When Sarah Palin booked a flight to Europe, the French immediately surrendered.

calendar   Monday - January 25, 2016

migrant scum demand sex and ask why not when refused. what next?

If you think this is bad, and it assuredly is, there’s as bad to come from France, where migrant filth being led by British Socialists carrying red flags and poster signs reading, No Borders, Let them all in, have led migrant vermin on a rampage and even managed to storm a ferry and for a time, occupy it.
And just to give you one example of why these things take place.  One of those Britons was arrested and then released without charge, instead of having his legs broken and then shot dead.  Activists like these are the curse, bullets are the cure. The only cure.

There are a couple of interesting and short videos at the link.
Migrants demanding sex and a woman attacked after stopping a pickpocket.
ALL this shit is the responsibility, the fault, of weak governments, liberal electorits but but mostly it is the doing of one German ding bat named Merkel.

‘They grope girls between their legs, and slap them in the face when they protest.

Swedish police warn Stockholm’s main train station is now overrun by migrant teen gangs ‘stealing and groping girls’

Hundreds of Moroccan children living on the streets in Stockholm
Accused of stealing and assaulting security guards at the main station
Police say they grope girls and ‘slap them in the face when they protest’
One in five Moroccan migrant children run away from housing since 2012

By Sara Malm for MailOnline

Swedish police warns that Stockholm’s main train station has become unsafe after being ‘taken over’ by dozens of Moroccan street children.

The all-male migrant teen gangs are spreading terror in the centre of the Swedish capital, stealing, groping girls and assaulting security guards, according to Stockholm police.

Members of the gangs, some as young as nine, roam central Stockholm day and night, refusing help provided by the Swedish authorities.

Sweden has seen a dramatic increase in the number of Moroccan under-18s who apply for asylum without a parent or guardian in the past four years, with many later running away from the housing provided to live on the streets in the capital.

Stockholm police estimate that at least 200 Moroccan street children move in the area around the main train station in the centre of the capital, sleeping rough, and living off criminal activity.

‘These guys are a huge problem for us. They steal stuff everywhere and assault security guards at the central station,’ one police officer told SVT.

‘They grope girls between their legs, and slap them in the face when they protest. All police officers are aware of this.

‘I would never let my children go to the central station. No officer would.’


I have another Condell video to post, but came across this one while looking for it.
This video is now 6 year old.
Is it any wonder we are seeing and hearing these things as above?


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calendar   Saturday - January 23, 2016

Migrants torch Calais camp in violent clashes with police, trucker robbed and injured

I think I’ve already said it all in previous posts.

Bottom line.

Shoot dead every single one of the filthy bastards.  It isn’t the same as killing real people.

There.  Said it before.  Saying again.  The solution is so simple. 

The Jungle burns: Migrants torch Calais camp in violent protests after police move in to evict hundreds from slum

· Migrants burn tents and set off fireworks at police in a night of rioting

· Police used tear gas and batons to break up protest in refugee camp

· Comes after an ultimatum to leave part of camp before it was demolished

· British MPs warn EU quota plans will make Calais ‘even more of a magnet’

As fires raged, refugees shouted ‘f*** you’ and let off fireworks towards police while fighting eviction from the Calais squat.
Tear gas and baton charges were used by officers as they tried to restore order.


Around 300 migrants refuse to be moved from the camp to a purpose-built shelter because it would force them to be fingerprinted in France and therefore prevent them applying for asylum in Britain.
The footage was posted on Facebook on Wednesday by the French group Calais Libre with the comment: ‘Here are the expelled migrants in action last night, and you can hear the pretty words that they use (f***, f***, f*** you)’.
Meanwhile, a lorry driver was reportedly hospitalised after being robbed by a gang of migrants at knifepoint and sprayed with tear gas.
The Lithuanian trucker was allegedly attacked by three refugees at a garage in the French port.

The attackers made off his wallet and mobile phone, it was reported by The Daily Express which cited local media.
Police are studying CCTV as part of their investigation.
Tensions have erupted all week after the Pas de Calais prefecture handed the migrants an ultimatum to get out of a stretch of the Jungle before it was demolished.

Hundreds of migrants yesterday also clashed with French riot police while trying to jump on trucks bound for Britain. 
Officers again used tear gas to break up around 300 refugees gathering near the Eurotunnel entrance.
Some migrants have began blocking the port road or throwing stones to slow down UK-bound traffic so they can jump aboard.
Police fear there will be more trouble as the attempts to evict the migrants intensify.

EU plans to force Britain to accept 90,000 refugees in the next year as part a quota will make Calais ‘even more of a magnet’ to migrants.

There has been widespread fury at the plans from Brussels but a failure to agree a quota could see the UK denied the right to deport asylum seekers to their country of arrival.

Number 10 last night vowed to fight the proposal, which is a major blow to David Cameron’s EU referendum ambitions.

The European Commission wants a new quota system under which member states share out the estimated 1.3million people expected to arrive in Europe this year.



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calendar   Friday - January 15, 2016

sex attacks by scumugees continues across europe

Nothing new and nobody expected anything to get any better.

The deadly virus that infects Europe and most especially Germany, in the form of migrants impersonating humans, have again tried to molest some German girls, three males under 15 arrested.
The Germans, not being as demanding or as rough as once upon a time, have allowed the little shit sub human scum to live.  All they’ve done is arrest them. Oh, that’ll put the frightners onem ok.

There have been angry demonstrations in many German cities and oh btw .... Denmark also is reporting (for the first time) sexual assaults by scumugees.

Left wing press has labeled German patriots frightened for their country and future, as thugs and gangsters.  See if you find any of those in the video here. Not to say there aren’t any.  But even someone who might be at other times, can still have honest feelings for his or her country. They are not all of them criminals just for being anti migrant.

The deputy mayor in Calais, France has issued a statement requesting Brit govt. take away freedom of anarchists and other far left wingers, to travel to France, who have moved into Calais under cover of helping migrants circumvent the laws of France and Britain.
The so called volunteers are with the vermin 24/7, teaching and organizing them on ways to sneak into Britain.
I heard the deputy mayor for myself last night, but no way to record and share.  The situation there is very bad.
Refugees are refusing to be finger printed and are being taught how to avoid when they are able.

As for Germany .... some right wing demonstrations and a few beatings of migrants isn’t enough. 
I want to see the modern day equivalent of Crystal Night and The Night of the long knives.  Because in this particular case at this point in time, that is what it would take to set things right.  That’s what it will take to save the country.  Anything less is half measure and meaningless.

To give just one example of the sort of mindless left wing thinking.
Truckers going thru Calais have had their vehicles damaged by rocks, trucks beaten with iron bars, migrants demanding not just passage to England but many are demanding money.  So drivers have rightly complained and the reply from one white demented Brit lady who left husband and children to go to France to, “help the poor refugees”, suggested to the drivers, that if they didn’t like their jobs, go “find employment elsewhere”.


German leisure centre becomes the first to ban all migrants after a schoolgirl was sexually assaulted in a public swimming pool by Syrian teenagers

Three Syrian teenagers arrested in Munich for attack on girls at public pool
The three boys, all aged under 15, circled the two girls then groped them
Leisure centre in Bornheim has now barred all migrants as a precaution
It comes as concerns grow over the New Year mass assaults in Cologne

By Simon Tomlinson for MailOnline

A German leisure centre has become the first in the country to ban all migrants after a schoolgirl was sexually assaulted in a public swimming pool by Syrian teenagers.

Three Syrian boys were arrested earlier this month over the attack at a leisure centre in Munich as the country grapples with growing concerns about sex crimes perpetrated by asylum seekers.

In response to growing concerns, a leisure centre in Bornheim, North Rhine-Westphalia, has now barred all migrants.

The ban also follows an attack by an 18-year-old refugee on a 54-year-old woman in Bornheim, where he had grabbed her by the private parts and tried to kiss her.

The victim was only rescued from a further attack by a couple who heard her screams and ran to help. The teenager was arrested a short while later.

Bornheim social affairs councillor and deputy mayor Markus Schnapka said the move followed an emergency meeting of locals where the swimming pool ban was announced.

He said: ‘At the public meeting, I made it quite clear that it was an extremely difficult decision and it’s clear that many innocent refugees are also affected by this.’

When the girl’s sister, 14, tried to make them stop, she too was groped by the trio of teenagers, who were all aged under 15.

The girls managed to flee and raise the alarm with the lifeguard at the swimming pool, who called police.

Because the asylum seekers were only 15, they were not remanded in custody and will be prosecuted under juvenile law.

The main offender’s two friends were arrested for assault for taking part in the attack. 

It comes after more than three hundred women reported being sexually assaulted by groups of mostly Arab or North African men in Cologne during New Year celebrations.

Hundreds of criminal complaints have been filed by police, with about 45 per cent involving allegations of sexual offences, and most of the suspects identified so far are foreign nationals.

The attack have been seized by right-wing groups as evidence that chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door policy is a failure.


And just so ya know.  The Germans aren’t a bunch of lone rangers either.


The three youngsters from Afghanistan, aged 14, 15 and 16, as well as a Syria boy aged 16, have all been suspended after the school headmistress made a complaint to police.

According to Kronen Zeitung, the girls at Schlossstrasse Middle School were repeatedly groped but the final straw came when there was an attack so severe it forced action.

Police said the allegations dated back to last November and involved verbal abuse and suggestive comments, as well as physical violence and assaults during which the girls were touched.

t is alleged the 14-year-old victim was often hit by the 15-year-old boy, including an incident where she was hit so badly from behind that she smashed her head onto a desk.

She was attacked again Wednesday morning by the same boy smashing her against a locker so hard that the police were called.

They took the victim and the accused to the station where the full story then came out. After hearing of her ordeal, police then expanded the investigation.

Local education officials in the city played down the incident however, saying it was nothing more than a few slaps in the corridor and a few obscene comments that were speedily dealt with.

The three asylum seekers as well as the fourth boy, who has already been given asylum, have been suspended.

It comes as the fallout from waves of sex attacks, many of which were perpetrated by migrants, continues across Continental Europe.



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calendar   Friday - January 08, 2016

migrant rape fears spread across europe, and pc norway has the answer

Migrants have taunted police in Germany ... telling the cops,

“Merkel invited us here”


Katie Hopkins is a very outspoken woman, calls em as she sees em, which of course has made her a target of the left.
There is a ton of info at the link with pix and videos.

There are reports that the train station in Cologne has been used as an open air toilet by the scum. Pools of vomit and threats being made by the migrant menace. Police chief in Cologne has been canned amid charges of a cover up, trying to play down what happened.  How could they even think in those terms when the actions of these sub humans took in such numbers?

I hope readers here will use the link below.  And there is so much more. 
People are quite rightly worried and angry as well.  But there isn’t much hope.  There really isn’t. Not while the left has this strangle hold.
And btw, the bleeding hearts are helped by stupid looking women (see link) who actually think that somehow holding up a sign with a heart and a request for peace and love and “nice sex”.  The mindset of many of these loony tunes is as much a threat, as the sub species they are trying to make a connection with.

The Green Party in Cologne, heavily pro-immigration, warned that new Facebook groups were springing up specifically to spread hatred of asylum seekers.
Not exactly true. It has never occurred to the gweens and others like them, that the actions taken by the invaders bring that hate upon themselves.

Migrant rape fears spread across Europe: Women told not to go out at night alone after assaults carried out in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland amid warnings gangs are co-ordinating attacks

Sweden has issued warnings to women to be wary of potential attacks

15 young women have reported being groped by men in Kalmar, Sweden

Austrian police have come under fire after claims attacks were covered-up

Finnish police say they have information that the attacks are co-ordinated

Vienna’s police chief advises women not to go out on the streets alone

Cologne police chief Wolfgang Albers relieved of his duties over handling of New Year’s Eve sex attacks

By Tom Wyke and Jay Akbar
Mail on line

Security authorities are growing increasingly concerned by the rising number of sex attacks by gangs of migrants which appear to be spreading across Europe.

Finland and Sweden today became the latest European countries to issue warnings to women to be wary of the threat of sex attacks following fresh reports of sexual assaults in the last week, while the Viennese police chief adviced women not to go outside alone in Vienna.

The warnings come as reports emerged that Austrian and German police tried to cover-up the issue over fears of reprisal attacks on asylum seekers and damage to the countries’ tourist trade.

Dozens of arrests have been made today in connection with the wave of recent sex attacks across Europe.

Concerns remain that many of the men involved in the sickening assaults are still at large despite the best efforts by the police.

source, the worst is yet to come

Apparently, it isn’t exactly a crime. Well, it sort of is but ya see, the invading scum only made a mistake.

What do you make of this?


Norway is offering asylum seekers courses in how to interpret morals in a country that may seem astonishingly liberal to them.

It is hoped the course in help prevent violence against women.

Questions are also being raised about how to integrate men from patriarchal societies into Europe, where women dress skimpily, drink alcohol and party.

‘Our aim is to help asylum seekers avoid mistakes as they discover Norwegian culture,’ explained Linda Hagen of Hero, a private company that runs 40 percent of Norway’s reception centres for asylum seekers.

‘There’s no single cultural code to say what is good or bad behaviour because we want a free society,’ she said.

‘There has to be tolerance for attitudes that may be seen as immoral by some traditional or religious norms.’

And finally, the best saved for last. UnF*****g believable. But then, this is that idiot Merkel for ya.
Feast your eyeballs on this.

From Frau Merkel herself.

Responding to the reports of sexual assaults (among a lot of other criminal activity) Merkel promised strong action and said.

“We must also speak again about the cultural fundamentals of our co-existence”.


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calendar   Thursday - January 07, 2016

must go tippy toe when speaking of the unspeakable vermin invaders

Wherever they land, they bring problems.  And the folks who must confront and deal with them, must tread oh so carefully.
Notice the language used here.
“unpleasant situations”. You bet. 

Immigrants. Invaders. Trash with feet.

The story is a bit dated I confess.  It’s from late December but it still tells a tale.

Italy’s Museion Bozen-Bolzano Museum turns off free wifi for attracting migrants


A contemporary art museum in northern Italy has turned off its free wifi because the service was attracting too many migrants.

The Museion in Bolzano/Bozen, the provincial capital of the German-speaking region of South Tyrol, has faced criticism from intellectuals and left-wing politicians, while right-wingers have applauded its move.

“I stand by this decision, which I find legitimate,” Museion Director Letizia Ragaglia told dpa.

Migrants, who rely on social networks to get in touch with friends and family, started going to the museum in April and were initially welcomed, but “the situation got a bit out of hand” in December, with a series of “unpleasant situations,” Ragaglia said.

Mistaking the museum for a shelter, people started sleeping on the premises and using its toilets for their personal hygiene, the director said.

Ragaglia asked authorities to provide an alternative centre for migrants, or increase police presence at the site, but after such requests went unheeded, she said she was forced to take other actions.

She stressed that wifi services were suspended “temporarily” from December 23, to limit the chance that the reduced number of staff working during the holiday period will have to deal with more unpleasant situations.

From January 7 onwards, free wifi will be restricted to a specific area of the museum, or a password may be introduced, but “we will give it to anyone who asks, obviously,” Ragaglia said.

Bolzano/Bozen is a stopping point for migrants seeking to travel on to Austria and Germany via train.



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calendar   Wednesday - January 06, 2016

mayor says women should be ‘better prepared’ for such incidents. or what? cover up?

Most papers are on this story in one way or another.

It was just a simple matter of time.  Now we’ll wait and see where the real patriots are.
Don’t expect much though as already the weepy eyed, bed wetting bleeding hearts are showing themselves making excuses.

So far, unfortunately, no invaders have been deleted or even attacked by anyone.

One of the invader complaints heard was, that German girls out that night were dressed “inappropriately”.

Yeah ... another generation and they’ll all be covered up.


Teenage victim of Cologne ‘African and Arab’ sex mob reveals how she and her friends were surrounded by 30 men and groped as officials admit the city is a ‘no-go’ area for women

Michelle, a German 18-year-old, has described being groped by attackers
She is one of at least 90 women who were assaulted in Cologne last week
Attackers were described as looking like they were ‘Arab or North African’
Cologne town centre has been called a ‘no-go area’ by its own city council
Councillor Judith Wolter said it was no longer considered safe for women
Up to 300 protesters held demonstrations in the city centre last night

But the mayor says women should be ‘better prepared’ for such incidents

By Corey Charlton for MailOnline

An 18-year-old victim of the sex assaults in Cologne has described being surrounded by a group of 30 ‘angry’ men who groped her and her friends then stole their belongings as they fled.

The teenager, named only as Michelle, appeared on German TV to recount the harrowing ordeal she endured during the city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations last week.

Police say the wave of attacks - which has so far seen 90 women report being assaulted - were perpetrated by groups of ‘Arab or North African’ men in the city centre.

Michelle told N-TV: ‘There were 11 of us together at the time.

‘At around 11pm we were at the main train station and wanted to travel on to see the fireworks, and that was when we first noticed all these men standing around.

‘We managed to go into the cathedral and wanted to go past the Museum Ludwig to join everyone and watch the fireworks by the river, but suddenly we were surrounded by a group of between 20 and 30 men.’

Sensing danger, she and her friends then grabbed each other and started holding hands.

‘They were full of anger, and we had to make sure that none of us were pulled away by them. They were groping us and we were trying to get away as quickly as possible.’

As they fled and were groped, the men also took the opportunity to rob objects from their pockets, stealing mobile telephones as the teenage girls fled.

Later as they attempted to go home, they noticed how more men were shooting rockets and other fireworks at each other near the train station.

But the mayor says women should be ‘better prepared’ for such incidents

Plagued by months of petty crimes prior to the sexual assaults.

The city’s council has now admitted the town centre is a ‘no go area’ for women after a councillor claimed it had been plagued by months of petty crimes prior to the sexual assaults.

But the mayor says women should be ‘better prepared’ for such incidents

witnesses who have since come forward said, as they were molested by the gang the men were laughing and pulling their hair, and there were shouts of “ficki, ficki” (fucky fucky) hurled at them as they were called “sluts”.

the mayor says women should be ‘better prepared’ for such incidents

A press conference hosted by Cologne’s chief of police Wolfgang Albers this afternoon confirmed the attacks had been perpetrated by migrants, all of whom were found to be carrying official immigration paperwork by police officers at the time. Mr. Albers said “the crimes have been committed by a group of people who mostly come from from the North African and Arab countries”, and that he found the situation “intolerable”.

the mayor says women should be ‘better prepared’ for such incidents

In addition to the sex attacks, there were several brawls between migrant gangs at the railway station, and large numbers of fireworks were fired into the crowds and at the hapless police. A witness said: “There were thousands of men. Simply firing into the crowd, and as my girlfriend and I wanted to get us to safety, but they blocked our way. We were so scared! We fled from the station”.

source 1

liveleak 2

But the mayor says women should be ‘better prepared’ for such incidents


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calendar   Saturday - November 28, 2015

the life of a trucker on the road with migrant swarm … like roaches they infest europe

Don’t know how many looking in today.

Checking emails first time in a couple of days and found this.

H/T LyndonB for forwarding it to me.

I do not understand a single word he is saying as it’s (I presume) Hungarian.  The music in from the cab drove me nuts to be honest, and since I didn’t understand him anyway, and had no translation, I turned off the sound.  Before then, it was pretty damn evident that the driver was totally pissed off over the migrant scum, as you will see.

From what Lyndon sent .... the driver said “I’ll kill you c***suck**s, and at one point drove his rig straight at the migrant maggots. I was really in great hopes that he’d nail a few but that didn’t happen.
Anyway .... I don’t think you folks back home in states see much of this on TV.  The drivers have not got a very safe or happy time of it.

To use Lyndon’s words, and I hope he won’t mind as I didn’t ask.

“its thousands of these roaches. Hopefully a few of them will soon become roadkill. I feel sorry for the drivers really putting up with this night after night.”

The video runs 14 minutes and you might think nothing much happening and at first there isn’t.  But stay with it cos after about 3 minutes, things start to get serious. 
Then imagine all this vermin in the USA on our roads doing the same.  Of course, not likely to happen as happily, our guys have guns. Over here,
people are absolutely defenseless. AND ...

Merkel is sticking to her guns and says she has a vision for Germany and won’t give in.

We can only hope some patriot will put a bullet in her and put a stop to her very unnecessary breathing.

Migrants in Germany are already bitching about ... “Too much sugar in the orange juice they are given”.  “The food is not spicy enough”. “Germany is too cold”.  “THERE IS NO CIGARETTE MONEY”!  “Internet connections are too slow”.

Sexual harassment on public transport is becoming commonplace. 

The video btw (sorry about getting sidetracked with the above but...)

The video is Calais, France.  The cockroaches looking for a ride in the back of these trucks want to be, HERE!

I just found another link at the Daily Mail.
If you view the video I have posted, you will note the maggots were throwing things at the trucks way before the driver of this one lost his temper.

But here’s how the Mail headlined the story.


Helpless my sick and tired ass. 


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calendar   Saturday - November 21, 2015

Belgium on terror lockdown

It isn’t over yet.

And according to what we’ve been told, won’t be in this generation.

Damn.  I was in high hopes after Paris, I’d still be around for the end game.

Belgium on terror lockdown: Brussels metro closed and people warned to avoid public areas after ‘serious and imminent threat’ alert over Paris-style ISIS attack

Brussels’ metro network has been shut following security lockdown after terror threat level is raised in Belgium
People have been warned to avoid public gatherings in Brussels after warning of ‘imminent threat’
Decision based on ‘precise information’ of Paris style attack, according to Belgium Prime Minister
Belgian national arrested in Turkey under suspicion of scouting the ISIS target sites for Paris attacks

By Tom Wyke for MailOnline and Peter Allen In Paris for MailOnline

Brussels has been put into security lockdown after Belgian intelligence received ‘precise information’ of a planned Paris-style ISIS attack in the capital.

Belgium’s prime minister Charles Michel confirmed that the decision to raise the terror alert level in Brussels was taken ‘based on quite precise information about the risk of an attack like the one that happened in Paris.’

Service has been halted on the Brussels subway system and heavily armed police and soldiers are patrolling the Belgian capital amid a high security alert.

The country’s national security center has raised the terror threat level to Level four after fears of a ‘serious and imminent’ terror threat involving ‘weapons and explosives’.

Speaking at a news conference, the Belgium Prime Minister said the fear was that ‘several individuals with arms and explosives could launch an attack ... perhaps even in several places’.

‘We urge the public not to give in to panic, to stay calm. We have taken the measures that are necessary,’ Mr Michel added.

People in Brussels have been told to avoid public gatherings, including concerts, train stations and airports.

Belgium’s interior minister Jan Jambon said the country’s situation is ‘serious’ but under control with the nation at its highest state of alert.



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calendar   Wednesday - November 18, 2015

welcome to europe ….

Says all that needs to be said.

The sign reads;




Also .... may as well share now as I have lost and refound this one 2wice already.

Frau Merkel is (rightfully) showing a loss of popularity in the Fatherland.  Gee, wonder why.
Just recently, she has refused to say what or even if there is, a cap on the number of migrants to be welcomed in Germany.

She is the most powerful leader in Europe, and certainly the most powerful woman.
Here she is .... and the pathetic little figure she’s looking at, is David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Gt. Britain.
He announced earlier that he was going to make a strong case for reforms in the EU and make certain demands which will decide if Britain remains in the EU.

The illustration is by MAC. 
Caption read,


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calendar   Sunday - November 15, 2015

one (of many) brit villages want migrants moved out …. a case of spitting into the wind

While the attitude of the villagers is understandable, and not a surprise, I wonder why it took em this long to gripe in this way.
Well, better late than not at all I suppose.
Now the question is .... will anyone respond or do as the villagers wish?

Or .... will the village be hauled into a court and accused of raaaaacism and fined ?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.  Meanwhile ....

The hard copy headline read as follows.


Angry villagers campaign to evict 70 asylum-seekers from hotel after becoming fed up with a constant stream of arrivals since July

Angry villagers want 70 asylum-seekers staying in a Wigan hotel evicted
People from Somalia, Syria and Iraq have been staying there since July
Waiting to have applications processed but locals growing tired of delays
They have set up Facebook petition group with more than 2,000 members

By Sam Tonkin For Mailonline

Angry villagers are campaigning to evict some 70 asylum-seekers from a hotel after becoming fed up with a constant stream of arrivals since July.

Hundreds of people from Somalia, Syria and Iraq have been brought to the Britannia Hotel in Standish, near Wigan, over the past four months, waiting for government officials to process their applications.

But it appears locals have grown tired of the delays after creating a Facebook group titled ‘No More Economic Migrants in Britannia Hotel’. It has more than 2,000 members.

Some of the group’s members claim that petty crime and theft has increased in the area since the asylum-seekers’ arrival, an accusation that has been dismissed by police.

Residents have also set up an online petition demanding that the Home Office move the asylum-seekers, who have been staying in a separate section of the hotel to other paying guests.

Though their Facebook group is titled ‘No More Economic Migrants in Britannia Hotel’, those staying there are said to be genuine asylum-seekers.

That means they are entitled to a room to stay in if they have nowhere else to live and £37 a week to live on. However, asylum-seekers cannot choose where in Britain they are housed, and are unable to work or claim benefits.

If their application is granted by the Home Office they become refugees, meaning they can initially stay in the UK for five years, work and claim benefits but not automatically be given housing.

The hotel, where rooms can cost up to £100 a night, has a billiards room, cocktail bar, health club with an indoor heated pool, hot tub and a fitness centre.

The Facebook group’s founder, Ian Adamczyk, 35, said: ‘There are generations who have used their time to make this village safe and secure for their children and grandchildren yet no one in authority has consulted them as to what is going to happen or how they feel about this situation.

‘If people are genuinely fleeing their countries with their family and children, Britain would hold its hands out to them - but there seems to be too many people exploiting our country and just coming here for a better life. Nearly all the people in the hotel are young men.

‘I think there are people in this country that need the help more or at least just as much. We are never going to be able to help every poor person in the whole world.’

On Thursday, in the space of two hours, three minibuses dropped off dozens of men at the back entrance to the hotel.

When approached for a comment, the majority of the men could not speak English, but one woman confirmed she was staying with her husband and young child and the nationalities of residents were ‘Iranian, Syrian, Pakistani and Iraqi.’

Retired industrial engineer David Lowton, 71, who lives next to the hotel, said: ‘I object to them being there. They are in the rooms at the back with their windows constantly open overlooking my house. I imagine some of the older residents don’t feel safe as most of the asylum seekers are young lads.

‘It annoys me that they are here at taxpayers’ expense. They have the windows wide open all of the time and they must have the heating on too - I can’t afford to have the heating on all day.

‘There used to be two or three coach loads of holidaymakers visiting the hotel each week but you wouldn’t see them now.’

Joseph Murphy, 64, who also lives nearby, added: ‘There is a lot of resentment from a lot of people in Standish who think they aren’t a part of the community, they don’t speak our language and they don’t integrate.

continued at source


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calendar   Thursday - November 12, 2015

some borders are closing to migrant maggots.  but it’s too little too late

A couple of headlines, two of many and the hope among some of us that this could trigger the end of the EU.
Then reality shows itself and most of us know that ain’t gonna happen.  There’s trillions and kazillians of pounds and dollars and jobs for the fat cats who have perks that none of you would believe exist.  I don’t care how crooked some may think American politics has become, trust me.  We have nothing on the Europeans. They were after all, doing business centuries before we were.


Migrant crisis: European Council president Tusk warns Schengen on brink of collapse - latest news

The Schengen area, which allows free movement, is under threat as Sweden reintroduces border controls and Slovenia builds razor-wire fence

Summary of events
• Donald Tusk, European Council president, says Schengen is in a race against time
• EU and African leaders meet in Valletta, Malta, to discuss migration crisis
• Slovenia starts building razor-wire fence as Sweden imposes border controls

Work started today in the migrant camp known as the “Jungle” near the northern French port of Calais to build improved accommodation for 1,500 people, according to AFP journalists at the scene.

Bulldozers started flattening a sprawling area of four hectares (nearly 10 acres) within the camp, where 125 containers will provide more permanent, heated shelters for families.

Around 500 people were moved to a temporary zone with 10-man tents provided by French authorities for the first phase of the construction.

“These people will live in better conditions and will be priorities to move on to the more permanent camp,” said Stephane Duval, from a local NGO overseeing the project.


While all this is happening and (which of course is a bit too late, the vermin are here and more are coming anyway) I was listening to news last night and some African leader whose name I can’t pronounce and if I could, I’d never be able to spell it, was most critical of European leadership, saying that Europe should not be closing it’s borders, and people had a right to migrate.  I believe I did mention a few days ago, those folks really believe they have a right to your country. All of it.

The measures being taken now are in no way to be taken as anti immigration.  Europe will welcome the maggots but they need time to make accommodations and set up registration centers etc.  They now find they can’t handle the numbers and can not account for thousands who have already made it in, illegally.  But it isn’t fast enough for the migrant scum who bitch and moan about not enough being done for them.

Then there are lefty hand wringers like that actor with the stupid name.  Cummerbund or ..?  Oh right.  Cumberbatch. 
Benedict Cumberbatch

How did he ever make it with a name like that?  How did anyone take him seriously?  But they did. Anyway, he’s all hot and bothered because the govt. here isn’t doing enough, like he has access so info to make that statement. And he is one of many other useful idiots who believe this island has room for more than the number the PM says will be allowed.  Never mind the hundreds of thousands of them who are already here and settled.
But that isn’t enough for our tender hearted libtard.

The insect swarm is predicted to number three million next year.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/12/2015 at 03:40 PM   
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calendar   Tuesday - November 10, 2015

Migrant Maggots riot in Calais …

These savages really do believe they have some kind of natural right to invade and demand things of Europe and the UK.  And unfortunately, there are a number of hand wringing bed wetting stupid white ppl who go along with that.

Meanwhile, a court has called for “immediate action to prevent serious human rights violations”.
Hey … what about the rights of the native citizens who find their villages and cities over run by vermin.  For example,

Now aid groups also want to see the number of meals available increased from 2500 a day to 6000, and it wants more empty houses in the Calais area handed over to migrants.

How about the keys to the city?  Oh right. They apparently have those already. 

Not mentioned in this article.  This camp and it isn’t unique to them, have markets and various business interests with stalls and .. of course the obligatory mosque.  They are settling in, but all of the maggots want to be here. 

Take a look.

French police fear escalation in violence in Calais after 26 officers injured by rocks hurled by migrants during riots

· Several hundred migrants staying on the coast rioted in Calais last night
· 26 police officers were injured by rocks thrown by the refugees
· Trouble began when they tried to block traffic on the main road into Calais
· Riot police used 300 tear gas canisters to quell the chaos
By Peter Allen In Calais
26 police officers were injured during a riot at the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais today as they used 300 tear gas canisters against UK-bound migrants.
Hundreds of mainly young men went on the rampage on roads next to the sprawling settlement in the port town.
The riot comes just a week after the French government was ordered to improve conditions in the refugee camp, where the majority of those seeking asylum in Britain are staying.

‘The trouble started at around 11pm on Sunday evening,’ said a spokesman for the Pas de Calais prefecture. ‘Around two hundred people tried to slow down or block traffic on the road leading into Calais.’


This is a common tactic employed by the refugees, as they try and get on board lorries heading towards ferries or the Channel Tunnel.

The spokesman added: ‘These attempts went on until around one in the morning, meaning a security detachment had to deployed, and then the migrants started throwing objects at them.’

Tear gas and baton charges were used to contain the riot, with police injured by rocks and other projectiles.

One officer at the scene said 300 tear gas canisters had to be used by CRS riot squads to try and dispel the rioters.
He said ‘sixteen officers were treated for light injuries at the scene of the violence.’

Gilles Debove, of the SGP Police-Force Ouvriere union in Calais, told The Daily Telegraph: ‘It’s the first time that it’s been this violent and that we’ve unfortunately had so many colleagues injured.

‘We’re worried that if one day we have a revolt inside the camp, it will be pandemonium.’
There are currently some 6,000 refugees sleeping rough in the Pas de Calais area as they wait for their chance to get to Britain, where they will claim asylum or disappear into the black economy.

Last week the French government was ordered to improve conditions in ‘The Jungle’, where the majority of them are staying.

Judges in Lille ruled that its current state was not good enough, and thousands of pounds worth of work was needed.
This has increased fears that the camp is becoming institutionalised, and so becoming a magnet for vastly increased numbers from all over the world.

Fights are now a regular occurrence as different groups of migrants fight over routes into Britain, while people smugglers also prey on those living in the camp.

An administrative court in Lille called for immediate action to prevent ‘serious human rights violations’ highlighted by a number of humanitarian groups, including Catholic Relief Services and Doctors of the World.

Now aid groups also want to see the number of meals available increased from 2500 a day to 6000, and it wants more empty houses in the Calais area handed over to migrants.

Those living in the camp make daily attempts to get to England, either by hiding in the back of lorries boarding ferries, or breaking into the Channel Tunnel and getting aboard a train.

The Calais authorities, including mayor Natacha Bouchart, have long argued that Britain’s generous benefits system is one of the main reasons why so many want to travel there.

Ms Bourchart has called on the British to cut down on abuse, so as to prevent her town being used as a staging post to get into the UK.

Source: Daily Mail


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calendar   Sunday - November 08, 2015

Rapist not named but brit tax payer foots his cost to travel cos he has ‘rights’

Never mind name the creep.  Britain can’t even (apparently) deport the scum.
It’s the very same old story told yet again, but with a different cast.  The crime the same, the victims all generally the same, and the response of courts is …. same old same old. 
Their legal hands are tied by the agreement EU member states signed up to with regard to human rights.  Nothing said of course about little things like, protecting the public, responsibility, punishment.

Now this brief article is important for me not due to the crime itself.
This is one criminal act among many, but the response dear reader is symptomatic of what I always refer to as, the west’s inability to defend itself.

Whether it’s against mass illegal immigration or crime on the streets,
Britain like the rest of Europe seem helpless against the laws in place that make it near impossible to deport killers and rapists, because they have “Rights” don’t ya know. 

As a citizen, your rights are to absorb the kicks and the stabs and the rapes and everything including fractured eye sockets and even your death. 

I have seen the headline here written a different way more than once but no answers that make sense are forthcoming.


I found an interesting quote from Piers Morgan a few weeks ago.  It says a lot about how things are done and always have been.  Whether the subject is mass migration or violent crime and punishment, nothing has changed.  He was referring to his once stint as a talent judge on TV.
He said it’s a lot like being Prime Minister. 

The great British public would bring back hanging tomorrow if we let them.
Their collective opinion must be always respected,
but stoically resisted.

the following is from Platell’s People at the Daily Mail

Why can’t we name this rapist asylum seeker? 

By Amanda Platell

On the surface, it’s the kind of everyday tale of human rights lunacy to which we’ve become almost inured.
An Iranian man illegally entered the UK 11 years ago and his asylum request was rejected three months later. He appealed and that, too, was rejected. But he just stayed on.

In September 2009 he was convicted of rape and jailed for five years. Still no attempt to remove him, despite his clear danger to the public. He went on to father a child, was in prison again when the baby was born and separated from its mother shortly afterwards. And still he remained in Britain.

Now a High Court judge has ruled that, under Article 8 of the Human Rights Convention, we must pay his fortnightly travel costs to visit his child, as refusing to do so is a breach of his ‘right to a family life’.

This, of course, in addition to the tens of thousands of pounds he has cost us in legal fees.

But this case raises even more troubling questions. An estimated three million more migrants will reach the EU by the end of next year. Of the 750,000 who have arrived so far this year, half a million have claimed asylum.

And while the numbers are smaller for the UK, there is no doubt that many among this tide of desperation will end up here. It’s a mass migration on an unprecedented scale and cases like the Iranian rapist sap the very compassion out of the British people.

For I fear it is the most deserving and desperate asylum seekers who will suffer the inevitable backlash as pressure on housing and public services mounts.

And if we can’t even remove a rapist who has twice had his claim for asylum rejected, what hope is there?
Cases like this shake our confidence in a system that is clearly failing.

Look at the figures. Of the 314,000 asylum seekers whose applications were rejected in the seven years up to 2004, only 75,000 were removed.
Home Secretary Theresa May is making heroic strides trying to tighten the system, but is thwarted at every turn by the courts and the Human Rights Act, something David Cameron vowed to replace.

Perhaps most worrying of all is that we are not even allowed to know the Iranian rapist’s name. In court he was referred to as MG, no doubt to protect him and his child

What about the protection of the British public? Isn’t the whole point of the sex offenders’ register that we should be allowed to know the identity of the monsters in our midst?

Terrifyingly, he is just one of the 400 foreign murderers, rapists and paedophiles to successfully challenge their deportation orders in the past 12 months on human rights grounds.

To cap it all, he is challenging his asylum claim rejection for a third time.

It’s enough to make you want to leave the country.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/08/2015 at 12:40 PM   
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calendar   Saturday - November 07, 2015

They’re Not Gonna Take It

Sweden Rises

Unstoppable Uprising Against Islamic Violence And Immigrants

Police Are Powerless


Just a few days ago, Ihab and a gang of fellow Eritreans were swaggering all the way into this new land of milk and honey. A land of free living, abundance, liberal laws, and porcelain-skinned blond girls ripe for the picking. How the tables have turned.

“We’re terrified,” the swarthy ingrate meeps. “We take turns to sleep and there’s always someone keeping guard.”

But Ihab and his dusky companions know, it’s all just a matter of time. No, this isn’t fiction. That’s a real person, and the town is Munkedal, a place these migrants thought was safe.

While rural Sweden may not yet be as dangerous in Eritrea, none of these migrants feel as secure as they were told they would be.

Fires are kindling all over Sweden, and there’s precious little the Swedish authorities can do, especially in rural areas. Police all over Sweden are stretched well past their limits thanks to the increased crime brought about by Muslim youths. Even still, after completely ignoring the citizens and their concerns about mass migration, the ‘authorities’ are now trying hard to put an end to this violence which they themselves facilitated.

Firefighters in southern Sweden have doused the flames at yet another temporary facility for refugees and migrants. The fifth in a series of suspected arson attacks in the last two weeks comes despite tight security and secrecy over their locations.

Teams from three fire stations have been deployed to extinguish the blaze at a former retirement home in Oderljunga, being prepared to become a temporary asylum for refugees, The Local reports. The fire alarm at the facility went off at about 2:40 a.m. local time, regional newspaper Sydsvenskan reported.
Swedish authorities say that, in view of the suspected arsonists’ tactics, they are keeping secret the exact plans to welcome new groups of asylum seekers for fear of new attacks. However, so far the locations of some centers are apparently being discovered or leaked, with 14 suspected arson attacks on refugee centers in Sweden since the start of the year.

Heat seeking helicopters to protect homes for refugees
More resources have now been allocated to police forces in Sweden with the national operations division (NOA) providing help to combat the attacks on buildings set aside for use as temporary accommodation for refugees. The division will offer personnel, analysts, forensic specialists and staff from its cybercrime centre.

The heat seeking helicopters will assist in surveillance and assist against any potential threat, according to a police press release. They can cover large areas with thermal cameras to search for suspects in the dark, says police commander Jonas Hysing.

“We will focus our helicopters on places in rural areas where we have long call-out times for police patrols on the ground,” he tells TT.

How effective this will be almost impossible to answer, says Hysing.  [SRSLY ... how many choppers they got? Enough to patrol tens of thousands of square miles of rural Sweden? Not even a drop in the bucket]
In recent weeks there has been a large spike in suspected arson attacks on asylum centers or buildings to be used as shelter to meet the influx of refugees. Immigration officials estimate some 190,000 asylum-seekers will arrive this year.
A planned refugee shelter burned to the ground in Floda, east of Gothenburg, Saturday morning, Swedish Radio’s local channel in Gothenburg reports.

With the breakdown of law and order in Sweden thanks a migrant crime wave, there’s very little the Swedish police will be able to do to stop this. So far, their efforts have not been effective, and so would-be offenders have no reason to be phased by their empty threats. Furthermore, people within the Swedish government appear to be acting in defiance and leaking information about future refugee centers.

Sleep with one eye open
Gripping your pillow tight

Exit: light
Enter: night
Take my hand
We’re off to never never land

Something’s wrong, shut the light
Heavy thoughts tonight
And they aren’t of Snow White

Dreams of war, dreams of liars
Dreams of dragon’s fire
And of things that will bite


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