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calendar   Wednesday - February 23, 2011

Anger as word ‘marriage’ vanishes from birth statistics. You may now thank the left.

Eight years ago Labour ministers ordered that the word ‘marriage’ should no longer be used on official documents because they said it led to discrimination against gays

That people, is how far the former left wing govt. brought things to pass.

Anger as word ‘marriage’ vanishes from birth statistics


Married couples have disappeared from official family records for the first time.
In a further blow to the status of marriage, records of the number of women who become pregnant will no longer show how many were or were not married.
Instead, Government statisticians will publish the number of mothers-to-be who were in ‘a legal partnership’ at the time they conceived – which will include both marriages and women in civil partnerships.

Eight years ago Labour ministers ordered that the word ‘marriage’ should no longer be used on official documents because they said it led to discrimination against gays.

However, there has been a growing chorus of complaints that the censorship of the word will warp official records and erase the evidence which shows that married couples and their children live healthier and happier lives.

The Office for National Statistics’ new figures show that there were 896,300 conceptions in England and Wales in 2009.

But, rather than referring to numbers inside and outside marriage, they only show that 57 per cent of pregnancies began ‘outside a legal partnership’.
The disappearance of marriage statistics has come despite a plea from Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith.

In a major speech earlier this month, Mr Duncan Smith said: ‘I have asked my department to ensure references to marriage are included on relevant forms and research in the future.’



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calendar   Monday - February 07, 2011

lilly livered conservatives (some) cave into claims of race charge where none exist.

Before getting to my first post in a couple of days ... having to take off the weekend for personal things ....

My thanks to Christopher for the post on President Reagan yesterday.  He very truly is missed by a lot of us. There were very kind words I never thought I’d see in, of all places, The Times. Which generally is a bit left of cntr. and safe to say not a bastion of Republican thought or attitudes.

Now then ... to something that is clearly a part of the ludicrous age we live in.  And who allows it? The usual suspects.

Stupid white people who enable folks I don’t even believe are true liberals to begin with.  That liberal label gets tossed around a lot and by myself as well as others. But there are some self serving slimy but not stupid bastards, that do things hiding behind any wall with a label to further their own personal agenda. Which is usually ego enhancing.

So anyway, Here I am.  Pissed Off again. My permanent state of being.

Some of you may have noticed that over time my language has not improved.
Of course what I mean is, I find myself using some words I have tried very hard not to use. Like the ‘F’ word especially.  It hardly ever adds anything to the subject, but as an escape valve to the building steam, it’s a tonic.  Be that as it may, it gets harder and harder to even simulate civil when running across happenings that are so easily taken as gospel by idiot white ppl who are goaded by black human rights activists. It being understood of course that ALL the rights belong to them.

Well, I’m faced with that and worse after catching this story in the last day, and it’s repeated in more then one newspaper today.

You try and also avoid making comments about some ppl, try not to use the ‘N’ word, try not to refer to anyone as a miserable, thin skinned black shit faced bastard, all to no avail.  No avail because there always seems to be one convenient member of some kind of “right” group that is able to find something that they claim upsets the race card apple cart.

In this case, the nigger is a phony fat faced piece of worthless dung named Sonia Carr, who does her race no favors and is a millstone around the neck of the millions of hard working responsible people of color who I’m certain must cringe at the antics of this human bug.  Personally, I hope she develops a nice big tumor on her tongue so she can never again spew race lie garbage she makes up as she goes along. 

Here’s what this fat and neckless pile of poo has started.

It all began with …..

A meeting of a watchdog group on health in the UK.
It was a meeting of volunteers to discuss the state of local health care.
The Wiltshire Involvement Network (WIN), a statutory, independent health watchdog.

There are some big changes coming about in the NHS (Natl. Health Service), and like all proposed changes in something that has become an entrenched part of daily life, change brings questions and also rumours.
During the meeting, As the conversation turned to changes in the NHS, and how rumours about them can spread, the chairman said: “You cannot help the jungle drums.”

You just knew this was coming. Didn’t you?  Yeah. ONE self appointed judge of what is and isn’t racist, one fat negro who happens to sit on an …
Equalities Commission, and who happened to be in the meeting hall at the time, interrupted to state that the term “jungle drums” was a racist remark.
The speaker immediately apologised and carried on.

BUT … The CONSERVATIVE controlled council then accused the watchdog group of racism based on that one “activists” word that the phrase was a racist one.
The incident has led to an official investigation, six months of wrangling, and a decision to bar the health group from meeting councillors. And, it has cost the taxpayers a pile of money. Is that a surprise?

Conservatives are now split on the affair. Some insist on upholding the decision of racism. I guess that’s easier then admitting they were wrong and besides, it might get a few black votes. They hope. It never occurs to these fuckin wiggers that the vote they may get will be from the wrong people.  The name of the game as always is, bow to the accuser and suck up.

The lady who used the expression, has said that as far as she was concerned, it was used in the manner of ‘grapevine’ or ‘rumour mill.’ That was her meaning. But she nevertheless apologized while insisting there was nothing racist about the term jungle drums. But I supposed there will always be darkies that hear that and think negative. Although how anyone can view the term that way is a mystery.  The term “jungle drums” originates from wooden drums which were traditionally used in parts of Africa to communicate messages up to five miles across land.

As it happens, Sonia Carr, a member of the Wiltshire Racial Equality Council who was sitting in the public gallery observing the meeting, intervened to say that a racist remark had been used. 
She wanted an apology, the speaker said sorry and continued the meeting.

Yet Mrs Carr submitted an official complaint to the Wiltshire council – which launched an investigation, produced a 10-page report upholding the complaint, and barred all watchdog members from council premises and meetings. AND ... cut off funding for expenses.

Well, I think we’re all familiar with the old expression, give certain ppl an inch and they take, with inflation considered, a hundred miles. Sonia Carr has said that an apology isn’t enough, it is she says, inadequate. Mrs. Carr further says that the Health Watchdog members did not understand “equality and diversity issues.” Well, it’s kind of hard to understand things when the goal posts keeps changing and being moved about so things can’t be honestly nailed down. Furthermore, fatface,no neck Carr is demanding that all members of the watchdog network be given diversity training.  Translated I guess that means brainwashing. She also wants an apology not just from the 70 year old lady who made the innocent comment, but from ALL members of the network of volunteers.

Jeesh … and liberals still can’t understand why racism still exists, and where it comes from. But hey BMEWS … stay tuned. There’s even worse here. Worse you may ask?  How can it get any worse then conservatives caving into this fraud? Oh well. Read on.

Ms. Carr has more to say.  Remember the old give em an inch thing?

She says … quoting her now so pay attention.

“People need to think before they say things that could cause offence.”

And what things cause offence? Why, anything this fat turd says causes it of course.  And she has been at it for awhile now.

Council sources said that Mrs Carr had previously submitted allegations against the police, the fire brigade and council officers. “

Said one WIN member. “The whole thing is ridiculous. It’s got to the point where you daren’t ask for a black coffee in case somebody takes offence.”
Phil Matthews, WIN’s vice-chairman and a member of the local Coalition Against Racism, said: “It was an innocent comment, a widely used phrase and certainly nothing that should have led to a formal complaint.”

Isn’t that funny? the local what? Coalition Against Racism?  Looks like the left pc brigade came after you too Mr Matthews. How’s it feel?  Betrayed maybe?

“I am outraged at how we have been treated. It’s the worst kind of political correctness. “You might expect this from loony Left councils in the big cities, but you don’t expect it in the Tory (conservative) shires.
On Dec 21 the council wrote to WIN urging it to accept the report’s findings. Three weeks later it informed the watchdog that it would no longer be providing it with funds to cover administration costs.
WIN has not seen any evidence taken during the inquiry and has been given no opportunity to be heard.
“These investigations are complicated and take up a lot of time and resources.
“But the chairman of a group offering services to the public has to be careful not to cause offence to people who may have need of those services.”
However, his view was disputed by fellow Conservative councillor Mike Hewitt, chairman of Wiltshire’s health and social care committee, who said: “This is complete nonsense.
“The phrase was not used in an offensive way. The council has overreacted.”

John Glen, the Tory MP for Salisbury, said it was “ludicrous” that the case “had got this far when there was clearly no intention to cause offence”.

“This kind of unnecessary action and bureaucracy drives the public crazy.”





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calendar   Monday - January 10, 2011

et tu, Denmark?

H/T Europe News

A pretty good site that also tracks the muslim invasion of the west and Europe in particular.

A lot to read here and I recommend the link “confession” below.


By Diana West

The International Free Press Society, of which I am vice president. It is of urgent importance. It tells of the terrible turn of events in Denmark, which for years now has bravely spearheaded the West’s fights to save free speech, now and seemingly in perpetuity under assault from both the Marxian Left and the press of sharia (Islamic law)—and with zero support from diplomatic, governmental, or professional institutions in the United States, home and caretaker of the First Amendment. This appalling lack of support, which translates into a lack of courage and vision, is the main reason the assault of free speech continues to be successful. 

But et tu, Denmark?

There have been signs: for example, former Prime MInister Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s gratuitous slap at Pastor Terry Jones’ stated intention to burn Korans to mark the jihad attacks of 9/11 in September of last year; and the Danish paper Politiken’ s February 2010 apology for reprinting Kurt Westergaard’s Mohammed cartoon, which Westergaard, wonderful man, one month past the nearest-miss assassination attempt yet that sent him and his five-year-old granddaughter into his “safe” room (a reinforced bathroom with an alarm button), declared the newspaper’s apology a “setback for free speech.”

And so it was. But such events are more than “setbacks.” They fit into a terrible and even totalitarian climate of assault in which the Danish government, via its public prosecutor, as the letter states, is “waging a lawfare offensive against outspoken critics of Islam and Muslim practices.”

Last month, Danish MP Jesper Langballe was convicted of “hate speech”—“racial discrimination,” for having highlighted the pattern of “honor killings” in Muslim families. ( Here is his “confession.”)

Now in the crosshairs is my very dear friend and colleague, Lars Hedegaard, President of the Danish Free Press Society and the International Free Press Society. (A historian as well as a journalist and author, Lars took me on a special tour of Copenhagen, which I wrote about here.) On January 24 he goes on trial. His crime? Discussing the high incidence of family rape within Islamic cultures, which the prosecutor is attempting to outlaw as “racism.”

In fact, the Danish prosecutor is attempting to enforce Islamic “blasphemy” laws, which outlaw all criticism of Islam.

Jesper Langballe and now Lars Hedegaard have been targeted because they are Danes of courage and principle who refuse to lie down and shut up and let the “multicultural” Big Lies wash in and inundate their mental and moral capacities to that endpoint of totalitarian triumph where citizens become subjects, minions who no longer articulate or even recognize truth and morality.

In a world where mandarins of the Left and mullahs of sharia so conspire, we risk a kind of double-dhimmification in acquiesence, rendering civilization incapable of self-defense.



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calendar   Thursday - December 23, 2010

Extreme violence of this nature is rare, says a cop who should know better, or is an idiot.

Detective Constable Darcia Babb said: ‘This was an outrageous and prolonged attack on a defenseless victim by a gang of thugs.

‘Extreme violence of this nature is rare but when it does happen we will make sure those responsible are brought to justice.

Scuze me while I take some time off to figure out just what planet the lady constable is on. Not this one. Is she dizzy er what?  Crimes of this nature are most certainly NOT rare. And as for brought to justice, gimme a break. Justice?  She isn’t dizzy. She’s crazy. Gotta be. Justice?  For what these sub-humans with unpronounceable names did?  What justice? Where’s it hiding?  I saw it somewhere a long time ago. Must have got lost in the immigration shuffle along with the mad hatters that voted Labour and allowed those traitorous lefties to totally screw up the country and the police and the courts.

Take a good look at this ... and take a gander at the time these pukes will serve. A guy gets beat up this badly and some of the thugs are charged with,
violent disorder?  wtf! What’s with that?  And what the hell were the ppl in the restaurant thinking when they closed the door on the victim, afraid to allow him sanctuary. Jeesh what a fucked up world.

The way the headline reads, you immediately think they’re gonna be in jail for a long time. Not so cos it’s 20 years split up among the whole gang of punks.

Grab the link for a couple of photos of the sub-human scum. This is what England and most of Europe will one day look like.  I’m glad I won’t be around to be witness to it. But sure as hell it’s on the way. Can it be halted? Sure. Maybe. Depends on how serious the electorate get about crime. How far they are willing to go to set examples to discourage others.  Somehow, someway the people have to make lawmakers sit up and take notice.  It might be they have to organize vigilantes along the line of San Francisco in 1849.  String up a few lawyers who defend scum like these. Take out a weak judge or two. And by all means do away with some of the violent thugs who’ve been let out early and committed crimes while on release. You think I’m over the top?

In the news this week is a story of unimaginable horror.  The guy is called the Crossbow Cannibal.  He even ate one of his victims raw. How’s that for bad?
AND ...  he’s just another case where he could have been stopped had authorities not been asleep.  Another case also of some mentally deranged wacko who was deemed ok and safe to release, you got it, he killed a total stranger.  Want more?  Some punk darkie released from prison for violent crime, killed someone 6 months after his release.  You’ve heard it all before and many times I’d bet. Same crap but different names.

Just how much is the public supposed to be subjected to? And to add insult to injury, be expected to support these miserable bastards either on benefits or while in jail.  Why?  For what purpose?  Of what use can they be, unless used for medical experiments.

Gang who battered pedestrian with crowbar in brutal road rage attack jailed for nearly 20 years

By Rebecca Camber

A gang of thugs who stabbed a pedestrian in a road rage attack, torturing him with a crowbar, hammer and broken bottle have been jailed for almost 20 years.

A 30-year-old man was subjected to a brutal attack after almost being run over by a car as he left a popular Indian restaurant in Whitechapel, east London.

When the pedestrian swore at the driver in anger, he was confronted by three thugs who got out of the convertible BMW and another car following behind.

Rashel Hussain, 20, and his friends, twin brothers Jubhare and Taharak Hussain, both aged 21, battered the victim with a crowbar, causing serious injury to his left hand.

Terrified, the man ran back to Tayyabs restaurant - regarded as one of the best Indian restaurants in London - only to find himself trapped in the doorway as the doors had been locked by frightened staff.

Taharak knifed the man a number of times before running off with the others to get more weapons.

As the victim attempted to get help, stumbling towards the Royal London Hospital nearby, his attackers returned with a larger group of men who leapt on him.

Rashel Hussain battered him with a hammer, while another man, Shah Alom, 22, slashed him with a glass bottle and two others, Jubhare Hussain and Shofiqul Islam, 21, rained down punches on the defenceless man leaving him with serious neck, arm and thigh injuries.

The extraordinary onslaught of violence was caught on CCTV, which showed the bloodied victim desperately attempting to escape.

Horrified members of the public who witnessed the attack around 9pm on Sunday, May 30 this year called 999 for help.

Two police officers rushed to the scene and wrestled with the attackers, pulling them off the victim and saving his life.

Rashel Hussain was arrested at the scene while the others fled. But detectives later rounded up the other members of the gang.

On Monday they were sentenced to a total of almost 20 years at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Rashel Hussain, 20, was jailed for six years after pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm and violent disorder.

Taharak Hussain, 21, got seven years for grievous bodily harm.

His non-identical twin Jubhare, 21, received a two year sentence for violent disorder.
Two other gang members, Shofiqul Islam, 21, got a two year sentence and Shah Alom, 22, was sentenced to 27 months for violent disorder.

source and more

Let me tell you just how frightened some are of the law and the police.  If you are aware of the “student” riots last month, here’s something you probably didn’t
know.  One of the very left groups, not all students btw, give points for damage to property, maybe 50 points for assaulting an officer, 100 points for injury and drawing blood. I haven’t a clue what they do with the points but what I’m saying is, does that sound like a society in control of itself? Does that look to you like a culture in charge?  Does that look like a country that’s pointed in the right direction?  Not to me it doesn’t.  Vandals do their best to rile and entangle the cops doing their job, bullying cops if I can use that term and it sure looks like bullying. But cops aren’t supposed to smack em down. It ok to spit at a cop and then sue the city if the cop defends himself cos as we all know, cops are all guilty all the time.  I really am sick to tears of all the BS flung about and the useless thugs of all colors running the show.  The state may be holding them off somewhat. But what the state is not doing, is fighting back.  They won’t even use water canon on rioters, I have read.  What does that tell you?

And I haven’t even started on the unions. I’ll leave that for another time.


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calendar   Wednesday - December 15, 2010

BUDDHIST PRISONER SUES OVER MEAT.  just more proof how screwed up things are.

I caught this short blurb and have the need to share. As always.  Possibly my only post for today.

The European Court of Human Rights has ordered the Polish prison service to pay a Buddhist prisoner $3,500 in compensation for failing to provide him with vegetarian meals.
In its ruling, the Strasbourg based court said that by serving meat with his meals, the prison service had violated the religious freedom of Janusz Jakobski, a convicted rapist.
The prison service says that Jakobski, a convert, had previously claimed to be a devout Roman Catholic who fought to have a cross in his cell.

Does anyone besides my brilliant self get the feeling this guy is playing the system?
I mean, it isn’t out in the open obvious, is it? One would have to be a rocket scientist like me to pick up on that cleverly hidden fact.

Hey, the guy is a rapist. Period. He shouldn’t have any rights whatever. And by the way, there was an article recently, no more then a line or two actually so not even an article, wherein it claimed that in some interviews done with prisoners on the subject of rights, the inmates are laughing themselves silly at what they can get away with and how easy it is to get officialdom to “jump through human rights hoops.”

So lets hear it for the European court and the marvelous systems that dispense hilarity for criminals everywhere, and shed a tear for ‘justice’ which apparently has gotten lost in the shuffle.

link 1
Link 2


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calendar   Monday - December 13, 2010

lets have more of the same kind of immigration so the whole country turns into rat’s nest.

And speaking of vermin …. Have any of you seen what she’s referring to?
I once posted the video here at BMEWS.  Crowding the sidewalks and parts of the road with backsides raised to the heavens, which also looks so damn stupid. Why don’t they realize that?  Anyway … they crowd ppl off the walkway and during prayer times some folks who live in the area who aren’t vermin, can’t get in or out till the vermin slither away at prayer’s end. You’ll ask, why don’t they move?  Well, some just can’t afford to. Others are pissed saying asking why they should move. They were there first and anyway, are native to France.  Oh but the grimy left can’t tolerate that.  As for her socialist opponents, they’re happy to give away their country to a foreign occupying group of venomous vermin.  When the crunch comes some day in the future, and at this rate you can bank on it, I sure hope the socialists there don’t call on us in the name of Lafayette.  Let em stew in the muck they make for themselves. All in the name of multi-culture, diversity and the third leg of their policy, appeasement. 


Marine Le Pen: Muslims in France ‘like Nazi occupation’

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French far-Right, drew heavy criticism after she said Muslims praying outside were like Nazi occupiers.

The daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the outgoing leader of the National Front, told a rally that ten to fifteen places in France where Muslims worshipped in the streets were occupied territory.

“For those who want to talk a lot about World War II, if it’s about occupation, then we could also talk about it (Muslim prayers in the streets), because that is occupation of territory,” she said at the gathering in Lyon.

“It is an occupation of sections of the territory, of districts in which religious laws apply. It’s an occupation,” she said at the rally that was part of her bid to take the party leadership when her father steps down in January.

“There are of course no tanks, there are no soldiers, but it is nevertheless an occupation and it weighs heavily on local residents,” the 42-year-old noted.
The comments sparked condemnation from politicians from President Nicolas Sarkozy’s ruling UMP party and from the opposition Socialists and the Greens.
“This is the true face of the far right which has not changed in the slightest, and Marine Le Pen is just as dangerous as Jean-Marie Le Pen,” said Socialist Party spokesman Benoit Hamon.


PS: I have heard Brits say they no longer recognize their own country. I have had some tell me that trips to London felt like a voyage to another totally foreign country.  And things are not getting any better.


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calendar   Wednesday - November 24, 2010

free speech in europe … so long as it’s approved

I think this video is one of his best and it is spot on.
There isn’t anything for me to say that would make this any more correct or informative.  But I’m not certain yet that what he sees as an end to the multi-culture nightmare is actually over.  Or for that matter, political correctness.

There is a disturbing thing here I’ve been aware of for awhile and hadn’t thought a lot about till more recently.  It is the willingness of some people, almost always the more liberal and left, to squeal on other people.  Say something critical and say it with distaste in regard to Gypsies, muslims or any group or religion, and there will be some snot nosed wimpy weakling who will happily run to authorities to report your utterance.  Remember the kid in school, there was almost always one boy or girl who ran crying ... teacher,teacher .... Tommy said this or Mary did that.  Well they are all grown up now, they haven’t changed and they seem to prosper here in England.  Not to say we don’t have more then our share in the USA as well.
Not exactly a happy thought.


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calendar   Sunday - October 31, 2010

Police given advice on witches and pagans.

Came across this and had to check and see if it was April 1st.

I think it’s real.  Looks dumb but then hey.  As the wife asks every time I question things like this. “ And you’re in what country?”
Oh right.  So I’ll take it that it isn’t a joke.

Closing shortly but couldn’t leave and not post this and the following one as well.

Police given advice on witches and pagans

Police officers will be in a strong position to handle witchcraft-related incidents after receiving official advice on dealing with pagans and witches as part of a 300-page diversity handbook.

By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent

It is Hallowe’en and the witching hour is drawing nearer, but don’t be alarmed – police officers are on the case, having been issued with official guidance on how to deal with witches.

The advice is contained in a 300-page “diversity handbook” which gives officers a range of “dos and don’ts” when approaching followers of a range of religions and other beliefs, from atheism to Zoroastrianism.

The online handbook also advises officers not to jump to conclusions if they encounter a situation where a blindfolded, naked person is tied by their hands – they could merely have stumbled upon a pagan ritual, where such activities are normal practice.

“Witches have a Book of Shadows, which contains a handwritten record or diary of their personal progress as a witch,” says the guide.

“Often the books have ornate covers, some have the title Book of Shadows on the cover, some don’t.

“Any book can be used, but this book is regarded as private and special and should not be touched by anyone but the author. If it is possible to avoid touching this book then it is best to do so.”

The guide, drawn up by the Metropolitan Police, Britain’s largest police force, warns against interrupting a pagan ceremony.

In nine pages relating to atheists, the handbook gives advice on places of worship, Holy texts and prayer, stating: “There are no designated places of worship.

“There are no prescribed texts. Atheists have no prayers.”

It adds: “Atheists have no dietary requirements other than those of the individual.”

It also gives officers a handy guide to key atheist philosophers, and famous agnostic thinkers such as Bertrand Russell, Robert G. Ingersoll and Thomas Henry Huxley.

It warns: “Be aware that Atheists might feel offended by an assumption of faith,” it warns.

As well as religions and beliefs, the book gives officers advice on dealing with teenagers, including a guide on “teen speak”, to allow officers to communicate with younger members of the population.

BOO the rest here

I think I should explain why I think it isn’t a joke and is for real. 
It’s cos they take this diversity and multi-culture crap so seriously here, that I’m willing to believe almost anything. I guess it’s good for a grin at least.


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calendar   Friday - October 29, 2010

love springs eternal and in this case, it’s gross.

What a revolting image this is.  GAK!
And what a self delusional jerk she is.  If she’s 59 as the article says, then I’m a 25 year old rocket scientist who in my spare time discovered the cure for cancer
while solving the problems in the middle east.

According to the story, they actually went to bed together.  Well why not?  She surely couldn’t get a white guy (unless blind) into the sack.  How gross both are.
And how could he possibly perform with that ... that .... old bag.  Disgusting thought. Both of em.

The granny who wed a Gambian waiter 35 years her junior, then found he only wanted a British visa. Here, she tells how she’s taking delicious revenge

By Natasha Courtenay-Smith

The warning bells should have been sounding loud and clear. Just three weeks before Mary Cotnoir’s wedding day, her 25-year-old husband-to-be, Mr Demba Sanneh from Gambia, was denied a visa to visit her in the UK.


The Home Office said her fiancé had failed to give a ‘credible explanation’ for his trip and was deeply suspicious of his true motives.

So what did Mary, a 59-year-old grandmother, do? Did she take stock and accept that her toyboy lover — a man nearly 35 years her junior — was not entirely honourable? Did she even consider postponing her nuptials until she could be absolutely sure of him?

Not for one minute. Utterly smitten, she got on a plane to Africa and married him anyway.

It will, of course, come as little surprise that just eight days into their union everything fell apart after Mary discovered her husband was only interested in her money and the ­possibility of gaining a British visa.

This week, though, her story took a most unlikely twist. Mary, in an act of ­delicious revenge, announced she is refusing to divorce Mr Sanneh, so he cannot dupe another unsuspecting tourist into marriage — and bringing his dream of starting a new life in the UK to an abrupt halt.

Suddenly, this unassuming care worker from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, seems somewhat audacious; and it’s clear she is revelling in taking what she sees as a valiant stand. 

‘It was just lovely to be with someone who was so caring, deeply religious — he was Muslim — and who didn’t drink. Two days before I left, we slept together for the first time, and it was so exciting. It had been so long since I’d been intimate with someone.

‘At some point during the week, Demba laid his cards on the table. He said he was offering love, sex and companionship, but in return he wanted my help. He said perhaps I could get him a laptop, then he could go to college and get a better job.

‘I thought: “Well, a laptop is nothing” — and I wanted to help him. He had nothing. He lived with 20 members of his family in a tiny place. His room was like a cupboard.’

By the time she left Gambia, Mary admits she was infatuated. She and Demba stayed in touch via email and text, and Mary returned to visit him for another fortnight in March, taking with her the promised laptop.

They stayed together in a hotel room paid for by Mary, and on the second day Demba proposed. He offered her a ring he’d had made by a local silversmith.

Lovestruck, she readily accepted.

more here but get barf bag first


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calendar   Monday - October 18, 2010

Multiculturalism in Germany has ‘utterly failed. Of course it has. It’s been a poor,unwanted graft.

Nothing but damn PC problems I can’t work out, which is frustrating, didn’t even look for humor to start the day and then found this. Well DUH!  It took this successful and highly educated head of state this long to figure out this policy was a pile of rubbish all along. But at least someone is saying it out loud. Finally.

Alas, I think it’s too little too late.  Even if they learn German (or English or French, pik ur fav), it’s too late.  The cancer has spread. Not just to Germany.
The French in their way are trying to stall the inevitable, they say the Brits are helping terrorists just by not issuing a burka ban. One of the libtard writers in the Times here thinks that’s awful. He ridiculed the French suggestion, asking, (he really did) how many burka wearing women have you seen lately carrying out terror attacks.  bat Again, DUH! He doesn’t get, the left generally doesn’t get it and they do not want to.
Till now and maybe still, the Germans spend so much time and effort bending over backwards in every sort of way to prove that they are no longer Nazis, that they’ve turned a somewhat blind eye to a threat more serious in their homeland.  Too late. Too late.

There is only one recourse, only one way to stem and reverse the tide, but nobody wants to go down that road. And so the cancer spreads and eats up what is left of European and English civilization.

Oh well, at least when they fall, they will go down gween.  Now that’s a war they feel confident fighting.  (schmucks)

Here ... take my country. Please! (with a nod to Henny Youngman)

Multiculturalism in Germany has ‘utterly failed’, claims Chancellor Angela Merkel

By Alan Hall In Berlin
Last updated at 8:57 AM on 18th October 2010

* ‘Too little required of immigrants’ says tough-talking Christian Democrat leader

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said her country’s attempts to build a post-war multicultural society have ‘utterly failed’.

In a landmark speech, she broke one of Germany’s last taboos and courted anti-immigration support by claiming those from a different background failed to live happily side-by-side with native Germans.

Her comments, to the youth wing of her own Christian Democrat Union party, came amid growing resentment about immigration in Germany.

There are about seven million foreign residents living in the country. Some 4.3million of these are Muslim and there are more than 3,000 mosques across Germany.

Mrs Merkel said the so-called ‘multikulti’ concept – ‘that we are now living side by side and are happy about it’ – does not work. ‘This approach has failed, utterly,’ she said just days after a poll showed a third of all Germans viewed immigrants as nothing more than welfare cheats.

Addressing fears of ‘German-ness’ being lost amid new mosques, headscarves in classrooms and Turkish ghettos in cities like Berlin, she added: ‘We feel bound to the Christian image of humanity – that is what defines us. Those who do not accept this are in the wrong place here.’

Mrs Merkel joined leading political and business leaders who have questioned immigration policies in recent months.

The rest can be read HERE


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calendar   Thursday - September 23, 2010

brits arrested for burning the koran. oh boy. here we go again. maybe.

Our community is one of mutual respect, says one official. Uh huh. that’s bullS. it’s enforced acceptance under law! 

Haven’t heard (yet) any of the usual put on staged muslim anger.  But isn’t arrest for a petty thing ott? Or maybe it isn’t petty.
I don’t believe there’s any crying need to burn the damn thing.  Solves nothing and I’d be willing to bet that the muslims who we see demonstrating over almost anything, are faking outrage so they can justify having fun by rioting.  Gives em an excuse.  I don’t personally care one way or another if some dudes burn it, but don’t see it as amounting to much.  What I do find interesting is that you can be arrested for it. 
Lets see, steal a persons home by moving in and changing locks. OK? Check. All clear there.
Hurt feelings violate rights? Yep. check
Burn the koran?  NO. Arrest? yep.

Something really is wrong with the picture.

Six arrested over ‘Koran burning’

Six people have been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred after videos emerged on the internet apparently showing copies of the Koran being burned.

Officers detained two men on September 15 and four more yesterday and all six were bailed pending further inquiries, Northumbria Police said.

‘’The arrests followed the burning of what are believed to have been two Korans in Gateshead on September 11,’’ the spokesman said.

In a video still accessible on YouTube, six young men in hooded tops or wearing scarves over their faces can be seen pouring petrol on a book and setting it alight, before burning another.

On the video, which appeared to have been filmed behind a pub, they cheer as the first book bursts into flames.

Northumbria Police said the men were not arrested for watching or distributing the video, but on suspicion of burning the Koran.

Gateshead Council and the force issued a joint statement to stress that community relations in the area were good.

It said: ‘’The kind of behaviour displayed in this video is not at all representative of our community as a whole.

‘’Our community is one of mutual respect and we continue to work together with community leaders, residents and people of all faiths and beliefs to maintain good community relations.’’



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calendar   Friday - September 17, 2010

the electoral process in modern multicultural Sweden.

“It is very remarkable that during the election campaign leftwing-extremists are time and time again allowed to stop us from delivering our message. The events in Karlstad are unfortunately one example of many, and show that the leftwing-extremists and their violent methods have triumphed over the police, who are no longer able to uphold law and order in the country.”

That BMEWS, is part of a report from Sweden.
H/T Europe News via Gates of Vienna

Of all places.  Well, hate to say they made their liberal bed but .... they did.  And much of Europe has as well and they will in time come to see what the right has seen from the beginning.  Only by then, it will be too late.  I think it is almost that now. 

It isn’t about Fascism or race hate or color.  It’s about a very large number of people who can not accept how things are done in their host country. It’s about a group of people who come here and say, we don’t care for your culture and values so therefore you MUST change and adopt ours.  It’s about intimidation and when our side defends itself, we’re racists. BS. We know better and those who have become racist towards the invading muslim and african hoards, have only become so by witnessing the behavior of the invader.  I would guess much in the same way that many Europeans felt about Germans they suddenly found occupying their country.  If some have racist feelings it’s also the fault of the left wing liberals who insisted that multi-culture and diversity be forced on people.
Liberals whose bright idea it was that people need to have their feelings protected under mandate of law. The list is just too long of the kinds of imposition the left has forced on a society, and sadly a society that too often accepted the “new way of thinking.” There could never be winners because those who lost would have their feelings hurt. So, we must not be critical of the invaders least we upset them and damage their own self worth.  In fact, lets show them how fair we can be by gaging our own people in favor of the immigrant mob.  And by all means, hold the reins on the police, make nice to travelers and do not hold them to the same rules and laws on property, that the rest of the natives must obey.

Yeah I went on too damn long.  Sorry bout that. Gotta rant sometimes. So here’s the story. And it ain’t pretty.  All of it is at the link plus more.

All Meetings of the Sweden Democrats Banned by Police

by Baron Bodissey
The police have told Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats) that they must cancel all their public meetings because their safety cannot be guaranteed

In other words, Swedish law enforcement admits that it either can’t or won’t prevent anarchist and Muslim thugs from assaulting and firebombing the meetings of a officially registered political party whose members are assembling lawfully and peacefully.

This is what the electoral process has become in modern multicultural Sweden.

The following message just came in from the Sweden Democrats:

Dear friends,

Yet another dire event in Sweden and a major setback for freedom of speech.

Let’s start first with a portion of the press statement we just made:

SD’s planned public meetings in Norrköping, Karlstad, Eskilstuna, have in all cases been cancelled by the police after they informed us that they are unable to guarantee the safety of speakers.

This morning, a planned square meeting with party secretary, Björn Söder, in Norrköping was cancelled.

After a long wait for a go-ahead from the police to carry out the planned square meeting in Karlstad, Sweden Democrats party leader Jimmie Åkesson was informed late this afternoon that the police do not intend to prevent the left extremists who gathered on site from disrupting the meeting — including throwing eggs and voicing their threats. The police told the Sweden Democrats that the meeting must be cancelled.

Thus, the police have officially given up.  We are not allowed to hold election meetings, just a few days away from the election day (Sunday).



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calendar   Saturday - September 11, 2010

the new and favored religions of multiculturism and diversity will eat the west if not confronted

H/T Gates of Vienna

Gates of Vienna

Multiculturalism is in some ways almost more totalitarian than Communism. We just didn’t realize this at first. In Norway, Khalid Salimi, a Pakistani “anti-racist,” complained about the fact that too many white natives peacefully enjoyed music at a festival together in their own country. This wasn’t “diverse” enough.
Soon whites will literally be banned from congregating in separate groups. I no longer consider this a joke.

BMEWS readers may recall the post from a few days ago, regarding a German banker who wrote a book.  He decried the islamification of his country, he also said that Jews shared the same genes in the same way people anywhere do.  Well you’ll recall the sky fell on him and Jewish “activists” were “offended” as were muslims and of course Turks. He was critical of immigration naturally.  Well, he is no longer on the board of the bank.  I heard about it on the radio early today. 

If you go to the link go Gate of Vienna and read the whole thing by Fjordman, there is one thing I take serious issue with and believe to be totally false although I am willing to say (I hope) it’s just a bad mistake or something in translation. In an otherwise excellent bit of reporting, he says this.

The “conservative” President Sarkozy has said publicly that native Frenchmen have to mix with immigrants. It is thus mandatory in France to import Africans and breed with them. 

That is NOT TRUE!  I have no idea where he got that from.


Thilo Sarrazin vs. the Ruling Multicultural Oligarchs

Gates of Vienna 9 September 2010
By Fjordman
It is true, as some observers point out, that many people make stupid choices and more or less freely vote for parties that insult them and take away their freedom and dignity. This is a very real problem and exposes some of the flaws of mass democracy. I don’t question that. The issue is whether there is also something else at work in the modern West in addition to this, and my answer to that is “yes”.

As Bat Ye’or has demonstrated in her pioneer work Eurabia and I have confirmed in my own book Defeating Eurabia, the leaders of the European Union have been promoting Third World mass immigration, including Muslim immigration, as a long-term policy for decades. Similar policies are no doubt at work in North America.
The harassment of the popular immigration critic Thilo Sarrazin in Germany and the hostile international reactions to the referendum against Islamic minarets in Switzerland clearly demonstrate that we are also dealing with a self-appointed transnational elite in power throughout the Western world who are consciously and deliberately trying to dismantle Western nation states using international law combined with massive propaganda campaigns, “anti-racist” brainwashing of people of European origins and above all mass immigration.
In his essay The Tea Party vs. the Intellectuals, Lee Harris describes how the USA’s intellectual elite has become radically out of touch with the sensibility of a large chunk of their nation’s population. He notes the “mounting dissatisfaction at living in a society in which a small group has increasingly solidified its monopoly over the manufacture and distribution of opinion, deciding which ideas and policies should be looked upon favorably and which political candidates will be sympathetically reported.”

This has to be my final post for this evening ....  takes meds, retire.
Stay Tuned


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calendar   Tuesday - August 24, 2010

Building Permit

I recently submitted a building permit application for a new house.

It was going to be 100 ft. tall and 400 ft. wide with 9 gun turrets at various heights and windows all over the place and a loud outside entertainment sound system. It would have had parking for 200 cars and I was going to paint it snot green with pink trim.

The City Council told me to forget about it.

So, I sent the application in again, but this time I called it a Mosque.

Work starts on Monday.

H/T Patriot Humor.


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