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calendar   Friday - June 27, 2014

Me Neither



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calendar   Friday - June 13, 2014

Liberal Math

Question: When Does 74 = 41 ?

Answer: When it’s the number of school shootings since Newtown put forth by Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety and quoted by HuffPo and by pResident Obama as a lever towards more gun control.

Everytown for Gun safety, an anti-gun group formed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and prominent gun control advocate Shannon Watts, released new data on Tuesday suggesting that there have been an average of 1.37 school shootings every single week in the U.S. since the deadly 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.

The anti-gun organization cites a total of 74 school shootings since Dec. 14, 2012. However, several of the shootings have come under scrutiny as some of them appear to have occurred off-campus and at least one may have been an instance of self-defense.

Journalist Charles C. Johnson dug deeper into Everytown’s data on Tuesday and published his findings on Twitter. He also criticized the fact that the group classified violent disputes and gang-related violence as “school shootings.”

Mr. Johnson found that 33 of these were shootings that occurred on or near a school or school ground, but had nothing to do with the students who attend that school, if they were even there at the time. eg; a gang shooting in the playground at 2am is not really what “school shootings” mean to almost all of us. Playing with numbers, because you think we’re too lazy to look it up: standard libtard ploy.

Oh, a minor correction to Mr. Johnson: the Grambling shooting and arrests did actually occur. It was a tribe of ground apes running a burglary ring out of their dorms. All 9 of them were arrested, charged with burglary, second degree murder, etc. On the on the other hand, that same news article does mention that there was an unrelated shooting on campus that caused a lock-down. The shot person was not seriously injured ... so maybe this was an accidental discharge, maybe this was a failed suicide, maybe it was one person taking a shot at another. Were either even students? We shall never know. So maybe, maybe not for that one.

Ok, that takes the score down from 74 to 41 school shootings in the roughly 18 months since the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown CT. And that isn’t 1.37 per week, it’s about 0.52 per week. One every other week. Which is still far too many, but only 37% as often as the scare monger number tossed about.

Since the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, there have been an average of 1.37 school shootings for each school week, according to data maintained by Everytown for Gun Safety, a group fighting to end gun violence.

Including Tuesday’s incident at a high school in Troutdale, Oregon, 74 school shootings have taken place in the approximately 18 months since the Dec. 14, 2012, Newtown shooting. The average school year typically lasts about 180 days, which means there have been roughly 270 school days, or 54 weeks, of class since the shooting at Newtown. With 74 total incidents over that period, the nation is averaging well over a shooting per school week.

Oh. Crivens, they’re even fudging the weeks part. What, you clowns never heard of summer school? Or intersession classes? A whole lot of college campuses are up teaching all year long. And on weekends too! And often until 11pm at night!!

But, fine, we’ll play it your way. But use Johnson’s numbers. 41 shootings in 54 school weeks is 0.75 shootings per week, close to half your published statistic. Still too much, but please, knock off the shit. We don’t need lies and exaggeration here. We need better mental health care, and psychological incarcerations.


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calendar   Thursday - June 12, 2014

Something New Under The Sun

Since Rodger has a picture up today of a lovely vierling, one of those custom made masterpieces from Ferlach, I figured, why not let it be oddball gun day.

So here’s my input, a gun you will never see, and must never ever mention to any mystery writer or crime drama author. If you think journalists have poor firearms knowledge, they come off as experts compared to authors. “pump action machine gun pistols”, “45 Colt Magnums”, “rifle guns”, “automatic revolvers"* and other such horrible excretions are their stock in trade. This one could be one of their “mistakes” brought to life.

The Szecsei Double Bolt Repeater

all it took was a gear, an idea, and 20 years work from master gunsmiths


Two barrels, one bolt. And a double magazine. Rock solid, tank strong, lightning fast, heavy as lead. Exactly what you want for hunting the largest and most dangerous African game in the deep bush. When the shooting is done at arm’s length, and you have to stop ten tons of pissed off critter who wants to make toe cheese out of your face, you can’t shoot too many massive bullets fast enough.

image  image

The double rifle is a classic for close range safari hunting of the big and nasty. Built like a double barreled shotgun, either in side-by-side or over-under configuration, a double rifle gives you two shots with two triggers and two lock mechanisms. Pull one, pull the next. Boom boom. That’s as fast as it gets for sporting arms. The problem is, what if two shots aren’t enough? These heavy guns all use the shotgun’s break open action design, so to reload them you’ve got to lower the gun, pull the release lever, bend the gun in half at the hinge, pop the spent cases out, pull two new cartridges from you ammo belt, insert them, close the gun, then get back to shooting. Not exactly speedy. Toe cheese time, or being gored and tossed by a mad thing with spikes on.

Bolt action rifles reload quite quickly. Far more quickly than double rifles. They are also known to be exceedingly strong; more than capable to handle the largest and most powerful big game cartridges.  Nor are they limited to low pressure rimmed cartridges the way double guns are. But compared to a double rifle they are still rather slow firing. And when life or death can be measured in milliseconds, they aren’t fast enough for some.

So why not do both? A geared action with two bolts. One lift of the handle unlocks one bolt clockwise, the other bolt counter-clockwise. One cycle of the action loads two fresh rounds. Two rounds of the most powerful modern cartridges you could want. Boom boom. And then two more after that. Six shots in perhaps half a second if you really have to. And if that isn’t enough, you’re probably trampled flat already.


The double barreled bolt action repeater. Exclusively made by Joseph Szecsei. Cost? Well ... you didn’t really need that new bi-turbo Porsche, did you?

* yeah yeah, I know, the Webley Fosbery. Because sooner or later, someone will try anything. 


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calendar   Thursday - May 22, 2014

actress speaks her mind on Hollywood war movies, west shows itself in too much good light

A wee bit of mindless blather from an actress.
Well, you know. Out of the mouths of babes …

Not a whole lot, but her brief statement shows how little she knows and how young she is.

Actress Bernice Bejo (The Artist) is in Cannes and has said as follows.

“War film are too reliant on Westerners.”
She has accused Hollywood war films of “an over reliance on Western heroes always saving the day.” She continues with, “ In films on war, it’s always Westerners who save everybody else. It’s the Westerners who know.”
She doesn’t tell us exactly what the west knows but she must be blind to history since ’45. 

No, she isn’t from the middle east nor is she a muzzie.

I couldn’t help but wonder what sort of war films she wants Hollywood to make. If any.

She most likely supports games where nobody wins so nobody loses.

Bejo, was born in Argentina but now lives in France, said Westerners were invariably portrayed as the all-knowing heroes, parachuting in to save suffering communities.

She has now launched her latest film, The Search, in which she plays an EU representative sent to Chechnya during war.
It drew very bad reviews at Cannes this week and was even booed at its debut.

In a totally different story.

Germany complains and questions, and a father says the death of his son was due in part to American gun culture.
Sure thing pops.
Oh btw.  Any idea what your offspring was doing in someone’s garage?  Someone he never met and did not know. Home owner exercises gun control as he hits the target.

Apparently there’s some new fad I’ve just been made aware of. “Garage Hopping.”
One piece I read said that the kid (victim was 17) might have been looking for booze.

Here’s the article.  Can’t say I blame the home owner even if he did (as suggested) tempt a burglary by leaving his garage door open.  In my wild and flaming yoot, I passed by more than one open garage door and on occasion a few front doors that looked wide open.  But we were never tempted to peek inside another’s property without being invited.  We weren’t boy scouts by any means. But some things just were of no interest and criminal to boot.  Of course back then, nobody had any “rights” to be bothered about.

Montana man charged with homicide in teen shooting

By Associated Press

A western Montana man has been charged in the shooting death of a 17-year-old boy after prosecutors said he set a trap in his garage to catch any would-be burglars because he was frustrated over recent thefts.

Markus Kaarma, 29, of Missoula made an initial appearance in Justice Court on Monday but did not enter a plea to the count of felony deliberate homicide filed in the death of Diren Dede, an exchange student from Hamburg, Germany.

Kaarma’s attorney, Paul Ryan, said his client feels terrible about the death of the young man, but he was also was disappointed that the Missoula County attorney filed the charge.

Court records said Kaarma and his wife, Janelle Pflager, had set up sensors outside the garage, a video monitoring system in the garage and left the garage door open. Pflager said she put personal items that she had cataloged in a purse in the garage “so that they would take it.”
Early Sunday, the sensors went off, and Kaarma and Pflager looked at the video feed and saw that someone was in the garage.

Kaarma went outside with his shotgun. He told investigators he heard a noise that sounded like metal on metal, and he was afraid the intruder would come out and hurt him. He said he did not see anyone in the darkened garage and did not communicate with anyone before sweeping the garage with four shotgun blasts. Dede was struck in the head and arm and died at a Missoula hospital, court records said.



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calendar   Sunday - May 11, 2014

the best way to practice gun control

Here’s something to scratch our heads over.

BAN Guns!  Awful things are guns.

Now then, coming from a politically correct liberal, anti gun feelings don’t surprise us.  In fact, we would I think be surprised should a lib come out in favor of gun ownership.

‘It has to change,’ she says about the gun ownership laws in America, where there have been 44 school shootings since the 2012 Newtown massacre.

‘Where we are now is not helping – we see an increase of gun-related deaths.

‘If it’s not working, we have to change it. I’m a mum. I’m going to be sending my kid to school and I want to know he is going to be safe.’

Views of this kind don’t make you very popular in America’s conservative heartland.

Sure, I believe most of us find it easy to understand a mother’s fear in the world we live in today.  It must surely be harder to be a parent now than it might have been say 50 yrs ago.  More children are exposed to more and different threats than in past years.

So ok, the lady is anti gun and she even got her boyfriend to give up his gun collection.
Nothing very exciting so far. Right? Well ... here’s where logic and experience jump off a cliff.

The lady who is against firearms ...  had her life and the life of her own mother, saved by a gun.

When she was a young teen, her dad who was one of those ‘mean drunks’, came home loaded with booze and bullets, fired his gun and threatened to kill mom and daughter.  But .....  . 

Mom Was Armed herself and did not blink or hesitate.

Bury one violent drunk, life saved, reload and move on.

Yup.  Charlize Theron is here today and a millionaire too, because mommy had a gun and went bang.

The very best way to solve the problem of a violent drunken husband. Charlize mom exhibited excellent gun control.



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calendar   Friday - May 09, 2014

Personal update

Haven’t been posting much lately. Almost a year ago I bought a SIG-Sauer P-226. 9mm. 15-rnd mag.


Last month I spent almost $300 on the .22 conversion kit for said pistol. 9mm is just too expensive to go plinking with!


Comes with one 10-rnd mag. I bought an extra mag also.


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More gun stuff…



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calendar   Wednesday - May 07, 2014

No Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Not Much 2A Here In Sheeple’s Republik Of New Jersey

1. Looming lowered magazine capacity law moves to final Senate vote

[NRA ILA May 5, 2014] Today, the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee passed Senate Bill 993 today on a party line 3 to 2 vote.  As previously reported, S.993 seeks to restrict the maximum capacity of ammunition magazines from 15 to 10 rounds and ban certain popular firearms.  Under the guise of public safety, anti-gun politicians continue their efforts to erode the Second Amendment rights of New Jersey residents.  New Jersey is one of only a few states which already has a magazine restriction, and another arbitrary limit will have no impact on crime or criminals.  Instead, this legislation demonstrably favors criminals who prefer to prey on unarmed victims.

Senate Bill 993 now goes to the Senate floor where it will be scheduled for consideration.  It is now more important than ever to contact your state Senator and respectfully, yet insistently, urge him or her to vote AGAINST S.993.  Contact information for state Senators can be found here.

This is so stupid. Yet one more thoughtless, knee jerk, idiotic, worthless bill, that, if it becomes law, will turn thousands of law-abiding citizens into criminals. It won’t do a thing to limit crime since criminals, by definition, don’t obey the law. But all those semi-automatic .22 rifles with decent sized magazines, even those with tubular magazines, will now become illegal. And this bill has NO grandfather clause. IF WHEN it passes the Senate, and IF it is signed by our “centrist” “Republican” Governor Chris Christie, then all those guns become illegal. Right now the bill is written to specifically focus on semi-automatic firearms ... but once passed, how hard would it be to extend the law to include lever action rifles or even bolt action guns?

And naturally cops and retired cops are excluded from the law. Which irks me even more than the lowered capacity movement itself. Not at all sorry, but cops are no different than anyone else. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. And it is beyond disgusting that any law even be contemplated in America which applies to some people and not to others. One law for everyone. That’s what America is all about. Period.

In a partisan vote of 3-2, the New Jersey Senate Law and Public Safety Committee today passed S993 out of committee despite impassioned testimony from gun owners and Second Amendment leaders who were in attendance.

The legislation now moves to the full Senate for a vote, which could come as soon as May 12. Despite claims to the contrary, unilateral amendments made to S993 fail to remove the bill’s gun ban, which remains intact.

In addition, to add insult to injury, the Committee stubbornly refused to modify A2777 (transportation of firearms) to make a simple, one word amendment to restore judicial discretion on reasonable deviations in firearms transport, instead making the legislation even law worse with an ill-conceived amendment (made without any input from Second Amendment leaders) that would limit reasonable deviations to 15 minutes in duration and further tie the hands of judges when considering individual cases that arise.

The amendment to A2777 demonstrates an astounding lack of vision and utter indifference to the perils faced by legal gun owners as a result of New Jersey’s tangled web of gun laws. The amendment would make the current law even worse than it already is, and represents a squandered opportunity by lawmakers.

How typical. Months ago the word was out that this was a done deal, that the magazine capacity bill would sail through because the new firearms transportation bill made things easier for hunters and shooters passing through the state. Not that either one did a damn thing really for the people living here in the state. But in a perfect Big Bother manner, dirty dog Democrats wrote the transportation bill to make things even worse. So we get screwed on the one side for the “giveback” of being further screwed on the other. Well thanks ever so much. You fargin bastiges. You ice-a-holes.

another link

2. SCOTUS chickens out again, refuses to consider ramifications of their own recent firearms judgements. Hey, this can happen in your state too you know.

Supreme Court declines to review New Jersey’s handgun permit law
The Supreme Court Monday decided once again to stay out of the legal battle over whether some states are too restrictive in issuing permits to carry a handgun outside the home. The justices without comment turned down a request to review whether New Jersey’s law requiring “justifiable need” to get a handgun permit infringes on Second Amendment rights.

The court has not accepted a major gun case since its twin decisions that found there is a right to gun ownership in the home and that it applies to both federal and state government attempts at gun control.

All states allow handguns to be carried outside the home, but some are more restrictive than others. Gun-rights supporters said New Jersey’s law, similar to ones in Maryland, New York and elsewhere, make it nearly impossible for anyone who is not a member of law enforcement to get such a permit.

A panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit upheld the law, saying the legislature’s decision was a “presumptively lawful, long-standing regulation and therefore does not burden conduct within the scope of the Second Amendment’s guarantee.”

Bull. Shite. NJ’s “law” is not at all “presumptively lawful”. It is a farce. In theory New Jersey is one of these nebulous “may issue” states, but in practice it is a “never issue” state, UNLESS you are part of the special, superior class of people. Which includes - once again!! - the police, retired police, leading politicians, and significant Democrat Party contributors. So what we have is one law for them, and another law for us. And that is a blanket violation of the Equal Protection clause in the Constitution. Period. Yes, the law is “long standing”. So what? That does not make it right. That merely shows how corruption and inequality has been rampant in this state since ... well, since Colonial times when you come right down to it.

What a bunch of chickenshit commies sit on that bench.


UPDATE: Here’s our next pResident, Hitlery Cliton, on the subject. Because we WANT her, “the smartest woman in the world” to run things [further into the ground] after Obozo leaves the Outhouse White House.

I think again we’re way out of balance. We’ve got to rein in what has become almost an article of faith that almost anybody can have a gun anywhere at any time. And I don’t believe that is in the best interest of the vast majority of people,” she said.

Got that? The Second Amendment as written. “Shall not be infringed”. Natural law. The essence of free humanity. “Way out of balance”.

Oh yeah. She’s got my vote. For sure. NEVER.


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calendar   Monday - May 05, 2014

well, shoot


No, that isn’t part of a camera tripod. This is an Oleg Volk photograph. So you know darned well what that wood and metal thing is. Clicky.

Her friend Morgan looks nice too. A bit less underage, a bit Class III SBR, but who’s counting?


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Farewell To Freedom Part 3: Bartering Away Your Freedoms

NJ 10 Round Magazine Law Hits Governor’s Desk

NRA ILA: New Jersey: Senate Committee to Hear Gun and Magazine Ban Legislation on Monday

On Monday, May 5, the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee is scheduled to hear Senate Bill 993.  Sponsored by state Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-37), S.993 seeks to restrict the maximum capacity of ammunition magazines from 15 to 10 rounds and ban many popular firearms.  Under the guise of public safety, anti-gun politicians continue their efforts to erode the Second Amendment rights of New Jersey residents.  New Jersey is one of only a few states which already has a magazine restriction, and another arbitrary limit will have no impact on crime or criminals.  Instead, this legislation demonstrably favors criminals who prefer to prey on unarmed victims.

Senate Bill 993 is the same piece of legislation as Assembly Bill A2006

[March 24, 2014] A controversial bill to limit magazines to just 10 rounds has passed the New Jersey Assembly and is now close to becoming law.

The bill, after rigorous debate and dramatic testimony from both pro-gunners and pro-gun control supporters, passed the Assembly by a vote of 46-31 last Thursday.

It is expected to make its way through the Democratically-controlled state Senate, where it was previously considered as part of a compromise agreement that would allow gun owners, hunters, and sportsmen to stop on the way to the shooting range or woods for food, emergencies or other “reasonable” stops in exchange for limiting magazines to 10 rounds.

“We have statements, time and time again, from law enforcement officials that have said it is during that time when an individual has had to go to reload that lives have been saved,” said Lou Greenwald (D-Camden), the bill’s sponsor. “And that this legislation, reducing to 10 rounds, is the most significant piece of legislation that will have an impact on peoples’ lives.”

Assembly Bill 2006 would revise the definition of a “large capacity ammunition magazine” to reduce the allowable rounds of ammunition from 15 to 10.

The bill also designates a semi-automatic rifle with a fixed magazine capacity exceeding 10 rounds as a “prohibited assault firearm.” The only exception to this would be for retired police officers, who could still possess the currently legal 15 round magazines.

There is no grandfather clause in either of these bills. If this is signed into law, and you have magazines that are legal today but will be illegal then, then you are a felon. Notice that the bill also outlaws you from owning a police style semi-automatic shotgun, the kind with the long magazine tube. And speaking of semi-automatics with long magazine tubes, countless thousands of old tubular magazine .22 rimfire rifles would suddenly become Assault Weapons.

All of this is being done to save lives, so they say. Because it takes ever so much longer to drop an empty 10 round magazine and pop in a new one TWICE than it does to drop an empty 15 round magazine and pop in a new one ONCE. Seriously. That is what this is about: Add half a second’s down time to a protracted firefight. And create an entirely new class of criminals.

Let’s see ... AR15 ... magazine catch is ... here. Push. Drop. Pop. Click. Ok, reloaded.
Let’s see ... 1911 pistol ... magazine catch is ... here. Push. Drop. Pop. Click. Ok, reloaded.

No, I don’t think it’s going to add even half a second. Maybe a quarter second. Maybe a third of a second, tops.  But wait, those 10 round magazines are smaller! Less bullets! What, you mean they’re smaller ... and thus easier to conceal?

So, we’ve got BS legislation on the one hand, that does NOTHING to prevent crime, and only further ostracizes and penalizes only the law-abiding gun owner ... and we’re taking that as barter for what? Clarification on firearms transport rules? Really? Do they do anything either? Do they address crime?

A2777 was recently touted as part of a deal among democrats to pacify gun owners in light of the impending gun ban / mag ban legislation described above. The legislation was supposed to fix the longstanding problem of what constitutes “reasonable deviations” from the direct transportation of firearms required by New Jersey law. Legal gun owners face prison sentences of up to ten years if they stop while properly transporting unloaded, locked firearms, unless they meet certain technical requirements and the stop is deemed a “reasonable deviation” in transportation.

Unfortunately, A2777 as written does not actually fix the problem, and makes the situation worse than under current law. The “fix” needs to be fixed.

Under current law, judges have discretion to decide on a case-by-case basis whether a particular set of circumstances constitutes a reasonable deviation. While that is a double-edged sword, and current law provides no guidance as to what a reasonable deviation is, at least gun owners caught within New Jersey’s tangled web of hyper-technical regulations have a chance at demonstrating to a judge that their particular transportation deviation was reasonable, and judges have the flexibility to prevent outrageous, absurd prison sentences where someone stops briefly and innocently while in lawful transit with firearms.

While the current proposal does contain a short list of circumstances that would be deemed reasonable, the wording of that proposal would limit reasonable deviations to just the items on that list, and prevent judges from finding that any other circumstance was a reasonable deviation. Judges would lose the discretion that they currently have to determine whether any other deviation is reasonable, and gun owners would still be facing jeopardy of potential 10-year prison sentences for common, innocent stops while en route to the range, because of deep flaws and omissions in the articulated list.

The terms? Those reasonably necessary deviations are defined as, AND LIMITED TO:

For the purposes of this section, “deviations as are reasonably necessary” means collecting and discharging passengers whose transportation is permitted under paragraph (2) of subsection b., subsection e., or paragraph (1) or (3) of subsection f. of this section, purchasing fuel, using a restroom, and contending with an emergency situation.

So you can drive directly to fellow hunter’s and shooter’s homes and pick them up or drop them off and then immediately leave, you can get gas, you can stop to use the bathroom, or you can stop to deal with an emergency. You can’t stop to visit anyone. You can’t stop to eat lunch. You can’t spend the night at a hotel. I’m not sure what happens when you have a connecting flight here in NJ and the connection gets cancelled or you get bumped. I guess it’s like the game Monopoly and you Go Directly To Jail.

The only possible good news here is that A2777 is still in committee. New Jersey Senate Law and Public Safety Committee. The NJ Senate is 40 members: currently 24 D, 16 R.

Wait, wait, wait. So we’re going to get the further magazine limit law because this nonsense In Transit law is so effin’ generous? WTF? Generous??? Like, dude, it totally makes it WORSE than it was before! That’s not a win-win; that’s a lose-lose.

The Nation of Riflemen is watching you Christie. We’re watching that greasy little pen in your fat little hand.


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TNB: Animals Animals Animals Edition

Chicago: The Endia Martin Murder Case


Endia Martin, murdered at 14

Good Lord, I don’t even know where to begin with this one. The crime itself is asinine and abhorrent, but the background stories show that an utterly feral culture lives amongst us.

This is a really sick tale. And what makes it sicker is that it’s probably as common as muck. I have to wonder if the streets of Chicago have become a gladiatorial arena for the entertainment of the natives. Natives who in this case, gave a child the thumbs down and stood around to watch her die.

Endia Martin was a 14 Chicago girl. I gather that she got into some kind of argument on Facebook with her best girlfriend, over - you guessed it - some boy. That other 14 year old girl (an honor student, naturally) decided she was gonna throw down on that bitch, so she positioned herself to catch Endia when she got off her school bus. But instead of duking it out, the 2nd girl’s plan was murder. Malice aforethought: she called up her 24 year old uncle and said she needed a gun. So he brought her one on the bus, meeting her at the scene before the fight began. Somehow a crowd gathered. Endia got off the bus, a fight ensued, and at some point (either when she was face down on the ground, or running away) Endia’s friend took the gun and shot her in the head. Except that the gun misfired. Hey, no worries, someone in a crowd - a 17 year old man I think - quickly repaired the revolver and handed it back to her. And while the crowd watched, she shot Endia in the head and killed her. But hey, it was only from a couple feet away, so she missed, and managed to wing somebody else too. Or perhaps it was a case of over penetration, and we’re talking two victims with one bullet. But I digress. Once the murder was done, that 17 year old man took the gun and tried to dispose of it. A completely illegal firearm of course. And the most disgusting part of the tale, is that this deliberate assassination occurred in front of at least 20 witnesses, and nobody did a thing to stop it. Not even when the gun misfired and needed a time-out to be repaired. No; instead of stopping it, they recorded the entire event on their cellphone cameras.

OF COURSE the press wants to play Blame It On The Gun, and the cops cry for more gun control (Chicago already being gun free, according to the law) ,but that’s garbage and you know it. This crime comes in two parts: the perpetrator and her enablers, and the barbaric environment that accepts, supports, and even demands this kind of insane behavior.

I’m not even sure where to begin ...

Martin’s family says she and the alleged shooter were close friends who were fighting over a boy in a dispute that originally started on Facebook. They attended the same school.

“She used to do all her work. She seemed like a nice person,” classmate Michael Baker said [Drew: Baker is talking about the alleged shooter, not the victim]. “I never thought she would do something like that.”

“She wasn’t a bad kid, I mean, everybody gets suspended. She wasn’t bad,” classmate Kimberly Taylor said. “When I heard that, I was sad for her. It hurts my heart to see her life is away. She throw her life away.”

Oh gosh, it’s so sad, this poor little thing WHO TOOK A GUN AND BLEW ANOTHER CHILD’S HEAD OFF, she has my sympathy, she’ll get juvie for 4 years now. Concern or sympathy for the murdered girl: ZERO.

The alleged shooter’s mother, who the Chicago Sun-Times is not identifying because her daughter has been charged as a juvenile, told the Sun-Times that her daughter “feels bad too.” The girl disputed the official account of Martin’s death and told her mother after the shooting: “It did not happen like that.”

“She was very hurt,” the mother said of her daughter. “Her and the little girl used to be friends.”

But the mother claimed Endia, also 14, and her friends “jumped on” her daughter last year, and the feud picked up again recently on Facebook. She even said her daughter’s life was threatened, and that someone told her daughter they would “lay her where her daddy’s at.”

The woman said her daughter’s father died when she was 9 months old. “She’s hurt about the whole situation,” the woman said.

Finally, the woman said she didn’t know about her daughter’s juvenile court hearing Tuesday afternoon, where the teenage girl faced charges that included first-degree murder and attempted murder without any family in the courtroom. The judge said at the hearing the girl’s mother “obviously” knew about it.

“We’ve never been through anything like this before,” she said.

Meanwhile, the girl’s uncle was ordered held on $3 million bail Wednesday. Cook County prosecutors said the paralyzed, wheelchair-bound man took the bus to hand her the fully loaded weapon knowing there would be a fight.

Before the 14-year-old suspect went to confront two girls about an ongoing dispute she had with them about a boy, she asked Donnell Flora for a gun, Assistant State’s Attorney Jamie Santini said.

Flora, 25, agreed with his niece’s request and got on a bus with the .38-caliber revolver Monday afternoon, Santini said.

Once at the 900 block of Garfield Boulevard, Flora gave the girl the gun before the shooting, Santini said.

Right ... the old Turn It Around story: my baby is the victim here, that horrible monster was out to get her, she was in fear for her life.
Hey, who wants to bet against my guess that uncle Don became wheelchair bound because of being shot himself? Any takers? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

A 14-year-old Chicago girl accused of killing another girl in a dispute over a boy tried unsuccessfully to fire a gun before someone fixed it for her and handed it back to her so she could open fire, prosecutors said Tuesday.

That detail emerged during a hearing in juvenile court on the latest incident of violence grabbing headlines in Chicago. The alleged shooter appeared at the hearing on a first-degree murder charge in Monday’s slaying of 14-year-old Endia Martin.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told reporters earlier in the day that the girls were fighting over a boy. According to prosecutors, the suspect went to a residence in the Back of the Yards neighborhood on the city’s South Side around 4:30 Monday afternoon to continue a fight that began on Facebook.

So at the very least, we have Miss Shooter, her adult uncle Donnell, and some street gunsmith at the scene, on her side, and entirely supportive of her desire to commit premeditated murder. So far. The arena is filling up quickly; hurry hurry the main event is about to begin!

And so the deed was done. But don’t worry if you missed being there, at least one person recorded the whole thing. Didn’t do a damn thing to stop it. Didn’t call 911. Didn’t get an adult to intervene - WTH, there were several adults already there! - just stood around and watched. And recorded. And perhaps the Chicago Police are grateful for that, now that the child is dead and they begin to arrest everyone in sight on the video. Because everyone at the scene told them lies. “Don’t be a snitch” is another aspect of this feral mob. Cry out for justice, cry out for help, cry out for your “gibbs”, but when help and justice arrive, lie your ass off, hide the evidence, and stonewall all the live long day.

And then the cascade of arrests began ... sort of ...

A second person is now charged in the shooting death of a 14-year-old Chicago girl and Tuesday night, just blocks away from a vigil to remember Endia Martin four more people were shot.

A 17-year-old was charged with illegally having a gun, using it and then trying to get rid of it after the murder of Endia Martin.

The murder of Endia Martin, 14, was recorded via cell phone video, prosecutors said on the same day a third suspect was charged in her shooting death.

“This entire incident was captured on a cell phone video, taken by one of the witnesses to the incident,” Assistant State’s Attorney James Santini said. Martin was shot to death Monday afternoon on her way home from school. Three people have been charged, including a 14-year-old girl, a 17-year-old boy and a 25-year-old man. A vigil is set to be held Wednesday evening near the scene of the crime.

The 25-year-old man, Donnell Flora, appeared at the Cook County Courthouse Wednesday on a first-degree murder charge and a further charge of aggravated battery with a firearm. Prosecutors said he supplied the murder weapon to his 14-year-old niece after taking the bus to the scene, and that he had foreknowledge of the crime.

“Upon arriving at the location,” said Santini, “the defendant provided the loaded gun to the 14-year-old co-offender, knowing she was going to become involved in a fight.”

And then the lies began. Gun? What gun? Oh, that gun? Hey, that gun was stolen years ago when somebody broke into my car.  And the police and the press bleated out their usual sound bytes, because now it was time to Blame The Gun and Blame The Law ...

Chicago police superintendent: Killing of girl, 14, shows need for stricter gun laws
The killing of a 14-year-old girl, allegedly by another teen in a fight over a boy, shows that Illinois needs stricter gun laws, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said Tuesday. McCarthy told reporters that Endia Martin was shot with a .38-caliber handgun stolen from a car. He urged a change in the law to require gun owners to store weapons securely, saying that a firearm was brought to what would otherwise have been a “fistfight.”

“There was a legal gun that became an illegal gun,” he said, saying state law should be changed to require guns to be kept more securely. “In this case, the simple fact that the law states that you can store a firearm in a vehicle is absolutely insane,” McCarthy said. “Those guns need to be in lock boxes, in safes, in people’s residences or on their person.”

But then it turned out that this wasn’t entirely true. Oh sure, the gun had been reported stolen, but it wasn’t. It had been sold, under the table, at least once. Well, at least the press could dogpile on that story.

Endia Martin murder weapon illegally sold, falsely reported stolen, police say
Two more people have been charged in connection with the shooting death of Endia Martin. Police announced felony charges against Robert James, 34, for unlawful delivery of a weapon and filing a false police report. Police have also charged Vandetta Redwood, 32, who is an aunt of the alleged 14-year-old shooter, with mob action and obstruction of justice.

Police said James is the legal owner of the weapon used to kill Endia Martin, and that he sold it to another individual in November of 2013. It is not clear who took possession of the weapon, but on April 15, 2014, James reported the gun had been stolen from his mother’s car.
“So on day one we believed that gun was stolen, because it was reported stolen,” Chicago Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy said Thursday. “But what do we find out? We find out that the legal gun owner illegally transferred that gun to another person. That’s how that gun ended up on the street.”

Police said the investigation also shows Vandetta Redwood was at the scene in the 900 block of West Garfield at the time of the fight between the 14-year-old victim and the 14-year-old girl charged in the shooting. Prosecutors say that cell phone video in their possession shows the actual shooting, and includes Redwood standing next to the 14-year-old shooter, along with a crowd of about 20, some of whom carried bottles and pipes.

Redwood faces felony charges for mob action and obstruction of justice, in part because she denied being at the scene even though the video places her there. Her attorney, Mark Almanza, called her charges “guilt by proximity.”

“There were numerous other individuals there,” said Almanza, “and essentially they’re saying my client should be charged for standing near where a crime happened.”

So auntie is right there on the video, but she’s still lying to the po-po with a straight face. And the 20 - TWENTY OTHER PEOPLE - standing around? Carrying bottles and pipes? What does that mean? Does that mean that what actually went down was a neighborhood riot, with dozens of fighters armed with bottles and pipes? Or that dozens were there ready to fight in case a riot broke out? That they were there IN SUPPORT OF A PREMEDITATED MURDER? Or was it party time in the hood, everyone kicking back, enjoying some CPT, chillaxin’ with a 40 and a few rocks and some bud to smoke? And the fight was just entertainment?

And yeah, Auntie, you get arrested. Because it’s your niece who pulled the trigger. Several times. And you’re the adult; a family member who should have stopped this from happening. Instead, it turns out you’re part of the enablers, and part of the aftermath smokescreen. So ... busted.

A total of five people have been charged in connection with the shooting. A 17-year-old boy and the 14-year-old suspect’s 25-year-old uncle, Donnell Flora, were also charged this week. Flora allegedly gave the gun to his niece, according to police.

[a day later] A sixth man has been charged in connection to the murder of 14-year-old Endia Martin.

Floyd Evans is accused of illegally obtaining the gun used in the Monday afternoon shooting in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood.

It began with a legal purchase, according to a lawyer for Robert James, the Hyde Park man whose .38 special revolver was at the center of events leading to Endia’s tragic death.
James’ mother apparently did not want the gun in her home, so in November 2013 James allegedly sold the firearm to a former Atlanta man on the South Side. The exchange was done illegally, according to police and Cook County prosecutors, because James didn’t determine whether the buyer had a valid firearm owner’s identification card as required by law.

The man police identify as the buyer, 43-year-old Floyd Evans, was charged Thursday in Chicago with possessing a firearm without a valid FOID card, Chicago police said Thursday night. He is also wanted on a warrant in a separate case.

Prosecutors said that after James learned the man no longer had the gun, he falsely reported that it had been stolen from his mother’s car.
Less clear is how and when the gun made its next move from Evans to Donnell Flora, 25, the uncle of the girl charged with Endia’s slaying. But police and prosecutors charged that Flora, who was paralyzed after he was shot in 2010, knew his niece was going to confront Endia when he took the bus to the Back of the Yards neighborhood to deliver the loaded gun.

Ha, toldja so. Pfft; that was, like, a guarantee.

So what really did happen? Mabye we should just go and look at the video ...

The 14-year-old suspect and Endia, friends since elementary school, had been feuding over a boy, authorities said. According to her lawyer, the suspect had never been arrested before. She was on the honor roll at Hope College Prep High School, was a student leader and played on the freshman-sophomore basketball team. Endia’s parents had moved her to Tilden Career Community Academy to keep her closer to home.

The dispute between the girls worsened after they taunted each other on Facebook, where the suspect’s mother said the two often communicated. They agreed to meet after school Monday. Prosecutors said the confrontation drew close to 20 people — at least some of them armed with a lock on a chain, a metal pipe and a bottle — to the 900 block of West Garfield Boulevard.

Among the crowd was Vandetta Redwood, 32, the aunt of the alleged shooter.

Ah ha. Now we see a bit of light, finally. The fight was planned. From both sides. And the word was out, so a bunch of wannabes piled on, hoping to “help” which really means hoping to escalate the situation. The crowd filling the seats in the arena.

Police gave this account of what happened: The 14-year-old pulled the handgun from her waistband. She pointed it at one woman, who pushed it away. A 16-year-old then swung the lock on a chain at the shooter but missed her. The younger girl then tried to fire the gun, but it malfunctioned. She handed it to another person, who fixed it and handed it back to the 14-year-old. She fired again, hitting the 16-year-old in the arm and Endia in the back as she fled. Prosecutors said the confrontation was caught on a cellphone video.

So the 16 year old, up until now who appeared to be a mere bystander suffering collateral damage, in fact used her weapon to either try to stop the shooting (which is what her lawyer will say, naturally) or stepped in to fight on Endia’s side. And got shot for it.

And then I suppose that Miss Shooter, amped up on the power rush of shooting one girl in sort-of self defense, pulled the trigger again on her best friend who was trying to get away from their altercation. Or was this also an accident, because, shit and damnation, the piss poor writing does not tell us specifically if the same shot that winged the chain swinger just happened to brain her pal by chance. It’s implied, but “she fired again” can mean she fired several times, not just once. But maybe it was an accident after all.

And we should really be looking at Chain Control for Chicago. Because without that chain, maybe none of this would have ever happened.

Yeah right. Feral culture. Period.

And in the week or less since this has happened, another 4 are dead, another 24 are gunned down, in Chicago.



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calendar   Wednesday - April 23, 2014

Just playing with guns again

Two wildcat cartridges from the drawing board. Both are designed to fire the .375” 225 grain bullet at about 2000 feet per second, and be short enough and small enough in case diameter to properly stack in an unmodified AR-15 magazine.

One cartridge uses the .35 Remington as its parent, the other one is based on the old Italian 6.5 Carcano.  Either one should work, but both have rather tiny shoulders, and that could lead to headspacing problems. On the third hand, these short cases are formed by cutting down military brass, so the case walls at the shoulder may be exceptionally thick and strong. That kind of thing is hard to tell on a simple computer modeling.

image image

No, neither cartridge is a super barn burner. Both throw out a big fat chunk of lead at fairly leisurely velocity. Both would actually be superb deer rifles for shorter ranges. Like a .45-70, a .444, or a .375/.38-55 but with less recoil. And on an evil black rifle platform. Mwaaahahaaahaha.

One advantage both these cartridges have is that, on the modeling software, both are very efficient at burning up their powder charges in a short distance. So they’d work as AR pistol rounds too, burning clean in barrels as short as 8” with the right powders, and still giving better velocity than a typical .44 Magnum with nearly identical bullet weight. 


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calendar   Thursday - April 17, 2014

Still No Bullets

The Continuing, Never Ending Ammo Shortage

As we enter the spring of the 6th year of our “temporary” ammunition shortage, a lot of folks just aren’t buying the old standby reasons and excuses any longer.

Here’s one reason that can’t be argued with too much: guns need ammunition to work. Gun sales are still at stratospheric levels; after a 2 month decline in the middle of the worst winter in ages, monthly 2014 gun sales are again outstripping their 2013 monthly sales. Those monthly sales, in turn, were moer than those of 2012. 2012’s were more than 2011’s. And so on. Here are the latest numbers, straight from the FBI. Notice how the total number of NICS checks in 2013 was just about the same as the total number of checks done in 2006 and 2007 combined. It’s a madhouse out there. I would not be at all surprised to see 2014’s total numbers equal double 2008’s. Barack Obama, greatest gun salesman in world history.


Add to this mix the never ending, always increasing demand for copper. And how one of our biggest copper mines was closed last year due to a pit collapse. You can’t make brass (or gilding metal) without it. I haven’t heard of any lead shortages yet, but I did notice how the last lead mine in the USA was closed late last year. Zinc goes into brass too. Anyone have new stats on that? 2012 production was up about 10% over 2011, with the industry reporting demand growth for the 4th year in a row. Copper production is also up, with secondary feed production (ie recycled copper) growing fastest. Heck, demand for copper is so high that plumbers and builders have switched over to plastic pipes in houses, so that the thieves won’t steal them. Copper pipe and wire theft is rampant.

So high metals demand is one aspect. All these huge government ammo contracts are another. Did you know that BY LAW the government gets first crack at ammo production? Not just the military, but to any federal agency or department, homeland security, emergency responders, even firemen? No wonder the EPA, both DOEs, the Post Office, and all are doing what they are.

EPA raids on brass makers only puts a tiny dent in the market. Sure, it adds a lot of fear, but it only impacts production a little.

Rulings against certain kinds of ammo that prohibit their import keep a few million other rounds off of our markets too. But compared to the billions of rounds sold, and the demand for billions more, this one is another drop in the proverbial bucket. Shitty move though, considering a similar kind of bullet is legal to sell on military surplus American ammo. You know, if there was any of that to be found.

Hoarders and profiteers. Everybody wants to blame them. The evil Daddy Warbucks guys. Can’t find ammo at Walmart, but you can get all you want for 5 times the regular price on eBay. Really? Really? What kind of buying power do you think these folks have, that they can snap up the entire output of a $170 billion industry? Can they make a dent? Maybe so. Can they eat up all of it? Hell no.

Continuing idiotic gun control legislation by states like NJ and NY aren’t having much impact ... especially not if more than a million NY gun owners are deciding to flout the law. Good for them.

So there you have it. Mostly. The old saw “ammo companies aren’t going to invest fortunes in more loading machines just to respond to a temporary spike in demand” doesn’t hold water any longer. Sure, for a 90 day spike it makes sense. For a 1 year spike it might make sense. But more than half a decade? No. Any good capitalist company would have ramped it up by now. If they were allowed to. And that’s another can of worms right there, because we hear that they are. But that hasn’t made any difference yet.

Latest worry? Dire predictions that the shooting war in Ukraine will start in earnest the day after Easter, which will cause every last round of 7.62x39 the world over to evaporate. Let’s wait a few days on that one and see.

Bottom line: metals production is running flat out, but demand never stops increasing. More guns means more ammo needed, and more guns have been purchased during this current regime than in the previous 20 years combined ... and it ain’t over yet.


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