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calendar   Wednesday - March 30, 2011

wilders to stand trial for discrimination against Muslims and inciting hate

Last week Mr. Wilders gave a speech in Rome, now this week he learns that he must stand trial on old charges of ....


Insulting Muslims ....

Damn good thing those folks don’t have the death penalty, or I’m sure the politically correct, multicultural, diversified ass wipes would hang him.

Like muslims don’t invite hate. Right? Wrong?  I guess being critical of the grizzly bearded mad as a hatter bastards is all it takes.  And to think, he was critical of the so called religion speaking out and saying what many already believe.  I doubt anyone was incited to hatred as it was already there. All Wilders has done was confirm what we already know. 

Geert Wilders to face trial

Geert Wilders, the far-Right Dutch MP will face trial on charges of incited hatred and discriminations against Muslims, after a judge rejected a request to dismiss the case.

By Our Foreign Staff 4:46PM BST 30 Mar 2011
Mr Wilders was charged with insulting Muslims by comparing Islam to Nazism. The case has attracted considerable attention, not just because of Mr Wilders’ controversial comments, but also because of the increasing influence of his Freedom Party, which provides support for the Dutch minority government on key issues.

Mr Wilders has argued that he is exercising his freedom of speech when he criticises Islam and had won the right last month to seek a dismissal of the case.
But reading out the ruling on Wednesday, presiding judge Marcel van Oosten said the case would go ahead. He rejected most of the defence’s objections such as its questioning of the court’s authority to hear the case in the first place and of the way that the prosecutors had pursued the trial.

However, judges did agree with the defence that part of the indictment against Mr Wilders should be dropped. In it he allegedly refers to the Koran as “fascist” and said it should be banned.
The judges said that in including the quotes in the indictment prosecutors were going beyond the brief set out by the Amsterdam appeals court.

Following a brief adjournment, judges, prosecutors and the defence agreed for the trial to resume on April 13 with key witness testimony. If found guilty, he could face up to a year in jail of a 7,600 euro (£6,700) fine.



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calendar   Thursday - January 20, 2011

pastor jones denied visa to enter Britain, and woman loses head to muslim god

Some may not agree but I’m not certain but that the government here may have done the right thing, in refusing a visa for American pastor, Terry Jones.
To be very honest with you, I am not even certain of my own position on this subject. I seem to go back and forth between positions the more I read.

Frankly, while I have no problem with Jones plan last year to burn the Koran, which he did back off of, I also think it would have been a wasted effort and would not have advanced our cause any.  True, it would have cheered a lot of folks but other then that, what other purpose would it have served? 
Having said all that, had he gone through with his burning, I wouldn’t have considered it some kind of crime against humanity. Just one man’s anger and hitting out at the only visible example of his anger. 

Well, he’s been invited by a group here in England to address them. But the govt. says no way Ho-zay, because they believe it would not be in the public interest.
Read ‘safety’ and you get a better picture. The govt. believe and rightly so, that his coming here would would ignite the usual victims among the muslim community who are guaranteed to have their feelings bruised just by him being here.  Read ‘riots’ into that. And then as well their loony left enablers and you have chaos. In other words, the usual.

So perhaps to avoid problems not to mention possible bloody noses and broken heads, the powers that be have decided to keep Pastor Jones out of their country.

The same thinking doesn’t however apply to the many fanatics, many of whom are not even here legally, and can’t for reasons of ‘uman rights’ be deported. Even killers aren’t deported. But a man who threatened to burn a religious book on the anniversary of 9/11, well, he’s a major threat to state security I guess.
It’s all just too complicated. Or is it?

His threat last year raised a storm of protest world wide. 

Britain bans US pastor Jones for ‘the public good’

Britain on Wednesday barred firebrand US pastor Terry Jones from the country, saying the controversial preacher who had threatened to burn the Koran was guilty of “unacceptable behaviour.”

“The government opposes extremism in all its forms which is why we have excluded pastor Terry Jones from the UK,” said a spokesman from the Home Office, or interior ministry.

Jones, who triggered an international furore last year with plans to burn the holy book of Islam on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the US, said he was disappointed with the ban.

“We are very disappointed. We would ask that they reconsider, that the ban be lifted,” he told Sky News television.

He was originally invited to speak in Britain at a rally organised by far-right group the English Defence League (EDL) on February 5 in Luton, a town just north of London.

The EDL says it fights what it calls the spread of militant Islam in Britain.

But the group withdrew its offer in the face of public opposition to the visit and concerns that Jones’ presence could inflame tensions in the town, which has a significant Muslim population.

After the invite was retracted, the radical evangelist said he still planned to visit Britain and was thinking of organising an event in London. He also said he would fight any attempt to block him from visiting the country.

Announcing the ban on Wednesday, the Home Office said many comments made by Jones provided “evidence of his unacceptable behaviour”.

“Coming to the UK is a privilege not a right and we are not willing to allow entry to those whose presence is not conducive to the public good,” said the spokesman.

BTW ... if you read the link below, he has it seems, a daughter who lives here.
It’s quite interesting that the govt. thinks (and they could be right) that his presence isn’t conducive to the public good. Fine. 
Would the govt. like to explain (and not to me or BMEWS but to the British public) how the public good is served by allowing plane hi-jackers asylum and killers to remain on these shores?  Can they explain why they recognize the human rights of illegals and then award them benefits? And I haven’t really gotten into the openly hate mongering muslim mobs that cause so much grief. But they fear this one pastor who speaks his mind as well as the thoughts of many and deem his behavior, “unacceptable.” Fair enough. It’s their country. Once Sharia law comes into being full flush and the muzzies take over, it’s curtains for the UK. And curtains too for the weepy, wailing, hand wringing, bleeding hearts that make up the left. Cos the muslim hit list includes all the things the left espouses.

Oh btw ... just an aside.
Anyone raising a world wide clamber over this? 
H/T Pakistan Christian Post

Sunni Islamists slit the throat of a Christian mother in Somalia.

By Lee Jay Walker, The Modern Tokyo Times

The reality of Islam in all its hatred can be seen in Afghanistan, the Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Yemen, and a few other nations, where converts from Islam face the death penalty. In Somalia, the Sunni Islamic fanatics called the Al-Shabaab (Al-Shabab) have once more killed a convert to Christianity and in true style the soldiers of Islam held down a Christian lady and slit her throat in front of many villagers. This hatred is clearly based on the teachings of Mohammed because he supported killing apostates and the ongoing Islamic inquisition continues in nations like Somalia.

On January 7th in 2011 the holy warriors of Islam captured a Christian mother of four and slaughtered her in front of many villagers in Warbhigly in Somalia. Like usual the Koran holding individuals will have been shouting Allah Akbar while cutting the throat of Asha Mberwa.

The 36 year old Asha Mberwa was a mother of four and she had committed no crime and had harmed nobody. However, Mohammed supported the killing of apostates therefore the Al-Shabaab killed the Muslim convert to Christianity in order to appease the Islamic god.

In true Islamic justice an innocent convert to Christianity was killed in cold blood and bystanders were forced to watch while her throat was being cut.



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calendar   Sunday - December 12, 2010

She has been punched in the face and had a gun to her head … white farmer in Zimbabwe.

Read this a few days ago.  There’s another problem facing these people.  The Mugabe govt. is now selling farms to other whites, which are already owned by families still in residence.  Aside from any feeling of group loyalty, I don’t understand how the second group of farmers would so willingly trust that fugitive from a tall tree.  He’s wrecked the economy of his country, there are still people starving there, which I care nothing about, and his police continue to ruin what farms are left.  Oh well, it must be a black thing whites aren’t expected to understand.  Lets see, farms ... food .... burn farms or turn over to landless inexperienced folks who never farmed before ..... hmmm. Hunger. Now how’d that happen boss?
Not to worry .....  we be the white guy’s burden and him bail us outta this here mess. Again. Look you at Haiti man. Make white liberal feel guilty, he send more money.  Work evy time. You see.

White couple who fought the mob for their precious land and triumphed ... for a while

By Sunday Times Zimbabwean

Hope flashed into the weary lives of Heidi and Dirk Visagie only to be cruelly crushed days later. Just an hour’s drive from Harare, the Afrikaners were in the office of the district lands officer in small town Chegutu - it was their last, desperate attempt to save their small farm.

Glowering opposite them was Timothy Mudavanhu, a minor functionary of President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party, who has been plaguing their lives for nine years.

Most of Zimbabwe’s dispossessed 4000 white farmers have endured these supposed arbitrations to defend their livelihoods. Racist abuse is hurled at them by officials and often they are threatened and spat at. Eventually they leave in humiliation - and defeat.

Frank (not his real name), a lands official at Chegutu, flipped through the Visagies’ sheaf of four high court orders affirming their right to Wantage farm. Once issued by a judge, the injunctions are routinely ignored.

Frank looked up. “The matter is clear, “ he said. “The law must take its course.” The Visagies and Mudavanhu were stunned. In 10 years of free-for-all land grabbing there is no record of a lands officer having acted in favour of a white farmer.

Despite Mudavanhu’s shouting, Frank was resolute. He said the meeting was over. Mudavanhu asked if he was being kicked out like a dog. Frank replied: “No. A dog has four legs.”

The Visagies giggled and went home on a high, but victory lasted only 11 days. Mudavanhu returned to Wantage with his rent-a-mob. After going to Harare to see a lawyer the Visagies returned to find the padlock on their gate broken.

Mudavanhu’s lock was in its place and drunks were on the lawn around a bonfire. All the Visagies had was their car, cellphones and the clothes they stood up in.

A call to Frank established that the lands officer had been wrapped over the knuckles. “I have been transferred,” he told them. “Please do not tell anyone you have spoken to me.”

Eventually, with pressure from the South African Embassy - Dirk Visagie is a South African citizen - Mudavanhu was eased out by the deputy sheriff, still bawling that he would be back for “my farm”.

Heidi says she felt nauseous during the bubble, which lasted 11 days. “It was like the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Now I know where we stand.”

She is 38 and a third-generation Zimbabwean. She and her husband, 42, bought Wantage in 2001.

The government gave them a certificate stating the farm was not needed for resettlement. But three months later, Mudavanhu burnt down their citrus orchard.

She has been punched in the face and had a gun to her head. Crops were flattened, the Visagie house emptied. The mob held the gardener’s head underwater in the swimming pool to get the house keys. Her soft-spoken, gentle appearance is deceptive. Mudavanhu once told Visagie that Cecil Rhodes was her uncle. She exploded: “I am an Afrikaner! We went to war against the British, they put my people in concentration camps. Don’t you call me British!”

When the Visagies are left alone they run a thriving operation on their 86-hectare holding which produces 240 tons of tomatoes a year for a nearby cannery. There are also rows of tuberoses, a fragrant lily.

Dirk is a meticulous farmer, his wife says. But every time Mudavanhu ploughs through their crops, it takes something out of you, she says.

Usually her husband puts on a brave face with each onslaught, but last time he gave up. The couple even lost their sense of humour, until a swarm of bees set on Mudavanhu as he was ranting at them.

Dirk has a heart problem, and the stress gives his wife eczema. Each time Mudavanhu takes occupation she moves their belongings to relatives. When he has been fought off, she returns. The unpacking restores her sanity. She was putting away tea cups when I arrived. But she knows Mudavanhu will be back.



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calendar   Saturday - December 11, 2010

Teachers, riots, studen demands and anarchists who promise more violence

One of the student rioters caught pissing against a famous and revered war memorial, said he was sorry but that he didn’t know what he was pissing on or that it had that significance.
No big deal?  Well, apparently he’s also a history major as I understand the report. School days, school days ....
Most have a very low opinion of the rioters BUT, even the kids who did try to be peaceful need to put their thinking caps on with regard to the increased fees the riots were ‘supposed to be about.’ They are NOT reading everything about it that they should. Why not?
Maybe this is a contributing factor. Ya think? I mean after all, their education had to start someplace and schools seem to be the logical place. Home aside.

One in four trainee teachers is a dunce: Thousands struggle to pass simple literacy and numeracy tests

By Sarah Harris
Last updated at 1:49 PM on 11th December 2010

Almost one in four trainee teachers cannot do simple sums and a fifth have problems with spelling, grammar and punctuation, worrying figures revealed yesterday.

Thousands repeatedly flunk basic numeracy and literacy tests and seek unlimited resits to pass.

Critics fear the poor quality of the next generation of teachers will have a devastating impact on their pupils.

Trainees have to pass basic skills tests in literacy, numeracy and ICT (information and communication technology) before they can qualify as teachers. The pass marks are just 60 per cent.

The latest figures from the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) reveal that in 2008/9 33,517 trainees passed their numeracy and literacy tests.

Some 77.7 per cent passed their numeracy test first time; 9.5 per cent (3,190) made two attempts and 12.8 per cent (4,298) – or one in eight – had at least three attempts.

In literacy, 80 per cent (26,814) passed first time; 11.6 per cent (3,892) had two attempts and 8.4 per cent had at least three.

The figures do not detail how many times trainees resit the tests beyond three. However one is reported to have taken the tests 27 times before achieving the pass rate.

Standards were far higher five years ago when would-be teachers sailed through their tests without relying on retakes.

For example, of the 32,717 trainees who passed their numeracy test in the academic year 2003/4, a respectable 83.6 per cent did so first time.

more here

It is disheartening to read reports like the one published on Wed. in the Mail, comparing Brit schools with other countries.  The subject was dumbing down.
For example.

READING in the top 30 countries.
UK ranked 25

MATHS top 30 countries
UK ranked 28

SCIENCE top 20 countries
UK ranked 16

Would care to take a guess who was FIRST? 

In ALL the above the top scores went to ...  Shanghai-China

Number two in READING was South Korea
Number two in MATHS was Singapore
Number two in SCIENCE was Finland

All other top scores (top 10) were Chinese again (Hong Kong) (Taipei) Finland, Canada, Japan, Netherlands

Well lets get back to the students herein England.  There are always splinter groups making demands for things whenever you have situations like the ones during this past week.
Here are a couple of things some students want.  Or in this case don’t want and say so.

They do not want SPORTS funding to be cut.
They do not want ART funding to be cut. 

There’s a third but I will be darned if I can recall what it is. I must be having a senior moment.

Meanwhile ... while I try to remember what the heck the 3rd was but making no promises, I offer you this.

Tackling bad behavior ‘is not our job’, teachers claim

and you can read the article behind that headline HERE!
And finally ...

Student “leaders” promise more violence in coming weeks AND ... Praise any protester who” landed a blow to a copper -a brick through a window or a dent in car.” They are working class heroes, it is claimed.

They also claim that it was the police who started the riots. They also say, “In order to win, we need more violence on the streets, more hospitalised coppers, and many more attacks on the royals.”

Oh, by the way ... as mentioned under comments elsewhere .....

Some of the rioters were interviewed.  THEY COULD HARDLY SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!!!!


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calendar   Monday - December 06, 2010

It was only a matter of time

TSA Singles Out Baywatch Actress From Airport Line

For “Special Attention” Going Through Security


rolleyes “I still can’t figure how I caught their eye while others didn’t” rolleyes

Ok, nobody ever said she was a brainwave. But it makes you wonder just how often this kind of thing goes on. Buncha pervs and pedos working at TSA, drunk on their own power?

A former “Baywatch” beauty is feeling overexposed after going through what she says was a humiliating body scan by Transportation Security Administration agents at Los Angeles International Airport.

Donna D’Errico, who was the Playboy Playmate in September 1995, says she got a few leers along with the scan and isn’t happy about it. D’Errico, 42, says the encounter occurred at LAX while trying to catch a flight to Pittsburgh with her son, Rhyan, 17.
After waiting in a long line of holiday travelers, D’Errico and her son finally made it to the moving carrier where all the carry-on bags are placed. That’s when a TSA agent took her by the elbow and told her she needed to “come this way.”

image“I said I was traveling with my son, motioning to him, and the agent said he was to come along with me as well,” D’Errico said. “I immediately asked why we were having to go through an extra search, and no one else was being made to do so, indicating the long line of other passengers in front of and behind where we had been in line. In a very sarcastic tone, and still holding me by the elbow, the agent responded, ‘Because you caught my eye, and they’—pointing to the other passengers—‘didn’t.’”

D’Errico is still wondering how she caught his eye while others didn’t.

And she’s pissed that they ignored her boyfriend, who - in her own words - looks like a terrorist!

“I’m not sure whether they had recognized me or not,” she admitted. “If they did, they didn’t say anything. However, it is my personal belief that they pulled me aside because they thought I was attractive. My boyfriend, as I mentioned before, looks much more like a terrorist than either I or my son do, and he went through security with no problems.”

The TSA rules regarding scans and searches dictate that passengers can select a scan or a search. D’Errico says that was never an option.

“They never even told me what they were doing at all, or that I had any choice,” she said. “It was just, ‘Stand here. Raise your arms above your head like this.’ They never told me that they were going to be conducting a full-body scan, or that I had the option of being searched instead. Had they explained what they were doing, I would have opted for the search. As a matter of fact, my son was made to not only go through the full-body scan, but they also conducted a pat-down search on him as well.

“After the search, I noticed that the male TSA agent who had pulled me out of line was smiling and whispering with two other TSA agents and glancing at me. I was outraged.”

“I posed for Playboy 15 years ago. I was on ‘Baywatch’ 13 years ago. Both of those were controlled environments, with proper lighting, makeup, etc., and were jobs. I contractually agreed to do both of those jobs. I could have stopped or changed my mind at any time. None of those conditions are present when TSA decides for you that you will consent to being scanned or felt up, or you simply won’t be allowed your constitutional right to travel from one place to another freely.”

“This could, and I’m sure does, happen to other women,” she said. “It isn’t right to hide behind the veil of security and safety in order to take advantage of women, or even men for that matter, so that you can see them naked. It’s a misuse of power and authority, and as much a personal violation as a Peeping Tom. The difference is that Peeping Toms can have charges pressed against them.”

Good for you Donna. 


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calendar   Wednesday - November 24, 2010

another critic of the rop on trial in austria for hate speech ….

This is one of the seriously most interesting articles I have run across lately.  I’m feeling a bit guilty on my timing as it should have been posted much earlier. I won’t go into silly details as to why it wasn’t.  Reason being, I dropped the ball on this one and can’t find a good excuse to palm off. So better to just say, read as much as you’ve patience for.

A word about one of the links I have here. English save free speech .org.  I have had no problems with it personally. I believe it to be a safe site.  However, for some reason the Zone alarm site check I have installed on my tool bar, which came with the recent ZA update, flashes a yellow ribbon at the top of the screen saying it’s a questionable site.  It isn’t to my knowledge. And only ZA is giving that warning. I feel I have to state that in case some may prefer not to visit the site. I have, and experienced no ill affects.

There’ll a bit of reading involved but I think it will hook ya. Have a drink and a snack handy. That’s just for ppl like me who are not very fast readers.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff Versus the State of Denial

By Diana West

This week’s syndicated column is about Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff , who goes to trial for “hate speech”—i.e., speaking out against Islamization—on November 23 in Vienna. Her website, including defense fund information, is HERE.


When Barack Obama spoke in Mumbai about “the different meanings” of jihad, he set up us up again for the Big Lie: “I think,” the 44th president said, sounding much like the 43rd president, “all of us recognize that this great religion in the hands of a few extremists has been distorted to justify violence toward innocent people that is never justified.”

All—all—of the sacred books and schools of Islam say differently. Every, single one. The fact is—not the fantasy—there is no distortion of Islamic texts required to justify the violence of jihad from Mumbai to Tel Aviv to New York City to Bali to Madrid and beyond.

But we, dhimmi-citizens of an Islamizing world, are not supposed to notice the links between the violence and the faith, the faith and the law, the law and the violence—and certainly not say so out loud. Most people don’t. Increasingly, this state of denial is enforced by actual states of denial - the most recent example being Austria, which, in a trial on Nov. 23, will attempt to use “hate speech” laws to send Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff to prison for as long as three years for statements about Islam very similar to those I’ve just written.

The Viennese mother and housewife originally approached the subject of Islam from her unique background that includes a childhood stint in Iran during the Islamic Revolution in 1979 when her diplomat-father was stationed there; and her own work experience with Austrian embassies in both Kuwait at the time of the Iraqi invasion in 1990, and Libya, on 9/11 ("The Jews did it!” Elisabeth’s Libyan landlord shouted at her that same day).

She studied the Islamic texts and commentaries, the apologetics and the critiques. Empowered by her natural right to free speech, she decided to educate others in her native Austria about the Koran, about Islamic law (Shariah), in seminars she offered under the auspices of the pro-Western-civilization think tank Wiener Akademikerbund (Association of Vienna Academics). Contracted by the anti-Islamization Freedom Party (FPO) in 2008, Sabaditsch-Wolff has been educating Austrians about Islam ever since.

“The groups were very small at first, sometimes as few as five or six people” she recently told me. “Later on, the numbers rose to 35.” Last fall, one attendee in particular seemed “overly enthusiastic about the topic,” Elisabeth recalls. She turned out to be a journalist who would brand the seminar a “hate school” in a sensational story for NEWS, a left-wing publication.
“It caused a huge uproar among the establishment,” Elisabeth says, although now that her trial approaches Austrian media are silent.

“Bishops, rabbis, politicians, all of whom had never attended any of my seminars and knew nothing of the content, were asked to weigh in and condemn me. The bishop said, `One must never speak about any religion the way Ms. Sabaditsch-Wolff did about Islam.’ This was especially painful for me.”

Elisabeth’s husband, a military surgeon, is very supportive of her. “My mother had to come to terms with her daughter being maligned in the media,” she says.

“My sister has cocooned herself and believes the NEWS story rather than confronting reality. My father, who has attended all of my seminars, knows the truth and supports me 100 percent.”

Of course, when she enters that Vienna courtroom, she will face the state alone. “The thought that the state—a state that I love very much and that I represented proudly all my life—is prosecuting me for thoughts is a painful one. It is hard to understand that I should have to stand trial for thoughts that are not only based on experience but are the product of careful study of the texts that make up Islam.”
But Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is also standing trial for her courage ...............


H/T credit also to Europe News


Posted on 11/23/2010 by KGS

This is coming straight from the courtroom in Vienna, Austria, where the Tundra Tabloids is being handed a live feed from Henrik Raeder Clausen of EuropeNews. You’ll be the first to know about the events taking place inside the Austrian courtroom, where the first hearing of the case against Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who’s accused of violating Europe’s onerous hate speech statutes, will be heard.


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calendar   Saturday - November 13, 2010

offend muslim skank and get arrested do not pass go.  jokes not allowed re. any raghead muzzy.

How’s this for stupidity?  People have cars damaged and homes taken over by strangers ... but it’s civil rather then criminal liability. Never mind that. I’m just sayin cos this is weird.

Apparently, free speech does not include making tasteless or ill advised jokes on Twitter. Not only can you be arrested, you can be charged with—gasp --
the big ‘R’ even if that subject never came up.  It’s all in the eye of the beholder I guess.

Here’s what happened.  Oh, I should mention it happened as will be explained below, due to the slag’s (slag, Britspeak for skank,) appearance on a radio program.

A conservative British politician has been arrested after jokingly asking on Twitter for someone to “stone” a pesky Muslim reporter. Can “someone please stone Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to death?” asked Birmingham Councillor Gareth Compton. “ I shan’t tell Amnesty if you won’t. It would be a blessing, really.”

Bad taste? Well, yeah to some.  Just how did racism get into the mix?  Well, the scummy muzzie broad whose name is, as you already saw above, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. The skank is a very, very, far, far left journalist.  She was upset by his Twitter post and furthermore, she said that as he suggested she be stoned, that remark tied her to islam which in turn meant he was being racist, cos of course she is muslim.

How’s the logic so far BMEWS?

So, he was duly arrested with the big ‘R’ being one of the serious charges.  He has been suspended from the conservative party btw. Hey, that’s understandable isn’t it?  Come on before you gripe ask ... what’s important? Votes or honor?  See how that works?  So here’s all of it and the more I think about it the more pissed I get.  There were muzzy scum on the streets this week, not a lot mind you, but the fact that there were some with signs during a memorial day week on Nov. 11, which commemorates those fallen in Brit wars, there they were with their usual signs calling for the death of Brit soldiers. While Brits are fighting a war in some god forsaken even less then turd world place. 
I shouldn’t rant so much. Can’t help it tho.

Tedious: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Simon Heffer,
Sat. Telegraph

Why on earth did the police arrest a silly man who joked that Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, a rather tedious newspaper columnist, should be stoned to death? I don’t dispute that the joke was in poor taste – most of us would settle for having her locked in a cupboard and not let out until she promised to stop being boring – but the idea that anyone is actually going to be prompted to stone her to death as a result of this oaf’s remark is insane. Those of us who write newspaper columns must get used to abuse and, if we can’t, should do something else. And why, I wonder, are the police so slow by comparison to arrest genuinely murderous nutters who abuse our freedom of speech and call sincerely for jihad?


The stupidity of Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
Rod Liddle
Saturday, 13th November 2010

The Yasmin Alibhai-Brown business is quite remarkable, isn’t it? She takes herself on to Radio Five Live to make her usual sententious and ill-thought out views on the stoning of Muslim women. Western politicians are not morally qualified to condemn such stonings, she said, because they’ve killed lots of Muslim women with bombs etc. Now, this is a typically stupid assessment, for all the obvious reasons. It implies that the allies were not morally qualified to condemn Nazi atrocities because they killed some of the very same people, largely inadvertently, with bombs and so on. It is, like the rest of YA-B’s journalism, an Aunt Sally argument scarcely worth the effort of rebutting.

A Tory councillor called Gareth Compton, from Birmingham, heard her talking this usual drivel and posted a message on Twitter to the effect that maybe YA-B should be stoned to death. Nobody could possibly consider this an incitement to violence; it was, poor taste or otherwise, a joke. But the old bill were dispatched to arrest Mr Compton (he’s been bailed) and YA-B, puffed up with her matchless self-regard and self-importance, has said that she wishes to press charges on the grounds that it is a racially motivated incitement to murder. Well it’s neither racially motivated – it was motivated by your own stupidity, love – not an incitement to murder. Incredible.



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calendar   Tuesday - November 09, 2010

the ever alert court of the ROP sentence a Christian woman to death for blasphemy..

Well those compassionate members of the ROP now want to hang a Christian woman in Paki-land for they say, speaking ill of Momudhead. Never ends. Does it.

She might be spared by the court on appeal, but the fear is that the peace loving mob will be a threat.

Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan ‘for blasphemy’

A Christian woman has been sentenced to hang in Pakistan after being convicted of defaming the Prophet Mohammed.

By Rob Crilly in Islamabad and Aoun Sahi in Lahore 5:36PM GMT 09 Nov 2010

Asia Bibi, a 45-year-old mother-of-five, denies blasphemy and told investigators that she was being persecuted for her faith in a country where Christians face routine harassment and discrimination.

Christian groups and human rights campaigners condemned the verdict and called for the blasphemy laws to be repealed.

Her supporters say she will now appeal against the sentence handed down in a local court in the town of Sheikhupura, near Lahore, Pakistan.

Ashiq Masih, her husband, said he had not had the heart to break the news to two of their children.

“I haven’t told two of my younger daughters about the court’s decision,” he said. “They asked me many times about their mother but I can’t get the courage to tell them that the judge has sentenced their mother to capital punishment for a crime she never committed.” Mrs Bibi has been held in prison since June last year.

The court heard she had been working as a farmhand in fields with other women, when she was asked to fetch drinking water.

Some of the other women – all Muslims – refused to drink the water as it had been brought by a Christian and was therefore “unclean”, according to Mrs Bibi’s evidence, sparking a row.

read the rest here


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calendar   Friday - September 17, 2010

denied asylum … one lonely score for our side ….  but white farmers still in peril …

Just a quickie I caught only moments ago. A kind of feel good and good for our side if it sticks.

At last, a white judge with guts calls it right and no pc BS.  I’m almost certain this cretin will cry foul and advance the ‘R’ word.
Stay Tuned as usual. But hope the bitch is soon gone.

Woman who took part in violent attacks on white farmers in Zimbabwe denied UK asylum

By David Gardner
Last updated at 8:24 AM on 17th September 2010

A woman who admitted taking part in savage evictions of white farmers from their homes in Zimbabwe lost her bid for asylum after a High Court judge accused her of ‘crimes against humanity.’

Mr Justice Ouseley threw out the widowed mother-of-two’s appeal to remain in the UK after she confessed to beating up ten people during two land invasions.

The judge said the state-sponsored mob violence, which saw white famers’ land seized and shared out among President Robert Mugabe’s cronies, was akin to genocide.

She admitted to being part of a gang of thugs from Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party who invaded two white-owned farms intent on causing maximum terror and driving away black workers.

The woman, referred to only as ‘SK”, agreed she had beaten up to ten people whilst their homes burned, ‘inflicting enough pain to get them to run away.’

She said that on one occasion, she beat a woman so badly she thought she would die.

read more

There’s a lot of stories published in magazines here on weekends, about the plight and flight of many farmers and survivor stories about the mindless brutality of the mobs.  These aren’t recent arrivals to that country either. We’re talking about framers and families that have been there for generations.  They may speak English but have known no other country as home. They were born there. And the darkies sure don’t have the ability to run farms on the same scale, as they have shown.  Of course, with white farms in decline, guess what happens to the food chain?  Oh wait. No problem.  Some rock/pop star will throw another aid for concert and all will be well.  And we’ll be asked to donate yet again (not that I ever do and never have) with photos of starving children.
I am unmoved.  I’ve been seeing those pix for 50 years and nothing has changed.  Let em eat grass.


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calendar   Wednesday - September 01, 2010

sentenced to death by stoning for adultery ‘subjected to mock execution’

I’m sure you people must have seen this already. It is being covered in the USA I think.  I guess we can’t tell other people how to conduct their internal affairs, but it seems fair to protest something like this. If you stop and think about it, as this case and others like it seem to focus things, men in those countries must really have a lock and a whip and lots of chains to keep women down and cowed.  I guess the folks with the guns, rule.  After all these centuries, wouldn’t you think that their women would have figured long ago that there was something better?  I personally think the men involved really enjoy this.  Creeps.  And just think, their govt. has embassies and ambassadors and must be treated kindly or at least with the trapping of respect.  As if they were normal human beings
instead of the grubby, lice ridden, bearded bastards they are. 

Iranian sentenced to death by stoning for adultery ‘subjected to mock execution’


By Mail Foreign Service

An Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning was subjected to a mock execution by hanging.

In preparation for her death, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani wrote her will and embraced her cellmates in Tabriz prison.

But the mother-of-two, who was acquitted of murdering her husband but found guilty of adultery, was not led to the gallows.

Her son told The Guardian: ‘Pressure from the international community has so far stopped them from carrying out the sentence but they’re killing her every day by any means possible.’

The latest development comes after prison authorities denied family and legal visits, falsely telling them Ashtiani was unwilling to see them. In turn, she was told no one had come to see her.

French First Lady Carla Bruni became involved in the row for protesting against the case.

In an open letter, Ms Bruni wrote: ‘Spill your blood, deprive your children of their mother? Why?

‘Because you have lived, because you have loved, because you are a woman, an Iranian? Every part of me refuses to accept this.’

The paper responded by dubbing her a marriage-wrecking ‘prostitute’ because of her affairs with high-profile celebrities who already had partners.

Ashtiani has already received 99 lashes for reportedly having an illicit relationship with two men.


As mentioned above, Carla Bruni, France’s First Lady and my constant old age heart throb has stepped into the maelstrom.  Her quote above.
Being adherents of this particular cult of the ROP .... her critics in Iran have responded thus.

Carla Bruni deserves death: Iran paper

September 1, 2010

A hardline Iranian daily newspaper Kayhan stepped up its attack on France’s first lady Carla Bruni, saying on Tuesday the “Italian prostitute” deserved to die for supporting an Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning.


And one of the scariest things about all of this is, there are actually muslim women who think this is okay but even worse, western born and somewhat educated white women go along with it as well.  Or if not with death for adultery, go along with the male dominated insistence that they cover up and adopt a subservient attitude and lifestyle.  With all the freedoms women have fought for in the west and won for themselves, some of their sisters convert to this stone age manner of thinking and living.  Go figure.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/01/2010 at 10:15 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - August 31, 2010

Greenpeace claims to have shut down Greenland oil well

They evaded the police AND the Navy?  Somebody is not very serious about security here.

It’s like I have long believed.  These folks know what they can get away with. They know for certain that instead of bullets or mustard gas, the people they oppose will try and use words.  They will not want to hurt anyone.

I guess what bothers me so much about these people, is the idea that they have ALL the correct answers, and are willing to take on the job for all of us to be saved from the threats they see looming.  Like, the sky falling.  Of course, only homophobic fascists disagree with them and need to be silenced as only their opinion is allowed.

These people are nothing but a seagoing mob. The only way to deal with a mob, is to exterminate it.  Problem solved.

Some folks may differ but that’s how I see it.

Short video at the link.

Greenpeace claims its activists have shut down a ‘’dangerous’’ oil drilling operation by a British energy company in the Arctic.

from The Telegraph

The environmental group said four expert climbers in inflatable speedboats had evaded the Danish navy to climb up the inside of the Cairn Energy oil rig off Greenland.

The four campaigners are now hanging from the rig 15m above the icy Arctic ocean in tents suspended from ropes, halting its drilling operation, Greenpeace said.

The campaigners, who are protesting against what they claim are the ‘’huge risks’’ energy companies are taking with the environment by drilling for oil in deep water, say they have enough supplies to occupy the tents for several days.

They claim that if they halt drilling for a short time, Cairn will struggle to meet the deadline to complete exploration before the winter conditions set in, forcing the company to abandon the search for oil off Greenland until next year.

Sim McKenna, from the US, who is one of the climbers, said: ‘’We’ve got to keep the energy companies out of the Arctic and kick our addiction to oil, that’s why we’re going to stop this rig from drilling for as long as we can.

‘’The BP Gulf oil disaster showed us it’s time to go beyond oil.

And it’s this bit of quote that makes my point I believe.

Last week the campaigners said they were confronted by a Danish warship sent to protect the drilling operation in the seas off Greenland.

Greenpeace said it had been warned that the ship would be raided and the captain arrested if it breached a security zone set up in the area.

So what did happen?  Nothing except that the mob has occupied the rig.  Which is exactly what they knew might would happen.



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calendar   Friday - March 12, 2010

Airsoft Update: A Post For B3

If the parts don’t fit, you must acquit!

Consider this the final update to my original post on the subject. I would have called this story over and done with nearly a week ago, but the pro-gun side of the internet leads the rest of the digital world by several days on these kind of stories, and the digital world leads the MSM by an equal or even greater amount. So like a bad penny, this one keeps turning up. Let’s put it to sleep forever then, if we can.

Note: To be fair to reader B3 he did come around to agree that the current toy gun receiver under question was sufficiently different from a real one that a functional weapon could be based on it. But he didn’t have one of the original versions of the toy gun receiver and had to posit that the design could have changed. Has it? I don’t know. Were the seized toys of that “original” design? I don’t know. I do know that design changes take some time to put in place, especially when your manufacturer is overseas.

Quoth B3:

I do not have an original WE receiver that I can compare to, as the first version of the gun was really buggy and didn’t work very good at all. However, unlike real steel, Airsoft can change on a dime by changing the castings for the upper and lower. And it appears that if they are off in size from the RS major components, they have changed.

So, I will stand corrected, the current version of the WE M4 is NOT dimensionally equal to a real steel M4 or AR rifle system. And is as dimensionally in-accurate as other airsoft replicas available.

So this post is for B3, but NOT to bring him to task. No way; he did the RIGHT thing passing along what he’d heard, and he’s the man on the inside of the Airsoft game world. But for those other folks out there - that means YOU BATFE - here is the email chain I’ve had going with the Airsplat company and pics of their attempts to make one of the WE M4 toy gun receivers mate up with real AR-15 gun parts. It doesn’t work.

Gosh, but what about modifying them, wouldn’t that do it? Looks like a big NO to me. There isn’t enough metal on the toy receiver to re-drill the holes without leaving a mess. You’d have to weld on or glue on extra plates on the outside, which would then force you to build your own longer pins. And moving the pins, especially the rear one, could cause all sorts of interference internally. The magazine catch isn’t right either, nor do the internal areas line up for use with the real gun’s internal parts. You’d have to do a tremendous amount of very careful fabrication - casting, welding, machining - just to make that happen. And in the end you MIGHT get things to function - you might NOT is more likely - but the toy gun’s metal is of such low quality - compared to a real firearm!! - that it would likely break.

And that is the big rub about this whole story. The toy gun parts look like the real ones, but they aren’t usable for actual firearms. And it would take tremendous amounts of work by a fully equipped precision machinist to make the necessary modifications, if that is even possible. (and one willing to knowingly skirt the law!) And after all that, on the slight chance you could do all that, you’d still have a dangerously weak receiver. So BATFE’s claim that the toy parts can be “easily modified” for fully automatic fire seems to be rather false. Nearly the same amount of work would be required to mill a real one out of proper bar stock in the first place. So why bother?

Now, let’s lay this one to rest. The modification can’t be done easily. It can’t be done safely. It probably can’t be done at all, even by a skilled professional. These things are toys, not actual firearms parts.

And a big thanks to Airsplat for giving it the old college try, and then some. I edited the emails down to the core concepts, thus the [snip][snip][snip] stuff.


From: Drew458
Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2010 8:31 AM
Subject: corporate response wanted on ATF seizure

Dear AirSplat

News item: ATF seizes shipment of Airsoft toy guns imported from Taiwan , says they can be easily converted to fully automatic lethal weapons.
This claim by the ATF seems preposterous, but if your toys are made from parts that are fundamentally identical then they may have a valid point. Even if only AR15 parts can be fit to it, devices like the Lightning Link can be used to allow full-auto fire.

Just how close to real life are your parts?


From: AirSplat
To: Drew458
Sent: Thursday, March 4, 2010, 10:00 PM
Subject: RE: corporate response wanted on ATF seizure


It’s great to hear from you about this. We’ve actually been following this for quite some time now. And seen many of the articles and blogs posting about it.
We did catch word of the possible usage of it being so realistic that it could be modified to fire real bullets. One version we heard was that a real steal upper could be used with this lower. So, just out of curiosity, several personnel here brought in several of their AR’s to work to test with.
Synopsis: It doesn’t work.


From: Drew458
To: airsplat
Sent: Friday, March 05, 2010 9:22 AM
Subject: RE: corporate response wanted on ATF seizure

Again, my thanks for your great response. I posted your letter and gave you kudos for your research and good business decisions. Unfortunately I have a reader who says it can be done with the one particular model of receiver. [snip]


From: AirSplat
To: Drew458
Sent: Monday, March 8, 2010, 6:19 PM
Subject: RE: corporate response wanted on ATF seizure


I have to say, I’m surprised to hear someone saying they are so confident it’s possible. [snip] Fair enough, [snip] we will take it upon ourselves to do so, just to prove a point or just to humor everyone.

I’ll have one of the techs pull out the sample and some people to bring in their guns and we’ll take some pictures for you. Keep you posted!


From: AirSplat
To: Drew458
Sent: Friday, March 12, 2010, 1:44 PM
Subject: RE: corporate response wanted on ATF seizure


Here are the images.

In general, you’ll notice many parts including upper and lower all seem very close to the naked eye. But on closer examination you’ll see the lower is 1/8” shorter, the upper doesn’t even fit on the lower, the pins are different sizes, lots of minor changes that are really noticeable, but when put side by side, become blatantly obvious.

Hope this helps. Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.


More pics below the fold if you still aren’t convinced yet.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Monday - March 08, 2010

Woman captain of a US navy guided-missile destroyer was relieved of her command

No offense intended here should the ladies stop by. Maybe it’s my age and generation but I just don’t think women have a place EVERYWHERE.  Most especially aboard a US Navy ship.  Now the beast who ran this particular ship may look like the butch beast she is. But it wouldn’t matter if she looked like a runway model. In fact that would be even worse.  It isn’t that I think women can’t do the job. Course they can.  It’s a simple matter of there are some places where they are out of place. A Navy ship is one of them.  Women on ships has become a matter of political correctness, like so much else in our lives.
I’m glad I was in and out of the Navy in the 60s.

Good God this beasty is UGLY.  Just common decency and an awareness of appearance or a look in a mirror should have her running to a tent she could wear over her head.  Wait .... a burka?  Yes.  Anything so that innocent ppl wouldn’t see that face and those too close together eyes peering out of that deaths skull. Major GAK!  I think if she actually looked in a mirror, she might kill herself.  Hmmm. Now how can I get her address?  We have an extra mirror here somewhere ......

At the military link there’s a photo of the ships in that race, it is claimed.

H/T military corruption (see link. good site)

Captain Holly Graf ‘maltreated’ staff says US navy report
Tony Allen-Mills


EVEN Captain Bligh might have blushed. The first woman captain of a US navy guided-missile destroyer was relieved of her command for using language so foul that it amounted to “cruelty and maltreatment”, it emerged yesterday.

Captain Holly Graf, commander of 400 sailors aboard USS Cowpens, was dubbed “Horrible Holly” by those who felt the lash of her tongue. Officers complained to navy investigators that she humiliated them in front of the crew by showering them with obscenities and calling them “idiots” and “stupid”.

Graf’s behaviour, detailed in a navy report, came to light last week when it emerged she had engaged the Cowpens in a maritime “drag race” with a smaller destroyer, the USS John McCain, near Okinawa, Japan, last year.

The report dismissed allegations that the racing ships had nearly collided but investigators upheld charges that Graf had abused her position for personal gain by forcing sailors to walk her dogs and by ordering a piano-playing junior officer to perform at a Christmas party at her home.

As one of the navy’s most successful sea-going women officers Graf was in line for promotion to rear admiral, but became the target of an internet campaign by former crew members and male former officers contemptuous of what they see as preferential treatment of women at the Pentagon., a military website, described Graf as “an incompetent and unstable ‘politically correct’ poster girl for all the super- feminists at the Pentagon and the US Naval Academy”.

Hundreds of posts to internet sites likened Graf to Bligh, the villainous captain ousted by his crew in Mutiny on the Bounty. Graf has not made a public comment, but defended her behaviour to navy investigators. “Many times I raised my tone (and used swear words) to ensure they knew this.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 03/08/2010 at 09:07 AM   
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calendar   Friday - March 05, 2010

Dutch MP Geert Wilders defies protesters to screen anti-Islamic film in House of Lords

A few weeks ago we spoke about the trial of a man named Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician being tried by a kangaroo court in his home country. At the moment, it also appears that he may be the next PM of his country.  He has a film, we have had it posted here but you can find it at YT, called FITNA.  It is not a loving testimonial islam. He is highly critical of a religion that he does not believe fits in at all well in Western culture. He also see militant islam as a threat to liberty and says so out loud.  Naturally, the miserable condomstuffers and asswipes on the left and the muzzies want to muzzle him.  Last year he was even denied entry to the former Gt. Britain as a threat to national safety or something of the like.  Of course, the unwashed lice infested rabble that carry signs saying death to the west and the hell with freedom pose no threat at all to the nation. They are members of the ROP and all one needs to do to get along well with this group of vermin, is agree with their views and accept sharia law and islamic customs and religion.

One of the (many) things that piss me off a lot about protesters is that so many of them speak with accents and have names that few outside their own rats nest can pronounce. So I think, why are these sub humans who speak another language from another country here and trying to stop a guest from speaking his mind.
What right does any foreigner have to come here and then try and muzzle an invited politician from another western country.  What are they afraid of. Answer, NOTHING.  They aren’t afraid actually.  They just don’t like the message and don’t want it others to hear it either.  Of course, they have their supporters among the idiot left and traitors.  To be critical of or question the rop automatically makes one a Nazi racist fascist homophobe.

That last is another bothersome red flag item for me.  Someone gets a dozen ppl together and they give themselves a name like the anti-fascist union or anti-Nazi volunteers or somesuch, which they think makes them legit in the eyes of folks who aren’t any of those things, and thus gives em the right to hold up traffic and try and stop the speaker.  In this case, Geert Wilders.  Something else to consider about his visit here today btw.  This is by private invitation for a private meeting and showing of his film.  So the freedom loving anti Fascist groups here don’t even want him speaking privately, never mind what he may say in public.

These folks are a clear and present danger to the west and should be eliminated by any and all means.  Of course they won’t be and they know that. They are safe. For now anyway. And they know that too.
I wish I could have worded this better then I have.  I really am very much PO’d that more people can not see the danger and can not see how phony these “protesters” are.  Why the heck is this man always referred to as “Far Right?” Even by the Daily Mail.  Finally, I find it insulting that these vermin actually think I might really believe they are merely anti-Fascist, instead of hiding behind a slogan that’s meant to censor any kind of debate.

Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders defies protesters to screen anti-Islamic film in House of Lords
Last updated at 4:08 PM on 05th March 2010


Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders accused Islam of being ‘incompatible’ with democracy today after arriving in London to show his anti-Islamic film Fitna at the House of Lords.

The 46-year-old Freedom Party leader’s visit to Britain came after his far-right party scored major gains in Dutch elections. He is now on course to win the most Parliamentary seats in the country’s June 9 election.

If so, it would be impossible for the current coalition government to rule without forging a strong coalition with him.

He could even land the title of prime minister, after a new poll showed that he was fifth on the list of Dutch voters’ preferred candidates.

He said: ‘Islamism and democracy are incompatible.

‘The more Islamism we have, the more freedom we will lose and this is something worth fighting for’.

Mr Wilders called for an end to immigration to Europe from Islamic countries but said Muslims who agreed to obey the law of the land would be welcome to stay.

He said: ‘To Muslims who do stay, I would say “Follow our laws and you are welcome to stay”.’

He also said that, if elected Dutch Prime Minister, he would seek to introduce a ‘first amendment’ guaranteeing freedom of speech.

He said: ‘The right of freedom of speech is especially to listen to someone who is saying something you don’t want to hear.’

Police arrested several protesters from a group who gathered in Millbank to demonstrate against the visit.

Demonstrators chanted ‘Shame on you’ as officers led several members of the crowd into vans.

Yasmin Rassool, from Unite Against Fascism, said she was at the rally to protest against the visit of Mr Wilders and the planned EDL march in his support.

She said: ‘I think the EDL are a racist, homophobic, Nazi party and they shouldn’t be allowed to march in our streets.’

The EDL marchers were penned in by Old Palace Yard, directly opposite Parliament.
Protesters, some of them hiding their faces with scarves, chanted: ‘No surrender to the Taliban’ and ‘Are you watching, Gordon Brown?’.

A Home Office spokesman said: “The Government regrets the decision by Baroness Cox and Lord Pearson to invite Geert Wilders to the House of Lords for a private showing of his film Fitna. However, we currently have no reason to deny Mr Wilders admission to the UK.

‘The Government continues to oppose extremism in all its forms and retains the right to refuse foreign nationals, including European Union citizens, access to the UK if we believe they represent a threat to security or our society.

‘The behaviour of foreign nationals while in the UK will be taken into consideration when considering granting access to the country in the future.’

The visit comes five months after Mr Wilders had to abandon a planned appearance in front of Parliament when the conference was crashed by a group of bearded Islamists.

There are nearly 1million Muslims in the Netherlands.

‘Today Almere and The Hague, tomorrow the whole of the Netherlands. This is our springboard for success in parliamentary elections,’ Mr Wilders said as the returns came in.

‘We’re going to take the Netherlands back from the leftist elite that coddles criminals and supports Islamisation,’ he said.

And, explaining his controversial views last October, Mr Wilders said: ‘I have a problem with the Islamic ideology, the Islamic culture, because I feel that the more Islam that we get in our societies, the less freedom that we get.’




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