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calendar   Monday - February 01, 2010

WANTED!  disabled princesses for Disney just to placate one left wing meat head

No matter what some folks try and do and believe they have done an ok thing, there’s ALWAYS some unsatisfied ding-a-ling who asks why there isn’t more.  In this case, Disney criticized by former senior policy adviser on equalities and diversity,who obviously doesn’t have the brains to get a regular job, is on their case coz Disney hasn’t yet featured a disabled person.  And what a job classification.  Advisor on equalities and diversity.  In plain engrish I think that means the person holding that title gets to decide what is and is not equal, fair and diversified..

Wish I were running Disney.  Just for a day or two. Just long enough to tell these pc jerks to get stuffed.  Don’tcha just hate those pc, diversified bastards? 

Disney attacked over lack of disabled princesses

Its new film The Princess and The Frog features a black princess, but Disney has still been criticized for its alleged lack of diversity.

By Richard Eden

Disney has been praised for breaking down barriers by featuring its first black princess in the film The Princess and The Frog. Oona King, who was Gordon Brown’s senior policy adviser on equalities and diversity, is not satisfied, however.

“You never see disabled people,” the former Labour MP complained at a screening at the Mayfair Hotel in London. “When are you going to see a Disney film with a disabled character in the lead role? Tell me that.”

( Tell me that she asks as if the company is spending her money to produce films.  As if the company owes her any sort of explanation. You can tell she really does take that for granted, that the company should somehow answer to her instead of their shareholders. Anyway, listen up you stupid slag.  Disney is an AMERICAN COMPANY!  Go somewhere else with your equality and diversity questions. Meat-head!)

King is clearly on a mission in her new role as Channel 4’s head of diversity. “I think all of the media has a problem,” she said.

“If you look at the members of the media’s cultural network, all British broadcasters, none of us do well in terms of diversity.The people making film and TV have to really get their act together.”

King, who was defeated at the last general election by George Galloway, added: “Where we have made progress is having black people and other under-represented groups on the screen, but we still don’t have black people making films. I can’t think of the British Spike Lee.”


No black ppl making films?  Maybe so but perhaps there isn’t the call or maybe they’re working successfully outside the nanny state. She can’t think of a Brit Spike Lee.  Wild guess on my part but ... MAYBE THERE ISN’T ONE.  Doh.  Invent one then.  It isn’t the fault of the industry if there are no Lees available here.

Good grief Charlie Brown.  Defeated by Galloway?  Gallaway?  Holy cow. Either the electorate is really barmy beyond what I thought or ,,,,, or ,,,,, ?  Defeated by .. ?  I must have read it wrong. But no. There it is in print.  And she’s advising Ch.4? Oh good.
By her reasoning and she’d be right on technicalities, EVERYBODY is under-represented.

WHAAAAAA.  I WANNA COME HOOOOOOME !  This pace is driving me sane.


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calendar   Thursday - January 21, 2010

Muslim police in ‘hatred’ warning: Anti-terror tactics ‘promote Islamophobia’, say officers.

Couldn’t let this one pass and just have to comment on it as well.  Can’t wait to hear what the White Christian Police Officers Association has to say on the subject.  Oh wait a minute. Never mind.  Those folks don’t have one of those as it might appear to be, well you know. Anti something and racist. 

Muslim Police Say Anti-Terror Strategy Has It Wrong

By Claire Ellicott
Daily Mail

Muslim police officers have warned that the Government’s anti-terrorism strategy is an ‘affront to British values’ and encourages Islamophobia.

No Sirs.  What causes that big word is the attitude and the actions of the many followers of that highly political faith.

The National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) told MPs that far-Right organisations were a greater threat to national security than Islam.

Well, since there’s only one nationally well known “far right” party here I must assume they are talking about the BNP.  The British National Party.  So far though, I haven’t noticed anyone from the BNP flying planes into buildings in the name of Jesus.  And I haven’t noticed any Christians calling for a return to the inquisition for non believers.  That seems to be the forte of a goodly number of your own co-religionists.
Sure, I could be mistaken but it does seem to me that almost every time someone coverts to islam, they seem all fired up to blow something up.  And all in the name of ?  I’d say the word but don’t want to be taken for someone who is islamphobic.

The hatred towards Muslims has grown to a level that defies all logic and is an affront to British values.  ‘The climate is such that Muslims are subject to daily abuse in a manner that would be ridiculed by Britain, were this to occur anywhere else.

Oh come on. As practised by muslim hate preachers I’d say the public at large was being very logical and maybe too tolerant.  Try and sell that to the victims of the tube bombings a few yrs ago.

But Muslim officers believe the Government is wrong to blame Islam as the main ‘driver’ of terrorist activity. Muslim officers may be reluctant to take part in ‘hearts and minds’ anti-terrorist campaigns in the future.

Ah. Got it at last.  The main driver of TERRORISM just has to be .... drum roll ....  The Damn Jews. Who else? It’s a Jewish/Western plot to discredit, you know. I can’t say it though.
I don’t see the non-Christain public, muslims excepted, planting bombs in the subways or on buses or trying to blow planes out of the sky.  Once again, your people have the market cornered on that commodity.

Most of Europe and the UK were doing well enough before the great influx of radical muslims were forced on them.  Things do not look as though things will improve much.



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calendar   Saturday - January 09, 2010

IMMIGRANTS RIOT IN ITALY …..  apologies from authorities expected.

Here we go again. De blacks doin what day always do when day got nottin to do. Riot. Cause vandalism. Burn cars.
Doesn’t matter what country they’re in it seems.  Any one will do.  Jus ax dem. This time it’s Italy.

Now then, I don’t hold with whoever took some pot shots at black immigrant workers. You can’t tell in random shooting if the target is some hard working law abiding guy or a left wing trouble maker. It wasn’t right. Period.  As for beatings, the article doesn’t go into real detail there. Justified by self defense or otherwise? A gang thing?  An argument that ended in a fight?

Just what kind of point are they making or justice seeking when they attack (as they ALWAYS do) generally defenseless people who have had absolutely nothing to do with whatever happened.  Reminds me in part of the nights I worked in LA with an auto re-possessor.  One of the many places we went to was the Watts area of LA.  If we were seen taking away a car that hadn’t seen a payment in over 6 months, and it sometimes took that long to track down and find some people so figure payments were in arrears for longer, it ALWAYS turned out that we were anti-black racists.  It’s really how they think.  Or at least the ones we had to deal with did.

However, these animals are using what happened as an excuse like they always do in any country they’re in. It’s just something in their genes, and the Italian govt. should be spanked for allowing so many in and allowing so many to stay.

Their presence in any number and especially in a small country, undermines good order and harmony. But, well, I guess it’s the white man’s burden.
And things will NEVER change cos silly, guilty beat me I’m sorry for slavery whites will go on appeasing and making excuses and allowances, from now to eternity.
It’s in their genes too.  Jeesh.  What a team they are.

Immigrant riot in Italy leaves 37 injured after series of beatings by white youths
By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 4:30 PM on 09th January 2010

Violence broke out in southern Italy yesterday as hundreds of migrant workers, most of them Africans, went on a rampage in retaliation to two of their number being shot and three more beaten with iron bars by white youths.

Authorities reporting at least 37 were wounded in the ensuing clashes, including 18 police officers and five migrants, as the violence reached its second day in the coastal town of Rosarno in Calabria.

The riots in the region were sparked off when when two migrants were wounded by pellet fire two days ago, starting the cycle of violence, said a top police official, Renato Cortese, in the regional capital.

The simmering racial tension was then exacerbated when two more migrants were shot in the same location, an unoccupied factory which serves as sleeping quarters for African workers in the hamlet of Laureana di Borrello 6 miles from Rosarno.

In retaliation, the immigrant farm labourers went on a rampage and fought pitched battles with the police.
Police reinforcements were being sent in the next hours, likely during the night, with the exact number still being decided, the Interior Ministry said.

Friday, angry migrants, mostly from African nations, some armed with metal bars or wooden sticks, scuffled with police and residents in the streets of Rosarno.
Other residents were holed up in their homes, state radio reported, and schools and shops were shuttered.

Cortese said of the situation in Rosarno: ‘I’d say you could step out and buy some bread only because you have to eat, but if I had to choose I wouldn’t go out for an evening stroll.’

Police said late Friday evening that at least 37 people had been injured, including the five migrants, 14 residents and 18 police officers.
A young mother with a bruise under an eye and a bandage on the side of her head, told state TV a group of migrants started smashing her car.

The woman said that, fearful for the safety of her small children, she managed to drive about two meters before her attackers pushed her car into a wall.

The combination of ethnic strife and organized crime has sparked violence before among migrant communities in southern Italy. In 2008, migrants rioted in the Naples area after six Ghanians were murdered in a gangland-style shooting blamed on the local Camorra crime syndicate.


Now here in dis photo we see de aggressive, bullyin, white honky bitch her be pickin on dis lawbidn thick lipped buck but he be givin her a piece ob what he hab for a mind. He be tellin her bout him cibil rights ya bet coz he know all about dat dere stuff.


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calendar   Tuesday - January 05, 2010


Actually started putting this together about five hours ago. One interruption after another, helped friend gather logs for his fireplace, then browser trouble again.

Took a short time to get used to FireFox but once I did, I kissed IE goodbye.  Then FF had an upgrade of some kind and things have been wonky since.
So now using Chrome which I find generally is faster.  Hey, whatever works and right now Chrome does. But I wish FF did.

Started snowing just after I posted last and it still is. But lightly.

OK, this is a follow up to yesterday wherein I posted about some rat droppings (muzzies) who are planning another protest re. the awful crusade that the west has launched against islam.  Oh, only if.  The guy organizing same is a former lawyer, and he plans to carry empty coffins thru the town where so many fallen Brits are carried.  He is scum and so are those around him.  They pull this sort of crap here and sure as hell if they tried similar in their own damn countries, they’d lose their heads.  They come to the west where they have more freedom without any responsibility, and carry signs damning their host countries. I will not call em stupid cos rats are smart as we know.  Devious, cunning, sneaky and deadly and not to be trusted. However ...

THEY HAVE RIGHTS HERE THEY’D NEVER HAVE AT HOME. Including the right to march anywhere they want to and provoke outrage.

This is all quite interesting to me because I know that folks who’ve had their feelings hurt have sued successfully and the person doing the hurt has actually been prosecuted.  So then ... with so many families who have lost kin, surely their feelings must be raw watching and hearing walking, talking rats denigrate thier military and those who’ve fallen.  But that law I think only applies to certain ppl.  Namely, easy targets and not usually members of favored groups.

So then this is where Brits are today and this is what they are facing.

Court hears Muslims calling British soldiers ‘rapists’, ‘cowards’ and ‘scum’


Shocking films of a group of Muslim protestors shouting ‘rapists’, ‘scum’ and ‘burn in hell’ at soldiers on a homecoming parade were played to a court today.

The mob of Muslim anti-war protesters screamed hostile chants including ‘baby killers and murderers all of you’ and ‘British army murderers’ at 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment - which had lost 12 soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

Holding signs made from cardboard boxes denouncing soldiers as ‘Butchers of Basra’ and ‘war criminals’, the group of men jeered ‘murderers’ as they marched past.

What should have been a joyful homecoming spilled over into violence as angry members of the public there to give the soldiers a heroes’ welcome shouted insults back at the protestors, Luton Magistrates Court heard.

The court saw video footage of the protestors being circled and protected by police. They were later joined by a group of 20 women dressed in full hijab coverings, as well as children and babies in buggies.
A Muslim woman, clad from head to toe in black, carried a placard that read ‘Muslims rise against British oppression’.



MEANWHILE ....  This is a continuation of yesterday and has caused much angst.  Which is fine as long as nobody insults or causes hurt to these life forms.

Top officer says Muslim hate preacher ‘DOES have right to march’ as 400,000 join Facebook group against Wootton Bassett protest

Last updated at 6:04 PM on 05th January 2010

A senior police officer has called for a provocative march by Islamic extremists through Wootton Bassett, the town renowned for honouring Britain’s war dead, not to be banned amid fears it could further inflame tensions.

The Home Secretary Alan Johnson yesterday reacted to mounting public anger at hate preacher Anjem Choudary’s plan to stage the stunt, by saying he would support any request to ban the march.

Gordon Brown had earlier declared that he was ‘completely disgusted’ at the ‘abhorrent’ protest proposed by the firebrand cleric.
But Sir Hugh Orde, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo), said he would be ‘surprised’ if senior officers in Wiltshire block the protest.


IN HIS COLUMN TODAY, Richard Littlejohn had this to say.


I fell about laughing when I saw Ram Jam Choudhary on Sky News justifying his plans for a Muslim march through Wootton Bassett in the name of British ‘freedom and democracy’.
This is a man who heads an organisation dedicated to destroying freedom and democracy, not just in Britain but around the world.

Remember those ‘Free Speech Go To Hell’ and ‘Behead All Those Who Insult Islam’ banners carried by Ram Jam and his disciples on the anti-war march in Trafalgar Square?

What astonishes me is that we are expected to pay him to troll round Britain preaching holy war.

On what grounds does he receive unemployment and welfare benefits, which allow him to live in a £350,000 house in North London?


He is 42 years old, apparently fit and healthy, and a trained lawyer. Even in these difficult times, he ought to be able to find a job. There may not be a lot of call for a full-time jihadist, even in Haringey, but surely a little light conveyancing shouldn’t be beyond him. Maybe the Wicked Witch could sub-contract him a bit of yuman rites work. If all else fails, he could always get a job as a security guard at the Home Office. They don’t seem fussy, judging by the number of illegal immigrants they employ.

Some people ask why he’s still at large, given that he spends most of his time stirring up hatred. His legal training tends to keep him just the right side of the incitement laws.

To be honest, I’ve always assumed that Ram Jam is an MI5 double agent, recruited by the Funnies while he was still at university, where he was known as ‘Andy’ and was partial to birds, booze and the odd spliff.

If you were looking for someone to discredit the cause of militant Islam, you couldn’t make him up.



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calendar   Monday - January 04, 2010

muslims plan march thru city of fallen Brits.  Strong word from #10 is, “inappropriate.”

A “former lawyer” and so I guess he knows what his group rights are. This wasn’t a planned post BUT again, it is so damn frustrating to witness this crap while the powers that be do nothing. Well, as yet they haven’t.
The PM, Gordon Brown says, the march planned by the muslims is “completely inappropriate” Hey, how’s that for really strong I’ll show the bastards wording.
The scum organizing the march through the town openly says he can’t be sensitive to the feeling of the townsfolk. Interesting that the Brits are ALWAYS expected to show the same toward others.

Make no mistake about these turds, these filthy lice infested sub humans with food in beards collecting bugs, these scum do want to take over the west and through breeding like the insects they are, and through force and terrorism, they eventually will succeed because the west will continue to treat them as tho they are civilized equals worthy of respect. The west will continue to pass laws that make talking about them in a negative way, a crime.  Good grief, it already is that in some places.

Here are the faces of a few of the lower life forms demonstrating against the western and Christian “crusade” against islam.  Brits once interned folks less dangerous then these rats while fighting another war.  But then again, that was a different generation.  They didn’t do everything right, but they did what they felt they had to do at the time, in order to defend their country.  Nowadays all sorts of ppl makes excuses and find way to “understand” the enemy and see things the way he does.  Yeah. That’ll help.  The other side.

Where are the Thatchers and Churchills. Wish the country would produce another one of those and maybe a Bismark too. Wishful thinking.

If you have never seen it before, here’s what rat droppings look like when appearing as humans.


Choudary compares British troops to Nazi stormtroopers as 210,000 sign Facebook bid to stop his Islamic extremist march

By Ian Drury and Andy Dolan
Last updated at 3:43 PM on 04th January 2010

The hate preacher organising a march of Islamic extremists through the streets of Wootton Bassett sparked outrage today by comparing British troops fighting in Afghanistan to Nazi stormtroopers.

As more than 210,000 people signed an internet petition objecting to the march, Anjem Choudary said he had chosen to protest in the town - renowned for honouring soldiers killed in Afghanistan - because it would attract ‘maximum attention’.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said today such a march would be ‘completely inappropriate’.

But in remarks designed to cause maximum offence, Choudary compared fallen British heroes to Nazi stormtroopers and the September 11 and July 7 terrorists. He even claimed his plan was backed by families of servicemen and women.

Admitting a march through the town would be ‘provocative’, he launched into a bizarre explanation of why he opposed crowds honouring fallen British soldiers.

‘The same could be said about the Germans fighting for Nazism in the Second World War,’ he said. ‘Those involved in 7/7 and 9/11 considered themselves to be soldiers.

‘How would the British people feel if there was a parade for those who carried out 9/11 or 7/7?’

Choudary said 500 of his radical group Islam4UK would carry ‘symbolic coffins’ in memory of the Muslim civilians ‘murdered by merciless’ coalition forces.

The firebrand cleric this morning tried to defend the march in an open letter published on his website, entitled ‘To the families of British soldiers who have fallen’.

Choudary, a former lawyer, said today: ‘The procession is not actually about the people of Wootton Bassett and it never was about them.

‘We are having a procession, it’s in Wootton Bassett but it’s not about the people there and it’s not against them personally - rather it’s to highlight the real cost of war in Afghanistan.

‘The sad reality of the situation is that if I were to hold it somewhere else it would not have the media attention that it has now.

‘If I am to balance between the sensitivity of having it in Wootton Bassett and the possibility of continuing the quagmire and cycle of death in Afghanistan, then quite honestly I’m going to balance in favour of the latter.

NO LINK available. Sorry. Having weird problems with FireFox I have never seen before.
For the rest of the article go to




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calendar   Monday - December 28, 2009

Detroit terror attack: Academic liberalism is a danger to life, says The Telegraph. ( But? )

The news occupying us today as it did yesterday, is all about the miserable excuse for something human that tried to blow up a plane over Detroit.

Naturally enough, ALL the newspapers here have been running the story the past two days.  Complete with the basics of how bombs are made.  Sure, they leave out exactly how to put one together.  What I’m saying of course is that “in the public interest” they are still damn well graphic in the presentation.  I don’t believe it serves any purpose except to instruct these sub humans on ways to improve their performance.

All the papers are running editorials on the subject.  Of course they are.  But it just seems to me that even this paper whose editorial I post here, appears to my minds eye as backing off just a little with their use of words. You’ll see what I mean in a moment as you read below.

Telegraph View: Over the past decade, institutes of higher education in London have consistently provided sanctuary for Islamist students who parrot the hate-filled rhetoric of al-Qaeda and its allies.

28 Dec 2009

Many of our readers will spend today squashed into airport queues slowed to a snail’s pace by extra security measures. It will be a teeth-grindingly boring ordeal. But it will not be terrifying, unlike the experience of looking up from your in-flight movie to see flames bursting out of the leg of a passenger who is trying to murder you. On Christmas Day, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab very nearly managed to blow up a transatlantic airliner over Detroit. The authorities at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport allowed Abdul Mutallab to carry his syringe, liquid and powder on board. Suddenly, all that fuss about a thimbleful of perfume does not seem over the top.

For passengers wondering why, yet again, the journey from check-in to departure lounge is a taste of hell on earth, the answer is straightforward. Religious terrorists are plotting to inflict on us a permanent state of earthly hell: airliners dropping from the skies, dirty bombs in shopping malls and cities, all leading to an Islamic caliphate whose totalitarian writ would run from Mecca to Milton Keynes. Was it coincidence that the attack took place on December 25? Of course not: this was an attempt to destroy the peaceful feast day of a Christian religion that the bomber despises.

The British public is not so stupid as to think that most Muslims approve of Islamist terrorism: of course they do not.

Oh yeah? Prove it!  Not that the public is stupid. But that “most” muslims do not approve.  The way the paper puts it here, anyone who suspects most if not all muzzies are stupid. Fine. Just fine. So I’m stupid.  The fact remains that until PROMPTED after things happened here, there weren’t many (the odd one or two) muslims in the streets or making public statements condemning terror tactics.  There was instead overwhelming silence.  There was never any ground swell of opinion from that group of mostly very unwelcome permanent residents.  There was instead a comment here and there about how unfortunate and that they did not approve of terror and killing innocents BUT .... well, we should understand what motivates these unfortunate young people to take up terrorism.  They may be wrong but the west drove them to it.  If “most” do not approve, then they turn a blind eye to it.
Meanwhile, the terrorists have accomplished another thing with this recent attempt.  Air travel is becoming increasingly stressful and time consuming.
The news here also is that on future flight, NO ONE will be allowed to use the bathroom in the final hour of flight.  While I understand the reasoning, I have to ask.  What do folks with bladder problems do?  Or anyone for that matter with a genuine need?  Suffer I guess.  This is what these dark age mindless bastards have brought on us. 
Btw .... how come the passengers on that flight didn’t break any bones or beat the hell out of him?

Moreover, although Muslims in opinion polls frequently express a preference for living in an Islamic state,

Then WTF are the shits doing here?  Why don’t they go live in an islamic state?  BENEFITS, anyone?

only a small percentage share the jihadist fanaticism that inspired the airline bomber. Yet the awkward fact remains: of that percentage, a worrying number have lived in Britain and especially London. Some have studied at our universities: Abdul Mutallab graduated in mechanical engineering from University College London in 2008.

Over the past decade, institutes of higher education in London have consistently provided sanctuary for Islamist students who parrot the hate-filled rhetoric of al-Qaeda and its allies. Again and again, speakers have been invited and rooms provided so that, in the name of free speech, vulnerable students can be indoctrinated. Some of those students may now be sitting in caves in Waziristan or cafés in the Yemen devising methods of killing Westerners. Perhaps they picked up their expertise in a British university laboratory. We may never know until it is too late.

What we do know is that our security forces have consulted vice-chancellors in order to impress upon them the urgency of the threat. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. Liberal British academics, along with their friends in the media and public sector, have a habit of diverting any discussion of terrorism away from Islamism towards the evils of Anglo-American foreign policy. By doing so they are less likely to offend students from developing countries whose delicate sensibilities seem to matter more than security. Perhaps some of those academics are stuck in airport queues today. If so, we must hope that it finally dawns on them that, irrespective of the complex causes of terrorism, their politically correct indulgence of Islamic radicals is making life more dangerous for all of us.



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calendar   Tuesday - December 15, 2009

The UK under a Labour govt. Dedicated forever to anything stupid and when found, look for more.

Another tiring day as now we’ve had some electrical work done.  Something called RCD which is, Residual Current Device.  Has to do with preventing electric shock.  Ours apparently was not working, or at least not fully. Another box had to be installed up to code. Or near it for this old place. It’s just too long a story but it’s fixed now.  Guaranteed.  Stay Tuned.

So then, while the electric was off for two hours while holes drilled and and new wire installed and HEAT of course OFF ... I still managed to read some of the papers today and came across a continuing STUPID libtard thing I thought was settled back in 2005.  In fact, I’m certain I have the story saved somewhere on my computer. I saw the damn thing only a few months ago on one of my flash drives. But no matter. 

In todays Mail and reading Richard Littlejohn I see he has brought up the asinine story for the ridicule it deserves.
Here’s what I’m banging on about. It’s the same thing I had but a different source. BBC News. 2005. And dumb as a box of rox but what else can you expect from the left?

Some of you will remember this lunacy because I posted it long ago. Good grief. Have I been doing this stuff that long?

The original headline from another source read,


Hey ... that is exactly how the left in power think.

Lake walkers too ‘middle-class’ Free, guided treks through Cumbrian beauty spots are facing the axe because they are not attracting people from all walks of life, it is being claimed.
BBC News, Tuesday, 4 January, 2005

The Lake District National Park says its programme, run by more than 100 rangers, currently attracts “middle-aged, middle-class white people”.

Managers want to spend the money they save on attracting ethnic minorities, disabled people and more children.

But the move has angered many volunteer rangers who give up their time to help.

Among activities facing the axe are walks, a magazine, informative talks and slide shows.
‘Middle-aged people’

The national park’s authority said it wanted to meet government targets to attract minorities, inner city children and disabled people.

More than 30,000 people take part in events every year, including 4,500 walks.

A spokesman for the authority, said: “Our research shows that the majority who do use the walks are white, middle-class, middle-aged people.

“The government is encouraging national parks to appeal to young people, to ethnic minorities and to people with disabilities.

“It is saying we ought to focus our activities on these kind of groups.”

But voluntary ranger Derek Lyon hit out at the plans.

He said: “What are they going to do, bus in these people, or open an office in Manchester?

“Why do we at least not stick with a programme that we have prepared and which we can run at no additional expense?”


Well apparently the stupid idiots in power haven’t given up on their all inclusive, multi cultural, diversity bullshit, cause here’s Littlejohn on the subject today.

Never mind racist sheep, beware of werewolves

Richard Littlejohn
Daily Mail
Dec. 15, 2009

The Government is recruiting a new standing army of Guardianistas to encourage members of ethnic minorities to explore the countryside.

Plans for 200 ‘community champions’ have just been unveiled. They have been instructed to increase the number of people from minority backgrounds using National Parks.
National Park Dartmoor

Beautiful: The Government have decided to champion the Dartmoor and other National Parks with ethnic minorities who ‘fear racist abuse’

Ministers claim that only one per cent of blacks and Asians walk Dartmoor and Exmoor because of lack of transport and fear of racial abuse.

Surely lack of transport affects everyone, not just minorities. And where does fear of racial abuse on Dartmoor come from - sheep?

One of the first ‘community champions’ in the West Country, Zainab Abubakar, said ‘Islamophobia’ was discouraging Muslims from walking the moors.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more fatuous statement made by anyone all year.

You’re more likely to bump into a werewolf on Exmoor than a member of the BNP.

A new university study has concluded that the full moon is capable of bringing out the inner werewolf in us all.

Judging by Zainab Abubakar, werewolves aren’t the only ones howling at the moon.


Maybe Mr. Akbarsnackbar should change his name to conform to something that looks English. That would be a good start.  Jerk!



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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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