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calendar   Wednesday - December 29, 2004

Follow-Up On Vioxx

A few days ago I posted this where I talked about Vioxx, Celbrex, etc. and the risks associated with those drugs.

Well, from one who writes much more eloquently than I ever could, read Thomas Sowell’s take on how we are undermining our own ability to make personal decisions.

He uses this analogy concerning how football players are reducing padding on their uniforms:

The NFL players know that padding gives some protection against injuries—but at a price. Carrying the extra weight of padding around slows players down, making them less effective on the football field and perhaps less able to quickly get out of the way of tackles and collisions. In short, they understand that safety is not a free lunch but something you have to pay for, in one way or another.

He goes on to say that although these players are making tradeoffs, there are those who are making decisions for others who just can’t grasp that concept.

A fine read.

I feel vindicated.


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calendar   Monday - December 06, 2004

On Being A Real Man

Doug Giles writes an excellent piece reminiscent of Kim duToit’s “The Pussification of the Western Male.”

He describes men, as described via Hollywood and TV as:

“despicable, cruel, pusillanimous, selfish, ineffectual oafs, veritable bumbling idiots who need women or some gay guy with a Queer Eye … to help us through our primal fog towards metrosexual healing.”

He goes on to say that there are three traits for properly raised men to possess. These traits should allow expression of man’s biology and are:

· Competition
· Independence
· Responsibility

I couldn’t have said it better.  Give it a read.  I think you’ll agree.


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calendar   Monday - November 22, 2004

Will Humans Catch Computer Viruses?

It might sound like a silly question, but if the futuristic idea (and ideal) of linking man and machine comes to fruition, it might become a real concern. Do you think cyborgs are only fodder for sci-fi stories? Think again: a professor of cybernetics in England has, according to ZDNet, wired his nervous system to a computer and implanted himself with an RFID chip. In fact, he says that someday the majority of people will be borged and those who aren’t will be considered a “subspecies.”

Sure, one can enumerate the advantages that would come with having a direct interface between brain, body and machine. It would be neat to be able to tap into a huge database instantly, at the speed of thought. And it would be nice to have enough memory so you never again have to spend an hour backtracking your steps to determine what you did with your car keys.

But in order to fully take advantage of computer enhancement, the “human computer” would need to be networked - and we know the risks networking presents for regular old machines. Imagine someone uploading a virus to your brain, or hacking into your darkest fantasies. Such a thing is probably a long way off, but it’s what some scientists are working toward. If we think we have privacy issues now, just wait until we all have the ultimate connection, all of the time.

On the other hand, there are many who think such research should be banned. But what about the positive applications of the same technology? Implanted chips could someday allow the blind to see and those with spinal injuries to walk again. Should we restrain researchers in the cybernetics field out of fear about some of the uses of the technology? And if, for example, the U.S. banned such research, would that allow other countries to create far superior human beings that would someday be this country’s downfall?

Development of technology that integrates biology with computers seems to be inevitable. The U.S. FDA has approved the use of RFID chips in humans for better access to information about hospital patients. The Italian Ministry of Health recently completed a six month trial of the technology. Several officials in Mexico have had chips implanted as protection against kidnapping. Some nightclubs in Spain allow customers to pay for drinks via an implanted chip.

Are we moving inexorably toward the day when we not only can but must have a chip implanted at birth, which will be used to store our medical histories, credit histories, purchasing habits and everything else of importance about us? Will that information be accessible to government agencies, companies with which we do business, and talented hackers? Is such a universal ID system the solution to protecting against terrorists and other criminals? Will those who aren’t “chipped” not only be considered “odd,” but in violation of the law?

What do you think? Does the potential good of the technology outweigh the huge potential for abuse? Are you looking forward to becoming a ‘borg? Is resistance futile? Would you have your children chipped to protect them against getting lost or kidnapped? How about your pet (millions already have)? We’ve visited this question before, but new developments make it more relevant than ever. Has your mind changed as this technology has become more common in practice? Let us know what you think. Sound off ....


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calendar   Tuesday - November 16, 2004

Guest Post: English 101-b

English 101-b

Supplementary Lesson to English 101-a

This supplementary lesson will concentrate on the originality of concentrated memorandums and letter-switching shit.

We will take two well known words, and systematically alter, renew, restore, add to, supercede and supplant individual letters, in an attempt to form new but hopefully related words.

All right, let us begin with the two words - Yasser Arafat

Inspection revels the first word, Yasser, contains the word, “ass”. (That certainly is related.) We can then seek more information with respect to this three letter word, “ass”.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines this word as:

1. Any of several hardy gregarious African or Asian perissodactyl mammals,
smaller than the horse, and having long ears; especially an African mammal
that is the ancestor of a donkey.

(It is doubtful that anyone has ever seen Arafat’s ears, as he most always
has a rag wrapped around them, so this cannot be verified. The “ancestor
of a donkey” certainly seems to be on the right track.)

2. A stupid, obstinate, or perverse person—often compounded with a
proceeding adjective.

(My example: He is a fucking dumb-ass. In my
example, it is used as a postpositive intensive with words of derogatory
implication. Certainly we can all agree that this is most relevant.)

All right, let us continue. Our next step is to rearrange the letters and see what we come up with. Ah-ha! I see the letters aysers. Can you see what I see? I see the word “ay”, pronounced “eye”. and I see the word sers, pronounced “sores”. Together, the word eyesores is formed. Is this relevant? Yes, it is, because all of the paeloswinians are eyesores.

That’s the end of this lesson. Your assignment is to complete the transformation of the word “Yasser” as well as the word “Arafat”. A quick glance reveals to the most casual observer, the word “fart”. Relevant? Carry on!

Thank you all, class dismissed.

-- Iacobus

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calendar   Sunday - October 24, 2004

Viewpoint: Guest Post


Defective Brains Department:
BMEWS Member - Jaguar

The Democrats and the Left have lost their Collective Minds.

Seriously, what the hell is going on?

They are still pissed off about the 2000 election, they are still convinced that the Supreme Court gave the office of president to President Bush, yet they ignore ALL the facts of the entire fiasco.

Gore tried to steal the election, with the HELP of the Florida supreme court, he almost got away with it. They were going to allow him to change the rules of the election, they basically legislated from the bench that what the legislature did was unfair and that he could do whatever it took to count those ballots until he won. The Supreme Court basically just slapped them into next year, and Bush finally got what he had already won, namely Florida’s Electoral votes. Gore attempted to STEAL the election in the courts, and if Bush had NOT been willing to fight him, then we might have had President Gore trying to deal with 911. That thought ought to give every right thinking Americans the cold chills.

Even worse, foreigners are joining in. Have you read the Guardian lately? What the devil is up with these people?

On November 2, the entire civilised world will be praying, praying Bush loses. And Sod’s law dictates he’ll probably win, thereby disproving the existence of God once and for all. The world will endure four more years of idiocy, arrogance and unwarranted bloodshed, with no benevolent deity to watch over and save us. John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr - where are you now that we need you?

(Editor’s Note: this article in The Guardian is why they received the Barking Moonbat Of The Week Award yesterday.)

WTF is going on? I mean really, what has gotten into these people?

Or perhaps this interview on MSNBC with the Swift Boat Vets?

O’Donnell completely lost it, the man was a total LUNATIC, shouting over John O’Niel of the Swiftvets whenever he tried to respond to a question. Calling him a LIAR, and how he has been discredited etc. What discreditation is he talking about? I have yet to see ANY kind of firm response or criticism of his book “Unfit For Command” by anyone on the left. Just because they say it, it must be true? Come on ..

Then we have the myriad of Bush/Cheney signs being stolen around the country. Did you know there are people putting barbed wire around their Bush Cheney signs to protect them? What kind of nonsense is this? Since when does the left have the right to shut up the right? No, we don’t agree, but I have yet to have an overwhelming urge to destroy a Kerry/Edwards sign, I look at the sign, shake my head for the persons sanity and intelligence level and move on, But EVERYONE has the right to their political opinion, but on the Left, it is .. “If you don’t agree with me, then you can’t have an opinion”.

That is just a symptom of an endemic problem within the Democratic party.

Kerry claims that it was the wrong war, at the wrong time etc, etc, but NEVER quotes himself from 2 years ago, when he was claiming that Saddam was indeed a threat and that the president needed the authority to take him out.

There are SO many of these, that I am NOT going to go over all them, It would take this entire page.

Now we move onto Voter intimidation, the Dems have put out a booklet, stating that if there is NO intimidation, that they need to do a PREEMPTIVE strike, so in other words create a problem where none exists.

Now we find out that Early voters in Florida have been intimidated at the polls by Democrats. People asking others who they are going to vote for, and if they say “none of your business” then they are automatically put into the Bush column and harassed clear to the voting booth.

This is INSANITY, this is just plain crazy.

I say the Democrats have lost their minds, collectively and individually.

Now, we move on to the other things that the Democrats are doing to win no matter what it takes.  10,000 lawyers, some hired, some pro bono, have been unleashed upon the voting offices to look for voting irregularities, what irregularities you ask? Well, they are going to look for “voter intimidation”. Translation, they are going to intimidate voters. They are going to look for double voters, people that have voted in one precinct and then come and vote again. Translation: They are going to make sure that those double voters go unnoticed, or will cry “Voter Intimidation”. Fun Huh?

Then we have the Republican headquarters break-ins all over the country, the union thugs are really going for this one with gusto, they actually took over a headquarters for a couple of hours. Talk about intimidation! Then the broken windows, the stealing of election literature, laptops, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

They have lost their collective minds, completely and have absolutely gone insane.

I have come to the conclusion that the Democrats are panicked completely and absolutely freaked out.

They have been in power for 50 years, and when they were kicked out, they were completely awestruck! How could the American people kick such intelligent people, who were taking such good care of the country, out of office? HOW DARE THEY DO THAT? The American people have no idea what they are doing, so we must get back in power, for THEIR OWN GOOD.

So, they have gone to the politics of desperation, silencing ALL those who disagree with them, intimidating voters so that they will vote how the Democrats WANT them to vote, and attempting to destroy any and all that would speak out against them.

The 527’s are a disaster, but it was the loophole that the Democrats wanted, JUST FOR THIS ELECTION. George Soros has dumped quite a bit of his personal fortune into defeating George Bush, so that his man, Kerry, can be in the White House, a man that Soros feels that he can control.

This is getting very dangerous, as we get closer to the election, the crazier the Democrats get. It is getting a lot like what Germany was like in the early thirties, as the NAZI party succeeded in shutting up any and all opposition.

The Democrats CAN NOT be allowed to succeed. They must lose, and by HUGE margins. Kerry and the Democrats cannot be allowed to get away with their voter fraud, where there are more registered voters then there are residents, such as in a few counties in the upper Midwest. They must be overwhelmed. The right must come out in GREAT HUGE numbers, and put this to bed once and for all.

The Democrats must not be just defeated, they must be OVERWHELMED!! They must be destroyed at the ballot boxes, because if they are not, they will just become bolder and crazier.

If the Democrats lose by 2%, even 3%, they will claim that the election was stolen from them, and we will be in court for months trying to straighten the mess out. Not only that, but the Democrats will lose whatever sanity that they have left.

The Democrat masses are at the beck and call of their leadership, and that leadership is not at all ethical or sane. That will spread to their sheeple as well. Those masses can and will resort to violence to get their way.

We must NOT allow that to happen. They must be overwhelmed in a LANDSLIDE, so that it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to claim that the election was stolen. I guarantee you that there will still be some violence, because again, they are not altogether sane, but a landslide will blunt it, and hopefully destroy any hopes that they have of ever regaining power again.

They must be ABSOLUTELY convinced that their lies, their demagogery and deceit will not be allowed, nor believed. They must be thoroughly convinced that they have gone too far to the left and must come back to the center or lose any and all hopes of ever having ANY power again.

The Socialist party of the United States(The Democrat Party) must be thoroughly defeated, and I believe that it can and will happen, but we MUST, we HAVE to get our base to the polls. We cannot allow single-issue voters to kill it for us. You single-issue voters MUST put your issue with President Bush aside, whether it is the war in Iraq, Abortion, whatever.

We are talking about the survival of the country here, and I am NOT overstating this .. we are talking about the SURVIVAL of the United States as we know it.

The Democrats have lost it, and will resort to violence if that is what it takes to make things right to them.

It is a very stark choice.

You either believe that terrorism is evil and the United States has the right to take preemptive action to protect ourselves, or you believe that the UN should have control of our national security. You either believe that the individual knows best how and what to spend their money on, or the government can make that decision for you better. You either believe in personal responsibility and the state answers to the people, or you believe in a collective socialistic dream where everyone answers to the state.

There is a stark contrast here, the Kerry vision of big government: the US answers to the UN, and we go down as the greatest power in the world onto the ashheap of history and the terrorists are just another reality of life and we will have to learn to live with it. Bush’s vision: the US answers to NO ONE, we have a right to defend ourselves and will, we remain the greatest power on the planet, and destroy terrorism and danger to American citizens wherever it hides.

The choice is clear, at least to me, vote for Bush, and the country remains safe, defended, and we are truly free, or vote for Kerry, where the US is an evil nation that must answer to the UN, and we are getting what we deserve when terrorists attack us, and big government will answer to no citizen, government knows what is right for us, and we had just better lie down and take it.

I know who I will vote for, won’t you join me?

WE need to DEFEAT the Democrats, and not allow their cheating, lies and dishonesty to steal the United States from us.


-- Jaguar


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calendar   Saturday - October 16, 2004

Viewpoint: Guest Post


Choices .. Clues For Sale:
BMEWS Member - Steel Turman

Is it just me or are people just getting more stupid?

We are faced with a choice. An ‘election’ ... or at worst ...a ‘determination.’ A court ruling.  NOTHING like a plebiscite. Not even close. Perish that thought, the ‘plebes’ are either not smart enough or capable of deciding their own future.

I am smart enough to decide. Most folks I know are too. Why then do some folks insist on telling me how I should choose?

I guess they get paid for it. And they’ve been earning their freight of late.

One side says that the other guy is going to bring on Armageddon. The other side says that guy will end life as we know it. Hmmm, seems kind of like the same to me.

Here is the choice. It’s simple. Has to be for us stupid folks.

There’s a guy wanting to be our leader who actually, I know THIS is going to be hard, leads. He has plenty of caveats and is a religious man. I say that in a derogatory sense. Not the brightest bulb in the lamp and not what we would prefer as the leader of the world. But when he says something ... we know he means it. I like that.

And there’s another guy who wants to be our leader. He’s real smart and has lots of education. He’s been in public service most of his life. Doing what he thinks is the ‘people’s business.’ A man of thoughtfulness. Considers all the angles and nuances and comes to a conclusion. Seems to me that what he concludes is he will tell us whatever we need to hear. I don’t like that.

I find that to be the paramount issue. One guy speaks his heart and one guy speaks his perceptions. I can deal with that.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but we DO have a war going on. Not like WWl or WWll but still a war. The enemy said it is war. They brought that to us on 9/11. BOOM. War. I know there are folks out there that think it’s not up to their standard of war, but that don’t make anybody less dead.

It IS a WAR.

That makes my choice pretty easy. I’ll go with the guy who leads and speaks true.

Going with the other guy ... well he doesn’t sound like a guy I’d put in charge of my landscaping, much less put in charge of my world.

Now there will be some naysayers out there. ‘Oh, that war mongering bastard’ and such. And some will say that an even and quiet discourse will resolve any conflict.

Me, being from Earth and all, would reply ... get a fucking clue. I’ll sell you one, or as many as you require. But do clue up. Or be stupid.

Steel Turman
Reno NV


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calendar   Monday - October 11, 2004

In My World

The New Ruling Class:
Dissecting The Meritocracy

There are two Americas. Quite a few politicians, pundits, and other assorted plant life have made note of this phenomena in recent years. There is indeed a stratification of society in America. It is a caste system whereby certain individuals perceive themselves to be of more value to American society than others. In their minds, this self-perceived importance endows these individuals with the “right” to educate and guide those who are less endowed with mental prowess than themselves. These people have convinced themselves that they are natural leaders and the rest of the population should do nothing more or less than just follow their leadership. This new aristocracy is a “meritocracy”. Here is the formal definition from Webster: meritocracy - “a form of social system in which power goes to those with superior intellects”.

Ah, but there’s the rub. Who determines which individuals belong to the meritocracy and are thereby chosen to be given power over the “sheeple” as the meritocrats have named those under their care?

(pardon me while I segue into full sarcasm mode here ....)

According to them, the meritocrats are self-proclaimed by their very intelligence. It should be obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature. Of course, all you sheeple are too mentally handicapped to see that very fact so just take their word for it and be on your way.

The poster child for this movement was Al Gore until the 2000 election when a deranged populace (quite obviously the beer-drinking NASCAR crowd - sniff) somehow managed to cast enough votes against him in the Presidential election to throw the whole question of leadership to the Supreme Court, which is dominated by far-Right conservatives who had no business deciding who should lead America. That is how America ended up with this horrid, uncouth, rough cowboy from Texas who was a “C” student in college and was a drunk for most of his life when he wasn’t going AWOL from the National Guard. Al Gore was a highly intelligent member of the meritocracy. He had loyally stood by the side of President William Clinton (a Rhodes scholar, for God’s sake) during his troubles when the evil Republicans tried to smear his good name with accusations of adultery, false testimony and other sordid crimes. Vice-President Gore was a privileged child of the Washington, DC environment whose father had served his country honorably for decades. Vice-President Gore deserved the Presidency. How dare those “sheeple” vote against him, and what form of bad government allows a group of obviously biased judges to select the President Of The United States? How dare they?

Well, the 2004 election is going to be very different! The meritocracy have chosen a new leader. He is John Forbes Kerry, an aristocratic man of giant stature who understands that America needs the meritocracy to retake power and dissolve all the abysmal mistakes made by this Bush person over the last four years. This “pretender” has dragged us into a miserable foreign war that none of the other civilized nations want a part of. Saddam was contained and we didn’t have anything to fear from him and bin Laden could have easily been reasoned with - we could have just given him plenty of money and nuclear secrets like President Clinton did with the North Koreans and all would have been hunkey-dorrey. Eh, what?

(excuse me while I shed this slimy sarcasm cloak ....)

How many rabid Leftists do you know that believe everything in the previous paragraphs? I know quite a few. Sadly, their minds are made up and the rest of us are too ignorant to understand why there is absolutely no reason to argue with them. They proudly proclaim to the world at large the education they received at university where they were introduced to Chomsky and Kant. They will bore you for hours with quotes from Dylan Thomas or James Joyce. They know which wine goes with which food and which fork to use when eating salad at a formal dinner.

What many of you “normal people” may not realize is this is an attitude that is inculcated in their heads at college. You see, the Liberal world of academia not only bends their minds toward a Liberal slant on everything but the professors and administrators at our colleges are also insidiously convincing them of their moral and intellectual superiority by virtue of having learned at the feet of such wondrously intelligent professors.

(go ahead and gag over that last paragraph .... )

Yes, we have two Americas. They are not as different intellectually as the Left would have you believe. The so-called meritocracy does not have a monopoly over brains and intelligence. Neither are they the sole possessors of college educations. Neither are they any more capable of rendering moral judgement than anybody reading this. We all know the difference between good and evil, pleasure and pain. We all know what is right and what is wrong. We do not need anyone telling us who to vote for and we damned sure don’t need this patronizing attitude from the “meritocracy”.

I have a BA in Music from the University Of Alabama, a BS in Computer Science from Troy State University and a MS in Computer Science from Troy State University. Now that I’ve dropped out of the fast lane of high profile computer consulting I have plans to finish the two books I’m working on and start on my Ph.D at either UAB or UAH. I’ve paid my dues several times over. I’ve read Chomsky and rejected nearly everything the man had to say as psycho-babble with no basis in real critical analysis. I was given an IQ test in college in 1968. They told me my score was in excess of 160. My reply was “So?” I passed my SAT(1967), ACT (1967) and GRE (1991) with scores in the top 2% in the nation. Does all that somehow endow me with the right to tell you what is right and what is wrong? Not no, but hell no! I can make observations and create a discourse with you and hopefully we will both gain from the exchange. I would be an idiot to think I could achieve more than that. Especially if I adopted a condescending attitude toward you. No, I had rather remain a member of the human race than elevate myself. God and gravity both make sure my feet stay firmly planted on the ground. Neither one of which can be deterred indefinitely.

As for Professor Chomsky and the new “meritocracy” I highly recommend they go back and read one man’s works that they obviously missed in the process of matriculation .... a fellow by the name of Spinoza. I would recommend they start here with Spinoza’s “Ethics”.

Here is a little something from the aforementioned treatise to help get them started on their way to enlightenment and hopefully gaining a little humility to go with their arrogance and ego ....

“No positive quality possessed by a false idea is removed by the presence of what is true, in virtue of its being true.”

Ponder that while I take my extremely high IQ, my college degrees and my undeniable intellect and go have a beer with my friends and discuss the latest issue of Playboy and whether or not the designated hitter rule has ruined the American League (I believe it has).


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calendar   Sunday - October 10, 2004

Viewpoint: Guest Post


Putting The Left In Perspective:
BMEWS Member - Joe R.
(Illegitimi Non Carborundum)

One of the toughest goals to achieve in political discourse, I believe, is to remain focused on the facts and not to be trapped in ideology. When one becomes trapped in ideology, one’s views, no matter how factually supported, can be seen as one those of a “Kool-Aid drinker” - you know, all those Clintonista-types that gave their smooth-talking charlatan/messiah a pass on everything, and who now chant the “anybody but Bush” mantra echoed by the Hollywood elites and other neo-Bolsheviks on the left.  And, to be fair, there are those who think that President Bush and the Republican party are the answer to everything. Both positions are not desirable for a critical, independent thinker ....

My position is simple:  I love America, and I despise, no, I HATE the left - period.  The left will tell you that they love America, too, but I have found that their idea of “America” is drastically different than mine.  Many leftists feel that America should resemble more of Canada or Western Europe in its domestic and foreign policy; even the other day I heard one remark that the founding fathers were, “liberals, not stupid conservatives.” So, armed with misinformation and revisionist history, they have embarked on a mission for the last 75 years to restructure this nation’s values in a utopian image of what it could be, based not, however, on its traditional values, but (I’ll say it because few others will) on the “values” presented by Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Nietzsche (many of whose ideas were incorporated by the former two).

As in any movement, there are the architects, those with the actual design, or plan, and the followers of the movement to whom that movement’s ideas are meant to appeal.  Any anti-establishment movement must, by design, either possess or create a class of victims, disenfranchised (even if only through perception) by the status quo.  That is the root of leftist philosophy - class struggle leading to class warfare leading to redistribution of wealth and property (exempting, of course, the ruling class).  Specifically, Lenin knew this as he saw communism drift across the waters to the USA and thusly referred to the American Left as “useful idiots.” He and other communists here and abroad, immediately realized that America’s rights of free speech could be used against itself by those who sought to exploit those rights to the furthering of a given agenda.  They realized in time that a communist invasion of the military kind was increasingly unlikely, so they sought to change minds and hearts, by infecting the body politic, the body academic, and the body civic gradually, over the course of many generations.  Once enough people are “re-educated” and they significantly displace the rest of us, the job is over, the battle is won with hardly a shot fired.  So, with Noam Chomsky (Minister of “Truth") leading the academic wing, Michael Moore (Minister of Propaganda) and the other Hollywood idiots leading the propaganda wing, and the ACLU (Ministry of Justice) leading the civic/legal wing, the enemy seeks to promote it’s political wing to the White House.

So, what does this have to do with the election of 2004?  Everything.  This, my friends, is the last gasp of hope we have as traditional Americans.  Not because President Bush is such an outstanding president who understands these things - I don’t think he does or cares as he has a war to prosecute against an elusive yet very real enemy.  But John Kerry knows these things.  He was and is still a part of the communist movement in the USA.  He is the Manchurian candidate if there ever was one.  He spoke out against the war in Vietnam prior to going over there with a political agenda to work the system:  Write oneself up for commendations based on questionable circumstances at best (I am being nice here); leave the scene as quickly as possible; then come back home (subsequently going to Paris to meet with NVA officials while on his first honeymoon) and commit treason and perjury while still an active duty officer in the US Navy.

Here are some post-war activities the Senator and some of his pals engaged in.

For analysts like Bill O’Reilly to refer to Kerry as a “patriot” is a slap in the face to every man and woman, living or dead, who has served our nation honorably and proudly; and it will not get O’Reilly that interview he so desperately wants with the Senator.  To give Kerry a pass on his seditious acts as a result of “youth” is shameful.  Sorry, Bill, but at Sen. Kerry’s age then, I was a United States Marine serving in Somalia, fully responsible for my actions.  Oh, let us not forget, either, Kerry’s trip to Nicaragua with Sen.

Tom Harkin in the early 80’s when he met with Daniel Ortega, returned to the senate, and voted against funding for the Contras.  At almost the same time the bill was shot down, Ortega got on a plane to Moscow to collect $20 million to fund his war.

Read it here.

My friends, the choice should be overwhelmingly clear next month.  Take a look at who is funding and backing Kerry, then at Bush.  Who do you identify with more?  Even if you believe in the “extreme right-wing Christian conspiracy” or a “war for Haliburton” behind the President, do they scare you more than an internationalist-socialist with an anti-American past and present?  If so, please move to Canada where they have every cradle-to-grave government entitlement you seek for this nation, and leave us here to struggle to preserve our American traditions and destroy the Islamic scum that threaten our very way of life.

Do I sound like I am slipping into ideology?  Perhaps; but that does not negate the facts.  It only makes it tougher for those on the other side to accept. Noam Chomsky and I might agree on many “facts,” but our respective interpretaion of those same facts lead us to drastically differing conclusions.

Chomsky would call me a jingoistic, right-wing imperialist.  I would call him a comfortably tenured and insulated, anti-American academic with little (if any) real-world experience outside the classroom at MIT.  I don’t wish him any ill will; only that he puts his money where his mouth is and leave the country with the rest of his cancerous, left wing polyps.

This nation barely survived the radical communist movement of the 1930’s, then the 60’s (during which Chomsky was a vocal anti-American rabble rouser in the streets), but has continued to slip slowly to the left since then.  Consider the following, written by Professor Alexander Tyler while the thirteen original colonies were still a part of the British Empire, regarding the fall of the Athenian Republic:

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasure. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship.”

“The average age of the world’s great civilizations has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through the following sequence: from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependency, from dependency back to bondage.”

We stand on a precipice now.  Jumping off the cliff with a vote for Kerry will place us so far to the left that the only recovery, I fear, will be the rise of a true dictator and another civil war in the next 20 to 50 years.  Or, you can hold your ground at the cliff’s edge and stand up for our America, not some perversion of America resembling a quasi-socialist welfare society.  Do not let these people win at the ballot box that which they could not win in the streets during the 1960’s (and are still trying to win today in the courts by judicial fiat).  They may be a bit older, but they are still the same.  They may have turned in their protest signs for law degrees, but they are still the same.

They may have burned their tattered bluejeans for Armani suits, but they are still the same.  They are communists who will stop at nothing to destroy the fabric of this country.  Will you let them?


“Let me remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice; And let me also remind you that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”
-- Senator Barry Goldwater


Posted by Illegitimi Non Carborundum   United States  on 10/10/2004 at 03:34 PM   
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calendar   Thursday - October 07, 2004

In My World

National Security Database:
A Very Bad Idea

On this matter, I am an expert witness. I do databases for a living. I live, eat, sleep and breathe databases 24/7. For the last eighteen years that is all I have done. I have installed, configured and maintained databases for Fortune 500 companies and several government agencies, including the Department Of Defense and the Department Of Energy, to name a few. Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase are all database companies that I deal with on a regular basis, especially Oracle. With all that said, let me make this perfectly clear ....

Senate bill S.2845 (National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004) has a provision in it that would let government counter-terrorist investigators instantly query a massive system of interconnected commercial and government databases that hold billions of records on Americans.

This is a very bad idea. Let me repeat. This is a very bad idea. Got that?

Why? Because the government wants to make use of a tool that companies have been increasingly using more and more over the last decade. This tool is called “Business Intelligence”. What is it? It is an analysis tool that examines data stored in data warehouses and recognizes patterns that allow businesses to make better marketing decisions. For example, how many of you have a “shopping card” from your local grocery store or pharmacy? Almost all of you, I’d bet. You flash it at the store when you buy something and you get a 10-20% discount on purchases. That’s a good deal, isn’t it?  Your local CVS pharmacy or Kroger food store simply asks you to fill out a form giving them your address and a little personal information about yourself and in return they give you hefty discounts on purchases. That sounds like a sweet deal, right? Well, it is until you start getting unrequested mail from various companies asking you to sample their products or you find that the products you normally buy have been moved to opposite sides of the store requiring you to travel across the entire store to make your normal purchases (and increase the chance you’ll buy other items on your trek).

Are you starting to get the picture yet?

OK, here is the bottom line: these companies are peeking into your mind and examining your habits, based on your buying preferences. Every time you visit the store, your purchases are recorded and stored in a massive data warehouse (a specialized kind of database). They are using that information to increase their business and you are helping them by letting them track your purchases. Now, apply that same approach to government. Do you really want the federal government (a.k.a. “The Nanny State") being able to gather information about your movements, locations, habits, purchases, registrations, etc.? Even more, do you really want the federal government examining all of that information with complex analysis tools that recognize patterns about your behavior?

Yes, it might help identify terrorists before they strike .... but it could also be used for other bad purposes as well. There are endless possibilities for database systems and analysis tools like this to be misused, particularly when government bureaucrats get involved. I’m not trying to scare you with a “possible” bogey man. This bogey man is real and businesses are already using these tools to get into your private life. What makes you think the government will do any less?

And one more thing .... as one of my old Computer Science professors told me ages ago, the only 100% secure computer system is one that has been unplugged from everything, locked in a safe, dropped in the deepest trench in the ocean and guarded by a fleet of nuclear submarines .... and even that is not always enough. From personal experience, I can tell you that he was dead right on the money.

So what can you do? Well, if the idea scares you too then write your Senator before they pass this legislation. Otherwise, you could have no privacy left in a few years. They will know everything about you. Voting patterns, buying habits, travel plans, income, expenses, liquidity, gun registrations, police records, medical history, etc. The list goes on and on. And with the proper business intelligence tools they can even figure out how often you change underwear and whether you pick your nose. No, really.

Think about it .... do you want George Orwell’s chilling prediction in his book ”1984” to come true? .... Big Brother Is Watching You

If so, all you have to do is sit back and do nothing ....


Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 10/07/2004 at 11:01 AM   
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