Sarah Palin's presence in the lower 48 means the Arctic ice cap can finally return.

calendar   Friday - December 20, 2013

A couple of roaches, sub humans, not worthy of any kindness or consideration. ever!

Drew already posted the jury verdict on these scum.  These totally worthless bastards who, were there any real justice, would have been taken out and lynched.
However ... they of course got a trial where they and their lawyer argued they were merely soldiers.

So the trial is over ... they will most likely remain in prison with three meals supplied and medical needs seen to. You know all the rest of it.

The trial is over and the justice criminal system lumbers on but ... Brit system, ( America too ? ) shows how ready we are to be humane and therefore no death penalty.  No torture ... can’t do that.  We must make a show of how we play by rules. ( vomit ) Of course the enemy has no rules so being humane doesn’t impress them any.

Enough of that.  Here’s what I wanted you to see.


Choudary is invited onto Radio 4

Meanwhile ...  the answer to an old question asked by one our ppl here, “Whats it take to get arrested over there?”
Well killing will do it the cops will still call you mister.
But a sure fire way to be guaranteed arrest, is to refer to these lice as what they are.  Filthy, rotten, miserable nigger bastards!
Muslim scum.  Woo-hoo.  I could be had up on a double charge. Race hate is one the authorities like to use.  Even if you do not hate the entire race.
Then there’s hate speech. 
Well hell, I calls em the way I sees em.  These are some sort of sub species generally found under rocks and in dark spaces. When out in the light of day, they are capable of walking upright which leaves the impression that they are humans. Of course they aren’t.

As I mentioned in comments on another post here, in addition to everything else the black bastards did, they tried cutting out parts of the dead soldier’s body.  But I’m not supposed to refer to them as what in fact they are, cos that could be grounds for arrest over here. 



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calendar   Wednesday - October 23, 2013

Afghan woman’s family ‘behead her and her lover .

Even in the 19th century while Europe and America were beginning to benefit from the discoveries and industrial revolution of the period,
these folks were comfy living in the 5th.

Nothing ever changes with this group, and we have ‘ambassadors’ over there? Sheesh. What a waste.

Afghan woman’s family ‘behead her and her lover and dump their bodies in graveyard in horrific honour killing’

10 men broke into their home, kidnapped and beheaded them, police said
Police believe the girl’s family is to blame after she went to live with her lover
The man’s brother told police he loved the girl, 20, and wanted to marry her

By Daily Mail Reporter

A young couple in conservative southern Afghanistan have been found beheaded, apparently killed for having a love affair outside of marriage, officials said Wednesday.

Police investigating the case said they believed the family of the woman, aged around 20, was responsible for the murders in the southern province of Helmand, a lawless hotbed of the Taliban insurgency.

The elder brother of the male victim, who was in his 20s, told officers the woman had run away with him recently and was living in their family home.

On Monday, 10 men broke into the house near the provincial capital Lashkar Gah and kidnapped the pair, police official Mohammad Ismail Hotak told AFP.

‘On Tuesday, local residents reported that there were two bodies in the graveyard. We went there and found them. Both were beheaded,’ he said.

‘From our investigations, we have found that the two had a love affair. We believe the family and relatives of the girl are behind the killing.’

The police official said the brother told investigators the dead man had loved the woman and wanted to marry her.

Omar Zwak, the provincial governor’s spokesman, confirmed the incident and said an investigation was under way.

Relations between young men and women outside marriage are taboo in Afghanistan, an extremely conservative nation with deep Islamic beliefs.

Most marriages are arranged by family elders, in some cases without the couples being consulted.

A man attempting to establish relations with a woman is seen as an insult to her family’s honour and often leads to violent revenge.

In such cases, the woman is often also killed for supposedly bringing shame to the family.

Last year, the UN reported that cases of honour killings were on the rise - a 20 per cent increase in civilian casualties was reported among women and girls in Afghanistan in 2012.



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calendar   Tuesday - October 08, 2013

Today’s Reading Assignments 10/8/2013

Back in the ‘old days’, when the Skipper was alive and friends with Vilmar, Vilmar used to post a list of interesting news, opinion, and just plain fun stuff each morning. I’m not going to do that. But, during the current crisis, in which Barackade Obama is trying to become a Hugo Chavez clone (Don’t want to waste a good crisis), I thought I’d try to post links to important news and opinions. Important to me, anyway. You read and decide.

Vindictive Shutdown Theater

Why the Left Hates the Old

5 Examples of How the Government Thinks it Owns Everything

So, are these the people you want running your health care?

PRIDE: People Rejecting Ideas Deemed Evangelical

I’ll try to update this list as the day goes on.

BTW, Vilmar now blogs at ANTZ-IN-PANTZ


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calendar   Monday - September 30, 2013

A ‘Must Read’ article…

I seriously urge everybody to just say ‘NO!’ to ObamaCare. Don’t participate. Don’t sign up. Don’t pay any fines or fees. Don’t even file tax returns if they ask about your health insurance.

Here’s that ‘must read’ article.


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calendar   Wednesday - July 03, 2013

Liberté, égalité, fraternité ?  Not these days.  and God bless Marine Le Pen!

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Unless you happen to be a French right wing conservative who recognizes what the socialist left SOBs try to say is not happening.  That your country is being over run by immigrants, many who will never fit in, do not want to anyway, and do not even approve your values and culture.  And most important, not only must one NOT be critical of immigrants, above all, one must NOT be critical of muslims.  You do NOT have the liberty to speak out and anyway, the laws in France as in Europe in general, are drawn so broadly that almost anything you say about other people can and will be taken to mean whatever the left wants it to mean, for the sole purpose of shutting you up.  You can NOT openly say your country has been invaded or say what Marine Le Pen, bless her French soul, has said about muslims praying in the streets or them and immigrants in general.  Anything those appeasing bastards on the left declare racist is prosecutable. 

Not everyone will agree with everything she says or believes or stands for.  But to give her her due, she is a French patriot and those may be thin on the ground at this point in time.  And since the left also controls the education (brainwashing really) pretty soon saluting their nation’s flag might be considered an insult to former colonies and a racist act as well.

For those who do not know.

Marine Le Pen

French Political leader

Marine Le Pen is a French political leader, who is a lawyer by profession, a French right-wing politician and the president of the Front National, the third-largest political party in France, since 16 January 2011

H/T BBC News

Here’s the charge and the high crime she committed.

France’s Marine Le Pen loses immunity as MEP

BBC News

The European Parliament has removed the immunity of the French far-right leader and MEP Marine Le Pen, paving the way for her prosecution in France.
French prosecutors opened a case against Ms Le Pen in 2011 after she compared Muslims praying in the streets to the Nazi occupation of France.
Ms Le Pen, leader of the National Front (FN), is accused of incitement to hatred and discrimination.

The vote followed a move by a committee of MEPs to remove her immunity.

The request to do so came from the chief prosecutor’s office in Lyon, the city where, in December 2010, Ms Le Pen told FN supporters that the sight of Muslims praying in the street was similar to the Nazi occupation in World War II.

In her speech, broadcast by French media, she said that first France had seen “more and more veils”, then “more and more burkas” and “after that came prayers in the streets… I’m sorry, but some people are very fond of talking about the Second World War and about the occupation, so let’s talk about occupation, because that is what is happening here… There are no tanks, no soldiers, but it is still an occupation, and it weighs on people”.

Ms Le Pen took 17.9% of the vote in the first round of the French presidential election last year.

Praying in the streets was banned in Paris in 2011 in response to growing far-right protests. And in the same year France became the first EU state to ban public wearing of the face-covering Islamic veil (niqab).

By some estimates as many as six million French people, or just under 10% of the population, are Muslims, most of them from France’s former North African colonies.

Speaking to the French broadcaster LCI on Tuesday Ms Le Pen defended her remarks, saying she would lose her parliamentary immunity “because I’m a dissident”, adding: “I’m not at all afraid of it, I’m scornful of it”.

She described the move against her as “intimidation” and said she had “dared to say what all the French people think”.

Under European Parliament rules, immunity covers MEPs for any opinions they express within the parliament.
But the rules say that “immunity cannot be claimed when a member is found in the act of committing an offence and shall not prevent the European Parliament from exercising its right to waive the immunity of one of its members”.

The Labour MEP Mary Honeyball, who sits on the parliament’s legal affairs committee, told the BBC: “Quite rightly, Marine Le Pen will now face prosecution following today’s vote. It’s taken a long time, but she must now defend her actions in a French court and follow the proper legal procedure which almost nobody else in France has immunity from. She is not above reproach.”

And another committee member, Conservative MEP Sajjad Karim, said Ms Le Pen “is, and always will be, a polarising politician who seeks only to divide rather than unite”.

“It is disappointing that she tries to hide behind her EU immunity as she espouses anti-EU and anti-immigration sentiments. Using Nazi occupation in France as a comparison to Muslims praying on the street is appalling, insulting and highly inflammatory,” he said.

The deck is stacked and the brave and true Marine Le Pen is being stitched up.  Anyone doubt that?

The Labour MEP Mary Honeyball, who sits on the parliament’s legal affairs committee

Labour ... LEFT!

Conservative MEP Sajjad Karim, conservative?  May be but, I think we can see where he comes from.

“she espouses anti-EU and anti-immigration sentiments”

Oh dear ... and I guess she has no right to say anything but the prescribed line. Immigration is good and muzzies are all welcome and great folks. We all want them for neighbors. Sure thing.  In the same way we want Gypsies next door. uh huh.  And god forbid anyone voice anti-Eu sentiments.  That’s a think crime too.

Another woman with more balls than the men running the country is Brigitte Bardot, who has been in court and has been fined I don’t know how many times, not just for what she said out loud in interviews.They even went after her when she wrote a book and was critical of homosexuals for their behavior and critical of muslim immigration.  You can NOT do that in France.

In her 2003 book, “A Scream in the Silence”, she warned of an “Islamicization of France”, and said of Muslim immigration:

Over the last twenty years, we have given in to a subterranean, dangerous, and uncontrolled infiltration, which not only resists adjusting to our laws and customs but which will, as the years pass, attempt to impose its own.

In the book, she also made comparisons of her close gay friends to today’s homosexuals, who

“jiggle their bottoms, put their little fingers in the air and with their little castrato voices moan about what those ghastly heteros put them through” and that some contemporary homosexuals behave like “fairground freaks”.

She has paid fines in the THOUSANDS and I really think they’d jail her but for age and health and possible public outcry.

Being right and telling the truth as you see it is Verboten in France today. You can’t even say it in a book.


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calendar   Wednesday - May 22, 2013

Yeah, THAT Private Army

Not A Cop In Sight

DHS forces protect IRS office against “terrorist”??? peaceful Tea Party protest

The DHS appears to have finally found a use for all those bullets it’s been buying. At a Tea Party protest outside an IRS building in St. Louis yesterday there were no regular police – only armed Homeland Security guards.

Video footage from the demonstration at which protesters, including readers, chanted “no more harassment,” shows numerous DHS Federal Protective Service vehicles along with several armed DHS guards. There is not a regular police officer in sight.

The St. Louis demonstration was just one of numerous similar protests against the IRS’s punitive targeting of conservative groups that took place across the country yesterday. Homeland Security agents also kept a watchful eye on a Tea Party rally in Florida.

The DHS was supposedly founded to protect against and respond to terrorist attacks, man-made accidents, and natural disasters. It was not created to protect the IRS from peaceful protesters, but in the decade since its inception, Big Sis has morphed into an entity that polices and monitors political free speech as one of its primary functions.

Video at the source.

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”
- Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Jul 2, 2008



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Something Went Wrong

I’ll say.

FBI Kills Associate Of Boston Bomber

During an interview???

A man from Chechnya with links to one of the Boston bombing suspects was killed early Wednesday in a FBI-involved shooting at an Orlando apartment complex.

The FBI said Ibragim Todashev was shot and killed just after midnight at 6022 Peregrine Avenue in the Windhover Apartments near Universal Orlando.

“The agent encountered the suspect while conducting official duties. The suspect is deceased,” FBI Special Agent Dave Couvertier told Local 6.

John Miller, the former FBI assistant director who now works for CBS News, said the FBI was trying to re-question Todashev at his apartment when “something went wrong.” Miller said the FBI agent fired shots, but details of the incident have not yet been released and it’s not known if Todashev had a gun.

The FBI has not confirmed the link to the Boston bombing, but Khusen Taramov, a friend of Todashev, told Local 6 that Todashev knew Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was killed in a shootout with police near Boston days after the marathon bombing.

“Back when (Todashev) used to live in Boston, they used to hang out—not hang out—he knew him.  They met a few times because (Todashev) was a MMA fighter and (Tsarnaev) was a boxer.  They just knew each other.  That’s it,” said Taramov, who added that Todashev last spoke with Tsarnaev via phone more than a month ago.

Taramov adamantly stated that Todashev, who was arrested in Orlando earlier this month on charges of aggravated battery with great bodily harm, was not connected to the bombing.

ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35 ORLANDO) - An FBI agent in Orlando shot dead a man whom the agency says turned violent as he was being questioned in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing investigation late Tuesday.

The suspect was identified by the FBI as Ibragim Todashev, 27, of Orlando.

FBI spokesman Paul Bresson said the agent involved in the shooting on Peregrine Avenue near Kirkman and Vineland roads, near Universal Orlando, acted on an imminent threat and shot Todashev during an interview. The FBI agent was “conducting official duties” when Todashev was shot, agent Dave Couvertier said in a statement.

A source told FOX 25 News in Boston that Todashev was being questioned by an FBI agent from Boston about an unsolved triple murder in Waltham, Mass. The source said Todashev became violent during the interview and was shot by the agent.

Even before his encounter with the FBI, Todashev, a mixed martial arts fighter, had a recent run-in with law enforcement.

He was arrested earlier this month on a charge of aggravated battery after getting into a fight over a parking spot with a 54-year-old man and his 35-year-old son over a parking spot at an Orlando shopping mall. The 35-year-old man was hospitalized with a split upper lip and several teeth knocked out, according to a report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

“Also by his own admission Todashev was recently a former mixed martial arts fighter,” the arresting deputy said in his report. “This skill puts his fighting ability way above that of a normal person.”
Taramov said the FBI had questioned him earlier Tuesday, but he was allowed to leave. When Taramov returned, he said he found out Todashev had been shot dead, he said.

“The FBI knows what happened,” Taramov said.

The FBI agent involved was transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The FBI has sent a team from Washington, D.C., to review the incident. The team should arrive in Orlando within 24 hours, it said.

Loose ends? Ok, this Todashev guy was a semi-professional fighter, but I gather this was not the first time that the FBI had questioned him. Not even the second. And do you really believe that just one agent was there at his apartment to “conduct official business”? Especially when they know the person is prone to violence and well trained in delivering it? Given all the crap that’s shaking loose the past week or so about out of control government agencies, and all the lies, obfuscations, denials, fake recusals, and dirty shenanigans we’ve seen from Eric Holder’s DOJ ... the tinfoil hat brigade is going to run wild on this one.

CNN says that the agent killed the guy in self defense, and adds that the FBI had been investigating him/following him for “about a month”. The Boston Marathon bombings were on April 15. It was a few days until the Tsarnaev brothers were identified as the suspects, and a couple more until they were captured/killed. Today is May 22. Which sort of implies that the FBI has known about every associate the brothers had over here and digging furiously since the get-go. Phone records I’d assume. And now one of those associates is inconveniently dead.


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calendar   Wednesday - May 15, 2013

Cuomo’s Idiot Law Takes First Victim

NY: Busted For 2 Extra Bullets

NEW LEBANON [NY]— An upstate man was arrested under the state’s new gun law when troopers found him with a legally registered pistol that had a magazine that held nine bullets – two more than the new statute allows, state police said.

Troopers from the New Lebanon barracks in Columbia County stopped a car driven by Gregory D. Dean Jr., 31, of Hopewell Junction, around 9:45 p.m. Sunday on Route 22 because the vehicle’s license-plate lamp was not working.

While interviewing Dean, troopers noticed a handgun on the front seat, partially covered by a sweatshirt.

The troopers determined the gun, a .40-caliber pistol, was legally registered and possessed. However, when the troopers inspected the pistol, its magazine contained the nine bullets – New York’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act only allows seven bullets per magazine.

Police charged Dean with unlawful possession of certain ammunition feeding devices, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation,both misdemeanors, plus vehicle infractions, police said.

“Broken tail light” is the oldest cop excuse in the world for pulling you over. In between rain showers this week I’ve been repairing the old landscaping lights we have here along the sidewalk. They run on good old GE 1156 bulbs, the ubiquitous run-forever 27W automotive tail lamp, brake light, and license plate illuminating light bulb for older cars. There now exist LED replacement bulbs that fit right into the socket and produce just as much light, yet only draw 4 Watts or less, depending on how bright a light you want. They cost around $30, but they run tens of thousands of hours and do not break. Unless clobbered by a big hammer. And some of them still run with several of the LEDs broken. So for a pile of money you could eliminate that excuse from any officer seeking to pull you over. Or you could keep a few bulbs, some De-Oxit, and a screwdriver handy, and do a walk-around at least once a week before driving, to make sure all the bulbs work. 


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calendar   Tuesday - April 23, 2013

Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right

Seriously. That’s the title of a study published by West Point! An excerpt from the web page:

In the last few years, and especially since 2007, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of attacks and violent plots originating from individuals and groups who self-identify with the far-right of American politics.

Really? I never read about these in the news. You’d think the left-wing media would be all over such stories. I have read about a huge increase in left-wing violence since 9/11. But I’ve yet to read the study, which is available at the above link as a pdf download. OK BMEWSers and BMEWSettes, go get the study and let’s start ripping it to shreds! Hurry! Get it before they take it down. Oh, never mind. If they do take it down, I’ll just post my copy at my blog.


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calendar   Wednesday - April 17, 2013

A Rude Display

Texas Cop: “We’re Exempt From The Law”

soldier arrested for carrying a rifle in the woods

Army Master Sergeant. C. J. Grisham, a serving American soldier and veteran of the the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, who recently was illegally disarmed by the Temple Police Department while out for a walk with his son.

“We live out in the country in Texas, near Temple,” he told me. “My son and I were on a ten-mile hike so that he could earn his hiking merit badge – it’s the last badge he needs to become an Eagle Scout.” But half way into the hike, Grisham said, “a police officer pulled up.” Initially, he was “cordial” and he “asked what we were doing.” Grisham told him. “Then he looked at my rifle. I carry a rifle any time I walk around because there are feral hogs and cougars and things like that.”

From here, things took a turn for the worse.

Follow the link and read the rest, and watch the rather chilling video. I wonder how big a lawsuit it’s going to take to teach the cop that he isn’t Boss Hog?

Update: MORE. Looks like Barney Fife here is just acting as his master told him to (and screw that inconvenient law) ...

The conflict between law enforcement and armed military personnel in the community around Fort Hood, one of America’s largest military bases, has recently and repeatedly involved the issue of gun control — and the tension has been exacerbated in part by an Obama-supporting prosecutor described as a “bandleader” of anti-gun efforts in the heavily conservative community.

The conflict reached a fever pitch last month, when Texas police arrested an active-duty Army sergeant for “rudely displaying” a hunting rifle.

Last month? Dammit, I hate it when news sites put some story up as if it happened today. Are their aggregators so slow that things take 30 days to bubble up to the top? Give me NEWS, not OLDS.


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calendar   Monday - April 15, 2013

Off Target

Looks like Christopher properly celebrated Buy A Gun Day. Good luck with your new piece. I hope you got one of the newer models with the SRT (short reset trigger). Get yourself a little can of TSI-301 and some Slide Glide Lite, run about 500 rounds through it at the range, using proper barrel break in procedure, and your new toy will soon be in great shape. And remember, always run the brushes in from the chamber end.

Just be careful what targets you choose. Political Correctness now rules the firing line.

Florida Cop Fired Over “Trayvon” targets


BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Officials with Port Canaveral said a police sergeant has been fired after he brought shooting targets resembling Trayvon Martin to a firearms training session.

Sgt. Ron King was terminated from the police department on Friday, according to officials.

Port officials said King brought two shooting targets which had images resembling Trayvon Martin on them to a firearms training session on April 4.

The image of someone wearing a dark hoodie with a drink can in their hand has become a well-known symbol in the death of 17-year-old Martin. The unarmed teen was shot and killed in Sanford last year.

King was supervising the training session and asked if anyone wanted to use them.

“He had a target in the back of his car and offered it to two other officers with the port,” said said John Walsh, CEO of Port Canaveral. “They rejected his offer and told him to put it back in the car.”

Officials will not say if the targets were actually used by King.

“Whether his act was hatred or stupidity, none is tolerable,” said Walsh.

But King told a different story in a YouTube video he posted, saying, “I find that people are accusing me of doing something that I just plain did not do.”

King said he brought the targets to demonstrate what officers should not shoot at, and claims anyone saying otherwise is trying to further their own political agenda.

So a mere drawing of a hoodie wearing target is assumed to be a vile and racist thing. And yet, at the very same time ...

DHS Spends $2 Million On “Non Traditional” Training Targets

Photo Quality “No More Hesitation” targets exclusively feature white citizens with guns

image image image image

A provider of “realistic” shooting targets to the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies has created a line of “non-traditional threat” targets that include pregnant women, mothers in playgrounds and elderly American gun owners.

Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. is a 21-year designer and full service provider of training targets for the DHS, the Justice Department and thousands of law enforcement agencies throughout the country.

The company’s website offers a line of “No More Hesitation” targets ”designed to give officers the experience of dealing with deadly force shooting scenarios with subjects that are not the norm during training.” The targets are, “meant to help the transition for officers who are faced with these highly unusual targets for the first time.”

The targets include “pregnant woman threat,” “older man with shotgun,” “older man in home with shotgun,” “older woman with gun,” “young school aged girl,” “young mother on playground,” and “little boy with real gun.”

Why are top training target suppliers for the government supplying the likes of the DHS with “non-traditional threat” targets of children, pregnant women, mothers in playgrounds, and elderly American gun owners unless there is a demand for such items?

This is particularly alarming given the fact that the Department of Homeland Security has purchased roughly 2 billion rounds of ammunition over the course of the last year, enough to wage a near 30 year war.

In comparison, during the height of active battle operations in Iraq, US soldiers used 5.5 million rounds of ammunition a month.

The DHS also purchased no less than 7,000 fully automatic assault rifles last September, labeling them “Personal Defense Weapons.”

The fact that targets of armed pregnant women, children, mothers in playgrounds, and American gun owners in general are being represented as “non traditional threats” “for the first time” is deeply concerning given the admitted preparations for civil unrest undertaken by Homeland Security as well as other federal agencies.

The company behind controversial shooting targets that include images of children, pregnant women and elderly gun owners received almost $2 million dollars in contracts from the Department of Homeland Security.

Minnesota-based Law Enforcement Training Inc., which brags of its close relationship with the DHS and thousands of law enforcement agencies, has stoked outrage after producing shooting targets which feature “non traditional” threats amidst banal environments such as a pregnant woman in a nursery, a mother in a school playground and a little boy.


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calendar   Thursday - April 11, 2013

Missouri Sells Out

Highway patrol gave feds Missouri weapon permits data

Oh, but the police are your friends! My ass.

Missouri’s database of concealed weapon permits was twice given to federal authorities investigating Social Security disability fraud in a move that has enraged lawmakers already angry over potential abuses in a new driver’s licensing system.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Col. Ron Replogle was questioned for nearly an hour this morning by the Senate Appropriations Committee after he revealed to Chairman Kurt Schaefer yesterday that his agency had turned over the data.

The delivery of the information to federal authorities has become a huge issue for lawmakers since they began raising questions about new driver’s licensing procedures. A lawsuit from Stoddard County challenged the procedures that require all supporting documents — including certificates granting concealed weapon privileges — to be scanned and retained.

In November 2011 and again in January, Replogle said, an agent of the Social Security Administration Office of Inspector General received discs with the data. Each time, the agent was unable to read the encryption format and destroyed the discs, Replogle said.

“They said no names were retrieved,” Replogle told the committee this morning. “They do not have those names. They did not disseminate that information, and all that information has been destroyed. We have asked for that documentation of what has happened.”

The data was turned over because the Office of Inspector General is a law enforcement agency, Replogle said. It was done by a mid-level supervisor at the patrol. Replogle said he was not informed of the transfer until four weeks ago.

The intention was to cross-check the names on the concealed carry list with the agency’s list of those with disabilities attributed to mental illness to find possible evidence of fraud in the system.

New procedures are being put in place to make sure a similar release of data does not happen again without his approval, Replogle said.

Really? Well fuck him. His approval isn’t worth a dog turd sandwich. It’s against the law. Period.

State law bars the Department of Revenue from implementing the federal Real ID Act. The procedures adopted for Missouri licenses mirror Real ID Act requirements. State law also mandates that concealed weapons permit data is confidential.

Gov. Jay Nixon has denied that concealed weapons permits were turned over to a “magical database” for federal agents to “mess with” Missourians. The requests from Social Security were revealed yesterday in an appropriations committee hearing, and Replogle gave incomplete information to Schaefer yesterday.

“There is nothing magical about the name Real ID,” Schaefer said after this morning’s hearing. “It is the things that go along with it, the giving up of personal data, the subjecting yourself to identity theft without any due process of law before that information is given up.”

For weeks, he said, the department has denied it was implementing Real ID or turning over concealed weapons permit information.

“What we now know is we were lied to about the process, how it is implemented, how it is funded, and we were lied to about the fact that the Department of Motor Vehicles or the state of Missouri did or did not give out a list of concealed carry holders to the federal government,” Schaefer said.

Don’t put your faith in the state government either. Even if they seem steadfast up at the top, somewhere in their pyramid there will be a filthy weasel like this guy. And all it takes is one.

*REMINDER: Missouri is the same state that issued a report naming tea partiers, libertarians, and anyone who flew the military authorized Gadsden Flag as potential domestic terrorists.

More over at RedState; including a taped radio show that gives much more info.


Hmm ... what do they call it when the government breaks it’s own laws to enact a policy that the citizens don’t want and nobody ever voted for? Can’t recall right now ... starts with a “c”, sounded like a term for a two door car I think.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 04/11/2013 at 01:15 PM   
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calendar   Thursday - March 07, 2013

ACLU Does The Right Thing?

ACLU opens a national investigation into the militarization of the police. How much has gone on? Who is behind it? Is it necessary? And to what use is all this being put?

It’s almost certain that if the police agencies cooperate, the ACLU will find that the militarization trend has accelerated since Kraska’s studies more than a decade ago. All of the policies, incentives and funding mechanisms that were driving the trend then are still in effect now. And most of them have grown in size and scope.

The George W. Bush administration actually began scaling down the Byrne and COPS programs in the early 2000s, part of a general strategy of leaving law enforcement to states and localities. But the Obama administration has since resurrected both programs. The Byrne program got a $2 billion surge in funding as part of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, by far the largest budget in the program’s 25-year history. Obama also gave the COPS program $1.55 billion that same year, a 250 percent increase over its 2008 budget, and again the largest budget in the program’s history. Vice President Joe Biden had championed both programs during his time in the Senate.

The Pentagon’s 1033 program has also exploded under Obama. In the program’s monthly newsletter (Motto: “From Warfighter to Crimefighter"), its director announced in October 2011 that his office had given away a record $500 million in military gear in fiscal year 2011, which he noted, “passes the previous mark by several hundred million dollars.” He added, “I believe we can exceed that in FY 12.”

Then there are the Department of Homeland Security’s anti-terrorism grants. The Center for Investigative Reporting found in a 2011 investigation that since 2001, DHS has given out more than $34 billion in grants to police departments across the country, many of which have been used to purchase military-grade guns, tanks, armor, and armored personnel carriers. The grants have gone to such unlikely terrorism targets as Fargo, N.D.; Canyon County, Idaho; and Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Since the 1990s, the Pentagon has made military equipment available to local police departments for free or at steep discounts. This, along with drug war-related policies, has spurred a trend toward a more militarized domestic police force in America. Law enforcement and elected officials have argued for years that better-armed, high-powered police departments are needed to fight the war on drugs.

Since the Sept. 11 attacks, the war on terror has accelerated the trend toward militarization.

Just a few days ago there was the story about DHS buying and refurbishing several THOUSAND MRAP armored ‘mini-tank’ vehicles. To go along with their billions of bullets they’ve ordered.

And now we’ve got Holder and Obama with the drones thing, believing that they can target and execute any American at any time without any kind of due process. And the drones are already up there, flying about. And we only have their word that they aren’t armed in some way.

I’m no flower carrying hippie, but all this makes me want to beat my bongos in protest. We’re living in a police state man. The Man is out of control, man. Like, for real.  And the President seems to be complaining that he’s not the Emperor. Excuse me, what??

I’m pretty sure that the cops in my sleepy little no-crime town of about 5,000 folks do not have a tank. But we have a police force of about two dozen officers, some with possible ‘roid rage, which seems rather a lot. And every patrol car has every kind of computer gee-whiz gizmo made inside, right next to the M16, and all the cars have those crash bar things on the front for offense driving. And of course the bullet-proof vests and the hi-cap pistols with the double magazine belt buckle and 2 more on the utility belt with the tazers and the tear gas. The local paper runs the Crime Blotter, and about the worst thing that ever happens here is a couple of inebriated drivers or some punk kids getting caught with a little bag of weed. I know the county does have a highly militarized SWAT team, and those guys have a large and very heavy duty vehicle. But that’s all I know about it.


If you think it’s somnolent here, we’re the happening Bright Lights Big City compared to Doylestown PA, a little crossroads village across the Delaware nearby. And they have, or have access to, a genuine APC. An Armored Personnel Carrier. Once in a while they need it, when one of NJ’s heavily armed cops goes wild. It’s all out of control and ungroovy, man. Posse Comitatus or not, I don’t want the local plod to be armed and armored like soldiers. It’s too damn much power and they will abuse it. They’re already far too big for their britches as it is, and long ago gave up any semblance of Community Policing With Your Friendly Town Officers. No. Now they are Teh Authority. And you’d better obey.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/07/2013 at 12:38 PM   
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calendar   Tuesday - February 12, 2013

Ain’t That A Shame

Barny Fife Might Lose His One Bullet

Police May Suffer Due To National Ammo Shortage

Hey, maybe they can borrow some of those billions of rounds ordered by the feds!

GENOA TOWNSHIP, Ohio - The nation is dealing with an ammunition shortage, and its impact could reach the law enforcement community.

“State law mandates we have to qualify once a year. We do it twice a year with additional training,” Genoa Township Police Chief Robert Taylor said.

The agencies wouldn’t be short on duty rounds, but it might impact the training rounds they use monthly to stay sharp.

“We are about ready to find out. We are submitting an order and we were told it might be a while because of the shortage,” Chief Taylor said.

It is impacting others too, including the average customer at local shooting ranges.

“First time our shelves are half empty, first time we have been scrambling to keep ammunition,” said Clair Marvin or AIMHI Shooting Range in New Albany.

Marvin tells NBC4 that ammunition has gone from difficult to get and keep to being nearly unavailable.

“We’ve talked to some distributors that say we’ve billed to 2015. That is a long time,” Marvin said.

In the meantime, stores like AIMHI have put two-box limits per day on some of the ammunition.

Taylor said they may have to look at scaling back some of the practice ammunition they give weekly to officers, but they will never cut it out.

“I do not seeing us backing off one bit. [We] might be tougher on our budget, but no we cannot afford to skimp on training,” Taylor said.

Oh give me a break. There isn’t a private gun range in the country that lets the local PD shoot there that doesn’t detest Annual Qualification. It’s a guarantee they’ll lose light fixtures, target clamps, return wires, you name it; all shot to hell and back by cops who only practice that one time per year. And whatever passes for qualification would never ever cut it at any kind of competitive shoot. Ha! Meh, I remember the indoor gun range I used to belong to. They’d put up black plastic bags on the windows behind the firing line so nobody could see just how poorly things were doing. And we’d come in later, when they were gone, and count the new holes in the sidewalls, the table tops, the ceiling. It was awful.

Maybe the PDs should start reloading. That can save you loads of money ... if your guys police their brass ... and always give you plenty of ammo on hand. Oh wait. It’s nearly impossible to get any of that stuff either right now. Bullets, brass, primers, powder ... all cleaned out. Golly. You’d think the country was stocking up for a war or something. Something.


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