When Sarah Palin booked a flight to Europe, the French immediately surrendered.

calendar   Wednesday - October 16, 2013

Abiola Olukemi Apara ….. WTF?  is that a name or a new disease?

Good grief .... is this another sign of National Health or a one off thing?

Abiola Olukemi Apara ?????  Huh? What kinda name is that or is it a disease we need to know about. Sheesh. Gone are the times foreigners with impossible names had the courtesy to Anglicize their names as our grandparents did. And nobody forced them to do it, they just had more brains and consideration for their host country and wanted to fit in.  No such animal as automatic rights.

Sorry but nobody with a name like that should should be hired prior to changing it to Jones or Smith. 
I wonder what her English is like.

Take a look.

Nurse ‘treated NHS colleague like a servant by forcing him to mow her lawn and take her to IKEA’

Abiola Apara allegedly made colleague do her chores and drive her around
Accused of refusing to speak to one worker for more than 4 months
Will appear before Nursing and Midwifery Council

By Anna Edwards

A nurse at an under-fire hospital has been accused of using an NHS staff member like her own personal servant - forcing them to drive her to IKEA and fix her leaking tap.

Abiola Olukemi Apara is accused of forcing a colleague at Basildon Hospital in Essex to mow her lawn, drive her to IKEA for a shopping trip, take her car for an MoT and even install a washing machine at her home.

The clinical support worker was also allegedly asked to install new lights, fix a leaking tap and put sealant around a bath at Apara’s home during a period between September 2004 and January 2007.

On Christmas Day 2005, Apara is even alleged to have instructed the same colleague to call in sick for his afternoon shift at the hospital so he could drive her to London and back.

The guy must be a wimp or an illegal or both.
I can’t imagine one of us, that is a white or black Brit or American, would put up with that treatment.  Assuming it’s all true.
Just defies logic someone would allow it.

And btw ...

This hosp. is under the gun due to: 
Read on.

A handful of other charges include inappropriately ignoring colleagues for a number of weeks and shouting at staff.

In one instance, believed to have occurred around July 2005, Apara is accused of ignoring a ward sister for five weeks and only communicating with her through notes left in the staff room.

On another occasion in late 2005, Apara is accused of shouting words to the effect of ‘you office now’ at a ward hostess then ignoring her for more than four months after the incident.

In another instance in March 2004 she is accused of ‘inappropriately asking a staff nurse, to provide a reference for her daughter, whom she had never met and did not know.

She is also accused of shouting at the same staff member in front of a patient she was washing

The misconduct charges are set to be heard when Apara appears in front of a Nursing and Midwifery Council panel in London next month.

Apara has since left Basildon Hospital.

The hospital has made national headlines after being slammed by inspectors for persistently high death rates and has since been paired with London’s Royal Free Hospital in a bid to improve standards.


Give us your tired and poor and incompetent. Oh wait, that’s us (USA) these sad days.  But still not so bad as here. Not yet anyway but then I’ve been away so long, how would I know?
I do know this and not saying that the ppl I personally spoke to (tried to that is) were bad folks. They tried to be helpful but every so often I had a hard time making out what they were trying to say. Wasn’t so bad that in the end I was lost.  I did finally understand. But it made me miss home and the desert all the more.

Good grief .... have to see to a leaky roof. Oh great. Got numbers and called and get no phone back. Hard to find someone who isn;t a traveller repair which means ur screwed. Sorry, off topic. 


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calendar   Saturday - September 28, 2013

muslim … to be or not to be … in time won’t be a choice if loopy left holds sway

Well, it’s not so much denouncing the rop as it is denouncing the islamisation of their culture. And who in their right mind would want that?  But this fellow is upset, he says.  My guess is that he’s just sucking up and being all sorts of multi-culture politically correct.
It’s not a huge poster, you’ll see.  I wouldn’t think that most people who see it would even be able to ID the shoes as his design.  Sure, some women might. But the general public?  No way.

Point of the exercise is … there are people in other European countries who also worry, a lot, about what’s happening to their country and culture. And the same thing holds true everywhere.  That many people can not be wrong about their fears.  Everywhere we turn we see appeasement and over accommodation and fear of being branded racists and worse.  Although the ‘R’ thing doesn’t bother me at all.  Big deal on that. 

So what has happened here is Miss Belgium 1991 who is now a senator, is much concerned, nay I’d say fearful, that her country will be lost to the ROP one day. She has campaigned for freedom for women from the threat of islam.  That can not be a bad thing. This is her.

These are the only pix I could find quickly of her in 1991, along with the poster in question.  No time for a deeper search as this isn’t for eye candy anyway.

Who but men into fashion and women would know those shoes?

Christian Louboutin, the luxury shoe designer, has gone to court to kill a far-Right campaign in Belgium that uses the famous stilettos in a poster denouncing Islam.

The poster by Flemish group “Women against Islamisation” reportedly shows the bare legs of Anke Van Dermeersch, a Miss Belgium of 1991, but now a senator for the extreme anti-immigrant party Vlaams Belang. She is wearing the signature red-soled Louboutins as she lifts up a black dress.

Words etched along the naked leg mark potential skirt lengths – ranging from “Sharia compatible” at the ankle to “stoning” high up a thigh.

The poster is loosely inspired by a photograph by Canadian feminist Rosea Lake which went viral in January called Judgements, depicting various skirt lengths ranging from “matronly” to “whore”.

The poster carries the slogan “Liberty or Islam” as well as the group’s web address.

Paris-based Louboutin argues that the ad tarnishes his image and wants an emergency “cease and desist” ruling from an Antwerp trade court.

The Vlaams Belang party, meaning Flemish Interest, has suffered in the polls in recent years and regularly launches provocative media campaigns against what it calls the “Islamisation of Belgium”.

source is The Telegraph

And oh ... just so we can remember .... just a few of the recipients of the ROP’s love and mercy.




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calendar   Saturday - August 03, 2013

UPDATE!  on dinner lady article ….  appease,appease,appease and for what?

This is an update to the dinner lady story of yesterday, and part of it came as a surprise.

Note to LyndonB.  I was mistaken. They apparently are not converts but muslims to begin with. Reads that way.

Yesterday I posted a story about a lady called a dinner lady.  These are folks who serve lunch for young kids at school. This story involved a woman who in error put ham on the plate of a 7 year old muslim girl.  She pointed at it when asked what she wanted and the dinner lady put it on her plate.
The head teacher spotted the error and immediately took the plate away from the child, and gave her something else.
But not being happy with that, she told the kid’s family what happened.  They in turn demanded that the school sack the dinner lady, which they did.
As LyndonB so aptly put it;

This sacking of the dinner lady is likely to cost them (ie us) dear as I bet she sues for unfair dismissal. Typical councils run by bed wetters who think pandering to the mad mullahs is what people want. If muslims send their kids to state schools then they should give them packed lunches or expect to be served “dirty” pork. Don’t like it? Then sod off back to to pisspotistan.

Which, it has now been announced, the family is doing.  But first, the vermin just had to demand the dinner lady lose her job.  Which she says, she would not take back if they offered. She is sorely disappointed and I’d say, pretty damn angry.

Here’s the update.

And have a GOOD read on what daddy had been up to.  Not exactly an upstanding citizen even by muslim finance rules according to the koran.

Brits will be better off without this scum living among them.

Family who got dinner lady fired after she accidentally served their child gammon are emigrating to Muslim country

Zahid and Rumana Darr asked for Alison Waldock to be dismissed

Miss Waldock accidentally served pork, forbidden by Islam, to their daughter

The Darrs are now moving to the conservative UAE


The parents involved in the sacking of a school dinner lady who mistakenly served gammon to their daughter are to emigrate to a Muslim country.

Alison Waldock, 51, was accused of gross misconduct and says she lost her job after Zahid and Rumana Darr asked that she be dismissed.

Today it can be revealed that Mr and Mrs Darr and their three children are emigrating to the United Arab Emirates later this month. The family have chosen to move from their home in Cambridge to Sharjah, where alcohol is banned and there are the strictest decency laws in the emirates.

Mrs Darr, 33, wrote on her Facebook page: ‘So we’re leaving the country end of August for good … We’re moving to Sharjah. We want to go relax in a nice hot Muslim country where the kids know their identities as Muslims.’

The move comes after Mr Darr’s recruitment firm was closed down in June when he was found to be working as a company director illegally.

Following an investigation by the Insolvency Service, he was banned from holding company directorships after he was caught pocketing over £500,000 owed in tax in 2008.

His firm Interecruit (UK) went into liquidation after Mr Darr, 36, ‘diverted’ money owed to the taxman in VAT, income tax and national insurance to another of his companies.

The nine-year ban was imposed in February 2011 but in May this year he was found to be operating a similar company named Interecruit (GB), which supplied agricultural workers.

As well as working as a director when disqualified, Mr Darr was not paying staff the minimum wage and failing to provide holiday pay. He had his gangmaster’s licence revoked by the licensing authority.

Yesterday Miss Waldock said she does not want to return to the canteen at Queen Edith Primary School in Cambridge, where she had worked for 11 years, even if she is reinstated by Lunchtime UK, which runs the service.

She told the Mail: ‘I’m just hoping to clear my name. I wouldn’t want my job back – look at the way I have been treated. I could not work for that company again and could not be in the school environment. It would be uncomfortable.’

see more


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calendar   Monday - July 08, 2013

another screwing of the brit public by court of human rights. never ends.

Isn’t it amazing how these vermin arrive in a country armed with a knowledge of the law. Or enough of it to use to their advantage.
Of course, that would not be possible in a world where logic played an important part.  To give them their due, even with their problems, the French manage to side step some of the more idiot regulations and laws and do not so far as I am aware, recognize the law under which Brits are ruled and are forced to obey.
Even when common sense dictate another solution. Like immediate deportation. No, can’t do that.
So damn sick of this crap. It never seems to end.

London riots looter from Congo blocks deportation because it would ‘breach his rights to family life’ - even though he is childless and unmarried

Derrick Kinsasi jailed for 18 months for burglary and theft in 2011 riots
But he argued against deportation saying ‘he has a good life here’
He said he had ‘no-one to go back to’ in home country
The ruling allowing him to stay means Kinsasi will remain here indefinitely

By Amanda Williams

A foreign criminal who was jailed for his part in the London riots has used human rights laws to overturn attempts to deport him.

Derrick Kinsasi was jailed for 18 months for burglary and theft from a branch of Comet during the August 2011 riots.


But his lawyers have successfully argued that sending the criminal, who has no wife and no children, back to the Democratic Republic of Congo would ‘breach his rights to family life’ under the Human Rights Act.

The Daily Telegraph reports that senior immigration judge Nathan Goldstein said the 21 year-old could stay in Britain, because to remove him had ‘echoes of exile’.

Kinsasi told the Upper Tribunal Immigration and Asylum Chamber that he came to Britain with his brother in 2002 to claim asylum.

He was refused, but was granted ‘exceptional leave to remain’ in 2006.

In October 2011 Kinsasi was jailed for 18 months, for his part in the London riots.

According to court papers, Kinsasi - who currently lives with his mother and two brothers - was caught by police as he tried to break into a branch of the electrical good store Comet to take ‘high value portable desirable items’.

Under government rules all foreign national jailed for 12 months or more should be sent back to their home countries.

In November 2011, officials told Kinsasi that he was liable for automatic deportation.

The right to ‘Family life’ under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights is enshrined in British law in the Human Rights Act and argues that everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.

Officials said that Kinsasi was not entitled to argue the right as he had no evidence of dependency ‘beyond normal emotional ties’.

He appealed to the lower immigration tribunal, but it upheld the Home Secretary’s decision to deport him.

But he then launched another appeal in the Upper Tribunal, in which he told Judges he had ‘no one to go back to’ in the Democratic Republic of Congo and had a ‘good life here’.

Judge Goldstein reversed the previous ruling, allowing the appeal.

The judge said: ‘The consequence of his removal to the DRC would amount to a splitting of the family unit.’’I find that removing him to the DRC has echoes of ‘exile’ rather than exclusion and it is unlikely to be proportionate.’

The ruling means Kinsasi will be able to remain here indefinitely.

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘We are disappointed with this judgment. This kind of case is precisely why we are looking to change the law in the new Immigration Bill which will be introduced later this year.

‘We want to ensure the courts properly reflect Parliament’s view that serious criminals should be deported unless there are very exceptional circumstances.’


So bongo, bongo, bongo he do want to leave the congo
Oh yes yes yes yes
Bingle, bangle, bungle he no happy de the jungle he refuse to go

Bingo Bango bongo he so happy in the UK he refuse to go
Him know de law you bet ...
He say ..
I’ve got my spear
I’ll stay right here
On ben-e-fits
ha ha ha ha
I think I’ll stay where I “om”


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calendar   Saturday - June 22, 2013

NY human rights commission. please drop dead you rank M*****F******

Well if this doesn’t beat all I hardly know what does.

And btw ... it isn’t just the idiots in New York (and you make fun of Ca.?) but our entire country that is F***** up.  This could have happened in any state in the union.  What makes us screwed up is that it is allowed at all.
Surely the pub owners here were not mean spirited people but ...  well read this for yourself.  Then tell me if our country isn’t every bit as fouled up as Europe in this mad drive to label everything as racist. 

Sometimes I wish I could grab a gun and start killing all those politically correct ass wipes that approve of and have anything to do with things like this.
Well, ok.  More than just sometimes.  All the time.  What the hell.  Even if I could, it’s far too late to save the country here or the USA.  How come?
Because our countries have been lost for a long time, and both have been lost in the classrooms from kindergarten to university.  The left got the kids very early on, and they went on to teach the following generation who in turn ..... 

New York’s only Welsh pub to pay $2,500 after asking for British job applicants

The owners of New York’s only Welsh pub have reluctantly reached a deal with the city’s Human Rights Commission after they indicated a preference for British applicants for a bar job.

By Philip Sherwell, New York

Michael and Jennifer Colbert, who run the Longbow Pub and Pantry in Brooklyn, agreed to pay a $2,500 (£1,600) settlement and to undergo anti-discrimination training.

The advertisement that landed them in trouble with the zealots at the HRC was placed on the website Craigslist.

“Energetic and enthusiastic men and women with an appreciation of craft beer, good food, whisky and real football (a k a soccer),” it read. “Being British definitely works in your favour.”

Mr Colbert, who is from Wrexham, and his wife, an American, made clear that they were happy to hire a non-British bartender as long as they understood certain key cultural differences.

As Mrs Colbert wrote to the commission: “It is essential to know that Wales is not where the Princess is from, why Everton v Liverpool is an important match, that ‘knocking someone up’ is not about being pregnant, a banger has nothing to do with gangs, black pudding is not a dessert and that the Old Firm has nothing to do with attorneys.”

The couple noted that owners of thousands of other ethnically-linked New York businesses recruit on the same principles.

But the Commission insisted that there could be no wavering from a ban on advertisements in which employers refer to national or ethnic origin.

The case dragged on for a year before the Colberts were advised by lawyers to accept the deal to avoid more punitive penalties and costs.

The couple are now looking to return to what they love - serving customers in an oak-paneled British oasis, a Welsh national rugby jersey framed by the bar, Old Speckled Hen on draft, fish-and-chips on the menu and football (not “soccer") on the television.

They remained defiant, however.

“Free speech is not so free after all it seems,” they said. “Please note that the payment of the fine is NOT an admission on our part that we are guilty of the charges.

“The anti-discrimination training clause? Vindictive retaliation for talking to the press, nothing more.”



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calendar   Thursday - May 30, 2013


I got this bit of copy from the Washington Times.
I’m not posting all of it and in fact I am only posting this reminder because of a blurb caught in, of all places, The Wall Street Journal.
Which I will get to shortly.

Swedish riots could represent Europe’s future

CHARLOTTE, May 29, 2013 – Travelers who have visited Sweden know it be one of the great undiscovered secrets of Europe. It is also one of the most liberal. Now, after more than a week of rioting, Sweden’s grand experiment in multiculturalism is providing a window into what the rest of Europe, and even the United States, could expect if current immigration policies continue.

Thanks to government policies which offer new immigrants free housing and social welfare when they arrive, Sweden has long been one of the world’s most popular destination for asylum seekers.

Sweden itself is a country of emigrants. In the southern region there is even an emigrant museum which is one of the best facilities in the world for genealogy research. Combined with its progressive philosophy Sweden has long had open-door immigration policies which, until recently, have been a source of national pride.

Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, many immigrants have little education and are unable to find work in an upscale highly educated society.

Even under the best of conditions, integration into another society so culturally different from their own is a difficult adjustment for any nationality.
The unrest happening today in Sweden is similar to what occurred in the past in London and Paris, though most observers say it is to a lesser degree.

Much of Sweden’s problem is the result of ignoring immigration policies that encourage the establishment of parallel societies within the country. With such open policies, it is understandable that Sweden would have a high density of immigration from a multitude of nations.

With so many cultures entering the country, especially from Africa and the Middle East, immigrant societies have become increasingly segregated from Swedish society. As a result, areas known as no-go zones have arisen that make certain areas of major cities in Sweden, and other European nations, dangerous and off-limits for natives.

Some of the Islamic no-go zones now function within their individual areas by instituting Sharia law as their source of legal authority. Consequently these sections have become virtual islands of Islam within Sweden. These micro-states are often self-governing to the extent that local authorities either cannot, will not or are not allowed to provide basic benefits such as police and fire protection or ambulance services.

As immigrant populations gain strength, they are becoming increasingly emboldened by asserting special rights and privileges throughout Sweden.


That isn’t the entire article, which is an interesting read I must say.
But the reason for posting it is because of the very brief quote from the WSJ.  Now talk about absolute lunacy.  Read this bit of wisdumb.

It was written by someone named Fredrik Segerfeldt. Whoever he is.

The immigrants are not to blame.
Rather, the main culprit has been Sweden’s inability to adapt to its new residents.

Now I ask you. Is that guy simply being sarcastic and possibly funny?
Or, is he really serious?
Why should the host country have to adapt to outsiders?  Should it not be the other way around?
And that dear friends tells us much does it not, with regard to the kind of thinking that has seen us come to where we are today. Because I think the writer wasn’t kidding. I believe he belongs to that long list of Western apologists who are quite willing to accommodate, and appease.
I find it so hard to accept that the Swedes could be that stupid.  We can only hope for an upswing of rightists who might settle the foreign hash once and for all.  Hope away. It won’t happen.  Sad that it won’t. Oh well, kiss Sweden goodbye too.


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calendar   Thursday - May 23, 2013

europe’s cancer

Ran across a site I forgot about even tho I had made a number of past visits.  Age catching up.

Anyway ...  H/T BareNakedIslam for the article and the graphic.

There is a YT video but best watched minus the sound, if at all.

This is more on the rioting in Sweden this week. And oh btw, some muzzies in France are angry. Again.  Is there anyplace they aren’t angry?

I read LyndonB’s comment on a Drew post from yesterday.  The UK isn’t alone in the doom room.  Unless the people rise up, and THEY WILL NOT, all of Europe save possibly the Russians, are also doomed. And even they have libtards and a birth problem while islam Marches On.

UPDATE on the Muslim savages rioting in Sweden



In the area of Husby in Stockholm Sweden, About 200 armed Muslims carried out a well-planned riot that burned hundreds of cars and buildings. The main group behind the riots, Megafonen, received City funding as a ‘youth activist group.’ Turns out the “youths” consisted of revolutionary Muslim activists whose goal was to destroy the area they live in (no doubt living on government welfare benefits).

Over 80 % of the residents are non-european immigrants, legal and illegal, mainly Arab and African Muslims. First the Muslim demand that the state build them mosques, then they demand loudspeakers to broadcast the Muslim Call to Prayer five times a day. Next they demand money, free housing and welfare money for their clans, vacation pay and cars. Next they begin to demand money and offices for their groups and community organizations.

In this case, one of the groups, Megafon organized the riots, and the leader stirred up violence against the police before she shut down her Twitter account to hide her tracks. A screen shot was saved and can be seen in the film. Rioting in the 200 burning hell hole cities called ghettos are common in Sweden.

Large masses of rioting Muslims roam in packs, set fires to trick police and fire to arrive, them they pelt the emergency vehicles with rocks, IED’s, fireworks or use guns.

Heard on the radio this morning.  With regard to the killing of a soldier here in the UK yesterday, some interviews with residents in the area explain that near by is an immigration ghetto, mostly infested with life forms from Somalia. Italics mine.  Anyway, residents say that the folks who are native born here, feel like they have fewer rights then the Somali immigrants

Rami al-Khamisi, a law student and founder of the youth organisation Megafonen, told the Swedish edition of online newspaper The Local that he had been insulted racially by police. Teenagers, he said, had been called “monkeys”.  Most are from Turkey, the Middle East and Somalia.

Well hell’s bells. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck … ?


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calendar   Monday - May 06, 2013

once upon a time there was a ‘trans-equality scrutiny panel’ Actually, there really is. now. today.

Who would have given this any thought?
Mr., Mrs., Ms? Nope. One more to be added to the politically correct list.  Mx.
You couldn’t make it up.
I heard it discussed on the radio briefly. Checked the calendar to be sure it wasn’t April 1st.
The city of Brighton has decided to use the letters (MX) adopted by the, “transgender community” on it’s paperwork after complaints that some people were being forced to choose between genders.
Seems there is something called a “trans equality scrutiny panel” which oversees such things.
What at first reads like a joke it seems is far more involved than I thought it could be. Here’s a taste and the link has the whole story.

The council’s policy and resources committee approved a series of measures, including the removal of the need for patients to choose from male or female options when they check in at electronic screens on arrival at a GP surgery.

Other recommendations include ensuring all councillors and police staff undertake trans awareness training and introducing gender neutral toilets and changing rooms, suggested by the council’s trans-equality scrutiny panel.

Just how many more awareness programs will the loons come up with before there won’t be any more time left in the day ?

source for the silly putty


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calendar   Friday - April 12, 2013

Must Be Spring

“Welcome to the new normal”

Welcome to the new normal: Large-scale black mob violence is busting out in Philadelphia, Chicago, Utica, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Wilmington (Delaware), Greenville (South Carolina), Grand Rapids, Peoria, Springfield (Ohio), Newark, Boston and Brooklyn.

All in the last three weeks.

Police say they are baffled. Others say it is a regular meteorological event: “Large crowds and fights are not uncommon in the city in the warm weather,” said the ABC affiliate in Philadelphia.

The latest example of the new normal took place Tuesday in Philadelphia: 200 black people on the streets of the downtown financial district: fighting, vandalizing, rampaging, refusing to disperse, tossing bottles at police. It began at 4 p.m. and took police 90 minutes to restore order.

At the epicenter of the violence, an employee of Wendy’s said no one was surprised.

“It usually happens when the weather breaks,” Lakia Garrick told the local Fox affiliate. “They come in here and go crazy. It was really expected.”

Fourteen black people were arrested and charged with misdemeanors.

The riot came less than a month after the political and media establishment of Philadelphia rose up in outrage at an article in Philadelphia Magazine called “Being White in Philly.”

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, sometimes you don’t even have to look. Other times, you don’t want to. So don’t worry; this stuff won’t be on the TV news anywhere. Not ever.


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calendar   Thursday - April 11, 2013

“What’s black and eats bananas?  Half of London,”

I’m not a fan so haven’t a clue who he is. Apparently lots do and darts really is a spectator sport here. Although I fail to see how it’s a sport.  Are ALL games sports?  Is a game of leisure a sport?  Doesn’t matter. That isn’t the topic.
The topic, yawn, is the usual.
But in this case .... it’s pc over the top. Well pc by its nature is always over the top.

Racial jokes are hate crimes now and subject to investigations disciplinary hearings.  Oh yeah, and of course the obligatory I’m sorry if I offended anyone apologies. 

‘Voice of darts’ quits over racist ‘jokes’

By Eurosport | World of Sport

Legendary darts announcer Martin Fitzmaurice has quit after being caught on camera telling racist jokes.

Fitzmaurice, whose chanted catchphrase “Let’s… play… darts!” is famous throughout the game, made the offensive comments at an international match between Scotland and England being played in Fife.

The compare had initially said that his comments were just ‘a bit of banter’ but after the scandal blew up he decided to offer his resignation which was accepted.

The British Darts Organisation and the Scottish Darts Association had both condemned Fitzmaurice for his comments which included “jokes” such as “What’s black and eats bananas? Half of London,” and “What’s the difference between a P*** and ET? ET went home.”

“I have offered my resignation and they have accepted it,” Fitzmaurice said.

“I made a mistake. I was having a bit of banter with the crowd.

“What happened took place because I was unaware the camera was on. If I have upset anyone I apologise.

“I’m a bit fed up and I’m upset my family has been brought into this.

“My children have been devastated and things that have been said about me are unbelievable.

“I know what I said was wrong but at the end of the day the damage is being done to the sport by those people writing the filth.

“Anyone who knows about darts should know I have been round a long time and it’s always been good.”

A full enquiry is already taking place into this regrettable incident.

The BDO’s statement when the controversy first emerged read: “The British Darts Organisation apologises unreservedly for the fact that racially offensive comments were made by MC Martin Fitzmaurice at the BDO British Internationals in Scotland.

“The BDO wishes to make it clear that it does not tolerate racism in any shape or form, and a full enquiry is already taking place into this regrettable incident. In accordance with BDO rules on racism, Martin Fitzmaurice has been made fully aware of the seriousness of his actions and will be required to face a disciplinary hearing in front of the BDO Board.”

The BBC also condemned Fitzmaurice: “As someone who has appeared in previous tournaments we have televised we are appalled by the alleged remarks.”

“What’s the difference between a P*** and ET? ET went home.”

I believe P*** might stand for Paki?  Someone from Pakistan. Lyndon?  Is that correct?

In any effing event, it’s god damn true. ET did go home.  What’s the problem with that little gag?  So fuckin what.

“What’s black and eats bananas? Half of London,”

Again. So what?  It’s not that funny anyway but what the heck.  Seems like nobody can say anything anymore least someone somewhere decides it fits the racist mold.  I don’t see where telling a gag like that means you hate the object of the joke. Or even dislike the object.

Have any of you heard any comics, I mean real funny guys who could make you laff minus the bad language I used here, have any of you heard anyone who does dialect anymore?

Recently, a young girl, whose story I just don’t feel like going into now, Tweeted using the term fag. But even worse she suggested that her local pizza place needed to learn English. Especially since they deliver and apparently there’s a problem in translations.  Oooh ... RACIST!

screwed up world.


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calendar   Monday - April 01, 2013

policing in the modern era

Looking at the pix one might think the cop was Mister Jones shown on the right.
However …

`WPC Jones has hired a London firm to sue Mr Jones, claiming he failed to keep her safe` < < < < < = He probably had the idea being an adult and a copper she could keep herself safe stepping over a kerb. Obviously not, and as such she is a danger to herself and members of the public.
TG-3323 , LIVERPOOL, United Kingdom

What’s this all about?  Well, it’s a law suit of course but I believe even more.
It’s proof if any were needed, that barely qualified and unfit people of a certain favored gender, have been hired by the authorities to protect the public based on quotas.  We have a term for that in the USA but I forgot what it’s called.
But you get the idea.  Just thought of it.
Affirmative Action.  ??  Is that right? 

Take a look at this cow.  Does she give you the feeling of trust and confidence to “protect” anything but her stomach, with which she appears to do all her thinking.

I guess this is what the culture and policing have come to.

Damn upsetting especially when we all of know this slag should never have been allowed into the force to begin with.

We can be also be sure tests were made more compatible to fit the lower orders of humanity so that all could be judged, equal.

I wish the Mail had published the letter from the cow’s lawyers in larger print on line. I read it all in the hard copy on Sunday.  Outrageous hardly describes it all.


Police in £20million injury claims bonanza as backlash grows over WPC demanding £50K from burglary victim for tripping over kerb

The Police Federation are encouraging officers to make the claims

Much of the £42million paid out over the past two years is taxpayer-funded

WPC Kelly Jones is suing burglary victim Steve Jones

She is seeking five-figure sum for tripping over kerb at his garage

By Chris Greenwood, Crime Reporter

Police officers are pocketing more than £20million a year in personal injury claims.

They are instructing ‘ambulance-chasing’ lawyers to sue over mishaps on duty such as slips, trips and animal attacks.

Officers are being encouraged to make the claims by a hotline run by the Police Federation. Much of the £42million paid out over the past two years is taxpayer-funded.

In a case that has caused uproar, a policewoman is suing the man who dialled 999 to report a burglary because she tripped over a kerbstone at his property.

Kelly Jones, 33, is seeking a five-figure sum for injuries to her leg and wrist last August. She was well enough however to carry on the search for the suspected intruder.

Steve Jones, the garage owner who made the 999 call, said: ‘How can anyone feel safe calling the cops if they size you up for compensation while they’re fighting crime?

‘Surely policing has elements of both public service and risk. Isn’t that what officers sign up for when they put on the uniform – chasing villains and keeping us safe?’

Recalling the incident, the 50-year-old businessman said: ‘I thought nothing of it – other than she must have been a bit embarrassed – and I helped her up. Then we carried on with the search.’

Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons home affairs committee, demanded urgent Home Office guidelines on the issue.

‘This civil claim will have huge implications for every citizen if they call police out to their premises to help them in an emergency,’ said the Labour MP.

‘It is in the public interest to know where exactly people stand in circumstances like this. If there are going to be cases like this, then people will feel reluctant to call the police in case they are sued.



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calendar   Tuesday - March 05, 2013


I post a lot of stories that have to do with crime but not for crime’s sake.  The vast majority of the articles I grab and post here, have to do with how crime is seen and dealt with.  The reasoning behind why one criminal act will result in a (short) term in the slammer, and a similar or same crime by a different individual will earn a get out of jail card.  The long and short of it is, it’s all best described as most bizarre.  I won’t rehash old cases here but something happened recently that I meant to post last week, and have been reminded of it today in a column by Richard Littlejohn, of the Daily Mail.  I have two things to post. They are unrelated but, it could answer a question asked by one of our BMEWS regulars some time ago.

I do not now recall which of you asked the question, “Just what the heck does one have to do to get arrested over there?” If that isn’t the exact quote, it’s pretty close without losing anything in the translation.

I should not post so much of this first story as explained by Littlejohn, but it goes to the heart of the question that was asked.

When did ‘unkempt’ become a racial insult?

By Richard Littlejohn

A former Government Education Minister has been subjected to a humiliating six-month ‘racism’ investigation after describing a constituent as ‘unkempt’.
Tim Loughton, Conservative MP for East Worthing and Shoreham-by-Sea, was interviewed under caution by detectives for 90 minutes.

Officers also questioned Mr Loughton’s staff and trawled through his archives for ‘evidence’. They were acting on a complaint from a well-known local nutter, who claimed that the MP insulted his ethnic heritage.

Kieran Francis, who says that he is a Romany gypsy on his mother’s side, accused Mr Loughton of being ‘disrespectful’ and calling him ‘dirty’.
This deeply sinister chain of events began when Mr Loughton became involved in a dispute over Mr Francis being evicted from his allotment by the local council.
Other allotment-holders complained that he was using human excrement on his compost heap, a charge he denies. Mr Francis then got into an altercation with an official from the allotment department.

Mr Francis emailed Mr Loughton, to protest about his treatment at the hands of the council, which identified him as a ‘difficult resident’. He took particular exception to one document which described him as ‘unkempt’.
This wasn’t the first time the MP had heard from Mr Francis, who has regularly contacted his office with a series of complaints about the council, the NHS, the benefits agency, the courts and even the police.
He says Mr Francis had subjected his staff to taunts and bad language, occasionally reducing them to tears.
For good measure, Mr Loughton added this complaint was yet ‘another example of the whingeing, self-serving, poisonous b******s that seem to have become your trademark’.
He said later: ‘I’d had enough of this guy. I felt the council had acted legitimately and I uniquely decided to use some of his own style of language to reinforce my point.’
After sending the email, Mr Loughton was contacted by a Detective Inspector from Sussex Police who wanted to speak to him in connection with allegations of a ‘criminal nature’.
He was put into a custody suite at Worthing nick and told he was being investigated under the Malicious Communications Act.
Mr Loughton was shown a document which read: ‘Mr Francis states that he is of Romany Gypsy origin and feels that references made to him are of a racist nature and that the email contains personal insults of a grossly offensive nature.’
The MP said he had no idea what Mr Francis’s ethnic origins may or may not be. But even if he had, how does calling him ‘unkempt’ amount to ‘racism’ and what has a dispute over an allotment got to do with the Old Bill?
Understandably, Mr Loughton is furious and is demanding an explanation from the Chief Constable.
He may be disappointed. Sussex Police have so far refused to answer any questions about the length or cost of the investigation, which could run to as much as £100,000. He won’t get much joy from the Crown Prosecution Service, either, even though no charges are being preferred.
The CPS said: ‘These were serious allegations and the matter was thoroughly reviewed.’

No, they weren’t. The only ‘serious’ aspect is the outrageous decision of the police to treat a blameless Member of Parliament like a criminal and accuse him of ‘racism’ on the basis of a vexatious and malicious complaint from a serial grievance-monger.

As the unfortunate Mr Loughton correctly surmises: ‘Because of the merest hint of racism and the sensitivity towards travellers, the police go into overdrive.’
If you’re burgled or have your car stolen, you’ll be lucky to get a note for the insurance. But claim that you’re half-Romany and someone’s been rude to you and the police will drop everything to investigate.

All Sussex’s officers will have been indoctrinated about ‘diversity’ on some expensive training course, just like every other copper in Britain.
And the way they ‘celebrate diversity’ is by feeling the collar of anyone who is accused of showing ‘disrespect’ to someone who, however tenuously, defines himself as a member of a ‘vulnerable and persecuted’ minority group.

The new breed of chief police officers are no longer old-fashioned thief-takers. They seem to have landed fully-formed and brainwashed from Planet Plod and are more interested in appeasing their political puppet-masters than serving the people who pay their wages.

They may not police the streets much any more, but they are determined to police our thoughts, our speech and rummage through our online communications.
What were Sussex Police expecting to uncover by trawling through an MP’s emails? It was a fishing expedition to try to build a case. The intent is not to ‘investigate’ it is to intimidate, pure and simple.

The once-proud and admired British police have been hollowed out by the Guardianistas and converted into a vehicle for bringing politically-motivated prosecutions against anyone deemed to have offended against the new social orthodoxy.
Fall foul of them and it can cost your reputation, your liberty and your job.

A Scottish police chaplain has just been sacked because his opposition to gay marriage, expressed on his own private blog, doesn’t conform to Strathclyde Police’s ‘equality and diversity’ policies.

This was despite the Government promising that no one should be forced out of their job for opposing same-sex weddings.
When Andrew Mitchell was hounded from office on the basis of false, but politically damaging, allegations, the question was asked: if the police are prepared to fit up the Chief Whip, who is safe any more?

After Tim Loughton’s ordeal over trumped-up allegations of ‘racism’, the answer has to be: absolutely no one.


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calendar   Monday - January 21, 2013

et tu australia?

Unbelievable once upon a time in their history, but times have changed.

I was looking for a related story, got lost in surfing and Google searches and found myself here.

I won’t post all of it, the link will have the rest as always.  Just shows us doesn’t it that it isn’t the usual suspects that cave in.

Getting late, waiting for a phone call from an electrician. Excuses is all we’ve had so far. Says he’ll call and then doesn’t.
Ah, the new age Brit work ethic.
Who says there’s a country wide financial crisis?  If there is one, it hasn’t touched this no show fellow.  I should be used to it by now, having had workmen that didn’t show up without a call or else came late without word. And often never bothered to return calls.

That’s way off the topic. Sorry.
Here’s the story. With a H/T Sydney Morning Herald

Free speech dogged by politics of difference

Paul Sheehan

The obvious question is, what are they afraid of? Is it fear of violence, or vandalism, or simply fear of association?

Debbie Robinson, a small business operator who describes herself as an ordinary citizen, wants to bring to Australia a Dutch political leader who is a supporter of democracy, freedom of religion, feminism and gay rights. But when she started making arrangements all she encountered was fear.

‘’In Sydney, venues that were initially available were cancelled or would not take the booking when they realised who the speaker was,’’ she told me. She provided a list of rejections: the Hilton Hotel, North Sydney Leagues Club, Sydney Masonic Centre, Wesley Convention Centre, Luna Park Function Centre, the Concourse at Chatswood and the Sir John Clancy Auditorium at the University of NSW.

‘’I offered a church-based venue in Sydney a donation and their reply was, ‘You could offer $4 million and we would not accept your booking’.’’


Finding venues was not her only problem. ‘’Earlier in the year I approached APN Outdoor to arrange a four-week run of bus ads in Sydney. The artwork was forwarded to them and I was quoted a price for the job . . . Then I was advised they would not be able to run the ad as it was too political and would result in the buses being damaged and defaced. They would not say who would do the damage.’’

The same happened in Perth, where Robinson lives, when venues declined to take her booking, including the Burswood Casino. When she tried to organise a payments system for the tour, she was rejected by Westpac. The bank, which has been courting the Chinese Communist government for years, wanted nothing to do with this Dutch democrat.

‘’I was organising an e-way payment system with Westpac to link to the website of the Q Society [the sponsor of the tour]. I received a call from a manager who said the Westpac Risk Management Team had decided the material for sale was offensive and inappropriate and therefore they would not proceed with the e-way system. I asked to speak to the manager responsible and was told he was on leave.’’

The Dutch MP causing so much concern is Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party of Freedom (PVV), the king-maker in Dutch politics over the past two years. When Wilders withdrew his support for the government last year, it collapsed and a national election was called.

A month after that election, in which the PVV polled a million votes and won 16 seats, Wilders was scheduled to be in Australia. The trip was cancelled after it was sabotaged by the Minister for Immigration, Chris Bowen.

The minister then had the gall to write an opinion piece, published in The Australian on October 2 last year, in which he claimed, ‘’I have decided not to intervene to deny [Wilders] a visa because I believe that our democracy is strong enough, our multiculturalism robust enough and our commitment to freedom of speech entrenched enough that our society can withstand the visit of a fringe commentator.’’

Reality check: Bowen’s department sat on Wilders’ visa application for almost two months, then acted only after the minister received public criticism and Wilders was cancelling his trip.

No such long delay hindered the visit of Taji Mustafa, a spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir, an apologist for jihad, when he made a speaking tour in Australia last September while Wilders was being frozen out.

Sydney Morning Herald


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calendar   Thursday - December 20, 2012

well, its one way to raise $$$$$$$ for Christmas shopping. and not funny.

Mind you now, we must not get carried away and point out just what culture and group these nice gentlemen belong to. (see pix at link)

This is just another sorry example of what this country puts up with on a daily basis.  Who knows how much goes unreported.

It’s bad enough when you have your own home grown vermin causing grief.  But thanks to the new world order, Brits have to open their borders to all members of the EU.

Oh, allow me to digress for a moment.

Just what the hell was Obama thinking when he advised the Prime Minister here that his country should remain in the EU.  Yeah, they were on a conf. call and O. gave his opinion which ok, might have been asked for although I can not imagine that, even for this PM. 

Oh by all means remain and make it easier for folks like these to thrive.

I’ll use the comment made by someone else cos it fits better than anything I’ll come up with.

I’ve heard that TMay and Cameron want another couple of million Bulgarians and Romanians to arrive through our airports next year. They don’t say why it’s important to them that this should happen. Obviously, the people most affected - that’s us - aren’t considered important enough to be asked if this is what we reallly want. Don’t you just love them, bless their cotton socks. No, actually, they’re Traitors to our country - and they have no allegiance to it at all, that’s for certain ! Their careers will be cut short very soon, and no amount of ‘persuading the electorate’ will impress us ! Good riddance, political parasites !

- UK Rising , Definitely Here, 20/12/2012 10:55

The TMay mentioned above is Theresa May, a Conservative politician who is the current Home Secretary.

Romanian gang who caused travel chaos after stealing FOUR MILES of railway cable worth £500,000 are jailed for 23 years

The men, aged between 19 and 36, plundered rural railway tracks
Then they sold the metal for scrap replaced it with cheap shop bought wire

By Amanda Williams

Eight Romanian men who stole cable from remote rural railway lines and replaced it with cheap shop bought wire are today beginning combined prison sentences of 23 years.

The men, aged between 19 and 36, plundered rural stretches of the railway line between Evesham, Worcestershire, and Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, causing chaos for commuters.

Birmingham Crown Court heard the organised gang travelled from their homes in the Handsworth and Smethwick areas of Birmingham to target isolated countryside lines.

After pinching the cable they left it by the side of the tracks for another team from the gang to collect.

The gang then attempted to cover up their crime by replacing the stolen cable with cheap wire they bought and sold the original for scrap.

The court heard between 3 November 2011 and 24 May 2012, the gang struck at least 22 times, always at night, and stole a total of about 6,000 metres of cable.

The thieves cost Network Rail between £450,000 and £500,000 to replace and repair the cables and also fines incurred to train operators as a result of the delays and disruption caused.

Some of the gang also targeted the railway line in Church Lawford, Warwickshire, following increased police patrols in the Cotswolds.

read more

To ppl outside this country, this won’t mean anything. Especially in light of news that is far worse. I guess the reason for the post, added to so many others of like nature involving foreigners, is to continually shine a light on what happens when a country happily signs away its right to control borders and falls in with a bad crowd. The EU. 

Just imagine if a thug in the USA was illegal and committed a crime deserving deportation, but the UN said it was a violation of his rights cos deportation meant the guy would be treated badly in his home country.  And imagine further that the US, meaning YOU, were obliged to provide him with legal council AND btw, possible language interpreters, all under the the screen of human rights, decided on by your govt. AND the UN.
That’s pretty much the situation Brits find themselves in.  I admit I may not have it 100% right. My comment is based however on what I see in the papers each day and hear on the news.  Not to mention the complaints I read and hear from Brits themselves on the subject.

DEPORTATION ................................AFTERWARDS OR WILL THEY BE BACK ON BENEFITS AGAIN...................

- Jake

RoyG , Solihull., 20/12/2012 09:48 - “They are part of the EC and arrive here to work - at our invitation” The British people have NEVER voted for this stupid policy. It was imposed on us and tragically there is much worse to come. The sooner we free ourselves from the EU the better. As for the sentences, they are totally inadequate, but then we’ve lost all faith in our justice system as well. No wonder there is so much disillusionment with a parliament, that is so out of touch with the public.

- Southdownlad , Sussex, United Kingdom

See More Below The Fold


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