have oral sex with her father”.

After Mrs Smith alone had been subjected to four different psychiatric investigations, which came up with mixed findings, she refused to submit to a fifth, and this apparently weighed heavily with the judge who last December ordered that “Jenny" should be put out to adoption.

In the Appeal Court 11 days ago, Mr Justice Bodey ruled that, because the mother had refused that fifth test, indicating that the parents put their own “emotional wellbeing” in front of that of their child, the adoption order must stand. When this judgment was reported, an independent social worker, who had earlier been an expert witness in the case, wrote to Mr and Mrs Smith to say he was “horrified” to learn that Jenny was “not back in their care”, having assumed for over a year that “she must have been returned home”.

Their equally horrified GP, saying that he had never “encountered such a case of appalling injustice”, wrote “the destruction of this once happy family is in my opinion evil”. So shocked was their MP, Mr Hendry ,that he last Wednesday took the highly unusual course of raising the case with the Prime Minister at question time. Numerous others who know the family well have expressed similar dismay. One neighbour, herself a former social worker, whose own daughter often played with “Jenny”, said: “I worked with children in social services for 25 years and I have never seen anything like this. It is disgusting.”

What is clear in this case, as in so many others, is that a system involving social workers, police and courts in what is an obviously very close alliance should yet again have left a happy, loving family destroyed for no very obvious reason. Almost equally alarming is the way that system manages to shield itself from the world, through reporting restrictions which it claims are designed to protect the children but which too often end up by protecting only the system itself.



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This article appeared a couple of day ago and seemed so unreasonable to me.  I tried to see it as maybe those in authority looked at the picture, but I confess I failed to see whatever it was they saw.
Maybe they were worried enough about child welfare they decide to err on the side of caution.  I mean, think about it.  If they didn’t and the worse happened. What then?  But no.  It still seems unreasonable and somewhere there’s stupid as well.

Take a look at this.

A couple have lost custody of their children after the father asked for permission to pick them up from inside the school gates.

By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter
Published: 9:00PM BST 04 Jul 2009

The man, a business consultant, was concerned that two of his three children – who are all under 13 – might be at risk of abduction because of the family’s connections.

Telling the school that the children were related to European royalty and that his brother was a senior Army officer, the father is said to have asked for permission – which was granted – to pick up his children inside the two schools attended by his eldest children.

However, one of the head teachers went to the police because of her “concerns”.

This led to the parents’ background being investigated and concerns being raised, initially over the father’s mental state and then for the safety of his children.

Lord Monckton, who has investigated the allegations, described the episode as “the worst case of child abduction by social services that I have ever come across”.

He accused a social worker and a police officer, both female, of plotting together against the couple, who live in the east of England.

Lord Monckton has now reported the two women to the local police force and council for alleged improper conduct.

Lord Monckton claims that on May 18 a social worker approached the father as he arrived, with his wife, to pick up one of their children from school.

The father has told the peer that when he was asked to accompany her, he demanded to see her identification but she refused to show him. He claims he was then hancuffed by two police officers.

His wife was also detained when she went to remonstrate, and their youngest child was taken away screaming, according to the family’s account. Later all three children were taken into care.

The father was then detained under the Mental Health Act, although his wife was released later the same day.

“However, the father’s supporters say that on May 28, he appeared before a mental health tribunal and was given a complete discharge; yet his children remain in care.

The Sunday Telegraph has had no direct contact with the family. It is understood that the social worker and police officer have justified their actions in statements to a family court.

A council spokesman said: “We have no comment to make because the matter is in front of the courts.”


“the matter is in front of the courts”
I sure as hell hope it’s in the courts. I hope mom and dad sue the crap outta those jerks. But hey. This is what the former Gt. Britain has come to.
Here’s Christopher Booker’s take on the story in an editorial from the Telegraph.

Is the state guilty of child kidnap?
Social workers are still too keen to split up families, says Christopher Booker.

By Christopher Booker
Published: 6:07PM BST 04 Jul 2009

One of the most disturbing features of life in modern Britain has been the extraordinary powers given to social workers to seize children from their parents, too often – when those powers are abused – supported by the police and family courts. What makes this still more alarming is the legal bar on reporting these episodes, supposedly to protect the children, which again too often works to protect the social workers themselves at the expense of the children.

Details of yet another shocking case, which comes to its climax in a county court in eastern England this week, have recently been placed in the House of Lords Library. This follows a comprehensive investigation carried out on behalf of the family by Lord Monckton of Brenchley, who, as a hereditary peer, does not sit in the Lords, but has passed his dossier both to an active life peer and to this column.

Until six weeks ago, Mr and Mrs Jones, as I must call them under reporting restrictions, lived happily with their three young children, two sons and a daughter, aged under 13. Mr Jones, a business consultant, is related to various European royal families and his brother is a senior Army officer seconded to the UN. If he has one weakness, as he admits, it is to refer to these connections, as he did to the heads of the schools attended by his two older children, saying that he was particularly concerned for their security. He asked that he could be allowed to drive into the school grounds when picking up his daughter, because he did not want to leave her waiting, potentially vulnerable, in the road outside.

The headmistress agreed to this, but, concerned about other children’s safety, contacted the local police, who in turn passed on their concerns to social services. The result of this was that, on May 18, when Mr and Mr Jones, accompanied by their younger son, arrived at school to pick up their daughter, they were met by a group of strangers, one as it turned out a female social worker. She asked, without explaining why or who she was, whether he was Mr Jones. When she three times refused to show him any ID, he was seized from behind by two policemen, handcuffed and put under arrest.

He was driven by a policeman to a nearby mental hospital where he was told that, because of “a number of concerns”, he was being detained under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act and “sectioned” under S.2 as of “unsound mind”. His wife, it turned out, had been similarly arrested, for loudly protesting at the handcuffing of her husband and the forcible seizing from her arms of her young son. The three children had been taken into care by social services.

Mrs Jones was allowed to return to an empty home that evening. Mr Jones was permitted to attend court two days later, to hear the magistrates grant an interim order for the children to remain in the care of social services. Because he was “sectioned”, he was not allowed to speak. The chief magistrate, it later emerged, was chairman of the trustees of the mental hospital in which he was being detained.

On May 28, Mr Jones appeared before a mental health tribunal which, after hearing all the facts relating to his case, gave him a complete discharge. He returned home to his wife and immediately contacted his MP, a local MEP, lawyers and others he thought might be able to help, one of whom set in train the investigation by Lord Monckton that led to this story appearing here.

Despite the finding of the tribunal, the social workers have remained determined to hold on to the children, with a view to their care being determined in a county court on Wednesday. The voluminous dossier setting out this extraordinary sequence of events not only includes lengthy statements from Mr and Mrs Jones but copies of detailed statements by the social worker and policewoman most closely involved in the case (along with a good deal more circumstantial evidence).

The only reason offered in these documents for the abduction of the children is Mr Jones’s “delusional belief system” that special care should be taken of his children because of their elevated family connections. The only harm done to the children is their very evident unhappiness at being separated from their parents.

It must be hoped that the court this week recognises how grotesquely this tragic case has been blown out of all proportion, and rules that a loving family should immediately be reunited.



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Russia wheels out the evil weapon of history, distorting facts.  So what’s new?

A week ago I read a book review for something called,
REMEMBER US, by Ruth Derksen Siemens, and published by Pandora Press.  It is not an inexpensive book and I confess I’m going to have to wait awhile for the paperback and a good price at AMZN.  But it’s on my must have list. 

What Heffer writes about here doesn’t cover my book per se but does remind me of the horror that must come with living under that regime.

It’s a sad story (and true) of a family broken up and one side never seeing the other side again.  How any of them managed to survive the gulag is as much a mystery to me as how anyone was able to survive the Nazi death camps.  I guess survival of the fittest maybe.

In 1929 two families fled for their lives. One catches the very last train to freedom in the west, but the other narrowly misses it, and ends up spending decades in prison camps.  Well, these many years later as so often happens, a large cache of correspondence was uncovered and is the basis for the book. And it is chilling.  I’ve never understood how or why the swastika, as a symbol of what it assuredly is, has been banned all over Europe and yet you can buy hammer and sickle jewelery and Soviet mementos and flags and display them. ?? 

Maybe the gulags weren’t death camps in the very same way that camps were under the Nazis.  But they were death camps non the less and nobody cared.
In fact, from what I’ve read about them, the dead might have been the lucky ones.
So this piece from Simon Heffer is timely. Very. 

Distorting the facts about the Second World War may well be a prelude to a battle over a land corridor through Poland, writes Simon Heffer.

By Simon Heffer
Published: 4:24PM BST 06 Jun 2009

There are few things more dangerous or terrifying than when a nation, or the state apparatus that controls it, falls into the grip of a collective delusion. Such was the case in Nazi Germany, when a straightforward decision was taken to scapegoat Jews, Communists and, in the end, anyone else who didn’t agree with the prevailing madness, and persecute them to the point of mass murder. Stalin, in his own pursuit of totalitarianism, behaved similarly.

Some of us hoped that, in Europe at any rate, such absurdities were over; but a dispatch from The Daily Telegraph’s Moscow correspondent last week showed that the madness is back, in Russia at least, and with it the determination to abuse and manipulate history.

A research official in the Russian defence ministry has published an essay saying that Poland effectively started the Second World War by refusing to accede to Germany’s “modest” demands. We may take it that this man’s view reflects that of the Russian state; it is certainly widely interpreted as such.

Russia has been struggling with its idea of itself since the international humiliation of losing its empire nearly 20 years ago. For a time its sudden wealth – thanks to a high oil price and the value of other of its minerals – restored its amour propre. Although its rulers locked up people who sought to push democracy to its natural conclusions, such as the former oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky, poisoned troublemakers and threw the odd journalist out of windows, the money enabled it to offer the pretence of being a dynamic and powerful economy. Rolexed men in expensive suits climbed in and out of BMWs all over Moscow, and an idea was perpetuated that Russia could feel good about itself.

Then the oil price collapsed, soon after the militarily successful but diplomatically disastrous war with Georgia last year. Once more Russia was poor – with many of its greatest businessmen broke – and an international pariah. So now history, that much-abused weapon, is brought out of the armoury.

To the rest of the world, the Stalin era is one of shame for Russia. The country is seeking to change this. The cynical pact with the Nazis, concluded between Molotov and Ribbentrop a little more than a week before the outbreak of war, is now defended as an essential prelude to the defence against the “inevitable” attack by Hitler. It enabled Russia to occupy half of Poland and the Baltic States.

As the genocide or occupation museums in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn all show (and I have visited them all), the miseries inflicted by the Communist occupier on Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians were vicious, bloody, murderous and had nothing to do with protection against Hitler.
They were about the Sovietisation of Eastern Europe, a process interrupted by the Nazi invasion of 1941 but pursued with ruthless savagery after 1944-45. Oh, and by the way, Stalin was so reconciled to the “inevitable” Nazi invasion for which this occupation was a “preparation” that he ignored all warnings that it was coming.

The Russian view now is that if only Poland had let Germany have a land corridor to Danzig – then a “free city” but effectively German, with a strong Nazi organisation and surrounded on three sides by Poland in its new, post-Versailles boundaries – there wouldn’t have been a Second World War. That is such idiotic nonsense that only a regime founded on lies, as Putin’s and Medvedev’s is, could seriously attempt to peddle it. Whatever Poland had done, Hitler would have annexed it. It had been his plan since Mein Kampf. It was where Germany’s Lebensraum was to be. The Czechoslovaks had made concessions to him (forced by us, not least), and they were not deemed enough: occupation followed.

There is no point trying to reason with the Russians about how they ought to know this. They don’t want to know it. Reason doesn’t come into it.

Further proof of the madness comes in the suggestion by the Russian government that it is planning to pass a law to make it an offence for Russians (and, more sinisterly, for foreigners – though how that would work remains to be seen) to describe what happened in Poland and the Baltic States between 1939 and 1941 as an “occupation”. If you still cannot grasp how evil this proposal is, imagine if the German government were to do the same – saying that it would criminalise the statement that Nazis had occupied Poland (or France, or the Low Countries, or anywhere else) during the last war. Germany would become a pariah state overnight.

So why are we not exercised by Russia’s wicked distortion of the past? And what else is to come? Are we to expect a further revision of the view about the Katyn massacre of 1940, when, on Stalin’s specific order, 6,000 Polish soldiers were murdered by Soviet executioners? It is only in the last few years that the Russians have owned up to doing this, having hitherto blamed the Germans. Perhaps now they will blame the Poles for this too, possibly even speculating that it was a collective suicide.

In history there is a distinction between revisionism and distortion. The former makes a sensible reinterpretation of known facts, often with the support of additional and uncontestable evidence, such as newly unearthed contemporary documents. Distortion requires no new evidence, but can require the disregarding of facts we already know. It is clear what the Russians are doing: and I fear it is not merely to make themselves look good, or to rehabilitate Stalin and his ideas, or to use history to seek to humiliate a troublesome and fiercely independent neighbour.

When the Baltic States threw out the Russian occupier in 1991, a part of the former East Prussia annexed by Stalin – Kaliningrad, the former city of Königsberg – remained Russian. However, like that other Baltic city, Danzig, it now finds itself landlocked away from its motherland. Poland is to its south and west, Lithuania to its east. Are the Russians trying to tell us something? Is Russia about to make a demand for a land corridor through Poland to Kaliningrad, for the same reasons that Hitler sought one to Danzig 70 years ago? If so, is Russia intending to argue that the denial by Poland of land access to Königsberg could provoke a big international fight, and possibly terrible destruction, and that it would be Poland’s fault for not giving into a “modest” demand?

I simply don’t know. But when people start twisting history and wielding it as a blunt instrument without any provocation, we are wise to start asking ourselves why.



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Chavez says US sought to assassinate him. this belongs in the , “oh if only” catagory.

If memory serves, didn’t he make this claim a few years ago also?

2009-06-04 Caribbean-Latin America
Chavez says US sought to assassinate him
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has charged that he eluded a US intelligence plot to kill him, in a move likely to pile new pressure on already uneasy ties with the United States.

Chavez, appearing on state media Tuesday for the first time since walking out in the middle of his own television marathon days earlier, claimed he ducked an assassination plot in El Salvador where he was to have attended the swearing in of its new president. “The information was very specific. It was all ready to take place, they were going to carry out an attack against me on arrival in San Salvador,” Chavez charged.


He insisted the alleged plan aimed to launch “one or several missiles at the Cubana jet that was readied for the trip” in Caracas. Chavez, the closest regional ally of communist Cuba, said he received information on the plot from Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.

He did not immediately elaborate. But he claimed “Venezuelan coup plotters went to San Salvador two weeks ago. I know them. They are the ones who have sworn they would kill me.”

CIA: Chavez did not accuse US President Barack Obama personally, saying US intelligence activities operate outside the president’s authority. “I am not accusing Obama. I think the American president has good intentions,” Chavez said. “But over and above Obama, there is the CIA, and all of its tentacles.

I have no doubt US intelligence services are behind this.” Referring to a Venezuelan fugitive, Chavez claimed “Luis Posada Carriles’ people” also were behind the alleged plot and urged Obama to extradite him.


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Oh, and here's some kind of visitor flag counter thingy. Hey, all the cool blogs have one, so I should too. The Visitors Online thingy up at the top doesn't count anything, but it looks neat. It had better, since I paid actual money for it.
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