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calendar   Saturday - January 24, 2009

Hadn’t planned on anything today until I ran across this.  Water Company claims Squatters Rights.

I think it’s an outrage.  Legal theft? That’s what this story reads like.
Or else I read it incorrectly.

Farmer outraged after water company claims squatters rights on property she allowed them to access

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 3:43 PM on 23rd January 2009

A farmer has been left devastated after a water company claimed squatters’ rights on land that has been in her family for generations.

Ruth Wrixton had allowed Wessex Water officials onto her farm for years so workers could access a pumping station there.

But Miss Wrixton was dumbstruck after discovering the multi-million pound firm claimed ownership of her property on the grounds that it has ‘enjoyed free, uninterrupted and undisturbed possession for 12 years.’

Miss Wrixton, whose family have owned the farm for 100 years, received a letter from the Land Registry explaining the change of ownership while she was battling cancer.

The firm also offered her a deal to buy her own land back in exchange for a free 99 year lease.

Miss Wrixton, 50, said she was outraged over the matter and couldn’t believe she has lost her land.

She said: ‘I can’t put into words how I feel, I am so angry and upset by this.

‘My family has owned the little farm for 100 years and we have been bound by law to allow Wessex Water onto our land because their are a public utility.

‘But how dare they turn round and claim this land is now theirs.
Who do they think they are?’

The saga began more than 50 years ago when the local council had to build the small pumping station in the village of Symondsbury, Dorset.

The farmyard at Miles Cross Farm was deemed the lowest point in the area and the 12ft by 10ft sewage station was placed there.

The station passed into the hands of Wessex Water when it was privatised in 1974.

Miss Wrixton’s grandfather, Fred Barnes who bequeathed the farm to her, was obliged to allow the firm’s employees onto his land.

That agreement continued after she took over the 70 acre beef farm.

She said: ‘I had no choice - if I tried to stop them I would have been arrested. By law they can come on my land because they are a utility .

‘I couldn’t win either way. Let them in, and after 12 years they take the land, or I stop them entering and be arrested.’

Miss Wrixton only learnt that Wessex Water had registered the small plot of land the station is on in its name after she divorced and notified the Land Registry that she was now the farm’s sole owner.

Although she wrote an objection, a second letter from the Land Registry stated:
‘Unfortunately your objection is not sufficient to prevent the completion of the application.

‘I have no doubt that Wessex Water has been in full free, uninterrupted and undisturbed possession for at least 12 years of the claimed land.’

Miss Wrixton approached her local MP, Conservative Oliver Letwin, who wrote to Colin Skellett, the chairman of Wessex Water.

She said: ‘Mr Skellett replied and stated they would transfer the land back to me for one pound - so I buy my land back and in return I let them have a 99 year lease back at one pound. Meaning that I let them have the land for 99 years free of charge.

‘I wouldn’t care if the land was in the middle of nowhere but it is in the farmyard and I have to keep the route clear for them.’

A spokesman for Wessex Water confirmed they believed they owned the title of the land.

He said: ‘Although no deeds exist, which is not uncommon, Wessex Water has rights to access and maintain the site in accordance with our statutory duty to provide sewerage services to local residents.

‘A recent application to HM Land Registry to register our possessory title in the site has met with objection from the claimant.

‘In response we offered to take a 99-year lease of the site at a peppercorn rent but the claimant sought more commercial terms.

‘We are still prepared to transfer the small piece of land back to the claimant and take the lease as previously proposed.

‘We are disappointed not to have received a reply from the claimant.’


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calendar   Saturday - January 10, 2009

Now even police can’t object to gipsy camp in picturesque village…because it’s racist .

First of all and most important my sincere thanks to Drew and all you other nice people for the kind words of support.  My wife has read all, and has asked me to convey her thanks as well.  It all surprised us very much.  I had no idea Drew was going to do that.
It’s funny how empty a small space can be.  A large weight has been removed but ..... just but.
Thank You All.


I can’t stay away for long when I see a headline like the one here.  I had no intention of doing anything today.  But this bit of continuing total lunacy just begs posting about.  Don’t mean to bore Americans with a problem we haven’t faced yet, but I want to keep what the Brits are living with at the forefront.  You can’t begin to know without living here, how serious this is. 

Brits who have always worked, paid all their many taxes, bought their houses and obeyed all the laws, take a look at their country and see the following.
People who have done NONE of those things and most likely will not ever do those things, demand and get special treatment and expect health care and schools and God only knows what else is on their list. This is ALL of it, the work of the left wing in this country.  And I won’t even get into immigration which Lyndon has covered so well in his comments on another post.

Click on the link for photo site at the bottom.  Take a look at the site they want to use.  Kiss the place goodbye.

Last updated at 10:38 AM on 10th January 2009

Police have been told they cannot object to a planned gipsy camp in a picturesque village.

Council chiefs have ruled that the local force’s professional opinion ‘breaches the Race Relations Act’.

The decision meant that councillors considering the planning application were not told how officers had been called to another local camp 109 times in just two years.

The row centres on the tiny village of Bletsoe (population 281) in North Bedfordshire.

Early last year residents learned that the owner of a farm on the edge of the village had applied for permission to build four ‘gipsy and traveller’ pitches on his land.

They formed an association to combat the plans and were delighted when Bedfordshire police joined them by writing a letter of objection to the council.

The police’s hard-hitting letter detailed their dealings with three other gipsy sites in the county.

Over a two-year period to January 2008, officers visited the three sites a total of 210 times. One site was visited 109 times.

The police were called out to deal with reports of fights, arson, assaults, stolen vehicles, violent disorder, anti-social behaviour, theft, child abduction and use of weapons.

Chief Superintendent Andy Street wrote: ‘The numbers, and nature, of incidents are not atypical for traveller sites. The likelihood of such sites causing problems for those living in close proximity is highly probable.’

However, Bedford Borough Council refused to take the letter into consideration when deciding whether to approve the site. Officials claimed that including it in the summary given to councillors would leave the authority open to a prosecution for racial discrimination.

So they returned the letter to the police and refused to let councillors see it. As a result, the police were forced to withdraw their objection.

Bletsoe resident Colin Deas, 72, a retired businessman who grew up in the village, said: ‘It seems to me that there are some things you simply cannot say if you are talking about travellers.

‘I am sure that the police would be allowed to say there was fear of increased crime if they were talking about a new housing estate. So what’s the difference?’

Bedford’s act of censorship is the latest illustration of how politically- correct councils appear to be appointing themselves as our ‘thought police’.

Only last week the Mail revealed how nearby Mid-Bedfordshire council labelled more than 3,000 local residents of the village of Stotfold as racists when they objected to a gipsy site.

They had simply expressed worries that the site could increase traffic, cause property prices to fall or increase noise levels.

Although councillors rejected the Bletsoe traveller camp plans last year, the landowner has now appealed and the case will be heard again next month.

A spokesman for Bedford council said: ‘The police objection was treated very seriously.

‘Legal advice indicated that the objection was not a material planning consideration and should not be reported to committee. In the light of such clear advice it was considered appropriate to return the correspondence to the police.’


See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Tuesday - December 30, 2008

Council disregard objections of 3,000 residents to traveller site as ‘they are racist’.

This is a small example of the BS people are FORCED to put up with here in the socialist paradise.
This reasonable group of comments that were solicited by the council to begin with, are “racist” because the pc district council didn’t like the question or the comments from .... oh. Nobody really important.  Just the folks who pay the taxes is all. Just the people who were living peacefully in their neighborhoods.  Small potatoes what?

For those at BMEWS who might not know, “Travelers” is the oh so pc title now given to Gypsies. And let me tell ya, these folks ARE organized. They move their campers,trailers, diggers and trash onto public ground, they do it on weekends before anyone can do anything, council offices are closed, they immediately enroll their kids in local schools first thing which then make it even harder to evict them, they install electric, septic tanks, and whatever else is needed to live on a site.
Once installed, it can take forever to get rid of them legally as things slooooowly move through the courts.  And I haven’t covered it all by any means.

So then, object to the noise and the filth and question what their presence does to your property value, not to mention crime, and it’s automatic. You’re a racist.
BTW ... I don’t even pretend to understand the racist tag since “Travelers” are mostly white and very,very many come over from Ireland. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you.  They have lawyers these folks do.  Lots of em.


By Dan Newling
Last updated at 8:14 AM on 30th December 2008

When residents were asked to provide feedback on council plans to build traveller camps on their doorstep they dutifully responded.

More than 3,000 homeowners filled in forms outlining their views, many raising concerns over a possible increase in noise, traffic, rubbish and a detrimental effect on property prices.

However, such objections were not appreciated by Mid-Bedfordshire District Council, which partially or fully rejected nearly nine in ten of the replies for including comments ‘of a racist nature’.

(and btw, things of a racist nature can be ANYTHING they (council) deem it to be)

Weeks after asking for residents’ views earlier this year, the council posted an article on its website entitled ‘Racist Comments Not Welcome’.

It claimed the council’s ‘duty of community leadership’ meant it had to crack down on the use of racial stereotypes, and revealed that while 400 responses would be considered, 3,100 were in some way racist and would be rejected.

The council even sent letters to objectors telling them their views had been deemed offensive and would not be taken account of.

Retired company secretary Lucy Clarke from Stotfold - one of the six small towns and villages mooted as sites for the 25 traveller families - was astounded to receive her letter.

Mrs Clarke, a grandmother of three, said: ‘As far as I am aware I objected to the camp for entirely reasonable grounds. And yet I then get this letter from the council.

‘They even accused me of incitement to racial hatred. It’s ridiculous - like putting me on a par with Abu Hamza.’

She added: ‘I am not racist, but I am concerned about what one of these camps could do to our town.’

Even the local town council could not avoid falling foul of the censors.

Brian Collier, chairman of Stotfold council said: ‘We wrote a detailed response in which we summarised locals’ concerns.

‘There is another gipsy site not far from here that has a well-known crime problem.

‘As part of our response we echoed people’s worries that the same may happen here.

‘We were totally shocked when we then received a letter from the district council saying that was racist. There are lots of people here who have had the same treatment.’

The district council’s attitude has been criticised by local campaigners, politicians and civil liberties groups.

Tory communities spokesman Eric Pickles said yesterday: ‘I hope that they write a letter of apology to everyone they have accused of being racist. Otherwise, people simply aren’t going to feel able to object to these camps without the fear of being branded racist.’

When contacted by the Daily Mail, a spokesman for Mid-Bedfordshire council admitted that it had been ‘somewhat overzealous’.

He said: ‘We were worried that many of the letters contained racist slurs and objectionable comments that we felt could not be published under current race relations legislation.

‘We had no intention of offending those who took the time to respond to the consultation and certainly were not trying to label residents as racist.

‘Only a small proportion (around 5 per cent) of the comments were actually discounted in their entirety. The remainder were taken into consideration, either in whole or in part.’



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calendar   Saturday - December 13, 2008

here’s your prescription now turn in your guns

Doctors Eisen (dentist) and Gallant (optometrist) take a look at the next “reason” to disarm the public. For your own good of course.


by Dr. Paul Gallant and Dr. Joanne D. Eisen

Dillon Precision’s Blue Press, January 2009

In Nassau County, New York, a revised handgun application went into effect in January 2007. A new question asks: “Have you used or still use narcotics, tranquilizers or anti depressant [sic] medication? If YES, record doctor’s name, address and phone number, (attach).” If the applicant answers in the affirmative, a list of those medications is also required.

The new question may have been added as a means of increasing public safety, but Nassau County licensees have maintained a nearly spotless record in this area. A more likely explanation is that this could be the next practical step in denying exercise of the Second Amendment.
The recent Heller Supreme Court decision gave gun-owners a tripartite victory: firearm possession is an individual right, a complete ban on firearms is unconstitutional, and the right to self-defense with firearms is affirmed. The Supreme Court nevertheless left plenty of wiggle room for the firearm-prohibitionists, by allowing for “reasonable regulation.”

“Reasonable” is a very big word, and it opens the way to the eradication of our rights. If firearms can no longer be banned, then expanding the list of prohibited persons is the next tactic for firearm-hostile politicians to explore. That subjective factor of “reasonable” regulation could cast an extremely wide net.

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that a history of legal drug use is a valid disqualifier of firearm ownership. According to the best criminological evidence, the most accurate predictor of violent behavior is a past history of violence.

The Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) acts as the county’s handgun licensing authority; licenses issued in Nassau County are valid for 5 years, after which time they must be renewed. If licensing authorities are allowed to determine that some drugs should be firearm “disqualifiers,” and others not, we will soon discover that there is no line between which drugs are dangerous, and which are not.

Use of anti-depressants has been linked to youngsters who have gone on high-profile, but rare, mass-shooting sprees. If these drugs can cause people to suddenly “snap,” it might seem reasonable to restrict legal possession of firearms to those taking such drugs as an effective strategy to prevent violent rampages. One point on which most researchers agree is that these incidents generally occur in a susceptible group of individuals under 25 years of age.

But because locks are easily disabled, in order to prevent any access to firearms by this class of individuals, or any other susceptible group, our society would need to tightly restrict the possession and storage of all weapons—exactly the goal of the firearm-prohibitionists.

If we allow fear mongering to replace good science and sound medical care, we can make the case that most drugs Americans commonly take could be used as firearm disqualifiers. That is because virtually all drugs—prescription and over-the-counter—have been associated with psychological and neurological adverse effects.

Nassau County NY is western and central Long Island, east of Queens. It costs $200 to apply for a pistol permit there, and another $99 to get fingerprinted, so there is already a bias against the poor inherent in the process. And the waiting time is 6 months, don’t call us, thank you. The permit is good for only 5 years, at which point it costs you $200 to renew it. And the list of questions asked on the form is onerous (and I’m saying that, living here in NJ!!) Not just “where do you work?” but “list every job you’ve had for the past 5 years.” 4 references, not 1 or 2. List next of kin. Who will get your guns when you die or become disabled? Were you given a dishonorable discharge from the military? Have you had a traffic ticket in the past 5 years? Have you ever been arrested? (not convicted, just arrested) Have you ever been fired from a job? Has any family member ever been in a mental institution? I bet this is the nastiest and most intrusive gun permit form in the country. Horry Clap. Even your character references get put through the wringer, threatened with a perjury charge, and then they have to have their form notarized. Oh, and do you own any guns too? But getting this permit isn’t enough! When 6 months have gone by and you have your permit, you then need to get a Purchase Document from the cops! One per gun thanks. Wonder how much they cost? And how often you’re allowed to get one? Or how long the cops take to process them?

At first read, and it’s a short article worth reading, I thought that perhaps Drs Eisen and Gallant were clutching at straws, and maybe trying to do some scare tactics of their own. But now that I’ve read through the Nassau County forms, I accept their premise fully. If there are any questions on this interrogation form about prescription drug use, they are there for one reason: to deny you the permit. This is out of control. And now they want to use what perfectly legal prescription drugs you take - or have ever taken!! - as a reason to deny you your constitutional rights. This isn’t moonbattery. It’s far beyond that. This is the sound of the hobnailed boots kicking in your door at 3am. This is government gone wild.

Heller was no where near a strong enough decision. The Nassau County form has been in use for 2 years now; Heller was only a couple of months ago. This form already is what the NY county feels is “reasonable regulation”, because it is possible that some people can put down the right questions, have the right folks speak up for them in the proper manner, have a past purer than the freshly fallen snow AND afford to pony up what is likely the highest gun application fee in the country. But God himself can’t help them if they take or have ever taken a certain kind of medicine. And you don’t have access to the list of proscribed prescribed drugs. So what’s on the list is what we want to be on the list. For the wrong kind of person. Mandatory urine and blood samples will be next. Pretty soon nobody will be able to buy a gun in Nassau County, but that’s Ok, because it’s all just “reasonable regulation”. Have to protect the public you know. [That’s what the cops are for, right? Well sure, until you actually demand that they do so. Then they’ll trot out the court cases that say they aren’t, after all. ]

Horry Clap. And I thought it was tough here in NJ.

Oh, and you did notice the citation at the top of this post? This article was first printed in this month’s Blue Press, the combination magazine and catalog put out by Dillon Precision. They make superb reloading presses. They also make the miniguns for our military. And for readers of Vilmar’s and Rodger’s blogs, they have the new calendars ready. The ones that feature the “gun babe” you were all drooling over the other day, Cathy Rankin. You can get both large format Dillon Calendars for only $16.95, and Cathy is on the cover of one of them.

UPDATE: So much for Equal Treatment Under The Law. Rockland County NY is about the same distance west of NYC as Nassau County is to the east of NYC. But in Rockland, a pistol permit costs $10. Plus fingerprinting fees. But the permit is good forever. And you only need 2 references, not 4. I guess they don’t have people from Brady running their show like Nassau does. In between these two counties is Westchester County, which is directly north of NYC. There a pistol permit costs the same $10, but you have to recertify ever 5 years. And they will give you free gun locks if you ask for them. No mention of fingerprinting or fingerprinting costs at the Westchester web page.


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calendar   Monday - December 01, 2008

It’s a Miracle!! ACLU sides with gun owners!!!

Delaware cops violating federal law, using gun database for wrong reasons

The Delaware State Police have been conducting secret background checks of some gun owners since 2001, a process known as “superchecks” that may violate federal law.  The checks have resulted in confiscation of weapons, some for legitimate reasons, but have subjected many citizens to a search of mental health records that in most cases police would be unable to access.

In Delaware, when someone attempts to purchase a pistol or rifle, he or she must first sign a consent form authorizing a criminal and mental health check by the state Firearms Transaction Approval Program.  These background checks are initiated when a gun dealer calls the firearms unit seeking approval to sell a weapon.

Employees of FTAP conduct about 10,000 background checks a year using computers that link to criminal and court databases and a mental health database maintained by the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services.

Through a request made under the state Freedom of Information Act, The News Journal obtained the results of nearly 4,000 background checks conducted by FTAP from 1998 to 2008 in which gun purchases were denied by state police. The state must destroy records of approved gun purchases within 60 days under a law designed to prevent agencies from compiling lists of gun owners.

he FTAP program was created by lawmakers, and funded by taxpayers, to aid licensed gun dealers, but The News Journal found that more than 10 percent of background checks denied by FTAP were requested by state troopers, not by gun dealers attempting to authorize a legal sale.

None of their superchecks involved gun sales and none of the people checked by state police had signed a written consent form. But all the superchecks, state police said, were gun-related.  Because FTAP checks of legal gun ownership are destroyed, it’s impossible to tell from the data how many superchecks state police routinely conduct. A DHSS spokesman said his agency does not keep a record of the number of times FTAP employees have accessed the state’s mental health database.

“Basically, it’s up to the trooper’s discretion,” said State Police Capt. Galen M. Purcell, director of the State Bureau of Identification. “If they pull someone over and if there are firearms in the car, or they want to make sure they’re not prohibited, they may call the FTAP.”

OK, I get it. It’s “gun related” because the state cop (we call them “Staties” here in NJ) wants to see if somebody is prohibited from owning a gun. Uh huh. So guns don’t have to even be present, all you need is a nosy flatfoot.

Purcell described the superchecks as “one-stop shopping.”

“They hit all appropriate databases; criminal history, Department of Motor Vehicles, and it’s also linked to DHSS,” he said.

Drewry Fennell, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Delaware, said that in the context of federal law, someone’s mental health history is surrounded by “robust protections.”

“There’s a clear directive that they’re not supposed to be used for general law enforcement purposes,” Fennell said. “There are a couple of exceptions in the regulations, but there is no exception to support a general law enforcement query.”

Wow, this must have turned the ACLU inside out. They HAD to choose to support either gun owners or the police on this one. Antacids for everyone!

Ron Honberg is national director of policy and legal affairs for the National Association of Mental Illness, the country’s largest advocacy organization for people with mental illness.

Superchecks, Honberg said, are “excessive and unnecessary.”

“It sounds like a potential abuse of authority,” he said. “It creates a jeopardy that this type of information could be used for all sorts of purposes.”

State politicians have moved into Emergency CYA mode:

When the firearms unit was created, the debate in the House was “strictly about purchases, not enforcement,” said House Minority Leader Richard C. Cathcart, R-Middletown. “It seems to me this violates—at a minimum—the intent of the legislation.”

Cathcart, who received an “A+” rating from the NRA before his recent re-election, said the supercheck process needs a quick statutorial fix.

“Obviously, there is a right to bear arms, but the way this is being applied, basically they’re saying it’s a privilege, and they have a right to take away that privilege from people,” Cathcart said. “I have a huge problem with this.”

House Majority Leader Peter C. Schwartzkopf, D-Rehoboth Beach, a retired state police captain who received an “F” grade from the NRA, doesn’t understand why troopers need to check gun owners through the firearms unit.

“That’s wrong,” he said. “I don’t understand that process because a trooper or a police officer has access to a computer with the same capability as the firearms unit.”

The article goes on, mentioning the case of the 81 year old granny denied the right to buy a gun because she was old, and female. It also shows how some of the reasons for denial were rather sketchy. You can read the whole thing here.

I’d like to be able to blame this Police State kind of behavior on a general reaction to terrorism, but that isn’t really the case. This program, an perhaps this behavior, has been in place since the early 90s, nearly a decade before the Patriot Act or anything like that. No, this is just Jack Booted Thuggery, another example of unchecked power leading to unchecked abuses. And by coincidence in a Democrat controlled state. And if you think it’s any better now that the police have become some kind of paramilitary organization across the country, SWAT teams and machine guns all over the place, with instant access to all sorts of data right from their patrol cars or Blackberrys, then guess again. This is just the smallest peek behind the curtain. “reasonable suspicion” and “suspected intent” now translate into “because I could” and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it. Prove you aren’t a loony to be allowed to exercise your 2A rights, then have any and every cop in the country looking at your mental health records whenever they feel like it. HIPPA be damned ... and you can’t prove they aren’t accessing your regular health records either. Or your income tax records. Or any government records of any kind. Or you credit card bills. What the hell, talk to Joe the Plumber about that government snooping. In the false hope of security we’ve created a digital monster; you don’t even have the illusion of privacy any more. Stories like this just point to the very edges of the reality as far as I’m concerned. If your data was protected and honored, you’d see thousands of government employees getting fired for snooping, all the time. And that is not happening.


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calendar   Saturday - November 15, 2008

The opposition!

Okay. I’m coming out of my post-election depression. I’m starting to pay attention to the news again. And I’ve made a decision.

No ‘loyal’ opposition to the B. Hussein Administration.

Just plain, pure, opposition.

I’ve started off by printing this out and plastering it on my car.


More to follow…


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calendar   Tuesday - November 11, 2008

Roadside snack vans threatened unless they offer healthy food .



Tuesday is usually a busy morning and day for us and so I hadn’t expected to post this early. However, this is soooo bizarre and soooo stupid it defies belief. It also defies logic of course but since when did logic ever come into play with those running a nanny knows best state.

I think in the USA they’re called catering vans. Yes? No?  Been so long away from home I can’t remember.  But these food and hot coffee dispensing vans that are often found at construction sites and in our case at boot sales (flea market to yanks except mostly ours here in Winchester really are boot sales.  Meaning folks selling things from the trunk of their cars or back end of an SUV. There are some professional sellers but mostly just folks getting rid of old treasures in attic and BOOKS. )

Well, I can just imagine some burly construction worker on a break begging for a salad and yogurt.  These health dictators drive us nuts with their plans and pronouncements. A pox on em I say!

Roadside snack vans threatened unless they offer healthy food
Roadside vans offering greasy snacks will be shut down if they fail to offer healthier alternatives, according to new rules.

Last Updated: 3:58PM GMT 10 Nov 2008

A woman prepares to bite into a burger. Roadside vans offering greasy snacks will be shut down if they fail to offer healthier alternatives, according to new rules.
Roadside takeways in Guildford, Surrey, must offer at least one healthy option besides burgers.

The snack vans, often found in busy lay-bys, must now offer soup, salads or low fat yogurts with their artery-clogging kebabs.

They must also limit the amount of mayonnaise served - because it has been branded a “very high fat product”.

Environmental health officers will inspect menus during routine hygiene checks.

And traders who fail to meet the strict new standards in Guildford, Surrey, will be refused a street trader’s licence when it comes up for renewal each year.

Councillors at Guildford Borough Council this week reviewed their street traders policy for the first time in seven years and insisted every menu has at least one healthy option.

The list of recommended food includes low fat grilled sausage with wholemeal bread, chilli con carne with lean mince and jacket potato with a selection of fillings.

A report to the council’s licensing committee said: “In accordance with the council’s health promotion programme, it is recommended that at least one healthy meal choice be provided for customers.”

The report added: “It is important that the use of mayonnaise is limited since this is a very high fat product.

“It could be offered to the customer to add himself as a choice.”

Grant Harris, who has run the Skip’s Catering food van from a lay-by on Guildford’s A281 for five years, thinks his customers will continue to eat burgers and chips.

He said: “Our customers are mainly scaffolders, builders and lorry drivers and they are not going to want this new food.

“The sandwiches and jacket potatoes are more suited to a sandwich bar.

“The rules seems to be going over the top with political correctness.

“Some of the things the council is suggesting I serve would cause a bit of a problem - I just can’t see people wanting them.”

But Clifford Bell, head of environmental health at the council, wants motorists to move away from high calorie, high-fat food.

He said: “It remains for the trader to design his menu around the principles of healthier catering, such as grilling rather than frying.

“The aim is to give consumers a wider choice and move away from the sole provision of high calories, high fat fast foods.”

Vans operating on private land will not be affected.


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calendar   Monday - November 10, 2008

My reply

I got an email from my buddy flapjawman. He urged me to run for public office. Here is my reply:

First, I’m not sure I got what you were referencing here. I got a bunch of comments.

Second: If I ever do run for office, it will not be the ‘law and order’ candidate. I would run as the ‘Freedom and Constitution’ candidate.

I think there is a difference.

I don’t know about you Chris, but I put in six years of active duty to defend this country from just what Obama represents. It’s so bad that I’m wondering if a legal challenge can’t be made because, based on his past history and statements, that he cannot, in fact, take the oath of office! (said challenge would invalidate his Senator oath also. Ditto for John McCain.)

I think we have a bona fide Constitutional Crisis on our hands.

As a government employee, I swore to protect the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

My oath is to the Constitution, not the US of KKA, as Obama’s pastor so inelegantly put it.

Quite frankly, Obama is a domestic enemy of the Constitution. That is an inarguable fact.


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 11/10/2008 at 11:25 PM   
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calendar   Tuesday - September 23, 2008

Euro MPs are preparing to vote on proposals for European Union regulation of blogs .

Anyone critical of the left and the EU and those working and speaking out against membership in the EU.

Euro MPs to vote on anonymous blog ban
Euro MPs are preparing to vote on proposals for European Union regulation of blogs with the aim of countering a “dangerous” and unregulated blogosphere.

By Bruno Waterfield in Brussels
Last Updated: 6:41PM BST 22 Sep 2008

Marianne Mikko, an Estonian centre-left MEP, is concerned that growing numbers of blogs are being used by individuals with “malicious intentions or hidden agendas”.

“The blogosphere has so far been a haven of good intentions and relatively honest dealing. However, with blogs becoming commonplace, less principled people will want to use them,” she said.

Mrs Mikko has proposed that bloggers should be required to identify themselves and that some popular blogs should come with a declaration of interests.

“We do not need to know the exact identity of bloggers. We need some credentials, a quality mark, a certain disclosure of who is writing and why. We need this to be able to trust and rely on the source,” she said.

Chris Heaton Harris, a British Conservative Euro MP, has rejected any moves to “regulate and restrict independent media sources”.

“Mrs Mikko obviously does not understand that blogs have become the life blood of a vibrant democracy,” he said.

(of course she doesn’t. look where the heck she’s from. she is used to having those above tell her how and what to think. comrade.)

“I hope these proposals are kicked out.”

Thursday’s vote in the European Parliament is not legally binding but is an indicator of growing EU concern over the influence of blogs on the internet.

A recent internal European Commission report, leaked three weeks ago, found that the EU was losing the battle for hearts and minds online.

“Blog activity remains overwhelmingly negative,” it said.

(and the commission will damn well NOT tolerate that by gum and by gosh)


Posted by Drew458   United Kingdom  on 09/23/2008 at 04:31 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - September 04, 2008

“The most impressive statue depends on its ankles to support it.” Blake6 has the last word.

I had intended my first post of the day would be the story of an 11 year old local girl who is trapped in Russia at the moment. An interesting story I will get to.  But having seen Drew’s post on what’s happened back home in the states, my story can wait awhile.  I’m worked up in fact damn angry as I know some of you are.

Saying I’m appalled by what I have seen in Drew’s recent post with regard to the attack on the buses would be an understatement.  Shocked I guess but I shouldn’t be shocked at all, should I?  That’s how our enemies conduct themselves.  It’s never been any different that I’m aware of.  This however might be the first time lives have been put in danger.  Unless I missed something elsewhere.

I’ve always found it interesting that the left will never have an honest debate or even a civilized conversation on our differences of how America ought to be.  No. Instead they shout you down, insult you and never shut up long enough for an opposing thought to share the air.  Then it occurred to me, the left doesn’t want dialog on how America ought to be.  The left wants America dead.

I had read about these attacks in the newspapers of course, but seeing the videos and the comments of American street terrorists in action really brought things home to me.  How has it come to this pass?  How’d we let it get this far without hitting back and hitting hard.  I believe many of you know me well enough by now to understand exactly what I mean when I say hit back.  Why have we allowed traitors to thrive in our midst and melt the glue that has held us together, with all our warts, through thick and thin for so long?

I have long been aware and I dare say you have as well, of the treason of the left.  I think however speaking only for myself, I somehow, somewhere lost the thread to the extent of that treason.

Islam alone is not the enemy. No. It’s us. It’s the enemy within.  It’s the dupes of the left and the subject I’m always always banging on about. Our fifth filth column.  You don’t have to be told who they are.  You know damn well who.  Dupes might possibly be re-educated as there’s hope for some.  But the leadership of the left has, no must be dealt with.  Quietly, ever so silently, but dealt with and eliminated.  It can’t happen overnight but it is doable. 

There are organization both in America and abroad whose aim is the death of our country. Nothing less.
They can hide behind pretty words and the constitution and legalese but, they want America gone as we have known her. 

In the comments section of Drew’s excellent posting on the subject, cmblake6 put it all into fewer and better words.  Where I’m angry and frustrated and tend to get a bit wordy, Blake6 covers it with absolute cold logic.
So he has the final word on my posting.

“Where we have tried to keep ourselves above the sort of depravity/insanity the other side indulges in, they have been gnawing away at our ankles. And the most impressive statue depends on its ankles to support it. We try to show the light on the hill, they put on a blindfold. We’ve got to tear that blindfold off, even if it means going in to their sphere to get to it.”


Posted by Drew458   United Kingdom  on 09/04/2008 at 11:10 AM   
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calendar   Monday - September 01, 2008

Such An Accident

Blogger who criticized the Kremlin shot dead while in police custody

I think the bear is getting a mite bit too ferocious, don’t you?

The owner of a news website that criticised the Kremlin was shot dead yesterday.  Magomed Yevloyev, who opposed the Russian-backed administration of Ingushetia, was detained by police when he landed at the region’s airport, according to colleagues.  A report from the Russian news agency Interfax said Mr Yevloyev, whose website has survived repeated official attempts to close it down, was shot by accident.

A source was quoted as saying that while officers were transferring him ‘to an interior ministry office, an incident occurred in which Mr Yevloyev received a gunshot wound to the temple area’.

Ingushetia is in the Russian North Caucasus and borders Chechnya and North Ossetia.

Accidentally got capped upside the head. Accidentally?? Yeah, and all the people opposed to Idi Amin accidentally died in bus crashes.

The authorities in the volatile province in southern Russia said Magomed Yevloyev was shot in the head accidentally while resisting arrest, the Paris-based non-governmental organization reported. 

According to The Associated Press, the site’s deputy editor Ruslan Khautiyev said that Yevloyev arrived in Ingushetia from Moscow on Sunday on the same plane as regional President Murat Zyazikov. He said the police blocked the jet on the runway after it landed in Ingushetia’s provincial capital, Magas, boarded the plane and took Yevloyev off.

Yevloyev was then whisked away in a car and later dumped at the side of a road with a gunshot wound to the head, he said.

Magomed ... Mohammed? Do we have a case of an islamic activist getting offed here? Or are the New Reds equal opportunity thugs?

An impoverished province with a largely Muslim population, Ingushetiya has suffered for almost a decade from unrest spilling over from neighboring Chechnya.

President Zyazikov’s administration is battling a low-level Islamist insurgency, who launch frequent attacks on Russian servicemen and law enforcement officials.  In response, Russia has launched a counterinsurgency campaign that has been criticized by human rights group for abuses such as arbitrary detentions and extra-judicial executions.

Over the years, Yevloyev had fiercely criticized Zyazikov. Last year, he accused Zyazikov on his Web site of hiring hit-men to kill him, Reporters Without Borders said.

I found a link to a page that tells a very, very different story: the arrest of this guy was carried out using a whole squadron of cops, and a street battle ensued between the cops and Yevloyev’s supporters.

“In a few minutes after the departure of president’s motorcade, another cavalcade of armored cars drove up to the plane – two UAZ cars and four Volgas. Armed to-the-teeth policemen poured out of the cars. Interior Minister Musa Medov was among them. Having seen Magomed Evloev, the policemen went for him to drag into the UAZ,” Khazbiev said.

It was the action-thriller then.

Relatives and friends of Evloev rushed to rescue him, breaking glass doors and pushing away airport guards, to no avail though. The police fired down a few bursts and escaped with Evloev by emergency route.

His body was dumped by the side of the road. Some accident.

Go read the rest.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 09/01/2008 at 10:06 PM   
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calendar   Wednesday - August 27, 2008

Looks like Denver needs about 6 new cops

And let’s hope they’ve got a few million bucks just sitting around gathering dust ... because they’re going to get their asses sued off, big time. So long cops, you just lost your jobs.

ABC Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of Senators, Big Donors

Police in Denver arrested an ABC News producer today as he and a camera crew were attempting to take pictures on a public sidewalk of Democratic senators and VIP donors leaving a private meeting at the Brown Palace Hotel. Police on the scene refused to tell ABC lawyers the charges against the producer, Asa Eslocker, who works with the ABC News investigative unit.

(Click here to watch video of the arrest.)

A cigar-smoking Denver police sergeant, accompanied by a team of five other officers, first put his hands on Eslocker’s neck, then twisted the producer’s arm behind him to put on handcuffs.

A police official later told lawyers for ABC News that Eslocker is being charged with trespass, interference, and failure to follow a lawful order. He also said the arrest followed a signed complaint from the Brown Palace Hotel.

Eslocker was put in handcuffs and loaded in the back of a police van which headed for a nearby police station.

Video taken at the scene shows a man, wearing the uniform of a Boulder County sheriff, ordering Eslocker off the sidewalk in front of the hotel, to the side of the entrance.

The sheriff’s officer is seen telling Eslocker the sidewalk is owned by the hotel. Later, he is seen pushing Eslocker off the sidewalk into oncoming traffic, forcing him to the other side of the street.

It was two hours later when Denver police arrived to place Eslocker under arrest, apparently based on a complaint from the Brown Palace Hotel, a central location for Democratic officials.

During the arrest, one of the officers can be heard saying to Eslocker, “You’re lucky I didn’t knock the f..k out of you.”

Eslocker was released late today after posting $500 bond.

A producer for ABC News was arrested today as he and a camera crew set up on the sidewalk outside the Brown Palace Hotel.

Asa Eslocker was arrested for trespass, interference and failure to obey an lawful order.

He was being processed from the Denver City Jail and is expected to be released on $300 bail, said his attorney Tom Kelley.

Eslocker is investigating the role of corporate lobbyists and wealthy donors at the convention for a series of Money Trail reports on ABC World News.

“The Brown’s security guy got all upset and was telling them he owns the sidewalk around the Brown Palace,” Kelley said.

“There’s a vast difference between his story and the story cops are telling,” Kelley said. “He was set up on a public sidewalk. He was doing an investigative piece and was told he could not be on the public sidewalk in front of the Brown Palace Hotel. We don’t think that should have happened.”

Not exactly “recreate ‘68” but you knew there would be some heavy handed goonery going on in Denver. I gather a Code Pink person got knocked down somewhere too, but I saw the video and she was begging for it. This is a different situation altogether.

I usually don’t have the smallest amount of respect for news people. But the thing is, they have the right to do what they do. That whole bothersome 1st Amendment stuff. So when a news crew is out on a public sidewalk taking pictures of things that are going on in public, you leave them alone. You don’t go all bully-boy on them. Especially if you’re a cop moonlighting as a security guard for a hotel while wearing your cop uniform. And especially not if the newsies catch the whole thing on video. But I have even less respect for Idiot Cops. And you know they’re out there. By the hundreds of thousands. Well, 5 or 6 less by Monday is my guess. And that’s the least that should be done. With the post-911 militarism of many police forces, the power trip thing has gotten out of hand for too many of them. This was another example, albeit a small one.

via Insty


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