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calendar   Thursday - January 16, 2020

West Virginia Makes The Play

Dammit, I have to learn to write concisely. That last post took forever, for a really niche story that won’t interest many. Ok, so let’s keep this one short.

West Virginia Offers To Take All Of Virginia’s Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties

A huge “screw you” to the leftists in charge in Richmond.

It started in 1863. Because freedom. Actually, it started in 1775 but nobody paid them any attention.

A huge chunk of Virginia’s counties and their biggest city have now gone Second Amendment Sanctuary.

Last week West Virginia offered to take Fredrick County, half of which went over to West Virginia in 1863.

Virginia is for lovers, so West Virginia is reviving a 158-year-old proposal to ask one of its counties on a date. The answer, apparently, is still no.

The West Virginia Senate adopted a resolution by voice vote Monday to remind residents of Frederick County, Virginia, that the county has a standing invite — from 1862 — to become part of West Virginia. It now goes to the House of Delegates.

The resolution was introduced by Morgan County Republican Charles Trump, whose district borders Frederick County. Trump was born in Winchester, the seat of Frederick, which is Virginia’s northernmost county.

Now West Virginia has upped the ante, and has offered to take ALL the 2A counties.

In a display of pro-Second Amendment solidarity, a group of West Virginia lawmakers have introduced a resolution inviting Virginia counties frustrated by gun control efforts to switch states.

Delegates in the lower house of the West Virginia Legislature put the proposal forth on Tuesday. House Concurrent Resolution 8 would allow certain Virginia counties and independent cities to be admitted to West Virginia as constituent counties.

The group of 20 West Virginia Republicans, and one Independent, introducing the resolution said in the proposal that Virginia lawmakers have repudiated “the counsel of that tribune of liberty, Patrick Henry-who stated to the Virginia Ratifying Convention in 1788 that ‘The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun.’”

“[T]he government at Richmond now seeks to place intolerable restraints upon the rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution to the citizens of [Virginia,]” the proposal reads.

If it passes, the Virginia General Assembly would need to approve the resolution as well, and hold an election prior to August 1, 2020 allowing residents in Virginia counties to vote on whether they’d like to join West Virginia.

If this happens, WV will double or triple in size, get lots more electoral votes, take in most of the rural and white population of Virginia, and leave Olde Virginny being little more than a bedroom community around Washington DC.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of leftists.

There. Concise enough?


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Little Big Gun

The Wildcat .375 Raptor: Big Bear Medicine For An AR-10


Big heavy bullets at moderate velocity: the one gun hunting solution without tremendous recoil. And it will work in a full size “assault weapon” with just a barrel swap. Or in a regular bolt gun. Without spending a ton of money.

In 2014, the 45 RAPTOR brought Big Bore performance to the AR10 / LR308 rifle platform and extended the range of Big Bore Modern Sporting Rifles to 200-yards. 
Not one to rest on our past accomplishments, we continued our research and the result is the 375 RAPTOR – an evolutionary step forward in Modern Sporting Rifle performance delivering Big-Bore hunting performance out to 400 yards while eliminating proprietary rifle parts or ammunition components.

The 375 RAPTOR is created using abundant commercial 308 Winchester or military 7.62 NATO brass. The process is easily performed by any hand-loader using common loading tools.

There are hundreds of different designs of rifle cartridge out there, and since these things were invented back in the early 1870s, probably at least a thousand have come and gone. But sometimes a niche exists that the factories don’t fill. And that’s what wildcatting is all about: build your own from the ground up, or have some custom gunsmithing done and use one of these oddball rounds other folks have figured out. Whatever else, there’s a strong sense of individuality involved.

Back in the 80s and 90s, all the young guys drove Mustangs and Camaros. Popular. Ubiquitous. Great fun, but rather common. “Another pathetic sheep, following the heard.”, as “Joe Isuzu” used to say in the commercials.  I had 2 Mercury Capri RS in those days. Same performance as a Mustang GT, but a totally different look. In the 14 years I drove those cars, I saw only 1 other car just like mine, once. I liked that feeling. Now I have a Soul Red Mazda 3 GT. It’s a great car, awesome paint, and when I bought mine it was a rare bird. So rare that I had to order it from Japan. Nowadays you can’t go around the block without seeing a bright red Mazda, and every vehicle they make looks the same. At least mine is a GT, with the parchment white leather interior and a manual shift. So it’s a common car, but an uncommon build.

I like pushing the envelope. I like the unusual. I like “orphan” guns that look good and shoot well but are in cartridges that are rather overlooked or forgotten. I spent a number of years doing load development for the “level 3” .45-70, using a gorgeous Browning 1885 Highwall rifle. I wore the barrel out, and now it’s a wall hanger. But I learned a whole lot, and I tried to do the work in an intelligent manner, using the Quick-Load software package, tons of online research, a good chronograph, and some common sense. What I found was that, in a big heavy long barreled and very strong falling block rifle, with the chamber reamed for a half diameter long tight parallel throat and a low angle leade, I could safely create ammunition that would launch a 300 grain bullet at 2600 feet per second. Recoil was significant, even after I had filled the Browning’s hollow walnut stock with birdshot, giving me an 11lb rifle with scope. 300 grains at 2600fps is what a .300 Holland & Holland Magnum safari rifle can do, and that kind of power is sufficient to hunt the largest creatures on the planet. In any kind of normal weight gun, the recoil is phenomenal.

One thing that I did learn is that painful recoil, which can be calculated, is not really related to the strength of the recoil impulse, but to the impulse velocity. You won’t really notice a recoil impulse of 10 feet per second or less, even if the strength of the impulse is well over 20 pounds. But if that impulse gets over 15 feet per second, the “shove” becomes a “sharp kick” and then if the impulse strength gets up over 35lb it becomes “I just got punched by Mike Tyson with an axe”. And that is not a pleasant thing. Been there, done that, trust me. So keep the impulse strength to 20lb or less, and try and keep the impulse velocity below 15 fps. And the way to do that is with a heavy rifle. Get a good walnut stock, not a plastic one. Use a thicker contour barrel of a normal length. If you want to shoot heavy rifles, you need the mass. 9lb is a starting point. But if your plan is to make your own little junior hot rod, like this .375 Raptor, and you don’t load it to the ragged high edge, you can get away with 7 1/2 or 8lb. The used gun racks are full of flyweight superloudenboomer short barrel magnums for two reasons. Evil recoil and hearing loss. You’re not fighting house to house in Fallujah. You don’t need a 16” barrel. 22” or 24” is right, and adds another 12 ounces or so of mass. Happy gun for happy hunting.

This wildcat round is all about filling the gap. Oh, and making a stubby round you can use in an AR-10, which is the man sized version of the AR-15. While the AR-15 “poodle shooter” fires the 5.56 NATO cartridge or it’s civilian brother called the .223, the AR-10 is a bigger, heavier rifle that shoots the 7.62 NATO round, and it’s civilian brother called the .308. Night and day difference in bullet mass: the 5.56 tops out with bullets of about 70 grains, while the 7.62 starts with bullets of about 168 grains. It’s a lot more powerful.

So, the “gap”. A very long time ago there was a blackpowder cowboy cartridge called the .38-55. About a century later a modern version hit the market called the .375 Winchester. It could shoot a .375” diameter bullet of relatively light weight at about 2200fps. Moderate here means 220 grains, which is light for a .375 rifle but at the very heavy end of bullets for a .308 rifle. So there’s a big gap between what the .375Win can do and what the .300 H&H can do. And the .375 Raptor fills that gap, depending on how you load it.

230gr at up to 2625fps
250gr at up to 2465fps
300gr at up to 2250fps

Ok, it “fills the gap” not quite in the middle, but a bit towards the .38-55 end. If you want to fill the gap more towards the .300 H&H end, another version exists called the .375 Hawk-Scovill, which is based on the .30-06 cartridge, which is the longer, older, parent of the 7.62 NATO round, and it won’t fit in an AR-10 no matter what. .30-06 rounds are 3.34” long, .308 rounds are 2.8” long, .223 rounds are 2.25” long, .300 H&H is 3.6” long, and the venerable .45-70 and .30-30 are 2.55” long). So the .375 Hawk needs a standard length action, and that usually means a bolt action rifle.

OTOH, velocity equals range, power, and recoil. A 230gr bullet in .375 is plenty for deer at any distance, but loaded down to 2300fps it should be good to 200 yards - a responsible hunting distance - and not break your shoulder or burst your eardrums when fired. Similarly, a 250gr bullet is plenty for bears, and 2450fps is (marginally) manageable recoil in an 8.5lb rifle. That one gives you 2200lb/ft of impact energy at 200 yards, moving at 2000fps. Plenty of bear flattening power and enough final velocity to ensure proper bullet performance. If you shoot enough already to own you own reloading equipment, building this rifle won’t cost much more than ordering a good barrel, buying a short action bolt gun, and having your gunsmith rent a reamer and put it all together. 


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calendar   Monday - January 13, 2020

Old Guns, Again

Sunday’s Time Waster

In which an odd corner of an old illustration causes Drew to sieve the internet looking for information that doesn’t exist, coming up with loads of interesting links and eating up half the afternoon.

Somewhere online I ran across a picture of a medieval illustration of the attack on Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade. This was on April 12, 1204.

This painting was done, probably by a bunch of monks, somewhere in the 15th Century, around the 1450s; a couple hundred years later. This was long before Byzantium fell to the muslim horde and became Istanbul. The attackers were western European Christians, the defenders were eastern European Christians. Eastern Orthodox, with a lot of Greeks. This is the big “act of betrayal” from that messed up Crusade where the Venetians sacked cities to recoup their investments, after having turned their entire economy upside down for more than a year to equip and transport the vast army of soldiers and horses promised by the pope that never materialized. They were hundreds of thousands of marks in the hole, equivalent to tens of millions of dollars in today’s terms.

Venice was a trading nation, with almost no land or resources, but was really good at buying and selling. Situated on a river delta / tidal swamp up at the top of the Adriatic on the east side of Italy, they were the pivot point between Europe and the far East. Nominally Catholic Christians, but they put religion on the back burner and got down to business, unlike a large chunk of the world in those days, who put piety at the very top of their life list. So there were tensions with Rome, all sorts of politics and intrigues, etc. But Venice became rich, while the rest of Europe plodded along with feudalism and subsistence agriculture.

Anyway, looking closely at the illustration, I saw this:


That’s a gun, baby. A fire stick. A “hand gonne”, “culverin”, or “hand bombard”. *

And therein lies the problem. The standard article of faith is that Marco Polo brought back several things from China: pasta, paper, gunpowder, VD, and the plague. Problem is, old Marco wasn’t born until 50 years after this attack happened. So where did the gun come from?

“Respected authorities” put the beginning of firearms in Europe around the 1320s. But what is their definition of Europe? I’m sure Hungary counts themselves part of it, but perhaps we’ve got some “just the north” kind of centrism here.

The Chinese had bombs, rockets, fireworks, and possibly cannons and guns for several centuries before this. Marco Polo was not the first westerner in China. There is strong evidence that the Mongol horde - a pre-islamic invasion, at first - used some kind of guns when they attacked Hungary at the Battle of Mohi in 1241. But China didn’t attack Hungary, or Constantinople. The Mongols did. KHAN!!!. Um, the same Mongols who were just beginning to take over China at this time. Good old “Jenghis” Khan ( and his happy buddy Kubla? Turns out that Xanadu was real ). But good technology spreads quickly, and the Silk Road ( that both Venice and Constantinople lie alongside ) was a knowledge corridor as well as a caravan route. So it wasn’t impossible.

On the other hand, a lot of these old medieval paintings aren’t precisely factually accurate. The whole style back then was to make pictures of ancient events and fill them with people dressed in the current fashions of Europe. You know, David and Goliath wearing doublets and hose, with pointy cloth shoes. And Middle Ages armor. Um, riiight. So maybe the gonne got in there by accident, put in by a bored monk tired of drawing swords and horses.  On the third hand, the other weapons in the picture are accurate to the period, and the period was a slow one. It’s not like they reinvented the wheel every 18 months like we do today. R&D was nearly at a standstill. Heck, these guys wouldn’t even figure out the horse collar for another couple hundred years (another Chinese import? They’d had them for 800 years at that point).

The thing is, the internet being so broad and deep, that I could not find a single mention of this oddity in this rather common illustration. Not even a few words supporting it or decrying it. Nada. I can’t be the first person to have noticed this in 575 years, can I?

* : Interesting aside: by 1410 the French had a “murderer”, a small pintle mounted swivel cannon with a locking breech and cartridge ammunition. While pretty rough in form, such a gun loaded with lead or iron shot could wreak mayhem, and would have a pretty fast rate of fire - at least 10 rounds a minute - if several of the cast iron bottle shaped cartridges were available. Seriously, there isn’t much new in firearms design that hasn’t been around for centuries longer than most people know.

This wrought iron thing was also known as a Pierrier à boîte, a thrower of stones. Perrier is the English version of the word. While not the tightest design, this kind of breech loading anti-personnel swivel gun quickly caught on all around the world, and was used for centuries ... as late as the Moro uprising in the Philippines in 1904.


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calendar   Friday - January 10, 2020

And There Goes Virginia Beach

Biggest City In Virginia Now Second Amendment Sanctuary

Story is a couple days old now. Most of the counties in Virginia have already gone 2A Sanctuary, but the cities are where most of the people are.

The City of Virginia Beach voted 6-4 last night to become a ‘Second Amendment Constitutional City’.

Per WKTR, Mayor Dyer, Vice Mayor Wood, Council Members Moss, Abbott, Berlucchi and Wilson all voted yes.

This resort town, home to 460,000 people, is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Republican activist and Virginia Beach resident Scott Presler tweeted the final vote:


In a 6-4 vote, Virginia Beach is now a Second Amendment Constitutional City.

VB is the largest city by population in Virginia.
— #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) January 7, 2020

He also filmed the overflow crowd from last night’s meeting on the vote:

The media will never show you this:

Hundreds & hundreds of Second Amendment supporters outside of city council in Virginia Beach.
[ Twitter video link. There’s an army of them outside the statehouse. Sadly, no pitchforks or torches. YET. ]

I heard reports from several people on the ground that upwards of 1,700 concerned residents in favor of this resolution were present. That’s impressive.

While this move doesn’t have as much teeth as the sanctuary county votes, it’s a symbolic gesture showing Virginia Beach, home to several military installations and next door to the world’s largest naval base, is reliably pro-gun.

This vote to affirm support for the Second Amendment will stun gun control activists, who thought they could exploit that tragedy that befell the city on May 31st, 2019. However, many survivors of the municipal building felt these interests exploited this tragedy for their cause. One survivor, Vincent Smith, told WAVY back in November he hoped the city would become a sanctuary Second Amendment city

So, the new left wing Virginia legislature is now in session. Let’s see what they do. And let’s see how the people react. I’d like to send Virginia a Gadsden flag, but somehow I kind of think they’ve got them raised already. In their souls.



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calendar   Sunday - December 08, 2019

Ok, but is he making his own army?

Virginia Sheriff Plans To Deputize Whole County To Loophole New Gun Laws

Sheriff Scott Jenkins of Culpeper County, Va. proposed a way to exempt citizens from newly proposed Virginia gun laws that might otherwise bar them from owning certain firearms.

In a Wednesday Facebook post, Jenkins warned that some of the gun laws proposed in the Virginia General Assembly would “disarm or handicap our law-abiding in their defense,” and in turn suggested he would confer the label of deputy on thousands of law-abiding citizens to include them in law enforcement carve-outs included in new gun legislation.

“I remain very optimistic that our General Assembly will not pass the proposed bills. Obviously, if passed, there are many of us willing to challenge these laws through the courts,” Jenkins said. “In addition, if necessary, I plan to properly screen and deputize thousands of our law-abiding citizens to protect their constitutional right to own firearms.”

Kind of sounds like he’s making a militia. And if he does deputize all these people, what then? By rights, he should be able to call them up as necessary ... and wouldn’t that mean they get paid for such service? Other than that, this sounds like a great idea.


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calendar   Sunday - November 24, 2019

New York Gestapo Red Flag Insanity

Cops Go Full SWAT Ninja Over Veteran With One Standard Rifle Magazine

Based On One Facebook Claim That Vet Has PTSD

What transpired on Saturday was exactly what advocates of red flag laws have asked for. A militarized police force, ignoring due process completely, confiscated the property and the civil rights of a U.S. citizen because of nothing more than the opinion of an associate.

If the current legal landscape allows for citizens to have their Second Amendment rights stripped from them without any legal opportunity to dissent, what are the next rights to be taken?  After all, our rights to speech or religion, or even due process itself, have no obligation to be respected by the government without the right to bear arms.

Every gun law, including the ones you agree with, is an infringement on our constitutional rights.


This is how Putnam County NY responds to one “high capacity” magazine and an unverified accusation

On Friday, police showed up to a young man’s workplace and tried to arrest him over social media posts reported to them by an old army buddy of the 28-year-old Afghanistan veteran.  This man, known as Alex and popular on Instagram under the handle of WhiskeyWarrior556, slipped out of the back door, hurried home to check on his family where he found out police had already forced themselves into his home and confiscated his legal firearms after threatening his wife with calling child protective services to remove her newborn child. Alex then barricaded himself inside his own attic, unarmed.  Law enforcement officers followed him, blocked off the road to all traffic and a seven-hour standoff began.

When it was over, the Putnam County Sheriffs, SWAT team and local police, armed with their own automatic rifles with 30 round magazines, arrested Alex for possessing a “high capacity magazine” for his legal AR-15.  In New York, “high capacity magazines” are defined as any magazine that can hold more than seven rounds.

Agreed. I’m against Red Flag laws, period. But if they have to exist, then they have to have some kind of immediate judicial oversight. County judge X is on call 24-7 to render a decision, and the laws must demand more credible accusations than “some guy on social media said so”.

hat tip to Wardmama

On a somewhat related topic, I was reading yesterday that President Trump is pushing hard for national CCW reciprocity. While many may view this as a good thing, others see it from the other side, and argue properly that reciprocity will even further empower state’s control of your rights. “Constitutional carry” is the right answer, across the whole country, but it’s going to cost “the gun show loophole” to get it, if it ever happens.

There has to be a way to keep guns - at least legal ones - out of the hands of mentally imbalanced people and those with significant criminal records. Banning person to person firearms sales without NICS approval might be the way. But why ban it when NICS could easily be involved? There is no reason that it costs anything, or anything much.

Heck, there could be NICS kiosks at the mall. Hand scanners take your fingerprints, along with your personal data that you enter, and run it through all the systems. If it comes back good, the machine prints you out a purchase approval form, with a serial number and an expiration date, then erases all your data other than that which is on the form.

You don’t have to run right out and buy a gun. You can get several of them a day if you want. OK, maybe it should charge you $5 per on your credit card. But if you add the approval form caveat, then the “gun show loophole” evaporates, and you still have your freedom.

All we would have to do is to trust that the kiosk actually is erasing the data afterwards. And yeah, your fingerprints would be in the system somewhere. So? Mine have been since I was in my early 20s. Not that I’d done anything wrong, or even applied for a gun permit. No, someone had planted a bomb in the store I worked in, so we all had to get fingerprinted to remove us from suspicion. Paper records in those days, but who can say if some cop clerk didn’t take every old set of prints and enter them in the system when that department went digital a couple decades later? 


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calendar   Saturday - July 30, 2016

Hot Rounds

thermobaric bullet or “natural” dieseling?


This is the Army’s new M80A1 EPR 7.62 bullet. It is made just like the M855A1 5.56 bullet: a copper base core behind a hardened steel penetrator front core with a gilding metal jacket. Hey, it’s lead free and thus “green”! Weighs in at about 130gr I think. It is not fired at any kind of extreme velocity. The bullet has been designed to fragment, usually breaking apart at the cannelure line the way Ball 5.56 ammo did back in the early 60s.

I’ve seen a lot of ballistics test gelatin block videos. I can’t recall ever seeing one that created an internal explosion that sat there huffing smoke rings before.

The flash you are seeing is real. Apparently gelatin block has some kind of flammable vapors in it (news to me I thought it was just Knox and water); when the bullet passes through it creates an enormous primary temporary wound channel that sucks lots of air into the entrance hole where it can mix with those vapors. When the block collapses - again at very high speed - it’s Chem 101 and the old PV=NRT ideal gas law - air temperature and pressure soars as the volume instantly diminishes to almost nothing, and this self ignites like a diesel engine. FOOM. And creates a One Two punch of a second temporary wound channel. And then the block sits there blowing smoke rings.

Enemies beware: not only does this one kill you dead, it blows you to shreds - twice - and sets you on fire. Oh, and it also shoots right through Level III armor, even at long distances. Nowhere to hide.

Horry Clap.

link 1

link 2

link 3 - effect still there even at low velocity (ie extended ranges)

link 4

Slow motion video with the 5.56 M855A1 EPR bullet below the fold. Watch the fireball burst into life.


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calendar   Thursday - June 16, 2016

Obama throws Orlando Victims under the Bus

As if we weren’t already reeling from all this death already. Both on this site and in general. The floor of the Pulse Club at Orlando is still awash in blood, the local hospitals still have people from Mateen’s shooting rampage in them, Israelis are mourning yet more murdered by The Usual Perpetrators, Bangladesh has Jihadis killing Hindus, Peiper has passed on… and honestly you just wish for a time in the world to not cry and cry and cry.

Much less spend hours trying to contact family friends living in that neck of the woods on the off chance things aren’t ok with them. But boy oh Boy, do we have a treat for you....

Have you ever wondered what things might have been like if- in the face of clear and present threats- the government refused to acknowledge the threat by its’ name? Well, we no longer have to because that’s the situation we live in, and have been living in for the *past Eight YEARS.* Now they’ve just made it clear how deep that goes, even when the butchers come for the “LGBTwhatever” community that is supposed to be a preserve- and set of special snowflake clients- for the Left. In the days since the mass murders, Obama has failed the American people so crushingly. Let us count the ways:

1. Not bothered to identify the Orlando shooter- or any of the perpetrators lately- by ideology or name.

2. Refused to give any statements or plans on how we will counterattack said ideological godfathers of this crime.

3. Called for yet more restrictions on our Second Amendment Right, which will make it even HARDER for the supposedly precious LGBTs- and everyone else- to defend themselves against an atrocity like this.

Over at PJ Media they do a good job showing how self-defeatingly stupid This is.

The more incompetent the Obama administration becomes, the less convincing its demand for public disarmament will be. Conversely, the more competence the administration demonstrates, the more likely the public is to entrust its safety to it.

Historically, state failure drives civilian armament, not the other way around. Perhaps the clearest example of this trend is Lebanon, where the inability of the central government to protect the sectarian communities has led each to protect itself. While America is not Lebanon, the same principles hold true: competence inspires confidence, and there is precious little competence in the administration.

Other people have covered this much, much better than I can. So please, I encourage you, check them. Victor Davis Hanson, Neo-Neocon, Ace of Spades, and the incomparable Mark Steyn (as well as Fernandez) have all given incredibly valuable things on this, but linking them all and giving juicy excerpts would probably bulk this post up too much. So I’ll limit my link to some gallows humor (Scimitar Sidebursters?)

Standard Leftist Procedure for after a Jihadist Massacre

But as for where my input comes in.... I have had my misgivings with Trump and still do, but I will say that I have been very, very impressed by how he has preformed here. Both in terms of how he has skillfully covered the issue (I do think he has been a rather sharp political operator lately), but on the moral and ethical issues. He did not HESITATE to identify the ideology that drove this atrocity and call out Obama for both trying to disarm law abiding American citizens using it and the disproportionate anger the manchild in chief had for him over *the man who murdered American citizens.* My recitation here can’t do it justice, so please read it too.

But of course, soon after he pointed it out you had the usual talking heads, apologists, and spin doctors get on their high horses to try and say “What’s the big deal?” That it really really really doesn’t matter if Obama or others use the term “Jihadist”, “Islamist”, “Radical Islam”, or- God Forbid- Islam itself to describe the perpetrator or his motivations. Or to quote Obama’s former rival, Secretary of State, and current (grudging) heir, “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”

Well, I’ll tell you. Because all of these supposedly genius, big brained individuals are burning a lot of calories and doing a lot of mental gymnastics to try and avoid dealing with something that is really *Very, VERY simple.*

To avoid getting too deep into the linguistics (because I am not sure i know enough about it), words are a medium for conveying meaning. We use them to communicate concepts, ideas, and thoughts. I say “water” and you know I’m talking about what you drink. I say “Moss” and you know to look at green stuff growing on a rock.

I write “Pet” and you look to your pets.

And if I write OR say “cowardly dipshit” you look to the White House.

So the words you use are important for what kinds of concepts you convey, and thus what the nature of your message is. This is also relevant for the words you DON’T use. I’m *PROBABLY* not going to talk about a disaster where a bridge collapsed the exact same way if it was brought down because of construction flaws as if it was collapsed by a Bomb. Both are tragedies and both feature very similar chain of events, but one was an accident or negligence, the other is MASS MURDER.

And likewise, I am not going to blame the construction company for the collapse if it was primarily caused by a terrorist bomb, and I’m not going to call the construction company “terrorists” in the event they were to blame (even if they were massive douchebags whose actions claimed many lives).

Identifying the cause of the tragedy, its’ perpetrators (where there are any), and the motive for why they acted the way they did are CRITICAL to understanding why it happened, how it happened, and HOW IT COULD BE PREVENTED. As well as notifying the public of these facts and educating them on any threats they face, whether from depraved corruption in the meat industry, bad contractors, or totalitarian ideologies that want to murder or enslave us all.

Obama and his minions either don’t get this or are trying very very very hard to pretend they don’t.

But enough of me talking; let’s imagine what might have happened if other Presidents that came before took a similar approach to Obama. Let’s make a game out of it. I’ll stick some Obama-ated historical quotes below the cut. Can you guess A: The enemy it was originally referring to, and B: Who said it? I’m not even going to pick on the low hanging fruit and show how the other party has done it; For the sake of it, let’s limit ourselves to other Democrats.

Go to the comments if you want the answers.

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calendar   Saturday - April 30, 2016

still here

sorry, I got lost on the internet today. That happens sometimes.  Something said in the comments on an earlier post is making me want to go gun shopping again. Always a dangerous moment, as I can spend days daydreaming and looking stuff up.

I think I want a Marlin 1895 LTD II, only a new one built on the XLS machinery. The LTD II was rather like the 1895 Cowboy, only with 22” barrel and pistol grip stocks with checkering. Fine by me! I’d like to go with a Skinner aperture sight, and I’d really like some nice fiddleback maple stocks somewhere down the customizing road.  Well, Freedom Group, which took over Marlin several years ago, has come back with some new models and a big promise of care and commitment. We shall see ...


Almost perfect. Just needs a hefty octagonal barrel and the peep sight. And the big lever. this one is brand new, a fancy wood version designed, sadly, to live in some collector’s gun safe. Suckage, extra plus.

Eeeww. Eww!! OMG, a moldy canoe paddle that shoots bullets. Gross. Nothing but practical. Make it go away, oh please I’m begging you.

Oh thank you. For a minute there I thought I was going to loose my lunch. I must have the pretty boomstix.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 04/30/2016 at 02:55 PM   
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calendar   Monday - April 25, 2016

Fearsome And Effective

Maximizing Terminal Effectiveness


The new TSR shotgun slug from OATH. Photo courtesy of Oleg Volk.

I’m not really sure what to say here, other than “holy cow”.

This is the result of some cold, clear eyed engineering. The multi-billion dollar shooting and hunting industry can give you a nearly infinite selection of recommended calibers, cartridges, firearms, and bullet types, depending on what you are hunting and how far away your quarry is going to be when you shoot it.

There is another wing of what is pretty much the same industry that deals with self defense and home defense. They also can give you an endless list of recommendations, but almost never mention “hunting”, or what your “quarry” is. And in general, the distance is usually only a matter of feet, 25 yards or less.  It’s not a subject we’re really comfortable with, but when the ranges get much past 25 yards, then the focus group becomes “tactical” - military and militarized police - otherwise we’d be discussing weaponry for assassinations and cold blooded murder. Big no-no there.

One of the basic tenets of gun safety is that your are responsible. Period. But mainly, you are responsible for the bullets. Forever. From the day you buy them, to how you store them, to how you use them, how they fly, how they work on target, where they go after meeting the target, even right down to how do they impact the environment, no pun intended. Generally the hunter group and the tactical group aren’t concerned with the post-terminal performance of a projectile, and it’s never really been a primary talking point in the defense group. But in the real world, in a crowd, or in a neighborhood or apartment complex where the walls are made from little more than plastic covered thin sheets of wood chips held together with glue, a handful of spun glass fibers, and cardboard coated chalk with a bit of paint, then post terminal performance becomes a major issue. Because the truth is that most bullets potent enough to stop the bad guy in your living room will go right through him, right through the drywall/fiberglass insulation/chipboard/vinyl sided house wall behind him, right through the similar wall on your neighbor’s house next door, and still have enough power to kill somebody else if they have the misfortune of being in the way. And you are responsible.

Impact shock. Temporary wound channel. Permanent wound channel. Nervous system damage. Vital organ damage. Maximum exsanguination (rapid and massive blood loss). These are how bullets kill things.

And this is where the OATH TSR slug comes in. It’s designed specifically for all of those categories for use on thin skinned low density low muscle mass animals at short ranges. In other words, people. It fires a blunt ended 602 grain, 72 caliber bullet (12 gauge) at 1200fps. That’s huge. And the slightly cupped blunt end delivers maximum trauma. qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222211111111 [kitteh is helping me post!!!] Within an inch of penetration the sharp edged copper petals have peeled back, creating blades that cut a 3” diameter hole. Maximum permanent wound channel. Maximum exsanguination. And all that kinetic energy just slams into the target (maximum temporary wound channel), slowing the slug down so that it comes to a stop after only 10-12” of penetration. Post impact responsibility. And a giant hole gives you the best odds of doing major nervous system and organ damage.

The idea of a projectile that greatly expands on impact is nothing new. Bow hunters gave up fixed broadhead arrows decades ago, and now most use these swing-wing points that turn into double switchblades on impact. Superior aerodynamics, maximum tissue damage and blood loss. They really work!


OATH also makes similar, albeit smaller, bullets for popular handgun calibers. They look like they ought to be quite effective too, but not quite up there with the TSR. This thing looks like it was made to blow people in half. It’s a bullet made for killing. Which poses an ethical conundrum or two” What bullet isn’t made for killing? And, if one exists, wouldn’t killing someone with one be some kind of cruelty, making their death last longer than necessary? In those Girl With A Dragon Tattoo books that were popular a couple years ago, there was a sub text where all the characters were offended that the murderer had killed somebody with “hunting bullets”, which had the heinous property of expanding and creating a larger wound channel. I guess they thought the killer should have been nicer and just used non-expanding FMJ bullets. Because he was just shooting them out of anger, not from any real desire to kill them? How ghetto an attitude, coming from a Swedish socialist. So, if all bullets are for killing, then isn’t the one that does the job fastest the most ethical?

If this bullet should be a paradigm shifter, then I think the word should be spread far an wide. Let everyone know that shotgun ammo exists that will turn the perp into red curry and still be “apartment safe”. Let them know that pistol bullets exist that works nearly as well. Then put “On My OATH” warning stickers in your windows.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 04/25/2016 at 09:01 PM   
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calendar   Saturday - March 19, 2016



What good is a gun around the house if you have to go dig it out of the corner of the closet when you need it now? What good is having a bunch of guns easy to access if any burglar can find them in a second?

Hidden in plain sight, a modern evolution of the hidden compartment. Some of these are pretty ingenious.

One of my favorites, the empty display case that can hide a whole arsenal of firearms:


Link One.

Link Two.

Link Three.

a few repeats between them.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/19/2016 at 08:49 PM   
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calendar   Tuesday - February 02, 2016

in scotland … you will need a license for an air gun.


Look forward to bmews comments on this one.
And hey, it’s for the kids. Keep that in mind.

Of course, goes without saying but I will anyway. 
Some folks will always do as they please regardless of laws and rules of behavior.  It’s usually the law abiding and those who don’t plan any sort of crime or misadventure, who will register or else turn in their air guns.  Which of course leaves ..... have to think about this some. Tuff one to call.

Police Scotland plan ‘surrender’ campaign to allow air gun owners without permits to hand in weapons

Chris Green, Scotland Editor
The Independent

Air gun owners in Scotland will be given a six month window to apply for a licence for their weapons before new laws controlling their use come into force at the end of this year, the Scottish Government has announced.

Anyone in Scotland who owns an air gun without a licence or permit after 31 December will face a fine or in some cases imprisonment of up to two years. In the rest of the UK, licences for the weapons are not required.

Owners will be able to apply to Police Scotland for an air weapon certificate from 1 July. The force is also planning a “surrender” campaign to allow people to hand in their unwanted weapons before the new legislation takes effect. It is estimated that there are currently around half a million unlicensed air weapons in Scotland.

The Scottish Government decided to introduce the licensing scheme, which critics have described as draconian and unnecessary, in the wake of the death of two-year-old Andrew Morton. The toddler was killed by an airgun in 2005 after being hit in the head by a pellet near his home in the Easterhouse area of Glasgow.

The Scottish Justice Secretary, Michael Matheson, said: “This Government has a long-standing commitment to eradicating gun crime in Scotland and this new legislation will better protect our communities by taking these potentially lethal weapons out of the hands of those who would misuse them.

“Every day police, the public and animal welfare groups have to face the results of air weapon misuse, from anti-social behaviour to horrific and deliberate injuries to wildlife, pets and very occasionally people. We believe this legislation strikes the right balance between protecting communities and allowing legitimate shooting in a safe environment to continue.”


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 02/02/2016 at 06:00 AM   
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calendar   Monday - February 01, 2016

ok boys and girls, here’s the plan. we go to norway to rob banks. brilliant

First thing I noticed in a paper this morning. Just a small paragraph with a big announcement.
OK it’s Norway so maybe not too big.

Norway has announced that it’s police officers will no longer be armed.

The law allowing “arms” for it’s police began in 2014, the report says, but will cease “as soon as possible” as it was deemed unnecessary to continue.

The restriction was passed last year but held back after the Paris attacks. But now that everything is nice and quiet and there won’t be any more terror attacks .... hey.  Who needs guns?  Nasty things ya know.  And Americans seem to like them.

Hmm. Wonder what this is. Oh yeah. I think it’s called a Trigger. No, that can’t be right. Trigger was the name of a horse. It’ll come to me in a minute.
Let’s see ... maybe if I look down this tube, I think I see something.
Hmmmm, what happens if I pull this thingy back. CLICK, CLICK

I go BOOM and faw down.

with fond remembrance
( Eddie Cantor - I Faw Down An’ Go Boom! 1929 )


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 02/01/2016 at 05:58 AM   
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calendar   Friday - January 15, 2016

story a bit out of date but guns aren’t

H/T Lynne P.

Had not seen this one before.

Still not up to much but trying to get back into swing.


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