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calendar   Thursday - February 25, 2016

Since when did CIA stand for Central Inclusion Agency?

Sorry for the delays. But I’ve been busy for more or less the past week and a half with family stuff, helping someone with travel prep, and getting ready for my Birthday (which is tomorrow on the 25th). So I’m just coming back out of my shell now. But it seems like the news keeps outpacing me. I began working on this analysis on Scalia’s funeral and Obama’s priorities (or lack thereof). Then I received news of a death and started work on an obituary. But now… Now...... I learn of THIS. THIS damn mess.

Yes, apparently the CIA has a “Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.” Heck, not only that, but an ANNUAL one. You want to read all that? I sure don’t. But I think the money quote is really on the first page, coming from John Brennan- the CIA Director HIMSELF. And what does this fine defender of America and secretive public servant go out and write when he comes out to justify the tax dollars he’s been given?

Embracing and leveraging diversity through an inclusive culture that fosters innovation, new ideas, and new insights which is at the heart of what we are charged to do and will drive mission success.”

Soooooo..... see a bit of a problem with this?

The CIA is a damn spy agency. The heart of what it is tasked to do is conducting covert operations against our enemies, try to keep our own stuff secret, and interdict operations and other threats against us. It is meant to Spy. In that line of work, diversity and especially inclusiveness are NOT virtues.

Why? Because spying and intelligence gathering are ultimately based on a bedrock of exclusiveness. Terms like “Need to Know” and “Security Clearance” are inherently exclusive and the very basis for the world these groups operate in, in large part because they need to. From the very start they are dependent on EXCLUDING those who Do Not Need To Know from those who Do. Excluding people who cannot be trusted with given intelligence from those that can. Exclude the people who might be vulnerable to external pressure or compromising things from those who are. On any given issue or operation the former categories will include the VAST MAJORITY of the people on this planet, including the country the agency or operation in question is working for. And all of this is before those select few who people do decide to trust are further shuffled and compartmentalized with their own, even more finely grained “Need to Know” restrictions, security clearances, and other dividers; all so that if there’s a break in one compartment the entire ship doesn’t go down.

This is not merely useful for these organizations, they are integral parts of what they are and what they need to do in order to Survive At All. Now, since we got here by asking why being inclusive and diverse is not always a good thing in the spook business, it’s only fair to ask “Why?” again. Why is this pervasive secrecy and exclusion needed for intelligence services?

Well, I decided to start this off with a snippet of this fascinating alternate history article from the BBC, dealing with a centuries old case. Namely, The Gunpowder Plot. Now, this was not an intelligence operation or something conducted by a government authority. It was in fact a highly murderous terrorist plot devised by people who wanted to utterly destroy a significant chunk of London and thousands of people just to get at the King and Parliament to (regardless of what the average Fawkestard or 4Chan apologist would have you believe) establish an even more repressive and absolutist government. But not only is this the kind of terrorist threat that modern intelligence organizations are supposed to per-empt, but it also featured people operating as spies, planning military (Emphasis in following is mine)

As history actually turned out, there are two very good reasons why the Gunpowder Plot had to fail. The first was that the plotters were caught in the double-bind of most early modern conspirators: in order to make a rebellion work, it had to involve a lot of people, but the more people who knew about the plot, the more it was likely to leak.

In the case of this one, the means of effecting it, by murdering most of the English political élite, was so sensational and so morally disturbing to most people, that the chances of somebody blowing the whistle on it were unusually high.

That is exactly what happened; one of the people brought into the plot in its later stages (probably the unstable Francis Tresham) told an opportunist peer, Lord Monteagle, who tipped off the government.

Whoever sent that letter to Baron Monteagle most likely was not disloyal to the plan or the cause (of establishing a tyranny more in line with the likes of 17th century Spain over the ashes of London). If he had been, he probably would have sent it to someone else. A player in the well-oiled Elizabethan network of spies and informants that James inherited, or actual authorities of the Crown rather than Lord Monteagle. Someone actually in the government rather than just standing in Parliament. The Monteagle Letter (as it’s called now) was probably sent by a sincere, loyal terrorist who wanted to avoid killing someone he thought could be an ally because Monteagle was a fellow Catholic.

So in many ways the Gunpowder Plotters were perversely lucky compared to a lot of modern spy rings, planners, and other operatives. And it still did them in. The letter was the crucial straw that led to the end, and within two weeks of the letter’s delivery the plan had collapsed and most of the group accounted for, and in less than two and a half months all the known conspirators were arrested or dead. 

This example helps demonstrate one of the key concepts of intelligence work, or really using any kind of lie or deception. That you should have as few people in the know as possible in order to make it work. Enough that (hopefully) whatever you have planned should be successful, but no more to avoid the risk that somebody will write something, say something, get caught, or otherwise expose it. It’s the reason why care must be taken in who investigates even the absolutely, gobsmackingly criminal security breaches Hillary made in her private server (which some investigators do not even have the authorization to look at, or didn’t).  In the case of the Gunpowder Plot the result was that Western Civilization and constitutionalism dodged a very nasty bullet, but these kind of breakdowns do not always work in favor of the good guys. All one has to do to see that is observe the resistance martyrs- like those of the World Wars and Cold Wars, but also people as far back as Nathaniel Hale- to see that. Here is just one sobering example out of countless thousands we know about and God only knows how more we do not.

Now, I can understand that overwhelming uniformity also can be a major problem. All I have to do to see that is observe how the Japanese spy rings in North America, the “White Dominions” of the Commonwealth (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc), and India crashed and burned during WWII. * . Part of the reason why the massive “Cambridge Ring” of Soviet spies within the higher echelons of the British Government happened was because the Brits tended to recruit too much from a upper crust students of a handful of “Ivy League” schools, who were the demographic most likely to be radicalized by Communist propaganda or student politics, were the most likely to be able to radicalize others in their orbit, and were likely to have even non-traitors who would defend them. 

But I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that being too diverse or inclusive would be the even greater risk for an intelligence organization, precisely because it runs against the very grain of what it is meant to do. Spying is about trying to manipulate and uncover the enemy without being manipulated or uncovered by them. Having a rainbow coalition of security risks just for the sake of inclusion or diversity will only undercut the ability to try that in a game where there are incredibly high stakes and the slightest trip up could tip the balance. I would hope our spymasters and intelligence dons and donas would understand that. But then, I am just an uninitiated civilian. However, one of my friends who decidedly Wasn’t one of that did have something to say about this, and gave me permission to quote him.

You do want diversity in intel analysis, but moreso diversity of THOUGHT than anything else. Now from a HUMINT** perspective, you do need diversity of race, to whit you need trusted and capable agents of the races which you need to infiltrate.
Beyond that, race is irrelevant.

That is broadly my thought as well. Intelligence is a field where it helps to be able to think outside the box and have a lot of different thoughts and methodologies working together( though with caveats that there is a limit to the use of diversity of thought when you start employing enemy sympathizers like Kim Philby, leader of the aforementioned Cambridge Ring). But I would argue that the explicit focus on diversity and inclusion is a good sign that- like in universities- diversity of thought is going out the window. And in particular trying to intentionally jigger with the race/sexuality/gender quotas is defeating the purpose.

He also had this to say.

Well sure, in that sense yes, if the existence of any restriction at all becomes definitively what can fairly be called “exclusive” then yeah, it’s exclusive. Except that logic doesn’t make sense. Or rather… If the existence of any restriction immediately disqualifies you from being able to be characterized as inclusive, then yeah, it’s not inclusive. Except, see, it doesn’t. You can be inclusive and not be all-inclusive.

And on some level I can understand this. I’m sure that if you ever wanted to spy from within the genocidal Islamist-Arab Supremacist nightmare ruling out of Khartoum you probably wouldn’t want to use a Black agent. Likewise if you wanted to deal with some genocidal Baptists or Transsexuals who want to murder all the “Heretics"/"Cis-Gens" it would probably help if you had somebody who could pass off as the former or was an actual transsexual.

But let’s be clear here. the differences and diversities of these people (no matter how vastly different they might seem in their private lives or as individuals) are not nearly as important in recruiting them as what they have In Common. Bravery, loyalty, discretion, and willingness to answer the call of duty is the common thread that we will rely on.  There have been many, very colorful and diverse heroes, heroines, and martyrs have served the cause of freedom. Take Neil Munro “Bunny” Roger, the camp, publicly gay fashion designer who served through WWII in glory.  Take Julia Child, the very het, very ‘50s celebrity chef who joined the OSS and served for years from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Take my Grandfather’s quasi-namesake “Garbo” the straitlaced, booky Spaniard anti-Communist and anti-Fascist who was turned down by the British and then decided to go work for German intelligence and sell them a line of bull in order to get SIS’s attention.

Are these people diverse enough for you? Yes, in many ways they are. But what makes them noteworthy is not what makes them diverse but what makes them SIMILAR. It is what made them all trusted agents and heroic figures.

Intelligence gatherers must be exclusive because the cost of failing to do so tends to be paid in blood and worse. And there must be limits to their diversity in order to avoid inviting enemy sympathizers, mercenaries, or other untrustworthy vessels into places where they can do incalculable, often irreplaceable damage.

Diversity and inclusion for the sake of diversity and inclusion alone is the death of serious intelligence gathering. When that is our first line of defense against another 9/11 and a new dark age (in whatever shape) that is something we CANNOT afford. I’d like to hope that this is just a PR stunt by the CIA Director while continuing on doing their work, but in this age of Obama I do not trust it. Would you?

Footnotes/snark below the fold. I’ll try and get back on my posting schedule now.

See More Below The Fold

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calendar   Friday - January 29, 2016

invader riot at rapeugee center in sweden, and more sexual assault in the fatherland

I am reminded that Hermann Goring once remarked, “God help us if we lose this war”.
I don’t think he had this in mind, or he might have committed suicide years earlier.

What?  You expected something else?
OK ...
Later. But first, this.


read here


A 19-strong group of young men attacked staff at a centre for refugee children in Sweden with makeshift weapons, forcing them to barricade themselves inside a room.
The men in their care rioted at the accommodation centre in Emmaboda, south-east Sweden, on Wednesday night and staff members were only freed when police arrived.
The incident follows the stabbing of Swedish aid worker, Alexandra Mezher, 22, who died as she tried to break up a fight at a shelter for unaccompanied child refugees in the country.
‘They broke loose, and a total of 19 people banded together and did this,’ she told the newspaper, which reported that the men were carrying makeshift weapons.
The violence started after staff refused a request for a resident at the refugee centre to buy sweets, John Nilsson, from the local police force, told Barometern newspaper.
‘[They] became furious with the staff member,’ he added. ‘He collected together around 15 friends and the staff were forced to shut themselves in while they broke windows and did what they liked.’
According to RT, police arrested two of the young men. The 16-year-old suspected of starting the riot is in custody and another person has been released.
Sweden took in around 35,400 unaccompanied minors in 2015, nine times more than in 2014.
Tensions are rising in the country and on Thursday, Swedish Interior Minister Anders Ygeman said Sweden could send back 60,000-80,000 asylum seekers in the coming years. 



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calendar   Tuesday - January 26, 2016

it was bound to happen. the question is why it took this long. young and dead at 22

Yesterday I did a couple of posts on Sweden, and also posted videos by Pat Condell.

And when I booted a short while ago ....

I saw this.

Heartbroken mother of refugee worker ‘stabbed by 15-year-old asylum seeker’ in Sweden

‘She was not only my daughter, she was my angel’:  weeps as police warn they cannot cope with rising tide of migrant violence

Alexandra Mezher, 22, fatally stabbed at migrant centre where she worked

Her family, who are originally from Lebanon, described her as ‘an angel’

Boy aged 15 living at the centre has been arrested on suspicion of murder

Teenage killer was overpowered by other children living at the centre

Swedish police demand more cash to stem rising violence in the country

Family blames ‘Swedish politicians’ for the attack after record migration

By Sara Malm and Keiligh Baker and Ulf Andersson In Stockholm, Sweden, For Mailonline

The mother of the young Swedish social worker who was allegedly stabbed to death by a 15-year-old asylum seeker at a shelter for refugee children wept today and said, ‘She was not just my daughter, she was my angel.’


Alexandra Mezher, 22, was working alone with ten youths aged between 14 and 17 when she was attacked at the home for unaccompanied young migrants in Mölndal, near Gothenburg. She later died of her injuries in hospital.

Chiméne Mezher, 42, today spoke of her anguish at the loss of her daughter as the family blamed Swedish politicians for her death. Sweden is one of the main destinations for refugees and migrants entering the EU and police warn they cannot cope with the tide of migrant-related crime.

Miss Mezher’s cousin also told Swedish media: ‘It is the Swedish politicians’ fault that she is dead.’

The incident comes amid rising tensions over migration in Sweden. The number of threats and violent incidents at asylum facilities doubled between 2014 and 2015.

Police have warned the city’s train station is ‘overrun’ by gangs of migrants who are ‘groping’ women and have called for more resources to cope.

Prime minister Stefan Lofven has also admitted that many people are fearful of a similar attack because ‘Sweden receives so many children and youths arriving alone’. Last year Sweden took in more than 160,000 asylum seekers in 2015, putting it among the EU states with the highest proportion of refugees per capita.

Alexandra, of Lebanese Christian origin, lived with her parents Boutros, 46, and Chiméne Mezher, and her younger brothers in Borås, some 40 miles from Molndal.

Her father came to Sweden from Beirut, Lebanon, in 1989 and her mother moved there three years later.

It has now emerged that Miss Mezher had been working alone at the housing in Mölndal, which is home to ten unaccompanied minors.

Police said Miss Mezher was attacked shortly before 8am on Monday by a boy, who was then apprehended by other children living at the centre.

She was taken to Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg, but died later on Monday as a result of her injuries.

Officers discovered a knife at the scene and the teenager has since been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Swedish police have today praised the actions of the other children living in the facility, hailing them ‘heroes’ after they overpowered the boy after he attacked Miss Mezher.


Almost all we have heard over the last few weeks is the weeping and hand wringing over those poor, poor unaccompanied youths whose needs must be cared for.
We keep hearing over and over about “children”.  Children my butt.  In today’s world, youth ends pretty early. Even in my day, we knew right from wrong and we knew what a criminal was.  Even in my day we weren’t all that innocent at age 12.
But heck ... what else can we expect from a yootful muzzbot ?

Oh poor kid, they’ll send him to a youth center of some kind for a few years. Or maybe no years, as after all, the kid is actually, under age.
Is that some crap er what?
But life is over for the young volunteer, age 22. The poor girl volunteered because she wanted to help others.
Unfortunately, sadly, those she was trying to do good deeds for, aren’t humans.  Her time and efforts would have been more profitably spent, helping out at some animal rescue center. 

Of the thousands of “children” who have made the crossing and managed to get themselves situated, with public purse benefits of course,
one can not help but wonder how long it will be before mommy and daddy and some first cousin, also get a pass to join up with, their kids.

There is so much more I want to say and can’t find the right words.


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calendar   Saturday - June 27, 2015

mrs o. and daughters in london last week

I know it may appear that I’m doing a Littlejohn marathon.
What’s happened is, there are a number of articles on various subjects of interest that I have not been able to post lately. Mainly cos I haven’t been on line a lot, and so things pile up.  Sometimes I have so much that I end up having to discard much to make room for newer things. 

Although the event is over a week old, actually a bit more, the story is worth sharing.

I knew Mrs. O.was in London with daughters enjoying their jaunt on the taxpayer.
They were visiting other countries as well of course, all in the name of…??
huh. I really don’t know.  Oh right.  Female emancipation.  Good subject, and of course the kids have to come too or miss seeing other cities in Europe. Or what remains of it.  So I knew she was here cos it was in the papers, but I didn’t really follow the speeches or the events because I had no interest.
Until I read Littlejohn. 
He sure has made the point, and what a pointless visit by Mrs. Obama to this school.
Funny, being female, wonder why she didn’t make the same connection and arrive at the same conclusion as our commentator here.

LITTLEJOHN: Did Michelle Obama not see the irony in delivering a speech on female emancipation to a school full of girls in headscarves in the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets? (And is this the face Britain wants to show the world?)

· Michelle Obama paid visit to the Mulberry School for Girls, Tower Hamlets

· More than 90% of pupils are Muslim from mainly Bangladeshi background

· And majority have no option but to wear headscarves and long robes

· But still it was chosen as the site for the First Lady’s speech on equality

By Richard Littlejohn for the Daily Mail

Of all the schools in all the towns in all the world, why did Michelle Obama visit a girls’ school in the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets this week?
She says it was her own choice to make a speech on education at the Mulberry School for Girls. But was it?

I doubt the First Lady had ever heard of the school before this trip, and probably couldn’t point to Tower Hamlets on a map. My guess is that the venue was chosen deliberately by the Department for Education to showcase our new, rigorously enforced State religion: ‘Celebrating Diversity’.


Actually, if that was what they intended, they couldn’t have chosen a worse example. The Mulberry School is probably one of the least diverse schools in Britain. And that includes Eton.
More than 90 per cent of the pupils are Muslim, from a predominantly Bangladeshi background. That make-up pretty much reflects the demography of the surrounding area.

Tower Hamlets, in East London, isn’t so much multicultural, it’s virtually a monoculture. The local council, under its recently deposed Muslim mayor, Lutfur Rahman, has been a by-word for Third World-style corruption and vote-rigging.

There are more burkas on the streets of Limehouse than there are in Lahore. So it wasn’t surprising to see the vast majority of the girls photographed with Mrs Obama wearing the now familiar headscarfs and long robes insisted upon by the more devout adherents of Islam.

Did the First Lady not appreciate the contradictions inherent in delivering a speech on female emancipation and education in front of an audience which could have been transported direct from Saudi Arabia?

Before the usual, excitable suspects start bouncing up and down, hurling their predictable knee-jerk smears of ‘racism’ and ‘Islamophobia’, let me emphasise that this isn’t a criticism of the girls themselves or the Mulberry School, which is rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted.

The pupils have no option other than to wear the restrictive clothes imposed upon them by their parents and their religious leaders.

It was bizarre, to say the least, to watch the wife of the President of the United States preaching equality to a single-sex audience dressed from head to toe in what most of us would consider to be a symbol of separatism, female oppression and a rejection of Western democratic values.

While we’re at it, what was she doing there in the first place?

This stunt was just another self-serving gimmick, right up there with Michelle’s flippant, doomed-to-failure hashtag internet campaign to free the 200 girls kidnapped in Nigeria by the Islamist barbarians, Boko Haram.

Perhaps Mrs Obama should have taken her message not to the Mulberry School but to the male elders at the nearest mosque. That’s if they’d let her in.

If ‘celebrating diversity’ was the point of this visit, the DfE could have found dozens of other, more suitable schools. There are 270 different nationalities living in London and most playgrounds look like a United Colors of Benetton advert. So why choose one where the pupils are all wearing identical, ultra-religious uniforms?

Is this really the image of Britain we wish to project around the globe?

Imagine you were an American looking at this picture in, say, Oklahoma, and trying to work out which, of all the schools in all the towns in all the world your First Lady had just walked into? You might conclude she was in Pakistan, or somewhere in the Middle East.
Now try to gauge your reaction when you discovered that Michelle Obama was actually in London.
London, England? Get outta here. Hey, Wilma! Will ya take a look at this…



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calendar   Wednesday - March 25, 2015

bbc radio 2 is ,,,,, too white say diversity chiefs

A reminder to old hands at bmews, and a shocker for any new readers here that missed it several years ago when I ….

Posted an article here that only Drew would be able to find and retrieve if anyone doesn’t believe me.

Some five or so years ago, when the Labour (lie-bour) party was in power, some dim left wing liberal light made a discovery and sought to remedy an obvious racial injustice.  Besides, the govt. was looking for a way here and there to save money.
Well, this person discovered that there was a problem at a national park, one of the remedies aside from closure was to lay off park rangers.

Because it was discovered that, too many white, middle aged, middle class people were making use of said park.  Not a minority to be seen.  Unacceptable. 

Some anonymous millionaire (dare I say the word) white guy, donated a couple of million toward keeping the status quo for another year.  That was the last I heard of the story, and I do believe the libtard plans were scrapped. But I never read a follow up.  So why bring it up now?  Well because the same sort of muddleheaded idiots are still alive and unfortunately well, by which I mean they are still breathing.
And still looking for ways minorities are being shafted by the white establishment.
Here’s the latest TOO MANY WHITE FOLKS story.

Diversity chiefs at BBC Trust calls for changes to, ‘too white’ Radio

The BBC Trust has called on the corporation’s music stations to make a series of changes after reviewing their performance.
Overall, the Trust found that the BBC stations were distinctive and perform a vital role in the development and promotion of UK music.

But after analysing listener views, the Trust has demanded a number of changes.

The Trust found that “Radio 2’s reach remains considerably lower than average among black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) audiences.

“While there has been some growth in reach in the last five years, the disparity with reach amongst white listeners has not reduced. As Radio 2 has a remit to serve a broad audience, we are asking it to address this disparity.”

Although Moira Stuart now presents a late-night easy listening show, the presenter line-up, which includes Chris Evans, Steve Wright and Jeremy Vine in high-profile slots, is overwhelmingly white on Britain’s most listened-to station.

You can read all the Nuts and Dolts HERE

Hey ... just for you new folks to this site ... another one you missed and again from several years ago, was the liberal plan to encourage certain people to learn how to fish. Now for those who do not know, this country is famous for it’s fishing and folks come from far away to fish crystal clear English streams and rivers. I don’t fish but was told by some who know something about it, that the chalk streams and rivers here in Hampshire, are especially well known.  The rights to fish certain areas are highly restricted and among the most expensive in the world to fish. So I’ve been told by a neighbor who belongs to a fishing club.
So anyway ....

This brilliant lefty came up with the idea that muslims and especially muslim women, should be encouraged to learn, so they too could fish the streams of England.  That would assume they got their husbands permission to leave the house of course.  It never occurs to lefties there really are cultural differences and those include taste and habits and above all, interests.


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calendar   Tuesday - January 13, 2015

interesting bit of lunacy from the libtard left which will call the shots on hiring actors

Please, please tell me we haven’t gotten this stupid in the USA. Yet.

You might want to read all of this which continues at the link, for the laffs if nothing else.  Not there is anything really funny about it.

They aren’t exactly calling it quotas but, a rose by any other name and all that.
OK so, room must be made for more lesbian, gay, blacks, transgender, and even handicapped actors. I didn’t know there were any.  I mean, roles might be a bit limited, wouldn’t ya think?  Whose writing scripts for that group? This can get complicated.  How many transgender actors are there who’ve been denied jobs for that reason? 


Reaction anyone?

Channel 4 issues strict diversity guidelines - and executives will lose bonuses if programmes miss them

Targets require more women, black, Asian or minority ethnic (BAME) people and the disabled to be given leading roles

Channel 4 executives will find their bonus payments cut if they fail to meet radical new diversity targets which require women, black, Asian or minority ethnic (BAME) people and the disabled to be given leading roles across all of its programmes.

A new Diversity Charter launched by the broadcaster includes a pledge that 20 per cent of all staff will be BAME by 2020, up from a current level of 15 per cent.  In addition:

6 per cent of the workforce will be lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT), up from 2.4 per cent.

New commissioning diversity guidelines require Channel 4’s drama and comedies to include at least one lead character from an ethnic minority, LGBT or disabled background.

Programme makers must ensure 50 per cent of the lead roles are female, if no other minority groups feature.

Drama and comedies must “reflect the experiences of under-represented groups” in modern Britain in order to qualify for a YES which will be ticked in a YES/NO diversity box when programmes are being commissioned.

Entertainment shows - such as panel shows – must demonstrate, across a series, 25 per cent female on-screen representation as well as a minimum of 15 per cent guests or presenters who are LGBT, ethnic minority, disabled or “another underrepresented group.”

The statistical on-screen diversity targets become decisive if a commission has failed to satisfy another set of requirements such as giving airtime to underrepresented groups.
Executives who fail to demonstrate that they have actively worked to hit the ambitious diversity targets which Channel 4 has set itself will find the “variable pay” - or bonus – element of their salaries cut.

“It will be a black mark against that person,” said David Abraham, the Channel 4 chief executive, at a Parliamentary launch of the charter, which was endorsed by Ed Vaizey, the Communications Minister.

Senior executives, including Jay Hunt, Channel 4’s chief creative officer, can add 20 per cent to their salaries through bonus pay, while general staff are entitled to an extra 10 per cent depending on performance.

Mr Abraham could lose up to an additional 30 per cent of his salary if he failed to meet his own targets.

Channel 4 programmes which meet the diversity requirements include Cucumber, Russell T Davies’s new drama about contemporary gay life (LGBT characters and reflects “communities in modern Britain”) and comedy series The Last Leg (featuring disabled comedy performers).

Whilst Channel 4 might have difficulties launching a predominantly white period drama like Downton Abbey, its new epic saga, Indian Summers, set in the Himalayan foothills in 1932 will qualify.

“It is positive action, not positive discrimination”.

The commitments extend to factual programmes, such as Educating Yorkshire, which must feature ethnic minority or LGBT contributors as well as off-screen roles – 15 per cent of the production team in scripted shows should be from an ethnic minority or have a disability.

Mr Abraham said the targets, backed by a new £5m investment, had legal backing – “It is positive action, not positive discrimination”.

Oona King, the former Labour MP who is now Channel 4’s diversity executive, drew up the Diversity Charter after discovering that there were fewer BAME people working in television now than 5 years ago. Previous diversity initiatives had failed because they were not backed up incentives, like hitting executives in the pocket, she admitted.

Channel 4 said that “young white people from low income families outside London” should also be considered “underrepresented” groups, so that award-winning actors don’t routinely emerge from a “golden circle.”

Full unedited version here for more lunacy


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calendar   Friday - October 24, 2014

outrageously stupid

One of things I like to read is letters to the editor in various newspapers.
I can think of nothing I need to add.  This letter says a lot.

from the Daily Mail


TAYSIDE Police have apologised to the muslim community for using a six-month old trainee police dog named Rebel on their campaign advertising a non-emergency police telephone number.
Muslims in Dundee area are upset by the image as they consider dogs ‘ritually unclean’.

Some Islamic scholars believe dogs are impure.
If you have the misfortune to be touched by one of these impure creatures, you are required to wash the offending area seven times.

Re we to assume that airport security might be at risk as muslim passengers might be spared a good old sniffing? 

Shame on you, Tayside Police, you have offended me with your apology.

Valerie Blondeau, Cheltenham, Glos.  (Gloucestershire )


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calendar   Wednesday - October 22, 2014

a night at the opera, but it isn’t the marx bros. veiled woman told to remove or leave

There are some things the French do get right, in the face of lefty opposition every step of the way.

Brit authorities might never be able to follow, due to the strangle hold the left has on these matters.
They make everything a race issue with their habit of attaching “phobic” to words thus shutting down all argument. It’s phobic or else an ism.

Meanwhile, on the negative side of French thinking, their courts have fined former actress and goddess Bridget Bardot more than once and not for small sums either, for her criticism of the homosexual lobby and the lifestyle itself, and also for her criticism of that oh so peaceful religion and its followers.
She was even fined for her criticism in a book she wrote warning about uncontrolled immigration especially by muslims.  So the French don’t always have things right.
In this case .... they do.  But it may be too late for the French and for Europe as well.

I have been to Heathrow Airport, London dear reader.  And mostly, the people I saw were more than likely legals. It’s their numbers that are staggering. But wait. I mustn’t say that cos it’s .... you know.  And what I see there is only the very tip of the berg. And anyway, I’m also guilty of scare mongering for telling ppl what I have seen for myself and what I continue to see.

Woman is thrown out of Paris opera after cast refused to perform unless she removed Muslim veil

· Cast ‘objected strongly’ to woman in the audience wearing a niqab-type veil
· Security guard asked her to either uncover her face or leave
· Ban on covering the face in public in France was introduction in 2011
· The incident has divided opinion in the city’s liberal arts community
By Peter Allen

France’s Socialist government today pledged to toughen up its anti face-covering law after a veiled Muslim woman was ejected from a major Paris opera house.

In an incident which has divided opinion in the city’s liberal arts community, cast members performing La Traviata ‘objected strongly’ to the presence of a woman in the audience wearing a niqab-type veil.

‘A singer spotted her in the front row during the second act,’ said Jean-Philippe Thiellay, director of the Bastille Opera, which was opened by Socialist president Francois Mitterand in 1989.

‘Some performers said they didn’t want to sing,’ said Mr Thiellay, who confirmed that she was kicked out.

There has been a ban on Muslims covering their face in public in France since the introduction of a law in 2011.

Women living on housing estates on the outskirts of major cities like Paris are regularly criminalised with a fine, but this is the first incident of someone being ejected from an artistic venue.

So far unnamed, she is believed to be a well-off woman from a Gulf State, and was attending the performance with a friend.

Referring to a security guard, Mr Thiellay said: ‘He told her that in France there is a ban of this nature, asked her to either uncover her face or leave the auditorium.

‘The man asked the woman to get up, they left. It was unpleasant getting her to leave.

‘But there was a misunderstanding of the law and the lady either had to respect it or leave,’



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calendar   Wednesday - October 08, 2014

Will the West Be Able to Drive the Islamic Jinn Back into the Bottle?

I’m not sure if the readership here is tired of this subject yet. Nobody has said they are, but then again, nobody has begged for more either.

Anyway, I caught this a day ago and found it to be a good read.  Very good in fact.

I don’t think there’s anything here that will surprise anyone.
Still, some of you will find it of interest. That’s my hope anyway.

It is not a short article, so I have left the rest of it at the link below. I hope you’ll read all of this.

H/T Cherson and Molschky blog

Will the West Be Able to Drive the Islamic Jinn Back into the Bottle?
By: Y.K. Cherson

The epoch of the Crescent Moon that started in the Balkans in the 90s, where Muslim expansion supported by NATO resulted in the creation of the criminal Muslim den in Kosovo on the land of Serbia, continues. The attack on the Christian world is gaining momentum everywhere. All Western countries in an attack of the collective suicidal liberalism, are accepting millions of immigrants from Muslim countries, a very substantial part of whom are dreaming about becoming the grave-diggers for those who accepted them and are paying taxes so they could live on welfare. But there are differences.

In Latin America, the US and Australia the process of integration goes faster and deeper than in Europe. Of course Muslims remain Muslims everywhere, but these countries are less sentimental to immigrants and there the law that if you came, you must respect not only the norms and rules of your community but above all, those of the country- is really A Law.

In Europe, unfortunately, it’s not so. The welfare to Muslims is paid almost automatically; nobody wants to be accused of “racism” or “Islamophobia”. And the inflow of immigrants from Muslim countries is much greater in Europe than in the USA. What’s more, Europe’s idiotic concept of multiculturalism totally contradicts any integration and deprives immigrants of the stimulus to assimilate; any culture is welcome, it is so rich and original… How not!

The result is a sharp and fierce reaction of the native population to the appearance and rapid growth of some communities with totally different culture and values, with a native attitude of, “What the hell? Why are some foreigners, total strangers, behaving in my country as if it is their own? It is they who are in London (Paris, Bonn…), or it is we who are in Karachi or Cairo?”

Of course there is Islamophobia! It would be strange if it were not so. We are told that our sacred duty is to fight it, and we are also told that the fight goes very successfully, and that this terrible dragon is practically defeated, although it still raises its ugly head here and there…
But there are statistics Western liberals hate, because the numbers refuse to be politically correct and show a very different picture. For example, 82% of the French vote for banning the Islamic veil in public places, while 71% of Germans and 62% of the British agree. If Europeans are so happy about immigration from Muslim countries- why is it so?

This Islamic veil, let’s be honest, is a very small thing. Our grandmothers wore headscarves, and just some 200 years ago in European villages a woman would not go out of her house with her head uncovered. It’s a tradition, both Christian and Jewish, we all well know and in theory it should have been easily accepted.

But for Europeans today, it has become some kind of a symbol of invasion of a strange culture, and they refuse to accept it.

If we look at the statistics showing the growth of the Muslim population in Western Europe, that same Western Europe with the traditional European religion, Christianity, the picture will be alarming. It looks like a second Great Migration of Peoples. And Europeans feel it that way- and react accordingly.

In 2001, 91.3% of the population of England and Wales were natives. In 2011, their share fell to 86%. That’s 5.3%- in just 10 years! There were over 3 million Muslims in England and Wales in 2011, while in 2001 there were “only” 1.5 million. In 2013, there were 2 million Muslims FROM PAKISTAN ALONE. The forecasts for 2021: Muslims will account for 10% of the British population.



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calendar   Saturday - October 04, 2014

ok then … schools should also serve the kids kosher food too. except that,

Except that, contrary to what many believe, very many Jews do in fact eat pork and everything else many ppl think they don’t consume.
Anyway ... it is interesting that so far .... the Jewish population here and the USA who are religiously conservative, and the orthodox (who I have no patience for and find them an embarrassment) none of them has to my knowledge demanded kosher food in schools.  Haven’t heard of any demand from Hindus either.
Seems muslims and especially the idiot converts with less brains than god gave a tennis ball, they complain. They insist. They demand.

Why the heck can’t they go to a strict muslim country and wallow all they want in their faith.

You just have to feel sorry for the kids here. Look how young they are.


What the heck is it with so many western women, and what especially is it with western white women, that they gravitate to this insanity.
I just can’t get my head around that.
This woman is still living here. Wonder what her attitude might be if she were living in a muslim country.
OK, so you take youngsters like this, get em well and truly brainwashed, maybe raise the perfect suicide killer. Perfect cos a blond light skinned person could conceivably pass for .... one of us.

Muslim family sends children to school with ‘Halal only’ stickers taped across their chest after daughter is served up non-Halal food

Henna Khan has sent her three children to school with ‘Halal only’ badges
She took action after Woodside Academy in Bradford kept serving non-Halal
The mother, 29, said the homemade badges on their uniforms are a ‘protest’
Woodside Academy apologised and said an investigation had been launched

By Emma Glanfield

Three Muslim children have been sent to school with ‘Halal only’ badges taped to their uniforms after one of them was served non-Halal food in the canteen on ‘eight or nine occasions’.

Khadija Khan, five, has been given non-Halal food by staff at Woodside Academy in Bradford, West Yorkshire, numerous times despite her parents writing to the school to express their beliefs.

Her mother, Henna Khan, 29, has now decided to take matters into her own hands and said she has taped the stickers to her children’s uniforms in ‘protest’.

The family also complained to Bradford Council, who sent a letter informing them that staff would be given Halal awareness training.


read the rest at the MAIL


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calendar   Sunday - August 24, 2014

some bad and some good news. but not near enuff good news. subject: immigration. again.

I’ve said my piece on this subject more than once, and LyndonB has said it far better more than once.

Take a look.


Fury as mayor of Calais plans for ‘new Sangatte’: Camp will be ‘refuelling stop’ for migrants on way to UK, say MPs

Natacha Bouchart said allowing them to sleep rough was ‘unsustainable’

MPs say proposals to house 400 people will encourage more to travel to UK

Also furious at ‘welcome centre’ plans, where advice will be given to those wanting to reach Britain

France was yesterday accused of providing a ‘refuelling stop’ for illegal immigrants trying to get to Britain with plans for a new Sangatte-style refugee camp.

MPs said proposals for housing 400 people near Calais would act as a magnet, encouraging more desperate people to attempt the perilous journey to the UK.

They were also furious at plans to set up ‘welcome centres’ providing help and advice to people seeking to reach Britain’s shores. These may be used to help migrants make applications for asylum in Britain.

The row began after Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart announced plans for a state-funded camp, providing shelter, food and washing facilities, for thousands of migrants who pass through the port.

In words which have already raised the spectre of a new Sangatte, she said that allowing them all to sleep rough in her town was ‘unsustainable.’

Mayor Bouchart said: ‘Calais is today under an unbearable strain from the highest number of migrants we have ever known.

OK ... That’s the bad news and you can continue reading more at the link.


As said so damn often ... if the French would only shoot dead a few hundred, the rest might not follow.  Is a few hundred asking so much?
It isn’t like we’re talking about real live humans after all. They aren’t even pets for gosh sake.

So here’s some really good news for a change.

Oh, and no worry.  There isn’t any scary graphic content.
Only one photo and that one is not hard to view at all. 

Two hundred feared drowned after boat packed with migrants sinks less than a mile from Libyan coast as thousands try to cross to Europe

Vessel went down near Qarabouli, 35 miles east of the capital Tripoli
Was believed to have been trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe
Thousands of migrants have tried to take advantage of calmer seas to flee
Breakdown of order in Libya has been heavily exploited by human traffickers
More than 100,000 Libyans are thought to have arrived in Italy since January

By Wills Robinson for MailOnline

The small vessels - which was crammed with men, women and children - sank late on Friday near Qarabouli, 35 miles east of the capital Tripoli, according to the local coast guard.

It comes as Italy’s maritime search and rescue team are being called upon to retrieve hundreds of migrants who are trying to flee North Africa via the Mediterranean Sea on a daily basis.

A Libyan coastguard spokesman Abdellatif Mohammed Ibrahim said: ‘A few miles off the coast, we found the remains of a wooden boat which had some 200 migrants on board.

‘We managed to save 16 people and recovered 15 bodies, but the search continues for some 170 people who disappeared at sea.’

He added: ‘It seems that among them are Somalis and Eritreans in addition to other nationalities. One of the fatalities was an 18-month-old child.’

Around 3,500 migrants and found 19 corpses have been discovered since Friday during a spate of attempted journeys by traffickers trying to take advantage of calmer summer seas.

The Italian ship Sirio recovered 18 corpses and 73 survivors from a raft, after a frigate picked up one corpse along with 1372 survivors on Friday night.

The Mare Nostrum search and rescue mission began after a shipwreck near Italy’s coast killed 366 people last October.

The mission costs around 9 million euros (£7.5 million) a month and has sparked fierce debate in Italy, which slipped back into recession in the second quarter after years of stagnation.

A breakdown of order in Libya since the toppling of Colonel Gaddafi has been exploited by human traffickers, pushing the number of arrivals into Italy since January past 100,000.

At the frontier between Europe and Africa, Italy has long attracted seaborne migrants, but the number of arrivals this year is already above a previous record of just over 60,000 for all of 2011, when the Arab Spring uprisings fuelled migration.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has called on the European Union to take responsibility for rescuing migrants by investing in border control agency Frontex, and on the United Nations to intervene in Libya to manage the flows of refugees.

source for more on the story


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calendar   Friday - July 18, 2014

law and order in loony-land

There is no way I could resist posting this latest bit of lunacy from Loony-Land. ( with apologies to any Brit friends I may still have )

I read about police stations flying the rainbow flag of that other very vocal group. If you keep up to these things, and how does one avoid it anyway, you know that in these more modern and enlightened times, homosexuality is not only protected by various laws but is now something that requires celebration. With marches and their own flag and parades down main street.  Okay. Hey, if it makes em happy and nobody is hurt or inconvenienced, I think most of us can pretty well ignore them. When they let us ignore them. Hard to do sometimes.  I’m still annoyed that they have managed to hijack the language and wantonly steal the word ‘gay’ and make it their own.  There are generations now that think the term (hardly used as original anymore) The Gay 90s, refers to queens of the 1990s. 

So anyway ... this caught my tired eyes this morning.

Police fail to find culprit in HALF of all crimes: Critics say criminals ‘are getting away with it’ and demand tougher punishments after figures are published

Millions of offenders are getting away scot-free with police failing to solve more than half of all crimes
For some offences, three-quarters of investigations are closed without anyone being brought to justice
Sexual offences for the year ending March have soared by 20 per cent, including 26 per cent more sex crimes against children

By Ian Drury

continues here



This is the police’s new weapon in the fight against crime – a rainbow-coloured patrol car.

With flashing lights in various hues instead of the usual blue, it is intended to combat homophobic hate crime in Manchester.

But the new Hyundai failed to impress some gay rights campaigners.

David Allison of OutRage! called it ‘tacky’, saying: ‘It’s not going to revolutionise the worst parts of Manchester.’

The rainbow car will lead the city’s Pride parade next month before being put into operation in suburban areas to raise awareness of homophobic offences.

Funded by business donations, it will not be sent to crime scenes but is meant to reassure victims that officers are approachable.

Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd described the car as an example of ‘modern policing’.


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calendar   Saturday - June 07, 2014

rural school critised because, all the pupils were of ‘white British heritage’.

I haven’t been as active here as I’d like to be.
Minor but persistent probs and all that.  There are times I don’t even want to be near a puter, just too damn tired and today is one such day.
However … from time to time I see something in the paper that is just so damn annoying, so bloody stupid, and so libtard politically correct, no matter what I feel like beside pissed off, I boot anyway and share the anger and the frustration.

Some years ago I shared a story with the same idea and bmews regulars have seen this more than once.  So this bit is for those surfing through, and those new to bmews who haven’t had the experience of the story. Yet.

I can’t recall the year it happened and have long ago lost the site, but know it was in the Daily Mail.  At the time, Labour was in occupation of number 10, and the left was busying itself with the final solution of the ruination of their own country. This one.

A national park faced closing and a number of park wardens were about to be made redundant.

Some bright light had decided that, “ there were too many white, middle aged, middle class ppl using the park.” As if minorities were being refused. But it’s the mindset of those lefty loons that get to me every time. 
So with that in mind ….. here’s why I’m here today.

If you happen to live in a rural environment and have kids, the chances are that almost anywhere in the more civilized western world, the majority if not all, will be white folks.  And there are those who see that as undesirable.  They won’t be happy until there just aren’t any white folks left anywhere.  The order of the new day will be forced integration and marriage to breed out the white gene.  A bit ott I suppose but some things just bother the hell outta me.  Like this story.

btw … £35 in American dollars is $58.82
Ofsted. The letters stand for, Office for Standards in Education
The most important standard being anything currently politically correct and approved by the left.

Rural school deemed ‘too white’ by Ofsted visits London to mix with ethnic pupils

· Payhembury Primary in Devon was criticised for not being multicultural ( said as if they planned it that way)italics mine

· So visit planned to a school in London where most pupils are from minorities
· Smallberry Green primary in Isleworth, West London, will host 29 pupils
· Parents have called the £35 trip ‘patronising’ - though others welcome it

By Luke Salked and Tania Steere and Claire Ellicott

A small rural primary school has organised a sleepover to London – so the children get a chance to see people who are not white.
Payhembury Primary in Devon was criticised by Ofsted for being insufficiently ‘multicultural’.

So the 68-pupil Church of England school is asking parents to pay for their children to make a two-day trip to a school with a wide mix of ethnic backgrounds.
The visit – described by one parent as patronising and bizarre – has been sold to parents as a way of boosting Payhembury’s Ofsted grade from good to the top rating of outstanding.

( So in order to be an “outstanding school”, some kind of phoney arrangement must be made in which the parents all have to pay cash. If the idea is so damn good, the gas bags at Ofsted should foot the entire bill. )

The school they are visiting, Smallberry Green in Isleworth, West London – where three-quarters of the 410 pupils are from ethnic minorities – achieved the same good Ofsted rating.
Explaining the motivation for the trip, Payhembury headteacher Penny Hammett told parents in a letter: ‘The purpose of this trip is to build up a relationship with a school in a very different community to ours.

‘This will enable our children to gain a better understanding of multicultural Britain, which was identified in our last Ofsted as being an area for development.
‘Through our topics, visitors and discussions, we have been developing multicultural awareness in both Britain and throughout the world, but this visit will help us to experience in real life a school where there is a wide mix of children with different ethnic backgrounds and almost 50 per cent of the children do not have English as their first language.’

The letter also explains that four teachers will accompany the children on the two-day trip, which will involve pupils sleeping in the Isleworth school and using its catering facilities, for an estimated cost of £35.

While in London, the Devon children will engage in outdoor activities and record a CD.
Pupils from the school have written to their new pen-pals in London, some of whom will take part in a return visit to the school, near Honiton.
Mrs Hammett’s letter invites parents to a meeting to discuss the trip. But yesterday one mother said: ‘I’m astounded by this idea. Just because the children go to a small school in the country does not mean they aren’t aware of people with different coloured skin to them.
‘It’s very patronising – and for the school they are visiting too.’

‘We are being asked to shell out £35 to try and boost their next Ofsted inspection. I think it’s a very cynical approach.’
However, another parent supported the initiative, saying: ‘I think it’s a nice idea.

(Uh huh.  Be interesting to see if their offspring one day comes home with an ape on arm and says meet my boyfriend. Wonder if the idea will be seen in the same light.)

‘We don’t live in an ethnically diverse area, so it’s good for the kids to meet children from other kinds of background.’
In Isleworth, student Usna Hakimi, 19, who was picking up her two sisters up from Smallberry Green, said: ‘They’ve just told me about the sleepover and they’re quite excited to meet other children from a different part of England. It’s good for them to learn about other cultures.’

Smallberry Green head Caroline Hodges said the trip was organised with Payhembury because it places emphasis on outdoor learning.
‘The children will not be doing any cultural activities when they are here,’ she said.

The Rev Cate Edmonds, chairman of the governors at Payhembury, said: ‘We are fairly mono-cultural as an area in Devon and we don’t want children growing up thinking the whole world is full of trees and cows. This gives them an experience of urban living.’
Mrs Hammett said the trip, in which 29 pupils are taking part, was about providing an enriching experience for the children at both schools.
‘Devon is very quaint but our children don’t get to see the big wide world,’ she said.

At Ofsted’s last visit in 2010, inspectors praised Payhembury as a ‘happy place’ but pointed out all the pupils were of ‘white British heritage’.

( an obvious crime of the highest order )

Their report recommended ‘improving links with communities in contrasting parts of the UK and abroad’.

Last night Ofsted said at that time inspectors were required to report on the contribution made by the school to community cohesion, a requirement removed in 2011.

Oh dear … So those poor white kids have no iPhones, no computers, no tablets, no TV and have never been to the nearest town with a movie theater.  How deprived they all must be.

story source


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calendar   Wednesday - May 21, 2014

America puts one away …. after a 15 year delay thanks to slobbering rights lawyers


That it took America to jail Hamza, damns our politicians, police and MI5

Hamza used London as a ‘safe haven’ in which to use ‘poisonous rhetoric’
Britain showed ‘failure to act’ in the late Nineties when he came to attention of authorities
Hundreds of young British Muslims since lured to their deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya

By Deborah Davies

So the Americans have finally done what the British intelligence services, police, courts and successive governments failed to do in 15 years — they’ve incarcerated Abu Hamza for good.

You can draw a direct line from Britain’s failure to act in the late Nineties, when he first came to the attention of the authorities, through to 52 deaths and more than 700 injuries in the London bombings in 2005.

In addition, hundreds of young British Muslims have been lured to their deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria by the warped, poisonous rhetoric of Hamza and others, who used London as a safe haven in which to preach, recruit and raise money.

It’s a shameful catalogue of inefficient policing, political blindness, legal weakness and limited intelligence — in every sense of that phrase.

Our security services appeared neither sharp enough to see what was going on nor willing to share what little they did glean.

Why on earth didn’t the police and intelligence agents simply open their ears and eyes to what was happening all over this country?


Britain’s shameful incompetence: Hook’s family CONTINUE to live off the State and have cost taxpayer £3m in upmarket housing and benefits… and we can’t expel his sidekick because of human rights laws

The hook-handed cleric is expected to die behind bars
Federal court in New York found him guilty of aiding the taking of hostages
Three Britons died in the Yemen attack 16 years ago
Hamza delivered sermons outside Finsbury Park mosque during the 1990s
Ex-DPP Lord Ken Macdonald said action should have been taken sooner

By James Slack

David Cameron and other politicians welcomed the fact that – 16 years after three Britons died in the Yemen attack – the hate-preacher had finally been brought to justice.

for more on the subject


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